Preliminary test estimators for the multivariate normal mean based on the modified W, LR and LM tests

Isochromophilone IX, a novel GABA-containing metabolite isolated from a cultured fungus, Penicillium sp.

Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete beams in a fire environment

Inducting new academic staff into a flexible education environment

Parallel meshfree TPSRBFN-BCF method for dilute polymer solution

Biodegradation of packaging materials: Composting of polyolefins

Ethnic identity in Italo-Australian family history: A case study of Giovanni Pullè, his legacies and his transformations of ethnicity over 125 years

Italian Roots: Family History, Inter-Generational Experience and Identity

Responses of Diaeretiella rapae to volatiles induced by aphids from Arabidopsis thaliana mutants

Preparation of total RNA from a very small wheat embryo suitable for differential display

Applying assessment principles and expanding the focus of assessment to enhance learning online

First report of Escherichia coli O157 among Iraqi children

Psychology of sport & exercise: A progress report

Measuring the total value of a river cleanup

Magnetorotational instability in stratified, weakly ionized accretion discs

Bearing capacity of a sand layer on clay by finite element limit analysis

Influence of shapes of selected vegetable materials on drying kinetics during fluidized bed drying

Experimental investigation for the design of ECU for a single cylinder engine using dual-fuel (CNG-diesel)

Intrinsic Motivation towards Sports in Singaporean Students: The Role of Sport Ability Beliefs

A Meta-Analysis of Perceived Locus of Causality in Exercise, Sport, and Physical Education Contexts

Physical Self-Perceptions in Adolescence: Generalizability of a Hierarchical Multidimensional Model Across Three Cultures

The Processes by Which Perceived Autonomy Support

Motivation for physical activity in young people: entity and incremental beliefs about athletic ability

Developing study skills in a first year mathematics course

Science for drought: proceedings of the National Drought Forum

Slow binocular rivalry in bipolar disorder

Orientation mosaic in barn owl’s visual Wulst revealed by optical imaging: comparison with cat and monkey striate and extra-striate areas

Fostering e-commerce among Australian SMEs

Construct validity of the profile of mood states - adolescents for use with adults

Conceptual frames of reference and their influence on e-commerce system development

Using a team-based approach in an IS Course: an empirical study

Experiences of regional and rural people with cancer being treated with radiotherapy in a metropolitan centre

A holistic finite difference approach models linear dynamics consistently

The impact of inhomogeneous tissue anisotropy on potential distribution within head model

High bandwidth stagnation temperature measurements in a Mach 6 gun tunnel flow

Concentration probe measurements in a Mach 4 nonreacting hydrogen jet

Practice vs praxis: modelling practitioner-based research

Futures: education, craft and design in Australia

Under the Southern Cross: Flying Arts in Australia

Boys performing English

Organisational inertia: contrasting results in Australia and South Africa

Nonlinear instability in generalized nonlinear phase diffusion equation

Healing the divisions: unemployment and overwork in Australia

Mutual obligation: why reciprocity is an inadequate principle for unemployment programmes

Using Southern Oscillation index phases to forecast sugarcane yields: a case study for northeastern Australia

Influence of age and moderate-intensity exercise training on heart rate variability in young and mature adults

Sense of place amongst adolescents and adults in two rural Australian towns: the discriminating features of place attachment, sense of community and place dependence in relation to place identity

Local and post-local buckling of double skin composite panels

The European Union's approach to legal non-retrospectivity: are there problems for international businesses?

A hypertext approach to foreign language reading: student attitudes and perceptions

The ILRI Graduate Fellows Programme: a case study of impact (1978-1997)

Multidimensional properties of the access to categories of experience scale

Contrast joints of glass-fibre with carbon-fibre reinforced polystyrene composite bonded by microwave irradiation

Italian roots: family history, intergenerational experience, and identity

Holocene palynology of Whitehaven Swamp, Whitsunday Island, Queensland, and implications for the regional archaeological record

Measuring total value of a river cleanup

Curing vinyl ester particle-reinforced composites using microwaves

Thermal analysis comparison between two random glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic matrix composites bonded by adhesives using microwaves: preliminary results

Thermal analysis of joining thermoplastic matrix composites using microwaves

Lap shear strength comparison between different random glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic matrix composites bonded by adhesives using variable frequency microwaves (VFM) irradiation

Joining of thirty three percent by weight random carbon fibre reinforced low density polyethylene using variable frequency microwave

Understanding statistics using computer demonstrations

Thermal analysis of joining Nylon 66 composites using microwave irradiations

Space invaders and pedagogical innovators: regional educational understandings from Australian occupational travellers

Transient teachers: mixed messages of schooling in regional Australia

PBL + IMM = PBL²: problem based learning and interactive multimedia development

Mathematics, computers and umbilical cords

Local and state-based collaboration: the key to unlocking the potential of SDI

Land tenure management in a dynamic social, economic and environmental context

Enhanced spectral UV irradiance: a one year preliminary study

The Toowoomba adult trauma triage tool

The administration and supply of controlled and restricted medication by nurses in rural and remote Queensland.

The Toowoomba infant feeding support service project: Report on phase 1 - a longitudinal needs analysis of breastfeeding behaviours and supports in the Toowoomba region

Critical success factors for accounting information systems data quality

Cardiac calcium handling in the mouse model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Dermatological and musculoskeletal disorders of nursing home workers in Australia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

Fibre optic pressure transducers for disturbance measurements in transient aerodynamic research facilities

The mechatronic bakery

School leadership and cognitive interests: the development of a leadership framework based on Habermas' theory of knowledge-constitutive interests

The application of Australian-developed performance and genetic technology to the Chinese beef industry

Storylines and storyspaces: a folio of learnings related to socially-just pedagogies

The integration of sensory control for sugar cane harvesters

The dynamics, implications and effects of knowledge creation in professional learning communities: three case studies

Geospatial data sharing in Saudi Arabia

The recollection component of recognition memory as a function of response confidence: an event-related brain potential study

A strategic analysis of the performance of the telephone banking channel

Content-based image retrieval based on emergence index

An investigation into the feasibility and application of fibre composites to flatbed semi-trailers

Welding of skin using Nd:YAG laser with bipolar contact applicators

Using seasonal climate forecasts for more effective grain-cotton production systems

The Madden Julian Oscillation and its relationship with rainfall in Queensland

Using the real-time mulitvariate Madden Julian oscillation indices to predict rainfall in Queensland

Assessing grain crop attributes using digital imagery acquired from a low-altitude remote controlled aircraft

Issues faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and their take-up of ecommerce in Australian regional communities

Diffusion of innovation - the adoption of electronic commerce by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in regional Australia

E-commerce and small and medium eenterprises (SMEs) in regional communities

Factors affecting take-up of electronic commerce by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the regional community of Hervey Bay, Australia

ICT and regional development in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay: beyond the Bay connect hook-Up

E-commerce for small regional firms: experience of four recent adopters

Operational infrastructure for quality distance and online geospatial programs

Estimation of the parameters of two parallel regression lines under uncertain prior information

Comparison of biologically damaging spectral solar ultraviolet radiation at a southern hemisphere sub-tropical site

Dosimetric measurement of the visible and UV exposures on field grown soybean plants

Optical properties of poly (2,6-Dimethyl-1,4-Phenylene Oxide) film and its potential for a long-term solar ultraviolet dosimeter

Measured and modelled contributions to UV exposures by the albedo of surfaces in an urban environment

Identity formation, cross-cultural attitudes and language maintenance in the Hungarian Diaspora of Queensland

UV protection and shade structures

UV protection provided by public shade structures during winter

The protective nature of public shade structures in Australia

Scattered UV beneath public shade structures during winter

Multiple representations in instructional material: an issue of literacy

Integrating diversity management initiatives with strategic human resource management

The factor structure of visual imagery and spatial abilities

Young refugees talk about well-being: a qualitative analysis of refugee youth mental health from three states

How young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experience mental health: some insights for mental health nurses

The impact of societal marketing programs on customer attitudes toward corporate image in Thailand

The language situation in Fiji

The interface of acute and aged care: the role of the nurse in a provincial area

The steering of trailed implements for tractor path tracking

Machine vision classification of animals

Teaching mechatronics principles using laboratory classes

Competencies of an entry-level career counsellor in higher education

Evaluation of a semi-structured assessment interview derived from a systems model of career

A pulsed LED system for schlieren flow visualisation

Meso-scale finite element investigation into the short and long term strengths of glass fibre reinforced composites

The stability of inclined plate anchors in purely cohesive soil

Three dimensional lower bound solutions for the stability of plate anchors in sand

The relationship between valuation and ownership of listed firms in China

Visual and multiple representation in learning materials: an issue of literacy

Numerical study on the mode I delamination toughness of z-pinned laminates

Theoretical modelling of the effect of plasticity on reverse transformation in superelastic shape memory alloys

Safety climate and the theory of planned behaviour: towards the prediction of unsafe behaviour

Errors, violations, and reporting behaviour in aviation maintenance

Modelling errors and violations in high-risk industries

On the capacity and normalisation of ISI channels

Iterative decoding of JPEG coded images with channel coding

Financial literacy among Australian university students

Internet traffic modeling and future technology implications

Joint source-channel codec: a more power efficient technology for image transmission

Preferred orientations of open microcracks in granite and their relation with anisotropic elasticity

Influence of bond slip on crack spacing in numerical modeling of reinforced concrete

A Rayleigh-Ritz procedure for localized buckling of a strut on a softening foundation by Hermite functions

Graduating teachers' dispositions for integrating information and communications technologies into their teaching

An empirical model for fatigue behavior prediction of glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP) composites for various stress ratios and test frequencies

Automated rib location and optimization for plate structures

Production of B-glucosidase using immobilised Piromyces sp. KSX1 and Orpinomyces sp. 478P1 in repeat-batch culture

Entertainment-seeking shopping centre patrons: the missing segments

Findings from the HEI 'flip' project: application issues

Control and constraint: issues of concern for boys in the middle years of schooling

Asian languages and computers: a reflection

Managing staff development for online education: a situated learning model

Harnessing a nation's linguistic competence: identifying and addressing foreign language needs in the tourism and hospitality industry

What happens with all that maths?

Indirect RBFN method with thin plate splines for numerical solution of differential equations

A micromechanics model for environmental stress-corrosion in GFRP

Durability of glass polymer composites subject to stress corrosion

Cross-border insolvency: adoption of CLERP 8 as an evolution of Australian insolvency law

Effect of marketing control on export venture performance: The moderating role of relationship intensity and market dynamism

Consumer complaint actions: a conceptual model based on complainants about advertising in Australia

Urban geology of the Toowoomba conurbation, SE Queensland, Australia

Opening Pandora's Box: ethical dilemmas in literacy research

Turbo diversity scheme applied to JPEG image transmission

Association rule discovery with unbalanced class distributions

Processing airborne, spaceborne hyperspectral and GIS data in urban areas

High precision GPS guidance of mobile robots

Developing database marketing strategies for consumer markets: a cross-industry, theory-building study

Database segmentation for product strategy development

Australian business organizations' perceptions of the value of formal marketing research: a comparative study of firms with high versus low level of business performance

Machine vision system for counting macadamia nuts

An agent-based framework for the virtual prototyping of fluid power systems

Within-group norming: Just because it might be legal, doesn't mean we should do it

Individual differences and self-efficacy in the unemployed

Examining a non-prescriptive approach to fatigue management in coach drivers

Introducing the latent and manifest benefits of employment (LAMB) scale

Predicting health outcomes and safety behaviour in taxi drivers

The influence of psychological factors on pre-employment activities in the unemployed

Managing disruptive student behaviour: the involvement of law enforcement and juvenile justice in schools

Graduating teachers' reflections about teaching with information and communicating technologies

Pesticide effects on endocrine function in hibernating 13-lined ground squirrels

Quantifying hail damage for crop loss assessment: techniques using remote sensing and geographic information systems

Legal studies in action 2 (2nd ed)

Case study: Multotec Cyclones (Pty) Ltd

Using the new generation of IS development techniques in effective group learning: a pilot study of a team-based approach in an IT Course

Enforcing secure access control in integrated systems over the internet

The changing psychological contract: challenges and implications for HRM, organisations and employees

Identifying exemplary science teachers through their classroom interactions with students

Beginning teachers' perceptions of their work, well-being, and intention to leave

On asymptotic accuracy in queueing theory - the tale of the misleading tail

Reporting the drought: a study of news cycles

Cost per kWh produced and payback time of a PV -solar -thermal -combined roof top collector at different locations in New Zealand

The influence of the Madden Julian Oscillation on Queensland's rainfall

Disclosure versus recognition: The case of asset revaluations

3-dimensional pedagogy-the image of 21st century teacher professionalism

Local source influences upon the structure of dust plumes in the Channel Country of Western Queensland, Australia

The SH&E agenda: globalisation and reputable business management

Local and post-local buckling of steel-concrete composite panels under combined states of stresses

Enhancing higher education transitions through negotiated engagements of learning experiences: lessons from a pre-undergraduate preparatory program language education course

Which B2B e-business model: the case of Australian agribusiness organisations

A question of confidence: an appraisal of the operation of the Gene Technology Act 2000

Will they goggle if we look like Google? Exploring a new paradigm for the USQ Library Home Page

Comparison of Brewer spectrophotometer ultraviolet data from similar latitudes in the northern and southern hemisphere

Do individual perceptions of group cohesion reflect shared beliefs? An empirical analysis

The Stellenbosch Mood Scale: a dual-language measure of mood

Weight loss, mood responses, eating attitudes and behavioural regulation among professional jockeys

Waringh Waringh: a history of Aboriginal People in the Warwick Area and their Land

Autochthonous essential: state courts and a cooperative national scheme of civil jurisdiction

Summary offences law and practice Queensland, 2003 ed.

Acts of faith

Engineering emotionally intelligent agents

Courts split over FOI defamation threat to whistleblowers

A reconstruction of religious freedom and equality: gay, lesbian and de facto rights and the religious school in Queensland

The art of balancing: Queensland judges and the sentencing process

Racism, 2nd ed.

Transforming the marketing curriculum using problem-based learning: a case study

Impact of entertainment on regional shopping centre image: implications for youth shopper segmentation

Glancing out the back: artist's memories and research

An interactive approach to visual arts studio practices: a case study

Under the Southern Cross: Flying Arts in Australia

Language tug-of-war: industry demand and academic choice

Introduction [to Frank Hardy and the literature of commitment]

Frank Hardy and the literature of commitment

Malaysia's english language policies for the 21st century: where to now?

Imagining a public art practice: possible futures for urban living

The 'deficit-discourse' shift: university teachers and their role in helping first year students persevere and succeed in the new university culture

Critical analysis of practice in online news media

Little boys: tomorrow's macho lads

Identity and text: developing self-conscious readers

Assessment of sun exposure in adolescent girls using activity diaries

The importance of risk reduction on merchant uptake of real-time credit card payment processing systems

Building ontology repositories for e-commerce systems

Offsetting ERP risk through maintaining standardized application software

Data integration over the internet for e-commerce

Lessons learned in developing a wireless system for a healthcare industry

Emerging issues in enterprise mobility management

Mobile healthcare applications: global developments to facilitate secure wireless applications

A framework for separation of duties in an SAP R/3 environment

Experiences in wireless application development in a healthcare setting

Barriers to uptake of wireless healthcare applications - a review

Implications for information management in the virtual organization

An empirical research on Singaporean polytechnic students' rationale in selecting Australian universities in the new millennium

An overview of mood and emotions in sport

Developing China's health informatics program through integrating the developed country's experience

Trait anxiety and coping strategies among ballet dancers

Online remote construction management trials in Queensland Department of Main Roads: a participant's perspective

The current status of health informatics higher education in China

Low Prandtl number fluid convection modelled using symbolic algebra (REDUCE) and Matlab

Defining a framework for effective distance education for project management and the role of educational technology

Motivations for Chinese investment in Vietnam

Essentials of marketing

The relevance and applicability of IAS in Madagascar: the perception of accounting practitioners

Effective project management education is essential for the development of a profession at the crossroads

Factors contributing to making the learning of statistics an enjoyable experience

The opening of Pandora's box

Strategic human resource management in a health system

Using intellectual capital as a strategic tool for non-profit organisations

Genetic diversity of alligator weed in China by RAPD analysis

Differences and similarities in managerial perspectives of strategic HRM

Developing a sequential framework for mentoring student project teams in a business school: A case study

Consumer image effects in international marketing of a service

A user centred approach to the analysis and design of a prototype electronic aged care resident information management system

Project E – dabbling with the Learning Place

A small business portrait of tax, employment and business risk

'Be it on your head': discontinuities in history and conscience in Australian journalism

The subversive hearth: the installation of the domiciled artist

Evolution and emerging trends of university writing groups

State form, social order and the social sciences: urban space and politico-economic systems 1760–1850

Multiple team memberships: an Australian study

Can regional communities successfully participate in the smart state? The case of Maranoa online regional community portal

Wrongs and rights: the economic, social and cultural rights of Indigenous peoples in Australia

A few rough reds: stories of rank and file organising

Characterising land ownership patterns in a salt-affected catchment: key implications for revegetation

Power, control and authority: issues at the centre of boys' relationships with their teachers

Mood disturbance during cycling performance at altitude

El Nino through the 'eyes' of a wheat crop

Drought and climate forecasting in an Australian context

Design and construction of low-cost, low-volume roads in Australia

Use of coral-derived aggregates for construction of low-volume roads

The effect of item type on performance of the Matrix Reasoning subtest of the WAIS-III in traumatically brain injured and non brain-injured control participants

Risks and dilemmas, virtues and vices: engaging with stakeholders and gatekeepers in Australian traveller education research

Males and early childhood care and education: student, staff and parent survey evidence

Low-dimensional modelling of dynamical systems applied to some dissipative fluid mechanics

Modelling nonlinear dynamics of shape-memory-alloys with approximate models of coupled thermoelasticity

Two dimensional transfer chute analysis using a continuum method

Nursing workloads: the results of a study of Queensland nurses

Adequacy of support for new graduates during their transition into the workplace: a Queensland, Australia study

Along the continuum: from print to virtual worlds

Predictors of nonpathological dissociation in Northern Ireland: the effects of trauma and exposure to political violence

Influence of intensive cycling training on heart rate variability during rest and exercise

Determinants of subjective quality of life among rural adolescents: a developmental perspective

Narrative case studies of musical lives: a methodological approach to socio-musical meaning

Increased generation of platelet-derived microparticles following percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Childhood sexual abuse narratives in clinically and non-clinically distress adult survivors

Catalase (KatA) and KatA-associated protein (KapA) are essential to persistent colonization in the Helicobacter pylori SS1 mouse model

Participation and chronic disease self-management: are we risking inequitable resource allocation?

Reciprocal interaction between three areas of the visual cortex of the cat revealed with optical imaging of intrinsic signals

Trait anger predicts arthritic health status

Using theory of planned behaviour and past behaviour to predict exercise in groups of high and low spontaneous implementation intentions

Predicting spontaneous exercise implementation intentions using measures of behavioural regulation

No better place than here: adolescents' sense of place and their use of community sites and activities to feel better

Characteristics of solutions in softening plasticity and path criterion

Iterative source-channel decoding for robust image transmission

Numerical simulation of masonry shear panels with distinct element approach

Beginning teacher comments about pre-service education and their suggestions for future pre-service training programs

Restitution and restorative justice in juvenile justice and school discipline

Strategies for the enrichment and identification of basic proteins in proteome projects

Questioning premorbid dissociative symptomatology in dissociative identity disorder - a reply to Gleaves, Hernandez and Warner

FDI location at the subnational level: a study of EJV's in China

Determinants of fetal leptin synthesis, fat mass, and circulating leptin concentrations in well-nourished ewes in late pregnancy

Leptin alters the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue before birth

Localizing the global: successful strategies for selling television programs to China

Patriotism and the limits of globalization: the renegotiation of citizenship in Singapore

Some of the trials and tribulations of doctoral study

Widening access to higher education: an Australian case study

The contribution of bird communities to ecological services in agricultural lands surrounding Brigalow remnants

Crack opening behavior in aluminum alloy 5083

Research on foreign direct investment: introduction to the special issue

Assessing landscape change in the eastern Darling Downs, Queensland, 1975-2001

Richness, complexity & condition of remnants in the eastern Darling Downs, Queensland

Determinants of accounting standards in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

IS audit issues with enterprise management systems

Understanding older consumers' usage of self-service technologies: test of two models

Do IT professionals think differently?

Autonomous racing car competition for mechatronics engineering education

Defence gene expression in single mycorrhizal roots of soybean

Small scale power generation using a dual fuel system

Present status and future trends in production of semisolid materials

Methods for the blind signal separation problem

Making a difference: the impact of sports science and medicine in women’s professional tennis

Non-layered human head model for EEG

Mechatronic engineering by distance education

Heat transfer in an ultrasonic processing cell: preliminary measurements

Digital architectural photogrammetric recording of historical buildings and monuments

Human capital as a key component of intellectual capital in non-profit organisations

Knowledge flows in international services firms: a conceptual model

The competitive nature of the Chinese textile and apparel industry

International management and leadership: developing a global mindset

Solar photovoltaic technology and Bangladesh

Formulation and assessment of narrow-band vegetation indices from EO-1 hyperion imagery for discriminating sugarcane disease

Relating satellite imagery with grain protein content

Integrating diversity management initiatives with strategic human resource management

Distributed web-based critiquing of electronically submitted assessment

Emotional influences on perception in artificial agents

Organisational factors contributing to violations by rural and remote nurses during medication administration

Ecological health of rivers: a case for integrating government, community and private sector towards regional sustainability

Singapore school principals and the law: emerging trends from the international scene

FDI in China: recent trends and emerging patterns

An overview of energy profile for Bangladesh: past, present and future uses

An investigation on the raw materials and products of the briquetting machine

Quantification of odours from piggery effluent ponds using an electronic nose and an artificial neural network

A panel data analysis of Bangladesh’s trade: the gravity model approach

Preparing practitioners to work with young children and their families in uncertain times: understanding contexts

Patterns of land use change in the eastern Darling Downs, 1975-2001: status of remnants

Habitat preferences of small ground-dwelling mammals

Root growth pressure at the soil–root interface

Online teaching and learning in higher education: a case study

Triaxial test results of high-strength concrete subjected to cyclic loading

From continuous improvement to organisational learning: developmental theory

Empirical linkages between firm competencies and organizational learning

Modelling eccentrically loaded high-strength concrete columns

Formal authorization approaches for permission-role assignments using relational algebra operations

A flexible payment scheme and its permission-role assignment

A method of manufacturing structural units

Australian actor training: investigation, fusion and speed as pedagogic practice

The challenges of educating engineering and technology managers

Modelling the response to deep foundations under oblique loading

Mechatronics and machine vision 2003: future trends

An energy model for bifurcation analysis of a double-notched concrete panel: continuum model

Material softening and structural instability

Exploring user satisfaction with information systems in a regional small business context

Internet and computer usage: comparisons among metropolitan centres, coastal regional centres and inland regional centres

Individual values and organizational culture during a merger process - immovable objects or shifting sands

Multiple representations in multimedia and e-learning materials: an issue of literacy

The dynamics of delayering: changing management structures in three countries

South African human resource management: theory and practice

The influence of case-based reasoning on principals’ beliefs about teaching with information and communication technologies

Modern approaches to systematic layout planning: a study of a window manufacturing company

Disassembly procedure for electromechanical products

Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of wheat using a superbinary vector and a polyamine-supplemented regeneration medium

Contesting ‘transitions’ and (re-)engaging with ‘subjectivities’: locating and celebrating the habitus in three versions of ‘the first year experience’ at Central Queensland University

Dynamo processes and activity cycles of the active stars AB Doradus, LQ Hydrae and HR 1099

An exoplanet in orbit around τ 1 Gruis

Four new planets orbiting metal-enriched stars

Mechanical harvesting reduces sphacelia/sclerote levels of claviceps africana

A commit scheduler for XML databases

SIP routing methodologies in 3GPP

Note on the problem of partially link disjoint paths

Using virtual SIP links to enable QoS for signalling

Dynamic resource allocation in 3GPP SIP overlay networks

Relationships, the role of individuals and knowledge flows in the internationalisation of service firms

Education as community development

Social entrepreneurship and capacity building in linking Australian show people and regional and rural communities

Species richness–environment relationships within coastal sclerophyll and mesophyll vegetation in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Integral Europe: Fast–Capitalism, Multiculturalism, Neofascism by Douglas R. Holmes

The search for a pedagogy for postgraduate education in the emerging profession of project management

Development of MBA education in China: opportunities and challenges for western universities

An analysis of the implications of diversity for students' first level accounting performance

Building XML data warehouse based on frequent patterns in user queries

The impact of push/pull factors in information technology-facilitated knowledge transfer

Outsourcing IT: views from the vendor's side

Directors and owners of small corporate enterprises: managing legal risk

Bridging international boundaries: integrating and mentoring teaching roles in an online environment

Boundary treatment for virtual leaf surfaces

Late-onset and recurrent neonatal group B streptococcal disease associated with breast milk transmission

Production of reactive oxygen species during non-specific elicitation, non-host resistance and field resistance expression in cultured tobacco cells

Is XP agile enough for the development of Web information systems?

Joint source-channel decoding of JPEG images using error resilient source codes

On the capacity and normalisation of ISI channels

Human UVA exposures estimated from ambient UVA measurements

Comparison of human facial UV exposure at high and low latitudes and the potential impact on dermal vitamin D production

Comparative benzene-induced fatty acid changes in a rhodococcus species and its benzene-sensitive mutant: possible role of myristic and oleic acids in tolerance

Spreading and synchronization of intrinsic signals in visual cortex of macaque monkey evoked by a localized visual stimulus

Functional development of the auditory brainstem in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii): the superior olivary complex and its relationship with the auditory brainstem response (ABR)

Examining the relation between visual imagery and spatial ability tests

Achieving secure and flexible M-services through tickets

The effect of polyacrylamide additions on the infiltration and erosion of disturbed lands

Introductory programming languages at Australian universities at the beginning of the twenty first century

Agile methodologies and the emergence of the agile organisation: a software development approach waiting for its time?

Channel modelling and propagation measurements for a bodyworn 5.2 GHz terminal moving in the indoor environment

Measured pedestrian movement and bodyworn terminal effects for the indoor channel at 5.2 GHz

RBF interpolation of boundary values in the BEM for heat transfer problems

Realistic human head model for EEG from both the geometry and conductivity aspects

A planet in a circular orbit with a 6 year period

What is a recession?: a reprise

SIP message overflow routing scheme (SMORS)

Scheme for alternative packet overflow routing (SAPOR)

SIP signalling delay in 3GPP

Approximation of function and its derivatives using radial basis function networks

The streptozotocin-diabetic rat as a model of the chronic complications of human diabetes

The spinning pins nozzle: a new controlled droplet applicator for aircraft

Religious issues in counselling: are Australian psychologists 'dragging the chain'?

Perceptions of training-related factors and personal variables as predictors of transfer implementation intentions

Board and monitoring committee independence

(Re)inventing artists' research: constructing living forms of theory

Taking heart: looking beyond fear and blame

Giovanni Pullè: pioneer and founding father of Italian ethnicity

Variable frequency microwave (VFM) processing facilities and application in processing thermoplastic matrix composites

What Happens When a 1 × 1 × r Die is Rolled?

Understanding the differential benefits of training for the unemployed

Evaluating a fatigue management training program for coach drivers

Situating and interrogating contemporary Australian rural education research

Rural men getting through adversity: stories of resilience

Extending the dynamic range of polysulphone for measuring UV exposures

Prescription to remedy the IT-business relationship

Lower body anatomical distribution of solar ultraviolet radiation on the human form in standing and sitting postures

Spectral UV in public shade settings

Parent conceptions of choice of early childhood services for young children

Guangdong Dabaoshan mine: ecological degradation, acid drainage and possible measures for their remediation

Algarve astronomy experience

How to implement marketing strategies using database approaches

Strategic international human resource management

Case study: Iscor Mining

Freud's primal horde: fact or fiction?

Review of precision livestock farming (PLF) technologies for the Australian pig industry

Government-community-private partnership for maintaining ecological health

The religion provisions of the Nebraska Constitution: an analysis and litigation history

Child labour and school attendance: evidence from Bangladesh

Changing culture in a government department

The implementation of online information and communication technology (ICT) on remote construction projects

12-week exercise training improved the treadmill walking capacity, peak oxygen uptake, and walking economy of elder claudicants

Organisational learning, competencies, and firm performance: empirical observations

El Nino southern oscillation based rainfall forecasts in southern Africa. II. daily forecasts could help summer planting decisions in Zimbabwe

El Nino southern oscillation based rainfall forecasts in southern Africa. 1. seasonal forecasts can help communal farmers manage drought

Hospital patients receptive to quit smoking advice

Human resource management: challenges and future directions

US apparel market liberalisation: strategic implications for China

Effects of four weeks of supplementation with coenzyme Q10 on aerobic power and exercise economy

Delineation of management zones using multiple crop yield data

Theoretical background of supply chain management and potential supply chain of north Queensland timber industry

Japan’s new trade policy: a free trade agreement with Singapore

Communication skills handbook: how to succeed in written and oral communication

SCOR-based supply chain improvement program

Strategically managing projects in a regional government organisation

Factors affecting the performance of supply chain management

Web-based supply chain integration model

Instance independent concurrency control for semistructured databases

Mood and involvement as dual constructs in experiential research

A cross national study of the victimization of students: towards determining a typology of stressors and symptoms - the Griffith University story

Why are there so many drums playing until dawn? Exploring the role of gamba spirits and healers in the postwar recovery period in central Mozambique

The effects of traumatic experiences on the infant-mother relationship in the former war-zones of central Mozambique: the case of Madzawde in Gorongosa

No effect of leptin immunisation on body weight of growing lambs

More about less: defining the essential core

An analysis of questions recorded in the technology textbooks in the light of cognitive domain of Bloom taxonomy

Seasonal climate forecasts and decision support systems for drought prone agriculture: a case study based on the development and application of the Rainman climate analysis software

Sesgos de memoria en el rasgo de ansiedad y en el trastorno obsesivo compulsivo

Eye construction and ear navigation: educational technology within the social matrix of blindness

Risk Management and contractual Issues in Sino-Australian Wool Trade in the WTO Era

The factors influencing clinical leadership

Perceptions that influence occupational exposure reporting

Influences on compliance with standard precautions among operating room nurses

CPD: using evidence based clinical practice guidelines in the management of anaemia in patients with chronic renal failure

Reconceptualising the objectives of a pilot study for clinical research

Myth or fact: you can't catch an Echidna in a trap?

Reconstructing 3D images

Risk Management for Chiropractors and Osteopaths: Imaging Guidelines for Conditions Commonly Seen in Practice

Risk Management for Chiropractors and Osteopaths: Neck Manipulation & Vertebrobasilar Stroke

Aberrance, agency and social constructions of women offenders

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