The NOW Map: consistent, dynamic and contemporary geospatial information

Masters Thesis

Baker, Anthony John. 2005. The NOW Map: consistent, dynamic and contemporary geospatial information. Masters Thesis Master of Geomatics. University of Southern Queensland.

The NOW Map: consistent, dynamic and contemporary geospatial information

TypeMasters Thesis
AuthorBaker, Anthony John
SupervisorYoung, Frank
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
Qualification NameMaster of Geomatics
Number of Pages355

[Abstract]: Mapping agencies, national and regional, are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the currency of their suite of map related products and services. These products include topographic maps and the provision of up to date topographic data. The maintenance of this socially important spatial information is at issue through the duplication of effort that presently exists within government agencies at all levels. A dedicated data sharing and topographic maintenance program has the potential to solve all of these issues. The 'NOW Map' gives the 'map hungry' public the ability to obtain spatially located data and products in time frames and formats of their choosing. This system is capable of delivering consistent, dynamic and contemporary geospatial information. It will be flexible, in response to a modern ever-changing society, and capable of providing up to date topographic maps and data that not only meets current standards, but also continually exceeds them. After the development of initial procedures, a pilot study was conducted to expand and further refine data collection and analysis procedures. This was followed by a final data-gathering research phase. The research used relevant local, interstate and international examples in all areas of the study. The outcomes of the pilot study and analysis of the second research segment demonstrated that maps can be maintained more efficiently through the utilisation of accurate up to date information. These topographically significant updates can be provided incrementally by organisations that maintain data as part of their own core business.

Keywordstopography, NOW map, photography, road
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020401301. Cartography and digital mapping
401302. Geospatial information systems and geospatial data modelling
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