Geographic information system based manure application plan

Two extrasolar planets from the Anglo-Australian planet search

On the double-planet system around HD 83443

An assessment paradox: striving for best practice in an environment of increasing constraints

A review of teaching strategies in practical work for mechanical and mechatronic engineering students studying via on-campus and distance education

System configuration and IP networking: a team-based laboratory course

A combined meshfree method and molecular dynamics in the multiscale length simulation

Sonoluminescence quenching by organic acids in aqueous solution: pH and frequency effects

Inventing 'Italians': Experiences and Responses in Australia's Colonial and Federation Societies

‘Handedness’ in the 7-spot ladybird beetle, Coccinella septempunctata: a problem for y-tube olfactometry

An analysis of international business-to-business relationships based on the Commitment–Trust theory

Validation of a Sun-Exposure Questionnaire for Adolescent Girls

Data quality issues in implementing an ERP

A radio and optical study of the active young F star HR 1817 (=HD 35850)

Experimental Investigation of A Single Cylinder Diesel Engine as A Hybrid Power Unit for A Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Is information literacy relevant in the real world?

Beginning and Continuing Korean

Online discussion in a CALL course for distance language teachers

A benzothiadiazole applied to foliage reduces development and egg deposition by Meloidogyne spp. in glasshouse-grown grapevine roots

Extra-solar planets around HD 196050, HD 216437 and HD 160691

A Meta-Analytic Review of the Theories of Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior in Physical Activity: Predictive Validity and the Contribution of Additional Variables

Underwater Digital Stereo-Observation Technique for Red Hydrocoral Study

A Rigorous Technique for Forensic Measurement of Surveillance Video Footage

Accumulating brisk walking for fitness, cardiovascular risk, and psychological health

Cognitive interference during competition among volleyball players with different goal orientation profiles

The influence of autonomous and controlling motives on physical activity intentions within the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Achievement goal profiles in school physical education: Differences in self-determination, sport ability beliefs, and physical activity

Clustering of Sedentary Behaviors and Physical Activity among Youth: A Cross-National Study

The Cognitive Processes by which Perceived Locus of Causality Predicts Participation in Physical Activity

Mental health nursing and the promotion of physical activity

Exerted effort and performance in climbing among boys: The influence of achievement goals, perceived ability, and task difficulty

Laser-based fluorescence microscopy

Beam search for sequencing point operations in flat plate manufacturing

Living with breast cancer: the influence of rurality on women's suffering and resilience. A postmodern feminist inquiry

Why nurses are attracted to rural and remote practice

Why nurses are resigning from rural and remote Queensland health facilities

Retaining rural and remote area nurses: the Queensland Australia experience

Phase transitions in shape memory alloys with hyperbolic heat conduction and differential-algebraic models

A lubrication model of coating flows over a curved substrate in space

Simulation of Oxford University gun tunnel performance using a quasi-one-dimensional model

Early intervention: narratives of learning, discipline and enculturation

Enhanced risk management and decision-making capability across the sugarcane industry value chain based on seasonal climate forecasts

Some factors influencing pre-service teachers' self-efficacy for teaching with computers

An exploratory study on service dimensions of regional shopping centres: A segmentation approach’

The impact of tangible rewards on empowerment in the hotel sector

Computers, learners and teachers: Teamwork in the CALL classroom

Online discussion in a CALL course for distance language teachers

Reliability of asset revaluations: the impact of appraiser independence

Characterisation of chip-on-board (COB) encapsulate epoxies used in the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) industry using variable frequency microwave (VFM) facilities

Applications of fixed and variable frequency microwave (VFM) facilities in polymeric materials processing and joining

Inventing 'Italians': experiences and responses in Australia's colonial and federation societies

Heat distribution and thermal analysis of joining thermoplastic composites using microwave energy

Microwave energy effects on polymer-matrix and fibre reinforcement of composites during bonding process by microwaves

Lap shear strength comparison between two types of random carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic matrix composites bonded using variable frequency microwaves (VFM) irradiation

Joining of thirty three percent by weight random glass fibre reinforced polystyrene using variable frequency microwave

Risks involved in curing vinyl ester resins using microwaves irradiation

Productivity improvements through the use of industrial microwave technologies

Eurasian images of Singapore in the fiction of Rex Shelley

Parameters of Malaysian identity in the novels of Lloyd Fernando and K S Maniam

Diaspora and identity in the fiction of K S Maniam

Calculus demonstrations using Matlab

No-shop, no-talk and break-up fee agreements in merger and takeover transactions: the case for a fresh regulatory approach

An uncultured rhymer and his cultural critics: Henry Lawson, class politics and colonial literature

Agency, beyond strange cultural loops

Thinking beyond the brain: embodiment and the psycho-somatic

Beyond the foundations: the role of vision and belief in teachers' preparation for integration of technology

Flow patterns near codimension-2 bifurcation in non-Boussinesq mixed convection

Effect of fluid properties variations on spatio-temporal instability of convection

Desire of industry, products from academia - ships that pass in the night?

Supporting semi-remote web-based learners using a peer-to-peer collaborative tool

Engaging minds through problem solving - a day in the life of a scientist

From little things big things grow: building the SDI from local government up

Comparison of a d-GPS system and conventional guidance for spraying applications

The experiences of a professional community: teachers developing a new image of themselves and their workplace

A life changing experience - a rural perspective on living with physical disability

In vivo evaluation of immunomodulatory properties of crude extracts of Echinacea species and fractions isolated from Echinacea Purpurea

Southeast Asia: moving beyond the construction of a mascent security community?

Measuring, modelling and understanding the mechanical behaviour of bagasse

A CO2 measurement system for low-cost applications using chemical transduction

Discovering web page communities for web-based data management

Mankind, working life and occupational health: a contribution to Rio + 10

Geographic Information System based manure application planning

The synthesis of emotions in artificial intelligences: an affective agent architecture for intuitive reasoning in artificial intelligences

The Madden Julian Oscillation: a literature review

Seasonal climate forecasts for more effective raingrown grain-cotton production systems

Effects of tree shade on solar ultraviolet exposures to humans

Software process evaluation: experience report

The IT-business partnership: exploring a troubled relationship

Process capability assessments in small development firms

Biologically damaging UV in the shade

Shade and melanoma inducing wavelengths

An introduction to Internet based climate science teaching

Distribution of sum of squares and products matrices for the generalized multilinear matrix-T model

The evolution of online learning in bridging mathematics at a distance: the tension between learning needs, technological innovation and access restrictions in an Australian regional university

Knowledge integrator nodes in teams or networks in multinational enterprises

Language-in-education policies in the South Pacific: some possibilities for consideration

Process evaluation of an internet career fair

Is timeshare ownership an investment product?

Buffering issues in TCP-based services

Spark ignition internal combustion engine modelling using Matlab

Considering visual literacy when designing instruction

Numerical study of sliding wear caused by a loaded pin on a rotating disc

Local buckling of biaxially compressed steel plates in double skin composite panels

Factors influencing planning for retirement

Most probable paths and performance formulae for buffers with Gaussian input traffic

Formal authorization allocation approaches for role-based access control based on relational algebra operations

Performance evaluation of a queue fed by a Poisson Pareto burst process

Self-esteem and perfectionism in elite athletes: effects on competitive anxiety and self-confidence

Mining the optimal class association rule set

The use of web-based multimedia technology in teaching and learning

Measurement of unsteady gas temperature with optical fibre Fabry-Perot microsensors

Train crashworthiness and its impact on society

Teaching and learning online: the workers, the lurkers and the shirkers

Stress corrosion of glass fibre reinforced polymers for infrastructure applications

A sensor for the sugar cane harvester topper

BEM-RBF approach for viscoelastic flow analysis

Mesh-free radial basis function network methods with domain decomposition for approximation of functions and numerical solution of Poisson's equations

Breastfeeding as headwork: Corporeal feminism and meanings for breastfeeding

Behaviour of older people admitted for residential respite care

Initiation into a dialysis-dependent life: an examination of rites of passage

Safe buffer distances for offstream earth dams

Process benchmarking: an application to lending products

Overcoming beliefs, attitudes and past experiences: the use of video for adult tertiary students studying mathematics in isolation

Does purchasing stock in Australian multinational corporations create international portfolio diversification?

Understanding the interfaces: how ocean freight shipping lines can maximise satisfaction

Comparisons of corrected daily integrated erythemal UVR from the U.S. EPA/UGA network of Brewer spectroradiometers with model and satellite data

Building ontology repositories for e-commerce systems

Nature of the rhythmic oscillations recorded at negative potentials in gastrointestinal smooth muscle

A flexible payment scheme and its user-role assignment

No more lectures: you are all adult learners now

Meeting the challenge of 'massification': taking learner diversity seriously

Solution structure of μ-conotoxin PIIIA, a preferential inhibitor of persistent tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channels

Building a consumer anonymity scalable payment protocol for [the] Internet purchases

Psychological contracts: are they still relevant?

Shrinkage reduction of thermoset fibre composites during hardening using microwaves irradiation for curing

A numerical model for the confinement of oil spill with floating booms

Optimum operating temperature for evacuated tube solar collectors

Cost of kWh produced and payback time of a pv-solar-thermal-combined rooftop collector at different locations in New Zealand

Mechatronics and machine vision 2002: current practice

Psychological contract: is it still an important organisational phenomenon?

Autonomous agricultural robot

Control of the sugar cane harvester topper

The counting of macadamia nuts

A yield mapping system for sugar cane chopper harvesters

Policy and practice

Introducing the Condamine and its oral history


Comity and jurisdictional restraint in Vanuatu

Comity and jurisdictional restraint in Vanuatu

Solicitors' will-making duties

Agency, autonomy and a theology for legal practice

Authentic problem-based learning: rewriting business education

Summary offences law and practice Queensland, 2002 ed.

Cessation of registration

Achieving consistency in sentencing: moving to best practice

An enduring influence: Sir Samuel Griffith and his contribution to criminal justice in Queensland

Lawyers' character, moral insight and ethical blindness

What fate awaits? The indigenous peoples of the Darling Downs in 1851-52

From Kulim to Singapore: Catherine Lim's literary life

Politics and loss in Philip Jeyaretnam's Singaporean fiction

Singapore, literature and identity

Introduction [to Singaporean literature in English: a critical reader]

Practice vs praxis: constructing models for practitioner-based research

Flying Arts: navigating cultural change

Rewriting marketing communications education using problem-based learning

Madness, morality, and masculinity: the contradictions of gender and genre in Henry Kingsley's The Hillyars and the Burtons

Conversations on the Condamine: an oral history from the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin

Pierre Boulez

Singaporean literature in English: a critical reader

The present body, the absent body, and the formless

Academics and first-year students: collaborating to access success in an unfamiliar university culture

Citizens and asylum seekers: emotional literacy, rhetorical leadership and human rights

Moral supervision and autonomous social order: wages and consumption in 18th-century economic thought

Language trends in introductory programming courses

Language trends in introductory programming courses

An initial assessment of knowledge management principles for the development of a KM model for a university

Image mining: trends and developments

Impact of copyright laws on flexible delivery of university education

Educational innovation for the knowledge-based economy: development of an authentic problem-based learning education model in business marketing

The use of innovative teaching methods for 'maximising' the enjoyment from learning mathematical concepts

From rhetoric to reality: piloting the faculty pedagogical framework from a participant perspective

Towards pedagogical consensus: the first chapter in a Faculty of Education strategic review

A balancing act between academic rigour and practical knowledge: successfully teaching travel management in the 21st century

In their own words: pre-service teachers’ perceptions of ICT integration

ICT for pre-service teacher educators

Aerial application

The rights thing to do? Towards an Australian Bill of Rights

Fetal leptin is a signal of fat mass independent of maternal nutrition in ewes fed at or above maintenance energy requirements

Prospects for regional sustainability: land use change in the eastern Darling Downs, 1975-2001

Bats in the Bunyas: habitat preferences of microchiropteran bats in the Bunya Mountains, Queensland

Small mammal habitat preferences in Ravensbourne National Park, south-east Queensland

An evaluation of the convergence between three different methods of response status assignment (RSA) based on the WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index

Phosphate transporter expression in the soybean AM symbiosis

Leptin is a signal of fetal adiposity in pregnant ewes fed at or above maintenance energy requirements

Circulating leptin concentrations are positively related to leptin messenger RNA expression in the adipose tissue of fetal sheep in the pregnant ewe fed at or below maintenance energy requirements during late gestation

Computation of viscoelastic flow using neural networks and stochastic simulation

BEM-NN computation of generalised Newtonian flows

Economics for today, 1st ed.

Hong Kong Reintegrating with China: Political, Cultural and Social Dimensions by Lee Pui-tak

Sunshine and Rainbows: The Development of Gay and Lesbian Culture in Queensland by Clive Moore

Genomics and drug discovery

Magazine wrack

Understanding company law by P Lipton and A Herzberg

Boracay Island, Philippines: a case study

Comparison of the solar spectral ultraviolet irradiance in motor vehicles with windows in an open and closed position

Scandalous practices and political performances: breastfeeding in the city

The 'deficit-discourse' shift: university teachers and their role in helping first year students persevere and succeed in the new university culture

An ethnographic reflection on Muslim-Christian dialogue in the North of France: the context of laïcité

Meeting consumer trust concerns at the checkouts of Australian online retailers

Relationships between pre-competition mood and swimming performance: test of a conceptual model with an emphasis on depressed mood

Cohesion and teamwork

Charting the role of the online teacher in higher education: winds of change

Ravenic acid, a new tetramic acid isolated from a cultured microfungus, penicillium sp.

A RAPD-PCR genotyping assay which correlates with serotypes of group B streptococci

Quantum simulation - rare event simulation by means of cloning, thinning and distortion

Understanding the UVA environment at a sub-tropical site and its consequent impact on human UVA exposure

Parallel leadership: a clue to the contents of the 'black box' of school reform

Assessment of membrane fluidity in individual yeast cells by Laurdan generalised polarisation and multi-photon scanning fluorescence microscopy

A note on maximally weighted graph theoretic facilities design planning

New financial transaction security concerns in mobile commerce

Modelling the dynamics of turbulent floods

Transient response of an erodable heat flux gauge using finite element analysis

Heat transfer during transient compression: measurements and simulations

Factors influencing career decision making in adolescents and adults

Positive feedbacks between the Antarctic Circumpolar Wave and the global El Nino-Southern Oscillation

Mapping and analysis of changes in the riparian landscape structure of the Lockyer Valley Catchment, Queensland, Australia

Queensland Year 2 Diagnostic Net and teachers' explanations of literacy failure

A heuristic to generate all best partially disjoint paths in a communications network

A simple model for calculating SIP signalling flows in 3GPP IP multimedia subsystems

Performance-based optimization for strut-tie modeling of structural concrete

A performance-based optimization method for topology design of continuum structures with mean compliance constraints

Comparisons of corrected daily-integrated erythermal UVR data from the U.S. EPA/UGA network of Brewer spectroradiometers with model and TOMS-inferred data

Evaluating the impact of the graduate fellowship programme of the International Livestock Research Institute: a tools and process report

Planning, managing, and optimizing transfer of training

Constructing a leadership competencies development tool: a case study in a university

Schooling and the production of social inequalities: what can and should we be doing?

Testing feature interaction: between-stream irrelevant speech effects in immediate recall

Word length effects are not due to proactive interference

Engineering education issues in the UK

A Petrov-Galerkin method for flows in cavities: enclosure of aspect ratio 8

The status of the Aborigine in the writing of Henry Lawson: a reconsideration

Spectral ultraviolet albedo of roofing surfaces and human facial exposure

Managing diversity in first year service mathematics course: integration of effective numeracy teaching principles and management theory

Person-environment fit in higher education: how good is the fit for indigenous students?

Being a teacher: professional challenges and choices, Learning guide

Reducing the mechanical hysteresis problem in optically-addressed diaphragm pressure sensors

Sense matters: Aesthetic values of the Great Barrier Reef

Knowing astronomy is important

The wonderful stars of the outback

Development of non bank financial institutions to strengthen the financial system of Bangladesh

Identifying social values in archival sources: change, continuity and invention in tourist experiences of the Great Barrier Reef

Cycles of organisational learning: a conceptual approach

Graduate attributes: innovative knowledge management or a quality aberration?

Implementation of a property standard index

Internet-based information and communication systems on remote construction projects: a case study analysis

Girl heroes: the new force in popular culture

Beyond the four theories of the press: A new model of national media systems

Ethical issues for qualitative research in on-line communities

Digital editing as cultural practice

Application of aerial imagery to analyse on-farm trials

Capturing of remotely sensed images to advance the use of yield maps and other spatial information to improve crop management and forecasting

Spectral discrimination and separability analysis of agricultural crops and soil attributes using ASTER imagery

Reliability of functional capacity measurements for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) patients

James-Stein estimators for the mean vector of a multivariate normal population based on independent samples from two normal populations with common covariance structure

Estimation of the slope parameter for linear regression model with uncertain prior information

Communication skills handbook

Functional hemispheric asynchrony: an optical imaging study

Dietary restriction has a differential effect on plasma leptin concentrations in fat and lean sheep

Plasma leptin concentrations correlate positively with the lipid storage capacity of unilocular adipose cells in the sheep fetus during late gestation

Leptin-a potential signal of relative uniocular fat mass and lipid content of unilocular adipose cells in the late gestation fetal sheep

Leptin is a signal of adiposity in fetuses of pregnant ewes fed at or above maintenance energy requirements

Discovering small business strategic marketing decision making behaviour

Efficacy of a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA) for estimating prevalence of immunity to rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) in populations of Australian wild rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Population trends in European rabbits and other wildlife of central Australia in the wake of rabbit hemorrhagic disease

Warren ripping: its impacts on European rabbits and other wildlife of central Australia amid the establishment of rabbit haemorrhagic disease

Compliance with standard precautions and occupational exposure reporting among operating room nurses in Australia

Preoperative fasting procedures: let's use the evidence

Boer goats under the microscope. Part 2. Are Boer bucks best?

Boer goats under the microscope. Part 1. Are Boer bucks best?

Foundation handwriting plus: computer zone activities - year 5

Foundation handwriting plus: computer zone activities - year 4

Foundation handwriting plus: computer zone activities - year 3

Foundation handwriting plus: computer zone activities - year 2

Foundation handwriting plus: computer zone activities - year 1

Foundation handwriting plus: computer zone activities - kindergarten

Keyboarding plus handbook

Does soil moisture influence climate variability and predictability over Australia?

STOIC: A study of coupled model climatology and variability in tropical ocean regions

Contracting and Proving Contracts in Cyberspace (in Arabic)

A nonlinear fluid-structure interaction analysis of a near-bed submarine pipeline in a current

Assisting nursing students solve drug calculation problems using metacognition and error analysis

Foundation handwriting plus: computer zone activities - year 6