Reference-frame-independent model of a collective-excitation atom interferometer


Mommers, B. J. and Bromley, M. W. J.. 2023. "Reference-frame-independent model of a collective-excitation atom interferometer." Physical Review A. 107 (2).
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Reference-frame-independent model of a collective-excitation atom interferometer

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AuthorsMommers, B. J. and Bromley, M. W. J.
Journal TitlePhysical Review A
Journal Citation107 (2)
Article Number023314
Number of Pages10
PublisherAmerican Physical Society
Place of PublicationUnited States
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AbstractWe theoretically analyze the operating principles of a proposed matter-wave Sagnac interferometer utilizing Bose-Einstein-condensate (BEC) phonon modes as an interference medium. Previous work found that the orbital angular momentum phonon modes of a ring-trapped BEC are split in frequency by rotations, leading to a measurable rotation signal. We develop an alternate description in which an imbalance in the counterpropagating modes' amplitudes (populations) is induced by the rotation of the system during condensation. This description gives analytic forms for the interferometic phase shift in one dimension and is readily generalized to include mean-field interactions. To validate our findings, we simulate a ring-trapped BEC Sagnac interferometer in one dimension and demonstrate that measurement of an unknown rotation rate can be performed using a modified analysis. Our simulation data show strong agreement with our analytic results, and we further employ simulations to explore and clarify the role of superfluidity in this matter-wave Sagnac interferometer.
ANZSRC Field of Research 20205102. Atomic, molecular and optical physics
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