The association between change styles and job satisfaction among teachers working in international schools

Doctorate other than PhD

Davis, Marie E.. 2009. The association between change styles and job satisfaction among teachers working in international schools. Doctorate other than PhD Doctor of Education. University of Southern Queensland.

The association between change styles and job satisfaction among teachers working in international schools

TypeDoctorate other than PhD
AuthorDavis, Marie E.
SupervisorLewis, Marian
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
Qualification NameDoctor of Education
Number of Pages280

[Abstract]This research was conducted among the population of teachers working in international schools around the world, focusing on change, job satisfaction and the
transition process. Change style is believed to be an innate aspect of personality, which influences the preferences, attitudes and emotions surrounding change (Musselwhite,2004). Although these change style preferences are manageable and fluid within our lives, knowledge of them can assist in greater self-awareness and professional satisfaction.

The purpose of the study was twofold. First, it aimed to determine if an association exists between an individual’s change style and job satisfaction. Secondly, it
aimed to provide a more comprehensive understanding of cultural, technical and political factors connected with professional satisfaction and the relocation process.

The research was guided by an interpretivist lens. An exploratory case study was conducted, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.
Quantitative data collection included a psychometric assessment tool on change styles and a survey questionnaire, completed by 204 respondents. The qualitative element consisted of semi-structured interviews with seven volunteers, identified from the
quantitative data set. Communication with participants was conducted through the Internet so as to reach a globally diverse sample of teachers. Qualitative responses were
separated by themes, which in turn were refined into broader categories, leading to systematic interpretations of change styles among this specific group of international
teachers. Quantitative data provided descriptive statistics with which to compare qualitative interpretations. Quantitative and qualitative data were compared and contrasted throughout, leading to greater credibility and applicability of the study.

The research contributed to existing knowledge in three ways. Methodologically, it demonstrated the value of using mixed data sets in interpretive inquiry. Theoretically, it
added to the existing research into and application of change styles. Empirically, it offered understanding and interpretations of international school employees as they
experience the relocation process and job satisfaction. Generally, the research contributes to a broader understanding of international school teachers which could enhance professional development opportunities and self-awareness and thereby promote increased levels of job satisfaction.

Keywordsteachers; international schools; styles; job; satisfaction
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020390307. Teacher education and professional development of educators
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