Attitudes of Australian nurses to information technology in the workplace: A national survey

Barriers to use of information and computer technology by Australia's nurses: a national survey

Information technology governance and service management: frameworks and adaptations

Measuring return on investment from implementing ITIL: a review of the literature

Improving ICT governance: a radical restructure using CobiT and ITIL

Acute malnutrition in Bangladeshi children: levels and determinants

Models of management consulting: a survey

Information systems research methods, epistemology, and applications

Design science: a case study in information systems re-engineering

Electronic data interchange (EDI) adoption: a study of SMEs in Singapore

An analysis-form of soft systems methodology for information systems maintenance

Investigating the structural validity of Ryff's psychological well-being scales across two samples

Legal studies in action 2: Queensland

An experimental evaluation of shock wave strength and peak pressure in a conventional shock tube and a free-piston compressor

Preparation of chitosan/polyglutamic acid spheres based on the use of polystyrene template as a nonviral gene carrier

Nanoscale particles for polymer degradation and stabilization—Trends and future perspectives

Cell proliferation and controlled drug release studies of nanohybrids based on chitosan-g-lactic acid and montmorillonite

Single Step Synthesis and Properties of M/MFe2O4 and PVDF/M/MFe2O4 (M = Co, Ni) Magnetic Nanocomposites

Effect of γ-dose rate on crystallinity and morphological changes of γ-sterilized biomedical polypropylene

Functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with cysteamine for the construction of CNT/gold nanoparticle hybrid nanostructures

Surface functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with poly(3,4-propylenedioxythiophene) and preparation of its random copolymers: New hybrid materials

Novel amino-acid-based polymer/multi-walled carbon nanotube bio-nanocomposites: Highly water dispersible carbon nanotubes decorated with gold nanoparticles

Architectures of bilayered gold nanoparticles on UV cross-linked poly(4-vinylpyridine) thin films

Obstructive sleep apnea management with interactive computer technology and nutrition: Two case reports

Pepper soup as an antioxidant nutrition therapy

Laboratory evaluations to optimize outcomes of antioxidant nutrition therapy in diabetes management

Whole blood viscosity determination in diabetes management: perspective in practice

Coagulase-negative Staphylococcus bacteraemia evaluation: lack of clinical information and prevalence of methicillin resistance

Computer diagnosis in cardiology: oxidative stress hypothesis

Migraine can be managed with Virtual Scanning: case report

Atherothrombosis and oxidative stress: The connection and correlation in diabetes

Management of stress and stress-related diseases: Emerging computer-based technologies and the rationale for clinical laboratory assessment

Cardiovascular risk assessment in prediabetes: A hypothesis

Alcohol as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Undergraduate drinking and academic performance: a prospective investigation with objective measures

How well do IPCC-AR4 models simulate Australian rainfall teleconnections during two-consecutive positive Indian Ocean dipole events?

Are declining river inflows linked to rising temperatures? A perspective from the Murray-Darling Basin

Methods of assessing the performance of IPCC-AR4 models in simulating Australian rainfall teleconnections with Indo-Pacific climate drivers

How rare are the 2006-2008 positive Indian Ocean Dipole events? An IPCC AR4 climate model perspective

Rainfall teleconnections with indo-pacific variability in the WCRP CMIP3 models

Climate change contributes to more frequent consecutive positive Indian Ocean Dipole events

Argo profiles a rare occurrence of three consecutive positive Indian Ocean Dipole events, 2006-2008

Recent unprecedented skewness towards positive Indian Ocean Dipole occurrences and its impact on Australian rainfall

Positive Indian Ocean Dipole events precondition southeast Australia bushfires

Rising temperature depletes soil moisture and exacerbates severe drought conditions across southeast Australia

La Niña Modoki impacts Australia autumn rainfall variability

Utilising leaf number as an indicator for defoliation to restrict stem growth in rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) cv. Callide

Water deficit alters canopy structure but not photosynthesis in regrowing alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Assessment Focus in Studio: What is Most Prominent in Architecture, Art and Design?

The Theory and Practice of Teaching with Technology in Today's Colleges and Universities

Disinhibition and reward sensitivity in relation to alcohol consumption by university undergraduates

Child labour and supply chain: Profitability or (mis)management

MRI and Outflows: Angular Momentum Transport in Protoplanetary Disks

Virtual Invisible Disk Design for Information System Security

Confectionery Gels: A Review on Formulation, Rheological and Structural Aspects

Moodle and the institutional repositioning of learning and teaching at CQ university

Blended spaces, work based learning and constructive alignment: Impacts on student engagement

Determinants of non-adherence to subsidized anti-retroviral treatment in southeast Nigeria

Crew Resource Management

Is community-based health insurance an equitable strategy for paying for healthcare? Experiences from southeast Nigeria

Are there geographic and socio-economic differences in incidence, burden and prevention of malaria? A study in southeast Nigeria

Justice and reconciliation in the aftermath of the civil war in Gorongosa, Mozambique Central

Operationalising first year curriculum principles

A holistic approach to the support and engagement of first year students: a retention strategy

Real world curriculum design for a changing workplace

Teamwork resources to support students and teachers at QUT

Key organizational elements for effective information and knowledge management

The evolution of a community of practice at the Queensland University of Technology for lecturers involved in large first year units

Wind-driving protostellar accretion discs – I. Formulation and parameter constraints

Increases in corticospinal responsiveness during a sustained submaximal plantar flexion

Chiropractic & Osteopathy

Evidence of Effectiveness of Herbal Medicinal Products in the Treatment of Arthritis Part 2: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Evidence of Effectiveness of Herbal Medicinal Products in the Treatment of Arthritis Part 1: Osteoarthritis

A systematic review on the effectiveness of willow bark for musculoskeletal pain

Are nurses using best practice in tracheal suctioning of artificial airways?

Flame retardant mechanism of organo-bentonite in polypropylene

Synthesis of a novel oligomeric intumescent flame retardant and its application in polypropylene

Fabrication of fullerene (C60) decorated carbon nanotubes and their application in flame-retarding polypropylene

Effects of reactive compatibilization on the morphological, thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of intumescent flame retarded polypropylene

Fabrication of dendrimer-like fullerene (C60) decorated oligomeric intumescent flame retardant for reducing the thermal oxidation and flammability of polypropylene nanocomposites

Surface-initiated graft polymerization on multiwalled carbon nanotubes pretreated by corona discharge at atmospheric pressure

Multiple subscription subscriber identity module (SIM) card

Project report: To understand a comprehensive research project which investigates the stakeholders, opportunities and key entry points for increasing physical activity participation in Rural Communities in Queensland

Geodisability knowledge: watching for global north impositions

Data from a semi-structured interviews with five Australian businesses investigating Internet payment systems

Results from a survey of members of the IT Service Management Forum of Australia to measure the performance of service orientated IT management

An accuracy assessment of a GPS- enabled digital camera

Investigation into the controversial association of Streptococcus gallolyticus with colorectal cancer and adenoma

Pneumococcal histidine triad proteins are regulated by the Zn2+-dependent repressor AdcR and inhibit complement deposition through the recruitment of complement factor H

The Thursdays as they live: Christian religious transformation and gender relations in postwar Mozambique

Agricultural cycle and the prevalence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: a longitudinal community study in postwar Mozambique

Methodology for a think tank: the future of military and veterans' health

Limits of multi-frame image enhancement: a case of super-resolution

The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Final redshift release (DR3) and southern large-scale structures

Modelling of water and solutes in permanent raised beds

Temporal variations of groundwater arsenic concentrations in southwest Bangladesh

Jurisprudence of National Identity by Nan Seuffert

Constitutional Dilemmas: Conflicts of Fundamental Legal Rights in Europe and the USA by Lorenzo Zucca

Public Law and Politics by Emilios Christodoulidis and Stephen Tierney (eds)

Bureaucrats and bleeding hearts: Indigenous health in Northern Australia by Tess Lea


Introducing Jass Easterman: my 'Second Life' learning space

Uncertainty on application of bi-linear approximation to tension softening material near creep rupture region

An overview on manufacturing and properties of syntactic foams made of ceramic hollow microspheres and starch

Education for IT service management standards

Transforming the practice of mobile learning: promoting pedagogical innovation through educational principles and strategies that work

Working collaboratively on the digital global frontier

Addressing Lather's concerns: practicing in research endeavours what is preached in theoretical formulations

Futures in mechanics of structures and materials: proceedings of the 20th Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM20), Toowoomba, Australia, 2-5 December 2008

Segmentation: a tourism stakeholder view

Prediction distribution of generalized geometric series distribution and its different forms

Virtual spaces for teaching and learning

IT service departments struggle to adopt a service-oriented philosophy

A study of the diffusion of asset prices: the determinants of asset price diffusion and a practical model of asset price diffusion for use in portfolio management

Greenhouse gas emissions from rice farming inputs: a cross-country assessment

Understanding workplace bullying in early childhood education contexts: safeguard the workplace to address burnout and stress

Choice of early childhood education: hearing the voices of parents

The heroic/shameful role of labour: mythology in the making of White Australia

Chaucer's Monk's Tale and Nun's Priest's Tale: an annotated bibliography 1900 to 2000

A conceptual model of employee self reported rationale for engaging in deviant acts

Screen media: analysing film and television

A study on student and staff awareness, acceptance and usage of e-books at two Queensland universities

Diesel engine performance and exhaust emission analysis using waste cooking biodiesel fuel with an artificial neural network

itSMF Australia 2008 Conference: summary of ITSM standards and frameworks survey responses

Direct radiation from wildfires through square woven screens

Adaptive immune response-modifying and antimicrobial properties of Andrographis paniculata and andrographolide

Scrutinizing performance of ad hoc routing protocols on wireless sensor networks

Future of renewable energies in Iran

Diesterol: an environment-friendly IC engine fuel

Experimental investigation of using methanol-diesel blended fuels in diesel engine

Performance and exhaust emissions of a gasoline engine with ethanol blended gasoline fuels using artificial neural network

Diesel engine optimization for electric hybrid vehicles

Teaching and assessing programming strategies explicitly

Identifying exemplary science teachers through students' perceptions of their learning environment

Improving efficiency and scalability of service network graph by re-routing service routes

Facing up to the challenge: why is it so hard to develop graduate attributes?

Potential of bioethanol production from agricultural wastes in Iran

Interaction, learner styles, and content in online courses: implications for teacher preparation

Altered geometry: a new angle on teacher technophobia

Performance analysis of a Poisson-Pareto queue over the full range of system parameters

Foreword [to Business web strategy: design, alignment and application]

Preface [to Business web strategy: design, alignment and application]

The role of government in e-business adoption

An exploratory study on the use of information sources by consumers to select Australian regional travel agencies

ICE-theorem - end to end semantically aware eResearch infrastructure for theses

Influence of cloud and solar zenith angle on the diffuse solar erythemal UV short wavelength cut-offs and maximum spectral irradiance wavelengths

Impact of climate variability on the circulation of an East-Australian bay

Solar ultraviolet protection provided by human head hair

The Fascinator: a lightweight, modular contribution to the Fedora-commons world

The Fascinator, flexible repository services

Career development learning and work-integrated learning practices in Australian universities

Language maintenance and identity among Sudanese-Australian refugee-background youth

Just what is the significance of communication in emergency management? An attempt to find empirical evidence by content analysis of reviews and debriefs of Australian emergency incidents and exercises

Bringing academics on board: encouraging institution-wide diffusion of e-learning environments

Advancing e-learning policy and practice: influences on academics' adoption, integration and development of multimodal e-learning courses

Dosimeter for the measurement of plant damaging solar UV exposures

The regulation of electoral financing

Human rights in Australia: looking forward, looking back

A sense of being Italian: the value of family history

Sharing the journey of facilitator and learner: online pedagogy in practice

An assessment of relationships between the Australian subtropical ridge, rainfall variability, and high-latitude circulation patterns

A socio-demographic profile of visitors to the South Pacific outer islands of Vanuatu

PowerPoint with audio: a breeze to enhance the student learning experience

Excise taxation in the Australian federation: a legal and economic perspective

Farm advisors' reflections on mental health first aid training

Talking theatre is more than a test drive: two audience development methodologies under review

Still putting in: measuring the economic and social contributions of older Australians

Analysis of instability patterns in non-Boussinesq mixed convection using a direct numerical evaluation of disturbance integrals

Career development learning: maximising the contribution of work-integrated learning to the student experience. Final project report June 2009

Applying modern portfolio theory to the analysis of terrorism: computing the set of attack method combinations from which the rational terrorist group will choose in order to maximise injuries and fatalities

Self managed superannuation funds and the bear market of 2007-2008

Star struck: fandom and the discourse of celebrity

Genre: something new based on something familiar

Optimal tolerance regions for future regression vector and residual sum of squares of multiple regression model with multivariate spherically contoured errors

Learning approaches, personality and concepts of knowledge of first-year students: mature-age versus school leaver

Reuse of laundry greywater as affected by its interaction with saturated soil

Financial literacy test

Building SDI bridges for catchment management

Accounting approaches for valuing forest non-market carbon, soil and medicinal outputs changes in developing countries

Catching them is one thing, keeping them is something else: reflections on teaching first year university students

Stability of plane Poiseuille-Couette flows of a piezo-viscous fluid

Can self-managed superannuation fund trustees earn the equity risk premium?

Mapping knowledge flows in virtual teams with SNA

Bird assemblages in fragmented agricultural landscapes: the role of small brigalow remnants and adjacent land uses

Energy and water tradeoffs in enhancing food security: a selective international assessment

A house divided: the Griffin Family of Whiteside and frontier conflict in the 1840s

The multicultural nation in New Zealand cinema: production-text-reception

Music teachers Oz online: a new approach to school-university collaboration in teacher education

Facilitating learning through intellectual capital in social service nonprofit organizations

The energy inefficiency of office computing and potential emerging technology solutions

Are 'magnet' principles relevant in an Australian setting?

Are benchmark asset allocations for Australian private investors optimal?

They are, he is, and I am: different adjustment accounts of two male Saudi Arabian nursing students at an Australian university

The effect of social conflict on tyrosine hydroxylase phosphorylation in catecholamine-producing cells from sprague-dawley rats

How does national culture affect citizens’ rights of access to personal health information and informed consent?


Staff perceptions of an alternative educational model for at risk adolescents in Queensland

Improving the career literacy of Australian students

Career development practice: facilitating work-integrated learning in higher education

Career development, management, and planning from the vocational psychology perspective

Outlying subspace detection for high-dimensional data

Child health and the income gradient: evidence from Australia

Options for the doctrine of Crown immunity in 21st century Australia

Predicting employees' commitment to and support for organisational change

Corporate governance, sustainability and the assessment of default risk

The Aussie battler personified: why everyone loves Kenny

Harvesting techniques and market analysis of selected NTFPs in Nepal

The effects of China's airline mergers on prices

Policy implications of the effects of concentration and multimarket contact in China's airline market

Flow instability in shock tube due to shock wave-boundary layer-contact surface interactions, a numerical study

Adhesive wear and frictional behaviour of multilayered polyester composite based on betelnut fiber mats under wet contact conditions

Parallel leadership: changing landscapes for principals

Teaching programming strategies explicitly to novice programmers: can the way we teach strategies improve novice outcomes?

Service re-routing for service network graph: efficiency, scalability and implementation

Efficient information propagation in service routing for next generation network

Dynamic behaviour of damaged reinforced concrete beams and application of white noise analysis to crack detection

What makes students happy? Factors influencing student engagement using student evaluation data

Enhancing the knowledge and skills of advisory and extension agents in mental health issues of farmers

Restitution and equity: a comparison of principle

Higher order reasoning produced in proof construction: how well do secondary school students explain and write mathematical proofs?

Working visually in community identity ethnography

Problem-based learning (PBL) in virtual space: developing experiences for professional development

The road less travelled: leadership and engagement of learners in a collaborative learning environment

Visible whiteness: coming to terms with white racial identities

Some implications of the psychological experience of unemployment

Interaction, learner styles, and content in online courses: implications for teacher preparation

Strategies for success: a toolbox of coming strategies used by breastfeeding women

Using graduate attributes as a curriculum design tool

The power of connection: sharing epistemological approaches to reach beyond knowledge and skill acquisition in an Australian higher education context

TELL us all about it: establishment of a Technology Enhanced Learning Laboratory

The representation of female athletes in online images of successive Olympic Games (republished)

Preface [to Information systems research methods, epistemology, and applications]

Preface [to Information technology governance and service management: frameworks and adaptations]

Are larger self managed superannuation funds riskier?

A preliminary analysis of learning processes for innovation in member-serving nonprofit organizations: the role of governance structure and its elements - shared knowledge, decision making and benefit sharing

When we are at uni our minds are at home: Saudi students worrying about wives

FlowRecommender: a workflow recommendation technique for process provenance

Itinerant farm workers' children in Australia: learning from the experiences of one family

Australian 'bikie' laws in the absence of an express Bill of Rights

Does maternity leave affect child health? Evidence from parental leave in Australia survey

Chronic conditions and child health: does income mediate?

The impact of child health on schooling: evidence from Bangladesh

Child health and the income gradient in Australia: the role of chronic conditions

A radical approach to accounting education: educating the whole person as a response to the business crises of tomorrow

Voices in the dust

Exploratory study to investigate the applicability of existing digital stethoscopes in a telehealth setting

Trialling wireless handheld devices in a clinical setting: a Queensland case study

Exploratory study to understand the phenomena of adoption of wireless handheld devices in the Australian healthcare system

Study to investigate the determinants for the use of wireless technology in healthcare setting: a case of Pakistan

Identifying system characteristics for development of a sustainability management accounting information system: towards a conceptual design for the manufacturing industry

Brainmatics: can hand-held technologies ameliorate the early onset of dementia? - a model for a longitudinal investigation of prediagnosed but potentially susceptible dementia suffers

Going for 100% digital teaching and learning environment in accounting: the agony and the ecstasy

The moderating effect of switching costs on the customer satisfaction-retention link: retail internet banking service in Hong Kong

Click go the students, click-click-click: the efficacy of a student response system for engaging students to improve feedback and performance

Sharing communication network resources for a user-controlled electrical energy consumption

Potential of solar energy contribution in Queensland

Enhancing the knowledge and skills of advisory and extension agents in mental health issues of farmers

Necessity breeds innovation: GPs help prevent an emergency department closure

Bachelor of Nursing program enrolment sessions for newly arrived international students

The relationship between psychological strengths and health of people over 65 years living in the community with minimal community support services

Transitions to first year engineering - diversity as an asset

Transitioning into university: 'interrupted' first year students problem-solving their way into study

The determinants of Bangladesh's imports: a gravity model analysis under panel data

The determinants of economic growth in Pakistan: does stock market development play a major role?

Evaluating the impact of ponds in sustaining crop production: a case of Zhanghe irrigation system in China

Australia's global trade potential: evidence from the gravity model analysis

Examining economies of scale and cost-benefit of small multi-purpose storage ponds in the Zhanghe irrigation system, China

The Abu Sayyaf in the Archipelago: discrediting Islam. abetting USA foreign policy

The Abu Sayyaf: terrorism in Sulu Province, Republic of Philippines or a convenient presence?

The relationship between psychological strengths and health of people over 65 years living in the community with minimal community support services

A spatial analysis of Greater Bilby (Macrotis Lagotis) habitat in south-west Queensland

Volunteered geographic information for building SDI

An intellectual capital perspective of human resource strategies and practices

The potential of citizen volunteered spatial information for building SDI

Local government and SDI - understanding their capacity to share data

Regional SDIs in Australia

Empirical functions for dependent variables in cutback furrow irrigation

Assessment on activated sludge models for acetate biodegradation under aerobic conditions

The relationships between personality, learning approaches, satisfaction with student support services, and academic success

Career development learning and work-integrated learning: towards a self pedagogy

Structural change in the music industry: a Marxist critique of public statements made by members of Metallica during the lawsuit against Napster

Institutional investors, political connection and audit quality in Malaysia

Developing research supervisors: breaking down internal barriers and drawing on resources from the Australasian academic community

Integrated autonomy: a modelling-based investigation of agrifood supply chain performance

Planning for a sustainable academic future

Project sustainability management and technology

Information flow perspective for capturing the impact of corporate environmental performance on the cost of debt

Assessing risks of returning mined land to grazing in the Bowen Basin of central Queensland, Australia

Neutrality of a dividend imputation system under the Modigliani-Miller proposition

Modeling volatility in foreign currency option pricing

Mere mortals creating worlds: low threshold 3D virtual environments for learning

The country of unspoken feeling: an interview with Jean Kent

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 18, No. 3

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 18, No. 2

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 18, No. 1

Audit committees and earnings quality

Do rumours contribute to knowledge management - and will we ever know?

Introduction to special issue [of Information Systems Management] on ICT governance, strategic alignment and service management

Justifications, strategies, and critical success factors in successful ITIL implementations in U.S. and Australian companies: an exploratory study

Fluid flow between active elastic plates

Prediction of soil exchangeable sodium percentage based on soil sodium adsorption ratio

Matching research methodology with Australian indigenous culture

Female adoptees' perceptions of contact with their birth fathers: satisfactions and dissatisfactions with the process

Phase equation with nonlinear excitation for nonlocally coupled oscillators

Low-dimensional boundary-layer model of turbulent dispersion in a channel

Good to go? The human dimensions of mission readiness

Virtual teamwork and PBL - barriers to participation and learning

Leadership: the key to meaning and resilience on deployment?

Modelling the interactions among factors that influence successful computerisation of small businesses

Characterisation of the micro-tube emitters used in a novel micro-sprinkler

Suspended particle characteristics in storm runoff from urban impervious surfaces in Toowoomba, Australia

Empirical examination of mobile ad hoc routing protocols on wireless sensor networks

Resilience of temporary wetlands in production landscapes and potential impacts of climate change

The motion of a cylindrical body in a stratified fluid under the action of a radiation force

Investigating the impact of four proxies of agency costs on dividend policy in the context of listed companies of small island economies: a case study of Mauritius

Application level replication in Joomla! using graphs

Racial biases in recruitment by accounting firms: the case of international Chinese applicants in Australia

Accounting professionalization amidst alternating politico-economic order of Ethiopia

Joopal and Drumla: not your usual mashup

This is England: punk rock's realist/idealist dialectic and its implications for critical accounting education

Closing the loop: a case study of a post-evaluation strategy

Mathematical modeling of the fracture toughness of phenol formaldehyde composites reinforced with E-spheres

Performance of rice on a coarse sandy loam soil in response to water-saving irrigation practices in lowland eastern Indonesia

FYI (First Year Infusion): a vaccine for the first year plague in a regional university

The Flagstone experience: universities building stronger links to rural education communities through technological creativity

eProblem-based learning: problem-based learning using virtual teams

Arrests in a cold climate (Part 2) - shaping hot pursuit through state practice

HIV/AIDS in private sector companies: cost impacts and responses in southern Africa


Facilitate this

Escape alive

A hanging, a hostage drama and several homicides: why sovereignty in 1859 is problematic

Review of: Helping doctoral students write: pedagogies for supervisio

Self-adapting cyclic delay diversity system

Pulse shaping in MIMO COFDM over Rayleigh fading channels

Use of wireless tablet PCs as an effective learning and teaching enhancement tool

Automated vehicle classification system for AUSTROADS standard based upon laser sensor technology

2009 Enabling Pathways: Proceedings of the 3rd National Conference of Enabling Educators

Creating international partnerships: rethinking attitudes towards establishing sustainable relationships in higher education

Performance of co-operative relay for multicast multi-hop networks using virtual MIMO

How do rural GPs manage their inactive and overweight patients? A pilot study of rural GPs in Queensland

God, Queen and country: their place in a team assessment, using instantaneous audio visual communication technology, with external and on-campus students in a first year law course

Exploration of data requirements for adaptive control of irrigation scheduling

The influencing factors in designing conceptual energy-waste solutions for sustainable housing

Investing in the future of engineering education infrastructure for sustainability

Investigation of a hydraulic impact: a technology in rock breaking

An analysis of Australia's carbon pollution reduction scheme

Policy needs in harvesting and marketing of non-timber forest products in Nepal

Assessment of prior workplace learning: a case study

Performance and exhaust emission of a SI engine fuelled with potato waste ethanol and its blends with gasoline

Continuous fraud detection in enterprise systems through audit trial analysis

Particle and bubble dynamics in a creeping flow

Anarchism, communism and hispanidad: Australian Spanish migrants and the Civil War

Genes involved in hypersensitive cell death responses during fusarium crown rot infection in wheat

Regional frost: calibration of frost chamber to encompass all Australian conditions

Bipolaris sorokiniana resistance loci identified on chromosomes 3HS and 7HS in three related barley

A guaranteed right to trial by jury at state level?

State-based business licensing in Australia: the Constitution, economics and international perspectives

Due process, natural justice, Kable and organisational control legislation

What is good for the goose should be good for the gander: the operation of the Rome Statute in the Australian context

Can we decode the messages of activated sludge through the respirograms?

The use of a UAV as a remote sensing platform in agriculture

Bankless channel irrigation systems: irrigation performance assessment

Joomla! 1.6 preview

Reform of rules of private international law in Manitoba: a comparative perspective

Instantaneous heat flux simulation of S.I. engines: comparison of unsteady thermal boundary layer modelling with experimental data

Higher educational services exports: sources of growth of asian students in US and UK

Use of infrared thermography to detect water deficit response in an irrigated cotton crop

Removal of pollutants by tomato plants during reuse of laundry greywater for irrigation

A review of radiation heat transfer measurement for diesel engines using the two-colour method

Discrete particle simulation for the initial stages of ice accretion in aircraft engines: initial model development

Evaluation of the performance of DEM interpolation algorithms for LiDAR data

Accounting for the future: more than numbers: a collaborative investigation into the changing skill set for professional accounting graduates over the next ten years and strategies for embedding such skills into professional accounting programs: Vols.1 and 2

An overview of adverse possession in Australia within the framework of the Torrens system of land registration and comment on a related court case

The four great gates of supervisors challenges in postgraduate supervision

A spectral collocation technique based on integrated Chebyshev polynomials for biharmonic problems in irregular domains

A Galerkin approach incorporating integrated radial basis function networks for the solution of 2D biharmonic equations

From country to national to regional

Remembering agrarian collectivism

A rural party in an urban nation

Socio-economic change and party survival

The National Party: prospects for the great survivors

A Galerkin-RBF approach for the streamfunction-vorticity-temperature formulation of natural convection in 2D enclosured domains

Reflective practice: melding theories and practices through supervision

An integrated-RBF technique based on Galerkin formulation for elliptic differential equations

Authentic learning across international borders: a cross institutional online project for pre-service teachers

Representation and learning in science

Automation and the farmer

Mktg, 1st Asia Pacific ed.

Essentials of marketing, 3rd ed.

Theoretical and experimental investigation of SI engine performance and exhaust emissions using ethanol-gasoline blended fuels

Evaluating the performance of bay irrigation in the GMID

Consumer awareness of sponsorship - a FMCG context

Personal financial planning in Australia: an industry analysis

Effect of general economic mood on investor risk tolerance - implications for financial planning

An empirical investigation on the dyad perspective of buyer-seller relationships in Australian regional agribusinesses

Retention and progression of postgraduate business students: An Australian perspective

Extent of adoption of EDI by Singaporean SMEs: a survey of practices

Using usage control to access XML databases

Estimation of mutual information: a survey

Declining birds in Australian agricultural landscapes may benefit from aspects of the European agri-environment model

Measurements of the upper body ultraviolet exposure to golfers: non-melanoma skin cancer risk, and the potential benefits of exposure to sunlight

Does reliability of water resources matter in the adoption of water-saving irrigation practices? a case study in the Zhanghe irrigation system, China

Potential contribution of solar energy towards electrical peak demands in South-East Queensland

End-user’s tools towards an efficient electricity consumption: the dynamic smart grid

Is the current practice in engineering education a sustainable model for creating sustainability-trained engineers

Analysis of benzene-induced effects on rhodococcus sp. 33 reveals that constitutive processes play a major role in conferring tolerance

Modelling the environmental and anatomical solar untraviolet distribution in a school playground

Providing ethics learning opportunities throughout the legal curriculum

Engaging on-campus and external law students through new technology and team work providing: creative assessment, motivation, equity and reducing isolation

Australian law dictionary [contributions]

Presence as a dimension of first year in higher education: Measuring the value of strong affective relationships

Differing returns: on history, bodies and early modern lives

The changing face of women managers in Asia

The future of the changing face of women managers in Asia

The changing face of women managers in Thailand

The changing face of women managers in Asia: opportunities and challenges

Sports marketing in an economic quagmire

Order aggressiveness of institutional and individual investors

Ocean acidification: a litmus test for international law

An integrated model for next page access prediction

Authorization algorithms for permission-role assignments

Quantifying biomass fluctuations in Mitchell grassland, Queensland, using multi-temporal MODIS data

A national study of the provision of career development learning and work-integrated learning in Australian higher education

Keveoki 1: exploring the Hiri ceramics trade at a short-lived village site near the Vailala River, Papua New Guinea

Seeing jazz: doing research

Deduction of temperature fluctuations in transient compression wind tunnels using incompressible turbulent flow data

Chaucer's Monk's Tale and Nun's Priest's Tale: an annotated bibliography 1900 to 2000 [Introduction]

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) mission, sensor and image characteristics

Transformation through technology-enhanced learning in Australian higher education

The integration of wireless sensor networks, remote sensing and geographic information systems for autonomous environmental and animal monitoring

Goodput and channel allocation in opportunistic spectrum access networks

Effect of canine hyperimmune plasma on TNFa and inflammatory cell levels in a lipopolysaccharide-mediated rat air pouch model of inflammation

Adaptive end-to-end QoS provision for real-time multimedia applications in heterogeneous multi-hop wireless networks

The proper role of shareholders in the decision-making processes of modern large Australian public companies

Designing flexible learning: learning with each iteration

Constructing a pre-service teacher online learning community

Work in progress: a novel method of creating an academic content repository

And then came complex project management (revised)

Stellar magnetic fields in swollen convection zones

Magnetic fields and differential rotation on the pre-main sequence

Flexural behaviour of composite sandwiches for structural applications

Development of a framework and tool to assess on-farm energy uses of cotton production

Tertiary students with a disability or chronic illness: stigma and study

Maybe a solicitor needs to know that sort of thing but I don't: user perspectives on the utility of legal self-help resources

Koey Ngurtai: the emergence of a ritual domain in Western Torres Strait

A nature but infected: plague and embodied transformation in Timon of Athens

Multizone internal combustion engine modelling: initial assessment of a simulation tool developed in Matlab

Premature ignition in scramjets with intake injection: a preliminary laminar mixing layer simulation

Nitrous oxide decomposition for supersonic combustion experiments in the USQ Ludwieg tube facility

Ultra-capacitor assisted battery storage for remote area power supplies: a case study

Economics of solar energy for diurnal electrical demand in South-East Queensland

A novel and simple method for genotyping the mdx mouse using high-resolution melt polymerase chain reaction

The trial of PDAs in Queensland public hospitals and its effect on patient safety

The practical issues in using existing digital stethoscopes for telehealth

Confirmatory factor analysis to establish determinants of wireless technology in the Indian healthcare

Meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials comparing open and laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery

Vibration of debonded laminated fibre composite sandwich beams

Stereo-image capture tool for forensic mapping of surveillance video footage

Throughput and proportional fairness in cognitive radio networks

Managing change: mental models of SME managers

An effective integrated-RBFN Cartesian-grid discretization for the stream function-vorticity-temperature formulation in nonrectangular domains

Issues of economic efficiency of human service delivery in Australia

Criminal intent or cognitive dissonance: how does student self plagiarism fit into academic integrity?

Comparison of biologically effective spectra for erythema and pre-vitamin D3 synthesis

A trust degree based access control in grid environments

Quick-fix English: discontinuities in a language development aid project

Flexural tests of phenol formaldehyde and SLG composites: pilot study

Finite element analysis of fibre composite sandwich panel

From outside in: from inside out: student's expectations and perceptions of culturally different teaching styles

Rosuvastatin attenuates heart failure and cardiac remodelling in the ageing spontaneously hypertensive rat

Organizational, technical and perceived readiness as adoption factors for wireless technology in healthcare: an Australian case study

Book language as a foreign language — ESL strategies for indigenous learners

Evaluation of a simulation model in predicting the drying parameters for deep-bed paddy drying

Managing spatial and temporal variability in irrigated agriculture through adaptive control

The language situation in Timor-Leste

Collective intelligence in schools: an exploration of teacher engagement in the making of significant new meaning

Sustainability and economic theory: an organism in premise

Contemporary society, technology and sustainability

Climate change, contemporary society and engineering practice: a sustainability journey

Chemical engineering industry transition towards sustainability

Reunions of adoptees who have met both birth parents: post-reunion relationships and factors that facilitate and hinder the reunion process

Energy analysis of hydraulic fracturing

Assessment issues and new technologies: ePortfolio possibilities

Measuring and evaluating ICT use: developing an instrument for measuring student ICT use

The Queensland solicitors' conveyancing reservation: past and future development - part I

How 'inconvenient' is Al Gore's climate message?

Peer assessment of assignments - the USQ experience

Hybrid binomial Langevin-multiple mapping conditioning modeling of a reacting mixing layer

Unipolar stitched inverter low-frequency harmonics caused by stitching delay

Spatial data infrastructure for catchment management: a case study of Condamine Catchment, Australia

Through the eyes of Chinese: the theory of planned behaviour in relation to Australian products and services

Through the lenses of culture: impact of collectivism orientation on Chinese consumers' intentions to purchase Australian products and services

Gift vouchers and expiry dates: when the gift stops giving

Integrated radial-basis-function networks for computing Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid flows

Crop maturity mapping using a low-cost low-altitude remote sensing system

Regional partnerships to assist public-private investments in irrigation systems

Evaluation of greenwaste mulch to control runoff quality from landfill sites during frequent storms

Extending time limits in sexual abuse cases

Implementing computer-assisted language learning in the EFL classroom: teachers' perceptions and perspectives

Guest editor’s introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning]: Working with CALL

Rough sets and knowledge technology: proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology

A new case of truncated phase equation for coupled oscillators

Rice crop mapping using radar imagery: comparison of classification accuracy of different Envisat ASAR modes and classifiers

Simulating spatial variability of cereal yields from historical yield maps and satellite imagery

Modelling turbulent flow from dam break using slow manifolds

Low-frequency variability of regional sea surface temperature and rainfall in the Austral-Indonesian region

A detailed proxy rainfall record from Lake Broadwater, Dalby, Southeast Queensland

Changes in MSLP over Queensland and the Southern Hemisphere

EFL proficiency level and differences in Japanese secondary school students' views on the need for pedagogical change

Implementing NETPAW's diagnostic test of English proficiency in Australia: a case study [Keynote speaker]

Designing printed circuit stators for brushless permanent magnet motors

A new sensorless commutation technique for brushless DC motors

Conditional purpose based access control model for privacy protection

Lawyers, language and legal professional standards: Legal Services Commissioner v Turley [2008] LPT 4

Towards scholarly HTML

Observing hypersalinity in an East Australian subtropical estuary

Fracture toughness of phenol formaldehyde composites reinforced with e-spheres

Contrasts on fracture toughness and flexural strength of varying percentages of SLG-reinforced phenolic composites

Unfair contracts and the Consumer Law Bill

Forum non conveniens in Australia: a comparative analysis

Implementing IT service management: a case study focussing on critical success factors

Keim on the muzzle rule: a reply and joinder

Critical friends: an investigation of shared narrative practice between education and nursing graduates

Close range photogrammetric analysis of the human spine

Impact of crude oil price volatility on economic activities: an empirical investigation in the Thai economy

International outsourcing of information technology services: review and future directions

Repatriating race: exorcising ethno-exclusion

Scientific and scholarly contributions of Distinguished Research and Emeritus Professor A K Md Ehsanes Saleh

An investigation of emotional wellbeing and its relationship to contemporary nursing practice

ECOOSE: an echo cancellation object oriented simulation environment

Co-creative media: theorising digital storytelling as a platform for researching and developing participatory culture

Investigating the barriers and enablers in attracting and retaining suitably qualified professionals to specialist teaching and non-teaching roles in Queensland state schools: final report

Response of yield and yield components of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) to different tillage methods

Comparing cognitive behavior therapy, problem solving therapy and treatment as usual in a high risk population

New developments in medical photogrammetry

Cost-effectiveness of leaf energy and resource investment of invasive Berberis thunbergii and co-occurring native shrubs

Natural fibre-reinforced composites for bioengineering and environmental engineering

Fermented wheat germ extract extract (Avemar) in the treatment of cardiac remodelling and metabolic symptoms in rats

Children’s preferences for group musical activities in child care centres: a cross-cultural study

Stakeholders' perspectives of the skills and attributes for accounting graduates

Balancing the use of technology and traditional approaches in teaching mathematics within business courses

Development of a 'smart' monolayer application system for reducing evaporation from farm dams: introductory paper

A critical theory approach to information technology transfer to the developing world and a critique of maintained assumptions in the literature

Lifespan development

Host species-specific translocation of Escherichia coli

Updating the MMPI-2 for assessing personal injury claimants: the MMPI-2-PI

The effect of self-deception on the relationship between trait emotional intelligence and wellbeing

Predicting job satisfaction and depression at work: how important are work-related factors?

The importance of psychological well-being in organisational settings: moving beyond the pleasure principle

Social problem-solving skills and mental health: a comparison of undergraduate cohorts

Individualism, collectivism, and voting behaviour: a follow-up study into political values

Retaining telephone counsellor volunteers at Lifeline Darling Downs and South West Queensland Limited: a consideration of counselling self-efficacy

Summer of Code 2009

A study of the understanding of knowledge and learning of a cohort of mature age students

Student perspectives on scholarship: a contemporary issue in higher education

Relational concepts: language, thinking and pedagogy and the spatial metaphor of time

Internet software piracy in China: a user analysis of resistance to global software copyright enforcement

Interactive multimedia PBL: design, development and evaluation

A knowledge-information-data concept model for engineering education

Evaluating on-farm energy performance in agriculture

Flexural behaviour of laminated fibre composite sandwich beams

Injecting purpose and trust into data anonymisation

Is mycophenolate more than just an immunosuppressant? An overview

Evaluation of the chronic complications of diabetes in a high fructose diet in rats

The biological responses to resveratrol and other polyphenols from alcoholic beverages

Potential health benefits of Indian spices in the symptoms of metabolic syndrome: a review

Impact of historical land cover change on daily indices of climate extremes including droughts in eastern Australia

A ghost of a chance, after all

Engaging educated islands: an examination of the collaborative process of creating the 2009 Venice Biennale art education resource for Australian school students

Mitochondrial proton conductance in skeletal muscle of a cold-exposed marsupial, Antechinus flavipes, is unlikely to be involved in adaptive non-shivering thermogenesis but displays increased sensitivity towards carbon-centered radicals

Staged request routing for reduced carbon footprints of large scale server systems

Capability of APSIM-Oryza to stimulate lowland rice-based farming systems under nitrogen treatments in a tropical climate

Solar UV exposures measured simultaneously to all arbitrarily oriented leaves on a plant

Smart monolayer application and management to reduce evaporation on farm dams - formulation of a universal design framework

Evaluation of automotive varnish as a coating for density measurements of soil clods

Economic accountablity in the context of local governance in the Philippines: a structural equation modelling approach

Field calibration of zoom cameras for two camera- photogrammetric applications

A methodology for on farm energy assessment

Towards adaptive operational requirements for optimal application of evaporation-suppressing monolayer to reservoirs via a 'universal design framework'

Key factors that influence engineering students' academic success: a longitudinal study

Should we include study-management skills in the curriculum of pre-tertiary bridging programs?

Beyond our control?: Pre-tertiary bridging program students' perceptions of factors that affect their progress with study

The influence of top management global orientation and partnership quality on the performance of offshore information technology service providers in India

Design and development of a fibre composite windmill structure

Preventable variation within operating rooms: information quality perspective

Monitoring spatial variation of soil moisture in crop fields with EM38

Measurements of the anatomical distribution of erythemal ultraviolet: a study comparing exposure distribution to the site incidence of solar keratoses, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma

Ultraviolet exposures in different playground settings: a cohort study of measurements performed in a school population

The moderating effect of switching costs on the customer satisfaction-retention link: retail internet banking service in Hong Kong

The influence of fatigue and mood on cognitive failures

A continent under stress: interactions, feedbacks and risks associated with impact of modified land cover on Australia's climate

Towards a biophysical understanding of observed performance of evaporation suppressant films applied to agricultural water storages - first analyses

itSMF Australia 2009 Conference: summary report of ITSM standards and frameworks survey

International outsourcing research: overview of the research landscape

Numerical predictions of air temperature and velocity to assist in the design of free ventilation piggeries

Application of hybrid binomial Langevin-multiple mapping conditioning method to reacting jet flow

Direct numerical simulations of autoignition in turbulent two-phase flows

Direct numerical simulations of turbulent flame expansion in fine sprays

An assessment of silvipasture potential in southeast Queensland, Australia

Birth fathers' perspectives on reunions with their relinquished children

Potential of kenaf fibres as reinforcement for tribological applications

A Cartesian-grid discretisation scheme based on local integrated RBFNs for two-dimensional elliptic problems

On the use of integrated radial basis function schemes in weighted residuals statements for elliptic problems

An improved quadrilateral flat element with drilling degrees of freedom for shell structural analysis

Securing your Joomla! site

A photogrammetric application in virtual sport training

Four strategies to help keep you out of court

3D photogrammetric analysis of the load-bearing foot

Defining the experiential value of auxiliary special events in shopping centres: a shopper's perspective

Enabling pathways by enabling cultural and value change in engineering academics

A pathway to enhancing professionalism: building a bridge between TAFE and university early childhood qualifications

Rethinking attachment: fostering positive relationships between infants, toddlers and their primary caregivers

Development of a multi-drive submersible platform for deep seabed research

Privacy-aware access control with generalization boundaries

Reducing evaporation losses - opportunities for cost effective water savings

Development of a prototype precision spot spray system using image analysis and plant identification technology

The impact of price satisfaction on supplier relationship performance

Photogrammetric-based security system

Measuring ultraviolet radiation underwater: a practical application of the Beer-Lambert-Bouguer law for high school physics

Perceptions of information flow and sharing in non-profit organisations: a relational capital perspective

Irrigation and sprinkling

Error resilience analysis of wireless image transmission using JPEG, JPEG 2000 and JPWL

Endurance exercise and DNA stability: is there a link to duration and intensity?

A proposed learning journey for the 21st century global engineering manager: an Australian perspective

Teaching of critical path networks using software packages

Internet career fairs in Australian higher education

Social gain: is corporate social responsibility enough?

Using a tablet PC in bioscience instruction amongst diverse student cohorts

Ready, set, go...- flexible package supporting the biophysical sciences in first year nursing

A literacy educator's approach to designing a trade professional program for third year apprentices

Behaviour of innovative fibre composite sandwich panels

Behaviour of innovative fibre composite sandwich panels under point loading

Perceived facilitators and inhibitors for the use of personal digital assistants (PDAs) by nurses: a systematic review

Information for guided chronic disease self-management in community settings

Microdata protection through approximate microaggregation

Molecular identification of a mycorrhizal Sebacinaceae from the endangered Caladenia atroclavia (black clubbed spider orchid)

Effect of exit Reynolds number on self-preservation of a plane jet

Traditional games of a timeless land: play cultures in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Developing the descriptions of landmark teaching styles: a spectrum inventory

Flexural properties of sawdust reinforced phenolic composites: pilot study

When the going gets tough: board capital and survival of new economy IPO firms

Flexural properties of phenolic resin reinforced with glass powder

Flexural strength of phenol formaldehyde composites post-cured in microwaves: preliminary results

Dynamic behaviour of laterally loaded pultruted composite beams

Engaging children in artworks: ideas for generalist primary educators

Applicability of the polyphenylene oxide film dosimeter to high UV exposures in aquatic environments

Oil consumption, pollutant emission, oil price volatility and economic activities in selected Asian developing economies (PhD Thesis, Curtin University of Technology)

Temporal causality between energy consumption and income in six Asian emerging countries

Foreign institutional investors and security returns: evidence from Indian stock exchanges

Back to basics: electronic collaboration in the education sector

Dividend reductions and signaling in an imputation environment

m-Clicker: how to enhance students' participation

Advanced corporate finance

Acceptance problems of ambient intelligence and mobile technologies in hospitals in India and Germany

Overview of corporate restructuring

Financing a firm's growth

Prejudicial publicity: when will it ever result in a permanent stay of proceedings?

Building an open lab on information quality for future computer education

Facilitating formative feedback: an undervalued dimension of assessing doctoral students' learning

Syntactic foams as building materials consisting of inorganic hollow microspheres and starch binder

From 'The Undead Will Feast' to 'The Time to Kill is Now': Frankfurt School and Freudian perspectives on death-metal

Should agriculture be included in an emissions trading system? The evolving case study of the Australian emissions trading scheme

Strategies to minimise the impact of challenging times on training: final report

Fracture behaviour of glass fibre-reinforced polyester composite

Measuring the influence of UV reflection from vertical metal surfaces on humans

Problem set 4

Problem set 3

Effects of supervised treadmill-walking training on calf muscle capillarization in patients with intermittent claudication

Digital identity control mechanism for e-learning

The growth response of Alternanthera philoxeroides in a simulated post-combustion emission with ultrahigh [CO2] and acidic pollutants

Decision support for competent and expert firefighters

Does certification work in emerging markets? evidence from the Indian IPO market

A lucrative export - engineering education: down under

Psychology: Australian and New Zealand, 2nd ed.

When the street becomes a pedagogue

Hobby horses

Australian examples of residential integrated water cycle planning: accepted current practice and a suggested alternative

International Journal of Precision Technology, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2009

Frictional and wear performance of polyester composites based on coir fibres

Wear and frictional performance of betelnut fibre-reinforced polyester composite

Competitive removal of water-borne copper, zinc and cadmium by a CaCO3-dominated red mud

The determinants of Bangladesh's imports: a gravity model analysis under panel data

A Delphi examination of emerging issues for successful information technology transfer in North Africa a case of Libya

Too many cooks? Co-creating and co-teaching studio courses in the creative media context: a career-focussed approach

Objectifying the subjective: assessment and feedback in creative arts studio learning and teaching

Accuracy assessments of point cloud 3D registration method for high accuracy craniofacial mapping

Music mime and metamorphosis: interdisciplinary intersections, interactions and influences between music, mime and corporate communication. Doctoral project 3 (of 3): The stylised version of you (what's mime got to do with it?)

English language teaching with robots Robot aided language learning

English language teaching with multimedia

Measuring inflationary pressure in Bangladesh: the P-star approach

Representations of autism: implications for community healthcare practice

Torquing up TAFE teacher traction through a critical spirit discourse

The simulated impact of land cover change on climate extremes in eastern Australia

Inertisation of highwall mining to control methane concentrations at the Moura mine

The potential of using betelnut fibres for tribo-polyester composites considering three different orientations

Beneficial vitamin D3 producing UV compared to damaging overexposure

The search for the adaptable ICT student

Henry Archibald Lawson

Introduction [to Joe Wilson and his mates]

Behaviour of hybrid FRP composite I-girder with concrete deck

EvapCalc – a modest-cost technique for real-time measurement of evaporation (and seepage) from farm dams

Nesting, foraging and aggression of noisy miners relative to road edges in an extensive Queensland forest

Creating sustainable practice in a museum context: adopting service-centricity in non-profit museums

Application of value stream mapping in improving the service processes of a dental clinic

Challenging understandings of 'Theory of Mind': a brief report

Portal pressure responses and angiotensin peptide production in rat liver are determined by relative activity of ACE and ACE2

Selection of yeast strains for optimal development of regional characters of Verdelho

Enhancing yeast ethanol tolerance for biofuel production

Basics of fluorescence

An initial exploration of in vivo hair cortisol responses to a brief pain stressor: latency, localization and independence effects

Modelling flow for surgery management process

A Delphi study on issues for successful information technology transfer in the Arab world

Do institutions matter to the strategic posture and performance of SMEs? Lessons from an emerging economy

Business web strategy: design, alignment, and application

Development strategy of agricultural machinery based on energy-saving in China

Design and modeling of the structural integrity of a universal toolbar for two wheeled power tiller

Evaluation of energy usage for cotton ginning processes

Agricultural applications: energy uses and audits

The influence of ownership structures and board practices on corporate social disclosures in Bangladesh

Energy and economic efficiency analysis of rice and cotton production in China

Pragmatic effects of 'so' in reasons for the sport psychology consultation

Managing supply chain at high technology companies

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations, Vol. 6, No. 5, 2009: special issue 'Towards a virtual university'

Investigation of the effect of aggregate on the performance of permeable concrete

Development of environmentally friendly and structural enhanced permeable concrete pavement material

The death penalty and the Principle of Goodness

Study on the mechanical properties of different silkworm silk fibers

Intrauterine growth restriction and the sex specific programming of leptin and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor y; (PPARy;)mRNA expression in visceral fat in the lamb

Analysis of management narrative to understand social marketing strategy: the case for 'Branding Logan City'

Enforcement of punitive damages awards in the convention on choice of court agreements

Opaque whiteness: milk regulation and the introduction of food controls in Queensland

Mr Adamson goes to Berrimah: a tale of abuse of position and false accounting

Is defamation the 'Galapagos Islands Division' of the Australian law of torts?

Genetic mapping in the Triticeae

Authentic learning across international borders: a cross institutional online project for pre-service teachers

The South Burnett - early movement and stimulation project

Exploring the transitions of young people with autism from childhood to young adulthood

Applied machine vision in agriculture at the NCEA

Specialist accommodation operations in North Queensland: barriers to the implementation of environmental management practices

Experiment kit for first year physics students to undertake practicals at any place and any time

Sustainability from the perspective of the small firm owner-manager

iwork, irest, iplay: exploring youth online behaviour

Toxic effects of two acid sulfate soils from the Dabaoshan mine on Corymbia citriodora var.variegata and Daphnia carinata

Precision agriculture technologies - relevance and application to sugarcane production

Beneath the veil: Muslim girls and the Islamic headscarf in secular France

A climate reconstruction of Sydney Cove, New South Wales, using weather journal and documentary data, 1788–1791

Debonding characteristics of masonry structures retrofitted with FRP

Unofficial international conflict resolution: is there a track one and a half? Are there best practices?

Improving the tensile strength of carbon nanotube spun yarns using a modified spinning process

Monitoring the depth of anesthesia using discrete wavelet transform and power spectral density

Computation of dilute polymer solution flows using BCF-RBFN based method and domain decomposition technique

Effects of activated sludge on the degradation of chlorate in soils under varying environmental conditions

The experience of socially isolated older people in accessing and navigating the health care system

Developing the practitioner

Imparting ultra-low friction and wear rate to epoxy by the incorporation of microencapsulated lubricant?

Strain monitoring of RC members strengthened with smart NSM FRP bars

Acousto-ultrasonic sensing for delaminated GFRP composites using an embedded FBG sensor

Composite panels for reducing noise in air conditioning and ventilation systems

The future for (second) life and learning

The carpe diem journey: designing for learning transformation

The construction of 'waste' in the UK steel industry

Deutero-learning: implications for managing public health change

Physiological response of cotton to a root zone soil moisture gradient: implications for partial root zone drying irrigation

Review of the consequences and control of high air temperatures in intensive livestock buildings

Potential of using infrared thermography for determination of skin wetness and thus perceived thermal comfort of pigs

User-friendly air quality monitoring system

Development and testing of an evaluation procedure for commercial manure additive products

Lessons in law

Collaboration in the era of internationalization: a Chinese case

Procedure for modeling and improving E-SCM processes

Field scale remediation of mine wastes at an abandoned gold mine, Australia II: effects on plant growth and groundwater

Building capacity through sustainable engagement: lessons for the learning community from the GraniteNet Project

Stability analysis of model-based networked control system with unreliable links

Mobile learning communities: creating new educational futures

Obesity and hypertension have differing oxidant handling molecular pathways in age-related chronic kidney disease

Precision livestock farming: a suite of electronic systems to ensure the application of best practice management on livestock farms

Field evaluation of a prototype sensor for measuring feed disappearance in livestock buildings

Interpretive filters: social cognition and the impact of turning points in negotiation

Cranz-Schardin visualisation of a hypersonic cone with gas injection

Conservation and education benefits of interpretation on marine wildlife tours

National parks as cultural landscapes: indigenous peoples, conservation and tourism

Intuition or counterintuition? The science behind the art of negotiation

Changes in the composition of the extracellular matrix in patellar tendinopathy

Sliding wear performance of nano-SiO2/short carbon fiber/epoxy hybrid composites

Behaviour of juvenile antechinus flavipes: a preliminary study

Mechanical and thermal properties of chicken feather fiber/PLA green composites

Carbon reporting in the Queensland public Sector: the state of play, trends and better practices

Donors' decision-making process on charitable giving: case studies in Japan

Effect of irrigation management on nitrate movement under a drip irrigated lettuce crop

Defining precision irrigation: a new approach to irrigation management

Controlling the concentrations of airborne particles in broiler buildings

Indigenous ecotourism in preserving and empowering Mayan natural and cultural values at Palenque, Mexico

Influence of casting temperature on microstructures and mechanical properties of Cu50Zr45.5Ti2.5Y2 metallic glass prepared using copper mold casting [+ Erratum]

Pathways to power for allied health professions: embedding allied health influence

Steel and the global economic crisis

Numerical prediction of air flow in a sharp 90 degree elbow

Interview with Professor Beryl Hesketh

Assistive technology: opportunities and implications

An analysis of the major issues for successful information technology transfer in Arab countries

Board composition, board leadership structure and firm performance: evidence from Bangladesh

Fostering an interdisciplinary learning environment through core 3rd-year courses in a revised BCA

Protestant bishops in restoration England

Domitian and the early fathers of the church

Case study two synopsis - Meadow Fair North Primary School (MFN)

Reducing evaporation losses

Soil physical properties and infiltration after long-term no-tillage and ploughing on the Chinese Loess Plateau

iPodology: the new kid on the block

Modeling and influence of shear retention parameter on the response of reinforced concrete structural elements

A research report on the implementation of the IDEAS project in Victoria, 2004-8

Five years of cloud enhanced surface UV radiation measurements at two sites (in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres)

Finding nucleolus of flow game

A critical analysis of initial teacher education policy in Australia and England: past, present and possible futures

Interspecific competition and conservation management of continuous subtropical woodlands

High-resolution magnetic field measurements of RR Lyrae stars with SemPol

Dimensions of the conflict environment: implications for peace operation success

Cultural values in sustainable tourism: conflicts between indigenous culture and recreation in protected areas

Demons, devils and witches: the occult in heavy metal music

Induced synchrony in pod maturity in mungbean (Vigna radiata)

How uniform is the structure of ability across childhood?

Designing and implementing online discussion forums: an Australian case study

Reduced processing decision support for competent firefighters

The generation and measurement of high temperature radiating flows in a high enthalpy pulsed facility

Adults with intellectual disability in regional Australia: incidence of disability and provision of accommodation support to their ageing carers

Is there only one measure of success? Enabling and environment

Students' dilemmas in reaction stoichiometry problem solving: deducing the limiting reagent in chemical reactions

Exploring the influence of psychological factors on breastfeeding duration, phase 1: perceptions of mothers and clinicians

Efficient discovery of risk patterns in medical data

Submission to the House of Representatives Industry, Science and Innovation Committee Inquiry into long-term meteorological forecasting in Australia. Submission no. 10

Monitoring of the rice cropping system in the Mekong Delta using ENVISAT/ASAR dual polarization data

Performance-based analysis of concrete-filled steel tubular beam–columns, part I: theory and algorithms

Performance-based analysis of concrete-filled steel tubular beam–columns, part II: verification and applications

Harnessing international collaboration and cooperation for research and capacity development

Deformation behaviour of aluminum alloy A356 in semisolid state

Stepping up: what works in pre-service teacher education

Impacts of grazing, selective logging and hyper-aggressors on diurnal bird fauna in intact forest landscapes of the Brigalow Belt, Queensland

Interspecific competition and small bird diversity in an urbanizing landscape

Realistic simulation of a wireless signal propagation in an urban environment

A User Profiles Acquiring Approach Using Pseudo-Relevance Feedback

Concept-Based, Personalized Web Information Gathering: A Survey

Influences of green star rating tool on HVAC system design

Measurement of barley (Hordeum vulgare) feed quality parameters In Sacco and mapping of associated quantitative trait loci (QTL) in Cattle

Frost resistance in cereals after EAR emergence

Assessment of energy usage for cotton gins in Australia

Incorporating spatial variability in soil and crop properties for effective irrigation

Job involvement of bank managers in Mauritius

Fibrotic pathways in the dystrophin deficient heart

Factors that influence the decision to adopt software upgrades in Australian small and medium sized businesses

An assessment of the economic value of using seasonal climate forecasting in water resources management

What are the experiences of children aged 2–12 years with type 1 diabetes, adolescents aged 13–17 years with type 1 diabetes, and that of their parents when making the transition to insulin pump therapy?

Early versus traditional postoperative nutritional provision in gastrointestinal resectional surgery patients: a meta-analysis

Development and characterisation of a chemical film actinometer with a large dynamic range for measurements of solar ultraviolet exposure

Responsible heritage: imagining Will

Sustainability philosophy in engineering context: review and discussion

Addressing the 'glocal' - 'expats' as a relevant case study?

The effect of canine hyperimmune plasma on inflammation in a rat pouch model

A biopsychosocial investigation into the experience of chronic pain: the mediating role of dispositional cognitive factors

How do executives in the Colombian coal mining industry deal with effective leadership practice?

Predicting the effects of mechanical destratifiers on water quality in Toowoomba’s reservoirs

Utilization of solar energy for building operation

Looking for ethical needles in a 62-year-old haystack, or unearthing gems in the mud?

Community learning projects: transforming post-compulsory education provision in rural communities

Interprofessional education in health sciences: the University of Queensland Health Care Team Challenge

Building community capacity to cope with climate change: mental health first aid training for advisory agents working with farmers

An assessment of risk factors and their effects on the rationality of lending decision-making: a comparative study of conventional banking and Islamic banking systems

Out of this world

Managing swim with wild dolphin tourism in Australia: guidelines, operator practices and research on tourism impacts

New philosophy of project management: an investigation into the prevalence of modern project management by means of an evolutionary framework

A quest for the holy grail: tactile precision, natural movement and haptic feedback in 3D virtual spaces

Effects of replacing incandescent lamps with energy saving compact fluroescent lamps

The impact of information quality on operating room performance by simulation validation

Marketing strategy and organisational strategy: a study of regional private hospitals

Consistency, value relevance and sufficiency of book for market values in five Japanese conglomerates over the period 1950-2004

Structures of learning for dynamic markets

Combating the English language deficit: the labour market experiences of migrant women in Australia

Resilience to bacterial degradation and biosurfactant disruption as selection criteria for improved artificial monolayer compounds

Revisiting artificial monolayers as a strategy to reduce evaporative loss from large open water storages

Female students' attributions for academic achievement in secondary schools in Papua New Guinea

Outcomes from building leadership capacity in an international school: a case study

New design methodologies for printed circuit axial field brushless dc motors

Participatory action learning: an approach to generative curriculum development of parenting education programmes

The impacts of agricultural intensification on arthropod assemblages at global and local scales

Discovery and evaluation of novel antimicrobial agents against nosocomial pathogens

Internet-based language learning: pedagogies and technologies

Actions and results from the Queensland Health 'Better Workplaces' staff opinion survey

Developing and implementing an action-oriented staff survey: Queensland Health and the 'Better Workplaces' initiative

Online Pedagogy in Practice

Demand-supply interacting system towards a dynamic electrical energy management - the smart grid

Challenges in offering engineering programs at a new campus

Investment Management: A Modern Guide to Security Analysis and Stock Selection

Investigation of household water consumption using smart metering system

Principals and legal risk: complacency or concern?

The use of simulated games in an undergraduate course manufacturing processes

Development of hot drawing process for nitinol tube

Problematising issues of musical understanding and ‘musical ways of knowing’: an exploration of the pedagogical challenges posed by teaching students from formal and informal music learning backgrounds

Preface to futures in mechanics of structures and materials conference. ACMSM20

A case study of an ambient living and wellness management health care model in Australia

Automated internode length measurement of cotton plants under field conditions

Sweetening a bitter pill: educational strategies supporting the foundation sciences in first year nursing

Parental bonding and religiosity as predictors of dispositional forgiveness

Storying the musical lifeworld: illumination through narrative case study

Discrimination of remnant tree species and regeneration stages in Queensland, Australia using hyperspectral imagery

Disturbance and resilience of floodplain woodlands in a production landscape

Effects of changing rice cultural practices on C-band synthetic aperture radar backscatter using Envisat advanced synthetic aperture radar data in the Mekong River Delta

Suggestions for Asian/Australasian regional cooperation based on a critical evaluation of collaboration and standardisation across Australian institutional repositories

Inclusion versus specialisation: issues in transforming the education of Australian show children

Embedding metadata and other semantics in word processing documents

Language, Culture and Identity by Philip Riley

Issues in language planning and literacy by A. J. Liddicoat

A simple time-management tool for students' online learning activities

Early enteral nutrition within 24 h of intestinal surgery versus later commencement of feeding: a systematic review and meta-analysis [Letter to the Editor]

Student views on hardware-based problem solving activities for external and on-campus teams

The roles of some key stakeholders in the future of accounting education in Australia

Using web-based portfolios in CALL teacher education

Using online dictation exercises for improving comprehension of English reduced forms

Traveller, nomadic and migrant education

Can liquidity shifts explain the lockup expiration effect in stock returns?

Teaching finite element modelling at the undergraduate level: a PBL approach

"Nobler in the mind": The emergence of early modern anxiety

Convection drying process modeling and simulation study based on tomato

Mental health nurse identity at the interface of psychological therapies: Commencing the journey toward emotionally intelligent nurse training

Behavioral Finance and Investment Strategy

Computational power meets human contact

Beware of different guanxi measurements when doing research in China

Testing planning organising, leading and controlling (POLC): an empirical examination of the functions of management through a pilot study developing the 'POLC-BMS'

Assessable online discussion groups as a student learning tool

Development and application of assumed strain smoothing finite element technique for composite plate/shell structures

Real-time pressure monitoring and control of a hydraulic system without sensor

Developing a local government marketing model

Classification of EEG signals using sampling techniques and least square support vector machines

EEG analysis on skull conductivity perturbations using realistic head model

Rice crop monitoring using new generation Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery

Improvement of the Accuracy of InSAR Image Co-Registration Based On Tie Points - A Review

Minimum packet drop sequences based networked control system model with embedded Markov chain

Determining broadacre crop area estimates through the use of multi-temporal modis satellite imagery for major Australian winter crops

The adequacy of policy responses to the treatment needs of South Africans living with HIV (1999-2008): a case study

Diversification of engineering management studies in enriching the learning experience for the 21st century global engineer

A case study on the revitalisation of a 2nd level engineering and spatial science PBL course

Agricultural robotics

Using the jazz metaphor to teach the strategic capstone course

High-accuracy photogrammetric technique for human spine measurement

A Dual Approach to Ocean Governance: The Cases of Zonal and Integrated Management in the International Law of the Sea by Yoshifumi Tanaka

Air motor for improved engine brake efficiency: design and preliminary experiments

PID controller evaluation with missing samples in a networked control system using spline interpolation method

The working relationship between horse and rider during training and competition for equestrian sports

The role of technology attributes, trust and dependency on e-procuremnt adoptions: an empirical analysis of Malaysian manufacturers

An analysis of information security in selected Australian organisations

The application of management accounting for achieving public sector outcomes-based performance management in Queensland - a case study

Synthesis and characterization of modified phenolic resins for composites with enhanced mechanical properties

Optimization of the ventilation system for a forced ventilation piggery

Analysing biomass fluctuations in Mitchell grassland, Australia, in wet and dry rainy months using MODIS data

Experiment for mapping land cover and it’s change in southeastern Sri Lanka utilizing 250 m resolution MODIS imageries

Manager's degree of JIT involvement, locus of control and managerial performance

Governance and management interaction in a child care setting

Utilising tablet PCs in tutorials to aid external students

An investigation into the application of research strategies in the final-year undergraduate engineering and surveying projects

An overview of engineering education in Sri Lanka

Annotations with a Tablet PC or typed feedback: does it make a difference?

Past, present and future rainfall trends in Queensland

Trialling an assignment structure that develops generic competencies and enriches subject understanding

A study to identify relationships between the grade given for an undergraduate problem solving course and the students' reported satisfaction levels

Engineering education - undergraduate and masters: China and down under

Modelling the change in conductivity of soil associated with the application of saline-sodic water

Small tech: the culture of digital tools

Forward error correction-based 2-D layered multiple description coding for error-resilient H.264 SVC video transmission

Practice and research in career counseling and development - 2008

Important themes in postgraduate research supervision and examination for communities of practice

Zimbabwean exporters: differences between high and low performers

Using institutionalism as a lens to examine ITIL adoption and diffusion

Adaptation of export marketing strategy in Zimbabwean export firms

A Prototype Biometric Security Authentication System Based upon Fingerprint Recognition

Multicast based dual amplify and forward relay scheme for 2 hop networks

Achieving p-sensitive k-anonymity via anatomy

Extended K-anonymity models against attribute disclosure

Trust-based access control for privacy protection in collaborative environment

Privacy preserving on radio frequency identification systems

Delegating revocations and authorizations in collaborative business environments

Effective collaboration with information sharing in virtual universities

Guiding principles for the development of a conceptual framework for postgraduate distance education in project management

Destination segmentation: a recommended two-step approach

Dimensions of organisational knowledge management (OKM). A study on malaysian managers using the multidimensional USQ KM scale

Better characterisation of the underwater solar ultraviolet environment using a high-exposure dosimeter

Organisational change in Queensland small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)

Development of a climate-based computer model to reduce wheat harvest losses in Australia

The environmental regulation of mining: an international comparison

Automatic non-destructive dimensional measurement of cotton plants in real-time by machine vision

Crown rot (fusarium pseudograminearum) symptom development and pathogen spread in wheat genotypes with varying disease resistance

Second language postgraduate writers in their academic community: links between disciplinary knowledge and writing skills

Critical spirit manifestations in TAFE teachers and their work

Identifying and minimising preventable delay within the operating theatre management process: an adapted lean thinking approach

Land tenure security and small scale commercial agriculture perfomance in Zimbabwe

Environmental economic aspects of river basins and their catchment. Identification and quantification of flood related land use externalities

The association between change styles and job satisfaction among teachers working in international schools

Critical factors affecting trust and technology diffusion within the Queensland beef cattle supply chain

The theory and practice of managing organisational redesign within a public sector agency

Depression in patients with cancer receiving adjuvant chemotherapy

Investigation of household water consumption using smart metering system

Creating confidence: developing academic skills and information literacy behaviours to support the precepts of tertiary academic performance

I’ve got the music in me: scientific basis and application of music in sport and exercise

The importance of individual mental models for strategic thinking in organisations

Creating an eResearch desktop for the Humanities

Disaggregating the influences on IPO underpricing in the Australian fixed-price setting

Simulation of instantaneous heat transfer in spark ignition internal combustion engines: unsteady thermal boundary layer modelling

A 'likely benefit' from aligning Web 2.0 technologies with an institutions learning and teaching agenda

The workload model: theory into practice

Crisis preparedness in government departments in Australia

Is ABC adoption a success in Australia?

Postcard from the podium: a real-world assessment task for postgradute and distance students

Contextual factors associated with information systems in a virtual supply chain

Knowledge sharing acts as a significant antecedent to organizational commitment in a Confucian culture: a quantitative study of employees in the Hong Kong ICT industry

Individual correlates of organizational commitment and knowledge sharing practices

Accuracy and precisions of water quality parameters retrieved from particle swarm optimisation in a sub-tropical lake

A conceptual framework for the development of engineering courses

A comparison between two-position variable compression ratio and continuously variable compression ratio engines using numerical simulation

User-controlled energy consumption in a transparent electricity system

Adequate electrical transmission and distribution networks capable to cater for extensive renewable energy utilization in Australia

Solar energy to mitigate electrical diurnal peak demand in Queensland

A Jupiter-like planet orbiting the nearby M dwarf GJ 832

Selection functions in doppler planet searches

A Neptune-mass planet orbiting the nearby G dwarf HD 16417

The frequency of low-mass exoplanets

The chromospheric emission of solar-type stars in the young open clusters IC 2391 and IC 2602

Surface magnetic fields on two accreting T Tauri stars: CV Cha and CR Cha

Measurement of hydraulic conductivity, porosity and lithology by neutron activation borehole logging at high spatial resolution increments

The archaeology of poverty and human dignity: charity and the work ethic in a 1930s Depression era itinerant's camp on the Toowoomba Range escarpment, Queensland

Reforestation dynamics in the context of climate change in Australia: estimation of whole of farm emissions from primary industry in Australia

Special issue on computer-supported cooperative work: techniques and applications [Preface]

CSCWD technologies, applications and challenges

Gene specific co-regulation discovery: an improved approach

Detecting projected outliers in high-dimensional data streams

The Hague and the Ditch: the Trans-Tasman Judicial Area and the Choice of Court Convention

Integrity in legal practice: A report from the third international legal ethics conference, Gold Coast, Australia

The lawyer as parent: Sympathy, care and character in lawyers’ ethics

What student attributes affect experience of PBL in virtual space?

Two conceptual models for facilitating learners' transitions to new post-school learning contexts

Research design for investigation of Nigeria manufacturing management

Fostering evidence-based practice and applied research in career development

I love nursing, but.. - qualitative findings from Australian aged-care nurses about their intrinsic, extrinsic and social work values

Regional differences among employed nurses: a Queensland study

Identifying major contributing sources to odour annoyance using a non-specific gas sensor array

Factors influencing academics' development of e-learning environments: an Australian case study

A qualitative analysis of intellectual capital in Australian social service nonprofit organizations

Mapping out social enterprises development: a framing perspective

Harnessing knowledge for innovation in social enterprises: an intellectual capital perspective

What makes a deep and self-directed learner: exploring factors that influence learning approaches and self-directed learning in a PBL context at a Malaysian private university

Context and models for the analysis of individual and group needs

Story circle: digital storytelling around the world

Acknowledging Dr James Athanasou; Career development and the social inclusion agenda

The idea of deep surfaces in cultural studies

Mixing, hypersalinity and gradients in Hervey Bay, Australia

Optimal privacy-aware path in hippocratic databases

Non-linear echo cancellation - a Bayesian approach

The global diffusion of a community media practice: digital storytelling online

Romance in foreign accents: Harlequin-Mills & Boon in Australia

A call for new approaches to identities in a crisis world

Theoretical basis for identification of different anesthetic states based on routinely recorded EEG during operation

Simulation of the middle miocene climate optimum

Effects of chopped hemp on mechanical and thermal properties of epoxy resins

Drivers for wireless technology acceptance in Indian healthcare

Overstorey tree density and understorey regrowth effects on plant composition, stand structure and floristic richness in grazed temperate woodlands in eastern Australia

The environmental impact of engineering education in Australia

The current state of information technology governance literature

An intelligent scheme of secure routing for mobile ad hoc networks

Strategies for reflective cultural sport psychology practice

Effects of the number of hidden nodes used in a structured-based neural network on the reliability of image classification

Response of crop yield and yield components of tomato to different tillage methods in the arid lands of Varamin, Iran

The influence of incentives and survey design on mail survey response rates for mature consumers

Special Issue: Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change

Generation digital management map for herbicide application in VRA spraying by using GPS

A cultural history of tarot: from entertainment to esotericism

Reusable learning designs and Second Life: issues and strategies

The effect of customers' trust on e-commerce: a survey of Indonesian customer B to C transactions

Glossary of terms on animal housing: interconnecting engineering, physical and physiological definitions

Effects of coating methods and storage periods on some quality characteristics of carrot during ambient storage

Hedge funds

An overview of mutual funds and exchange traded funds

Managing Fixed Income Portfolios

Investing in Convertibles, Preferred Stocks and Warrants

The EVA Approach to Investing

Introduction to Market Microstructure

Accounting and Financial Analysis

Triumph of adversity

Sulman Prize: History of the 20th Century Part 1

The economics of sprinkler irrigation uniformity for lettuce production with in-season rainfall

The Wallpaper Project

New Internationale: curated group exhibition

Three Orange Lines: group exhibition and catalogue 'Show'

Temperature 2: group exhibition

The Act of Things That Aren't There

AC4CA: group exhibition

Editorial Introduction: Three Dimensions of Changing Schools

Anna Pappas Gallery project 'InOrder Out'

PS 1999-2009: group exhibition

White Street Project

New Wave - Artists Publishing in the 21st Century

The reformation of the episcopate: bishops in England 1630-1690

Apprentice, collaborator, colleague, competitor: negotiating the trajectory(ies) of a doctoral student: an activity theory perspective

Tales of adventure and change: academic staff members' future visions of higher education and their professional development needs

Bringing new learning to old cultures

GCTE: a national certificate in tertiary education

Spectropolarimetric observations of the sequence-D red giant variables S Lep and Z Eri

Totally over you

Increasing the information available to coroners: the effect on autopsy decision-making

On building a community of practice: reflective narratives of academic learning and growth

Literacy learning across the curriculum: flagstones and frogs in action


Modelling impacts of vegetation cover change on regional climate

Agricultural resilience to extreme weather events: taking stock of and reanalysing dependencies and history in climate risk management

Building capabilities for infrastructure capacity management

Don't be depressed or editing your way out of a recession

Entwined histories: photography and tourism at the Great Barrier Reef

What makes a community age-friendly: a review of international literature

The impact of enrolment of students from New South Wales at the University of Southern Queensland

Articulating from NSW TAFE to university and professional registration as a land surveyor

Commercialisation of precision agriculture technologies in the macadamia industry

Middle schooling in New Zealand

Too Much Rope....an interview with Stephen McCarthy, author of Ned Kelly, A Widows Son

Local ground-based plane coordinates

Modulation of leukocyte hsp70 expression by gender, menstrual cycle phase and oral contraceptives

Vineyard soil health: unearthing fact from fiction

AUMLA: Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association

Child labor in carpet weaving: impact of social labeling in India and Nepal

Identifying and managing key weed threats, their sources and vectors, in relation to priority remnant ecosystems in the Condamine catchment

Annual report 2008: South-East Queensland Irrigation Futures: research and development support

Energy and carbon accounting case study on Keytah (NEC0901)

Clive Douglas and the search for the Australian symphony

Regarding violence in Pat Barker's Double Vision

Elderly persons' perception and acceptance of using wireless sensor networks to assist healthcare

A model for healthcare system quality

Online trust in mobile commerce

Information security and privacy in HRIS

Information communication technology tools for software review and verification

Squire: a simple and efficient ingest tool for institutional repositories that utilises Fedora Commons

Resistance to the root-lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei of Iranian landrace wheat

The e-skills landscape in South Africa: the issues of demand and supply and the use of international benchmarks to inform the South African e-skills development context

Nothing but sunshine: writing across monsoonal lines, inflecting electronic arts

Writing the history of religious authority in England 1560-1700

Research methodologies for 2LL postgraduate students

Religious disorder in the archives: the historiography of religious authority in seventeenth-century England

Iterative germination and innovative techniques for the production and inoculation of secondary conidia of sorghum ergot (Claviceps africana)

Effects of conidial concentration and stigma wetness period on infection by the sorghum ergot pathogen Claviceps africana

Identification of QTL conferring resistance to Fusarium head blight resistance in the breeding line C93-3230-24

Resistance to the root-lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei in wheat landraces and cultivars from the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region

Crown rot of winter cereals: integrating molecular studies and germplasm improvement

Symptom development and pathogen spread in wheat genotypes with varying levels of crown rot resistance

Infection of wheat tissues by Fusarium pseudograminearum

Jupiter: friend or foe? II: The centaurs

Economics for today. 3rd Asia Pacific edition

Origin and dynamical evolution of Neptune Trojans – I. Formation and planetary migration

The efficacy of an internet-based cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention for child anxiety disorders

HIV/AIDS, growth and poverty in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa: an integrated survey, demographic and economy-wide analysis

Organomineral fertilisers: nutrient dynamics and evaluation of agronomic characteristics

A zero-cost, real-time, Windows signal laboratory

Thermoplastic film from superfine wool powder

Dynamic analysis on the thermal and electrical properties of fabrics in the process of moisture absorption and liberation

Application of corona discharge on desizing of polyvinyl alcohol on cotton fabrics

Characterization of superfine down powder

Needleless electrospinning of nanofibers with a conical wire coil

Study on the electrical resistance of textiles under wet conditions

Improving the hydrophilic properties of wool fabrics via corona discharge and hydrogen peroxide treatment

Differences between the impact regimes of the terrestrial planets: implications for primordial D:H ratios

Differences between the impact regimes of the terrestrial planets

Native title in Canada and Australia post Tsilhqot'in: shared thinking or ships in the night?

Exoplanet characterization and the search for life: the astronomy and astrophysics decadal survey

A possible science: topologies of interest in corporeal cultural flows

The relationship between thinking styles and emotional intelligence: an exploratory study

A cultural affair to remember: nostalgia, whiteness and migration in Love's Brother


Explaining negotiation outcomes: process or context?

Optimization effect of micro hardness by nanoclay clusters in nanoclay/epoxy composites

A challenging middle school SOSE unit and a resource for teaching teachers explicit strategies to support literacy learning (episode 1)

A challenging middle school SOSE unit and a resource for teaching teachers explicit strategies to support literacy learning (episode 2)

Student teachers' perceptions of science learning

Law and custom - 'Tradition': the assembly of a legal microscope [submitted to Australian Law Reform Commission]

Developing academic persistence in first year tertiary students: a case study

Supporting the development of persistence: strategies for teachers of first year undergraduate students

Preparation and mechanical properties of polypropylene fiber reinforced calcined kaolin-fly ash based geopolymer

Role of water in the synthesis of calcined kaolin-based geopolymer

Geopolymerization process of alkali-metakaolinite characterized by isothermal calorimetry

Activating process of geopolymer source material: kaolinite

Understanding tertiary student learning: are they independent thinkers or simply consumers and reactors?

Reflections on China's WTO accession commitments and their observance

Comparison of landscape approaches to define spatial patterns of hillslope-scale sediment delivery ratio

Trialling a web-based spatial information management tool with land managers in Victoria, Australia

A needs analysis framework for the design of digital repositories in higher education

Transition from school for youths with a disability: issues and challenges

Minimalism, bloodied and raw: Palahniuk's literary violence

Zizek and the ontological emergence of technology

Learning circles: breaking isolation cycles. February 2008 [Final report]

Synchronous virtual supervision of professional experience: issues and challenges

Curtin is doing a splendid job: how a wartime labour Prime Minister won press support, 1941-45

Constructive interpretation in design thinking

Won't Let The Sun (Go Down On This Love)

Shakespeare in the Park: The Tempest

Seasonal climate forecasting for better irrigation system management in Lombok, Indonesia


Preparation and characterization of series polyimides

Why are some A stars magnetic, while most are not?

Stellar spectropolarimetry

Software quality and group performance

Numerical modeling of the coupled flow of brine and oil in hydrocarbon reservoirs

The effect of treatment on tribo-performance of CFRP composites

Controlled traffic farming with no tillage for improved fallow water storage and crop yield on the Chinese Loess Plateau

Controlled traffic farming restores soil structure

On the effect of roller materials on the power window mechanism from a tribological perspective

Arsenic-safe aquifers as a socially acceptable source of safe drinking water — what can rural Latin America learn from Bangladesh experiences?

Occurrence, health effects and remediation of arsenic in groundwaters of Latin America

The origin of arsenic in waters and sediments from Papallacta Lake area in Ecuador

The abundance of natural arsenic in deep thermal fluids of geothermal and petroleum reservoirs in Mexico

Natural arsenic groundwater contamination of the sedimentary aquifiers of southwestern Sebaco Valley, Nicaragua

Review: finding the culprit: a review of the influences of proteases on the chronic wound environment

Arsenic distribution in the groundwater of the Central Gangetic Plains of Uttar Pradesh, India

Arsenic contamination, speciation and environmental consequences in the Bolivian plateau

Low-cost technologies for arsenic removal in the Chaco-Pampean Plain, Argentina

Mineralogical study of arsenic-enriched aquifier sediments at Santiago del Estero, Northwest Argentina

Volcanic arsenic and boron pollution of Ilopango Lake, El Salvador

Essentials of auditing, assurance services and ethics in Australia: an integrated approach

Accounting, 6th ed.

Effects on grape and wine quality of bunch thinning of Merlot under Queensland conditions. Final report

Building bridges: learning from the experts: building bridges to implement successful life promotion and suicide prevention expertise across Aboriginal communities

Phytochemical studies and bioactivity of Centipeda and Eremophila species

Ontology mining for personalized search

Nightmares in the engine room

The missing link in the modern world

Why do Australian firms issue standalone warrants?

The climate change risk management matrix for the grazing industry of northern Australia

University of Queensland Law Journal v28(2) [Special editors' introduction]

Too Late For Heroes

Chemical evolution in the high arsenic groundwater of the Huhhot basin (Inner Mongolia, PR China) and its difference from the western Bengal basin (India)

Nigger Lovers

Esimulations for blended learning in professional education: capacity building, knowledge transfer and dissemination

Direct reaction of silicon with ethyl chloride in a fluidized bed reactor

TNOs are cool: a survey of the transneptunian region

Experimental investigation on the effect of singeing on cotton yarn properties (+Erratum)

Sheilas, wogs and metrosexuals: masculinity, ethnicity and Australian soccer

Dr. Kyle Jenkins - PS gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands PS1999-2009 group exhibition

Give 'em the Finger: the Powderfinger Project

Sea changes, tree changes and bush lessons: post-compulsory education and rural renewal

Facilitating immersion in virtual worlds: issues and considerations [workshop summary]

An exploration of cross-disciplinary engineering education research collaborations

A novel soft cluster neural network for the classification of suspicious areas in digital mammograms

Determinants of investment in Muslim developing countries: an empirical investigation

Climate change impacts on Australia's rangeland livestock carrying capacity: a review of issues

Developing teacher leaders: how teacher leadership enhances school success, 2nd ed.

Content and construct validity of the Health of the Nation Scale for Children and Adolescents (HoNOSCA)

Rhodes Scholars

Dr... Who?

For my father - the Delahuntys

Planes, trains and automobiles

Edward Breslin

Creativity, ethics and transformation: key factors in a transdisciplinary application of systems methodology to resolving wicked problems in sustainability

The consequences of substance use among gay and bisexual men: a consensual qualitative research analysis

Sex on premises venue (SOPV) health promotion project in response to sustained increases in new HIV notifications

A simulation comparison of normalization procedures for TOPSIS

Mining specific and general features in both positive and negative relevance feedback

Cancer multidisciplinary team meetings in a rural and metropolitan site: investigating the facilitators and understanding the challenges

Cancer multidisciplinary team meetings in rural and metropolitan South Australia: an evaluation of structure and practice

Evaluation of multidisciplinary cancer management in a regional South Australian centre: are multidisciplinary team recommendations being implemented?

Tonometric estimation of mechanical properties of a cornea and sclera

The influence of corporate governance reforms and firm performance: evidence from emerging economics

New Standards of Practice for Australian Mental Health Nurses

GraniteNet phase 2 evaluation report

Fractional cable equation models for anomalous electrodiffusion in nerve cells: infinite domain solutions

Comparison of PBL assessment rubrics

Performance of preliminary test estimator under linex loss function

Repurchase intent in the experiential context: using an operations and marketing perspective to invesitgate the cultural performing arts

Partnerships and innovative models for the recruitment and retention of nurses

Inhibition of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase reduces adipogenesis and diet-induced obesity

Considerations for recycling of compost and biosolids in agricultural soil

How do Australian SMEs plan?

Anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste in a two-stage membrane process

The need for safety targets in south Asian developing countries

Facilitating sustainable catchment management through spatial data infrastructure design and development

Comparison of epigenetic changes that have predisposed protein kinase genes to become oncogenes

The value of incorporating emotional intelligence skills in the education of accounting students

Continuous treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste in an anaerobic two-stage membrane process with liquid recycle

Having a career in disability studies without even becoming disabled! The strains of the disabled teaching body

Connecting the dots - climate information has no value unless it changes a management decision: Some illustrative cases

Moving in 3D: the X, Y, Z of learning through doing in immersive, virtual environments

States of exceptionality: provisional disability, its mitigation and citizenship F. Campbell VIEWS 229 INFO more

Contours of ableism: the production of disability & abledness

Labour's voice in corporate governance – the role of corporate social responsibility in generating change at the Malaysian workplace

Reinventing health, ageing and aged care through smart homes and intelligent technologies

The determinants for the use of wireless system in traditional Chinese hospital

Science teaching - the common thread

Selection of the optimal alternative: rehabilitation of a regional drainage channel in Bangladesh

Adsorption dynamics of cobalt [Co (ii)] on rubber granules

Added-value processing of ‘algae waste': 1st quarterly repot

Anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology for solid waste stabilization

High-resolution image generation using warping transformations

Perceptions and pedagogy: exploring the beliefs and practices of an effective primary science teacher

Facile auto-combustion synthesis for oxygen separation membrane application

Double-site yttria-doped Sr1−xYxCo1−yYyO3−δ perovskite oxides as oxygen semi-permeable membranes

Low-temperature synthesis of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3−δ perovskite powder via asymmetric sol–gel process and catalytic auto-combustion

Effects of preparation methods on the oxygen nonstoichiometry, B-site cation valences and catalytic efficiency of perovskite La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3−δ

Evaluation of mixed‐conducting lanthanum‐strontium‐cobaltite ceramic membrane for oxygen separation

Moderators and mediators of pedometer use and step count increase in the '10,000 Steps Ghent' intervention

Density variation of different shaped food particulates in fluid bed drying: empirical models

Minimum fluidization velocity of food materials: effect of moisture and shape

A retrospective evaluation of a community-based physical activity health promotion program

Teacher educators embrace philosophy: reflections on a new way of looking at preparing pre-service teachers

Natural, Biodegradable and Sustainable: Australian Merino Wool

Rebuilding an industry brand with green credentials: the global wool industry

Toowoomba: a sense of history 1840-2008

Nursing student's attitudes towards intimate partner violence

Assessing the comparative response of wheat and barley genotypes to salinity stress using destructive and non-destructive techniques

Phenomics-based screening for salinity tolerance: a case study for the evaluation of the impact of salinity on growth of barley and faba bean

Building the capacity of communities to increase their resilience

Potential electrical distribution systems for renewable energy

Strengthening farmers through the camera’s eye

Principles of primate feeding and nutrition. Part 1 Evaluation of diets offered in an Australian zoo

Future challenges in delivering Agromet outputs to farmers

Testing the effectiveness of a Practice Development intervention on changing the culture of evidence based practice in an acute care environment (Volumes 1 and 2)

Creating a therapeutic environment: a non-randomised controlled trial of a quiet time intervention for patients in acute care

Clinically indicated replacement versus routine replacement of peripheral venous catheters [Review]

Phlebitis rate unacceptable

The Power of Leisure: 'I Was an Anorexic; I’m Now a Healthy Triathlete'

A media analysis approach to evaluating national health information infrastructure development

The Response of a Stochastically Forced ENSO Model to Observed Off-Equatorial Wind Stress Forcing

The Modulation of ENSO Variability in CCSM3 by Extratropical Rossby Waves

Severe storms inferred from 150 years of sub-daily pressure observations along Victoria’s 'Shipwreck Coast'

A multiproxy index of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation, A.D. 1525-1982

Interactions of Colletotrichum musae and Lasiodiplodia theobromae and their biocontrol by Pantoea agglomerans and Flavobacterium sp. in expression of crown rot of 'Embul' banana

An Exploratory Study of the Application of Internal Marketing in Professional Service Organizations

Removal of sulfate from high-strength wastewater by crystallisation

Anaerobic digestion of spent bedding from deep litter piggery housing

A Study on Nucleation for Protein Crystallization in Mixed Vessels

Evaporation, Temperature and Water Quality Impacts for AquaArmourTM Floating Pods

Multiscale simulation of coupled length-scales via meshless method and molecular dynamics

Enhanced MHD Transport in Astrophysical Accretion Flows: Turbulence, Winds and Jets

Self-management techniques for bipolar disorder in a sample of New Zealand Chinese

Learning `otherWISE': Being wise about consumption

Mainstreaming sustainability into pre-service teacher education in Australia

The geostationary orbit: a critical legal geography of space’s most valuable real estate

A Proposed Framework for Understanding Information Security Culture and Practices in the Saudi Context

Women's participation in the Australian Digital Content Industry : initial case study findings

Student success: The identification and support of first year university students at risk of attrition