Dr Dianne Stratton-Maher

Dr Dianne Stratton-Maher
NameDr Dianne Stratton-Maher
Email Addressdianne.stratton-maher@unisq.edu.au
Job TitleLecturer (Nursing)
QualificationsBHlthSc UNE, GDipEd Newcastle, MNurs UNE, PhD RMIT
DepartmentSchool of Nursing and Midwifery
AffiliationsCentre for Health Research
School of Education
Institute for Resilient Regions
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With more than three decades of experience as a Registered Nurse, Dr Stratton-Maher's substantial background has been predominantly in intensive care nursing. In the latter part of her career, she broadened her academic horizons, successfully obtaining a Graduate Diploma in education, a testament to her dedication to advancing nursing education. Subsequently, Dr Stratton-Maher achieved a master’s in advanced clinical education. Over the last decade, Dr Stratton-Maher has contributed to the academic landscape as an educator at the University of Southern Queensland. Having served as the Program Director and currently holding the position of First Year Student Experience Coordinator, her journey as a nurse academic has involved shouldering diverse responsibilities. This showcases her adaptability and unwavering dedication to fostering a comprehensive learning environment.

In those roles, Dr Stratton-Maher has undertaken numerous course coordination responsibilities at the undergraduate level, seamlessly integrating theory and clinical skills education across all year levels. Based at the Ipswich campus, she takes pride in delivering high-level teaching to undergraduate nursing students enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing Degree. Beyond the classroom, her commitment extends to undertaking full academic responsibilities and associated administrative duties, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational experience for all nursing students.

Drawing on her experience, which includes the successful completion of a PhD and active involvement in research, Dr Stratton-Maher is now immersed in cutting-edge work within the field of Generative AI. As the Course Coordinator for a first-year course in the Bachelor of Nursing program, she is spearheading efforts to introduce an ethical approach to using ChatGPT in an essay writing assessment. This innovative initiative will provide students with a unique opportunity to explore the practical applications of Generative AI within a safe environment. Dr Stratton-Maher is committed to creating an engaging learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and the application of emerging technologies in the nursing profession, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges of the evolving healthcare landscape.

Throughout Dr Stratton- Maher's career, she has continuously endeavoured to elevate nursing education. Her academic journey reflects an unwavering commitment to advancing the field. Now, as a PhD holder actively engaged in cutting-edge Generative AI research, Dr Stratton-Maher is excited to bring this expertise to the first-year course of the Bachelor of Nursing program, empowering students with innovative approaches, ensuring they are not just well-prepared for the ever-evolving healthcare environment but also motivated to emerge as forward-thinking professionals in the nursing profession.


Nursing LecturerUniSQ20142024


Transitioning clinicians into academic teaching

Integrating technology into teaching

Generative AI

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Generation


Communications and Literacy in Healthcare

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Member of the Australian College of Nursing (MACN)
National Committee member of the Australian Nurse Teachers Society
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Rethinking assessment to accommodate ChatGTP in a first-year nursing course.With the continued presence of ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence (AI) language models, it has become essential for academics to investigate and comprehend the potential pedagogical impact of these tools on student assessment in higher education. The integration of ChatGPT into assessment practices offers new opportunities and challenges that need to be explored to ensure effective and meaningful evaluation of student learning. The goal for this project is to develop contemporary, innovative and authentic assessments incorporating ChatGPT, providing students with the understanding that AI tools are not a replacement for personal knowledge but rather, they are tools that can strengthen and enhance education. This project is intended for a first year NUR1102 Communication and Literacies course in the Bachelor of Nursing. This course is currently delivered in semesters, one and two each year and normally has a student cohort of 400 - 600 per semester. Additionally, incorporating ChatGPT in assessments may develop students' digital literacy skills. Thus, students will effectively interact with language models, critically evaluate the information provided, and navigate the complexities of technology-mediated communication. Therefore, the goal is to equip students with the necessary skills to engage with emerging technologies responsibly and intelligently.2023

A phenomenological study of the lived experience of clinicians transitioning into academic roles in Australian universities

Stratton-Maher, Dianne, Kelly, Jennifer and Livesay, Karen. 2023. "A phenomenological study of the lived experience of clinicians transitioning into academic roles in Australian universities." Collegian: The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research. 30 (5), pp. 727-735. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.colegn.2023.04.001

Educating the educators: Implementing cultural safety in the nursing and midwifery curriculum

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