Numerical modelling of air temperature and velocity in a forced ventilation piggery

Red-white-and-blue conspiracy by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair

Surface differential rotation and prominences of the Lupus post T Tauri star RX J1508.6-4423

Human capital theory and knowledge management in organizations

Comparison of BEM-FFNN and BEM-RBFN methods for GNF flow analysis

Quality and Generic (Professional) Skills

Informed Teachers and Learners: The importance of assessing the characteristics needed for lifelong learning

Helping academic staff to integrate professional skills

A further note on the three phases of the US business cycle

Level Control Experiment via Internet

Disease development and enhanced susceptibility of wounded pepper roots to Phytophthora capsici

The health needs of people with intellectual disability

Inmate women as participants in education in Queensland correctional centres

Methods for effective fluidization of particulate food materials

Physical properties and fluidization behaviour of fresh green bean particulates during fluidized bed drying

Reproductive biology of the onychophoran Euperipatoides rowelli

A checking technique for high precision GPS antennas

Torpor in the carnivorous marsupial Sminthopsis macroura: effects of food quality and food quantity

Theoretical study on the post-local buckling of steel plates in concrete-filled box columns

On the philosophy and content of business education courses in occupational health and safety

Of training, tokenism and productive misinterpretation: reflections on the After China project

Sport as theatrical event

A dream shattered: Lloyd Fernando's literary vision of Malaysia

Malaysian landscapes in the fiction of K S Maniam

The equal opportunity principle in Australian takeover law and practice: time for review?

Organisational inertia: the OI scale's applicability in an Australian context

Tracing calculation [calque calcul] between Nicolas Abraham and Jacques Derrida

The teacher educator as (re)negotiated professional: critical incidents in steering between state and market in Australia

Individual differences in memory span: the contribution of rehearsal, access to lexical memory and output speed

Target similarity effects: support for the parallel distributed processing assumptions

Power/knowledge and the educational experiences and expectations of Australian show people

Guest editor's introduction [to issue of International Journal of Educational Research]: Mapping international diversity in researching traveller and nomadic education

Carritos chocones and dodgem cars: a preliminary comparison between Venezuelan and Australian fairgrounds

What's in a name?: The 'marginalisation' of itinerant people

Mapping international diversity in researching traveller and nomadic education: special theme issue of International Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 33, No. 3, 2000, pp. 219-318

Measuring solar UV exposures

Spectral, broadband and personal solar UV measurements at a sub-tropical latitude

Development of a 3D CFD model to investigate the effect of the mixing quality on the CNG-diesel engine performance

First Latin American school in ocean and climate modelling: summary report, lecture notes and seminar abstracts

Interactive multimedia problem-based learning for enhancing pre-service teachers' self-efficacy beliefs about teaching with computers: design, development and evaluation

Software process evaluation: experience report from down under

COTS developers lead best practice adoption

An estimation of biological hazards due to solar radiation

Field based measurements of personal erythemal ultraviolet exposure through a common summer garment

Estimate of annual ultraviolet-A exposures in cars in Australia

Diffuse component of solar ultraviolet radiation in tree shade

Effect of meal break times on solar UV exposure to schoolchildren in a southeast Queensland summer month

Reduction in the personal annual solar erythemal ultraviolet exposure provided by Australian gum trees

Effect of childhood and adolescent ultraviolet exposures on cumulative exposure in south east Queensland schools

Personal exposure distribution of solar erythemal ultraviolet radiation in tree shade over summer

Evaluation of differences in ultraviolet exposure during weekend and weekday activities

Improved estimation of the mean vector for Student-t model.

The assessment of emotional distress experienced by people with mild intellectual disabilities: a study of different methodologies

Academic credit and career education for engineering and surveying students

A micromechanics investigation of sliding wear in coated components

Navigating through distance teacher education: taking comparative bearings in Australia and China

Meeting some challenges of learner diversity by applying modal preference and learning needs to adult learning

A report on the role of the support teacher (learning difficulties) in regular schools in Queensland in 1999

Employing quantified measurements to personalise advice on reduction of solar ultra-violet exposure

MATLAB in early undergraduate mathematics: an investigation into the effects of scientific software learning

Mathematical and numerical analysis of Falk-Konopka-type models for shape-memory alloys

Rapid-cycle PCR method to detect Bordetella pertussis that fulfills all consensus recommendations for use of PCR in diagnosis of pertussis

Evaluation of a sky/cloud formula for estimating UV-B irradiance under cloudy skies

The effect of clouds on enhancing UVB irradiance at the earth's surface: a one year study

Developing professional relationships between supervisors and doctorial candidates

Relationship between microwave irradiation and constituents of composites during joining process

Surface-wave propagation on a grounded dielectric slab covered by a high-permittivity material

Job satisfaction and nurses in rural Australia

Automatic guidance of agricultural mobiles at the NCEA

Computing dynamics of copper-based SMA via center manifold reduction of 3D models

The management of organisational culture

Defining and creating a high performance organisation

Leading strategically

Rural communities: adjusting to a future without bank branches

Motivation for youth participation in sport and physical activity: relationships to culture, self-reported activity levels, and gender

La Flaneuse: Simone de Beauvoir and class

Variability in the annual erythemal ultraviolet exposure of school children in south east Queensland

Access and retention programs for tertiary students: new directions

Managing foreign exchange transaction exposure: the alternatives

Gender roles and geographic locations as predictors of emotional distress in Australian women

The perceptions of rural nurses towards role change within the context of organisational change

School discipline: is there a crisis in our schools?

Competent and artistic training

Bat fauna of a semi-arid environment in central western Queensland, Australia

Foreign exchange exposure: an introduction

Flexible learning for a flexible society: refereed proceedings of the ASET/HERDSA 2000 Joint International Conference

A protocol for untraceable electronic cash

Influence of the franchising code of conduct on the franchisor-franchisee relationship

New methods in applied and computational mathematics workshop

Recall accuracy for pre and post competition emotional states in athletes

Dip coating process for hot metal castings

HRD - much more than just training!

Simply doing music: middle primary

Simply doing music: lower primary

Simply doing music: infants

Integrating web and database marketing: Australian study of direct marketing firms

Characterisation of thermoplastic matrix composites (TPC) using variable frequency micorwave (VFM)

Variable frequency microwave processing of thermoplastic composites

Variable frequency microwave (VFM) processing facilities and application in processing thermoplastic matrix composites

Hydrogen peroxide yields during the incompatible interaction of tobacco suspension cells inoculated with Phytophthora nicotiannae

The theory of multiple intelligences: implications for counseling children

Web-based student learning: accommodating cultural diversity

Priority areas for research in open and distance education in the 21st century

Moving an Australian dual mode university to the online environment: a case study

Introduction to the special issue: perspectives on mood in sport and exercise

Normative values for the profile of mood states for use with athletic samples

Latent variable modelling of the relationship between flow and exercise-induced feelings: an intuitive appraisal perspective

Re-theorising the university as an unfamiliar culture: consequences and responses for the increasing diversity of the student body

Art, expression and the offended believer

Slaving in Australian courts: blackbirding cases, 1869-1871

The duty of obeying the law: the Court of Session, the Kirk and the Disruption of 1843

Private international law

The mechatronic bakery

Mechatronics and machine vision

Fast tracking new courses in mechatronic engineering

Listening for cane loss

Development of low cost range sensing instrumentation for collision avoidance applications

Low cost GPS for the autonomous robot farmhand

Actuators and implementation issues [Introduction]

A six-legged hybrid walking and wheeled robot

A roller skating robot

Robot bilby for emerging engineers

Sensors in, for and by mechatronics: a symbiosis [Introduction]

Automated carbon dioxide measurement via miniaturised chemical reaction chambers under mechatronic control

The BrowsMouse - computer access with eyebrows

Emotional intelligence for intuitive agents

Tried and tested: issues and implications for educators in problem-based learning - relearning from the learners' perspective

Triumphs and trials of using problem based learning in marketing communications education: perspectives from educators and students

More than time and place: using historical comparative research as a research tool for nursing

Examining client/accountant relationships: rural versus urban consumer selection criteria

The salience of market, bureaucratic, and clan controls in the management of family firm transitions: some tentative Australian evidence

Problem-based learning as a multimedia design framework in teacher education

Could emotions be the key to real artificial intelligence?

Review of vegetation management for fire contingency at Helidon Explosives Facility. Report to Helidon Explosives Facility, Qld Department of Minerals & Energy, Helidon

Morphometric differentiation of Vespadelus finlaysoni and V. troughtoni in Queensland

Emotional intelligence for intuitive agents

Agents with attitude

How to give an agent attitude

Rethinking academic practices: meeting some challenges of online delivery

Engagement in web-based education: designing for models of student learning

Lifelong learning: critical, desirable or just a good idea?

Counselling children using a multiple intelligences framework

A potted history of nineteenth century remote area nursing in Australia and, in particular, Queensland

Oasis identities: Uyghur nationalism along China's Silk Road 1997 by Justin Jon Rudelson

The other Hong Kong report 1998 by Larry Chuen-ho Chow and Yiu-kwan Fan

Should travel agents charge fees?

Rethinking diversity: re-theorising transition as a process of engaging and mastering the multi-literacies of an unfamiliar culture rather than a problem of deficit

Hierarchical confirmatory factor analysis of the Flow State Scale in exercise

The nature of mood: development of a conceptual model with a focus on depression

The profile of mood states and athletic performance: two meta-analyses

Deflection of a pretensioned circular diaphragm due to aerothermal loading

Binocular rivalry and perceptual coherence

Interhemispheric switching mediates perceptual rivalry

Optimal topology selection of continuum structures with displacement constraints

Optimal topology design of bracing systems for multi-story steel frames

Topology optimization of strut-and-tie models in reinforced concrete structures using an evolutionary procedure

Career decision making difficulties of adolescent boys and girls

On the time lag between awareness of a public health problem and the enactment of preventive legislation

The process of designing a self-assessment strategy for diversity management


Proactive interference effects on aging: is inhibition a factor?

System development in the new millennium: an Australian perspective on OO adoption

Reuse: can it deliver competitive performance?

Identifying shortcomings in the measurement of service quality

Motivation profiles in sport: a self-determination theory perspective

Adrenaline, insulin and glucagon do not have acute effects on plasma leptin levels in sheep: development and characterisation of an ovine leptin ELISA

Perceptions of group cohesion and mood in sport teams

Learning by auditing: a knowledge creating approach

Discourses of morality: the news media, human rights and foreign policy in twentieth-century United States

Course, severity, and treatment of substance abuse among women versus men

Image analysis techniques for assessing landscape structural change: a case study of the Lockyer Valley Catchment, Queensland

Collecting cancer risk factor data from hospital outpatients: use of touch-screen computers

Quantifying landscape fragmentation in the Lockyer Valley Catchment, Queensland: 1973 – 1997

Curriculum and pedagogical changes and challenges in the Department of Civil Engineering and Building: A personal perspective

Leptin in maternal and fetal plasma fluids during pregnancy in the sheep

Gestational leptin profile of Merino sheep

Sexual dimorphism and pregnancy profiles of leptin in Merino sheep

When the dust settles: a comparative history of remote area nursing in Queensland

Final report on sun tanning units in Queensland

The generalized futures market model

Optimal hedging position

Hedging behavior and speculative position

Report on consumer behaviour in purchasing of organic food products in Australia

Decadal climate variability simulated in a coupled general circulation model

Esk Trough—Yarraman Block contact, an unconformity: Its nature and implications for regional tectonics

The seasonal cycle in coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation models

An examination of the presence of prototypical cognitive profiles in a neuropsychological sample

Meat quality of first and second cross capretto goat carcasses