Reinterpreting the definition of sustainable development for a more ecocentric reorientation

Optimal choice of test signals for linear channel estimation using second order statistics

Conditional error rate and combining schemes for hybrid automatic repeat request with M-pulse amplitude modulation

Simulation study of pO2 distribution in induced tumour masses and normal tissues within a microcirculation environment

Distance and devices: potential barriers to use of wireless handheld devices

What roles do contemporaneous and cumulative incomes play in the income-child health gradient for young children? Evidence from an Australian panel

Self- versus parent-ratings of industriousness, affect, and life satisfaction in relation to academic outcomes

Interfuel substitution in Australia: a way forward to achieve environmental sustainability

Perceived community-based flood adaptation strategies under climate change in Nepal

Exploring the relationships between teaching, approaches to learning and critical thinking in a problem-based learning foundation nursing course

Adoption of soil health improvement strategies by Australian farmers: II. impediments and incentives

Sustainability reporting and assurance: a historical analysis on a world-wide phenomenon

Anti-corruption capabilities of public e-procurement technologies: principal-agent theory

Environmental orientations and environmental behaviour: perceptions of protected area tourism stakeholders

Air transport policy and its impacts on passenger traffic and tourist flows

The effect of structural capital for human capital development and management in social enterprises

Applying bi-directional evolutionary structural optimisation method for tunnel reinforcement design considering nonlinear material behaviour

A compact 9 point stencil based on integrated RBFs for the convection-diffusion equation

The management of project management: a conceptual framework for project governance

Nursing and the nursing workplace in Queensland, 2001-2010: what the nurses think

Information technology and its changing roles to economic growth and productivity in Australia

Payments to landholders for managing water, land and ecosystems (WLE) in coastal agricultural catchments for protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Alternative methods of microorganism disruption for agricultural applications

Microwave sintering and characterization of polypropylene/multi-walled carbon nanotube/hydroxyapatite composites

Adapted lean thinking for healthcare services: an empirical study in the traditional Chinese hospital

Lean thinking in dementia care through smart assistive technology: an evaluation

Modelling interactions between farm-level structural adjustment and a regional economy: a case of the Australian rice industry

Assessment of electric field distribution in anisotropic cortical and subcortical regions under the influence of tDCS

Opening up a can of worms: how do decision-makers decide when witnesses are telling the truth?

A case study for biogas generation from covered anaerobic ponds treating abattoir wastewater: investigation of pond performance and potential biogas production

A preliminary study of neuro-linguistic programming in non-profit organizations: facilitating knowledge and learning capabilities for innovation

Effect of graphene nanosheets on morphology, thermal stability and flame retardancy of epoxy resin

Changes in athletic identity and life satisfaction of elite athletes as a function of retirement status

The role of rainwater-borne hydrogen peroxide in the release of arsenic from arsenopyrite

Six attributes of social resilience

Dinawan Dreaming: seeing the darkness or the stars

Seeming, being and becoming: lifelong learning and teacher transformation

The challenge to write: the warp, the weft and the space between

Constraints, creativity and challenges: educators and students writing together

Uisge Beatha: the ebb and flow of four tides

Finding my voice

Writers' journeys: ways of being, knowing and doing

Effectiveness of home-based pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Adverse events of auricular therapy: A systematic review

Current evidence on auricular therapy for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in cancer patients: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Analysis of nitrate reductase mRNA expression and nitrate reductase activity in response to nitrogen supply

Optimisation of resin extraction from an Australian arid grass ‘Triodia pungens’ and its preliminary evaluation as an anti-termite timber coating

Future projections of Australian heat wave number and intensity based on CMIP5 models

Suitability of the Multi-Purpose Service Model for Rural and Remote Communities of Australia

Managing a train crash in rural Australia from a mental health perspective

The right staffing mix for inpatient care in rural multi-purpose service health facilities

Periodontal tissue graft

Greenspace and Place Attachment: Do Greener Suburbs Lead to Greater Residential Place Attachment?

Enhancing the Responsibility of Transnational Corporations: The Case for Decoupling the Environmental Issues

Why China Should Regulate Its Overseas Investors’ Environmental Behavior

Reality at the COAL FACE

A Delay Sensitive LTE Uplink Packet Scheduler for M2M Traffic

A QoS Guaranteed Energy Optimized Packet Transmission Technique for the IEEE802.11 WLAN

Performance analysis of an enhanced delay sensitive LTE uplink scheduler for M2M traffic

A Packet Age Based LTE Uplink Packet Scheduler for M2M Traffic

A QoS Guaranteed Low Energy Packet Transmission Technique for the IEEE 802.11 WLAN

An adaptive RRM scheme for smart grid M2M applications over a WiMAX network

Performance analysis of a distributed 6LoWPAN network for the Smart Grid applications

An Adaptive Buffer Based Semi persistent Scheduling Scheme for Machine to Machine Communications over LTE

Performance analysis of a tunable cost function based WLAN energy efficient packet transmission technique

Stability of chitosan/montmorillonite nanohybrid towards enzymatic degradation on grafting with poly(lactic acid)

Can clay nanoparticles accelerate environmental biodegradation of polyolefins?

Water-Responsive Mechanically Adaptive Nanocomposites Based on Styrene–Butadiene Rubber and Cellulose Nanocrystals—Processing Matters

Nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide electrodes for electrochemical supercapacitors

Electrochemical supercapacitors from conducting polyaniline-graphene platforms

All the World Wide Web’s a Stage: Teenage Girls’ Self-Presentation and Identities Formation Through Status Updates

Atmospheric and oceanic conditions associated with Southern Australian heat waves: A CMIP5 analysis

More frequent, longer, and hotter heat waves for Australia in the Twenty-First Century

What is driving the fast warming rate of the Southern Hemisphere midlatitude ocean?

Did climate change-induced rainfall trends contribute to the Australian Millennium drought?

A new mathematical model to determine loss in interconnected industry systems

Exercise: putting action into our epigenome

Leukocyte telomere length variation due to DNA extraction method

Agroforestry: integrating apple and arable production as an approach to reducing copper use in organic and low-input apple production

Adaptive winter wheat populations: development, genetic characterisation and application

Glyphosate contaminated site investigation using a low-cost analytical technique

Investigation of glyphosate in environmental samples from genetically modified canola farmland in Parkes, NSW, Australia

Information Experience: New Perspectives and Research Directions

Information Experience: Contemporary Perspectives

Product of serum calcium and phosphorus (Ca× PO4) as predictor of cardiovascular disease risk in predialysis patients

Erythrocyte aggregation and metabolic syndrome

Visibility Requirements Engineering for Commercial Websites

Leadership of learning and teaching in the creative arts

A New Approach to Professional Learning for Academics Teaching in Next Generation Learning Spaces

Multiview Gait Biometrics for Human Identity Recognition

Importance of Knowledge Management Processes in a Project-based organization: a Case Study of Research Enterprise

Mechanics of Polyropylene-Seed-Coat-Fibres Composites AndPolyropylene - Wood Fibres Composites-A Comparative Study

Deriving Consensus on the Characteristics of Advanced Practice Nursing: Meta-summary of More Than 2 Decades of Research

Special issue on the Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering—CESE-2012 9–13 September 2012, RACV City Club, Melbourne, Australia

The nurse’s role in health assessment: Collecting and analysing data

An Exploration of Voice in Research

Atmospheric modelling for the removal of telluric features from infrared planetary spectra

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Diabetes in Rural Bangladesh: The Bangladesh Population Based Diabetes and Eye Study (BPDES)

Rotary atomiser design requirements for optimum pesticide application efficiency

The characteristics of inactive men working in a regional area of Queensland, Australia

A new method for prescribing non-uniform wall temperatures on wind tunnel models

Agricultural wastes as aggregate in concrete mixtures – A review

A Novel Iterative Method for Simulating Patient-Specific Optimal Deformation and Fit of Fracture Fixation Plates

Development of Empirical Equations for Irradiance Profile of a Standard Parabolic Trough Collector Using Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Technique

An Activity and Resource Advisory System for Manufacturing Process Chains Selection at the Early Stage of Product Development

How to increase the accuracy of analysis and reduce the computational time in ANSYS in the case of deformation study of orthopedic bone plates

Complete And Competent Engineers:A Coaching Model To Developing Holistic Graduates

Bending properties of Ag nanowires with pre-existing surface defects

Impact of Passenger Group Dynamics on an Airport Evacuation Process Using an Agent-Based Model

Nanoscale Texture on Glass and Titanium Substrates by Physical Vapor Deposition Process

Industry Best Practice for Airport Construction Safety and Phasing Plans (CSPPs)

Aviation safety management systems

Progress towards developing bloat-safe legumes for the farming industry

Smart Relaying for Selection Combining Based Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Networks

Impacting it enrolments: What factors most influence student career decisions

Walking-to-think-with in Indonesia: beginning a new discourse in area studies?

Ethics in Fieldwork: Reflections on the Unexpected

University staff adoption of iPads: An empirical study using an extended TAM model

Pattern Recognition Techniques for Power Transformer Insulation Diagnosis - A Comparative Study Part 2: Implementation, Case Study, and Statistical Analysis

Pattern Recognition Techniques for Power Transformer Insulation Diagnosis - A Comparative Study Part 1: Framework, Literature, and Illustration

ACIAR Final Report Supporting a diverse and sustainable fruit tree industry in Tonga HORT/2014/090

Hooked on the classics: literature in the English curriculum

Why poor kids continue to do poorly in the education game

Pyne misses the point in education reform

Indigenous literacy needs more than 'sounding out' words

Education is a public good, not a private commodity

Curriculum review set to reignite the 'literacy wars'

Closing the gap on Indigenous literacy requires more than increased attendance

'Biggest Loser' policy on literacy will not deliver long-term gains

Two Lives of Frankenstein: Text and Moral Compass

Code Development to Determine the Temperature from the OH* Chemiluminescence Recordings in a Supersonic Combusting Flow

Neuropsychological performance of methadone-maintained opiate users

Finding binaries among Kepler pulsating stars from phase modulation of their pulsations

Asteroseismic measurement of surface-to-core rotation in a main-sequence A star, KIC 11145123

Validation of the frequency modulation technique applied to the pulsating δ Sct–γ Dor eclipsing binary star KIC 8569819

The role of turbulent pressure as a coherent pulsational driving mechanism: The case of the δ SCUTI STAR HD 187547

Testing the Titius–Bode law predictions for Kepler multiplanet systems

A multi-level ecological model of psychotropic prescribing to adults with intellectual disability

Psychotropics and challenging behaviour in people with intellectual disability

Re-framing community disaster resilience: from a systems perspective: Sunshine Coast case study report

Students as partners in departmental research participation: the approaches to learning project

The Edge of Glory: The Relationship between Metacritic Scores and Player Experience

Stop and revive? The effectiveness of nap and active rest breaks for reducing driver sleepiness

Sleepy driving and pulling over for a rest: Investigating individual factors that contribute to these driving behaviours

Constraining the Oblateness of Kepler Planets

HATS-5b: A transiting hot saturn from the HATsouth survey

Evolution from protoplanetary to debris discs: the transition disc around HD 166191

HATS-4b: A dense hot Jupiter transiting a super metal-rich G star

HAT-P-44b, HAT-P-45b, and HAT-P-46b: Three Transiting Hot Jupiters in Possible Multi-planet Systems

Decadal climate variability and cross-scale interactions: ICCL 2013 Expert Assessment Workshop

The 'Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner' No More: Marathons and Social Worlds



Purposeful Program Theory: Effective Use of Theories of Change and Logic Models by Sue C Funnell and Patricia J Rogers

I just want to count them! Considerations when choosing a deer population monitoring method

Deriving information systems innovation execution mechanisms

Magnetocentrifugal jets and chondrule formation in protostellar disks

Multi-epoch sub-arcsecond [Fe II] spectroimaging of the DG Tau outflows with NIFS – I. First data epoch

Multi-epoch subarcsecond [Fe II] spectroimaging of the DG Tau outflows with NIFS – II. On the nature of the bipolar outflow asymmetry

Disaster resilience in tertiary hospitals: a cross-sectional survey in Shandong Province, China

Disease severity assessment in epidemiological studies: accuracy and reliability of visual estimates of Septoria leaf blotch (SLB) in winter wheat

The Trouble with Templeton - Heavy Lifting [Music Video]

She Only Loves Me When I'm There - Ball Park Music

The Great Champ Fernley

Population pharmacokinetics of phenytoin in critically ill children

Task-specific effects of modular body armor

Electrical properties of p-type 3C-SiC/Si heterojunction diode under mechanical stress

Extensive study of HD 25558, a long-period double-lined binary with two SPB components

MOST light-curve analysis of the γ Doradus pulsator HR 8799, showing resonances and amplitude variations

A spin-orbit alignment for the hot Jupiter HATS-3b

Does preoperative oral carbohydrate reduce hospital stay? A randomized trial

Investigating effective wayfinding in airports: a Bayesian Network approach

Digital image processing based identification of nodes and internodes of chopped biomass stems

Novel front end processing method of industrial beet juice extraction for biofuels and bioproducts industries

Systematic review summary: psychological therapies for people with borderline personality disorder

UICC control over devices used to obtain service

Artscape: APT7 - our century, our art [Television documentary]

Love patrol [Television series drama]

Break the rock [Short drama]

Combined ultrasonication and enzymatic pretreatment of waste activated sludge prior to anaerobic digestion

Digital Lives: Everyday Digital Literacies

The effects of physical and chemical properties of fly ash on the manufacture of geopolymer foam concretes

Consumer perceptions of the barriers to adoption of internet banking: a case study in Libya

Quantifying the properties of a dosimeter responsive to blue light hazard effective wavelengths

Microalgae biofuels for diesel engines in agricultural applications

Integrating mobile phones in English language classrooms to alleviate language anxiety and enhance oral interaction skills of Malaysian undergraduate learners: a mixed methods study

The first four asteroids: a history of their impact on English astronomy in the early nineteenth century

A case study of Omani English-language instructors’ attitudes towards English and towards native speakers of English in an Omani university

The application of variable speed limits to arterial roads for improved traffic flow

Adaptive relaying protocol multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems

Compact integrated radial basis function modelling of particulate suspensions

Development and validation of a mechanical thorax surrogate for the evaluation of the blunt trauma due to ballistic impacts

Role of silanised halloysite nanotubes on the morphological and materials characteristics of thermoset composites

Analysis of EEG signals using complex brain networks

The applications of near infra-red fibre bragg grating sensors for wave propagation based structural health monitoring of thin laminated composite plates

Domination problems in social networks

Voluntary disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, corporate governance and earnings management: Australian evidence

An investigation of the social and academic experiences of Arabic international students in Australian tertiary education

Exploring the intentions behind the inclusion of the cross-curriculum priority ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures’ in the Australian Curriculum

Wear and frictional performance of metals under dry/waste cooking oil lubricant conditions

Machinability of natural fibre reinforced polymeric composites

Raising literacy levels in Mozambique: The challenges of bilingualeducation in a multilingual post-colonial society

Diversity of fungal endophytes in the semi evergreen vine thickets of the southern Brigalow Belt bioregion and their production of antimicrobial secondary metabolites.

Development and characterisation of an ultra-long exposure UV dosimeter

Disrupted meaning: a study of subverting logic through artists' books

Effect of dispersed clay and soil pore size on the hydraulic conductivity of soils irrigated with saline-sodic water

An investigation into the impact of traditional Indigenous games (TIG) on primary school students and their teachers.

The investment trading behaviour of Australian self-managed superannuation fund trustees before, during and after the 2008 global financial crisis

An examination of EFL learning motivation in Japanese engineering students.

An exploration of the role of ethics in leadership decision-making in change initiatives in Queensland government owned corporations

Strengthening farmers through the camera's eye

Enhancing pre-service ESL teachers’ computer competency in an online learning environment: a web portfolio approach to learning and assessment in Malaysia

Site suitability assessment of spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora subspecies Variegata) forest plantation in south east Queensland for carbon sequestration

An investigation of skewness, sample size, and test standardisation

Embedded FBG sensors for structural health monitoring of advanced composite structures

An evaluation of REDD+ in community managed forests: a case study from Nepal

An examination of social and environmental disclosures in Nigerian oil companies

Development of new measurement methods to determine sugarcane quality from stalk samples

Testosterone deficiency and dietary therapeutic interventions in the rat model of diet-induced metabolic syndrome

Teachers as placemakers: how primary school teachers design, manage and maintain learning spaces as part of their daily workflow

Compact approximation stencils based on integrated radial basis functions for fluid flows

The prevalence and nature of sustainable regional, rural and remote legal practice

Degradability of bamboo fibre reinforced polyester composites

Prudential regulatory governance of the risks associated with IT multi-sourcing strategies within the Australian banking sector

Identifying the CIO role configurations across the organisational life cycle stages

The potential of public e-procurement technology to reduce corruption in public procurement

An aerolance system

'Vi er alle Australiere': the migrant newspaper Norden and its promotion of pan-Scandinavian unity within Australia, 1896-1940

Exploring nurses’ views on effective leadership in Iraq: developing a framework for professional nursing leadership education

Knowledge-based economy (KBE): an investigation of theoretical frameworks and measurement techniques in the South East Asian region

Development of operator interfaces for a heavy maintenance manipulator

Modelling dispersion in turbulent boundary layers using centre manifold technique

Developing resilience and managing change in technology-enhanced learning environments

Implementation of conditional moment closure in a zero-dimensional model for HCCI engines and comparison with experiment

Study on compressive properties of syntactic foams for marine applications

Comparisons between motor area EEG and all-channels EEG for two algorithms in motor imagery task classification

Exploring synergies and tradeoffs: energy, water, and economic implications of water reuse in rice-based irrigation systems

Coal seam gas water as a medium to grow Dunalliella tertiolecta microalgae for lipid extraction

Nutrient removal of nursery and municipal wastewater using Chlorella vulgaris microalgae for lipid extraction

The Australian symphony from Federation to 1960

A study into the characteristics of gomuti (Arenga pinnata) fibre for usage as natural fibre composites

The hydrogeology of the Condamine River alluvial aquifer, Australia: a critical assessment

The diversity and antimicrobial activity of Preussia sp. Endophytes isolated from Australian dry rainforests

A reassessment of energy and GDP relationship: the case of Australia

Experimental investigation of the tractor engine performance using diesohol fuel

Teachers' views of constructivist theory: a qualitative study illuminating relationships between epistemological understanding and music teaching practice

Reliability of Measurements of Tongue and Hand Strength and Endurance Using the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument with Healthy Adults

Neurobiological consequences of acute footshock stress: effects on tyrosine hydroxylase phosphorylation and activation in the rat brain and adrenal medulla

Enhancing the OPEN Process Framework with service-oriented method fragments

Investigating the association between health literacy and nonadherence

The ‘Southern question’ in Australia: the 1925 Royal Commission’s Racialisation of Southern Italians

Starspots on young solar-type stars

The relationship between organisational strategic IT vision and CIO roles: one size does not fit all

Provenance and fate of arsenic and other solutes in the Chaco-Pampean Plain of the Andean foreland, Argentina: from perspectives of hydrogeochemical modeling and regional tectonic setting

Particles motion in a cascading rotary drum dryer

Reflection as an indicator of cognitive presence

Out of hours: online and blended learning workload in Australian universities

Effect of coarse filler on shrinkages and dynamic mechanical properties of epoxy grouts

The Anglo-Italian Treaty: Australia’s imperial obligations to Italian migrants, 1883-1940

Climate change and sustainable tourism: Carbon mitigation by environmentally certified tourism enterprises

Outlier detection from large distributed databases

Speech-Language Pathologists' Perceptions of Implementing Communication Intervention with Students with Multiple and Severe Disabilities

Low-Complexity Signal Detection for Generalized Spatial Modulation

Child health and schooling achievement in Bangladesh

Can education change society?

The evaluation of the IT service quality measurement framework in industry

Weaving words: personal and professional transformation through writing as research

Is English a nuisance or an asset? Japanese youths' discursive constructions of language attitudes

Opportunities, barriers and constraints to physical activity in rural Queensland, Australia

(Inter)national bilingual networking: maximising the educational potential of the Australian NBN

Effect of rod-cone interactions on mesopic visual performance mediated by chromatic and luminance pathways

Interpretation in design: modelling how the situation changes during design activity

Influencing factors and new developments of fly ash based geopolymer

Vibration damping characteristics of short hemp fibre thermoplastic composites

Impact of social media in service innovations: an empirical study on the Australian hotel industry

Dynamics of carbon and biodiversity under REDD+ regime: a case from Nepal

Hope-narratives as a chaos theory of career intervention for failure

MILD combustion: the future for lean and clean combustion technology

Not as straightforward as it might appear: an analysis of the problems associated with Article 35 of the UCP 600

High definition video cameras for measuring movement of vibrating bridge structure

Measuring the importance and efficiency of research and development expenditures in the transformation of knowledge-based economies: a case study of the ASEAN region

Influence of lime and gypsum on long-term rehabilitation of a Red Sodosol, in a semi-arid environment of New South Wales

Removal of dissolved organics from produced water by forward osmosis

Application of an internet-based game for secondary prevention of posttraumatic stress following acute medical events

'E-tivities from the front line': a community of inquiry case study analysis of educators’ blog posts on the topic of designing and delivering online learning

Branding the muscled male body as military costume

Molecular investigation of the mechanical properties of single actin filaments based on vibration analyses

Smartphone based Android app for determining UVA aerosol optical depth and direct solar irradiances

How to reverse the Italian brain drain: a master class from Australia

First year in higher education (FYHE) and the coursework post-graduate student

An on-site approach for the self-calibration of terrestrial laser scanner

Knowledge of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing in the USA, the UK and Australia: an international survey

How to peg a straight line - part 1

Securing felons' voting rights in America

The study of fibre/matrix bond strength in short hemp polypropylene composites from dynamic mechanical analysis

Accurate videogrammetric data for human limb movement research

Biofuels from the fresh water microalgae Chlorella vulgaris (FWM-CV) for diesel engines

Hassle free mealtimes triple p: a randomised controlled trial of a brief parenting group for childhood mealtime difficulties

Impact of healthy lifestyle program: an intervention study among rural and regional communities in Australia

Constitutionally protected due process and the use of criminal intelligence provisions

The Archbishop and the Lord Chief Justice: dispossessions and the clash of jurisdictions in Jacobean England

Why does your church look like a fortress? God and the gothic in Doctor Who and Hammer

Geospatial database for heritage building conservation

TLS for generating multi-LOD of 3D building model

Analysis of camera parameters value in various object distances calibration

A three-dimensional model for transient performance of a solid oxide fuel cell

Effect of graphene nanosheets and layered double hydroxides on the flame retardancy and thermal degradation of epoxy resin

The economic analysis of lone wolf terrorism

Doctor Who and the art of adaptation: fifty years of storytelling

Moore's law and the regulation of securities markets

Study and modelling drying of banana slices under superheated steam

Green procurement by local government: a review of sustainability criteria

Quality management of online learning environments: an evidence-based approach to implementing the 6EOLE quality management framework

Quality management of online learning environments: a condensed guide to building distributed leadership for the quality management of online learning environments

Quality management of online learning environments. Final report

The interrelationships between student approaches to learning and group work

Live Life Healthy program - Fraser Coast Regional Council evaluation report

Policy after-shocks: Japanese bureaucratic response to change and major disasters

mTORC1 Inhibition in the Nucleus Accumbens ‘Protects’ Against the Expression of Drug Seeking and ‘Relapse’ and Is Associated with Reductions in GluA1 AMPAR and CAMKIIa Levels

Impact of a novel online learning module on specialist palliative care nurses’ pain assessment competencies and patients’ reports of pain: Results from a quasiexperimental pilot study

A Bcool spectropolarimetric survey of over 150 solar-type stars

Optimal environmental conditions for the infection and development of Puccinia purpurea on sorghum

Addressing the participation gap in institutional investment: an assessment framework and preliminary results

Flexural and axial behavior of pultruded GFRP hollow sections filled with low strength concrete

An experimental investigation on the effect of threaded bolt on the double lap joint strength of pultruded fibre reinforced polymer

An overview of mechanical properties and durability of glass-fibre reinforced recycled mixed plastic waste composites

Failures of mainline railway sleepers and suggested remedies – review of current practice

Benefits of geopolymer concrete-filled FRP beams and its flexural behaviour

Structural optimisation of composite railway sleeper

Tensile properties of glass fibre reinforced recycled mixed plastic composites

Hervey Bay and its estuaries

Moisture absorption and hydrothermal aging in bamboo fibre/polyester composite

Fungal community structure in disease suppressive soils assessed by 28S LSU gene sequencing

Pratylenchus thornei populations reduce water uptake in intolerant wheat cultivars

Challenging, integrated, negotiated and exploratory curriculum in the middle years of schooling: Designing and implementing high quality curriculum integration

Vulnerability of Himalayan transhumant communities to climate change

Modelling dispersion in laminar and turbulent flows in an open channel based on centre manifolds using 1D-IRBFN method

Creating educational networking opportunities with Scoop.it

Evaluation of the cloudy sky solar UVA radiation exposures

Key enablers for knowledge management for Australian not-for-profit organizations: building an integrated approach to build, maintain, and sustain KM

Shade provision for UV minimization: a review

Measurements of occupational ultraviolet exposure and the implications of timetabled yard duty for school teachers in Queensland, Australia: preliminary results

Advances in intelligent and autonomous systems to improve irrigation and fertiliser efficiency

Embedding knowledge exchange within Irish universities - International shifts towards a hybrid academic?

Prospect theory and terrorist choice

Joint channel, phase noise, and carrier frequency offset estimation in cooperative OFDM systems

Novel hydrothermal carbonization of cellulose catalyzed by montmorillonite to produce kerogen-like hydrochar

Promoting community engagement in an intergenerational program: an exploratory study

Is speaking fluency strand necessary for the college students to develop in the EFL class?

The value and cost of complexity in predictive modelling: role of tissue anisotropic conductivity and fibre tracts in neuromodulation

Evaluating the critical source area concept of phosphorus loss from soils to water-bodies in agricultural catchments

Investigation into fibre composites jacket with an innovative joining system

PolarBase: a data base of high-resolution spectropolarimetric stellar observations

Intra-specific variation of wheat grain quality in response to elevated [CO2] at two sowing times under rain-fed and irrigation treatments

Elevated CO2 alters grain quality of two bread wheat cultivars grown under different environmental conditions

An empirical evaluation of the potential of public e-procurement to reduce corruption

Tensile properties of Si nanowires with faulted stacking layers

Women, migration and well-being: building epistemological resilience through ontologies of wholeness and relationship

In-field measurement and sampling technologies for monitoring quality in the sugarcane industry: a review

Foraging guild perturbations and ecological homogenization driven by a despotic native bird species

Online CBT for preschool anxiety disorders: a randomised control trial

Effects of biosolids-derived organomineral fertilizers, urea, and biosolids granules on crop and soil established with ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Field evaluation of soil moisture deficit thresholds for limits to trafficability with slurry spreading equipment on grassland

Smaller radiator with enhanced heat transfer using CNT-nanofluids

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis for hydrothermal transformation of microcrystalline cellulose on montmorillonite

A fully coupled scheme for viscous flows in regular and irregular domains using compact integrated RBF approximation

Energy effective congestion control for multicast with network coding in wireless ad hoc network

Discriminatory taxation in light of Fortescue: its implications for the development of Northern Australia

A numerical solution based on the Fokker-Planck equation for dilute polymer solutions using high order RBF methods

Does physical activity prevent cognitive decline and dementia?: a systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies

Scaling up the production rate of nanofibers by needleless electrospinning from multiple ring

Use of aluminum-coated interlayers to develop a cold-protective fibrous assembly

Access control management for e-healthcare in cloud environment

Aged care informatics: exploring the role of information, knowledge and aged care management

Geographic profiling of lone wolf terrorists: the application of economics, game theory and prospect theory

English pragmatism and Italian virtue: a comparative analysis of the regime of illegally obtained evidence in civil law proceedings between Italy and England

Entertaining Australian troops at war in Afghanistan and Iraq

The role of inflammation and dopamine synthesis in Parkinson's disease

Influence of sidewalls on the centerline small-scale turbulence of a turbulent high-aspect-ratio rectangular jet

Fly ash-based geopolymers: the relationship between composition, pore structure and efflorescence

The Patel trials: further evidence of the need to reform the Griffith Codes

International aid and cyclone shelters in Bangladesh: adaptation or maladaptation?

Geopolymer prepared with high-magnesium nickel slag: characterization of properties and microstructure

Using fly ash to partially substitute metakaolin in geopolymer synthesis

Geopolymer foam concrete: an emerging material for sustainable construction

Effects of a sport programme (Box'Tag®) on disadvantaged youth participants

Mechanical property and structure of covalent functionalised graphene/epoxy nanocomposites

Raising young children with autism spectrum disorders in Hong Kong: the impact of cultural values and stigma on Chinese parents' coping strategies

Post-modernising the museum: the ration shed

Contemporary capacity-building in educational contexts

The property WORTH* and the weak fixed point property

A comparison and critique of closed court hearings

Economic contribution of Chinese caterpillar fungus to the livelihoods of mountain communities in Nepal

Fibre reinforced geopolymer concrete with ambient curing for in-situ applications

Investigating the performance of floodway in an extreme flood event

Can vegetation types work as an indicator of soil organic carbon? An insight from native vegetations in Nepal

Composite railway sleeper: a cost effective and eco-friendly alternative

Review of failures of railway sleepers and its consequences

Application of spectroscopic method to predict sugar content of sugarcane internodes

The potential for ICT tools to promote public participation in fighting corruption

Feeding behaviour of broiler chickens: a review on the biomechanical characteristics

An experimental investigation of the effective parameters on wet washing of biodiesel purification

Glass-fibre reinforced recycled mixed plastics (GMP): totally recyclable and renewable composites

Personalised learning strategies for higher education

Three perspectives on a collaborative, whole-of-program process of curriculum change

Quantification of chloride diffusion in fly ash-slag-based geopolymers by X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

The voice as subject or object

Creative users, social networking, and new models of publishing

New primary healthcare organisations: recognising opportunities to transition to transformative healthcare organisations?

The long-run impact of information and communication technology on economic output: the case of Australia

Augmenting transcultural diffusion through knowledge management: the critical role of internal marketing

Williams v Commonwealth

Religion, secularism, and the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program

The establishment clause: A search for meaning

Blood and bones: the influence of the mass media on Australian primary school children’s understandings of genes and DNA

Hemorheology, ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) and toe brachial pressure index (TBPI) in metabolic syndrome

On-road driver sleepiness: what are Australian drivers experiences and awareness of sleepiness while driving?

Invasive legumes encounter similar soil fungal communities in their non-native and native ranges in Australia

The acquisition of novel word meanings from recreational reading under massed and distributed learning conditions

Compost application to replace sphagnum peat and to suppress pythium root rot in turf

Voluntary relocation as an adaptation strategy to extreme weather events

Evaluation of sap flow sensors to measure the transpiration rate of plants during canopy wetting and drying

A pyramid approach to lossless data compression of grid-based digital elevation models

Description of seedless grape drying and determination of drying rate

The constitutionality of Queensland's recent (legal) war on 'bikies'

A liquid diffusion model to describe drying of whole bananas using boundary-fitted coordinates


Papers in legal studies part 2

Doctor Who and the early modern world

Law and anthropology: the unhappy marriage?

Constructing a framework for national drought policy: the way forward: the way Australia developed and implemented the national drought policy

A conversation about research as tricky business: making visible the invisible in rural research locations

The citizen-worker: ambivalent meanings of 'real jobs', 'full citizenship' and 'adulthood' in the case of autistic people

War secrets: how an Australian Prime Minister developed investigative journalism techniques, 1941-1945

The future of career development research: roots, xylem, phloem, cybernetics, and cyborgs

Privative clauses: politics, legality and the constitutional dimension

Making meaning in mathematics problem-solving using the reciprocal teaching approach

Exports, financial development and economic growth in Pakistan

Machinability of glass/date palm fibre epoxy composites

Discovering indicators of successful collaboration using tense: automated extraction of patterns in discourse

Engineering and built environment project conference 2014: book of abstracts - Toowoomba, Australia, 22-26 September 2014

Beginning teacher support in Australia: towards an online community to augment current support

Psychometric properties of the Brunel Mood Scale in Chinese adolescents and adults

The Step Process. New methodologies in performance creation.

Development and validation of a thorax surrogate FE model for assessment of trauma due to high speed blunt impacts

Open innovation in universities: the relationship between innovation and commercialisation

Employee participation in non-mandatory professional development – the role of core proactive motivation processes

Discussing the interest in age, vitality and proximity in dispersed regional communities

Spirituality: everyone has it, but what is it?

Explicating articulations: intentions and intonations in researching the voices of retired Australians

Use of Ezetimibe in Australia

Bacterial adherence and biofilm formation on medical implants: A review

Moving beyond basics: from CALL coursework to classroom practice and professional development

Climate change and indigenous people: perceptions of transhumant herders and implications to the transhumance system in the Himalayas

Malnutrition screening among elderly people in a community setting: a best practice implementation project

Dan Elborne's brutal beauty

A preliminary study about the distribution of temperature due to electrical stimulation in ECT

Objectivist and essentialist ontologies of gender and love

A conceptual framework on establishing a risk management framework within existing university assessment and evaluation practices

Potentiality of utilising natural textile materials for engineering composites applications

Learning through story: a collaborative multimodal arts approach

Impact of climate change on potential distribution of Chinese caterpillar fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) in Nepal Himalaya

From creation to curation: evolution of an authentic 'Assessment for Learning' task

Influence of scalar dissipation on flame success in turbulent sprays with spark ignition

We few, we happy few

The efficacy of a group-based, disorder-specific treatment program for childhood GAD: a randomized controlled trial

Interpreting results for plant growth promotion and disease suppression bioassays using compost

'We're all strangers': post-war anxiety in Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap

Musicking as literacy: possibilities and pragmatisms for literacies learning

Isolation, structure determination and cytotoxicity studies of tryptophan alkaloids from an Australian marine sponge Hyrtios sp.

Evaluating a 1-to-1 iPad project: beyond rose coloured glasses

A comparison of methods assessing soil compaction on black vertosols. South-Eastern Queensland, Australia

The therapeutic value of pilgrimage: a grounded theory study

Acts of defiance: engaging community from the perspective of local government

A comparison of raters and disease assessment methods for estimating disease severity for purposes of hypothesis testing

An integrated approach to strategic asset management

Site-specific relationship between bone mineral density and muscle strength or endurance in elderly men

Promoting mental wellbeing in law students: breaking-down stigma and building bridges with peers and support services

Evaluation of an Australian nursing partnership to improve disaster response capacity

Supporting students with intellectual disabilities

Understanding physical impairment in young children

White African migrants in regional Queensland

Why prohibiting creeping takeovers would not be such a good idea

Early astronomical tests of general relativity: the anomalous advance in the perihelion of Mercury and gravitational redshift

Early astronomical tests of general relativity: the gravitational deflection of light

Groundwater decline and tree change in floodplain landscapes: identifying non-linear threshold responses in canopy condition

Subsidiarity as a constitutional principle in New Zealand

Deficit and asset identity constructions of single women without children living in Australia: an analysis of discourse

Internet treatment of youth

Multi-user hybrid analogue/digital beamforming forrelatively large-scale antenna systems

Multi-Centre Pre-Post Test Trial of a Complex QStream (c) Pain Assessment Intervention on Cancer Nurses' Pain Screening and Assessment Practices

A Complex QStream (R) Pain Assessment Intervention on Cancer Nurses' Pain Screening and Assessment Practices: Results from a Quasi-Experimental Study

A Psychometric Evaluation of Three Pain Rating Scales for People with Moderate to Severe Dementia

Fungal Planet description sheets: 281-319

Automated fit quantification of tibial nail designs during the insertion using computer three-dimensional modelling

The evolutionary economic implications of constitutional designs: lessons from the constitutional morphogenesis of New England and New Zealand

Clarifying the object of directors’ endeavours: what Australia can learn from the United Kingdom

A spring model for suspended particles in dissipative particle dynamics

Exponential-time differencing schemes for low-mass DPD systems

Willingness to adopt e-procurement to reduce corruption: results of the PLS path modeling

On stationary solutions of the reduced Gardner–Ostrovsky equation

Investor sentiment, profitability and offer price band: evidence from the Indian IPO market

Vulnerability of road bridge infrastructure under extreme flood events

Contemporary strategic management: an Australasian perspective

Organisational structure and strategic control

Corporate-level strategy

The nature and sources of competitive advantage

Corporate governance and sustainability

Designing an academic workload model in the age of blended learning

Design of film thickness instrument for fibre polymer composites tribological experiments

The development of virtual world tools to enhance learning and real world decision making in the Australian sugar farming industry

The simulation of biogas combustion in a MILD burner

Assessing the mental health issues of climate variability affecting rural and remote communities in southern Queensland

How the business professional can utilise the latest technologies to learn another language

The role of trait emotional intelligence in achievement during a stressful educational transition: a multistage model of mediation via social support, coping and adaptation

Chasing Chinese caterpillar fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) harvesters in the Himalayas: harvesting practice and its conservation implications in western Nepal

Music as engaging, educational matrix: exploring the case of marginalised students attending an 'alternative' music industry school

Discussion on study of knowledge creation, innovation ability and organizational performance for high-tech industries in Taiwan

Assessing the effects of climate change on rice yields: an econometric investigation using Bangladeshi panel data

Air fuel ratio study for mixture of biogas and hydrogen on mild combustion

Effect of air-fuel ratio on temperature distribution and pollutants for biogas MILD combustion

Executive detention and the Australian Constitution

How do we 'get at' people's everyday practices of digital technology?

You don't know what you don't know: ethics and participant consent issues for eResearch users

An integrated, probabilistic model for improved seasonal forecasting of agricultural crop yield under environmental uncertainty

The manifestation of religious belief through dress: Human hights and constitutional issues

Reviewing the reviewers

Donation and spending limits in political finance law and their compatibility with the Australian Constitution

Testing proposed planetary systems - to destruction

Redefining education for the digital age: a snapshot of the state of play in three Queensland schools

Understanding travel motivations of Chinese tourists visiting Cairns, Australia

Project-based management technique for radiofrequency spectrum planning and allocation - Part one: The business case

Costing government outputs: an assessment of activity based costing

The experiences of rural and remote families involved in an inter-hospital transfer to a tertiary ICU: a hermeneutic study

Theoretical and practical motives for participation obstacles in resettlement programs: Review from the mining perspective

Cooperative jamming and power allocation in three-phase two-way relaying system with untrusty relay node

An adaptive anti-collision protocol for large-scale RFID tag identification

Pitot pressure measurements in a supersonic steam jet

Incorporating injustice: immigrant vulnerability and Latin Americans in multicultural Australia

Assessment of submarine geothermal resources and development of tools to quantify their energy potentials for environmentally sustainable development

Utilization of alum sludge for producing aluminum hydroxide and layered double hydroxide

Digital social media is nothing new

Uptake of telehealth services funded by Medicare in Australia

A meshless numerical approach based on integrated radial basis functions and level set method for interfacial flows

Clean production of CTAB-montmorillonite: formation mechanism and swelling behavior in xylene

Establishing an influence model of green consumption behavior at night market: an exploratory study in Taiwan

Effects of red pitaya juice supplementation on cardiovascular and hepatic changes in high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome rats

Transformation of narrowband wavetrains of surface gravity waves passing over a bottom step

An assessment of willingness to pay to avoid climate change induced flood

Coals seam gas (CSG) in agriculture - a review: technical and market analysis for Australia

Sensitivity of aeolian modelling to soil particle size data

Prudential risk management of IT sourcing strategies: a case study of an Australian bank

Providing students with written feedback on their assessment: a collaborative self-study exploring the nexus of research and practice

Self-advocates in civil legal disputes: how personal and other factors influence the handling of their cases

A UV absorbance test for measuring humified organic carbon in soil

Analysis of epileptic EEG signals with simple random sampling J48 algorithm

Effects of acid treatments on bamboo cellulose nanocrystals

Latest nematode summer and winter crop rotation results

How nematodes reduce yield

From ultraviolet to Prussian blue: a spectral response for the cyanotype process and a safe educational activity to explain UV exposure for all ages

The production of biofuel and bioelectricity associated with wastewater treatment by green algae

Conceptual model development of local cultural brand experiences

Internet usage, economic growth and financial development in Australia

Academic experiences of international PhD students in Australian higher education: from an EAP program to a PhD program

Resolving the application of the Christie discretion in the uniform evidence legislation

Contributory misconduct reductions in unfair dismissal remedies

Learning about computer-assisted language learning: online tools and professional development

Instantaneous heat flux simulation of a motored reciprocating engine: unsteady thermal boundary layer with variable turbulent thermal conductivity

They protect us, but are they using protection? The potential impact of HIV on the South African Police Service

A Cynefin based approach to process model tailoring and goal alignment

An orbital stability study of the proposed companions of SW Lyncis

Modern agricultural practices and analysis of socio-economic and ecological impacts of development in agriculture sector, Punjab, India: a review

Feature assessment in object-based forest classification using airborne LiDAR data and high spatial resolution satellite imagery

Merging remote laboratories and enquiry-based learning for STEM education

Development and application of process-based simulation models for cotton production: a review of past, present, and future directions

Investigation of systematic errors for the hybrid and panoramic scanners

Terrestrial laser scanners pre-processing: registration and georeferencing

A computer model to estimate seepage rates from automated irrigation distribution channels during periods of shutdown

Factors affecting the estimation of seepage rates from channel automation data

The Australian consumer law after the first three years - is it a success?

Storm-triggered, increased supply of sediment-derived phosphorus to the epilimnion in a small freshwater lake

A public-health approach to improving parenting and promoting children's well-being

Hybrid governance in India: A research review and agenda

The water impacts of climate change mitigation measures

Dispersion properties of waves on a surface of viscous fluid covered by an elastic film

On the effects of stellar winds on exoplanetary magnetospheres

An Aboriginal nurse-led working model for success in graduating indigenous Australian nurses

Quantifying the impacts of coal seam gas (CSG) activities on the soil resource of agricultural lands in Queensland, Australia

Understanding the JD7760 round module picker impacts

How to peg a straight line - part 2

Bringing dads to the table: comparing mother and father reports of child behaviour and parenting at mealtimes

Using RTK GNSS to measure cadastral distances

Elizabeth Bowen and the writing of trauma: the ethics of survival

Gender differences in adenine-induced chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular complications in rats

Analyzing EEG signals using graph entropy based principle component analysis and J48 decision tree

Benchmarks for technology enhanced learning: report on the refresh project 2014 and Inter-Institutional Benchmarking Summit

Impact of Cloud computing technology on e-government

Challenges and issues within Cloud computing technology

Preparedness for e-health in developing countries: the case of Ghana

Professional learning communities enhancing teacher experiences in international schools

Concerns of ageing and interest in assistive technologies: convenience sampling of attendees at an aged care technology exhibition in China

Trade liberalization and gender gap: Bangladesh experience

Study of red pigments from the 'Genyornis' Panel, Arnhem Land, Australia: what are the origins of the haematite? [Etude des pigments rouges du panneau du 'Genyornis' Terre d’Arnhem, Australie: origines de l’hématite?]

Student journalists and news literacy

Effects of indium addition on properties and wettability of Sn–0.7Cu–0.2Ni lead-free solders

An empirical investigation of the National Innovation System (NIS) using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and the TOBIT model

University staff adoption of iPads: an empirical study using an extended Technology Acceptance Model

Coupling of surface water and groundwater nitrate-N dynamics in two permeable agricultural catchments

Evolution of plasma species and heat – shield temperatures from Hayabusa Reentry Observation

Visible and near infrared spectroscopy of Hayabusa Reentry using semi-autonomous tracking

The impact of varying statutory arrangements on spatial data sharing and access in regional NRM bodies

Effect of timing of pharmaconutrition (immunonutrition) administration on outcomes of elective surgery for gastrointestinal malignancies: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Specious delusions: John Locke, knowledge and religious toleration

Viscous criterion and its relation with the projectile-thorax energy interactions

Evaluation of the blunt thoracic trauma due to baseball impacts – review of the Blunt Criterion

Effect of energy absorbing mechanisms on the blunt thoracic trauma caused by ballistic impacts

Review of anthropomorphic test dummies for the evaluation of thoracic trauma due to blunt ballistic impacts

Enforcement of international law obligations concerning private military security corporations

You're in a safe place: community-centred programs supporting the resettlement of Sudanese people from refugee backgrounds

Inter-generational mentoring: a win-win approach for disenfranchised youth and the aged

Addressing the needs of disadvantaged youth - the Toowoomba Flexi School: a sustainable alternative

Community engagement and community service: changing perspectives in regional universities?

The voice of the Toowoomba Flexi School student

TOMNET: maximising and valuing the active participation of older men in our community

The community for community (C4C) project initiative at the University of Southern Queensland as a model of university-community engagement

Considering community capacity building and exploring engagement: contemporary universities contributing to their respective regions

Community capacity building: lessons from adult learning in Australia

Framing and enhancing distributed leadership in the quality management of online learning environments in higher education

Legal representation for sexual assault victims - Possibilities for law reform?

Geochemical processes controlling mobilization of arsenic and trace elements in shallow aquifers and surface waters in the Antequera and Poopo mining regions, Bolivian Altiplano

Community capacity building: the question of sustainability?

Issues in evaluating the community benefits of social interventions

A small town with big ideas: stories from GraniteNet

Islamic finance: History and development in Australia

Smart tools for IT service management: a review of two decision support system projects

Do ask, do tell: Where is the protection against sexual orientation discrimination in international human rights law?

Renewal of the LLB transition curriculum for the new quality regime

A purposeful community: the region as a focus for community capacity building

Pre-service teachers' TPACK confidence in a regional Australian university

The large scale magnetic field of the G0 dwarf HD 206860 (HN Peg)

Measuring IT service quality: evaluation of IT service quality measurement framework in industry

Obesity and metabolic syndrome

Glibenclamide improves kidney and heart structure and function in the adenine-diet model of chronic kidney disease

Planning leadership and governance for regional Queensland

Metaphors of power: ontologies of gender, love and marriage

Increasing CO2 threatens human nutrition

Pressure injury prevention success in a regional hospital

Confronting the cultural challenge of the whiteness of nursing: Aboriginal registered nurses' perspectives

Providing simulated online and mobile learning experiences in a prison education setting: lessons learned from the PLEIADES pilot project

A critical consideration of the use of therapeutic recordings in the training and professional development of psychologists

Computer algebra derives the slow manifold of patch or element dynamics on lattices in two dimensions

A doctor of the church? Adapting Anglicanism in science fiction

Infant feeding knowledge, attitudes,and beliefs predict antenatal intention among first-time mothers in Queensland

Leadership style and culturally competent care: nurse leaders' views of their practice in the multicultural care settings of the United Arab Emirates

Re-forming leadership at a whole-school level: teacher leaders and their principal invoking reaction within and beynd their school

Prediction of sugarcane quality from juice samples using portable spectroscopy

Zeeman doppler imaging of the surface activity and magnetic fields of young solar-type stars

Make me not sighted like the Basilisk: vision and contagion in The Winter's Tale

Rhythmic constant pitch time stretching for digital audio

The effect of computer assisted language learning (CALL) on performance in the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Listening Module

Diagnosis of flood events in Brisbane (Australia) using a flood index based on daily effective precipitation

Processing and characterization of 100% hemp-based biocomposites obtained by vacuum infusion

Co-doped mesoporous titania photocatalysts prepared from a peroxo-titanium complex solution

Corporate governance and risk-taking in New Zealand

Victorian values: necrophilia and the nineteenth century in zombie films

Flipped university classrooms: using technology to enable sound pedagogy

Shangri-less: Simon Mee: artworks from 2004 to 2014

Taxation and superannuation literacy in Australia: what do people know (or think they know)?

A review of hydrogen and natural gas addition in diesel HCCI engines

Development and simulation of sensor-based irrigation control strategies for cotton using the VARIwise simulation framework

What locals want: Jordanian employees' views on expatriate managers

The effects of affective and utilitarian brand relationships on brand consideration

A real-time optimisation system for automation of furrow irrigation

Anaesthetic EEG signal denoise using improved nonlocal mean methods

On the RZ Draconis substellar circumbinary companions: stability study of the proposed substellar circumbinary system

Revisiting the proposed circumbinary multiplanet system NSVS 14256825

A dynamical investigation of the proposed BD +20 2457 system

The Anglo-Australian planet search. XXIII. Two new Jupiter analogs

Spatially resolved imaging of the two-component η crv debris disk with Herschel

Investigation on the capability of polysulphone for measuring biologically effective solar UV exposures

Dynamic downlink aggregation carrier scheduling scheme for wireless networks

Wheat biomass and yield increased when populations of the root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) were reduced through sequential rotation of partially resistant winter and summer crops

The role of information search in seeking alternative treatment for back pain: a qualitative analysis

An assessment of the impacts of the REDD+ pilot project on community forests user groups (CFUGs) and their community forests in Nepal

Hydrological and land use determinants of Eucalyptus camaldulensis occurrence in floodplain wetlands

Influence of date palm fibre and graphite filler on mechanical and wear characteristics of epoxy composites

Caps, Shrouds, Lawn and Tackle: English Bishops and their Dress from the Sixteenth Century to the Restoration

Exploring discipline differentiation in online discussion participation

A longitudinal study of the impact of chronic psychological stress on health-related quality of life and clinical biomarkers: protocol for the Australian Healthy Aging of Women Study

Tree species diversity in community managed and national park forests in the mid-hills of central Nepal

Brown rust disease control in winter wheat: II. Exploring the optimization of fungicide sprays through a decision support system

Brown rust disease control in winter wheat: I. Exploring an approach for disease progression based on night weather conditions

A method for determining the dark response for scientific imaging with smartphones

The focus of attention is similar to other memory systems rather than uniquely different

Asset management policies and guidelines of different states in Australia: a comparative analysis

Channel, phase noise, and frequency offset in OFDM systems: joint estimation, data detection, and hybrid Cramer-Rao lower bound

Ejector primary nozzle steam condensation: area ratio effects and mixing layer development

Alignment in star-debris disc systems seen by Herschel

Community development and international aid

Stellar magnetism: empirical trends with age and rotation

Evaluating the performance of a real-time optimisation system for furrow irrigation

Re-evaluating the rationale for irrigation technology adoption through an integrated trade-off analysis: case study of a cotton farming system in Australia

An empirical evaluation of information sharing between Australia-Singapore beef organisations in light of trust and ICT diffusion

Detection of potentially explosive methane levels using a solid-state infrared source

South Africa's private sector investment in training and its erosion as a result of HIV and AIDS

Tourism as theatre: performing and consuming indigeneity in an Australian wildlife sanctuary

Is it possible to detect planets around young active G and K dwarfs?

Validation of a new spot form of net blotch differential set and evidence for hybridisation between the spot and net forms of net blotch in Australia

Investigating corrosion effects and heat transfer enhancement in smaller size radiators using CNT-nanofluids

The state of multi-purpose cyclone shelters in Bangladesh

Statistical diagnosis of the best weibull methods for wind power assessment for agricultural applications

Energy-efficient dual-iteration power allocation for two-phase relay system with massive antennas

Carbon stock dynamics in different vegetation dominated community forests under REDD+: a case from Nepal

The practice of quality in assuring learning in higher education

On the mechanical properties of hierarchical lattices

Child and adolescent characteristics that impact on therapy

Score test in robust M-procedure

Correlations between the stellar, planetary, and debris components of exoplanet systems observed by Herschel

An extended bilevel programming model and its Kth-best algorithm for dynamic decision making in emergency situations

Working with chronic illness: the modes of working

Wrestling in Iran: where old meets new in sport psychology

Shooting in India

Secrets of Asian sport psychology [Introduction]

Principals' voices via modelling? Issues of voice in quantitative studies and the use of complexity theory

Echoes: ethics and issues of voice in education research

The historical context of Australia's federation

Characterisation of network objects in natural and anthropic environments

Building Open Educational Resources for emerging technologies: Striving for flexibility and reuse

Open Education: Improving student retention while dealing with a truly diverse audience

Here's a strange alteration: contagion and the mutable mind in Coriolanus

Reducing the expectation-performance gap in assurance of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reports in Brazil

Parallel control-volume method based on compact local integrated RBFs for the solution of fluid flow problems

Disability and study: layers of management

Real-time depth of anaesthesia assessment using strong analytical signal transform technique

Study on the surface temperature of fabric in the process of dynamic moisture liberation

The effects of stellar winds on the magnetospheres and potential habitability of exoplanets

GJ 832c: a super-earth in the habitable zone

Generalized wireless network coding schemes for multihop two-way relay channels

Numerical terrain modelling for wireless underground sensor networks: a protoype for nut tree plantations

An evaluation of emergency plans and procedures in fitness facilities in Australia: implications for policy and practice

The use and benefits of a take home exam in accounting education

Increased progression to kidney fibrosis after erythropoietin is used as a treatment for acute kidney injury

Arsenic in hydrological processes: sources, speciation, bioavailability and management

An unbiased study of debris discs around A-type stars with Herschel

Eridani: an active K dwarf and a planet hosting star? The variability of its large-scale magnetic field topology

Determinants of participation of mangrove-dependent communities in mangrove conservation practices

A novel statistical algorithm for multiclass EEG signal classification

Classical and Bayesian prediction for multivariate simple regression model

An empirical study to determine factors that motivate and limit the implementation of ICT in healthcare environment

How do university engineering graduates influence high school students through mentoring programs

Effecting teamwork outcomes in online courses

Influence of blade overlap and blade angle on the aerodynamic coefficients in vertical axis swirling type Savonius wind turbine

A study of marketing implementation in brand portfolio companies

A prisoners' island: teaching Australian incarcerated students in the digital age

An introduction to a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine

Investigation of full-scale fibre composite girders for replacement of hardwood timber girders in Australia

Recent foamed bituminous stabilisation works in Queensland

Mutual exclusivity of hyaluronan and hyaluronidase in invasive group A Streptococcus

Sub-grade support: a review of short-term and long-term performance requirements

A novel artificial immune algorithm for spatial clustering with obstacle constraint and its applications

Spatial modelling of natural disaster risk reduction policies with Markov decision processes

Economic growth, energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Gulf cooperation council countries

OER adoption: a continuum for practice

Dissonance in participant voice: research strategies that harmonise distortions in participant data

Using digital technologies to implement distance education for incarcerated students: a case study from an Australian regional university

Durability of alkali-activated fly ash concrete: chloride penetration in pastes and mortars

Modified CC-LR algorithm with three diverse feature sets for motor imagery tasks classification in EEG based brain–computer interface

Virtual worlds in higher education: the challenges, expectations and delivery

Simulation of irrigation control strategies for cotton using model predictive control within the VARIwise simulation framework

Management to improve soil productivity and maximise lateral infiltration in permanent bed-furrow irrigation systems

Network-coded rateless coding scheme in erasure multiple-access relay enable communications

Mobile learning anytime, anywhere: what are our students doing?

Facilitating cross-sector collaboration for collective impact: a knowledge management perspective

Use of threshold electrolyte concentration analysis to determine salinity and sodicity limit of irrigation water

An alternative index to ESP to explain dispersion occurring in Australian soils when Na content is low

Assessing soil properties of rehabilitated grazing pastures for sustainable and economically viable beef cattle operations: progress report

Cross-layer optimization for 3-D video transmission over cooperative relay systems

Spectral discrimination of bulloak (Allocasuarina luehmannii) and associated woodland for habitat mapping of the endangered bulloak jewel butterfly (Hypochrysops piceata) in southern Queensland

Designing L2 reading to write tasks in online higher education contexts

Engine performance and emissions using Jatropha curcas, Ceiba pentandra and Calophyllum inophyllum biodiesel in a CI diesel engine

The role of optimism and engagement coping in college adaptation: a career construction model

The praxis of social enterprise and human security: An applied research agenda

Growing algae using water from coal seam gas industry and harvesting using an innovative technique: a review and a potential

Tempering hard times: integrating well-being metrics into utility analysis

What do academics think of asset allocation theory?

Enabling openness at USQ

Beyond the borders: the three Ts of contemporary protocols for efficient teleworking

Performance measurement

Statement of cash flows

Business sustainability

Uses and perspectives of social media by accounting academics

Evaluation of strength characteristics of recycled asphalt pavement materials

The HPC next door: enabling research outcomes using QCIF HPC facilities

Pleasant encounters of the VM kind: leveraging on NeCTAR VMs to achieve research outcomes


Happily ever after, almost

Phytoplankton response to an intense dust storm in the Tasman Sea in September-October, 2009

Quantifying potential yield and lodging-related yield gaps for irrigated spring wheat in sub-tropical Australia

Sampling expansion for irregularly sampled signals in fractional Fourier transform domain

Re-examining sunspot tilt angle to include anti-Hale statistics

Infant feeding practices among Sudanese women now living in regional south east Queensland, Australia

Future proofing nursing education: an Australian perspective

Application of capability approach to assess the role of ecosystem services in well-being of indigenous Australians for welfare policies

Identifying groundwater thresholds for drought resilience in floodplain tree species in the northern Murray-Darling Basin

Lippia (Phyla canescens) and its response to fire

Prebiotics in obesity

A detailed analysis of the HD 73526 2:1 resonant planetary system

High resolution survey for topographic surveying

A review of the integration of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine into the curriculum of South African medical schools

Contextual positioning: using documents as extant data in grounded theory research

Aborigines, Islanders and Hula Girls in Great Barrier Reef Tourism

Competition for donations and the sustainability of not-for-profit organisations

An exploratory case study on employee health and wellbeing: Indian railways case study

Alternative energy sources for cotton production in Australia

Improving energy efficiency in agriculture

Corporate governance and the variability of stock returns

Monitoring the depth of anaesthesia using Hurst exponent and Bayesian methods

Rate-distortion optimized mode switching for error-resilient multi-view video plus depth based 3-D video coding

Stress, lifestyle, and quality of life in midlife and older Australian women: results from the stress and the health of women study

Absolute performance of AUSGeoid09 in mountainous regions

Death, dildoes and daffodils: a queer winter's tale

It's a bit hard to tell isn't it: identifying and analysing intentions behind a cross-curriculum priority

Water infrastructure in Libya and the water situation in agriculture in the Jefara region of Libya

Generalized Korteweg–de Vries equation for internal waves in two-layer fluid

Compulsory marketing schemes and Section 92 of the Australian Constitution

Reducing corruption through e-procurement

Prediction of sugarcane quality parameters using visible-shortwave near infrared spectroradiometer

Characterisation of the mechanical properties of pultruded fibre-reinforced polymer tube

The Anglican Church and ecumenical and interreligious dialogue

Assessing the Performance of MODIS NDVI and EVI for Seasonal Crop Yield Forecasting at the Ecodistrict Scale

Using principles of trust to engage support with students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. A Practice Report

Precoding and channel state information sharing in cooperative macro base stations and femto sites

Spirituality in men with advanced prostate cancer: 'It's a holistic thing ... It's a package'

Qualitatively different ways students experience remote access laboratories

Solving the supply of Resveratrol Tetramers from Papua New Guinean rainforest Anisoptera species (Dipterocarpaceae) that inhibit bacterial type III secretion systems

Epileptic seizure detection in EEGs signals using a fast weighted horizontal visibility algorithm

Role of silanized halloysite nanotubes on structural, mechanical properties and fracture toughness of thermoset nanocomposites

A method to select IT service management processes for improvement

Field-scale evaluation of furrow fertigation using liquid nitrogen

Effect of spatial variability on data requirements for site-specific irrigation

Recent developments on FRP bars as internal reinforcement in concrete structures

Assessment and non-pharmacological management among adults with a dementia diagnosis in a residential care setting: a best practice implementation project

Fieldwork in a digital age: questions of privacy and copyright

Crowdfunding and new models of publishing: the development of crowdfunding publishing in the US and EU (众筹与出版新思维——欧美众筹出版的现状与问题)

Effect of SiC addition on mechanical and wear characteristics of WC-32(W-Ti)C-6Co cemented carbides

Computer-based treatment programs for youth anxiety: a systematic review

A sampling theorem for the fractional Fourier transform without band-limiting constraints

IT service management: a cross-national study of ITIL adoption

The regionally engaged researcher: a case study in supporting early career humanities researchers through the research cycle

Autonomous site-specific irrigation control: the current state and a vision of a future system [Keynote]

Real-time control approaches for site-specific irrigation and fertigation optimisation

The applications of augmented reality technologies in mathematics education

Exploring digital literacy: moving from buzzwords towards a social construction of competency

Wear behaviour and mechanism of different metals sliding against stainless steel counterface

The challenge to write: dangerous and disruptive words

As a creative writer myself, will I become a more creative teacher?

Real-time irrigation decision-making and control for site-specific irrigation of cotton using a centre pivot, 2012/13

VARIwise: towards autonomous irrigation and a grower's guide

Sick and tired of being sick and tired: case study of an international kayaker's recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome and psychological preparation for the world championship

Health text analysis: a Queensland Health case study

Global diversity and geography of soil fungi

OFDM with interleaved subcarrier-index modulation

Engineering an education research field for sustainable rural futures: research priorities and outcomes for enhancing agricultural, digital and regional futures

Modelling water demand and trade on the Murray and lower Darling rivers

Exploring relationships between undergraduate students' use of eLearning system, library, and learning outcomes

Barriers to green IT service management: a case study

Legal risk management and injury in the fitness industry: the outcomes of focus group research and a national survey of fitness professionals

SPSS explained, 2nd ed

Educational Learning and Development: Building and Enhancing Capacity

Benchmarks for technology enhanced learning

A statistical framework for intrusion detection system

The application of technology enhanced learning to enhance the student learning journey

The intersections of ethnicity, gender, social class and an itinerant lifestyle: deconstructing teachers' narratives and thinking about the possibilities of transformative action

Innovative mental health solutions for regional well-being and resilience

Infrastructure failures and consequences: rehabilitation using fibre composites

Consistent! Transparent! D.I.Y. ITSM process assessment approach

A heuristic model: the case of challenges facing Chinese students studying in Australia

Exploring evidence of higher order thinking skills in the writing of first year undergraduates

Prioritising carbon sequestration areas in southern Queensland using time series MODIS net primary productivity (NPP) imagery

Groundwater thresholds for drought resilience in floodplain woodlands: a case study from the northern Murray-Darling Basin

Towards a sustainable energy technologies based agriculture

Virtual world technologies to enhance climate risk management on Australian sugar cane farms

Automated camera-based height and flower detection for wheat and chickpea

Towards transparent and efficient process assessments for IT service management

Finite-difference approach for a 6th-order nonlinear phase equation with self-excitation

Interreligious dialogue in practice: modern, multi-faith chaplaincy in a regional university

Contribution of Muslims to the regional social harmony, interreligious dialogue and culture

Sustainable energy solutions in agriculture

Assessing land use of lower Mekong basin using multi-temporal MODIS imagery

Formalising informal learning: Assessment and accreditation challenges within disaggregated systems

Making the most of virtual expertise in telemedicine and telehealth environments

Falun Gong: a narrative of pending apocalypse, shape-shifting aliens and relentless persecution

Current trends in university-community partnerships: the arts as an engine for cooperative development [Keynote]

Induction of metabolic syndrome by excess fructose consumption

Strategies for implementing open licensed resources: a review of case studies

Staking out Australia's 'effective voice' in the world: John Curtin and the war correspondents, 1941-1945©

Motives for Facebook use in an Australian sample

Researching regional impact: the challenges and complexities

Developing forest-sector and REDD+ governance: a multi-stage, multi-level and multi-stakeholder approach in Nepal

Landscapes of mobility: the flow of place

Cultural issues in mental health

Death by whose hand? Falun Gong and suicide

Study on orthogonal basis NN-based storage modelling for Lake Hume of Upper Murray River, Australia

Land use: catchment management

Radio magazines

Finding weighted positive influence dominating set to make impact to negatives: a study on online social networks in the new millennium

Temporal trends of groundwater levels in the border rivers alluvia

Temporal trends of groundwater levels in the Lower Balonne 2000-2014

Temporal trends of groundwater levels in the Condamine catchment 2007-2013

Multimedia resources in engineering

Soliton-like thermoelastic waves

Comparison of the penetration of primary and lateral roots of pea and different tree seedlings growing in hard soils

Tarot and Egyptomania

A review of enabling factors in construction industry productivity in an Australian environment

The tower and the devil in the Visconti-Sforza deck: lost or absent?

A breathing source surface for cycles 23 and 24

Examining the influence of the cultural aspect of uncertainty avoidance on supply chain coordination

Design and performance analysis of an energy-efficient uplink carrier aggregation scheme

The influence of the mass media on Australian primary students' understandings of genes and DNA

The effectiveness of the grandparent Triple P program with Hong Kong Chinese families: a randomized controlled trial

Hemp reinforced composites with alkalization and acetylation fibre treatments

'Life in one colour': Indian Australian perceptions of social inclusion in regional Queensland

A fundamental approach to design and develop fly ash based geopolymers

The importance of fly ash property in the manufacture of geopolymers

Flame-retardant coating by alternate assembly of poly(vinylphosphonic acid) and polyethylenimine for ramie fabrics

Antibacterial properties of hemp and other natural fibre plants: a review

Barclay v Penberthy, the rule in Baker v Bolton and the action for loss of services: a new recipe required

Controlling surface irrigation using digital devices

High performance automated furrow irrigation

Are evaporation losses in sprinkler irrigation high?

A simple strategy to manage furrow irrigation efficiently

Selection of irrigation duration for high performance furrow irrigation on cracking clay soils

Can advected energy affect the water use efficiency in sprinkler irrigation?

Estimation of canopy interception under sprinkler irrigation: a new approach

Features, trends and characteristics of remote access laboratory management systems

Evaluation of the performance of automated bay irrigation

MODIS data based semi-real time media GIS contents to support natural disaster mitigation

The effect of the width and number of gaps on the characteristics of swirl flow induced naturally inside split channel using hot air inlet

Mobilising the global significance of multidisciplinary discourses of performativity: lessons from an Australian major league baseballer in the United States and Australian circus performers

Decision-making by school principals and education researchers: the dilemma of reverse coding in structural equation modeling and its resolution in a study of risk-taking in decision-making for school principals

Novel iterative min-max clustering to minimize information loss in statistical disclosure control

On the new concept of the available water climatology and its application

Assessing the risk of falls among community dwelling older adults: a best practice implementation project

Economics of e-learning: indicators of comparative cost analysis in higher education

A staff well-being framework for the 21st century (SWF21)

Fast intermode selection for HEVC video coding using phase correlation

An efficient video coding technique using a novel non-parametric background model

Digital narratives, social connectivity and disadvantaged youth: raising aspirations for rural and low socioeconomic young people

Optimising nutrient extraction from chicken manure and compost

Flood adaptation strategies under climate change in Nepal: a socio-hydrological aalysis

Identifying determining factors that impact on the extent of harmonisation with international financial reporting standards: analysis of listed North African companies

Relationships among three aspects of harmful behaviours, orgsanisational health, and employment wellbeing

Nudgee a life: a history of St Joseph's Nudgee College

Brother Ryan

The forgotten knights

For King and country

Functional assessment and neuropsychiatric inventory questionnaires: measurement invariance across Hispanic and non-Hispanic whites

A Pleistocene charcoal drawing or painting from Northern Australia

Democratic classroom practices: critically exploring the possibilities

The Educational Change Model: reforming Year 7 and junior secondary in Queensland

Designing and implementing high-quality curriculum integration in the middle years of schooling

An ongoing journey: evaluation of the Junior Secondary Leading Change Development Program

Geothermal arsenic: occurrence, mobility and environmental implications

Microalgae for third generation biofuel production, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and wastewater treatment: present and future perspectives - a mini review

Ethics in fieldwork: reflections on the unexpected

Walking-to-think-with in Indonesia: beginning a new discourse in area studies?

Past remarkable: using life stories to trace alternative futures

Renting over troubled waters: an urban political ecology of rental housing

Evidence base and applications of music in elite sport

A heuristic model to assist the Chinese students studying in Australia

Fusarium pseudograminearum crown rot: growth patterns in planta

Educating law students for rural and regional legal practice: embedding place consciousness in law curricula

Meeting at the crossroads: re-conceptualising difference in research teams

Computer-assisted language learning: learners, teachers and tools

On dissipative nature of elastic waves

Target’s organisational form and returns to Australian bidders in cross-border acquisitions

A palaeoclimatic rainfall history from Lake Broadwater, southeast Queensland, Australia

Proteolytic processing of the cilium adhesin MHJ_0194 (P123J ) in Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae generates a functionally diverse array of cleavage fragments that bind multiple host molecules

Using ICT in teaching a specific mathematics concept: graphs of logarithmic functions

ICTs and the millennium development goals: a United Nations perspective

Assessment of the Shikarpur Pickle Value Chain

Human capital and external knowledge acquisition in non-profit organisations: facilitating strategic advantage during an economic crisis

Mobility and local/international knowledge co-production: innovation in the post-monolingual learning of Chinese

A collaborative approach to supporting communication in the assessment of decision making capacity

An assessment protocol for determining decision making capacity

Compressive sensing based image processing and energy-efficient hardware implementation with application to MRI and JPG 2000

Spatial analysis and modelling of flood risk and climate adaptation capacity for assessing urban community and critical infrastructure interdependency

The (non)effects of lethal population control on the diet of Australian dingoes

Exploring how adults who work with young children conceptualise sustainability and describe their practice initiatives

Sympatric prey responses to lethal top-predator control: predator manipulation experiments

Does lethal control of top-predators release mesopredators? A re-evaluation of three Australian case studies

Management of wild canids in Australia: free-ranging dogs and red foxes

Neither of the air, nor of the earth but a creature somewhere between: the researcher as traveller between worlds

The short-term effects of a routine poisoning campaign on the movements and detectability of a social top-predator

Metabolomic profiling of Rhodosporidium toruloides grown on glycerol for carotenoid production during different growth phases

Enzyme production from food wastes using a biorefinery concept

Phosphorus release characteristics from biosolids-derived organomineral fertilisers

The gender digital divide in developing countries

Memories of violence, cultural transformations of cannibals and indigenous state-building in post-conflict Mozambique

Saving Indigenous nurses and midwives from historical oblivion

Working with Australian Indigenous populations

The cultural safety journey: an Australian nursing context

Indigenous gendered health perspectives

Introduction [to Yatdjuligin: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing and midwifery care]

Community controlled health services: what they are and how they work

Giving drought the cold shoulder: a relationship between drought tolerance and fall dormancy in an agriculturally important crop

Elevated carbon dioxide changes grain protein concentration and composition and compromises baking quality. A FACE study

Inspiratory muscle warm-up does not improve cycling time-trial performance

Tension modelling and testing of sandwich composites in fire

Numerical modeling of the temporal response of back-gated metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector in an equilibrium condition

Children’s rights with endogenous fertility

For the sake of the children: class, anxiety and childhood in Barbara Noble's Doreen

Ableism as transformative practice

Effects of open-air elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration on yield quality of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr)

Modelling deep drainage rates of irrigation strategies under cropping sequence in subhumid, subtropical Australia

Deep drainage estimates for irrigated crop rotations in subhumid, subtropical Australia

Quantifying the interactions between grazing interval, grazing intensity, and nitrogen on the yield and growth rate of dryland and irrigated perennial ryegrass

Opportunities and challenges in Australian grasslands: pathways to achieve future sustainability and productivity imperatives

See me, hear me: engaging with Australian Indigenous youth and their lifeworlds

The commercial and dream landscape cultures of films

All-electric LNG a viable alternative to conventional gas turbine driven LNG plant

Behaviour of infilled rehabilitation system with composites for steel pipe

Native English-speaking teachers’ perspectives on Korean university students’ learning of English as a foreign language

Temperature and heat flux measurement on hot models in short-duration facilities

An overview of project Madagascar's tri-lingual education project development: 2005-2014

Engineering pathways for regional Australia built through knowledge partnering

Building long-term capability in the Australian minerals industry – The MINAD project

Ten years on: An evaluation of the success of the Master of Engineering Practice program

Rethinking Project Management theory: A case for a paradigm shift in the foundational theory of client-side construction project management

Project-based innovation: perspective of construction organizations

Design of epoxy resin based polymer concrete matrix for composite railway sleeper

Maximizing graduate capabilities: Linking knowledge, skills, and workplace experiences

Fire performance of basalt fibre composites under tensile loading

Towards a new theory of project management: could client-side, construction, project management be a form of strategic management?

Porous borders: exploring the potential of biographical research across disciplinary boundaries

Financial planning value proposition: Laying the groundwork based on clients’ perspective

Pilgrimage as developmental process of meaning co-creation

Retrieving land surface aerodynamic properties using MODIS Albedo

Empowering women through entrepreneurship, innovation and business sustainability in Pakistan

Strategies for establising systematic databases to determine the impact of learning assistance programs on student learning: approaches and early results

Embedding a Risk Framework Using a SWOT Analysis

Remote monitoring and automatic detection of grain crop attributes

Sideways story: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community art production and markets

Identification of QTLs associated with resistance to phomopsis pod blight (Diaporthe toxica) in Lupinus albus

Prioritising plant-parasitic nematode species biosecurity risks using self organising maps

Responses of physiological indexes and leaf epicuticular waxes of Brassica napus to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infection

The genome sequence of the biocontrol fungus Metarhizium anisopliae and comparative genomics of Metarhizium species

Development of a genomics-based LAMP (loop-mediated isothermal amplification) assay for detection of Pseudomonas fuscovaginae from rice

Identification of virulence associated loci in the emerging broad host range plant pathogen Pseudomonas fuscovaginae

Glucoamylase production from food waste by solid state fermentation and its evaluation in the hydrolysis of domestic food waste

Climate change may have limited effect on global risk of potato late blight

Living comfortably with diversity: international students’ transition practices

Reflective minds and open hearts: cognitive style and personality predict religiosity and spiritual thinking in a community sample

Climate change and broadacre livestock production across southern Australia. 3. Adaptation options via livestock genetic improvement

Adapting the Australian livestock and wheat farms to climate change: value of adaptation at cross-regional scale

‘It all comes down to the leadership’: the role of the school principal in fostering parent-school engagement

Childhood studies and play

Putting ‘structure within the space’: spatially unresponsive pedagogic practices in open-plan learning environments

Work, life, and imbalance: policies, practices and performativities of academic well-being

The formation of the Australian Arts Education Practice and Research Special Interest Group (AEPR SIG)

Profile clusters of mood responses

Novel diagnostic method for ratoon stunting disease: development and implications for RSD management

Re-engineering Education research to investigate learning in community informatics: using phenomenography and variation theory to understand and account for learning in GraniteNet

Comparison of perceived barriers and treatment preferences associated with internet-based and face-to-face psychological treatment of depression

Computer-based interactive health communications for people with chronic disease

Using SMS reminders in psychology clinics: a cautionary tale

Measuring mental health literacy - a review of scale-based measures

Adapting the Australian grassland & livestock industry to climate change by systemic adaptation: value of adaptation at cross-regional scale

Scanning electron microscopic study of microstructure of gala apples during hot air drying

Biodiesel production from non-edible beauty leaf (Calophyllum inophyllum) oil: process pptimization using response surface methodology (RSM)

Estimation of biodiesel properties from chemical composition – an artificial neural network (ANN) approach

Analysis of strain-rate dependent mechanical behavior of single chondrocyte: a finite element study

A particle based model to simulate microscale morphological changes of plant tissues during drying

A mesh free model for plant tissue deformations during drying

A variable diffusivity model for the drying of spherical food particulates

Simulation of plant cell shrinkage during drying – a SPH–DEM approach

Neutral and charged boron-doped fullerenes for CO2 adsorption

Drying kinetics, quality changes and shrinkage of two grape varieties of Italy

A coupled SPH-DEM model for micro-scale structural deformations of plant cells during drying

Understanding student experiences in university learning centres

The People vs the State: Reflections on US Authority, US Power and the Responsibility to Protect by Ramesh Thakur

Legal ethics

Legal ethics at a time of regulatory change: the sixth International Legal Ethics Conference, London

Transformation of internal waves at the bottom ledge

'It feels like it matters': journalists explain the relative improvement in women’s sports coverage during the Olympic Games

Flood inundation mapping using hydraulic modelling and GIS: a case study in the West Creek sub-catchment

Supporting student engagement with capstone project presentations

Flexural behaviour of glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars subjected to elevated temperature

Handheld wireless devices and opinions of physicians in healthcare environment: a case of Pakistan

Current activities in Australasian Mycological Research

The impact of professional development on early childhood educators’ confidence, understanding and knowledge of education for sustainability

Understanding maths: basic mathematics explained (4th edition) by Graham Lawler

Analysis of alcoholic EEG signals based on horizontal visibility graph entropy

Influence of oxidative stress, diaphragm fatigue and inspiratory muscle training on the plasma cytokine response to maximum sustainable voluntary ventilation

Prior upper body exercise reduces cycling work capacity but not critical power

Shear capacity of a newly developed sustainable hybrid composite wall panel

The impact of photocatalytic on degradation of poly aromatic hydrocarbons through permeable concrete

Material properties and impact resistance of a new lightweight engineered cementitious composite

Flexural behavior of basalt fibre reinforced ferrocement composite

Effect of light hydrocarbons contamination on shear strength of fine sand

High level resistance to Pseudocercosporella capsellae offers new opportunities to deploy host resistance to effectively manage white leaf spot disease across major cruciferous crops

Hyperelastic constitutive relationship for the strain-rate dependent behavior of shoulder and other joint cartilages

Model for internal porosity development of different shaped foods

A novel approach for numerical simulation of plant tissue shrinkage during drying

Engaging first year lecturers with threshold learning outcomes and concepts in their disciplines

Effect of elevated temperature on the tensile properties of recycled mixed plastic waste

Glass fibre and recycled mixed plastic wastes: recent developments and applications

Investigation of the anti-microbial properties of endophytes from Santalum lanceolatum

An investigation of the ecology and bioactivity of endophytes from Pittosporum angustifolium

Molecular taxonomy of Australian endophytic Pezizales

New Russulaceae species in south-east Queensland

Genome-wide trans-ancestry meta-analysis provides insight into the genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes susceptibility

Steps that count! A feasibility study of a pedometer-based, healthpromotion intervention in an employed, South African population

Steps that count: pedometer-measured physical activity, self-reported physical activity and current physical guidelines ‒ how do they relate?

Steps that count: the association between the number and intensity of steps accumulated and fitness and health measures

A coupled structural and flow approach for numerical simulation of the light resin transfer moulding process. I: Model outline

Furan matrix and flax fibre as a sustainable renewable composite: mechanical and fire-resistant properties in comparison to phenol, epoxy and polyester

The perceived role and influencers of physical activity among pregnant women from low socioeconomic status communities in South Africa

The relationship between workplace environment and employee health behaviors in a South African workforce

Nurses’ lifestyle behaviours, health priorities and barriers to living a healthy lifestyle: a qualitative descriptive study

Steps that count: physical activity recommendations, brisk walking, and steps per minute - how do they relate?

A dynamical systems approach to simulating macroscale spatial dynamics in multiple dimensions

A coupled structural and flow approach for numerical simulation of the light resin transfer moulding process. II: Fabric permeability and compaction characterisation, model results and a 6-kW wind turbine case study

Mechanical property characterization of aligned plant yarn reinforced thermoset matrix composites manufactured via vacuum infusion

Predictors of financial capacity performance in older adults using the Financial Competence Assessment Inventory

Promoting the use of enduring powers of attorney in older adults: a literature review

Investigation on interfacial adhesion of date palm/epoxy using fragmentation technique

Analysis of a destructive wind storm on 16 November 2008 in Brisbane, Australia

Effects of shear rate on cyclic loading shear behaviour of rock joints under constant normal stiffness conditions

Yield response in chickpea cultivars and wheat following crop rotations affecting population densities of Pratylenchus thornei and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Transesterification of Nannochloropsis oculata microalga's oil to biodiesel using calcium methoxide catalyst

Characterization of a diesel engine operating with a small proportion of methanol as a fuel additive in biodiesel blend

Laparoscopic vs open repair for incisional hernia

Testing the equality of two intercept for the parallel regression model

The echoes of voice in education research ethics

The relationship between sedentary behaviour and physical activity in adults: a systematic review

Design transformations: teaching design through evaluations

Adolescent television viewing and unhealthy snack food consumption: the mediating role of home availability of unhealthy snack foods

Using threshold messages to promote physical activity: Implications for public perceptions of health effects

Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of obesity in the British army

Cooperative jamming and power allocation with untrusty two-way relay nodes

The use of arousing and relaxing classical music for novices and elite performers of fine-motor and power skill tasks

From classical conditioning to Michael Phelps: music applications in elite sport

Does music really make a difference? Meta-analytic review of a century of research

Colletotrichum siamense, C. theobromicola and C. queenslandicum, from several plant species and the identification of C. asianum in the Northern Territory, Australia

First report of Masseeëlla capparis in Australia

The rusts on Goodeniaceae and Stylidiaceae

Effects of physical, technical, and tactical factors on final ladder position in semiprofessional rugby league

Influence of playing standard on the physical demands of junior rugby league tournament match-play

Cardiorespiratory fitness and academic achievement in a large cohort of British children: does selective attention matter?

Influence of field position and phase of play on the physical demands of match-play in professional rugby league forwards

Influence of physical contact on neuromuscular fatigue and markers of muscle damage following small-sided games

Gap formation in a self-gravitating disk and the associated migration of the embedded giant planet

Interventions designed to reduce sedentary behaviours in young people: A review of reviews

Fungal planet description sheets: 214-280

Epitypification and neotypification: guidelines with appropriate and inappropriate examples

Naming and outline of Dothideomycetes–2014 including proposals for the protection or suppression of generic names

Trace element supplementation in the biogas production from wheat stillage – optimization of metal dosing

Effects of the reduction of the hydraulic retention time to 1.5 days at constant organic loading in CSTR, ASBR, and fixed-bed reactors – performance and methanogenic community composition

Puccinia psidii in Queensland, Australia: disease symptoms, distribution and impact

Match analysis and temporal patterns of fatigue in rugby sevens

Small-sided games in team sports training: a brief review

Accelerometer and GPS-derived running loads and injury risk in elite Australian footballers

Long-term training-induced changes in sprinting speed and sprint momentum in elite rugby union players

Physical demands of training and competition in collegiate netball players

The Triple P-Positive Parenting Program: a systematic review and meta-analysis of a multi-level system of parenting support

Three new species of Tilletia on Eriachne from north-western Australia

The novice literacy coach: exploring motivation and persistence in the face of challenge

Uredinopsis pteridis and Desmella aneimiae, the first rust fungi (Pucciniales) reported on ferns (Pteridophyta) in Australia

One stop shop: backbone trees for important phytopathogenic genera: I (2014)

Effect of different between-match recovery times on the activity profiles and injury rates of national rugby league players

Match intensity and pacing strategies in rugby league: an examination of whole-game and interchanged players, and winning and losing teams

Relationship between explosive performance measurements of the lower limb and repeated shuttle-sprint ability in elite adolescent handball players

Effects of a short-term in-season plyometric training program on repeated-sprint ability, leg power and jump performance of elite handball players

Movement demands of elite rugby league players during Australian National Rugby League and European Super League matches

Influence of physical contact on pacing strategies during game-based activities

Repeated-sprint ability and team selection in Australian football league players

The great experiment with devolved NRM governance: lessons from community engagement in Australia and New Zealand since the 1980s

Review of the history and development in the field of psychosocial oncology

Validity and reliability of new agility test among elite and subelite under 14-soccer players

An elasto-plastic constitutive model for rock joints under cyclic loading and constant normal stiffness conditions

Improvement in measurement accuracy for hybrid scanner

Action research as metamethodology: managing the complexity of an applied research project

Activity profiles of professional soccer, rugby league and Australian football match play

Puccinia komarovii var. glanduliferae var. nov.: a fungal agent for the biological control of Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera)

Spikes in acute workload are associated with increased injury risk in elite cricket fast bowlers

Statistical modelling for recurrent events: an application to sports injuries

A hyperparasite affects the population dynamics of a wild plant pathogen

Telomere shortening in elderly individuals with mild cognitive impairment may be attenuated with ω-3 fatty acid supplementation: a randomized controlled pilot study

Effects of resveratrol supplementation on bone growth in young rats and microarchitecture and remodeling in ageing rats

A comparison of regular consumption of fresh lean pork, beef and chicken on body composition: A randomized cross-over trial

Increases in plasma lutein through supplementation are correlated with increases in physical activity and reductions in sedentary time in older adults

Relationship between erythrocyte omega-3 content and obesity is gender dependent

Report on the Fifth International Conference on Natural Products for Health and Beauty (NATPRO 5) held in Thailand, 6–8th May, 2014

Assessing premorbid cognitive ability in adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: a review with implications for future intervention studies

Antihypertensive potential of combined extracts of olive leaf, green coffee bean and beetroot: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial

Applied sport science of rugby league

The relationship between workloads, physical performance, injury and illness in adolescent male football players

Fish oil in comparison to folinic acid for protection against adverse effects of methotrexate chemotherapy on bone

Maximal rate of increase in heart rate during the rest-exercise transition tracks reductions in exercise performance when training load is increased

Lower energy intake following consumption of Hi-oleic and regular peanuts compared with iso-energetic consumption of potato crisps

Musculoskeletal pain in obese compared with healthy-weight children

Nut consumption for vascular health and cognitive function

Integrating enquiry-based learning pedagogies and remote access laboratory for STEM education

Building a software tool for transparent and efficient process assessments in IT service management

In situ synthesis of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks/carbon nanotube composites with enhanced CO2 adsorption

Mixed matrix membranes with strengthened MOFs/polymer interfacial interaction and improved membrane performance

A new type of carbon nitride-based polymer composite for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production

Adopting a survivor identity after cancer in a peer support context

New electroless plating method for preparation of highly active Co-B catalysts for NaBH4 hydrolysis

A novel bottom-up solvothermal synthesis of carbon nanosheets

Unmasking codes of power: expanding the relatively new media to escalate war, 1941-45

Impacting IT enrolments: what factors most influence student career decisions

Prudential regulatory risk governance of IT multi-sourcing strategies within the Australian banking sector

An evaluation of NoSQL databases for EHR systems

Failure mechanisms of bridge infrastructure in an extreme flood event

Mechatronic feasibility of minimally invasive, atraumatic cochleostomy

Feasibility study of a hand guided robotic drill for cochleostomy

Speaking to the deceased child: Australian health professional perspectives in paediatric end-of-life care

An organisational change approach to implementing IT service management

How to communicate evaluation work in design science research? An exemplar case study

SDI and crowdsourced spatial information management automation for disaster management

Extended economic models for information systems balance theory

Positive Influence Dominating Set Games

Bettering corporate social responsibility through empowerment and effective engagement practices: an Australian mining perspective

Indium selenides: structural characteristics, synthesis and their thermoelectric performances

The intimacy of distance

Three paths for learning analytics and beyond: moving from rhetoric to reality

Breaking BAD to bridge the reality/rhetoric chasm

Selection of hemp fabric as reinforcement in composite materials

Compressive properties of ceramic microballoon syntactic foams

Geopolymer concrete: the green alternative with suitable structural properties

Compressive, tensile and thermal properties of epoxy grouts subjected to underwater conditioning at elevated temperature

A comparison of rehabilitated coal mine soil and unmined soil supporting grazed pastures in south-east Queensland

An Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of a cool star

Rapid molten salt synthesis of isotropic negative thermal expansion ScF3

Large-scale synthesis of isotropic single-crystalline ScF3 cubes by hydrothermal method

Zero thermal expansion and ferromagnetism in cubic sc1-xMxF3 (M = Ga, Fe) over a wide temperature range

N,N-dimethylformamide-induced synthesis and photoluminescence of CePO4 and Ce0.95PO4:Tb0.05 with sphere-like nanostructures

Au-catalyzed and catalyst-free growth of one-dimensional Bi2Se3 nanostructures

Mindfulness can assist FYHE students with academic adjustment

Assessing the language anxiety of Malaysian undergraduate English language learners

Software-mediated process assessment for IT service capability management

Wear and frictional behaviour of metals

Two new, rare, high-effusion outburst eruptions at Rarog and Heno Paterae on Io

One step molten salt synthesis of YVO4 nanoparticles and their photocatalytic properties under UV-Visible light

A low-cost and large-scale synthesis of nano-zinc oxide from smithsonite

Quintuple-shelled Sno2 hollow microspheres with superior light scattering for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cells

The electrowinning of zinc from sodium hydroxide solutions

Tectonic-sourced groundwater arsenic in Andean foreland of Argentina: insight from flow path modeling

Small-scale membrane-based desalinators: developing a viable concept for sustainable arsenic removal from groundwater

Dynamic behaviour of fibre composite multilayer sandwich plates with delaminations

Bond-slip behaviour of GFRP bars into geopolymer concrete

Structural behavior of fibre composite guardrails

Stress-strain behaviour of unconfined polymer concrete

Geopolymer concrete with FRP confinement

Developing early learners' creativity and collaboration using iPads

Remote access laboratories enhancing STEM education

Effect of beam-column joint stiffness on the design of beams

An integrated WSN and mobile robot system for agriculture and environment applications

Curriculum to the classroom: investigating the spatial practices of curriculum implementation in Queensland schools and its implications for teacher education

Multiscale modeling of combined deterministic and stochastic fabric non-uniformity for realistic resin injection simulation

Controlled synthesis of Y2O3 nanoplates with improved performance

High piezoelectric performance and temperature dependence of ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of Bi(Mg0.5Zr0.5)O 3-PbTiO3 near morphotropic phase boundary

Synthesis and photoluminescence of nano/ microstructured Y0.95Eu0.05PO4 via hydrothermal process

A video-based imaging technique for accurate foot measures during different weight bearing conditions

Assessing the dynamic foot mobility magnitude using an image-based analysis system

Dynamic analysis of multilayer GFRP sandwich slabs with interlayer delaminations

Developing a viable concept for sustainable arsenic removal from groundwater in remote area: findings of pilot trials in rural Bihar, India

The spatialized practices of teaching writing in Australian elementary schools: diverse students shaping discoursal selves

Music, multiliteracies and multimodality: exploring the book and movie versions of Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing

Reflexivity and self-care for creative facilitators: stepping outside the circle

Observations of a metal-insulator transition and strong surface states in Bi2-x Sbx Se3 thin films

Paramagnetic Cu-doped Bi2Te3 nanoplates

Anisotropic electrical properties from vapor-solid-solid grown Bi2Se3 nanoribbons and nanowires

Corrosion effects of CNT-nanofluids on different metals

Geochemical processes controlling mobilization of arsenic and trace elements in shallow aquifers in mining regions, Bolivian Altiplano

Overlay network architectures for peer-to-peer Remote Access Laboratories

Remote networking laboratory development

Using network enabled microcontrollers in experiments for a distributed remote laboratory

Reliability of qualitative data using text analysis: a Queensland Health case study

A new crystal: layer-structured rhombohedral In3Se4

In-doped Bi2Se3 hierarchical nanostructures as anode materials for Li-ion batteries

Scalable low-cost SnS2 nanosheets as counter electrode building blocks for dye-sensitized solar cells

Insight into the liquid state of organo-lead halide perovskites and their new roles in dye-sensitized solar cells

Long wavelength emissions of Se4+-doped In2O 3 hierarchical nanostructures

QoE-aware cross-layer architecture for video traffic over internet

The potential for a rehabilitated coal mine soil to support livestock grazing in south-east Queensland

Ground-penetrating radar and burial practices in western Arnhem Land, Australia

Integrating geoarchaeology and magnetic susceptibility at three shell mounds: a pilot study from Mornington Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

Australia: acting on opponents' mistakes - Expense Reduction Analysts Group Pty Ltd v Armstrong Strategic Management and Marketing Pty Ltd and the inadvertent disclosure of privileged material

A vibrotactile interface to motivate movement for children with severe to profound disabilities


Physical modelling and PIV analyses of an underground tunnel heading

Settlement analyses of underground circular tunneling in soft clay

Mechanical properties of activated carbon (AC) coconut shell reinforced polypropylene composites encapsulated with epoxy resin

The Remediation of Nosferatu: exploring transmedia experiences

Mobile learning trends among students in Vietnam

Making online classrooms real: engaging pedagogy for online students

Lossless data compression of grid-based digital elevation models: a PNG image format evaluation

Shared skies partnership: a dual-site all-sky live remote observing initiative for research and education

Empowering teachers to embed indigenous perspectives: a study of the effects of professional development in traditional indigenous games

From rags to riches: democratisation of the photographic art

A novel video coding scheme using a scene adaptive non-parametric background model

Managerial leadership competencies of heads of department in higher education institutions in Kerala, India

Crime analysis mapping in the UK: a GIS analysis of burglaries in Leicestershire

Bringing digital literacies to students without internet access

Overconfidence across world regions

Quest for the best non-cognitive predictor of academic achievement

Taking ebook readers to prisons: a tale of two projects

Confidence: the best non-cognitive predictor of academic achievement?

Water: advanced irrigation technologies

Wobbling ancient binaries - here be planets?

A dynamical test for terrestrial planets in the habitable zone of HD 204313

An odd partnership: identity-based constitutional claims in modern democracy

A faint echo: using fictionalisation to speak the unspeakable

IEEE 802.14.5/ZigBee based WSNs-WPANs and innovative application in medical health care systems

Ethical issues for qualitative research in on-line communities

Global graduate employability research: a report to the Business20 Human Capital Taskforce (DRAFT)

Mobile feedback: when ‘seeing’ informs reflection and learning

Ecological theory


Psychologia dla sportowcow

Urie Bronfenbrenner

Growth of hematite nanowire arrays during dense pentlandite oxidation

Multi-shelled CeO2 hollow microspheres as superior photocatalysts for water oxidation

Disability in a digital world: online pedagogy for enabling learning

Embodied cognition and Shakespeare's theatre: the early modern body-mind

Structure and thermal expansion of the tungsten bronze Pb2KNb5O15

Rapid synthesis, structure and photocatalysis of pure bismuth A-site perovskite of Bi(Mg3/8Fe2/8Ti3/8)O3

Magnetic Ni and Ni/Pt hollow nanospheres and their catalytic activities for hydrolysis of ammonia borane

Literacy in the arts: retheorising learning and teaching

α-Fe2O3 multi-shelled hollow microspheres for lithium ion battery anodes with superior capacity and charge retention

Shape controllable synthesis of NdFeO3 micro single crystals by a hydrothermal route

Just keep following the heartlines on your hand

Why so evasive about evaluation in higher education?

Controlling fines in coal seam gas wells using MgO nanoparticles

The comparative genomics of monotremes, marsupials, and pinnipeds: models to examine the functions of milk proteins

Literacy education: about being in the world

Phylogenetic and population genetic analyses of Stagonosporopsis tanaceti, the cause of ray blight of pyrethrum in Australia

Encouraging productive arts-literacy dialogues: a call to action

Literacy and knowledge: classroom practice in the arts

Literacy and the arts: interpretation and expression of symbolic form

Storytelling as an Arts Literacy: Use of Narrative Structure in Aboriginal Arts Practice and Performance

Reflected, refracted, re-voiced: the ivory tower re-constructed

Together alone: integrating the Tasman world

Modeling users' web search behavior and their cognitive styles

Understanding the information literacy experiences of EFL (English as a foreign language) students

Who are Australia's information educators?

The researcher librarian partnership: building a culture of research

Unaccustomed eccentric contractions impair plasma K+ regulation in the absence of changes in muscle Na+,K+-ATPase content

Levels and correlates of domain-specific physical activity in university students: cross-sectional findings from Croatia | [Razina i korelati tjelesne aktivnosti u razliĉitim domenama kod studenata: Rezultati transverzalnog istraẑivanja iz Hrvatske]

Workplace Sitting Breaks Questionnaire (SITBRQ): an assessment of concurrent validity and test-retest reliability

New weighted geometric mean method to estimate the slope of measurement error model

Drug-efflux and target-site gene expression patterns in Haemonchus contortus larvae able to survive increasing concentrations of levamisole in vitro

Susceptibility of cat fleas (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) to Fipronil and Imidacloprid using adult and larval bioassays

Whither metacognition

Capacity-building for western expatriate nurses and Australian early career researchers

Exploring the effects of colouring graph diagrams on people of various backgrounds

M-ary trees for combinatorial asset management decision problems

Letters to the Editor: the 'awkward truths' in Australia's Italian migration history, 1900-1915

Cogito Ergo Theatrum: Redistributing Cognition on the Early Modern Stage

Quaint knowledge: a 'body-mind' pattern across Shakespeare's career

Re-cognising the body-mind in Shakespeare's theatre [Introduction]

Hierarchical nanoscale multi-shell Au/CeO2hollow spheres

Reply to the criticism by Johnson et al. (2014) on the report by Allen et al (2013)

A general and rapid synthesis of metal sulphides hollow spheres that have properties enhanced by salt-assisted aerosol decomposition: a case of ZnS and other multicomponent solid solutions

Two-dimensional carbon leading to new photoconversion processes

Draft genome sequence of the plant-pathogenic soil fungus Rhizoctonia solani anastomosis group 3 strain Rhs1AP

Key interventions and learning from grassroots capacity building in REDD+ project in Nepal

Grassroots capacity development for REDD+: approaches and key lessons from Nepal [Policy brief]

Working in the border zone: developing cultural competence in higher education for a globalized world

Analysis and classification of sleep stages based on difference visibility graphs from a single-channel EEG signal

Sustainability of transhumance grazing systems under socio-economic threats in Langtang, Nepal

Depth of anaesthesia monitors and the latest algorithms

Tall tales and other adventures (Exhibition Catalogue)

University students' perspective on blended learning

Social technologies in public libraries: exploring best practice

Two dimensions of psychological country-level differences: conservatism/liberalism and harshness/softness

Johnalcornia gen. et. comb. nov., and nine new combinations in Curvularia based on molecular phylogenetic analysis

Observations of transiting exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

Validation of Kepler's multiple planet candidates. III. Light curve analysis and announcement of hundreds of new multi-planet systems

A technique to derive improved proper motions for kepler objects of interest

Masses, radii, and orbits of small Kepler planets: the transition from gaseous to rocky planets

Planetary candidates observed by Kepler IV: Planet sample from Q1-Q8 (22 months)

Stellar diameters and temperatures - V. 11. Newly characterized exoplanet host stars

Limits on stellar companions to exoplanet host stars with eccentric planets

Influence of stellar multiplicity on planet formation. II. Planets are less common in multiple-star systems with separations smaller than 1500 AU

Most sub-arcsecond companions of Kepler exoplanet candidate host stars are gravitationally bound

Kepler-424 b: a 'lonely' hot Jupiter that found a companion

Nova-like cataclysmic variables in the infrared

Architecture of Kepler's multi-transiting systems. II. New investigations with twice as many candidates

A randomized trial comparing two low-intensity psychological interventions for distressed patients with cancer and their caregivers

The validity of the distress thermometer in prostate cancer populations

Multishelled TiO2 hollow microspheres as anodes with superior reversible capacity for lithium ion batteries

Adverse responses and physical activity: secondary analysis of the prepare trial

Associations between sedentary behaviour and physical activity in children and adolescents: a meta-analysis

The effectiveness of interventions to increase physical activity among young girls: a meta-analysis

Physical activity, sedentary behaviour, use of electronic media, and snacking among youth: an international study

Managing sedentary behavior to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Elemental abundances of solar sibling candidates

Planetary transit candidates in the CSTAR field: analysis of the 2008 data

Study of the termination of two acrylonitrile radicals and infrared spectrum

Combination effects of graphene and layered double hydroxides on intumescent flame-retardant poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites

Combination effect of carbon nanotubes with graphene on intumescent flame-retardant polypropylene nanocomposites

Metabolic health benefits of long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Through-thickness permeability modelling of woven fabric under out-of-plane deformation

Geometrical modelling of 3D woven reinforcements for polymer composites: prediction of fabric permeability and composite mechanical properties

Online identification guides for Australian smut fungi (Ustilaginomycotina) and rust fungi (Pucciniales)

Algae-biomass for fuel, electricity and agriculture

Influence of chemical blends on palm oil methyl esters' cold flow properties and fuel characteristics

Sustainable energy and climate protection solutions in agriculture

The impact of alcohol sponsorship in sport upon varsity sportspeople

Who should teach what? Australian perceptions of the roles of universities and practice in the education of professional accountants

Effects of cyclic loading on the shear behaviour of infilled rock joints under constant normal stiffness conditions

The effect of protein supplied in the growth medium on plant pathogen resistance

Effects of externally supplied protein on root morphology and biomass allocation in Arabidopsis

Durum wheat quality in high-input irrigation systems in south-eastern Australia

Assessment of revised recruitment standards for asthma in the Australian Defence Force

‘Means to ends’ integration for stakeholder engagement

A functional genomics catalogue of activated transcription factors during pathogenesis of pneumococcal disease

Bioconversion of food waste to energy: a review

Digital literacy in the developing world: a gender gap

Navigating the online information maze: should students trust Wikipedia?

Do you think it is time to consider legume-based cropping systems again?

Want to win? Let music give you the edge

Evaluating the merits of using brief measures of PTSD or general mental health measures in two-stage PTSD screening

Special Issue: After Williams


The internment diaries of Mario Sardi by Ilma Martinuzzi O’Brien

Mass infant grave in Ireland shocks the world – but Irish government is slow to respond

Interlocking constitutions: towards an interordinal theory of national, European and UN law by Louis I. Gordillo

Advanced composites with natural reinforcement

Social media as surveillance, by Daniel Trottier by Daniel Trottier

A Bcool magnetic snapshot survey of solar-type stars

Alphabet soup

Indecorous: an exhibition by Simon Mee

Moon Gazing [Exhibition of 32 Paintings]


Meeting the challenge: improving the practicum experience for supervisors and pre service teachers

Nitrogen release characteristics from biosolids-derived organomineral fertilisers

Ethnography in music education research

Reflective practice in music: a collaborative professional approach

30/30 Image Archive Project

30/30 CCNOA image archive project

Lynch yourself on the things you love

Smash your head on the punk rock

Vault Series: Jam II

High-impact engineering education: using the LTI to influence knowledge and skills for sustainable economy

Rhetoric and reality: critical perspectives on education in a 3D virtual world

Coming of the third wave: a move toward best practice, user defined tools and mainstream integration for virtual worlds in education

Authentic assessment of reflection in an ePortfolio: how to make reflection more real for students

Tools of the trade: breaking the ice with virtual tools in online learning

Three good reasons to understand the research impact of a technology-enabled initiative

Benchmarking for technology enhanced learning: taking the next step in the journey

A review of integrating mobile phones for language learning

The burial [Memoir]

Sugar, baby [Short story]

Willowhaven [Semi-autobiographical Gothic short story]

In the darkest part of the forest

Tall tales and other adventures - USQ, Dogwood Crossing, Miles and Flying Arts research project

A systematic review of the role of regional aviation in the airfreight industry

Numerical modelling of moisture motion in heterogeneous soils using 1D-MIRBF method

Estimating the value of conjunctive water use at a system-level using nonlinear programming model

Forecasting water market prices in the Murray-Darling basin using Hybrid Artificial Neural Network (ANN) - Bayesian Modelling Approach

Sweet success: virtual world tools enhance real world decision making in the Australian sugar industry

Asset allocation: analysis of theory and practice in the Australian investment management industry

Internal solitary waves in two-layer fluids at near-critical situation

You measure what you value: how a Middle Eastern Polytechnic developed a sustainable review and improvement framework

Beneficial reuse: A field trial to remediate and a bench-scale test to revegetate coal seam gas dam sediments from Queensland

Climate change and hydrologic modeling

Analysis of rainfall, PMP and drought in the United Arab Emirates

Statistical downscaling of multi-site daily rainfall in a South Australian catchment using a Generalized Linear Model

Statistical parameters used for assessing hydrologic regime

Rainfall and intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves in United Arab Emirates

Predictive modelling to aid the regional-scale management of a vertebrate pest

Outcomes of blending project-based and traditional lecture-based teaching approaches in engineering education at the United Arab Emirates University

Developing novel biorefineries using food waste as substrate

Biomass & biogas developments in Singapore

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (WRPs) (Report 5)

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (WRPs) (Report 6)

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (WRPs) (Report 4)

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (WRPs) (Report 3)

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technical report 8)

Developing novel biorefineries using food waste as substrate (Technical report 3)

A 12-month field trial to remediate an exposed 'tailings beach' in Tasmania

A sustainability framework for the beneficial reuse of alumina refinery residue

Three bench-scale tests designed to destroy tributyltin (TBT) in marine sediments from North Queensland, Australia

Muscle fascicle strains in human gastrocnemius during backward downhill walking

A long-term study of mine site rehabilitation in Australia

The case for David Malouf’s An Imaginary Life

University writing programs deliver, so let’s turn the page

Sludge pretreatment methods for enhanced VS destruction and CH4 production

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of greywater for water demand management in Al Ain

Influence of climate drivers on variability and trends in seasonal rainfall in the Onkaparinga catchment in South Australia: a wavelet approach

Selection of predictors for statistical downscaling using wavelet techniques

Improving pre-service teachers' perceptions of teaching in rural and remote locations in Queensland: a case-based teaching method

Health information literacy and the experience of 65 to 79 year old Australians

Informed democracy: information experiences during the 2012 Queensland election

Overview of theory and practice in library and information science research in Asia-Oceania

Information literacy research: the evolution of the relational approach

Psychopathology, limit situations and the abandonment of the authentic being

Engaging youth through self-reflective digital narratives: a Career Development initiative with a Tertiary Preparation program

Bone mineral density (BMD) in rats in a model of metabolic syndrome (METS)

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Geotechnique, Construction Materials and Environment (GEOMATE 2014)

Effects of driver familiarity and prolonged or intermittent right-side failure on level crossing safety

Effects of shearing direction on shear behaviour of rock joints

A study on the shear behaviour of infilled rock joints under cyclic loading and constant normal stiffness conditions

Suggested methods for the preparation and testing of various properties of resins and grouts

Role of competing ions in the mobilization ofarsenic in groundwater of Bengal Basin: insight from surface complexation modeling

Arsenic species in raw and cooked rice: implications for human health in rural Bengal

Shallow hydrostratigraphy in an arsenic affected region of Bengal Basin: implication for targeting safe aquifers for drinking water supply

Sediment color tool for targeting arsenic-safe aquifers for the installation of shallow drinking water tubewells

The development and evaluation of online stories to enhance clinical learning experiences across health professions in rural Australia

The effectiveness of emotional schema therapy on emotional schemas of female victims of child abuse and neglect

Disseminating research

Author response: missed opportunity related to statistical methods

What factors influence nurses’ assessment practices? Development of the Barriers to Nurses’ use of Physical Assessment Scale

An integrated educational model for continuing nurse education

A point about sharps safety

Author response: NPO practices and preoperative oral carbohydrate intake

Incontinence-associated dermatitis: a cross-sectional prevalence study in the Australian acute care hospital setting

Spatial, vertical and temporal variation of arsenic in shallow aquifers of the Bengal Basin: controlling geochemical processes

Arsenic contamination in the groundwater of Thoubal and Bishnupur district of Manipur, India

The potential contribution of geothermal energy to electricity supply in Saudi Arabia

Plagioclase as recorder of magma chamber processes in the Deccan Traps: Sr-isotope zoning and implications for Deccan eruptive event

Expanded review criteria: the case of no pharmacological interventions in dementia

Spectroscopic pulsational frequency and mode determination of the γ Doradus Star HD 189631

Exploring registered nurses’ attitudes towards postgraduate education in Australia: an overview of the literature

High-heat-producing granites of East Dharwar Craton around Gugi, Karnataka, and their possible influence on the evolution of Rajapur thermal springs, Deccan Volcanic Province, India

Physicochemical evolution of the thermal springs over the Siwana Ring Complex, western Rajasthan

Geochemical investigations on thermal and cold springs at Dumka District, Jharkhand, India

Geothermal energy resources of wadi Al-Lith, Saudi Arabia

Geochemistry of thermal springs around Lake Abhe, Western Djibouti

Quality and substance of educational strategies for mental health in nursing curricula

Relative and absolute reliability of functional performance measures for adults with dementia living in residential aged care

Research participation by people with intellectual disability and mental health issues: an examination of the processes of consent

The evaluation of undergraduate nurses' attitudes, perspectives and perceptions toward older people

The path analysis of early maladaptive schemas, coping strategies and mental quality of life

Hydrogeochemistry and groundwater quality in Champhai, Mizoram, North Eastern India

The unmanifest canvas: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the arts, creativity, and perception 1970-2006

Understanding occupational sitting: prevalence, correlates and moderating effects in Australian employees

Evaluation of a real world intervention using professional football players to promote a healthy diet and physical activity in children and adolescents from a lower socio-economic background: a controlled pretest-posttest design

A RE-AIM evaluation of evidence-based multi-level interventions to improve obesity-related behaviours in adults: a systematic review (the SPOTLIGHT project)

Exploring registered nurses’ attitudes towards postgraduate education in Australia: an overview of literature

Content and validity testing of the Nurses’ Attitudes Towards Postgraduate Education (NATPGE) tool in Australia

Following from afar: Malaysia’s competition law looks to Europe

Challenging the need for a 'Global' Competition Law

Educational strategies aimed at improving student nurse's medication calculation skills: a review of the research literature

Oral herbal therapies for treating osteoarthritis (review)

Pre-service teachers' epistemic perspectives about philosophy in the classroom: it is not a bunch of 'hippie stuff'

Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) of on-axis Si-face SiC wafer using catalyst nanoparticles in slurry

Characterization of colloidal silica abrasives with different sizes and their chemical–mechanical polishing performance on 4H-SiC (0 0 0 1)

XPS, UV–vis spectroscopy and AFM studies on removal mechanisms of Si-face SiC wafer chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)

Atomically smooth gallium nitride surface prepared by chemical-mechanical polishing with different abrasives

Firefighter feedback during active cooling: a useful tool for heat stress management?

Modelling squeeze flow of viscous polymer melts

An intuitive dashboard for Bayesian Network inference

A snapshot of data quality issues in Indonesian community health

Hedonism's Second Album [Script]

Enterprise systems lifecycle-wide innovation readiness

Enterprise system lifecycle-wide innovation

The future of outsourcing in the Asia-Pacific region: implications for research and practice — panel report from PACIS 2014

Psychological health of medical and dental students in Saudi Arabia: a longitudinal study

Satisfaction with emergency department service among non-English-speaking background patients

Towards understanding self-development coaching programs

Progress and challenges of disaster health management in China: a scoping review

Validation of a framework for measuring hospital disaster resilience using factor analysis

The varied impacts of El Nino-Southern Oscillation on Pacific Island climates

From policy borrowing to implementation: an illuminative evaluation of learning and teaching in higher education in Australia (2002 to 2008)

Climate science: expulsion from history

Past and future changes to inflows into Perth (Western Australia) dams

Major coastal flooding in southeastern Australia 1860-2012, associated deaths and weather systems

Precipitation response to La Nina and global warming in the Indo-Pacific

Nonlinear precipitation response to El Nino and global warming in the Indo-Pacific

A new index for variations in the position of the South Pacific convergence zone 1910/11-2011/2012

The eastward shift of the Walker Circulation in response to global warming and its relationship to ENSO variability

Reframing evaluation of learning and teaching: An approach to change

A socio-cognitive approach to customer adherence in health care

Little people, big lessons: An innovative strategy to develop interpersonal skills in undergraduate nursing students

Search for circum-planetary material and orbital period variations of short-period Kepler exoplanet candidates

Vitamin K absorption in the horse: intestinal uptake of different vitamers

Vitamin K absorption in the horse: does absorption occur from the hindgut

Assessing stimulation and inhibition of anaerobic lagoons: Project 4C-105

Translation and evaluation of the Baseline Resilience Indicators for Communities on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

Insights into community vulnerability and resilience following natural disasters: perspectives with food retailers in Northern NSW, Australia

Designing Professional Development: Beyond General Principles

'Symbols of Our Slavery': Fashion and the Rhetoric of Dress Reform in Nineteenth-Century American Print Culture

Over-voltage mitigation within distribution networks with a high renewable distributed generation penetration

Fault Approximation Tool for Grid-Connected Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Generators

Complexity, compliance costs and non compliance with VAT by small and medium enterprises in Bangladesh: is there a relationship?

Weaknesses of VAT in Nepal

Learning to listen: audience, listening and experience in the classical music concert hall

Views on building information modelling, procurement and contract management

Perspectives on Modelling BIM-enabled Estimating Practices

A benefits realization management building information modeling framework for asset owners

Building Information Modelling and Intellectual Propertization: A Revolutionary Nirvana or a Disillusionment?

A Response to Reorienting Teacher Education Towards Sustainability

Planning for Success: Factors Influencing Change in Teacher Education

Pathways for teaching vocal jazz improvisation

Quantitative research : a viable option for music researchers

The First Year in Higher Education – Where to from here?

The First Year Experience: Looking back to inform the future

Establishing a framework for transforming student engagement, success and retention in higher education institutions. Final Report 2014

Experience of Advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Metasynthesis of Qualitative Research

Elements of effective palliative care models: a rapid review

Cross-sector collaborations in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander childhood disability: a systematic integrative review and theory-based synthesis

Australian survey of current practice and guideline use in adult cancer pain assessment and management: Perspectives of oncologists

When death is not a crime: Challenges for police and policing

The Body in Grief: Death Investigations, Objections to Autopsy, and the Religious and Cultural ‘Other’

Reframe: QUT's evaluation framework survey business rules

Reframe QUT's Evaluation framework: A case study of planning, policy and positioning leading to educational best practice

Urgent: we need to act on equity in Australian schools now [Blog post]

Learning from alternative schooling: mainstream schools can benefit greatly [Blog post]

Linking service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty in casinos, does membership matter?

The development of service quality dimensions for internet service providers: Retaining customers of different usage patterns

A patron, a referral and why in Macau casinos—The case of mainland Chinese gamblers

Who stays, who walks, and why in high-intensity service contexts

The relationship between casino service and gambler loyalty

To Gamble or Not? Perceptions of Macau Among Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Visitors

Effect of physical activity, social support, and skills training on late-life emotional health: a systematic literature review and implications for public health research

The influence of biological factors on students’ sexual behaviour at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Fighting Maille: Heritage and Masculinity in the Revival of Western Martial Arts in Australia, 1969 – 2012

I know, but I Don’t Care: How Awareness of Queensland’s Drug Driving Testing Methods Impact Upon Perceptions of Deterrence and Offending Behaviours

Continuing to drive while sleepy: The influence of sleepiness countermeasures, motivation for driving sleepy, and risk perception

Deterrence of drug driving: The impact of the ACT drug driving legislation and detection techniques

At home in a new range: wild red deer in south-eastern Queensland

An Updated Model to Determine the Life Remaining of Transformer Insulation

Investigation of Feature Selection Techniques for Improving Efficiency of Power Transformer Condition Assessment

Improvement of Power Transformer Insulation Diagnosis Using Oil Characteristics Data Preprocessed By SMOTEBoost Technique

A Diffusion-Driven Model for Investigating Moisture Effects on Dielectric Response Measurement of Transformer Insulation

The effects of simulated transport on the behaviour of eastern blue tongued lizards (Tiliqua scincoides)

Expenditure and motivation of Australian recreational hunters