Terrorist choice: a stochastic dominance and prospect theory analysis

Murphy and Fogarty explosive ordnance safety climate survey

Testing equality of two intercepts for the parallel regression model with non-sample prior information

Anti-inflammatory γ- and δ-tocotrienols improve cardiovascular, liver and metabolic function in diet-induced obese rats

Towards understanding stakeholder salience transition and relational approach to 'better' corporate social responsibility: a case for a proposed model in practice

On efficient and robust anonymization for privacy protection on massive streaming categorical information

'Settling for less': designing undergraduate nursing curricula in the context of national accreditation

Going cosmopolitan, staying national: identity construction in popular discourses on English as a lingua franca

Critical quality indicators of higher education

Working within and against the grain of policy in an alternative school

Academic domains as political battlegrounds: a global enquiry by 99 academics in the fields of education and technology

Radiation therapists' and radiation oncology medical physicists' perceptions of work and the working environment in Australia: a qualitative study

Five years of REDD+ governance: the use of market mechanisms as a response to anthropogenic climate change

An examination of the instruction provided in Australian essay guides for students’ development of a critical viewpoint

Assessing treatment barriers in eating disorders: A systematic review

Evaluation of physical and durability characteristics of new headed glass fiber–reinforced polymer bars for concrete structures

Modelling corporate stakeholder orientation: does the relationship between stakeholder background characteristics and corporate social performance matter?

A Shared Rhetoric: The Western Front in 1914/15 as reported by Harry Gullett and Philip Gibbs

Predictors of successful employment outcomes for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: a systematic literature review

Adaptive Behavior Assessment System – third edition (ABAS-3)

Problem-based learning into the future: imagining an agile PBL ecology for learning

The changing status of higher education in the ‘moronic inferno’

Safety climate in defence explosive ordnance: survey development and model testing

Profiles of career adaptivity and their relations with adaptability, adapting,and adaptation

Vulnerability to climatic change in riparian char and river-bank households in Bangladesh: implication for policy, livelihoods and social development

Effects of traditional Chinese exercises on the rehabilitation of limb function among stroke patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Effects of motor imagery on walking function and balance in patients after stroke: A quantitative synthesis of randomized controlled trials

Auricular therapy for lactation: A systematic review

Assessment of Breathlessness in Lung Cancer: Psychometric Properties of the Dyspnea-12 Questionnaire

Effectiveness of disease-specific self-management education on health outcomes in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Recent advances in video-based human action recognition using deep learning: A review

Implementing peer support workers in clinically oriented sub-acute mental healthcare teams: New approaches - new challenges

The importance of palliative care education

Newly graduated nurses working in isolation with palliative patients

Using technology to prepare students for new graduate interviews

Are closing the gap targets being met?

Indigenous Australians living longer still the gap remains

Networking and Delegation

Dealing with Conflict

Choosing a nursing career: Building an Indigenous nursing workforce

Nursing stress and satisfaction outcomes resulting from implementing a team nursing model of care in a rural setting

Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory surface-functionalized electrospun membranes for bone regeneration

High-resolution mapping of upland swamp vegetation using an unmanned aerial vehicle-hyperspectral system

Health condition assessment for vegetation exposed to heavy metal pollution through airborne hyperspectral data

Greenspace and Crime: An Analysis of Greenspace Types, Neighboring Composition, and the Temporal Dimensions of Crime

A spatial analytic approach for classifying greenspace and comparing greenspace social equity

Towards the Consolidation of Movable Security Registration: Is the Successful Romanian Model Applicable in China?

Thoughts on the U.N. 2017 Population Prospects: Procreation-Related Internationally Wrongful Acts, and Overpopulation as Global Risk

Opportunities for Collaborative Law in Commercial Partnerships

The use of cellulose nanocrystals to enhance the thermal insulation properties and sustainability of rigid polyurethane foam

Synthesis and characterization of cellulose nanocrystals as reinforcing agent in solely palm based polyurethane foam

Conducting polymer–graphite binary and hybrid composites

Influence of Moisture Dependency of Pressboard on Transformer Winding Clamping Pressure

Pre-sodiated nickel cobaltite for high-performance sodium-ion capacitors

Electrocapacitive properties of nitrogen-containing porous carbon derived from cellulose

Porphyrin-graphene oxide frameworks for long life sodium ion batteries

Capacitance-enhanced sodium-ion storage in nitrogen-rich hard carbon

A Hybrid Mg2+/Li+ Battery Based on Interlayer-Expanded MoS2/Graphene Cathode

A preliminary evaluation of using fixed cameras for phenology measurements in a maize and soybean crop 2016/17

Testing an integrated model of eating behaviours in Australian long-haul truck drivers: The role of past behaviour

The Dreams of Bricks

Combining alcohol interventions with tobacco addictions treatment in primary care-the COMBAT study: a pragmatic cluster randomized trial

Concurrent E-Cigarette Use During Tobacco Dependence Treatment in Primary Care Settings: Association With Smoking Cessation at Three and Six Months

Target quit date timing as a predictor of smoking cessation outcomes

Factors contributing to record-breaking heat waves over the great plains during the 1930s Dust Bowl

Investigating the impact of jury sentencing recommendations using procedural justice theory

Thinking forensics: Cognitive science for forensic practitioners

Weed Suppression and Tolerance in Winter Oats

New reports on dixenic associations between the symbionts of entomopathogenic nematodes, Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus, and non-symbiotic bacteria

The Burden of Suicide in Rural Bangladesh: Magnitude and Risk Factors

Female Pleasure in the Academy Through Erotic Power

Synthesis of a novel reactive flame retardant containing phosphaphenanthrene and piperidine groups and its application in epoxy resin

Enhanced microwave absorption properties of epoxy composites containing graphene decorated with core–shell Fe3O4@polypyrrole nanoparticles

Coprecipitation synthesis of hollow poly(acrylonitrile) microspheres@CoFe2O4 with graphene as lightweight microwave absorber

Using live supervision to teach counselling skills to social work students

The Suffrage Postcard Project: A Replica Archive

Kenneth Florey, American Women’s Suffrage Postcards: A Study and Catalogue

Archives of Labor: Working-Class Women and Literary Culture in the Antebellum United States by Lori Merish

Arresting Dress: Cross-Dressing, Law, and Fascination in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco. By Clare Sears

An irrigation controller mechanically actuated by soil-water tension: I - Design, development and laboratory evaluations

Fukushima and Beyond: Teaching Trauma Survivors

Irrigation controller mechanically actuated by soil-water tension: II - Field evaluations

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Dependency-Aware Software Release Planning

Dysphagia progression and feeding skills following pediatric alkali ingestion injury: two case reports

Dysphagia and feeding difficulties post-pediatric ingestion injury: Perspectives of the primary caregiver

Speech-language Pathology in Acute Pediatric Chemical or Button Battery Ingestion Injury

Recovering process from child sexual abuse during adulthood from an integrative approach to solution-focused therapy: A case study

Coffee and its Constituents as Potential Treatments for Metabolic Syndrome

Novel Antimicrobial Nano Coated Polypropylene Based Materials for Food Packaging Systems

Coffee and its constituents as potential treatments for metabolic syndrome

Remaining useful life prediction of rotating equipment using covariate-based hazard models – Industry applications

New Challenges in Psycho-Oncology Research III: A systematic review of psychological interventions for prostate cancer survivors and their partners: clinical and research implications

Violated and vulnerable: women's experiences of contracting a sexually transmitted infection from a male partner

Consumer socialization process: The role of age in children's online shopping behavior

An analysis of product-place co-branding: the case of Ceylon Tea

A high-precision polarimeter for small telescopes

The 2 μm spectrum of the auroral emission in the polar regions of Jupiter

Polarization due to rotational distortion in the bright star Regulus

What you see and what you get: combining near-infrared spectroscopy with powder diffraction

Barriers to the Uptake of Cataract Surgery and Eye Care After Community Outreach Screening in Takeo Province, Cambodia

Knowledge and practices of teachers associated with eye health of primary school children in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Netml-ns3-click: Modeling of Routers in Netml/ns3 by means of the Click Modular Router

Influence of Gliricidia sepium Biochar on Attenuate Perchlorate-Induced Heavy Metal Release in Serpentine Soil

Phytoremediation of Landfill Leachates

Role of woody biochar and fungal-bacterial co-inoculation on enzyme activity and metal immobilization in serpentine soil

Efficacy of woody biomass and biochar for alleviating heavy metal bioavailability in serpentine soil

Determinants of bank profitability for the selected private commercial banks in Bangladesh: a panel data analysis

Archives of wonder: Collecting the liminal in contemporary art

The ‘new female costume’: The dress reform controversy in colonial Australia

Maidens, mothers, matriarchs: The women of Game of Thrones

An Evaluation of the Capacity-building Effects of Participatory GIS (PGIS) for Public Participation in Land Use Planning

Benchmarking Enabling programs: A step towards a quality framework

Nursing care of people with haematological disorders

Transcriptome analysis of mammary epithelial cell gene expression reveals novel roles of the extracellular matrix

Detection of phenoxy herbicide dosage in cotton crops through the analysis of hyperspectral data

Health of the individual, family and community

Supporting breastfeeding

Genomic and functional characterization of coleopteran insectspecific α-amylase inhibitor gene from Amaranthus species

Metaphors postgraduates use to depict their student experience: Individual, community and digital presence

The Taipan Galaxy Survey: Scientific Goals and Observing Strategy

Zfire: Similar stellar growth in hα-emitting cluster and field galaxies at z ∼ 2

The Size Evolution of Star-forming Galaxies since z ∼ 7 Using ZFOURGE

Modelling the dynamics of a hypothetical Planet X by way of gravitational N-body simulator

Teaching the Doppler effect in astrophysics

Discovery of Extreme [O iii]+Hβ Emitting Galaxies Tracing an Overdensity at z ∼ 3.5 in CDF-South

ZFIRE: The Evolution of the Stellar Mass Tully–Fisher Relation to Redshift ∼2.2

ZFIRE: using Hα equivalent widths to investigate the in situ initial mass function at z ∼ 2

Decoupled black hole accretion and quenching: the relationship between BHAR, SFR and quenching in Milky Way- and Andromeda-mass progenitors since z = 2.5

Estimating life cycle cost for a product family design: The challenges

A Case Study of the Iranian National Railway and its Absolute Capacity Expansion using Analytical Models

Framework for Airport Outbound Passenger Flow Modelling

Recent Advances in Manufacturing and Surface Modification of Titanium Orthopaedic Applications

Digital manufacturing- applications past, current, and future trends

New Perceptions of the Vietnam War: Essays on the War, the South Vietnamese Experience, the Diaspora and the Continuing Impact

Tackling indigenous incarceration through promoting engagement with higher education


Toward an open empowered learning model of pedagogy in higher education

getCRUCLdata: use and explore CRU CL v. 2.0 climatology elements in R

GSODR: Global Summary Daily Weather Data in R

Early life peripheral lipopolysaccharide challenge reprograms catecholaminergic neurons

Decomposition analysis for assessing the United States 2025 emissions target: how big is the challenge?

Application of e-government principles in anti-corruption framework

Objective Analysis of Marker Bias in Higher Education

Bodies and affect in non-traditional learning spaces

‘You’re not just learning it, you’re living it!’: Constructing the ‘good life’ in Australian university online promotional videos

Intersex bodies in sexuality education: on the edge of cultural difference

Reducing Sediment Connectivity Through man‐Made and Natural Sediment Sinks in the Minizr Catchment, Northwest Ethiopia

Second Winter: a whiter shade of (the) blues

Introduction [to Spinning popular culture as public pedagogy: critical reflections and transformative possibilities]

Spinning popular culture as public pedagogy: critical reflections and transformative possibilities

The influence of fire history, plant species and post-fire management on soil water repellency in a Mediterranean catchment: the Mount Carmel range, Israel

A conceptual connectivity framework for understanding geomorphic change in human-impacted fluvial systems

Understanding the Mechanisms of Change in a Lifestyle Intervention for Older Adults

The effects of the MORE wisdom resources on spousal caregivers’ life satisfaction: an application of the resilience model

Authors’ response re: ‘‘Reconsidering the role of glial cells in chronic stress-induced dopaminergic neurons loss within the substantia nigra? Friend of foe?” by Ong et al. Brain Behavior and Immunity, 2016

Reconsidering the role of glial cells in chronic stress-induced dopaminergic neurons loss within the substantia nigra? Friend or foe?

Understanding ‘change’ through spatial thinking using Google Earth in secondary geography

Students as toolmakers: refining the results in the accuracy and precision of a trigonometric activity

Authentic assessment in contract law: legal drafting

Geochemical analysis of the painted panels at the 'Genyornis' rock art site, Arnhem Land, Australia

Adaptive weighted non-parametric background model for efficient video coding

Risk assessment of the older person

Critical narrative as a framework for professional border crossing in early childhood

The tammar wallaby: a marsupial model to examine the timed delivery and role of bioactives in milk

The Palgrave handbook of global arts education

Editors' introduction: the World Alliance for Arts Education: forging forward in and through the arts

Remembrance of things past: historical commemoration in an educational setting

Impact of the Nordic hamstring and hip extension exercises on hamstring architecture and morphology: implications for injury prevention

Drop punt kicking induces eccentric knee flexor weakness associated with reductions in hamstring electromyographic activity

How to practically help non-specialist teachers to implement various ways to better integrate art education in ordinary classroom practices: the French program AlfeArt, between research and resource

An investigation into the targeted community engagement in environmental management in Condamine Catchment, Australia

Novel trends in numerical modelling of plant food tissues and their morphological changes during drying - a review

Diesel engine performance and exhaust gas emissions using microalgae Chlorella protothecoides biodiesel

Strained graphitic carbon nitride for hydrogen purification

Soluble microbial products (SMPs) in the effluent from a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAMBR) under different HRTs and transient loading conditions

Performance of A-stage process treating combined municipal-industrial wastewater

Dilemmas of transgression: ethical responses in a more-than-human world

An experimental study of axial load transfer mechanisms of cable bolts using axially split embedment apparatus

Indigenous traditional games - planning resource

Waste management in the meat processing industry: conversion of paunch and DAF sludge into solid fuel

The Therapy Attitudes and Process Questionnaire: a brief measure of factors related to psychotherapy appointment attendance

Time-delayed influence of urban landscape change on the susceptibility of koalas to chlamydiosis

Creating the French world of the Channel Islands in 'Note Viaer Lingo'

'Till death us do part': homicide defences for women in abusive relationships — similar problems — different responses in Germany and Australia

The response of phytoplankton and microlayer-adapted bacteria to monolayer application in a humic, eutrophic irrigation dam

Conversion of local industrial wastes into greener cement through geopolymer technology: a case study of high-magnesium nickel slag

Changes in non-diabetic comorbid disease status following Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (LVSG) versus Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass (LRYGB) procedures: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Introduction of nano-structured solar cells

Nanostructured solar cells

The inclusion of ex-prisoners on juries

The law of penalties and the question of breach

Access to broadband internet and labour force outcomes: a case study of the Western Downs Region, Queensland

You’re either with us or against us! Moral conviction determines how the politicized distinguish friend from foe

Facilitating second language learners' listening comprehension with Second Life and Skype

What do Australian library and information professionals experience as evidence?

Selective Electrodialysis for Copper Removal from Brackish Water and Coal Seam Gas Water

Promoting diet and physical activity in nurses: a systematic review

Responses of nitrogen utilization and apparent nitrogen loss to different control measures in the wheat and maize rotation sytsem

Construct validity of the neighborhood environment walkability scale for Africa

Chronic stress exposure following photothrombotic stroke is associated with increased levels of Amyloid beta accumulation and altered oligomerisation at sites of thalamic secondary neurodegeneration in mice

Can A Complex Online Intervention Improve Cancer Nurses’ Pain Screening and Assessment Practices? Results from a Multicenter, Pre-post Test Pilot Study

Cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease: outcomes for patients and caregivers

The window/the ridge [Short story]

Pre-service teachers' self-efficacy mediates the relationship between career adaptability and career optimism

How should science be taught to nurses? Preferences of registered nurses and science teaching academics

The availability of psychological services for aged care residents in australia: a survey of facility staff

Virus, oncolytic virus and human prostate cancer

Effect of beam orientation on the static behaviour of phenolic core sandwich composites with different shear span-to-depth ratios

Hypoxic exercise training promotes apelin/APJ expression in skeletal muscles of high fat diet-induced obese mice

Service personnel: Australian experiences of interculturality and violence in British India

Selenium, vanadium, and chromium as micronutrients to improve metabolic syndrome

Emotion and advertising effectiveness: A novel facial expression analysis approach

Finite element modeling of mechanical loading pumpkin peel and flesh

Faraday rotation fluctuations of MESSENGER radio signals through the equatorial lower corona near solar minimum

Contextual Adult Life Span Theory for Adapting Psychotherapy (CALTAP) and clinical geropsychology

Interactive furniture: bi-directional interaction with a vibrotactile wearable vest in an urban space

Multi-sensory environmental stimulation for users with multiple disabilities

Managing student expectations: using online quizzes in university subjects

Exercise training improved body composition, cardiovascular function, and physical fitness of 5-year-old children with obesity or normal body mass

A comparative analysis of constitutional recognition of Aboriginal peoples

A Test and Extension of Lane and Terry’s (2000) Conceptual Model of Mood-Performance Relationships Using a Large Internet Sample

Calculating acute: chronic workload ratios using exponentially weighted moving averages provides a more sensitive indicator of injury likelihood than rolling averages

The acute:chronic workload ratio in relation to injury risk in professional soccer


Wearable microtechnology can accurately identify collision events during professional rugby league match-play

Use of macadamia nut shell residues as magnetic nanosorbents

Academic language support for at-risk students: REACHing further

Dialogical self: co-investigator in career self-research

Anti-fouling membranes by manipulating surface wettability and their anti-fouling mechanism

Can charter cities 'anabolise' the Australian Federation?

Oral corticosterone administration alone is sufficient to simulate the actions of chronic stress on glial cells but not on vasculature

Bridging the knowledge divide between public and experts using PGIS for land use planning in Malaysia

Oral administration of corticosterone at stress-like levels drives microglial but not vascular disturbances post-stroke

Managing player load in professional rugby union: a review of current knowledge and practices

“On the same page”? The effect of GP examiner feedback on differences in rating severity in clinical assessments: a pre/post intervention study

n-type Bi-doped PbTe nanocubes with enhanced thermoelectric performance

Leadership of system-school alignment: leading actioning of schoolwide pedagogy (SWP) for school improvement

Cross-cultural stories of practice from school leaders

Which Women are Highly Active Over a 12-Year Period? A Prospective Analysis of Data from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health

The economic burden of physical inactivity: a systematic review and critical appraisal

Sitting time, physical activity and sleep by work type and pattern – The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health

Room-temperature chiral charge pumping in Dirac semimetals

Global meteorological influences on the record UK rainfall of winter 2013–14

Investigating tactile stimulation in symbiotic systems

Alternative schooling, social justice and marginalised students: teaching and learning in an alternative music school

Comparison of the shear test results of a cable bolt on three laboratory test apparatuses

Improving horticulture irrigation and fertiliser application using real-time, adaptive control

Challenges in migrating legacy software systems to the cloud — an empirical study

Efficient Distance-based Representative Skyline Computation in 2D Space

Detection of spatial hot spots and variation for the neon flying squid Ommastrephes bartramii resources in the northwest Pacific Ocean

Rapid marker-assisted selection of antifungal Bacillus species from the canola rhizosphere

Multi-shelled copper oxide hollow spheres and their gas sensing properties

Composite yttrium-carbonaceous spheres templated multi-shell YVO4 hollow spheres with superior upconversion photoluminescence

Fleay, David Howells (1907–1993)

Highly controlled synthesis of multi-shelled NiO hollow microspheres for enhanced lithium storage properties

Compatibility-tuned distribution of nanoparticles in co-continuous rubber structures toward microwave absorption enhancement

Summer North Atlantic Oscillation (SNAO) variability on decadal to palaeoclimate time scales

Legacies of violence: rendering the unspeakable past in modern Australia

Stability of soft constrained finite horizon model predictive control

A coordinated control approach for DC link and rotor crowbars to improve fault ride-through of DFIG based wind turbines

Uncovering the shameful: sexual violence on an Australian colonial frontier

Mobile learning in higher education in the Asia-Pacific region: harnessing trends and challenging orthodoxies

Stigma, homosexuality and the homosexual advance defence

Liability of educational providers to victims of abuse: a comparison and critique

Action learning-based MOOC to enhance laboratory learning outcomes: Introducing the MELLO Project

Integrated water resources management: are river basin committees in Brazil enabling effective stakeholder interaction?

An advanced systemic lesson learned knowledge model for project organisations

Human cognitive performance: a neurophysiological assessment of the impact that reverse assessment priming has on mental workload, performance and cognitive efficiency during transient information processing

Exploration of active citizenship, entrepreneurial behaviour and calling in career

Human head temperature and electric field investigations under ECT

Dynamic behaviour of composite sandwich beams and plates with debonds

Experimental and numerical study on fracture behaviour of bamboo fibres reinforced epoxy composites

Dual-camera infrared guidance for computed tomography biopsy procedures

The professional ethics of Christian lawyers

The impact of problem-based learning on pre-service teachers’ development and application of their mathematics pedagogical content knowledge

Diagnosing integration: applying complex systems thinking to develop practical tools for diagnosing institutional arrangements and their resilience in integrated water governance contexts

The long term impact of an english language teacher training program on teachers’ practices in Madrasah Tsanawiyah in Indonesia

The experiences of indigenous nursing students: a phenomenological study

An exception to the rule: belief in redeemability, desistance signals and the employer's decision to hire a job applicant with a criminal record

Numerical simulation of reaction fronts in dissipative media

Simplified pictorial representations in explicit foreign language vocabulary learning

An investigation of decision support knowledge production, transfer and adoption for it outsourcing

The enhanced use of digital technologies in school guidance counsellor and student activity

Saturated fatty acids, linseed components and high amylose wheat in attenuation of diet-induced metabolic syndrome

Development and evaluation of an open online course in sport psychology using self-determination theory principles

Uncovering past experiences that influence the pedagogical practices of early childhood teachers: an interpretive inquiry into play

Peripheral Lipopolysaccharide Challenge Induces Long-Term Changes in Tyrosine Hydroxylase Regulation in the Adrenal Medulla

Mainstream teachers' expectations and perspectives of their role in educating English language learners

Simulation of dynamic behaviour of a biological wastewater treatment plant in South East Queensland, Australia using Bio-Win software

Self-beliefs: strong correlates of mathematics achievement and intelligence

Indigenous education and literacy policy in Australia: bringing learning back to the debate

Better justice? or shambolic justice?: governments' use of information technology for access to law and justice, and the impact on regional and rural legal practitioners

Reforming lawyer mobility - protecting turf or serving clients?

Individual differences in decision making depend on cognitive abilities, monitoring and control

With both pen and sword: a biography of Sir Henry (Harry) Gullett (1878-1940)

Impact of cocoa flavanols on cardiovascular health: additional consideration of dose and food matrix [Letter to the Editor]

Effects of resveratrol supplementation on methotrexate chemotherapy‐induced bone loss

Effects of resveratrol on cognitive performance, mood and cerebrovascular function in post-menopausal women; a 14-week randomised placebo-controlled intervention trial

Comparison of GOME-2 UVA satellite data to ground-based spectroradiometer measurements at a subtropical site

There is no association between the omega-3 index and depressive symptoms in patients with heart disease who are low fish consumers

Impaired cerebrovascular responsiveness and cognitive performance in adults with type 2 diabetes

Identifying and managing drift-changes

Engaging with our communities: future trends and opportunities for reference services

The method of psychobiography: presenting a step-wise approach

Assessment of Fusarium pseudograminearum and F. culmorum biomass in seedlings of potential host cereal species

Colonization of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum) culms exhibiting premature senescence (dead heads) associated with Fusarium pseudograminearum crown rot

Reflections on La Fata Morgana: Watsonian 'prestige' and Bagehotian 'efficiency'

Respectful workplace dimensions mediating relations between engaging leadership and employee outcomes

An experiment in educational research-creation using music as diagram

The praxis of ‘alignment seeking’ in project work

Numerical modeling of morphological changes of food plant materials during drying

Aesthetic labor and visible diversity: The role in retailing service encounters

Topsoil Stockpiling in Restoration: Impact of Storage Time on Plant Growth and Symbiotic Soil Biota

'Humanity can never let this happen again': remembrance, resistance and the alt-right©

The effects of population growth, environmental quality and trade openness on economic growth: a panel data application

Producing pleasure in the contemporary university

Partaking of pleasure: regenerating the working lives of university academics

Do what sustains you: desire and the enterprise university

Climate change perceptions and local adaptation strategies of hazard-prone rural households in Bangladesh

Corporate minerals and community development dilemma in the Surat Resource Region, Australia: implications for resource development planning

Undergraduate engineering and built environment project conference 2017: book of abstracts - Toowoomba, Australia, 18-22 September 2017

First record of Ustilago sporoboli-indici in Australia

Asthma hospitalisation trends from 2010 to 2015: variation among rural and metropolitan Australians

Green technological approach to synthesis hydrophobic stable crystalline calcite particles with one-pot synthesis for oil-water separation during oil spill cleanup

A systematic literature review and critical assessment of model-driven decision support for IT outsourcing

Presumption of innocence in peril

How academic librarians experience evidence-based practice: a grounded theory model

Secularism and state neutrality: the headscarf in French and German public schools

Perspectives of resettled African refugees on accessing medicines and pharmacy services in Queensland, Australia

Bio-mimicking nano and micro-structured surface fabrication for antibacterial properties in medical implants

Stakeholder defined

Trolling on Tinder® (and other dating apps): examining the role of the Dark Tetrad and impulsivity

Parameters extraction of Unified Power Quality Conditioner on the calculation of a membership function

Integrating Australian agriculture with global value chains and Asian customers

Air transport services in regional Australia: demand pattern, frequency choice and airport entry

Digital literacy of language learners in two different contexts

Family income and child cognitive development: a response to Marks

An improved dissipative particle dynamics scheme

Influence of stormflow and baseflow phosphorus pressures on stream ecology in agricultural catchments

Applying a revised two-factor model of impulsivity to predict health behaviour and well-being

The cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire: factorial, convergent, and criterion validity analyses of the full and short versions

A dissipative particle dynamics model for thixotropic materials exhibiting pseudo-yield stress behaviour

CEO duality and corporate social responsibility reporting: evidence from Malaysia

Hydroxytyrosol ameliorates metabolic, cardiovascular and liver changes in a rat model of diet-induced metabolic syndrome: pharmacological and metabolism-based investigation

Towards a smart automated surface irrigation management in rice-growing areas in Italy

A comparative study of conventional and controlled traffic in irrigated cotton: I. Heavy machinery impact on the soil resource

A comparative study of conventional and controlled traffic in irrigated cotton: II. Economic and physiological analysis

Compact approximation stencils based on integrated flat radial basis functions

Students enabling students in a Student Partnership Project: a case study emerging from the OLT Transforming Practice Project on Student Partnerships

Bond behaviour of composite sandwich panel and epoxy polymer matrix: Taguchi design of experiments and theoretical predictions

Modelling of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) for livestock production in diverse environments

Horizontal integration of multiple institutions: solutions for Yarshagumba related conflict in the Himalayan region of Nepal?

Global lessons from successful rhinoceros conservation in Nepal

Crop health and its global impacts on the components of food security

Building foresight capacity: toward a foresight competency model

Field-scale evaluation of biosolids-derived organomineral fertilizers applied to winter wheat in England

Can digital discussion support tools provide cost-effective options for agricultural extension services?

Comparison and distribution of copper oxide nanoparticles and copper ions in activated sludge reactors

Australian Aboriginal land management: constraints or opportunities?

Improvements to the accuracy of prototype ship models measurement method using terrestrial laser scanner

Halsbury's laws of Australia: property offences update [130-500] - [130-5825] (2017)

The doctoral studies paradox: Indigenous cultural paradigms versus Western-based research practices

Random and systematic land-cover transitions in North-eastern Wollega, Ethiopia

Field evaluation of controlled traffic farming in central Europe using commercially available machinery

Effects of strategic tillage on short-term erosion, nutrient loss in runoff and greenhouse gas emissions

RN? Registered or rubber nurse?

Wireless data management system for environmental monitoring in livestock buildings

The interrelation of military and civilian inquiries

Ghosts of Leigh: scripting the monstrous effeminate

Individual, behavioural and home environmental factors associated with eating behaviours in young adolescents

Sedentary behaviour and adiposity in youth: a systematic review of reviews and analysis of causality

Concurrent evaluation of personal damaging and beneficial UV exposures over an extended period

A systematic review on fidelity of parent-implemented communication intervention highlights important issues, but has some methodological limitations

Durability characteristics and property prediction of glass fibre reinforced mixed plastics composites

(Re)Scripting the self: creative writing, effeminacy and the art of subjectivity

Durability performances of wollastonite, tremolite and basalt fiber-reinforced metakaolin geopolymer composites under sulfate and chloride attack

Ultrathin iron-cobalt oxides nanosheets with abundant oxygen vacancies for oxygen evolution reaction

A threshold-based weather model for predicting stripe rust infection in winter wheat

The effects of supervised exercise training 12–24 months after bariatric surgery on physical function and body composition: a randomised controlled trial

Self-reported health-enhancing physical activity recommendation adherence among 64,380 finnish adults

A survey of itemset mining

Reducing sedentary time in adults at risk of type 2 diabetes: process evaluation of the STAND (Sedentary Time ANd Diabetes) RCT

Associations of moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity and body mass index with glycated haemoglobin within the general population: a cross-sectional analysis of the 2008 Health Survey for England

Influence of distance between residence and health facilities on non-communicable diseases: an assessment over hypertension and diabetes in Bangladesh

Spreading rate and dispersion behavior of evaporation-suppressant monolayer on open water surfaces: part 1 – at zero wind stress

Tracking of television viewing time during adulthood: the Young Finns Study

Sitting behaviour is not associated with incident diabetes over 13 years: The Whitehall II cohort study

Saturated fatty acids induce development of both metabolic syndrome and osteoarthritis in rats

Resveratrol supplementation reduces pain experience by postmenopausal women

Cryptic diversity in Tranzscheliella spp. (Ustilaginales) is driven by host switches

Extending the capillary tube of a propane air-conditioner to reduce the refrigerant charge

Flow field and performance study of vertical axis Savonius type SST wind turbine

Novel species of Gliocladiopsis (Nectriaceae, Hypocreales, Ascomycota) from avocado roots (Persea americana) in Australia

Migrant mothers becoming active agents in a United States midwestern context: building strengths by breaking down the outside-inside barrier

Effect of controlled traffic farming on energy saving in Australian grain cropping systems

Agronomic performance of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and fertiliser use efficiency as affected by controlled and non-controlled traffic of farm machinery

The preparation of activated carbon discs from tar pitch and coal powder for adsorption of CO 2, CH 4 and N 2

Surface-etched halloysite nanotubes in mixed matrix membranes for efficient gas separation

Shear behavior of geopolymer concrete beams reinforced with glass fiber-reinforced polymer bars

Spectrum of teaching styles

Spreading rate and dispersion behavior of evaporation-suppressant monolayer on open water surfaces: part 2 – under wind stress

Vinyl ester/glass microballoon syntactic foams with low density

Barriers to lung cancer care: health professionals’ perspectives

The longevity of para-aminopropiophenone (PAPP) wild dog baits and the implications for effective and safe baiting campaigns

Heterostructured bismuth vanadate multi-shell hollow spheres with high visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity

Autogenous shrinkage of high performance concrete: a review

Economic assessment of wheat breeding options for potential improved levels of post head-emergence frost tolerance

Exposing the dynamic nature and potential role of student attribution processes on English for academic purposes achievement in higher education

How many chief justices? Judicial appointments and ethics in Queensland

Investigation of the Effect of Physical and Optical Factors on the Optical Performance of a Parabolic Trough Collector

An Evaluation of Participatory GIS (PGIS) for Land Use Planning in Malaysia

Spatially explicit assessment of land ecological security with spatial variables and logistic regression modeling in Shanghai, China

Girl meets girl: sexual sitings in lesbian romantic comedies

Analysis of stress concentration factor for tensile characteristics of syntactic foam using finite element method

Soil water content and photosynthetic capacity of spring wheat as affected by soil application of nitrogen-enriched biochar in a semiarid environment

Wave scattering in spatially inhomogeneous currents

Scattering of long water waves in a canal with rapidly varying cross-section in the presence of a current

Microbial biotechnology as an emerging industrial wastewater treatment process for arsenic mitigation: a critical review

Project management Yinyang: coupling project success and client satisfaction

Few-layer graphdiyne nanosheets applied for multiplexed real-time DNA detection

Collaboration as metaphoric construct and guiding practice in artmaking and teaching

Sustaining the momentum: a cross-institutional community of practice for research supervisors

Implementing communities of practice in higher education: dreamers and schemers

Jet flow in a circulatory miniaturized system using ion wind

Representation of intellectual capital’s components amongst Italian social enterprises

Electrically stable carbon nanotube yarn under tensile strain

Transverse permeability of dry fiber preforms manufactured by automated fiber placement

Comparison of government and non-government alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment service delivery for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community

Double shear testing of cable bolts with no concrete face contacts

Strength properties of grout for strata reinforcement

A new equation for the shear strength of cable bolts incorporating the energy balance theory

Queensland Chemsex Study

PoCT (point of care) HIV/STI testing at after-hours SOPV (sex on premises venues) theme parties

Effective factors on the performance of woven wire screens against leaf firebrand attacks

How much veil is too much veil: on the constitutionality and advisability of face veil bans for German public school students

Beyond money: does REDD+ payment enhance household’s participation in forest governance and management in Nepal’s community forests?

Evaluation of two methods to eliminate the effect of water from soil vis–NIR spectra for predictions of organic carbon

Oxygen supplementation for preventing adverse outcomes following surgery or invasive procedures

Perceptions of climate change by highland communities in the Nepal Himalaya

Novel soil profile sensing to monitor organic C stocks and condition

The impact of public policy on support services for indigenous families with children with special education needs

Social network behaviour inferred from O-D Pair traffic

Thermogravimetry analysis on fused borosilicate syntactic foams

How the Spectrum can help me meet ACARA descriptors

North Queensland Ethnography: Bulletin No. 4. Games, Sports and Amusements: minor corrections, some explanatory additions and annotations but without the illustrations and photographs of the original

Games and Amusements of Australian Aboriginal peoples as outlined in the ‘Papers of Daisy Bates’: principally dealing with the south west region of Western Australia.

When do university students and graduates know what careers they want: a research-derived framework

Effects of physico-chemical post-treatments on the semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge

Anthocyanins in chokeberry and purple maize attenuate diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Enhancing the permeability and abrasion resistance of concrete using colloidal nano-Si02 oxide and spraying nanosilicon practices

The flavonoid rutin improves kidney and heart structure and function in an adenine-induced rat model of chronic kidney disease

Physical outdoor activity versus indoor activity: their influence on environmental behaviors

Observed teaching styles of Australian junior tennis coaches using Mosston and Ashworth’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles

Play, games, amusements, pastimes and selected physical activities of the Aboriginal Peoples of northern Australia: with a bibliography of all works by Walter E. Roth which include information on these topics

Land contamination legislation in China: the emerging challenges

Documenting practitioners’ research experiences in the Australian Library and Information Science profession: a critical review

Molecular detection of diverse Leifsonia strains associated with sugarcane

Depressive disorders

Re-invigorating non-delegable duties in Australia?

Presumption of innocence in peril: a comparative critical perspective

Family provision applications: a critique

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery - the fate of the Australian jury system in the age of social media dependency

bomrang: fetch Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology data in R [Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 2, no. 17, 411]

The challenges for collaborative lawyers in providing CP processes

Tax and superannuation literacy: Australian and New Zealand perspectives [Part 2]

Tax and superannuation literacy: Australian and New Zealand perspectives [Part 1]

Foreword [Bond Law Review, Vol. 29, No. 1 2017]

Sense-T: Sensor smart irrigation

EEG signal analysis and classification: techniques and applications

Farmers aren't seeking help for mental health: their partners tell us why

Where have all the flowers gone? The future for academics

The objectivity of judicial decisions: a comparative analysis of nine jurisdictions

A survey of macrocyclic lactone efficacy in Australian cyathostomin populations

Adaptation of a 96-well plate larval migration inhibition test for measuring the sensitivity of cyathostomins to macrocyclic lactone anthelmintics

Theory and approach: a contribution to the book entitled Non-educational and non-technological theories and approaches for the field of education and technology: a proposal by 200 academics 08/02/2017

Performance of AUSGeoid09 in mountainous regions

Practicum for international students in teacher education programs: an investigation of three university sites through multisocialisation, interculturalisation and reflection

Personal epistemologies and disciplinarity in the workplace: implications for international students in higher education

Farmers are not seeking help: what does service provision have to do with it?

Professional learning in the work place for international students: exploring theory and practice

Literacy, multiliteracies and the teaching of reading and writing

How satisfied are you as a leader, leading with subjective well-being maintained?

Biofuels from food waste: applications of saccharification using fungal solid state fermentation

Business, organised labour and climate policy: forging a role at the negotiation table

Chronic stress induced disruption of the peri-infarct neurovascular unit following experimentally induced photothrombotic stroke

Impaired microglia process dynamics post-stroke are specific to sites of secondary neurodegeneration

The Discovery and Mass Measurement of a New Ultra-short-period Planet: K2-131b

From connoisseur luxury to mass luxury: Value co-creation and co-destruction in the online environment

Factors associated with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination across three countries following vaccination introduction

Reflection and reflective practice for international students and their supervisors in context

The importance of positive intercultural exchanges for international students on work placements in higher education

Formative assessment in the middle years: a review of literature and alignment with the Guiding Principles for Junior Secondary

Enhancing Phonological Awareness and Orthographic Knowledge of Preservice Teachers: An Intervention through Online Coursework

Training load-injury paradox: is greater preseason participation associated with lower in-season injury risk in elite rugby league players?

Performance of a single-duct portable propane air conditioning system under different refrigerant charge levels

Re-enchanting education: challenging the 'hidden' curriculum

A war imagined: Gallipoli and the art of children's picture books

Media rhetoric of human rights©

Implementing an online student laboratory data repository in a first year undergraduate health science course

Management of cercospora leaf spot in conventional and organic table beet production

Counselling men: an introduction to male-friendly counselling

Effect of nano-CuO on engineering and microstructure properties of fibre-reinforced mortars incorporating metakaolin: experimental and numerical studies

Spatial variations and determinants of per capita household CO2 emissions (PHCEs) in China

A self-evaluation system of quality planning for tourist attractions in Taiwan: an integrated AHP-Delphi approach from career professionals

Normative beliefs, attitudes, and social norms: people reduce waste as an index of social relationships when spending leisure time

Comparison of the effects and distribution of zinc oxide nanoparticles and zinc ions in activated sludge reactors

What future for peace? The changing nature of democratic governance and the military organization

Graphene coated piezo-resistive fabrics for liquid composite molding process monitoring

Newschart assignment

Remembering 1517 within the Church of England

Textual and performative interventions: autobiographical stage writing as a rescription of the self

Global genotype flow in Cercospora beticola populations confirmed through genotyping-by-sequencing

Cultivating global citizenship education in context

The final state convergence model

Future scenarios modeling of urban stormwater management response to impacts of climate change and urbanization

Abscisic acid activates pathogenesis-related defense gene signaling in lentils

Genetic structure of Cercospora beticola populations on Beta vulgaris in New York and Hawaii

De novo genome assembly of Cercospora beticola for microsatellite marker development and validation

Using an evaluative tool to develop effective mathscasts

Predicting the failure of timber bridges by using current inspection reports

Contempt and the Australian Constitution - part I

A capacity assessment approach for multi-modal transportation systems

The coolie labour crisis in colonial Queensland

The power of words: bias and assumptions in the aboriginal and Torres Strait islander education action plan

Effect of sonication and hydrogen peroxide oxidation of carbon nanotube modifiers on the microstructure of pitch-derived activated carbon foam discs

Systematic review of psychosocial outcomes for patients with advanced melanoma

Thermal and flame retardancy properties of thermoplastics/natural fiber biocomposites

Perinatal issues for women with high functioning autism spectrum disorder

The experimental investigation of butanol-diesel blend on engine performance and emission levels in DI diesel engine

Activated carbon derived from bio-waste hemp hurd and retted hemp hurd for CO2 adsorption

Photosynthetic response of maize to nitrogen fertilization in the semiarid Western Loess Plateau of China

Vulnerability assessment of urban community and critical infrastructures for integrated flood risk management and climate adaptation strategies

Modeling the viscoelastic compaction response of 3D woven fabrics for liquid composite molding processes

A novel clustering algorithm in a neutrosophic recommender system for medical diagnosis

Building a sense of community belonging: making mobile families welcome in a rural Australian school

Drought forecasting in eastern Australia using multivariate adaptive regression spline, least square support vector machine and M5Tree model

Enemies of the state(s): cultural memory, cinema, and the Iraq War

Memory and the wars on terror

Memory and the wars on terror: Australian and British perspectives

Mungbean and sorghum disease update

CALL research, practice and teachers' roles

Teacher training in computer-assisted language learning: voices of teacher educators

Language teacher education and technology: approaches and practices

Forecasting effective drought index using a wavelet extreme learning machine (W-ELM) model

On the territorial evolution of the Australian Federation in the 21st century

Death and the maiden: memorialisation, scandal, and the gendered mediation of Australian Soldiers

Testimonio and the idios kosmos of the contemporary academic: charting the possibilities for pleasure in personal accounts from inside the academy

Geothermal, wind and solar energy applications in agriculture and aquaculture

Dry flower disease of Macadamia in Australia caused by Neopestalotiopsis macadamiae sp. nov. and Pestalotiopsis macadamiae sp. nov

Cerebrovascular and cognitive benefits of high-oleic peanut consumption in healthy overweight middle-aged adults

Reducing the drag: creating v formations through slow scholarship and story

Asia Pacific's economic risks and futures

Health care foresight: identifying mega-trends, convergence and scenarios of ways in which the future can be imagined

Critical images, critical voices: the artwork of Vernon Ah Kee

Pictures of Lyly: digital corruptions and biographical truths

Writing back to Tolkien: gender, sexuality and race in high fantasy

Reconstructing the deficit discourse in a multi-remote school in Far North Queensland

Screenwriting as a mode of research, and the screenplay as a research artefact

Joint public submission to the New South Wales Sentencing Council on victims’ involvement in sentencing

Opportunities of adopting renewable energy for the nursery industry in Australia

Solar PV for water pumping and irrigation

Violent femmes: collective memory after 9/11 and women on the front line of journalism

Remembering the First World War after 9/11: Pat Barker’s life class and Toby’s Room

Christos Tsiolkas: the utopian vision

A fistful of datas: the bastard child of westerns, sci fi and a 1960s acid trip

Roger Delgado: I am usually referred to as The Master

Communities of practice: facilitating social learning in higher education

The moralities of Australian bush lawyers

Entrepreneurship and innovation in regional and rural legal practice

A pilot study of core and peripheral experiences: incidental, accidental or intentional

Biological treatment of leachate in a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor

The Vikings at the end of the universe: Doctor Who, norsemen and the end of history

Women’s opinion on the justification of physical spousal violence: a quantitative approach to model the most vulnerable households in Bangladesh

Effect of sex and age on traumatic brain injury: a geographical comparative study

Multi-lump structures in the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation

Adoption of mobile devices in the Australian healthcare: a conceptual framework approach

BMI transitions in Australian women: amount and causes of weight change associated with progression from healthy to unhealthy BMI over 16 years

To tread lightly: teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and representation in a regional university

Transforming maternal regionalism through the Mother-Artist Model (MAM)

The museum diorama: caught between art and history

The Parliament House Embroidery: a creative collaboration

Don't look now

Beautiful balts: from displaced persons to new Australians

A review of strategies for RO brine minimization in inland desalination plants

Building citizenship in the middle years: leading the implementation of student-centred curriculum integration in an Aotearoa/New Zealand school

An extended conceptual framework to understand information and communication technology-enabled socio-economic development at community level in Bangladesh

Soil greenhouse gas fluxes in tropical mangrove forests and in land uses on deforested mangrove lands

The effects of microfinance on women’s empowerment: new evidence from Bangladesh

Estimation and mapping of above-ground biomass of mangrove forests and their replacement land uses in the Philippines using Sentinel imagery

Speaking back to the deficit discourses: a theoretical and methodological approach

Estimation of tunneling induced ground settlement using pressure relaxation method

Stability charts for unsupported circular tunnels in cohesive soils

Overconfidence in financial literacy: implications for planners

Comparative evaluation of zero deforestation governance

The right choice? An interpretive policy analysis of assistive technology in Australian disability services

Horticultural characteristics and susceptibility of table beet cultivars to Cercospora Leaf Spot in New York

Microbial stress mediated intercellular nanotubes in an anaerobic microbial consortium digesting cellulose

Shared value literature review: implications for future research from stakeholder and social perspective

The ecology of the open practitioner: a conceptual framework for open research

A randomized controlled trial of mindfulness to reduce stress and burnout among intern medical practitioners

Two dimensional accessibility analysis of metro stations in Xi’an, China

Validation of ozone monitoring instrument UV satellite data using spectral and broadband surface based measurements at a Queensland site

Teaching statistics to engineering students – an Australian experience of using educational technologies

Tax literacy of Australian small businesses

Evaluation of chemical, thermobaric and thermochemical pre-treatment on anaerobic digestion of high-fat cattle slaughterhouse waste

Re-imagining standard timescales in forecasting precipitation events for Queensland’s grazing enterprises

Proactive management of IT operations to improve IT services

The lack of competition in governance as an impediment to regional development in Australia

Including critical thinking and problem solving in physical education

Trade-off between CO2 emissions and income: is there any evidence of an Environmental Kuznets Curve in Australia?

Drafting standards on cognitive accessibility: a global collaboration

Segmentation of dental X-ray images in medical imaging using neutrosophic orthogonal matrices

Training flight accidents: An explorative analysis of influencing factors and accident severity

Artists and transpedagogy: possibilities for enriching teaching and learning through radical engagement with the arts

The role, practice and training of unregulated birth-workers in Australia: a mixed methods study

Designing first-year sociology curricula and practice

Strategies for leading academics to rethink humanities and social sciences curricula in the context of discipline standards

Non-thermal hybrid drying of fruits and vegetables: A review of current technologies

Flexible work: The impact of a new policy on employees’ sedentary behaviour and physical activity

Imposition of physical parameters in dissipative particle dynamics

The identification of extinct megafauna in rock art using geometric morphometrics: a Genyornis newtoni painting in Arnhem Land, northern Australia?

Contribution of REDD+ payments to the economy of rural households in Nepal

Investigating the value of seasonal climate forecast for beef grazing enterprises: Charters Towers case study

Modelling irrigated sugarcane crop under seasonal climate variability: a case study in Burdekin district

Toward a stochastic precipitation generator conditioned on ENSO phase for eastern Australia

Greenhouse gas emissions during timber and concrete building construction - a scenario based comparative case study

Quantifying the interactions between defoliation interval, defoliation intensity and nitrogen fertiliser application on the nutritive value of rainfed and irrigated perennial ryegrass

rs-local data-mines information from spectral libraries to improve local calibrations

Currency and competence of occupational therapists and consumers with rapidly changing technology

A generalised finite difference scheme based on compact integrated radial basis function for flow in heterogeneous soils

A systematic review of geographical differences in management and outcomes for colorectal cancer in Australia

Design strategies that work to maximise e-learning

The energy-absorbing properties of composite tube-reinforced aluminum honeycomb

Temperature-sensitive mechanical properties of GFRP composites in longitudinal and transverse directions: a comparative study

Planning organisational futures in Blockchain environments - a systems theory perspective and possible solutions to enhance trust

Vladimír Ležák-Borin: Cold War warrior

Assessment of workload and its effects on performance and injury in elite cricket fast bowlers

Sustainable construction: potential carbon emission reductions (PCER) in Australian construction systems through the use of bioclimatic design principles

‘It was the summer when everything changed…’: coming of age queer in Australian cinema

Proceedings of the 29th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference (OzCHI 2017)

The innovative Australian university: the role of 3rd generation postgraduate research programmes

Encouraging a dynamic relationship between the arts and literacy

Records…what records? A services oriented marketing approach

Restoration of organisational climate: an advanced (in)civility model and measure of experienced, instigated and observed workplace incivility

Self-determined leadership and motivation: relating two European constructs of engaging leadership and six dimensions of employee work motivation

The Organisational Socio-Ecological (In)Civility Model: framing multilevel (in)civility effects on employees within organisational climate and culture

Person identification by gait analysis using photogrammetry techniques and foot pressure sensing matt

Effects of diameter on the durability of glass-fiber-reinforced-polymer (GFRP) bars conditioned in alkaline solution

Comparison between ASTM D7205 and CSA S806 tensile-testing methods for glass-fiber-reinforced-polymer bars

Laboratory assessment and durability performance of vinyl-ester, polyester, and epoxy glass-FRP bars for concrete structures

Wellbeing and arts education: opportunities for increasing advocacy

Ten new species of Macalpinomyces on Eriachne in northern Australia

The personal and the professional: betwixt and between the paid and unpaid responsibilities of working women with chronic illness

Air transport development: a comparative analysis of China and India

Conducting software-mediated assessments for improvement

Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 1

Managing the risks of data security and privacy in the cloud: a shared responsibility between the cloud service provider and the client organisation

High-tensile-strength and ductile novel Ti-Fe-N-B alloys reinforced with TiS nanowires

Master teachers as leaders in school-based action research

How to write what you want to say ... about visual images

The importance of storytelling as a pedagogical tool for Indigenous children

e-Health readiness assessment factors and measuring tools: a systematic review

Characteristics and processes of clinical reasoning in nurses and factors related to its use: a scoping review protocol

Diagnosing plant diseases: what do we ask and why do we ask for it?

The application of high temporal resolution data in river catchment modelling and management strategies

Do female dingo–dog hybrids breed like dingoes or dogs?

An energy efficient TCP DoS attacks mitigation method in cloud computing

Virtual knights and synthetic worlds: Jediism in second life

Night drive [Poem]

The beautiful husband [Short story]

Displaced persons (1947-1952) in Australia: memory in autobiography

Early feeding, child behaviour and parenting as correlates of problem eating

Understanding Deadman's Pocket: Peter Glynn and the making of a colonial frontiersman

Notes for genera: Ascomycota

'A date with Barbara': paracosms of the self in biographies of Barbara Newhall Follett

Recovering forgotten lives through fact and fiction

The grammar of bias: judicial impartiality in European legal systems

Turning around the least liveability: a cost-benefit framework for Dhaka

Relationship between viticultural climatic indices and grape maturity in Australia

Remembering Laura Cereta: public and private lives of a humanist scholar

Structure and development of orchid mycorrhizas

The main factors that promote successful innovation with productivity within the construction industry in Australia: the project manager's perception - an analysis

Primitivo: bringing back food to what it should be [Case study]

Cioccolato Australia: the ultimate chocolate experience [Case study]

Economic risk implication of land use change in mixed crop-livestock systems as transformative adaptation to climate change

Climate change impact and adaptation in agricultural systems of Australia and Brazil

Spatial and temporal patterns of rice production and productivity

Public submission to the New South Wales Sentencing Council - Victims’ involvement in sentencing

Development of a questionnaire to measure risk-taking in decision-making by school principals

A networking laboratory using an integrated mixture of physical equipment and simulators

Enabling process intensification by 3D printing of catalytic structures

Rational design of a water-storable hierarchical architecture decorated with amorphous barium oxide and nickel nanoparticles as a solid oxide fuel cell anode with excellent sulfur tolerance

Doing suicidal on the internet: a discursive analysis of online suicide forums

It’s part of my life: engaging university and community to enhance science and mathematics education - final report, March 2017

The enhancement–lesson–reflection: a resource manual for science and mathematics learning and teaching

How do we assess the risk of personal liability for directors arising out of tortious acts?

PaleoView: a tool for generating continuous climate projections spanning the last 21 000 years at regional and global scales

A rapid deployment big data computing platform for cloud robotics

Farmers tell us how to help improve their mental health help-seeking

Rural Schools as Hubs for Socio-educational Development of Communities

Is policy on Indigenous education deliberately being stalled?

The ethics and regulation of lawyers worldwide: the Seventh International Legal Ethics Conference, New York

Special issue: the ethics of judicial appointments

Client money: trust account management for Australian lawyers

From the editor

The influence of Web 2.0 on EFL-students' motivation and autonomous learner behaviour

Medical geology in the framework of the sustainable development goals

Towards 'operating within' the field: doctoral students' views of supervisors' discipline expertise

Forecasting long-term global solar radiation with an ANN algorithm coupled with satellite-derived (MODIS) land surface temperature (LST) for regional locations in Queensland

A proposal for a Singaporean 'charter city' in Australia

Generic versus disorder specific cognitive behavior therapy for social anxiety disorder in youth: A randomized controlled trial using internet delivery

Mobile health in the Developing World: review of literature and lessons from a case study

Flexural behaviour of multi-celled GFRP composite beams with concrete infill: experiment and theoretical analysis

Bipolar neutrosophic soft sets and applications in decision making

Genome-wide association study of spot form of net blotch resistance in the upper Midwest barley breeding programs

Very short-term reactive forecasting of the solar ultraviolet index using an extreme learning machine integrated with the solar zenith angle

Super-tough artificial nacre based on graphene oxide via synergistic interface interactions of Pi-Pi stacking and hydrogen bonding

2D-alumina platelets enhance mechanical and abrasion properties of PA-612 via interfacial hydrogen-bond interactions

Thermally stable, conductive and flame-retardant nylon 612 composites created by adding two-dimensional alumina platelets

The rate, extent and spatial predictors of forest loss (2000-2012) in the terrestrial protected areas of the Philippines

The significance of communication in emergency management: what’s changed since 2010?

Ecological footprint and real income: panel data evidence from the 27 highest emitting countries

Effect of catastrophic disaster in financial market contagion

The Essential Nature of a Collaborative Practice Group for Successful Collaborative Lawyers

Association between plant species diversity and edaphic factors in the lower reaches of the Heihe River, northwestern China

The Anglo-Australian planet search. XXV. A candidate massive Saturn analog orbiting HD 30177

The Pan-Pacific planet search. VI. Giant planets orbiting HD 86950 and HD 222076

Internet-based delivery of cognitive behaviour therapy compared to monitoring, feedback and support for problem gambling: a randomised controlled trial

Transformations accompanying a shift from surface to drip irrigation in the Cànyoles Watershed, Valencia, Spain

Investigation of ethanol production potential from lignocellulosic material without enzymatic hydrolysis using the ultrasound technique

The LC-MS-based metabolomics of hydroxytyrosol administration in rats reveals amelioration of the metabolic syndrome

Multiwavelength Transit Observations of the Candidate Disintegrating Planetesimals Orbiting WD 1145+017

Do population density, economic growth, energy use and exports adversely affect environmental quality in Asian populous countries?

Evidence for a planetary mass third body orbiting the binary star KIC 5095269

Pentaploid wheat hybrids: applications, characterisation, and challenges

Genome inheritance in populations derived from hexaploid/ tetraploid and tetraploid/hexaploid wheat crosses

Universities and public libraries supporting student success: an exploratory study

Motivating intention to take action on behalf of an out-group: implications for the use of advocacy messages in social marketing strategies

Detection of ultraviolet B radiation with internal smartphone sensors

Soil C quantities of mangrove forests, their competing land uses, and their spatial distribution in the coast of Honda Bay, Philippines

A Herschel resolved debris disc around HD 105211

The pneumococcal alpha-glycerophosphate oxidase enhances nasopharyngeal colonization through binding to host glycoconjugates

Characterisation of a smartphone image sensor response to direct solar 305 nm irradiation at high air masses

Long-term UV dosimeter based on polyvinyl chloride for plant damage effective UV exposure measurements

Quantitative and qualitative analyses of mechanical behavior and dimensional stability of styrene-based shape memory composites

Rare Pyrenophora teres hybridization events revealed by development of sequence-specific PCR markers

Anti-inflammatory activity and structure-activity relationships of brominated indoles from a marine mollusc

Is workload associated with injuries and performance in elite football? A call for action

The Fraser Gyre: a cyclonic eddy off the coast of eastern Australia

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols – an opportunity for improved care and enhanced scope of practice?

The Kepler follow-up observation program. I. A catalog of companions to Kepler stars from high-resolution imaging

ROBO-AO Kepler planetary candidate survey. III. Adaptive optics imaging of 1629 Kepler exoplanet candidate host stars

Assessing the effect of stellar companions from high-resolution imaging of Kepler objects of interest

Kepler-1649b: an exo-Venus in the solar neighborhood

Four sub-Saturns with dissimilar densities: windows into planetary cores and envelopes

Wisdom across the ages and its modern day relevance

Spitzer observations confirm and rescue the habitable-zone super-earth K2-18b for future characterization

Accretion and magnetic reconnection in the classical T TAURI binary DQ TAU

Mass constraints of the WASP-47 planetary system from radial velocities

Needy or resilient? how women with breast cancer think about peer support

A randomised controlled trial of a web-based multi-modal therapy program to improve executive functioning in children and adolescents with acquired brain injury

Recent invasion of European red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) on to Fraser Island (K'gari) and South Stradbroke Island

Anti-predator meshing may provide greater protection for sea turtle nests than predator removal

Facile fabrication of hydrolysis resistant phosphite antioxidants for high-performance optical PET films via in situ incorporation

Comparing the financial returns from acacia plantations with different plantation densities and rotation ages in Vietnam

An Efficient DDoS TCP Flood Attack Detection and Prevention System in a Cloud Environment

Coupling a fast fourier transformation with a machine learning ensemble model to support recommendations for heart disease patients in a telehealth environment

Mapping heatwave vulnerability in Korea

Copula-statistical precipitation forecasting model in Australia’s agro-ecological zones

Input selection and performance optimization of ANN-based streamflow forecasts in the drought-prone Murray Darling Basin region using IIS and MODWT algorithm

Negative correlation between core muscle function and body composition in young people aged 18-30 years

Participation trends in holistic movement practices: a 10-year comparison of yoga/pilates and t’ai chi/qigong use among a national sample of 195,926 Australians

Design-based research in doctoral studies: adding a new dimension to doctoral research

Disrupting student voice in education research through music

Biodiversity, drug discovery, and the future of global health: Introducing the biodiversity to biomedicine consortium, a call to action

Toward transforming the approach to natural resource management in Northern Vietnam

The effects of telephone infrastructure on farmers’ agricultural outputs in China

Shear strength properties of cable bolts using a new double shear instrument, experimental study, and numerical simulation

VET practitioner’s perceptions of VET higher education qualifications

Optimizing the conversion of food waste to sugars using fungal enzymes

Particle dynamics in a viscous fluid under the action of acoustic radiation force

Classify epileptic EEG signals using weighted complex networks based community structure detection

Separation of the Climatic and Land Cover Impacts on the Flow Regime Changes in Two Watersheds of Northeastern Tibetan Plateau

Improving fungal disease forecasts in winter wheat: a critical role of intra-day variations of meteorological conditions in the development of Septoria leaf blotch

Nitrogen transport in the orchid mycorrhizal symbiosis – further evidence for a mutualistic association

Flame retardant and mechanically tough poly(lactic acid) biocomposites via combining ammonia polyphosphate and polyethylene glycol

KELT-11b: a highly inflated sub-Saturn exoplanet transiting the V=8 subgiant HD 93396

An exploratory study on the post-implementation of threat and error management training in Australian general aviation

The effects of installation procedure on bond characteristics of fully grouted rock bolts

Simulation of macerals effects on methane emission during gas drainage in coal mines

Novel approach for streamflow forecasting using a hybrid ANFIS-FFA model

Synthetic retrieval of hourly net ecosystem exchange using the neural network model with combined MI and GOCI geostationary sensor datasets and ground-based measurements

The presumption of innocence under attack

Advanced technology for nanostarches preparation by high speed jet and its mechanism analysis

Improving the use of climate information in decision-making

affron® a novel saffron extract (Crocus sativus L.) improves mood in healthy adults over 4 weeks in a double-blind, parallel, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial

The causal nexus between economic growth and energy consumption: new evidence from global panel of 53 countries

Large carnivore science: non-experimental studies are useful, but experiments are better

The mysterious dimmings of the T Tauri star V1334 Tau

The dynamical history of Chariklo and its rings

Microscale and multiscale computational modelling of morphological changes in plant cellular structure during drying with a coupled smoothed particle hydrodynamics and coarse-grained appraoch

Rational choice

Navigating complexities and management prospects of natural resources in Northern Vietnam

A system dynamics approach for integrated natural resources management

Decentralization in forest management in Vietnam’s Uplands: case studies of the Kho Mu and Thai Ethnic Community

The impact of n-butanol and iso-butanol as components of butanol-acetone (BA) mixture-diesel blend on spray, combustion characteristics, engine performance and emission in direct injection diesel engine

Resonance properties of forced oscillations of particles and gaseous bubbles in a viscous fluid at small Reynolds numbers

Carbon emissions, energy consumption and industrial growth in Bangladesh: empirical evidence from ARDL cointegration and Granger causality analysis

Physiological response to salinity stress and tolerance mechanics of Populus euphratica

First report of cercospora blight of asparagus officinalis caused by cercospora asparagi in New York

Connectivity at Chinese airports: the evolution and drivers

Predicting the slow decline of root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei) during host-free fallow to improve farm management

Survival of root-lesion nematode Pratylenchus neglectus during progressive soil desiccation after growth of wheat in a vertisol

Carbon dioxide fluxes and their environmental controls in a riparian forest within the hyper-arid region of Northwest China

Why Mycophoris is not an orchid seedling, and why Synaptomitus is not a fungal symbiont within this fossil

Assessing shifting cultivation policies: through the lens of systems thinking

Engaging with research and evidence is a nursing priority

Postoperative oxygen supplementation: can it prevent surgical site infections?

The financial benefits of forest certification: case studies of acacia growers and a furniture company in Central Vietnam

Analysing foregone costs of communities and carbon benefits in small scale community based forestry practice in Nepal

Segregated assessment of total carbon stocks by the mode of origin and ecological functions of forests: implication on restoration potential

The online life of individuals experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage: how do they experience information?

Associations between multiple indicators of socio-economic status and muscle-strengthening activity participation in a nationally representative population sample of Australian adults

Lived experiences among transgender and gender diverse offenders and their knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding sexual behaviours and HIV/STIs, and knowledge and attitudes among prison officers towards transgender and gender diverse prisoners, sexuality and HIV/STIs: protocol for a systematic review

The divide between policy and practice in EFL high school classrooms in Japan

An Inexpensive High-Temporal Resolution Electronic Sun Journal for Monitoring Personal Day to Day Sun Exposure Patterns

Work-based learning: a learning strategy in support of the Australian Qualifications Framework

The evolution of bias: spectrums, species and the weary lay observer

Review: Melanie Ilic and Dalia Leinarte (eds), The Soviet past in the post-Socialist present: methodology and ethics in Russian, Baltic and Central European oral history and memory studies, Routledge Approaches to History, Routledge, 2016. 257 pages. ISBN (hbk) 9781138933453.

An empirical investigation of Triple Helix and national innovation system dynamics in ASEAN-5 economies

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Impact of grassland contract policy on soil organic carbon losses from alpine grassland on the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau

Social network misuse in the classroom and its impact on male student motivation in UAE tertiary education

Creating children’s spaces, children co-creating place

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Early-career experts essential for planetary sustainability

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A dynamic, web-based resource to identify rust fungi (Pucciniales) in southern Africa

Pathogenicity of nectriaceous fungi on avocado in Australia

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Introductory statistics textbooks and the GAISE recommendations

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Identification and description of novel mood profile clusters

Beetroot and sodium nitrate ameliorate cardiometabolic changes in diet-induced obese hypertensive rats

Obesity-associated metabolic syndrome spontaneously induces infiltration of pro-inflammatory macrophage in synovium and promotes osteoarthritis

Work intensification, work–life interference, stress, and well-being in Australian workers

Anthrosols and technosols: the anthropogenic signature of contaminated soils and sediments in Australia

EEG source localization using a sparsity prior based on Brodmann areas

Managing Change Toward Environmental Sustainability: A Conceptual Model in Small and Medium Enterprises

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Can we improve parent attitudes and intentions to access computer-based therapies for their children and adolescents?

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Identifying separate impacts of climate and land use/cover change on hydrological processes in upper stream of Heihe River, northwest China

The Value of Respect: What Does it Mean for an Army?

Re-enchanting education: challenging the ‘hidden’ curriculum

Value chain analysis of high value horticulture products and report documentation from Queensland Murray-Darling Basin

The diversification dilemma

Understanding the autistic individual: a practical guide to discourse analysis

Implementation of a finite element analysis procedure for structural analysis of shape memory behaviour of fibre reinforced shape memory polymer composites

Do secondary pre-service teachers have what it takes to educate learners with special educational needs?

A new plantar axis for longitudinal study of gait characteristics

Behaviour of composite sandwich beams with different shear span-to-depth ratios

Developing towards best natural fibre composite for structural applications—a review

Improved RSD management in Harwood leads to record yields

Spectrum of teaching styles: practical examples

Wavelet analysis–artificial neural network conjunction models for multi-scale monthly groundwater level predicting in an arid inland river basin, northwestern China

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Primarily investigating into the relationship between talent management and knowledge management in business environment

Data mining in IoT: data analysis for a new paradigm on the Internet

Developing a tunable Q-factor wavelet transform based algorithm for epileptic EEG feature extraction

A multiscale coarse grained model for simulating mechanical responses of plant food tissues

Factors impacting employee engagement on enterprise social media

A Cross - layer Optimization of Video Transmission Based on Packet Loss Rate in 802.11e Wireless Networks

Coupling topic modelling in opinion mining for social media analysis

Aesthetics and ethics informing an exhibition of artworks by Indigenous youth

HIV risks and prevention: themes from a community forum among African community members in Queensland

Novel HIV testing during health promotion outreach: a qualitative analysis of field notes by peer-testers

Health behaviours and health literacy: Hepatitis B regarding Sub-Saharan African migrants living in Queensland

Mentoring: results from the Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists professional mentoring survey

Integrating theories of alcohol consumption: how do drinking motives influence HAPA self-efficacy?

Predicting the remaining life of timber bridges

A twin-initiative transforming curriculum development processes

Flexibility-based anti-islanding protection of a microgrid integrated with power grid

From frontier learning to blended community learning: a phenomenography of informal learning in rural community informatics

The modelling process and pre-service teacher confidence

A Fast Fourier Transform-Coupled Machine Learning-Based Ensemble Model for Disease Risk Prediction Using a Real-Life Dataset

Behavior of pultruded multi-celled GFRP hollow beams with low-strength concrete infill

Fabrication of a silica aerogel and examination of its hydrophobic properties via contact angle and 3M water repellency tests

Biological cell theory based interventions and the impact on quality: the case of a tower project

Understanding the relevance of biological cell control theory and cell control mechanism for solving quality problems in a tunnel construction project

A trade-based risk management approach towards the elimination of defects in residential construction

Personalised study time plans, and study time management: a joint responsibility of staff, students, and university administrators

The causal relationship among environmental quality, economic growth and energy use: new evidence from five OPEC countries

Ageing population and economic growth nexus in Bangladesh: evidence from an endogenous growth model

An analysis of design science research adoption in Doctoral projects in Australia

Failed IT projects: is poor IT governance to blame?

Mixing quantitative with qualitative methods: current practices in designing experiments, gathering data and analysis with mixed methods reporting

Knowing when to target students with timely academic learning support: not a minefield with data mining

Face-to-face and virtual mathematics enrichment for rural schools: intersection of teachers, students, technology and pedagogy

The perceived public value of social media in Queensland local Councils

The role of national culture in the strategic use of and investment in ICT: a comparative study of Japanese and Australian organisations

Does national investment on R&D compared to military expenditure achieve greater development?

An analysis system detecting epileptic seizure from EEG

Analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership for Cloud Computing Technology Adoption: A Case Study of Regional Municipal Government Sector

Facilitating Knowledge Transfer for Innovation: Towards a Decision Support System to Identify Knowledge Stock in the ICT Profession

An Assessment Framework to Determine the Strategic Value of IT Architectures in Smart Grids

The evolution of the TIPA framework: towards the automation of the assessment process in a design science research project

The role of international standards to corroborate artefact development and evaluation: experiences from a design science research project in process assessment

Online global collaboration: affordances and inhibitors

Improving accounting undergraduate employability prospects through career development activities

Hyperaesthesia and futile rage: gender, anxiety and protest in Non-Combatants and Others

An Australian case study in identifying perceived barriers to innovation and technology transfer among drilling assets in CSG infrastructures

Distributed static compensator (DSTATCOM) for voltage support in single wire earth return (SWER) networks

Emirati student and expatriate teacher views on problem-based learning in UAE education courses

Modelling the compressive strength and thermal properties of foam concrete

Anaerobic digestion of pre-treated slaughterhouse waste

Greywater quality changes in laboratory scale vegetative biofiltration prototypes

An alternative method for estimating total impervious area in catchments using high-resolution colour aerial photography

Will greywater reuse really affect the sewer flow? Experience of a residential complex in Al Ain, UAE

Evaluation of groundwater quality in the Eastern District of Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE

Simulation of extreme rainfall and projection of future changes using the GLIMCLIM model

'But we do that too'! Terminology and the challenges in differentiating the counselling profession from other professions that counsel

Tools to aid autonomous irrigation

Exploring the value of big data analysis of Twitter tweets and share prices

Adjustable dynamic range for paper reduction schemes in large-scale MIMO-OFDM systems

Constitutional patriotism

Religion and the social economy: elective affinities

Ethnography as transdisciplinary inquiry: two stories of adaptation and resilience from Aceh, Indonesia

Transdisciplinary research and practice for sustainable outcomes: introduction

Investigation of radial flow ejector performance through experiments and computational simulations

Queen Anne's upbringing, education, and their impact on her reign and influence over the Church of England

Preface - Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE/WIC/ACM international conference on web intelligence

Collaborative development of an open online course: A-Skills online

A-Skills online: supportive peer mentoring in higher education

Drivers of grassland resistance and recovery to long term drought

Exploring cotton farm workers’ job satisfaction by adapting social cognitive career theory to the farm work context

Development of antibacterial hemp hurd/poly(lactic acid) biocomposite for food packaging

Leadership for the Attainment of Improved School Outcomes: A Brazilian, Australian and Maltese Study

Reading indigeneity without race: Color, representation and uncertainty in photographic evidence


State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI)

Wellbeing in classroom arts collaborations

Drought modelling based on artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms: a case study in Queensland, Australia

Building preservice teacher capacity and professional identity using metaphor and critical reflection as tools to illuminate beliefs, identity and practice

The drying of abattoir paunch for waste-to-energy conversion

Place, information technology and legal ethics

Terrorist choice and the media

Solar, wind and geothermal energy applications in agriculture: back to the future?

Teachers’ Use of Facebook Motivating Vietnamese Students to Improve Their English Language Learning

What does internationalisation or interculturalisation look like in the future in the higher education sector?

Work Placement for International Student Programmes (WISP): A Model of Effective Practice

Adoption of the uniform evidence legislation: so far and no further?

'Sacrifice and compromise': the lived experiences of regional adolescent girls in regional Victoria, Australia who have dropped out of organised sport

An evaluation of the broadband ecosystem in Western Downs region (WDR)

The significance of accountability mandates in early childhood classrooms: exploring challenges to constructivist perspectives

The emergence of intercultural sensitivity through experiential learning in the attitudes of Emirati women

Assessing the carbon footprint of road projects and related sustainability initiatives in Abu Dhabi - technical report II: carbon footprint from road life cycle and development of a framework for carbon footprint calculation of road in the city of Abu Dhabi

Evaluation of first year university students' digital apprehension, problem-solving appraisal, and transition to higher education

Uttering the unspoken: early childhood educators' conceptions of the impact of regulation of their profession

Pedagogy beyond compliance: teachers providing opportunities for students to self-regulate their learning in the primary-secondary transition years of schooling

Higher education curriculum ecosystem design

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility reporting: a case study of Malaysia

Behaviour of composite sandwich panels bonded with epoxy polymer matrix for railway sleepers

Using the u-cube for career counselling with adolescents to develop career conversations

Producing the academic apparatus of the early career researcher-musician-educator

Fukushima and beyond: teaching trauma survivors

Health care expenditure and health outcome nexus: new evidence from SAARC-ASEAN region

Forming a culture of evidence by using learning analytics to establish a holistic eco-system for student development and support at an Australian regional university whose main teaching modality is online

Expanding on the evidence of Higher Order Thinking Skills in first year undergraduates

Teaching fractions for understanding: addressing interrelated concepts

Logistic regression for circular data

Estimation of slope for measurement error model with equation error: applications on serum kanamycin data

Mining drug properties for decision support in dental clinics

Strategies on addressing contract cheating: a case study from an Australian regional university

Introduction: the state of play in Australian fairy tale: where to now?

Numerical investigation into natural gas–diesel dual-fuel engine configuration

Mixture-fraction based hybrid binomial-langevin–MMC modelling applied to auto-ignition in vitiated flow

Experimental and numerical investigation of spray characteristics of butanol-diesel blends

Experimental study of spray characteristics, engine performance and emission levels of acetone-butanol-ethanol mixture-diesel blends in a diesel engine

The effect of butanol-acetone mixture-cottonseed biodiesel blend on spray characteristics, engine performance and emissions in diesel engine

Fabrication of a sensitive pressure sensor using carbon nanotube micro-yarns

Integrating theories of alcohol consumption: how do drinking motives influence self-efficacy?

Estimating the effects of carbon dioxide, temperature and nitrogen on grain protein and grain yield using meta-analysis

Image fusion and enhancement using triangulated irregular networks

On valuation of smart grid architectures: an enterprise engineering perspective

Work based learning as a conduit to business creativity in Australia

Open educational practice and preservice teacher education: understanding past practice and future possibilities

Numerical investigation of nanofluid laminar forced convective heat transfer inside an equilateral triangular tube

Exploring the design space of metadata-focused file management systems

Transdisciplinary research and practice for sustainability outcomes

Conducting the orchestra in aged care: the leadership role of the registered nurse

Numerical solution methods for fractional partial differential equations

Redefining diversity and dynamics of natural resources management in Asia, Volume 2: Upland natural resources and social ecological systems in Northern Vietnam

The elements of applied psychological practice in Australia: preparing for the National Psychology Examination

Understanding viscoelasticity: an introduction to rheology

Developing literacy in the secondary classroom

Evidence law in QLD, SA and WA

Why groundwater matters: an introduction for policy-makers and managers

The impact of weather on the cost of production of wine grapes

Toowoomba escarpment residents’ preparedness for storm and bushfire, and their understanding of bushfire preparedness engagement.

Exploring arts learning in Australian home education: understanding and improving practice though design-based research

Factors influencing the likelihood of dietary compliance amongst people with diabetes

Exploring the 'lived experience' of project work with continental philosophical perspectives

The complexity of higher education research impact: exploring the real-world influences of research from the perspective of researchers in a collaborative multidisciplinary research program

The critical image: ethics and the art of Vernon Ah Kee

The development of cross-cultural leadership in multi-ethnic churches

Teacher experiences of critical thinking using supernaturally themed novels: implications for contemporary middle school classrooms

Educating for a profession: a phenomenological case study of professional practice preparation for nursing from a sociocultural perspective

Living history: myth, representation and dramatizing Catherine the Great

Assessing and mapping of carbon in biomass and soil of mangrove forest and competing land uses in the Philippines

An evaluation of the performance of a NoSQL document database in a simulation of a large scale Electronic Health Record (EHR) system

Characterisation of syntactic foams for marine applications

Automatic plant features recognition using stereo vision for crop monitoring

A systematic literature review on the effects of secure and insecure attachement on leader-member exchange-based relationships

Exploring language contact and use among globally mobile populations: a qualitative study of English-speaking short-stay academic sojourners in the Republic of Korea

Victorian ecologically sustainable forest management: Part II - a cautionary tale The Brown Mountain case and its ramifications

Victorian ecologically sustainable forest management: Part I - sustainability and regulatory theory

Victorian ecologically sustainable forest management: Part III - regulatory theory and modality

Spatial modelling, analysis and prediction of Hendra disease outbreaks in South East Queensland, Australia

Statistical methodology for analyzing ordinal outcomes of traumatic brain injury

Thrownness as tapestry: using art therapy to discover life experiences that influence a manager’s behaviour to deal successfully with project work

Evaluating the effects of coal seam gas development on farms in the Surat Basin, Queensland

The influence of corporate governance practices on corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting - evidence from Mauritius

Behaviour of multi-celled GFRP beam assembly with concrete infill: experimental and theoretical evaluations

Geospatial crowdsourced data fitness analysis for spatial data infrastructure based disaster management actions

An examination of audit task complexity & audit risk in the context of information technology architecture intricacy & stability: a survey & case study based research of medium & large Australian organisations in the area of information systems audit

The lived experience of younger people with a disability living in residential aged care facilities: a phenomenological study

Constant Rate of Momentum Change Ejector: simulation, experiments and flow visualisation

Redesigning the Austroads creep procedure for the evaluation of permanent deformation of asphalt pavements in Australia

Reform, restructuring and rehabilitation: post-secondary education from the mid-1990s to 2010

All knowledge in one brain: Maharishi Vedic University and the renewal of Cambodia

Responding to climate change: the contribution of Maharishi Vedic science

Researching Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: an archive of publications from 1957-2015

Principles and practice of sustainability in Maharishi Vedic Science

Human development and capability: reconstructed and fulfilled through Maharishi Vedic Science

Responding to climate change: the contribution of Maharishi Vedic Science

Preparation of activated carbon from biomass and its application in gas adsorption

Industrial sustainability and the circular economy as counterparts to the self-referral structure of Natural Law: Part II – a global case study

Encouraging engagement in enabling programs: the students’ perspective

Development and initial validation of the Italian Mood Scale (ITAMS) for use in sport and exercise contexts

Indigenous accounts of environmental stewardship in light of the theory and language of Maharishi Vedic Science

An annotated historical survey of 84 publications by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from 1957-2015

Prestress and excitation force identification in a prestressed concrete box–girder bridge

The endeavour of academic publishing

Why can’t I crack the code to getting published?

IEEE Access special section editorial: health informatics for the developing world

Determining the Convergence of Synchronous Measurements for Embedded Industrial Applications

Coastal altimetry for sea level changes in Northern Australian coastal oceans

Kryptein: A Compressive-Sensing-Based Encryption Scheme for the Internet of Things

Computational and experimental study on ion wind scheme based aerosol sampling for biomedical applications

Fuzzy analysis of airborne LiDAR data for rainforest boundary determination

Outra Vez (A Question of When)

Fracture behaviour of bamboo fiber reinforced epoxy composites

Networked learning for agricultural extension: a framework for analysis and two cases

Cumulative harm and resilience framework: an assessment, prevention and intervention resource for helping professionals

Welcome to Eurostralia: the strategic diversity of Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Efficacy of delaying cotton defoliation to mitigate compaction risk at wet harvest

The two names of Newington Butts

Self- or Cross-fertilisation? Referencing ECTHR jurisprudence to justify victim participation at the ICC

Digital storytelling and the ‘problem’ of sentimentality

Myths and imaginaries: depictions of lifestyle migration in Country Style magazine

The possibility of saying in the early modern playhouses

The Pan-Pacific planet search. VII. The most eccentric planet orbiting a giant star

Stable habitable zones of single Jovian planet systems

Music education in schools – what is taught? A comparison of curriculum in Sweden and Australia

Se Faire Voir with Jung and the ethics of psychoanalysis

Die, brain demons die! The internal monologue of an Aboriginal researcher

Informal learning in the secondary school: behaviour remediation programs and the informal learning environment as a space for re-engagement

Effects of music on arousal during imagery in elite shooters: a pilot study

Agency and coping strategies for ethnic and gendered minorities at work

A cappella ear training: bringing theory and aural skills together via singing in a jazz program environment

Monash University International Professional Experience Program

Tourist, tour guide, traveller, travel agent? Reflections on leading and learning from international professional experience

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Science, Engineering and Environment (SEE-2017)

The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE)

Flexural behavior of glued GFRP tubes filled with concrete

The phenomenon of P3 community for IT support: a crowd-support case study

Talkin' bout a revolution: the call for transformation and reform in Indigenous education

Research: Indigenous - can we really decolonise the institutional space?

Drought climate adaptation program: producing enhanced agricultural crop insurance systems: final report

Diagnosing plant diseases: what do we ask and why do we ask for it? [Online community]

Mungbean powdery mildew management with fungicide [Online community]

Enhancing the thermoelectric performance of SnSe1-xTex nanoplates through band engineering

DAQ00186 2017 progress report: improving grower surveillance, management, epidemiology, knowledge and tools to manage crop disease

DAQ00186 2016 progress report: improving grower surveillance, management, epidemiology, knowledge and tools to manage crop disease

History of drought management in Australia

Future projection with an extreme-learning machine and support vector regression of reference evapotranspiration in a mountainous inland watershed in north-west China

An eccentric companion at the edge of the brown dwarf desert orbiting the 2.4 M giant star HIP 67537

The spatial and temporal contribution of glacier runoff to watershed discharge in the Yarkant River Basin, Northwest China

Survival of root-lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei) after wheat growth in a vertisol is influenced by rate of progressive soil desiccation

An investigation into the major environment and climate change policy issues in southwest coastal Bangladesh

Assessing the readiness of public healthcare facilities to adopt health information technology (hit)/e-health: a case study of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana

Crop production modelling under climate change and regional adaptation

Developing products for use in drought monitoring: improved crop yield and production forecasts (multi-crop models approach)

The WiRE program: advancing women in rural, regional and remote enterprises through entrepreneurship, detailed final report to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Cd substitution in Zintl phase Eu5In2Sb6 enhancing the thermoelectric performance

Fire-resistant, strong and green polymer nanocomposites based on poly(lactic acid) and core-shell nanofibrous flame retardants

Coralloid-like nanostructured c-nSi/SiOx@Cy anodes for high performance lithium ion battery

Democratic education by design: putting Beane’s curriculum integration into practice in a New Zealand classroom

Improving Junior Secondary learning outcomes via a separate Year 9 campus

Indigenous microbial capability in solid manure residues to start-up solid-phase anaerobic digesters

Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on photosynthesis and carbon partitioning: a perspective on root sugar sensing and hormonal crosstalk

(2507) Proposal to reject the name Ramularia gibba (Ustilaginomycotina: Entylomatales)

Asexual and sexual morphs of Moesziomyces revisited

Sweetpotato weevil, Cylas formicarius (Fab.)(Coleoptera: Brentidae) avoids its host plant when a virulent Metarhizium anisopliae isolate is present

Assessment of the impact of chloride on the formation of chlorinated by products in the presence and absence of electrochemically activated sulfate

Low-cost filter media for removal of hydrogen sulphide from piggery biogas

Single shear testing of various cable bolts used in Australian mines

Effect of air column in transport canisters on measured gas contents of coal

A two-phase approach to mine short-periodic high utility itemsets in transactional databases

Desalination of seawater using geothermal energy to meet future fresh water demand of Saudi Arabia

A climatology of Australian heat low events

How do training and competition workloads relate to injury? The workload-injury aetiology model

Making evidence-based perioperative practices stick: an introduction to an implementation science approach

New ACORN guideline: perioperative nursing management of posthumous organ procurement

Transition to practice programs: what Australian and New Zealand nursing and midwifery graduates said. A Graduate eCohort Sub-Study

The role of rural nurse managers in supporting new graduate nurses in rural practice

Development and preliminary evaluation of a new bin filler for apple harvesting and in-filed sorting machine

Economic evaluation of apple harvest and in-filed sorting technology

How do the design features of health hackathons contribute to participatory medicine?

The effect of emotion regulation on the amount of tension tolerance and emotion regulation difficulties in women with tension-type headaches

Nonlinear stability in seismic waves

Useful tips for automated model updating of medium rise buildings

Harnessing digital literacy tools

The gender balance of the Australian space research community: a snapshot from the 16th ASRC, 2016

The influence of privacy, trust, and national culture on internet transactions

Temporal shifts in genetic structure and differentiation of Cercospora beticola populations in table beet fields of New York

Development of microsatellite markers for quantifying genetic diversity of Pleospora betae

Comparing the effect of stigma on the recognition of suicide risk in others between Australia and Brazil

ke yan cheng xin jian she zhi du cuo shi de ke cao zuo xing wen ti tan xi (On operability of the regulations and measures for promoting research integrity)

Skin preparation of the patient – more than skin deep


Althusser’s theory of ideology

High chronic training loads and exposure to bouts of maximal velocity running reduce injury risk in elite Gaelic football

Monitoring athlete training loads: Consensus statement

The athlete monitoring cycle: a practical guide to interpreting and applying training monitoring data

Protocol for the residents in action pilot cluster randomised controlled trial (RiAT): evaluating a behaviour change intervention to promote walking, reduce sitting and improve mental health in physically inactive older adults in retirement villages

Two training-load paradoxes: can we work harder and smarter, can physical preparation and medical be teammates?

Relationship between preseason training load and in-season availability in elite Australian football players

Automatic detection of pitching and throwing events in baseball with inertial measurement sensors

The effect of contextual factors on physiological and activity profiles in international women's rugby sevens

Tackle characteristics and outcomes in match-play rugby league: the relationship with tackle ability and physical qualities

Assessment of body composition in junior representative and first grade rugby league players using dual x-ray absorptiometry

Confirmation of Peronospora agrimoniae as a distinct species

Views of policy makers and health promotion professionals on factors facilitating implementation and maintenance of interventions and policies promoting physical activity and healthy eating: results of the DEDIPAC project

Protection against spikes in workload with aerobic fitness and playing experience: the role of the acute: chronic workload ratio on injury risk in elite Gaelic football

Spin-orbit misalignments of three Jovian planets via doppler tomography

HATS-22b, HATS-23b and HATS-24b: three new transiting super-Jupiters from the HATSouth project

Sedentary time in older men and women: an international consensus statement and research priorities

Chronic effects and horizontal transmission of Metarhizium anisopliae strain QS155 infection in the sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius (Coleoptera: Brentidae)

Seven tips for developing and maintaining a high performance sports medicine team

Yes, rolling averages are a good way to assess training load for injury prevention. Is there a better way? Probably, but we have not seen the evidence

Changes in rugby league tackling ability during a competitive season: the relationship with strength and power qualities

Machine vision for camera-based horticulture crop growth monitoring

Knowledge graph embedding by dynamic translation

Using satellite and reanalysis data to evaluate the representation of latent heating in extratropical cyclones in a climate model

Internal and external match loads of university-level soccer players: a comparison between methods

Why do workload spikes cause injuries, and which athletes are at higher risk? Mediators and moderators in workload–injury investigations

The issuance of warrants in rights offerings: agency costs and signaling effects

Animal computer interaction (ACI) & designing for animal interaction (AXD)

Emotional intelligence and affective events in nurse education: a narrative review

Opinions toward physical activity, sedentary behavior, and interventions to stimulate active living during early retirement: a qualitative study in recently retired adults

Psychosocial and environmental correlates of active and passive transport behaviors in college educated and non-college educated working young adults

What are the working mechanisms of a web-based workplace sitting intervention targeting psychosocial factors and action planning?

Appreciating the work of nurses caring for adults with intellectual disability and mental health issues

Cross-sectional associations between home environmental factors and domain-specific sedentary behaviors in adults: the moderating role of socio-demographic variables and BMI

Impacts of hemispheric solar geoengineering on tropical cyclone frequency

Southern Ocean albedo, inter-hemispheric energy transports and the double ITCZ: global impacts of biases in a coupled model

Aquatic exercise for residential aged care adults with dementia: benefits and barriers to participation

School Gardens: A Qualitative Study on Implementation Practices

Objectively measured physical environmental neighbourhood factors are not associated with accelerometer-determined total sedentary time in adults

Weekend warrior physical activity pattern and common mental disorder: a population wide study of 108,011 British adults

Sedentary time in older adults: a critical review of measurement, associations with health, and interventions

On the distribution and speciation of arsenic in the soil-plant-system of a rice field in West-Bengal, India: a μ-synchrotron techniques based case study

The state of play in Australian fairy tale: where to now?

How is self-sabotage presented in romantic relationships?

Who gets bullied at work? The role of emotion stability, psychological flexibility and coping in workplace bullying

Increased root herbivory under elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations is reversed by silicon‐based plant defences

Host plant colonisation by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi stimulates immune function whereas high root silicon concentrations diminish growth in a soil-dwelling herbivore

Silicon‐induced root nodulation and synthesis of essential amino acids in a legume is associated with higher herbivore abundance

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi promote silicon accumulation in plant roots, reducing the impacts of root herbivory

Concurrent validity of actigraph-determined sedentary time against the Activpal under free-living conditions in a sample of bus drivers

Cross-sectional surveillance study to phenotype lorry drivers’ sedentary behaviours, physical activity and cardio-metabolic health

Study design and protocol for a mixed methods evaluation of an intervention to reduce and break up sitting time in primary school classrooms in the UK: The CLASS PAL (Physically Active Learning) Programme

Clustering and correlates of screen-time and eating behaviours among young adolescents

Revision of Plasmopara (Oomycota, Peronosporales) parasitic to Impatiens

New smut-specific primers for the ITS barcoding of Ustilaginomycotina

New smut-specific primers for multilocus genotyping and phylogenetics of Ustilaginaceae

Pleasure, pain and the possibilities of being and becoming robustly hopeful reflections by an Australian personal fitness trainer and his university academic client

Self-determination theory and academic life: strategies for reclaiming pleasure and professionalism distilled from universities in Australia and Europe

Innovative technology for apple harvest and in-field sorting

Postcards from the outside: European-contact rock art imagery and occupation on the southern Arnhem Land Plateau, Jawoyn lands

Sedentary Behavior Research Network (SBRN) - Terminology Consensus Project process and outcomes

Health education programs: a global opportunity for reconciliation

Object detection resource usage within a remote real-time video stream

Investigation of methane production by anaerobic co-digestion of food waste, fats, oil and grease, and thickened waste activated sludge using automatic methane potential test system

Durability of alkali-activated materials in aggressive environments: A review on recent studies

One-step fabrication of novel porous and permeable self-supporting zeolite block from fly ash

Composition design and performance of alkali-activated cements

Influence of fly ash on the pore structure and shrinkage characteristics of metakaolin-based geopolymer pastes and mortars

Geopolymer with improved thermal stability by incorporating high-magnesium nickel slag

Board meeting frequency and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting: evidence from Malaysia

Identifying partial subroutines for instrument control based on regular expressions

Monitoring urban growth and land use land cover change in Al Ain, UAE using remote sensing and GIS techniques

Greywater pollutant removal dynamics in the vegetative biofiltration systems

Minimising the gender status effects on performance for women in leadership

Drivers of corruption risk and stock market effects: evidence from the defence industry

Smart automation of furrow irrigation in the sugar industry

Wealth management and financial advisory services in the Asia-Pacific region

A study on securing software defined networks

Performance of an innovative composite railway sleeper

Out of scope: locating assistive technology in injury insurance rehabilitation legislation and guidelines

Site-specific irrigation using automated control and machine vision for horticulture crops in Queensland and New Zealand

VennTags: A file management system based on overlapping sets of tags

How open learning has expanded the horizons of disadvantaged students to gain access to higher education

The large-scale magnetic fields of planet-hosting solar-type stars

Board Independence and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting in Malaysia

Impact of large-scale dynamic versus thermodynamic climate conditions on contrasting tropical cyclone genesis frequency

Harmonising data on the correlates of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in young people: methods and lessons learnt from the International Children's Accelerometry Database (ICAD)

The ReSiT study (reducing sitting time): rationale and protocol for an exploratory pilot study of an intervention to reduce sitting time among office workers

Development of a new calcium sulfoaluminate (synthetic ye'elimite) blended PII 52.5 cement

Aboriginal stone huts along the Georgina River, southwest Queensland

The homestead as fortress: fact or folklore?

FRIOD: a deeply integrated feature-rich interactive system for effective and efficient outlier detection

Lighting the way through the home: development of early braille literacy

Simulation α of EEG using brain network model

Client support is collaborative: the matrix model in action at USQ

Enhancing students’ confidence, competence and knowledge with Integrated Skills Challenge

Understanding children's epistemic beliefs in elementary education

Preparing teachers to mentor beginning teachers: an Australian case study

Teachers’ responses to school change: an investigation into the views and practices of teachers at four national secondary schools in the Solomon Islands

Ultra-high strain in epitaxial silicon carbide nanostructures utilizing residual stress amplification

Characterization of sapphire chemical mechanical polishing performances using silica with different sizes and their removal mechanisms

Associations among the Five Components within COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework as the Underpinning of Quality Corporate Governance

Pushing the limits of piezoresistive effect by optomechanical coupling in 3C-SiC/Si heterostructure

Piezo-Hall effect and fundamental piezo-Hall coefficients of single crystal n-type 3C-SiC(100) with low carrier concentration

Experimental investigation of piezoresistive effect in p-Type 4H-SiC

Robust free-standing nano-thin SiC membranes enable direct photolithography for MEMS sensing applications

Superior robust ultrathin single-crystalline silicon carbide membrane as a versatile platform for biological applications

Steady-state analytical model of suspended p-type 3C-SiC bridges under consideration of Joule heating

Solvent-free fabrication of biodegradable hot-film flow sensor for noninvasive respiratory monitoring

Single-crystalline 3C-SiC anodically bonded onto glass: an excellent platform for high-temperature electronics and bioapplications

Self-sensing paper-based actuators employing ferromagnetic nanoparticles and graphite

Adapting technological pedagogical content knowledge framework to teach mathematics

Investigating Mobile Learning in Higher Education in Laos PDR and Cambodia

Pseudo-Hall Effect in Single Crystal n-Type 3C-SiC(100) Thin Film

Ant colony algorithm for building energy optimisation problems and comparison with benchmark algorithms

Resistance training for children and youth: a position stand from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) (Original publication 2007, updated March 2017)

Molecular engineering strategy for high efficiency fullerene-free organic solar cells using conjugated 1,8-naphthalimide and fluorenone building blocks

Microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium/steel bimetallic joints

Strain mediated bandgap reduction, light spectrum broadening, and carrier mobility enhancement of methylammonium lead/tin iodide perovskites

Movement demands and running intensities of semi-professional rugby league players in a 9’s tournament

The role of the trunk control in athletic performance of a reactive change-of-direction task

Thermoresistive effect for advanced thermal sensors: Fundamentals, design considerations, and applications

Thermal flow sensors for harsh environments

Formation of silicon carbide nanowire on insulator through direct wet oxidation

The Impact of Heat Exposure and Sleep Restriction on Firefighters’ Work Performance and Physiology during Simulated Wildfire Suppression

Response of women using oral contraception to exercise in the heat

The Effects of Simulated Wildland Firefighting Tasks on Core Temperature and Cognitive Function under Very Hot Conditions

Effect of different thermo-treatment at relatively low temperatures on the properties of indium tin-oxide thin films

2-methylimidazole-derived Ni-Co layered double hydroxide nanosheets as high rate capability and high energy density storage material in hybrid supercapacitors

Enhanced perovskite electronic properties via a modified lead(ii) chloride Lewis acid-base adduct and their effect in high-efficiency perovskite solar cells

First-principles prediction of spin-polarized multiple dirac rings in manganese fluoride

Prospects of e-beam evaporated molybdenum oxide as a hole transport layer for perovskite solar cells

Narrative research in practice: stories from the field

9-Fluorenone and 9,10-anthraquinone potential fused aromatic building blocks to synthesize electron acceptors for organic solar cells

Prediabetes and cardiovascular complications study (PACCS): international collaboration 4 years' summary and future direction

Building Energy Retrofits using Ant Colony Optimisation

Painting with feedback

Sensitive and fast response graphite pressure sensor fabricated by a solvent-free approach

Environment-friendly wearable thermal flow sensors for noninvasive respiratory monitoring

Threat and opportunity: the impact of social inclusion and likeability on anonymous feedback, self-esteem, and belonging

Sources of practice knowledge among Australian fitness trainers

Can massive communities of teachers facilitate collaborative reflection? Fractal design as a possible answer

Through-thickness permeability of woven fabric under increasing air pressure: theoretical framework and simulation

Individual and combined effects of acute and chronic running loads on injury risk in elite Australian footballers

Mechanical and thermal properties of glass fiber–vinyl ester resin composite for pipeline repair exposed to hot-wet conditioning

Alcohol sponsorship and its impact on sports participants’ consumption

Weight loss outcomes in laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy (LVSG) versus laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) procedures: a meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Diabetes improvement and resolution following laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy (LVSG) versus laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) procedures: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Randomized controlled trial of a web-based multi-modal therapy program for executive functioning in children and adolescents with unilateral cerebral palsy

Does an Online CBT Program for Anxiety Impact Upon Sleep Problems in Anxious Youth?

A worrying trend in Social Anxiety: To what degree are worry and its cognitive factors associated with youth Social Anxiety Disorder?

Evaluating the performance of BSBL methodology for EEG source localization on a realistic head model

Depth of anaesthesia assessment using interval second-order difference plot and permutation entropy techniques

Three-dimensional pedagogy: a new professionalism in educational contexts

State-of-the-art review on FRP sandwich systems for lightweight civil infrastructure

Guardian dogs protect sheep by guarding sheep, not by establishing territories and excluding predators

A process to graphically demonstrate distance errors associated with local ground-based coordinate systems

Psychometric properties of the Meaning in Life Questionnaire (MLQ) in a sample of Australian adolescents

Schools and Natural Disaster Recovery: The Unique and Vital Role That Teachers and Education Professionals Play in Ensuring the Mental Health of Students Following Natural Disasters

A Rasch model analysis of the mindful attention awareness scale

Homophobia, transphobia, young people and the question of responsibility

Application of effective drought index for quantification of meteorological drought events: a case study in Australia

Quantifying the effects of acute altitude exposure on exercise performance and capacity: a systematic review and meta-regression

North/South: the Great European divide

Understanding strategies of teacher-student interaction: the impact on student experience and learning outcomes in online education

Out of the silo: a qualitative study of paramedic transition to a specialist role in community paramedicine

Defining the end-point of transition to a specialist role in community paramedicine: is feeling comfortable enough?

People with disabilities working in the disability sector in Timor Leste: a study of 'lived experience' using PhotoVoice

The project-space model: enhancing sensemaking

Paramedic disaster health management competencies: a scoping review

Biography and Beyond: The Reanimation of Mary Shelley

Identifying suitable detection dogs

Development of body, head and brain features in the Australian fat-tailed dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata; Marsupialia: Dasyuridae); A postnatal model of forebrain formation

Outstanding host resistance will resolve the threat from white leaf spot disease (Pseudocercosporella capsellae) to oilseed and vegetable Brassica spp. crops

Unique infection structures produced by Pseudocercosporella capsellae on oilseed crops Brassica carinata, B. juncea and B. napus in Western Australia

The effects of acute exposure to mining machinery noise on the behaviour of eastern blue-tongued lizards (Tiliqua scincoides)

Approaches to embedding sustainability in teacher education: A synthesis of the literature

Teaching for strong sustainability in university tourism courses

Developing professional learner identities: a critical piece in the classroom readiness puzzle

Creating change for sustainability in universities in Australia, one system at a time

Applying risk-based principles of dispersive mine spoil behaviour to facilitate development of cost-effective best management practices

Caring for older people in Australia: principles for nursing practice [PowerPoint slides Chs 1-18 to accompany text]

Application of remote sensing and social media to mitigate bushfire threat in regional Australia

Patients' choice between public and private hospital emergency departments: a cross-sectional survey

Prenatal exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and hyperactivity behavior in Chinese young children

Biomarkers of the health outcomes associated with ambient particulate matter exposure

Predictors of dieting and non-dieting approaches among adults living in Australia

Modification of the effects of air pollutants on mortality by temperature: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Lessons Learned from PISA: A Systematic Review of Peer-Reviewed Articles on the Programme for International Student Assessment

The need for Open Educational Practices policies to transform Australian higher education

Archaeology of JSARN–124 site 3, central-western Arnhem Land: Determining the age of the so-called ‘Genyornis’ painting

Can we ‘Catch ‘em All’? An exploration of the nexus between augmented reality games, urban planning and urban design

Empirical evidence of extension of time in construction projects

QCAT guardianship process initiative. Phase 2. Final evaluation report for Queensland Health (QH), Clinical Excellence Division

Labor Productivity Assessment Using Activity Analysis on Semi High-Rise Building Projects in Pakistan

Influence of Six Sigma on project success in construction industry of Pakistan

Sustainability Focused CoP: Enabling Transformative Education

Multi-disciplinary green IT archival analysis: a pathway for future studies

Likes — the key to my happiness: the moderating effect of social influence on travel experience

Identification of barriers and providing solutions to implement project control system in building projects

Centrifugally driven winds from protostellar accretion discs – I. Formulation and initial results

Providing an structure for risk assessment of residential projects against earthquake

Community engagement in pro-poor tourism initiatives: fact or fallacy? Insights from the inside

Integrated marketing communications, Asia-Pacific

Turning dust to gold: how to increase inimitability of enterprise system

Human degradation with the use of social media: a theological perspective

Apparent limitations in the ability of CMIP5 climate models to simulate recent multi-decadal change in surface temperature: implications for global temperature projections

The non-linear impact of El Nino, La Nina and the Southern Oscillation on seasonal and regional Australian precipitation

Humans have already increased the risk of major disruptions to Pacific rainfall

Multiyear variability in the Tasman Sea and impacts on Southern hemisphere climate in CMIP5 models

Analysis of web based structural security patterns by employing ten security principles

A vertical wind structure that leads to extreme rainfall and major flooding in southeast Australia

Spatial and temporal agreement in climate model simulations of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation

Role of Accessory Right Inferior Hepatic Veins in evaluation of Liver Transplantation

The Politics of Healthy Eating

Central venous Access device SeCurement And Dressing Effectiveness for peripherally inserted central catheters in adult acute hospital patients (CASCADE): a pilot randomised controlled trial

Alcohol Caps or Alcohol Swabs With and Without Chlorhexidine: An In Vitro Study of 648 Episodes of Intravenous Device Needleless Connector Decontamination

Anzac & Empire

Lack of association between PBMC telomere length and endurance exercise

An observational study of nurses’ intravenous flush and medication practice in the clinical setting

Evaluating methods for effective decontamination of central venous access devices needleless connectors in adult hospital patients: A pilot randomised control trial protocol

‘Zero tolerance’ is the wrong approach to classroom behaviour management [Blog post]

Pseudo-Hall Effect in Graphite on Paper Based Four Terminal Devices for Stress Sensing Applications

Is awareness of suicide risk and intent culturally informed? A comparison between Australia and Brazil

Comparative study of damage detection in symmetric and asymmetric buildings

Deterioration sensitive feature using enhanced AR Model residuals

An efficient and secure itinerary-based data aggregation algorithm for WSNs

Running an open MOOC on learning in laboratories

Evaluating the temperature and glass fibre reinforcement effects on the damping properties of the shape memory polymers

Using marker based augmented reality and natural user interface for interactive remote experiments

Numerical investigation of 2D trapdoor stability

The effect of model domain size for unsupported plain strain tunnel headings in undrained clay

Challenges and issues that are perceived to influence cloud computing adoption in local government councils

A Report on the First International Workshop on Research Methods in Animal-Computer Interaction

Designing the Social Internet of Things

Statistics for evidence-based decisions - use, misuse and abuse

The altruistic robot: do what I want, not just what I say

Towards the prediction of multi-year to decadal climate variability in the Southern Hemisphere

The ratification and implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty for visually impaired persons in the Arab Gulf States

The occupational wellbeing of people experiencing homelessness

An exploratory study of students’ weekly stress levels and sources of stress during the semester

The impact of the environment on elite wheelchair basketball athletes: a cross-case comparison

Methodological considerations related to nurse researchers using their own experience of a phenomenon within phenomenology

Benchmarking the research track record and level of appointment of Australian occupational therapy academics

Effect of portable non-invasive ventilation & environmental conditions on everyday activities

Linking entrepreneurial orientation and small service firm performance through marketing resources and marketing capability: A moderated mediation model

High-fidelity replication of thermoplastic microneedles with open microfluidic channels

Three Statistically Validated K2 Transiting Warm Jupiter Exoplanets Confirmed as Low-mass Stars

A Bright Short Period M-M Eclipsing Binary from the KELT Survey: Magnetic Activity and the Mass–Radius Relationship for M Dwarfs

HAT-P-67b: An Extremely Low Density Saturn Transiting an F-subgiant Confirmed via Doppler Tomography

A Multi-planet System Transiting the V = 9 Rapidly Rotating F-Star HD 106315

KELT-18b: Puffy Planet, Hot Host, Probably Perturbed

A giant planet undergoing extreme-ultraviolet irradiation by its hot massive-star host

A dearth of small particles in the transiting material around the white dwarf WD 1145+017

WASP-167b/KELT-13b: joint discovery of a hot Jupiter transiting a rapidly rotating F1V star

KELT-19Ab: A P ∼ 4.6-day Hot Jupiter Transiting a Likely Am Star with a Distant Stellar Companion

K2-114b and K2-115b: Two Transiting Warm Jupiters

A survey of eight hot Jupiters in secondary eclipse using WIRCam at CFHT

KELT-20b: A Giant Planet with a Period of P ∼ 3.5 days Transiting the V ∼ 7.6 Early A Star HD 185603

Exoplanetary atmospheric sodium revealed by orbital motion: Narrow-band transmission spectroscopy of HD 189733b with UVES

Preferred physical activity among Setswana-speaking community-dwelling adults in Potchefstroom

Enhanced methane production from pig manure in covered lagoons and digesters: Project 4C-109

Bioenergy Support Program - Transition (Research): Project 4C-115

Construction of multilayer coatings for flame retardancy of ramie fabric using layer-by-layer assembly

Application of poly(diphenolic acid-phenyl phosphate)-based layer by layer nanocoating in flame retardant ramie fabrics

In-depth profiles of the expectations of undergraduate students commencing university: a Q methodological analysis

Doing Decoloniality in the Writing Borderlands of the PhD

‘It’s Mental Health, Not Mental Police’: A Human Rights Approach to Mental Health Triage and Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983

Improving non-communicable disease remediation outcomes in Tonga: the importance of domestic fruit production systems: an analysis

Quantifying Postharvest Loss and the Implication of Market-Based Decisions: A Case Study of Two Commercial Domestic Tomato Supply Chains in Queensland, Australia

Welan gum retards the hydration of calcium sulfoaluminate

Acid‐activated and WOx‐loaded montmorillonite catalysts and their catalytic behaviors in glycerol dehydration

Cobalt hollow nanospheres: controlled synthesis, modification and highly catalytic performance for hydrolysis of ammonia borane

Highly active CeO2 hollow-shell spheres with Al doping

Experimental and Theoretical Deflections of Hybrid Composite Sandwich Panel under Four-point Bending Load

The structural behavior of hybrid structural insulated panels under pure bending load

Physical qualities of experts

Preventing injury

The 'Great Doctrine of Human Rights': articulation and authentication in the nineteenth-century U.S. antislavery and women’s rights movements

‘Bloomers’ and the British world: dress reform in transatlantic and antipodean print culture, 1851–1950

Harriet Clisby’s ‘Sketches of Australia’: travel writing and colonial refigurations in Boston’s Woman’s Journal

Justifying methodology - Using constructivist grounded theory to understand the lived experiences of early career teachers teaching students with diverse learning needs

Living with CRPS: patients in partnership

More than an ePortfolio: adopting PebblePad as a learning management tool to structure curriculum delivery, track competency achievement and build a graduate entry showcase

Extracting Microlensing Signals from K2 Campaign 9

A general equilibrium assessment of climate change–induced loss of agricultural productivity in Nepal

Modeling and Selection of Interdependent Software Requirements Using Fuzzy Graphs

Understanding Dance Through Authentic Choreographic and A/r/tographic Experiences

Beyond the Kepler/K2 bright limit: variability in the seven brightest members of the Pleiades

Finding binaries from phase modulation of pulsating stars with Kepler: V. Orbital parameters, with eccentricity and mass-ratio distributions of 341 new binaries

A spectroscopic and photometric investigation of the mercury–manganese star KIC 6128830

The origin of the occurrence rate profile of gas giants inside 100 d

Spin–Orbit Misalignment and Precession in the Kepler-13Ab Planetary System

Dynamically Hot Super-Earths from Outer Giant Planet Scattering

OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb: The First Spitzer Bulge Planet Lies Near the Planet/Brown-dwarf Boundary

An Isolated Microlens Observed from K2, Spitzer, and Earth

Horticultural postharvest loss in municipal fruit and vegetable markets in Samoa

From road distraction to safe driving: Evaluating the effects of boredom and gamification on driving behaviour, physiological arousal, and subjective experience

The Devil is in the Detail: An Analysis of VAT Compliance Costs for SMEs in a Developing Nation

Mahindra & Mahindra – Mainstreaming Sustainability Through Knowledge Building

Factors influencing managers’ environmental investment decisions: an empirical examination in the Australian offshore oil and gas industry

Rurality, Nigeria's massification policy on access to basic education and turnover causations amongst teachers

Demographic analysis of turnover intentions amongst Nigerian high school teachers

Chaos Theory: Implications for Cost Overrun Research in Hydrocarbon Megaprojects

Bid or no-bid decision factors of indigenous contractors in Nigeria

Collusive bidding in Brazilian infrastructure projects

Impact and Remedy of Legal Uncertainties in Building Information Modeling

Overrun causations under advance payment regimes

Re-imagining the rape-revenge genre: Ana Kokkinos’ The book of revelation

Effect of drug-related cues on response inhibition through abstinence: A pilot study in male heroin abstainers

Associations between immunological function and memory recall in healthy adults

Spectroscopic and asteroseismic analysis of the remarkable main-sequence A star KIC 11145123

Theory and evidence of global Rossby waves in upper main-sequence stars: r-mode oscillations in many Kepler stars

Spectroscopic survey of Kepler stars – II. FIES/NOT observations of A- and F-type stars

Modelling Kepler red giants in eclipsing binaries: calibrating the mixing-length parameter with asteroseismology

KIC 8164262: a heartbeat star showing tidally induced pulsations with resonant locking

Large amplitude change in spot-induced rotational modulation of the Kepler Ap star KIC 2569073

Acute Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field Emitted by Mobile Phone on Brain Function

Reduction in N2 amplitude in response to deviant drug-related stimuli during a two-choice oddball task in long-term heroin abstainers

Superconductivity and magnetotransport of single-crystalline NbSe2 nanoplates grown by chemical vapour deposition

Territories beyond possession? Antarctica and Outer Space

Charting the past to understand the cultural inheritance of concert hall listening and audience development practices

Undergraduates’ conceptions of research methods learning

An investigation of the use of embedded FBG sensors to measure temperature and strain inside a concrete beam during the curing period and strain measurements under operational loading

An integer linear programming model for binary knapsack problem with dependent item values

Me, us and it: insiders views of the complex technical, organisational and personal elements in using virtual worlds in education

Student interest as a key driver of engagement for first year students

Quest for Student Success: A Cross-disciplinary Exploration of the Learning and Development Needs of Online Students in a Regional University

Understanding Completion Patterns of Equity Students in Regional Universities

Experiencing the educational interface: Understanding student engagement

Impacts and Management of Temperature and Water Stress in Crop Plants

Response surface methodology (RSM) based multi-objective optimization of fusel oil-gasoline blends at different water content in SI engine

Can additional N fertiliser ameliorate the elevated CO2-induced depression in grain and tissue N concentrations of wheat on a high soil N background?

Effects of biodiesel fuel obtained from Salvia macrosiphon oil (ultrasonic-assisted) on performance and emissions of diesel engine

Effects of physicochemical properties of biodiesel fuel blends with alcohol on diesel engine performance and exhaust emissions: A review

Designing for student-facing learning analytics

Photocatalytic activity and synthesis procedures of TiO2 nanoparticles for potential applications in membranes

Corrigendum to 'Pilot study on arsenic removal from groundwater using a small-scale reverse osmosis system—Towards sustainable drinking water production' [J. Hazard. Mater. 318 (2016) 671–678]

Desalination of salty water using vacuum spray dryer driven by solar energy

Interaction of arsenic with biochar in soil and water: A critical review

Lower grain nitrogen content of wheat at elevated CO2 can be improved through post-anthesis NH4+ supplement

Analysis of the Average Annual Consumption of Water in the Hospitals of Extremadura (Spain)

Dependence of the Microporosity of Activated Carbons on the Lignocellulosic Composition of the Precursors

Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain proteome response to elevated [CO2] varies between genotypes

Treatment of Slaughterhouse Waste Water Mixed with Serum from Lacteal Industry of Extremadura in Spain to Produce Clean Energy

Humanizing the Online Experience Through Effective Use and Analysis of Discussion Forums

Fertiliser management effects on dissolved inorganic nitrogen in runoff from Australian sugarcane farms

Potential of different AM fungi (native from As-contaminated and uncontaminated soils) for supporting Leucaena leucocephala growth in As-contaminated soil

Antimony as a global dilemma: Geochemistry, mobility, fate and transport

Performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine using nano particles additives in biodiesel-diesel blends and modeling with GP approach

A Heterostructure Coupling of Exfoliated Ni–Fe Hydroxide Nanosheet and Defective Graphene as a Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting

Digital equity: Diversity, inclusion and access for incarcerated students in a digital age

FRP jacket assembly for retrofitting concrete structures

Neutrosophic Recommender System for Medical Diagnosis Based on Algebraic Similarity Measure and Clustering

The interpretative role of an experiencer

Friendship supported learning – the role of friendships in first-year students’ university experiences

The music of Carl Vine

Livelihood Cycle and Vulnerability of Rural Households to Climate Change and Hazards in Bangladesh

A comparative study of the equity strategies employed by Australian universities: Final Report

The Toowoomba flexi school model: one size does not fit all

Pre-service teachers’ perceptions about identifying, managing and preventing cyberbullying

New constraints on the millimetre emission of six debris discs

Dating painted Panel E1 at Nawarla Gabarnmang, central-western Arnhem Land plateau

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Modelling and water yield assessment of Lake Sibhayi

Botryosphaeriaceae in Australian cereal grains: An overview

Health and Socio-Cultural Experiences of Refugee Women: An Integrative Review

A framework for an asset-informed approach to service mapping

Experiences and needs of carers of Aboriginal children with a disability: a qualitative study

Influence of Rest on Players’ Performance and Physiological Responses during Basketball Play





Effects of wood fiber size on the performance of biodegradable foam

Uncertainty assessment of the multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural network model with implementation of the novel hybrid MLP-FFA method for prediction of biochemical oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen: a case study of Langat River

The sugarcane industry in Nepal: Opportunities and challenges

A review of the water desalination systems integrated with renewable energy

Feminist Evaluation and Research: Theory and Practice by S Brisolara, D Seigart and S SenGupta

Higher Degree Research students at the centre of transformational practice: an evidence based approach

Cyclic Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Frames with Strap Bracing

Strength properties of grout for strata reinforcement

The extent of shearing and the integrity of protective sleeve coating of cable bolts

Probabilistic analysis of stress concentration factors in unstiffened gap tubular KT-joints of jacket structures under the out-of-plane bending moment loads

Static capacity of tubular X-joints reinforced with collar plate subjected to brace compression

Static strength of doubler plate reinforced tubular T/Y-joints under in-plane bending load

Local joint flexibility of two-planar tubular DK-joints in OWTs subjected to axial loading: Parametric study of geometrical effects and design formulation

A study on the Local Joint Flexibility (LJF) of two-planar tubular DK-joints in jacket structures under in-plane bending loads

Geometrical effects on the local joint flexibility of two-planar tubular DK-joints in jacket substructure of offshore wind turbines under OPB loading

Investigation on the Effect of Geometrical and Geotechnical Parameters on Elongated Offshore Piles Using Fuzzy Inference Systems

Development of a Probability Distribution Model for SCFs in Uniplanar Tubular KT-Joints of Offshore Structures under IPB Moment Loading

The Discovery of λ Bootis Stars: The Southern Survey I

Hydrogeochemical reconnaissance of arsenic cycling and possible environmental risk in hydrothermal systems of Taiwan

Editorial for special issue: Advances in sedentary behavior research and translation

Challenges and opportunities for the study and conservation of large carnivores

Study design concepts for inferring functional roles of mammalian top predators

Can we save large carnivores without losing large carnivore science?

Understanding the Challenges Involved in Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy in South Asia

The Future of Evaluation in Society: A tribute to Michael Scriven by Stewart I. Donaldson

Reading and Responding: Literature, Ethics and Citizenship

Let's stop talking about school choice and reconfigure what we are doing in Australia [Blog post]

Parents shouldn't rely on My School data when choosing a school for their child

Charter schools and vouchers not a solution for Australian schooling

An asymmetrical approach to understanding configurations of customer loyalty in the airline industry

Uncovering the service profit chain in the casino industry

Celebrity endorsement and stock market return

Does phytoestrogen supplementation improve cognition in humans? A systematic review

SILS Effective Handover Project Report, December 2017

Academic Integrity Working Group Report

Service user or service provider? How social work and human services students integrate dual identities

Childhood Adversity and Self-Care Education for Undergraduate Social Work and Human Services Students

Qualitative exploration of psychotropic medication to manage challenging behaviour in adults with intellectual disability: views of family members

Proactive Pastoral Care

The Whole Package - Playing by ear, reading and improvising for all music students

Synergistic chemical and microbial cementation for stabilization of aggregates

Driver behaviour at level crossings: Too fast approach speeds and too fast decisions?

PDTools: A toolbox of partial discharge (PD) signal analysis for transformer condition assessment

Impacts of Power Grid Frequency Deviation on Time Error of Synchronous Electric Clock and Worldwide Power System Practices on Time Error Correction

Understanding the Effect of Non-Uniform Ageing on Dielectric Response of Transformer Insulation

Study of variability metrics for solar irradiance and photovoltaic output

Statistical analysis of the FNET/grideye-detected inter-area oscillations in Eastern Interconnection (EI)

Source Location Identification of Distribution-Level Electric Network Frequency Signals at Multiple Geographic Scales

Impact of High PV Penetration on the Inter-Area Oscillations in the U.S. Eastern Interconnection

A Distribution Level Wide Area Monitoring System for the Electric Power Grid—FNET/GridEye

Inter-area oscillation statistical analysis of the U.S. Eastern interconnection

GPS Signal Loss in the Wide Area Monitoring System: Prevalence, Impact, and Solution

Numerical and experimental validation of variation of power transformers’ thermal time constants with load factor

I’m Glad There is You

Project Management for Supplier Organisations: Harmonising the Project Owner to Supplier Relationship by Adrian Taggart

Anzac Rocks - World War I in 9 Rock Songs

Biting the hand that feeds us

Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

Calais - seeing it all [Music video]

Full moon fever