Rethinking pedagogy for the times: a change infusion pedagogy

PhD Thesis

Mallen, Cheryl. 2006. Rethinking pedagogy for the times: a change infusion pedagogy. PhD Thesis Doctor of Education. University of Southern Queensland.

Rethinking pedagogy for the times: a change infusion pedagogy

TypePhD Thesis
AuthorMallen, Cheryl
SupervisorCrowther, Frank
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
Qualification NameDoctor of Education
Number of Pages359

This doctoral dissertation research reports on the exploration of higher education academics' pedagogical responses to complex societal postindustrial change. The topic arises from a deep personal interest in processes of societal change and the need for such processes to be in the professional practices of academics. The research problem that guides the study is: In what way(s) and to what extent can University instructors be assisted to incorporate change-based concepts in their pedagogical practices through application of a conceptual framework for change infusion?

In response to the problem, a change infusion model (CIM) arises from an analysis of authoritative literature on change. Change infusion is an educational process that utilises key concepts from theories of change to provide a
meaningful context for pedagogical practice in times where pervasive societal transformation is the norm. Gay's (1995) multiple stages of infusion are of particular importance in the CIM. The generation of the theoretical definition of infusion in the CIM provides practising academics with an explanatory system that enables them to infuse significant elements of change into pedagogical practices. In essence, the CIM purports to guide instructors to move beyond teaching about change to teaching for change.

The research design includes the cognitive-constructivist theoretical foundations, with particular reference to Dewey (1933), Piaget (1951), Lewin (1951), Schon (1983, 1987), Calderhead (1988), and Patton (2002). Of particular importance is the analysis of opinions concerning pedagogical practice of a small number of University practitioners after engaging with the CIM during each of the three stages of trials. The trials utilize the cognitive constructivist quality of reflection as a means to link theory to practice.

The conclusions from the research support a conceptual model, such as the CIM, for use to teach for change. As a result of the Stage 3 trial research in particular, the conceptual model from the beginning point of the study is
refined, thereby hopefully providing a useful tool for academics in a wide range of contexts and disciplines to respond in meaningful ways to the process of major change that impinge upon them and their work.

Keywordspedagogy; change; change infusion; university; universities
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020390307. Teacher education and professional development of educators
390102. Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
441004. Social change
Byline AffiliationsFaculty of Education
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