Moree, Mehi After the Flood: The Painted River Project Exhibition


Usher, M. David and Robba, Dr Leo. 2022. Moree, Mehi After the Flood: The Painted River Project Exhibition. Moree, Australia 14 Jan - 12 Feb 2022
Title of Exhibition/Event

Moree, Mehi After the Flood: The Painted River Project Exhibition

Type of Exhibition/EventExhibition/event
Creator/ContributorUsher, M. David (Visual artist) and Robba, Dr Leo (Visual artist)
Place of PublicationMoree, Australia
EventMoree: mehi After the Flood
Event Details
Moree: mehi After the Flood
Event Date
14 Jan 2022 to end of 12 Feb 2022
Event Location
Moree, Australia
Event Venue
BAMM Moree Regional Gallery
Description of Exhibition/Event

This unique exhibition follows the first edition of The Painted River Project Moree held in April 2021 in collaboration with Western Sydney University.
Featuring the works of travelling, professional artists together with our local artists, this dynamic exhibition of en plein air landscape paintings and other mediums captures the special beauty of our region.

Showcasing some of our most loved river settings, including Mary Brand Park and Gum Flat Reserve, this exhibition is a celebration of collaborative creativity inspired by shared experience.

Artists and Western Sydney University project partners will be there on the night to meet, and to speak on what we have planned for The Painted River Project in 2022. Featured artists include Lucy Culliton, Rhett Brewer, Joe Furlonger, and more.

ANZSRC Field of Research 2020360602. Fine arts
Byline AffiliationsSchool of Creative Arts
University of Western Sydney
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
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