Social capital and enterprise in the modern state

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Ni She, Eidin, Burton, Lorelle J. and Danaher, Patrick Alan (ed.) 2018. Social capital and enterprise in the modern state. Switzerland. Palgrave Macmillan.
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Social capital and enterprise in the modern state

Book CategoryEdited book
ERA Publisher ID2865
EditorsNi She, Eidin, Burton, Lorelle J. and Danaher, Patrick Alan
Page Range3-19
Number of Pages329
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
Place of PublicationSwitzerland
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Given the global crises confronting the world today, it is important to interrogate the notion of 'the modern state' and to evaluate its effectiveness in providing security and services for its populations, including the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. This book investigates the modern state’s capacity to serve its constituents by examining the organisations that facilitate two key elements of contemporary living: social capital and social enterprise. These elements are explored in a series of rich case studies located in Australia, Ireland and Bangladesh, with broader implications for policy and practice in the rest of the world. The case studies highlight the growing importance of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in fostering social capital and in contributing to the idea of 'the enabling state'. This book will appeal to researchers, policy-makers and community leaders working in business, education, employment pathways, homelessness, housing, local government, mental health, public administration and refugee resettlement.

Keywordspublic sector, private sector, enabling state, late capitalism, marginalisation, nationalism, nation state, public administration, climate change, capabilities, low-income families, public housing, community partnerships, innovation, regionalism
Contains Sensitive ContentDoes not contain sensitive content
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020440803. Comparative government and politics
440709. Public policy
440808. International relations
440811. Political theory and political philosophy
440708. Public administration
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