Council community directories as a source of information about local health services in rural Australia

Didgeridoo playing and singing to support asthma management in aboriginal Australians

An integrative approach to building professional attributes in a first year nursing course: description and preliminary analysis of academic numeracy

Design science: a case study in information systems re-engineering

Semi-bipartite graph visualization for gene ontology networks

IT service departments struggle to adopt a service-oriented philosophy

Learning from computer games: literacy learning in a virtual world

A review of alternative materials for replacing existing timber sleepers

To give and to receive: the Australian government's proposed electoral finance reforms

Virtual arts: Visual arts education in the virtual world of Second Life

How human-induced aerosols influence the ocean–atmosphere circulation: a review

An Achilles heel: denial of service attacks on Australian critical information infrastructures

When secret use is not so secret

Copyright liability for users and distributors of content sharing and communication technologies: a crossroads between past and present

Working with the Top, on Ourselves and Together

Dual stimuli responsive PEG based hyperbranched polymers

Covalent functionalization of graphene oxide with polyglycerol and their use as templates for anchoring magnetic nanoparticles

Facile preparation of boronic acid functionalized Fe-core/Au-shell magnetic nanoparticles for covalent immobilization of adenosine

Fabrication of conducting polyaniline-multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocomposites and their use as templates for loading gold nanoparticles

Histological effects of chronic administration of efavirenz on lateral geniculate body of adult Wistar rats

Histological effects of long term consumption of nutmeg on the medial geniculate body of adult Wistar rats

Histological effects of chronic administration of Phyllanthus amarus on the kidney of adult Wistar rat

Histological effects of chronic consumption of soda pop drinks on kidney of adult Wister rats

Cardiovascular risk assessment and support - Whole blood viscosity assessment issues I: Extrapolation chart and reference values

Whole blood viscosity assessment issues II: prevalence in endothelial dysfunction and hypercoagulation

Oxidative Stress Concepts in Clinical Practice: Towards optimizing medical nutrition therapy with laboratory methods

Whole blood viscosity assessment issues V: Prevalence in hypercreatinaemia, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipidaemia

Whole blood viscosity issues VI: Association with blood salicylate level and gastrointestinal bleeding

Whole blood viscosity assessment issues III: Association with international normalized ratio and thrombocytopenia

Whole blood viscosity issues VII: the correlation with leucocytosis and implication on leukapheresis

Alcohol consumption and risk of incident human immunodeficiency virus infection: a meta-analysis

Alcohol consumption and the risk of morbidity and mortality for different stroke types--a systematic review and meta-analysis

The relation between different dimensions of alcohol consumption and burden of disease: an overview

Alcohol as a risk factor for liver cirrhosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Causal considerations on alcohol and HIV/AIDS--a systematic review

Impacts of precipitation and temperature changes on annual streamflow in the Murray-Darling Basin

Asymmetry in ENSO teleconnection with regional rainfall, its multidecadal variability, and impact

Simulations of processes associated with the fast warming rate of the southern midlatitude ocean

Comment on "On the recent warming in the Murray-Darling Basin: Land surface interactions misunderstood" by Lockart et al

On potential causes for an under-estimated global ocean heat content trend in CMIP3 models

A New Index for Tropical Cyclone Development from Sea Surface Temperature and Evaporation Fields

The lethal and sub-lethal consequences of entomopathogenic nematode infestation and exposure for adult pine weevils, Hylobius abietis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition by Zoltán Dörnyei

Regular feature: Scholarship-in-practice

Partitioning of taproot constituents and crown bud development are affected by water deficit in regrowing alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Yield, yield components and shoot morphology of four contrasting lucerne (Medicago sativa) cultivars grown in three cool temperate environments

Genotype by environment interactions of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) in a cool temperate climate

Effect of summer irrigation on seasonal changes in taproot reserves and the expression of winter dormancy/activity in four contrasting lucerne cultivars

Radio-continuum jets around the peculiar galaxy pair ESO 295-IG022

Chasing the elusive customer satisfaction component in the delivery of Higher Education

Working successfully in university interdisciplinary teams: Learning from embedded intergroup relations theory

Genotypic analysis of Mucor from the platypus in Australia

Strategies for Improving MDA-Based Development Processes

Criteria-Based Evaluation Framework for Service-Oriented Methodologies

A multi-site campaign to measure solar-like oscillations in Procyon. II. mode frequencies

Modeling Tourist Arrivals in Destination Countries: An Application to Australian Tourism

Response of tall buildings with symmetric setbacks under blast loading

Hypersonic Drop-Tests of a Sphere: CFD Comparison to Experimental Results

Austropleospora osteospermi gen. et sp. nov. and its host specificity and distribution on Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. rotundata in Australia

Enhancing Communication in Surgery Through Team Training Interventions: A Systematic Literature Review

Investigating determinants of out-of-pocket spending and strategies for coping with payments for healthcare in southeast Nigeria

Face Detection Technique Based on Skin Color and Facial Features

Development of strain specific molecular markers for the Sclerotinia minor bioherbicide strain IMI 344141

Evidence that Diaporthe toxica infection of Lupinus albus is an emerging concern for the Australian lupin industry

Physiological characterization of the dandelion bioherbicide, Sclerotinia minor IMI 344141

Automated Finite Element Modelling of 3D Woven Textiles

CFD Flow Simulation for Impregnation of 3D Woven Reinforcements

Beyond Pedagogical Content Knowledge: The Importance of TPACK for Informing Preservice Teacher Education in Australia

Testimonies of suffering and recasting the meanings of memories of violence in post-war Mozambique

Rice varieties and cultural management practices for high and sustained productivity in the coastal wetlands of Southern Bangladesh

The right rice in the right place: systematic exchange and farmer-based evaluation of rice germplasm for salt-affected areas

USQ APA 6 Referencing Guide

Extending and Leveraging Project Outcomes

Barriers to Information Technology Governance Adoption: A Preliminary Empirical Investigation

An economic case for systematic student monitoring and intervention in the first year in higher education

The development of a 'Good Practice Guide' for first year curriculum development, revision and evaluation: a moving feast

Bipolar disorder and medical adherence: A Chinese perspective

Data Governance in a University Context

Signal transduction pathways and tyrosine hydroxylase regulation in the adrenal medulla following glucoprivation: An in vivo analysis

Perceptual deterrence versus current behaviours: A study into factors influencing drug driving in Queensland

Applying Stafford and Warr’s reconceptualization of deterrence theory to drug driving: Can it predict those likely to offend?

Impact of Multidecadal Fluctuations in the Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation on Indo-Pacific Climate Variability in a Coupled GCM

A risk-based approach to course quality assurance

Controversies of prophylactic hypothermia and the emerging use of brain tissue oxygen tension monitoring and decompressive craniectomy in traumatic brain-injured children

Lamellipodia mediate the heterogeneity of central olfactory ensheathing cell interactions

Olfactory glia enhance neonatal axon regeneration

Effects of corona discharge on the surface structure, morphology and properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Biodegradable aliphatic/aromatic copolymers based on terephthalic acid and poly(L-lactic acid): Synthesis, characterization and hydrolytic degradation

Functionalization of carbon nanotubes by corona-discharge induced graft polymerization for the reinforcement of epoxy nanocomposites

Thermal degradation and flammability properties of HDPE/EVA/C60 nanocomposites

Effects of carbon nanotubes and its functionalization on the thermal and flammability properties of polypropylene wood flour composites

Information capacity designs for generalized linear models

Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) analysis of archaeal and bacterial populations in a Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (SAMBR) treating landfill leachate at low temperatures (PowerPoint)

Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) analysis of archaeal and bacterial populations in a Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (SAMBR) treating landfill leachate at low temperatures

Synthesis, characterization, and properties of degradable poly(l-lactic acid)/poly(butylene terephthalate) copolyesters containing 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol

Characterizing the Saltol quantitative trait locus for salinity tolerance in rice

My face, a window to communication: using creative design in learning

Association of Helicobacter pylori with colorectal cancer development

Central role of manganese in regulation of stress responses, physiology, and metabolism in streptococcus pneumoniae

Frelimo’s political ruling through violence and memory in postcolonial Mozambique

Traditional courts and the struggle against state impunity for civil wartime offences in Mozambique

Collaboration: an Australasian experience

Occurrences of arsenic and fluoride in groundwater: a global overview

Energy-efficient small-scale reverse osmosis units: a promising approach for arsenic removal from drinking water

Identifying occurrences of groundwater arsenic in Latin America: a continent-wide problem and challenge

Microbial characterization of Holocene alluvial sediments in the Meghna flood plain of Matlab Upazila, Bangladesh

Hydrogeochemistry of the alluvial aquifers of the central Gangetic Plain in India: constraints on source and mobility of arsenic

Understanding negotiation dynamics and progress in international trade: a turning points analysis of TRIPS

Corporate governance and cost of equity: do financial development and legal origin matter?

Development of knowledge management support for the sleep disorder diagnosis process

Virtual tutor support using SMARTHINKING: preliminary findings

3D immersive virtual worlds in higher education: an Australian and New Zealand scoping study

Why the student voice? The case for investigating the distance learners' experience of ICT in distance education

One stop eReserve shop: managing the entire cycle

Greenhouse gas implications of water reuse in the Upper Pumpanga River Integrated Irrigation System, Philippines

Essentials of control techniques and theory

Organisational hierarchies and decision making process of Chinese multinational enterprises in Vietnam

Communication skills handbook

Environmental assessment of two pork supply chains using life cycle assessment

Marketing research: an integrated approach: solving business problems: the value of marketing research

Calibration of biokinetic model for acetate biodegradation using combined respirometric and titrimetric measurements

Identifying the ecotourist market using the core criteria of ecotourism: is there a true ecotourist that seeks nature, learning and sustainability?

Project management artefacts and the affective emotions they evoke

The science, art and business of successful bioherbicides

The characterization and diversity of bacterial endophytes of grapevine

Australia and New Zealand biocontrol conference: Emerging themes, future prospects

Gendered barriers to educational opportunities: resettlement of Sudanese refugees in Australia

Embedding sustainability in capstone engineering design projects

Engineering your future: an Australasian guide

A simplified empirical model for prediction of mechanical properties of random short fiber/vinylester composites

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference: an early career regional researcher's narrative journey

Climate impact on hypersalinity in an Australian coastal bay

A Wiradjuri child at Moreton Bay

Constructing a western researcher's identity and professional integrity in difference: restorying the encountered 'exceptional' as an act of locating possible worlds

Effect of geometrical parameters on SCF distribution along the weld toe of tubular KT-joints under balanced axial loads

Provocation and the homosexual advance defense in Australia and the United States: law out of step with community values

The importance of being earnest: an inquiry into the complex role of a school-based museum curator

Effects of hypothyroidism on myosin heavy chain composition and fibre types of fast skeletal muscles in a small marsupial, antechinus flavipes

Statistical downscaling of projected precipitation in two major Southeast Queensland catchments

Do IPCC AR4 models produce the rainfall increase over Northwest Australia?

Olive leaf extract attenuates cardiac, hepatic, and metabolic changes in high carbohydrate-, high fat-fed rats

Financial crisis of metaphor

Music therapy to manage asthma symptoms in young indigenous people in an urban setting

Career breaks and intentions for retirement by Queensland's nurses - a sign of the times?

Didgeridoos, songs and boomerangs for asthma management

Workplace violence: differences in perceptions of nursing work between those exposed and those not exposed: a cross-sector analysis

Access to and support for continuing professional education amongst Queensland nurses: 2004 and 2007

Life cycle energy and carbon footprint assessments: agricultural and food products

Climate risk management for agriculture: the Australian experience

A symphony for Australia: the 1951 commonwealth jubilee composers' competition

Career development practice and career counselling in Australia

Empirical evaluation of global vitamin D effective ultraviolet irradiances under cloudy conditions for a sub-tropical southern hemisphere site

Latitudinal variations over Australia of the solar UV exposures for vitamin D3 in shade compared to full sun

Maslow's hierarchy and social and emotional wellbeing

Commodifying digital television in China: a socio-linguistic analysis of media discourse, technology deployment and control

Mediators' authentic presence: ways of knowing our primitive selves

Review: Between Women: Friendship, Desire, and Marriage in Victorian England, by Sharon Marcus

Using clickers to support information literacy skills development and instruction in first-year business students

Reuse potential of laundry greywater for irrigation based on growth, water and nutrient use of tomato

One fish, two fish, IUU and no fish: unreported fishing worldwide

Polarising narrative and paradigmatic ways of knowing: exploring the spaces through narrative, stories and reflections of personal transition

An architecture for a distributed digital library from the desktop up: the fascinator

There and back again: a history of access control systems

Joomla! 1.6 security

Belonging, being, and becoming: challenges for children in transition

Behavioural mechanisms affecting energy regulation in mice prone or resistant to diet-induced obesity

Integrating VET into other policy domains: some thoughts about monitoring and evaluation

Career development research for evidence-based policy

A typology of employee explanations of misbehaviour: an analysis of unfair dismissal cases

Stacking the Commission: has it occurred and does it matter in unfair dismissal arbitration?

Print as continuum: repropriation and the spoils of multiplicity

Negotiating identity: experiences of 'visiting home' among Chinese Americans

Trade union strategy in Sydney's construction union: a Roman Catholic perspective

Mature aged job seekers' experiences of Centrelink and Job Network Services in an Australian regional centre

Apology and social harmony: the pedagogy of regret

Auditing the TPACK confidence of Australian pre-service teachers: the TPACK confidence survey (TCS)

Systematic clustering method for l-diversity model

The role of transformative leadership between teacher and student in the context of the senior secondary art studio

Extensions in pen ink dosimetry: ultraviolet calibration applications for primary and secondary schools

Introductory programming in a web context

On the effectiveness of gene selection for microarray classification methods

Advanced robust design optimization of FRP sandwich floor panels

Sustainable juries: thinking outside peer criminal jury trials

Harnessing knowledge for innovation in social enterprises: an intellectual capital perspective

The common law and the Constitution as protectors of rights in Australia

Innovation processes in social enterprises: an IC perspective

An overview of 3d cadastre from a physical land parcel and a legal property object perspective

From silos to networks - will users drive spatial data infrastructures in the future?

Spatial data infrastructure for pro-poor land management

Depth of anesthesia control using internal model control techniques

Engineering education in China and Australia: addressing the demand-supply gap

Efficacy and feasibility of a mobile ECG decision support system - a preliminary conceptual model

Construct validity and reliability of the practice environment scale of the nursing work index for Queensland nurses

Autonomic and sense and respond logistics: the 'foxhole to factory to foxhole' continuum of combat service support

The Revised Transactional Model (RTM) of occupational stress and coping: an improved process approach

No arms other than paper: Salvador Torrents and the formation of migrant identity in northern Australia, 1916-50

Women in engineering, science and technology: education and career challenges

Dosimeter for the measurement of UV exposures related to melanoma induction

Biochar: maximising the benefits

The influence of B2B e-commerce on SMEs' performance and efficiency: a review of the literature

Destination segmentation: a recommended two-step approach

Safety climate and the theory of planned behavior: towards the prediction of unsafe behavior

Local tourism governance: a comparison of three network approaches

From humiliation to triumph: Sir Henry Parkes, the squatters and the anti-Chinese movement, 1877-1878

Self-determined blended learning: a case study of blended learning design

Pathway to responsible leadership

Responding to social networking risks

Hong Kong home economics teachers' preparedness for teaching with technology

Perceived barriers to the widespread commercial use of radio frequency identification technology

Managing diversity: women managers in Asia

A study of Thai employees' preferred leadership style

Phenotypic divergence during the invasion of phyla canescens in Australia and France: evidence for selection-driven evolution

Knowledge and learning capabilities in non-profit organizations: a relational capital perspective

Analysing BSC and IC's usefulness in nonprofit organizations

Living the punk life in Green Bay, Wisconsin: exploring contradiction in the music of NOFX

An assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from the Australian vegetables industry

A review of research on forest-related environmental markets (including certification schemes, bioenergy, carbon markets and other ecosystem services)

Adoption of e-commerce by Canadian SMEs: defining organizational, environmental and innovation characteristics

IT service management standards: education challenges

What are the key job functions and critical competencies required for the role of the CIO in achieving superior organizational performance?

The adoption of single sign-on and multifactor authentication in organisations: a critical evaluation using TOE framework

Integrated-RBF network method for free vibration analysis of laminated composite plates

The technostructure gap: the educational qualifications of executive and non-executive directors

The Aussie blueprint for employability

The potential of information and communication technologies to support ageing and independent living

Identifying gender differences in the independent effects of personality and psychological well-being on two broad affect components of subjective well-being

Rainfall declines over Queensland from 1951-2007 and links to the subtropical ridge and the SAM

The role of climate for transfer of training and intrinsic benefits in explaining employees' motivation to attend voluntary professional development activities

Examining the validity of driver prototypes using driving-specific measures of personality and coping

A structural model linking commitment to organizational change and change success

The impact of ageing on capacity for and decisions about driving

Examining the validity of the problem solving inventory in Australia

Establishing links between organizational climate, employee well-being and historical patient outcomes

Improving employee engagement, well-being and performance: new tools, interventions, and solutions

Examining how simultaneous talk functions in a qualitative research interview

Examining how response tokens function in a qualitative research interview

Examining how questions function in a qualitative research interview

Examining how 'So' functions in a qualitative research interview

Efficacy of neurofeedback as a treatment for executive dysfunction: establishing best practice from clinical evidence

Coping styles, affective responses and examination performance of university undergraduates

The relationships between personal resources, proactive coping, personal outcomes and academic success in first year students

What you see is what you get: a meta-analytic review of the effects of imagery in sport and exercise domains

Polyester composite based on betelnut fibre for tribological applications

Having a sense of efficacy: considering adolescent and adult perceptions of self and self-in-community in relation to meeting personal and communal challenges

Music applications for athletes

Keep on running: benefits of music for exercise and sport

Mood profiling in sports psychology

Having a sense of one's place: challenges of identifying and nurturing social and environmental community affordances

Applied sport psychology: beware the sun, Icarus

An artificial neural network for prediction of the friction coefficient of multi-layer polymeric composites in three different orientations

Inflammatory lipid mediators in adipocyte function and obesity

Emotional intelligence: an exploration of the construct in adolescents

The challenges and successes of psychological service delivery to rural south west Queensland

Generalised self-efficacy in relation to the life transitions of adult learners in a university setting: towards a narrative constructivist model of self-regulation

Affective responses, emotional intelligence and examination performance of university undergraduates

What's in a meme? Internal letter transposition, word length and eye-voice span

Effects of synchronous music on treadmill running among elite triathletes

Quantification of physiological arousal during familiar arousing music, unfamiliar arousing music, and unfamiliar relaxing music during imagery in elite shooters

The role of health and well-being in safety performance

Data validation in a 3D cadastre

Analysing the levels of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions from land use, land use change and forestry activities on Annex I countries ability to meet Kyoto targets

Final year engineering projects in Australia and Europe

A typology of shared service provision in Australian local government

Place-shaping by local government in developing countries: lessons for the developed world

Optimum percentage of fly ash reinforcement in vinyl ester composites

Sydney's construction union strategy and immigrant worker issues: a Roman Catholic-Marxist perspective

UV dosimeter based on Polyphenylene Oxide for the measurement of UV exposures to plants and humans over extended periods

Project management: the high ground of professionalism or the swamp of the real world

Development of polymer network of phenolic and epoxies resins mixed with linseed oil: pilot study

The constitutionality of criminal organisation legislation

Point-wise integrated-RBF-based discretisation of differential equations

A cartesian-grid integrated-RBF method for viscoelastic flows

An upwind control-volume method based on integrated RBFs for fluid-flow problems

The implementation of a competency based assessment system for applicants for a restrictive licence for cadastral surveying

The seamless integration of Web3D technologies with university curricula to engage the changing student cohort

A teacher educator's professional learning journey and border pedagogy: a meta-analysis of five research projects

Investigating the use of online discussions in an undergraduate face-to-face course

Ringing the changes: mapping networks of support for two doctoral students

Enabling teachers to become pedagogical leaders: case studies in two IDEAS schools in Singapore and Australia

Auditing the TK and TPACK confidence of pre-service teachers: are they ready for the profession?

Abrasive wear behaviour of epoxy composite based on kenaf fibres

Adhesive wear and frictional characteristics of UHMWPE and HDPE sliding against different counterfaces under dry contact condition

Australia's global trade potential: evidence from the gravity model analysis

Grape grubbers: the case against wine industry reregulation

A comparison of two seasonal rainfall forecasting systems for Australia

The factors affecting Bangladesh's exports: evidence from the gravity model analysis

Go WEST - supporting women in engineering, science and technology: an Australian higher education case study

Software process improvement: assessments for small software firms

Pitbulls and populist politicians: Sarah Palin, Pauline Hanson and the use of gendered nostalgia in electoral campaigns

Information systems at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), 1st Australian/New Zealand ed.

Adopting synchronous audiographic web conferencing: a tale from two regional universities

Exploring the nature of price satisfaction in the Australian wine supply chain

Understanding B2B supplier selection relationships: the case of Taiwan agribusinesses

Board composition and firm performance: evidence from Bangladesh

Usage of the polyphenylene oxide dosimeter to measure annual solar erythemal exposures

An introduction to fractional diffusion

Determinants of small Pacific Island tourism: a Vanuatu study

Australian multiculturalism: revisiting Australia's political heritage and the migrant presence

Chemical dynamics of acidity and heavy metals in a mine water-polluted soil during decontamination using clean water

A pilot study on the flexural properties of vinyl ester composites filled with glass powder

Validation and fine-tuning of a predictive model for air quality in livestock buildings

Air pollution and livestock production

The altruism of pre-adolescent children's perspectives on 'worry' and 'happiness' in Australia and England

Predicting water allocations and trading prices to assist water markets

Emerging frontiers of learning online: digital ecosystems, blended learning and implications for adult learning

Demand-side response towards optimizing energy and infrastructure usages in the electricity supply market: smart grid tools

The sociocultural landscape of English: the discursive constructions of attitudes toward English among Japanese undergraduates on a study English abroad program

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 19, No. 3

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 19, No. 2

Physical training of 9- to 10-year-old children with obesity to lactate threshold intensity

Improving English language and computer literacy skills in an adult refugee program

ICE-theorem - end to end semantically aware eResearch infrastructure for theses

Tyrosine hydroxylase phosphorylation in response to footshock and restraint stress

Sun exposure, shade and vitamin D: a practical activity for the Australian climate and curriculum

Physical and tensile properties of raw and treated silk fibres

Manufacturing and behaviour of sandwich composites made of starch as binder for core and adhesive between core and skins

Prospects of using infrared thermography for irrigation scheduling of wheat crop

Measuring the effect of water stress on wheat evapotranspiration

CEMSYS modelled wind erosion

Permanent raised bed configurations and renovation methods affect crop performance

Analytic and numeric evaluation of EEG forward problem using spherical volume conductor models

A case study of isolated NESB adult migrant women's experience learning english: a sociocultural approach to decoding household texts

Re-presenting autism: the construction of 'NT Syndrome'

Antifibrotic activity of an inhibitor of histone deacetylases in DOCA-salt hypertensive rats: research paper

Hong Kong home economics teachers' adoption of ICT for learning and teaching

Numerical modeling of flow in a horizontal sand filter

The preferred risk habitat of al-Qaeida terrorists

The use of tablet and related technologies in mathematics teaching

Becoming more numerate: the journey of Tania

An assessment of greenhouse gas emissions: implications for the Australian cotton industry

Afforestation of agricultural land with spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora)increases soil carbon and nitrogen in a Ferrosol

Estimating gas concentration using a microcantilever-based electronic nose

Depression anxiety stress scale: is it valid for children and adolescents?

Commonality of rainfall variables influencing suspended solids concentrations in storm runoff from three different urban impervious surfaces

Employee grievance research through an organisational behaviour framework

A proposal for a LCA community knowledge management system

GUI faces/sticky ethics

Crop thinning of merlot in Queensland – influence of timing of thinning on grape quality

The randomization of terrorist attacks

World currency options market efficiency

The potential of using treated betelnut fibres as reinforcement for tribo-bio polymeric composites subjected to dry/wet contact conditions

Retention practices for engineering and technical professionals in an Australian public agency

On the development of solar drying system

Corporate intellectual capital disclosure in a non-mandatory disclosure regime

Developing organizational knowledge and learning capabilities: synergistic relationships of human capital, strategic human resource management and human resource management

Transitioning toward transdisciplinary learning in a multidisciplinary environment

Currency option pricing and realized volatility

Student health and welfare in networked school communities

Understanding the unique contribution of aversion to risk taking in predicting drivers' self-reported speeding

Econometric modeling for transaction cost-adjusted put-call parity: evidence from the currency options market

The impact of reemployment on access to the latent and manifest benefits of employment and mental health

Learning recursively: integrating PBL as an authentic problem experience [Plenary presentation]

Put-call parity, transactions costs and PHLX currency options: intra-daily tests

Put-call parity econometric model for currency options market efficiency tests

Cause-and-effect between implied volatility and options price

Essays in foreign currency options markets

Identifying the key factors that impact on rural and remote students’ participation in higher education at USQ

Developing a self-paced continuing training program for indigenous health workers - learning approach

Technology readiness and segmentation profile of mature consumers

Safety culture in defence explosive ordnance: developing a safety climate measure

The role of wireless technology in addressing sleeping disorders in aged care

Genetic contribution to individual variation in binocular rivalry rate

Designing an ideal assessment scheme for dual mode delivery

Increasing power of robust test through pre-testing in multiple regression model

Flexural behaviour of glue-laminated fibre composite sandwich beams

Engineering management education post GFC and Copenhagen: are we on the right track?

The career aspirations of associate degree students: implications for engineering educators and the profession

Work in progress - challenges in designing an assessment scheme for a diverse cohort of students

Effectiveness of self-assessment quizzes as a learning tool

Responding to the perfect storm: impetus to create an edgeless university?

Groundwater arsenic: From genesis to sustainable remediation

Reflection of employability skills through work integrated learning activities in a first year accounting course

A literature review of work integrated learning (WIL) in accounting: developments in the last decade and future directions

An assessment model in a business work integrated learning capstone project

A work integrated learning (WIL) framework to incorporate accounting graduate skills and attributes through accounting and business courses

Examining some discursive resources used in qualitative research interviews

The response of embedded NIR (830 nm) fiber Bragg grating sensors in glass fiber composites under fatigue loading

Capturing stakeholder perceptions of graduate capability development: challenges associated with graduate employability indicators

Patterns in student and staff access to, and attitudes towards usefulness of, ICT in an Australian University

Auditing the TPACK capabilities of final year teacher education students: are they ready for the 21st century?

Differentiated statistical QoS guarantees for real-time CBR services in broadband wireless access networks

Beyond pedagogical content knowledge: the importance of TPACK for informing preservice teacher education in Australia

A priority-based processor sharing model for TDM passive optical networks

The combined use of shade-cloth covers and monolayers to prevent evaporation in irrigation reservoirs

Selected influences on students' uses of wireless handheld devices: an Iranian exploratory case study

Spare the rod and spoil the child: should the abolition of corporal punishment be reversed?

Auditing the ICT vocational self-efficacy of teacher education undergraduates

Who am I? Where are we? Where do we go from here?: Marxism, voice, representation, and synthesis

Accounting for goodwill in Australian business combinations: is there a value to choose?

Forgiveness and interpersonal skills in same-sexed friendships

Improving performance of bay irrigation through higher flow rates

Modern Pentecostal understandings of money, investment and accounting - Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's faith teaching

Constitutionalism, federalism and reform? Pape v Commissioner of Taxation & Anor: a conversation with Bryan Pape

Sustainable investment: a tool for decision makers

Attitudes of advisory and extension agents towards people with mental health problems

Assessment of how engaging in teaching may enhance the learning journey of engineering students

Demand-side response load management modelling encountering electrical peak demands in Eastern and Southern Australia: smart grid tools

Investigation of frequency characteristics of GFRP/phenolic sandwich beams

Comparison of offshore and onshore students' perceptions of university learning environments and quality of educational experiences: implications for teaching and learning

Examining the covert nature of product placement: implications for public policy

Effects of the local skull and spongiosum conductivities on realistic head modeling

The correlation between the mutation of protein kinase genes and the clinical characteristics of breast cancer progression

User-controlled electrical energy consumption towards optimized usage of electricity infrastructure

Towards identify anonymization in large survey rating data

Work in progress - assessment of how engaging in teaching may enhance the learning journey of engineering and education students

The role of image and reputation as intangible resources in non-profit organisations: a relationship management perspective

Eco-hydrology of dynamic wetlands in an Australian agricultural landscape: a whole of system approach for understanding climate change impacts

Wetland hydrology in an agricultural landscape: implications for biodiversity

Investigating the effect of electro-osmosis on sandy soil near saturated conditions

Challenges in the design and delivery of an online postgraduate course in fibre composites

Goods and services tax - the 'Gourley' principle applies

The new income tests: a complex web

An overview on the application of FRP composites in piling system

Enhancing private enforcement of Australia's corporate continuous disclosure regime: why unshackling litigation funders makes eminent sense

Holistic control system design for large mobile irrigation machines

A ‘universal design framework’ for installation planning and operational management of evaporation-suppressing films on agricultural reservoirs

Antecedents and organisational performance implications of internal audit effectiveness: some propositions and research agenda

Why do indigenous students succeed at university?

Teacher readiness: TPACK capabilities and redesigning working conditions

A case for re-inventory of Australia's plant pathogens

Properties of natural microlayers on Australian freshwater storages and their potential to interact with artificial monolayers

Impact of manufacturer brand innovation on retailer brands

Will artificial monolayers adversely affect water quality? Insights from twelve months of monitoring with no monolayer

The coexistence of manufacturer brands and retailer brands in FMCG product categories

Women on the march: radical Hispanic migrants in northern Australia

The consequence of appraisal emotion, service quality, perceived value and customer satisfaction on repurchase intent in the performing arts

Compassion without action: examining the young consumers consumption and attitude to sustainable consumption

Experiences and perceptions of learner engagement in blended learning environments: the case of an Australian university

Delivering value through IT service management metrics

What's Your PMF challenge?

Young children's active citizenship: storytelling, stories and social actions

Social justice storytelling and young children's active citizenship

Regionalisation of career development practice

Digital identity enrolment and assurance support for VeryIDX

Specify and enforce the policies of quantified risk adaptive access control

Foreign capital inflows-growth nexus and role of domestic financial sector: an ARDL cointegration approach for Pakistan

The determinants of economic growth in Pakistan: does stock market development play a major role?

Exploring Australia's global trade potential: a gravity approach with panel data

Towards a faster and broader application of biochar: appropriate marketing mechanisms

Human interface considerations for ambient assisted living systems

21st century project management: open source body of knowledge

Nanodiamond/poly (lactic acid) nanocomposites: effect of nanodiamond on structure and properties of poly (lactic acid)

Refereed proceedings of the national symposium titled Migrant Security 2010: Citizenship and Social Inclusion in a Transnational Era

In-situ synthesis and characterization of electrically conductive polypyrrole/graphene nanocomposites

Modified PF resins for composite structures with improved mechanical properties

Investigating student netbook usage using activity theory

Determining operational requirements to optimise monolayer performance on a farm dam via a 'Universal Design Framework'

Exploring the motivations of sport event tourists: the Rugby League World Cup Brisbane, 2008

A comparative study of human teacher and computer teacher

Meeting the stranger within: considering a pedagogy of belonging

Rethinking resentment: political memory and identity in Australia's Salvadoran community

Natural fibre composites with epoxidized vegetable oil (EVO) resins: a review

The graduate employability indicators: capturing broader stakeholder perspectives on the achievement and importance of employability attributes

Diurnal variation in peripheral (hair) vs central (saliva) HPA axis cortisol concentrations

Italians in north Queensland

Framing a research project to explore the experiences of international staff in an Australian university

Localised nonlinear optical modes and the corresponding support structures: exact solutions to the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with external potentials

Declaring independence: the enduring impact of Judy Chicago's installation artwork 'The Dinner Party' and Kay Lawrence's 'Parliament House Embroidery'

Nexus between electricity generation and economic growth in Bangladesh

Methods and instruments for evaluation and monitoring of VET systems

How do student attributes influence the way students experience problem-based learning in virtual space?

The role of sponsor brand loyalty in sponsorship arrangements: FMCG context

Effects of clonal integration and light availability on the growth and physiology of two invasive herbs

Mapping habitat of threatened reptiles in Western Downs, Queensland: a spatial modelling approach using 'presence-only' occurrence data

A review of the quality of reinstatement in Queensland survey plans and identification plans

An investigation of hair cortisol concentration across body sites and within hair shaft

Aligning a futures oriented higher education context with an institutional learning and teaching agenda

A qualitative analysis of intellectual capital in social service non-profit organisations: a theory-practice divide

Key common determinants for adoption of wireless technology in healthcare for India and Pakistan: development of a conceptual model

Vitamin D irradiance in summer shade and sun

Designing festival experiences to influence visitor perceptions: the case of a wine and food festival

Repositories post 2010: embracing heterogeneity in AWE, the Academic Working Environment

Using the jazz metaphor to enhance student learning and skill development in the marketing research course

Nanoparticle dynamics in a viscous fluid at small Reynolds numbers

The Injune landscape collaborative project: an update on research activities

The cardiovascular nutrapharmacology of resveratrol: pharmacokinetics, molecular mechanisms and therapeutic potential

L-carnitine attenuates cardiac impairment but not vascular dysfunction in DOCA-salt hypertensive rats

The design and investigation of model based internal model control for the regulation of hypnosis

An investigation of spectral response of embedded Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors in a hollow composite cylindrical beam under pure torsion and combined loading

Effects of the self distortions of embedded FBG sensors on spectral response due to torsional and combined loads

Gender, migration and human security: HIV vulnerability among rural to urban migrants in the People's Republic of China

Enhanced feedback - does peer assessment achieve this goal?

Peer assessment of assignment

Simulation of fluid flows at high Reynolds/Rayleigh numbers using integrated radial basis functions

The effect of debonding on the natural frequencies of laminated fibre composite sandwich plates

Evaluation of the strength and stiffness of glue-laminated fibre composite sandwich panels for structural beam application

Behaviour of structural glulam beams from sustainable fibre composite sandwich panels

Doing more with less: toward a parsimonious approach to examining brand luxury

Effects of temperature on a pultruded FRP composite

Representations of Islamic fundamentalism and the Ahmed Zaoui case

Development of a tele-stethoscope: Indian perspective

A purpose based access control in XML databases system

Finding 'ways with words' to engage students who change schools

Identifying the determinants of renewable energy consumption in leading renewable energy investor emerging countries

CO2 emissions and income trajectory in Australia: the role of multifactor productivity

M-test for intercept after pre-testing on slope

A passive approach to detection of traffic shaping

Influence of transaction costs on foreign exchange option contracts: intra-daily tests

Is implied volatility sensitive to the choice of currency options maturity period?

Privacy protection for genomic data: current techniques and challenges

The effect of different climatic conditions on wheat harvesting strategy and return

Immunity of the Crown from statute and suit

Foresight competence and the strategic thinking of strategy-level leaders

A methodology to assure measurement data quality for key engineering materials

Chronic illness and women: a model of disclosure at work

Biodegradation of a silkworm silk/PLA composite

Cloud computing platform for national scientific data sharing of population and health

A new engineering management master to address the personal, professional and educational needs of engineering graduates to achieve EA chartered status

Support strategies that graduate indigenous nurses - a dreaming journey

System dynamics modeling for green IT strategies: SAP sustainability development case

NETPAW and English instruction: reaching out to Australia [Keynote speaker]

Traditional and alternative internet payment systems: the merchant perspective

Water quality performance criteria for monolayer product specifications: selecting the right product for the job

The impact of water quality on monolayer performance in reducing evaporative loss from water storages

Strategic relationships of human capital, strategic human resource management and human resource management

Sustaining synergies: collaborative research and researching collaboration

Economics of using aerated storage to minimise the impact of weather damage during wheat harvesting

Towards some answers to the questions of ethics in collaborative research

Researching an authorial collaboration: reflections on writing a journal article

Considering collaborations in writing a research book: implications for sustaining a synergistic research team

The questions of ethics in collaborative research

Research collaboration as social action: constructing meaning and interrogating relationship-building in an outcomes-based approach

Collaborative concept mapping: an education research team leveraging their collaborative efforts

Sustaining and transforming collaborative research: principles and practices

Seeking superaddressees: research collaboration in a doctoral supervisory relationship

Risky business: capacity-building in collaborative research

Using Mandala theory to explore a successful research relationship

Climate change communication in times of uncertainty

Air transport liberalization

Usage of online assessment in the Faculty of Business: report and recommendations

Judicial integrity and dissenting court opinion

Energy and greenhouse gas emissions of Australian cotton: from field to fabric

Adopting educational technology to enhance the marketing curriculum: is it worth the effort?

Managerial learning and management development in New Zealand SMEs

A better understanding of Rural Weekly readers

Innovation in business and enterprise: technologies and frameworks

Personality and self-concept in relation to mobile phones: what does your phone say about you?

Examining fashion brand luxury DNA

Modeling the effects of information quality on hospital process performance

Assuring information quality in medical platform for u-healthcare service

Women, work and chronic illness: an exploratory investigation of themes from HILDA

Effect of tannin on flexural properties of phenol formaldehyde glycerol reinforced composites: preliminary results

Value of mental health first aid training of advisory and extension agents in supporting farmers in rural Queensland

Information sharing in U-Era: proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology

Perceptions of diversity in Australian language policy and planning since the 1990s

Optimum mix design of enhanced permeable concrete: an experimental investigation

Pendulum swings in Australian language policy and planning since the 1990s

Edgar Bainton’s Australian symphonies

Messiaen's Turangalila symphonie and its place within the symphonic genre of the first half of the twentieth century

Microalgae as alternative fuel for compression ignition (CI) Engines

A review of common and alternative methods for disinfection of microorganisms in water

How effective is microalgae treatment of nursery wastewater for nutrient removal?

People, pedagogy and the power of connection

Analysis and classification of EEG signals using a hybrid clustering technique

A web-based ECG decision support system using multi-touch function to support cardiac diagnosis

Futureproofing faculties of education in Australian regional universities: three sites of pressure and possibility

FRP-retrofitted URM walls under in-plane shear: review and assessment of available models

Auditing the TPACK confidence of Australian pre-service teachers: the TPACK confidence survey (TCS)

Investigation of bispectral index filtering and improvement using wavelet transform adaptive filter

Enhancing pre-service primary teachers' learning in science education using team-based project work

To creep in at mine eyes: theatre and secret contagion in Twelfth Night

The contributions of research design and process facilitation in accessing adolescent views of leadership

Shakespeare's gifts: self-fashioning, authorising, Stephen Greenblatt

School change and development: the influence of a reflective practitioner

Performance of user cooperation and clustering scheme in cellular networks

Joint power allocation and best-relay positioning for incremental selection amplify-and-forward relaying

Performance of aluminium/vinylester particulate composite

Building and sustaining capacity in your school - the COSMIC C-B model

Advantages and disadvantages in using permeable concrete as a pavement construction material

Psychological support for Queensland's rural breast cancer patients

Life-time cost-benefit analysis of solar energy systems in Queensland

A demand-side response smart grid scheme to mitigate electrical peak demands and access renewable energy sources

Is conditional conservatism higher for overseas-listed Chinese companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

An experimental study of wind force acting on commercial double-layered square metal screens at different spacing

Double-layered metal mesh screens to contain or exclude thermal radiation from bush fires

Chalk and cheese or something in between: comparisons between remnant and regrowth Acacia harpophylla communities, western Darling Downs, Queensland

Women's sports coverage: online images of the 2008 Olympic Games

Cattle liveweight estimation using machine vision assessment of objective body measurements: first results

Privacy-preserving protocols for string matching

An efficient and effective duplication detection method in large database applications

A web-based interactive data visualization system for outlier subspace analysis

Can organizations meet their environment and social reporting obligations even in a financial crisis? Towards an effective sustainability management accounting system

Application of Modis 250m images without in situ observations for mapping Mekong River Basin land cover

Mapping Queensland land cover according to FAO LCCS using multi-source spatial data

The effects of gender on the success of a cohort of engineering students

Who's the boss? Culture and the problem of transfer

Sustainability management accounting system (SMAS): towards a conceptual design for the manufacturing industry

Applying the global standard FAO LCCS to map rural Queensland land cover

Mapping Mekong land cover at 250m resolution without in situ observations

An Exploratory Study to Understand the Drivers and Inhibitors for the Successful Adoption of Wireless Technology in Australian Healthcare Systems

Internet and self-regulation in China: the cultural logic of controlled commodification

An averaged model of dispersion of pollutant in a channel: logarithmic flow

Writing the literary history of the Channel Islands

Knowledge creation in professional learning communities: the dynamics, implications and effects

Development of a small icing wind tunnel for simulating the initial stages of solid phase ice accretion

Stagnation temperature measurements in the USQ hypersonic wind tunnel

Assessment of sugarcane yield monitoring technology for precision agriculture

A purpose based usage access control model

Can electromagnetic induction be used to evaluate sprinkler irrigation uniformity for a shallow rooted crop?

Innocent, not ignorant: oral recall of sexual knowledge and conduct by early twentieth century north Queensland women

A school's duty of care and the management of illicit drug related incidents

Limits to growth and the economic crisis

Sunlight and solar cells: teaching digital design and communication through the development of a simple monitoring station

Solar UV exposures measured simultaneously to all arbitrarily oriented leaves on a plant

A research agenda for career development learning in higher education

Freshwater recharge into a shallow saline groundwater system, Cooper Creek floodplain, Queensland, Australia

The time has come to tighten the reach of honest claim of right in Australian criminal codes

Teacher education through open and distance learning

Orchid mycorrhizas - a disproportionate focus on the minutiae?

Techniques for solar dosimetry in different environments

Night-time surveillance system for forensic 3D mapping

Hair cortisol concentration differs across site and person: localisation and consistency of responses to a brief pain stressor

Comparison of extended and unscented Kalman filters applied to EEG signals

Interaction in synchronous chat tutorials to facilitate learning in introductory statistics

The Queensland solicitors' conveyancing reservation: past and future development - part II

CEO duality and firm performance: evidence from a developing country

Parallel leadership: the key to successful school capacity-building

Shape and reinforcement optimization of underground tunnels

Presenting the self: negotiating a label of autism

Non-medical prescribing in Australasia and the UK: the case of podiatry

Making friends

In-plane shear behaviour of fibre composite sandwich beams using asymmetrical beam shear test

Shear behavior of glue-laminated composite sandwich beams

The effect of irrigation non-uniformity on carrot production

What counts as teacher and teaching quality in schools and higher education: a cross-cultural analysis of qualifications, standards and development opportunities in Australia, England and Malaysia?

MYOB version 19: a hands on approach: AccountRight Enterprise

A regional collaborative network to improve spatial information sharing in Australia

Student perception of clicker technology in science and mathematics education

Qualitative methodologies for dummies: engineers in investigating the quality of final year engineering research project

Lawn bowls and solar ultraviolet radiation in Australia: exposures, risks and potential benefits for the production of vitamin D

Remote laboratories and experiment kits for tertiary Physics distance education students: where is USQ now?

Ultraviolet reflection and outdoor workers: why warm seasons have less influence on reflected UV exposures than cool seasons

Hydraulic characteristics of large diameter gated flexible fluming

Furrow irrigation in the Australian cotton industry: alternative water delivery systems and their potential for automation

Study of SME innovation in two Queensland industries

Recommendations from research into what Aboriginal students say affects their social and emotional wellbeing while at university

Maronghi Creek beds, Yarraman Block, S.E. Qld: petrography, provenance and microstructure

Pokolbin inliers - a restraining bend positive flower: implications for timing of the Hunter-Bowen orogeny

A cartesian-grid collocation technique with integrated radial basis functions for mixed boundary value problems

Trust-involved access control in collaborative open social networks

Simulation of adaptive site-specific irrigation control performance with spatially variable rainfall

Simulation of site-specific irrigation control strategies with sparse input data

Sunlight and ultraviolet radiation

B-spline mutual information independent component analysis

Response Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) strain sensors embedded at different locations through the thickness around a delamination in a composite lamina

Extracting drainage network from high resolution DEM in Toowoomba, Queensland

A control volume technique based on integrated RBFNs for the convection-diffusion equation

A scalable distribution system for the optimal application of evaporation-suppressant film to farm dams

Reliable, modest-cost seepage and evaporation measurement for farm dams using 'EvapCalc'

Describing the ultra violet light radiation environment of the grape bunch

Improving blood sugar control during critical illness: a cohort study

The DOCA-salt hypertensive rat as a model of cardiovascular oxidative and inflammatory stress

Green tea attenuates cardiovascular remodeling and metabolic symptoms in high carbohydrate-fed rats

Experimental and modeling investigation of the performance characteristics on diesel HCCI with hydrogen additive - a review

Managing environmental sustainability in SMEs: learning from the stars: a research report on developing a best practice framework for managing environmental sustain-ability in Australian small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)

Visioning 2035: the future of the higher education sector in the UK

A moving IRBFN-based integration-free meshless method

A moving IRBFN-based Galerkin meshless method

Development of a fibre composite turnout sleeper

Critical pre-implementation elements in engendering change for sustainability in SMEs: insights from SME sustainability leaders

Gender and firmographic effects in unfair dismissal arbitration

Determinants of choice of depositary receipt programs: an exploratory study

Dynamic simulation of non-spherical particulate suspensions

Nominal and real devaluations relationship under flexible exchange rate for Paraguay

Understanding, and working with, autism: from deficit to neurodiversity

Survey used in Fogarty and Shaw 2010 AAP article

Creating new perspectives on teacher education through open and distance learning

Using the new information and communication technologies for the continuing professional development of teachers through open and distance learning

Learning and teaching strategies and practices in teacher education through open and distance learning

Contemporary research on open and distance learning in teacher education

Setting the scene for interrogating teacher education through open and distance learning

Managing cultural values in sustainable tourism: conflicts in protected areas

Mechanical and thermal properties of untreated and chemically treated jute fibre reinforced composites

An overview on syntactic foam core and paper skin sandwich composites as potential building materials

Photodegradation of Australian freshwater microlayers and the implications for potable water management

The effect of customers' trust on e-commerce: a survey of Indonesian customer B to C transactions

Towards a 100% digital teaching and learning environment: an action learning approach to creating a framework for a virtual classroom

Financial practices and efficiency of cooperative rural banks in Sri Lanka

A framework for a cyber classroom: towards a human-centric virtual classroom

Riparian woodland dysfunction is driven by groundwater decline in a northern Murray-Darling intensive production landscape

Four years of sheep exclusion shows no changes in understorey composition in grazed woodlands of southern Queensland

How resilient are poplar box (E. populnea) woodlands in production landscapes?

Different landscape factors explain establishment and persistence of river red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) in agricultural landscapes of southeast Queensland

The Criminal Code (Cth) comes to the Northern Territory: why did the original Criminal Code (NT) last only 20 years?

When is a code a code?

Galerkin/collocation methods based on 1D-integrated-RBFNs for viscoelastic flows

Northern Territory national emergency reponse revisited

In search of a model code provision for murder in Australia

An application of demerit point approach in selection of most suitable climate models to characterise the potential climate change impact on regional Australia

Online tests and exams: lower standards or improved learning?

A Cartesian-grid integrated-RBF Galerkin technique

A numerical scheme based on local integrated RBFNs and Cartesian grids for solving second-order elliptic problems in two dimensions

A numerical study of 2D integrated RBFNs incorporating Cartesian grids for solving 2D elliptic differential problems

Cloud computing model focuses on mobile medical workstation for rural area

Supporting women in engineering, science and technology: the Go West Project

Examining client perceptions of partnership quality and its dimensions in an IT outsourcing relationship

The impact of price satisfaction on supplier commitment in the Australian wine supply chain

Effects of chemical amendment on heavy metal leachability and bioavailability of an acidic mine water-contaminated soil and growth of a vegetable

Effects of different fertilizers on soil-borne DDTs dynamics and its impacts on DDTs uptake by Ipomoea Aquatica

Characteristics and potential environmental consequence of weathered materials in the surface layer of a spontaneously combusting mine spoil stockpile

Lipid mediators and inflammation in glucose intolerance and insulin resistance

Statistical inference

A sport celebrity image model: focusing efforts to improve outcomes

Thriving in the cash strapped organisation

Shape optimization of metallic yielding devices for passive mitigation of seismic energy

On-farm assessment of sub-soil salinity and sodicity constraints to barley production in southern Australia

Catholicism and alcoholism: the Irish diaspora lived ethics of the Dropkick Murphys punk band

Child labour and schooling in developing countries: a review of the literature

Romance in foreign accents: Harlequin-Mills & Boon Australia

Racism, discrimination and health services to aboriginal people in South West Queensland

Assessment of an eccentric link in the connecting rod of a spark ignition engine intended for variable compression ratio operation

Viability of lime and gypsum use in mitigating sodicity in an irrigated vertosol

Internet access in selected aged care services in rural and regional Queensland

The two sides of the governance coin: competition and regulation

Government outcomes: are residents and the community better off?

Variations in UV exposure due to reflected UV radiation in the urban environment

Understanding UV reflection in the urban environment

Phenothiazine UVA dosimeter: characteristics and performance

A new integrated-RBF-based domain-embedding scheme for solving fluid-flow problems

Flexural behaviour of structural fibre composite sandwich beams in flatwise and edgewise positions

Accounting for the future

Changing ICT for client/patient management and clinical information in residential and community aged care services in regional Australia: structured interviews with service managers

Effects of corporate ownership structure on earnings conservatism: evidence from China

An improved new error estimation algorithm for optimal filter lengths for stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation

Banishing evidence of intoxication in determining whether a defendant acted voluntarily and intentionally

Droplet evaporation losses during sprinkler irrigation: an overview

Cellular automaton modeling of semisolid microstructure formation

Output characteristics of 'Chapparu' brickwork

Near-infrared camera for night surveillance applications

Filthy vessels: milk safety and attempts to restrict the spread of bovine tuberculosis in Queensland

Effect of surface treatment with potassium persulfate on dispersion stability of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

The electrochemistry corrosion behavior of Fe3Al-type intermetallic with super-hydrophobic surfaces

Measurement of bovine bone properties through surface indentation technique

Microscopical observation of the marine bacterium vibrio natriegeus growth on metallic corrosion

The pitfalls of publicizing ethics research

Scandals, sports and sponsors: what impact do sport celebrity transgressions have on consumer's perceptions of the celebrity's brand image and the brand image of their sponsors?

Korean language education and computer-assisted language learning: research, practice and resources

A shape memory alloy energy absorber for backpack design

Optimization of tribological and mechanical properties of epoxy through hybrid filling

Silkworm silk/poly(lactic acid) biocomposites: dynamic mechanical, thermal and biodegradable properties

Reaffirming legal ethics: taking stock of new ideas

Security and privacy in RFID systems: [special issue of International Journal of Security and Networks]

Detection of anti-TNFα activity in canine hyperimmune serum using a TNFα inhibition assay

Population structure of South African and Australian Pyrenophora teres isolates

Pyramiding QTL increases seedling resistance to crown rot (Fusarium pseudograminearum) of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Beyond the Carbon Economy: The Energy Law in Transition by Donald N. Zillman, Catherine Redgwell, Yinka O. Omorogbe and Lila K. Barrera-Hernandaz

Intellectual capital and non‐profit organizations in the knowledge economy: Editorial and introduction to special issue

A pairwise systematic microaggregation for statistical disclosure control

An investigation of genetic variation among Australian isolates of Bipolaris sorokiniana from different cereal tissues and comparison of their abilities to cause spot blotch on barley

Genomic regions associated with common root rot resistance in the barley variety Delta

The frequency of low-mass exoplanets. II. The 'period valley'

Comparison of purple carrot juice and b-carotene in a high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-fed rat model of the metabolic syndrome

A long-period planet orbiting a nearby Sun-like star

Molecular mapping of adult plant stripe rust resistance in wheat and identification of pyramided QTL genotypes

Mapping spot blotch resistance genes in four barley populations

Isotopic and molecular evidence for saprotrophic Marasmiaceae mycobionts in rhizomes of Gastrodia sesamoides

Caelestines A-D, Brominated Quinolinecarboxylic Acids from the Australian Ascidian Aplidium caelestis

Chromosome composition of an F2 Triticum aestivum × T. turgidum spp. durum cross analysed by DArT markers and MCFISH

Management capability: perspectives from New Zealand small firms: report from BusinesSMEasure 2009

Satisfying privacy requirements: one step before anonymization

The inverse problem for the Gross-Pitaevskii equation

Effects of local tissue conductivity on spherical and realistic head models

An improved detrended moving-average method for monitoring the depth of anesthesia

Systems approach to engineering education design

Optimal targeting of hepatitis C virus treatment among injecting drug users to those not enrolled in methadone maintenance programs

Cooperative education in USQ networking programs with leading industry organisation and service to South-East Queensland regional IT professional

I-V characteristics and electro-mechanical response of different carbon black/epoxy composites

On the influence of initial conditions on a turbulent plane jet: the role of nozzle exit area

Head ditch hydraulics and the variability of inflows to irrigation furrows

Behaviour of structural fibre composite sandwich panels under point load and uniformly distributed load

The role of IT service management in green IT

Preliminary results on literature review skills of students doing capstone projects

Crop thinning of merlot - a Queensland perspective

Queensland 'vineyard walks' - bringing growers together

Addressing exposure of chardonnay in Queensland vineyards - Part 2

Addressing exposure of chardonnay in Queensland vineyards

Problem-based learning's impact on the understanding of place value

Part-parcel adverse possession as a means to resolving problem survey areas

Echinacea induced hsp70 alterations in leukocytes

Tablet PCs as a catalyst to pedagogical innovation: a case study in microbiology

Developing a five-stage model of learning in Second Life

De-noising a raw EEG signal and measuring depth of anaesthesia for general anaesthesia patients

Language attitudes and discursive positioning among Japanese youth on a study English abroad program

ManagIR - a web application for managing and monitoring IR records, their data and associated tasks

Articulating from NSW TAFE to the University of Southern Queensland and professional registration as a mine surveyor

High concentrations of Na+ and Cl- ions in soil solution have simultaneous detrimental effects on growth of faba bean under salinity stress

ICI reduction through shaped OFDM in coded MIMO-OFDM systems

Influence of bunch exposure in a commercial Queensland vineyard on chardonnay and shiraz fruit and wine quality

Evaluating peace operations

BDO not-for-profit fraud survey 2010

The future of HE: what will the sector look like in 25 years time and what does this mean for executive education?

The English language and cross-cultural variations: its impact on Korean students in Australian undergraduate programs

Exploratory study to explore the role of ICT in the process of knowledge management in an Indian business environment

The enablers and implementation model for mobile KMS in Australian healthcare

The role of casting temperature in preparation of bulk metallic glasses

Learning innovation for the twenty-first century

The use of arc-suppression coils in power systems with open-delta regulators

A knowledge-based model using ontologies for personalized web information gathering

When the present comes to get you

Mining specific and general features in both positive and negative relevance feedback

Connecting users and items with weighted tags for personalized item recommendations

Ontology-based specific and exhaustive user profiles for constraint information fusion for multi-agents

Building academic numeracy in a first year nursing course using an evaluative model of program development

Interoperability, learning designs and virtual worlds: issues and strategies

Native title, ILUAs and indigenous development opportunities in national parks

Intelligent control model for checking data quality in hospital process management

Managing direct energy use now and in the future

Torsional properties of staple fibre plied yarns

An assessment of the accuracy and precision of water quality parameters retrieved with the matrix inversion method

Effects of Nd on microstructures and properties at the elevated temperature of a Mg-0.3Zn-0.32Zr alloy

Photodegradation of Australian freshwater microlayers

Boundary repair issues as a means to resolving an uncertain boundary area - the occupational hazard of Yarradale and Gracemere Streets, Brisbane

Security of final account payments: the case of New Zealand

Production of semi real time media-GIS contents using MODIS imagery

It's nice to go travelling BUT...

Enhancing concept learning: the simulation design experience

The Australian housing market - understanding the causes and effects of rising prices

The role of justice in negotiation

Depth of anaesthesia: measuring or guessing?

HIV/AIDS Stigma Attitudes Among Educators in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

A systematic study of head tissue inhomogeneity and anisotropy on EEG forward problem computing

Resilience, vulnerability and adaptive capacity of an inland rural town prone to flooding: a climate change adaptation case study of Charleville, Queensland, Australia

Australian agriculture - adaptations to climate change

Procedural justice, problem solving, and negotiation outcomes

It’s looking up! 3D mapping of foot surface contours

Identifying threshold concepts specific to science learning in nursing and the development of teaching approaches to facilitate their crossing

Backward recall and benchmark effects of working memory

Fractional chemotaxis diffusion equations

Can offsets really compensate for habitat removal? The case of the endangered red-tailed black-cockatoo

Early-season crop area estimates for winter crops in NE Australia using MODIS satellite imagery

The review and revision of 'Standards of practice for mental health nurses in Australia'

Climate outlook and review 5 April 2010

Stationary solution of the ring-spinning balloon in zero air drag using a RBFN based mesh-free method

Wear characteristics of thermoset composite under high stress three-body abrasive

Alignment of performance metrics in a multi-enterprise agribusiness: a case of integrated autonomy?

Deformation behavior of semisolid A356 alloy prepared by low temperature pouring

Direct current offset controller for transformerless single-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverters

A technique for improving webcam precision in biological plant measurement

Effect of oil palm fibres volume fraction on mechanical properties of polyester composites

Three-body abrasion on wear and frictional performance of treated betelnut fibre reinforced epoxy (T-BFRE) composite

Apparatus and infield evaluations of a prototype machine vision system for cotton plant internode length measurement

An International Analysis of IT Service Management Benefits and Performance Measurement

Biocomposites: their multifunctionality

Enhancing long-term grapegrower/winery relationships in the Australian wine industry

Reasons for entering and leaving nursing: an Australian regional study

Australian consumers' attitudes about sports sponsorship during an economic downturn

On the pulse of change: the new beat of special education in higher education

Tribological behaviour of KFRE composite

NACO-SDI imaging of known companion host stars from the AAPS and Keck planet search surveys

Provocation: a totally flawed defence that has no place in Australian criminal law irrespective of sentencing regime

The components of resilience - perceptions of an Australian rural community

Sensors, actuators, and intelligent processing [Preface]

Towards an analysis of shear suspension flows using radial basis functions

The lone wolf suicide terrorist: a preliminary application of mean-variance methods

Impacts of land use/land cover change on climate and future research priorities

VARIwise: a general-purpose adaptive control simulation framework for spatially and temporally varied irrigation at sub-field scale

Iterative decision feedback equalizer with cyclic detection for DFT-S OFDM system

Reviewing psychologists' qualifications for career development practice in Australia

M-test of two parallel regression lines under uncertain prior information

Meta-analysis of D1 versus D2 gastrectomy for gastric adenocarcinoma

The devil gets into the belfry under the parson's skirts: vox populi and early modern religion

From Augustine to Anglicanism: the Anglican Church in Australia and beyond: proceedings of the conference

Preliminary results of a meta-analysis evaluating the effect of immunonutrition on outcomes on outcomes of elective gastrointestinal surgery

Benefits of early feeding versus traditional nil-by-mouth nutritional postoperative management in gastrointestinal resectional surgery patients: a meta-analysis

Preliminary results of meta-analysis of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) versus conservative treatment for gall stone pancreatitis

Preliminary results of meta-analysis of laparoscopic and open inguinal hernia repair

Identification of genetic regions associated with black point in barley

A super-Earth and two Neptunes orbiting the nearby Sun-like star 61 Virginis

Utility of a computerised cognitive screen in MCI and depression in an older population

Twentieth century bipolar seesaw of the Arctic and Antarctic surface air temperatures

Proceedings of the 2010 Southern Region Engineering Conference (SREC 2010)

Energy, water, and economic implications of water re-use in rice-based irrigation systems, the Philippines

Bleak house or bright prospect?: HRM in Australian SMEs over 1998-2008

Fractional Fokker-Planck equations for subdiffusion with space-and time-dependent forces

Confirmatory factor analysis of the way of coping checklist-revised (WCCL-R) in the Asian context

Evidence for proactive interference in the focus of attention of working memory

Impact of climate variability on an East Australian bay

Measuring episodic memory: a novel approach with an indefinite number of alternative forms

Associative relatedness enhances recall and produces false memories in immediate serial recall

Places and spaces for circus performers and show people as Australian migratory workers

An Australian investigation of emotional work, emotional well-being and professional practice: an emancipatory inquiry

A hybrid wired and wireless network infrastructure to improve the productivity and quality care of critical medical applications

Australian dust storms in 2002-2003 and their impact on Southern Ocean biogeochemistry

Improving the accuracy of depth of anaesthesia using modified detrended fluctuation analysis method

CNG-diesel engine performance and exhaust emission analysis with the aid of artificial neural network

The status of training and education in information and communication technology of Chinese nurses: a hospital survey

Ground-plane classification for robot navigation: combining multiple cues toward a visual-based learning system

Soft incremental redundancy for distributed turbo product codes

Generalised spatial modulation with multiple active transmit antennas

Modeling of transmission distortion for multi-view video in packet lossy networks

Design of a wireless portable vibration acquisition and analysis instrument

An FPGA-based fast two-symbol processing architecture for JPEG 2000 arithmetic coding

Multilingual Europe: Facts and Policies by Guus Extra and Durk Gorter

Ludwieg tunnel facility with free piston compression heating for supersonic and hypersonic testing

Preparedness for flexible access to learning materials: how ready are university students and staff?

Facilitators and inhibitors for the adoption of agile methods

Scaffolding distance learning in mathematics for engineering: identifying key troublesome knowledge

Development of a customised software module within the Moodle LMS for team-based PBL courses

Shear strength optimization of reinforced honeycomb core materials

Developing a learning community to support student learning in a first year statics course

The career aspirations and other characteristics of Australian para-professional engineering students

A review of para-professional engineering education in Australia: exploring the VET-HE divide

Performance and emission investigation of a four-stroke liquefied petroleum gas spark-ignition engine generator used in a Malaysian night market

Compressive behavior of fibre reinforced honeycomb cores

Literature review of past and present performance of the Nigerian manufacturing sector

Revitalisation of a 2nd level engineering and spatial science PBL course: almost there but...

Pragmatism and philosophy: enriching students' lives through a critical investigation of spatial literacy in shared spaces

Multiliteracies and the new world order

Technoliteracy, discourse, and social practice: frameworks and applications in the digital age

Solar energy: utilization in building operations

A snapshot view of how senior visual arts students encounter and engage with technology in their arts practice

Towards three-dimensional fusion of infrared guidance measurements for biopsy procedures: some preliminary results and design considerations

Use of CFRP for rehabilitation of steel structures: a review

A review of current development in natural fiber composites for structural and infrastructure applications

Performance analysis of error resilience wireless image transmission using H.264/AVC I-frame

Incorporating a variety of assessment tools in a web-based postgraduate course developed for practicing engineers

Linkages between courses: a holistic approach to programmes

Student usage of videos containing worked solutions

Efficiency of cooperative rural banks in Sri Lanka: the impact of size and location

A simple and effective preconditioner for integrated-RBF-based Cartesian-grid schemes

Cross-cultural impact on the budgeting cycle: a preliminary analysis of Anglo-American and Libyan companies operating in Libyan oil sector

Employing interdisciplinary collaborations to redefine academic practices in a university Nursing program

Error resilience performance evaluation of H.264 I-frame and JPWL for wireless image transmission

Piecemeal: a formal collaborative editing technique guaranteeing correctness

Mediatisation and institutions of public memory: digital storytelling and the apology

The Emo site (OAC), Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea: resolving long-standing questions of antiquity and implications for the history of the ancestral Hiri maritime trade

Dynamic analysis of a DC offset controller for grid-connected inverters

Integration of VSAT with WiMAX technology for E-health in Chinese rural areas

A comparative evaluation of two interventions for educator training in HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Leading engineering learning and teaching in Australia

End-user's tools towards an efficient electricity consumption: the dynamic smart grid

Inclusive team assessment of off-campus and on-campus first year law students using instantaneous communication technology

Embedding IT service management in the academic curriculum: a cross-national comparison

Autoethnography in vocational psychology: wearing your class on your sleeve

Rocky rhetoric and hard reality: the academic's dilemma surrounding assessment

Human-resources strategies for managing HIV/AIDS: the case of the South African forestry industry

Meta-analysis of laparoscopic posterior and anterior fundoplication for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

Dealer group or financial planning group? A case for changing the industry terminology

Specifying usage control model with object constraint language

Systematic clustering-based microaggregation for statistical disclosure control

Foresight styles of strategy level leaders

Part time study distorts student attrition rates in engineering programs

Modelling of submerged membrane flocculation hybrid systems using statistical and artificial neural networks methods

Composite yarns of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with metallic electrical conductivity

My career chapter as a tool for reflective practice

Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for anisotropic inhomogeneous head tissue conductivity in human head modelling

Purpose-based access control policies and conflicting analysis

Significance of communication in emergency management

Saving the future: Steele Rudd and Macgregor Professorial Lecture, 21 April 2010 [Speech]

Change in proteoglycan metabolism is a characteristic of human patellar tendinopathy

Exploring transnational sentiment through embodied practices of music and migratory movement

Researching people beyond the state: a preliminary study of German expatriates in Hong Kong and governance performance

Migrants between worlds: inclusion, identity and Australian intercountry adoption

Behind the 'Big Man': uncovering hidden migrant networks within Scandinavian-Australian sources

Migration, religion and responses by universities

A decision support tool for irrigation infrastructure investments

Energy usage for cotton ginning in Australia

Algorithms for core stability, core largeness, exactness, and extendability of flow games

Usage and preference of traditional and alternative payment methods by online consumers in the Australian marketplace

Intelligent parking technology adoption

What do on campus students do with mathematics lecture screencasts at a dual-mode Australian university?

Enhancing customer loyalty to shopping centres through special event entertainment: the mediating role of hedonic value?

Microbial and environmental implications for use of monolayers to reduce evaporative loss from water storages

Knowledge sharing and management for better organisational outcomes: an Indian study

Structural reform of local government in Australia: a sustainable amalgamation model for country councils

Contagious emulation: antitheatricality and theatre as plague in 'Troilus and Cressida'

Two Aboriginal registered nurses show us why black nurses caring for black patients is good medicine

Expansion tunnel radiation experiments to support Hayabusa re-entry observations

Transnational security issues in the Asia Pacific: fisheries and piracy

I will fast being loose: gaming and sexual conquest in Love's Labour's Lost

Rapt in secret studies and emergence in Shakespeare studies [Introduction]

Rapt in secret studies: emerging Shakespeares

Heavy metal characteristics of vegetables and their soils in Foshan City

Gendered observations and experiences in executive women's work

Beyond rigour and relevance: a critical realist approach to business education

Connecting to community: what do we want in our special education graduates?

The effects of alkali treatment on the interfacial adhesion of bamboo fibres

A comparative analysis of accounting and financial practices associated with efficiency of cooperative rural banks in Sri Lanka

Study to investigate the adoption of wireless technology in the Australian healthcare system

Multimodal design for blended course delivery: developing and evaluating design heuristics for a new paradigm in student engagement

Spinning CNT based composite yarns using a dry spinning process

A robust ensemble classification method analysis

Designing interactions for the collective user experience

Impacts and adaptation response of infrastructure and communities to heatwaves: the southern Australian experience of 2009

Effects of fillers on the fracture behaviour of particulate polyester composites

Effect of betelnut fibres treatment and contact conditions on adhesive wear and frictional performance of polyester composites

Tensile tests of phenol formaldehyde glass-powder-reinforced composites: pilot study

Developing ENSO-based irrigation water forecast system in a region with limited hydro-meteorological observations to mitigate the impacts of climate variability: a case study in Lombok, Indonesia

The disk-bearing young star IM Lupi: X-ray properties and limits on accretion

The response of barley to salinity stress differs between hydroponic and soil systems

Public-private partnership arrangements: problems and prospects

Homelessness, mental illness and the state: an endless crisis of suffering and exclusion

The emergent researcher: one woman's journey into the academy

Policy coordination: an analysis of issues

Life cycle assessment of two Australian pork supply chains

Flexural properties of phenolic resin reinforced with glass powder: preliminary results

The future of higher education provision in the UK: workforce implications. A review of the literature: a report to HEFCE

Busting Shakespeare: the TEL way

Prediction of repair and maintenance costs of two-wheel tractors in Iran

Prediction of total soluble solids and firmness of carrot based on carrot water content

Evaluation - the driver of the engineering education machine

Hydrogen and natural gas comparison in diesel HCCI engines -a review

Inception and management of remote access laboratory projects

Identifying the issues of team project work for distance education students: a case study in civil engineering

Providing ongoing just in time professional development in engineering education

Wikis as open educational resources in higher education: Overcoming challenges, realizing potential

Building blocks for flexible and engaging learning environments

Bridging the divide by screencasting in an introductory statistics class at an Australian university

Transforming pre-service teacher curriculum: observation through a TPACK lens

Views and constructs for knowledge management in India: a confirmatory factor analysis

Crossing over: strategies for supporting the training and development of international teachers


Applied machine vision of plants: a review with implications for field deployment in automated farming operations

Animations as a tool for enhancing teaching and learning outcomes in civil engineering courses

Machine vision-based weed spot spraying: a review and where next for sugarcane?

Sustainable materials research at USQ

Heuristics for dynamic topologies to reduce power consumption of networks

Migrant symphonies: the symphonic contribution of resident British composers to Australian musical life

Median filtering simulation of bursty traffic

Simulation modelling in surface irrigation systems

The role of fatigue, safety climate, and emotional intelligence in shaping safety behaviours in aviation maintenance

Concentrating solar power: parabolic trough with 20% gas boost (CSP-PT+20%)

Analysis of data to develop models for spray combustion

Automation and control in surface irrigation systems: current status and expected future trends

The road safety: a special sign for unfamiliar drivers

Internal combustion engines: a role to fill for transport in an energy conscious environment

In search of factors that influence academic success: a comparison between on-campus and distance students

Fibre composite sandwich beam: an alternative to railway turnout sleeper?

Engaging students through multimodal learning environments: the journey continues

The developments of structural health/integrity monitoring systems using FBG sensors at CEEFC of USQ

Which version art thou? Configuration management in engineering education

The use of road safety target setting in fatality and injury reduction

Enhanced heuristics to reduce power consumption of networks using weight setting

Investigation of the effect of various additives on the strength of environmentally friendly permeable concrete

Channel based simulation and analysis of IEEE802.16(WiMAX) -2004/WMAN-OFDM physical layer for BWA to support telemedicine

A novel attribute reduction algorithm based on peer-to-peer technique and rough set theory

Interview with Lester Oakes

Precision livestock farming and nutrition

Evaluation: is pit stop effective? Final report

Domitian, the fathers and the persecution of the church

The universality of discipline: restoration of the English episcopacy 1660-1688

Progress in comparing fusarium pseudograminearum infection levels and crown rot symptoms in stem internodes of cereals

The future of higher education in the knowledge-based economy: developing innovative approaches to integrated articulation and credit transfer in Australia

Capture and playback of computer screen contents and accompanying audio

Home heating in temperate Australia

You have to learn these lessons sometime: persuasion and therapeutic power relations in bestselling relationship manuals

Federating access to small-aperture telescopes

Optimizing multi-layered networks towards a transparently optical internet

Dancing on a shifting carpet: reinventing traditional schooling for the 21st century L. Degenhardt and P. Duignan

Comparative Study of Distance Functions for Nearest Neighbors

Learning in 2030 - what will it be like?

The impact of political instability on economic and social sustainability: the case of Nepal

Quantifying the role of irrigation uniformity on lettuce production and profitability in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland

The adoption of business-to-business systems by small and medium enterprises in Amman and the perceptions of its influence on performance and efficiency

The Reagan doctrine: an analysis of the President's role in the formulation and execution of American foreign policy vis-a-vis the Soviet Union, 1981-1989

Utilising spatial technology for hospital bed management

Clinicians' perception of using digital stethoscopes in telehealth platform: Queensland telehealth preliminary study

Cross-cultural impact on the budgeting cycle: an empirical comparison between Anglo-American and Libyan companies operating in the Libyan oil sector

When I am in game, I am furious: gaming and sexual conquest in early modern English drama

A decision model for real estate portfolio valuation and optimisation under consideration of real estate physical characteristics

Dividend reductions and signalling in an imputation environment

Modern distribution network planning and application to development of electricity infrastructure

The leadership style of nurse leader managers in United Arab Emirates (UAE) hospitals that facilitates culturally competent care

Grey market for Indian IPOs: investor sentiment and after-market performance

Improved irrigation of cotton via real-time, adaptive control of large mobile irrigation machines

Corporate governance and the variability of stock returns: evidence from New Zealand companies

Alignment of educational requirements within the professional accounting education system: a systems theory approach

Measuring middle school students' interest in statistical literacy

Academics and assessment: the forgotten meat in the sandwich in the current higher education environment?

Export knowledge and export performance: the mediating role of relational capital

Decorating the abyss: crafting a post-holocaust ethics of the self

Issuance of warrants in seasoned equity offerings: evidence from rights offerings

Assessing spot blotch resistance in barley

Markers for resistance to three foliar diseases in barley

Increasing power of M-test through pre-testing

Consumer response to sponsorship leveraged packaging – a fast moving consumer goods context

Starspots on the active young solar-type star AH Lep

Field evaluation and modelling of water and nitrogen management strategies in tropical lowland rice-based production systems

Privacy preserving data sharing in data mining environment

XML documents and access control management

Explaining the experiential consumption of special event entertainment in shopping Centres

An autonomous telescope implementation at the USQ Mount Kent Observatory

Constructing history: selective representations of Indigenous Australians and British heritages in Queensland history curriculum

Measuring return on marketing investment in non-professional sports event organisations

Identification of effective management accounting system characteristics to support sustainable value chains: towards a conceptual model for sustainable development of firms

This narrative is no fiction: mapping cultural expressions of post-traumatic slave disorder

Stellar photometry for the shared skies partnership

The role of product design, manufacturing systems and environmental uncertainty in the Nigerian manufacturing organizations

A study of the Primary Assisted Learning (PAL) Program: an initiative to address behaviour issues and enhance resilience for at risk primary school children

How can International US Health and Indigenous Foundations build their capacity to fund health in remote and rural Australian Indigenous communities?

Antecedents and organizational performance implication of internal audit effectiveness: evidence from Ethiopia

Implementing problem-based learning in software engineering in a Sri Lankan University

Monastic regime at Banyo Seminary: an oral and social history of the Pius XII Seminary, Banyo (1941 - 2000)

The Australian violin concerto

A parametric, model-based, assessment of the post-floating behaviour of the Indonesian currency - October 2000 to March 2003

Protecting information sharing in distributed collaborative environment

Supporting secure services on dynamic aggregation of heterogeneous networks

Life cycle energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of Australian cotton: impact of farming systems

Access control management and privacy-preserving

RBF-based meshless modeling of strain localization and fracture

Development and calibration of bio-kinetic models for organic carbon and nitrogen biodegradation in an aerobic activated sludge system

A study of Hong Kong home economics teachers’ adoption of information and communication technologies

Interpretive communities and the legitimation of news values: a recursive framing analysis of the representation of refugees in The Australian

Environmental protection versus economic development in the Asia Pacific: the impacts of Copenhagen

Rainfall variability in the Austral-Indonesian Region and the role of Indo-Pacific climate drivers

Redefining domestic counterinsurgency post-2001: Sulu Province, Republic of Philippines

Investigation of how procurement practices influence business survival: analysis of buyer - supplier relationships in Zimbabwe's banking industry

Organizational commitment of managerial employees: a unified theory and antecedents

Learning from the West: the development of Chinese art education for general education in the first half of 20th Century China

Improving wireless TCP/IP performance using the median filter algorithm

Power quality and efficiency improvements for transformerless grid connected PV inverters

Using computer simulation in operating room management: impacts of information quality on process performance

ANN for tribological applications

50 years behind the scenes on QTQ9

Corporate governance compliance and disclosure in the banking sector: using data from Japan

Terramechanics based traction control of underwater wheeled robot

Fractional diffusion in force fields, fractional electro-diffusion and fractional chemotaxis diffusion

Frameworks, cases, and experiments: bridging theory with practice

Green is only way for state to grow

The determinants for adoption of wearable computer systems in traditional Chinese hospital

The practice of interprofessional learning: workplace impact following an interprofessional learning activity at university

Organising for strategic influence in complex settings: the 'allied health' journey

Teaching and learning in virtual worlds: is it worth the effort?

Urban climatology and urban design, a history of (non) applied science

Managerial leadership competencies of heads of departments: a case study of higher educational institutions in Kerala, India

Changes in the strategic focus and internal operating culture of investor-owned U.S. electric utilities due to deregulation

Impact of Cd on seed germination of ipomoea aquatica

Building an information quality lab on e-health in the rural areas for healthcare education

Academic standards and challenges for accounting educators

Who should teach what? Perceptions of the roles of universities and practice in the education of professional accountants

Perception, reflection and communication: an empirical case study within the pharmaceutical industry

Public value: conjecture and refutation, theory and ethics

The 2008 floods in Queensland: a case study of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity

In the event of a crisis: what services are accessed and available to the Aboriginal community of Dalby who have been affected by suicide and/or self-harm?

Echinacea induced hsp70 alterations in leukocytes

Impact of cyber fraud and trust on e-commerce use: a proposed model by adopting theory of planned behaviour

Initial studies into grape berry temperatures of field-grown vines in Queensland

Building an information quality lab on simulation in the computer education for healthcare

Scientists in schools – a case study

Growth and characterisation of Chlorella vulgaris under increased lipid culture regimes

Teaching first-year studies in religion students in Second Life: UQ religion bazaar

Australian higher education institutions transforming the future of teaching and learning through 3D virtual worlds

Playing it real in a virtual context: developing sustainable connections to university

DISTRO: a system for detecting global outliers from distributed data streams with privacy protection

Design of public health engineering course using multimedia resources for dual mode delivery

The Media We Deserve: Underachievement in the Fourth Estate by David Salter

Do young Suns undergo magnetic reversals?

The role of shared mental models of strategic thinking in the development of organisational strategy

Management development, innovation and performance of small exporting firms in New Zealand

Synthesis of phenolic bio-resins for advanced composites in civil engineering structures

Seeking to understand 'experiences of difference' in discussions with Saudi students at an Australian university

Governmentality of the contemporary institution of schooling and its effects upon teacher professionalism – an ethnographic case study

Healing properties: connection to land and cancer survivorship

Becoming a teacher leader: a grounded theory study

The effect of web-based formative assessment on students’ achievement and attitudes in a large enrolment tertiary English course

Biomedical Knowledge Management: Infrastructures and Processes for E-Health Systems

The facts about carbon and climate: a presentation of data for the reader's evaluation

Controlled damping of a 48-metre wide spray rig

Calibration analysis within the cognitive and personality domains: individual differences in confidence, accuracy, and bias

Alternative Perspectives on Lawyers and Legal Ethics: Reimagining the Profession


Learning relationships in online contexts: a substantive theory constructed from the integrated analyses of learner-learner interaction and knoweldge construction in an undergraduate communication course

Long term effects of middle ear problems on learning and behaviour: an investigation into the long term effects of the fluctuating, conductive hearing loss caused by otitis media with effusion for adolescent students

Australian poetry: reflections on nature, space and identity

Anticapitalism and culture: radical theory and popular politics by Jeremy Gilbert

Managing the expectations: reality mismatch through aspirations, access and achievement: engineering a first year undergraduate student's habitus

Optimal choice of test signals for channel estimation

On memory and I/O efficient duplication detection for multiple self-clean data sources

A conceptual model for building international competencies of accounting graduates of Indonesian universities

A cry to teach for social justice: linking early childhood education, participatory action research and children's literature

Problem based learning for teams working in virtual space

Wet adhesive wear characteristics of untreated oil palm fibre-reinforced polyester and treated oil palm fibre-reinforced polyester composites using the pin-on-disc and block-on-ring techniques

A questionnaire to measure safety climate, fatigue, stress, violations and errors

Management development from the perspective of small firm owner-managers

Organisational behaviour: core concepts and applications

Sensorless commutation of printed circuit brushless direct current motors

Analysis of arsenic concentrations and correlation in water, soil and aurum by neutron activation analysis technique: a case study in Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Development of a Ludwieg tube with free piston compression heating for scramjet inlet starting experiments

Crack identification in reinforced concrete beams using ANSYS software

Retinal microvascular abnormalities and subclinical magnetic resonance imaging brain infarct: a prospective study

Physical layer multicasting over 2-hop network using dual amplify and forward relay

Triamcinolone-induced cataract in eyes with diabetic macular oedema: 3-year prospective data from a randomized clinical trial

Sustainability classifications in engineering: discipline and approach

Flying blind, or going with the flow? Using constructivist evaluation to manage the unexpected in the GraniteNet project

Long-term refractive outcomes and stability after excimer laser surgery for myopia

A Trans-Tasman judicial area: civil jurisdiction and judgments in the Single Economic Market

Leadership of not-for-profit organizations in the aged and community care sector in Australia

Five criteria for web-services security architecture

Ship wake study using imaging technique

Fair and Square

Nobody Knows

SNO 66: group exhibition

57: 5 years, 50 shows, 500 artists: group exhibition

Solo exhibition - Konsortium Gallery

Big Bang II: group exhibition

Radical Postures: group exhibition

Channel Nine - 50 years behind the scenes

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble: group exhibition

Television vs Feature film

Timeline of cardiac dystrophy in 3 to 18-month-old MDX mice

HVS-based quality assessment metrics for 3-D images

The role of behavioral, normative, and control beliefs in the consumption of Australian products and services by Chinese consumers

Towards more sustainable water management? The challenges of water and land use in the Los Angeles metropolis

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) and domestication: analysis of the prospects of domestication of non-timber forest products in developing countries from socio-economic perspectives: example from the mid-hills of Nepal

Managing projects for change: Contextualised project management

A community for learning and teaching, research, and innovation in Distance Education

Innovative strengthening technique using post-tensioned fibre composite wraps for bridge headstocks

A lifeline for emerging academics

Whole-of-community approaches to reducing alcohol-related harm: what do communities think?

Comparing the cost of alcohol-related traffic crashes in rural and urban environments

Development of ASB 1: the development of antisocial behaviour in adolescents and young adults

Alternative realities: immersive learning for and with students

Distributive justice and the durability of peace agreements

New communications options: a renaissance in videoconference use

Talking to terrorists

Competition between charitable organisations for private donations

A robust QoS framework on Android for effective media delivery to DLNA enabled home gateway in smart home environment

Globalisation and corporate real estate strategies

Strategic infrastructure asset management: a conceptual framework to identify capabilities

Effects of cadmium on germination of six Ipomoea aquatica breeds

Paradise Road


Review of precision irrigation technologies and their application

An overview of corporate governance in China

Assessing the applicability of the sport fan motivation scale for Australian teenage sport consumers

Calculator for renewable energy resources for nursery production

Of great & good men: a history of St Joseph's Nudgee College

Working together: a methodological case study of 'engaged scholarship'

Gauging the 'capacity to collaborate' within multi-sector ageing networks

Sustainable infrastructure assets: capability for infrastructure capacity management

A framework for strategic infrastructure asset management

Living memory and the interpretation of heritage: developing a multimedia interactive to record and store personal stories for use in heritage interpretation and research

Instrument for collecting coaches self-identified beliefs in relation to the teaching styles they use during coaching sessions throughout the year

Infrastructure asset management: the challenges and approaches

Queensland historical atlas: histories, cultures, landscapes

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef

A playground for science: Great Barrier Reef

Survival: how the landscape impacts on people

Distinctiveness: islands

Engaged outreach: using community engagement to facilitate access to higher education for people from low socio-economic backgrounds

Sceptics, utilitarians and missionaries: senior managers' perceptions of engagement in a research intensive Australian university

Rhetoric to action: a study of stakeholder perceptions of aging well in two local communities

Strengthening the 'social' in sustainable development: developing a conceptual framework for social sustainability in a rapid urban growth region in australia

Canadian blasphemy law in context: press, legislative, and public reactions

Simulation of Newtonian-fluid flows with C2-continuous two-node integrated-RBF elements

The role of IT service management in green IT

Microbial and environmental implications for use of monolayers to reduce evaporative losses from water storages

Can new teachers be ICT change-agents?

Economic potential of forest resources of Nepal

Medico legal issues

Curriculum integration in Aotearoa New Zealand: rediscovering the potential of student-centred curriculum design in the middle years

Blasphemy in pre-criminal code Canada: two sketches

Putting the 'E' into STEM [Keynote speaker]

A review of salinity and sodicity in irrigation

Sustaining middle level teacher education in Australia

Aural training by distance for tertiary music students: evaluation of a prototype

Gender, memory and illness in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea

VARIwise simulation of variable-rate irrigation of cotton via adaptive control: first results

Behaviour approach for evaluating team performance in software review: an empirical study

First record of stubby-root nematode (Paratrichodorus porosus) associated with barley in Australia

Occurrence of root-lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei and P. neglectus) and stunt nematode (Merlinius brevidens) in the northern grain region of Australia

Perversion, surveillance and the Church of England Purity Society, 1820-1890

Reforming the English episcopate 1600-1660

Understanding the resurrection in restoration England

Early harvest and ensilage of forage sorghum infected with ergot (Claviceps africana) reduces the risk of livestock poisoning

First report of the smut fungus Ustanciosporium appendiculatum in Australia

Beyond economic sustainability: embedding social and environmental values in the governance of responsible investment

A novel QTL for Septoria speckled leaf blotch resistance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) accession PI 643302 by whole-genome QTL mapping

A native QTL for Fusarium head blight resistance in North American barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) independent of height, maturity, and spike type loci

Pre-cropping with canola decreased Pratylenchus thornei populations, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, and yield of wheat

Effect of fertilization on forage yield and quality, nutrients uptake and soil properties in the more intensive cropping system

Release of antimicrobial peptides through bromelain hydrolysis of leatherjacket (Meuchenia sp.) insoluble proteins

Microencapsulated enzymes from Aspergillus oryzae accelerate cheddar cheese ripening and enrich biologically active peptide profile

Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of risk screening and early intervention comparing child- and family-focused cognitive-behavioural therapy for PTSD in children following accidental injury

QTL mapping of multiple foliar disease and root-lesion nematode resistances in wheat

Teaching and learning history in Australian primary schools: pedagogical shifts, complexities and opportunities

Reconceptualising higher education pedagogy in online learning

Size and albedo of Kuiper belt object 55636 from a stellar occultation

Jupiter: friend or foe? An answer

Jupiter: friend or foe? III: the Oort cloud comets

Determining habitability: which exoEarths should we search for life?

Libraries and knowledge management: an industry case study of Web 2.0 implementation

Tides of history and jurisprudential gulfs: Native title proof and the Noongar Western Australia claim

Dynamical simulations of the HR8799 planetary system

Planetary Trojans: the main source of short period comets?

Trojan asteroids and the early evolution of the solar system

Jupiter: friend or foe

TNOs are cool: a survey of the trans-Neptunian region: radiometric properties of Trans-Neptunian objects

Introducing limits of confidentiality in real-life consultations: psychologist-driven or client-centred?

Victorian Maenads: on Michael Field's Callirrhoe and being driven mad

iTESOL: analogous practices in the SLA classroom

A processed multidomain hyopneumoniae adhesin binds fibronectin, plasminogen and swine respiratory cilia

An intergenic region between the tagSNP rs3793917 and rs11200638 in the HTRA1 gene indicates association with age-related macular degeneration

A prospective longitudinal study of the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from childbirth events

Explaining the levels of innovation and R&D in New Zealand's small and medium-sized enterprises: too many small firms?

Evaluation of a static water balance model in cropped and grazed systems of temperate Australia

Is persistence taught or caught?: two contrasting case studies in the context of first year university teaching

Night-time science with large solar telescopes: the magnetic Sun through time

Repeat regions R1 and R2 in the P97 paralogue Mhp271 of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae bind heparin, fibronectin and porcine cilia

Transforming distance education curricula through distributive leadership

Youth adjustment to parental illness or disability: the role of illness characteristics, caregiving, and attachment

Retinal fractal dimension is increased in persons with diabetes but not impaired glucose metabolism: the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle (AusDiab) study

But what makes it doctoral?: taking on the traditionalists: interdisciplinary, practice-led doctoral research in the creative industries: a case study in academic politics, research, rigour and relevance

Problem set 6

Problem set 5

Security and privacy on low-cost radio frequency identification systems

Phoneys and the dash man: the hypnotic voice of J. D. Salinger

Investigating the relationship between the elements of the IFRS conversion cost in the context of small island economies (Mauritius)

Potential application of geopolymers as protection coatings for marine concrete I. Basic properties

Potential application of geopolymers as protection coatings for marine concrete II. Microstructure and anticorrosion mechanism

Thermochemistry study of the effect of alkali content on the early geopolymerisation at room temperature

Study on non-cement based alkali activated material for oil and gas well cementing at low and moderate temperature

Carbon nanotube reinforced rigid-rod polyimide

Supporting students with intellectual disabilities

Rapid assessment of gully sidewall erosion rates in data-poor catchments: a case study in Australia

Labour law reform in Malaysia: challenges and opportunities in a globalized environment

The Irish agricultural catchments programme: catchment selection using spatial multi-criteria decision analysis

Modelling soil phosphorus decline: expectations of Water Framework Directive policies

Antibacterial metabolites from Australian macrofungi from the genus Cortinarius

A needs analysis framework for the design of digital repositories in higher education

Starting with the end in sight: 1st year outcomes of a course embedded e-portfolio

Lexicon of online and distance learning

Redesigning curricula using blended learning: a development-based research approach

Exposing the social scientist

Tutoring on-line

Safeguarding Australians: mapping the strengths and challenges towards sustainable improvements in OHS education and practice

On-line communities

Calculating application rates for composted mulch and soil conditioners to maximise soil health

Palahniuk's tyranny of language and ontological minimalism

Techne and impossibility: re-reading Zizek's ideology-critique as geisteskritik

Cation ratio of soil structural stability (CROSS)

The cadence of becoming

Techne and mysticism: courting psychosis?

History is theatre: the secrets to the success of the Curtin and Roosevelt mass media strategies, 1941-5

Read all about it: John Curtin's key to generating positive news coverage, 1941-1945

Stepping out: information for families of young people with a disability moving from secondary school to adult life

Making the move: information for families of children with a disability making the move from primary to secondary school

John Curtin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt: a cross-national case study of media agenda setting in the U.S.-Australian alliance, 1941-1945

A research report on developing an initial best practice framework for managing environmental sustainability change in Australian small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)

A collaborative approach to reading workshop in the middle years

Diving into reading: revisiting reciprocal teaching in the middle years

Overseas trade law: observations on the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement negotiation process

On eliminating non-tariff barriers in a time of worldwide economic crisis: China's role

The Distance Between Two Truths

Eight Arrangements of Batak and Indonesian Hymns for SATB Choir

Developing clinical competency in crisis event management: an integrated simulation problem-based learning activity

An active citizen: a personal female response

A climate for change? The 2009 Native Title report

Do we have to go outside? Millenial pre-service teachers discovering nature, creativity and self confidence


Virtual synchronous engagement of professional experience

Concentration of cortisol in human hair under rest and pain conditions

Muddy death: fate, femininity and mourning in Jean Rhys's Good Morning Midnight

I want sausages for my lunch! Using functional communication training to enhance choice making behaviour

In the shadow of the Australia-China Free Trade agreement negotiation: obstacles and suggestions

The Taiwan crisis: a showcase of the global arsenic problem

The global arsenic crisis - a short introduction

Arsenic removal by small-scale reverse osmosis units

Arsenic contamination in groundwaters in Bangladesh and options of sustainable drinking water supplies

Localised data sources for community health indicators: Ipswich Local Governance Area

Introduction to the numerical modeling of groundwater and geothermal systems: fundamentals of mass, energy and solute transport in poroelastic rocks

Squatters and separation: a synoptic overview

Hydrometeorological daily recharge assessment model (DREAM) for the Western Mountain Aquifer, Israel: model application and effects of temporal patterns

Opciones sustentables para resolver el problema del arsenico en Iberoamerica

Situacion de America Latina con relacion al problema global del arsenico

Effects of karst and geological structure on groundwater flow: the case of Yarqon-Taninim Aquifer, Israel

On the mechanical properties of a treated betelnut fibre-reinforced polyester composite

Concise review: mind the gap: challenges in characterizing and quantifying cell- and tissue-based therapies for clinical translation

Mercury Rising, an evaluation: building capacity for mental health self-help groups in Queensland

Kids with more zip: a practical resource for educators/carers focusing on long-term health and movement experiences for children ages 3-12, 2nd ed.

Performance measurement

Moodle 1.9 top extensions cookbook

Wetland management and valuation: the Sundarbans perspective for participatory forestry

Auditing, assurance services and ethics in Australia: an integrated approach

Computer-aided qualitative research: a user's perspective

Accounting: business reporting for decision making, 3rd ed.

Financial accounting, 6th ed.

Uniting the service trinity in non-profit community organisations: a sequence of studies, reflections and implications for theory and practice in the performing arts

Non-specific chemical gas sensor arrays for environmental monitoring of odour emissions: a review

Statement of cash flows

Ethics and corporate governance

An interactive approach to writing essays and research reports in psychology

The significance of non-coding sequence

Bioinformatics today

Information overload and risks in climate adaptation for local government authorities

Text mining in microblogs for real time topic and event monitoring

Healthfusion team challenge: annual report the year in review 2010

The magnetic field of the B1/B2V star sigma Lup

Mechanisms of arsenic enrichment in geothermal and petroleum reservoirs fluids in Mexico

Sources and controls for the mobility of arsenic in oxidizing groundwaters from loess-type sediments in arid/semi-arid dry climates - Evidence from the Chaco-Pampean plain (Argentina)

Assessment of arsenic exposure from groundwater and rice in Bengal Delta Region, West Bengal, India

Emerging mitigation needs and sustainable options for solving the arsenic problems of rural and isolated urban areas in Latin America - a critical analysis

Arsenic-enriched aquifers: occurrences and mobilization of arsenic in groundwater of Ganges Delta Plain, Barasat, West Bengal, India

Futuring sustainable Australian teacher education through recent doctoral dissertations: a thematic analysis of alternative scenarios

Implications of organic matter on arsenic mobilization into groundwater: evidence from northwestern (Chapai-Nawabganj), central (Manikganj) and southeastern (Chandpur) Bangladesh

Possible treatments for arsenic removal in Latin American waters for human consumption

Targeting arsenic-safe aquifers for drinking water supplies

Captain Pathos and his Army of Imaginary Friends

Houdini - the Man from Beyond

April's Fool

Learning technology and organisations: transformational impact?

TNOs are cool: a survey of the trans-Neptunian region: III. thermophysical properties of 90482 Orcus and 136472 Makemake [Letter to the editor]

TNOs are cool: a survey of the trans-Neptunian region: II. The thermal lightcurve of (136108) Haumea

TNOs are cool: a survey of the trans-Neptunian region: I. results from the Herschel science demonstration phase (SDP) [Letter to the editor]

Resolving debris discs in the far-infrared: early highlights from the DEBRIS survey [Letter to the editor]

The capture of Trojan asteroids by the giant planets during planetary migration

2001 QR322: a dynamically unstable Neptune Trojan?

Formation and dynamical evolution of the Neptune Trojans - the influence of the initial Solar system architecture

Impact regimes and post-formation sequestration processes: implications for the origin of heavy noble gases in terrestrial planets

The Neptune Trojans: a new source for the Centaurs?

Sheilas, wogs and metrosexuals: masculinity, ethnicity and Australian soccer

Tactile landscape: visitors at the Great Barrier Reef

The nature of youth care tasks in families experiencing chronic illness/disability: development of the Youth Activities of Caregiving Scale (YACS)


Trickster's Tent

Curious Spaces

Urban Trackers

The Cowboy Statesman

A hybrid particle swarm evolutionary algorithm for constrained multi-objective optimization

Comparison of fouling indices in assessing pre-treatment for seawater reverse osmosis

Preparing for the future: meeting the needs of tertiary education through the edgeless university

Recent research trend in marine engineering materials (Keynote lecture)

Kenaf fibers for tribo-thermoplastic composites

Successful succession through shared leadership: preparing a new generation of educational leaders

New technique measuring film thickness for tribological machines

Classification of benign and malignant patterns in digital mammograms for the diagnosis of breast cancer

Savings and investment in South Asia: evidence from likelihood ratio based panel cointegration

The impact of multiple representations of content using multimedia on learning outcomes

Multi-perspective performance reporting and organisational performance: the impact of information, data and redundant cue load

On this rock I will build my team

Those magnificent men

Jack Doolan - Wild Colonial Boy

Prepare the next generation for changes: education programs of climate change adaptation at the University of Southern Queensland

What's in a name?

Give me my armour

The cannabis expectancy questionnaire for men who have sex with men (CEQ-MSM): a measure of substance-related beliefs

Treatment of municipal solid waste leachate using a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor at mesophilic and psychrophilic temperatures: analysis of recalcitrants in the permeate using GC-MS

Performance of a three-stage membrane bioprocess treating the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and evolution of its archaeal and bacterial ecology

How equitable are colorectal cancer screening programs which include FOBTs? A review of qualitative and quantitative studies

A cross-sectional analysis of participation in National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in Adelaide by age, gender and geographical location of residence

The Registered Nurses' experiences of workplace culture and workplace climatic factors as influences on nursing workloads: a systematic review

Symptoms of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment

Mapping city environments using a single hand-held digital camera

Biomechanical analysis of parameters influencing pressure-volume relationship in the human eye

Mycorrhizal associations of the vulnerable epiphytic orchid, Sarcochilus weinthalii

Orchid mycorrhizas – a disproportionate focus on the minutiae?

Mycorrhizal associations of the vulnerable epiphytic orchid, Sarcochilus weinthalii

Financial development, corporate governance and cost of equity capital

Microstructure and properties of Mg-Nd-Zn-Zr alloys

Meta-analysis of laparoscopic posterior and anterior fundoplication for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

Skin and bone: observations of dingo scavenging during a chronic food shortage

Development and initial validation of an instrument to assess the motivational qualities of music in exercise and sport: the Brunel Music Rating Inventory

A two-stage information filtering based on rough decision rule and pattern mining

An integrative approach to personality: Behavioural Approach System, mastery approach orientation and environmental cues in the prediction of performance

How the behavioral approach system predicts everyday life outcomes

Rough sets based reasoning and pattern mining for a two-stage information filtering system

Engaging faculty in the assessment process: recruiting missionaries and cheerleaders

Local Government investing: a form of gambling?

Crippin’ the Flâneur: Cosmopolitanism, and landscapes of tolerance

Addressing fruit exposure in Queensland winegrape vineyards over the 2009/2010 vintage

Implicit social networks as basis for expert recommendation systems [Implizite Digitale Soziale Netze als Basis für Expertenempfehlungssysteme]

Industrial adjudication – reforms and the future of industrial tribunals in Malaysia: a perspective for individual labour

Links between problems and their role in students' preparation for mathematical contests

Digital storytelling around the world

Queensland alternative varieties - planting and prospects

The epidemiology of spirit possession in the aftermath of mass political violence in Mozambique

Australian rainfall trends and their relation to the southern oscillation index

Temporal characteristics and variability of point rainfall: a statistical and wavelet analysis

Communal rainwater harvesting: monitoring and validation

A comparison of different methods of impervious area estimation

Catchment hydrology modelling for stormwater harvesting study in SEQ: from instrumentation to simulation

Event-based stormwater quality measurement: sampling methodologies for urban catchments

Added-value processing of ‘algae waste': 3rd quarterly report

Added-value processing of ‘algae waste': 2nd quarterly report

Growth kinetics and lipid accumulation in Rhodosporidium toruloides

A feasibility study into the bioprocessing of coffee residues

Evaluation of a school-based physical activity intervention in Alexandra Township

Qualitative evaluation of a physical activity-based chronic disease prevention program in a low-income, rural South African setting

An HIV epidemic is ready to emerge in the Philippines

Oral hygiene care for critically ill patients to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia

Frontier issues of overseas Environmental Law

High performance cobalt-free perovskite cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells

Virotec: a ten-year story of success in environmental remediation

Associations between sitting time and weight in young adult Australian women

The effect of a multi-strategy workplace physical activity intervention promoting pedometer use and step count increase

A positive approach to change: the role of appreciative inquiry in library and information organisations

Finding the right rabbit to pull out of the hat: data management in CSIRO

Pet food from bovine origin drying by green heat pump technology and fluidization

Pain management for patients in cardiac surgical intensive care units has not improved over time

Nurse-led telephone interventions for people with cardiac disease: a review of the research literature

Embracing philosophy and raising the standard of pre-service teacher education programs

Evidence-based practice: Information professionals' experience of information literacy in the workplace

Case studies as evidence: lessons learned

Country towns in a big Australia: the decentralisation debate revisited

HOT for mathematics education

Modelling intergroup conflict escalation and de-escalation

Medicinal use of potato-derived products: a systematic review

A systematic review on the Sambuci fructus effect and efficacy profiles

Impact of NSW Local Council Investment Exposures on Audit Opinions

Developing a culture of inquiry to sustain evidence-based practice

Development and use of clinical guidelines

Clinically-indicated replacement versus routine replacement of peripheral venous catheters [Review]

Emergency department in hospitals, a window of the world: a preliminary comparison between Australia and China

Health impacts of floods: a comprehensive review

Flood fatalities in contemporary Australia (1997-2008): disaster medicine

The impact of global warming on the tropical Pacific Ocean and El Nino

Atmospheric radiative feedbacks associated with transient climate change and climate variability

Simple analytic solutions of the linear delayed-action oscillator equation relevant to ENSO theory

Development of Textile Industrial Clusters in Pakistan

Sustainability: Its Changing Paradigm and Rural Development in Sindh

Analysis of Regional Trade Block and Agricultural Productivity: Impact of SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Agreement) on Economic Growth of Pakistan by Using CGE Model

Whole body vibration for preventing and treating osteoporosis

Managing the reverse osmosis concentrate from the Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme

Did dingo control cause the elimination of kowaris through mesopredator release effects? A response to Wallach and O’Neill (2009)

Copyright law in the United Arab Emirates in the digital age

Moving Objects Segmentation in Video Sequence based on Bayesian network

The impact of oil price regimes on construction cost in Nigeria

Building Information Modeling and Quantity Surveying Practice

Collaboration in building information modelling: an application of gaming theory

Modelling Outcomes of Collaboration in Building Information Modelling Through Gaming Theory Lenses

Walking and sitting in the Australian Antarctic territory: Mobility and imperial space

People’s Republic of Woodford

Walter Reid Cultural Centre, Rockhampton: back again

Schoolies week: a festival of misrule

Jazz Improvisation: The Voice Teacher's Challenge

Transition pedagogy: A third generation approach to FYE - A case study of policy and practice for the higher education sector

Information security culture: A Behaviour Compliance Conceptual Framework

Transition Pedagogy Handbook: A Good Practice Guide for Policy and Practice in the First Year Experience

Future Directions in Course Quality Assurance

Finding your research voice: the application of bibliometrics as an analytic literature tool on the pedagogic field of higher education

The relationship between personality, emotional intelligence and adaptiveness in the casino industry

The Role of Relationship Selling in the Performance of Casino Employees

Relationship selling and the service performance of casino frontline employees

Thirty Years Later: Enrichment Practices for Captive Mammals

Pest Responses to Odors From Predators Fed a Diet of Target Species Conspecifics and Heterospecifics

Corneal Fibropapillomatosis in Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Australia

The Potential for Microchip-Automated Technology to Improve Enrichment Practices

Possible Mechanism of Electrical Treeing and Breakdown for Polyimide Nanocomposite Film Used in Inverter-Fed Motor

Development and application of biochemical and haematological reference intervals to identify unhealthy green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas)