Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Science, Engineering and Environment (SEE-2019)

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Hossain, Zakaria, Horpibulsuk, Suksun and Shiau, Jim (ed.) 2019. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Science, Engineering and Environment (SEE-2019). Mie, Japan. Geomate International Society.
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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Science, Engineering and Environment (SEE-2019)

Book CategoryEdited book
EditorsHossain, Zakaria, Horpibulsuk, Suksun and Shiau, Jim
PublisherGeomate International Society
Place of PublicationMie, Japan

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference – SEE 2019: Science, Engineering and Environment, Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 November 2019.

On behalf of the SEE 2019 Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Fifth International Conference on Science, Engineering & Environment (SEE2019) will be held in Bangkok on Nov. 11-13, 2019, Thailand in conjunction with Suranaree University of Technology, Mie University Research Center for Environmental Load Reduction, The GEOMATE International Society, Useful Plant Spread Society, Glorious International, AOI Engineering, HOJUN, JCK, CosmoWinds and Beppu Construction, Japan.

The conference covers three major themes with many specific themes including:

Engineering Science Environment
•Environmental Engineering
•Chemical Engineering
•Civil and Structural Engineering
•Computer Software Web
•Electrical and Electronic Engineering
•Energy and Thermal Engineering
•Aerospace Engineering
•Agricultural Engineering
•Biological Engineering and Sciences
•Biological Systems Engineering
•Biomedical and Genetic Engineering
•Bioprocess and Food Engineering
•Geotechnical Engineering
•Industrial and Process Engineering
•Manufacturing Engineering
•Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering
•Materials and Nano Engineering
•Nuclear Engineering
•Petroleum and Power Engineering
•Forest Industry Engineering
•Environmental Sciences
•Chemistry and Chemical Sciences
•Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences
•Astronomy and Space Sciences
•Atmospheric Sciences
•Botany and Biological Sciences
•Genetics and Bacteriology
•Forestry Sciences
•Geological Sciences
•Materials Science and Mineralogy
•Statistics and Mathematics
•Microbiology and Medical Sciences
•Meteorology and Palaeo Ecology
•Physics and Physical Sciences
•Plant Sciences and Systems Biology
•Psychology and Systems Biology
•Zoology and Veterinary Sciences
•Environmental Technology
•Recycle Solid Wastes
•Environmental dynamics
•Meteorology and Hydrology
•Atmospheric and Geophysics
•Physical oceanography
•Environmental sustainability
•Resource management
•Modelling and decision support tools
•Institutional development
•Suspended and biological processes
•Anaerobic and Process modelling
•Modelling and numerical prediction
•Interaction between pollutants
•Water treatment residuals
•Quality of drinking water
•Distribution systems on potable water
•Reuse of reclaimed waters

As expected, this year we have received many submissions from different countries all over the world. The technical papers were selected from the vast number of contributions submitted after a review of the abstracts. The final papers in the proceedings have been peer reviewed rigorously and revised as necessary by the authors. It relies on the solid cooperation of numerous people to organize a conference of this size. Hence, we appreciate everyone who support as well as participate in the joint conferences.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to all the authors, session chairs, reviewers, participants, institutions and companies for their contribution to SEE 2019. We hope you enjoy the conference and find this experience inspiring and helpful in your professional field. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming conference next year.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Zakaria Hossain, Chairman

Prof. Dr. Suksun Horpibulsuk, Conference Chairman
Dr. Jim Shiau, USQ, Australia (Assistant to Chairman)

ANZSRC Field of Research 2020419999. Other environmental sciences not elsewhere classified
400502. Civil geotechnical engineering
400599. Civil engineering not elsewhere classified
400505. Construction materials
400499. Chemical engineering not elsewhere classified
400512. Transport engineering
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
Byline AffiliationsMie University, Japan
School of Civil Engineering and Surveying
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