Does computer confidence relate to levels of achievement in ICT-enriched learning models?

Improved Estimation in Linear Dynamic Regression Model

An overview on the degradability of polymer nanocomposites

Recent Advances in Biodegradable Nanocomposites

Degradability of composites, prepared from ethylene–propylene copolymer and jute fiber under accelerated aging and biotic environments

Synthesis, characterization, and performance evaluation of novel stabilized TDI-based polyurethane coatings under accelerated weathering

Illicit opioid use in Canada: comparing social, health, and drug use characteristics of untreated users in five cities (OPICAN study)

Willing to undergo hepatitis C treatment in a sample of injection drug users in Toronto, Canada

Large-scale vertical momentum, kinetic energy and moisture fluxes in the antarctic sea-ice region

Mating and mate finding behavior of the navel orangeworm

Evaluating student centred teaching and learning strategies for Aviation students using a quality framework for online learning environments

A note on the rising cost of education in Australia

Secure business application logic for e-commerce systems

Lithics 'Down Under': Australian Perspectives on Lithic Reduction, Use and Classification

Identification of quantitative trait loci for resistance to two species of root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei and P. neglectus) in wheat

Introduction — Popular Cultures and the Law

Beyond curriculum reform: Embedding the transition experience

'First portal in a storm': A virtual space for transition students

Magnetorotational instability in protoplanetary discs

Prevalence of Intellectual Disability and Comorbid Mental Illness in an Australian Community Sample

Articulation in property programs: an international multi-campus tertiary model

Young people aren't all totally into 'stuff'

Modeling dimensional shrinkage of shaped foods in fluidized bed drying

Understanding negotiable instruments: A guide for undergraduate business students

Modelling crimp in woven fabrics subjected to ballistic impact

In vitro anti-Leishmanial effects of black tea extract components

Cahiers de droit fiscal international by International Fiscal Association

International trade and economic law and the European Union by Sara Dillon

Agricultural soils irrigated with acidic mine water: acidity, heavy metals, and crop contamination

Status of DIMBOA and phenolic acids in transgenic Bt corn

Disarming proposals: controlling nuclear, biological and chemical weapons by Andy Butfoy

How do we go beyond the affordances of what we already do on campus? A case of supporting staff in developing a constructivist learning environment

Use of a microplate reader for protein assays and a fixed-time kinetic assay

Personality does not influence exercise-induced mood enhancement among female exercisers


Children's participation in music: connecting the cultural contexts - an Australian perspective

Modelling dust movement within the Channel Country of western Queensland

On development of students' abilities in problem posing: a case of plan geometry

Learner autonomy in the LOTE classroom: a case study of teacher and student beliefs about roles and responsibilities

An international perspective on language policies, practices and proficiencies. Festschrift for David E. Ingram

Multiple structural breaks in Australia's macroeconomic data: an application of the Lumsdaine and Papell Test

itSMF Australia 2005 Conference: Summary of ITIL Adoption Survey Responses

Do the phases of the business cycle die of old age?

Analysis of student beliefs in a tertiary preparatory mathematics course

Controlling evaporation from on-farm storages

Evaporation control using covers

Three putative types of El Nino revealed by spatial variability in impact on Australian wheat yield

Operational seasonal forecasting of crop performance

Performance-based optimization of structures: theory and applications

Controlling evaporation loss from water storages

Loss of storage water due to evaporation - a literature review

International investment patterns: evidence using a new dataset

Meditation alters perceptual rivalry in Tibetan Buddhist monks

Notions of ecological citizenship in climate justice campaigns

Ecological citizenship – a new landscape for human rights Debate?

A Faircloughian approach to CDA: principled eclecticism or a method searching for a theory?

Threads of memory: reproducing the Cypress tree through sensual consumption

Series evaluation of Tweedie exponential dispersion model densities

Vegetation management, grazing and arthropod assemblages in the Traprock region: interim report

Technical report: effect of vegetation management on woodland communities in the Traprock region

Improving plants' water use efficiency and potential impacts from soil structure change - research investment opportunities

The influence of livestock grazing and weed invasion on habitat use by birds in grassy woodland remnants

Hospital search and evaluation behaviours of rural Australian health consumers - an exploratory study

All that jazz! Festival-specific predictors of service quality, satisfaction and repurchase intentions'

Agricultural change and paddock tree loss: implications for an endangered subspecies of red-tailed black-cockatoo

Machine vision applications in agriculture

The student departure puzzle: do some faculties and programs have answers?

Mapping and interrogating assessment practices

Doctrina perpetua: an initiative to enhance teaching and learning at Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University's course management systems: accelerator or brake in engaging change?

The teleological brake on ICTs in open and distance learning

Balanced interests: towards a holistic sociology of higher education evaluation

Strategic enterprises Down Under: engaging drivers of change in Australian universities' open and distance learning provision

The Principal as change leader and manager in and via the Queensland School for Travelling Show Children

Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue [of Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development]: Retaining attrition?

Stories as perspectives and interests: approaches and issues in conceptualising student attrition and retention at Central Queensland University

Baby boomers in Queensland: where are they and where are they moving?

Are equipment simulators effective when used for technology-based training?

An evaluation of bereavement support in Toowoomba

Evaluation of the health careers in the Bush Health Careers Workshops 1994 - 2002

Against all odds: a retrospective study of women who succeeded at breastfeeding despite extraordinary difficulties

Modelling the driving forces of Sydney's urban development (1971-96) in a cellular environment

Soul, mind and science education

Sustainable multilingualism as an essential characteristic of multicultural societies: the case of Australia

Analysis of shielded rectangular dielectric rod waveguide using mode matching

What encourages student participation in online discussions

Modifying function and fibrosis of cardiac and skeletal muscle from mdx mice

Development of an improved shade environment for the reduction of personal UV exposure

Evaluation of business networks in the AusIndustry business network program

Brief encounters: end of life decision-making in critical care

New fibre-reinforced polymer box beam: investigation of static behaviour

Process studies of odour emissions from effluent ponds using machine-based odour measurement

An examination of factors influencing Bruneian secondary teachers' use of information and communication technology in teaching: a survey exploration

Caring connections: a practical way to both show and teach caring in nursing

Inquiry into a transformative approach to professional development for online educators

Nurses' perceptions of their preparation for beginning professional practice: an evaluative study

Implementation of school councils in Queensland state primary schools

Facing reality: idealism versus conservatism in Australian theatre and politics at the turn of the twenty-first century

The practice of sport psychology: telling tales from the field

To what extent will the annual number of episodes of acute confusion within a medical unit be reduced following the introduction of high risk indicators and early intervention strategies

The active young solar-type star HR 1817 (=HD 35850)

The ideology of managers in the management of employees in small and medium sized enterprises in Australia

Create accurate numerical models of complex spatio-temporal dynamical systems with holistic discretisation

The principal's microcosm: an exploration of the interplay between the leader's meaning system and school self-renewing processes

Fuzzy logic based robust control of queue management and optimal treatment of traffic over TCP/IP networks

Characterisation and strategic treatment of dystrophic muscle

A compositional study of the lunar global megaregolith using clementine orbiter data

The South Atlantic in the late quaternary: reconstruction of material budgets and current systems: a review.

The effects of curvature on axial flux machine cores

Typhoid fever in colonial Toowoomba and Brisbane

Local government marketing model

Comparison of on-pond measurement and back calculation of odour emission rates from anaerobic piggery lagoons

Critical possibilities: decritique, deracination, and the D.I.S.

A study of the role of an online community in the community in the professional learning of teacher librarians

An outcomes-based framework for assessing the quality of transnational engineering education at a private college

The NOW Map: consistent, dynamic and contemporary geospatial information

OH&S and sustainable development in Papua New Guinea

The role of ICT in regional tourism providers

The end of the pipeline: profiling commencing students to ease their transition into an engineering school

Solar UVA exposures

'The new prima donnas': 'homegrown' Tasmanian 'stars' of the 1860s Emma and Clelia Howson

Tradition and technology: teaching rural medicine using an internet discussion board

Settling in the land of wine and honey: cultural tourism, local history and some Australian legends

Computer algebra resolves a multitude of microscale interactions to model stochastic partial differential equations

Comparison of the biologically effective UV in the shade for three action spectra

Protecting individual identity and diversity in a united world: a new basis in fundamental ethical theory

Climate modelling for the classroom: applying physics and mathematics in a new context

Implementation of IT infrastructure library (ITIL) in Australia: progress and success factors

This goes with this goes with that:maximising the modular approach in library systems

How does a city law firm deal with leadership development?

Performance calibration in sport: implications for self-confidence and metacognitive biases

Students' perceptions of a virtual team assessment item (VTAI): An Australian case study

The war on error: psychology and aviation maintenance

Bayesian model for brain computation

Research directions: gender, technology and engagement in music

Similarities and differences in teachers' and researchers' conceptions of communicative language teaching: does the use of an educational model cast a better light?

What can EFL teachers learn from immersion language teaching?

Determinants for a generic mobile commerce transformation framework

Seasonality in the Asia Pacific stock markets

A program for collaborative research in ageing and aged care

Mobile solutions for aged care: a transformational framework

A discriminant analysis of the managers' perceptions of the value of marketing research and its effect on business performance

The impact of barriers to export on export marketing performance

The effect of the internet, firm-specific characteristics and market characteristics on export marketing performance: an empirical investigation

Assessment of fresh beef quality by Australian consumers at the point of purchase

An exploratory model of drivers for wireless handheld technology adoption derived from qualitative data: views from the Australian healthcare professionals

Developing mobile technologies for healthcare: challenge to be addressed in a globally distributed work (GDW) environment

Management challenges in implementing electronic signatures

Necessity for the management of innovative wireless solutions in the Australian healthcare market

An exploratory study to investigate drivers and barriers of knowledge transfer for tertiary learning

Challenges for implementing wireless hand-held technology in health care: views from selected Queensland nurses

Wireless ehealth applications: are we on the right track?

Case study: wireless handheld application for an emergency department

What future the cane industry: is training a vehicle for change?

Building supply networks: how growers gain their marketing edge

Organisational change in the food and accommodation industry sector in the Central Okanagan

A framework for assessing payment security mechanisms and security information on e-commerce web sites

Attitude towards plagiarism in information systems in Australian universities

A review of IT outsourcing trends in 2005: an Australian study

IT outsourcing success: revisiting the measurement of a multi-dimensional construct: an Australian perspective

Challenges and strategies for software component reuse in information systems development: a review

Engaging communities as scholarship

An investigation into the possible gaps between the employees' needs and tertiary courses in quantitative subjects

A comparison of learning preferences and perceptions of students for statistics concepts and techniques

Henry George's legacy in economic thought

What motivates sports event tourists?: a synthesis of three disciplines

Satisfaction of Australian grey tourists to the Great Barrier Reef islands of Queensland

Offer pricing of Australian industrial initial public offers

Rebuilding the ship: a new model of democracy in emergence

The Bangsa Moro: fighting for freedom during the war on terror: the Muslim Independence Movement of the Southern Philippines

Re-conceptualising attrition and retention: integrating thoretical, research and student perspectives

Postmodern and feminist qualitative research: methodology, methods and practice

Diggerspeak: the language of Australians at war

Constructivist research: methodology and practice

Maternal sexuality and breastfeeding

Backed and forth: an exploration of variation in retouched implement production on the South Molle Island Quarry, Central Queensland

Casting new light on old stones

Que-rious impositions: reflections on the pedagogy at the core of a regional youth theatre in Queensland, Australia

Exploring and evaluating language learning Web sites

Learner support in networked learning communities: opportunities and challenges

Simulation of visual processing in retinal ganglion cells

Development of a blue light radiation dosimeter

Computer assisted organic synthesis/retrosynthetic analysis

Attractors and centre manifolds in nonlinear diffusion

The role of native rodents in seed dispersal and seed predation of the Bunya Pine (Araucaria bidwillii)

Senior consumers' acceptance and adoption of self-service banking technologies: an Australian study

Vegetation community responses to altered flow regimes and weed invasion in reparian woodlands of the upper condamine floodplain, Eastern Australia

Combining gene expression data and gene ontology with the use of a data mining tool

Effectiveness of partial resistance sources in hexaploid wheats against fusarium pseudograminearum isolates

Thin film dosimeter for the assessment of UVA exposures to humans

A metabolite-deficient mutant of Bordetella pertussis that induces secretory IgA and cell-mediated immunity in mice vaccinated by the intranasal route

Copper absorption properties of nitrogenous polymers

Threshold effect of eucalypt density on birds in buloke woodlands: the importance of species choice in restoration projects

Fluorescence-based screening of microbial status during bioprocesses

The Australian research network for fluorescence applications in biotechnology and life sciences

Development of a dosimetric tool to measure human UVA exposures

Use of pulp cavity/tooth width ratios to determine the age of adult wild dogs (Canis lupus dingo, C. l. domesticus and their hybrids)

Skeletal muscle mitochondria as a source of non-shivering thermogenesis in the marsupial Anthechinus flavipes

Impact of zinc on yeast membranes and cell physiology during brewing fermentations

Vegetation management and woodland communities in the traprock sheep grazing region of Southern Queensland

A metadata collection technique for documents in WinFS

Ecosystem functioning across vegetation - production boundaries in brigalow (Acacia Harpophylla) in Southern Queensland

Strategies for fine mapping QTLs for crown rot resistance in wheats

Identifying reproductive state of the Julia Creek dunnart Sminthopsis douglasi by behavioural observations

Application of machine vision technology to identification of oestrous in the Julia Creek dunnart (Sminthopsis douglasi)

Distinguishing emotion and mood components of anxiety among professional rugby players

A quantitative literature analysis of global invertebrate responses to agricultural intensification

Predicting performance on a situational judgement test: the role of communication skills, listening skills, and expertise

Bots with attitude

Mathematics and dumping lectures?: another perspective on the shift towards learner pragmatism

Understanding student diversity and the factors that influence academic success: a preliminary study

Multiple representations in multimedia materials: an issue of literacy

Students' perceptions of classroom interactions and their understanding of primary science concepts

Student perceptions of assessment: questionnaire development and validation

Public relations ethics: a simpler (but not simplistic) approach to the complexities

Engagement by design: marrying pedagogy and technology for better learning conversations via asynchronous electronic discussions

Pedagogically challenged: a framework for the support of course designers in an Australian distance learning university

Cultural learning environments, attitudes, teacher-student interactions, and students' understanding of primary science concepts

Teachers' perspectives on using multi-modal and multiple representations of concepts to enhance student learning in science

Struggling for purchase?: what shape does a vocational education and training agenda take within a contemporary university education faculty?

Pedagogies and learning in cooperative and symbolic communities of practice: implications for and from the education of Australian show people

The stories that documents tell: changing technology options from Blackboard, Webfuse and the content management system at Central Queensland University

Power-variance models for modelling rainfall

Reclaimed wastewater as a resource for sustainable water management

A feminine perspective on Malaysian identity in K. S. Maniam's Between Lives

Educating engineers for a sustainable future

The development and preliminary testing of a scale to measure the latent and manifest benefits of employment

Salinity intrusion: its characteristics and impact - cases in the Asia Pacific region

Predictors of coach drivers' safety behaviour and health status

Australian public sector employees' commitment to organisational change

Bounding the stability and rupture condition of emulsion and foam films

A meso-scale finite element model for environmental stress corrosion of GFRP

Performance design of reinforced concrete slabs using commercial finite element software

A scoping study on measuring and monitoring tools and technology for precision irrigation

Fuzzy logic strategy of prognosticating TCP's timeout and retransmission

Who owns Brisbane's radical past?

The needs and expectations of the employers and students for quantitative subjects in Business

Practical and visual aids in teaching basic mathematics principles

An exploratory analysis into measuring business contributions to sustainable development in Australia

The socio-cultural challenge of effective knowledge management in virtual project environments

Outsourcing total plant maintenance in Singapore petrochemical industry:a critical perspective

Are scanning minds dangerous minds, or merely suspicious minds?: harnessing the net generation's ability to scan

Organisational change in small and medium sized enterprises - a regional study

Researching transmodal delivery at USQ: different horses for different courses

The iceberg has melted: theoretical, measurement and applied developments in the area of mood and physical activity

Re-evaluation of the factorial validity of the Revised Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2

In the mood: mood profiling applications and mood regulation strategies

Test of a conceptual model of mood-performance relationships with a focus on depression: a review and synthesis five years on

Psychological predictors of injury in elite athletes

Attitudes toward fitness testing among elite Australian athletes: scale development, moderating variables and associated risk factors

Evaluation of methods for determining infiltration parameters from irrigation advance data

Negotiating multicultural difference in a bicultural nation: a focused case study

Representing multiculturalism in a bicultural nation: the question of diversity in New Zealand cinema

Development and validation of the emotion and mood components of Anxiety Questionnaire

Laundry grey water potential impact on Toowoomba soils - final report : report #1001420/2

Blurring of the boundaries: innovative online pedagogical practices in an Australian faculty of education

Multimodal design and the neomillenial learner

Patient recruitment for a practice nurse study

Problem-based learning and critical analysis of practice in online news media

Designing for an online doctoral studies community using an open source platform

Living up to the ICT integration standards

Mistaking the tool for the outcome: using activity system theory to understand the complexity of teacher technophobia

Intentions vs reality: preservice teachers' ICT integration during professional experience

Village elders' and secondary school students' explanations of natural phenomena in Papua New Guinea

Class as an identity marker

Australian identities in a globalised world

Applying deconstruction: establishing a critical viewpoint

Teacher-student relationships

Along the continuum: from print to simulated experience

Exit chart analysis of parallel data convolutional codes

A new class of parallel data convolutional codes

Assessing schematic knowledge of introductory probability theory

Mode-matching analysis of a shielded rectangular dielectric-rod waveguide

Community based forest management systems in developing countries and eligibility for clean development mechanism

Curvature-related eddy-current losses in laminated axial flux machine cores

Strategies for maximizing sugarcane yield with limited water in the Bundaberg district

Improving whole farm and infield irrigation efficiencies using Irrimate tools

The future direction of on-farm irrigation technologies and practice research

Use of online discussion groups to increase student understanding of global social and technical issues

Strengthening of bridge headstocks with external post-tensioning: design issues and strengthening techniques

Assessing the relationship between shire winter crop yield and multi-temporal MODIS NDVI and EVI images

Spying on the winter wheat crop - generating objective planted area and crop production estimates using MODIS imagery

Detection of pests and diseases in vegetable crops using hyperspectral sensing: a comparison of reflectance data for different sets of symptoms

Opportunities and limitations of remote sensing for crop loss (hail damage) assessment in the insurance industry

Modeling of the solid rotor induction motor

Vitamin D effective ultra violet wavelengths due to scattering in shade

Measuring the diffuse component of solar UV beneath shade structures: a practical activity for an Australian summer

Pre-vitamin D3 effective ultraviolet transmission through clothing during simulated wear

Spin asymmetries in elastic and inelastic scattering from rubidium

L-Arginine attenuates cardiovascular impairment in DOCA-salt hypertensive rats

The fungal endophytes of dipodium variegatum (orchidaceae)

ITS-RFLP and sequence analysis of endophytes from Acianthus, Caladenia and Pterostylis (orchidaceae) in southeastern Queensland

Reversal of cardiac dysfunction by selective ET-A receptor antagonism

Lexicality and phonological similarity: a challenge for the retrieval-based account of serial recall?

Career decision making for young elite athletes: are we ahead on points?

Benchmarking occupational stressors and strain levels for rural nurses and other health sector workers

Validation of a computer user satisfaction questionnaire to measure IS success in small business

Psychological strain mediates the impact of safety climate on maintenance errors

Conceptual principles of quality of life: an empirical exploration

IHRM approaches of German MNEs and their subsidiaries in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore

Innovation in ageing for regional communities: planning for productive ageing in the Wide Bay/Burnett region of Queensland

Innovative and technology based methods of teaching statistics concepts

An introduction to dynamic programming: the two hour challenge

A university career service and social justice

Out patient orthopaedic consultations via telehealth: a qualitative study

Facilitators and inhibitors for wireless handheld technology: views from Queensland nurses

Adoption of wireless handheld technology: a case of Queensland healthcare

Students' perceptions of compulsory asynchronous online discussion

Is evidence-based practice a plank in the bridge between research and practice?

A brave new world for aged care

The 'price' of terrorism

Bridging the academia-industry divide: academics reach out!

Should directors be pursued for insolvent trading where a company has entered into a deed of company arrangement?

Knowledge management and management theory: an analysis of Sullivan's conceptualisation of knowledge within organisations

We can still learn about probability by rolling dice and tossing coins

Exploring the experience of people with schizophrenia who live in boarding houses or private homes: a grounded theory study

The better living diabetes project

Nonlinear analysis of rubber-based polymeric materials with thermal relaxation models

Higher order accuracy in the gap-tooth scheme for large-scale dynamics using microscopic simulators

Primary health care and general practice nurses: what is the nexus?

Risk reduction in general practice and the role of the receptionist

The baby-friendly hospital initiative and breastfeeding duration: relating the evidence to the Australian context

Patient education and consumer medicine information: a study of provision by Queensland rural and remote area registered nurses

Separation of conjoined twins: experiences of perioperative nurses and their recommendations

Implementing shortest job first order of service in the internet

Preventive detention laws: High Court validates Queensland's Dangerous Prisoners Act 2003

Defining and measuring project success

All roads lead to Rome: channelling inter-campus, interlibrary and off-campus requests through a single user interface

Make or buy decisions: perception gap analysis

Scaling laws for the critical rupture thickness of common thin films

Bounding film drainage in common thin films

Digital mapping data currency through sharing: a practical study

Education pedagogy for spatial science praxis

Spatial science education praxis benefits employees and employers

Vinylester/cenosphere composite materials for civil and structural engineering

An evaluation of geoid models on the Great Dividing Range escarpment

Mechanics examination on the wear behaviour of shape memory alloys

Contrast joints of glass-fibre with carbon-fibre reinforced low density polyethylene composite bonded by microwave irradiation

Application of variable frequency microwave (VFM) to adhesives

Life cycle assessment of a representative dairy farm with limited irrigation pastures

Unusual vision - machine vision applications at the NCEA

Recent developments and strategies in the use of plant indicators for irrigation scheduling

Electronic height indicator for agricultural machines

Preliminary investigation of the digital human head

Development of modular deployable composite shelters

What will motivate local governments to share spatial information?

The private surveyor as a spatial data custodian in the local community

The survey mark infrastructure: is it doing the job?

Multimodal design for hybrid learning materials in a second level economics course

Understanding the motivations and capacity for SDI development from the local level

Risk-return relationship from the Asia Pacific perspective

HRD - the shapes and things to come

A study of strategic behaviour influencing export performance in international marketing

Public relations practices and organizational performance

A case study of a new leadership course using distance-user input in design of hybrid delivery

The e-readiness of the Australian timber and wood sector

An open standard for the exchange of information in the Australian timber sector

Regional tourist destinations - the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in collaboration amongst tourism providers

Opinions expressed by healthcare professionals on the impact of telecommunication services in implementing wireless technology

An overview of information technology in the tourism industry

The 2004 federal election: impacts for regions

Introducing mobile technologies in support of healthcare

Banking in the bush (1993-2003): a decade of change

Why do we invest ethically?

Part IVA and tax reform

Precedent and policy: Australian industrial relations reform in the 21st century using the corporations power

Preferences and values for forests and wetlands: a comparison of farmers, environmentalists, and the general public in Australia

Informatics in health and aged care: a research program to support strategy development and implementation

Part IVA and mass marketed schemes

Executive learning: a typology

Workflow-based e-learning platform

'True camping': is there a place for it?

Types of B2B e-business model commonly used: an empirical study on Australian agribusiness firms

Web publishing: an extreme, agile experience

The role of technology based approaches in globalizing education

Who's complaining? Using MOSAIC to identify the profile of complainants

The impact of corporatisation and national competition policy: an exploratory study of organisational change and leadership style

Disclosure, hidden charges and indexed pensions

Standard of proof, unpredictable behaviour and the High Court of Australia's verdict on preventive detention laws

Knowledge exchange in a regional network

Evaluating a virtual team assignment in a distance education course

Using ICT tools to manage knowledge: a student perspective in determining the quality of education

An examination into the role of knowledge management and computer security in organizations

Drivers for wireless handheld technology: views from Queensland nurses

Interactive technology in teaching judgemental forecasting

How to incorporate the needs and expectations of the employers into quantitative courses

The effect of strategic marketing planning practices on performance: a study of Australian private hospitals

Strategy implementation and organizational performance: a study of private hospitals

Multiple representations in multimedia and e-learning materials: an issue of literacy

An empirical framework developed for selecting B2B e-business models: the case of Australian agribusiness firms

Identification of waste zones associated with supply chain management

Trust and technology diffusion within the meat supply chain: a conceptual framework

Waste identification: a supply chain strategy perspective

Wireless solutions developed for the Australian healthcare: a review

Drivers and inhibitors of the adoption of wireless handheld technology in the healthcare industry: views from selected WA stakeholders

The use of values to understand visitors to natural areas: a study of campers on the Murray River

Mobile business: an exploratory study to define a framework for the transformation process

An investigation into the factors of adoption of wireless applications for data management by nurses

Wireless workforce: legal issues and risks

Implementation of electronic signatures: a discussion on regulatory issues

IT outsourcing: an assessment of relative failure factor complexity

Modelling interdependencies for electronic supply chain management

Use of information technology to facilitate collaboration and co-opetition between tourist operators in tourist destinations

Comparing different approaches to the use of DiffServ in the internet

Tablet technology in first year calculus and linear algebra teaching

An innovative learning model for computation in first year mathematics

Facilitating transition from rural schools to university: a case study

A narrative sentence-completion process for systems career assessment

Textbooks: under inspection

Rapid identification of microorganisms by intrinsic fluorescence

Factors influencing consumer intentions to purchase seasonally discounted Reebok athletic footwear

South African equities as inflation hedges: a note

Gold collar workers: golden or impoverished futures?

Predicting the off-site deposition of spray drift from horticultural spraying through porous barriers on soil and plant surfaces

The principle of goodness and reality situating a fundamental ethical principle

Online pedagogical practices in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland

Increasing the ultraviolet protection provided by shade structures

Physics concepts of solar ultraviolet radiation by distance education

Valuing ecosystem services from forests: a multidisplinary field-based approach

Estimation of shrub biomass: development and evaluation of allometric models leading to innovative teaching methods

Ecopolitics XVI: transforming environmental governance for the 21st century: conference proceedings

Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue [of International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning]: Strategic enterprises Down Under

An anisotropic thermomechanical damage model for concrete at transient elevated temperatures

Thermodynamics in solid mechanics: a commentary

Simulation of damage around a circular opening in rock

How participation in music education builds young people's leadership skills

Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2(CSAI-2): Evaluating the Swedish version by confirmatory factor analyses

Building capacity: teachers thinking and working together to create new futures.

A new cumulative fatigue damage model for glass fibre reinforced plastic composites under step/discrete loading

Students' perceptions of primary teachers' interpersonal behaviour and of cultural dimensions in the classroom environment

Strength and ductility prediction of concrete beams reinforced with internal steel and external composite materials

Learning as rural engagement (part 2): Guest Editors Introduction to special theme issue of Education in Rural Australia

Learning to foster builders of knowledge economy

5th generation distance education: a potentially powerful development tool

A note on the rising cost of education in Australia

The environment and policy-making in Bangladesh

How well does the virtual reference stations (VERS) system of GPS base stations perform in comparison to conventional RTL?

MR brain image segmentation based on self-organizing map network

Quantitative assessment of human exposure - UVA radiation

We'd better hide those tats: a transient family tries to fit in to school

Students and software: tales of anxiety, songs of support

Utilisation of crop forecasting methods in Western Australian viticulture

At the margins

XML undeniable signatures

An extended Kuhn-Tucker approach for linear bilevel multifollower programming with partial shared variables among followers

Sustainable resource management of engineering technologies - towards an assessment framework

EXIT chart analysis of iteratively decodable source codes for wireless multimedia communications

Internationalisation of Technology and Society course at University of Southern Queensland

Throughput and fairness performance of multiple STT-Vegas connections

Assessing individual student performance in a team-based engineering problem solving course

Mining risk patterns in medical data

Relationships between adult attachment style, adoptee's motives for searching, and reunion satisfaction with birthmothers

A framework of filtering, clustering and dynamic layout graphs for visualization

Ultraviolet radiation

Data quality and work alignment: do IT professionals think differently?

Suspended solids in stormwater runoff from various urban surfaces

Editors' introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning]: Meanings under the microscope (Part 3)

Editors' introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning]: Meanings under the microscope (Part 2)

Editors' introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning]: Meanings under the microscope (Part 1)

Locating learning advisers in the new university: What should be our role?

Mapping QTLs for polyphenol oxidase activity in a DH population from common wheat

Modulating the rate and rhythmicity of perceptual rivalry alternations with the mixed 5-HT2A and 5-HT1A agonist psilocybin

An exploratory study to determine students' perceptions of the value of interaction in an Australian classroom context and the perceived impact on learning outcomes

Nurses worth listening to

Innovative strengthening technique using prestressed fibre wraps for bridge headstocks

Fibre composite structures in Australia's civil engineering market: an anatomy of innovation

Flexural behavior of two-span continuous prestressed concrete girders with highly eccentric external tendors

Modelling and assessment of an experimental combined evacuated-tubes-direct-flat-plate solar heater

The determinants of Bangladesh's trade: evidence from the generalized gravity model (ECON 2005-3)

Possibilities of trade expansion among the SAARC countries: evidence from the macro-economic and regional trade link models

Bangladesh-India bilateral trade: causes of imbalance and measures for improvement (ECON2005-1)

Bulk metallic glass composites

Thermal effects on fibre optic pressure sensor during free piston compression experiments

The role of arts education in advancing leadership life skills for young people

A comparison of learning preferences and perceptions of high school students for statistics

Mechanical design aspects of a lightweight neonatal retrieval system

Strength of concrete-filled steel box columns with local buckling effects

Software component reuse in information systems development: a review of challenges and strategies

An evaluation of the RAPID assessment-based process improvement method for small firms

A simple IP flow blocking model

Semisolid structure formation and semisolid casting

The microphysics and micropolitics of microscopic meanings: situated ethics and professional workplace pedagogy and learning in Venezuelan and Australian universities

Phenomenological approach to 3D spinning combustion waves: numerical experiments with a rectangular rod

Order in institutional telephone talk: three observations

L1 optimization for robust signal processing

Space, place & home

Race: a powerful axis of identity

Investigating the self: autoethnography and identity work

Identity and identity formation

Culture and identity: an introduction

Talking theatre: can we turn 'non-theatregoers' into paying audiences?

Herons, egrets and bitterns: their biology and conservation in Australia

Use and useability of learning objects within the COLIS demonstrator framework (Interaction of IT systems & repositories project report)


Cross-border lawyer regulation in Australia

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Pedagogies and Learning: meanings under the microscope

Enhancing learning and teaching: pedagogy, technology and language

Summary offences law and practice Queensland, 2005 ed.

How judges sentence

No liability companies

Officers (Chapter 2)

Foreign corporations (Chapter 7)

From prison hulks to penalties and sentences in Queensland: lessons learned or history repeated?

Interest on lawyers' trust accounts

Do multicultural policies work? Language maintenance and acculturation in two vintages of the Hungarian diaspora in Queensland, Australia

AIDS, 'bloodheads' and cover-ups: the 'ABC' of Henan's AIDS epidemic

Flying Arts: brokering real and virtual pedagogies in regional Australia

Creating new stories for praxis: practitioner-led research in the creative arts

Using association rules to make rule-based classifiers robust

Working contacts: finding and keeping reliable sources

(Re)citing the sovereign source: media representations of indigenous peoples

Lithics down under: Australian perspectives on lithic reduction, use and classification

Underexposed: images of sportswomen on ABC News Online

Indigenous students' experiences and the pedagogy of a core first year university course: a case study

Reaching out: indigenous communicators and their strategies

Maintenance environment survey (MES) (2nd version)

Clustering in dynamic spatial databases

Grid-ODF: detecting outliers effectively and efficiently in large multi-dimensional databases

A unified approach to ameliorate active queue management of network routers

Network service sharing infrastructure: service authentication and authorization revocation

An infrastructure for service authentication and authorization revocation in a dynamic aggregation of networks

X-warehouse: building query pattern-driven data warehouse for XML data

XAR-Miner: efficient association rules mining for XML data

Detecting outlying subspaces for high-dimensional data: a heuristic search approach

An active approach to multimedia network management

Decentralized management of multimedia network using active network technology

A color indexing scheme using two-Level clustering processing for effective and efficient image retrieval

D-GridMST: clustering large distributed spatial databases

Towards an authentication protocol for service outsourcing over IP networks

Communication: a foundation course, 2nd ed.

Developing strategic capability through a knowledge network communication work space

MYOB version 14: a hands on approach, 2nd ed.

The role of boards in reviewing information technology governance (ITG) as part of organizational control environment assessments

Information systems audit and control issues with enterprise management systems: qualitative evidence

The accounting information systems curriculum: compliance with IFAC requirements

Using choice modelling to establish the supply of riparian services (Establishing the Potential for Offset Trading in the Lower Fitzroy River, Research Report No. 5)

Economic and social dimensions of occupational health and safety and their central importance in social and responsible business

Sports marketing

Essentials of marketing, 2nd ed.

A framework for assessing the effectiveness of performance measurement practices

The unexplored territory of distance education for multi-national professionals in project management

Integrating remote sensing and geographic information systems for 'fire hazard categorisation'

Women in management in Thailand: advancement and prospects

Asian women managers: participation, barriers and future prospects


A memetic paradigm of project management

Team project: a method of teaching project management?

Engineering project management: doing not teaching

Women in Asian management: cracking the glass ceiling?

Promoting to the drive tourists: an exploratory Queensland study

Authorization algorithms for the mobility of user-role relationship

FMCG brand, supermarket chain and consumer relationships

Sub-domain scaling for finite element analysis of electrical machines

Promoting learning in first year psychology students

The ecology of language planning in Timor-Leste

Unemployment in Thailand: social issues, challenges and opportunities

The preferred style of managers: an empirical study of Australian and Thai employees

Rugby League: a game in crisis

Consumer complaint behaviour in sport consumption

Pedagogical and learning strategies for promoting internet information literacy in Singapore secondary school students

Kidspiration software review

The ecology of language reform in Timor-Leste: a language rights perspective

Photonuclear and radiation effects testing with a refurbished 20 MeV medical electron linac

Beyond the boundaries: the unexplored territory of postgraduate distance education for multi-national professionals in project management

An effective high order interpolation scheme in BIEMs for biharmonic boundary value problems

A flow blocking model for IP overflow traffic

Rainfall variability of decadal and longer time scales: signal or noise?

OptiFlow - a capacity management tool

The effect of breastfeeding self-efficacy on breastfeeding duration

Dependence of a plane turbulent jet on its nozzle contraction profile

CCAMLR initiatives to counter flag state non-enforcement in Southern Ocean fisheries

Fast-convergent iterative scheme for filtering velocity signals and finding Kolmogorov scales

Characterization of turbulent jets from high-aspect-ratio rectangular nozzles

Corporate criminals and their involvement in IUU fishing: an Australian perspective

Testing multiple mapping conditioning mixing for Monte Carlo probability density function simulations

Photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning as spatial data capture techniques for a national craniofacial database

Gender, the labour market, the workplace and policy in children's services: parent, staff and student attitudes

Coordinate systems integration for development of Malaysian craniofacial database

Craniofacial stereo mapping: improving accuracy with natural points

Globalisation, rights and issues in education law in Singapore

The properties of CpG islands in the putative promoter regions of human immunoglobulin (Ig) genes

Ageing, health and illness

A guide for entry level PBL courses in engineering

Teachers talk about measuring ICT curriculum integration

Kinesthetic imagery: does it exist and how can we measure it?

Seismic retrofitting of unreinforced masonry buildings - a literature review

Using choice modelling to establish the supply of riparian services and the potential for a water quality trading scheme in Central Queensland

Health promoting schools: linking organisational capital and resilience

Viscosupplementation for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Outcome measurement in Australian rehabilitation environments

Long-term outcomes of seriously injured children: a study using the Child Health Questionnaire

Arterial oxygen desaturation kinetics during apnea

What makes the Boy from Oz good? Hugh Jackman and the pedagogy of excellence

Circles of change: challenging orthodoxy in practitioner supervision

Romance or reality?: examining burnout in early childhood teachers

A study of the effectiveness of music appreciation TV programs for young children in Hong Kong

Using critical reflection to prepare practitioners for pedagogical work with infants and toddlers

Digitizing the dragon: challenges facing China's television industry

Modeling of transient heat flux in spark ignition engine during combustion and comparisons with experiments

Simulations of two-dimensional high speed turbulent compressible flow in a diffuser and a nozzle blade cascade

Crystallization behavior of (Cu60Zr30Ti10)99Sn1 bulk metallic glass

Responding to changing demands in engineering education: PBL for distance and on-campus students

Capturing study influence: the concept of 'gravity' in meta-analysis

Detecting tsunami damage from satellite data in Sri Lanka

Hydrogen storage of magnesium-based nanocomposites system

Muscle and plasma coenzyme Q10 concentration, aerobic power and exercise economy of healthy men in response to four weeks of supplementation

Impact of glucose infusion on the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue and on hypothalamic gene expression for appetite regulatory neuropeptides in the sheep fetus during late gestation

An investigation of early career teachers' perceptions of professional development opportunities and career advancement for teachers in rural and remote Queensland

A coherent-tactile approach to teaching manufacturing engineering

A problem based / experiential learning approach to teaching maintenance engineering

Development of a 3D laser scanner for guiding a six-legged walking robot

A quasi one-dimensional simulation of a 4 stroke spark ignition hydrogen fuelled engine

Study of bio-corrosion of pure magnesium

Artificial gravity and abort scenarios via tethers for human missions to Mars

Distance education teaching and tutoring: two evolving Australian models

Irrigation challenges in Australia and technological solutions

Planning for successful centre pivot and lateral move purchase

Automated macadamia nut orchard yield monitoring

Tsunami disaster of Sri Lanka, its uniqueness, affect, and some damage mitigation possibilities

Real-time protein monitoring - Australian experiences

Grain crop attributes detected using digital imagery acquired from a low-altitude helium balloon

Effects of static fatigue on the tension-tension fatigue life of glass / polyester composites

An ensemble learning algorithm for blind signal separation problem

Guided weapon template generation: a probabilistic approach

Mechatronics and machine vision 2005

Numerical computation of high speed turbulent flow using coupled solution technique with standard K-epsilon turbulence model

Modeling of viscous flows in two-dimensional turbomachinery cascade via viscous-inviscid interaction method

Development status of indigenous computational fluid dynamics software for arbitrary complex geometry

Gender and health

The case for advanced practice nurses in ED

The experience of males entering nursing: a phenomenological analysis of professionally enhancing factors and barriers

Academic planning and strategic planning: strangers in the night or potent weapons for strategic competitive advantage?

SharePoint portal as a strategic management and planning tool: University of Southern Queensland (USQ) as a case study

Engaging museums and galleries in pre-service teacher education

Living with illness: psychosocial challenges for nursing

Journeys through illness: suffering and resilience

Health issues for people in rural and remote areas

Multicultural issues in health

Introduction to psychosocial nursing

Culture and identity, 2nd ed.

Determinants of students' acceptance and use of learning resources on CD-ROM

Introduction [to Henry George's legacy in economic thought]

Henry George: evolutionary economist?

Productive pedagogies and discipline: the challenge of aligning teaching and behaviour management

Impact of periconceptional nutrition on maternal and fetal leptin and fetal adiposity in singleton and twin pregnancies

Experimental investigations of the influence of Reynolds number and boundary conditions on a plane air jet

Removal of DC offset current from transformerless PV inverters connected to utility

Graduate employment preferences: implications for 'New Public Management' agencies.

Bangladesh-India bilateral trade: causes of imbalance and measures for improvement

Bangladesh-India bilateral trade: causes of imbalance and measures for improvement

Tribological studies of polyester reinforced with CSM 450-R-glass fiber sliding against smooth stainless steel counterface

Design consideration of low temperature differential double-acting Stirling engine for solar application

Assessment and management of patients with hypertension

Assessment and management of patients with vascular disorders and problems of peripheral circulation

Management of patients with complications from heart disease

What's in a name - nurse practioners and practicing nurses

Adoption, adult attachment security, and relationship outcomes

Stress-strain model for laterally confined concrete

Class-efficacy of hyaluronan/hylan versus placebo in knee osteoarthritis: A Cochrane Review

Occupational health and safety in sustainable development: small island developing states

The centrality of teams in the organisational learning process

Improving marketing intelligence through learning systems and knowledge communities in Not-for-Profit workplaces

An evaluation of a telephone-based postnatal support intervention for infant feeding in a regional Australian city

Critical issues in managing age diversity in Australia

Media reports of links between MMR and autism: a discourse analysis

Symphonies of the bush: indigenous encounters in Australian symphonies

The Los Angeles 'Oligarchy' and the governance of water and power networks: The making of a municipal utility based on market principles (1902-1930)

Children speaking up in Singapore: progress or peril

Dispersion of long gravity-capillary surface waves and asymptotic equations for solitons

Research into traditional healing practices and health of Indigenous Australians

Improving soil salinity prediction with high resolution DEM derived from LiDAR data

A coupled fuzzy logic control for routers' queue management over TCP/AQM networks

Ready, set, go! using the 'community-readiness' method to engage social networks for sustainable natural resource management in the Queensland Murray Darling Basin

Addressing interests and values in a consensus building framework for water allocation

People puzzle: Is HRM out and leadership in?

Influence of bottom boundary conditions for temperature on the heat distribution within oxidising heaps

Cardiac extracellular matrix: a dynamic entity

Increased calcium influx mediates increased cardiac stiffness in hyperthyroid rats

Instance-independent view serializability for semistructured databases

Building resilience through supportive school environments: the Health Promoting Schools Framework as a model for promoting resilience in culturally diverse students

The dynamics of security trades, quote revisions and market depths for actively traded stocks: an empirical examination

To enable or relieve? specialist lawyers' perceptions of client involvement in legal service delivery

Challenges in the design of legal ethics learning systems: an educational perspective

Market microstructure study on seven US stock exchanges: panel vs. VAR methodology

Legal environment, firm-level corporate governance and expropriation of minority shareholders

Voluntary disclosure, transparency, and market quality: Evidence from emerging market ADRs

Strategic market management

The impact of individual and team mental models on strategic thinking in organisations

A survey of Singaporean Chinese investors in Mainland China and their knowledge of the Chinese language

Flying not flapping: a strategic framework for e-learning and pedagogical innovation in higher education institutions

Community mental health nurses and their emotional wellbeing: is anyone listening?

An invasion of green-stained farm workers from outer space(s)? Or a rural community struggling with issues of itinerancy?

HCL. Trade Mark No.1044991 (as a series in Class 9, Scientific Apparatus, Measuring Apparatus) registered from 07 March 2005 (for ten years)

Method and apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity

The Films of Peter Weir by Jonathan Rayner

Internal solitons in laboratory experiments: Comparison with theoretical models

Economics for today

Introducing corporate finance

Fashions of learning: improving supply chain relationships

CCNOA solo exhibition

One-dimensional nonlinear model for prediction of crack spacing in concrete pavements

Fabrication of bulk amorphous Mg65Cu25Gd10 alloy of 12mm rod by water quenching

Modeling of columnar-to-equiaxed transition in solidified Al-Si alloys

Formation and mechanical properties of Mg65Cu25Er10 and Mg65Cu15Ag10Er10 bulk amorphous alloys

Synthesis and mechanical properties of Cu-based bulk metallic glass composites containing in-situ TiC particles

Seed identification using a computerised database

High-resolution DEM generated from LiDAR data for water resource management

Economics of disease outbreak: the case of citrus canker in Central Queensland

Hylan G-F 20 (Synvisc) versus placebo: Cochrane Review 2005

Changing the teaching and learning paradigm in a Faculty of Business: a case study of workplace learning

A sun in the spectroscopic binary IM Pegasi, the guide star for the Gravity Probe B mission

The role of the first year engineering experience (FYEE) course

Effects of culture, product type and price on consumer intention to purchase mass customised products on-line

M-service and its framework

Verification of MPLS traffic engineering techniques

Employer (dis)satisfaction with Australian marketing graduates: the development of a research framework

The state of secularism: the new law and the affair of the Islamic headscarf in France

Managing teaching and learning environments to facilitate curriculum change

Learning communities - creating positive outcomes for students in large accounting classes through mentoring

AAARRRGGHH! Can't do Primary Health Care

Ritual and Symbol in Peacebuilding by Lisa Schirch

Judicial (in)activism in Australia's secular Commonwealth

Phomoxins B and C: polyketides from an endophytic fungus of the genus eupenicillium

Curation of wheat maps to improve map accuracy and QTL detection

A flexible payment scheme and its role-based access control

Determining the age of adult wild dogs (Canis lupus dingo, C. l. domesticus and their hybrids): I. Pulp cavity/tooth width ratios

Engineering emotionally intelligent agents

Determining whether ICT improves social interactions

Prediction of variation in MIMO channel capacity for the populated indoor environment using a radar cross-section-based pedestrian model

Magnetic flux density distribution in axial flux machine cores

A meshless IRBFN-based method for transient problems

An efficient indirect RBFN-based method for numerical solution of PDEs

Individual differences in age and self-efficacy in the unemployed

Kinky profiles: effects of soil surface heating upon vertical dust concentration profiles in the Channel Country of western Queensland, Australia

Stormwater particles and their sampling using passive devices

Solving high-order partial differential equations with indirect radial basis function networks

Solving high order ordinary differential equations with radial basis function networks

Computing non-Newtonian fluid flow with radial basis function networks

Seasonal and inter-annual climate forecasting: The new tool for increasing preparedness to climate variability and change in agricultural planning and operations

Strength analysis of steel-concrete composite beams in combined bending and shear

The economic value of psychology in Australia: 2001

Sources of volatility in Australia's export prices: evidence from ARCH and GARCH modelling

Long-term survival of surgically treated hip fracture in an Australian regional hospital

Overview of external post-tensioning in bridges

Field testing of vision based macadamia yield monitoring

Soil-water and salt movement associated with precision irrigation systems - research investment opportunities

Temporal variation in bird assemblages: how representative is a one-year snapshot?

Is spoken duration a sufficient explanation of the word length effect?

Australian university academics' undergraduate distance and online course assessment tasks: educational quality versus institutional governmentality

The Australian Traveller Education Research Team: one strategy for organising academic research and publishing

Traveller Education: Accounts of Good Practice by Chris Tyler

Gypsy traveller students in secondary schools: culture, identity and achievement by C. Derrington and S. Kendall

Technology and mathematics learning at university at university level: a South African perspective

Career development – a ‘chaired’ responsibility

Does coaching work without mentorship in management development?

Impacts of physical disability on an individual's career development

Partnership quality in IT outsourcing: a mixed methods review of its measurement

On the Size Corrected Tests in Improved Estimation

An item/order tradeoff explanation of word length and generation effects

Estimation of parameters of the simple multivariate linear model with student t-errors

Potential of phenothiazine as a thin film dosimeter for UV-A exposures

The response of the southern annular mode, the east Australian current, and the southern mid-latitude ocean circulation to global warming

Addressing the challenges of replications of surveys in software engineering research

Development of molecular markers for crown rot resistance in wheat: mapping of QTLs for seedling resistance in a '2-49' x 'Janz' population

Effective teacher attributes: perceptions of early-career and pre-service music teachers

Identities of music teachers: implications for teacher education

Benefits of membership in a business networking group

Electronic peer review: a large cohort teaching themselves?

Addressing diversity in higher education: two models for facilitating student engagement and mastery

I wish to dream and other impossible effects of the crypt

Approaches to learning in computer programming students and their effect on success

A QTL located on chromosome 4A associated with dormancy in white- and red-grained wheats of diverse origin

Finding similar patterns in microarray data

In search of the key factors that influence student success at university

Towards secure XML document with usage control

Tax avoidance: a trans-Tasman comparative study

Semiconductors and the environment

Rechargeables have the edge - environmentally

An exploratory study of factors influencing campers level of loyalty to camping sites in the tourism industry

Competitive marketing competencies and performance: an exploratory study of small to medium sized retail firms in Australia

Momentum in online discussions: the effect of social presence on motivation for participation

Traditional law and indigenous resistance at Moreton Bay 1842-1855

Irrigation application efficiency and deep drainage potential under surface irrigated cotton

PALS Online and community building: a contradiction in terms?

Psychological predictors of injury among elite athletes

Maintaining a balance whilst building momentum: designing for millennial learners and everyone else

Triage nurse perceptions of the use, reliability and acceptability of the Toowoomba Adult Triage Trauma Tool (TATTT)

Evaluation of a hydrographic technique to measure on-farm water storage volumes

Numerical simulation of open refrigerated display cabinets

High-resolution spectroscopy of some active southern stars

Three low-mass planets from the Anglo-Australian planet search

Diffuse solar ultraviolet radiation

Doppler imaging and surface differential rotation of young open cluster stars - I. HD 307938 (R58) in IC 2602

Synthesis of the fungal natural product (-)-xylariamide A

Parental bonding and identity style as correlates of self-esteem among adult adoptees and nonadoptees

Mood, self-set goals and examination performance: the moderating effect of depressed mood

Distinctions between emotion and mood

Influence of response time frame on mood assessment

Personality does not influence exercise-induced mood enhancement among female exercisers

Preferred modality influences on exercise-induced mood changes

Measuring the attitudes of Australian food manufactures towards genetically modified (GM) foods: a pilot study

Crocodiles and oil prices: Northern Territory tourism as the 'canary in the coal mine' for global tourism

Consumer complaint behaviour in sport consumption: a theoretical model

Understanding satisfaction formation of shopping mall entertainment seekers: a conceptual model

Understanding the experiential consumption of special event entertainment (SEE) at shopping centres: an exploratory study

Which B2B e-business model to adopt: the case of Taiwan agribusiness firms

An exploratory study on consumers' selection of Australian regional travel agencies

Informal control in open source projects: an empirical assessment

Students' perceptions of technology-based marketing courses

Measurement and prediction of nitrogen loss by simulated erosion events on cultivated forest soils of contrasting structure

Building the bridge between academia and practice

High court validates restrictions on lawyer advertising

Estimation of the intercept parameter for linear regression model with uncertain non-sample prior information

Close, but still too far. The experience of Australian people with cancer commuting from a regional to a capital city for radiotherapy treatment

Numerical aspects of searching convective/absolute instability transition

Analysis of coupling between hydrodynamic and thermal instabilities in non-Boussinesq convection

Eroding ribbon thermocouples: impulse response and transient heat flux analysis

Service with a smile only gets you so far: staff training for success in the integrated service environment

Meshfree direct and indirect local radial basis function collocation formulations for transport phenomena

Fracture toughness of vinyl ester composites cured by microwave irradiation: preliminary results

Micrographs of the fracture of vinyl ester composites cured by microwaves: pilot study

Gas sampling efficiencies and aerodynamic characteristics of a laboratory wind tunnel for odour measurement

Drop weight impact test fracture of vinyl ester composites: micrographs of pilot study

Infiltration parameters from surface irrigation advance and run-off data

Costs of cooperation rather than competition in the provision of justice?

Criticality of factors affecting data quality of accounting information systems: how perceptions of importance and performance can differ

A framework for understanding the factors influencing pair programming success

Legal issues and risks impacting wireless workforce

An exploratory study to determine factors impacting outsourcing of information systems in healthcare

Application of surface fitting techniques for the representation of leaf surfaces

Setting water quality objectives to protect environmental assets: why it is difficult to measure changes?

Considering the economic and social impacts of protecting environmental values in specific Moreton Bay/SEQ, Mary River Basin/Great Sandy Strait Region and Douglas Shire waters (Report prepared for the Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland Government)

Indigenous resistance and traditional leadership: understanding and interpreting Dundalli

Gertrude Inverted Topologies

Minimal Pop

2 person exhibition - Kyle Jenkins, Olivier Mosset - PS Gallery Amsterdam

MOP LA group exhibition

MOP Sydney

Galerie Filles du Calvaire Paris Art Fair


Hebel 121 Gallery solo exhibition

Tin Sheds - Minimal Approaches Concrete Tendencies

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

The Battle of Milne Bay (1942): oral history and documentary project

QUE project

Revolution of the mouth

Clown Verona

Australian jungle warfare advisors to the Indian Army in World War Two

Microbial characteristics of a Zn and Cd contaminated soil chemically amended for growth of a heavy metal-hyperaccumulating plant

Zinc distribution and ultra-structural change of cells in Sedum AlfredII hance from two ecotypes

A teaching experiment to foster the conceptual understanding of multiplication based on children's literature to facilitate dialogic learning

Results of a teaching experiment to foster the conceptual understanding of multiplication based on children's literature

Education students' views on the integration of ICT into their undergraduate learning experiences

Don't start me talking: lyrics 1984-2004 - Paul Kelly

'Blue lagoons and coconut palms': The creation of a tropical idyll in Australia

Introduction: Current directions in Australian anthropologies of the environment

A visit to ancient Mexico

Will Japan increase aid and improve its allocation to help the poorer countries achieve the millennium development goals?

The giant jigsaw puzzle: interview with Professor Peter Williamson

Strict scrutiny for denominational preferences: Larson in retrospect

Development and application of biofilter systems for intensive livestock operations to minimise odour emissions and nuisance potential

Section 38 and the open courts principle

Impact of child labour on school attendance and school attainment: evidence from Bangladesh

A musical response to Buna, December 1942 - Horace Perkins' Elegiac symphony (1952)

OnQ - a journey through project, program and portfolio methodology

A conversation with Venero Armanno

Cloudland, Stronzoland, Brisbane: urban development and ethnic Bildung in Venero Armanno's fiction

Review of social attitudes in Northern Ireland: the ninth report

Controlled nucleation method: a new process for semisolid metal forming

Promoting a multiracial Australia: population policy and intercountry adoption

Canadian children's literature: an Alberta survey

The spell of the cell: molecular reproduction and the genetic imaginary

Cultural, legal and societal differences between Germany, Singapore, Thailand And Indonesia that influence the transfer of HR policies

Climate information needs of Gascoyne-Murchison pastoralists: a representative study of the Western Australian grazing industry

Targets for pharmacological modulation of cardiac fibrosis

Rat models of chronic heart failure

Playgrounds of language: the role of agency in the development of literacy

Shakespeare in the Park: The Taming of the Shrew

Information fusion with subject-based information gathering method for intelligent multi-agent models

Computer aided qualitative research: a NUD*IST 4 approach

South African human resource management for the public sector

Business education for occupational and environmental health in sustainable development

Statement of cash flows

The business environment, ethics and corporate governance

Leptin clearance rates during the estrous cycle in sheep

Development of scholarship and cadetship contracts for spatial science professionals

Future financial implications of studying at university

Nursing assessment: visual and auditory systems

Methods and systems used to measure and monitor occupational disease and injury in New Zealand

Socio-economic impacts of community based forest enterprises in mid hills of Nepal-Case study from Dolakha district

Sunny Bay Resort: an accounting practice set

Sunny Bay Resort MYOB, v. 14 - accounting practice set

Racism: whitewashing the class divide

Adapting videoconferencing as a medium conducive to the promotion of learning and teaching

Asia related knowledge and skills: what does the business sector need?

Development of a cadetship contract for spatial science professionals

Selling the cochlear implant

Chemical characterization and anti-bacterial activity of black tea extract components

Acidity measurement systems for dairy applications – results of preliminary applications assessment survey

Acidity measurement systems for dairy applications

Comparative study of treatability of atrazine using treated and untreated wood charcoal

Management of butachlor bearing water by waste tyre rubber granules

Factors influencing failure of bank protection Embankment of Surma River

Treatment of waste pickling baths from a batch hot-dip galvanizing plant

Information systems evaluation and the search for success: lessons for LIS research

Wanted: library leaders for the future

The birds of North West Island, Queensland Great Barrier Reef, 9-17 November 2004

How and why are networks rolled out? A historical perspective

Strengthening of headstocks in bridges with external post-tensioning

Mental health and rural men

Establishment of a sustainable process for pressure injury prevention across Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory

Using the right type of evidence to answer clinical questions

Development and use of evidence-based guidelines

Developing a culture of inquiry to sustain evidence-based practice

Best practice in stabilisation of oral endotracheal tubes: a systematic review

Towards a profitable and sustainable future for grain growers - a professional development model for farm partners

The current workforce status of prehospital care in china

The influence of climate science on water management in Western Australia: Lessons for climate scientists

Conflicts over Domain Names

Meshless Simulation of Equilibrium Swelling/Deswelling of PH-Sensitive Hydrogels

The Proclamation Island Moment: Making Antarctica Australian

Sites of benevolence

'Any portal in a storm?' Aligning online engagement patterns with the needs of transition students

2005 pedagogical orientation program in the School of Architecture and Built Environment: a case study

Increasing the efficacy of Judas goats by sterilisation and pregnancy termination