The Relationality of Race in Education Research

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Vass, Greg, Maxwell, Jacinta, Rudolph, Sophie and Gulson, Kalervo N. (ed.) 2018. The Relationality of Race in Education Research . Milton Park, United Kingdom. Routledge.
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The Relationality of Race in Education Research

Book CategoryEdited book
ERA Publisher ID3137
EditorsVass, Greg, Maxwell, Jacinta, Rudolph, Sophie and Gulson, Kalervo N.
Number of Pages182
SeriesLocal/Global Issues in Education
Place of PublicationMilton Park, United Kingdom
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This edited collection examines the ways in which the local and global are key to understanding race and racism in the intersectional context of contemporary education. Analysing a broad range of examples, it highlights how race and racism is a relational phenomenon, that interconnects local, national and global contexts and ideas. The current educational climate is subject to global influences and the effects of conservative, hyper-nationalist politics and neoliberal economic rationalising in local settings that are creating new formations of race and racism. While focused predominantly on Australia and southern world or settler colonial contexts, the book aims to constructively contribute to broader emerging research and debates about race and education. Through the adoption of a relational framing, it draws the Australian context into the global conversation about race and racism in education in ways that challenge and test current understandings of the operation of race and racism in contemporary social and educational spaces. Importantly, it also pushes debates about race and racism in education and research to the foreground in Australia where such debates are typically dismissed or cursorily engaged. The book will guide readers as they navigate issues of race in education research and practice, and its chapters will serve as provocations designed to assist in critically understanding this challenging field. It reaches beyond education scholarship, as concerns to do with race remain intertwined with wider social justice issues such as access to housing, health, social/economic mobility, and political representation.

ANZSRC Field of Research 2020390399. Education systems not elsewhere classified
390303. Higher education
390102. Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
390499. Specialist studies in education not elsewhere classified
450299. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education not elsewhere classified
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Institution of OriginUniversity of Southern Queensland
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School of Linguistics, Adult and Specialist Education
University of Melbourne
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