Singaporean literature in English: a critical reader

Edited book

Quayum, Mohammed A. and Wicks, Peter (ed.) 2002. Singaporean literature in English: a critical reader. Serdang, Malaysia. Universiti Putra Malaysia Press.
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Singaporean literature in English: a critical reader

Book CategoryEdited book
EditorsQuayum, Mohammed A. and Wicks, Peter
Number of Pages446
PublisherUniversiti Putra Malaysia Press
Place of PublicationSerdang, Malaysia

[From Introductory chapter]: Singaporean Literature in English is plentiful, vibrant and diverse, reflecting the central role of the English language in the public discourse of the country. Although English is but one of four official languages in Singapore, and not even the national language, in practice it is the predominant linguistic medium in a city-state aggressively committed to modernisation, globalisation, and social integration. English is the medium of instruction at primary and secondary schools and at Singapore's three universities, and the main language of civil administration. For Singapore's political elite, English serves as Singapore's 'working language', as well as an essential bridge between the majority of the population who are ethnically Chinese and the numerically significant Malay and Indian minorities. Thus no communal language is privileged in the country or forced upon the other linguistic groups that comprise the population.

KeywordsSingapore, Singaporean literature, fiction
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020470529. South-East Asian literature (excl. Indonesian)
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