Economic dependence of mountain communities on Chinese caterpillar fungus Ophiocordyceps sinensis (yarsagumba: a case from western Nepal

How do public librarians constitute information literacy?

Determinants of defence industry corruption risk: firm level empirical evidence using transparency international‘s anti-corruption index

Energy absorption in aluminium honeycomb cores reinforced with carbon fibre reinforced plastic tubes

Logging into therapy: Adolescent perceptions of online therapies for mental health problems

Detecting sleep spindles in EEGs using wavelet fourier analysis and statistical features

Terrorism watch lists, suspect ranking and decision-making biases

A three-dimensional numerical comparison of bearing capacity and settlement of tapered and under-reamed piles

Specters and Psychoanalysis in the Turn to Law and Affect

Performance of rain-fed Aman rice yield in Bangladesh in the presence of climate change

The constraints of youth: young people, active citizenship and the experience of marginalisation

The Development of a Motor-Free Short-Form of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children–Fifth Edition

The role, practice and training of unregulated birth workers in Australia: a mixed methods study

The effectiveness of combined infrared and hot-air drying strategies for sweet potato

Butanol-acetone mixture blended with cottonseed biodiesel: spray characteristics evolution, combustion characteristics, engine performance and emission

Design and implementation of a hybrid model based on two-layer decomposition method coupled with extreme learning machines to support real-time environmental monitoring of water quality parameters

CHE principles: facilitating authentic and dialogical semi-structured interviews in educational research

Mesoporous activated carbon-zeolite composite prepared from waste macadamia nut shell and synthetic faujasite

Weekly heat wave death prediction model using zero-inflated regression approach

Toughening of brittle polyester with functionalized halloysite nanocomposites

Uncorking the potential of wine language for young wine tourists

Relating volume loss and greenfield settlement

Quantifying flood events in Bangladesh with a daily-step flood monitoring index based on the concept of daily effective precipitation

Community perception and prioritization of invasive alien plants in Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape, Nepal

Investment in research and development compared to military expenditure: is research worthwhile?

Socioeconomic transition and its influence on body mass index (BMI) pattern in Bangladesh

Artificial intelligence-based fast and efficient hybrid approach for spatial modelling of soil electrical conductivity

A 3-D coupled Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Coarse-Grained model to simulate drying mechanisms of small cell aggregates A 3-D coupled Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Coarse-Grained model to simulate drying mechanisms of small cell aggregates

Entry requirements in nursing: results from a national survey of nurse academics on entry requirements in Australian bachelor of nursing programs

Representing whose access and allocation interests? Stakeholder perceptions and interests representation in climate governance

Self-reported and observed teaching styles of Swedish physical education teachers

Observed teaching styles of senior physical education teachers in Australia

Assessment of soil salinisation in the Ejina Oasis located in the lower reaches of Heihe River, Northwestern China

Damage identification in a complex truss structure using modal characteristics correlation method and sensitivity-weighted search space

Reliability-based load carrying capacity assessment of bridges using structural health monitoring and nonlinear analysis

Deterioration assessment of buildings using an improved hybrid model updating approach and long-term health monitoring data

Investigating climate change over 1957–2016 in an arid environment with three drought indexes

Optimization of the cropping pattern of main cereals and improving water productivity: application of the water footprint concept

Using crop growth model stress covariates and AMMI decomposition to better predict genotype by environment interactions

Community radio providing opportunities for voice in Brisbane and beyond

UAV-GESTURE: A Dataset for UAV Control and Gesture Recognition

The sixth visual object tracking vot2018 challenge results

Visdrone-sot2018: The vision meets drone single-object tracking challenge results

Cross-correlation-based robust object tracking in aerial videos

Life Signs Detector Using a Drone in Disaster Zones

Drone-Action: An Outdoor Recorded Drone Video Dataset for Action Recognition

Effects of various carbon additives on the thermal storage performance of form-stable PCM integrated cementitious composites

Subsequent injury analysis in an Australian tertiary dance training program: A 3-year retrospective cohort study

High efficient nanostructured PbSe0. 5Te0. 5 exhibiting broad figure-of-merit plateau

Correlate Influential News Article Events to Stock Quote Movement

Nurses and holistic modalities: The history of Chinese medicine and acupuncture

Safety and side effects of acupuncture therapy in Australia: A systematic review

Ignoring the call for law reform: Is it time to expand the scope of protection for personal images uploaded on social networks?

Protecting the image: applying a right of publicity to images uploaded on social networks

Prevalence of dyspnea and its associated factors in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

An End-to-End Hierarchical Classification Approach for Similar Gesture Recognition

Similar Gesture Recognition using Hierarchical Classification Approach in RGB Videos

Adversarial action data augmentation for similar gesture action recognition

Feature-dependent graph convolutional autoencoders with adversarial training methods

Poisoning attack in federated learning using generative adversarial nets

Network anomaly detection by using a time-decay closed frequent pattern

Multi-task network anomaly detection using federated learning

Psychometric assessment of the Chinese version of the Problems and Needs in Palliative Care questionnaire-short version in advanced cancer patients

Does policy support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to enter and remain in nursing: A discourse analysis

Eye, Ear and Dental Health

End of life care

Injury prevention

Chronic Care Nursing: A Framework for Practice

Implementing the macro level of the Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Framework

Implementing the meso level of the Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Framework

Implementing the macro level of the Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Framework

Frameworks for chronic care management

A chromosome‐scale genome assembly reveals a highly dynamic effector repertoire of wheat powdery mildew

Setting the agenda for parking research in other cities

Development of the Australian Drought Monitor

The value of the Australian Drought Monitor to the cattle industry

The Mystery of Civil Collaborative Practice

Influence of Different Nanocellulose Additives on Processing and Performance of PAN-Based Carbon Fibers

Electrochemical Characteristics of Cobaltosic Oxide in Organic Electrolyte According to Bode Plots: Double-Layer Capacitance and Pseudocapacitance

Molecular Design Strategies for Electrochemical Behavior of Aromatic Carbonyl Compounds in Organic and Aqueous Electrolytes

Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) Prepared by Metal-Induced Reduction of Graphite Oxide: Improved Conductive Behavior of a Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)/rGO Composite

Pore-tuning to boost the electrocatalytic activity of polymeric micelle-templated mesoporous Pd nanoparticles

Modulating Ion Diffusivity and Electrode Conductivity of Carbon Nanotube@Mesoporous Carbon Fibers for High Performance Aluminum–Selenium Batteries

Advanced carbon materials for electrochemical energy storage

Double-Layered Modified Separators as Shuttle Suppressing Interlayers for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Ultralong storage life of Li/MnO2 primary batteries using MnO2-(CFx)n with C–F semi-ionic bond as cathode materials

Soft-Templated Synthesis of Sheet-Like Nanoporous Nitrogen-Doped Carbons for Electrochemical Supercapacitors

Auto-programmed heteroarchitecturing: Self-assembling ordered mesoporous carbon between two-dimensional Ti3C2Tx MXene layers

Testing an Integrated Model of Nutrition Behavior in a Sample of Australian Children

Evaluation of gender differences in exercise adherence for low back pain: case reviews and survey

Impact of gas flaring in Ubeji metropolis of Delta State Nigeria: a comparative survey of environment health effects

Diabetes mellitus literacy in a regional community of a developed country

Diabetes registry and service in Nigerian suburban-based tertiary healthcare facility

Diabetes registry initiative in Delta State Nigeria: narrative of the kick-off experience

Development of diabetes register in low-mid income country: survey of healthcare professionals’ behavioural change wheel

Promoting African indigenous vegetables and its medical nutrition properties: A mini-narrative review based on Ukwani communities of Delta State Nigeria

Prospects of diabetes registry and standard care at primary health facilities in Nigeria: experiential note

Writing a project proposal: addendum to development of diabetes register series

Training Handbook for Intensive Diabetes Peer-Education

Evaluation of ADL and BMI in the management of diabetes mellitus at secondary and tertiary health facilities

Development of diabetes register in low-mid income country VII: summary of series

Barriers in determining prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus among postpartum GDM: The research and retraining needs of healthcare professionals

Prevalence and correlations of hepatorenal functions in diabetes and cardiovascular disease among stratified adults

The odds that working women will accept cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination

Diabetes peer-education on food choices part I: Development of framework

Diabetes peer-education on food choices part II: Adoptability of menu plans in low-mid income communities

Diabetes registry and service in Nigerian suburban areas: experience at a secondary healthcare facility

Factors influencing the acceptance of cervical cancer screening among civil servants in Delta State Secretariat

Demographics and knowledge of cervical cancer of female civil servants in Delta State on Nigeria

Factors influencing the acceptance of HPV vaccine among civil servants in Delta State Secretariat

Prospects of diabetes registry in suburban community of Nigeria: experience at a private general practice

Altruism: Brief review of current opinions and implications on community emergency medicine

Twilight on the Trail - guitar performances

The Eggs

The Concert

The Clown Waits for Hope

Predisposing and protective factors influencing suicide ideation, attempt, and death in patients accessing substance use treatment: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

The effect of a clinical decision support system on prompting an intervention for risky alcohol use in a primary care smoking cessation program: a cluster randomized trial

Supporting healthy lifestyle behaviours in families attending community playgroups: parents’ perceptions of facilitators and barriers

Submission to the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department regarding Commonwealth government’s Religious Discrimination Bill

Bossa Nova Sunset Club

The ‘Checklist of Leisure, Interest and Participation’: Exploring the general population current leisure interests in the 21st century

A contemporary leisure activity inventory: Exploring the general population current leisure interests in the 21st century

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander emergency department utilisation in south-east Queensland

Open forensic science

Beliefs about error rates and human judgment in forensic science

Farmers’ Perceptions of Salinity for Ensuring Food Security: Evidence from Coastal Rice-Growing Areas of Bangladesh

Application of CSM-CROPGRO-Cotton model for cultivars and optimum planting dates: Evaluation in changing semi-arid climate

Evaluating the effects of integrating trees into temperate arable systems on pest control and pollination

Acute exposure to diesel exhaust induces central nervous system stress and altered learning and memory in honey bees

Field assessments of the effects of elevated ozone and diesel exhaust emissions on insect pollination services

A review of the factors that influence pesticide residues in pollen and nectar: Future research requirements for optimising the estimation of pollinator exposure

Measuring the unmeasurable? A method to quantify adoption of integrated pest management practices in temperate arable farming systems

Ecology and distribution of cabbage stem flea beetle and its parasitoids in UK oilseed rape crops: steps towards Integrated Pest Management

Corrigendum to “Existing land use and extent of lead (Pb) contamination in the grazing food chain of the closed Carmona sanitary landfill in the Philippines”

Existing land use and extent of lead (Pb) contamination in the grazing food chain of the closed Carmona sanitary landfill in the Philippines

Listening to birds in the bush

Tiptoeing around the institution: Doctoral supervision in the knowledge economy

Synthesis of a phosphaphenanthrene/benzimidazole-based curing agent and its application in flame-retardant epoxy resin

Synthesis of a DOPO-containing imidazole curing agent and its application in reactive flame retarded epoxy resin

Preparation of flame-retardant cyanate ester with low dielectric constants and dissipation factors modified with novel phosphorus-contained Schiff base

MOF-derived graphitized porous carbon/Fe–Fe3C nanocomposites with broadband and enhanced microwave absorption performance

Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide-wrapped CNFs with controllable chemical reduction degree for enhanced microwave absorption performance

Facile construction of one-component intrinsic flame-retardant epoxy resin system with fast curing ability using imidazole-blocked bismaleimide

A DOPO based reactive flame retardant constructed by multiple heteroaromatic groups and its application on epoxy resin: curing behavior, thermal degradation and flame retardancy

Design of hierarchical 1D–2D NiCo2O4 as high-performance microwave absorber with strong loss and wide absorbing frequency

Benzimidazolyl-substituted cyclotriphosphazene derivative as latent flame-retardant curing agent for one-component epoxy resin system with excellent comprehensive performance

3D-structured assembly of RGO and Ag nanowires for enhanced microwave absorption performance epoxy composites

Correlating foot posture with foot mobility using a high-accuracy foot measurement system

Un-normalised and Normalised Plantar Pressure Distribution Comparison between Older Adults and Adults while Single limb Support Interval

Advanced Foot Pressure Technology for Demonstrating the Influence of Over-weight and Obesity on Ankle Joint

Information Experience: A Domain and Object of Study

Current status of the Botryosphaeriaceae in Australia

It’s time for women in politics to adopt the strategy of their opponents

The long history of gender violence in Australia, and why it matters today

Introduction: Challenging Gender Violence

Ms Prime Minister: Gender, Media and Leadership. By Linda Trimble

Smartphone Sensor vs Photogrammetry for Gait Analysis

Quantitative Evaluation of Scaling Factor on Coordinate Transformation for Time-of-Flight Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Significant Study of Scale Factor in Phase-based Terrestrial Laser Scanner Datum Transformation

Scale Factor Effect in Terrestrial Laser Scanner Datum Transformation

Welcome, valued & heard: A trauma-informed, humanising pedagogy for adult learners of English as an additional language

Nothing about us without us: An investigation into trauma-informed teaching of English to speakers of other languages at universities in south-east Queensland

Creating a trauma-sensitive EAL classroom for adults

The increasing significance of digital equity in higher education: An introduction to the Digital Equity Special Issue

A Multi-year Search for Transits of Proxima Centauri. II. No Evidence for Transit Events with Periods between 1 and 30 days

Navigating the Maze of Research: Enhancing Nursing and Midwifery Practice

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología: A Bibliometric Analysis

An interactive dialogue-oriented creative experiences – stories that evoke place: Using Visual Culture as a teaching tool

A Critical Analysis of ECG-Based Key Distribution for Securing Wearable and Implantable Medical Devices

The Influences on Practice in Social Care: An Australian Study

Global citizenship: Defining capabilities for speech-language pathology

Open Data, Materials and Code Introduction

Impact of Passenger-Arrival Patterns in Outbound Processes of Airports

Multi-biofunctional properties of three species of cicada wings and biomimetic fabrication of nanopatterned titanium pillars

Bacteria Death and Osteoblast Metabolic Activity Correlated to Hydrothermally Synthesised TiO2 Surface Properties

Evaluation of Particle Beam Lithography for Fabrication of Metallic Nano-structures

Parametric Study on Nanopattern Bactericidal Activity

Manufacturing of a parabolic trough concentrating collector test rig and a “LASER-Screen” technique for measuring actual focal length and light interceptance of the collector

Vertical Segregation: Issues and Challenges of Women Engineers in Australia

Recent Developments in the Field of Nanotechnology for Development of Medical Implants

A flexible job shop scheduling approach with operators for coal export terminals

Mimicking Insect Wings: The Roadmap to Bioinspiration

Control of bacterial attachment by fracture topography

Scene Invariant Virtual Gates Using DNNs

Mg–Phenolic Network Strategy for Enhancing Corrosion Resistance and Osteocompatibility of Degradable Magnesium Alloys

Experimental and numerical investigation of the toughening mechanisms in bioinspired composites prepared by freeze casting

Model-based fault diagnosis and prognosis of dynamic systems: a review

CFD study of heat transfer enhancement and fluid flow characteristics of turbulent flow through tube with twisted tape inserts

Effect of the Orientation Schemes of the Energy Collection Element on the Optical Performance of a Parabolic Trough Concentrating Collector

A systematic review of the prevalence and risk factors of smoking among Saudi adolescents

Misperceptions and stereotypes in nursing care for sexually transmitted infections and domestic violence: a qualitative exploratory study

An integrative literature review of pre-registration nursing students' attitudes and perceptions towards primary healthcare

An approach to validate the design and fabrication of dielectric elastomer tactile sensor

Assessing general status and vital signs

Job strain and psychological distress in office workers: The role of coping

Angular Rate Sensing by Circulatory Vortex Flow: Design, Simulation and Experiment

Polarized reflected light from the Spica binary system

Curious Kids: how do tongues taste food?

Formative research for the development of an Eye Health Strategic Planning and Evaluation Framework and a Checklist: A health systems approach

Validating a tool to assess eye health knowledge, attitude and practice in Cambodia and Vietnam

Feed supplementation with biochar may reduce poultry pathogens, including Campylobacter hepaticus, the causative agent of Spotty Liver Disease

Investigation of FBG sensor performance in detection of delamination damage in a half-conical shape composite component

Simulation of Tensile Stress Concentration Evaluation using Finite Element Performance

Municipal solid waste-derived biochar for the removal of benzene from landfill leachate

Insights from the coalface: barriers to accessing medicines and pharmacy services for resettled refugees from Africa

Specifying the contributions of parents as pedagogues: Insights for parent–school partnerships

Evaluating the potential financial contributions of carbon farming to grazing enterprises in Western NSW

What women’s history month means to me

Benchmarking three enabling programs: A collaborative approach

Intentional Rounding - Student Perspectives: A Cross-Sectional Survey

From the desk of the chief editor

Modelling compaction variability in out-of-autoclave prepreg laminate

TEN STARS Special Issue

Publisher Correction: A super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting the nearby and quiet M dwarf TOI-270

Investigation of mechanical properties and morphology of hydrothermally manufactured titanium dioxide nanostructured surfaces

Breaking free: The genomics of allopolyploidy-facilitated niche expansion in white clover

Automatically Predicting Severity of Parkinson's Disease Using Model Based on XGBoost from Speech

The social capital of LSES students: Using student stories to mobilise student success

A joint deep neural network model for pain recognition from face

Self-telling place, identity and dress in lifestyle migration memoirs

Evaluation of the HadGEM3-A simulations in view of detection and attribution of human influence on extreme events in Europe

TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME): A Planet in the 45 Myr Tucana-Horologium Association

Evaluation Perspectives

Spacecraft Material Tests under Aerothermal and Mechanical Reentry Loads

Right on track? Performance of satellite telemetry in terrestrial wildlife research

Resource pulses affect prey selection and reduce dietary diversity of dingoes in arid Australia

Deconstructing compassionate conservation

Bringing objectivity to wildlife management: Welfare effects of guardian dogs

Genetic sampling identifies canid predators of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) in peri-urban areas


Social Science Research: Principles, Methods and Practices

Power System Disturbance Localization Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis And Minimum-volume-enclosing Ellipsoid: US 10371740 B2

Listening and audience education in the orchestral concert hall

CRC-P Next Generation Pultrusion Processes

The use of iron and steel industrial wastes in wastewater treatment

Substantive public policy in cross-border litigation: a common law study

Assessment method

Performance Investigation of High Temperature Application of Molten Solar Salt Nanofluid in a Direct Absorption Solar Collector

Effects of topography on soil organic carbon stocks in grasslands of a semiarid alpine region, northwestern China

Transformative learning: positive identity through prison-based higher education in England and Wales

Beyond incarcerated identities: identity, bias and barriers to higher education in Australian prisons

An improved rat model for chronic inflammatory bowel disease

Circling the square: Indigenising the dissertation

Behaviour of pultruded GFRP truss system connected using through-bolt with mechanical insert

History, geography, economics and civics

Promoting pro-social behaviour

A phase III wait-listed randomised controlled trial of novel targeted interprofessional clinical education intervention to improve cancer patients’ reported pain outcomes (The Cancer Pain Assessment (CPAS) Trial): study protocol

Numerical investigation of the shear behaviour of a cable bolt in single shear test

Should we leave now? Behavioral factors in evacuation under wildfire threat

Influence of socio-demographic factors on mobile phone adoption in rural Bangladesh: policy implications

Epileptic seizures detection in EEGs blending frequency domain with information gain technique

What prevents doctors from seeking help for stress and burnout? A mixed-methods investigation among metropolitan and regional-based Australian doctors

Pressurised dewatering of sugarcane press mud for logistical transport efficiency and industrial reuse

The prison is another country: incarcerated students and (im)mobility in Australian prisons

Big data analytics architecture design — An application in manufacturing systems

Transiting Exoplanet Monitoring Project (TEMP). V. Transit Follow Up for HAT-P-9b, HAT-P-32b, and HAT-P-36b

Acute circulatory complications in people with diabetes mellitus type 2: How admission varies between urban and rural Victoria

Estimation of Poverty Using Random Forest Regression with Multi-Source Data: A Case Study in Bangladesh

Examining and extending the concept of machine acceleration used in modelling the bubble-particle detachment in flotation

Effect of calcined dolomite addition on sodium carbonate-activated slag cements with different curing methods

Experiences of transgender prisoners and their knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding sexual behaviors and HIV/STIs: a systematic review

Inactive lifestyles in peri‐urban Australia: a qualitative examination of social and physical environmental determinants

Understanding assistive technology as a pre-requisite for choice and participation

International students' perception of workplace experiences in Australian study programs: a large-scale survey

Measuring inequality in society

A pilot observational study of environmental summertime health risk behaviour in central Brisbane, Queensland: opportunities to raise sun protection awareness in Australia’s Sunshine State

Safety culture and an invisible nursing workload

Hypoxia exposure alleviates impaired muscular metabolism, glucose tolerance, and aerobic capacity in apelin-knockout mice

A novel approach for fuzzy clustering based on neutrosophic association matrix

Profiles of psychological resilience in college students with disabilities

Emotional Schema Therapy improves emotion regulation in individuals with a history of child abuse and neglect

The origin and diversification of the Entorrhizales: deep evolutionary roots but recent speciation with a phylogenetic and phenotypic split between associates of the Cyperaceae and Juncaceae

Co-localization of glucose oxidase and catalase enabled by a self-assembly approach: matching between molecular dimensions and hierarchical pore sizes

Cracking behavior and mechanism of gibbsite crystallites during calcination

Defect-induced Pt-Co-Se coordinated sites with highly asymmetrical electronic distribution for boosting oxygen-involving electrocatalysis

Sugar-sweetened beverage intake and relative weight gain among South African adults living in resource-poor communities: longitudinal data from the STOP-SA study

A new method for locating and quantifying damage in beams from static deflection changes

3D space–time visualization of individual settlement pathways of Mainland China-born migrants in Queensland, Australia

A network-constrained spatial identification of high-risk roads for hit-parked-vehicle collisions in Brisbane, Australia

Evaluating the student experience with enrolment assistance in an integrated student support service program at the University of Southern Queensland

Heavy metal signatures in urban and peri-urban agricultural soils across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India

Enhancing client-agency relationship quality in the advertising industry - an application of project management

Issues, challenges and needs for government arts, culture and education policy: an Art Education Australia (AEA) perspective

What is a program: an examination of terminology in practitioner reference documents

Behaviour of geopolymer concrete filled pultruded GFRP short columns

Predicting the probability of failure of timber bridges using fault tree analysis

The GALAH survey: co-orbiting stars and chemical tagging

The GALAH survey: velocity fluctuations in the Milky Way using red clump giants

The GALAH survey: a catalog of carbon enhanced stars and CEMP candidates

Global solar radiation prediction by ANN integrated with European Centre for medium range weather forecast fields in solar rich cities of Queensland Australia

Modeling chloramine decay in full-scale drinking water supply systems

Women’s Preferences for Maternal Healthcare Services in Bangladesh: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment

Cation and anion Co-doping synergy to improve structural stability of Li-and Mn-rich layered cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

A systems thinking approach to water trade: finding leverage for sustainable development

Dingo baiting did not reduce fetal/calf loss in beef cattle in northern South Australia

Preparing for the transition to registered nursing practice

Low oxygen post conditioning prevents thalamic secondary neuronal loss caused by excitotoxicity after cortical stroke


Submission to Queensland Law Reform Commission on review of Queensland’s laws relating to civil surveillance and the protection of privacy in the context of current and emerging technologies

A Queensland research support network in emergency healthcare: collaborating to build the research capacity of more clinicians in more locations

Effectiveness of a hydrogel dressing as an analgesic adjunct to first aid for the treatment of acute paediatric thermal burn injuries: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Ray blight of pyrethrum in Australia: a review of the current status and future opportunities

Advanced biological, physical and chemical treatment of waste activated sludge

Clinicians’ perceptions of opioid error–contributing factors in inpatient palliative care services: A qualitative study

Evaluating the effects of public transport fare policy change together with built and non-built environment features on ridership: The case in South East Queensland, Australia

Communication training and its effects on carer and care-receiver outcomes in dementia settings: A systematic review

Animal welfare considerations for using large carnivores and guardian dogs as vertebrate biocontrol tools against other animals

Direct and indirect impacts of ionic components of saline water on irrigated soil chemical and microbial processes

Modelling the spatial dynamics of Mainland China-born migrants in Australia

Recognition of Bahrain’s National Qualifications Framework in the wider world

Evaluation of spatio-temporal rainfall variability and performance of a stochastic rainfall model in Bangladesh

An enhanced extreme learning machine model for river flow forecasting: state-of-the-art, practical applications in water resource engineering area and future research direction

Meso-scale modelling of 3D woven composite T-joints with weave variations

The influence of structural factors on stormwater runoff retention of extensive green roofs: new evidence from scale-based models and real experiments

A feature extraction technique based on tunable Q-factor wavelet transform for brain signal classification

Nurse-led supportive care intervention for men with advanced prostate cancer

Development of a model for calculating the solar ultraviolet protection factor of small to medium sized built shade structure

Orientated growth of copper-based MOF for acetylene storage

The soil structural cost of traffic from heavy machinery in vertisols

Towards predicting the soil-specific threshold electrolyte concentration of soil as a reduction in saturated hydraulic conductivity: the role of clay net negative charge

The costs of disability in Australia: a hybrid panel-data examination

Estimating the cost of mental illness in Australia: a standard of living approach

Association between physical activity and diabetic complications among Bangladeshi type 2 diabetic patients

Genetic Determinism, Psychiatry and Place

Genetic determinism and place

The Palgrave handbook of artistic and cultural responses to war since 1914: the British Isles, the United States, and Australasia

The theatre of war: rememoration and the horse

Optimum configuration of solar PV topologies for DC microgrid connected to the longhouse communities in Sarawak, Malaysia

An improved scheme for enhancing the ride-through capability of grid-connected photovoltaic systems towards meeting the recent grid codes requirements

Resource provisioning for a multi-layered network

The need for case studies to illustrate quality practice: teaching in higher education to ensure quality of entry level professionals

How about professionalism, professions and standards: the creation of acculturated professionals

Ensuring quality in professional education volume II: engineering pedagogy and international knowledge structures

Ensuring quality in professional education volume I: human client fields pedagogy and knowledge structures

RAMHU: A new robust lightweight scheme for mutual users authentication in healthcare applications

Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions produced by road projects in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Neighbourhood change and neighbour complaints: How gentrification and densification influence the prevalence of problems between neighbours

Generating Different Urban Land Configurations Based on Heterogeneous Decisions of Private Land Developers: An Agent-Based Approach in a Developing Country Context

Para-aminopropiophenone (PAPP) in canid pest ejectors (CPEs) kills wild dogs and European red foxes quickly and humanely

A generic cloud migration process model

A disunited Kingdom: expressions of Scottish nationalism in the twentieth-century regional press

How much effort is enough? Unlocking customer fanaticism in services industries

Response to consultation questions for review of the common law forfeiture rule

Long-term modelling of wind speeds using six different heuristic artificial intelligence approaches

Development and evaluation of hybrid artificial neural network architectures for modeling spatio-temporal groundwater fluctuations in a complex aquifer system

Emerging from my youth - intra-cohort segmentation

Plant-wide model-based analysis of iron dosage strategies for chemical phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment systems

Ensiling fermentation reveals pre-treatment effects for anaerobic digestion of sugarcane biomass: an assessment of ensiling additives on methane potential

New approach for sediment yield forecasting with a two-phase feed forward neuron network-particle swarm optimization model integrated with the gravitational search algorithm

Dangerous defendants - a rejoinder

Democracy and education in contemporary local-global contexts

Evaluating for the past, present and future: a values-based evaluation of an Aboriginal-led project in rural and remote Australia

Crop choices: motivational and decision-making factors that attract and retain cotton-grower employers within the Australian cotton industry

The clown and the king: undergraduate actor training and wellbeing

Racism, cultural taxation and the role of an Indigenous teacher in rural schools

Queen Garnet plum juice and raspberry cordial in mildly hypertensive obese or overweight subjects: a randomized, double-blind study

Internment of Australian terrorism suspects and the Australian Constitution

Thermoelectric GeTe with Diverse Degrees of Freedom Having Secured Superhigh Performance

Experimental studies and mathematical simulation of intermittent infrared and convective drying of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)

Constructing knowledge management capacity and forms of capital: a qualitative, ethnographic, exploratory case study of an Australian regional university education research team

Identification of vehicle axle loads from bridge responses using preconditioned least square QR-factorization algorithm

Estimation of relative intensity and relative finality of fBm

Corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and earnings management practices: evidence from Jordan

Efficient and secure ECDSA algorithm and its applications: a survey

Ce/Mn dual-doped LaAlO3 ceramics with enhanced far-infrared emission capability synthesized via a facile microwave sintering method

New advancements, challenges and opportunities of multi-storey modular buildings – a state-of-the-art review

A framework for selection of processes to virtualize in e-government: a case study of Liberia

Chlorogenic acid attenuates high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-induced cardiovascular, liver, and metabolic changes in rats

Special issue: real world application of SHM in Australia

Irrigation performance of centre pivot end-guns operating in windy conditions

Efficiency of a dry detention basin with a biofilter as an outlet (DDBBO) in treating stormwater pollutants

Do steering committees really steer?

PAX: using pseudonymization and anonymization to protect patients’ identities and data in the healthcare system

Application of generalized intervention analysis model

Optimisation of road safety treatment strategies through crash modification factors and simulation

Prediction of delamination in glass fibre reinforced composite materials using elasto-plastic modelling

Deep blade loosening increases root growth, organic carbon, aeration, drainage, lateral infiltration and productivity

Suitable exclosure duration for the restoration of degraded alpine grasslands on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Environmental and economic impacts and trade-offs from simultaneous management of soil constraints, nitrogen and water

Land subsidence modelling using tree-based machine learning algorithms

Arsenic in cooked rice foods: assessing health risks and mitigation options

Cyanidin 3-glucoside from Queen Garnet plums and purple carrots attenuates DSS-induced inflammatory bowel disease in rats

Weekly soil moisture forecasting with multivariate sequential, ensemble empirical mode decomposition and Boruta-random forest hybridizer algorithm approach

Copula statistical models for analyzing stochastic dependencies of systemic drought risk and potential adaptation strategies

Effects of stand age on carbon storage in dragon spruce forest ecosystems in the upper reaches of the Bailongjiang River basin, China

An implicit Keller Box numerical scheme for the solution of fractional subdiffusion equations

Exploring the extent to which simulation-based education addresses contemporary patient safety priorities: a scoping review

Marine heat waves and the influence of El Nino off southeast Queensland, Australia

Biogas in the suburbs: an untapped source of clean energy?

Diverse drivers of unsustainable groundwater extraction behaviour operate in an unregulated water scarce region

The role of topography in shaping the spatial patterns of soil organic carbon

PMT: new analytical framework for automated evaluation of geo-environmental modelling approaches

Automated screening for distress: A perspective for the future

Poverty alleviation among persons with disabilities via United Nations' sustainable development goals in Ghana: voices of stakeholders with disabilities

High-pressure steam: a facile strategy for the scalable fabrication of flattened bamboo biomass

Universally deployable extreme learning machines integrated with remotely sensed MODIS satellite predictors over Australia to forecast global solar radiation: a new approach

Value of seasonal forecasting for sugarcane farm irrigation planning

Two-phase extreme learning machines integrated with the complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition with adaptive noise algorithm for multi-scale runoff prediction problems

Anterior Dor or posterior Toupet with Heller Myotomy for Achalasia Cardia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Remotely sensed agricultural grassland productivity responses to land use and hydro-climatic drivers under extreme drought and rainfall

Effect of drying procedures on pore structure and phase evolution of alkali-activated cements

Intentional rounding – An integrative literature review

Investigating the impact of seasonal temperature variation on biogas production from covered anaerobic lagoons treating slaughterhouse wastewater using lab scale studies

A tactile sensing approach in stroke rehabilitation

A qualitative study on the perception of intellectual capital among a group of senior managers of Italian social enterprises

Optimisation of signal timing for improving traffic flow on a highway segment using TRANSYT7F

Twilight on the trail

Psychological maladjustment mediates the relation between remembrances of parental rejection in childhood and adults’ fear of intimacy

Polyacrylonitrile-carbon nanotube-polyacrylonitrile: a versatile robust platform for flexible multifunctional electronic devices in medical applications

Storymaking belonging

The edible native Australian fruit, Davidson’s plum (Davidsonia pruriens), reduces symptoms in rats with diet-induced metabolic syndrome

Enhanced mobility in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures with layer-modulated patterning

Empowering teacher leadership: a cross-country study

Biologically effective solar ultraviolet exposures and the potential skin cancer risk for individual gold medalists of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games

Locus of control: the mediation effect between emotional stability and pro-environmental behavior

A conceptual design methodology for evaluation of alternate propulsion system modifications on small aircraft

Vibration-based dual-criteria approach for damage detection in arch bridges

Road hogs: implications from GPS collared feral swine in pastureland habitat on the general utility of road-based observation techniques for assessing abundance

The offence of sedition: its history, its current status in Australian and international law, and its constitutionality

The impact of income on household CO2 emissions in China based on a large sample survey

Relationship between load and readiness to train in a Gaelic football pre-competition training camp

A qualitative research to explore practices that are utilised for managing talent development in the higher education environment: a case study in six Australian universities

Designing a multi-stage multivariate empirical mode decomposition coupled with ant colony optimization and random forest model to forecast monthly solar radiation

Investigating remote access laboratories for increasing pre-service teachers’ STEM capabilities

A mixture-fraction-based hybrid binomial Langevin-multiple mapping conditioning model

Body image as a predictor of nonsuicidal self-injury in women: a longitudinal study

Group prenatal care experiences among pregnant women in a Bangladeshi community

Incorporating forests, agriculture, and energy consumption in the framework of the Environmental Kuznets Curve: a dynamic panel data approach

Discovery of a compact companion to a nearby star

Truly eccentric - II. When can two circular planets mimic a single eccentric orbit?

Truly eccentric - I. Revisiting eight single-eccentric planetary systems

Predicting multiple planet stability and habitable zone companions in the TESS era

The duplicity of choice and empowerment: disability rights diluted in Australia’s policies on assistive technology

A soil temperature decision support tool for agronomic research and management under climate variability: adapting to earlier and more variable planting conditions

Development of a weighted leanness measurement method in modular construction companies

Significant wave height forecasting via an extreme learning machine model integrated with improved complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition

Application of mesoporous magnetic nanosorbent developed from macadamia nut shell residues for the removal of recalcitrant melanoidin and its fractions

Suture cruroplasty versus mesh hiatal herniorrhaphy for large hiatal hernias (HHs): an updated meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Tests on a subset of regression parameters for factorial experimental data with uncertain higher order interactions

Indeed association does not equal prediction: the never-ending search for the perfect acute: chronic workload ratio

The alcohol–sport nexus and how consumers are affected through sponsorship

'The Dirty Vat': European migration to Australia from Shanghai, 1946-47

Support, socialise and advocate: An exploration of the stated purposes of Facebook autism groups

The effects of interplay between the rotation and shoaling for a solitary wave on variable topography

Meeting national emissions reduction obligations: a case study of Australia

Deep Learning Neural Networks Trained with MODIS Satellite-Derived Predictors for Long-Term Global Solar Radiation Prediction

Effective organisational change to achieve successful ITIL implementation: lessons learned from a multiple case study of large Australian firms

Local users and other stakeholders’ perceptions of the identification and prioritization of ecosystem services in fragile mountains: a case study of Chure Region of Nepal

Spotlight on siblings: considering social context in home modification practice

Formation mechanism of titania based opacified glaze with novel core-shell nanostructure

Situations, challenges and strategies of urban water management in Beijing under rapid urbanization effect

Do social networking sites build and maintain social capital online in rural communities?

A circulatory ionic wind for inertial sensing application

A model for self-assessment of skills to identify tacit knowledge stock and enable knowledge transfer

Status evaluations of senior executive women leaders in Australian organisations: strategies and support mechanisms

Incorporating synoptic-scale climate signals for streamflow modelling over the Mediterranean region using machine learning models

Improving SPI-derived drought forecasts incorporating synoptic-scale climate indices in multi-phase multivariate empirical mode decomposition model hybridized with simulated annealing and kernel ridge regression algorithms

Changes in inequality of childhood morbidity in Bangladesh 1993-2014: a decomposition analysis

Exercise training at maximal fat oxidation intensity for overweight or obese older women: a randomized study

Soccer training: an effective exercise mode to prevent and treat childhood obesity?

A socio-spatial analysis of neighbour complaints using large-scale administrative data: The case in Brisbane, Australia

Exploring and enhancing spatial thinking skills: Learning differences of university students within a web-based GIS mapping environment

The influence of weather conditions on adult transit ridership in the sub-tropics

Effect of scramjet inlet vortices on fuel plume elongation and mixing rate

Re-evaluation of Mycoleptodiscus species and morphologically similar fungi

Ypres and the Queensland Press [Blog post]

A house divided: Queensland in November 1918 [Blog post]

MiR-340-5p: a potential direct regulator of Nrf2 expression in post-exercise skeletal muscle of mice

Before we begin again, I want to tell you why last year was horrendous [Blog post]

Building general practice training capacity in rural and remote Australia with underserved primary care services: a qualitative investigation

Changes in soil water storage with no-tillage and crop residue retention on a Vertisol: impact on productivity and profitability over a 50 year period

Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Images and Support Vector Machine to Assess the Changes in Agricultural Irrigated Areas in the Mogtedo Region, Burkina Faso

Tolerance of wheat cultivars to root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) assessed by Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is predictive of grain yield

Geographical variations in prostate cancer outcomes: a systematic review of international evidence

Disclosing the 'lived experience' of project managing using musical instrument improvisations and semi-structured interviews

Studying the 'lived experience' of project managing using photo elicitation and semi-structured interviews

Education research and the media: challenges and possibilities

Science in South Asia

Detection of EEG K-Complexes Using Fractal Dimension of Time Frequency Images Technique Coupled With Undirected Graph Features

Novel sources of resistance to root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) in a new collection of wild Cicer species (C. reticulatum and C. echinospermum) to improve resistance in cultivated chickpea (C. arietinum)

A dual rescaled Mitscherlich model of the simultaneous savings in phosphorus and zinc fertiliser from arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal colonisation of linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Education and democracy in dangerous times

Re-imagining education for democracy

RoadCO2: a web-based tool for estimation of greenhouse gas emissions of road projects

Climate change in Nepal: a comprehensive analysis of instrumental data and people’s perceptions

The strain to hold ground: site-based conflict and an Indigenous ideology of water and place

The impact of racism on the schooling experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students: a systematic review

Is technology enabling or disabling for diverse learners studying online?

Post-graduate supervision of Indigenous students in the health-related fields

Combat cinematography: interpreting the cinematographic form of combat realism

Concluding thoughts, provocations and speculations on education research and media

Who speaks for teachers? Social media and teacher voice

Mapping approaches to community engagement for preparedness in Australia

Genomic sequence analysis reveals diversity of Australian Xanthomonas species associated with bacterial leaf spot of tomato, capsicum and chilli

The effect of ‘High-pH pretreatment’ on RO concentrate minimization in a groundwater desalination facility using batch air gap membrane distillation

Succeeding beyond your Doctorate: the importance of identity, industry awareness and decisive action

Genome resource for Neocamarosporium betae (syn. Pleospora betae), the cause of Phoma Leaf Spot and Root Rot on Beta vulgaris

Numerical investigation of sinkhole stability in undrained clay

The Casualties of Academia: A Response to The Conversation

Stakeholder trust and efficiency at alpine destinations in Switzerland: the role of stakeholder integration and procedural justice

Integrated treatment of brackish groundwater

Forensic accounting curricula and pedagogies in Australian universities: analysis of academic and practitioner perspectives

Evaluation of sonically enhanced AGMD for industrial scale water treatment

Art after atrocity: post-Holocaust representation and affect

The career paths of female emirati graduates in the private sector in Dubai

The determinants of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in inner-regional Australia

Treatment of agricultural run-off using innovative CDI filtration techniques

Magnesic soils: first principle soil management strategies for increased productivity

An exploration of the social inequities underpinning nutritional intake in high risk communities

The influence of corporate governance practices on firm performance and efficiency: evidence from Jordan

Climate justice and its impact on Bangladesh

Security in the software defined networking infrastructure

The influence of emulsified water fuel containing fresh water microalgae on diesel engine performance, combustion, vibration and emission

Identifying tools, materials and adhesive methods used in the primary school and factors influencing the opportunities to use them

An innovative statistical methodology to improve human gait analysis

Compassion and empathy in educational contexts

Place, virtue ethics and physician-researcher dual-role consent in clinical research

The race between education and catastrophe: creating climate-sensitive cities

Can We Use 2,3,5-Triphenyltetrazolium Chloride-Stained Brain Slices for Other Purposes? The Application of Western Blotting

Linseed components are more effective than whole linseed in reversing diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Flax fiber and its composites: an overview of water and moisture absorption impact on their performance

Visual discrimination impairment after experimental stroke is associated with disturbances in the polarization of the astrocytic aquaporin-4 and increased accumulation of neurotoxic proteins

KELT-23Ab: A Hot Jupiter Transiting a Near-solar Twin Close to the TESS and JWST Continuous Viewing Zones

The effects of e-commerce on franchising: Practical implications and models

Samoa: constitutional governance and customary law

Numerical simulation of stress distribution in longwall panels during the first caving interval

Strength properties of grout for strata reinforcement

Shear strength of rock joints under constant normal loading conditions

Exploring TPACK among pre-service teachers in Australia and Israel

Green coffee ameliorates components of diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Female weir fishers of the southern lowlands of Papua New Guinea: implications for an archaeology of gendered activities

Forensic accounting core and interdisciplinary curricula components in Australian universities: analysis of websites

Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on plant biomass and grain protein concentration differs across bread, durum and synthetic hexaploid wheat genotypes

Green fluorescent protein transformation sheds more light on a widespread mycoparasitic interaction

Investigating hybridisation between the forms of Pyrenophora teres based on Australian barley field experiments and cultural collections

Industry-practice-based engineering hydrology education at USQ, Australia

Victim participation rights: variation across criminal justice systems

The Book of Revelation: othering the centre

Phylogeny and taxonomy of Golovinomyces orontii revisited

One stop shop II: taxonomic update with molecular phylogeny for important phytopathogenic genera: 26–50 (2019)

Endoplasmic reticulum stress: a master regulator of metabolic syndrome

Designing a new data intelligence model for global solar radiation prediction: application of multivariate modeling scheme

Modelling and simulating different bands of EEG signals with the virtual brain

Modelling glass fibre-reinforced polymer reinforced geopolymer concrete columns

Vapour-solid growth of MoxW1-xTe2 nanobelts by a facile chemical vapour deposition method

Carbon monoliths by assembling carbon spheres for gas adsorption

Intellectual capital management among Italian non-profit socio-cooperatives

Secondary pre-service teachers’ perceptions of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK): what do they really think?

Socio-political violence in Cambodia between 1990 and 2008: an explanatory mixed methods study of social coherence

From guilds to state censors: early modern stationers, regulation, and printing plays

Who wants to talk to terrorists?

Association of personality on changes in weekday sitting time: cross-sectional and prospective evaluation

Cloud segmentation property extraction from total sky image repositories using Python

Publishing and culture: an introduction

Publishing and identity: gender, sexuality and race

Harnessing and advancing knowledge in social enterprises: theoretical and operational challenges in the refugee settlement experience

Thinking about mode in becoming literate: oral and visual pathways to print

Performance of embedded photovoltaic solar still for water purification system in the tropics

Gas storage potential and electrohydraulic discharge (EHD) stimulation of coal seam interburden from the Surat Basin

Characterisation and evaluation of shockwave generation in water conditions for coal fracturing

Anisotropic coal permeability estimation by determining cleat compressibility using mercury intrusion porosimetry and stress–strain measurements

Biodiscovery and the Queensland Plant Pathology Herbarium

Effectiveness of the spaced education pedagogy for clinicians’ continuing professional development: a systematic review

Ballet and Contemporary Dance Injuries When Transitioning to Full-Time Training or Professional Level Dance: A Systematic Review

Auditory psychomotor vigilance testing in older and young adults: a revised threshold setting procedure

Macadamia Nutshell Biochar for Nitrate Removal: Effect of Biochar Preparation and Process Parameters

Combining Landsat and landscape metrics to analyse largescale urban land cover change: a case study in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area

Exploring how quality children's literature can enhance compassion and empathy in the classroom context

Empathy and the landscape of conflict

Theorizing compassion and empathy in educational contexts: what are compassion and empathy and why are they important?

Validity of a microsensor-based algorithm for detecting scrum events in rugby union

Association of daily workload, wellness, injury and illness during tours in international cricketers

Dielectrophoresis can control the density of CNT membranes as confirmed by experiment and dissipative particle simulation

Can the workload-injury relationship be moderated by improved strength, speed and repeated-sprint qualities?

Training and match volume and injury in adolescents playing multiple contact team sports: a prospective cohort study

Real-time observation of the thermally-induced phase transformation in GeTe and its thermal expansion properties

A pilot study to assess the effects of Tai Chi on health indicators in type 1 diabetes patients

A quantitative approach to influential factors in One Day International cricket: analysis based on Bangladesh

Causes of urban migration in Bangladesh: evidence from the urban health survey

A new design of mental state classification for subject independent BCI systems

Trend of child marriage in Bangladesh: a reflection on significant socioeconomic factors

Love, forgery and strange desires: textual editing as research practice

Photosynthesis and yield response to elevated CO2, C4 plant foxtail millet behaves similarly to C3 species

Identification of low phytic acid and high Zn bioavailable rice (Oryza sativa L.) from 69 accessions of the world rice core collection

Elevated carbon dioxide and nitrogen supply affect photosynthesis and nitrogen partitioning of two wheat varieties

Effects of fibre orientation and layup on the mechanical properties of the pultruded glass fibre reinforced polymer tubes

Varietal diversity of Sri Lankan traditional rice based on sensitivity to temperature and photoperiod at vegetative stage

Understanding national innovation system (NIS) using Porter’s Diamond model (PDM) of competitiveness in ASEAN-05

Impacts of forest management on tree species richness and composition: Assessment of forest management regimes in Tarai landscape Nepal

Impact of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature on strawberry polyphenols

A Jovian planet in an eccentric 11.5 day orbit around HD 1397 discovered by TESS

Exoplanets in the Antarctic Sky I. The first data release of AST3-II (CHESPA) and new found variables within the southern CVZ of TESS

Fungal planet description sheets: 868–950

Exoplanets in the Antarctic Sky. II. 116 Transiting Exoplanet Candidates Found by AST3-II (CHESPA) within the Southern CVZ of TESS

HATS-60b–HATS-69b: 10 Transiting Planets from HATSouth

The wavelength dependence of interstellar polarization in the local hot bubble

Is religiosity an important consideration in Muslim consumer behavior: exploratory study in the context of western imported food in Pakistan

Australian cultures of Botryosphaeriaceae held in Queensland and Victoria plant pathology herbaria revisited

An exploratory qualitative research to address processes that are utilised for managing knowledge: a case study in a Queensland regional University

Defining romantic self-sabotage: a thematic analysis of interviews with practising psychologists

High Porosity in Nanostructured n-Type Bi2Te3 Obtaining Ultralow Lattice Thermal Conductivity

Flexible Thermoelectric Materials and Generators: Challenges and Innovations

Comparing the annualised dynamic shade characteristics of twenty-one tree canopies across twenty-six municipalities in a high ambient UV climate, Queensland - Australia

Soil fungal responses to experimental warming and drying in a Mediterranean shrubland

Associations between aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise with depressive symptom severity among 17,839 U.S. adults

The provision and utility of earth science to decision-makers: synthesis and key findings

Diversity of Moesziomyces (Ustilaginales, Ustilaginomycotina) on Echinochloa and Leersia (Poaceae)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the creation of world peace: part II — a study of plans, programs and events

Respectful research with and about young families: forging frontiers and methodological considerations

Responses to internationalisation in two Schools of Education

Effect of stubble height and irrigation management on the growth, botanical composition and persistence of perennial ryegrass, tall fescue and chicory swards in cool-temperate Tasmania

Sustainable production of Robusta coffee under a changing climate: a 10-year monitoring of fertilizer management in coffee farms in Vietnam and Indonesia

Short-term electricity demand forecasting using machine learning methods enriched with ground-based climate and ECMWF Reanalysis atmospheric predictors in southeast Queensland, Australia

Evaluating the shifts in rainfall and pasture-growth variabilities across the pastoral zone of Australia during 1910–2010

The nexus among place, conflict and communication in a globalising world

Developing an appropriate contaminated land regime in China: lessons learned from the US and UK

The liability of search engines and tech companies in defamation law

Defamation law reform in Australia: the multiple publication rule

The incomplete legal transplant – good faith and the common law

The marriage of psychology and law: testamentary capacity

Disability concentration and access to rehabilitation services: a pilot spatial assessment applying geographic information system analysis

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the implied freedom of political communication in the Australian Constitution

Professional ethics, copyright legislation and the case for collective copyright disobedience in libraries

Controlling factors of plant community composition with respect to the slope aspect gradient in the Qilian Mountains

Soliton interaction with external forcing within the Korteweg–de Vries equation

Recommendations and practices for holistic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) assessment and optimal referral patterns in emergency department presentations: a scoping review protocol

Grassland degradation on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: reevaluation of causative factors

CO2 emissions and development indicators: a causality analysis for Bangladesh

The drivers of economic growth in South Asia: evidence from a dynamic system GMM approach

On the cross-shelf exchange driven by frontal eddies along a western boundary current during austral winter 2007

Fractal dimension undirected correlation graph-based support vector machine model for identification of focal and non-focal electroencephalography signals

Predictors of health care use in Australian cancer patients

The impacts of substrate and vegetation on stormwater runoff quality from extensive green roofs

Application of multivariate recursive nesting bias correction, multiscale wavelet entropy and AI-based models to improve future precipitation projection in upstream of the Heihe River, Northwest China

Wavelet-based 3-phase hybrid SVR model trained with satellite-derived predictors, particle swarm optimization and maximum overlap discrete wavelet transform for solar radiation prediction

Deep solar radiation forecasting with convolutional neural network and long short-term memory network algorithms

Career services in Australian higher education: aligning the training of practitioners to contemporary practice

Sleep EEG signal analysis based on correlation graph similarity coupled with an ensemble extreme machine learning algorithm

The Pacific research paradigm: opportunities and challenges

Resistance to plant-parasitic nematodes in chickpea: current status and future perspectives

Cultural values affect functional food perception

Value of seasonal climate forecasts in reducing economic losses for grazing enterprises: Charters Towers case study

Writing to perform the region: making ‘somewhereness’ visible in post-colonisation Australia

Low-dose curcumin nanoparticles normalise blood pressure in male Wistar rats with diet-induced metabolic syndrome

Fatigue crack analysis of ferrite material by acoustic emission technique

Thermo-mechanical properties of fused borosilicate syntactic foams

Estimating magnetic filling factors from Zeeman–Doppler magnetograms

Building and Delivering Real-World, Integrated Sustainability Solutions: Insights, Methods and Case-Study Applications

Circulation analogues and uncertainty in the time‑evolution of extreme event probabilities: evidence from the 1947 Central European heatwave

Undergraduate programs in Cultural Studies in Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa: a survey of the field

Rescuing forests from the carbon trap

Re-analyzing the dynamical stability of the HD 47366 planetary system

Resolved Imaging of the AR Puppis Circumbinary Disk

The GALAH survey: lithium-strong KM dwarfs

Load, capacity and health: critical pieces of the holistic performance puzzle

Advice to athletes with back pain - get active! Seriously?

Research, urban myths and the never ending story

Genetic diversity and structure in regional Cercospora beticola populations from Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris suggest two clusters of separate origin

Advanced introduction to law and globalisation by Jaakko Husa

Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Shenzhen, China, 2015–2018

Undergraduate engineering and built environment project conference 2019: book of abstracts - Toowoomba, Australia, 23-27 September 2019

Unique lines and the ambient heart of Q1 Hamlet

Using the Norm Activation Model to Predict the Pro-Environmental Behaviors of Public Servants at the Central and Local Governments in Taiwan

Spatial and temporal variations of embodied carbon emissions in China’s infrastructure

High Thermoelectric Performance in p-type Polycrystalline Cd-doped SnSe Achieved by a Combination of Cation Vacancies and Localized Lattice Engineering

Measuring air connectivity between China and Australia

Toward Sustainable Overseas Mobility of Vietnamese Students: Understanding Determinants of Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty in Students of Higher Education

New technologies to deliver CBT: computer and web-based programs, mobile applications and virtual reality

Experiential probabilistic assessment of cloud services

Soil organic carbon in semiarid alpine regions: the spatial distribution, stock estimation, and environmental controls

A mixed method case study: the preparedness of a school of nursing and midwifery in teaching mandated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in undergraduate nursing curriculum

Capturing smoke: exploring literature on end-of life care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Using 'just in time' online feedback to improve first year undergraduate nursing students' essay writing performance

Cost of caregivers for treating hospitalized diarrheal patients in Bangladesh

Tissue engineered human prostate microtissues reveal key role of mast cellderived tryptase in potentiating cancer-associated fibroblast (CAF)-induced morphometric transition in vitro

Yartsagunbu: transforming people's livelihoods in the Western Himalaya

Cholesterol versus inflammation as cause of chronic diseases

A critique of the enterprise risk theory of vicarious liability

Effect of oxidation and silane surface treatments of coal powders on relative permeability in packed coal beds

Effect of stubble height management on perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and chicory crown temperature

War, snipers, and rage from Enemy at the Gates to American Sniper

Key risks for Australian macadamia growers and potential insurance options to manage financial losses

Selectivity control for electrochemical CO2 reduction by charge redistribution on the surface of copper alloys

A new Roof Strata Cavability Index (RSCi) for longwall mining incorporating new rating system

'In Initiative Overload': Australian Perspectives on Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace from Diverse Industries

Strong phonon–phonon interactions securing extraordinary thermoelectric Ge1–xSbxTe with Zn-alloying-induced band alignment

Water absorption and chloride diffusivity of concrete under the coupling effect of uniaxial compressive load and freeze-thaw cycles

Simulation study on passive buildings’ demand incentive based on evolutionary game

45,610-52,160 years of site and landscape occupation at Nawarla Gabarnamang, Arnhem Land plateau (northern Australia).

Pursuit, willfulness, and the strangeness of strangers

A re‐examination of the individual differences approach that explains occupational resilience and psychological adjustment among nurses

Influence of barn climate, body postures and milk yield on the respiration rate of dairy cows

Implementing a thermal care bundle for inadvertent perioperative hypothermia: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Fabrication of PVDF hollow fiber membranes via integrated phase separation for membrane distillation

The epidemiology of aerobic physical activity and muscle-strengthening activity guideline adherence among 383,928 U.S. adults

Knowledge, help-seeking and efficacy to find respite services: an exploratory study in help-seeking carers of people with dementia in the context of aged care reforms

How does light-intensity physical activity associate with adult cardiometabolic health and mortality? Systematic review with meta-analysis of experimental and observational studies

What factors explain socioeconomic inequalities in adults' television-related sitting time?

Citizen science to communicate about public health messages: the reach of a playful online survey on sitting time and physical activity

Navigating and negotiating borders: Western pre-service teachers’ experiences of teaching science in a non-western setting

2018 Sam Power Oration: looking back and moving forward: building on Sam (Sandra) Power’s legacy

Multiage education: an exploration of advantages and disadvantages through a systematic review of the literature

Disentangling the causes of the 1816 European year without a summer

Planning for literacies learning in the Arts: a dual view

Teaching literacies: pedagogical possibilities

(Re)focusing the lens beyond deficit: making diversity and difference in schools visible

Planning for the learning of literacies across the curriculum: using authentic assessment to engage students

Planning for literacies learning: using backward design for an inquiry project

Thinking about planning for literacies learning

Teaching literacies: principles and practices

The fundamentals for self-regulated learning: a framework to guide analysis and reflection

Are changes in atmospheric circulation important for black carbon aerosol impacts on clouds, precipitation, and radiation?

The five modes of comportment for project managing: disclosing the tacit in project work

Memoirs and manifestos for early career researchers in gender and sexuality education research

Radial Velocity Discovery of an Eccentric Jovian World Orbiting at 18 au

Consumer behaviour and disposition decisions: The why and how of smartphone disposition

Soil and Tillage Research: Why still focus on soil compaction?

The HCCH Judgments Convention in Australian law

Characteristics of Fe and Mn bearing precipitates generated by Fe(II) and Mn(II) co-oxidation with O2, MnO4 and HOCl in the presence of groundwater ions

Forecasting the extreme rainfall, low temperatures, and strong winds associated with the northern Queensland floods of February 2019

The Five Stages of Grief [Textual Work: Poem]

Wandering: Special Issue of M/C Journal: A Journal of Media and Culture, Vol. 22, No. 4

Conclusion—Eurovision—Australia decides

'It really makes you feel part of the world': transnational connection for Australian Eurovision audiences

Eurovision and Australia: interdisciplinary Perspectives from Down Under

Hypoxia preconditioning promotes endurance exercise capacity of mice by activating skeletal muscle Nrf2

Towards a more reliable historical reanalysis: improvements for version 3 of the Twentieth Century Reanalysis system

Civic engagement as empowerment: sharing our names and remembering our her-stories—resisting ofuniversity

Ecologically sustainable forest management: Part V - regulation of private plantation forestry in Victoria: a case study of Hancock Victorian Plantations Pty Ltd

Victorian ecologically sustainable forest management: Part IV – a case study of current regulation of Victorian State Forest harvesting

Freedom of speech in practice: controversial applications of law and theory

The lawfulness of the dismissal/termination of an employee who has expressed 'unwelcome' religious views

Freedom of Speech in the Western World: Comparison and Critique

The romantic self-saboteur: how do people sabotage love?

Insight into rural and remote GP training and supervision in Queensland

Exploring teachers’ and students’ perspectives on the use of Arabic language in grades 11-12 EFL classrooms in Oman: an in-depth investigation of EFL pedagogy

What supports allied health students to think, feel and act as a health professional in a rural setting? Perceptions of allied health staff

Celebrating diversity: focus on inclusion

The importance of Indigenous cultural perspectives in education (the danger of the single story)

Opening eyes to vision impairment: inclusion is just another way of seeing

Improved prediction of farm nitrous oxide emission through an understanding of the interaction among climate extremes, soil nitrogen dynamics and irrigation water

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity increases growth and phosphorus uptake in C3 and C4 crop plants

Mycorrhizal‐mediated plant–herbivore interactions in a high CO2 world

Silicon reduces herbivore performance via different mechanisms, depending on host–plant species

ETIN-MIP Extratropical-Tropical Interaction Model Intercomparison Project – protocol and initial results

Locating “gold standard” evidence for simulation as a substitute for clinical practice in prelicensure health professional education: A systematic review

Five‐year outcomes from a randomised controlled trial of a couples‐based intervention for men with localised prostate cancer

The increments of justice: exploring the outer reach of Akiba's edge towards native title 'ownership'

Do income distribution and socio-economic inequality affect ICT affordability? Evidence from Australian household panel data

The cost-effectiveness of controlling cervical cancer using a new 9-valent human papillomavirus vaccine among school-aged girls in Australia

Renewable and non-renewable energy use and its relationship with economic growth in Myanmar

Early career teachers’ intentions to leave the profession: the complex relationships among preservice education, early career support, and job satisfaction

Four things students with vision impairment want you (their teachers and friends)to know

Microcredit participation and child schooling in rural Bangladesh: evidence from a cross-sectional survey

Implications of selective harvesting of natural forests for forest product recovery and forest carbon emissions: cases from Tarai Nepal and Queensland Australia

Correcting satellite precipitation data and assimilating satellite-derived soil moisture data to generate ensemble hydrological forecasts within the HBV rainfall-runoff model

Using design-based research to bring partnership between researchers and practitioners

Partitioning groundwater recharge sources in multiple aquifers system within a desert oasis environment: Implications for water resources management in endorheic basins

Geographic variation in compliance With FOBT colorectal cancer screening programs: the role of attitudes toward health and help seeking

Who uses action planning in a web-based computer-tailored intervention to reduce workplace sitting and what do action plans look like? Analyses of the Start to Stand intervention among Flemish employees

Learning to teach in England and the United States: the evolution of policy and practice

Point-of-care testing (POCT) for HIV/STI targeting MSM in regional Australia at community ‘beat’ locations

Toward efficacy of piecewise polynomial truncated singular value decomposition algorithm in moving force identification

Validating water safety competence

Engaging the disengaged: exploring the use of course specific learning analytics and nudging to enhance online student engagement

Spatial variability in regional scale drought index insurance viability across Australia’s wheat growing regions

The art of home education: an investigation into the impact of context on arts teaching and learning in home education

Unlocking pre-1850 instrumental meteorological records: a global inventory

Diabetes mellitus and its association with hypertension in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Dynamic relationship among environmental regulation, innovation, CO2 emissions, population, and economic growth in OECD countries: a panel investigation

Connectedness learning in the life sciences: LinkedIn as an assessment task for employability and career exploration

Cultural awareness and sensitivity: foundational experiences in a Level 1 Psychology course

Determinants of access to eHealth services in regional Australia

Remote sensing of upwelling off Australia's north-east coast

Truth and transparency in expertise research

Spatiotemporal analysis of impaired microglia process movement at sites of secondary neurodegeneration post-stroke

The Convergence and Mainstreaming of Integrated Home Technologies for People with Disability

Performance evaluation for four GIS-based models purposed to predict and map landslide susceptibility: A case study at a World Heritage site in Southwest China

Measuring access to primary healthcare services after stroke: A spatial analytic approach

Parcel amalgamation as a mechanism for achieving urban consolidation through densification: The fixity of property boundaries over time

Mobile device and app use in paediatric emergency care: a survey of departmental practice in the UK and Ireland

Chronic ill health in a regional Victoria setting: A 13-year comparison

The punishment of journalists for contempt for refusing to reveal their sources in court

Modeling, analysis, and testing of viscoelastic properties of shape memory polymer composites and a brief review of their space engineering applications

Traversing the doctorate: situating scholarship and identifying issues

Creating a community of practice in a practice-led PhD

Traversing the doctorate: reflections and strategies from students, supervisors and administrators

Doctoral supervision as a relational endeavour, a pedagogical commitment and reciprocal growth

Asynchronous learning

The Oxford encyclopedia of psychology and aging (3 vols)

Double Trouble: The Teacher/Satirist Duality in Thea Astley’s Critical Writings

The military as a separate society: consequences for discipline in the United States and Australia

Axial performance of hollow concrete columns reinforced with GFRP composite bars with different reinforcement ratios

Compressive behavior of axially loaded circular hollow concrete columns reinforced with GFRP bars and spirals

Novel testing and characterization of GFRP bars in compression

Groundwater governance in Bangladesh: Established practices and recent trends

Arsenic in Drinking Water: Is 10 μg/L a Safe Limit?

Environmental arsenic in a changing world

Exploring the underlying mechanisms behind the increased far infrared radiation properties of perovskite-type Ce/Mn co-doped ceramics

Attaining reduced lattice thermal conductivity and enhanced electrical conductivity in as-sintered pure n-type Bi2Te3 alloy

Rebel with a cause: an hour with Ben Quilty

My name's William and I'm a sculptor: William Eicholtz

Developing HowLeaky platform for improved governance, facilitation of development, and open reproducible science: final report

Feasibility study for developing an Indigenous branded range of beef products and services (Producer Innovation Fast-track)

Electrocardiogram Baseline Wander Suppression Based on the Combination of Morphological and Wavelet Transformation Based Filtering

Seasonal Minimum and Maximum Solar Ultraviolet Exposure Measurements of Classroom Teachers Residing in Tropical North Queensland, Australia

3D-printed concrete: applications, performance, and challenges

Cost analysis of FSC forest certification and opportunities to cover the costs a case study of Quang Tri FSC group in Central Vietnam

The PiSpec: A Low-Cost, 3D-Printed Spectrometer for Measuring Volcanic SO2 Emission Rates

Measuring and Visualizing Solar UV for a Wide Range of Atmospheric Conditions on Hawai’i Island

Surface functionalization of graphene oxide by amino acids for Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase adsorption

Transnasal Humidified Rapid Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange in children requiring emergent intubation (Kids THRIVE): a protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Behavior of Damaged Concrete Columns Repaired with Novel FRP Jacket

A Collaborative Image of Energy Efficient Housing via a Photo-Based Approach

Integrating connectedness learning into institutional program review processes in an Australian regional university

Climate change amplifies plant invasion hotspots in Nepal

Trial feasibility and process evaluation of a motivationally-embellished group peer led walking intervention in retirement villages using the RE- AIM framework: the residents in action trial (RiAT)

The provision and utility of science and uncertainty to decision‑makers: earth science case studies

Research priorities and best practices for managing climate risk and climate change adaptation in Australian agriculture

The ethos and transformational nature of professional studies: a study of student experience in Australia

Computational and experimental investigation of using an extractor in a vertical gravitational flash tank separator

Emerging cancer incidence, mortality, hospitalisation and associated burden among Australian cancer patients, 1982 - 2014: an incidence-based approach in terms of trends, determinants and inequality

Re-examining the flocculating power of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium for a broad range of soils

Lines-of-inquiry and sources of evidence in work-based research

‘Working together’: public libraries supporting rural, regional, and remote low-socioeconomic student success in partnership with universities

Hoodwinked: How Pauline Hanson Fooled a Nation by Kerry-Anne Walsh and The rise of right-populism: Pauline Hanson's One Nation and Australian politics by B Grant, T Moore & T Lynch

Meta-analysis: a critical appraisal of the methodology, benefits and drawbacks

Measuring perinatal and postpartum quality of life of women and associated factors in semi-urban Bangladesh

Ecological and economic growth interdependency in the Asian economies: an empirical analysis

Effects of selectively triggered photothermal particles on shape memory polymer composites: an investigation on structural performance, thermomechanical characteristics and photothermal behaviour

Occurrence and cycling of trace elements in ultramafic soils and their impacts on human health: A critical review

Whole-incarceration-setting approaches to supporting and upholding the rights and health of incarcerated transgender people

The value of a perioperative nurse

Preventing perioperative hypothermia is clinically feasible and cost effective

A site-specific standard for comparing dynamic solar ultraviolet protection characteristics of established tree canopies

The role of forage management in addressing challenges facing Australasian dairy farming

Merger and acquisition research in the Asia-Pacific region: A review of the evidence and future directions

Competition in the acquisition market and acquirers' long-run performance

Comparison of subsidy schemes for reducing waiting time: special focus on smart home care for elderly people

Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 3

Using stepped-care approaches within internet-based interventions for youth anxiety: Three case studies.

The work-integrated learning program: developing employability skills in psychology undergraduates

Strategies for Ph.D. completion: a critical reflection by completed Ph.D. candidates

Engaged and active: engaging young people across the Toowoomba Region. Toowoomba Regional Council Youth Study

Partial replacement of metakaolin with thermally treated rice husk ash in metakaolin-based geopolymer

Effect of rice husk ash addition on the compressive strength and thermal stability of metakaolin based geopolymer

Social Support as a Predictor of Treatment Adherence and Response in an Open-Access, Self-Help, Internet-delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program for Child and Adolescent Anxiety

Ways to use interventions to increase participation in mail-out bowel cancer screening: a systematic review and meta-analysis

A Surfactant‐Free and Scalable General Strategy for Synthesizing Ultrathin Two‐Dimensional Metal–Organic Framework Nanosheets for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

High-Performance PEDOT: PSS Flexible Thermoelectric Materials and Their Devices by Triple Post-Treatments

A Qualitative Analysis of Internet Trolling

Assessment of check dams’ role in flood hazard mapping in a semi-arid environment

Measuring multi-modal connections and connectivity radiations of transport infrastructure in China

Board Gender Diversity and CSR Reporting: Evidence from Jordan

Stakeholder perspectives on evidence for digital mental health interventions: Implications for accreditation systems

Practice-led research and the myth of rigour

Evidence of Absence in the Ruddock Report

Evaluation of the ‘Irish Rules’: The Potato Late Blight Forecasting Model and Its Operational Use in the Republic of Ireland

hagis, an R Package Resource for Pathotype Analysis of Phytophthora sojae Populations Causing Stem and Root Rot of Soybean

Realizing high thermoelectric properties of SnTe via synergistic band engineering and structure engineering

Evaluation of the efficacy of 3D total-body photography with sequential digital dermoscopy in a high-risk melanoma cohort: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Retained Surgical Items: Lessons from Australian Case Law of Items Unintentionally Left Behind in Patients after Surgery

Implementation of simulation modelling to improve service planning in specialist orthopaedic and neurosurgical outpatient services

Parameters and branching auto-pulses in a fluid channel with active walls

Understanding the roles of activators towards setting and hardening control of alkali-activated slag cement

Chloride binding of alkali-activated slag/fly ash cements

Application of multi-criteria decision making and GIS for check dam layout in the Ilanlu basin, northwest of Hamadan Province, Iran

Constitutional promises of Indigenous recognition: Canada, Vanuatu and the challenges of pluralism

Sham project compliance behaviour: necessarily masking the reality of project work from senior management

Increasing tiger mortality in Nepal: a bump in the road?

The Influence of Economic (Ir)rationality on Public Sector Reforms

Sex differences in physical characteristics and match-play demands in adolescent netball: should male and female adolescents co-compete in netball?

Effects of calcined dolomite addition on reaction kinetics of one-part sodium carbonate-activated slag cements

Re-examining the suitability of high magnesium nickel slag as precursors for alkali-activated materials

Light-induced rare earth organic complex/shape-memory polymer composites with high strength and luminescence based on hydrogen bonding

Fine-Tuning the Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Sites of Metal−Organic Frameworks by Plasma Engraving for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity

Efflorescence of alkali-activated cements (geopolymers) and the impacts on material structures: A critical analysis

High strength inorganic-organic polymer composites (IOPC) manufactured by mold pressing of geopolymers

In-situ transition of amorphous gels to Na-P1 zeolite in geopolymer: Mechanical and adsorption properties

Influence of different fibers on properties of thermal insulation composites based on geopolymer blended with glazed hollow bead

An overview on the reuse of waste glasses in alkali-activated materials

Coral aggregate concrete: Numerical description of physical, chemical and morphological properties of coral aggregate

Autogenous and drying shrinkage of alkali‐activated slag mortars

Investigation of the waterproof property of alkali-activated metakaolin geopolymer added with rice husk ash

A review on mixture design methods for geopolymer concrete

Carbonation induced phase evolution in alkali-activated slag/fly ash cements: The effect of silicate modulus of activators

When parasitism brings prosperity: a case of Yarsagunbu (caterpillar fungus) harvesting and trade in Nepal

Key knowledge gaps to achieve global sustainability goals

A comparative study of airline efficiency in China and India: A dynamic network DEA approach

Therapy dropouts and strategies to reduce them

Smartphone-based volunteered geographic information (VGI) for slum mapping in Pokhara City of Nepal

Flexural behavior of geopolymer-concrete beams longitudinally reinforced with GFRP and steel hybrid reinforcements

Sustaining competencies and employability: A fishbone model for engineering education to fit the processes of life

Effects of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail on air travel: Passenger types, airline groups and tacit collusion

An analysis of price competition and price wars in Australia's domestic airline market

Why are regional jets less used in emerging economies? A real options valuation approach and policy implications

The challenges of facilitating arts learning in home education

Doing it differently: emancipatory autism studies within a neurodiverse academic space

Trends in Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong use: differentiations between practices and the need for dialogue and diffusion

An assessment of governance quality for community-based forest management systems in Asia: Prioritisation of governance indicators at various scales

The role of fiscal instruments in encouraging the private sector and smallholders to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation: Evidence from Indonesia

Enablers and barriers of tourism as a driver of economic and social‐cultural growth in remote Queensland

AJET bibliometrics and licensing

The Quest for the Good Life in Precarious Times: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Domestic Moral Economy

Banking on Banjo: business, bias, and belonging in rural social imaginaries

New Caledonia: the archipelago that does not want to be freed

The violent pacifist: ethics and disorder in Sarah Waters' The Paying Guests

There's little reason for optimism about Closing the Gap, despite changes to education targets

Promoting physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour can minimise the risk of suicidal behaviours among adolescents

Design science research in doctoral projects: An analysis of Australian theses

A hard day's night: Time use in shift workers

Videos in higher education: making the most of a good thing

The determinants of outward foreign direct investment strategies of Chinese energy firms

The relationship between Centaurs and Jupiter Family Comets with implications for K-Pg-type impacts

The HD 181433 Planetary System: Dynamics and a New Orbital Solution

Detection of Planetary and Stellar Companions to Neighboring Stars via a Combination of Radial Velocity and Direct Imaging Techniques

The GALAH survey: unresolved triple Sun-like stars discovered by the Gaia mission

The K2-HERMES Survey: age and metallicity of the thick disc

First Radial Velocity Results From the MINiature Exoplanet Radial Velocity Array (MINERVA)

TESS Spots a Compact System of Super-Earths around the Naked-eye Star HR 858

Near-resonance in a System of Sub-Neptunes from TESS

Interference mitigation techniques for a dense heterogeneous area network in machine-to-machine communications

Differential rotation of Kepler-71 via transit photometry mapping of faculae and starspots

Magnetic fields of intermediate-mass T Tauri stars: I. Magnetic detections and fundamental stellar parameters

The solar wind in time – II. 3D stellar wind structure and radio emission

Observation of a possible superflare on Proxima Centauri

The rotationally modulated polarization of ξ Boo A

MINERVA-Australis. I. Design, Commissioning, and First Photometric Results

Clinically-indicated replacement versus routine replacement of peripheral venous catheters

Towards a Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Attractiveness of Rail Transit-Oriented Shopping Mall Developments (TOSMDs)

Financial returns from collaborative investment models of Eucalyptus agroforestry plantations in Lao PDR

Polylactide/hemp hurd biocomposites as sustainable 3D printing feedstock

Cultural validation of the structured clinical interview for diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders in Indigenous Australians

Strategies for increasing participation in mail-out colorectal cancer screening programs: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Not quite city and not quite rural: Active lifestyle beliefs in peri-urban Australians

In Community Hands: Memory and the Material Culture Legacy of a Mega Sporting Event: Commemorating the 1982 XII Commonwealth Games in Brisbane

Can our office go paperless?

Socially responsible firms and mergers and acquisitions performance: Australian evidence

Proteomic Profiling of Human Prostate Cancer-associated Fibroblasts (CAF) Reveals LOXL2-dependent Regulation of the Tumor Microenvironment

Optimizing Urban Distribution Routes for Perishable Foods Considering Carbon Emission Reduction

The baby group: charting the typologies of a parental community of practice

Contributing factors that influence medication errors in the prehospital paramedic environment: a mixed-method systematic review protocol

A full implementation of spectro-perfectionism for precise radial velocity exoplanet detection: a test case with the MINERVA reduction pipeline

Effects of energy consumption and economic growth on environmental quality: evidence from Qatar

Effect of elevated in-service temperature on the mechanical properties and microstructure of particulate-filled epoxy polymers

The effects of urbanization and globalization on CO2 emissions: evidence from the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries

Economic and internet growth effect on electricity consumption in the BRICS countries

The impact of climate change and variability on coffee production: a systematic review

Competencies and skill development in maternity care services in Victoria - a qualitative study

The influence of hospital location and ‘level of care’ on continuing professional development

Genetic structure of a Pyrenophora teres f. teres population over time in an Australian barley field as revealed by Diversity Arrays Technology markers

Do non-dipolar magnetic fields contribute to spin-down torques?

Giant piezoresistive effect by optoelectronic coupling in a heterojunction

Nitrogen mineralisation in sugarcane soils in Queensland, Australia: I. evaluation of soil tests for predicting nitrogen mineralisation

Geographic variations in stage at diagnosis and survival for colorectal cancer in Australia: a systematic review

Deep learning for real‑time fruit detection and orchard fruit load estimation: benchmarking of ‘MangoYOLO’

New selective dissolution process to quantify reaction extent and product stability in metakaolin-based geopolymers

Nonpharmacological Interventions for Anxiety and Dementia in Nursing Homes: A Systematic Review The Gerontologist

Part IV: travelling through the doctorate: introduction

Part 1: designing the doctorate: introduction

Climate change impact, adaptation, and mitigation in temperate grazing systems: a review

The nature of work-related problems: messy, co-produced and wicked

The scientific nature of work-based learning and research: an introduction to first principles

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Two-phase Flow Orientation Direction Change on a Vertical Flash Tank Separator

Scientific Forest Management Practice in Nepal: Critical Reflections from Stakeholders' Perspectives

Energy sector development: system dynamics analysis

Controversies in the Science of Sedentary Behaviour and Health: Insights, Perspectives and Future Directions from the 2018 Queensland Sedentary Behaviour Think Tank

Shift Work and Poor Mental Health: A Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies

Causes of climate change over the historical record

Review of tropical cyclones in the Australian region: climatology, variability, predictability, and trends

Risk of postoperative pulmonary complications in adult surgical patients with metabolic syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol

The long non-coding RNA GHSROS facilitates breast cancer cell migration and orthotopic xenograft tumour growth

Learner training in digital language learning for pre-service translators and interpreters

Assessment of grain quality in terms of functional group response to elevated [CO2], water, and nitrogen using a meta‐analysis: grain protein, zinc, and iron under future climate

K-complexes Detection in EEG Signals using Fractal and Frequency Features Coupled with an Ensemble Classification Model

Exploring patient attitudes to behaviour change before surgery to reduce peri‐operative risk: preferences for short‐ vs. long‐term behaviour change

Erratum: The solar wind in time II: 3D stellar wind structure and radio emission

Archaeology and the Teaching of Frontier Conflict in Australia

Cultural conflict in text and materiality: the impact of words and lead on the northwest Queensland colonial frontier, Australia

The role of rheology in modelling elastic waves with gas bubbles in granular fluid-saturated media

The Parauncinula polyspora Draft Genome Provides Insights into Patterns of Gene Erosion and Genome Expansion in Powdery Mildew Fungi

The Persistence of Cultural Studies: A brief consideration of the place and purpose of Cultural Studies in an otherwise turbulent world

‘Siting’ voice in stories of conflict: bounding conflict in place and time through social memory and acts of remembering

Learnings regarding the role of ‘place’ in conflict and the communication of conflict

Cumulative harm: chronicity, re-victimisation and developmental victimology

Carbon nanotube four-terminal devices for pressure sensing applications


Australian Not by Blood, but by Character: Soldiers and Refugees in Australian Children’s Picture Books

Introduction: Artistic and Cultural Responses to War

Regulatory changes in international air transport and their impact on tourism development in Asia Pacific

Comparison of Aggregated N-of-1 Trials with Parallel and Crossover Randomized Controlled Trials Using Simulation Studies

Integrating fish into irrigation infrastructure projects in Myanmar: rice-fish what if…?

Exploring the contributions of n-of-1 methods to health psychology research and practice

Finding Benefit in N-of-1 Trials

A feasibility study with embedded pilot randomised controlled trial and process evaluation of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation in patients with periodontitis

Factors influencing rice farmers' adaptation strategies to climate change and extreme weather event impacts in Bangladesh

Resequencing of 429 chickpea accessions from 45 countries provides insights into genome diversity, domestication and agronomic traits

Long-lived, transferred crystalline silicon carbide nanomembranes for implantable flexible electronics

Thermoresistance of p-Type 4H–SiC Integrated MEMS Devices for High-Temperature Sensing

Targeting management practices for rice yield gains in stress-prone environments of Myanmar

Older parents caring for adults with intellectual disability

Re-evaluating the factor structure of the self-assessed wisdom scale (saws)

Design discharge estimation from urban catchments - a comparison between ARR1987 and ARR2016

The OnTrack Diabetes Group Therapy Project: Feasibility Trial of a Web-based CBT Program with Conjunctive Group Therapy

Using Unity 3D as the augmented reality framework for remote access laboratories

Enabling remote PLC training using hardware models

Visual tools for aiding remote control systems experiments with embedded controllers

Novel intraprostatic injectable agents in the treatment of BPH

A psychosocial care model for men with prostate cancer

Analysis of overdispersed antenatal health care count data

Technology and the knowledge quartet

Psychometric characteristics of the Brunel Mood Scale in a Singaporean context

Series Editors’ foreword: researching respectfully and rigorously with young families

Comparative study of spray characteristics of butanol, acetonebutanol-ethanol, butanol-acetone/diesel blends

Competent women, subliminal group hierarchies and executive leadership

Ensuring compliance and diversity in MENA higher education

Confirmation of candidature: an autoethnographic reflection from the dual identities of student and research administrator

Understanding the factors that influence brand-image of a business school brand: a recruiters prospective

Cossack identities: from Russian emigres and anti-soviet collaborators to displaced persons

In search of a model provision for rape in Australia

Occurrence and diversity of entomopathogenic fungi (Beauveria spp. and Metarhizium spp.) in Australian vineyard soils

Firm characteristics and compliance with IAS/IFRS: Evidence from North African companies

Comment on: 'Do biokineticists transgress on physiotherapists’ scope of profession? Evidence-based analysis of two physical rehabilitation disciplines in South Africa'

Correlation between fatty acid profile and anti-inflammatory activity in common Australian sea-food by-products

Global trend of forest ecosystem services valuation – An analysis of publications

Exploring natural variation of photosynthesis in a site-specific manner: evolution, progress, and prospects

Fungal planet description sheets: 951–1041

Oral histories of displaced persons: what for? The story like mine's plenty now

Investigating the provision of professional learning and development for middle level teachers in New Zealand

Bone char as a green sorbent for removing health threatening fluoride from drinking water

Marketing organic food in Australia: a study of factors influencing consumers' purchase intention

Consumer engagement with social media marketing: an empirical investigation in Australia

An examination of the relationship between consumers' cultural values and their functional food perception

Investigating the processes used to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of health education resources for adult Indigenous people: a literature review

Negotiating relationships in transition: war, famine, and embodied accountability in Mozambique

Patience mediates the relationship between mindfulness and pain in patients with cardiovascular diseases

Biochar versus bone char for a sustainable inorganic arsenic mitigation in water: what needs to be done in future research?

It’s part of my life and the modelling process

Mentoring matters: findings from the APS College of Health Psychologists Survey

Thea Astley’s modernism of the 'Deep North', or on (un)kindness

'Weird Melancholy' and the modern television outback: rage, shame and violence in Wake in Fright and Mystery Road

Sponsor pressure to discipline employees who have unexpressed unwelcome views and reform of the business torts in Australia

Efficient and secure multi-dimensional geometric range query over encrypted data in cloud

Risk factors affecting the ability for earned value management to accurately assess the performance of infrastructure projects in Australia

Out-of-grade sawn pine: a state-of-the-art review on challenges and new opportunities in cross laminated timber (CLT)

Review: James Hammerton, Migrants of the British Diaspora since the 1960s: Stories from Modern Nomads, Manchester University Press, 2017

Mining of high average-utility patterns with item-level thresholds

Solar powered nanofiltration for drinking water production from fluoride-containing groundwater: a pilot study towards developing a sustainable and low-cost treatment plant

Agroclimatology in grasslands

Assessing the most sensitive and reliable endpoints in plant growth tests to improve arsenic risk assessment

Assessing the Brazilian prevention value for soil arsenic: effects on emergence and growth of plant species relevant to tropical agroecosystems

The taxonomy, ecology and bioactive properties of South-East Queensland russulaceae

Plate tectonics influence on geogenic arsenic cycling: from primary sources to global groundwater enrichment

Contrasting controls on hydrogeochemistry of arsenic-enriched groundwater in the homologous tectonic settings of Andean and Himalayan basin aquifers, Latin America and South Asia

Emerging technologies for arsenic removal from drinking water in rural and peri-urban areas: methods, experience from, and options for Latin America

Affective and sentimental computing

Arsenic enrichment in sediments and beaches of Brazilian coastal waters: a review

Accurate determination of the 'time-zero' of autogenous shrinkage in alkali-activated fly ash/slag system

Indigeneity: Before and Beyond the Law by Kathleen Birrell]

Criminal procedure in Australia

Strict liability in the law of defamation

The frog's prince; or, Iron Henry [Short story]

All the things I kept [Original long-form poem]

Hydrogeochemical controls on arsenic mobility in an arid inland basin, Southeast of Iran: the role of alkaline conditions and salt water intrusion

Preparation and piezoresistive properties of carbon fiber-reinforced alkali-activated fly ash/slag mortar

Solvothermal synthesis of high-purity porous Cu1.7Se approaching low lattice thermal conductivity

The occurrences and potential mitigation of occupational fraud in the international non-governmental organisation (INGO) sector in Vietnam: an empirical holistic approach

Oligomeric silica-wrapped perovskites enable synchronous defect passivation and grain stabilization for efficient and stable perovskite photovoltaics

Enhancing thermoelectric properties of InTe nanoprecipitates-embedded Sn1-xInxTe microcrystals through anharmonicity and strain engineering

Super large Sn1−xSe single crystals with excellent thermoelectric performance

Exploring the arsenic removal potential of various biosorbents from water

Facile synthesis and characterization of multifunctional cobalt-based nanocomposites for targeted chemo-photothermal synergistic cancer therapy

Anisotropy Control–Induced Unique Anisotropic Thermoelectric Performance in the n-Type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 Thin Films

Effectively restricting MnSi precipitates for simultaneously enhancing the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity in higher manganese silicide

Proposing a secure component-based-application logic and system’s integration testing approach

In-situ observation of the continuous phase transition in determining the high thermoelectric performance of polycrystalline Sn0.98Se

Kinetic condition driven phase and vacancy enhancing thermoelectric performance of low-cost and eco-friendly Cu2-xS

GRDC milestone updates for BACI 2.0

Deep learning - method overview and review of use for fruit detection and yield estimation

Effect of irrigation water pH on saturated hydraulic conductivity and electrokinetic properties of acidic, neutral, and alkaline soils

A pH-based pedotransfer function for scaling saturated hydraulic conductivity reduction: improved estimation of hydraulic dynamics in HYDRUS

Correlates of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in the Thai population: a systematic review

Office workers' experiences of attempts to reduce sitting-time: an exploratory, mixed-methods uncontrolled intervention pilot study

Exercise interveNtion outdoor proJect in the cOmmunitY for older people - the ENJOY Senior Exercise Park project translation research protocol

The development of the Comprehensive Analysis of Policy on Physical Activity (CAPPA) framework

A systematic review of instruments for the analysis of national-level physical activity and sedentary behaviour policies

Standardised criteria for classifying the International Classification of Activities for Time-Use Statistics (ICATUS) activity groups into sleep, sedentary behaviour, and physical activity

Preparing teachers to instruct students with autism in inclusive settings: Australian pre-service teachers’ and recent graduates’ perspectives - an exploratory case study

'Let the work speak for itself': Augustine Dall'Ava, Australian sculptor

Effectiveness of interventions for reducing non-occupational sedentary behaviour in adults and older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Physical activity and mental health in children and adolescents: an updated review of reviews and an analysis of causality

Direct modelling of speech emotion from raw speech

Child abuse and neglect: forensic issues in evidence, impact and management

Opening Eyes onto Inclusion and Diversity

Wellbeing in Educational Contexts

Chapter III of the Constitution and the protection of due process rights

Legal transplants in East Asia and Oceania

Context-specific computer-assisted language learning: research, development and practice

Financial institutions, instruments and markets

Ana Kokkinos: an oeuvre of outsiders

Using the evaporative stress index to monitor flash drought in Australia

A framework for placement assessment of synchrophasor measurement in practical power grid: a case study from Borneo

Randomized controlled trial of symptom management patient education for people with acute coronary syndrome

Most people think playing chess makes you ‘smarter’, but the evidence isn’t clear on that

A distributed secondary control strategy for power sharing and voltage regulation by multiple converters in DC micro-grids

The Australian Nexus: At the Center of the Storm by Randell Doyle

Look at things other than the rice paper umbrellas: Australian news images of Asia, 1979-2009

Managing the news: press gallery investigations of terrorism, 2010-2013©

Beyond the virtual factory: the journalist as digital manager©

Rethinking professional experience through a learning community model: toward a culture change

Reviewing the purpose of professional experience: a case study in initial teacher education reform

Mentors for beginning teachers as middle leaders: the messy work of reconextualising

Governance terminology confusion in management and project management reference documents

A typology of meanings: practitioners views of ‘program'

The effect of talent management processes on knowledge creation: a case of Australian higher education

Reflective practice and work-based research: a description of micro- and macro-reflective cycles

A preliminary mixed methods study of health-related quality-of-life at three regional universities in Cambodia

Developing a constructively aligned learning-by-doing (LBD) model for 21st century education at HCT, UAE

The tenth muse: the art of visual film making

Work, resilience and sustainable futures: the approach of work-based research to problems and their solutions

4D printed shape memory polymer composite structures for deployable small spacecrafts

Mechanical properties and thermomechanical behaviour of poly (ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) based shape memory polymer composites

Performance of rare earth organic complexes based light activated shape memory polymer composites

Elizabeth Bowen: theory, thought and things

Introduction: thinking in/about Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen and the pleasure of the text

Multisource multimedia data understanding: special theme issue of Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol. 78, No. 33221

Physiological and metabolic effects of yellow mangosteen (Garcinia dulcis) rind in rats with food-induced metabolic syndrome

Effect of the Sodium Silicate Modulus and Slag Content on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Alkali-Activated Fly Ash/Slag

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Science, Engineering and Environment (SEE-2019)

Proceedings of the Nineth International Conference on Geotechnique, Construction Materials and Environment (GEOMATE 2019)

Regional development air freight service needs for regional communities

Non-technical skills (NTS) training for UAV operators: situational awareness and workload management

The future for civilian UAV operations

Unmanned aerial vehicles in civilian logistics and supply chain management

Effectiveness of Interventions for Hepatitis B and C: A Systematic Review of Vaccination, Screening, Health Promotion and Linkage to Care Within Higher Income Countries

Online global collaborative educators and pedagogical change

Career development for marginalised youth: study of the practices within a Flexible Learning Program in South West Queensland

Leveraging creativity to engage students in an agile ecology for learning

Student perceptions of mathematics readiness from a university preparatory program to undergraduate studies

Fine Particulate Air Pollution and Ischaemic Heart Disease in Chinese Cities: A narrative review

Moisture saves sorghum from disease in parts of the northern region

Low levels of disease persist during the drier summer season in parts of the northern region

Stem rust outbreak in Queensland barley

Phytophthora species isolated from alpine and sub-alpine regions of Australia, including the description of two new species; Phytophthora cacuminis sp. nov and Phytophthora oreophila sp. nov

HD 202772A b: a transiting hot Jupiter around a bright, mildly evolved star in a visual binary discovered by TESS

TOI-222: a single-transit TESS candidate revealed to be a 34-d eclipsing binary with CORALIE, EulerCam, and NGTS

Natural gas consumption and economic growth nexus: an investigation for France

Epidemiology of melanoma in rural southern Queensland

Reduction of hydraulic conductivity and loss of organic carbon in non-dispersive soils of different clay mineralogy is related to magnesium induced disaggregation

Re-visiting management options for charcoal rot in sorghum (updated)

Wireless battery-free SiC sensors operating in harsh environments using resonant inductive coupling

Self-Powered Broadband (UV-NIR) Photodetector Based on 3C-SiC/Si Heterojunction

Dependence of offset voltage in AlGaN/GaN van der Pauw devices under mechanical strain

A versatile PDMS submicrobead/graphene oxide nanocomposite ink for the direct ink writing of wearable micron-scale tactile sensors

The security to lead: a systematic review of leader and follower attachment styles and leader–member exchange

Amata lelei a'oga amata (A good start to learning): project summary report 27 August 2018 - 31 March 2019

Incorporating the environmental dimension into the balanced scorecard: A case study in health care

Arithmetic Operations of Neutrosophic Sets, Interval Neutrosophic Sets and Rough Neutrosophic Sets

Introduction: Beyond the Plague

Contagion and the Shakespearean stage

'In 2017 we seek to be heard': de-tangling the contradictory discourses that silence Indigenous voices in education

The effects of ankle-foot orthoses on gait deviations associated with untreated developmental dysplasia of the hip during walking: case study

Garcinia Fruits: Their Potential to Combat Metabolic Syndrome

Terrestrial laser scanning for building information modelling: teaching and practice

Part of the party: Eurovision fans in Australia

Secondary preservice teachers exploration of inclusive education

Cells and 3D printed bioscaffolds: inter-disciplinary collaborations to engage and inspire students in biomedical science

Nonlinear Models of Finite Amplitude Interfacial Waves in Shallow Two-Layer Fluid

Constructing and Communicating Evidence in Journal Articles: Some Possible Principles and Practices, and One Example

Interrogating the Value of Learning by Extension in Enhancing Professional Quality: The Case of Australian and Venezuelan Engineers

Experiencing the Journey Together: The Role of Social Support during the Doctorate

My Career Chapter: the Dialogical Self as Author and Editor of a Career Autobiography

The Vocational Psychology of Agriculture: Fiat Panis

Machine vision App for automated cotton insect counting: initial development and first results

In-season yield prediction using VARIwise

Towards a Culturally Inclusive Model of Care: Quality Practice and Care Through the Lens of a Practising Nurse

Marketing organic food in Australia: A qualitative study of factors influencing consumers’ purchase intentions

Redefining Sustainability: Life in Accord with Natural Law Through Maharishi Vedic Science

'What Made the Elephant Rise Up from the Shade?': Relationships in Transition and Negotiating Silence in Mozambique

Social Trauma and Recovery: Emergent Themes

Abuse and Misuse of Psychometrics as a Threat to Vocational Psychology

The Use of Unusual Psychological Theories in Psychobiography: A Case Study and Discussion

Promoting Convergence in ASEAN Competition Laws and Practice

Competition Law and Policy in the Philippines: A Role in Sustained and Inclusive Economic Growth

Integrated disease management tools to manage summer crop diseases in the northern region

Work, employment and industrial relations policy

Work, employment and industrial relations policy

An Argument against the Registration of Religions

The impact of abuse and neglect on children: Understanding challenging behaviour and trauma informed practice

The digital mediation of emotions in late modernity

Becoming and being a nurse: a research informed theory to guide contemporary university and industry approaches to preparing and supporting graduate nurses

Suicide prevention: exploring Aboriginal understandings of suicides from a social and emotional wellbeing framework

Professional experience for international students within the Australian teacher education context

Soft ionic liquid multi-point touch sensor

3C-SiC/Si Heterostructure: An excellent platform for position-sensitive detectors based on photovoltaic effect

The mother-artist model: transforming maternal regionalism through art practice and creative communities

Resilience and wellbeing through photography: how might images influence community capacity building?

Advancing tolerant, secular Commonwealth: anti-discrimination law

Psychological factors that predict interest in qualifications offered by both recognized universities and unrecognized providers

The role of communication in aviation maintenance and its relation to trust

New wind tunnel facility for icing experiments on models of turbofan compressor surfaces

Constructing the self: EFL teacher narratives

Compact non-symmetric and symmetric stencils based on integrated radial basis functions for differential problems

Evaluating extant family paradigms: Pacific perspectives - a critical interpretative synthesis

Rural women as change agents through access to digital technology

Factors affecting the perceived public value of social media in Queensland local government councils

Traversing postdigital art: reimagining humanness between the spaces of paint and pixels

Sustainable energy sector development using systems thinking and system dynamics analysis

I'm not who you think I am: identify formation and the experience of informal learning for regional young people

The assessment of factors contributing to food fraud vulnerability: a Bayesian modelling approach on a food fraud database

An investigation into the associations between reported corporate governance and corporate social responsibility practices, and corporate financial performance in Nepalese listed public companies

Object tracking in augmented reality remote access laboratories without fiducial markers

Development of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals classification techniques

Benefit assessment of battery plus solar for customers and the grid

Low hysteresis perovskite solar cells using an electron-beam evaporated WO3-x thin film as the electron transport layer

Contemporary science curricula in Australian schools

Probabilistic and artificial intelligence modelling of drought and agricultural crop yield in Pakistan

Strengthening preservice teachers’ school based experience while providing in school, face-to-face support to secondary students studying early tertiary programs with USQ

Characterisation of the USQ hypersonic facility freestream

Transtheoretical recommendations for counselling men: scholar and therapist perspectives

Teaching mathematics through a growth mindset

Teaching mathematics through a growth mindset

Teaching mathematics through a growth mindset

Teaching mathematics through a growth mindset

Focus on MATHS

National Basketball Strength and Conditioning Association (NBSCA) Performance Summit 2019 – Chicago in Review

Focus on maths: fostering student understanding of mathematics through a growth mindset

Current issues affecting strength and conditioning coaches: professional standards, coaching structures, mentorships and remuneration guidelines

Indenofluorene-based-copolymers: Influence of electron-deficient benzothiadiazole (BT) and benzooxadiazole (BO) moieties on light emitting devices

Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Vertical Flash Tank Separator Part 1: Effect of Parameters on Separation Efficiency

Foam Rolling as a Recovery Tool Following Eccentric Exercise: Potential Mechanisms Underpinning Changes in Jump Performance

Effect of Reactive Agility Training Drills on Speed and Agility in Indonesian University Students

The new Seachange is a sad case of Zombie TV: when your favourite programs come back from the dead

Oriented graphenes from plasma-reformed coconut oil for supercapacitor electrodes

Sowing the seeds: creating a regional innovation ecosystem in Goondiwindi

Technology and coding

Assessing the impact of regional natural resource management on land management and ground cover in the upper Maranoa River catchment

Professional development and sustained change in teachers’ practice

The self-compassionate child: exploring how self-compassion and mindfulness enhance children’s resilience and psychosocial wellbeing

Nation Branding, Cultural Relations and Cultural Diplomacy at Eurovision: Between Australia and Europe

Bowen's recesses: from realism to inter-objectivity

Wide Area Wireless Networks for IoT Applications

The Case Management Stay in Private International Law



The effects of hydration on cognitive performance during a simulated wildfire suppression shift in temperate and hot conditions

Naphthalene flanked diketopyrrolopyrrole: A new DPP family member and its comparative optoelectronic properties with thiophene- and furan- flanked DPP counterparts

Suppression of crystallization in ZBLAN glass by rapid heating and cooling processing

Cobalt oxide-based nanoarchitectures for electrochemical energy applications

Graphene coating makes copper more resistant to plastic deformation

Semi-empirical estimation of the attenuation loss for amorphous ZBLAN glass

Atomic-scale investigation on the ultra-large bending behaviours of layered sodium titanate nanowires

In situ atomic-scale study on the ultralarge bending behaviors of TiO2-B/Anatase dual-Phase nanowires

Naphthalimide end-capped diphenylacetylene a versatile organic semiconductor for blue light emitting diodes and a donor or an acceptor for solar cells

School-based physical activity intervention for older adolescents: rationale and study protocol for the Burn 2 Learn cluster randomised controlled trial

Accuracy of glucose meter among adults in a semi-urban area in Kathmandu, Nepal

Who decides what should be taught in our schools and why?

Ethylene Detection using Laser Modulated Photoacoustic Resonance at 1625nm

The Benefits of an action reflective assessment using role-plays in teaching mediation

NextGen Recognition: Using neuroscience and technology to engage your people and build your culture

A Methodology for Establishing the Relevance of the RGR Model to Construction

Reviewing and Refining the RGR Model for Quality Management: A Generic Blueprint

Individualised learning approach (The Three Ps) for a small to medium enterprise through work based learning

Food excess and by-product processing ‘ecosystem’ mode

Educating Future Generations of Food Scientists

Value-addition to horticultural produce: How far can, or should, you go?

3D Video Images for Comparing Indian and Iraqi Women’s Foot Width Surface Shape Associated with Stance Phase of Gait

Analysis of Gender Related Foot Morphology in Iraqi Adults Using Videogrammetry During Gait

Preserving sugarcane trash for year-round biogas production: effects of additives on ensiling properties and methane potential

Plantar Pressure Characteristics in Obese Individuals: A Proposed Methodology

Strengths of the Health Action Process Approach: a Structured Review

Sailing for Resilience: a Pilot Evaluation of Nature Therapy Program for Stress and Anxiety

Better Service from Understanding the Social Network Behaviour in the Internet

Telling it like it is: What do we really know about replacing clinical practice with simulation?

Talking the talk and walking the walk: Are patient safety priorities addressed by simulation-based education?

The 1st International Workshop on Context-Aware Recommendation Systems with Big Data Analytics (CARS-BDA)

This One Loves That One: Queerbaiting at the Eurovision Song Contest

Numerical exploration of performance of cable bolts in shear loading

Increasing species richness of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi benefits some plants, but not others

Enabling Students to Learn Hands-On Technical Skills Using Makerspace in a Higher Education Academic Library

Shade auditing in Queensland

Authorial Angst, Collaborative Consciousness and Interrogated Interests as Elements of a Resuscitated Social Exchange Theory: Teaching Traveller Children: Maximising Learning Outcomes from Conceptualisation to Publication

Putting the Principles of Inclusive Education in Their Place: Lessons Learned from the Toowoomba Flexi School

Deconstructing Discourses of 'Good Research' and 'Good Researchers': Particular Paradoxes and their Conditional Conclusions

The impact on supervisors of supervising doctoral students

Recent Progress in Shape Memory Polymers in Biomedical Applications

Preface: Interrogating Place, Conflict and Communication in the Contemporary World

SDP and Social Capital

Machine vision and automation technologies for the Australian cotton industry

The impact of a Student vs Worker identity on work-study conflict and facilitation in university students

Modelling drought impacts on coffee production in Viet Nam: a system dynamics approach

Improving online student feelings of support and sense of belonging by interaction alerts

The development of an online e-course in human research ethics

Cultural Identity and Higher Education

Review of interprofessional practice models for impact on health service inequities

Getting agile about wicked problems: An outcomes framework for local council community development initiatives

CFD Instraction Guide to Simulate Two-Phase Flow Separation in a Vertical T-junction Separator

Identification and Incidence of Mood Profile Clusters Among Sport Participants

Effect of inlet manifold water injection on diesel engine performance and emissions

A Physical Understanding of how Multiple Mapping Conditioning Works

Analysis of client-led innovation enablers in construction projects

Characteristics that define a top international school according to stakeholder perspectives. A Thai case study

Algae provide options for improved treatment of metabolic syndrome

Finding an optimum set of roles in a CPAC model

What’s working in schools today: perspectives and advice from students with a vision impairment, their parents and teachers

Investigation study of the inlet to body diameter ratio of a vertical flash tank separator using computational fluid dynamic (CFD)

Teaching terrestrial laser scanning for spatial data collection and applications: experiential learning as a tool to enhance the development of higher level graduate capabilities

Researcher-Teacher Collaboration for Professional Development: Exploring Practices for Effective Learning

Comparing response, relaxation and measurement characteristics of balloon versus micro pressure transducer catheters

In vivo characteristics of respiratory neuromuscular responses with balloon catheters and skin surface EMG versus a micro transducer catheter integrated with EMG electrodes

A preliminary study for the risk of probabilistic blockchain protocols

Characterising the genotypic diversity of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. Flaccumfaciens, the cause of tan spot on mungbean

Comparison of measurement methods for determining Macrophomina phaseolina isolate aggressiveness

Pathogenicity and aggressiveness of Macrophomina phaseolina isolates to sorghum in Australia’s northern grains region

What can we learn from population genomics studies of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens, the cause of tan spot on mungbean?

Fungicide resistance research in Queensland

Ultraviolet and Visible Photodetection Using 3C-SiC/Si Hetero-Epitaxial Junction

Ultra-Sensitive OPTO-Piezoresistive Sensors Utilising 3C-SiC/Si Heterostructures

Low-Cost Multifunctional Ionic Liquid Pressure and Temperature Sensor

Development of a vibrating-reed MEMS charge sensor on silicon-on-glass technology

Using a Mixed Method Research to Develop Spatial Information Sharing Strategies Across Natural Resource Management Communities

An efficient chain structure to mine high-utility sequential patterns

Anesthesia assessment based on ICA permutation entropy analysis of two-channel EEG signals

Psychological Literacy: What Is It and How Do We Measure It?

Identification of stress impact on personality density distributions

Domains of reinforcement associated with greater alcohol use among gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (GBMSM) within ‘Chemsex’ contexts in Queensland

Substance use at sex on premises venues among GBMSM (gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men)

Protecting privacy in digital era on cloud architecture for banking and financial services industry

Ethics of IT security team for cloud architecture infrastructure in banking and financial services industry

Insider threat and mitigation for cloud architecture infrastructure in banking and financial services industry

System Identification of Linearized Rice Growth Dynamic for Precision Irrigation

Privacy Preserving Computation in Home Loans Using the FRESCO Framework

Small-scale piped water supply: end-user inclusive water research in arsenic affected areas in India and Bangladesh (DELTAP)

Is change on the horizon for female high school students when it comes to ICT?

Images of the teacher self in an era of teacher quality and standardisation

Understanding the role of chronic disease and private health insurance in determining healthcare-seeking behaviour in Australia: an applied microeconomic evaluation

Knowledge of research ethics guidelines in Darling Downs health clinical staff

Feeding the world: Australia, live export and the interplay of influences

Use of Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to assess tolerance of wheat cultivars to root-lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei)

Local housing characteristics associated with early childhood development outcomes in Australian disadvantaged communities

The impact of privatisation on the financial and environmental performance of the Port of Brisbane Proprietary Limited (PBPL): a case study

Supporting the development of advocacy in the parent/carers of Queensland children with disability

Investigating autistic traits, sensory experiences and personality: a mixed methods approach

Effects of teaching pedagogies on the attitudes, motivation, orientation and self-identity of Japanese students of English as a foreign language

Exploring the use of metacognitive strategies in the technology-enhanced classroom: the beginner language learner experience

Predictive modelling of global solar radiation with artificial intelligence approaches using MODIS satellites and atmospheric reanalysis data for Australia

Re-forming faith: idolatry and the Victorian novel

Examining the extent to which Australian universities are delivering sustainability accounting education: the perspectives of academic staff

Body mass index and its effect on plantar pressure in overweight and obese adults

Management of risk in delivering complex research and development projects

Poetry, prose, literature and insights

In-tyre strain sensing of small non-pressurised tyres for mobile robotic applications

Optical and thermal optimisation of parabolic trough solar collectors for heating applications via a novel receiver tube

Forecasting seasonal rainfall with copula modelling approach for agricultural stations in Papua New Guinea

Range of winter cereal reactions to root and crown rot pathogens

Site-specific photosynthesis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Development of rigorous methods in fluid mechanics and theory of water waves

Remote sensing of peanut cropping areas and modelling of their future geographic distribution and disease risks

Evaluation of assessment of infrastructure construction project performance in Australia using a modified concept of earned value management

The role of inositol in yeast adaptation

Technique development for investigation of axisymmetric graphite sample oxidation in hypersonic flow

Fabrication and characterization of multi-layered nanofibre structures for potential applications in agriculture

Understanding the impacts of pour rate on sugar losses from the chopper harvester

The impact of controlled traffic farming on energy use and timeliness of field operations

Simulation of auto-pulses in channel flows between active elastic walls

The use of BA mixture in diesel engines: blend preparation, spray visualisation and engine performance

Strategies for enhancing supplier relationships

Rheology and dynamics of elastic waves in fluid-saturated porous media with gas bubbles

Performance enhancement of solar still desalination systems using revolving tubes: CFD simulation and experimental investigation

Exploring strategies and challenges in dealing with involuntary clients. A study in the context of United Arab Emirates

Impact of environmental changes on economic performance of broadacre farms in Australian wheat belt regions

Behaviour of filled pultruded glass fibre reinforced polymer tubes under axial loading

Strengthening leadership for school improvement: understanding the impact of context, culture and collaboration in selected schools of the Sydney Catholic Schools Eastern Region

Robotics and automation for improving agriculture

Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis in a tertiary care center, Kathmandu, Nepal

Developing whole-number place-value concepts, 1st Australian ed.

Planning in the problem-based classroom, 1st Australian ed.

Communicating 'Success' with Research Students: Institutional Responsibilities in Encouraging a Culture of Research Higher Degree Completions

Rheology and decay rate for Frenkel-Biot P1 waves in porous media with gas bubbles

Perceived Wellness Associated With Practice and Competition in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Players

Large scale MTConnect data collection

Reflect, Review, Note, Act and Test: E-Portfolio for Engineering Students

Empathy Measurement in Autism

Shredding the Evidence: Whose Collective Impact are We Talking About?

Reflections / Kyle Jenkins

Things Don't Fall From the Sky

Eat, Sleep, Publish, Repeat: Writing Creatively, Academically, and Everything in Between

Art as Advocacy: Writing for Social Justice

REFLEX Projects 2019-2020


The WiRE Start-up, Scale-up and Going Global Project: final report

Software Defined Networking Managed Hybrid IoT as a Service

Supporting vocational and career development learning in ACE: implications for VET teachers and VET teacher education

Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction

Serum levels of androgens in acne & their role in acne severity

Paramedic delivery of community-based palliative care: An overlooked resource?

Paramedic students working in snow resort medical clinics: a non-traditional interprofessional clinical placement model

CFD Instraction Guide to Simulate Two-Phase Flow Separation in A Vertical T-Junction Separator

Engineering Interfaces toward High-Performance Polypropylene/Coir Fiber Biocomposites with Enhanced Friction and Wear Behavior

Experimental investigation of shrinkage and microstructural properties of date fruits at three solar drying methods

Effect of solar drying methods on color kinetics and texture of dates

A novel strategy for enhancing the flame resistance, dynamic mechanical and the thermal degradation properties of epoxy nanocomposites

Toward Fully Bio-based and Supertough PLA Blends via in Situ Formation of Cross-Linked Biopolyamide Continuity Network

Highly transparent, healable, and durable anti-fogging coating by combining hydrophilic pectin and tannic acid with the poly(ethylene terephthalate)

Realizing simultaneous improvements in mechanical strength, flame retardancy and smoke suppression of ABS nanocomposites from multifunctional graphene

Mechanically robust and abrasion-resistant polymer nanocomposites for potential applications as advanced clearance joints

Enhanced mechanical property and flame resistance of graphene oxide nanocomposite paper modified with functionalized silica nanoparticles

Strengthening, toughing and thermally stable ultra-thin MXene nanosheets/polypropylene nanocomposites via nanoconfinement

Surface-coating engineering for flame retardant flexible polyurethane foams: A critical review

Lightweight, Superelastic Yet Thermoconductive Boron Nitride Nanocomposite Aerogel for Thermal Energy Regulation

A facile method to improve thermal stability and flame retardancy of polyamide 6

Synthesis of decorated graphene with P, N-containing compounds and its flame retardancy and smoke suppression effects on polylactic acid

Probing Chemical Changes in Holocellulose and Lignin of Timbers in Ancient Buildings

Green and Scalable Fabrication of Core–Shell Biobased Flame Retardants for Reducing Flammability of Polylactic Acid

Electrochemically Stable Cobalt-Zinc Mixed Oxide/hydroxide Hierarchical Porous Film Electrode for High-performance Asymmetric Supercapacitor

Improved flame resistance and thermo-mechanical properties of epoxy resin nanocomposites from functionalized graphene oxide via self-assembly in water

Is the European red fox a vector of the invasive basket asparagus (Asparagus aethiopicus) in eastern Australia?

Organisational behaviour: core concepts and applications, Australia

Paramedic disaster health management competencies: a scoping review

Monitoring Structural Performances of Concrete Beams Using Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensors

Exploring cross-cultural perspectives of teacher leadership among the members of an international teacher leadership research team: a phenomenographic study

Experimental and numerical investigation of two-phase flow orientation direction change on a vertical flash tank separator

Out of the silo: A qualitative study of paramedic transition to a specialist role in community paramedicine

Child-friendly third places

Decline in body condition and high drought mortality limit the spread of wild chital deer in north-east Queensland, Australia

Experimental investigation of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) of coconut oil based Metal Working Fluid

Reinvigorating Reading

Being a Unicorn: Finishing Your PhD Early

Progress in the pathobiology and genetic epidemiology of Campylobacter hepaticus, the aetiological agent of Spotty Liver Disease

Cambridge Checkpoints QCE Study Guide Modern History Units 1–4

Effects of wet season mineral nutrition on chital deer distribution in northern Queensland

Overcommitted to tourism and under committed to sustainability: the urgency of teaching 'strong sustainability' in tourism courses

Pursuing epistemological plurality in South Africa's Eco-Schools: Discursive rules for knowledge legitimation

Social media and teacher professionalism: getting in on the act

Learning to embed sustainability in teacher education

Second school teachers' self-efficacy for career development teaching and learning

ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences [Special issue]

The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences

Physical and mechanical properties of bamboo fibre/polyester composites subjected to moisture and hygrothermal conditions

Need for a common typology of climate services

SEECing a Solution: A recipe for the selection and evaluation of electronic content

Halal market emergence and export opportunity: the comparative advantage perspective

Ice crystal icing wind tunnel at USQ: initial characterisation

Improving care of COPD diagnosis, rehab access, and care planning. Final evaluation report for Queensland Health (QH), Clinical Excellence Division

Older persons enablement and rehabilitation for complex health conditions (OPEN ARCH). Final evaluation report for Queensland Health (QH), Clinical Excellence Division

Why civil engineers need education of GIS and remote sensing in developing countries?

Interpersonal conflict, school connectedness and depressive symptoms in Chinese adolescents: Moderation effect of gender and grade level

The university as ideological state apparatus: educating to defend the corporate status quo?

Students as Designers of Virtual World Learning Environments

Transparent crystalline cubic SiC-on-glass electrodes enable simultaneous electrochemistry and optical microscopy

A data driven approach for diagnosis and management of yield variability attributed to soil constraints

Stunting and academic achievement among Vietnamese children: new evidence from the young lives survey

Behaviour of CFRP strengthened CHS members under monotonic and cyclic loading

Model of care for people in Darling Downs Hospital & Health Service (DDHHS) regions with diabetes. Final evaluation report for Queensland Health (QH), Clinical Excellence Division

Improving care of patients with back and neck pain through innovative pathways. Final evaluation report for Queensland Health (QH), Clinical Excellence Division

Educator perceptions of early learning environments as places and spaces for privileging social justice in rural areas

Seismic strengthening of rigid steel frame with CFRP

Organizational readiness for digital innovation: development and empirical calibration of a construct

How likely is your family to visit you?: the effect of digital connectedness on intention to travel to Australia

Does it get better over time? A longitudinal assessment of enterprise system user performance

Contingency release during project execution: the contractor’s decision-making dilemma

Enhancement of Seismic Performance of Steel Frame through CFRP Strengthening

Towards Zero Emissions Noosa

Supersonic condensing steam jet measurements using TDLAS

Physical activity associates with disease characteristics of severe asthma, bronchiectasis and COPD

Setting and smashing extreme temperature records over the coming century

The role of the South Pacific in modulating Tropical Pacific variability

Sarc-F and muscle function in community dwelling adults with aged care service needs: baseline and post-training relationship

Do we put all eggs in one basket? A polynomial regression study of digital technology configuration strategies

Facilitating open access to information: a community approach to open education and open textbooks

Deviating with diversity, innovating with inclusion: a call for radical activism in libraries

A preliminary study of the impact of lateral head orientations on the current distributions during tDCS

Effects of replacing sitting time with physical activity on lung function: an analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

A comparative study of supervised machine learning techniques for diagnosing mode of delivery in medical sciences

Equine production systems and the changing role of horses in society

From punctuation to equilibrium: A longitudinal assessment of enterprise systems user performance

Dynamics and predictability of El Nino-Southern Oscillation: an Australian perspective on progress and challenges

Behaviour management: self-regulated learning and wellbeing

Agri-informatics: a multi-disciplinary literature synthesis

Attaining business alignment in information technology innovations led by line-of-business managers

Stakeholder participation revisited: an extended typology in post-natural disaster reconstruction projects

Beyond Average: Contemporary statistical techniques for analysing student evaluations of teaching

Identification of Microchip Implantation Events for Dogs and Cats in the VetCompass Australia Database

From monologic to dialogic: accountability of nonprofit organisations on beneficiaries' terms

Towards operational predictions of the near-term climate

Injury prevention training in football: let’s bring it to the real world

Which parameters to use for sleep quality monitoring in team sport athletes? A systematic review and metaanalysis

Repeated high-intensity effort activity in international male Rugby Sevens

The influence of contextual factors on running performance in female Australian football match-play

Carbon fibre reinforced shape memory polymer composites for deployable space habitats

Automatic detection of one-on-one tackles and ruck events using microtechnology in rugby union

To Couple or not to Couple? For Acute:Chronic Workload Ratios and Injury Risk, Does it Really Matter?

The most demanding passages of play in football competition: a comparison between halves

Methods for microbial needleless connector decontamination: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Age-associated telomere shortening in Thoroughbred horses

The association between sperm telomere length, cardiorespiratory fitness and exercise training in humans

Dark Rituals, Magical Relics from the Little Art Spell Book (Original artwork in group exhibition)

Sum-rate optimal communication under different power constraints

An effective power dispatch strategy for clustered micro-grids while implementing optimal energy management and power sharing control using power line communication

Learning relational fractals for deep knowledge graph embedding in online social networks

Mining multispectral aerial images for automatic detection of strategic bridge locations for disaster relief missions

Twitter analysis for depression on social networks based on sentiment and stress

MeKG: building a medical knowledge graph by data mining from MEDLINE

Effectiveness of flipped classroom model in distance learning

Sustainable open vehicle routing with release-time and time-window: a two-echelon distribution system

Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy in a Supersonic Steam Jet

A Case Study of Predicting Banking Customers Behaviour by Using Data Mining

Factors influencing the adoption of electronic health records in the Australian environment

Towards effective knowledge application capability in ITSM through socialisation, externalisation, internalisation and combination

An investigation into usability of big data analytics in the management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Business model experimentation through technology and management innovation using cloud computing

Understanding factors influencing adoption of mobile devices in telehealth: a quantitative study

Conceptual framework for telehealth adoption in Indian healthcare

Pressure beneath the foot for older adults using an improved approach

Angular rate sensing by circulatory vortex flow: design, simulation and experiment

Liquid pumping and mixing by PZT synthetic jet

Microwave technique for liquid water detection in icing applications

A new wind tunnel facility for ice crystal icing experiments

Advanced techniques to study foot pressure of healthy young adults

Performance improvement of decision trees for diagnosis of coronary artery disease using multi filtering approach

An e-tourism adoption model & its implications for tourism industry in Nepal

Study on point-to-ring corona based gyroscope

Response to the Letter to the Editor regarding “Methods for microbial needleless connector decontamination: A systematic review and meta-analysis”

Reading the Siloam inscription as narrative

From monologic to dialogic: accountability of nonprofit organisations on beneficiaries’ terms

Deep long asymmetric occultation in EPIC 204376071

Successful Treatment of Transient Central Diabetes Insipidus following Traumatic Brain Injury in a Dog

Pseudohypoadrenocorticism in a Siberian Husky with Trichuris vulpis Infection

Challenging students in teaching sustainable engineering - initiatives in the technology, sustainability and society course at USQ

Interventions reducing sedentary behaviour of adults: An update of evidence

ST-Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction in Australia—Temporal Trends in Patient Management and Outcomes 1999–2016

Complex Rotational Modulation of Rapidly Rotating M Stars Observed with TESS

KELT-22Ab: A Massive, Short-Period Hot Jupiter Transiting a Near-solar Twin

Two New HATNet Hot Jupiters around A Stars and the First Glimpse at the Occurrence Rate of Hot Jupiters from TESS

HATS-70b: A 13 MJ Brown Dwarf Transiting an A Star

An Eccentric Massive Jupiter Orbiting a Subgiant on a 9.5-day Period Discovered in the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Full Frame Images

KELT-24b: A 5MJ Planet on a 5.6 day Well-aligned Orbit around the Young V = 8.3 F-star HD 93148

TOI-216b and TOI-216 c: Two Warm, Large Exoplanets in or Slightly Wide of the 2:1 Orbital Resonance

Assessment of Biologically Effective Solar Ultraviolet Exposures for Court Staff and Competitors During a Major Australian Tennis Tournament

Students’ difficulties during research methods training acting as potential barriers to their development of scientific thinking

Actively facilitated permeable reactive barrier for remediation of TCE from a low permeability aquifer: Field application

Effectiveness of gravity based particle separation and soil washing for reduction of Pb in a clay loam shooting range soil

Application of infrared spectrum for rapid classification of dominant petroleum hydrocarbon fractions for contaminated site assessment

Sc and Ta-doped SrCoO3-δ perovskite as a high-performance cathode for solid oxide fuel cells

Pultruded GFRP square hollow columns with bolted sleeve joints under eccentric compression

Geopolymer, green alkali activated cementitious material: Synthesis, applications and challenges

Applying Augmented Reality to New or Existing Remote Access Laboratories

Towards Integrating Human Values into Software: Mapping Principles and Rights of GDPR to Values

Teaching Internet of Things in a collaborative laboratory environment

A crucial graduate attribute? Embedding feedback literacy into curricula across higher education

‘What’s the point?’ Do annotations on students’ work promote self-regulation?

Redefining scientific thinking for higher education: higher-order thinking, evidence-based reasoning and research skills

Theorising early career teacher experiences in teaching students with diverse learning needs in general education classes

Vision - A space for digital learning and exploring pedagogies: Virtual world education

Effectiveness of the Super Skills for Life (SSL) programme in enhancing children’s emotional wellbeing, emotional regulation and cognitive control: a randomized controlled trial study in Mauritius

From Page to Meme: The Print and Digital Revolutions against Gender Violence

Gender Violence in Australia: Historical Perspectives

The Woman as Slave in Nineteenth-Century American Social Movements

A Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Transiting the Late-type M Dwarf LP 791-18

TESS Delivers Its First Earth-sized Planet and a Warm Sub-Neptune

TESS Full Orbital Phase Curve of the WASP-18b System

TESS Discovery of an Ultra-short-period Planet around the Nearby M Dwarf LHS 3844

Identifying Exoplanets with Deep Learning. III. Automated Triage and Vetting of TESS Candidates

From impediment to innovation: Introducing a residential school within the Human Services Discipline

The Pursuit of Service Excellence: how business intelligence can drive service improvement

Predicting intention to recycle on the basis of the theory of planned behaviour

Promoting student commitment to BIM in construction education

It is not collusion unless you get caught: the case of ‘Operation Car Wash’ and unearthing of a Cartel

Turnover Causation Amongst High School Teachers in Nigeria

AI systems as supplemental agents, rather than primary agents

Innovating the Craft of Phenomenological Research Methods Through Mindfulness

That’s Driving Me Up the Wall! Academics’ Pet Peeves

Times Higher Education’s Academic Holiday Guide

How to Avoid Being Sucked into the Black Hole of Administration

Wandering with Wi-Fi: The Wandering Trend in Women’s Travel Blogs

Writing and researching (in) the regions

No safety in numbers: The Geography of Friendship by Sally Piper

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda: Australian picture books (1999 - 2016) and the First World War

The role of microbiota and inflammation in self-judgement and empathy: implications for understanding the brain-gut-microbiome axis in depression

Spiking Neural Network Modelling Approach Reveals How Mindfulness Training Rewires the Brain

Methamphetamine use and cognitive function: A systematic review of neuroimaging research

Ad hoc and post hoc analysis of contractors’ safety risks during procurement in Nigeria

Creating connections and building belonging: Using scholarship to create more than 'just another online library class'

Nanoscale pores plus precipitates rendering high-performance thermoelectric SnTe1-xSex with refined band structures

Enhanced hydrogen generation behaviors and hydrolysis thermodynamics of as-cast Mg-Ni-Ce magnesium-rich alloys in simulate seawater

Looking for, Learning from and Finally Becoming the Voice of Experience: A Communities of Practice Perspective on the Doctoral Journey

Deep Learning of EEG Data in the NeuCube Brain-Inspired Spiking Neural Network Architecture for a Better Understanding of Depression

Reading and Contesting Germaine Greer and Dennis Altman: The 1970s and Beyond

Focused Laser Differential Interferometry for Hypersonic Flow Diagnostics

Skilled immigrants: a resettlement information literacy framework

Socioeconomic correlates of overweight and obesity among ever-married urban women in Bangladesh

Fuzzy and neutrosophic modeling for link prediction in social networks

Expression regulation of myo-inositol 3-phosphate synthase 1 (INO1) in determination of phytic acid accumulation in rice grain

Performance Assessment of a Solar Dryer System Using Small Parabolic Dish and Alumina/Oil Nanofluid: Simulation and Experimental Study

Everyday life information experiences in Twitter: a grounded theory

Double burden of malnutrition among ever-married women in Bangladesh: a pooled analysis

Blood-brain barrier disturbances in diabetes-associated dementia: Therapeutic potential for cannabinoids

‘I’ll just Google that!’ Online searches and the post-separation family law information experience

Dynamic interval valued neutrosophic set: Modeling decision making in dynamic environments

Experiment design of the International CLIVAR C20C+ Detection and Attribution project

Separable and recyclable meso-carbon@TiO2/carbon fiber composites for visible-light photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis

Optimization of an Ultrasonic-Assisted Biodiesel Production Process from One Genotype of Rapeseed (TERI (OE) R-983) as a Novel Feedstock Using Response Surface Methodology

Performance Investigation of Solar ORC Using Different Nanofluids

Design norms for soil and water conservation structures in the sugar industry of South Africa

Spiritual Synchronicity and Place: I. A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Exploring the effectiveness of a first-year transition initiative, The Zone, through a Community of Inquiry framework

The Development and Implementation of Innovative Online Resources and Practices to enhance transition to Higher Education. 'The Zone'

Realizing Bi-doped α-Cu2Se as a promising near-room- temperature thermoelectric material

Anecdotes, Experience, and ‘Learning By Osmosis’: The Role of Professional Cultures in Preparing Teachers for Parent-School Engagement

Characterization of biodiesel production (ultrasonic-assisted) from evening-primroses (Oenothera lamarckiana) as novel feedstock and its effect on CI engine parameters

An intuitionistic fuzzy clustering algorithm based on a new correlation coefficient with application in medical diagnosis

Work after prostate cancer: a systematic review

Linguistic Approaches to Interval Complex Neutrosophic Sets in Decision Making

Changes in small native animal populations following control of European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) by warren ripping in the Australian arid zone

The Impacts of Water Pricing and Non-Pricing Policies on Sustainable Water Resources Management: A Case of Ghorveh Plain at Kurdistan Province, Iran

The Zone: A Guide to Developing Supports for First Year Student Success

Pondering Hierarchy of Oppressions in Australia: The Case of Refugees and Their Mode of Arrival

The Role of Eclipses and European Observers in the Development of ‘Modern Astronomy’ in Thailand

The Emergence of Radio Astronomy in Asia: Opening a New Window on the Universe

Barriers, enablers, and motivations for staff adoption of learning analytics: Insights for professional learning opportunities from an Australian university

Testing of Ultra Fast Response, Durable Co-axial Thermocouples for High Enthalpy Impulse Facilities

Quackademia: A Personal Reflection on the Prevalence of Insecure Employment in Australian Universities

The vocal jazz improvisation act: a phenomenology

Facilitating singing groups for people with Parkinson's disease

International perspectives on contemporary commercial music voice pedagogy

Australian war memorials: a nation reimagined



Cotton and climate change

I 'Believe in Willie Hughes': The Portrait of Mr W.H.

Inferring the size scales of planetary systems using resolved debris discs

Spacecraft Radio Frequency Fluctuations in the Solar Corona: A MESSENGER–HELIOS Composite Study

Correction: Howe et al. Effects of Long Chain Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Brain Function in Mildly Hypertensive Older Adults

Informal Language Learning Through Mobile Instant Messaging Among University Students in Korea

Gaia-derived luminosities of Kepler A/F stars and the pulsator fraction across the δ Scuti instability strip

A Dance with Dragons: TESS Reveals α Draconis is a Detached Eclipsing Binary

Development of a cancer pain self-management resource to address patient, provider, and health system barriers to care

Culturally and linguistically diverse palliative care patients’ journeys at the end-of-life

The period–luminosity relation for δ Scuti stars using Gaia DR2 parallaxes

The Kepler Smear Campaign: Light Curves for 102 Very Bright Stars

Period spacings of γ Doradus pulsators in the Kepler field: Rossby and gravity modes in 82 stars

Six new rapidly oscillating Ap stars in the Kepler long-cadence data using super-Nyquist asteroseismology

KIC 4142768: An Evolved Gamma Doradus/Delta Scuti Hybrid Pulsating Eclipsing Binary with Tidally Excited Oscillations

Spectroscopic confirmation of the binary nature of the hybrid pulsator KIC 5709664 found with the frequency modulation method

The period–luminosity relation of red supergiants with Gaia DR2

TESS first look at evolved compact pulsators: Discovery and asteroseismic probing of the g-mode hot B subdwarf pulsator EC 21494−7018

The first view of δ Scuti and γ Doradus stars with the TESS mission



A hot-film air flow sensor for elevated temperatures

Probabilistic analysis of the DoB in axially-loaded tubular KT-joints of offshore structures

A Probability Distribution Model for the Degree of Bending In Tubular KT-Joints of Offshore Jacket-Type Platforms Subjected To IPB Moment Loadings

Structural behavior of right-angle two-planar tubular TT-joints subjected to axial loadings at fire-induced elevated temperatures

Static behavior of offshore two-planar tubular KT-joints under axial loading at fire-induced elevated temperatures

Effects of geometrical parameters on the degree of bending (DoB) in two-planar tubular DT-joints of offshore jacket structures subjected to axial and bending loads

Development of a probability distribution model for the LJF factors in offshore two-planar tubular DK-joints subjected to OPB moment loading

Can bacterial plant pathogens be written off from grain discolourations observed on rice in northern Queensland?

abstraction WE THINKS

Dark Sky

The unexplored link between communication and trust in aviation maintenance practice

Temporal changes in precipitation and temperature and their implications on the streamflow of Rosi River, Central Nepal

Big Circle

Correction: Ali, M., et al. Study on the Development of Neutrosophic Triplet Ring and Neutrosophic Triplet Field. Mathematics 2018, 6, 46

Water as key to the sustainable development goals of South Sudan – A water quality assessment of Eastern Equatoria State

Periodic Modification of the Boerdijk–Coxeter Helix (tetrahelix)

Creating community indicators for early childhood development: challenges and innovations from the kids in communities study

Urbanization-globalization-CO2 emissions nexus revisited: empirical evidence from South Africa

A super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting the nearby and quiet M dwarf TOI-270

Domino effect of climate change over two millennia in ancient China’s Hexi Corridor

Dynamics of internal envelope solitons in a rotating fluid of a variable depth

The influence of tourism experience and well-being on place attachment

The role of positive psychology in tourists’ behavioural intentions

Reliability estimation using an integrated support vector regression – variable neighborhood search model

A skill profile of the national women’s Australian football league (AFLW)

Socrates’ Heir: Having Student-Led Conversations with the Harkness Method - All She Can Be

All-Organic Multilayer Coatings for Advanced Poly(lactic acid) Films with High Oxygen Barrier and Excellent Antifogging Properties

Re-imagining education for democracy in these politically troubled times [Blog post]

NAPLAN results show Year 3 students perform better than Year 9 in writing, and it's a worrying trend

Managing service encounters with emotional intelligence

The influence of product and personal attributes on organic food marketing

The influence of identity-driven customer engagement on purchase intention

Performance driven outcomes — The case of frontline employees in the hospitality sector

Revisiting the job performance – burnout relationship

The effects of brand identity on brand performance in the service sector

Innovation and profit motivations for social entrepreneurship: A fuzzy-set analysis

Emotional intelligence and tourist experience: a perspective article

The role of airport service quality in airport and destination choice

The influence of brand experience and service quality on customer engagement

Emotional intelligence and marketing

Intrinsic and extrinsic motives in engaging in the sharing economy in tourism

Researching diversity

Collaboration and Co-creation in Regional and Remote Education: Case Studies from Initial Teacher Education Programs

Flavonoid genistein protects bone marrow sinusoidal blood vessels from damage by methotrexate therapy in rats

Repetitive hypoglycemia reduces activation of glucose-responsive neurons in C1 and C3 medullary brain regions to subsequent hypoglycemia

Media participation by people with disability and the relevance of Australian community broadcasting in the digital era

Maternal Healthcare Experiences of and Challenges for Women with Physical Disabilities in Low and Middle‑Income Countries: A Review of Qualitative Evidence

Older transgender women in Thailand: views of service providers

Barriers to disability-inclusive disaster management in the Solomon Islands: Perspectives of people with disability

Student Constructions of Resilience: Understanding the Role of Childhood Adversity

Articulation of a Best Practice Model of Guardianship Advocacy Services: For Older People and People with Cognitive Disability at Risk of Abuse or Neglect

Frames and Intersections of Studies of Place, Confict and Communication

Public Health Perspectives on Motivation and Behavior Change in Physical Activity

Drought Outlook Products Review

Reevaluating Biography

Eyeing the Abject: Real Science and Fictional Frankensteinian Bodies

Socrates’ Heir: Having Student-Led Conversations with the Harkness Method

Research into the diversification of university careers in learning and teaching and intentionally closing-the-loop on graduate employability

Maximising student success through the development of self-regulation

Getting the Attention of Drivers Back on Passive Railway Level Crossings: Evaluation of Advanced Flashing Lights

Protocol update and statistical analysis plan for CADENCE-BZ: a randomized clinical trial to assess the efficacy of sodium benzoate as an adjunctive treatment in early psychosis

Stepping out of the ivory tower into the community: innovation in teaching and learning social work

Pedestrian Distraction at Railway Level Crossings: can Illuminated In-ground LEDs attract their Attention Back?

Spatio-Temporal Characterization of Synchrophasor Data Against Spoofing Attacks in Smart Grids

Sea Level Variation around Australia and Its Relation to Climate Indices

Spatio-Temporal Synchrophasor Data Characterization for Mitigating False Data Injection in Smart Grids

Modelling and Real-time Optimisation of Air Quality Predictions for Australia through Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Statistical Characterization of Solar Irradiance Variability and Its Effect on Step Voltage Regulators

Hypothesis of Interfacial Charge Transportation in Oil-Paper Insulation for Transformer Moisture Estimation

Write Propaganda, Shut Up or Fight: Philip Gibbs and the Western Front

Community Knowledge of Law on End-of-life Decision-making: An Australian Telephone Survey

Winter's tale

Bearing Witness: Absence Exhibition

A Shape of Infinity [Exhibition]

Young drivers who continue to drive while sleepy: What are the associated sleep‐ and driving‐related factors?

Dependency-aware release planning for software projects using fuzzy graphs and integer programming

A fuzzy framework for prioritization and partial selection of security requirements in software projects

The PDS 110 observing campaign –photometric and spectroscopic observations reveal eclipses are aperiodic

THOR 42: A touchstone ∼24 Myr-old eclipsing binary spanning the fully convective boundary

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