The Program to Link the HIPPARCOS Reference Frame to an Extragalactic Reference System Using the Fine Guidance Sensors of the Hubble Space Telescope

A new approach to dating and predicting Australian business cycle phase changes

Infants' Recognition of Contour-Deleted Figures

Tracing the evaluation of lazy functional languages: A model and its implementation

pPE1000: A versatile vector for the expression of epitope-tagged foreign proteins in transgenic plants

Suppressive effects of Rhynchosporium alismatis on different growth stages of Damasonium minus

Functional growth hormone (GH) receptors and GH are expressed by preimplantation mouse embryos: a role for GH in early embryogenesis?

Creating a global 4-minute grid land cover dataset

Focus on South Africa by Vivian de Klerk

Land cover mapping for tropical forest rehabilitation planning using remotely-sensed data

Combustion Processes of Rice Husks for Energy

Ozone, cloud, solar and UV-B levels at a low pollution, southern hemisphere, sub-tropical site for winter/spring 1995

Why do UV levels vary?

Ozone and ultraviolet radiation

Human exposure to filtered solar ultraviolet radiation

Reducing human exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation

Assessment of the exposure to biologically effective UV radiation using a dosimetric technique to evaluate the solar spectrum

Erythemal irradiances of filtered ultraviolet radiation

The erythemal ultraviolet exposure for humans in greenhouses

What drives mid-latitudinal convection and the formation of Subantarctic Mode Water

Radial conduction effects in transient heat transfer experiments

Psychological skills training in golf: the role of individual differences in cognitive preferences

Validation of the lifestress inventory for people with a mild intellectual disability

Learning styles among mature age students: some comments on the approaches to studying inventory (ASI-S)

Primary socialization and cultural factors in second language learning: wending our way through semi-charted territory

Partnerships, technology and teaching: celebrating the link between universities and rural communities

A picture postcard perspective of rural communities

The social and educational effects of student mobility: implications for teachers and guidance officers

Influential factors of agricultural chemical purchase

Directors' duties, business judgment & takeover defences: agenda for reform

An improved boundary element method for analysis of profile polymer extrusion

Developmental algorithms have meaning

The successful development of a vision guidance system for agriculture

An engineer's lament

Managers on the move

A dual model of distance education: the University of Southern Queensland

Total quality management and reconceptualising management in Africa

Globalisation of bankruptcy practice: an Australian perspective

Prosthetic gods: the Australian colonial body and Melanesia 1930-1950

Seeing it differently: physical education, teacher education and the possibilities of personal construct theory

Nature and function of rules

Children on the move: the social and educational effects of family mobility

HECS and the farmer's son [Commentary]

Extended, expanded, multi-skilled or advanced practice? - rural nurses in Australia 1991-1994

Environmental racism: Australia, Shell and Nigeria

Properties of lattice-limit of a sequence on x-lattice

Aircrew schedule generation using repeated matching

Efficient management remuneration plan design: a consideration of specific human capital investments

The dynamics of bimanual circle drawing

Stress co-tolerance and trehalose content in baking strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae

The relevance of human rights to health status in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Enforcing the director's statutory duty to act honestly

Franchising operational units in Australia

Public management 1996: once more unto the breach

The effects of self-efficacy, motivation to transfer, and situational constraints on transfer intentions and transfer of training

Quality assurance certification: adoption by Australian software developers and its association with capability maturity

Multi-level navigation for curriculum planning in intelligent tutoring systems

A conceptual framework for furthering understanding of 'IT business value' and its dimensions

Review of the under-representation in Australian higher education by the socioeconomically disadvantaded and the implications for university planning

Force, compliance and position control for a space frame manipulator

A boolean algebra approach for class hierarchy normalization

Development of a Sun centred sky camera for use in UV measurements

Yeast membrane fluidity, potassium fluxes and extra cellular pH in relation to glucose availability

Biological methods: a novel course in undergraduate biology

Non-contact extrudate profilometer: introductory paper

Autonomous LHD loading

Carbon dioxide sensing - a mechatronic approach

The call of the country: collected papers on land use

An overview of a study into the role and function of the rural nurse in Australia

The role and function of the rural nurse in Australia

Business-government relations: concepts and issues

The intermediate and advanced piano music of Dmitry Kabalevsky: pedagogical implications

The tetrazolium dyes MTS and XTT provide new quantitative assays for superoxide and superoxide dismutase

The theory of multiple intelligence: implications for counselling children

Maniam's Malyasian vision

Interactions with Queensland show children: enhancing knowledge of educational contexts

Multivariate relationships between floristic composition and stand structure in vegetation of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, New South Wales

Test facility in Port Said-Egypt for photovoltaic solar generators

A society of country women and the functions of literary property

Strategic quality management and financial performance indicators

MIRF: a close look at an intensive care aeromedical evacuation capability

Spectropolarimetric observations of active stars

Experiments on oblique shock interactions with planar mixing regions

Contemporary archaeology in theory: a reader

The Hong Kong‐Guangdong Link: Partnership in Flux by R.Y.W. Kwok and Alvin Y. So

An examination of the end-over-end shaking technique for measuring soil dispersion

Auditory brainstem response in tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)

Restructuring and the psychological contract in the Australian banking industry

Weldability and heat affected zone (HAZ) evaluation for high energy rate joining of thermoplastic composites using microwaves

The effect of item and relational processing on incidental long-term memory for order

On convection and the formation of subantarctic mode water in the Fine Resolution Antarctic Model - FRAM

On the effect of the missing Indonesian throughflow in the Fine Resolution Antarctic Model (FRAM)

Volatility, information, and double auction versus walrasian auction pricing in US and Japanese futures markets

Development of auditory sensitivity in the inferior colliculus of the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)

Management versus leadership: where does the project manager stand?

A cascading structure and training method for multilayer neural network

World Gymnastics Championship, Brisbane, 1994: a biomechanical analysis

Shrinkage pre-test estimator of the intercept parameter for a regression model with multivariate student-t errors

A culture under siege: post‐colonial higher education and teacher education in Cambodia from 1953 to 1979

The holistic education of artists through Maharishi Vedic Science: unfolding the infinite reservoir of creativity in individual awareness

A taxonomy of spatial data integrity constraints

Non-linear climate feedback analysis in an atmospheric general circulation model

Eddy parametrization and the oceanic response to idealized global warming

Women in prison: where are we going?

Role of glucose, fatty acids and protein in regulation of testicular growth and secretion of gonadotrophin, prolactin, somatotrophin and insulin in the mature ram