La Delittuosità Degli Immigrati nel Comune di Milano (1991-1996): È Vero Aumento?

Spatial Data Management in an Integrated Software Engineering Environment

The public disclosure of environmental performance information - a dual test of media agenda setting theory and legitimacy theory

Expression of a sulfur-rich maize seed storage protein, δ-zein, in white clover (Trifolium repens) to improve forage quality

In vitro digestion of bacterial and plant fructans and effects on ammonia accumulation in cow and sheep rumen fluids

Influence of cultural and environmental conditions on conidial production, conidial germination and infectivity of Rhynchosporium alismatis, a candidate mycoherbicide

Small-Scale DNA Sample Preparation Method for Field PCR Detection of Microbial Cells and Spores in Soil

Latex allergy: a perioperative environmental hazard

Farming the web: the use of the Internet in rural Australia

Pricing and access under National Competition Policy: the case of the natural gas pipeline sector

Probing tropical deforestation: The use of GIS and statistical analysis of georeferenced data

Extended UK models for high frequency spectral occupancy

Parametric study on the structural behaviour of steel plates in concrete-filled fabricated thin-walled box columns

Journal of Viet Nam Studies

Utilisation and restrictiveness of covenants in Australian private debt contracts

The valued customer: investigating Brisbane audiences

Politics and loss in Philip Jeyaretnam's Singaporean fiction

Use and continuity in the customary marine tenure of the Whitsunday Islands

Creating proactive interference in immediate recall: building a dog from a dart, a mop and a fig

Uses of the past: settler culture, regional identity and the modern nation

Measurement of reflected, total and diffuse solar erythemal ultraviolet radiation

Higher CMM levels attained by QA certified software developers

Australian software developers embrace quality Assurance Certification

Quantitative evaluation of the personal erythemal ultraviolet exposure in a car

Simultaneous assessment of photosynthetically active and ultraviolet solar radiation

A study of the total ultraviolet exposure to all the leaves for small plant growth

Diversity management in South African companies

Primary LOTE teachers' understandings and beliefs about communicative language teaching: report on the first phase of the project

Malaysia as myth in K. S. Maniam's In a Far Country

Sex, gender and gender identity in Australian sport

Research and social justice: lessons from a collaborative study

Self test: a flexible self assessment package for distance and other learners

Comparison of estimators of means based on p-samples from multivariate Student-t population

Consumer bankruptcies: causes and implications for the credit industry

Evidence-based practice and rural nursing: a literature review

Directional sensitivity of skin friction measurements using nematic liquid crystal

A fast convergent iterative boundary element method on PVM cluster

Developing successful teams in organisations

Interpersonal conflict in schools: how teachers manage conflict in the workplace

Diversity management in a South African university: a case study

Innovative fee structures by Australian franchisors

Motivations for franchisors to use flat continuing franchise fees

Inconsistency between cross-border corporate insolvencies

Legal and accounting regulatory framework for corporate groups: implications for insolvency in group operations

Political dope: John Howard's 'drug war'

Behavioural plasticity and mental health outcomes for long-term unemployed attending occupational training programmes

Quantification of personal solar UV exposure of outdoor workers, indoor workers and adolescents at two locations in southeast Queensland

The facial distribution of erythemal ultraviolet exposure in south-east Queensland

Simultaneous comparison of the personal UV exposure of two human groups at different altitudes

Takeover control under the Trade Practices Act: Towards a more efficient and competitive corporate Australia

Total temperature measurements in a shock tunnel facility

Flexible delivery: an Australian perspective

The changing nature of work

Economics for distance learners and the promise of new communications technologies

An empirical evaluation of teacher effectiveness: the emergence of three critical factors

Are ethical investors real?

Geometric and material nonlinear behaviour of steel plates in thin-walled concrete filled box columns

Strategy diversity in Australian family owned businesses: impact of environment induced constraints

An important step in microwave processing of materials: permittivity measurements of thermoplastic composites at elevated temperatures

Articulation, credit transfer and flexible delivery of engineering degree courses: Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong

Segregation of glutenins in wheatxmaize-derived doubled haploid wheat populations

Use of a new tetrazolium-based assay to study the production of superoxide radicals by tobacco cell cultures challenged with avirulent zoospores of Phytopthora parasitica var nicotianae

Putting your money where your mouth is: a profile of ethical investors

Singapore, literature and identity

I cannot do any more: resistance, respectability and ruin - recapturing the Irish orphan girls in the Moreton Bay districts

Personal effectiveness training for unemployed people: where to now?

Advection-dispersion in symmetric field-flow fractionation channels

Systematic evaluation of design choices for software development tools

Perceived mathematical proficiencies required for first year study at The University of Southern Queensland

Designing a user interface for relational documents

User experiences and a usability inspection of an electronic services environment for students

Dynamism of GATT and its impact on the balance of trade of some South Asian countries with special reference to Bangladesh

Insurgency in Chittagong Hill Tracts: its origin and impact on economy and environment

The distribution of currents and voltages in a short ring transmission system

Interactive multimedia and problem based learning: challenges for instructional design

An analysis of factors influencing asset writedowns

Propagation of waves in shear flows

Vehicle guidance system

Access to the payments system for non-bank players

Direct full surface skin friction measurement using nematic liquid crystal techniques

Australia as a holiday destination: young Americans vs young Chinese Malaysians decision making

Anastomosing river sedimentation in the Channel Country of central Australia

High art meets low sociology

A travel cost analysis of the value of Carnarvon Gorge National Park for recreational use: reprise

Defence responses of tissue cultured tobacco cells challenged with the fungal pathogen Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae

History of music 1: music beginning since ancient Greek period until the end of the baroque period: year 0-1760

Richness of species and growth-forms within sclerophyll and mesophyll vegetation in eastern Australia

Diversity management in Australian companies: complicance or conviction?

Sejarah Musik Jilid 2: Musik 1760 Sampai Dengan Akhir Abad ke-20

Design and documentation deficiency and its impact on steel construction

Continuous improvement in hospitality: a case study approach

New conceptualisations of careers

Student nurses' attitudes toward nursing research

Development of auditory function in the tammar wallaby Macropus eugenii

Hedging and speculation dichotomy

Modeling of optimal hedging

Beyond the ferris wheel: educating Queensland show children

Geschichte, ausbildung und praxis der osteopathie in Australien und den USA Ein vergleich [History, education and practice of osteopathy in Australia and in the USA: A comparison]

Australian temperature, Australian rainfall and the Southern Oscillation, 1910-1992: Coherent variability and recent changes

Isotopes, Wool, and Rangeland Monitoring: Let the Sheep Do the Sampling