Subparsec-scale structure and evolution of Centaurus A (NGC5128)

More Than Just EFTSUs: Malaysian and Overseas Students in Australia: Educational refugees: Malaysian students in Australia by Curtis Andressen

A sliding algorithm for optimal nesting of arbitrarily shaped sheet metal blanks

Neural network approach to flow stress evaluation in hot deformation

The Australian dust bowl

The causative factors of inflation in Bangladesh - an econometric study

Value added tax and its application in Bangladesh

Transient phonemic codes and immunity to proactive interference

Champagne training on a beer budget

Measuring stress in the mildly intellectually handicapped: the factorial structure of the Subjective Stress Scale

Congruence as a predictor of occupational stress

Challenging the 'Law of diminishing returns'

Towards a simple Gaussian model to describe multiple source areas during wind erosion events

High and low pre-inoculation temperatures decrease the effectiveness of the Lr20 and Sr15 rust resistance genes in wheat

Photovoltaic long-term test

Perspectives on grid-connected photovoltaic solar generators

An assessment of some improved techniques for estimating the abundance (frequency) of sedentary organisms

An empirical investigation of language-based editing paradigms

Report on stage 2 of the task 5 pilot survey for Basincare M305 Project: an investigation into the methodology, costs and logistics involved in the collection of floristic data within the Murray-Darling Basin

A small locally produced windmill for electric power generation as a model for small industry

Computer mediated teaching: a case-study in discrete mathematics

Attitudes of agriscience teachers in Michigan toward internationalizing agricultural education programs

A travel cost analysis of the value of Carnarvon Gorge National Park for recreational use

The rising sun of Australian Japan bashing? Racism, American cultural imperialism and Australian popular images of Asia

Asset revaluations and assessment of borrowing capacity

Postcolonialism? - modern Malaysia by K.S. Maniam

Developing communication competence through technology and tradition

Vegetation and environmental patterns on soils derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone and Narrabeen substrata in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, New South Wales

Neural responses to free-field auditory stimulation in the superior colliculus of the wallaby (Macropus eugenii)

Show children's perceptions of their schooling experiences

Modelling radiocarbon uptake by the Southern Ocean

Reading for riches: a Vygotskyan analysis of English writing by D.E.T. matriculants

Reading for riches: a Vygotskyan analysis of learners writing

A heuristic approach to improving the design of nurse training schedules

Gender differences in tertiary entrance scores

The late birthday effect in Western Australia

Rendering to God and Caesar: religion in Australian discrimination law

The government's religious business on Hindmarsh Island

Paediatric perspective of biomechanical analysis of female gymnasts' landings: safety considerations

Women bashing: an urban Aboriginal perspective

Biomechanical analysis of female gymnasts' landings: safety considerations

Some comments on the use of psychological tests in sport settings

The effects of lithium on reticulo-rumen motility of sheep and goats

An empirical analysis of volatility, information, and double auction versus Walrasian Auction Pricing in US and Japanese futures markets

Volatility, information, and double auction versus Walrasian Auction Pricing in US and Japanese futures markets

History and development of non-intrusive electrical testing and assessment of DC traction motor armature condition and reliability during overhaul

Vedic Science based education and non-verbal intelligence: a preliminary longitudinal study in Cambodia

A descriptive analysis of Cambodian higher education and teacher education from 1979 to the present

Personality and health characteristics of Cambodian undergraduates: a case for student development

Modeling the Surface Heat Flux Response to Long-Lived SST Anomalies in the North Atlantic

A Simple Atmospheric Model of Surface Heat Flux for Use in Ocean Modeling Studies

Stochastic variability at the air‐sea interface on decadal timescales

A non‐flux corrected transient CO2 experiment using the BMRC Coupled Atmosphere/Ocean GCM

Climate Drift in a Global Ocean General Circulation Model

Climate Models - Evaluation