Multi-species sequence comparison reveals conservation of ghrelin gene-derived splice variants encoding a truncated ghrelin peptide

Investigating the feasibility and the optimal location of pulsed ultrasound in surface water treatment schemes

Injection molded noil hemp fiber composites: interfacial shear strength, fiber strength, and aspect ratio

Livelihood vulnerability approach to assessing climate change impacts on mixed agro-livestock smallholders around the Gandaki River Basin in Nepal

An investigation on allocative efficiency and implications of new funding plans for the Australian universities

Is rapid growth in internet usage environmentally sustainable for Australia? An empirical investigation

Positive effect of exercise training at maximal fat oxidation intensity on body composition and lipid metabolism in overweight middle-aged women

Suture cruroplasty versus prosthetic hiatal herniorrhaphy for large hiatal hernia: a meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Information and communication technology, electricity consumption and economic growth in OECD countries: a panel data analysis

Does internet stimulate the accumulation of social capital? A macro-perspective from Australia

A better alternative to non-parametric approaches for adjusting for covariate measurement errors in logistic regression.

Transfer of responsibility and accountability of patient care in acute care settings

Indigenous Health Practitioner to Nurse Career Pathway

Are newly graduated nurses ready to deal with death and dying? - A literature review

Creating Pathways in Nursing Education to Increase Indigenous Nursing Numbers

End of Life Care

Injury prevention

Implementing the Macro Level of ICCCF

Implementing the Meso Level of ICCCF

Implementing the micro level of the Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Framework

Frameworks for chronic care management

Chronic Care Nursing: A Framework for Practice

Student participation in clinical handover-an integrative review

Early palliative care for patients with metastatic lung cancer: Evidence for and barriers against

Evaluation of rainfall and wetland water area variability at Thirlmere Lakes using Landsat time-series data

The Caution Bay Project field and laboratory methods

Home Countries and Transnational Bribery: China’s Changing Approach

The Immigration Crisis' Challenge to the Universality of Intergenerational Justice

Voluntary Engagement, Compulsory Marriage? The Necessity and Opportunity of Community-Investor Environmental Arbitration

Conflict and Collaboration on Queensland's Agricultural Rail Lines

Polymers from Biomass: Characterization, Modification, Degradation, and Applications

Lithium-storage Properties of Gallic Acid-Reduced Graphene Oxide and Silicon-Graphene Composites

Functionalization of chemically derived graphene for improving its electrocapacitive energy storage properties

Sodium ion storage in reduced graphene oxide

Biomass derived carbon nanoparticle as anodes for high performance sodium and lithium ion batteries

Testing a multi-phase, multi-theory model of health behaviour: exploring fruit and vegetable consumption in long-haul drivers

Law provides for settlement of the invasion arguments

Passport to study: flipped library orientation for international students

Evidence for link between modelled trends in Antarctic sea ice and underestimated westerly wind changes

Natural hazards in Australia: heatwaves

Long-term streamflow trends in the middle reaches of the Yellow River Basin: Detecting drivers of change

On the use of composite analyses to form physical hypotheses: An example from heat wave - SST associations

Model forensic science

Working Beyond the Research Maze

Working in the Research Maze: At What Price?

Synthesis of a phosphorus/nitrogen-containing compound based on maleimide and cyclotriphosphazene and its flame-retardant mechanism on epoxy resin

Synthesis of a novel phosphorus-nitrogen type flame retardant composed of maleimide, triazine-trione, and phosphaphenanthrene and its flame retardant effect on epoxy resin

Synergistic flame-retardant effect of expandable graphite and phosphorus-containing compounds for epoxy resin: Strong bonding of different carbon residues

Preparation and flame retardancy of DOPO–based epoxy resin containing bismaleimide

A phosphorus-containing phenolic derivative and its application in benzoxazine resins: Curing behavior, thermal, and flammability properties

Microwave absorption properties of lightweight absorber based on Fe50Ni50-coated poly(acrylonitrile) microspheres and reduced graphene oxide composites

Incorporating student-facing learning analytics into pedagogical practice

The Online Street Art Walk: Using Digital Technology to Support Community Engagement with Young Street Artists: A Report on the Katoomba Street Art Walk

Lisa Tetrault, The Myth of Seneca Falls: Memory and the Women’s Suffrage Movement, 1848-1898

Transnational Protest, Australia and the 1960s: Global Radicals by Jon Piccini

The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition by Manisha Sinha

Assessing erosion processes associated with establishment of coal seam gas pipeline infrastructure in Queensland, Australia

Post-traumatic stress disorder: Pedagogical implications for the English as a second or other language classroom

Factoring Requirement Dependencies in Software Requirement Selection using Graphs and Integer Programming

Can we predict burnout among student nurses? An exploration of the ICWR-1 model of individual psychological resilience

Marketing microcredit to bottom of the pyramid market Investigating determinants and the role of self-identity: the case of youth in post-war context

The impact of creative competence and project management on longevity of the client-advertising agency relationship

Evaluating specific service quality aspects which impact on customers’ behavioural loyalty in high-tech internet services

Reflections of environmental management implementation in furniture

Tyrosine hydroxylase regulation in adult rat striatum following short-term neonatal exposure to manganese

Exploring undergraduate nursing students' perceptions of working in aged care settings: A review of the literature

The effects of service quality on internet service provider customers' behaviour A mixed methods study

A concept analysis of undergraduate nursing students speaking up for patient safety in the patient care environment

Water Reclamation by Heterogeneous Photocatalysis over Titanium Dioxide

The polarization of HD 189733

Polarization Measurements of Hot Dust Stars and the Local Interstellar Medium

The linear polarization of Southern bright stars measured at the parts-per-million level

Erratum: The linear polarization of Southern bright stars measured at the parts-per-million level

Patient Perspectives on Acquiring Spectacles: A Cambodian Experience

Validation of multi-layer network optimization

The Inference Graph of Cybersecurity Rules

Perchlorate as an emerging contaminant in soil, water and food

Mechanistic modeling of glyphosate interaction with rice husk derived engineered biochar

Iodine in commercial edible iodized salts and assessment of iodine exposure in Sri Lanka

Biosolids Enhance Mine Site Rehabilitation and Revegetation

Municipal Solid Waste Biochar for Prevention of Pollution From Landfill Leachate

Characterizing volatile organic compounds in leachate from Gohagoda municipal solid waste dumpsite, Sri Lanka

Perchlorate mobilization of metals in serpentine soils

How can historians best use Twitter?

“Peace on earth good will to people”: Holiday reflections on Ms. Magazine

Undergraduate nursing students' attitudes and use of research and evidence-based practice - an integrative literature review

Characterization of two coleopteran a-amylases and molecular insights into their differential inhibition by synthetic a-amylase inhibitor, acarbose

Linking Research and Practice: Educational Design Research

Radio galaxies in ZFOURGE/NMBS: no difference in the properties of massive galaxies with and without radio-AGN out to z = 2.25

The SFR–M* Relation and Empirical Star Formation Histories from ZFOURGE at 0.5 < z < 4

Z-FIRE: ISM Properties of the z = 2.095 Cosmos Cluster

ZFIRE: The kinematics of star-forming galaxies as a function of environment at z ∼ 2

Cold-mode Accretion: Driving the Fundamental Mass-metallicity Relation at z ∼ 2

Differences in the Structural Properties and Star Formation Rates of Field and Cluster Galaxies at Z ∼ 1

Large-scale structure around a z = 2.1 cluster

ZFIRE: A Keck/Mosfire Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies in Rich Environments at z ∼ 2

The Fourstar Galaxy Evolution Survey (ZFOURGE): Ultraviolet to Far-infrared Catalogs, Medium-bandwidth Photometric Redshifts with Improved Accuracy, Stellar Masses, and Confirmation of Quiescent Galaxies to z ∼ 3.5

Characterizing the cross dispersion reflection gratings of CRIRES+

The "+" for CRIRES: enabling better science at infrared wavelength and high spectral resolution at the ESO VLT

Characterization of Proanthocyanidins from Seeds of Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea) by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Sexuality Education in Public Schools in Australia and Aotearoa New Zeeland

Student engagement in service delivery: Taking it to a whole new level

Does Internet Usage Stimulate the Accumulation of Social Capital? A Panel İnvestigation for Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Countries

Equity and access as keys for opening open learning: the case for virtually facilitated work-based learning

Transformer Hot Spot Temperature Prediction Using a Hybrid Algorithm of Support Vector Regression and Information Granulation

Effect of Rooftop-PV on Power Transformer Insulation and On-Load Tap Changer Operation

Data on the construction of a mathmatical model to test the optimisation of the air gap spacing in a solar water heater with double glass cover ANSYS 13.0-Fluent software files.

Variable length connecting rod

Mechanism of the anti-hypertensive property of the naturally occurring phenolic, malabaricone C in DOCA-salt rats

Estimating the major contributors to environmental impacts in Australia

The inherent vulnerability of the Australian curriculum’s cross-curriculum priorities

Towards understanding the digital divide in rural partnerships and development: a framework and evidence from rural Australia

Right to freedom from torture in Nepal

Private public distinction of the target and the long run operating performance of acquirers

A method for optimal fit of patient-specific fracture fixation plates

Determinants that impact first year male students’ motivation to learn at UAE public colleges

Incorporating case studies into the university courses to heighten awareness about greenhouse gas emissions for a product from seed to supermarket

A thematic analysis of career adaptability in retirees who return to work

Health in Xinjiang: Uyghur adolescents' vulnerability to HIV/AIDS

Mathematical reflection approach to instrumental variable estimation method for simple regression model

Evidence based decision and meta-analysis with applications in cancer research studies

A direct analysis of flood interval probability using approximately 100-year stream flow datasets

Histopathological assessment of Fusarium pseudograminearum colonization of cereal culms during crown rot infections

The correlated bivariate noncentral F distribution and its application

Explore interregional EEG correlations changed by sport training using feature selection

Internet service providers' service quality and its effect on customer loyalty of different usage patterns

Metrics for BPEL Process Reusability Analysis in a Workflow System

Can we safely deform a plate to fit every bone? Population-based fit assessment and finite element deformation of a distal tibial plate

Estimation of wet canopy bulk stomatal resistance from energy flux measurements during sprinkler irrigation

A new approach to estimate canopy evaporation and canopy interception capacity from evapotranspiration and sap flow measurements during and following wetting

Synergy or skirmish? The collaboration of law and anthropology

Differences in Moral Judgment on Animal and Human Ethics Issues between University Students in Animal-Related, Human Medical and Arts Programs

Adult verbal abstract reasoning assessment instruments and their clinimetric properties

Ductility enhancement of geopolymer concrete columns using FRP confinement

Bridging the gaps between impact assessments and resettlement planning: a case study of Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project, Bangladesh

Epileptic seizure detection from EEG signals using logistic model trees

Teachers' attitudes to including Indigenous knowledges in the Australian science curriculum

Making an impact: politics and persuasions in 21st century higher education

Information system security commitment: a study of external influences on senior management

Therapy that fits: feedback informed, client directed counseling

Erratum to: Seeking to understand: using generic qualitative research to explore access to medicines and pharmacy services among resettled refugees

The type of sport celebrity transgression: does it impact on the associated sponsors and sport?

Exercise training at the intensity of maximal fat oxidation in obese boys

Assessing the application and downstream effects of pulsed mode ultrasound as a pre-treatment for alum coagulation

Solar radiation and the UV index: an application of numerical integration, trigonometric functions, online education and the modelling process

Using My Career Chapter with a Malaysian engineer to write and tell a career story

Creating words in mathematics

Holding it together: an explanatory framework for maintaining subjective well-being (SWB) in principals

Section 92 of the Australian Constitution: the next phase

Liability of police in negligence: a comparative analysis

Operating performance following corporate acquisitions: does the organisational form of the target matter?

Modelling a causal relationship between the internet and academic research performance in an Australian university: a case study

Assessing the roles of community forestry in climate change mitigation and adaptation: a case study from Nepal

Behaviour of hollow pultruded GFRP square beams with different shear span-to-depth ratios

Estimation of monthly evaporative loss using relevance vector machine, extreme learning machine and multivariate adaptive regression spline models

Quantification of cephalomedullary nail fit in the femur using 3D computer modelling: a comparison between 1.0 and 1.5m bow designs

Improving rockbolt design in tunnels using topology optimisation

Projection of heat wave mortality related to climate change in Korea

Exploring the correlations between common UV measurements and chemical fractionation for natural waters

Some corner of a foreign field

Sir Philip Gibbs and English journalism in war and peace

A pilot evaluation of a Mindful Self-Care and Resiliency (MSCR) intervention for nurses

Doctorate motivation: an (auto)ethnography

Colonising Italians: Italian imperialism and agricultural ‘colonies’ in Australia, 1881–1914

Elevated atmospheric [CO2] stimulates sugar accumulation and cellulose degradation rates of rice straw

Australian distance students’ perceptions of individual and institutional responsibility for health and wellbeing

Monthly prediction of air temperature in Australia and New Zealand with machine learning algorithms

The probability relationship between video’s instantaneous and average aggregate rates

Water policy implementation in the state of São Paulo, Brazil: key challenges and opportunities

Power and velocity control of wind turbines by adaptive fuzzy controller during full load operation

Toward an open empowered learning model of pedagogy in higher education

Decision support systems for adoption in dental clinics: a survey

Project management supports the change process

Quantifying the burden of opioid medication errors in adult oncology and palliative care settings: A systematic review

Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) in Type 2 Diabetes: A Longitudinal Study

Seeking to understand: using generic qualitative research to explore access to medicines and pharmacy services among resettled refugees

Melanopsin-mediated post-illumination pupil response in the peripheral retina

Critical autism studies: exploring epistemic dialogues and intersections, challenging dominant understandings of autism

Tasman Sea biological response to dust storm events during the austral spring of 2009

Two strategies for diffusing tension in the Middle East

John Curtin: how he won over the media

The effects of internet usage and economic growth on CO2 emissions in OECD countries: a panel investigation

Influence of single and multiple skin-core debonding on free vibration characteristics of innovative GFRP sandwich panels

The Brazilian disc test under a non-uniform contact pressure along its thickness

The effects of internet usage, financial development and trade openness on economic growth in South Africa: a time series analysis

An investigation of the challenges and issues influencing the adoption of cloud computing in Australian regional municipal governments

Six habits to enhance MET performance under stress: a discussion paper reviewing team mechanisms for improved patient outcomes

Opportunistic and context-aware affect sensing on smartphones: the concept, challenges and opportunities

Age differences in interpreting ambiguous situations: the effects of content themes and depressed mood

The distribution and density of water mice (Xeromys myoides) in the Maroochy River of Southeast Queensland, Australia

Diet of dingoes and other wild dogs in peri-urban areas of north-eastern Australia

Insects for breakfast and whales for dinner: the diet and body condition of dingoes on Fraser Island (K’gari)

Natural fibers and their characterization

Biolubricants and the potential of waste cooking oil

Two-body abrasion of bamboo fibre/epoxy composites

Age differences in the connection of mood and cognition: evidence from studies of mood congruent effects

The reality of authentic learning in virtual worlds

Exploring literate lives: returning to the field

The Taylor rule in Australia, 1989-2014

Projectyness: a spectrum of greater or lesser capability

Vegetative growth and yield associated flowering time variation in Sri Lankan rice 'Hondarawala'

Inorganic fouling of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor treating leachate from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and a polishing aerobic membrane bioreactor

Effect of sparging rate on permeate quality in a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAMBR) treating leachate from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW)

The effectiveness and need for flash flood warning systems in a regional inland city in Australia

Evaluation of the agricultural production systems simulator simulating lucerne and annual ryegrass dry matter yield in the Argentine pampas and south-eastern Australia

Assessing the reliability of merging Chickering & Gamson’s Seven principles for good practice with Merrill’s Different levels of instructional strategy (DLISt7)

Brief on the role of psychologists in residential and home care services for older adults

Soil compaction and controlled traffic considerations in Australian cotton-farming systems

'Either feed your belly or nourish your soul': work, artistic aspiration and autobiography in Rosa R. Capiello's Oh lucky country

Nowadays: trauma and modernity in Agatha Christie's late Poirot novels

Wave blocking phenomenon of surface waves on a shear flow with a constant vorticity

The early acquisition of viable knowledge: a use of recursive model as an analytical devise (methodolosocial)

Effects of free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) on N, P and K uptake of soybean in northern China

Baikaboria ossuary and the origins of the Kesele clan, Upper Kikori River, Papua New Guinea

Pilot randomized controlled trial of a novel web-based intervention to prevent posttraumatic stress in children following medical events

Storm even suspended sediment-discharge hysteresis and controls in agricultural watersheds: implications for watershed scale sediment management

Comparison of pulse propagation and gain saturation characteristics among different input pulse shapes in semiconductor optical amplifiers

The screenplay as text: academic scriptwriting as creative research

Negative energy waves in shear flow with a linear profile

Evaluating measures of optimism and sport confidence

Formation of wave packets in the Ostrovsky equation for both normal and anomalous dispersion

Characterisation of recycled mixed plastic solid wastes: coupon and full-scale investigation

The project-space model: visualising the enablers and constraints for a given project

Tracking ultrasonically structural changes of natural aquatic organic carbon: chemical fractionation and spectroscopic approaches

Exploring the demands on nurses working in health care facilities during a large-scale natural disaster: often an invisible role within a highly visible event

Information content of directors' trading around acquisitions

An analysis of magnitudes and trends of household carbon emissions in China between 1995 and 2011

Managing literacy teaching and learning for 'new' and mobile students

The brief introduction of different laser diagnostics methods used in aeroengine combustion research

Childhood obesity and the income gradient: evidence from Australia

Family income and child cognitive and non-cognitive development in Australia: does money matter?

Digital technologies for learning in prison: what one Australian university is doing

Teacher peer support in social network sites

Local buckling of profiled skin sheets resting on tensionless elastic foundation under in-plane shear loading

Local buckling of profiled skin sheets resting on tensionless elastic foundations under uniaxial compression

Theoretical treatment of disc cutters subjected to general cutting forces

Elevated atmospheric [CO2] can dramatically increase wheat yields in semi-arid environments and buffer against heat waves

Pre-impregnated carbon fibre reinforced composite system for patch repair of steel I-beams

Mixing layer effects on the entrainment ratio in steam ejectors through ideal gas computational simulations

Ethics in the information age

Corona based air-flow using parallel discharge electrodes

Customer perception of green advertising in the context of eco-friendly FMCGs

Behaviour of concentrically loaded geopolymer-concrete circular columns reinforced longitudinally and transversely with GFRP bars

A classroom activity: tracking El Niño

Application of the Syllk model wiring an organisation for the capability of an online community of practice

Passion trumps pay: a study of the future skills requirements of information professionals in galleries, libraries, archives and museums in Australia

Information literacy and the serious leisure participant: variation in the experience of using information to learn

Big video data for light-field-based 3D telemedicine

Protecting England and its church: Lady Anne and the death of Charles Stuart

Experimental and theoretical studies on the properties of injection moulded glass fibre reinforced mixed plastics composites

Predicting the distributions of predator (snow leopard) and prey (blue sheep) under climate change in the Himalaya

Identification of candidate transcriptional regulators of epidermal transfer cell development in Vicia faba cotyledons

The Emperor's perfect map: leadership by numbers

Automated site-specific irrigation framework and evaluation

Australian solar eclipse expeditions: the voyage to Cape York in 1871

Navigating the ‘inter’ in intercultural education

An empirical investigation of the impact of commitment and trust on internal marketing

Classification of epileptic EEG signals based on simple random sampling and sequential feature selection

Highly heritable resistance to root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) in Australian chickpea germplasm observed using an optimised glasshouse method and multi-environment trial analysis

Performance evaluation of a process bus architecture in a zone substation based on IEC 61850-9-2

Engaging prisoners in education: reducing risk and recidivism

A novel ember shower simulator for assessing performance of low porosity screens at high wind speeds against firebrand attacks

Knowledge management in healthcare organizations

Sexuality education in public schools in Australia and Aotearoa - New Zealand

Heat transfer during cavitation bubble collapse

Resistance of Iranian landrace wheat to the cereal cyst nematode, Heterodera filipjevi

Detection and characterisation of delamination damage propagation in woven glass fibre reinforced polymer composite using thermoelastic response mapping

Working the space: locating teachers’ voices in large-scale, mandated curriculum reform

Measurement and modeling: sequential use of analytical techniques in a study of risk-taking in decision-making by school principals

Australian legal education at a cross roads

Identification of recalcitrant compounds in a pilot-scale AB system: an adsorption (A) stage followed by a biological (B) stage to treat municipal wastewater

Facilitating student learning in accounting through scaffolded assessment

Resilience: distinct construct or conglomerate of existing traits?

Quality assessment and certification in open scholarly publishing and inspiration for MOOC credentialing

Attitudes towards using The Simpsons to engage students in the English classroom

Responding to challenges in teacher professional development for ICT integration in education

Investigating the potential of peer-to-peer communications in Australian bullying campaigns targeting youth

Organizational change and renewal: can strategic communication methods ease the pain? A case study from the University of Southern Queensland

Characterization of soluble microbial products (SMPs) in a membrane bioreactor (MBR) treating municipal wastewater containing pharmaceutical compounds

A review of stochastic description of the turbulence effect on bubble-particle interactions in flotation

Adapting psychotherapy for older adults with Parkinson's disease

A Flight Simulator Study of the Impairment Effects of Startle on Pilots During Unexpected Critical Events

Modelling the resilience of forage crop production to future climate change in the dairy regions of southeastern Australia using APSIM

Gait parameters of people with diabetes-related neuropathic plantar foot ulcers

The more that they read the more things they will know: becoming word conscious

Glyphosate resistance of C3 and C4 weeds under rising atmospheric CO2

The reproducibility of acquiring three dimensional gait and plantar pressure data using established protocols in participants with and without type 2 diabetes and foot ulcers

Tax literacy in Australia: not knowing your deduction from your offset

The chromosome regions for increasing early growth in rice: role of sucrose biosynthesis and NH4+ uptake

Improving rice zinc biofortification success rates through genetic and crop management approaches in a changing environment

From den to dust: longevity of three dingoes (Canis lupus dingo) on Fraser Island (K’gari)

Targeting the Long Non-Coding RNA GHSROS, a Mediator of Prostate Cancer Tumour Growth, with Antisense Oligonucleotides

Nitrogen-fixing bacterial communities in invasive legume nodules and associated soils are similar across introduced and native range populations in Australia

An effective 3D meshing approach for fractured rocks

Bring back our girls: social media and celebrity activism

Rapamycin reduces motivated responding for cocaine and alters GluA1 expression in the ventral but not dorsal striatum

University transition challenges for first year domestic CALD students from refugee backgrounds: a case study from an Australian regional university

Teachers' curriculum stories: perceptions and preparedness to enact change

The pressures of the political on rigorous and ethical research

More milk from forage: Milk production, blood metabolites, and forage intake of dairy cows grazing pasture mixtures and spatially adjacent monocultures

Structure and dynamics of solitary waves in fluid media

Orchard mapping and mobile robot localisation using on-board camera and laser scanner data fusion

Enabling peer-to-peer remote experimentation in distributed online remote laboratories

Investigating the virulence of isolates produced by sexual recombination between different Pyrenophora teres isolates

Multiscale stochastic simulation of transient complex flows

Recycled water in Queensland: building a model for the full cost of recycled class A+ water

Managing change for environmental sustainability: an international comparison of small and medium enterprises in the fabric and textile industry

Understanding pedagogical content knowledge for engineering education: the effect of field and habitus

Transition to university: managing constraints and successfully persisting with study on a pathway program

Upwelling and eddy activity in the Southern Queensland Coastal Marine Zone, Australia

Midwives working in standard maternity settings: an exploration of their views on maternity reform

Examining psychological well-being in older Australian volunteers

Population changes and implications for economic growth and the environment in Australia

Numerical investigation of stability and settlement of tunnels in undrained clay

Coupled/combined compact IRBF schemes for fluid flow and FSI problems

Financial industry in transformation: case research on the contemporary understanding and application of leadership in a large Swiss bank

The drivers of children’s outcomes in Australia

Preparation of Australian and Spanish nursing students for intimate partner violence

Properties of epoxy polymer concrete matrix: Effect of resin-to-filler ratio and determination of optimal mix for composite railway sleepers

Application of the speech recognition technology in language education

Evaluating the heat resistance of thermal insulated sandwich composites subjected to a turbulent fire

Probability analysis of the fire structural resistance of aluminium plate

Deterioration of the fire structural resistance of sandwich composite under tension due to water absorption

Synergistic flame retardancy effect of graphene nanosheets and traditional retardants on epoxy resin

Processing and properties of antibacterial silver nanoparticle-loaded hemp hurd/poly(lactic acid) biocomposites

Rigid biofoam composites as eco-efficient construction materials

An Ipswich case study: how does local broadcast media value, esteem and provide voice to a rapidly changing urban centre?

Structural behaviour of geopolymer concrete beams and columns reinforced with glass fibre reinforced polymer bars

Bald heads & blue stars: a theory, model and impact of verbatim theatre practice

Advancing social relationships in innovation networks and their commercialization success in Malaysian public universities

Older people, assistive technologies, and the barriers to adoption: a systematic review

Fire structural modelling and testing of welded aluminium plate

Population age structure and savings rate impacts on economic growth: evidence from Australia

Internet-based therapies for child and adolescent emotional and behavioural problems

Telling lives: women, stories and healing

The impact of household wealth on child survival in Ghana

Consumer motives and impact of western media on the Moroccan luxury buyer

Scenario prediction of emerging coastal city using CA modeling under different environmental conditions: a case study of Lingang New City, China

Biology and biocontrol of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary in oilseed Brassicas

Encouraging learner interaction, engagement and attention in the virtual classroom (an investigation into the phenomenon of multitasking)

Natural arsenic in global groundwaters: distribution and geochemical triggers for mobilization

The reconciliation of freedom of religion with anti-discrimination rights

Criminal due process and chapter III of the Australian Constitution

A mathematical model for the proliferation, accumulation and spread of pathogenic proteins along neuronal pathways with locally anomalous trapping

Influence of institutional access and social capital on adaptation decision: Empirical evidence from hazard-prone rural households in Bangladesh

Interaction of solitons with long waves in a rotating fluid

Maximising retention of nurses: Australian evidence

The relationship between labour force status and educational attainment: Evidence from a system of simultaneous equations model

The relative importance of landscape amenity and health impacts in the wind farm debate in Australia

To fight, sabotage or steal: are all forms of employee misbehaviour created equal?

The evolving magnetic topology of τ Boötis

The effects of coal seam gas infrastructure development on arable land in southern Queensland, Australia: field investigations and modeling

Determinants of perceived usefulness of e-learning systems

Development and testing of a micro wind tunnel for on-site wind erosion simulations

Discerning the air: locating local government community engagement practice – reflections on selected Australian experience

A local field correlated and Monte Carlo based shallow neural network model for nonlinear time series prediction

Online educative activities for solar ultraviolet radiation based on measurements of cloud amount and solar exposures

Flexural behavior of an FRP sandwich system with glass-fiber skins and a phenolic core at elevated in-service temperature

Differential reporting of social and environmental disclosures between local and foreign oil companies in Nigeria

An examination of the quality of social and environmental disclosures by Nigerian oil companies

Factors influencing corporate social and environmental disclosures: a systematic review

Does ecological footprint impede economic growth? An empirical analysis based on the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis

Electricity consumption and information and communication technology in the next eleven emerging economies

The issue of reliability in software mediated process assessments

2001 QR322 – an update on Neptune’s first unstable Trojan companion

Investigating the effect of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) on postoperative pain intensity in adolescents undergoing surgery: a randomized controlled trial

Engineering and built environment project conference 2016: book of abstracts - Toowoomba, Australia, 19-23 September 2016

Making as learning: makerspaces in universities

Interpreting the Anzac legacy: reflexive accounts of artistic practice

A Bayesian Network-based customer satisfaction model: a tool for management decisions in railway transport

Time-course of PTSD symptoms in the Australian Defence Force: a retrospective cohort study

The civil courts’ challenge to military justice and its impact on the civil–military relationship

Austin Spare and the Ages of Tarot

Introduction to Volume IV

Introduction to Volume III

Ethical practice in research about children

Selecting and evaluating mobile apps for language learning

The pressures within: dilemmas in the conduct of evaluation from within government

Tertiary mathematics education

The distributed consciousness of Shakespeare's theatre

Plantar pressure are higher in cases with diabetic foot ulcers compared to controls despite a longer stance phase duration

Non state actors

Making and keeping the connection: Improving consumer attitudes and engagement in e-mental health interventions

Can you share some tricks? Pedagogical impacts that go beyond seeking behavioural compliance

The economics of terrorism

Civil procedure: LexisNexis questions and answers

Criminal procedure: LexisNexis questions and answers

Open learning and formal credentialing in higher education: curriculum models and institutional policies

Political pressures on educational and social research: international perspectives

Antraff traffic analysis software user manual, June 21, 2016

Geometrical optimization of a swirling Savonius wind turbine using an open jet wind tunnel

Cloud migration process—A survey, evaluation framework, and open challenges

Extending and validating a human papillomavirus (HPV) knowledge measure in a national sample of Canadian parents of boys

Simulating the Impact of Economic and Environmental Strategies on Future Urban Growth Scenarios in Ningbo, China

The Effects of Short-Term Light Adaptation on the Human Post-Illumination Pupil Response

Governance values in the climate change regime: stakeholder perceptions of REDD+ legitimacy at the national level

The project management office: it’s just not what it used to be

Financial exclusion in Australia: can Islamic finance minimise the problem?

A framework for first year curriculum design and pedagogy: intersecting the Threshold Learning Outcomes, disciplinary knowledge and the first year pedagogy principles

Leading with moral purpose: teacher leadership in action

LSES students and the theory of trusting networks: a whole of institution approach for Student Services

Triple J's hottest

Employing STEM graduates: identifying collaboration capabilities wanted by employers

Assessment and quality: policy-steering and the making of a deus ex machina

ACODE Benchmarks for technology enhanced learning (TEL): findings from a 24 university benchmarking exercise regarding the benchmarks’ fitness for purpose

The impacts of international migrants’ remittances on household consumption volatility in developing countries

Potential international markets for GM reproductive frost management technologies for wheat: cost-benefit analysis - final technical report

Halsbury's laws of Australia: criminal procedure update [130-13620]-[130-14135] (2016)

Making sense of learning analytics to establish a holistic ecosystem for student development and support

Higher education: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

Beef and offal market in Indonesia – evaluation of import trade policy

Asset allocation theory and practice in Australian investment management

On music and literacy learning in the middle years

Fault tree analysis method for deterioration of timber bridges using an Australian case study

Spatial modelling of rice yield losses in Tanzania due to bacterial leaf blight and leaf blast in a changing climate

Population growth and other factors affecting land-use and land-cover changes in north-eastern Wollega, Ethiopia

Living 'wilfully': the same-sex marriage ceremony of 'Michael Field' by the Smutt River

Discussing project status with the project-space model: an action research study

Rash impulsivity predicts lower anticipated pleasure response and a preference for the supernormal

Differential effects of reward drive and rash impulsivity on the consumption of a range of hedonic stimuli

Impact of climate changes on existing crop-livestock farming systems

Traumatic cosmopolitanism: Eleanor Dark and the world at war

Description of vortical flows of incompressible fluid in terms of quasi-potential function

Mathematical modelling of applanation tonometry for intraocular pressure measurements

Seeing the forest for the trees: the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme exhibition and global citizenship education

The supply and use of broadband in rural Australia: an explanatory case study of the Western Downs Region

Towards a custom made water product - potential use of electrodialysis for coal seam gas water treatment using the example of copper ions

Introduction: resistance and resilience

Resilience: revive, restore, reconnect: Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) 2016 Conference Proceedings, Volume 1

The concept of objectivity in the UK Supreme Court through a comparative looking glass

Dark motives-counterfeit purchase framework: Internal and external motives behind counterfeit purchase via digital platforms

Mapping mis-location and housing stress in the private rental sector: A case study of Brisbane, Australia

The effects of changing spatial scales on spatial patterns of CPUE for Ommastrephes bartramii in the northwest Pacific Ocean

Perceptions of older age and digital participation in rural Queensland

From ‘likes’ to unfriending: the need to belong and relational information on Facebook

Meeting the mental health & psychosocial needs of sexually exploited women in the Greater Mekong sub-region: a mixed methods study enhancing the training development of human trafficking aftercare workers

Sheep greenhouse gas emission intensities under different management practices, climate zones and enterprise types

Asset allocation theory and practice in Australian investment management: reasons for the dichotomy

Strongly overdamped dissipative particle dynamics for fluid-solid systems

Displacement and equilibrium mesh-free formulation based on integrated radial basis functions for dual yield design

Impact of extreme climatic events on wheat productivity in South-West, Western Australia

Evaluating transformative adaptation options for Australian extensive farming – a cross-transect analyses of systemic adaptations - July 2016 supplementary report

Crime scene investigation: investigative economics & the drawing of inferences about unknown offenders, Revised edition

Environment-friendly carbon nanotube based flexible electronics for noninvasive and wearable healthcare

Bioenergy from cotton industry wastes: a review and potential

Continental thinking: a tool for accessing the project experience

Numerical simulation of three dimensional turbulent flow structure and heat transfer in ribbed-straight, divergent and convergent ducts

Reconciling approaches – a game centred approach to sport teaching and Mosston's spectrum of teaching styles

Tapping into ancient sources of disease resistance to protect our modern barley cultivars - barley scald 2015

Reaction of Australian barley varieties to scald from southern NSW 2015

An impact assessment framework for harvesting technologies in cotton: management considerations for the John Deere 7760

Thermodynamic modelling and threshold electrolyte concentration analysis for treatment and application of coal seam gas associated water

Alleviating pre-service teachers’ STEM anxiety through the use of remote access laboratories

What factors determine healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) acceptance of mobile devices for telehealth: a qualitative study conducted in Queensland, Australia

An assessment of passenger experience at Melbourne Airport

An investigation of service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty in China’s airline market

A transformative journey of cultural recovery: Te Ao Maori

Molecular identification of fungal endophytes in Dipodium roseum roots

Is the representative nature of juries justiciable?

Constitutional recognition of Indigenous peoples in New Zealand and Ecuador

Green and Lindsay: two steps forward - five steps back: homosexual advance defence - quo vadis?

Rationalising water policy and the institutional and water governance arrangements in Sao Paulo, Brazil

A public health intervention to change knowledge, attitudes and behaviour regarding alcohol consumption in pregnancy

What factors determine healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) acceptance of mobile devices for telehealth: a qualitative study conducted in Queensland, Australia

Learning in and by the community: a work-integrated learning approach to teaching journalism

'Some of us pushed forward and let the world see what could be done': Aboriginal Australian nurses and midwives, 1900-2005

The protection of voting equality in Australia

Elite education in the Australian context

‘No, I’m not OK’: disrupting ‘psy’ discourses of university mental health awareness campaigns

The joy of privilege: elite private school online promotions and the promise of happiness

The impact of social networks on male student motivation in UAE tertiary education

An inquiry into learning in rural community informatics: understanding, facilitating and accounting for learning in the GraniteNet Project

Recent advances of novel thermal combined hot air drying of agricultural crops

Financial competing interests were associated with favorable conclusions and greater author productivity in nonsystematic reviews of neuraminidase inhibitors

The impact of household wealth on child survival in Ghana

Political pressures on international social research and evaluation

Enacting indigenous space: weaving our place

Software development for managing nutrition intake for Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Integrated asset management framework for Australian wind farms

Healthy soils: a prerequisite for sustainable food security

Projected impact of climate change on hydrological regimes in the Philippines

A&D staff attitudes regarding LGBT clients

A performance-related foot loading characters while performing lunging step among badminton players

Legal ethics education in South Africa: possibilities, challenges and opportunities

Two stories from Aceh: 'Simpang Lima' and 'Maghrib'

China’s e-commerce higher education: a 15 years review from international viewpoint

Identifying and measuring agrarian sentiment in regional Australia

Disinfection performance of adsorption using graphite adsorbent coupled with electrochemical regeneration for various microorganisms present in water

Perceived changes in climatic variables and impacts on the transhumance system in the Himalayas

War and migration in the White African tropics: Lauren St John’s 'Rainbow’s End'

Nano-structured gratings for improved light absorption efficiency in solar cells

Message on a bottle: are alcohol warning labels about cancer appropriate?

A sub-catchment based approach for modelling nutrient dynamics and transport at a river basin scale

Assessments of ecosystem service indicators and stakeholder's willingness to pay for selected ecosystem services in the Chure region of Nepal

Behavioral characterization of electric vehicle charging loads in a distribution power grid through modeling of battery chargers

Instructional leadership: dimensions of complexity, assumptions and arenas for action

The semiotic construction of values in the videogame Watch Dogs

Maintaining a healthy BMI: data from a 16-year study of young Australian women

Addressing technology enabled violence against women and girls in the digital age

The Mine Island Aboriginal stone arrangements: spiritual responses to late Holocene change on the central Queensland coast

Shape memory polymers and their applications

G'aim'ing to be a rural teacher?: Improving pre-service teacher's learning exoeriences in an online rural and remote teacher preparation course

Trade-off between Type I error and power: a requirement of robust technique for analysing ordinal outcomes

Numerical solution for the fluid flow between active elastic walls

Characterization and biodegradability of sludge from a high rate A-stage contact tank and B-stage membrane bioreactor of pilot-scale AB system treating municipal wastewaters

Microfinance operations in Bangladesh - an overview

Factors affecting consumers' willingness to pay for imported offal in Indonesia: a case study for Makassar City

wHealth - transforming telehealth services

Anxious affinities: gender and dereliction in Sarah Waters's neo-forties novels

Statistics on spotlight: reflections on World Statistics Day

Factors to be considered in Cloud computing adoption

An intelligent recommender system based on predictive analysis in telehealthcare environment

Determinants of air passenger flows in China and gravity model: deregulation, LCC, and high-speed rail

Gait velocity estimation using time-interleaved between consecutive passive IR sensor activations

Enhancing bereavement support skills using simulated neonatal resuscitation

Anonymity-based privacy preserving network data publication

Augmented and mixed reality features and tools for remote laboratory experiment

Hosting and sharing your own remote experiments with RALfie – an open ended experiment design experience

Multi-level big data content services for mental health care

Wisdom web of things

Rights-based 'recognition': the Canadian experience

Constitutional recognition of first peoples in Australia - theories and comparative perspectives

Enhancing sewage sludge anaerobic 're-digestion' with combinations of ultrasonic, ozone and alkaline treatments

Personality profiles, learning styles, and the Japanese student: an exploratory study

Japanese teachers' attitudes towards incorporating CLT in the high school English language classroom: an ethnograpic study

Possibilities for minimising sulphur hexafluoride use for HV switchgear asset renewal: an Australian case study

Energy management and automated analytics for reduction of energy consumption

SFRA transformer reliability engineering modelling for undergraduates

Performance monitoring of a PMU in a microgrid environment based on IEC 61850-90-5

Software implementation of two seamless redundant topologies in a digital protection system based on IEC 62439-3

Delivering digital higher education into prisons: the cases of four universities in Australia, UK, Turkey and Nigeria

Delivering digital higher education into prisons: the cases of four universities in Australia, UK, Turkey and Nigeria

Effect of high-speed running on hamstring strain injury risk

Australian constitutionalism between subsidiarity and federalism

Drying characteristics and quality of grape under physical pretreatment

Lithium concentration dependent structure and mechanics of amorphous silicon

SPH-DEM approach to numerically simulate the deformation of three‑dimensional RBCs in non‑uniform capillaries

What influences Australians to buy eco-friendly FMCGs? An integrated model

Marketing store brands and manufacturer brands: role of referent and expert power in merchandising decisions

Understanding the buckling behaviour of steered tows in automated dry fibre placement (ADFP)

University students and tax literacy: opportunities and lessons for tax teaching

Influence of controlled traffic no-till system on soil chemical properties and crop yield in annual double-cropping area of the North China Plain

On nonlinear dynamics of neutral modes in elastic waves in granular media

The experience of evidence-based practice in an Australian public library: an ethnography

Carbon-based silicon nanohybrid anode materials for rechargeable lithium ion batteries

Does the market price the nature and extent of earnings management for firms that beat their earnings benchmark?

Tax and superannuation literacy: Australian and New Zealand perspectives

Washoff of residual photosystem II herbicides from sugar cane trash under a rainfall simulator

Rapid method for assessment of soil structural stability by turbidimeter

An amperometric glucose biosensor based on a MnO2/graphene composite modified electrode

Investigating the teaching styles of tennis coaches using The Spectrum

Investigating the teaching style of a junior tennis coach using The Spectrum of Teaching Styles

Exploring tennis coaches' insights in relation to their teaching styles

Local council financial management: assessing the impact of policy change and proposed amalgamations

Efficient diagnosis of ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane by quantitative PCR on pooled leaf sheath biopsies

Possible origin of ratoon stunting disease following interspecific hybridization of Saccharum species

Seedbed inspections underestimate the overall incidence of ratoon stunting disease

Insights into the epidemiology of chlorotic streak disease as determined by multiple field assessments

An overview on oil contaminated sand and its engineering applications

Physical and mechanical properties of cement mortar containing fine sand contaminated with light crude oil

Single-zone zero-dimensional model study for diesel-fuelled homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines using Cantera

Productive efficiency of the private universities in Bangladesh: a data envelopment analysis

Online intravenous pump emulator: as effective as face-to-face simulation for training nursing students

Geopolymer from Kaolin in China: an overview

Refining a method for ascospore viability testing in overwintering chasmothecia of Erysiphe necator

Sporulation rate in culture and mycoparasitic activity, but not mycohost specificity, are the key factors for selecting Ampelomyces strains for biocontrol of grapevine powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator)

Molecular identification and pathogenicity assessment of a rust fungus infecting common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) in its native North American range

A comprehensive review of synchronization methods for grid-connected converters of renewable energy source

Revealing Guernsey's ancient history in fact and fiction

Design and analysis of nano-structured gratings for conversion efficiency improvement in GaAs solar cells

Are Australians under or over confident when it comes to tax literacy, and why does it matter?

The behavior of natural rubber–epoxidized natural rubber–silica composites based on wet masterbatch technique

Phenotypic and phylogenetic studies associated with the crucifer white leaf spot pathogen, Pseudocercosporella capsellae, in Western Australia

Cercosporin from Pseudocercosporella capsellae and its critical role in white leaf spot development

Woven hemp fabric reinforced vinyl ester composite treated with fire retardant

Home is where the art is: using design-based research to support arts engagement in Australian home education

Numerical modeling of gas flow in coal pores for methane drainage

Behavior of fiber glass bolts, rock bolts and cable bolts in shear

Factors influencing the quality of encapsulation in rock bolting

An empirical investigation on the links within a sustainability balanced scorecard (SBSC) framework and their impact on financial performance

Influence of different pre-processing methods in predicting sugarcane quality from near-infrared (NIR) spectral data

Analysis of stress concentration factor around the hole of syntactic foam tensile specimens

Woven hemp fabric reinforced vinyl ester composite: effect of water absorption on the mechanical properties degradation

The Fowler Brothers on Guernsey

Mechanical properties of sandwich composite made of syntactic foam core and GFRP skins

Characterisation of agricultural drainage ditch sediments along the phosphorus transfer continuum in two contrasting headwater catchments

Fate of granular versus liquid fertilisers applied to soil leaching columns

Spot spraying reduces herbicide concentrations in runoff

Development of a mini core collection from Sri Lankan traditional rice for flowering time variation

A foot axis for COP path of older adult short access-ramp walking study

Whose knowledge?: Science education, Indigenous knowledges and teacher praxis

Fly ash-based geopolymer: clean production, properties and applications

A dynamic tester to evaluate the thermal and moisture behaviour of the surface of textiles

Compositional, microstructural and mechanical properties of ambient condition cured alkali-activated cement

Synthesis of an intrinsically flame retardant bio-based benzoxazine resin

The pore characteristics of geopolymer foam concrete and their impact on the compressive strength and modulus

‘It’s easy!’: scaffolding literacy for teaching multimodal texts

An innovative systematic approach to internalize external costs of salinization in major irrigated systems

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-assisted phytoremediation of a lead-contaminated site

Incidental nutrient transfers: assessing critical times in agricultural catchments using high-resolution data

Advancing sustainability management accounting in the Asia Pacific region

Cardiovascular fitness is associated with bias between self-reported and objectively measured physical activity

Protection redundancy in a digital network within a high voltage utility substation based on IEC 62439-3

Modeling and analysis of GaAs solar cells for conversion efficiency improvement by reducing reflection losses

Pedagogy, place and performance: the role of touring performing arts in regional Queensland - a review of Opera Queensland’s project Rossini

A preliminary study on conversion efficiency improvement of a multi-junction PV cell with MPPT

Open education practice at the University of Southern Queensland

Presumption of innocence in Australia: a threatened species

Exit and the epistemic quality of voice

New voice scholars perspectives: transforming education through professional learning

Effect of hygrothermal conditioning on the mechanical and thermal properties of epoxy grouts for offshore pipeline rehabilitation

Novel self-supporting zeolitic block with tunable porosity and crystallinity for water treatment

The Australian offshore detention regime: a constitutional reflection

Realising the potential: assessing professional learning through the integration of ePortfolios in Australian business education - final report

Equity and access as keys for opening open learning: the case for virtually facilitated work-based learning

Foresight & strategy in the Asia Pacific region: practice and theory to build enterprises of the future

Temporal variation in physiological biomarkers in black flying-foxes (Pteropus alecto), Australia

Playing the changes: an expanded view of higher music education through the use of collaborative learning and teaching

WES—Weihai Echelle Spectrograph

Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program: a review of equity capital investment in the development of high value horticulture

Reforming the Australian Constitution: an overview of recognition proposals

Let’s discuss aesthetics for projects

The erosion of the implied term of mutual trust and confidence in Australian employment law: are common law and statute necessarily uncomfortable bedfellows?

Contaminated land law of China: a possible way to achieve food safety?

Characterisation of the corrosion of iron using a smartphone camera

Experimental measurement of direct thermal radiation through single-layer square-cell plain woven screens

Shared electronic health records as innovation: an Australian case

Online learning networks for pre-service and early career teachers

Follow the vibes: a comparison between two tactile displays in a navigation task in the field

Can the use of Bus Rapid Transit lead to a healthier lifestyle in urban South Africa? The SUN Study

A follow up to study the behaviour of cable bolts in shear: experimental study and mathematical modelling

Load transfer characteristics of plain and spiral cable bolts tested in new non rotating pull testing apparatus

A survey of arguments against the constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australian peoples

New host resistances to Pseudocercosporella capsellae and implications for white leaf spot management in Brassicaceae crops

Plant and soil fertility characteristics of different winter wheat fields in the Huan-huai-hai plain of China

Ockham, Olbers and dark matter

Indigenous Australians and the constitutional reform: learning from a very British experience

Effects of regional climate change on brown rust disease in winter wheat

Investigating natural organic carbon removal and structural alteration induced by pulsed ultrasound

Characterization of cloud cover with a smartphone camera

Insights into the scalability of magnetostrictive ultrasound technology for water treatment applications

Diet and physical activity behaviour in nurses: a qualitative study

The economic burden of physical inactivity: a global analysis of major non-communicable diseases

NEWS for Africa: adaptation and reliability of a built environment questionnaire for physical activity in seven African countries

The big end of town meets the local council: the investment habitus of four sets of Australian councils during the GFC

Food shortages are associated with droughts, floods, frosts and ENSO in Papua New Guinea

Risk matrix approach useful in adapting agriculture to climate change

The interaction between collaboration, organisational capacity and e-business diffusion and their effect on business performance: case study on Wenzhou electrical industry

On recycled carbon fibre composites manufactured through a liquid composite moulding process

A comparative study of Australian and New Zealand male and female nurses’ health: a sex comparison and gender analysis

Stress, COMT polymorphisms, and depressive symptoms in older Australian women: an exploratory study

The effect of wild dog control on cattle production and biodiversity in the South Australian arid zone

Compressive strength development and shrinkage of alkali-activated fly ash–slag blends associated with efflorescence

The transition of fly ash-based geopolymer gels into ordered structures and the effect on the compressive strength

Psychological contract breach: consequences of unkept promises of permanent employment

A comparative study of high- and low-Al2O3 fly ash based-geopolymers: the role of mix proportion factors and curing temperature

The governance and management of child care centres

The status of sanctuary in Australian law

A report on the development of learning standards for economics in Australia

Recovering a radio ethos: how John Curtin created conversational spaces with journalists, 1941-1945

Pilot study on arsenic removal from groundwater using a small-scale reverse osmosis system — towards sustainable drinking water production

Caesar in Elsinore and elsewhere: topicality and Roman history

A rate–distortion optimized error-resilient algorithm for multi-view video coding

It works two ways: impacts of sponsorship alliance upon sport and sponsor image

Geochemistry of naturally occurring arsenic in groundwater and surface-water in the southern part of the Poopo Lake basin, Bolivian Altiplano

Understanding modern Yoga pedagogy and curriculum: exploring sense-making by senior Western Yoga teacher-trainers

Maternal perceptions of breastfeeding difficulty after caesarean section with regional anaesthesia: a qualitative study

Assessment of climate change impacts on aman and boro rice yields in Bangladesh

Investing in Australian youth: a community organisation that makes a difference.

Fuzzy and non-fuzzy approaches for digital image classification

Review: Tecsun PL365 radio receiver

Surface-energy engineered Bi-doped SnTe nanoribbons with weak antilocalization effect and linear magnetoresistance

Ionic liquids as the MOFs/polymer interfacial binder for efficient membrane separation

Amphiphobic PVDF composite membranes for anti-fouling direct contact membrane distillation

The perceptions of nurses regarding violence, strategies and support in a regional Queensland hospital

Propylene/propane selective mixed matrix membranes with grape-branched MOF/CNT filler

Highly active nickel-cobalt/nanocarbon thin films as efficient water splitting electrodes

The widening participation agenda in higher education in Australia: theorizing a model of service delivery for non-academic Student Services to support university students from low socioeconomic backgrounds

Curtin: a fighter for the underdog

Associations of mutually exclusive categories of physical activity and sedentary time with markers of cardiometabolic health in English adults: a cross-sectional analysis of the Health Survey for England

Variations in area-level disadvantage of Australian registered fitness trainers usual training locations

Too much sitting and all-cause mortality: is there a causal link?

Late postoperative complications in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LVSG) versus laparoscopic Roux-en-y gastric bypass (LRYGB): meta-analysis and systematic review

Postoperative early major and minor complications in laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy (LVSG) versus laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) procedures: a meta-analysis and systematic review

A psycho-educational intervention program for veterinary practitioners: learning to cope with being a veterinarian

Dying in the first person

Structural health monitoring technologies and next-generation smart composite structures

Data science and big data analytics in financial services: a case study

Investigating creative arts practices in Australian home education through design-based research: entering the research maze with the spirit of adventure

When research policy and practice disconnect

The Community Futures Research Program at the University of Southern Queensland: a model for university-community engagement

How to reduce sitting time? a review of behaviour change strategies used in sedentary behaviour reduction interventions among adults

Changes in physical activity behaviour and physical function after bariatric surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Using sit-to-stand workstations in offices: is there a compensation effect?

Devices for self-monitoring sedentary time or physical activity: a scoping review

Physical activity and mental health: evidence is growing

Are active video games associated with less screen media or conventional physical activity?

Online mood profiling and self-regulation of affective responses

Education in the fourth dimension: time travel and teachers in the TARDIS

Health promotion board–ministry of health clinical practice guidelines: obesity

Environmental taxes in the ASEAN region: potential, issues and policies

Influence of fatigue on tackling ability in rugby league players: role of muscular strength, endurance, and aerobic qualities

Identification of rust fungi (Pucciniales) on species of Allium in Australia

Dry stone walls, black stumps and the mobilisation of professional learning: rural places and spaces and teachers' self-study strategies in Ireland and Australia

How Australian general practitioners engage in discussions about alcohol with their patients: a cross-sectional study

CEO promotion, relative performance measures, and institutions in an emerging market: evidence from China’s listed state-owned enterprise

Solar ultraviolet attenuation during the Australian (Red Dawn) dust event of 23 September 2009

Data process and analysis technologies of big data

Fungi associated with foliar diseases of wild and cultivated rice (Oryza spp.) in northern Queensland

Review of Fusarium species isolated in association with mango malformation in Australia

Detection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense tropical race 4 strain in northern Queensland

Cloud computing adoption in regional councils

Advancing VARIwise towards autonomous irrigation and a grower's guide

Linseed as a functional food for the management of obesity

Time of Observation Error (TOBs) in temperature maxima can be reliably measured from real data (rather than estimated from models)

DAQ00186 2015 annual report

The perceived benefits of cloud computing technology for regional municipal governments and barriers to adoption

Has the athlete trained enough to return to play safely? The acute:chronic workload ratio permits clinicians to quantify a player's risk of subsequent injury

Confirmation of Paracercospora egenula causing leaf spot of eggplant in Hawaii

Assessing stakeholders' salience transition effects on social practices in the resources industry in the Surat Basin, Queensland - empirical analysis

The acute:chronic workload ratio predicts injury: high chronic workload may decrease injury risk in elite rugby league players

The training-injury prevention paradox: should athletes be training smarter and harder?

Low chronic workload and the acute: chronic workload ratio are more predictive of injury than between-match recovery time: a two-season prospective cohort study in elite rugby league players

Real-time PCR assays for the detection of Puccinia psidii

First report of Didymella americana on baby lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus)

Utilisation of novel methodologies to engage 'hard to reach' clients in health promotion and screening, in rural and regional areas

Adiabatic decay of internal solitons in a rotating ocean

Modulational instability of wave trains in a rotating ocean

The effect of intense exercise periods on physical and technical performance during elite Australian football match-play: a comparison of experienced and less experienced players

Blended learning in the United Arab Emirates: development of an adaptability model

Fungal planet description sheets: 469-557

Corporate risk returns and economic outlook, Australian data

A conduit of cultural learning: holding, telling, remembering

Recovering a radio ethos: how John Curtin and Franklin D. Roosevelt created conversational spaces with journalists, 1941-1945©

Comparing academic workload models: how Australian universities resource teaching activities

Reduction of the hydraulic retention time at constant high organic loading rate to reach the microbial limits of anaerobic digestion in various reactor systems

Erratum to: Identification of rust fungi (Pucciniales) on species of Allium in Australia (Australasian Plant Pathology, (2016), 45, 6, (581-592), 10.1007/s13313-016-0445-0)

Development of fracture and damage modeling concepts for composite materials

Finding connectedness, finding belonging, finding our voice: contemplating creative and connected futures through storytelling and narrative.

Effect of a nano-fibrous structure on the nanofiber mat's hydrophobicity

A Neptune-sized transiting planet closely orbiting a 5-10-million-year-old star

Examining the skill involvements of under-16 rugby league players during a small-sided game and match-play

Energy from the foodbowl: associated land-use conflicts, risks and wicked problems

Community-led engagement with government and the role of community brokers in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Baseline estimates of soil organic carbon by proximal sensing: comparing design-based, model-assisted and model-based inference

Sensing of soil bulk density for more accurate carbon accounting

Preferred electronic gaming machine environments of recreational versus problem gamblers: an in-venue mixed methods study

Advocate, strategist or dogs’ body: the Associate Dean (Student) role in co-shaping and managing students’ expectations in consumer focused higher education

Organizational vulnerability to insider threat: what do Australian experts say?

Assuring reliability in qualitative studies: a health informatics persective

Effect of different repeated-high-intensity-effort bouts on subsequent running, skill performance, and neuromuscular function

Relationship between physical qualities and minutes played in international women's rugby sevens

Repeated high-intensity-effort activity in relation to tries scored and conceded during rugby league match play

Developing low-barrier courses using open textbooks: A University of Southern Queensland case study

Perceptions of responsibility for health literacy among health professionals and consumers

Positional group significantly influences the offensive and defensive skill involvements of junior representative rugby league players during match play

Pre-training perceived wellness impacts training output in Australian football players

Effect of leg dominance on change of direction ability amongst young elite soccer players

How much is too much? (Part 1) International Olympic Committee consensus statement on load in sport and risk of injury

How much is too much? (Part 2) International Olympic Committee consensus statement on load in sport and risk of illness

Effects of low-fat diets differing in protein and carbohydrate content on cardiometabolic risk factors during weight loss and weight maintenance in obese adults with type 2 diabetes

Improved heart rate recovery despite reduced exercise performance following heavy training: A within-subject analysis

Effect of acute exercise-induced fatigue on maximal rate of heart rate increase during submaximal cycling

Monitoring athletic training status using the maximal rate of heart rate increase

Clinical evaluation of effects of chronic resveratrol supplementation on cerebrovascular function, cognition, mood, physical function and general well-being in postmenopausal women—rationale and study design

Low dose resveratrol improves cerebrovascular function in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Acute resveratrol consumption improves neurovascular coupling capacity in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Poor cerebrovascular function is an early marker of cognitive decline in healthy postmenopausal women

Grassroots facilitators as agents of change for promoting sustainable forest management: lessons learned from REDD+ capacity development in Asia

'ScreenIT': computerised screening of swallowing nutrition and distress in head and neck cancer patients during (chemo)radiotherapy

The multi-disciplinary art and science of cancer care: integrating psycho-oncology

Ordering within moral orders to manage classroom trouble

Agility in team sports: testing, training and factors affecting performance

Monitoring workload in throwing-dominant sports: a systematic review

Combination chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide, epirubicin and 5-fluorouracil causes trabecular bone loss, bone marrow cell depletion and marrow adiposity in female rats

Adiposity is related to decrements in cardiorespiratory fitness in obese and normal-weight children

Foundational bioscience content in exercise and sports science: update

Impaired physical function associated with childhood obesity: How should we intervene?

Tunable Ambipolar Polarization-Sensitive Photodetectors Based on High-Anisotropy ReSe2 Nanosheets

Work in progress: remote experiment control through gesture recognition

The game and activity environment of RALfie: remote access laboratories for fun, innovation and education

Key aspects of integrating augmented reality tools into peer-to-peer remote laboratory user interfaces

Variable interactivity with dynamic control strategies in remote laboratory experiments

Application of hybrid artificial neural network algorithm for the prediction of Standardized Precipitation Index

A High Availability Application Service Platform for nuclear power enterprises

Access control management with provenance in healthcare environments

Improved media management through cloud computing technology

PFrauDetector: a parallelized graph mining approach for efficient fraudulent phone call detection

NSSSD: a new semantic hierarchical storage for sensor data

Adopting hybrid descriptors to recognise leaf images for automatic plant specie identification

Sentiment analysis for depression detection on social networks

Dingoes, domestic dogs, or hybrids? Genetics of peri-urban wild dogs in north-eastern Australia

Allometric scaling and age-related differences in change of direction speed performances of young soccer players

Challenges of teaching engineering analysis software to distance education students

Risky discourses: promiscuously storying women's lives

Depression mediates HIV stigma and medication adherence in men who have sex with men (living with HIV)

Measuring masculinity in the context of chronic disease

Psycho-oncology assessment in Chinese populations: a systematic review of quality of life and psychosocial measures

360° beam-steering reconfigurable wideband substrate integrated waveguide horn antenna

Episodic volunteering and retention: an integrated theoretical approach

The influence of high-intensity compared with moderate-intensity exercise training on cardiorespiratory fitness and body composition in colorectal cancer survivors: a randomised controlled trial

Satisfaction, organizational commitment and future action in charity sport event volunteers

Systematic review of motives for episodic volunteering

Medical help-seeking for sexual concerns in prostate cancer survivors

The impact of rurality and disadvantage on the diagnostic interval for breast cancer in a large population-based study of 3202 women in Queensland, Australia

Defect-driven oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) of carbon without any element doping

Subtle interplay between localized magnetic moments and itinerant electrons in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures

Oxygen vacancy dependence of magnetic behavior in the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures

Mechanical properties of grouts at various curing times

Modelling simulation of the performance of cable bolts in shear

Experimental investigation on the flexural behaviour of pultruded GFRP beams filled with different concrete strengths

The gender balance of the Australian Space Research Community: a snapshot from the 15th ASRC, 2015

Impacts of Cu deficiency on the thermoelectric properties of Cu2-XSe nanoplates

Zeeman splitting and dynamical mass generation in Dirac semimetal ZrTe5

Controllable assembly of CeO2 micro/nanospheres with adjustable size and their application in Cr(VI) adsorption

Microstructure construction and composition modification of CeO2 macrospheres with superior performance

Bismuth oxychloride hollow microspheres with high visible light photocatalytic activity

A measurement model to link process operational measures to risks associated with attainment of business critical success factors

Automatic Text Summarization Using Fuzzy Inference

IRS-HD: an intelligent personalized recommender system for heart disease patients in a tele-health environment

Strategic asset management framework for the improvement of large scale PV power plants in Australia

Multi-shelled LiMn2O4 hollow microspheres as superior cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Adolescent learners and reading: exploring a collaborative, community approach

Multimodal reflection for creative facilitators: an approach to improving self-care

The phonological awareness skills of education and speech pathology higher education students during their first semester of study

Reboot your course – from Beta to better

Row and water front detection from UAV thermal-infrared imagery for furrow irrigation monitoring

A nanohybrid of CdTe@CdS nanocrystals and titania nanosheets with p-n nanojunctions for improved visible light-driven hydrogen production

n-type Bi2Te3-xSex nanoplates with enhanced thermoelectric efficiency driven by wide-frequency phonon scatterings and synergistic carrier scatterings

Planar Vacancies in Sn1-xBixTe Nanoribbons

Do they read your research? An investigation of practitioners’ use of IT outsourcing and cloud sourcing research

Co-doped Sb2Te3 paramagnetic nanoplates

Te-Doped Cu2Se nanoplates with a high average thermoelectric figure of merit

Metacognitions mediate HIV stigma & depression/anxiety in men who have sex with men living with HIV

Innovative methods to increase HIV testing among MSM in regional Queensland

Rising to the challenge: supporting educators without arts experience in the delivery of authentic arts learning

An economic model for constitutional designs: from nation-states to an 'Olympic world system'

Learning mobility in professional practice: transforming workplace learning in higher education

Using soil magnetic properties to determine the onset of pleistocene human settlement at Gledswood Shelter 1, Northern Australia

Enhancing thermoelectric performance of Bi2Te3-based nanostructures through rational structure design

Surgical risks for patients with metabolic syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Gender equality in sport for improved public health

PTSD: diagnosis and identity in post-empire America by Jerry Lembcke

Report on the 2016 combined Australasian Mycological Society (AMS) and Fungal Network of New Zealand (FUNNZ) scientific conference

Current climate data rescue activities in Australia

'Boat people': the long history of immigration in Australia

The impact of training approaches on experimental setup and design of wearable vibrotactiles for hunting dogs

Robotics in agriculture and forestry

Observing and modelling the high water level from satellite radar altimetry during tropical cyclones

The Humming Wall: vibrotactile and vibroacoustic interactions in an urban environment

Global language policies and local educational practices and cultures.

TreeTags: bringing tags to the hierarchical file system

Counselling men: an introduction to man-friendly counselling

Policy refresh project at USQ

The policy/project nexus: lessons learned from a policy implementation project

On the ‘residuum of powers’ in the great Anglo-American Federations: a neo-Bagehotian-Coasean gloss

What factors should we focus on to prevent progression from healthy to unhealthy BMI in Australian women?

The policy/project nexus: addressing an old problem in a new way

The policy/project nexus: facilitating change in a new way

In-situ measurements of solar exposure distribution on a coral reef: preliminary findings relating to reef aspect, water turbidity and dosimeter design

Applied Research in Energy Storage

An application of the least squares plane fitting interpolation process to image reconstruction and enhancement

Exploring the social outcomes of the government-regional governance nexus in resources: a case study of Moranbah, Queensland

Teaching Secondary Mathematics

Organisational behaviour: core concepts and applications, Australasia.

Arabic language maintenance among the Arabic-speaking community in the regional Queensland city of Toowoomba, Australia

When the sleeping giant awakes: the lived experiences of teacher leaders and implications for schools and education systems

Using remote access laboratories to enhance Queensland pre-service primary teachers’ self-efficacy for teaching technologies education

Joy’s Law, Anti-Hale classifications, and the evolution of emerging sunspot regions

Implementation of IT service management in Australia: case studies focusing on organisational change strategies

Efficiency and productivity analysis of deregulated telecommunications industries: a comparative study of the cases of Canada and Nigeria

eLearning integrators' narratives expressing professional identity and explaining patterns of practice with ICT

Climate, vegetation cover and dust storm events in arid and semi-arid regions of Australia - relationships, models and predictions

Disrupting dangerous illusions in international education: performativity, subjectivity, and agency in English language courses for overseas students (ELICOS)

The influence of formal education on the leadership development of healthcare executive leaders in Queensland health

Impact of microfinance on health, education and income of rural households: evidence from Bangladesh

Investigating potential of metal mesh to contain wildfires

The long term dynamical stability of the known Neptune Trojans

Habitat mapping and species distribution modelling of the endangered Bulloak Jewel Butterfly

A psycho-legal protocol for assessing testamentary capacity and capacity to appoint an enduring attorney

Error-resilient multi-view video plus depth based 3-D video coding

Development of hemp fabric reinforced composites

Artist as rhetor: strategies for the visual communication of artistic & scientific concepts

Enhancing business undergraduates’ skills and future employability through career development and management

Decision pattern analysis as a general framework for studying individual differences in decision making

Cognitive abilities, monitoring confidence, and control thresholds explain individual differences in heuristics and biases

The relational positioning of equestrian sports pedagogy as a unique and specialist variant of sports pedagogy

Economising learning: how nurses maintain competence with limited resources

What are the collocational exemplars of high-frequency English vocabulary? on identifying Mwus most representative of high-frequency, lemmatized concgrams

Nastiness, morality and religiosity in 33 nations

Seasonal erythemal UV, UVA and vitamin D effective UV exposures of office workers

Application of electro-kinesis for saline-sodic irrigation management

Numerical human head modelling and investigation for precise tDCS applications

External hot surface axisymmetric models for supersonic combustion

A generic multimedia configuration management system for constrained spatial user-interface design

Black gold, the scenic rim and the theory of the firm: implications of the exploration for coal and coal seam gas in the scenic rim of south east Queensland for the evolving theory of the firm

Simulation and measurement of condensation and mixing effects in steam ejectors

Building capacity for year 9 reform: learning from the teachers’ perspectives

[Introduction] to Diverse narratives of legal objectivity

The nexus between judicial bias against Indigenous Australians and community xenophobia

Properties of mortar and concrete containing fine sand contaminated with light crude oil

Individual differences within the psychological atlas of the world

Hans J. Eysenck and Raymond B. Cattell on intelligence and personality

Toward a psychological atlas of the world with mixture modeling

Turning around the least liveability: a cost–benefit framework for Dhaka

The influence of Jupiter, Mars and Venus on Earth’s orbital evolution

Transmedia perspectives

A meshfree three-dimensional (3-D) numerical model to study transport phenomena in single plant cells during drying

Experience in the delivery of an engineering capstone design course for Associate Degree program at the University of Southern Queensland

Exercise, Diet Counselling, and Management for the Adults with Diabetes Mellitus: An Indian Case Study

Reliability of qualitative data using text analysis: a Queensland Health case study

Notes Toward a Signature Pedagogy for Cultural Studies: Looking Again at Cultural Studies' Disciplinary Boundaries

Cultural Studies, DIY Pedagogies, and Storytelling

The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies: A Short Account of the Current State of Cultural Studies

Revisiting Stagonosporopsis species associated with chrysanthemum and pyrethrum ray blight

Development of a multiplex PCR diagnostic assay for the detection of Stagonosporopsis species associated with ray blight of Asteraceae

Genotypic diversity and resistance to azoxystrobin of Cercospora beticola on processing table beet in New York

On the analysis of indirect proofs: contradiction and contraposition

Nurturing graduate employability in higher education

Enhancing graduate employability of business school alumni through establishing an Australian Business Case Network

Engaging postgraduate students and supporting higher education to enhance the 21st century student experience

Formative assessment: improvement, immediacy and the edge for learning

If the shoe doesn't fit: a case and a place for collaborative learning for music practice in higher education

The development of vegetable value chains integrated with community capacity - an initial study in the southern Philippines

Analysis of flood impact on reinforced concrete(Pre-stressed) girder bridges – a case study

Influence of yield and other cane characteristics on cane loss and product quality

Plant pathogens as indicators of climate change

Engineering of multi-shelled SnO2 hollow microspheres for highly stable lithium-ion batteries

The transformative experiences of cultural healing: An autoethnography of Kaupapa Māori

Cu2O clusters grown on TiO2 nanoplates as efficient photocatalysts for hydrogen generation

The pedagogies of cultural studies

Diverse narratives of legal objectivity: an interdisciplinary perspective

The PIVOTAL leadership model: improving school leaders’ professional capacity and personal vitality through innovative postgraduate course design

2015 Queensland Regional Art Awards Gray Puksand Digital Award, Exhibition and Artist Residency

Motor synergy in people with neurological disorders: Applications for gait rehabilitation

Study to investigate factors influencing adoption of mobile devices in the health care environment

One step forward, two steps back: the historical and social context of Indigenous education policy

Structural transformations and mechanics of amorphous silicon anodes during initial lithian-delithiation cycle

Educational policy and open educational practice in Australian higher education

Toowoomba to China: cold chains and premium food exports by air freight

Academic adaptation experiences of Indian international students: English language and cross-cultural barriers in EAP program at an Australian university

Pierre Bourdieu and non-habitual decisions

Incidence and pathogenicity of Didymella americana on table beet in new york

The use of sinkhole models in advanced geotechnical engineering teaching

Introducing advanced topics in geotechnical engineering teaching - tunnel modelling

Edge-based smoothed extended finite element method for dynamic fracture analysis

Stability design charts for unsupported wide rectangular tunnels

Stability charts for a tall tunnel in undrained clay

Confidential geodata protection in China: challenges, liability concerns and possible solutions

Supporting graduates' futures through today's higher education

Node allocation in peer-to-peer overlay networks based remote instrumentation with smart devices

On how the Viagra of the contemporary can inflate the flaccid remnants of the past

Trans-Pacific doctoral success – a collaborative cohort model

Using gamification to create opportunities for engagement, collaboration and communication in a peer-to-peer environment for making and using remote access labs

Power quality enhancement using DVR based on ant colony controller

A 3-D meshfree numerical model to analyze cellular scale shrinkage of different categories of fruits and vegetables during drying

Geospatial analysis of urban land use pattern analysis for haemorrhagic fever risk: a review

GO-PEAS: a scalable yet accurate grid-based outlier detection method using novel pruning searching techniques

Teaching styles of Australian junior tennis coaches

If this is the second coming of coding will there be rapture or rejection?

Learning to create preferred futures: theorising informal and incidental learning in hybrid community learning spaces

Adani Mining Pty Ltd v Land Services of Coast and Country Inc & Ors [2015] QLC 48

Foreword: special issue on fungal grapevine diseases

A study about terrestrial laser scanning for reconstruction of precast concrete to support QCLASSIC assessment

A new plantar surface reference system for pressure study

An application of space filling curves to digital terrain models

An experimental analysis of assessor specific bias in a programming assessment in multi-assessor scenarios utilizing an eye tracker

Building the basis for evidence based library and information practice

Recent developments and applications of composite railway sleepers

Contemporary news management: managerial functions in journalism©

The peripheral and core tourism experiences: a conceptual study in Australia

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: a quest for a twenty-first century trade agreement (English-Chinese translation)

Web designers and developers experiences of information literacy: a phenomenographic study

Online professional development for Australian science teachers: developing and deploying a curriculum evaluation model

Shanghai cold chain logistics

Time spent sitting during and outside working hours in bus drivers: a pilot study

Building professional learning identities: beginning teachers’ perceptions of causality for professional highs and lows

Occurrence of winter cereal viruses in New South Wales, Australia, 2006 to 2014

Information encountering on social media and tacit knowledge sharing

Conceptualising social media support for tacit knowledge sharing: physicians’ perspectives and experiences

Social media and physicians: exploring the benefits and challenges

Queensland modernisms

Structure of Cercospora beticola populations in organic and conventional table beet production in New York and implications for disease management

A 'lived experienced’ tool for managing and building project delivery capability

Placement of Distribution STATic COMpensator (DSTATCOM) as voltage support equipment in Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) system

Absolute concentration measurements of OH* in an axisymmetric hydrogen-air premixed flame adjacent to a hot graphite model

Teacher perspectives of constructing remote experiments for collaboration and sharing in STEM education

Navigating the terrain of methodological uncertainties to new spaces of research

Investigating the effectiveness of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) on Vietnamese EFL young learners’ listening skills

The maintenance of Arabic language among the Arabic-speaking community in the regional city of Toowoomba, Australia

Bond behaviour of composite sandwich panel and epoxy polymer matrix

Slow scholarship and wellbeing: humanising the academic machine

Context-driven mood mining

Stories from Queensland farmers: 'why we don't seek help for mental health'

Semantic location extraction from crowdsourced data

Emotional attachment in informal second language learning in e-learning environments

Effect of hydrogen peroxide oxidation of carbon nanotube additives on the microstructure of pitch-derived activated carbon foam

Experiential learning approaches for developing professional skills in postgraduate engineering students

Creative destruction: An ‘Open Textbook’ disrupting personal and institutional praxis

Verification of Austroads concrete pavement design method using EverFE computer program

Smarter irrigation for profit - increasing farm profit through efficient use of irrigation input to dairy pastures

Determination of coefficient thermal expansion of glass microballoon/vinyl ester syntactic foams

How would the spectrum explain game sense?

Self-identified and observed teaching styles of Australian tennis coaches

13 Moons: A Story of Ashes, Blood, Light

Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) system voltage support using four quadrant DSTATCOM

Guidelines for Peer Supervision

Substance use among LGQBTIQ

Assistive technology in Australia: integrating theory and evidence into action

Automated camera-based crop and irrigation monitoring

Open access und open science in der Hochschullehre

The structural-personal interaction: occupational deprivation and asylum seekers in Australia

Challenges of user-centred assistive technology provision in Australia: shopping without a prescription

Fostering interpersonal trust on social media: physicians’ perspectives and experiences

Use of big data in the surveillance of veterinary diseases: early detection of tick paralysis in companion animals

Preventive health care of Pony Club horses in rural New South Wales, Australia

Application of the trend filtering algorithm for photometric time series data

Effects of temperature and water stress on the virulence of Botryosphaeriaceae spp. causing dieback of grapevines and their predicted distribution using CLIMEX in Australia

High training workloads alone do not cause sports injuries: how you get there is the real issue

First report of resistance to DMI fungicides in Australian populations of the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici

A mechatronic solution for stroke rehabilitation in a reaching task

Special Section on Rural and Remote ICT: Broadband Rural, Regional and National Impacts

EEG sleep stages classification based on time domain features and structural graph similarity

A wavelet-coupled support vector machine model for forecasting global incident solar radiation using limited meteorological dataset

Scoping review of proximal soil sensors for grain growing

Pilgrimage as meaningful process: from decision to go to the return home

Social impact, measurements of research and community engagement: a shared narrative of how an Aboriginal classroom teacher redefined impact

Dingoes at the doorstep: home range sizes and activity patterns of dingoes and other wild dogs around urban areas of north-eastern Australia

Impact of butanol-acetone mixture as an oxygenated fuel additive to diesel fuel on diesel engine performance and emissions

Effect of strength and power training on tackling ability in semiprofessional rugby league players

An international comparison of agricultural nitrous oxide emissions

Groundwater decline and climatic variability: Implications for groundwater linked agro-ecosystems

Enabling innovative postgraduate research: critical foresight and strategic considerations for university leaders

Discrepant stakeholder perspectives on graduate employability strategies

Major psychological dimensions of cross-cultural differences: nastiness, social awareness/morality, religiosity and broad conservatism/liberalism

Fabrication of multifunctional graphene decorated with bromine and nano-Sb2O3 towards high-performance polymer nanocomposites

Morphology, healing and mechanical performance of nanofibrillated cellulose reinforced poly(ε-caprolactone)/epoxy composites

Effects of two types of waste wood species on the hydration characteristic of Portland cement

Modelling VARTM process induced variations on bending performance of composite Omega beams

Collapse of 3D orthogonal woven carbon fibre composites under in-plane tension/compression and out-of-plane bending

Exploring the development of cultural awareness amongst post-graduate speech-language pathology students

A Transiting Jupiter analog

197 candidates and 104 validated planets in K2's first five fields

Rotation in the Pleiades with K2. III. Speculations on origins and evolution

Conceptualising a literacy education model for junior secondary students: The spatial and reflective practices of an Australian school

How submarine and guided missile technology can help reduce injury and improve performance in cricket fast bowlers

If overuse injury is a ‘training load error’, should undertraining be viewed the same way?

Cost-benefit analysis underlies training decisions in elite sport

Two small temperate planets transiting nearby M dwarfs in K2 campaigns 0 and 1

Two transiting low density sub-Saturns from K2

Photo-reverberation mapping of a protoplanetary accretion disk around a T Tauri star

Spitzer IRAC sparsely sampled phase curve of the exoplanet Wasp-14B

Rotation in the Pleiades with K2. II. Multiperiod stars

Campaign 9 of the K2 mission: observational parameters, scientific drivers, and community involvement for a simultaneous space-and ground-based microlensing survey

Radial velocity planet detection biases at the stellar rotational period

Variability of Kepler solar-like stars harboring small exoplanets

A high-precision near-infrared survey for radial velocity variable low-mass stars using CSHELL and a methane gas cell

Spitzer observations of exoplanets discovered with the Kepler K2 mission

Eleven multiplanet systems from K2 campaigns 1 and 2 and the masses of two hot super-Earths

Three temperate Neptunes orbiting nearby stars

A catalog of Kepler habitable zone exoplanet candidates

Hα Variability in PTFO 8-8695 and the possible direct detection of emission from a 2 million year old evaporating hot Jupiter

Rotation in the Pleiades with K2. I. Data and first results

Stellar companions to the exoplanet host stars HD 2638 and HD 164509

K2 discovers a busy bee: an unusual transiting Neptune found in the beehive cluster

Economic evaluation of a psychological intervention for high distress cancer patients and carers: costs and quality-adjusted life years

The descriptive epidemiology of total physical activity, muscle-strengthening exercises and sedentary behaviour among Australian adults - results from the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey

Pumping iron in Australia: prevalence, trends and sociodemographic correlates of muscle strengthening activity participation from a national sample of 195,926 adults

Physical activity for cognitive and mental health in youth: A systematic review of mechanisms

Limit of zT enhancement in rocksalt structured chalcogenides by band convergence

Converting industrial alkali lignin to biobased functional additives for improving fire behavior and smoke suppression of polybutylene succinate

Evaluating the flammability performance of Portland cement-bonded particleboards with different cement-wood ratios using a cone calorimeter

Fabrication of green lignin-based flame retardants for enhancing the thermal and fire retardancy properties of polypropylene/wood composites

Functionalizing graphene decorated with phosphorus-nitrogen containing dendrimer for high-performance polymer nanocomposites

Wongia gen. nov. (Papulosaceae, Sordariomycetes), a new generic name for two root-infecting fungi from Australia

Mycosarcoma (Ustilaginaceae), a resurrected generic name for corn smut (Ustilago maydis) and its close relatives with hypertrophied, tubular sori

Colletotrichum species in Australia

Eight novel Bipolaris species identified from John L. Alcorn’s collections at the Queensland Plant Pathology Herbarium (BRIP)

SVM and ANFIS for prediction of performance and exhaust emissions of a SI engine with gasoline-ethanol blended fuels

Synthesis and optimization of Hevea brasiliensis and Ricinus communis as feedstock for biodiesel production: a comparative study

A comparative study on fly ash, geopolymer and faujasite block for Pb removal from aqueous solution

Of remedies, access to justice, the enforcement of private law and judicial efficiency: the need for a damages claims grouping procedure in all Australian jurisdictions

Complex networks approach for EEG signal sleep stages classification

Academic leaders’ perspectives on adopting ePortfolios for developing and assessing professional capabilities in Australian business education

Toward an indexing approach to evaluate fly ashes for geopolymer manufacture

The spitzer microlensing program as a probe for globular cluster planets: analysis of OGLE-2015-BLG-0448

Preliminary laboratory test on navigation accuracy of an autonomous robot for measuring air quality in livestock buildings

Four new planets around giant stars and the mass-metallicity correlation of planet-hosting stars

State of the Field: Extreme Precision Radial Velocities

The GALAH survey: relative throughputs of the 2dF fibre positioner and the HERMES spectrograph from stellar targets

Developing the capacity of farmers to understand and apply seasonal climate forecasts through collaborative learning processes

The K2-Esprint Project. V. A short-period giant planet orbiting a subgiant star

Doppler monitoring of five k2 transiting planetary systems

Three planets orbiting Wolf 1061

A pair of giant planets around the evolved intermediate-mass star hd 47366: multiple circular orbits or a mutually retrograde configuration

New spectroscopic binary companions of giant stars and updated metallicity distribution for binary systems

A 12-year activity cycle for the nearby planet host star HD 219134

The Pan-Pacific planet search. V. Fundamental parameters for 164 evolved stars

The Pan-Pacific planet search. III. Five companions orbiting giant stars

The conjectured S-type retrograde planet in ν Octantis: more evidence including four years of iodine-cell radial velocities

MagAO imaging of long-period objects (MILO). II. A puzzling white dwarf around the sun-like star HD 11112

KELT-10b: The first transiting exoplanet from the KELT-South survey - a hot sub-Jupiter transiting a V = 10.7 early G-star

Minimum node degree of k-connected vehicular ad hoc networks in highway scenarios

A T-wave alternans assessment method based on least squares curve fitting technique

Finite element based dynamic analysis of multilayer fibre composite sandwich plates with interlayer delaminations

Managerial ownership and agency cost: evidence from Bangladesh

Special issue on knowledge management of web social media

Could a change in magnetic field geometry cause the break in the wind-activity relation?

The evolution of surface magnetic fields in young solar-type stars I: the first 250 Myr

Magnetic field and wind of Kappa Ceti: toward the planetary habitability of the young sun when life arose on earth

Temporal variability of the wind from the star τ Boötis

A solar-like magnetic cycle on the mature K-dwarf 61 Cygni A (HD 201091)

The variable region of the pneumococcal pathogenicity island 1 is responsible for the unusually high virulence of a serotype 1 isolate

Modelling the inner debris disc of HR 8799

The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope: searching for transiting exoplanets in the Northern and Southern Sky

Vegetative nitrogen stress decreases lodging risk and increases yield of irrigated spring wheat in the subtropics

An alternative approach to whole-farm deficit irrigation analysis: evaluating the risk-efficiency of wheat irrigation strategies in sub-tropical Australia

Developing collaborative learning practices in an online language course

Depth of anaesthesia assessment based on adult electroencephalograph beta frequency band

Protection from muscle damage in the absence of changes in muscle mechanical behavior

An alternative index to the exchangeable sodium percentage for an explanation of dispersion occurring in soils

Managing land application of coal seam water: a field study of land amendment irrigation using saline-sodic and alkaline water on a Red Vertisol

Security and privacy preserving approaches in the eHealth clouds with disaster recovery plan

The effect of multiple deployments on military families: a cross sectional study of health and wellbeing of partners and children.

Coconut lethal yellowing diseases: a phytoplasma threat to palms of global economic and social significance

Determining putative vectors of the Bogia Coconut Syndrome Phytoplasma using loop-mediated isothermal amplification of single insect-feeding media

A western boundary current eddy characterisation study

Cost of illness for outpatients attending public and private hospitals in Bangladesh

Local community attitudes towards mangrove forest conservation: lessons from Bangladesh

Decision support systems for IT service management

M. James Penton: Apocalypse delayed: the story of Jehovah’s Witnesses

A timely history

Hyperspectral sensing to detect the impact of herbicide drift on cotton growth and yield

Learning the language of statistics: challenges and teaching approaches

Dynamism of household carbon emissions (HCEs) from rural and urban regions of northern and southern China

Innovative decision support for IT service management

Impact of microfinance on household income and consumption in Bangladesh: empirical evidence from a quasi-experimental survey

Energy use, international trade and economic growth nexus in Australia: new evidence from an extended growth model

The 'red menace' on trial: jury discrimination in Dennis

Heat transfer due to electroconvulsive therapy: influence of anisotropic thermal and electrical skull conductivity

An assessment of carbon sequestration potential of riparian zone of Condamine Catchment, Queensland, Australia

Calvary or limbo? Articulating identity and citizenship in two Italian Australian autobiographical narratives of World War II internment

Superior flame retardancy of epoxy resin by the combined addition of graphene nanosheets and DOPO

Exploring environmental factors in nursing workplaces that promote psychological resilience: constructing a unified theoretical model

Comparison of coronal extrapolation methods for cycle 24 using HMI data

High-order fluid solver based on a combined compact integrated RBF approximation and its fluid structure interaction applications

Assessing the potential for openness: a framework for examining course-level OER implementation in higher education

Role of health-promoting behaviours for on-campus and distance students

Obliquely propagating skew KP lumps

A quality of experience-aware cross-layer architecture for optimizing video streaming services

Potential carbon emission reductions in Australian construction systems through bioclimatic principles

Fantasy and belief: alternative religions, popular narratives and digital cultures by Danielle Kirby

A randomized controlled trial of an audio-based treatment program for child anxiety disorders

Influence of infill concrete strength on the flexural behaviour of pultruded GFRP square beams

Fast local neighborhood search algorithm for the no-wait flow shop scheduling with total flow time minimization

Evaluating the performance of automated bay irrigation

The Pan-Pacific planet search. IV. Two super-Jupiters in a 3:5 resonance orbiting the giant star HD 33844

Two new long-period giant planets from the McDonald Observatory planet search and two stars with long-period radial velocity signals related to stellar activity cycles

The Anglo-Australian planet search. XXIV. The frequency of Jupiter analogs

Solar ultraviolet and the occupational radiant exposure of Queensland school teachers: a comparative study between teaching classifications and behavior patterns

Dual calibrated dosimeter for simultaneous measurements of erythemal and vitamin D effective solar ultraviolet radiation

Professionalizing in- service teachers’ focus on technological pedagogical and content knowledge

Numeric investigation of brain tumor influence on the current distributions during transcranial direct current stimulation

Data selection in EEG signals classification

Economic and policy implications of relocation of agriculturalproduction systems under changing climate: example of Australian rice industry

Evidence for reflected light from the most eccentric exoplanet known

Carbon dioxide vs air insufflation for elective colonoscopy: a meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Research on course management systems in higher education by Angela D Benson & Andrew Whitworth

How conceptions and experiences of design shape the development of academic developers' professional practice: a case study

From stochastic processes to numerical methods: a new scheme for solving reaction subdiffusion fractional partial differential equations

An extreme learning machine model for the simulation of monthly mean streamflow water level in eastern Queensland

A temperature compensation technique for near-infrared methane gas threshold detection

Using a Bayesian network model to assess ecological responses to hydrological factor interactions

A positive attitude in prostate cancer challenges: finding hope and optimism

Inulin oligofructose attenuates metabolic syndrome in high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-fed rats

Savanna burning methodology for fire management and emissions reduction: a critical review of influencing factors

Piezo-resistive and thermo-resistance effects of highly-aligned CNT based macrostructures

A numerical study of compact approximations based on flat integrated radial basis functions for second-order differential equations

The connection between stellar activity cycles and magnetic field topology

Stream-flow forecasting using extreme learning machines: a case study in a semi-arid region in Iraq

Flooded with evidence: using a 'spillway' model to improve research implementation in nursing practice

Quantitative definition and spatiotemporal distribution of little water season (LIWAS) in Korea

On secure wireless communications for IoT under eavesdropper collusion

Critical ethnography: an under-used research methodology in neuroscience nursing

Psychosocial wellbeing in active older adults: a systematic review of qualitative literature

Economic assessment of various levels of improved wheat post head-emergence frost (PHEF) tolerance breeding options: final technical report

2016 Journeys of a Curious Mind; The Art and Lives of Stephen Spurrier. Celebrating 50 years of practice. Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Queensland.

Subversive spaces

Unpacking visual literacy for early years learners

Supporting middle years students in creating multimodal texts with iPad apps

Understanding strategies of teacher-student interaction: the impact on student experience and learning outcomes in online education

Launch Group Show

Efficacy of fungicides for the control of Cercospora leaf spot in processing table beet, 2015

Keysong: book 2 of The Faeden Chronicles

Waycaller: book 1 of The Faeden Chronicles

Magical objects and dark stories

Australian regulation of animal use in science and education: a critical appraisal

Dreaming Australia

'Warning! Graphic content ahead': advocating for graphic video in the teaching of animal law

Building an end-to-end ISP broadband infrastructure as an advanced networking subject

When probability trees don't work

An analysis of socio-cultural congruence and its impact on diverse student cohorts in an engineering context

Never standing still: using evidence to improve visitors’ experiences at State Library of Queensland

Opportunities and challenges relating to the export of fruit and vegetable products from Queensland to Asian Countries

Protecting your brand: intellectual property for value added exports

Quilpie to Brisbane, moving cattle by rail freight: the regular reliable and responsive services challenge

Protecting food brands in China

Chinese food distribution and retail outlets

Why China? Shanghai and food consumption trends

Wine communication in a global market: a study of metaphor through the genre of Australian wine reviews

Measuring preferences for visual-spatial learning

Studies on the quality of feed stock and performance of agriculture roller mill using roller coated with nano-clay epoxy composite

An assessment of the livelihood vulnerability of the riverbank erosion hazard and its impact on food security for rural households in Bangladesh

Decadal scale relationship between indices of climate variability and Australian rainfall

Private men and public intellectuals: UK historians and changing perceptions of interwar Germany

Contribution of the internet towards sustainable development through its economic growth, social capital and environmental effects

Cross-layer optimisation of quality of experience for video traffic

Magneto-inductive wireless underground sensor networks: novel longevity model, communication concepts and workarounds to key theoretical issues using analogical thinking

Grubby mistakes and beautiful propositions: the shift of painting out as a way to look back in

Training language teachers online: a study of computer- assisted language learning (CALL) teacher training in Indonesia

Learning and teaching style assessment for improving project-based learning of engineering students: a case of United Arab Emirates University

Variability of extreme hydro-climate parameters in the north-eastern region of United Arab Emirates

Leakage and failures of water distribution mains in the city of Al Ain, UAE

Greywater quality changes in a permeable pavement reservoir

Statistical downscaling of rainfall: a non-stationary and multi-resolution approach

Assessing and mitigating the hydrological impacts of urbanisation in semi-urban catchments using the Storm Water Management Model

Assessing the carbon footprint of road projects and related sustainability initiatives in Abu Dhabi - technical report I: literature review

Abu Dhabi water budget model: technical documentation and user guide

Developing a dynamic approach to water budgeting for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi: final report

Health education - pedagogical strategies to maximise engagement and outcomes

Vedic science-based education, poverty removal and social well-being: a case history of Cambodia from 1980 to 2015

Advances in soil amendment: vermicomposting, alumina refinery residue and cotton production in Australia

Removing phosphate from a municipal wastewater treatment plant in the United Kingdom using a waste-to-resource model

Anaerobic digestion design decision tool with economic analysis (NPV)

The impact of Maharishi Vedic University on Cambodian economic and social indicators from 1980 to 2015

Speaking back to the deficit discourses

Looking beneath the surface: using hydrogeology and traits to explain flow variability effects on stream macroinvertebrates

Demo Abstract: CScrypt - A Compressive-Sensing-Based Encryption Engine for the Internet of Things

Performance of vegetative bioretention system for greywater reuse in the arid climates

Measuring cancer inequality with the cumulative rate

Applications of the cumulative rate to kidney cancer statistics in Australia

Measuring inequality in society

Internet research and the implications for ethical research practice

Smart, porous polymer coatings to bind clay minerals in coal bed methane wells

Knowledge management, sensing and control tools for irrigated broadacre cropping

Automated camera-based crop monitoring and site-specific irrigation control systems for cotton, horticulture and dairy pasture

Automated camera-based crop monitoring and site-specific irrigation control systems

A modular system for canine augmentation

Study of an axisymmetric backward facing step model in a supersonic flow

A collaborative approach to supporting communication in the assessment of decision-making capacity

The phenomenology and ontology of the Oedipus complex

Ten simple rules for learning the language of statistics

Method in the Madness: Hysteria and the Will to Power

The phenomenology and ontology of complexes

Complexes tickling the $ubject

Vibration characteristics and damage detection in a suspension bridge

American Psycho [Film review]

Retrieving and projecting the transcendent function with complexes and the Rosarium Philosophorum

Information literacy research: the evolution of the relational approach

Jung's transcendent function as Nietzsche's will to power and eternal recurrence of the same

Nurturing quality science learning and teaching: the impact of a reading group

Science that matters: exploring science learning and teaching in primary schools

Delay models for static and adaptive persistent resource allocations in wireless systems

The influence of Wasabi (Wasabia Japonica) on diet-induced metabolic syndrome in Wistar rats

Virtual historical reality: verisimilitude and the history documentary

Retrieving and projecting Jung's transcendent function with complexes and the Rosarium Philosophorum

Model updating incorporating measured response uncertainties and confidence levels of tuning parameters

Synergic identification of prestress force and moving load on prestressed concrete beam based on virtual distortion method

Model updating of real structures with ambient vibration data

Possible effects of irrigation with wastewater on the clay mineralogy of some Australian clayey soils: laboratory study

BixSb2_xTe3 nanoplates with enhanced thermoelectric performance due to sufficiently decoupled electronic transport properties and strong wide-frequency phonon scatterings

Investigating the relationship between continuing professional development, teacher efficacy and student learning outcomes in the middle years of schooling

Blocking analysis of persistent resource allocations for M2M applications in wireless systems

Pilot-scale testing of a leachbed for anaerobic digestion of livestock residues on-farm

Modelling phosphorus (P), sulfur (S) and iron (Fe) interactions for dynamic simulations of anaerobic digestion processes

Validation of a plant-wide phosphorus modelling approach with minerals precipitation in a full-scale WWTP

Nursing physical assessment for patient safety in general wards: reaching consensus on core skills

Tropical cyclone track direction climatology and its intraseasonal variability in the Australian region

Spatial and temporal variation in the effects of climatic variables on Dugong calf production

A cross-sectional view of Australian undergraduate nurses' perceptions of working with older people

The relationship between culture and information privacy policy

Quality of life model in multiple sclerosis: personality, mood disturbance, catastrophizing and disease severity

Big data in financial management a structured literature review and opportunities for IS research

Damage assessment of concrete gravity dams using vibration characteristics

The skin safety model: reconceptualizing skin vulnerability in older patients

Perioperative nursing

Nursing and medical perceptions of a hospital rapid response system new process but same old game?

Yo-yo intermittent recovery test thresholds to determine positional internal match loads of semiprofessional soccer players

Physical fitness profile of competitive young soccer players: determination of positional differences

Influence of playing standard and physical fitness on activity profiles and post-match fatigue during intensified junior rugby league competition

What a waste: studies in anthropogenic sources of pollution

Virotec at 16: innovation and research in environmental science

Major and trace element concentrations in the geothermal springs along the west coast of Maharashtra, India

Contamination and mobilization of arsenic in the soil and groundwater and its influence on the irrigated crops, Manipur Valley, India

Geothermal energy potential of eastern desert region, Egypt

Can climate models represent the precipitation associated with extratropical cyclones?

Psychometric viability of measures of functional performance commonly used for people with dementia: a systematic review of measurement properties

Magnetic anomalies over the Andaman Islands and their geological significance

The impact of equilibrating hemispheric albedos on tropical performance in the HadGEM2-ES coupled climate model

The presumably North American species Plasmopara wilsonii is present in Germany on the ornamental plant Geranium phaeum

The curious nature of the hemispheric symmetry of the Earth’s water and energy balances

KELT-14b and KELT-15b: an independent discovery of WASP-122b and a new hot Jupiter

HATS-25b through HATS-30b: a half-dozen new inflated transiting hot jupiters from the HATSouth survey

HATS-31b through HATS-35b: five transiting hot Jupiters discovered by the HATSouth survey

Spin-orbit alignment for three transiting hot Jupiters: WASP-103b, WASP-87b, and WASP-66b

Reviewing ACORN nursing role ‘anaesthetic nurse'

Surgical hand antisepsis, gowning and gloving — not necessarily the way it has always been done

Recent updates to our national standards

Candida albicans colonisation, continence status and incontinence-associated dermatitis in the acute care setting: a pilot study

Red Sea geothermal provinces

The foundation of art: Maharishi Vedic Science and the role of consciousness in art education

Socio-Ecological Variables Associated with Context-Specific Sitting Time in Belgian Older Adults: A One-Year Follow-Up Study

Socio-Demographic, Social-Cognitive, Health-Related and Physical Environmental Variables Associated with Context-Specific Sitting Time in Belgian Adolescents: A One-Year Follow-Up Study

Intrapersonal, social-cognitive and physical environmental variables related to context-specific sitting time in adults: a one-year follow-up study

Physical activity recommendations from general practitioners in Australia. Results from a national survey

Cochrane review brief: Mini-Cog for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease dementia and other dementias within a community setting

The effectiveness of a Web-based computer-tailored intervention on workplace sitting: a randomized controlled trial

Validation study of Polar V800 accelerometer

Health policy development in Flemish small-sized municipalities: a real-world intervention

Mediating role of energy-balance related behaviors in the association of neighborhood socio-economic status and residential area density with BMI: the SPOTLIGHT study

The associations between domain-specific sedentary behaviours and dietary habits in European adults: a cross-sectional analysis of the SPOTLIGHT survey

Physical Environmental Correlates of Domain-Specific Sedentary Behaviours across Five European Regions (the SPOTLIGHT Project)

The SOS-framework (Systems of Sedentary behaviours): an international transdisciplinary consensus framework for the study of determinants, research priorities and policy on sedentary behaviour across the life course: a DEDIPAC-study

Belowground ecology of scarabs feeding on grass roots: current knowledge and future directions for management in Australasia

More than fun: capitalising sport's social goods

New frontiers in belowground ecology for plant protection from root-feeding insects

Trade-offs between silicon and phenolic defenses may explain enhanced performance of root herbivores on phenolic-rich plants

The importance of testing multiple environmental factors in legume–insect research: replication, reviewers, and rebuttal

Can the neighbourhood built environment make a difference to children’s development? Building the research agenda to create evidence for place-based children’s policy

Navigating, negotiating and nullifying education research mazes: successful strategies for mobilising contextual, conceptual, methodological and transformational challenges and opportunities

Navigating the education research maze: contextual, conceptual, methodological and transformational challenges and opportunities for researchers

Study of red pigments from the 'Genyornis' panel, Arnhem Land, Australia: what are the origins of the haematite?[Etude des pigments rouges du panneau du 'Genyornis' Terre d’Arnhem, Australie: origines de l’hématite?]

Oral care measures for preventing nursing home-acquired pneumonia (Protocol)

Reimagining rooms for methodological manoeuvres: distilled dilemmas, proposed principles and synthesised strategies in research education and social practices qualitatively

Exploring factors affecting registered nurses’ pursuit of postgraduate education in Australia

Exploring registered nurses’ attitudes towards postgraduate education

Emergency Network Design – Saving Lives by Saving Power

Geochemical processes for mobilization of arsenic in groundwater

Hydrogeochemical contrasts across the multi-level aquifers of Bengal Basin in Matlab, Bangladesh: implications for arsenic free and low-manganese drinking water sources

Developing innovations for adsorptive removal of arsenic from drinking water sources in North Mara gold mining area, Tanzania

Understanding the relation of As and Mn biogeochemistry within fe-rich sediments in southeast Asian aquifers

Arsenic in the Bengal Delta Plain: geochemical complications and potential mitigation option

A comparative study of arsenic accumulation in agricultural fields

Enhancing the capacity of local drillers for installing arsenic-safe drinking water wells — experience from Matlab, Bangladesh

Tubewell platform color as a screening tool for arsenic in shallow drinking water wells in Bangladesh

SMEs and private enforcement of competition law: achieving redress

Living with the cereal killers of New South Wales: a four-year journey with NSW-DPI Wagga Wagga

Smes and Malaysia's New Competition Law: Experiences to Date

An investigation into the fertilizer potential of slaughterhouse cattle paunch

Competition laws in ASEAN: opportunities and obligations for SMEs

Piezoresistive effect of p-type single crystalline 3C-SiC on (111) plane

New insight into the evolution of India's west coast geothermal province: trace element signature in the thermal waters

Geothermometry of West Coast Geothermal Province, Maharashtra, India

Novel low-cost sensor for human bite force measurement

3C-SiC on glass: an ideal platform for temperature sensors under visible light illumination

Piezoresistive effect in p-Type 3C-SiC at high temperatures characterized using Joule heating

Atomically smooth gallium nitride surface prepared by chemical mechanical polishing with S2O8 2−-Fe2+ based slurry

Fundamental piezo-Hall coefficients of single crystal p-type 3C-SiC for arbitrary crystallographic orientation

Flexible and multifunctional electronics fabricated by a solvent-free and user-friendly method

Nano strain-amplifier: Making ultra-sensitive piezoresistance in nanowires possible without the need of quantum and surface charge effects

High thermosensitivity of silicon nanowires induced by amorphization

Predicting single-layer technetium dichalcogenides (TcX2, X = S, Se) with promising applications in photovoltaics and photocatalysis

Two-dimensional boron hydride sheets: High stability, massless dirac fermions, and excellent mechanical properties

Piezo-Hall effect in single crystal p-type 3C-SiC(100) thin film grown by low pressure chemical vapor deposition

Australian financial services business in China

Thermal conductivity of a new carbon nanotube analog: The diamond nanothread

From brittle to ductile: a structure dependent ductility of diamond nanothread

Diamond nanothread as a new reinforcement for nanocomposites

The morphology and temperature dependent tensile properties of diamond nanothreads

Morphology evolution and stability of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanocrystals in sodium halides salt solution

High capacitive amorphous barium nickel phosphate nanofibers for electrochemical energy storage

The injury profile of an Australian specialist policing unit

Atomistic investigation into the mechanical behaviour of crystalline and amorphous TiO2 nanotubes

Fly compound-eye inspired inorganic nanostructures with extraordinary visible-light responses

The light attracting effect of pyridine derivatives based quasi-solid electrolyte in dye-sensitized solar cell

Comparison of lipid profile parameters and oxidized low-density lipoprotein between normal and preeclamptic pregnancies in a tertiary care hospital in Nepal

Cardiovascular risk screening options in diabetes: framework for selective adoption

Current research on cigarette toxicity: critical appraisal in view of clinical laboratory

Hemorheological parameters better classify metabolic syndrome than novel cardiovascular risk factors and peripheral vascular disease marker

Effects of Silica Abrasive Size on Sapphire CMP Performances and Their Removal Mechanisms

Part 1: Navigating the politics, ethics, philosophies and theories of education research mazes: Introduction

Design and fabrication of electrothermal SiC nanoresonators for high-resolution nanoparticle sensing

Trade Associations: Competition Law Advocates or Offenders?

Risk in the Asia Pacific region: opportunities in disguise?

Managing noncommunicable diseases in an African community: effects, compliance, and barriers to participation in a 4-week exercise intervention

What’s in a name? The confusion in nomenclature of low-acuity specialist roles in paramedicine

Clinical exercise physiology in the Australian health care system

Mechanisms of resistance in Brassica carinata, B. napus and B. juncea to Pseudocercosporella capsellae

Cardiorespiratory fitness testing in Setswana-speaking community-dwelling adults in Potchefstroom, South Africa

The 'Toolbox' of strategies for managing Haemonchus contortus in goats: What's in and what's out

Environmental and sustainability education research, past and future: three perspectives from late, mid- and early-career researchers

Embedding EfS in teacher education through a multi-level systems approach: lessons from Queensland

Teaching sustainable development in higher education: Building critical, reflective thinkers through an interdisciplinary approach

Good CoPs and bad CoPs: facilitating reform in first-year assessment via a Community of Practice

Effect of time and diet change on the bacterial community structure throughout the gastrointestinal tract and in faeces of the northern brown bandicoot, Isoodon macrourus

Quantifying the potential effects of regional climate change on wheat leaf rust disease in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Director of nursing experiences of a hospital in the nursing home program in South East Queensland

Hospital in the Nursing Home program reduces emergency department presentations and hospital admissions from residential aged care facilities in Queensland, Australia: a quasi-experimental study

Qualitative study of patients' choice between public and private hospital emergency departments

Teaching epidemiology to undergraduate paramedics [Round table]

Emergency department use among patients from residential aged care facilities under a Hospital in the Nursing Home scheme in public hospitals in Queensland Australia

Literature, Tourism, and the City: Writing and Cultural Change

The global educator: leveraging technology for collaborative learning & teaching

A review of public-private partnership: critical factors of concession period

Six Sigma in construction: a review of critical success factors

Analysis of GDP trends and inequalities in Vietnam's provinces and groups of provinces

Land amendment for irrigation with coal seam gas water and subsequent rainfall

Innovating with enterprise systems and digital platforms: a contingent resource-based theory view

Turbulent mixing layers in supersonic protostellar outflows, with application to DG Tauri

Thinking inside the box: five organizational strategies enabled through information systems

Spoilt for choice: when user-system relationship becomes one-to-many

Is your IT eco-system ready to facilitate organizational innovation? Deriving an IT eco-system readiness measurement model

Exploring the role of IS in agriculture: creating an agenda towards agri-informatics

Isotopic and chemical fractionations caused by disk winds in the protoplanetary disk

Infection control

The frequency of major flooding in coastal southeast Australia has significantly increased since the late 19th century

Observed and projected changes in surface climate of tropical Pacific Islands

Providing support to nursing students in the clinical environment: a nursing standard requirement

Modelled impact of global warming on ENSO-driven precipitation changes in the tropical Pacific

Mapping government reforms in quality against higher education theory: is the relationship symbiotic?

Varied flushing frequency and volume to prevent peripheral intravenous catheter failure: a pilot, factorial randomised controlled trial in adult medical-surgical hospital patients

Infection risks associated with peripheral vascular catheters

Telomere Length Maintenance and Cardio-Metabolic Disease Prevention Through Exercise Training

Muscle-Enriched MicroRNAs Isolated from Whole Blood Are Regulated by Exercise and Are Potential Biomarkers of Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Epigenetic changes in leukocytes after 8 weeks of resistance exercise training

Increased expression of telomere-regulating genes in endurance athletes with long leukocyte telomeres

Aortic augmentation index in endurance athletes: a role for cardiorespiratory fitness

Variability in Severe Coastal Flooding, Associated Storms, and Death Tolls in Southeastern Australia since the Mid–Nineteenth Century

Copyright protection in UAE law in light of recent technological developments

The Paralympics is changing the way people perceive disabilities

The Reform of Educational Exceptions in the UAE Copyright Law to Suit Development Goals

Success of Post-Natural Disaster Reconstruction Projects–Significance of Community Perspective

Stakeholders and Their Significance in Post Natural Disaster Reconstruction Projects: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Educator Perspectives on Indigenous Cultural Content in an Occupational Therapy Curriculum

Physical disabilities in Asia: A meta-synthesis of qualitative literature written in English

The contribution of the composite of clinical process indicators as a measure of hospital performance in the management of acute coronary syndromes—insights from the CONCORDANCE registry

The ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme (AWSNAP)

Spin–orbit alignment for KELT-7b and HAT-P-56b via Doppler tomography with TRES

HATS-11b and HATS-12b: Two Transiting Hot Jupiters Orbiting Subsolar Metallicity Stars Selected for the K2 Campaign 7

HATS-18b: An Extreme Short-period Massive Transiting Planet Spinning Up Its Star

HATS-15b and HATS-16b: Two Massive Planets Transiting Old G Dwarf Stars

HATS-17b: A Transiting Compact Warm Jupiter in a 16.3 Day Circular Orbit

KELT-17b: A Hot-Jupiter Transiting an A-star in a Misaligned Orbit Detected with Doppler Tomography

Simultaneous infrared and optical observations of the transiting debris cloud around WD 1145+017

Transiting planet candidates with ASTEP 400 at Dome C, Antarctica

EPIC 201702477b: A Transiting Brown Dwarf from K2 in a 41 day Orbit

A cross-sectional comparison of quality of life between physically active and underactive older men with prostate cancer

The experiences of prostate cancer survivors: changes to physical function and its impact on quality of life

The functional impact of a traumatic hand injury: a comparison of rural/remote and metropolitan/regional populations

Exploring virtual world innovations and design through learner voices

Individual differences in research methods learning among undergraduate psychology students

Individual Differences in Psychology Undergraduates’ Development of Research Methods Knowledge and Skills

The adoption of the American fair use in Gulf states: a comparative analysis of authors' exceptions in common law and civil law countries

One Must Also be an Artist: Online Delivery of Teacher Education

An evaluation of the Community Disaster Resilience Scorecard Toolkit by small, high-risk communities on the Sunshine Coast

The changing face of the Mary Valley: considering the fairness, sustainability and resilience of the agricultural system in a peri-urban setting

Interrogating resilience: toward a typology to improve its operationalization

A multi-scalar, mixed methods framework for assessing rural communities’ capacity for resilience, adaptation, and transformation

Fabric Parameter Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Woven Hemp Fabric Reinforced Composites as an Alternative to Wood Products

Flexural behaviour of hybrid sandwich panel with natural fiber composites as the intermediate layer

Motivation to continue driving while sleepy: the effects on sleepiness and performance levels

How do teachers achieve a student-centred inclusive learning environment?

HDR Cafe: A Group Supervision Model for HDR Students

Warm Jupiters Are Less Lonely than Hot Jupiters: Close Neighbors

A Machine Learns to Predict the Stability of Tightly Packed Planetary Systems

Dependence of Small Planet Frequency on Stellar Metallicity Hidden by Their Prevalence

Intersections and connections in feminist history

Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard: how the media shape our view of leaders as ‘women’

Food security, remoteness and consolidation of supermarket distribution centres: Factors contributing to food pricing inequalities across Queensland, Australia

Psychophysiological Changes Associated With Self-Regulation of Sleepiness and Cessation From a Hazard Perception Task

Crash risk perception of sleepy driving and its comparisons with drink driving and speeding: Which behavior is perceived as the riskiest?

Voltage-based storage control for distributed photovoltaic generation with battery systems

A review of protection systems for distribution networks embedded with renewable generation

Building the business case for climate change adaptation: Lessons from Coastal Australia

Innovation in the face of tension: Lessons from a sustainable social enterprise

The hidden compliance cost of VAT: An exploration of psychological and corruption costs of VAT in a developing country

'They are a tax fearing people': Deterrent Effect-Penalties, Audit and Corruption in a Developing Country

Determining Overpricing in Brazilian Infrastructure Projects: A Forensic Approach

Blending ‘Fair Dinkum’ into Group Assessment of Construction Students

A probabilistic method for forensic cost estimating of infrastructure projects

Discussion of 'State of Practice of Building Information Modeling in the Electrical Construction Industry' by Awad S. Hanna, Michael Yeutter, and Diane G. Aoun

Constructing Dispute Scenarios in Building Information Modeling

Building Cost Planning for the Design Team, 3rd ed.

Publishing should be more about culture than book sales

Reconstructing the errors from television history [Blog post]

Not so brave? Huxley and Who [Blog post]

Borrowed robes and garbled transmissions: echoes of Shakespeare's dwarfish thief

Better off dead?: the creative practice of reviving Ophelia


Digital storytelling as 'national cinema'?

Acute effects of BZP, TFMPP and the combination of BZP and TFMPP in comparison to dexamphetamine on an auditory oddball task using electroencephalography: a single-dose study

Investigation of the effects of ‘piperazine-containing party pills’ and dexamphetamine on interhemispheric communication using electroencephalography

Evolving spatio-temporal data machines based on the NeuCube neuromorphic framework: Design methodology and selected applications

Asteroseismology of 1523 misclassified red giants using Kepler data

Pulsation versus metallicism in Am stars as revealed by LAMOST and WASP

A new asteroseismic diagnostic for internal rotation in γ Doradus stars

Metal-rich SX Phe stars in the Kepler field

Finding binaries from phase modulation of pulsating stars with Kepler – IV. Detection limits and radial velocity verification

Gaia's view of the λ Boo star puzzle

Near-uniform internal rotation of the main-sequence γ Doradus pulsator KIC 7661054

A Planet in an 840 Day Orbit around a Kepler Main-sequence A Star Found from Phase Modulation of Its Pulsations

HD 24355 observed by the Kepler K2 mission: a rapidly oscillating Ap star pulsating in a distorted quadrupole mode

KIC 3749404: a heartbeat star with rapid apsidal advance indicative of a tertiary component

Detection of Solar-like Oscillations, Observational Constraints, and Stellar Models for θ Cyg, the Brightest Star Observed By the Kepler Mission

Binary star detectability in Kepler data from phase modulation of different types of oscillations

Amplitude modulation in δ Sct stars: statistics from an ensemble study of Kepler targets

Facilitators and barriers to doctoral supervision: A case study in health sciences

A Spiking Neural Network Methodology and System for Learning and Comparative Analysis of EEG Data From Healthy Versus Addiction Treated Versus Addiction Not Treated Subjects

Quantitative EEG and Low-Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA) Imaging of Patients Undergoing Methadone Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Creating supportive environments for people with diabetes

'I'm excited!' Student expectations prior to starting their first year at university

Presentation of OLT strategic priority projects: Shaping the 21st Century student experience at regional universities

Shining the spotlight on regional students’ experiences

Does REDD+ Ensure Sectoral Coordination and Stakeholder Participation? A Comparative Analysis of REDD+ National Governance Structures in Countries of Asia-Pacific Region

Rural Transformation of a Village in Telangana, A Study of Dokur since 1970s

Review: American Historical Association Annual Meeting

Exploring the 12-key approach: Perceptions and experiences of improvising jazz vocalists

Relative performance of AUSGeoid09 in mountainous terrain

Returning to Jung with Heidegger

Astronomy of Some Indian Tribes

Ethical considerations in the use of student data: International perspectives and educators’ perceptions

Academic expectations and learning styles of Arabic international students at an Australian university

Student retention and learning analytics: a snapshot of Australian practices and a framework for advancement. Final Report 2016

Using digital tools in WIL to enable student journalists' real world learning

Alice in recidivism land: The Queens logic and child protection workers' assessment of sexual dangerousness

Navigating the journey of Aboriginal childhood disability: a qualitative study of carers' interface with services

Static performance of doubler plate reinforced tubular T/Y-joints subjected to brace tension

Stress concentration factors in uniplanar tubular KT-joints of jacket structures subjected to in-plane bending loads

Static strength of doubler plate reinforced tubular T/Y-joints subjected to brace compressive loading: Study of geometrical effects and parametric formulation

Structural behavior of tubular T/Y-joints with collar plate under static in-plane bending

The effect of multi-planarity on the SCFs in offshore tubular KT-joints subjected to in-plane and out-of-plane bending loads

Parametric study of geometrical effects on the degree of bending (DoB) in offshore tubular K-joints under out-of-plane bending loads

A probability distribution model for SCFs in internally ring-stiffened tubular KT-joints of offshore structures subjected to out-of-plane bending loads

Static strength of offshore tubular T/Y-joints reinforced with collar plate subjected to tensile brace loading

Parametric Study on the Effects of Pile Inclination Angle on the Response of Batter Piles in Offshore Jacket Platforms

Static strength of collar plate reinforced tubular T/Y-joints under brace compressive loading

Probabilistic analysis of stress concentration factors in tubular KT-joints reinforced with internal ring stiffeners under in-plane bending loads

Comparing the geodetical and geotechnical methods in investigating the deformation of earthfill dams; A case study of Mahabad Earthfill Dam, Iran

Investigating death: the emotional and cultural challenges for police

Decision-making in a death investigation: Emotion, families and the coroner

Seismic responses of an offshore jacket-type platform incorporated with tuned liquid dampers





How can evaluative thinking and practice inform performance models for organizations and personnel

Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks


Papua New Guinea

These are testing times: Will teacher tests make a difference in the classroom?

What does the post-truth world hold for teachers and educational researchers? [Blog post]

PISA results don't look good, but before we panic let's look at what we can learn from the latest test

Does more money for schools improve educational outcomes?

Explainer: how is literacy taught in schools?

Gravitational waves add a new note to our musical universe

Budget 2016 brings temporary solutions for schools, and puts more demands on students and teachers

Quality, Value?– Insights into Medical Tourists’ Attitudes and Behaviors

Leveraging employee emotional intelligence in casino profitability

Customer Empowerment to Co-Create Service Designs and Delivery: Scale Development and Validation

Insights into Vodka consumer attitude and purchasing behaviors

Embracing or fighting the urge: A multilevel investigation on casino service, branding and impulsive gambling

Service Quality Perception and Casino Player Loyalty

The Learning Centre: Supporting student success

Meet-Up Program: Peer learning for success

Disadvantage and disability: Experiences of people from refugee backgrounds with disability living in Australia

Restrictive practices on refugees in Australia with intellectual disability and challenging behaviours: a family’s story

Biography and Beyond: The Reanimation of Mary Shelley

Inference of Social Network Behavior from Internet Traffic Traces

Moisture-Dependent Thermal Modelling of Power Transformer

Particle tracing modelling on moisture dynamics of oil-impregnated transformer

Multi-physics Modelling Approach for Investigation of Moisture Dynamics in Power Transformers

The effect of different levels of crude protein on the pathophysiology of Haemonchus contortus infection in 2-year-old Boer dry does under confined conditions

Multi-Source Information Fusion for Power Transformer Condition Assessment

Evolutionary Bayesian Fusion for Transformers Fault Detection

Practices of Australian recreational hunters

Death, dildoes and daffodils: a winter’s tale [Short story]

A framework for embedding Aboriginal knowledges and perspectives and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and perspectives in curriculum at USC