Flawed nature cosmology

Masters Thesis

Pederson, Steven Patrick. 2008. Flawed nature cosmology. Masters Thesis Master of Philosophy. University of Southern Queensland.

Flawed nature cosmology

TypeMasters Thesis
AuthorPederson, Steven Patrick
SupervisorCarter, Brad
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
Qualification NameMaster of Philosophy
Number of Pages318

[Abstract]: This thesis presents a new cosmological model based on a blank-slate reconsideration of the issue of the first cause in cosmology. It is proposed that a pre-
Big Bang evolution of nature occurred that removes the need for postulating the existence of matter, energy and time. This new approach leads to an underlying
conceptualisation of nature consistent with quantum mechanics.

The problems of first cause and initial conditions in cosmology are reconsidered. It is proposed that the initial conditions were flawed and evolved to
produce the Big Bang as a natural response to these flaws. This contrasts with the traditional approach of postulating a homogeneous initial state requiring perturbation by an additional first cause.

In flawed nature cosmology the origin of time occurs as a natural response to the flawed set of initial conditions, and removes the need to postulate time. The development of causality remains an ongoing process rather than being fully determined by the first cause. Ongoing development of causality provides a conceptual understanding of the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics and its
relationship with classical physics.

Flawed nature cosmology is used to examine pre-Big Bang evolution, in order to justify rather than postulate a set of conditions leading to the Big Bang. This
examination of pre-Big Bang evolution also introduces a structured method to start addressing the question of the origin of matter and the forces of nature.
Flawed nature cosmology reconsiders the issues that introduced the manyuniverses concept into physics such as spontaneous first causes, the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, brane cosmology’s use of the extra dimensions in string theory, and parallel universes to solve the fine tuning problem. The manyuniverses
concept has found favour, as much of the puzzling behaviour of the universe can be avoided by simply stating that if there are many universes, one could
match our experience. In contrast, flawed nature cosmology demonstrates that the universe we experience is the unique product of its evolutionary history.

ANZSRC Field of Research 2020510103. Cosmology and extragalactic astronomy
Byline AffiliationsDepartment of Biological and Physical Sciences
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