Microaggregation sorting framework for k-anonymity statistical disclosure control in cloud computing

Challenging the Science Curriculum Paradigm: TeachingPrimary Children Atomic-Molecular Theory

Wind tunnel experiments on effects of woven wire screens and buffer zones in mitigating risks associated with firebrand showers

Content analysis to locate assistive technology in Queensland’s motor injury insurance rehabilitation legislation and guidelines

Emotion resonance and divergence: a semiotic analysis of music and sound in 'The Lost Thing', an animated short film and 'Elizabeth' a film trailer

Bicycles, ‘informality’ and the alternative learning space as a site for re-engagement: a risky (pedagogical) proposition?

A new nested ensemble technique for automated diagnosis of breast cancer

A survey of women in Australia who choose the care of unregulated birthworkers for a birth at home

An Efficient Texture Descriptor for the Detection of License Plates From Vehicle Images in Difficult Conditions

Physical education across the international media: a five-year analysis

Mitigation of arsenic accumulation in rice: an agronomical, physico-chemical, and biological approach – a critical review

Aboriginal colonial history and the (un)happy object of reconciliation

A descriptive epidemiology of screen-based devices by children and adolescents: a scoping review of 130 surveillance studies since 2000

Recollage as a tool for self-care: reflecting multimodally on first five years in the academy through Schwab’s lines of flight

The media’s coverage of ‘Closing the Gap’ in Australian education

Debunking the myths about training load, injury and performance: empirical evidence, hot topics and recommendations for practitioners

Presence of books for children in the households of Bangladesh: a district-wise distribution

Militarisation, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and economic growth in Myanmar

An exploratory study to understand the phenomena of eye-tracking technology: a case of the education environment

'I’m not doing that.' An in-depth examination of nonparticipation in mail-out bowel cancer screening programs

Counseling men: treatment recommendations from Australian men’s therapists

Withdrawal versus continuation of long-term antipsychotic drug use for behavioural and psychological symptoms in older people with dementia

Insights into relevant knowledge extraction techniques: a comprehensive review

Handbook of probabilistic models

Probabilistic seasonal rainfall forecasts using semiparametric d-vine copula-based quantile regression

Monthly rainfall forecasting with Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations integrated with statistical bivariate copulas

Development of copula statistical drought prediction model using the Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index

Literacy teachers as reflexive agents? Enablers and constraints

Classroom behavior management in middle level education: a self-regulatory approach to empower teachers and adolescent learners

Visitor encounters with the Great Barrier Reef: aesthetics, heritage and the senses

Thinking systemically to mobilise IPD capability

Expectations, experiences, and preferences of students in a dual mode program: a thematic analysis

Hazards, food insecurity and human displacement in rural riverine Bangladesh: implications for policy

Valuing seasonal climate forecasts in the northern Australia beef industry

Aerobic exercise training at maximal fat oxidation intensity improves body composition, glycemic control, and physical capacity in older people with type 2 diabetes

Utilising instantaneous feedback to promote self-regulated learning in online higher education course: the case for digital badges

'Talk to Me!': Empowering students with a vision impairment through audio e-assessment feedback

Communication, interpreting and language in wartime: historical and contemporary perspectives

Identifying the most effective strategies for improving autobiographical memory specificity and its implications for mental health problems: a meta-analysis

Defining the north Australian monsoon onset: A systematic review

Attitudes towards breech management among a team of maternity clinicians in Australia undertaking breech training

How terrorism red flags become weak signals through the processes of judgement and evaluation

Terrorism, lightning and falling furniture

Measuring the concentration of information and communication technology infrastructure in Australia: do affordability and remoteness matter?

Smaller businesses and e-innovation: a winning combination in Australia

Do social exclusion and remoteness explain the digital divide in Australia? Evidence from a panel data estimation approach

Economic perspectives on government

Optimal design for epoxy polymer concrete based on mechanical properties and durability aspects

Managerial acquisitiveness and corporate tax avoidance

Hollow concrete columns: review of structural behavior and new designs using GFRP reinforcement

Effect of spiral spacing and concrete strength on behavior of GFRP-reinforced hollow concrete columns

Damage detection and quantification in deck type arch bridges using vibration based methods and artificial neural networks

Spatio-temporal variations of seven weather variables in Iran: application of CRU TS and GPCC data sets

The impact of climate variability on water footprint components of rainfed wheat and barley in Qazvin province of Iran

Pan-European multi-crop model ensemble simulations of wheat and grain maize under climate change scenarios

Anchor vertex selection for enhanced reliability of traffic offloading service in edge-enabled mobile P2P social networks

Anchored Vertex Exploration for Community Engagement in Social Networks

Supernova Hunters Discovery of 24 Optical Transients with Pan-STARRS

Errinundra Shimmer

Down the Rabbit Hole: Applying a Right to Be Forgotten to Personal Images Uploaded on Social Networks

Interactive Space as a Signal Processing Device

Educational or behavioural interventions for symptoms and health-related quality of life in adults receiving haemodialysis: A systematic review

Anxiety and depression among patients with thyroid function disorders

Leadership for Ongoing Sustainability of Whole School Improvement

Traditional Chinese exercise for cancer-related sleep disturbance: A systematic review and descriptive analysis of randomized controlled trials

Doctoral nursing education in east and Southeast Asia: characteristics of the programs and students’ experiences of and satisfaction with their studies

Somatic acupoint stimulation for cancer-related sleep disturbance: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Auricular therapy for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in cancer patients: Perspectives from the traditional zang-fu organs and meridians theory

The effect of transition care interventions incorporating health coaching strategies for stroke survivors: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Development and validation of an evidence-based auricular acupressure intervention for managing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in breast cancer patients

Preliminary Test Methodology in View of Asymmetry with Elliptically Contoured Distribution

Dismantling racism in education: In 2020, the year of the nurse & midwife, "it's time."

Transfer of responsibility and accountability of patient care

An Australian-based authentic science research programme transforms the 21st century learning of rural high school students

Sawfly genomes reveal evolutionary acquisitions that fostered the mega-radiation of parasitoid and eusocial Hymenoptera

Adaptations and lessons from COVID-19: A perspective on how some industries will be impacted

High-throughput phenotyping using digital and hyperspectral imaging-derived biomarkers for genotypic nitrogen response

UAV-hyperspectral imaging of spectrally complex environments

Fusion of Spectral and Structural Information from Aerial Images for Improved Biomass Estimation

Roof bolt identification in underground coal mines from 3D point cloud data using local point descriptors and artificial neural network

Visualising Australia's older population using grid maps

Parking Behavior: Park ‘n’ Ride (PnR) to encourage multimodalism in Brisbane

Upset diagrams for examining whether parking maximums influence modal choice and car holdings

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Freedom, Rationality, Rule of Law and Democracy: Should We Not Be Debating It?

First Peoples and Demographic Change in Australia: Was the Constitutional Statement of Recognition Too Easily Discarded?

Advancing culture’s role in sustainable development: social change through cultural policy

Isomorphic Mutation and Strategic Adaptation in China's CSR Standards for Overseas Investors

Australian Law in Context: Social, Political and Global Perspectives

Collaborative Practice in Australian Civil Disputes

Potassium-Ion Storage in Cellulose-Derived Hard Carbon: The Role of Functional Groups

Pyrolysis of brominated polyethylene as an alternative carbon fibre precursor

Self-assembly of nickel phosphate-based nanotubes into two-dimensional crumpled sheet-like architectures for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors

Nitrogen-Doped Mesoporous Carbon Microspheres by Spray Drying-Vapor Deposition for High-Performance Supercapacitor

Nanocellulose-based carbon as electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries

Modulating the Void Space of Nitrogen-Doped Hollow Mesoporous Carbon Spheres for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Synthesis of Uniformly Sized Mesoporous Silver Films and Their SERS Application

Sandwich-Structured Ordered Mesoporous Polydopamine/MXene Hybrids as High-Performance Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Ammonia gas sensing properties of Al doped ZnO thin films

Synthesis of Multiple-Twinned Pd Nanoparticles Anchored on Graphitic Carbon Nanosheets for Use as Highly-Active Multifunctional Electrocatalyst in Formic Acid and Methanol Oxidation Reactions

Uncovering giant nanowheels for magnesium ion–based batteries

Solid-state lithium–sulfur batteries: Advances, challenges and perspectives

True Meaning of Pseudocapacitors and Their Performance Metrics: Asymmetric versus Hybrid Supercapacitors

Graphene and molybdenum disulphide hybrids for energy applications: an update

Numerical solution and stability analysis of a childhood-disease model with vaccination and relapse

An introduction to the Cyrcadia Breast Monitor: A wearable breast health monitoring device

Establishing a research agenda on habit: a reflection on the SYNERGY expert meeting 2019

The mediating role of constructs representing reasoned-action and automatic processes on the past behavior-future behavior relationship

Development and evaluation of an intervention targeting parenting practices associated with obesity-related behaviours in young children attending playgroup

Magnolia - guitar performances

Preface: The Transnational Voices of Australia’s Migrant and Minority Press


Impact of comprehensive smoking cessation training of practitioners on patients' 6-month quit outcome

Variability in patient sociodemographics, clinical characteristics, and healthcare service utilization among 107,302 treatment seeking smokers in Ontario: A cross-sectional comparison

Computerized Clinical Decision Support System for Prompting Brief Alcohol Interventions with Treatment Seeking Smokers: A Sex-Based Secondary Analysis of a Cluster Randomized Trial

Tailored Web-Based Smoking Interventions and Reduced Attrition: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Is cannabis use associated with tobacco cessation outcome? An observational cohort study in primary care

PreEMPT (Preterm infant Early intervention for Movement and Participation Trial): The feasibility of a Novel, Participation-focused Early Physiotherapy intervention supported by Telehealth in Regional Australia - A Protocol

Developing the Clinical Reasoning Achievement-Based (CRAB) framework

Estimating in-season actual evapotranspiration over a large-scale irrigation scheme in resource-limited conditions

Does DNA evidence in the form of a likelihood ratio affect perceivers’ sensitivity to the strength of a suspect’s alibi?

The importance of farmers' perceptions of salinity and adaptation strategies for ensuring food security: Evidence from the coastal rice growing areas of Bangladesh

Field-scale effects of elevated ozone and diesel exhaust emissions on insect pollination and natural enemy recruitment

Large-scale evaluation of interventions designed to reduce childhood Drownings in rural Bangladesh: a before and after cohort study


Thermal properties and flame retardancy of an intumescent flame-retarded epoxy system containing phosphaphenanthrene, triazine-trione and piperidine

Synthesis of a P/N/S-based flame retardant and its flame retardant effect on epoxy resin

Synergistic effect of polyhedral iron-cobalt alloys and graphite nanosheets with excellent microwave absorption performance

Study on the plastic deformation zone of Q235 steel via hammering tight seam

A P/N-containing flame retardant constructed by phosphaphenanthrene, phosphonate, and triazole and its flame retardant mechanism in reducing fire hazards of epoxy resin

One-step preparation of CoFe2O4/FeCo/graphite nanosheets hybrid composites with tunable microwave absorption performance

Intumescent fire retardant coating with recycled powder from industrial effluent optimized using response surface methodology

Facile synthesis of cobalt-doped porous composites with amorphous carbon/zn shell for high-performance microwave absorption

Facile synthesis of Co-embedded porous spherical carbon composites derived from Co3O4/ZIF-8 compounds for broadband microwave absorption

A facile strategy to fabricate an intumescent fire-retardant coating with improved fire resistance and water tolerance for steel structure

Design of controlled-morphology NiCo2O4 with tunable and excellent microwave absorption performance

Aminobenzothiazole-substituted cyclotriphosphazene derivative as reactive flame retardant for epoxy resin

Uncomfortable revelations: The history of gender violence in Australia and South Africa

Quality Assessment of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Surface Deviation Analysis in Vegetation Slope Monitoring

Impact of anthropometric characteristics on the medial longitudinal arch in static and dynamic loading using photogrammetry images

Reliability and validity of Smartphones to Record and Study the Assessment of Gait Characteristics

Discovering Relational Intelligence in Online Social Networks

Trauma-informed pedagogy for adult learners of EAL

Trauma-informed teaching of adults learning a second or other language

Student voice: Embracing our learners' knowledge in teaching and research

Characteristics of Particulate Plastics in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Relationships between foot dimensions and plantar pressure distributed in older people

Exploring the Association between Communication Satisfaction and Trust in the Aviation Maintenance Environment An International Study

Computational prediction of protein ubiquitination sites mapping on Arabidopsis thaliana

In silico identification and characterization of AGO, DCL and RDR gene families and their associated regulatory elements in sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L.)

An exploration of IoT platform development

CEL Toolkit

The state of play of Associate Deans, learning and teaching, in Australian universities, 30 years on

Measuring pressure and multi-location with dielectric elastomer capacitive sensors (Conference Presentation)

Perspectives of speech and language therapists in paediatric palliative care: an international exploratory study

Are radiographers an influencing factor in the radiation protection practices of speech-language therapists performing videofluoroscopic swallowing studies?

Speech-language pathologists in paediatric palliative care: a Delphi study protocol

Data, data everywhere…and yet nowhere. RDM for HDRs

Stress-Relaxation and Cyclic Behavior of Human Carotid Plaque Tissue

Modelling the growth of hydrothermally synthesised bactericidal nanostructures, as a function of processing conditions

Design of an Open-Source, Low-Cost Bioink and Food Melt Extrusion 3D Printer

A Framework for Sharing Staff between Outbound and Inbound Airport Processes

A multi commodity flow model incorporating flow reduction functions

A tool to minimize the need of Monte Carlo ray tracing code for 3D finite volume modelling of a standard parabolic trough collector receiver under a realistic solar flux profile

An Analytical Optimisation Framework for Airport Terminal Capacity Expansion

Antiviral Nanostructured Surfaces Reduce the Viability of SARS-CoV-2

Antiviral and Antibacterial Nanostructured Surfaces with Excellent Mechanical Properties for Hospital Applications

A multi-criteria multi-commodity flow model for analysing transportation networks

Investigation of failure mechanisms of nacre at macro and nano scales

Registered Nurses' understanding, knowledge and perceptions of the association between sexually transmitted infections and domestic violence

A cross-sectional study of domestic violence instruction in nursing and midwifery programs: Out of step with community and student expectations

Living with diabetes and disadvantage: A qualitative, geographical case study

Peripheral vascular system

Head and Neck

Assessing nutrition

The nurse's role in health assessment: Collecting and analysing data

Assessing the Sensitivity of Site-Specific Lime and Gypsum Recommendations to Soil Sampling Techniques and Spatial Density of Data Collection in Australian Agriculture: A Pedometric Approach

Injuries during transition periods across the year in pre-professional and professional ballet and contemporary dancers: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Injuries across a pre-professional ballet and contemporary dance tertiary training program: A retrospective cohort study

Composites for alternative railway sleepers

Advancing Older Workers: Motivations, Adaptabilities, and Ongoing Career Engagement

Floodways and Flood-Related Experiences: A Survey of Industry Experts and Asset Owners

Discussion of “New Approach for the Computation of the Water Surface Angle in Partially Filled Pipes: Pipes Arranged in Parallel” by Lotfi Zeghadnia and Jean Loup Robert

“RIPSSL”: A New Reflective Inquiry Protocol to Lift the Lid on Students’ Significant Extra-Curricular Learning Outcomes from Study Abroad

3D Numerical Simulation and Dynamic Analyses of Debonded GFRP Composite Slabs

Managing Free-Range Laying Hens—Part B: Early Range Users Have More Pathology Findings at the End of Lay but Have a Significantly Higher Chance of Survival—An Indicative Study

Aerodynamic database of the HEXAFLY‑INT hypersonic glider

What emerges in playing in The Corner of artist-curated and created matter

Occupational risks during clinical placement: Key stakeholder perceptions

Report and Prevent: A Quality Improvement Project to Protect Nurses From Violence in the Emergency Department

What can feminist history do in urgent times?

Pre-registration nursing students' perceptions and experience of intentional rounding: A cross-sectional study

Nursing care of people with musculoskeletal disorders

Nursing care of people with haematologic disorders

Nurse and patient satisfaction with intentional rounding in a rural Australian setting

The power of the tests on the multiple regression model

Recreating the OSIRIS-REx slingshot manoeuvre from a network of ground-based sensors

Caulerpa lentillifera (Sea Grapes) Improves Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health of Rats with Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome

Intentional rounding in the context of student learning

Traversing the Dark Geography of Retirement: Learnings from Ethical and Reciprocal Research Conducted with the Older Male in Australia

Activist Research: Real-World Reciprocity—A Provocation

DNA Methylation in Adipose Tissue and Metabolic Syndrome

Reply to: Pelargonidin and its glycosides as dietary chemopreventives attenuating inflammatory bowel disease symptoms through the aryl hydrocarbon receptor

Correction to: Teaching interrelated concepts of fraction for understanding and teacher’s pedagogical content knowledge

Sustainability and environmental stewardship: empirical analysis of selected composite indexes

Reconstructing the Observed Ionizing Photon Production Efficiency at z ∼ 2 Using Stellar Population Models

MOSEL Survey: Tracking the Growth of Massive Galaxies at 2 < z < 4 Using Kinematics and the IllustrisTNG Simulation

MOSEL: Strong [OIII] 5007Å Emitting Galaxies at (3<z<4) from the ZFOURGE Survey

Elevation of Condensed Tannins in the Leaves of Ta-MYB14-1 White Clover (Trifolium repens L.) Outcrossed with High Anthocyanin Lines

Plasticity in perception: insights from color vision deficiencies

Rossby waves in the ocean covered by compressed ice

Prediction of evaporation in arid and semi-arid regions: a comparative study using different machine learning models

Chromosome Encoding Schemes in Genetic Algorithms for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling: A State-of-art Review Useful for Artificial Intelligence Applications

Correction: Emerging cancer incidence, mortality, hospitalisation and associated burden among Australian cancer patients, 1982 – 2014: an incidence-based approach in terms of trends, determinants and inequality

Publisher Correction: A planet within the debris disk around the pre-main-sequence star AU Microscopii

Propositions for an environmental arts pedagogy: A/r/tographic experimentations with movement and materiality

USQ APA 7 Referencing Guide

‘From where I stand’ - what do service providers in St George say are influences for Indigenous youth suicide in their community?

The role of innovative hubs in building community resilience

Microfluidic devices and fabrication

Collaborative practice in Australian Civil Disputes

An investigation into contemporary factors influencing parents’ perceptions of private tutoring services: a case study in Vietnam

Queensland regional, rural and remote senior secondary student perceptions of enablers and barriers to successfully completing online courses

Investigating website features quality using three online techniques on the lead generation website - a case study

The Protege effect: learning from the experience of graduates in an online community of practice

The journey of regional people living with cancer: an examination of health behaviours and engagement in follow-up care in the post-treatment phase

Worker safety: zero harm messaging, reporting and the C-suite

Discrimination of wheat crown rot utilising wavelet based models in the NIR spectrum

Experimental and numerical investigation on mechanical and tribological behaviours of epoxy composites incorporating flax fibre and graphene nanoplatelet

Modern artificial intelligence model development for undergraduate student performance prediction: an investigation on engineering mathematics courses

Growth Hormone Promotes Motor Function after Experimental Stroke and Enhances Recovery-Promoting Mechanisms within the Peri-Infarct Area

Performance of Graphite-Dispersed Li2CO3-K2CO3 Molten Salt Nanofluid for a Direct Absorption Solar Collector System

Arts-Based Research Across the Lifespan and Its Contribution to Resilience and Well-Being

A model of entrepreneurship education in franchising - application of outside-in marketing with a behavioural focus

Gratitude in franchisor-franchisee relationships: does personality matter?

The income gradient and child mental health in Australia: does it vary by assessors?

Implicitly estimating the cost of mental illness in Australia: a standard-of-living approach

General practitioner endorsement of mail-out colorectal cancer screening: The perspective of nonparticipants

Incorporating affordability, efficiency, and quality in the ICT development index: implications for index building and ICT policymaking

Effects of age and mood on emotional face processing differ depending on the intensity of the facial expression

Infant and young child feeding practice, dietary diversity, associated predictors, and child health outcomes in Bangladesh

Exploring solar and wind energy resources in North Korea with COMS MI geostationary satellite data coupled with numerical weather prediction reanalysis variables

Capability and robustness of novel hybridized models used for drought hazard modeling in southeast Queensland, Australia

Regional hydrology heterogeneity and the response to climate and land surface changes in arid alpine basin, northwest China

Inequality of childhood undernutrition in Bangladesh: a decomposition approach

Effects of music in exercise and sport: a meta-analytic review

Designing a professional development program for mathematics teachers for effective use of technology in teaching

Can institutionalized workplace structures benefit senior women leaders?

Assessing information security risks in the cloud: a case study of Australian local government authorities

Development and evaluation of a software-mediated process assessment method for IT service management

A model of projects as a source of stress at work: A case for scenario-based education and training

Pathogenicity and copper tolerance in Australian Xanthomonas species associated with bacterial leaf spot

Effectiveness of Gravity Goods Ropeways in market participation of smallholder farmers in uplands

EEG sleep stages identification based on weighted undirected complex networks

An Undead Film: The Afterlives of L'ultimo Uomo Della Terra

Manufacturing big data ecosystem: A systematic literature review

Quality of life, physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in black African women: B-Healthy project

Modelling of heat stress in a robotic dairy farm. Part 1: thermal comfort indices as the indicators of production loss

Extending the concept of machine acceleration used to model the bubble-particle detachment in flotation. Part 2 – Machine acceleration of solid particles in water

Behaviour of steel-reinforced concrete columns under combined torsion based on ABAQUS FEA

Undrained stability of active and passive trapdoors

Costs of inadvertent perioperative hypothermia in Australia: a cost-of-illness study

An examination of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) version 7

Improving Sentiment Polarity Detection Through Target Identification

Rural and urban older adults perceptions of mental health services accessibility

Impact of high-speed rail on market concentration and Lerner index in China’s airline market

Is multimarket contact an antitrust concern? A case of China’s airline market

Multiple conceptualizations of nature are key to inclusivity and legitimacy in global environmental governance

Exploring Spirituality With Older People: (2) A rigorous process

Exploring spirituality With older people: (1) rich experiences

A control volume scheme using compact integrated radial basis function stencils for solving the Richards equation

Transformation of Long Surface and Tsunami-Like Waves in the Ocean with a Variable Bathymetry

Physical Activity in Peri-Urban Communities: Testing Intentional and Implicit Processes within an Ecological Framework

Measures of firm risk-taking: revisiting Bowman’s paradox

HIV Point of Care Testing (PoCT) at late-night sex on premises venues (SOPV) for gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM): a mixed methods analysis

The psychological foundations of rational ignorance: biased heuristics and decision costs

Facebook-Based Social Support and Health: A Systematic Review

Interventions to optimize prescribing for older people in care homes

Spectral Analysis of Satellite Altimeters and Tide Gauges Data around the Northern Australian Coast

Modelling of heat stress in a robotic dairy farm. Part 2: identifying the specific thresholds with production factors

Determination of critical tunnel heading pressures using stability factors

Health outcome and expenditure in low-income countries: does increasing diffusion of information and communication technology matter?

Obesity, long-term health problems, and workplace satisfaction: a longitudinal study of Australian workers

Health expenditure and gross domestic product: causality analysis by income level

The impact of immigration on public and out-of-pocket health expenditure in OECD countries

Aboveground resource allocation in response to root herbivory as affected by the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis

Ten-year quality of life outcomes in men with prostate cancer

The role of masculinities in psychological and emotional help seeking by men with prostate cancer

Fire Effects on Soil Properties by P Pereira, J Mataix-Solera, X Ubeda, G Reain & A Cerda

Pelargonidin 3-glucoside-enriched strawberry attenuates symptoms of DSS-induced inflammatory bowel disease and diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Nanoscale mechanism of ions immobilized by the geopolymer: A molecular dynamics study

Improving sulfate attack resistance of concrete by using calcined Mg-Al-CO3 LDHs: Adsorption behavior and mechanism

Metakaolin-based geopolymers: Relation between formulation, physicochemical properties and efflorescence formation

Thermal analysis of a portable DSSC mini greenhouse for botanical drugs cultivation

Economic Effects of Climate Change-Induced Loss of Agricultural Production by 2050: A Case Study of Pakistan

Risk of opioid misuse in people with cancer and pain and related clinical considerations: a qualitative study of the perspectives of Australian general practitioners

B2B purchase engagement: Examining the key drivers and outcomes in professional services

An evaluation of contemporary China’s land use policy – The Link Policy: A case study from Ezhou, Hubei Province

Developing crash modification factors for roundabouts using a cross-sectional method

An evidence-based analysis of managing hypertension with isometric resistance exercise - are the guidelines current?

Belt-and-Road Initiative: Driving the need to understand intellectual capital in Chinese multinational enterprises

Submission to Queensland Law Reform Commission on review of consent laws and the excuse of mistake of fact

Challenges in engineering education: student engagement and employability skills

Constitutional patriotism

Targeted urban consolidation or ad hoc redevelopment? The influence of cadastral structure and change on the urban form of Brisbane, Australia

Genomic Regions Associated with Virulence in Pyrenophora teres f. teres Identified by Genome-Wide Association Analysis and Bi-parental Mapping

Projected spatial patterns in precipitation and air temperature for China's northwest region derived from high‐resolution regional climate models

Skilling up: evaluation of a design-based research methodology

A novel approach for component based application logic event attack modeling

Development and validation of a survey instrument for measuring pre-service teachers' pedagogical content knowledge

Influence of different hot air drying temperatures on drying kinetics, shrinkage, and colour of persimmon slices

Female franchisees; a lost opportunity for franchising sector growth?

Lithography and etching-free microfabrication of silicon carbide on insulator using direct UV laser ablation

Joint strength of single-bolted pultruded GFRP square hollow sections with mechanical inserts under elevated temperatures

CMIP5 climate models overestimate cooling by volcanic aerosols

High average-utility sequential pattern mining based on uncertain databases

Analyzing client-led innovation enablers in Australian construction projects

Recent progress in radon-based monitoring as seismic and volcanic precursor: a critical review

Characterization of the passive film formed on the reinforcement surface in alkali activated fly ash: surface analysis and electrochemical evaluation

Real world and tropical cyclone world. Part II: sensitivity of tropical cyclone formation to uniform and meridionally varying sea surface temperatures under aquaplanet conditions

Real world and tropical cyclone world. Part I: high-resolution climate model verification

Experimental study on the reuse of cathode ray tubes funnel glass as fine aggregate for developing an ecological self-compacting mortar incorporating metakaolin

Double Deep Q-Network with a Dual-Agent for Traffic Signal Control

Occupational Self-Efficacy and Psychological Capital Amongst Nursing Students: A Cross Sectional Study Understanding the Malleable Attributes for Success

Television as a Career Motivator and Education Tool: A Final-Year Nursing Student Cohort Study

Trainwreck femininity and Whitney: monstrous feminine redux

Synergistic effect approaching to record-high figure of merit in the shear exfoliated n-type Bi2O2-2xTe2xSe

Achieving ultralow surface roughness and high material removal rate in fused silica via a novel acid SiO2 slurry and its chemical-mechanical polishing mechanism

Optimization of sodium hydroxide for securing high thermoelectric performance in polycrystalline Sn1 − xSe via anisotropy and vacancy synergy

Combating soil salinity with combining saline agriculture and phytomanagement with salt-accumulating plants

Seeing the bigger picture: conditions that influence effective engagement of project executives with visuals

'The Bully of the World': the Queensland Press and Germany, August 1914 - April 1915

A comprehensive analysis of adverb types for mining user sentiments on Amazon product reviews

Integrating El Nino-Southern Oscillation information and spatial diversification to minimize risk and maximize profit for Australian grazing enterprises

Student engagement in virtual space

Stimulant expectancy questionnaire for men who have sex with men: a measure of substance‐related beliefs

Trace elements-induced phytohormesis: a critical review and mechanistic interpretation

Enhanced thermoelectric properties of nanostructured n-type Bi2Te3 by suppressing Te vacancy through non-equilibrium fast reaction

The Simulated Ocular and Whole-Body Distribution of Natural Sunlight to Kiteboarders: A High-Risk Case of UVR Exposure for Athletes Utilizing Water Surfaces in Sport

Muscle strengthening, aerobic exercise, and obesity: a pooled analysis of 1.7 million US adults

Is running associated with a lower risk of all-cause, cardiovascular and cancer mortality, and is the more the better? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Emerging spheres of engagement: the role of trust and care in community-university research

The suitability of MSP for engineering infrastructure

The suitability of PRINCE2 for engineering infrastructure

Changes in the future summer Mediterranean climate: contribution of teleconnections and local factors

Exoplanets in the Antarctic Sky. IV. Dual-band Photometry of Variables Found by the CSTAR-II Commissioning Survey at the North Sky

The Generalized Neutrosophic Cubic Aggregation Operators and Their Application to Multi-Expert Decision-Making Method

Availability of soil mutualists may not limit non-native Acacia invasion but could increase their impact on native soil communities

Understanding EBLIP at an organizational level: an initial maturity model

Mathematica code for implementing the aggregate EMF

Efficient chain structure for high-utility sequential pattern mining

Assessment of technical and financial benefits of AC and DC microgrids based on solar photovoltaic

A hybrid representation based simile component extraction

Effect of using metakaolin as supplementary cementitious material and recycled CRT funnel glass as fine aggregate on the durability of green self-compacting concrete

Enrichment for retail businesses: How female entrepreneurs and masculine traits enhance business success

Academic and clinical performance among nursing students: What's grit go to do with it?

M-CFIS-R: Mamdani Complex Fuzzy Inference System with Rule Reduction Using Complex Fuzzy Measures in Granular Computing

Complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition hybridized with random forest and kernel ridge regression model for monthly rainfall forecasts

Applied and conceptual approaches to evidence-based practice in research and academic libraries

A scale-sensitive approach for comparing and classifying point patterns

Mechanisms of multiyear variations of Northern Australia wet-season rainfall

Enhanced deep learning algorithm development to detect pain intensity from facial expression images

A general extensible learning approach for multi-disease recommendations in a telehealth environment

A review on the ability of smartphones to detect ultraviolet (UV) radiation and their potential to be used in UV research and for public education purposes

Glass transmitted solar irradiances on horizontal and sun-normal planes evaluated with a smartphone camera

A hybrid air quality early-warning framework: an hourly forecasting model with online sequential extreme learning machines and empirical mode decomposition algorithms

Effectiveness of a novel composite jacket in repairing damaged reinforced concrete structures subject to flexural loads

Machine learning approaches for spatial modeling of agricultural droughts in the south-east region of Queensland Australia

Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption-economic growth nexus: new evidence from South Asia

Not so robust: robusta coffee production is highly sensitive to temperature

Integrative stochastic model standardization with genetic algorithm for rainfall pattern forecasting in tropical and semi-arid environments

Mining health knowledge graph for health risk prediction

Defining flood risk management strategies: a systems approach

REISCH: incorporating lightweight and reliable algorithms into healthcare applications of WSNs

Native pastures and beef cattle show a spatially variable response to a changing climate in Queensland, Australia

Distribution of heavy metals in vegetative biofiltration columns

Association between work-related features and coronary artery disease: a heterogeneous hybrid feature selection integrated with balancing approach

Computational Social Science as the ultimate Web Intelligence

Creating positive synergies between risk management and transfer to accelerate food system climate resilience

Hybridized neural fuzzy ensembles for dust source modeling and prediction

Constructing a knowledge-based heterogeneous information graph for medical health status classification

Relational intelligence recognition in online social networks - a survey

Trends and current state of research on greater one-horned rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis): a systematic review of the literature over a period of 33 years (1985–2018)

Sustainable cold supply chain management under demand uncertainty and carbon tax regulation

Everyday classroom teaching practices for self-regulated learning

Land use change in Australian mixed crop-livestock systems as a transformative climate change adaptation

A postmortem of forest policy dynamics of Nepal

Global solar radiation estimation and climatic variability analysis using extreme learning machine based predictive model

Suicidal behaviours and moderator support in online health communities: protocol for a scoping review

Modelling zero-truncated overdispersed antenatal health care count data of women in Bangladesh

Development and evaluation of the cascade correlation neural network and the random forest models for river stage and river flow prediction in Australia

Causality of climate, food production and conflict over the last two millennia in the Hexi Corridor, China

Mixing characteristics of a film-exciting flapping jet

Exploration and implication of factors affecting e-tourism adoption in developing countries: a case of Nepal

Socioeconomic inequalities in mental health in Australia: Explaining life shock exposure

Cost-effectiveness of the introduction of two-dose bi valent (Cervarix) and quadrivalent (Gardasil) HPV vaccination for adolescent girls in Bangladesh

Prostate cancer survivorship priorities for men and their partners: Delphi consensus from a nurse specialist cohort

An assessment of the policies and practices of selective logging and timber utilisation: A case study from natural forests of Tarai Nepal and Queensland Australia

Robust approach for depth of anaesthesia assessment based on hybrid transform and statistical features

Direct contact ultrasound for fouling control and flux enhancement in air-gap membrane distillation

A novel hybridised composite sandwich core with glass, kevlar and zylon fibres – investigation under low-velocity impact

Environmental degradation: the role of electricity consumption, economic growth and globalisation

Influence of Clouds on OMI Satellite Total Daily UVA Exposure over a 12-year Period at a Southern Hemisphere Site

Dietary saturated fatty acids modulate pain behaviour in trauma-induced osteoarthritis in rats

Modelling of heat stress in a robotic dairy farm. Part 3: rumination and milking performance

What do project management practitioners think governance is? A study on perceptions in Queensland, Australia

Sea World - Gold Coast, Australia's discourse of legitimation: signage and live animal shows (2015-2018) as indicators of change in messaging

Spectral density constraints on wireless communication

Does digital inclusion affect quality of life? Evidence from Australian household panel data

Inequality in access to improved drinking water sources and childhood diarrhoea in low- and middle-income countries

A beginner’s guide to applied educational research using thematic analysis

Growth Hormone Treatment Promotes Remote Hippocampal Plasticity after Experimental Cortical Stroke

Mitigating opioid errors in inpatient palliative care: A qualitative study

Factors That Impact Measures of Grit among Nursing Students: A Journey Emblematic of the Koi Fish

Development of Advanced Computer Aid Model for Shear Strength of Concrete Slender Beam Prediction

A double decomposition-based modelling approach to forecast weekly solar radiation

Effect of Suvorexant vs Placebo on Total Daytime Sleep Hours in Shift Workers: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Gender-specific differences in care-seeking behaviour among lung cancer patients: a systematic review

A pragmatic parameterisation and calibration approach to model hydrology and water quality of agricultural landscapes and catchments

Wealth-related inequalities of women’s knowledge of cervical cancer screening and service utilisation in 18 resource-constrained countries: evidence from a pooled decomposition analysis

The burden of chronic diseases among Australian cancer patients: evidence from a longitudinal exploration, 2007-2017

Remote actuation of light activated shape memory polymers via D-shaped optical fibres

Mathematical modelling of non-local spore dispersion of wind-borne pathogens causing fungal diseases

Weather-based predictive modeling of wheat stripe rust infection in Morocco

The formation of the Queensland Liberal National Party: origins, prospects and implications for Australian political systems

Workplace experience of international students in Australia

SLIND+: stable LINk detection

Classification of Logical Vulnerability Based on Group Attacking Method

Developing literacy and the arts in schools

How to improve Indian graduate employability and outcomes: empirical comparisons with Australia

Spatial mapping of short-term solar radiation prediction incorporating geostationary satellite images coupled with deep convolutional LSTM networks for South Korea

Enhanced sequence labeling based on latent variable conditional random fields

Three-dimensional heading stability of twin circular tunnels

Two-dimensional tunnel heading stability factors Fc, Fs and Fγ

Evolution of non-stationary pulses in a cold magnetized quark-gluon plasma

Stormwater runoff and pollution retention performances of permeable pavements and the effects of structural factors

The Church on British Television: From the Coronation to Coronation Street

The spectrum of teaching styles in physical education

Future considerations on the spectrum

Effects of the reciprocal teaching style on skill acquisition, verbal interaction and ability to analyse in fifth grade children in physical education

Reconciling approaches: Mosston and Ashworth’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles as a tool to examine the complexity of any teaching (or coaching) approach

Using The Spectrum to interrogate the Teaching Styles of physical education teachers

Introduction to the spectrum

The Palgrave Handbook of Incarceration in Popular Culture

Child development a cultural approach. Australian and New Zealand edition

Unfamiliar allies: Australian cross-cultural communication in Afghanistan and Iraq during the war on terror

Does takeover competition affect acquisition choices and bidding firm performance? Australian evidence

Out in the field: examining the role of school-based experiences in preparing primary pre-service teachers as confident and competent teachers of science

Flexural behaviour of concrete slabs reinforced with GFRP bars and hollow composite reinforcing systems

Three-dimensional analysis of circular tunnel headings using Broms and Bennermarks’ original stability number

Catalyst-electrolyte Interactions in Aqueous Reline Solutions for Highly Selective Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Effective Utilization of Waste Glass as Cementitious Powder and Construction Sand in Mortar

Nitrogen-doped graphene-ionic liquid-glassy carbon microsphere paste electrode for ultra-sensitive determination of quercetin

Testing and modelling the fatigue behaviour of GFRP composites – Effect of stress level, stress concentration and frequency

Analysing N-of-1 observational data in health psychology and behavioural medicine: a 10-step SPSS tutorial for beginners

Advances and challenges in electrochemical CO2 reduction processes: an engineering and design perspective looking beyond new catalyst materials

Experimental investigation on effects of calcined bentonite on fresh, strength and durability properties of sustainable self-compacting concrete

The costs of disability in Australia: a hybrid panel-data examination

Recognition of historical contribution of indigenous peoples and local communities through benefit sharing plans (BSPs) in REDD+

Graphene Oxide and Adiponectin-Functionalized Sulfonated Polyetheretherketone with Effective Osteogenicity and Remotely Repeatable Photo-Disinfection

Co-occurrence, possible origin, and health-risk assessment of arsenic and fluoride in drinking water sources in Mexico: Geographical data visualization

Hydrogeochemical controls on the mobility of arsenic, fluoride and other geogenic co-contaminants in the shallow aquifers of northeastern La Pampa Province in Argentina

Health effects of arsenic exposure in Latin America: An overview of the past eight years of research

High-performance thermoelectric SnSe: aqueous synthesis, innovations, and challenges

Outstanding thermoelectric properties of solvothermal-synthesized Sn1−3xInxAg2xTe micro-crystals through defect engineering and band tuning

Correlation between the photocatalysis and growth mechanism of SnO2 nanocrystals

Geographical Disparities in Screening and Cancer-Related Health Behaviour

Morphology and Texture Engineering Enhancing Thermoelectric Performance of Solvothermal Synthesized Ultra-large SnS Microcrystal

Insights from CMIP6 for Australia's future climate

Investigating the assessment practices within an Initial Teacher Education program in an Australian university: staff perceptions and practices

Storytelling, the scale of persuasion and retention: A neuromarketing approach

Triadic relationship between customers, service providers and government in a highly regulated industry

A cross-sectional study of skin cancer secondary prevention in rural general practice

Effect of pyrolysis conditions on bone char characterization and its ability for arsenic and fluoride removal

Betwixt and Between: Trauma, Survival and the Aboriginal Troopers of the Queensland Native Mounted Police

Developing a cyberbullying conceptual framework for educators

A synergy of strain loading and laser radiation in determining the high-performing electrical transports in the single Cu-doped SnSe microbelt

Experimental and numerical evaluations on the behaviour of structures repaired using prefabricated FRP composites jacket

Technology-Enhanced Learning for Graduate Students: Exploring the Correlation of Media Richness and Creativity of Computer-Mediated Communication and Face-to-Face Communication

Examining antecedents of reconciliation following service failure and recovery

Welcome to the International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association Journal: publishing research with a view to the future

Bridging the gap: why strength and conditioning practitioners and researchers should collaborate

Interfacial engineering of polymer-MOF composite by in situ vitrification

Cracking behaviour and mechanism at grain boundary of gibbsite during calcination

Anticipated regret, terrorist behaviour & the presentation of the outcomes of attacks in the mainstream media and in terrorist group publications

Emergency management communication: The paradox of the positive in public communication for preparedness

Australian eclipse expeditions: James Short and the eclipses of 1908, 1910 and 1911

Vulnerability assessment of bridges subjected to extreme cyclonic events

Current status of carbon fibre and carbon fibre composites recycling

Phylogeny and pathogenicity of Stemphylium species associated with Fabaceae in Australia

Ageing of particulate-filled epoxy resin under hygrothermal conditions

Performances, challenges and opportunities in strengthening reinforced concrete structures by using FRPs – A state-of-the-art review

The impact of localised general practice training on Queensland’s rural and remote general practice workforce

Measured UV Exposures of Ironman, Sprint and Olympic-Distance Triathlon Competitors

Evaluation of shade profiles while walking in urban environments: A case study from inner suburban Sydney, Australia

Phomopsis husk rot of macadamia in Australia and South Africa caused by novel Diaporthe species

A three-dimensional (3-D) meshfree-based computational model to investigate stress strain-time relationships of plant cells during drying

Random forest predictive model development with uncertainty analysis capability for the estimation of evapotranspiration in an arid oasis region

Letter to the Australians

'On the brink of a fever stricken swamp': culturally modified trees and land-people relationships at Lower Laura (Boralga) Native Mounted Police camp, Cape York Peninsula

How Mangroves Story: On Being a Filter Feeder

Commelinaceomyces, gen. nov., for four clavicipitaceous species misplaced in Ustilago that infect Commelinaceae

Practitioner views on project management methodology (PMM) effectiveness

How COVID-19 has reshaped library services

Near real-time global solar radiation forecasting at multiple time-step horizons using the long short-term memory network

Adaptive boost LS-SVM classification approach for time-series signal classification in epileptic seizure diagnosis applications

Three suggested amendments to Australia's defamation laws

Simulation and experimental study of a synthetic jet valveless pump

The use of mental health services by Australian adolescents with mental disorders and suicidality: findings from a nationwide cross-sectional survey

Suicidality, mental disorder and the utilization of mental health services among Australian adolescents

Environmental Phillips curve: OECD and Asian NICs perspective

Present-day greenhouse gases could cause more frequent and longer Dust Bowl heatwaves

Ocean and land forcing of the record-breaking Dust Bowl heatwaves across central United States

Phytophthora cinnamomi exhibits phenotypic plasticity in response to cold temperatures

Mapping national REDD+ initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region

The nexus between renewable energy, economic growth, trade, urbanisation and environmental quality: a comparative study for Australia and Canada

Exploring the effects of economic growth, population density and international trade on energy consumption and environmental quality in India

STEMming the Flow: Supporting Females in STEM

Red root rot of Vicia sativa caused by Atractiella rhizophila

A New Design-Oriented Model of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Reinforced Hollow Concrete Columns

Behavior of circular concrete columns reinforced with hollow composite sections and GFRP bars

Helping children who have been affected by bushfires

Effects of the ‘Circle of Security’ group parenting program (COS-P) with foster carers: An observational study

Tuning wall thickness of TiO2 microtubes for an enhanced photocatalytic activity with thickness-dependent charge separation efficiency

A Short-Read Genome Assembly Resource for Leveillula taurica Causing Powdery Mildew Disease of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Do the business cycle and revenue diversification matter for banks' capital buffer and credit risk: Evidence from ASEAN banks

Corporate social responsibility, overconfident CEOs and empire building: Agency and stakeholder theoretic perspectives

Water usage and productivity of Boro rice at the field level and their impacts on the sustainable groundwater irrigation in the North-West Bangladesh

Neo-gothic dinosaurs and the haunting of history

Nurse-led supportive care intervention for men with advanced prostate cancer: healthcare professionals' perspectives

Contemporary consumer perspectives on prostate cancer survivorship: Fifty voices

Atomic Investigation on the Facet‐Dependent Melting of Ceramic Nanostructures via In Situ Electron Irradiation

Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3/PEDOT:PSS-based flexible thermoelectric film and device

Flexible Carbon-Fiber/Semimetal Bi Nanosheet Arrays as Separable and Recyclable Plasmonic Photocatalysts and Photoelectrocatalysts

Two-dimensional nanocoating-enabled orthopedic implants for bimodal therapeutic applications

Advanced Thermoelectric Design: From Materials and Structures to Devices

Impact of anthropometric characteristics on the medial longitudinal arch in static and dynamic loading using photogrammetry images

Season suspension and summer extension: Unique opportunity for professional team-sport athletes and support staff during and following the COVID-19 crisis

Oral nutritional supplements for preventing surgical site infections: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Modulation of gut microbiota by spent coffee grounds attenuates diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

The Effect of Orally Dosed Levagen+™ (palmitoylethanolamide) on Exercise Recovery in Healthy Males—A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study

Course design features influencing preservice teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs in their ability to support students’ use of ICT

Basketball New Zealand COVID-19 return to training and competition framework: guidelines for safe return to training and competition for coaches and players

Survival of the Fittest: Challenges for regional aviation to serve the needs of Australian regional and remote communities

Measurements of freestream density fluctuations in a hypersonic wind tunnel

‘A friend who stabs you’: Abjection, violence and the female clique in film

Financial and Social Well-being Performance after Privatisation of the Port of Brisbane: A Case Study

Board independence and CSR reporting: pre and post analysis of JCGC 2009

Vegetable input supply chain analysis, Cambodia

Livelihoods and farming systems report, Cambodia

Investigating Capacities to Change Soil and Irrigation Practices in Vegetable Production in Two Provinces in Cambodia

Bacteria-triggered pH-responsive osteopotentiating coating on 3D-printed polyetheretherketone scaffolds for infective bone defect repair

Genome mining of the citrus pathogen Elsinoe fawcettii; prediction and prioritisation of candidate effectors, cell wall degrading enzymes and secondary metabolite gene clusters

Win-win: Improved irrigation management saves water and increases yield for robusta coffee farms in Vietnam

Optothermotronic effect as an ultrasensitive thermal sensing technology for solid-state electronics

Structural design of floodways under extreme flood loading

Interfacial microenvironment for lipase immobilization: Regulating the heterogeneity of graphene oxide

Direct evidence of boosted oxygen evolution over perovskite by enhanced lattice oxygen participation

The relation between an ageing population and economic growth in Bangladesh: evidence from an endogenous growth model

A fast analytical protocol for simultaneous speciation of arsenic by Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) hyphenated to Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) as a modern advancement in liquid chromatography approaches

Assessing the financial contribution and carbon emission pattern of provisioning ecosystem services in Siwalik forests in Nepal: Valuation from the perspectives of disaggregated users

Monitoring rice growth status in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam using multitemporal Sentinel-1 data

Effect of fibre architecture on tensile pull-off behaviour of 3D woven composite T-joints

Building resilience among rural and remote nurses in Queensland, Australia

Video-enhanced feedback

Teacher education and professional development for technology integrated teaching

Advances in Rational Design and Materials of High Performance Stretchable Electromechanical Sensors

Working the aporia: ethnography, embodiment and the ethnographic self

Nonlinear Waves in a Rotating Ocean (The Ostrovsky Equation and Its Generalizations and Applications)

A critical review of mercury speciation, bioavailability, toxicity and detoxification in soil-plant environment: Ecotoxicology and health risk assessment

Arsenic in Latin America: a critical overview on the geochemistry of arsenic originating from geothermal features and volcanic emissions for solving its environmental consequences

Arsenic in geoenvironments of Nicaragua: exposure, health effects, mitigation and future needs

Use of low-enthalpy and waste geothermal energy sources to solve arsenic problems in freshwater production in selected regions of Latin America using a process membrane distillation - research into model solutions

‘Farming is not Just an Occupation [but] a Whole Lifestyle’: A Qualitative Examination of Lifestyle and Cultural Factors Affecting Mental Health Help-Seeking in Australian Farmers

Personal and social capabilities in early adolescents’ literacy practices at home

Perceptions of the usefulness of various teaching methods in forensic accounting education

Resistance of Wheat Genotypes to Root-Lesion Nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) Can be Used to Predict Final Nematode Population Densities, Crop Greenness, and Grain Yield in the Field

Can irrigating more frequently mitigate detrimental heat wave effects on perennial ryegrass growth and persistence?

Telecommunications industry efficiency: A comparative analysis of high and middle income countries

Exploring the roles of high-speed train, air and coach services in the spread of COVID-19 in China

Evaluating the price effects of two airline mergers in China

A case study on Incitec Pivot's acquisition strategy of dyno nobel

Near real-time significant wave height forecasting with hybridized multiple linear regression algorithms

Feature-Based Learning in Drug Prescription System for Medical Clinics

Electrical Energy Demand Forecasting Model Development and Evaluation with Maximum Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform-Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machines Algorithms

Network development of low-cost carriers in China's domestic market

Understanding airline price dispersion in the presence of high-speed rail

Responding to the accumulation of adverse childhood experiences in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: implications for practice

Time-resolved stagnation temperature measurements in hypersonic flows using surface junction thermocouples

Performance investigation of two AE source location techniques on a Planar Multilayer Structure

Carrageenans from the Red Seaweed Sarconema filiforme Attenuate Symptoms of Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Rats

The history of rainfall data time-resolution in a wide variety of geographical areas

Combining Opinions for Use in Bayesian Networks: A Measurement Error Approach

Toward a theory of outside-in marketing: Past, present, and future

To donate or to waste it: Understanding posthumous organ donation attitude

Study on dimensional stability of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)

Development of data intelligent models for electricity demand forecasting: case studies in the state of Queensland, Australia

Modelling rice and wheat response to rising carbon dioxide concentration

Planning for caregiving of adults with intellectual disability: Australian perspectives

Game-Based Learning in an Online Environment: Effects on Student Engagement

Opto-electronic coupling in semiconductors: Towards ultrasensitive pressure sensing

High temperature silicon-carbide-based flexible electronics for monitoring hazardous environments

Not So Tedious Ways to Think about the Locations of the Early Playhouses

Three-dimensional scanning of soil surface and furrow profiles using a portable and affordable unit

The archaeology of the Secret War: The material evidence of conflict on the Queensland frontier 1849-1901

Why do we sabotage love? A thematic analysis of lived experiences of relationship breakdown and maintenance

Puck, Philostrate and the locus of A Midsummer Night's Dream's topical allegory

Working with Australian Defence Force Intrepreters in Timor 1999 and Aceh 2005: Reflections Drawn from Personal Experience

Special issue introduction: online relationship marketing

Customer engagement and co-created value in social media

Online relationship marketing: evolution and theoretical insights into online relationship marketing

Mental Health

The Older Adult

The Pedagogical Possibilities of Critically Examining Gender and Sexuality in Initial Teacher Education Through the Lens of Intersex

A Critical Investigation of Masculinity in Education: Using a Narrative Method

Introduction: Defining and Theorising Key Concepts of Resilience and Well-Being and Arts-Based Research

Authentication and Integrity Protection for Real-time Cyber-Physical Systems

Stressors and protective factors among regional and metropolitan Australian medical doctors: A mixed methods investigation

Cross-Continental Exploration of Concerns, Opportunities, and Realities of Teacher Education

Child sexual abuse in the context of disability

Child Sexual Abuse: Forensic Issues in Evidence, Impact, and Management

Coping with COVID-19: Understanding and managing the impact of pandemics

Trauma informed care: Adverse childhood experiences and its implications for health care

Trauma informed care in early childhood education

Reading Success in the Primary Years: An Evidence-Based Interdisciplinary Approach to Guide Assessment and Intervention

Arts-Based Research, Resilience and Well-being Across the Lifespan

Epileptic Seizures Detection Based on Non-linear Characteristics Coupled with Machine Learning Techniques

Faith or Fraud?: Fortune-Telling, Spirituality, and the Law

Podcasts as an eLearning educational tool

‘A la carte’ spirituality and the future of freedom of religion

Catering for the Specialized Needs of Students With Vision Impairment in Mainstream Classes: Listening to Student Voices for Academic, Physical, and Social Inclusion

Justice at the edge: Hearing the sound of silence

A security review of event-based application function and service component architecture

Mechanical properties of flax fiber‐reinforced composites at different relative humidities: Experimental, geometric, and displacement potential function approaches

Classification of malignant and benign lung nodule and prediction of image label class using multi-deep model

Stability of Jovian Trojans and their collisional families

K2-HERMES II. Planet-candidate properties from K2 Campaigns 1-13

Stretchable respiration sensors: Advanced designs and multifunctional platforms for wearable physiological monitoring

Gambler’s ruin problem and bi-directional grid constrained trading and investment strategies

Bullying victimization, mental disorders, suicidality and self-harm among Australian high schoolchildren: Evidence from nationwide data

Modelling hydrological processes and identifying soil erosion sources in a tropical catchment of the Great Barrier Reef using SWAT

Insights into the value of seasonal climate forecasts to agriculture

Internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy with minimal therapist support for anxious children and adolescents: predictors of response

An effective power dispatch strategy for clustered micro-grids while implementing optimal energy management and power sharing control using power line communication

Sustainable energy planning for cost minimization of autonomous hybrid microgrid using combined multi-objective optimization algorithm

Microbial electrochemical sensors for volatile fatty acid measurement in high strength wastewaters: A review

Solar blue light radiation enhancement during mid to low solar elevation periods under cloud affected skies

Mapping of modifiable barriers and facilitators with interdisciplinary chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) guidelines concordance within hospitals to the Theoretical Domains Framework: a mixed methods systematic review protocol

Practical approaches to pedagogically rich online tutorials in health professions education

Pedagogical foundations to online lectures in health professions education

Adapting to a new reality: COVID-19 coronavirus and online education in the health professions

ScAlN/3C-SiC/Si platform for monolithic integration of highly sensitive piezoelectric and piezoresistive devices

Highly-doped SiC resonator with ultra-large tuning frequency range by Joule heating effect

Nutritional knowledge of youth academy athletes

A systematic review of the effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on root-lesion nematodes Pratylenchus spp.

Understanding the cues and strategies counsellors use to develop rapport with clients through telephone counselling

Contemporary Australian Trauma

Kinematics of interacting solitons in two-dimensional space

Anti-inflammatory Components from Functional Foods for Obesity

TPACK – time to reboot?

Back to futures: futures studies and its role in addressing the great civilisational challenges

AJET bibliometrics

The evolving field of learning analytics research in higher education: From data analysis to theory generation, an agenda for future research

Child sexual abuse: Complexities and contexts

Community-diversity Driven Influence Maximization on Social Networks

Public policy change and its impact on urban expansion: An evaluation of 265 cities in China

Traversing the Funambulist’s Fine Line between Nursing and Male Identity: A Systematic Review of the Factors that Influence Men as They Seek to Navigate the Nursing Profession

Phragmites australis Associates with Belowground Fungal Communities Characterized by High Diversity and Pathogen Abundance

Updated protocol and guest participant results from the ACCeRT clinical study

A multi-targeted treatment approch to cancer cachexia: Auckland's Cancer Cachexia evaluating Resistance Training (ACCeRT) trial

Deep blade loosening and two-dimensional infiltration theory make furrow irrigation predictable, simpler and more efficient

Are you feeding back or is it taking students forward?: changing the traditional narrative to ensure a dialogic approach in formative assessment

Technology-enhanced formative assessment practices in higher education

How ready is ready? Measuring physical preparedness for severe storms

Aboriginal-European interaction on the Queensland frontier: an archaeological study of the Boralga native police camp, Cape York Peninsula

Development of high-performance multidimensional bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials

The burden of cancer and its distribution and consequences for australia: evidence from health economic evaluation and advanced statistical modelling

Selection of flow rate and irrigation duration for high performance bay irrigation

Toward profitable and sustainable bioresource management in the Australian red meat processing industry: a critical review and illustrative case study

Australia and the International Astronomical Union: The 1973 Sydney general assembly

Change the Rules: Reform of the Economic Torts in Australia

Development of an evaluation technique in near zero slope furrowed border systems with common water supply

Determination of factors influencing student engagement using a learning management system in a tertiary setting

Exploring Values Through Lived Experiences of the World Heritage Site of Petra: A Case Study

Informal Spaces for STEM Learning and Teaching: STEM clubs

More than coding: Positioning STEM education in practice

SrTiO3-based thermoelectrics: Progress and challenges

Rational structural design and manipulation advance SnSe thermoelectrics

Virtual praxis: Constraints, approaches, and innovations of online creative arts teacher educators

Submission to NSW Government on Greyhound Racing Act 2017 Statutory Review

Basketball New Zealand guidelines: safe return to training for players in preparation for a condensed National Basketball League season following Covid-19 restrictions

Basketball New Zealand infographic: return to training 50-30-20-10 rule [for basketball players]

Basketball New Zealand infographic: recovery points checklist

Basketball New Zealand infographic: recovery benefits

Women in prison-based drama

Exploring the integration of evidence-based medicine, quality of life considerations and health economics for rare diseases

'The end of all': how a forgotten map helped us forget Newington Butts

Teaching mathematics through a growth mindset

The evolution from strict liability to negligence: when and why? Part 1

Automated prediction of sepsis using temporal convolutional network

Computation-guided design of high-performance flexible thermoelectric modules for sunlight-to-electricity conversion

Trauma-informed teaching of adults

Effective teaching in primary science, technology, society and the environment

When winning matters: lessons learned from sport's elite

Fungal Planet description sheets: 1042-1111

Research into teaching and learning of tertiary mathematics and statistics

Teacher praxis within the 'Communicative Course of Study Guidelines' in Japan: post-implementation pedagogy

Teaching perspectives of philosophical inquiry: Changes to secondary teachers' understanding of student learning and pedagogical practices

Creating Emotional Engagement in Online Learning

'Not-So-Invisible Mending': Developing Editing Skills in Large Online Classes through Visible Labour

Nrf2 Activation Enhances Muscular MCT1 Expression and Hypoxic Exercise Capacity

Climatology and Variability of the Evaporative Stress Index and its suitability as a tool to monitor Australian drought

Bi-directional grid absorption barrier constrained stochastic processes with applications in finance and investment

Remediation of Polluted River Water by Biological, Chemical, Ecological and Engineering Processes

Point defect engineering and machinability in n-type Mg3Sb2-based materials

Assessment of a Sustainable Building using Eco-Friendly Insulation Materials

Case study of liquid suction heat exchanger in a mechanical refrigeration system using alternative refrigerants

A survey on text classification and its applications

From Traceability to Provenance of Agricultural Products through Blockchain

A new framework for automatic detection of patients with mild cognitive impairment using resting-state EEG signals

Wealth stratified inequalities in service utilisation of breast cancer screening across the geographical regions: A pooled decomposition analysis

Response of the macadamia seed weevil Kuschelorhynchus macadamiae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) to Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassianain laboratory bioassays

TQM's presence within legal systems: example of impact on Australian higher education

Synergistic use of pyridine and selenophene in a diketopyrrolopyrrole-based conjugated polymer enhances the electron mobility in organic transistors

Application of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIF-8)/ionic liquid composites modified nano-carbon paste electrode as sensor for electroanalytical sensing of 1-hydroxypyrene

Spatiotemporal assessment of irrigation performance of the Kou Valley irrigation scheme in Burkina Faso using satellite remote sensing-derived indicators

The current state of Distributed Renewable Generation, challenges of interconnection and opportunities for energy conversion based DC microgrids

Making decisions in ‘a bit of a bubble’: relevant Australian Curriculum content for students in the Middle East

Investigation into intra-abdominal pressure and neuromuscular activation to increase force production in traditional martial arts practitioners

Teachers’ and students’ experiences within the communicative language course of study in Japanese high schools: an instrumental case study

The evolution from strict liability to negligence: when and why? Part II

An electrohydrodynamic gyroscope

Gender differences in the longitudinal association between obesity, and disability with workplace absenteeism in the Australian working population

Fatigue Indices and Perceived Exertion Highlight Ergometer Specificity for Repeated Sprint Ability Testing

Prior workload has moderate effects on high-intensity match performance in elite-level professional football players when controlling for situational and contextual variables

Ensemble neural network approach detecting pain intensity from facial expressions

A Novel Approach to the Design and Analysis of Field Experiments to Study Variation in the Tolerance and Resistance of Cultivars to Root Lesion Nematodes (Pratylenchus spp.)

Stability of planetary, single M dwarf, and binary star companions to Kepler detached eclipsing binaries and a possible five-body system

Determinants of ICT usage for healthcare among people with disabilities: The moderating role of technological and behavioural constraints

The changing relationship between health burden and work disability of Australian cancer survivors, 2003–2017: Evidence from a longitudinal survey

Selection of private or public hospital care: examining the care-seeking behaviour of patients with private health insurance

How Sedentary Are University Students? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

High density mechanical energy storage with carbon nanothread bundle

Light activated shape memory polymers and composites: A review

Effects of Different Relative Humidities on Flax Fibers prior to Manufacturing Their Composites Based on the Shear Response

Enhanced toughness of PLLA/PCL blends using poly(d-lactide)-poly(ε-caprolactone)-poly(d-lactide) as compatibilizer

How fungi’s knack for networking boosts ecological recovery after bushfires

Saskatoon Berry Amelanchier alnifolia Regulates Glucose Metabolism and Improves Cardiovascular and Liver Signs of Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Rats

Inspiratory flow-resistive breathing, respiratory muscle-induced systemic oxidative stress, and diaphragm fatigue in healthy humans

'How can the creative arts possibly be taught online?' Perspectives and experiences of online educators in Australian higher education

Draft genome resource for Macrophomina phaseolina associated with charcoal rot in sorghum

The missing link in emergency management: evaluating community engagement

Practice does not make perfect: A brief view of athletes’ knowledge on the menstrual cycle and oral contraceptives

Welfare implications for air passengers in China in the era of high-speed rail

Preparing for ‘COVID-27’: Lessons in management focus – An Australian general aviation perspective

Drawdown and Drawup of Bi-Directional Grid Constrained Stochastic Processes

Conflicting Perspectives

Women’s Football: An Examination of Factors That Influence Movement Patterns

Inflammation and Oral Contraceptive Use in Female Athletes Before the Rio Olympic Games

Bioinspired 2D Nanomaterials for Sustainable Applications

Thermal Transport in 3D Nanostructures

Tuning the charge carrier polarity of organic transistors by varying the electron affinity of the flanked units in diketopyrrolopyrrole-based copolymers

Two-dimensional fluorine-free mesoporous Mo2C MXene via UV-induced selective etching of Mo2Ga2C for energy storage

A facile, environmentally friendly synthesis of strong photo-emissive methylammonium lead bromide perovskite nanocrystals enabled by ionic liquids

Data mining for precision medicine in clinical decision support systems

TOI-677b: A Warm Jupiter (P = 11.2 days) on an Eccentric Orbit Transiting a Late F-type Star

A planet within the debris disk around the pre-main-sequence star AU Microscopii

A dynamic portal for a community-driven, continuously updated classification of Fungi and fungus-like organisms: outlineoffungi.org

Is there any prospect of a model provision for similar fact/propensity evidence or the coincidence/tendency rules in Australia?

Indigenous postgraduate education

Indigenous postgraduate education: intercultural perspectives

Exploration of stress management interventions to address psychological stress in stroke survivors: A protocol for a scoping review

Opposing associations of stress and resilience with functional outcomes in stroke survivors in the chronic phase of stroke: A cross-sectional study

CEO power and corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure: does stakeholder influence matter?

The effect of abrasive pretreatment on the drying kinetics and phenolic compounds in goji berries (Lycium barbarum L.)

A new structure of Tesla coupled nozzle in synthetic jet micro-pump

A longitudinal exploration of the relationship between obesity, and long term health condition with presenteeism in Australian workplaces, 2006-2018

Cost-effectiveness evaluations of the 9-Valent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine: evidence from a systematic review

Geographical and socioeconomic inequalities in the utilization of maternal healthcare services in Nigeria: 2003–2017

Effect of Training Phase on Physical and Physiological Parameters of Male Powerlifters

Solar System Physics for Exoplanet Research

10 years on, Inception remains Christopher Nolan’s most complex and intellectual film

That’ll do, pig, that’ll do: Babe at 25, a trailblazing cinematic classic

Neverending stories - why we still love Unsolved Mysteries

Quantifying the Influence of Jupiter on the Earth’s Orbital Cycles

The GALAH survey: temporal chemical enrichment of the galactic disc

The GALAH Survey: Chemically tagging the Fimbulthul stream to the globular cluster ω Centauri

The Pan-Pacific Planet Search - VIII. Complete results and the occurrence rate of planets around low-luminosity giants

Cool Jupiters greatly outnumber their toasty siblings: occurrence rates from the Anglo-Australian Planet Search

The GALAH survey: chemodynamics of the solar neighbourhood

Stability analysis of three exoplanet systems

The GALAH survey: a new constraint on cosmological lithium and Galactic lithium evolution from warm dwarf stars

Host and guest value co-creation and satisfaction in a shared economy: The case of Airbnb

Health literacy in rural and urban populations: A systematic review

Experimental and numerical heat transfer from vortex-injection interaction in scramjet flowfields

Experimental Study on the Rainfall-Runoff Responses of Typical Urban Surfaces and Two Green Infrastructures Using Scale-Based Models

The accuracy of artificial and natural light measurements by actigraphs

Multifractal Cross Correlation Analysis of Agro-Meteorological Datasets (Including Reference Evapotranspiration) of California, United States

Effects of economic growth, foreign direct investment and internet use on child health outcomes: empirical evidence from South Africa

Resuscitation of the drowned person in the era of COVID-19 disease: a common ground for recommendations, identification of research needs and a global call to action

Testing a comprehensive model of organizational justice perceptions and personal states with personal and organizational outcomes

Australian Indigenous model of mental healthcare based on transdiagnostic cognitive–behavioural therapy co-designed with the Indigenous community: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

I do not even tell my partner: Nurses’ perceptions of verbal and physical violence against nurses working in a regional hospital

On-field conditioning for large groups: the forgotten aspect in strength and conditioning

The philosophy of liberal arts education in developing higher education program: some experience at US universities and recommendations for Vietnam [Vietnamese]

'Protect the Brisbane backyard!' (Except from subdivision for additional house construction)

Acknowledging documentary filmmaking as not only an output but a research process: a case for quality research practice

In situ crystal-amorphous compositing inducing ultrahigh thermoelectric performance of p-type Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 hybrid thin films

Tribological investigation of frictional behaviour of mild steel under canola bio-lubricant conditions

Modeling of Stochastic Temperature and Heat Stress Directly Underneath Agrivoltaic Conditions with Orthosiphon Stamineus Crop Cultivation

Drying kinetic, quality, energy and exergy performance of hot air–rotary drum drying of green peas using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

The Mediating Effect of Information and Communication Technology Usages on the Nexus Between Assistive Technology and Quality of Life Among People with Communication Disability

The research higher degree journey for Aboriginal students

Implementation Strategies for Interventions Aiming to Increase Participation in Mail-Out Bowel Cancer Screening Programmes: A Realist Review

Development of thermoplastic 3D printing feedstock utilising biomass

Knowledge discovery for health risk prediction

The Future for Civilian UAV Operations

'Bring back our girls': Social celebrity, digital activism, and new femininity

Modeling wheat yield with data-intelligent algorithms: artificial neural network versus genetic programming and minimax probability machine regression

Developing new techniques to improve licence plate detection systems for complicated and low quality vehicle images

An assessment of the economic and environmental implications of selective logging: case studies in Queensland Australia and the Tarai Region Nepal

Designing a Testbed to Assess Secure Control of Cyber-Physical Systems

Pedobarography assessment of hindfoot gender in Middle Eastern adults during gait

Share and show: Cultivating sensemaking capability in the management classroom

Reducing Avoidable Copd Emergency Room Presentations: An Integrated Cross-Health Service Utilisation Scoping Initiative In South Queensland

Performance of Bridges with Damaged Elements in Extreme Flood Events

Numerical Investigation on Hollow Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Polymer Tube Columns

Floodway Design Process Revisted

Flexural Behavior of Functionally Graded-Graphene Reinforced Composite Plates

A hero’s journey: recognising and supporting the achievement motivation of international secondary students

Examining EFL students’ motivation and attitudes toward a gamified course using leaderboards and quests at a Japanese university

Event prediction through structural intelligence in online social networks

Not for sale: the challenge to imbue a Kingdom-shaping Christian school education for Shalom in an Australian market-driven context

Effect of various urea concentrations on nitrogen slow release from PLLA nanofiber mat

A roof cavability classification system and its use for estimation of main caving interval in longwall mining

I’m new, how do I get to know you?: onboarding in a pandemic

Simulation of several CNT based macrostructures using slip-link model and discrete element method

Flexible and wearable flow sensor using spinnable carbon nanotube nanofilm for respiration monitoring

How can Small Businesses Achieve Knowledge Ambidexterity Using Cloud-based Knowledge Management Systems?

Inclusion of Complementary Industry Knowledge in IT Service Management Curriculum – A Case Study

Potential Application of Wire Woven Mesh as Tower Packing Support-Computational Approach

A geometric model for estimating the volume and surface area of apples

An exploratory study examining critical experiences and influences on professional identity of allied health students during clinical placement in a regional health service

A film editor’s point of view (POV): exploring ‘planes of meaning’ in film editing/making

The key factors that influence trust in a Swiss family office banking relationship: an explorative mixed-methods study in Swiss private banking

Drawing out critical conversations in the management classroom

Saving lives from floods

Static and dynamic testing of tendons

A review of overburden fracturing and changes in hydraulic characteristics due to longwall mining

Shear strength properties of artificial rock joints

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with road transport projects: current status, benchmarking, and assessment tools

Effective school engagement

Hear my voice; the importance of self-advocacy for students who are blind or vision impaired

How to effectively advocate in school, services and the community for your child with a vision impairment

Toolbox of technology: what is required for students who are blind or have a vision impairment to use problem solving skills and adaptive technology to access the curriculum

The role of social skills in community participation, inclusion and employment

Being blind when the world is designed for those who can see; the importance of the Expanded Core Curriculum

What’s working in schools today: perspectives and advice from students with a vision impairment, their parents and teachers

Implementation of the expanded core curriculum; the process of accrediting standardised national curriculum to provide equitable access to schooling for students who are blind

Optoelectronic Enhancement for Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

A process for the accurate reconstruction of pre-filtered and compressed digital aerial images

Digital image improvement by integrating images of different resolutions

A Framework for Selection of Processes to Virtualize in e-Government: A Case Study of Liberia

Older People’s Needs and Opportunities for Assistive Technologies

Inclusivity and the Education of Children of Defence Forces Personnel: Exploring the Impact of Mobility and Interrupted Schooling

Science, Ecology and Wellbeing

Achieving Knowledge in Action through Online Collaborative Learning: What We Have Learned?

Federated Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition Applications


The Challenges of Inclusive Education in Developing Countries in South East Asia

How arts-based methods are used to support the resilience and well-being of young people: a review of the literature

Conclusion: cross-cultural communication and language in wartime: reflections and future directions

Online offshore business process outsourcing (OOBPO): an analysis of the work relations between Filipino freelancers and their offshore clients

Queensland fire and emergency services and ‘medical’ first responder capability: an examination of challenges and opportunities

A Global Fireball Observatory

Impact of technological innovation with products and processes on banking in Myanmar

The role of enterprise risk management on disclosure transparency and cost of equity capital in the international financial reporting standard period

The role of teachers’ strategies in motivating formative learners of English as a foreign language: a study of English teaching in Libyan primary schools

Accountants’ perceptions of communication in not-for-profit organisations: inhibitors, enablers and strategies

The effects of the mobile tourism website quality on customer intention to reuse and recommend

Assessing the validity and reliability and determining cut-points of the Actiwatch 2 in measuring physical activity

Ten Research Priorities Related to Youth Sport, Physical Activity, and Health

Community and home-based exercise for the prevention and treatment of hypertension

Assessing the resistance to root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) in a new collection of wild chickpea (Cicer reticulatum and c. Echinospermum) from Turkey

Optimal water allocation using a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm

Improving design practices for drip irrigation systems installed in the Punjab province, Pakistan

An evaluation study in mediation: a comparative study between Australia and Jordan

Integrating seasonal climate forecasts with Robusta coffee model across the agricultural landscapes of Vietnam

Indigenous Knowledges and Science Education: Complexities, Considerations and Praxis

Compressive behavior of hollow concrete columns reinforced with GFRP bars

Stability analysis of tunnels and underground openings

Arsenic and fluoride removal from water using bone char

Design of variable geometry radial ejector for HVAC purposes through experiments and simulation

Experimental investigation and modelling of the impacts of cotton picker traffic on vertosol soil compaction and potential yield under random and controlled traffic farming systems

Changes in risk factors for non-communicable diseases associated with the ‘Healthy choices at work’ programme, South Africa

Dual Carbon Potassium-Ion Capacitors: Biomass-Derived Graphene-like Carbon Nanosheet Cathodes

The modeling of human facial pain intensity based on Temporal Convolutional Networks trained with video frames in HSV color space

Combining Microfinance and Health in Reducing Poverty-Driven Healthcare Costs: Evidence From the Philippines

KELT-25 b and KELT-26 b: A Hot Jupiter and a Substellar Companion Transiting Young A Stars Observed by TESS

Transits of Known Planets Orbiting a Naked-eye Star

Multi-wavelength, spatially resolved modelling of HD 48682's debris disc

The GALAH Survey: non-LTE departure coefficients for large spectroscopic surveys

Five-Year Weight Loss Outcomes in Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (LVSG) Versus Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (LRYGB) Procedures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

The dimensional structure of metaphors of career and their relations to career agency, job search self-efficacy, and negative career outlook

Distribution and predictors associated with the use of breast cancer screening services among women in 14 low-resource countries

Answer to the letter to the editor on 'Environmental Phillips Curve: OECD and Asian NICs Perspective'

The climate-induced alteration of future geographic distribution of aflatoxin in peanut crops and its adaptation options

Effects of environmental quality on agricultural productivity in sub Saharan African countries: a second generation panel based empirical assessment

Climate change vulnerability of Asia’s most iconic megaherbivore: greater one-horned rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis)

The Visible Behaviour of Drowning Persons: A Pilot Observational Study Using Analytic Software and a Nominal Group Technique

Job-related characteristics and obesity in Australian employees: evidence from a longitudinal nationally representative sample

Combining associations between emotional intelligence, work motivation and organizational justice with counterproductive work behaviors: A profile analysis via multidimensional scaling (PAMS) approach

The moderating role of conscientiousness between psychological contract breach and loyal boosterism

Globalisation, poverty and corruption: retarding progress in South Africa

Does ICT maturity catalyse economic development? Evidence from a panel data estimation approach in OECD countries

Trends in Muscle-Strengthening Exercise Among Nationally Representative Samples of United States Adults Between 2011 and 2017

'We don’t recognize transsexuals … and we’re not going to treat you': cruel and unusual and the lived experiences of transgender women in US prisons

Factors that affect the adoption of the balanced scorecard and its implementation process in Australian healthcare organisations

Bringing corporate strategy to life through firm-wide and strategic supply chain performance alignment, to perform as required within strategic supply chains

Erratum: Multi-wavelength, spatially resolved modelling of HD 48682’s debris disc

Shear strength of soil by using clam shell waste as recycle aggregate

A Versatile Sacrificial Layer for Transfer Printing of Wide Bandgap Materials for Implantable and Stretchable Bioelectronics

Sustaining school improvement: exploring internal and external factors that develop system-school alignment in selected CESA schools

The Impact of Transit-Oriented Shopping Mall Developments (TOSMDs) on Metro Station Ridership: Dubai Metro Redline

Questioning representations of athletes with elevated testosterone levels in elite women’s sports: a critical policy analysis

Bounds of Bi-Directional Grid Constrained Stochastic Processes in Mathematical Finance & Algorithmic Trading

Bridging distance: Practical and pedagogical implications of virtual Makerspaces

eLearn: Statutory Interpretation – An Introduction

Nanoarchitectonics for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Nanowires: Toward the Next Generation of Nanoelectromechanical Systems for Environmental Monitoring

Corporate social responsibility reporting of international oil companies in Nigeria: an historical materialism analysis

Integration of entomopathogenic fungi into IPM programs: studies involving weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) affecting horticultural crops

The asymptotic approach to the description of two-dimensional symmetric soliton patterns

Gems and nuggets: multicultural education for young children

CFD Assessment and Experimental Investigation of the Liquid Separation Efficiency Enhancements in a Vertical Gravity Separator

The Adoption of Mobile Technologies in Healthcare: The Perceptions of Healthcare Professionals Regarding Knowledge Management Practices in Developing Countries

Civil Procedure

Information Retrieval Technology: 15th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference, AIRS 2019, Hong Kong, November 7-9, 2019, Proceedings

Contemporary Australian Tort Law

Introduction: understanding communication, interpreting, and language in wartime

Academic achievement and student satisfaction: moving anatomy and physiology teaching online

The Lion and the Mouse: A tale of kindness and creative resiliency in a regional university

The legacy of pasture drill rows on soil chemical characteristics and subsequent wheat production

Special issue on the application of artificial intelligence in advanced manufacturing

Price image and the sugrophobia effect on luxury retail purchase intention

Examining the Change of Human Mobility Adherent to Social Restriction Policies and Its Effect on COVID-19 Cases in Australia

Spatio-temporal variation of the coupling relationship between urbanization and air quality: A case study of Shandong Province

Building energy optimization using surrogate model and active sampling

The soul of the voice: an interview with Trineice Robinson-Martin

Psychometric properties, mood profile clusters, and predictive effectiveness of the Brunel Mood Scale in a Singaporean context

PLS-SEM path analysis to determine the predictive relevance of e-Health readiness assessment model

Researching Within the Educational Margins: Strategies for Communicating and Articulating Voices

Basketball New Zealand infographic: female athlete health - understanding your menstrual cycle: what’s normal, what’s not?

Basketball New Zealand infographic: immune health: avoiding infection and maintaining immune health in athletes

Occupational Travellers and Researchers as Educational Border Crossers: Methods for Researching with Australian and British Fairground People

Mobilising Critical Interculturality in Researching Within the Educational Margins: Lessons from Dhofari Women’s Experiences of English Language Undergraduate Courses in Oman

Keratinocyte skin cancer risks for working school teachers: scenarios and implications of the timing of scheduled duty periods in Queensland, Australia

Emergence of envelop solitary waves from initial localised pulses within the Ostrovsky equation

Linden Postcard Show 2020-2021 (Tell Me Fairytales & Dingo's Tale)

Concluding remarks [to La contrattazione costituzionale dei livelli di autonomia: modelli per una comparazione]

The effect of biochar addition on plant major nutrient uptake in hydroponic systems

What Does Reflection Look and Feel Like for International Students? An Exploration of Reflective Thinking, Reflexivity and Employability

International Students, Reflection, and Employability

Absurdity amidst project work

Brain network, modelling and corresponding EEG patterns for health and disease states

Meta-Analysis: Methods for Health and Experimental Studies

Recent Advances in Reducing Food Losses in the Supply Chain of Fresh Agricultural Produce

Modelling of heat stress in a robotic dairy farm. Part 4: Time constant and cumulative effects of heat stress

'I Am Grateful That I Still Live Under One Roof With My Family': Gratitude Among South African University Students

Preface [to La contrattazione costituzionale dei livelli di autonomia: modelli per una comparazione]

La contrattazione costituzionale dei livelli di autonomia: modelli per una comparazione

Feedback modelling of the impacts of drought on coffee production in Vietnam

Local economic development strategy for vibrant regions

Middle to late Holocene near-shore foraging strategies at Caution Bay, Papua New Guinea

Stability analysis of twin circular tunnels using shear strength reduction method

English Vocabulary Learning with Simplified Pictures

Feedback modelling of the impacts of drought: A case study in coffee production systems in Viet Nam

Developing Learning-Based Preprocessing Methods for Detecting Complicated Vehicle Licence Plates

'This circle of joy': meaningful musicians’ work and the benefits of facilitating singing groups

Forecasting long-term precipitation for water resource management: a new multi-step data-intelligent modelling approach

What to expect after the honeymoon: evolutionary psychology of part-time franchising

Coarse-graining, compressibility, and thermal fluctuation scaling in dissipative particle dynamics employed with pre-determined input parameters

Investigation of particulate suspensions in generalised hydrodynamic dissipative particle dynamics using a spring model

Studying the effects of using two types of Afos on the ankle and knee joints kinematics and kinetics during walking in the sagittal plane for a patient with severe DDH; Part 2

Studying the effects of using two types of Afos on the hip joint kinematics and kinetics during walking in the sagittal plane for a patient with severe DDH; Part 1

Fiscal arrangements in the Australian federal system

COVID-19, border restrictions and section 92 of the Australian Constitution

Free speech and secondary boycott activity in Australia

Using Arts-Based Methods and Reflection to Support Postgraduate International Students' Wellbeing and Employability through Challenging Times

Concepts of Safety Critical Systems Unification Approach & Security Assurance Process

Developing dialogue between a school subject department head and a university education researcher: convergences and divergences in experiencing educational change and complexity

Similar cognitive deficits in mice and humans in the chronic phase post-stroke identified using the touchscreen-based paired-associate learning task

Classification of alcoholic EEG signals using a deep learning method

Northern Ireland and South Tyrol: constitutional boundaries in consociational democracies

Plasmin Generation Potential and Recanalization in Acute Ischaemic Stroke; an Observational Cohort Study of Stroke Biobank Samples

The determinants of innovative behaviors in organisations

Enhanced deep learning predictive modelling approaches for pain intensity recognition from facial expression video images

Fostering learning through making: perspectives from the International Maker Education Network

Long-term meditation practice in Puno, Peru: a five-level exploratory model of theory and research

A strategy for improving the functional health and well-being of Cambodian university faculty and staff

Competency, capability and professional identity: the case for advanced practice

Living peace: the contribution of Maharishi Vedic Science to global security

Engaging biochemistry students through technology, case studies, and individualised assignments

Knowing Teaching through Researching and Reflecting on Practice

The role of socio-psychological factors in the maintenance of Arabic language among the Arabic-speaking community in the regional city of Toowoomba, Australia

Stimulating languages and learning: global perspectives and community engagement

Washback from English tests on teaching and learning: a case study in Vietnam

Digital language teaching and teacher development

Technology-enhanced language teaching in action

Foresight capacity: towards a foresight competency model

Maharishi Vedic architecture and quality of life: an international mixed methods study of lived experience

Hierarchical SnS2/carbon nanotube@reduced graphene oxide composite as an anode for ultra-stable sodium-ion batteries

Parametric Space for Elastic Waves in Porous Media with Complex Rheology

Key steps in environmental impact assessment: a comparative study of China, Queensland State of Australia and Nepal

Resident risk attitude analysis in the decision-making management of waste incineration construction

Why is the Private Forest Program Stunted in Nepal?

Household CO2 Emissions: Current Status and Future Perspectives

An Ecosystem Services Valuation Research Framework for Policy Integration in Developing Countries: A Case Study from Nepal

Assessing the past and adapting to future floods: a hydro-social analysis

Monitoring wheat leaf rust and stripe rust in winter wheat using high-resolution UAV-based red-green-blue imagery

Numerical solution of a highly nonlinear and non-integrable equation using integrated radial basis function network method

Supervised damage and deterioration detection in building structures using an enhanced autoregressive time-series approach

Making the case for 'physical activity security': the 2020 WHO Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour from a Global South perspective

Entry Barriers and Competitive Governance

Mobile-assisted academic vocabulary learning

Evaluation of policy scenarios for water resources planning and management in an arid region

Statistics poster competitions: an opportunity to connect academics and teachers

Work-Focused Health Care: The Role of Physical Therapists

Musculoskeletal Pain and Disability in Sonographers: More Than an Ergonomic Issue

Narratives of Access: A Critical Exploration of How Institutional Interactions with Students Affect Regional Student Participation in Higher Education

Comparison of GOME-2 UVA Satellite Data to Ground-Based UVA Measurements in South Africa

Mathematical Modelling for Optimally Allocating the Medical and Health Supplies Reserve in Hainan Province

Body composition influences blood pressure during submaximal graded test in women

Agreeing to Disagree Politically

Waves on a compressed floating ice plate caused by motion of a dipole in water

Teaching psychomotor skills online: exploring the implications of novel coronavirus on health professions education

Improved prediction of leaf emergence for efficacious crop protection: assessing field variability in phyllotherms for upper leaves in winter wheat and winter barley

A 6LoWPAN OPNET simulation model for machine‐to‐machine communications

Evaluating frameworks for practice in mainstream primary school classrooms catering for children with developmental trauma: an analysis of the literature

Structural Deterioration Localisation Using Enhanced Autoregressive Time-Series Analysis

Locating and Quantifying Damage in Deck Type Arch Bridges Using Frequency Response Functions and Artificial Neural Networks

A Nonparametric Method for Identifying Structural Damage in Bridges Based on the Best-Fit Auto-Regressive Models

Locating and Quantifying Damage in Beam-like Structures Using Modal Flexibility-based Deflection Changes

‘I’m trying to tell you this man is dangerous… and no one’s listening’: family violence, parent–school engagement and school complicity

Investigation of slow release of urea from biodegradable single- and double-layered hollow nanofibre yarns

A review of measuring, assessing and mitigating heat stress in dairy cattle

Preface: Recent Research Advances on Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures

In the room where it happens: teaching musical theatre and contemporary and commercial music (CCM) singing

Light activated shape memory polymer composite based smart structures: a framework for material development and activation methodologies

Can integrated microfinance and health programs reduce poverty-driven healthcare costs: a case of the Philippines

An Efficient Scheme to Secure Data Provenance in Home Area Networks

Investigation of tri-planar range of motion of ankle according to gender using photogrammetry technique

State of Play for Australia’s Agricultural Trade with China: Challenges & the Road Ahead

Take me away / Bring me home

Factors affecting e-government adoption in Liberia: A practitioner perspective

New modern painting

Understanding multitudinous and collaborative investigative responses to child sexual abuse

Reunification of intrafamilial child sex abusers

The effectiveness of spiritual reminiscence therapy for older people with loneliness, anxiety and depression in Malaysia

Exercise improves the health and well-being of people with dementia

RAYGUN Projects: 2011-2019

A mixed-methods analysis of the effects of Facebook-based social support on health across Australian metropolitan and regional communities: does social media go the distance?

First a Play, Now a Book, Soon a Film: Reimagining Henry Lawson’s Short Story ‘The Drover’s Wife’

Postcards from the Pandemic: Teaching Creative Writing During COVID-19

Triggering Kindness: Teaching Narratives of Trauma During COVID-19

Things You Lost in 2020 [Textual Work: Poem]

Ways of Being Out, To Make Moves Within

Simular proof and senseless feeling: Synaesthetic overload in Cymbeline

Creators of Ipswich report

How Soon Is Now

A mixed-method study of stem qualified professionals’ persistence intentions within the Australian agriculture sector

Spectrum sharing for wireless communication subject to regulatory constraints on power

Investigating experiences and outcomes of K-12 blended learning classes through the community of inquiry framework

Prevention of Occlusion of cEnTral lInes for Children with cancer: An implementation study

The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a hospital avoidance program in a residential aged care facility: a prospective cohort study and modelled decision analysis

Development challenges facing general aviation airports: A case study of Archerfield Airport, Queensland, Australia

Electrochemical reduction of CO2 to ethane through stabilization of an ethoxy intermediate

The 'Blue Sky effect': a repatriation of judicial review grounds or a search for flexibility?

The irony of coal mining infrastructure projects: the more talk about cost, the more they cost

Developing sustainable supply chains in regional Australia considering demand uncertainty, government subsidies and carbon tax regulation

Career motivations of mechanical trade stem workers in agricultural occupations in regional Australia

‘I think you need to be a helicopter parent’: how mothers of neurodiverse children understand their child’s schooling experiences, and their own role in their child’s education

The last in line: implied association and literary-artistic expression in the Australian constitution

Path dependency, the High Court, and the Constitution

Corporations and their contributions to public debates

Executive detention in the time of a pandemic

The Governor General in Australia and gender equality

So you want to be a lecturer in counselling

Curriculum, schooling and applied research: challenges and tensions for researchers

Employing weather-based disease and machine learning techniques for optimal control of Septoria Leaf Blotch and Stripe Rust in wheat

Jenga, Kafka, and the Triumph of Academic Capitalism: A Taxonomy of Scholars and their COVID Capital

Holistic movement practices: an emerging category of physical activity for exercise psychology

Comparative assessment of spray behavior, combustion and engine performance of ABE-biodiesel/diesel as fuel in DI diesel engine

Numeracy in paramedicine education: a literature review

A magnetic snapshot survey of F-type stars

Measuring stellar magnetic helicity density

Magnetic field and prominences of the young, solar-like, ultra-rapid rotator V530 Persei

Activity and differential rotation of the early M dwarf Kepler-45 from transit mapping

Formative assessment and the Craft of Writing Framework: A response to Cremin and Twiner

Variation in CT use for paediatric head injuries across different types of emergency departments in Australia and New Zealand

Response to Letter to the Editor: Addressing concerns from a recent randomised controlled trial protocol of two acute burn dressings

Doomscrolling, Zoom Overload, and COVID Fatigue: Teaching Creative Writing During the Pandemic

Ionicity of clay-cation bonds in relation to dispersive behavior of Mg and K soil clays as influenced by pH

Deep Air Quality Forecasts: Suspended Particulate Matter Modeling With Convolutional Neural and Long Short-Term Memory Networks

Mechanical Vapour Compression Refrigeration System: Review Part 1: Environment Challenge

How Can the Lived Environment Support Healthy Ageing? A Spatial Indicators Framework for the Assessment of Age-Friendly Communities

Self-Sorting of Solid Waste using Machine Learning

The Second Window

A New Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Automated Breast Cancer Detection

A Densely Connected Encoder Stack Approach for Multi-type Legal Machine Reading Comprehension

Static and dynamic testing of tendons

Researching Within the Educational Margins: Selected Answers to the Organising Questions

HPE: navigating the chasm of policy, practice and management to enact the intended curriculum and meet the needs of the twenty-first century learners

Realising the vision of technology integration: a case study of K-12 private schools in the United Arab Emirates

From scheelite BaMoO4 to perovskite BaMoO3: Enhanced electrocatalysis toward the hydrogen evolution in alkaline media

High-performance metal-organic framework-perovskite hybrid as an important component of the air-electrode for rechargeable Zn-Air battery

Toward Excellence of Transition Metal‐Based Catalysts for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction: An Overview of Strategies and Rationales

Tuning the Product Selectivity of the Cu Hollow Fiber Gas Diffusion Electrode for Efficient CO2 Reduction to Formate by Controlled Surface Sn Electrodeposition

Efficient organic enrichment from sludge filtrate via a forward osmosis membrane process

Modulated Sn Oxidation States over a Cu2O-Derived Substrate for Selective Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Ethnobotany of the Himalayas: The Nepal, Bhutanese, and Tibetan Himalayas

A microstructure model for viscoelastic–thixotropic fluids

Investigating career intentions of undergraduate paramedic students studying in Queensland, Australia

Gathering in the Light

Impacts of exclusion fencing on target and non‐target fauna: a global review

Envisioning the future with ‘compassionate conservation’: An ominous projection for native wildlife and biodiversity

Standing out from the crowd: improving employability through peer programs and continuing professional development in undergraduate paramedic programs

A Close Look at the German and Australian Anti-FGM Framework-Concerns About Equal Protection and Equal Application

Prospects and challenges of prosecuting foreign fighters in Australia

Measuring association between two categorical variables: revisiting risk ratio and odds ratio

Emotional attachment for informal synchronous online language learning


Incorporating security into electronic health records based healthcare systems with wireless sensor networks

Effects of ultraviolet solar radiation on the properties of particulate-filled epoxy based polymer coating

Growing-season soil microbial respiration response to long-term no tillage and spring ridge tillage

Response to comments on 'Compassionate Conservation deserves a morally serious rather than dismissive response - reply to Callen et al., 2020'

Minimizing animal welfare harms associated with predation management in agro‐ecosystems

Expansion of Vertebrate Pest Exclusion Fencing and Its Potential Benefits for Threatened Fauna Recovery in Australia

Multispectral remote sensing as a tool to support organic crop certification: assessment of the discrimination level between organic and conventional maize

Effect of internet use and electronic game‑play on academic performance of Australian children

Mary Shepard: the artist who brought Mary Poppins to life

Interaction between the place of residence and wealth on the risk of overweight and obesity in Bangladeshi women

Crowding-out effect strategy using AgCl for realizing a super low lattice thermal conductivity of SnTe

Crystal symmetry induced structure and bonding manipulation boosting thermoelectric performance of GeTe

Rashba effect maximizes thermoelectric performance of GeTe derivatives

State-of-the-art of prefabricated FRP composite jackets for structural repair

The role of conidia in the dispersal of Ascochyta rabiei

Hierarchical Structuring to Break the Amorphous Limit of Lattice Thermal Conductivity in High-Performance SnTe-Based Thermoelectrics

Computer-aided design of high-efficiency GeTe-based thermoelectric devices

No Friend but the Mountains: Writing from Manus Prison

The Department of Immigration was central to Australia's post-World War II recovery. What role might it play in Australia's recovery from COVID 19?

Workplace Safety, Deadly Jellyfish And Tourists: A Novel Approach To An Emergent Problem

The HD 217107 planetary system: Twenty years of radial velocity measurements

Establishing the Golden Range of Seebeck Coefficient for Maximizing Thermoelectric Performance

Introduction [to Stimulating languages and learning: global perspectives and community engagement]

Multiscale entropy algorithms and their applications in cardiac disease discrimination

One-pot scalable fabrication of an oligomeric phosphoramide towards high-performance flame retardant polylactic acid with a submicron-grained structure

The state of play of blockchain technology in the financial services sector: A systematic literature review

A bio-based ionic complex with different oxidation states of phosphorus for reducing flammability and smoke release of epoxy resins

High‐performance polymeric materials through hydrogen‐bond cross‐linking

Transmission spectroscopy and Rossiter-McLaughlin measurements of the young Neptune orbiting AU Mic

A pair of Jovian Trojans at the L4 Lagrange point

Valorisation of the supernatant of brewery effluent in plankton production for fish farming: an alternative for environment protection in southern countries

Global Citizenship Education Compass: Traversing The Bounds Of Long Term Allocentrism

Deciding to enrol in a cancer trial: a systematic review of qualitative studies

Highly Flexible Multilayered e-Skins for Thermal-Magnetic-Mechanical Triple Sensors and Intelligent Grippers

Lignin-derived bio-based flame retardants toward high-performance sustainable polymeric materials

Manipulating interphase reactions for mechanically robust, flame-retardant and sustainable polylactide biocomposites

Grafting Lignin with Bioderived Polyacrylates for Low-Cost, Ductile, and Fully Biobased Poly(lactic acid) Composite

A liquid phosphorus-containing imidazole derivative as flame-retardant curing agent for epoxy resin with enhanced thermal latency, mechanical, and flame-retardant performances

Mood profiling in Singapore: cross-cultural validation and potential applications of mood profile clusters

Mood responses associated with COVID-19 restrictions

Advancements in mental skills training

'Now it's your choice': Nondirective genetic counseling, other minds, place and counselee empowerment

Women in rural, regional and remote enterprises (WiRE): playing big in business - Final Report (DESBT19241)

Communicating Compassionately in a Crisis: John Curtin and Journalists, 1941-1945

The book detectives: metafictive devices and the development of critical literacy in year 3 students

Long-term behaviour of particulate-filled epoxy-based polymers

An Exploratory Study of the Readiness of Public Healthcare Facilities in Developing Countries to Adopt Health Information Technology (HIT)/e-Health: the Case of Ghana

A model for evaluating eHealth preparedness – a case study approach

Clinical exercise physiology in the Australian health care system

The effects of exclusion fencing on the yellow-footed rock-wallaby (Petrogale xanthopus celeris)

Water-based hybrid coatings toward mechanically flexible, super-hydrophobic and flame-retardant polyurethane foam nanocomposites with high-efficiency and reliable fire alarm response

One-step and green synthesis of lightweight, mechanically flexible and flame-retardant polydimethylsiloxane foam nanocomposites via surface-assembling ultralow content of graphene derivative

TOI-481 b and TOI-892 b: Two Long-period Hot Jupiters from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

TOI 564 b and TOI 905 b: grazing and fully transiting hot Jupiters discovered by TESS

Time-efficient intervention to improve older adolescents’ cardiorespiratory fitness: findings from the ‘Burn 2 Learn’ cluster randomised controlled trial

Manufacturing and structural performance of glass-fiber-reinforced precast-concrete boat ramp planks

Influence of prism geometry on the compressive strength of concrete masonry

Degradation mechanism of glass fiber/vinylester-based composite materials under accelerated and natural aging

Experimental Study on Compressive Behavior of FRP-Confined Expansive Rubberized Concrete

Self-healing polymers: Synthesis methods and applications

Characteristics, strength development and microstructure of cement mortar containing oil-contaminated sand

The dilemmas and gains of brands in a mega sport event alliance

Design of Alkali-Activated Slag-Fly Ash Concrete Mixtures Using Machine Learning

White Leaf Spot Caused by Neopseudocercosporella capsellae: A Re-emerging Disease of Brassicaceae

Legacies of civil wars: a 14‐year study of social conflicts and well‐being outcomes in farming economies

Conversations for synthesis: Using the Harkness method in student-led historical inquiry

Fungal Planet description sheets: 1112–1181

Effect of Different Constituent Fiber, Resin, and Sizing Combinations on Alkaline Resistance of Basalt, Carbon, and Glass FRP Bars

The GALAH survey: multiple stars and our Galaxy. I. A comprehensive method for deriving properties of FGK binary stars

Exoplanets in the Antarctic Sky. III. Stellar Flares Found by AST3-II (CHESPA) within the Southern CVZ of TESS

A multiplanet system of super-Earths orbiting the brightest red dwarf star GJ 887

Paramedic Attitudes and Perceptions About Continuing Professional Development in Australasia

One-Pot, Solvent- and Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Polyphosphoramide as an Eco-Benign and Effective Flame Retardant for Poly(lactic acid)

Strong, tough and healable elastomer nanocomposites enabled by a hydrogen-bonded supramolecular network

Nickel ammonium phosphate and reduced graphene oxide two‐dimensional hybrid material for improving the fire safety and mechanical properties of poly(vinyl chloride)

Interface engineering of MXene towards super-tough and strong polymer nanocomposites with high ductility and excellent fire safety

Flame retardant polymeric nanocomposites through the combination of nanomaterials and conventional flame retardants

Polyphosphoramide-intercalated MXene for simultaneously enhancing the thermal stability, flame retardancy and mechanical properties of polylactide

Deposition growth of Zr-based MOFs on cerium phenylphosphonate lamella towards enhanced thermal stability and fire safety of polycarbonate

Synthesis and Properties Investigation of Thiophene-aromatic Polyesters: Potential Alternatives for the 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid-based Ones

Core–Shell Bioderived Flame Retardants Based on Chitosan/Alginate Coated Ammonia Polyphosphate for Enhancing Flame Retardancy of Polylactic Acid

Flexural Analysis for Syntactic Foam Sandwich Panels

The transnational voices of Australia’s migrant and minority press

The benefits of creating open educational resources as assessment in an online education course

Development of Smart Materials for Invasive Medical Applications Using Shape Memory Polymers

Reporting on war: Press Gallery interactions with Australian Prime Ministers, 1941-2013

The Impact of Personality Traits Towards the Intention to Adopt Mobile Learning

Performance Evaluation for Tracking a Malicious UAV using an Autonomous UAV Swarm

Exploring a cross-cultural perspective of teacher leadership among researchers: A phenomenographic study

The role of microfinance in reducing poverty-driven healthcare costs: a systematic review

Modelling 3-D cellular microfluidics of different plant cells for the prediction of cellular deformations under external mechanical compression: a SPH-CG-based computational study

The Impact of Digital Media on Real Estate Marketing: A Review

Age diversity: concepts, strategies and cases

Community engagement for disaster preparedness: a systematic literature review

Trauma informed behaviour support: a practical guide to developing resilient learners

Online physical activity and sedentary behavior information for cancer survivors

Joint and dose‐dependent associations between aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity with depression: a cross‐sectional study of 1.48 million adults between 2011 and 2017

The epidemiology of muscle-strengthening exercise in Europe: a 28-country comparison including 280,605 adults

Muscle-strengthening exercise and depressive symptom severity among a nationally representative sample of 23,635 german adults

Muscle-strengthening exercise and sleep quality among a nationally representative sample of 23,635 German adults

Adherence to aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise guidelines and associations with psychological distress: A cross-sectional study of 14,050 English adults

Factors associated with adherence to the muscle-strengthening activity guideline among adolescents

Do we need physical activity guidelines for mental health: What does the evidence tell us?

A fresh look at grape powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) A and B genotypes revealed frequent mixed infections and only B genotypes in flag shoot samples

Foreword: Feelings in sport: theory, research, and practical implications for performance and well-being

Process optimisation of anaerobic digestion treating high-strength wastewater in the Australian red meat processing industry

Our Mothers Were Birds [Short story]

Six Rusalki [short story]

Work-related physical activity and psychological distress among women in different occupations: a cross-sectional study

Biochar effects on nutrients retention and release of hydroponics growth media

Proof Learning in PVS with Utility Pattern Mining

Deep interest shifting network with meta embeddings for fresh item recommendation

Autotrophic sulfide removal by mixed culture purple phototrophic bacteria

Run, lift, or both? Associations between concurrent aerobic–muscle strengthening exercise with adverse cardiometabolic biomarkers among Korean adults

Muscle-strengthening exercise and prevalent hypertension among 1.5 million adults: a little is better than none

Embracing the Ethical Possibilities of Researching About Autistic Individuals’ Transition to Post-School Opportunities in South West Queensland, Australia

No-tillage furrow opener performance: a review of tool geometry, settings and interactions with soil and crop residue

Respectability and disloyalty: the competing obligations of L’Italiano’s editors

Australia’s minority community printed press history in global context: an introduction

High-fidelity audio generation and representation learning with guided adversarial autoencoder

Muscle-strengthening exercise epidemiology: a new frontier in chronic disease prevention

Australia: A Continent Without Native Powdery Mildews? The First Comprehensive Catalog Indicates Recent Introductions and Multiple Host Range Expansion Events, and Leads to the Re-discovery of Salmonomyces as a New Lineage of the Erysiphales

World Health Organization 2020 guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour

New global guidelines on sedentary behaviour and health for adults: broadening the behavioural targets

Advancing the global physical activity agenda: recommendations for future research by the 2020 WHO physical activity and sedentary behavior guidelines development group

Navigating the Affordances and Limits of Ethnographic Research in Exploring Career Development for Marginalised Youth in an Australian Flexible Learning Programme

Educational innovation: challenges of conducting and applying research in schools

Computationally Efficient Synchronous Demodulation using Sigma-Delta Approach

The Wicked Problems of Researching Within the Educational Margins: Some Possibilities and Problems

Setting the Scene for Researching Within the Educational Margins: Selecting Strategies for Communicating and Articulating Voices in Education Research Projects

Let’s Have Redemption! Women, Religion and Sexploitation on Screen

Dark Fantasies: The Prisoner and the Futures of Imprisonment

Prison on Screen in 1970s Britain

Popular Visions of Incarceration

Locally differentially private distributed algorithms for set intersection and union [Letter]

Development of deep learning predictive models for short-term solar radiation forecasting: case study in Vietnam

Changing student perceptions of information technology careers: investigating the use of a tech-savvy career-focussed curriculum for it career development with regional junior high school students

Reducing screen-time and unhealthy snacking in 9–11 year old children: the Kids FIRST pilot randomised controlled trial

National physical activity and sedentary behaviour policies in 76 countries: availability, comprehensiveness, implementation, and effectiveness

Factors shaping the use of outcome based performance management system in central state, Australia

The emergence of Australian solo euphonium repertoire: a brief historical background, analysis of selected major works and annotated catalogue

Evaluating performance of peer-to-peer lending platforms: a cross-country empirical study of panel data

Tell me, whacher, is it winter? [Short story]

Schooling in the time of COVID: An opportunity to liberate learning

Screen-based behaviors in Australian adolescents: longitudinal trends from a 4-year follow-up study

Deep Architecture Enhancing Robustness to Noise, Adversarial Attacks, and Cross-corpus Setting for Speech Emotion Recognition

Augmenting Generative Adversarial Networks for Speech Emotion Recognition

Extending Graph Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions

Bounded Pattern Matching Using Views

Predicting Workplace Injuries Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Flexible and Adaptive Fairness-aware Learning in Non-stationary Data Streams

A cost and cost-benefit analysis of the Stand More AT Work (SMArT Work) intervention

Field Trials of a Spotty Liver Disease Vaccine: Vaccine Trial 1: Small scale Trial

Teaching As Truth-telling: A Demythologising Pedagogy for the Australian Frontier Wars

Self-powered monolithic accelerometer using a photonic gate

Active Voice: Professional Associations Collaborating to Provide Exercise is Medicine® Education for Junior Doctors in Australia

Seasonal diet preferences of chital deer in the northern Queensland dry tropics, Australia

Dietary overlap between cattle and chital in the Queensland dry tropics

Development of the Mata Hari Judas Queen (Felis catus)

Who says waiting is boring? How consumer narratives within online communities help reduce stress while waiting

Intrinsic and extrinsic attributes that drive Muslim consumer purchase behavior: A study in the context of Western imported food

The development of an improved scat survey method for koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Bandicoot bunkers: training wild-caught northern brown bandicoots (Isoodon macrourus) to use microchip-automated safe refuge

What is driving the increased demand for red panda pelts?

Monitoring with microchips: Microchip‐automated doors as a potential novel method for tracking the survival of released Northern Brown Bandicoots

Reproductive seasonality and rate of increase of wild sambar deer (Rusa unicolor) in a new environment, Victoria, Australia

Foreword [to Brisbane: The Aboriginal Presence 1824-1860]

The theatre of justice: Race relations and capital punishment at Moreton Bay 1841-59

How to train your wildlife: A review of predator avoidance training

Towards a shared services model to support e-Government implementation in developing countries: findings from Liberia

Increment-averaged kriging: a comparison with depth-harmonized mapping of soil exchangeable sodium percentage in a cropping region of eastern Australia

Critical online learning networks of teachers: communality and collegiality as contingent elements

Private military security companies: addressing accountability – a suggested model for control

The limits of environmental educators’ fashioning of ‘individualized’ environmental citizens

Cultivating conscientious tourism caretakers: aphenomenographic continuum towards stronger sustainability

What does the research evidence base tell us about the use and impact of sustainability pedagogies in initial teacher education?

Impact behaviour of an innovative trapezoidal composite corrugated core sandwich structure under low-velocity impact: an experimental and numerical study

The role of cultural intelligence in facilitating tacit knowledge sharing in Australian information and communication technology organisations

Stakeholder security analysis - a new approach to security design with example application

Development and evaluation of data-driven models for electricity demand forecasting in Queensland, Australia

The economic impact of air transport development and consumer choice on airline services in the Southeast Asia region

‘The vices male and female’: rethinking the vice on the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage

Teaching in the Australian Capital Territory: exploring the experiences of teachers using mixed methods and interpretive phenomenological analysis

Te Whakatara! – Tangihanga and bereavement COVID-19

Disease responses of hexaploid spring wheat (Triticum aestivum) culms exhibiting premature senescence (dead heads) associated with Fusarium pseudograminearum crown rot

Developing new techniques to improve licence plate detection systems for complicated and low quality vehicle images

Drawn Thread: The Handmade Tale - 50 Years of Craft and Design in Queensland.


Cross-curriculum priorities & geography

Communicative language teaching: the beliefs, attitudes, and practices of pre-service EFL teachers in western Libya

Tropical foods as functional foods for metabolic syndrome

Socioeconomic inequalities in uptake of breast cancer screening among Saudi women: a cross-sectional analysis of a national survey

Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australian Literature

Using the Behaviour Change Wheel to design and test a Learning Analytics adoption strategy at a regional Australian university

Impact of brand image of the Business School: from the recruiters’ (employers’) perspectives

Letters to my peers: an autoethnographical approach to a mental health peer worker experience

Tribological Performance of Materials Under Bio-Three Body Abrasion

Effect of Fibre Content on Compressive and Flexural Properties of Coconut Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites

Making Society Climate Resilient: International Progress under the Global Framework for Climate Services

Improving China’s Resilience to Climate-Related Risks: The China Framework for Climate Services

The benefits of increasing resolution in global and regional climate simulations for European climate extremes

The discourse of registered nurses in practice fields: negotiating professionalism and the demands of work in 21st century Australia

An exploration of the influence of engagement with commemoration on the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal people in South West Queensland, Australia

Walker circulation response to extratropical radiative forcing

A textbook case in creating access

The jazz singer's mind shows us how to improvise through life itself

Romancing revenge: violent masculine (anti)heroes and other dangerous objects

UN Celebrity 'It' Girls as Public Relations-ised Humanitarianism

activPAL and ActiGraph Assessed Sedentary Behavior and Cardiometabolic Health Markers

Combined effects of the biochar/biochar composites and water management strategies on the phyto-availability of arsenic in paddy rice soils

Metabolic Effects of Breaking Prolonged Sitting With Standing or Light Walking in Older South Asians and White Europeans: A Randomized Acute Study

Trends and correlates of meeting 24-hour movement guidelines: a 15-year study among 167,577 Thai adults

Temporariness, belonging and place: working holidaymakers negotiating regional Australia through seasonable agricultural labour

Children versus curriculum: who wins?

Screen-time during the after-school period: a contextual perspective

Bushfire mitigation and preparation on the Toowoomba Region Escarpment: a research report for Toowoomba Regional Council

Revealing teachers’ motivational strategies in Libyan English as a Foreign Language Classrooms

Police as mentors: analysis of how a police mentor program can impact the lives of ‘at risk’ young people

Inclusion in action

Organisational & Personal Impacts of a Work-Based Learning & Research Programme in Australia

Reducing sitting at work: process evaluation of the SMArT Work (Stand More At Work) intervention

Physical activity and sedentary behavior research in Indonesian youth: a scoping review

Dealing with diversity: factors discouraging participation of Maori and Pacifica females in ICT education

Applied micro- and macro-reflective cycles in work-based learning and research: two advanced practice contexts

Adolescent social and emotional wellbeing in Abu Dhabi: socio-cultural determinants of mental health and their relationship to help-seeking behaviour in educational settings: a mixed method exploration

Submission to the Office of the National Data Commissioner - Data Availability and Transparency Bill 2020

A Novel Real-time Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring Method using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis and ANN

A framework of developing health care application systems using 6LoWPAN based wireless sensor networks

SICS Degrees

Southward movement of water - the water ways

The imperial woman’s colonising mission: making space in three colonial crises

Active control of flow separation using compressed air egress and ingress for low-speed wind turbine blades

Work health, safety, and wellbeing strategy and employee engagement: a mixed-methods study: Volumes I and II

Reforming the Law of Rape in the United States: Some Advice from the Antipodes

The relationships of experiencing workplace bullying with mental health, affective commitment, and job satisfaction: application of the job demands control model

Numerical investigation of CFRP strengthened RHS members under cyclic loading

Experimental investigations on inelastic behaviour and modified Gerber joint for double-span steel trapezoidal sheeting

Study on the cyclic bending behaviour of CFRP strengthened full-scale CHS members

Investigation on the behaviour of CFRP strengthened CHS members under monotonic loading through finite element modelling

Forging Truths from Facts: Trauma, historicity and Australian Children's Picture Books

Examining the impact of students’ attendance, sketching, visualization, and tutors experience on students’ performance: a case of building structures course in construction management

Competitiveness in the construction industry: A contractor’s perspective on barriers to improving the construction industry performance

Shrinkage behavior enhancement of infra-lightweight concrete through FRP grid reinforcement and development of their shrinkage prediction models

Numerical investigation on the CFRP strengthened steel frame under earthquake

'This book belongs to': Trauma, (Bio)Degradation, and the Law in Visual and Narrative Diaries

The next wave of CRM innovation: implications for research, teaching, and practice

A Sequential Mixed Methods Investigation into a Workplace-Related Phenomenon in the German Mittelstand - Appendix A

The performance gap in energy-efficient office buildings: how the occupants can help?

Key factors influencing purchase or rent decisions in smart real estate investments: a system dynamics approach using online forum thread data

Smart digital marketing capabilities for sustainable property development: a case of Malaysia

Beyond the black stump: rapid reviews of health research issues affecting regional, rural and remote Australia

Improving hands-off health care professionals using simulation: an intervention study

Reform of the evidential rules for eyewitness identification in the United States – advice from the antipodes

Leading large, p-12, autonomous, independent schools: an Australian study

Investigating the relationship between wisdom, intelligence, age, and gender and the role of mediators and moderators: an Australian setting

Collaboration in remote access laboratories

The impact of global warming and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation on seasonal precipitation extremes in Australia

The impact of anthropogenic forcing and natural processes on past, present, and future rainfall over Victoria, Australia

Recognition for Registered Nurses supporting students on clinical placement: a grounded theory study

The short-term effects of sedentary behaviour on cerebral hemodynamics and cognitive performance in older adults: A cross-over design on the potential impact of mental and/or physical activity

The association of sedentary behaviour and cognitive function in people without dementia: A coordinated analysis across five cohort studies from COSMIC

The clash of the Titans: CIO and LOB engagement in IT innovation

Introduction [to Non-combatants and others: writings against war, 1916-1945]

Reverse integration in wheelchair basketball: stakeholders’ understanding in elite and recreational sporting communities

RAYGUN Projects 2011-2019

Objectively-measured activity patterns are associated with home blood pressure in memory clinic patients

Device-measured sedentary behavior and physical activity in older adults differ by demographic and health-related factors

Where Does Critical Pedagogy Happen? Young People, ‘Relational Pedagogy’ and the Interstitial Spaces of School

The creative business model canvas

On the fluctuations of electron density and magnetic field in the solar mid-corona: spacecraft radio observations

The Project Establishment Guide: probing the critical contexts for learning and teaching projects to enable their success

Approaches to improve causal inference in physical activity epidemiology

The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences: XXIV ISPRS Congress, Commission IV

ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences: XXIV ISPRS Congress, Commission IV

Knowledge management competence and ISD vendor innovativeness in turbulent markets

Flaws in flawlessness: perfectionism as a new technology driven mental disorder

Fifty shades of digital innovation: how firms innovate with digital technologies

Addicts without substance? Social media addiction when Facebook shuts down

Social justice in the early childhood context: Educator voices

The rise of the unregulated birth worker in Australia: the canary flees the coal mine

Reducing sitting time in obese older adults: the I-STAND randomized controlled trial

Progressive resistance plus balance training for older australians receiving in-home care services: cost-effectiveness analyses alongside the muscling up against disability stepped-wedge randomized control trial

Climate change projections for the Australian monsoon from CMIP6 Models

Assessment of evaporation mitigation technologies in Queensland

Australian Internment Life Stories: Recapturing Salvatore Ragonesi between the Public Record and Family Memories

Analysis and evaluation of Braille to Text conversion methods

Outlier detection in indoor localization and Internet of Things (IoT) using machine learning

Employing Participatory Citizen Science Methods to Promote Age-Friendly Environments Worldwide

Supply chains of the sheep and goat meat industry

Vitamin K and equine osteocalcin: an enigma explored

Bioinspired, Strong, and Tough Nanostructured Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Inositol Composites: How Hydrogen-Bond Cross-Linking Works?

Challenging social injustice in superdiverse contexts through activist languages education

Nervous nation: fear, conflict and narratives of fortified domestic architecture on the Queensland frontier

An investigation in to the positional running demands of elite Gaelic football players: how competition data can inform training practice

Mental health benefits of physical activity for young people

Changing behavior using ecological models

Is the Acute: Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR) Associated with Risk of Time‑Loss Injury in Professional Team Sports? A Systematic Review of Methodology, Variables and Injury Risk in Practical Situations

Relationships Among PlayerLoad, High-Intensity Intermittent Running Ability, and Injury Risk in Professional Rugby League Players

The Training-Performance Puzzle: How Can the Past Inform Future Training Directions?

Training Load and Recovery During a Pre-Olympic Season in Professional Rhythmic Gymnasts

How Much? How Fast? How Soon? Three Simple Concepts for Progressing Training Loads to Minimize Injury Risk and Enhance Performance

Load management in basketball

Implementation and evaluation of short peripheral intravenous catheter flushing guidelines: a stepped wedge cluster randomised trial

Flushing of peripheral intravenous catheters: A pilot, factorial, randomised controlled trial of high versus low frequency and volume in paediatrics

Aerobic capacity and telomere length in human skeletal muscle and leukocytes across the lifespan

Telomere regulation: lessons learnt from mice and men, potential opportunities in horses

Emerging roles of extracellular vesicles in the intercellular communication for exercise-induced adaptations

A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis on Sodium Bicarbonate Administration and Equine Running Performance: Is it Time to Stop Horsing Around With Baking Soda?

The MIDLINE trial – managing intravenous devices among patients with limited vascular access or prolonged therapy: a pilot randomised control trial protocol

Instrumental Meteorological Records before 1850: An Inventory

Integration of blockchains with management information systems

Personalised drug prescription for dental clinics using word embedding

Test Book record

Sustainable development and management of low-volume road networks in Australia

Home Alone at 30: how one case of parental neglect led to (hilariously) painful outcomes

Schitt’s Creek: the TV show has been showered with Emmys but is it worth the hype?

Metabolic measures 12 months after a randomised controlled trial of treatment of clozapine associated obesity and diabetes with exenatide (CODEX)

Co‐morbidity between mood and anxiety disorders: A systematic review and meta‐analysis

Conflict, confusion and inconsistencies: Pre-registration nursing students’ perceptions and experiences of speaking up for patient safety

Genomic resources in plant breeding for sustainable agriculture

A Well-aligned Orbit for the 45 Myr-old Transiting Neptune DS Tuc Ab

TESS Spots a Hot Jupiter with an Inner Transiting Neptune

Coercive diplomacy and the Iranian nuclear crisis

Transfer of key language features from L1 English academic persuasive essay to L1 Arabic academic persuasive essays by Arabic EFL learners

TOI-503: The First Known Brown-dwarf Am-star Binary from the TESS Mission

TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). II. A 17Myr Old Transiting Hot Jupiter in the Sco-Cen Association

TOI 694b and TIC 220568520b: Two Low-mass Companions near the Hydrogen-burning Mass Limit Orbiting Sun-like Stars

TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). III. A Two-planet System in the 400 Myr Ursa Major Group

The highly inflated giant planet WASP-174b

HATS-37Ab and HATS-38b: Two Transiting Hot Neptunes in the Desert

The K2 and TESS Synergy. I. Updated Ephemerides and Parameters for K2-114, K2-167, K2-237, and K2-261

HATS-47b, HATS-48Ab, HATS-49b, and HATS-72b: Four Warm Giant Planets Transiting K Dwarfs

Two Intermediate-mass Transiting Brown Dwarfs from the TESS Mission

Cluster Difference Imaging Photometric Survey. II. TOI 837: A Young Validated Planet in IC 2602

HATS-71b: A Giant Planet Transiting an M3 Dwarf Star in TESS Sector 1

A hot terrestrial planet orbiting the bright M dwarf L 168-9 unveiled by TESS

TOI-824 b: A New Planet on the Lower Edge of the Hot Neptune Desert

Combining environmental isotopes with Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) to characterise wastewater derived impacts on groundwater quality

Impact of Storage Conditions on the Methanogenic Activity of Anaerobic Digestion Inocula

Separation and Lithological Mapping of PFAS Mixtures in the Vadose Zone at a Contaminated Site

Operationalising digital soil mapping – Lessons from Australia

Recent advances in the analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) - A review

Facilitating students’ proactive recipience of feedback with feedback portfolios

Who stands to benefit? Wellbeing, belonging and challenges to equity in engagement in extra-curricular activities at university

A review of electrokinetically enhanced bioremediation technologies for PHs

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): Current status and research needs

Environmental impacts associated with the production, use, and end-of-life of a woollen garment

Nursing care in rural and remote areas

Charge D'Entrainement et Risque de Blessures

Smartphone-based / Fluoro-SPE for selective detection of PFAS at ppb level

Phytotoxicity of Class B aqueous firefighting formulations, Tridol S 3 and 6% to Lemna minor

Academic success as willful-resistance: theorising with refugee-background students in Australia

Chloride diffusion in alkali-activated fly ash/slag concretes: Role of slag content, water/binder ratio, alkali content and sand-aggregate ratio

Enhanced removals of micropollutants in binary organic systems by biomass derived porous carbon/peroxymonosulfate

Fire safety of composites in prefabricated buildings: From fibre reinforced polymer to textile reinforced concrete

Optimization on the piezoresistivity of alkali-activated fly ash/slag mortar by using conductive aggregates and carbon fibers

Current applications of poly(lactic acid) composites in tissue engineering and drug delivery

Impact Properties of the Chemically Treated Hemp Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites

Judicial power in transplanted common law constitutions: Malaysia's continuing struggle - one step forward, two steps back

Interfacial effect of Cu electrode enhanced energy density of amorphous aluminum oxide dielectric capacitor

Hydration mechanisms and durability of hybrid alkaline cements (HACs): A review

Upward reflections of top-down gendered institutions - a community development case study from Tonga

Integrating gender in agricultural development initiatives across the South Pacific: customs, values and intersections

South Pacific contexts for gender equity scholarship and practice

The international 'gender agenda' in the context of the South Pacific and agricultural livelihoods

Let’s Play Hospitals: A Simulated Paediatric Hospital Ward for Nursing students and Children

A new data-driven topology optimization framework for structural optimization

Platypus Surfing: In Search of the Perfect Wave

Intelligent online interface to digital electronics laboratory with automatic circuit validation and support

Colour histogram segmentation for object tracking in remote laboratory environments

A systematic review of interventions targeting self-regulation in higher education

Reflections from the South Pacific - navigating intersectionality and customary contexts to progress gender equality and gender equity

Engineering human values in software through value programming

A study on the prevalence of human values in software engineering publications, 2015 - 2018

'The Poop it Kit'; addressing a real world problem through research and innovation

Advanced computing and image processing utilised in dashcam imagery study

Two measures of foot pressure image to detect foot drop of elderly diabetes sufferers

Australian Youth Safety Survey 2020 Technical Report

Integrating gender in agricultural development: learnings from South Pacific contexts

From the ‘Radical Women’s Press’ to the Digital Age: Subversive Networks of Feminism in the United States

A remnant planetary core in the hot-Neptune desert

A giant planet candidate transiting a white dwarf

Outlook: What role will online laboratories play in the future of laboratory teaching?

HD 191939: Three Sub-Neptunes Transiting a Sun-like Star Only 54 pc Away

A Collage of Small Planets from the Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey: Exploring the Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Mass Regime

The TESS–Keck Survey. I. A Warm Sub-Saturn-mass Planet and a Caution about Stray Light in TESS Cameras

A super-Earth and a sub-Neptune orbiting the bright, quiet M3 dwarf TOI-1266

LHS 1815b: The First Thick-disk Planet Detected by TESS

Revisiting the HD 21749 planetary system with stellar activity modelling

Photometry of 10 Million Stars from the First Two Years of TESS Full Frame Images - Part II

Photometry of 10 Million Stars from the First Two Years of TESS Full Frame Images - Part I

Photometry and performance of SPECULOOS-South

Three short-period Jupiters from TESS: HIP 65Ab, TOI-157b, and TOI-169b

The First Habitable-zone Earth-sized Planet from TESS. II. Spitzer Confirms TOI-700 d

GJ 1252 b: A 1.2 R⊕ Planet Transiting an M3 Dwarf at 20.4 pc

A Habitable-zone Earth-sized Planet Rescued from False Positive Status

Factors Influencing the Green Bond Market Expansion: Evidence from a Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Construction site layout optimization model considering cost and safety in a dynamic environment

Quality infrastructure and natural disaster resiliency: A panel analysis of Asia and the Pacific

Investigating solutions for the development of a green bond market: Evidence from analytic hierarchy process

Role of energy finance in geothermal power development in Japan

Insight into site: (Re)considering space in dance education through connectivism

Human Photogrammetry: Foundational Techniques for Creative Practitioners

Detection of Collusive Tenders in Infrastructure Projects: Learning from Operation Car Wash

Critical overrun causations in marine projects

Musculoskeletal disorders within the carpentry trade: analysis of timber flooring subtasks

Automated checking of building component accessibility for maintenance

Key value engineering protocols in marine projects

Revisiting Development of the Green Bond Market: Evidence of the AHP Approach

Innovation in the globalised world: educating future building professionals

My favourite detective: Sam Spade, as hard as nails and the smartest guy in the room

Hindsight’s Hoard: What Academics Most Wish They Had Known Earlier

The value of collaborative learning for music practice in higher education

Education in the apocalypse: disaster and teaching on British television

'It's much harder than I thought': facilitating a singing group for people with Parkinson's disease

A Two-Stream Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Dynamic Traffic Flow Forecasting

Methamphetamine induces neuronal death: Evidence from rodent studies

Gaming disorder and internet addiction: A systematic review of resting-state EEG studies

Integrating health and safety into labour-only procurement system: Opportunities, barriers and strategies

Brain Signal Classification Based on Deep CNN

A Deep Dive into Sustainability Leadership Through Education for Sustainability

Promising and Eco-Friendly Cu2X-Based Thermoelectric Materials: Progress and Applications

Correction: Computer-aided design of high-efficiency GeTe-based thermoelectric devices

Thermoelectric Generators: Alternative Power Supply for Wearable Electrocardiographic Systems

Growing connection and building belonging: Online library support during COVID-19

Context-aware Adaptive Outlier Detection in Trajectory Data

Efficacy of a Microbial Reality Simulator (AMRSim) as an education tool for antimicrobial stewardship teaching for veterinary undergraduates

Optimal power flow with conventional and non-conventional generating resources in modern grids considering environmental impacts

Cost Allocation of Voltage Unbalance in Distribution Networks

Cu2Se thermoelectrics: property, methodology, and device

Interpretability of Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Brain Processes Followed by Mindfulness Intervention in a Brain-Inspired Spiking Neural Network Architecture

Magnetic field and chromospheric activity evolution of HD 75332: a rapid magnetic cycle in an F star without a hot Jupiter

Pathways to engagement: a longitudinal study of the first-year student experience in the educational interface

Business as Usual: Feminist History in a Post-Truth World

From Suffragist to Congresswoman: Celebrating Political Action, Women’s History, and Feminist Intellectuals in Ms. Magazine, 1972–1984

Gillard of Thrones: Using Popular Culture to Resist Misogyny

The 1619 Project, New York Times Magazine

The Zone, an Online Place to Support Students as They Transition to University

Selective ion adsorption with pilot-scale membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI): arsenic, ammonium, and manganese removal

CO2 derived nanoporous carbons for carbon capture

Fabrication and evaluation of silica embedded and zerovalent iron composited biochars for arsenate removal from water

A review of the distribution, sources, genesis, and environmental concerns of salinity in groundwater

Interstellar scintillation, ISS, and intrinsic variability of radio AGN

Understanding the information experiences of parents involved in negotiating post-separation parenting arrangements

Optimization of combustion in micro combined heat and power (mCHP) system with the biomass-Stirling engine using SiO2 and Al2O3 nanofluids

Integrated ‘one-stop’ support for student success: recommendations from a regional university case study

What students and new graduates perceive supports them to think, feel and act as a health professional in a rural setting

Iron-based subsurface arsenic removal (SAR): Results of a long-term pilot-scale test in Vietnam

Older Adults' Perceptions of Sedentary Behavior: A Systematic Review and Thematic Synthesis of Qualitative Studies

Lunar polar water resource exploration – Examination of the lunar cold trap reservoir system model and introduction of play-based exploration (PBE) techniques

HIPPI-2: A versatile high-precision polarimeter

Verification of runoff volume, peak discharge and sediment yield simulated using the ACRU model for bare fallow and sugarcane fields

Bar exams, legal ethics and the fight against corruption: lessons from Brazil

Modular treatment of arsenic-laden brackish groundwater using solar-powered subsurface arsenic removal (SAR) and membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI) in Vietnam

Polarimetric and radiative transfer modelling of HD 172555

Supporting Pre-Service Teachers in Becoming Reflective Practitioners Using Conversation and Professional Standards

Cook’s third voyage to the Pacific and early scientific astronomy on the north-western coast of America: the sojourn at Nootka Sound in April 1778

Communication issues in war-time astronomy: independent Australian, Indian, New Zealand and South African discoveries of Comet C/1941 B2 (de Kock-Paraskevopoulos)

Colour–colour and colour–magnitude diagrams for hot Jupiters

Phase-locked polarization by photospheric reflection in the semidetached eclipsing binary μ1 Sco

The rotation of α Oph investigated using polarimetry

Finding a new way to set our students up for success

The Blue Sky Effect: a repatriation of judicial review or a search for flexibility?

Translational genomics for achieving higher genetic gains in groundnut

Life-course theory and romance

Objects of desire

Thinking and Acting Across Ponds: Glocalized* Intersections of Trepidation, Neoliberalism, and Possibilities for 21st Century Teacher Education


Polarization measurements of the polluted white dwarf G29-38

Regular Supplementation With Resveratrol Improves Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Methodology for producing the Drought Monitor

Integrated disease management tools to manage summer crop diseases in the northern region

Commercial Issues in Private International law: A Common Law Perspective by M Douglas, V Bath, M Keyes and A Dickinson

Forward Modeling the Orbits of Companions to Pulsating Stars from Their Light Travel Time Variations

Collaborating across sectors to provide early intervention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children with disability and their families: a qualitative study of provider perspectives

Very regular high-frequency pulsation modes in young intermediate-mass stars

A Multicomponent Nonpharmacological Intervention to Prevent Delirium for Hospitalized People with Advanced Cancer: A Phase II Cluster Randomized Waitlist Controlled Trial (The PRESERVE Pilot Study)

Maelstrom: A Python package for identifying companions to pulsating stars from their light travel time variations

Tidally trapped pulsations in a close binary star system discovered by TESS

Finding the Law

Tango of celestial dancers: A sample of detached eclipsing binary systems containing g-mode pulsating components. A case study of KIC9850387

On the first δ Sct–roAp hybrid pulsator and the stability of p and g modes in chemically peculiar A/F stars

The pulsation properties of λ bootis stars I. the southern TESS sample

The discovery of lambda Bootis stars - the Southern Survey II

Finding binaries from phase modulation of pulsating stars with Kepler – VI. Orbits for 10 new binaries with mischaracterized primaries

Gravity-mode period spacings and near-core rotation rates of 611 γ Doradus stars with Kepler

The effect of tides on near-core rotation: analysis of 35 Kepler γ Doradus stars in eclipsing and spectroscopic binaries

TESS first look at evolved compact pulsators: Known ZZ Ceti stars of the southern ecliptic hemisphere as seen by TESS

Editorial (Evaluation Journal of Australasia, Volume 20, Issue 4)



Removal of natural organic matter and ammonia from dam water by enhanced coagulation combined with adsorption on powdered composite nano-adsorbent

Effects of geometrical parameters on the degree of bending (DoB) in multiplanar tubular XT-joints of offshore structures subjected to axial loading

Stress concentration factors of multi-planar tubular XT-joints subjected to out-of-plane bending moments

Degree of bending (DoB) in offshore tubular KT-joints under the axial, in-plane bending (IPB), and out-of-plane bending (OPB) loads

Local buckling analysis of cold-formed steel webs with stiffened rectangular openings

Local Buckling Analysis of Cold‑Formed Steel Webs with Rectangular Openings

Interview with UNSW for the 2020 International Women in Engineering Day

Single-Shot Temperature Measurements in a Scramjet Combustor Using Thermally Assisted Laser-Induced Fluorescence

Iron Contamination in High-Enthalpy Test Facilities: OH PLIF Imaging Considerations

Review of Technologies, Regulations and Operating Standards for Field Based Autonomous Agricultural Machinery

Constitutive and Induced Expression of Total Phenol and Phenol Oxidases in Wheat Genotypes Ranging in Resistance/Susceptibility to the Root-Lesion Nematode Pratylenchus thornei

Effective data visualization by Stephanie D. H. Evergreen

Factors associated with stunting and wasting in children under 2 years in Bangladesh

Nanoparticle technology for separation of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin nanoparticles from lignocellulose biomass: A short review

Public policies and tax evasion: evidence from SAARC countries

Economic growth in South Asia: the role of CO2 emissions, population density and trade openness

Timed intervention in COVID-19 and panic buying

Engaging and retaining customers with AI and employee service

Big Data and Its Applications in Smart Real Estate and the Disaster Management Life Cycle: A Systematic Analysis

Integrated structure of tin-based anodes enhancing high power density and long cycle life for lithium ion batteries

Effectiveness of community forest user groups (CFUGs) in responding to the 2015 earthquakes and COVID-19 in Nepal

Preparing for the external exam and the impact of results on university entrance

A Liquid Phosphaphenanthrene-Derived Imidazole for Improved Flame Retardancy and Smoke Suppression of Epoxy Resin

Stakeholder participation in IPBES: connecting local environmental work with global decision making

Exploring the relationship between fatigue and circulating levels of the pro-inflammatory biomarkers interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein in the chronic stage of stroke recovery: a cross-sectional study

Could the Migration of Jupiter Have Accelerated the Atmospheric Evolution of Venus?

Emotional intelligence or artificial intelligence – an employee perspective

The impact of artificial intelligence and employee service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty

An Organic Approach to Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Customer Engagement and its Outcomes: The Cross-Level Effect of Service Environment and Brand Equity

Testing complexity theory in service research

Enhancing the tourist experience with emotional intelligence

FOR A SPECIAL ISSUE ON COVID-19 and Service Industries

Linking AI quality performance and customer engagement: The moderating effect of AI preference

Personality, trait EI and coping with COVID 19 measures

An integrative study of the implications of the rise of coworking spaces in smart cities

Positive psychology and tourist well-being: A systematic literature review

Improving the seasonal prediction of Northern Australian rainfall onset to help with grazing management decisions

Using fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis for a finer-grained understanding of entrepreneurship

Fish oil supplementation reduces osteoarthritis-specific pain in older adults with overweight/obesity

Sustained Cerebrovascular and Cognitive Benefits of Resveratrol in Postmenopausal Women

An Exploratory Analysis of Changes in Mental Wellbeing Following Curcumin and Fish Oil Supplementation in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

Evaluation of Cognitive Performance following Fish-Oil and Curcumin Supplementation in Middle-Aged and Older Adults with Overweight or Obesity

Effects of fish oil and curcumin supplementation on cerebrovascular function in older adults: A randomized controlled trial

Chemical restraint of adults with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour in Queensland, Australia: Views of statutory decision makers

Toes, Coat-tails and Shoulders: Collaboration, co-authorship and career opportunities from an ECR perspective

Designing a Responsive Classroom

NIR sensing and machine learning to rapidly assess crown rot in wheat

Detection of crown rot in wheat utilising near-infrared spectroscopy: towards remote and robotic sensing

Too old to Shop? A Comparative Analysis of the Engagement of Junior and Senior Customers in Social Commerce

A Sequential Mixed Methods Investigation into a Workplace-Related Phenomenon in the German Mittelstand - Appendix B

Copula-based statistical modelling of synoptic-scale climate indices for quantifying and managing agricultural risks in Australia

Future farming: Machine vision for in-season nitrogen assessment of grain crops

Future farming: Machine vision for nitrogen assessment in grain crops

Smartphone apps under development to aid pest monitoring

Case Study Method and Research Design: Flexibility or Availability for the Novice Researcher?

Disrupting dominant discourse: Indigenous women as trained nurses and midwives 1900s-1950s

Ambient Synchrophasor Measurement Based System Inertia Estimation

A Diagnostic Method for Moisture Intrusion Fault in OIP Bushing

Painting on top of itself 2015-2020: five exhibitions discussing contemporary painting curated by Tarn McLean

A New Testing Method for the Dielectric Response of Oil-Immersed Transformer

Estimating sea level rise around Australia using a new approach to account for low frequency climate signals

FNET/GridEye: A Tool for Situational Awareness of Large Power Interconnetion Grids

Factors associated with being diagnosed with high severity of breast cancer: a population‑based study in Queensland, Australia

Covimetry - group exhibition series

A song from Bedlam (with apologies to Christopher Smart)

Consensus statement on improving the mental health of high performance athletes

Readings from Continent Aflame: Kate Judith reads Errinundra Shimmer

The Afternoon Mile


Home [Short story]

Body weight sub-populations are associated with significant different welfare, health and egg production status in Australian commercial free-range laying hens in an aviary system

Pedestrians distracted by their smartphone: Are in-ground flashing lights catching their attention? A laboratory study

Sleep-impaired emotional regulation, impaired cognition, and poor sleep health are associated with risky sleepy driving in young adults

Discipline‑specific feedback literacies: A framework for curriculum design

Elucidating dingo’s ecological roles: contributions from the Pelorus Island feral goat biocontrol project

Dependency-aware software release planning through mining user preferences

An extreme-mass ratio, short-period eclipsing binary consisting of a B dwarf primary and a pre-main-sequence M star companion discovered by KELT

'Dingo' in Artisan Collects