Jovian Trojan N-Body Simulations


Holton, Timothy A.. Jovian Trojan N-Body Simulations. Toowoomba.
Dataset/Collection Name

Jovian Trojan N-Body Simulations

Data Description

The Jovian Trojans are two swarms of asteroids, one ahead and one behind the orbit of Jupiter. These data are simulations of these objects over the 4.5 gya of the the solar system. Each simulation offers a high resolution (1e5 y) output for each of the ~6800 Jovian Trojans, with 8 clones. These simulations form part of the PhD project for Timothy Holt and will be used in multiple publications.

Research Involvement
Is owned byHolton, Timothy A.
Physical Storage Location
USQ Toowoomba


Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020519999. Other physical sciences not elsewhere classified
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
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