Legislation on soil remediation in Belgium (Flemish Region)

On Japan's Investigation System for Soil Contamination

Novel hybrid of clay, cellulose, and thermoplastics. I. Preparation and characterization of composites of ethylene–propylene copolymer

Photo-stabilization of EPDM-clay nanocomposites: effect of antioxidant on the preparation and durability

Stabilization of γ-sterilized biomedical polyolefins by synergistic mixtures of oligomeric stabilizers. Part II. Polypropylene matrix

Immobilization of Tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum onto P4VP polymer thin films by UV irradiation cross-linking

Oxidative stress and related cardiovascular events: Biomarkers improve CAD screening in prediabetes

Changes in oxidative stress markers during the progression of diabetes mellitus

D-dimer level in diabetes mellitus is correlated with oxidative stress status 'in vivo'

Vitamin E supplementation: A question

The Lancet Handbook of Essential Concepts in Clinical Research by by Kenneth F Scholz and David A Grimes

Erratum: Changes in the erythrocyte glutathione concentration in the course of diabetes mellitus

Erythrocyte oxidative stress in clinical management of diabetes and its cardiovascular complications

D-dimer identifies stages in the progression of diabetes mellitus from family history of diabetes to cardiovascular complications

Modelling land use and land cover change in the Strzelecki ranges

Smoking-attributable mortality and expected years of life lost in Canada 2002: conclusions for prevention and policy

Smoking-attributable morbidity: acute care hospital diagnoses and days of treatment in Canada, 2002

Substance-attributable Morbidity and Mortality Changes to Canada’s Epidemiological Profile: Measurable Differences Over a Ten-year Period

Illegal drug-attributable morbidity in Canada 2002

The costs of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco in Canada, 2002

Alcohol-attributable morbidity and resulting health care costs in Canada in 2002: recommendations for policy and prevention

Black deaths stain our history

Trends in Southern Hemisphere circulation in IPCC AR4 models over 1950-99: Ozone depletion versus greenhouse forcing

Impacts of increasing anthropogenic aerosols on the atmospheric circulation trends of the Southern Hemisphere: An air-sea positive feedback

Analysis and Manipulation of the Structure of Odor Plumes from a Piezo-Electric Release System and Measurements of Upwind Flight of Male Almond Moths, Cadra cautella, to Pheromone Plumes

Do turning biases by the 7-spot ladybird, Coccinella septempunctata, increase their foraging efficiency?

AskNow Instant Messaging: innovation in virtual reference

Learning flexibility: The environment and a case study

Astrometric Observations of Wide Southern Double Stars – II

Effect of defoliation interval and height on the growth and quality of Arachis pintoi cv. Amarillo

Use of the male condom by heterosexual adolescents and young people: literature review

The teleological reason why ICTs limit choice for university learners and learning

Aligning Assessment with Learning and Teaching

GM crops in sub‐Saharan Africa: A critical comment on GTAP modelling

Molecular mapping of durable rust resistance in wheat and its implication in breeding

Implementing a Blueprint for Transition Success

Improving Information Security Management in Nonprofit Organisations with Action Research

Radial and vertical angular momentum transport in protostellar discs

Angular momentum transport in protostellar discs

Queensland psychiatrists' attitudes and perceptions of adults with intellectual disability

Investment guide to Palestine

Climate models and their evaluation

Exploring the culture of non-reporting in the perioperative environment

Making climate model forecasts more useful

Motile membrane protrusions regulate cell-cell adhesion and migration of olfactory ensheathing glia

Expression profiling in monozygotic twins discordant for bipolar disorder reveals dysregulation of the WNT signalling pathway

Preparation and characterization of hydrophobically modified polyacrylamide hydrogels by grafting glycidyl methacrylate

Banking and finance: in principle

Batch treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste in an anaerobic two-stage membrane process

The future nursing workforce in Australia: baseline data for a prospective study of the profile, attrition rates and graduate outcomes in a contemporary cohort of undergraduates

Arsenic in the environment: Biology and Chemistry

Cross-neutralisation of Australian brown and tiger snake venoms with commercial antivenoms: Cross-reactivity or antivenom mixtures?

Inactivation of an Iron Transporter in Lactococcus lactis Results in Resistance to Tellurite and Oxidative Stress

A feminine approach to teaching a large, first year university course: and everyone lived happily ever after!

Using the history of mathematics for mentoring gifted students: Notes for teachers

Corporate governance disclosure and the assessment of default risk

The influence of angry customer outbursts on service providers’ facial displays and affective states

Using social network analysis to map information and knowledge flows in virtual project teams

Autoethnography and teacher development

Writing race: making meaning of white racial identity in initial teacher education

Pedagogies of self: conscientising the personal to the social

Using urban surface composition to model stormwater suspended solids: a case study of the effect of rainwater tanks

Models of government investment in human services: a high level analysis, a report prepared for the Queensland State Government Department of Communities, Brisbane

Caloric vestibular stimulation reveals discrete neural mechanisms for coherence rivalry and eye rivalry: a meta-rivalry model

The buck stops here: should we consider performance rather than corporate social responsibility?

Student views on corporate social responsibility in an Australian fast food context

Design of high-performance networked real-time control systems

The microclimate of Australian cattle feedlots

An agent-based decentralised process management framework for web service composition

Evaluation of the linearity of calibration dependence

Uptake of an OHS Code of Practice by Australian construction firms

Investigation of the effect of styrene content on the ultimate curing of vinylester resins by TGA-FTIR

Plant based resins for fibre composites

Counsellors’ personal experience and appraisal of My Career Chapter

itSMF Australia 2006 Conference: summary of ITIL adoption survey responses

Innovative hospital bed management using spatial technology

OLE1 and HSP30 affect yeast membrane fluidity modulation during growth and in response to glucose

The sensitivity of saccharomyces mutants to palmitoleic acid may provide a means to study the controls of membrane fluidity in eukaryotes

A mixed-method approach for evaluating spatial data sharing partnerships for spatial data infrastruture development

Fracture toughness of phenol formaldehyde composites post-cured in microwaves

Creating new stories for praxis: navigations, narrations, neonarratives

A web 2.0/web3D hybrid platform for engaging students in e-learning environments

The role of universities in IT service management education

Education for IT service management standards

Standing up to racism: the 'Nigger Brown stand'

Engaging community resource issues: the Toowoomba water futures debate

Education for healthy communities: an introduction

What is community?

Education for healthy communities: possibilities through SOSE and HPE

An approach of context ontology for robust face recognition against illumination variations

The death penalty and the principle of goodness

IT service management improvement - actor network perspective

Drivers of wireless technology in healthcare: an Indian study

Transfer of human resource practices from German multinational enterprises to Asian subsidiaries

Web portals as an exemplar for tourist destinations

Adoption, attachment and relationship concerns: a study of adult adoptees

A decision support model for travelling gun irrigation machines

Protecting small flows from large ones for quality of service

Aeolian-fluvial interaction and climate change: source-bordering dune development over the past ~100 ka on Cooper Creek, central Australia

The effect of information quality on surgery process variation

Reducing avoidable hospital admissions of the frail elderly using intelligent referrals

Researching social inequalities in education: towards a Bourdieuian methodology

Counsellors' personal experience and appraisal of My Career Chapter

Estimating crop area using seasonal time series of Enhanced Vegetation Index from MODIS satellite imagery

Modular deployable composite shelters - truss system

Variation in approaches to lab practical classes among computing academics

Philip Jeyaretnam (1964-)

The interplay of Welfare to Work and WorkChoices

The rise of Renvoi in Australia: creating the theoretical framework

Career development and the skills-shortage: a lesson from Charles Dickens

Delivering sport science and sport medicine services to regional, rural and remote athletes in New South Wales

A survey of enterprise reforms in China: the way forward

IDEF3-based framework for web-based hospital information system

Web mobile-based applications for healthcare management

Combustion analysis of a CI engine performance using waste cooking biodiesel fuel with an artificial neural network aid

Framing communicative language teaching for better teacher understanding

Evaluation of a high exposure solar UV dosimeter for underwater use

Theatre talks evolve into talking theatre

Procedure for modeling and improving e-SCM processes

Prediction distribution for linear regression model with multivariate Student-t errors under the Bayesian approach

Police beat: the emotional power of music in police work

Speculations on the emergence of a cultural practice

Ownership structures and the leverage of listed firms in China

Differing ways that computing academics understand teaching

The Carrick vision and computing education: four case studies in multi-institutional collaboration

Freedom from disclosure of information

International investors' home bias in portfolio equity investment

Effect of quality of institutions on outward foreign direct investment

Responding to global issues: sustainability and innovation in the Australian SME residential building construction sector

Pre-service teacher education and beginning teacher burnout

Numerical simulation of 3D transonic flow in a compressor rotor

Information and communication technologies in support of the tourism industry

Correlation analysis on MIMO-OFDM channels in populated time varying indoor environment

Student teachers' confidence and competence for finding information on the internet

Ventilation times scales for a subtropical bay from 3-D modelling

Development of an ontology to improve supply chain management (SCM) in the Australian timber industry

Three dimensional visualisation of human facial exposure to solar ultraviolet

Overcoming tax complexity through tax literacy – an analysis of financial literary research in the context of the taxation system

Learner experiences in web-based language learning

Future possibilities for mobile learning technologies and applications at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia: lessons from an academic focus group

Rural and remote health research: key issues for health providers in Southern Queensland

Computer algebra models the inertial dynamics of a thin film flow of power law fluids and other non-Newtonian fluids

Documenting praxis shock in early-career Australian music teachers: the impact of pre-service teacher education

Roads, fire and aggressive competitors: determinants of bird distribution in subtropical production forests

Deliberation and implementation of adaptive fuzzy logic based security level routing protocol for mobile ad hoc network

SASI psyche in 21st century: makeover or renovation?

The environment and policy-making in Bangladesh

Agricultural intensification and loss of matrix habitat over 23 years in the West Wimmera, south-eastern Australia

Threshold effect of eucalypt density on an aggressive avian competitor

EFL teachers' perceptions and perspectives on internet-assisted language teaching

Sensitivity of middle Miocene climate and regional monsoon to palaeo-altimetry

Impact of vegetation on the Miocene Climate optimum

Queensland rainfall variability in IPCC AR4 model runs

A dataset of the wind-driven global ocean circulation for climate research

20th century rainfall variability and the role of large scale climate events within Indo-Pacific region from IPCC AR4 models, reanalysis and observations

A dataset of the wind-driven global ocean circulation for climate research

Computer algebra derives normal forms of stochastic differential equations

Telehealth system in Queensland

Engaging pedagogies and facilitating pedagogues: communities of practice among novice online tutors and secondary vocational teachers at the forefront of systemic tensions and change

Characterisation of mixing rate due to high power ultrasound

Synchronous chat and electronic ink for distance support in mathematics

Psychological services in five South-West Queensland communities: supply and demand

Aged care nursing in Queensland - the nurses' view

Tenure, mobility and retention of nurses in Queensland, Australia: 2001 and 2004

Informing rural and remote high school students about careers in health: the effect of Health Careers Workshops on course selection

How sufficient is academic literacy? re-examining a short-course for 'disadvantaged' tertiary students

Mechanical properties of vinyl ester composites cured by microwave irradiation: pilot study

Teenage motivations for sport related consumption in Australia

Yield and tensile strength of vinyl ester composites cured by microwaves

Delivering sport science and sport medicine services to regional, rural and remote athletes

Integration, contextualisation and continuity: three themes for the development of effective music teacher education programs

Computer assisted assessment of SQL query skills

An investigation of the effect of information technology (IT) culture on the relationship between IT and business professionals

A comparison of greenhouse gas emissions from inputs into farm enterprises in Southeast Queensland, Australia

Education, employment, and everything: the triple layers of a woman's life: refereed proceedings of the International Women's Conference held Toowoomba, Australia, 26-29 September 2007

A test for theoretical integration: systems theory framework and dialogical self

Calibration in tennis: the role of feedback and expertise

On risk-return relationship: an application of GARCH (p,q)-M model to Asia _ Pacific region

Influence of clouds on pre-vitamin D3 effective solar UV exposures

Making meaning of women's networks: a community of practice framework

Whither engagement? Challenges for community engagement within academia

Consumer construction of sport consumption experiences through role play: a literature review

Peeling off the layers on values: how do they influence your education, employment and everything

Can 'Dr Death' receive a fair trial?

Assessment of online reflections: engaging english second language (ESL) students

Writing in groups as a tool for non-routine problem solving in first year university mathematics

The process of updating engineering management science in an Australian regional university excellence in developing e-learning

Dancing together: environment, development, aid and faith organisations in climate politics in the United Kingdom

Remedy issues in multinational tort claims: substance and procedure and choice of law

Utilising shade to optimize UV exposure for vitamin D

Development of a long term solar UVA dosimeter

Application of poly (2,6-dimethyl-1, 4-phenylene oxide) film for the long - term measurement of underwater solar UVB

Short wavelength cut-offs and maximum spectral irradiance wavelengths comparisons of the spectra for erythema and pre-vitamin D3 synthesis

Editors' introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning]: Meanings emerging in practice (Part 1)

Teaching traveller children: maximising learning outcomes

Psilocybin links binocular rivalry switch rate to attention and subjective arousal levels in humans

Dosimetric and spectroradiometric investigations of glass-filtered solar UV

Demonstrating quality outcomes in learning and teaching: examining 'best practice' in the use of criterion-referenced assessment

How to develop 15 multimodal design heuristics in 3 easy (not) lessons

The dance of influence: professional relationships evolve as teachers and administrators engage in whole school renewal

Studies on polymers and composites from lignin and fiber derived from sugar cane

Effects of existing shear damage on externally post tensioned repair of bent caps

Informing rural and remote students about careers in health: factors influencing career decisions

Articulating your pathway through university towards professional registration as a land surveyor

Comparison of methods to estimate suspended solids loads in urban stormwater

Theoretical relationships between rainfall intensity and kinetic energy variants associated with stormwater particle washoff

Identification, validation, and pyramiding of quantitative trait loci for resistance to crown rot in wheat

Investigation of stormwater particles generated from common urban surfaces

Agricultural intensification and ecosystem function in a brigalow (Acacia harpophylla)landscape: implications for ecosystem services

Social presence and learner support: understanding learners' experiences with mediated social processes in text-based online learning environments

Predicting mature consumers' attitudes towards use of self-service technologies in the financial services context

New midge resistance for Australian grain sorghum

Reframing academic literacy: re-examining a short-course for 'disadvantaged' tertiary students

Comparing probability forecasts in Markov regime switching business cycle methods

Bayesian prediction distributions for some linear models under student-t errors

The role of online discussion forums in supporting learning in higher education

New product development in start-up technology-based firms (STBFs)

Accomplishing identity in bilingual interaction: codeswitching practices among a group of multiethnic Japanese teenagers

Efficiency, productivity, change and market structure of the banking industry in Sri Lanka

The unemployment experience: psychological factors influencing mental health, coping behaviours, and employment outcomes

ITIL adoption in Australia: 2 years of itSMFA surveys and case studies

The changing role of an instructional designer in the implementation of blended learning at an Australian university

In vitro and in vivo determination of ant-TNFa activity in canine plasma from donors subject to pre conditioning with endotoxin

Arresting woodland bird decline in Australian agricultural landscapes: potential application of the European agri-environment model

Continent-scale pattern in temporal dynamics of avian assemblages

Parallels of lived experiences in learning: a scientist learning qualitative research and nurses learning science

Innovative all composite multi-pultrusion truss system for stressed arch deployable shelters

Restoring the balance: women's experiences of retiring from elite sport

Improving power to weight ratio of pneumatically powered legged robots

Polya's legacy: fully forgotten or getting a new perspective in theory and practice?

Security modelling for e-learning

A new internal combustion engine configuration: opposed pistons with crank offset

The Achilles' heel of unfair dismissal arbitration in Australian SME's

Audit committees and financial reporting quality

I think I can: exploring the influence of psychological factors on breastfeeding duration

Desktop review of Polyacrylamide use in the Australian cotton industry

Representing indigenous stories in the cinema: between collaboration and appropriation

2020 VISION and its implication for engineering management education

Studying at university: early perceptions and experiences of first year service mathematics students

Evaporator design for an isokinetic total water content probe in a naturally aspirating configuration

Sport psychology as mental equipment

The first year experience: perceptions of students at a new campus

Distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy eating behaviour: a personality trait perspective

An agenda to construct an improved understanding of Australian organic consumers

Exploring the barriers to bequests in wills to Australian universities

Computational simulation of the wind-force on metal meshes

Organic food: observations of Chinese purchasing behaviours

The dynamics of the vertical structure of turbulence in flood flows

Nonlinear dynamics on centre manifolds describing turbulent floods: k-\omega model

Integration of service management with CMMI ® and SPICE

Massacre, frontier conflict and Australian archaeology

One-size e-business adoption model does not fit all

The role of government in e-business adoption

Computer algebra models dynamics on a multigrid across multiple length and time scales

Effects of continuum design domains on optimal bracing systems for multistory steel building frameworks

Automated performance-based optimal design of continuum structures under multiple load cases

Evaporation, seepage and water quality management in storage dams: a review of research methods

Analysis of viscoelastic flow by a radial basis function networks method

XML schema in XML documents with usage control

Radial-basis-function calculations of buoyancy-driven flow in concentric and eccentric annuli

The use of machine vision for assessment of fodder quality

Vision applications in agriculture

Automated soil hardness testing machine

Students with low entry scores succeed at university

Reporting on service performance: measurement and myth in the New Zealand compulsory education sector

Designing pedagogies for cadet journalists on the ground and doing it

Measuring the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the classroom

Developing problem based learning communities in virtual space

Reflective writing by distance education students in an engineering problem based learning course

Problem based learning for distance education students of engineering and surveying

End-of-life cathode ray tubes: a life cycle assessment for Australia

Global business leadership and strategies

Strategic international human resource management

Australian Idol versus Cronulla: whither the postcolonising nation?

Rural adolescents experiencing an urban transition

Reflections on engagement in online learning communities

Changing the meanings that emerge in practice, for the better, through humour - how I changed plagiarism from the suppository of good scholarship to the condom of good scholarship and lived happily ever after

Creating tomorrow's engineering designers

The impact of Agile methods on managing IT professionals

Encouraging learning through external engineering assessment

Curriculum leadership, quality and technology in a suite of Australian further education and training teacher education programs: making meaning, performing practice and constructing new learning futures

Embedding successful pedagogical practices: assessment strategies for a large, diverse, first year student cohort

Detecting the attributes of a wheat crop using digital 3D imagery acquired from a low-altitude platform

Optimality of financial planning clients' strategic asset allocation

Direct share ownership as a diffusion phenomenon

Determining key technology and management issues for CIOs deemed to be problematic and suffering from performance gaps

Technology management, data management, improved outcomes, efficiency and software limitation influencing the use of wireless technology for healthcare in Pakistan

Action research: a new exploration of its two masters

IDEAS in Singapore: the experience of three schools.

Accessing exchange and ventilation time scales from 3-D modelling

Perception of students on performance of dual-mode education: information quality perspective

Factors influencing the intention to use wireless technology in health care: a study in India

The diversification and performance of self managed superannuation funds

Analysing brand status' impact on brand value

Operations and information quality management: current trends and future directions

Examining the role brand fit plays in generation Y's propensity to purchase

The information management risk construct: identifying the potential impact of information quality on corporate risk

Sponsorship leveraging improves consumer attitudes and purchase intentions towards the sponsoring brand - but is it relevant for FMCG packaging?

The story so far... the use of children’s literature in facilitating preschoolers’ awareness of, and sensitivities to social justice issues

The story so far... a cry for justice: the use of children's literature in facilitating preschoolers' awareness of, and sensitivities to social justice issues

Three imperatives: valuing an anti-bias curriculum, investing in early childhood education and promoting collaborative research

Leverage, profitability and the ownership structures of listed firms in China

Consumer response to sponsorship leveraged packaging (SLP) - a FMCG Context

Interrogating learner-centredness as a vehicle for meaning emerging in practice and researching personal pedagogies: transformative learning, self-efficacy and social presence at two Australian universities

Motivations and challenges for m-business transformation: a multiple-case study

Secondary-tertiary transition: what mathematics skills can and should we expect this decade?

Mathematics, metaphor and economic visualisability

Global implementation of digital stethoscope for telehealth or telemedicine: an Australian case study

Service-mining based on knowledge and customer databases

War is not a christian mission: racial invasion and religious crusade in H.S. Gullett's Official History of the Australian Imperial Force in Sinai and Palestine

Greeks and moderns: the search for culture in the Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918

Contingency planning for drought - a case study in coping with agrometeorological risks and uncertainties

On the compatibility of Taylorism, targets, technology and teams - evidence from a US Call Centre

Modelling the static thermal sensitivity of diaphragm-based fibre optic pressure sensors

Minimum safe standoff distance for protection from bushfire radiation by commercial metal meshes

E-innovation: information quality perspective

Economics of using on-farm aeration grain storage

Facilitation of effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural sector

Drying operations: agricultural and forestry products

Cultural differences affecting German HR policies in Asia

Measuring and modelling the performance of SDIs at the sub-national level - some research challenges

Analysis of laminated composite plate/shell structures using a stabilized nodal-integrated quadrilateral element

A comparative study on the performance of wireless sensor networks

Secrecy within adoptive families and its impact on adult adoptees

The genuine scientist-practitioner in vocational psychology: an autoethnography

Junk international: the symbolic drug trade

Analysis of the rainfall data in Queensland using the Tweedie GLM

Health and aged care enabled by information technology

Attitudes of distance education students towards compulsory virtual teamwork in an undergraduate business course

Challenges and opportunities in facilitating student engagement and empowerment: perspectives from information systems and education courses at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Discrimination and heterosexism in schools: the school experience of same sex attracted youth (SSAY)

An exploratory study to identify the determinants of the wireless handheld devices in higher education: a case of USQ

A hybrid clough-tocher radial basis function method for modelling leaf surfaces

Human capital, innovation and the productive ageing: growth and senior aged health in the regional community through engaged higher education

Like spinning a coin? student perceptions of the relevance of formal transnational study to their workplace and career aspirations

Replacing lost or stolen e-passports

Human capital, innovation and the productive ageing: growth and senior aged health in the regional community through engaged higher education

Performance-based optimization: a review

Work choices and the negotiation challenge confronting employees

Getting the message: audience resonance with Australian climate change campaigns

The mobilisation of norms for legitimacy in the global warming debate

High performance management practices in owner-managed SMEs

Flexible professional development study option

Case studies of applying urban surface data in evaluating stormwater management issues

Solving partial differential equations with point collocation and one-dimensional integrated interpolation schemes

Computation of laminated composite plates using integrated radial basis function networks

A numerical study of strain localization in elasto-thermo-viscoplastic materials using radial basis function networks

A simple and accurate four-node quadrilateral element using stabilized nodal integration for laminated plates

Computation of transient viscous flows using indirect radial basis function networks

A Cartesian-grid collocation method based on radial-basis-function networks for solving PDEs in irregular domains

New perspectives on Adam Smith's The theory of moral sentiments

Introduction [to New perspectives on Adam Smith's The theory of moral sentiments]

Adam Smith, Charles Darwin and the moral sense

A collocation method based on one-dimensional RBF interpolation scheme for solving PDEs

A spectral collocation method based on integrated Chebyshev polynomials for two-dimensional biharmonic boundary-value problems

Building whose capacities and capital, furthering whose fields and promoting whose interests?: interrogating identity, influence and innovation in and through publishing a research book about English teachers of travellers

Calculation of cloud modification factors for the horizontal plane eye damaging ultraviolet radiation

Nurses and information technology

A study of council community directories and their use for information about local health services

Beginning evidence-based practice for teaching, research, and non-clinical psychology

Contoured exposure assessment of biologically effective solar ultraviolet radiation

Evaluation of the role of the breast care nurse at Toowoomba Base Hospital

Face-interface or the prospect of a virtual ethics

Making students AWARE: an online strategy for students given academic warning

Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue [of Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development]: Retention, recruitment and placement

Meanings emerging in practice (Part 2): special theme issue of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2007, pp. 1-83

Timoshenko beam-solution in terms of integrated radial basis functions

Integrating recommendation models for improved web page prediction accuracy

Dealing with religious diversity within universities

The Kth-best approach for linear bilevel multifollower programming with partial shared variables among followers

The guaranteed right to vote in Australia

Future scenarios for endangered species habitat in an intensifying agricultural landscape

Drive tourists: who are they, what do they do and how do we attract them?

Effective assessment practices in an inquiry-based science and technology education course in an Australian teacher education program

Investigating the engagement of 3rd year tertiary education students in the learning and teaching of literacy

Flexural behavior of hybrid FRP girder with concrete deck

Retrofitting reinforced concrete bridge frames using externally bonded FRP sheets

The effect of core architecture on the behaviour of sandwich columns under edgewise compression loading

Numerical and experimental study to evaluate the performance of Universiti Tenaga Nasional short duration hypersonic test facility

Analytical studies on externally post tensioned concrete girders with existing shear cracks

Managing spatial and temporal variability in irrigated agriculture through adaptive control

Soil-water and solute movement under precision irrigation: knowledge gaps for managing sustainable root zones

Errors in predicting furrow irrigation performance using single measures of infiltration

From the Australian Wheat Board to AWB Limited: collective marketing and privatisation in Australia's wheat export trade

Autonomic logistics: an infrastructure approach

The Spell of Sarnia: fictional representations of the island of Guernsey

Applications and performances of extended TTDDs in large-scale wireless sensor networks

The guilty plea discount: does pragmatism win over proportionality and principle?

Climbing up the wall

Do middle ear infections matter? Student self-reported perceptions of behaviour, including social skills, following experience with otitis media with effusion

Evaluation of glued-diaphragm fibre optic pressure sensors in a shock tube

Under the microscope: from bugs to the class room

Advancements in retrofitting reinforced concrete structures in Japan using FRP sheets

Global mapping of iron and titanium oxides in the lunar megaregolith and subsurface

Defining special events from a gallery visitor perspective

The conjecturing process: perspectives in theory and implications in practice

Toward a simple real-time control system for efficient management of furrow irrigation

Investigation of the use of near infrared FBG (830nm) sensors for monitoring the structural response of 0/90 woven cloth/CSM glass fibre/vynylester composite under static and fatigue loading

Managing the delivery of 'Manufacturing Processes' in an Australian regional university known for excellence in e-learning

A review of Australasian investigations into problem solving and the novice programmer

Building the spatial data infrastructure through data sharing - measuring progress within Australian local and state government jurisdictions

Policing price fixing in petroleum markets

FOI and the freedom of political communication

Decision support for criminal sentencing and plea bargaining

Factors influencing the intention to use wireless technology in healthcare: an Indian study

A study of transformational leadership, organisational change and job satisfaction

Re-evaluating our conception of well-being in an organisational setting

Attributes of immediate supervisor in promoting trust with employees in a public sector organisation

Testing a model of the predictors of change success

Knowing your allies: medical education and interprofessional exposure

On the record: an account of regional non-theatregoers' responses to a selection of plays toured to northern Australia in 2004-2005

Assessing for competence need not devalue grades

An evaluation of fracture toughness of vinyl ester composites cured under microwave conditions

Bovine intelligence for training horses

Perceptions of mental health service delivery among staff and Indigenous consumers: it's still about communication

From progress into stand-still days: literature, history and the Darling Downs

A comparison of methods for mapping golf greens

Meaning-making from the practice of personal pedagogies: the cases of Australian secondary teachers and english teachers of travellers

Experimental investigation of performance and emission parameters of a small diesel engine using CNG and biodiesel

Rice monitoring using ENVISAT-ASAR data: preliminary results of a case study in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

Individual resilience in rural people: a Queensland study, Australia

Estimation of taper rates and volume of smaller-sized logs in spotted gum saw timber plantations in Southeast Queensland, Australia

Subverting the hegemony of risk: vulnerability and transformation among Australian show children

Promoting enhanced enforcement of directors' fiduciary obligations: the promise of public law sanctions

Integrating Markov Model with clustering for predicting web page accesses

Rex Shelley (1930-)

Modelling land use and land cover change in the Strzelecki Ranges

Effect of pouring temperature on thixotropic microstructure formation of AZ91

Blast simulation in underground mines using the combined finite-discrete element method

The effect of debonding on the flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with fibre reinforced polymer

Investigation of dynamic behaviour of a hybrid composite bridge girder

An investigation of the response of embedded near infrared fibre bragg grating (FBG) sensors (830nm) in glass fibre composites under fatigue loading

Experiences in implementing a postgraduate engineering management program

Science and its applications in The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Brokering the public-private dynamics of higher education through strategic alliances in an Australian 'hybrid' university

Multifarious fracture features of CuZrAlGd(Ag) bulk metallic glasses

A practical thermodynamic method to calculate the best glass-forming composition for bulk metallic glasses

Effect of cooling conditions on grain size of AZ91 alloy

Enhancing healthcare through technology – reducing hospital admission and supporting care in smart home environments

Aged-care privacy and security for Smart Home in Australia

Speaking from the margins: one man's perspective

Indigenous, pre-undergraduate and international students at Central Queensland University, Australia: three cases of the dynamic tension between diversity and commonality

Investigation by TGA-FTIR of the effect of styrene content and thickness on the UV-curing of vinylester resins

An investigation into the relevance of emerging marketing strategy in regional Queensland hospitals

Comparing Writely and Moodle online assignment submission and assessment

Polymer supported naphthalene-catalysed sodium reactions

New spatio-temporal instability scenarios in non-Boussinesq mixed convection

Working memory and short-term memory storage: what does backward recall tell us?

Meanings emerging in practice (Part 1): special theme issue of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2007, pp. 1-91

Prevention of hypertension in DOCA-salt rats by an inhibitor of soluble epoxide hydrolase

Modulation of immune response in mice immunised with an inactivated Salmonella vaccine and gavaged with Andrographis paniculata extract or andrographolide

Parental and teacher influences on the consumption of plain drinking water by primary school aged children

A common storage mechanism in short-term, working and long-term memory?: some evidence from control and schizophrenia samples

Development of a decision support system for furrow and border irrigation

Daren Shiau (1971-)

Claire Tham (1967-)

Meanings emerging in practice (Part 3): special theme issue of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, Vol. 3, No. 3, 2007, pp. 1-113

The photospheric magnetic field and coronal structure of HD171488

Recruitment, retention and placement: progressing the knowledge economy: special theme issue of Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2007, pp. i-83

Meanings emerging in the practice of wireless technologies: findings from two academic focus groups at the University of Southern Queensland

Current curriculum theory and design in SOSE

Industry and academe - which one holds the cutting edge?

Open courseware futures: creating a parallel universe

Looking back to move forward: an exploration of HPE development within Queensland primary schools

A practical teaching experience in recreational education(health and physical education)

A flexible, extensible online testing system for mathematics

Toward real-time control of surface irrigation

Applying an integrated communications approach to the study of user multimedia interactions

Improving staff practice in criterion-referenced assessment: implementing change in University of Southern Queensland, Faculty of Business

Applications of vision sensing in agriculture

Gender and personal breastfeeding experience of rural GP registrars in Australia - a qualitative study of their effect on breastfeeding attitudes and knowledge

Attractors in confined source problems for coupled nonlinear diffusion

Single-phase transformerless unipolar switched inverters for utility-connected photovoltaic applications

Extreme research: applying extreme programming practices to research

Universal regimes of a free turbulent jet

Teacher perceptions of the quantity and quality of information and communication technologies (ICT) used by students in Queensland Catholic schools

A review of triple helix linkages in New Zealand earthquake engineering networks and comparison with the Australian cooperative research centre model

A meshless IRBFN-based numerical simulation of dynamic strain localization in quasi-brittle materials

Parallelism: creating multiple forms of leadership

Hervey Bay: an inverse subtropical estuary

Patterns in surface distribution of human exposure to solar ultraviolet

The role of assessment in developing potentials for student learning: multiple perspectives on undergraduate distance and online course assessment practices at an Australian university

Bridging gaps in music teacher education

The equity and empowerment of Australian indigenous women through success in education: Australia's own daughters of the dreaming

Australia's equity home bias and corporate governance

Research on the Progressive Achievement Tests and academic achievement in secondary schools

Proceedings of the 18th Australasian conference on information systems doctoral consortium (ACIS 2007)

Investigating the idiosyncratic nature of brand value

A RBF-based fictitious-domain technique for Dirichlet boundary value problems in multiply-connected domains

Properties and mechanical behaviour of novel sandwich composites made of syntactic foam and paper skin

Determination of optimal usage into the wheat production for Kareze irrigation in the Balochistan, Pakistan

An assessment of collective action for pond management in the Zhanghe Irrigation System (ZIS) China

Scale effects on water use efficiency and productivity: a case study from UPRIIS, Philippines

Burnout among elite soccer coaches

The relationship among conceptions of knowledge, approaches to learning, personality, and academic success

The impact of informal social support on individual morale, distress, and satisfaction

Justifying the visit: patient problem presntation and physiotherapists' responses

Giving primacy to pain in the physiotherapy consultation: how is this acheived between patient and physiotherapist?

Opening the consultation: how is this achieved between patient and physiotherapist?

Micro-chipping away at privacy: privacy implications created by the new Queensland driver licence proposal

Bearing capacity of footings near slopes

Modelling the arching effect in active earth pressure problems

The impact of computer technology in the clinical setting: a nursing perspective

Development of bulk metallic glass composites

Do Christian concepts and principles have a place in academia? A case study in integration

Helping adults who were adopted as children

Transforming practice from within: the power of the professional learning community

Problem-based learning and educational technology: exploring new horizons

Hospital avoidance through to Smart Home environments – evaluation of two Australian projects

Maintaining the ancient bunya tree (Araucaria bidwillii Hook.) - dispersal and mast years

Self managed superannuation funds: theory and practice

Psychological correlates of training load among athletes

Teacher leadership and organisational change: a teacher leader's experience in a P-12 school

Crossing borders: a Formosan's postcolonial exploration of European Art Deco women designers

The social studies: conceptions, purposes and history

Education and social change

Pedagogical principles in negotiating cultural conflict: a Melanesian example

Upper secondary Bruneian science students’ perceptions of assessment

Epilogue to sport and exercise psychology: international perspectives

Sport and exercise psychology: international perspectives [Introduction]

Partial rootzone drying and deficit irrigation in cotton for use under large mobile irrigation machines

Stories of stress: feeling, thinking and the flourishing of life

Management: Asia-Pacific

Can competency skills for accounting students be internationally harmonised? An Indonesia application

Modelling wind erosion at national and regional scale using the CEMSYS model: national monitoring and evaluation framework, prepared for the National Land & Water Resources Audit

Parent choice of early childhood education and care services

Complexities and compromises: understanding parents' experiences and choice of early childhood education and care services

Communities of practice: innovation in early childhood education and care teacher and practitioner preparation

Creating a breastfeeding culture: a comparison of breastfeeding practices in Australia and Iran

Human resource management practices and diversity management in German and Indian companies - a comparative analysis


Student perceptions of teacher-student interpersonal behaviour and cultural factors of learning environment in metropolitan and country schools

Summary offences law and practice Queensland, 2007 ed.

Insolvency fears awaken commercially oriented universities

Corporate governance and members' rights at Australian public universities

What really happened versus what we can prove: tension between the coroner and the DPP

Soft on crime, not doing the time: the media, law and order and the criminal justice system

Bargaining in the shadow of the law - using utility functions to support legal negotiation

The unfinished experiment: a report on religious freedom in Australia

Ethics in negotiation and ADR - Legal Services Commissioner v Mullins

How can the corporate sector concepts of 'reputation' and 'trust' be used by local government? A study to establish a model of reputation management for local government

Editors' introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning]: Meanings emerging in practice (Part 3)

Women's vulnerability to HIV/AIDS: a global examination

Teaching narrative journalism and the APN News and Media Professional Development Program

Muscular christians and drama faggots: observing a queering pedagogy beyond the binary in all-boys schools

The esoteric musical tradition of Ferrucco Busoni and its reinvigoration in the music of Larry Sitsky: the operas Doktor Faust and The Golem

Inaesthetia: science fiction and computer games

BrisBAMN!? Bringing the streets into the museum

Adaptation practices and export performance: a study of exporting firms in Zimbabwe

Comfort the disturbed.... disturb the comfortable: queering pedagogy and transmutations

Displaced culture: multiculturalism and museology at the National Museum of Australia

Boys at gender-play inside the muscular Christian ideal

Living data in the Lower Balonne: cultural enablement or cultural imposition?

Queering the representation of the masculine 'West' in Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain

Two models for facilitating cross-cultural communication and engagement

Two conceptual models for facilitating learners' transitions to new post-school learning contexts

Health's a difficult beast: the interrelationships between domestic violence, women's health and the health sector: an Australian case study

An exploratory qualitative study to determine factors influencing the adoption of mobile learning for tertiary education

Outlier detection for high-dimensional data streams

Development of a board IT governance (ITG) review model

The impact of the AIDS epidemic on South Africa's children

Poor health kills small business: illness and microenterprises in South Africa

Cognitive and personality predictors of financial literacy among adult Australians

Family, learning environments, learning approaches, and student outcomes in a Malaysian private university

Graduate attributes and skills: are we as accounting academics delivering the goods?

Future of the brand management structure in FMCG

The centrality of textbooks in teachers' work: perceptions and use of textbooks in a Hong Kong primary school

Branding and relationship marketing within the trifecta of power: Managing simultaneous relationships in consumer goods marketing

The impact of Puritan ideology on aspects of project management

And then came complex project management

The strategic importance of intellectual capital in the non-profit sector

Assessing viability for starting business

A review of the strategic management literature: the importance of intellectual capital in the non-profit sector

Social responsibility framework and business-nonprofit-government partnerships

'Belly-speakers', machines and dummies: puppetry in the Australian colonies, 1830s-1850s

Szekeres-type mappings of Kasner and Petrov type I(M+) purely magnetic spacetimes

Enhancing the IMS QTI to better support computer assisted marking

Collaboration: the prodigal process

The human capital and human resource management relationships in non-profit organisations: misunderstanding and implication

L’état de la laïcité en France: après l’affaire du foulard

Tsunami surge in a river: a hydraulic jump in an inhomogeneous channel

Nurturing the research spirit: confessions of a Generation X-er

An examination of the attitudes and behaviours of ethnic Chinese wine consumers: an exploratory study

Strategic relationships of human capital, strategic human resource management and human resource management

Internal audit effectiveness: an Ethiopian public sector case study

Innovation and consolidation in curriculum development and reform: the case of the new social studies

Sustaining language policy and language rights in East Timor: where to from here?

Extremely radiation-resistant mutants of a halophilic archaeon with increased single-stranded DNA-binding protein (RPA) gene expression

Building communities of music education practice: peer collaboration in music teacher education

Are 'textbooks' a barrier for teacher autonomy? A case study from a Hong Kong primary school

Inferential, nonparametric statistics to assess the quality of probabilistic forecast systems

Examining the consequences of inadequate induction for beginning teachers

What do instructional designers do in higher education? A written symposium

Urban development: exploring the complexities

Tapping into the tacit: reading teacher anecdotes to tap into tacit pedagogical understandings

The moral and ethical dimensions of language teaching

Collaboration for success: Queensland style

SOSE pedagogy for healthy communities

Editors' introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning]: Meanings emerging in practice (Part 2)

Academic interest areas: translating the vision into reality

Beyond disabilities: broadening the view of special needs and the inclusive education challenges facing primary teachers

Object-based classification of Ikonos imagery for mapping large-scale vegetation communities in urban areas

An inexpensive stereo-image capture tool for motion study

Important considerations for craniofacial mapping using laser scanners

Arresting climate change through incremental steps: Massachusetts v Environmental Protection Agency

Foreign fisheries enforcement: do not pass go, proceed slowly to jail - is Australia playing by the rules?

Comparison of turbulent jets issuing from rectangular nozzles with and without sidewalls

Offshoring of IT services: a survey of the literature and towards a new research agenda

World Heritage listing marine sites: a case study of the Australian Great Barrier Reef

The influence of nozzle-exit geometric profile on statistical properties of a turbulent plane jet

The influence of nozzle aspect ratio on plane jets

Supervised exercise training combined with ginkgo biloba treatment for patients with peripheral arterial disease

Low-dimensional modelling of a generalised Burgers equation

A flexible error estimate for the application of centre manifold theory

Fractal landscape method: an alternative approach to measuring area-restricted searching behavior

Simulation of interactive cutting tool for craniofacial osteotomy planning

Energy and economic efficiency of wheat production using different irrigation supply methods

Arrests in a cold climate - a tale of hot pursuit and other adventures on the Southern Ocean

Conjunctive water management options: examples from economic assessment of system-level water savings through Liuyuankou Irrigation System, China

Evaluating community engagement: lessons for an Australian regional university

Differences between systematic reviews/meta-analyses of hyaluronic acid/hyaluronan/hylan in osteoarthritis of the knee.

Phenotypic plasticity rather than locally adapted ecotypes allows the invasive alligator weed to colonize a wide range of habitats

Plasticity and ontogenetic drift of biomass allocation in response to above- and below-ground resource availabilities in perennial herbs: a case study of Alternanthera philoxeroides

Leaf phenology and seasonal variation of photosynthesis of invasive Berberis thunbergii (Japanese barberry) and two co-occurring native understory shrubs in a northeastern United States deciduous forest

Seasonal variation of temperature response of respiration in invasive Berberis thunbergii (Japanese barberry) and two co-occurring native understory shrubs in a northeastern US deciduous forest

The anti-mutagenic and antioxidant effects of bile pigments in the Ames Salmonella test

Observation scheduling for a network of small-aperture telescopes

Reconceptualising university-based community child and family programs

Exposing young children to music through the production and presentation of music-appreciation television programs

Meaning making through the practices of connectedness: an initiative to address retention and foster a learning community

State, power and mobile communication: a case study of China

The contribution of rapid visual and auditory processing to the reading of irregular words and pseudowords presented singly and in contiguity

Internet and self-regulation in China: the cultural logic of controlled commodification

Automated machine vision sensing of plant structural parameters

EvapCalc software for the determination of dam evaporation and seepage

Adam Smith's treatment of the Greeks in The theory of moral sentiments: the case of Aristotle

Spain, sectarianism and social memory in Cold War Queensland

Developing a postgraduate program in Indigenous mental health and wellbeing at University of Southern Queensland

A Rasch analysis of the Teachers Music Confidence Scale

Economic evaluation of small multi-purpose ponds in the Zhanghe irrigation system, China

Corporate governance in the financial services sector of small island economies: a case study of Mauritius

Effects of a cognitive behavioural intervention on stress, recovery and performance

ThinkSmart routines and rowing ergometer performance

Experimental investigations of the effect of Reynolds number on a plane jet

Impact of land cover change on regional climate and El Nino in Australia

On Australian heat waves: time series analysis of extreme temperature events in Australia, 1950 - 2005

A low cost vision-guided car for autonomous racing car competitions

A web-based system for scheduling irrigation in sugarcane

Adaptive feature representation for robust face recognition using context-aware approach

Assessing the relationship between shire winter crop yield and seasonal variability of the MODIS NDVI and EVI images

Evaluation of level of service for transfer passengers at airports

A practical demonstration of electromagnetic braking

A preliminary field evaluation of an automated vision-based plant geometry measurement system

Diagnosis and treatment: some elementary considerations

New innovative program in indigenous mental health

Collaboration: an artistic investigation of the complex dynamics inherent in the collaborative process

Optimised irrigation productivity and river health through pick and & mix strategies: catchment water cycle management, alternative cropping systems, real water savings and aquifer storage and recovery

Lead poisoning in Australia 1890-2007

Introduction to reading research

Supplier satisfaction within the Australian wine industry

Quo vadis: transplanting lives of South African women settling in Australia

The effect of oil palm fibers as reinforcement on tribological performance of polyester composite

On the effect of woven glass fabric orientations on wear and friction properties of polyester composite

Effect of water as lubricant on friction and wear properties of CGRP composite evaluated by POD and BOR techniques

Using wireless-enabled personal digital assistants (PDA) to access information and create communication patterns: constructing and transforming knowledge in a year seven classroom

Evaluation of glass fiber reinforced polyester composite for multi-pass abrasive wear applications

Tribological evaluations of polyester composites considering three orientations of CSM glass fibres using BOR machine

Music mime & metamorphosis: interdisciplinary intersections, interactions and influences between music, mime and corporate communication. Doctoral project 1 (of 3): Blind collaboration

Introduction to understanding the SOSE curriculum

Reasons for stopping breastfeeding: what are they, what characteristics relate to them, and are there underlying factors?

Identifying predictors of the reasons women give for choosing to breastfeed

Australian wines in China. Wine with lemonade: is the myth a reality?

We're here all week: public formation and the Brisbane Queer Film Festival

Dividend taxation, ownership structure and payout policy: evidence from India

A great show alone won't bring them back

Defining marketing orientation success through learning cultures

Beginning early childhood teachers: challenging personal constructs as 'teacher' through a critically reflective lens

Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales v Dederer: 20/20 hindsight or an accident waiting to happen? A timely opportunity to revisit and reappraise Shirt

White man speak with forked tongue

A mind-boggling, head-banging decision? Popular language policy discourses in East Timor

Weight estimation using image analysis and statistical modelling: a preliminary study

Elearning and NHS connecting for health: an overview

Meeting Flipper in the wild: managing swim with dolphin tourism in Australia

Water chemistry and ecotoxicity of an acid mine drainage-affected stream in subtropical China during a major flood event

Characterization of red mud derived from a combined Bayer process and bauxite calcination method

Exploring repurchase intention in a performing arts context: who comes? And why do they come back?

Predicting torque of worsted singles yarn using an efficient radial basis function network-based method

Resistance to ocular antibiotics: an overview

Information quality function deployment

Preface to [Information quality management: theory and applications]

Preface to [Global e-government: theory, applications and benchmarking]

Challenges of managing information quality in service organizations

Procedure for mapping information flow: a case of surgery management process

Preface to [Challenges of managing information quality in service organizations]

Characteristics of six cladocerans in relation to ecotoxicity testing

Marine wildlife tourism: education and conservation benefits

Indigenous ecotourism: conservation and resource rights

The dos and don’ts of mentoring: why mentoring works for women

Clarifying the link between social capital and MSME innovation performance: the role of absorptive capacity

Corporate governance in Bangladesh: an overview

Well water contaminated by acidic mine water from the Dabaoshan Mine, South China: chemistry and toxicity

Becoming a mum: conflict between the ideal mother and the self

Educating women: enabling or disabling – a case study

In the name of millions of women around the world

Pre-existing inflammatory state compromises heat tolerance in rats exposed to heat stress

Modeling the impact of historical land cover change on Australia's regional climate

Veterinary e-CPD: a new model for providing online continuing professional development for the veterinary profession

Profcasting - a pilot study and guidelines for integrating podcasts in a blended learning environment

Strain specific differences in parameters of energy balance are related to the onset of diet-induced obesity in young male mice

Auditing and assurance services in Australia: an integrated approach, 7th ed.

Water quality in Guangzhou Nansha Wetland Park and impacts by simulated acid rain

Factors affecting the nature and rate of dust production from natural dune sands

The impact of dividend reduction on shareholders wealth: evidence from Australia

The Health Care Team Challenge: extra-curricula engagement in inter-professional education (IPE)

Restructuring the multi-professional organization: professional identity and adjustment to change in a public hospital

An action research protocol to strengthen system-wide inter-professional learning and practice [LP0775514]

Understanding and valuing the economic, social and environmental components of System Harmonisation

Organisational behaviour: understanding people in healthcare organisations

80:20 for e-moderators

Observations through gendered lenses: experiences of managerial women

Planning for regions in Australia

Re-use and cyclic use of water saving in rice cultivation in gravity irrigation system of Philippines

Forecasting water trading prices in the Murray Darling Basin

Podcasting for learning

The re-historicisation and increased contextualisation of curriculum and its associated pedagogies

Big change question: are teachers' working rights pursued and/or achieved at the expense of students' learning rights?

The impact of diversity in Queensland classrooms on literacy teaching in changing times

Ontology mining for semantic interpretation of user information needs

Determining end user behaviours for wireless telecommunication services

Indigenous tourism

Language and identity in Timor-Leste

The tipping point

Shamans, sorcerers and saints: a prehistory of religion by Brian Hayden

Order aggressiveness of institutional and individual investors

Study of biodegradation of pure magnesium

Biology and zoology

The methodology of personal projects analysis: four modules and a funnel

Structural and functional characteristics of the promoter regions of the genes on human chromosome 22

Global e-government: theory, applications and benchmarking

Information quality management: theory and applications

Effect of exercise training on fibrinolytic function in individuals with peripheral arterial disease (abstract).

Engaging with images: understanding identity of beginning pre-service teachers and the impacts of pastoral care in a community of practice

Selling the new social studies in Australia: experiences, perceptions and challenges in the professional development of teachers in the 1970s and 1980s

The conceptual connections between intellectual capital, strategic human resource management and human resource management

Intellectual capital as a strategic tool for organising social services: a qualitative analysis of the Australian non-profit sector

Intellectual capital and external environment link in organisations

Retention of engineering and technical professionals in a state public transport organisation

The Situated Politics of Belonging by Nira Yuval-Davis, Kalpana Kannabiran and Ulrike Vieten

Perceptions of community HIV prevalence, own HIV infection, and condom use among teachers in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Assistive technologies for the frail elderly, chronic illness sufferers and people with disabilities - a case study of the development of a Smart Home

Measurement of hydraulic conductivity using a radioactive or activatable tracer

Internal solitons in the ocean and their effect on underwater sound

The resounding Enneagram: the seven note musical scale as a model of the universe

Women's vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in China: a case study for the engendering of human security discourse

Jurisdiction in International Litigation by Mary Keyes

An examination of the relationships of interaction, learner styles, and course content on student satisfaction and outcomes in online learning

Can Chinese and Indian IT service providers cooperate to compete?

Assessing the extent to which career development impacts employee commitment: a case study of the ICT industry in Hong Kong

Comparison between unipolar and bipolar single phase grid-connected inverters for PV applications

Mass nonviolent protest, Australia

Syntactic foams consolidated with starch: mixing behaviour for post-mould processing

Syntactic foams consolidated with starch: modelling for pre-mould processing

Novel syntactic foams made of ceramic hollow micro-spheres and starch: theory, structure and properties

Manufacture of syntactic foams: pre-mold processing

The future of family life for the working poor

Estimation of univariate normal mean using p-value

Test for intercept after pre-testing on slope - a robust method

Scales measuring characteristics of small businesses information systems

Marketing strategy, organisational strategy and organisational performance: a study of regional Queensland hospitals (poster)

Marketing strategy, organisational strategy and organisational performance: a study of Queensland’s hospitals

Mapping of adult plant resistance to net form of net blotch in three Australian barley populations

Magnesium thixotropic structure produced by controlled nucleation method

In-situ Si/Al composite produced by semisolid metal processing

The effect of pre-processing and grain structure on the bio-corrosion and fatigue resistance of magnesium alloy AZ31

Publishing Data Evidence to Support Educational Technology Claims

Networked Knowledge: Challenges for Teacher Education

Erlang B as a performance model for IP flows

Accounting for temporal inflow variation in the inverse solution for infiltration in surface irrigation

Experimental and CFD study of the effects of design parameters on Reynolds number in a short duration hypersonic test facility

New models for learning flexibility: negotiated choices for both academics and students

Time optimal and robust control of twin rotor system

Image classification using wavelet coefficients in low-pass bands

Managing social and intellectual capital: factors affecting the adoption and provision of online marketing of government services

Structural design optimization

Reactions and perceptions of healthcare professional towards wireless devices in healthcare environment in the developing world: a case of Pakistan

Degree of site suitability measurement in a GIS: the effect of standardisation method

Observed data based estimator and both observed data and prior information based estimator under asymmetric losses

The effect of LiDAR data density on DEM accuracy

LiDAR-derived high quality ground control information and DEM for image orthorectification

Clinical usefulness is the key common determinant of adoption of wireless technology in healthcare for India and Australia

Data Quality: Concepts, Methodologies and Techniques by C. Batini and M. Scannapieco

The soft side of supply chain management: the importance of trust

My career chapter: guidance counsellors' appraisal of its suitability for adolescents

Activity based costing implementation success in Australia

An improved error estimation algorithm for stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation systems

Finding and mending potholes in the laneways connecting higher education institutions with their part-time e-tutors: Virtual learning communities fostering organisational learning

Reading and the digital revolution

Transforming learning with ICT: making IT happen!

Re-evaluating land use choices to incorporate carbon values: a case study in the South Burnett region of Queensland, Australia

The education of gypsy and traveller children: towards inclusion and educational achievement. Stoke on Trent by C. O'Hanlon and P. Holmes

Scholars in the field: the challenges of migrant education by C. Salinas and M. E. Fránquiz

Image management for women with chronic illness in the various aspects of life

Bridging the IS academic-practitioner relationship divide: a review, a theoretical framework, and an example of interaction

Implementing centralised IT service management: drawing lessons from the public sector

SME adoption of e-Commerce in the Central Okanagan region of Canada

A web site sophistication model based on value-added technology solutions and services

Simple sequence repeat markers associated with three quantitative trait loci for black point resistance can be used to enrich selection populations in bread wheat

The Unstated

Introducing wine science in the high school curriculum: a teacher's workshop

Capacity analysis of MIMO-OFDM broadband channels in populated indoor environments

'This is our campus!' - student perspectives of their 1st year experience at a new university campus

The style files: use the most informative synonym

Learning flexibility: the environment and a case study

Climate change messages and strategies by Australian NGOs

Australian small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs): a study of high performance management practices

Canadian high technology firms' key performance management processes: regional case studies

Exploring elements for creating an online community of learners within a distance education course at the University of Southern Queensland

Use of music interventions with elite athletes

Ill-disciplined (bodies of thought)

Child work and schooling in Bangladesh: the role of birth order

Information quality factors affecting innovation process

New data integration workflow design for e-learning

Further advances in orchid mycorrhizal research

Preface [to the 2005 Australian Structural Engineering Conference (ASEC) issue of Australian Journal of Structural Engineering]

Narrative career counselling: theory and exemplars of practice

Micrographs of fractured vinyl ester composites

Scattered UV radiation, shade structures and Vitamin D

Pterostylis nutans (Orchidaceae) has a specific association with two ceratobasidium root-associated fungi across its range in eastern Australia

Dialogical self: author and narrator of career life themes

Quantitative analysis of ternary vapor mixtures using a microcantilever-based electronic nose

Anthropogenic aerosol forcing and the structure of temperature trends in the southern Indian Ocean

Articulation pathways to surveying and spatial information qualifications

Developing a national design competition through collaborative partnerships

The third transformation of Lao industrial relations

Analysis of spacing for spotted gum plantations for maximising merchantable logs' volume in South East Queensland, Australia

Combining the latest technologies with traditional learning and teaching methods

An emotion recognition system and method

Still one size does not fit all: even using a multimodal approach to teaching a core communications course

An index of depth of anaesthesia based on wavelet analysis of middle latency auditory evoked potentials

Accurately monitoring the depth of anaesthesia using an intelligent method

Monitoring depth of anaesthesia using auditory evoked potential and bispectrum

Networked PID control system modeling and simulation using Markov chain

The style files: write what you mean

General tooth boundary conditions for equation free modeling

Comprehensive analysis of prokaryotic mechanosensation genes: their characteristics in codon usage

Wheat flour protein content and water absorption analysis in a doubled haploid population

A fast algorithm for finding correlation clusters in noise data

The style files: appearance affects communication; but not necessarily as you like

Medical students and rural general practitioners: congruent views on reality of recruitment into rural medicine

The causative factors of Bangladesh's exports: evidence from the Gravity Model Analysis

Prediction of stormwater particle loads from impervious urban surfaces based on a rainfall detachment index

The web portal as a collaborative tool

Business cycle dynamics with duration dependence and leading indicators

An integrated approach to preparing, publishing, presenting and preserving theses

Convective and absolute instabilities in non-Boussinesq mixed convection

Age and redintegration in immediate memory and their relationship to task difficulty

Ontological evaluation of business models: comparing traditional and component-based paradigms in information systems re-engineering

Multidecadal variability in the transmission of ENSO signals to the Indian Ocean

A system employing peer review and enhanced computer assisted assessment of querying skills

Digital identity design and privacy preservation for e-learning

Looking at literacy learners: making sense of observations


K S Maniam (1942-)

Strength of concrete-filled steel box columns with buckling effects

Tungsten fibre reinforced Zr-based bulk metallic glass composites

Alert and alarmed: the National Security Information Act (Cth) 2004

Extending Knowledge in Practice: Primary ICT by John Duffty

The style files: omit redundant words

Virtual reality and 3D animation technologies in teaching quantitative subjects

University graduates' quantitative skills and industries' needs

Four new exoplanets and hints of additional substellar companions to exoplanet host stars

New planets around three G Dwarfs

Closure to 'Strength analysis of steel-concrete composite beams in combined bending and shear' by Qing Quan Liang, Brian Uy, Mark A. Bradford and Hamid R. Ronagh

Does computer confidence relate to levels of achievement in ICT-enriched learning models?

IT without tears

Local buckling of steel plates in concrete-filled thin-walled steel tubular beam-columns

Utilising polyphenylene oxide for long term solar UVA dosimetry

Printed circuit board recycling in Australia

The environmental impact of disposable versus re-chargeable batteries for consumer use

The relationship between organisational structure and marketing success: an analysis of Australian Rules Football clubs

Word length effects in long-term memory

IT culture: its impact on communication and work relationships in business

Rural men and mental health: Their experiences and how they managed

A strengthening system: international patent for innovative structural strengthening using externally prestressed fibre wraps

Mining world knowledge for analysis of search engine content

Native title rights and ecotourism on Aboriginal lands

Critical competencies required for the role of the modern CIO

Metro Arts, Brisbane - solo exhibition 2007

SNO gallery Sydney 2007 solo exhibition

Abstraction/Architecture/space: group exhibition

Online Education: Issues and Research Questions

Australian Contemporary Non-Objective group exhibition in Germany

En Trace

Discovering Brecht

Direct action protest, Australia

Negotiating the university research culture: collaborative voices of new academics

Storytelling as a means of reflecting on the lived experience of making curriculum in teacher education

The adventures of Miranda in the brave new world: learning in a Web 2.0 millennium

Individual perseverance: a theory of home tutors' management of schooling in isolated settings

Evaluating the work of academic developers: a case study from the University of New England

Queensland Smart Home initiatives homecare telemedicine

Innovative all composite multi-pultrusion truss systems: FE modelling and behavioural issues

Dr Mandi's 9 easy steps to romantic bliss

The wild swans

St John Passion

Organ Recording, St Luke's Church Toowoomba

Conceptualisations of cultural identity in the Cronulla riots debate: one concept, four theorists, one text

Assessing the joint - biotoxicity of the different levels of phosporus on heavy metals in water by the phototactic behavior of Daphnia

Physicochemical characteristics and biotoxicity of water-soluble acid mine wastes from the Dabaoshan mining district


Feasibility of Box Creek salinity management to achieve salinity benefits for the Murray River

Indigenous wildlife interpretation at Australian zoos and wildlife parks

Charting new horizons in procedural fairness and substantive fairness in individual employment law

The constitutional right to livelihood as a developing field in Malaysian labour jurisprudence

Volatility in the overnight money-market rate in Bangladesh: recent experiences

Volatility in the call money rate and efficacy of monetary policy operations in Bangladesh

AUMLA: Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association

Relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory curriculum design: perspectives from theory and practice for middle schooling in Australia

Civil liberties advocacy organizations in Canada: a survey and critique

Development of EnergyCalc - a tool to assess cotton on-farm energy uses

Machine vision for animal identification

The effect of emotions on an individual's decision to accept organizational change following a merger

Complexity and project managers' competencies

Integrating project, program, portfolio, asset and corporate management

Using strategic asset management as an infrastructure strategy tool

Bat fat: body composition analysis by total body electrical conductivity in northern long-eared bats

Constitutional identities in a liquid society

Identities made in the kitchen taste the best: consumption and denial of Italian Australian ethnicity as food in Capaldo's Love takes you home

Administrative law in Australia

Australian constitutional law: commentary and cases

Homeschooling: challenging traditional views of public education

Dis/articulating bellies: a reproductive glance

Writing, with, t/error. and calling on the body of an artist

Glowarm Traders manual accounting practice set

Effect of surface traction on the shakedown limits under moving surface loads

Rehabilitation reintegration denied? A critical analysis of juvenile justice system in Nepal

Promoting professional identity development: community capacity building in early childhood education across the local context

Shakespeare in the Park: Macbeth

The motivational effects of thinking and worrying about the effects of smoking cigarettes

A simulation based comparative study of normalization procedures in multiattribute decision making

Algorithms for core stability, core largeness, exactness, and extendability of flow games

Ontology mining for personalized web information gathering

Using information filtering in web data mining process

Rethinking Michael Field: The case for the Bodleian letters

Nurturing gen Y women


Unfinished business: the impact of single nurse clinics on the delivery of Primary Health Care in remote communities

An investigation on tensile, compression and flexural properties of natural fibre reinforced polyester composites

A two-dimensional hydrodynamic model for flood inundation simulation: a case study in the lower Mekong river basin

Sequential pattern mining and nonmonotonic reasoning for intelligent information agents

Effect of inclined angle on discharge coefficient of the discrete holes in curved wall

Study of overall cooling effectiveness of discrete holes with different angles to concave wall

Filtering and sophisticated data processing for web information gathering

Integration of information filtering and data mining process for web information retrieval

Towards context-sensitive domain ontology extraction

Sunny Bay MYOB accounting plus v 16 practice set

Tomass tanks MYOB v 16 accounting practice set

Lazydaze feedlot - decisions using MYOB accounting plus v16

Structural and functional evolution of the TLR genes: a cross-species phylogenetic study and comparison with human oncogenes

Services marketing

Overview of reconstruction and redevelopment of key infrastructure facilities in Galle, Sri Lanka

Needed: 21st century educational leaders for 21st century challenges

Singing! Dancing! and Service!: a great show needs service for them to come back

Managing complexity in the service exchange: relationships the customer, the employee and the complex encounter

Knowledge Management for NFPS: linking the customer and the employee through the management of knowledge

Consumer behaviour: implications for marketing strategy, 5th ed.

Technology in a sustainable world [Keynote address]

Learning in groups: a handbook for face-to-face and online environments

Short duration rainfall estimation of Sylhet: IMD and USWB method

Sustainable approach of solid waste management of small urban area: case for Habiganj municipality in Bangladesh

Properties and performance of A-site deficient (Ba0.5Sr0.5)1−xCo0.8Fe0.2O3−δ for oxygen permeating membrane

Automatic unhulled rice grain crack detection by X-ray imaging

Analysis on the exception clauses of CERCLA: with referential experience for China's legislation

Study on latest issues of Environmental Law in Europe and America

Developing and delivering computer-based CBT for anxiety disorders in young people

Effects of '10,000 steps Ghent': a whole-community intervention

Pedometer-determined physical activity and its comparison with the International Physical Activity Questionnaire in a sample of Belgian adults

When research goes pear-shaped: report and reflections on a failed study of exercise and manual therapies for rheumatoid arthritis

Blending process with product: using assessment to drive learning through the creation of an online journal

The practitioner’s experience and conception of evidence based library and information practice: an exploratory analysis

Cultural change and the decline of rural towns

Phlebitis associated with peripheral intravenous catheters [Letter to the Editor]

Preoperative bathing or showering with skin antiseptics to prevent surgical site infection [Review]

Developing a research base for intravenous peripheral cannula re-sites (DRIP trial). A randomised controlled trial of hospital in-patients

Challenging endoscopy reprocessing guidelines: a prospective study investigating the safe shelf life of flexible endoscopes in a tertiary gastroenterology unit

Interdecadal Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. Part I: The Role of Off-Equatorial Wind Stresses and Oceanic Rossby Waves

Temperature variability in a changing climate

Weakening of the Walker Circulation and apparent dominance of El Nino both reach record levels, but has ENSO really changed?

Modelling secondary organic aerosol formation: from chemical mechanistic modelling to empirical modelling

The density of a protein crystal

Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Understanding and attributing climate change

Modelling stiffness of polymer/clay nanocomposites

Analysis of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices by the meshless point weighted least-squares method

Mainstreaming education for sustainable development in initial teacher education in Australia: a review of existing professional development models

Cold colonies: Antarctic spatialities at Mawson and McMurdo stations

Mawson and Mirnyy Stations: the spatiality of the Australian Antarctic Territory, 1954-61

Practical adaptation to climate change in regional natural resource management: Queensland Case Studies – South East Queensland Western Catchments Report

Practical adaptation to climate change in regional natural resource management: Queensland Case Studies – Queensland Murray Darling Basin Report

Practical adaptation to climate change in regional natural resource management: Queensland Case Studies – Desert Channels Queensland Report

Practical Adaptation to Climate Change in Regional Natural Resource Management: Queensland Case Studies – Fitzroy Basin Report – Part B

Climate Change Impacts on the Sediment Load for the Nogoa Catchment of the Fitzroy Basin

Climate Change Impacts on the Water Resources of the Cooper Creek Catchment

Teamwork Protocol : Enhancing Transition at QUT : A Student Centred Approach to Learning

Developing Team Work Assessment: Satisfying Solutions for the Real-World

Finite Element Modelling Epoxy/Clay Nanocomposites

A pseudo-elastic local meshless method for analysis of material nonlinear problems in solids

A meshless local Kriging method for large deformation analyses

Mechanisms and strategies to evaluate your teaching at university

Course evidence matrix: a collaborative evaluation using multiple lines of evidence

Evaluation of the quality of diverse teaching practice in higher education research methods

Feral goats in Australia: A study on the quality and nutritive value of their meat

Field evaluation of supplementary feed and water for the northern hairy-nosed wombat, Lasiorhinus krefftii

Development of a prolonged estrus effect for use in Judas goats