The pedagogies of cultural studies

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Hickey, Andrew (ed.) 2016. The pedagogies of cultural studies. United States. Routledge.
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The pedagogies of cultural studies

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EditorsHickey, Andrew
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SeriesRoutledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies
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Pedagogy is foundational to cultural studies. From the very outset cultural studies positioned pedagogy as significantly more than just formalised and institutionally-centred activations of teaching and learning. For cultural studies, pedagogy is witnessed in the social practices, relationships, routines and life-ways people engage in the living of lives.
This collection presents accounts of pedagogy that move beyond simple (and simplistic) articulations of pedagogy as occurring solely within the classroom. Taking pedagogy beyond formal institutional settings The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies seeks to look again at the implications of pedagogy by (re)opening for consideration pedagogy as something fundamental to the disciplinary formulations of the discipline. Evident not only in the objects of study prefigured by cultural studies but also in the practice of the discipline itself, pedagogy mediates the formations of cultural studies’ disciplinary terrain. The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies seeks to look again at the deep-held assumptions that guide cultural studies in order to explicate the signature pedagogies that shape the discipline and provide the foundation for its disciplinarity.

Keywordscultural studies, pedagogy
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020470207. Cultural theory
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