Hidden Treasures: Intercultural resources for early years educators


McLean, Hidden Treasures, Barratt, Veronica, Mason, Tracey, Deacon, Taylor, Shahab, Sara, Trewick, Rebecca, Pona, Rachel, Holmes, Rebecca, Rousseau, Nicole, Barden, Kelly, Walsh, Katie, McCarron, Harriet, McEwan, Courtney, Parker, Brianna, Gale, Amy and Mikkelsen, Brianna. Tualaulelei, Eseta and Macdonald, Jacqueline (ed.) 2021. Hidden Treasures: Intercultural resources for early years educators. Australia. University of Southern Queensland.
Book Title

Hidden Treasures: Intercultural resources for early years educators

Book CategoryTextbook
AuthorsMcLean, Hidden Treasures (Author), Barratt, Veronica (Author), Mason, Tracey (Author), Deacon, Taylor (Author), Shahab, Sara (Author), Trewick, Rebecca (Author), Pona, Rachel (Author), Holmes, Rebecca (Author), Rousseau, Nicole (Author), Barden, Kelly (Author), Walsh, Katie (Author), McCarron, Harriet (Author), McEwan, Courtney (Author), Parker, Brianna (Author), Gale, Amy (Author) and Mikkelsen, Brianna (Author)
EditorsTualaulelei, Eseta and Macdonald, Jacqueline
Number of Pages135
PublisherUniversity of Southern Queensland
Place of Publication Australia
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.26192/q6858
Web Address (URL)https://usq.pressbooks.pub/gemsandnuggets2/

In this volume of student work, preservice educators from the University of Southern Queensland offer resources for in-service early years educators about Reconciliation (Part 1) and with Intercultural education (Part II). The resources offer teaching activities and strategies for deepening professional knowledge around Australia's First Nations and supporting culturally diverse children. Each resource connects to educator-identified challenges from contemporary early years education and care settings, and highlights the value of place-based and contexualised responses to these challenges. These are the 'hidden treasures' that, when shared, enrich children, families and communities.

KeywordsUniSQ opentext; early years education, teaching resources, reconciliation, intercultural education, multicultural education
ANZSRC Field of Research 2020390401. Comparative and cross-cultural education
390302. Early childhood education
Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
Byline AffiliationsUniversity of Southern Queensland
School of Education
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