The impact of socio‐economic factors on gambling expenditure

Study of transport of contaminants in a pipe network using the model EPANET

Ethical Issues In Internet Counselling: Ethical issues in counselling over the Interenet: an examination of the risks and benefits

Full social cost pricing in the energy sector: The case of electricity generation in New South Wales and Victoria

A combined stereo-photogrammetry and underwater-video system to study group composition of dolphins

Dysfunctional attitude and occupational stress process: A test of the organisational stress model

Phylogeny, Ribosomal RNA Gene Typing and Relative Abundance of New Pseudomonas species (sensu stricto) isolated from Two Pinyon-Juniper Woodland Soils of the Arid Southwest U.S.

Care and preventative maintenance of surgical instrumentation: the scrub nurse's responsibility

Train crashworthiness and its impact on society

An Application of Close Range Photogrammetry In Dolphin Studies

A Technique for Spatial Sampling and Error Reporting for Image Map Bases

Understanding new audiences: an audience reception study of 'non-theatregoers' attending La Boite Theatre Company's 1998 season

Generation and identity in Claire Tham's Singaporan Stories (review article)

Felix and Gilles's tempestuous, monstrous machine

Dreaming 'My Death'

Recalling a floor routine: the effects of skill and age on memory for order

Learning under ferris wheels and big tops: comparing the education of Australian show and circus people

Undergraduate mathematics and the role of mathematics learning support

Cultural disadvantage of nursing students

Development of a technique for spectral solar ultraviolet albedo measurements of building materials

Usage of a dosimeter spectrum evaluator for different environments

Polysulphone film thickness and its effects in ultraviolet radiation dosimetry

Determination of the solar ultraviolet radiation in tree shade

Assessment of ultraviolet radiation exposures in photobiological experiments

Errors in determining broadband ultraviolet irradiances from spectral measurements

An alternative speed of light measurement experiment for a senior physics laboratory

Testing the solar ultraviolet transmission of clothing and shade materials

Lifetime ultraviolet exposure estimates for selected population groups in south east Queensland

Horizontal and sun normal spectral biologically effective ultraviolet irradiances

Field measurements on protection by stockings from solar erythemal ultraviolet radiation

Actinic ultraviolet exposures to humans assessed with a dosimetric technique

Quantifying the effects of simple measures to reduce the occupational solar ultraviolet exposure of outdoor workers

Comparison of the spectral biologically effective solar ultraviolet in adjacent tree shade and sun

Variations in solar erythemal ultraviolet occupational exposure due to daylight saving time in Australia

On wind-driven mid-latitude convection in ocean general circulation models

Developing a model to predict aircraft maintenance performance

Forming and maintaining cross-cultural interorganisational networks

Response bias in computerized tests

The nature of stressors experienced by people with an intellectual disability

Validation of the factor structure of the Interactions with Disabled Persons Scale.

Principles and applications of educational and psychological testing

Predicting occupational strain and job satisfaction: the role of stress, coping, personality, and affectivity variables

Moving with the times: keeping up with trends in statistical analysis and research design

Intelligence: theories and issues

The flow experience: a Rasch analysis of Jackson's Flow State Scale

A new national library: the academy editions of Australian literature

High Court unravels the cross-vesting scheme

A comparative analysis of the impact of tax on savings for retirement

The Neighbourhood Youth Inventory: development and validation

Peer mediation for conflict management: a Singaporean case study

Nested duplex PCR to detect bordetella pertussis and bordetella parapertussis and its application in diagnosis of pertussis in nonmetropolitan Southeast Queensland, Australia

Teacher education for diversity

Connecting with political power: social movement activism and environmental law

Improving mental health status and coping abilities for long-term unemployed youth using cognitive-behaviour therapy based training interventions

Branching behavior of standing waves - the signatures of resonance

Foreign exchange transaction exposure management practices of Australian SMEs: an exploratory analysis

Effect of stretch on the ultraviolet spectral transmission of one type of commonly used clothing

Fuzzy future for robotics?

Parents' perception of their children's participation in physical activity

The teacher and student diversity: problems, challenges and opportunities

Teaching excellence: creating a definition through a school-based process

On weak convergence of long-range-dependent traffic processes

Implications of the UNCITRAL model law for Australian cross-border insolvencies

Effects of size of health service on scope of rural nursing practice

Physiological studies of the corticomotor projection to the hand after subcortical stroke

Biological methods: a novel course in undergraduate biology

Evaluation of a ground-based sky camera system for use in surface irradiance measurement

Effects of simple measures to reduce the occupational solar UV exposure of outdoor workers

Reforming Australia's takeover defence laws: what role for target directors? A reply and extension

The impact of class heterogeneity on students with learning disabilities

The effect of goal difficulty and goal orientation on running performance in young female athletes

Validation of improved sky camera algorithm for measurement of cloud around the Sun

Professional training agreements: a co-operative approach to training surveying graduates

Teaching control fundamentals for mechatronics and robotics - the use of JavaScript for simulation and animation

Developing a performance model for express coach drivers as a basis for selection

The influence of transfer climate and transfer enhancement activities on the implementation of aviation team training

Mine surveying education - a model for the future

The application of discounted cash flow for land development projects

Turning the century: writing of the 1890s

Remote and rural palliative care

Optimal topology selection of continuum structures with stress and displacement constraints

Topology optimization of strut-and-tie models in non-flexural reinforced concrete members

Environmental health, productivity and business sustainability through good green management: the case for used oil

Understanding the process of transfer of training in the workplace

Mathematics support program for commencing engineering students between 1990 and 1996: an Australian case study

Microwave processing and permittivity measurement of thermoplastic composites at elevated temperature

Microwave facilities for welding thermoplastic composites and preliminary results

Innovative residential schools for engineering degree courses

Loss tangent for low loss thermoplastic composites

Asia in recent Australian literature

Confirmatory factor analysis of the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2

Development and validation of a mood measure for adolescents

Introduction [to Turning the century: writing of the 1890s]

Web graph displays by defining visible and invisible subsets

A Christian state? A comment

Self-efficacy beliefs as an indicator of teachers' preparedness for teaching with technology

Applying ecological interface design to experimental apparatus used to monitor a refrigeration plant

Sinister signs of professionalism? Literary gang warfare in the 1950s and 60s

Laptop orthodoxy: is portable computing the answer for education?

Cultures and transitions

Making the twain meet: applying marketing principles to local government activities

Perceived discomfort in running: scale development and theoretical considerations

Prehistory of Australia by D.J. Mulvaney and J. Kamminga

South of My Days: A Biography of Judith Wright by Veronica Brady

Can the influence of mechanical impedance improve structural crash worthiness?

Tapestry by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

Studies in tourism and travel management: embracing change, incorporating technology, and meeting industry needs in the new millenium

Heuristic evaluation of educational multimedia: from theory to practice

Child labor in Bangladesh: a critical appraisal of Harkin's Bill and the MOU-type schooling program

Complex permittivity of low loss thermoplastic composites using a resonant cavity method

Psychological contracting: is it still a valid concept?

Optimal selection of topologies for the minimum-weight design of continuum structures with stress constraints

Travel and unsettlement: Freud on vacation

Asset revaluations and debt contracting

Determinants of short-term forgetting: decay, retroactive interference or proactive interference?

Phonological similarity and trace degradation in the serial recall task: when CAT helps RAT, but not MAN

Quantification of the protection from solar ultraviolet radiation provided by tree shade

Penetration of solar erythemal UV radiation in the shade of two common Australian trees

Eating attitudes, body shape perceptions and mood of elite rowers

Optimal strut-and-tie models in structural concrete members

A connectionist model of short-term cued recall

Home workers and ultraviolet radiation exposure

Measurement of cloud angle for enhanced UVB at the Earth's surface

Quantifying the time and cost associated with the request for information (RFI) process in construction

An enhanced training algorithm for multilayer neural networks based on reference output of hidden layer

Human rights media coverage in Chinese east Asia

Manager's careers in the context of organisational turbulence

Relevant of business ethics in higher education programme

‘Refleshingly Disabled’: interrogations into the corporeality of 'Disablised' bodies

Back to the futures: a generalized futures market model

A theory of price bias

Teaching marketing research: preaching what we practice

Learning to govern oneself: environmental education pedagogy and the formation of an environmental subject

Inter-decadal modulation of the impact of ENSO on Australia

Decadal climate variability in Australia during the twentieth century

The influence of goat genotype on the production of Capretto and Chevon carcasses. 4. Chemical composition of muscle and fatty acid profiles of adipose tissue

The influence of goat genotype on the production of Capretto and Chevon carcasses. 3. Dissected carcass composition

The influence of goat genotype on the production of Capretto and Chevon carcasses. 2. Meat quality

The influence of goat genotype on the production of Capretto and Chevon carcasses. 1. Growth and carcass characteristics