Rapid Cure Composites: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing

Edited book

Hameed, Nishar and Peerzada, Mazhar (ed.) 2023. Rapid Cure Composites: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing. India. Elsevier.
Book Title

Rapid Cure Composites: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing

Book CategoryEdited book
EditorsHameed, Nishar and Peerzada, Mazhar
Number of Pages279
SeriesWoodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering
Place of PublicationIndia
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1016/C2021-0-00490-9
Web Address (URL)https://www.sciencedirect.com/book/9780323983372/rapid-cure-composites
AbstractRapid Cure Composites: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing presents up-to-date information on the design criteria to formulate matrix systems for rapid curing. Emphasis is placed on the role different materials [resin compound and fiber reinforcement] play in developing fast curing composites, assessment of current and novel manufacturing techniques for adapting fast curing processes, the comparison between conventional curing and rapid curing, and different applications in various industrial sectors [e.g., aerospace, automotive, renewables and marine]. The book will be an essential reference resource for academic and industrial researchers working in the field of composite materials, processing and manufacturing organizations, materials scientists, and more. Polymer composites are widely used in several industries, including aerospace, automobile, spray and coatings, and electronics due to their lightweight and superior mechanical properties. However, one of the dominant hurdles towards their growth in commercial industries is the long curing cycle and slow production.
ANZSRC Field of Research 20204016. Materials engineering
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