An improved solution for the infiltration advance problem in irrigation hydraulics

Technology adoption and content consumption in Chinese television: local city, national city, global city

Cure kinetics of an acrylated epoxidized hemp oil-based bioresin system

Thermal properties of calcium carbonate powder reinforced vinyl ester composites: pilot study

Numerical and comparative study of earthquake intensity indices in seismic analysis

Testing base load with non-sample prior information on process load

Ellagic acid attenuates high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Cardioprotective and hepatoprotective effects of ellagitannins from European oak bark (Quercus petraea L.) extract in rats

Piperine attenuates cardiovascular, liver and metabolic changes in high carbohydrate, high fat-fed rats

Effect of silk fiber to the mechanical and thermal properties of its biodegradable composites

Micro-crack behavior of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic modified epoxy composites for cryogenic applications

Sonication effect on the mechanical properties of MWCNTs reinforced natural rubber

Meditative insight: conceptual and measurement development

How old are Australia's pictographs? A review of rock art dating

Reinforcement of polypropylene with hemp fibres

Re-discovering the arts: the impact of engagement in a natural environment upon pre-service teacher perceptions of creativity

Nursing students' perceptions and understanding of intimate partner violence

Effective pruning for the discovery of conditional functional dependencies

Advanced process control of irrigation: the current state and an analysis to aid future development

A critical review on the manufacturing processes in relation to the properties of nanoclay/polymer composites

Mapping the social geographies of autism: online and off-line narratives of neuro-shared and separate spaces

One school principal's journey from the mainstream to the alternative

Employee and workplace well-being: a multi-level analysis of teacher personality and organizational climate in Norwegian teachers from rural, urban and city schools

Think smarter: critical thinking and argument

The power of nonverbal communication

Oral communication: presentations and interviews

Social media: untangling the web

Student self-efficacy narratives: a collaborative co-constructive method

Arsenic mobilization in the aquifers of three physiographic settings of West Bengal, India: understanding geogenic and anthropogenic influences

Numerical investigation of white matter anisotropic conductivity in defining current distribution under tDCS

Measurement of evapotranspiration during sprinkler irrigation using a precision energy budget (Bowen ratio, eddy covariance) methodology

Meditation and psychological health: modeling theoretically derived predictors, processes, and outcomes

A review on the characteristics of gomuti fibre and its composites with thermoset resins

Closing the gap between copyright and designs: an age of enlightenment or state of confusion?

Crisis on Impact: Responding to Cyber Attacks on Critical Information Infrastructures, 30 J. Marshall J. Info. Tech. & Privacy L. 31 (2013)

An ex-vivo multiple sclerosis model of inflammatory demyelination using hyperbranched polymer

Three reconstructed Lapita plainware pots from Caution Bay, south coast of mainland Papua New Guinea

Nanosilicon-based thick negative composite electrodes for lithium batteries with graphene as conductive additive

Functionalisation of graphene surfaces with downstream plasma treatments

Plasma-assisted simultaneous reduction and nitrogen doping of graphene oxide nanosheets

Synthesis of high quality reduced graphene oxide nanosheets free of paramagnetic metallic impurities

Autumn precipitation trends over Southern Hemisphere midlatitudes as simulated by CMIP5 models

Annual sea surface temperature lag as an indicator of regional climate variability

The association of tropical and extratropical climate modes to atmospheric blocking across southeastern Australia

Forcing of anthropogenic aerosols on temperature trends of the sub-thermocline southern Indian Ocean

The response of the large-scale ocean circulation to 20th century Asian and non-Asian aerosols

Projected response of the Indian Ocean Dipole to greenhouse warming

Southeast Australia autumn rainfall reduction: A climate-change-induced poleward shift of ocean-atmosphere circulation

Why is the amplitude of the Indian ocean dipole overly large in CMIP3 and CMIP5 climate models?

Longer leukocyte telomeres are associated with ultra-endurance exercise independent of cardiovascular risk factors

Organic soils promote the efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes, with different foraging strategies, in the control of a major forest pest: A meta-analysis of field trial data

Diesel exhaust pollution affects learning abilities and leads to an altered stress response in the CNS of the honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Olfactory selection of Plantago lanceolata by snails declines with seedling age

Diesel exhaust rapidly degrades floral odours used by honeybees

The Plume Also Rises: Trajectories of Pheromone Plumes Issuing from Point Sources in an Orchard Canopy at Night

The Conversion and Sustainable Use of Alumina Refinery Residues: Global Solution Examples

Sorption and desorption of glyphosate on Australian soils cultivated with genetically modified canola

Special Issue - Perspectives on Power Conference

Lucretia Mott’s Heresy: Abolition and Women’s Rights in Nineteenth-Century America by Carol Faulkner

Trade Openness, Financial Development Energy Use and Economic Growth in Australia:Evidence on Long Run Relation with Structural Breaks

A Fuzzy-Based Technique for Describing Security Requirements of Intrusion Tolerant Systems

Goal-Based Requirement Engineering for Fault Tolerant Security-Critical Systems

‘It's more than stick and rudder skills’: an aviation professional development community of practice

Effect of defoliation management on expression of the ‘high sugar’ cultivar trait in Tasmania

Effect of nitrogen fertiliser applications on botanical composition

Impact of grazing on the silage yield of forage oat crops

Early sowing and irrigating of rape crops in cool temperate environments boosts forage yield potential

Herschel view of the Taurus B211/3 filament and striations: evidence of filamentary growth?

Voice movement therapy: evaluation of a group-based expressive arts therapy for nonsuicidal self-injury in young adults

Wireless sensor technology for collecting surface electromyography signals

A global accord for the postgraduate learning and professional development of engineers: A Proposition

Studies on bending limitations for the optimal fit of orthopaedic bone plates

Addressing disability in the health system at CARITAS Takeo Eye Hospital

Testing two simple pesticide runoff models in Northern Australian agriculture

Validation of a measure of knowledge about human papillomavirus (HPV) using item response theory and classical test theory

Reducing embodied energy through retrofit: How can embodied energy be saved with retrofitting existing buildings?

Application of the ANFIS model in deflection prediction of concrete deep beam

Rethinking Online Teaching and Learning: A Case Study of an Approach to Designing an Online Learning Environment


Study of Structural Changes of Pumpkin Tissue Before and After Mechanical Loading

Ethanol sensitivity of thermally evaporated nanostructured WO3 thin films doped and implanted with Fe

Assembly line balancing the comparison of COMSOAL and MSNSH technique in Motorcycle manufacturing company

Phyllosticta spp. on cultivated Citrus in Australia

Training Interventions for Managing Startle During Unexpected Critical Events

Aeolian dust as a transport hazard

An integrated genetic linkage map for white clover (Trifolium repens L.) with alignment to Medicago

“A Conflict Does Not Rot”: State and Civil Society Responses to Civil War Offences in Mozambique

Australia’s PISA slump is big news but what’s the real story?

Why we should never return to the three Rs

What would a more literate world look like?

The future for Ford workers: literacy will be key

Renaming English: does the world language need a new name?

NAPLAN only measures a fraction of literacy learning

My first ideology: teaching reading falls victim to the culture wars

Cracking the code: a checklist to complement CRAs for first year Justice students

Thinking in Pitch: Implications for Vocal Jazz Improvisation Education

Jazz Vocal Improvisation: The Effect of Role Conflict

Fighting the Fear of Improvising

Family involvement in Chinese immigrants with bipolar disorder in New Zealand

Methadone Maintenance Treatment and Cognitive Function: A Systematic Review

The place of higher education institutions in assessing student engagement, success and retention: A maturity model to guide practice

A social justice framework for safeguarding student learning engagement

The application of a set of principles to safeguard student learning engagement

Resource constraints and Asia’s growth: regional cooperation for enhancing energy security

Super-Nyquist asteroseismology with the Kepler Space Telescope

Asteroseismology of KIC 11754974: a high-amplitude SX Phe pulsator in a 343-d binary system

Erratum: Asteroseismology of KIC 11754974: a high-amplitude SX Phe pulsator in a 343-d binary system

On the Coagulation and Size Distribution of Pressure Confined Cores

Trap escape for local search by backtracking and conflict reverse

Diversify Intensification Phases in Local Search for SAT with a New Probability Distribution

Self-reported likelihood of speeding: The effects of attitudes, personality, and perceived legitimacy of enforcement

Efficacy of proxy definitions for identification of fatigue/sleep-related crashes: An Australian evaluation

Annex I: Atlas of Global and Regional Climate Projections

Examining the Broadband Emission Spectrum of WASP-19b: A New z-band Eclipse Detection

A highly inclined orbit for the 110 day period m-dwarf companion KOI-368.01

The mass–radius relationship for very low mass stars: four new discoveries from the HATSouth Survey

HATS-2b: A transiting extrasolar planet orbiting a K-type star showing starspot activity

Spectroscopic observations of sn 2012fr: A luminous, normal type Ia supernova with early high-velocity features and a late velocity plateau

HATS-3b: An Inflated Hot Jupiter Transiting an F-type Star

HATSouth: A Global Network of Fully Automated Identical Wide-Field Telescopes

A nearly polar orbit for the extrasolar hot Jupiter WASP-79b



Context: A Framework for its Influence on Evaluation Practice (New Directions for Evaluation, No. 135) by Debra J Rog, Jody L Fitzpatrick and Ross F Conner

Quantitative data collection and study validity

Infection control

The ACORN standards - our aide-memoire to professional practice

Mrs van der Merwe loves her birds

The effectiveness of manual therapy for neck pain: a systematic review of the literature

Chemokine receptor expression on integrin-mediated stellate projections of prostate cancer cells in 3D culture

Bone-stromal cells up-regulate tumourigenic markers in a tumour-stromal 3D model of prostate cancer

PCaAnalyser: A 2D-Image Analysis Based Module for Effective Determination of Prostate Cancer Progression in 3D Culture

Application of wavelet parameters for impact damage detection in plates

The Parkes observatory pulsar data archive

Best Available Evidence in Cochrane Reviews on Herbal Medicine?

'10000 Steps Flanders': evaluation of the state-wide dissemination of a physical activity intervention in Flanders

Spectroscopic orbital analysis of the δ Scuti binary, RS Cha: high-resolution spectroscopy reveals a third component

Data quality in community health: an Indonesian study

Clinically-indicated replacement versus routine replacement of peripheral venous catheters [Review]

Oral hygiene care for critically ill patients to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia

Postharvest processing of large cardamom in the Eastern Himalaya: a review and recommendations for increasing the sustainability of a niche crop

An integrated model to examine the effects of sustainable diversion limits: a case study in the Lower Campaspe catchment

Turn on the book: using affordance theory to understand the adoption of digital textbooks by university lecturers

Literacy and curriculum: language and knowledge in the classroom

Drilling apparatus and methods

Sustainable hybrid composite sandwich panel with natural fibre composites as intermediate layer

Factors that impact the acceptance of e-services in the public sector in the United Arab Emirates case study: the general directorate of residency and foreigners affairs (GDRFA) - UAE

Workplace competence for recreational diving instructors through situated learning environments in established communities of practice

Simulation and experimental investigations on tribological characteristics of kenaf/thermoset composites

The halls of angst: culture and materialism

Tribological behaviour of graphite/date palm fibres reinforced epoxy composites

Characteristics and behaviour of gomuti fibre composites with thermoset resin

The contextual nature of Saudi Arabian nursing interns' clinical reasoning while undertaking medical/surgical clinical internship

Magnetic fields on young, solar-type stars

An exploration into what promotes or hinders beneficial English test washback on teaching and learning.

Commercial investments and mission drift in microfinance: a qualitative analysis of stakeholder perceptions in Switzerland

Estimation of seepage losses from automated irrigation distribution channels during periods of shutdown

Utilizing a marginal abatement cost curve approach to develop a low greenhouse gas plan: case study of energy management in a rural region (Toowoomba-Australia) accounting for human behaviour

Using Second Life and Skype for facilitating the development of listening comprehension in second language learners.

The urban ‘Intangibles of Māori-ness’: an ethnographic study of urban Marae curriculum as decolonial praxis

Towards and integrated systems approach to sustainable tourism management in protected areas

An exploration of the interconnectedness between elementary teacher job satisfaction, school culture and student achievement: a study in two Canadian elementary schools

Statistical methodology for regression model with measurement error

Measuring strain using microwave energy

The role of Islamic finance in reducing financial exclusion: an exploratory case study of Muslims in Queensland, Australia

An exploratory study on the quality of service in the public sector in Tonga

Depth of anesthesia assessment and higher brain function modelling for consciousness

Measuring e-learning systems success

Modelling of electrokinetic phenomena in soils

Initial development of ice crystal ice accretion at conditions related to turbofan operation at high Altitude

Doppler imaging of young solar-type stars using the ANU 2.3 m Siding Spring Telescope

The impact of foreign exchange volatility on the financial performance of hotel real estate private equity investments in Switzerland

Dual-duty rainwater harvesting: water supply and urban stream restoration

Signal monitoring system and methods of operating same

Development and characterisation of a modified smartphone camera for determining UVA aerosol optical depth

The relationship between distance students’ health risk and health-promoting behaviours, stress, strain, coping and academic outcomes

Employee misbehaviour in Australia: through the lens of unfair dismissal arbitration

Using a multiliteracies approach in a Malaysian polytechnic classroom: a participatory action research project

Numerical investigation of transcranial direct current stimulation on cortical modulation

Assessing the effectiveness of the different levels of instructional strategies (DLISt7) for online learning by undergraduate students from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia

Singlish in the classroom: native-speakerism and native and nonnative speaking teachers of English in Singapore

Sustaining proactive motivation for non-mandatory professional development building self-determined employees

The construction of language attitudes, English(es), and identities in written accounts of Japanese youths

The impact of photocatalytic TiO2 on permeable concrete mix designs and its application for the degradation of organic pollutants in water

A comparison of measured diesel emissions in agriculture and Australian National Standard Emission Factors

Error resilience techniques for wireless 3-D video transmission

A performance measurement framework for IT service management

The preliminary study on the mechanical properties of heat-treated bovine bone using experimental and simulations approaches

Wireless network coding for multi-hop relay channels

Investigation of refrigeration system steam ejector performance through experiments and computational simulations

Identifying strategies to improve the water productivity of permanent raised beds

Electronic communities of care - Measuring the benefits

Development of hemp oil based bioresins for biocomposites

Behaviour of glass FRP composite tubes under repeated impact for piling application

C2-Element radial basis function methods for some continuum mechanics problems

3D Cadastre Implementation issues in Australia

Steady and unsteady free surface flow past a two-dimensional stern

Improving competitive strategic planning concepts: a study to enhance professional practice in professional services

A simplified qualitative scale for assessing and communicating climate change impacts

Earnings management practices and subsequent firm performance of companies listing on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE)

Dialogic inquiry: from theory to practice

Maximising retention of nurses

Selecting a CDM investor in China: a critical analysis

Experimental investigation on the behaviour of square FRP composite tubes under repeated axial impact

Morphological structures and tribological performance of unsaturated polyester based untreated/silane-treated halloysite nanotubes

Distance education regulatory frameworks: readiness for openness in Southwest Pacific/South East Asia region nations

Knowledge of human papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccination: An international comparison

Mechanical properties characterization of the skin and core of a novel composite sandwich structure

Arsenic mineral dissolution and possible mobilization in mineral-microbe-groundwater environment

Developing numerical models for the design of cantilever sheet pile wall

The effectiveness of a lifecycle approach to learning project management

Design of newly fabricated tribological machine for wear and frictional experiments under dry/wet condition

Similarity analysis of the momentum field of a subsonic, plane air jet with varying jet-exit and local Reynolds numbers

Conflict of laws and the cloud

Red mud as a carbon sink: variability, affecting factors and environmental significance

Migration and insecurity: citizenship and social inclusion in a transnational era

Co-occurrence of arsenic and fluoride in groundwater of semi-arid regions in Latin America: genesis, mobility and remediation

Linking geochemical processes in mud volcanoes with arsenic mobilization driven by organic matter

Effect of SCFs on S-N based fatigue reliability of multi-planar tubular DKT-joints of offshore jacket-type structures

Analysis of a railway turnout system with a spot replacement sleeper

Impact assessment of pumping parameters on groundwater bacterial communities

Functional Programming of the Autonomic Nervous System by Early Life Immune Exposure: Implications for Anxiety

Continuing differences between health professions' attitudes: the saga of accomplishing systems-wide interprofessionalism

CEO duality and agency cost: evidence from Bangladesh

Residual properties of square FRP composite tubes subjected to repeated axial impact

Transfer of learning and its ascendancy in higher education: a cultural critique

How does the variability in Aus rice yield respond to climate variables in Bangladesh?

Early Life Stress and Post-Weaning High Fat Diet Alter Tyrosine Hydroxylase Regulation and AT1 Receptor Expression in the Adrenal Gland in a Sex Dependent Manner

Staying focused on the big picture: should Australia legislate for corporate manslaughter based on the United Kingdom model?

IT infrastructure services as a requirement for e-learning system success

Are there effective accounting ways to determining accurate accounting tools and methods to reporting emissions reduction?

A creature not quite of this world: adaptations of Margaret Thatcher on 1980s British television

Corporate finance: the essentials, Asia-Pacific edition

The education of artistic vision: a collaboration between the community and the Academy

Remote sensing of algal blooms in inland waters using the matrix inversion method and semi empirical algorithms

Selling the dream: marketing an education

Use of fixed wavelength Fibre-Bragg Grating (FBG) filters to capture time domain data from the distorted spectrum of an embedded FBG sensor to estimate strain with an artificial neural network

Personalised information gathering and recommender systems: techniques and trends

On the cusp of change: examining pre-service teachers' beliefs about ICT and envisioning the digital classroom of the future

Predicting the flow stress behavior of Ni-42.5Ti-3Cu during hot deformation using constitutive equations

The role of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in human heart failure

Effects of energy level and impact repetitions on the impact fatigue behaviour and post-impact flexural properties of square FRP pultruded tubes

Empirical link between economic growth, energy consumption and CO2 emission in Australia

How do decision makers decide when witnesses are telling the truth and what can be done to improve their accuracy In making assessments of witness credibility?

The meaning of an alien in the constitutional universe

Reclaiming identity and territory: events and indigenous culture

Marginal abatement cost curves (MACCs): important approaches to obtain (firm and sector) greenhouse gases (GHGs) reduction

Death of a Salesman

A review of aerogels and their application as a multi-functional building material

Tocotrienols as possible treatments for obesity

Seepage rate estimation from total channel control data during periods of shut down: preliminary data quality assessment. Case study: Coleambally irrigation system

Changes in energy efficiency in Australia: a decomposition of aggregate energy intensity using logarithmic mean Divisia approach

Trade-off Optimization for Scalable Video Coding Streaming in Relay-Based OFDMA Networks

Behaviour of fibre composite sandwich structures under short and asymmetrical beam shear tests

Observing strategies for the detection of Jupiter analogs

Application of natural citric acid sources and their role on arsenic removal from drinking water: a green chemistry approach

Communication constraints faced by staff in Kenyan public universities

Effects of balanced scorecard on performance of firms in the service sector

Prediction and classification of sugar content of sugarcane based on skin scanning using visible and shortwave near infrared

A pilot study on flexural properties of epoxy nanoclay reinforced composites

Reliability of a high accuracy image-based system for 3D modelling of the medial longitudinal arch during gait

Low-cost compact high-speed camera for human motion study

Modelling of tensile properties glass powder/epoxy composites post-cured in an oven and in microwaves

Dielectric properties of sawdust reinforced epoxy composites post-cured in microwaves

Household carbon dioxide emissions from peasants and herdsmen in northwestern arid-alpine regions, China

Governing the forests: an institutional analysis of REDD+ and community forest management in Asia

Traffic flow modelling for an urban arterial road in Brisbane City

Histopathological assessment of wheat seedling tissues infected by Fusarium pseudograminearum

Are accounting students socially and politically aware? A critical analysis of the responses of accounting students to social and political dilemmas in society

Ultraviolet reflection irradiances and exposures in the constructed environment for horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces

Rational Monte Carlo method for flood frequency analysis in urban catchments

Characterization of a smartphone camera's response to ultraviolet A radiation

Shakedown analysis of layered continuum

Extinction predictors in turbulent sprays

Hybrid multiple mapping conditioning modeling of local extinction

Shrinkage estimation under multivariate elliptic models

Behavioural intention and user acceptance of research evidence for Queensland nurses: provision of solutions from the clinician

Early departure from a tertiary bridging program: what can the institution do?

Advancements of outlier detection: a survey

Do imports and foreign capital inflows lead economic growth? Cointegration and causality analysis in Pakistan

A numerical study of strongly overdamped dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) systems

Effect of fly ash on the behaviour of polymer concrete with different types of resin

A study on hot deformation behavior of Ni-42.5Ti-7.5Cu alloy

So what happens after the event? Exploring the realisation of professional development with early childhood educators

Robot RAL-ly international - Promoting STEM in elementary school across international boundaries using remote access technology

Assistive technology: ready, steady, go

Principles and pressures in managing student attitudes to innovative mobile learning: a view from an Australian distance-education-intensive university

Numerical simulation of porosity on thermal properties and fire resistance of foamed concrete

Modal acoustic emission investigation for progressive failure monitoring in thin composite plates under tensile test

3D X-ray microtomography study on fibre breakage in noil hemp fibre reinforced polypropylene composites

Chaos-modified detrended moving average methodology for monitoring the depth of anaesthesia

Characterisation and evaluation of a miniaturised polyphenylene oxide dosimeter for ultraviolet exposures

Hispanics and human rights in Queensland's public spaces

Cane fields and solidarity in the multiethnic north

The application of reduced-processing decision support systems to facilitate the acquisition of decision-making skills

Nonlinear spectra of shallow water waves

Environmental disclosure practices in national oil and gas corporations and international oil and gas corporations operating in Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries

Meaning-filled metaphors enabling schools to create enhanced learning cultures

The tree of life as a methodological metaphor

Metaphors in yoga education research

Wine and metaphor: cross-cultural [dis]harmony

In Queensland, what legislative changes or modifications need to be implemented in relation to light pollution problems for nesting sea turtles and hatchlings?

Into the labyrinth: Persephone's journey as metaphor and method for research

To publish or not to publish: the doctoral journey and Harry Potter's quest

Metaphors for, in and of education research

Walking the labyrinth: a metaphorical understanding of approaches to metaphors for, in and of education research

Butterflies and black swans: metaphors that provide new perspectives to understand quantitative models in educational research

The reflections of a new researcher: the spiralling vortex of a doctoral journey

Looking for madness in the method: rhizo-becoming in educational research

Empirical link between growth and remittance: evidence from panel data

Environmental disclosure practices in national oil and gas corporations and international oil and gas corporations operating in Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries

Willingness to pay for improved water services in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh

The ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection programme: local government networks in urban climate governance

Flood vulnerability through the eyes of vulnerable people in mid-western Terai of Nepal

Factors affecting public participation in river ecosystem restoration: using the contingent valuation method

To close the yield-gap while saving biodiversity will require multiple locally relevant strategies

The end of Al-qa´ida: rationality, survivability and risk aversion

Observed teaching styles of junior development and club professional tennis coaches in Australia

The potential effects of the didgeridoo as an indigenous intervention for Australian aborigines: a post analysis

Climate change and global policy regimes: towards institutional legitimacy

A 28,000 year old excavated painted rock from Nawarla Gabarnmang, northern Australia

The potential of using date palm fibres as reinforcement for polymeric composites

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification for the detection of Pseudomonas fuscovaginae

Effects of ALA, EPA and DHA in high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Multiple regression analysis of citrus leaf nitrogen content using hyperspectral technology

Design of soil moisture sensor based on phase-frequency characteristics of RC networks

Identifying effective management instruments and human behavioural changes to manage energy use and abate emissions at firm level

Making small-scale classroom greenhouse gas flux calculations using a handmade gas capture hood

Smartphones as tools for delivering sun-smart education to students

Climate change and water security: estimating the greenhouse gas costs of achieving water security through investments in modern irrigation technology

WSN layout experiment based on radio frequency propagation tests in citrus orchard

Does the financial performance matter in accessing to finance for Libya's SMEs?

Collaborative self-study of online teaching in early childhood teacher education

Understanding and implementing strategic asset management at the University of Southern Queensland

Queensland nursing staffs' perceptions of the preparation for practice of registered and enrolled nurses

Vertical geochemical variations and arsenic mobilization in the shallow alluvial aquifers of the Chapai-Nawabganj District, northwestern Bangladesh: implication of siderite precipitation

The opportunity for implementing Islamic project financing to the Indonesian infrastructure development

Developing DART: a digital learning tool to facilitate equity and access in the contemporary higher education context

Cultural diversity and university policies affecting research supervision: a case study in a distance and online environment

Innovation and frustration go hand in hand: reflections on a project to enhancing the learning experiences of students within prison walls

Mechanical properties of palm fibre reinforced recycled HDPE

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies in the classroom

The stolen generations: what does this mean for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people today?

Developing a framework for evaluating the impact and sustainability of mobile learning initiatives in higher education

Online conferencing: participant preferences for networking and collaboration

Open educational practices in higher education: institutional adoption and challenges

A brief history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education in Australia

Does diagnostic complexity predict response to online interventions for youth anxiety?

E-learning service delivery quality: a determinant of user satisfaction

Exploring the impact of IT service management process improvement initiatives: a case study approach

Community preferences for digital futures: regional perspectives

Comparison of carbon stocks between mixed and pine-dominated forest stands within the Gwalinidaha Community Forest in Lalitpur District, Nepal

The pros and cons of the music theory approach to vocal jazz improvisation

New kids on the block: young people, the city and public pedagogies

Shared pedagogical understandings: schoolwide inclusion practices supporting learner needs

Seasonal variations in the subsurface ultraviolet-B on an inshore Pacific coral reef ecosystem

Mobile-phone-based classroom response systems: students' perceptions of engagement and learning in a large undergraduate course

Responses to oleic, linoleic and alpha linolenic acids in high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Rural and regional policy: a case of punctuated incrementalism?

Development of validation rules to support digital lodgement of 3D cadastral plans

Activating 'language for learning' through schoolwide pedagogy: the case of MacKillop School

Urban climatology applied to urban planning: a postwar knowledge circulation failure

Supporting remote laboratory activities at an institutional level

Indigenous knowledge for climate change induced flood adaptation in Nepal

The impact of demographic factors on accessing finance in Libya's SMEs

Hedonic customer responses to fast fashion and replicas

Evaporation and sapflow dynamics during sprinkler irrigation of cotton

Damage modelling of repeatedly impacted square fibre reinforced polymer composite tube

Advances in spatial mapping of waterways

Examining the curriculum and assessment framework of the Australian curriculum: science

Low cost carriers in China and its contribution to passenger traffic flow

Strategic trisector collaboration in disaster response

More equal than others? A comparative analysis of state and non-state perceptions of interest representation and decision-making in REDD+ negotiations

The constitutionality of minimum mandatory sentencing regimes: a rejoinder

Ferulic acid improves cardiovascular and kidney structure and function in hypertensive rats

Career progression: the views of Queensland's nurses

Religion, racism and the Church of England in Doctor Who

Microbial oxidation of Fe2+ and pyrite exposed to flux of micromolar H2O2 in acidic media

Metadata in organisational surveys

Looking at the future: mobile accessibility and other new technologies

The tradeoffs between water savings and GHG emissions in irrigated agriculture

Cryptonymic secretion: on the kind-ness of strangers

Effects of chemical treatments on hemp fibre structure

Differentiating stage I epithelial ovarian cancer from benign disease in women with adnexal tumours using biomarkers or the ROMA algorithm [Letter to the Editor]

Differentiating stage 1 epithelial ovarian cancer from benign ovarian tumours using a combination of tumour markers HE4, CA125, and CEA and patient's age

Providing equivalent learning activities with software-based remote access laboratories

Interactive emulator system to aid clinical practice outcomes for nurses

Adoption of soil health improvement strategies by Australian farmers: I. attitudes, management and extension implications

Tensile properties of chemically treated hemp fibres as reinforcement for composites

Challenges for global health governance in responding to the impacts of climate change on human health

Conflicting perspectives

Becoming competent, confident and critically aware: tracing academic numeracy development in nursing

Can rainwater induce Fenton-driven degradation of herbicides in natural waters?

Unthinking Hamlet: stage, page, and critical thought

Drought science and policy: the perspectives of Australian farmers

Scientific research in the drought policy process

The science and policy of climate variability and climate change: intersections and possibilities

Risk, expertise and drought management

Science, policy, and wicked problems

A systematic approach to embedding academic numeracy at university

Long-term geochemical evolution of acidic mine wastes under anaerobic conditions

Effectiveness of strategy implementation using the balanced scorecard in local government authorities

Using the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 21 (DASS-21) across cultures

The desirable qualities of future doctors: a study of medical student perceptions

Contemporary paradigms of rural teaching: the significance of place

Influence of teacher characteristics on students' academic achievement among secondary schools

Impact of balanced scorecard usage on the performance of commercial banks

Agriculture: energy use and conservation

Transnational intellectual engagement via cocoon communities: inter-university videoconferencing for local and international students

Mobile farmworker families using cocoon communities to negotiate multiple lifeworlds

Quantitative kinetic and structural analysis of geopolymers Part 2. thermodynamics of sodium silicate activation of metakaolin

Using volume delivery time to identify independent partial series events

Evaluation of the red apple program: a healthy lifestyle program for disadvantaged families and young people piloted in the Wide Bay Burnett Queensland, 2011-2012

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia: national parks, changes in perception, and hyper-reality

Conditional dissipation of scalars in homogeneous turbulence: closure for MMC modelling

The constitutionality of minimum mandatory sentencing - part II

Physiological, biochemical and growth responses of Italian ryegrass to butachlor exposure

Leading the quality management of online learning environments in Australian higher education

Investigation of core muscle function through electromyography activities in healthy young men

Australia, migration, early 20th century to present

Future practitioners of project management – are we disciples of Stanley Kubrick or Ridley Scott?

Improving teaching with research: the role for theory-driven evaluation

Rice monitoring in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Optimal design of wireless monitoring system in mountain citrus orchard and improvement monitoring

A technology acceptance model for e-health services for the elderly population in China

Connectedness needs of external doctoral students

Aging issues and policies in Australia

Epilogue: directions for future research

Students' perceptions of written feedback in teacher education: ideally feedback is a continuing two-way communication that encourages progress.

Independent public schools: a move to increased autonomy and devolution of decision-making in Western Australian public schools

How are Australian and New Zealand higher educators using 3D immersive virtual worlds in their teaching?


Producing pedagogy

How do the magnetic field strengths and intensities of sunspots vary over the solar cycle?

C5aR and C3aR antagonists each inhibit diet-induced obesity, metabolic dysfunction, and adipocyte and macrophage signaling

Improvement in accuracy for three-dimensional sensor (Faro Photon 120 scanner)

Strategies to improve retention of postgraduate business students in distance education courses: an Australian case

MKTG2: 2nd Asia-Pacific edition

Outcrossing rates and reproductive success in xanthorrhoea johnsonii (xanthorrhoeaceae), in south east Queensland, Australia

Evaluating UVA aerosol optical depth using a Smartphone camera

Free trade agreements and the US-China-Australia relationship in the Asia-Pacific region

A novel approach to data deduplication over the engineering-oriented cloud systems

Chronic l-arginine treatment improves metabolic, cardiovascular and liver complications in diet-induced obesity in rats

Naringin improves diet-induced cardiovascular dysfunction and obesity in high carbohydrate, high fat diet-fed rats

Peer mentoring to develop psychological literacy in first-year and graduating students

Sustainability, emergence and the graduate attribute of global citizenship

Peer mentoring: supporting successful transition for first year undergraduate psychology students

The development of a multi variant model for market intelligence data gathering for Australian micro businesses and SMEs

Effect of the energy absorbing mechanisms on the blunt thoracic trauma caused by a typical foam projectile

Effect of the foam embellishments on the pedestrian safety of the vehicle front protection systems

Impact of the mining industry on the mental health of landholders and rural communities in southwest Queensland

A new hierarchical 16-QAM-based UEP scheme for 3-D video with depth image based rendering

Peer journeys: building graduate capabilities for life long learning

Introgression of hexaploid sources of crown rot resistance into durum wheat

The importance of strategic asset allocation

The role of human resource strategies and practices in developing intellectual capital for innovation in nonprofit organizations

GIS application and geodatabase for archaeological site documentation system: Bujang Valley, Malaysia

Financial development, international trade and economic growth in Australia: new evidence from multivariate framework analysis

Satellite data based semi-real time media contents to support natural disasters mitigation

Evaluating the impact of the Learning Centre on student learning and satisfaction

Plantar surface contour using close range photogrammetry

QTLs for water absorption and flour yield identified in the doubled haploid wheat population Lang/QT8766

Quality teaching in the social sciences

The Tain of Hamlet

Calibration and accuracy assessment of Leica ScanStation C10 terrestrial laser scanner

Application of visible and shortwave near infrared spectrometer to predict sugarcane quality from different sample forms

Identifying watershed-scale groundwater flow barriers: the Yoqne'am Fault in Israel

Getting the context right for quality teaching and learning

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education

Understanding the curriculum

The people side of virtualisation

Using distributed learning as a measure to capture additional data on the quality of technology enhanced learning (TEL)

Youth as rhizome: music, machines, and multiplicities

Understanding the January 2011 Queensland flood: the role of geographic interdependency in flood risk assessment for urban community

Financial exclusion in Australia: an exploratory case study of the Muslim community

Management skills and accessing to finance: evidence from Libya's SMEs

Surveyors Board of Queensland RTK GNSS for cadastral surveys: guideline

Constructing better piggery buildings by identifying factors contributing to improved thermal control under hot climatic conditions

Factors influencing water temperature on farms and the effect of warm drinking water on pig growth

Livestock housing: modern management to ensure optimal health and welfare of farm animals

Quality-of-governance standards for carbon emissions trading: developing REDD+ governance through a multi-stage, multi-level and multi-stakeholder approach

Sharia-compliant financing in Indonesia infrastructure projects

Modelling and influencing hygiene conditions in Australian livestock buildings

Practical evaluation of cleaning methods that could be implemented in livestock buildings

Environmental and management effects associated with improved production efficiency in a respiratory disease free pig herd in Australia

Synthesising the literature concerning math anxiety to inform a project on pre-service teacher retention rates

Costs efficiency of the public universities

Microfinance and social capital in Nepal: the case for an integrated approach

Combining theory, survey methodology, and database technologies in support of an organisational climate improvement strategy research

Introducing consistency scales in survey instruments

Reshaping distance education: returning the student to centre stage

Distance learning at times and places chosen by the learner: adapting resources and learning behaviours for working with mobile digital devices

Information seeking in a flood

Moving education into the digital age: the contribution of teachers' professional development

Adenine-induced chronic kidney and cardiovascular damage in rats

A review on tribological behaviour of polymeric composites and future reinforcements

Drought, risk management, and policy: lessons from the drought science-policy interface

The effects of phase changes on the bonding property of geopolymer to hydrated cement

Making strategic decisions on B2B E-commerce models: an empirical study on Australian agribusinesses

Estimation of strain of distorted FBG sensor spectra using a fixed FBG filter circuit and an artificial neural network

Sustainability of bullying-free educational institutions in Asia and the role of teachers

Passages to India: military linkages with Queensland

Phenomena of adoption of wireless handheld devices: a case of healthcare setting

A novel approach to estimating and testing specific mediation effects in educational research: explication and application of Macho and Ledermann's (2011) phantom model approach

Corporate governance, executive pay and firm performance: evidence from Bangladesh

Thinking in slow motion about project management

A multi-stage heuristic approach to resource allocation (AMHARA) for automated scheduling

First steps to developing service learning initiatives using emancipatory action research

Major drivers of deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries and REDD+

Domestic violence, gender, and counselling: toward a more gender-inclusive understanding

Soil organic carbon dust emission: an omitted global source of atmospheric CO2

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Zambian Health Worker Retention Scheme (ZHWRS) for rural areas

Contractual penalties in Australian law after Andrews: an opportunity missed

A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Measurements of Tongue and Hand Strength and Endurance Using the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI)

Chord-side SCF distribution of central brace in internally ring-stiffened tubular KT-joints: A geometrically parametric study

Support vector machines for tree species identification using LiDAR-derived structure and intensity variables

Ergodic capacity analysis of spatially modulated systems

Effect of eccentricity on the behavior of pultruded FRP bolted joint

Thermal degredation study of kenaf fibre/epoxy composites using thermo gravimetric analysis

Development of artificial neural network model in predicting performance of the smart wind turbine blade

Visible and shortwave near infrared spectroscopy to predict sugarcane quality from clear and raw juice samples

Managing change for environmental sustainability in Queensland manufacturing SMEs: an overview

Islamic finance in Australia: history and development

Textile material forms for reinforcement materials: a review

Wave propogation scattering due to defect on thin composite plates

The air fuel ratio study for the mixture of biogas and hydrogen on mild combustion

Discretization of three dimensional non-uniform grid: conditional moment closure elliptic equation using finite difference method

A homogeneous charge compression ignition engine: an introduction

Tensile behaviours of activated carbon coconut shell filled epoxy composites

Proceedings of the 3rd Malaysian Postgraduate Conference (MPC 2013)

Influence of reflected UV irradiance on occupational exposure from combinations of reflective wall surfaces

Optimal relay placement in microgrids considering critical clearing time

Reconfiguration and DG placement considering critical system condition

Improving irrigation efficiency through precision irrigation in South East Queensland

Online coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games on the ABC, BBC, CBC and TVNZ

Academic style with substance: a collaborative screencasting project to support referencing skills

Deepening ecological relationality through critical onto-epistemological inquiry: where transformative learning meets sustainable science

Atrial arrhythmia in ageing spontaneously hypertensive rats: unraveling the substrate in hypertension and ageing

Reinvigorating middle-years teacher education in Aotearoa New Zealand

A self-calibration of the Leica Scan Station C10 scanner

Uncovering Victoria's Secret: exploring women's luxury perceptions of intimate apparel and purchasing behaviour

ICT for prisoner education: the story of a trial project

A Markov chain Monte Carlo technique based optimal mix design of porous concrete

Seeing the bigger picture: investigating the state of the arts in teacher education programs in Australia

Dry spinning carbon nanotubes into continuous yarns: progress, processing and applications

Extraction and processing of real time strain of embedded FBG sensors using a fixed filter FBG circuit and an artificial neural network

Wicked issues: higher education research, and institutional innovation for learning and teaching – a reflection

In good hands? Foresight and strategic thinking capabilities of regional university leaders

A paradigm shift in student experience: creating interconnections between student services, curriculum and technologies into a seamless place of learning

A rural agricultural-sustainable energy community model and its application to Felton Valley, Australia

Spread of Fusarium pseudograminearum in wheat seedling tissues from a single inoculation point

Constitutionally heeding the right to silence in Australia

Efficient intrusion detection scheme based on SVM

The global cadastre

In pursuit of the lone wolf terrorist: investigative economics and new horizons for the economic analysis of terrorism

Fuzzy logic based model to predict maximum oil-film pressure in journal bearing

Economic viability of biogas and green self-employment opportunities

Childhood feeding difficulties: a randomized controlled trial of a group-based parenting intervention

An investigation on students' risky sexual behavior at KwaZulu-Natal University, South Africa, Durban

Wireless tablet PCs for enhanced teaching at an Australian regional university teaching both campus and distance modes

Open educational practices in higher education: institutional adoption and challenges

LOL: limitations of online learning: are we selling the open and distance education message short?

Primary connections in a provincial Queensland school system: relationships to science teaching self-efficacy and practices

Evaluations of heuristic algorithms for teamwork-enhanced task allocation in mobile cloud-based learning

Dumping and anti-dumping measures

Statistics in planning and development

Business ethics competencies research: implications for Canadian practitioners

Insights from Canadian case studies on succession and knowledge transfer in family firms

On re-invigorating the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement negotiation process

Expanding technology-based transcultural diffusion: lessons learnt from market entry and venture investment in Philippines and Brazil

Evidence: commentary and materials, 8th ed.

An empirical productivity analysis of ASEAN economies in transition towards knowledge-based economy

Private label brand trends in the grocery retail industry

Religion and new constitutions: recent trends of harmony and divergence

Gendered contexts and globalization in south Asia

Martians, demons, vampires, and vicars: the Church of England in post-war science fiction

Airborne pollutant emissions from naturally ventilated buildings: proposed research directions

Surface coating of poly-D-L-lactide/nano-hydroxyapatite composite scaffolds for dexamethasone-releasing function and wettability enhancement

Optimizing the coupling of a firebrand generator to a horizontal wind tunnel

Modelling of ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated livestock buildings. Part 3: CFD modelling

Modelling of ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated livestock buildings. Part 1: ammonia release modelling

Exploring distributed leadership for the quality management of online learning environments

Facilitating immersion in virtual worlds: an examination of the physical, virtual, social, and pedagogical factors leading to engagement and flow

Attrition in the digital age: reminders from the literature

Intelligence testing in the military: origins, usefulness, and future directions

Carbon management by Queensland local councils

Does a good fit between mobile work support functions and mobile sales-force worker tasks lead to improved work performance?

Building resilient communities

Ontological commitments of ethics and economics

Processing and visualizing data in complex learning environments

Bishops and power in early modern England

Visible and shortwave near infrared spectroscopy for predicting sugar content of sugarcane based on a cross-sectional scanning method

'With a little help from a friend': self-represented litigants, payment and legal profession regulation

Seaweeds as potential therapeutic interventions for the metabolic syndrome

How learning a new language can benefit business professionals

Trialling a web-based 'discussion-support' tool in the Australian sugar industry: stakeholder responses are encouraging

Capacity-building for western expatriate nurses and Australian early career researchers

Reducing the mass of the refrigerant in the capillary tube of a propane air-conditioner

Levels of NGO cooperation and their empirical importance

Remembering the family home: emotions, belonging, and migrant men in multicultural Australia

Performance evaluation and service rate provisioning for a queue with fractional Brownian input

Are science valleys and clusters panacea for a knowledge economy? An investigation on regional innovation system (RIS) - concepts, theory and empirical analysis

Estrogen-induced cholestasis: pathogenesis and therapeutic implications

Improvement of mechanical properties of noil hemp fiber reinforced polypropylene composites by resin modification and fiber treatment

Indexing damage using distortion of embedded FBG sensor response spectra

Exploring opiate errors in the specialist cancer and palliative care setting: perceptions of key stakeholders

Mapping cancer pain screening, assessment and reassessment practices within one Australian health district: results from a baseline chart audit

Impact of a Qstream Online Learning Module on Palliative Care Nurses’ Pain Assessment Competencies and Patients’ Reports of Pain: Results from a Quasi-Experimental Pilot Study

Geometry and restraint effects on the bending behaviour of the glass fibre reinforced polymer sandwich slabs under point load

Validation of OMI satellite erythemal daily dose retrievals using ground-based measurements from fourteen stations

Agile is not the end-game of project management methodologies

Do steering committees and boards constitute good project governance?

Community perceptions of state forest ownership and management: a case study of the Sundarbans mangrove forest in Bangladesh

Numerical prediction of the performance of horizontal sand filters as the pitch of the spiral protrusion changes

Effects of thickness of roof layers on optimum design of truss bolt system using finite element modeling techniques

The church militant? The Church of England, humanity and the future in Doctor Who

Schoolwide pedagogy: vibrant new meaning for teachers and principals

Prevalence of hepatitis B and other infections among pregnant women seen in a referral centre in Brunei Darussalam

Managing Indian IT professionals for global competitiveness: the role of human resource practices in developing knowledge and learning capabilities for innovation

Competition for donations and not-for-profit organsations

The hydrogeology of the Condamine River alluvial aquifer (Australia) – a critical review

Numerical study of oxygen dilution and temperature distribution of biogas combustion in Bluff-body MILD burner

Mixture fraction probability density functions in sparse spray flames with spark ignition

Hyperspectral estimation model of total phosphorus content for citrus leaves

Identity and pedagogy in higher education: international comparisons

Production of biodiesel from Sterculia foetida and its process optimization

Fabrication process optimization of hemp fibre-reinforced polypropylene composites

Direct numerical simulations of passive scalars: effect of initial mixture fraction distribution on timescales

Temporal flexibility in online university courses in Spain and Australia

Comparative performance of land amendment irrigation, chemically treated coal seam water and good quality water irrigation systems at Fairview

A blueprint for sustainable groundwater management in Balochistan, Pakistan

Evaluating disaster resilience of bridge infrastructure when exposed to extreme natural events

Cultural value perception in the memorable tourism experience

The role of dispositional optimism in college adaptation: testing a model of direct and indirect relations

Comparative assessment of polymer concrete with different types of resin

Physical properties of cumin and caraway seeds

Dichoptic viewing methods for binocular rivalry research: prospects for large-scale clinical and genetic studies

National health IT infrastructure through the media lens

Plant-soil feedbacks do not explain invasion success of Acacia species in introduced range populations in Australia

A polemic against the standing requirement in constitutional cases

Feasibility protocol: an instrument to assist institutional adoption of OER

How do students in enabling programs cope when the paper study materials are no longer readily available?

The spectre and the stage: reading and ethics at the intersection of psychoanalysis, the neo-Victorian, and the gothic

Widening participation in higher education through online pedagogy

The seventeenth century on film: patriarchy, magistracy and witchcraft in British horror films, 1968-1971

Carbon offsetting by Queensland councils: motives and benefits

Assessing motivations for carbon offsetting by environmentally certified tourism enterprises

Measuring problem-based learning's impact on pre-service teachers' mathematics pedagogical content knowledge

Elearning and initial teacher education programs: insights from the teaching teachers for the future project

Teaching teachers for the future project: building TPACK confidence and capabilities for elearning

Evaluating factors in sustainable road construction and management: a life cycle approach

Medical malpractice in the hospital: Expose - apologize - compensate

Using spatial modelling to develop flood risk and climate adaptation capacity metrics for assessing urban community and critical electricity infrastructure vulnerability

ITSM process assessments using ISO/IEC 15504 for CSI

Carbon offsetting by Queensland local government

Does negotiating with terrorists make them more risk seeking?

Local planning for climate adaptation in coastal Queensland

Use of SSR markers to determine the genetic purity of a popular Australian wheat variety and consequences for stripe rust reactions

Optimization of the heat exchanger in a flat plate indirect heating integrated collector storage solar water heating system

Tools to look on, look in and look around: an appreciative inquiry of medication administration practice

John Curtin's forgotten media legacy: the impact of a wartime Prime Minister on news management techniques, 1941-45

Phase noise and carrier frequency offset in OFDM systems: joint estimation and hybrid Cramer-Rao lower bound

Correlations between physical and chemical defences in plants: tradeoffs, syndromes, or just many different ways to skin a herbivorous cat?

Commentary: challenging representations of autism – exploring possibilities for broadcasting the self on YouTube

Extending news interviews: how John Curtin influenced Australian political journalism, 1941-1945

Influencing international news: Robert G. Menzies and wartime journalists, 1939-1966

StatsCasts: supporting student learning of introductory statistics

Students' mathematical preparation Part A: lecturers' perceptions

Students' mathematical preparation Part B: students' perceptions

Becoming an autistic adult: exploring the transitions of young people with autism from education/care to working life

Psychological wellbeing and the diathesis-stress hypothesis model: the role of psychological functioning and quality of relations in promoting subjective well-being in a life events study

Government funding of non-governmental organisations and the implied freedom of political communication: the constitutionalityof gag clause

Drying steps under superheated steam: a review and modeling

Development of a sensing system for automated cotton fruit load and vegetation estimation

The economic impact of canal cruising in the Hennepin Canal State Park, Illinois: a scenario analysis

Students using digital technologies to produce screencasts that support learning in mathematics

A conceptual paper on motivations of sporting event tourists in Vanuatu

Academic numeracy as a framework for course development

The murder of the Archbishop of St Andrews and its place in the politics of religion in restoration Scotland and England

Real-time, web-enabled adaptive control and monitoring of surface and overhead irrigation systems

How to fight terrorism: the relevance of qualitative economics

Towards a holistic framework for ethical mobile learning

The role of nozzle-exit conditions on the flow field of a plane jet

Collaborative computing technologies and systems

A graph-based cooperative scheduling scheme for vehicular networks

Metadata manipulation interface design

Recycling of waste engine oils using a new washing agent

Beginning teachers' conceptual understandings of effective history teaching: examining the change from 'subject knowers' to 'subject teachers'

Understanding the factors influencing health-worker employment decisions in South Africa

The importance of trust in procurement practices and its impact on business performance: an empirical investigation from the perspective of the buyer-supplier Dyad

Modification of the McNeal clay swelling model improves prediction of saturated hydraulic conductivity as a function of applied water quality

A numerical scheme based on compact integrated-RBFs and Adams-Bashforth/Crank-Nicolson algorithms for diffusion and unsteady fluid flow problems

Geogenic arsenic and other trace elements in the shallow hydrogeologic system of Southern Poopo Basin, Bolivian Altiplano

Forever alone? Testing single eccentric planetary systems for multiple companions

Optical properties of a long dynamic range chemical UV dosimeter based on solvent cast polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

The relationship of trait emotional intelligence with academic performance: a meta-analytic review

School meaning systems: the symbiotic nature of culture and 'language-in-use'

Metaphor: powerful imagery bringing learning and teaching to life

Individuals and groups outside of the state system

Woodhouse reprised: accident compensation and trans-Tasman integration

Development of the TTF TPACK survey instrument

Teaching teachers for the future (TTF) project TPACK survey: summary of the key findings

A finite-volume method based on compact local integrated radial basis function approximations for second-order differential problems

Characterisation of mechanical and thermal properties of epoxy grouts for composite repair of steel pipelines

Spectral response of solvent-cast polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thin film used as a long-term UV dosimeter

A study on truss bolt mechanism in controlling stability of underground excavation and cutter roof failure

Adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue over hydrogen-titanate nanofibres produced by a peroxide method

Identification of motor imagery tasks through CC–LR algorithm in brain computer interface

Bronzed, buffed and tattooed: the new brand of soldier shaped and shipped by popular culture

Naturally occurring arsenic in terrestrial geothermal systems of western Anatolia, Turkey: potential role in contamination of freshwater resources

Evaluating traditional healers knowledge and practices related to HIV testing and treatment in South Africa

Displacing preconceptions and replacing capacities: capitalising learning places in an Australian university

Enabling effective and inclusive learning opportunities with software-based remote access laboratories

An Efficient Unequal Error Protection Scheme for 3-D Video Transmission

The state of health economic research in South Africa

A short form of the Career Futures Inventory

Withholding government funding: a breach of freedom of political communication

3D numerical model for the Yarqon-Tanninim groundwater basin, Israel: challenges and advantages

Comparative analysis of turbulent plane jets from a sharp-edged orifice, a beveled-edge orifice and a radially contoured nozzle

To love-to live: barrow and cart

Characteristics of kenaf fibre/epoxy composites subjected to thermal degradation

Confinement of C60 nanoparticles on the dynamics of polystyrene studied by anelastic spectroscopy and rheometrics

Embedded fibre optic sensors under multi-axial loading: a pilot study

NIR fibre bragg grating as dynamic sensor: an application of 1D digital wavelet analysis for signal denoising

Multifunctional aquaculture in Brunei Darussalam: potential and policy options

Tensile properties of nanoclay reinforced epoxy composites

Experimental investigation of thermal balance of a turbocharged SI engine operating on natural gas

Inter-cell interference modeling for cellular networks

Growth of tree roots in hostile soil: a comparison of root growth pressures of tree seedlings with peas

Symbol detection with network coding in wireless channels

Sustainability through an alternative property-rights regime for Bangladesh's mangrove forest

Impact fracture behaviour of silane-treated halloysite nanotubes-reinforced unsaturated polyester

Migration of South African health workers: the extent to which financial considerations influence internal flows and external movements

Compact local IRBF and domain decomposition method for solving PDEs using a distributed termination detection based parallel algorithm

Compensation of measurement errors caused by glass refraction for photogrammetric plantar surface mapping

A high-resolution spectropolarimetric survey of Herbig Ae/Be stars - I. observations and measurements

Assessing the determinants of rice farmers' adaptation strategies to climate change in Bangladesh

Osteoporosis and its association with non-gonadal hormones involved in hypertension, adiposity and hyperglycaemia

When should a judge stop a trial?

Assessing stories before sites: identifying the tangible from the intangible

What do planners do? Define your discipline to drive undergraduate curriculum renewal

Taste: a bloodless revolution

Stories of learning spaces from distant places

Performance optimization of digital spectrum analyzer with Gaussian input signal

Carbon mitigation actions by peri-urban and regional cities in Queensland

The effect of shear span-to-depth ratio and test set-up on the behavior of fibre composite sandwich structure

Structural behaviour of a prefabricated composite wall system made from rigid polyurethane foam and magnesium oxide board

Performance analysis of cooperative virtual multiple-input-multiple-output in small-call networks

This is a British colony: the ruling-class politics of the seafarers' strike, 1878-79

Sustainable composites

Education across space and time: meeting the diverse needs of the distance learner

Geometric and radiometric characteristics of a prototype surveillance system

Shear behaviour of glued structural fibre composite sandwich beams

A high-resolution spectropolarimetric survey of herbig Ae/Be stars - II. rotation

Diet-induced obesity, adipose inflammation, and metabolic dysfunction correlating with PAR2 expression are attenuated by PAR2 antagonism

Joint subcarrier pairing and resource allocation for adaptive hybrid relay protocol in OFDM systems

The innovation potential of living-labs to strengthen small and medium enterprises in regional Australia

Are engineering students' interests and attitudes to study so different to scientists?

Developing a self-report measure of students' interest and motivation for studying engineering

Researching education with marginalized communities

An associate dean's community of practice: rising to the leadership challenges of engaging distance students using blended models of learning and teaching

Shifting mindsets within: self-study of professional learning

Virtual worlds for learning: done and dusted?

Understanding the use of smart mobile technologies for learning in higher education

Mobile learning and professional development: future building academic work in higher education

Gazing into the future of Sri Lankan higher education: capacity building for the future

Comparative religious freedom: the right to wear religious dress

Enablers of implementing knowledge management systems for better organisational outcomes: an Indian study

Expectations, usability, and job satisfaction as determinants for the perceived benefits for the use of wireless technology in healthcare

Using new technologies to deliver cognitive behaviour therapy with children and adolescents

Caring dialogue: a step toward realising the dream of online learning communities

Mobile devices for learning in Malaysia: then and now

Looking back to look forward: creating and sustaining peer connections through digital communities

Beyond open access: open publishing and the future of digital scholarship

Revisiting the definition of mobile learning

Getting the full picture: storyboarding our way to stand alone Moodle

Using technology to enable flipped classrooms whilst sustaining sound pedagogy

Does measurement of intentions allow us to assume behavior? A disaster information seeking perspective

A case study of a Queensland senior physical education syllabus: does the rubber (ever) meet the road?

The implementation of the Smart Moves daily physical activity program in Queensland state primary schools

The IRAC framework: locating the performance zone for learning analytics

Creating engagement and cultivating information literacy skills via Scoop.it

Dynamic behaviour of debonded GFRP composite beams

Unfair contract terms: termination for convenience

Freedom of association in the Australian Constitution and the crime of consorting

A proposed solution for the chicken-egg dilemma in pricing currency options

Determinants of the strength of accounting and reporting standards: A cross-country study

Music in higher education: an emergent social learning environment in a regional university

Sustainable as a basis of affordable? Understanding the affordability 'crisis' in Australian housing

Of nerds and men: dimensions and discourses of masculinity in Nerds FC

Revisioning teacher preparation for mobility: dual imperatives

Repositioning resistance: Basque separatism, religion and cultural security in regional Queensland, 1945-1970

TPACK: exploring a secondary pre-service teachers' context

In the spirit of reconciliation: migrating spirits and Australian postcolonial multiculturalism in Hoa Pham's Vixen

First year engagement and retention: A goal-setting approach

Technological pedagogical content knowledge of secondary mathematics teachers

The European Journal of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2013

Generalized analysis on diversity-multiplexing trade-off of relay protocols

Secrecy capacity enhancement with distributed precoding in multirelay wiretap systems

Modeling performance of CSMA/CA with retransmissions in wireless personal area networks

A direct forcing immersed boundary method employed with compact integrated RBF approximations for heat transfer and fluid flow problems

An opportunity to support beginning teachers in the transition from higher education into practice

Sentiment Analysis on Tweets for Social Events

A Self-Stabilizing Protocol for Minimal Weighted Dominating Sets in Arbitrary Networks

Multi-objective design optimisation of GFRP sandwich beams

Mechanical properties of epoxy grouts for structural repair

Structural evaluation of concrete expanded polystyrene sandwich panels for slab applications

A mathematical model for complete stress-strain curve prediction of permeable concrete

Properties and behaviour of gomuti fibre composites under tensile and compressive load

Beyond conscientiousness: career optimism and satisfaction with academic major

Consciousness and depth of anesthesia assessment based on Bayesian analysis of EEG signals

Clogging mechanism of permeable concrete: A review

A white African experience of identity, survival and Holocaust memory

An overview of system architectures for remote laboratories

Peer assessment of recorded student presentations

Performance evaluation of network architectures for collaborative real-time learning systems

Mapping semantic knowledge for unsupervised text categorisation

Writing women: the virtual cookbook and Pinterest

No news is not good news: evidence from the intraday return volatility-volume relationship in Shanghai Stock Exchange

Beyond online preprints: formalization of open initiatives in China

Using automated and fine-grained analysis of pronoun use as indicators of progress in an online collaborative project

Smart structure for small wind turbine blade

Helping first year engineering students Get Set for success in their studies

Transition in, transition out (TiTo): peer mentoring for sustainable development of first and third year psychology students [Final Report]

Transition in transition out (TiTo): using peer mentoring to assist graduating students transition beyond university

Reflecting on reflexivity

Enriching career experience of international academics through language training and practicing programs

Caring and sharing computer files with configuration management

Benchmarking of final year engineering projects

Student focus groups

Continuous-time random walks on networks with vertex- and time-dependent forcing

Mechanical properties of bamboo fiber-polyester composites

A comparison of quality of life between HIV positive and negative diamond miners in South Africa

Image schemas and political ontology

Creating enduring strength through commitment to schoolwide pedagogy

Raising the pedagogical bar: teachers' co-construction of explicit teaching

Metalanguage: the 'teacher talk' of explicit literacy teaching in practice

Additional professional induction strategy (APIS): Education Commons, a strategy to support transition to the world of work

Prediction of obsolete FBG sensor using ANN for efficient and robust operation of SHM systems

A self-stabilizing algorithm for finding a minimal positive influence dominating set in social networks

A tool for IT service management process assessment for process improvement

Exploring the disconnections: student interaction with support services upon commencement of distance education

Principles for design and evaluation of learning spaces

In their own words: student stories of seeking learning support

Estimation of round trip time in distributed real time system architectures

Video-aware measurement-based admission control

Using electronic and mobile data services in the Australian healthcare sector: the challenges from end-users' viewpoints

Understanding the place of assessment standards: a case study in medical diagnostic radiography

Finding a weighted positive influence dominating set in e-learning social networks

Is corporate governance relevant during the financial crisis?

On antenna calibration for the TDD-based network MIMO system

Bridging the gap between rhetoric and practice: data from 4 studies into the arts and creative writing for personal and professional learning

Disrupting the label: a 4D research method for re-constituting 'the other' and 'othered' through theory, narrative, metaphor and constructive conversation

Cooperative jamming and power allocation in three-phase two-way relaying wiretap systems

Mobile learning in higher education: moving towards a framework for efficacy and sustainability

My teacher told me Toowoomba will never flood: regional community uses of Facebook during the 2011 Queensland floods

ADI method based on C2-continuous two-node integrated-RBF elements for viscous flows

The analysis of recirculation zone and ignition position of non-premixed bluff-body for biogas mild combustion

The carbon tax in Australia: impacts on income distribution, employment and competitiveness

Finding gems in computer-assisted language learning: clues from GLoCALL 2011 and 2012 papers

The Australian cotton industry and four decades of deep drainage research: a review

Modelling of solid bodies in dissipative particle dynamics

Using a web-based game to prevent posttraumatic stress in children following medical events: design of a randomized controlled trial

Birthing change

Reading online and offline: language teachers' perspectives

The effect of methanol-diesel blended ratio on CI engine performance

Effect of compressed natural gas mixing on the engine performance and emissions

Analysis of recirculation zone and ignition position of non-premixed bluff-body for biogas mild combustion

Corporate intellectual capital reporting in Bangladesh

Will Race to the Top have the same mixed results No Child Left Behind had on student learning and preservice teacher preparation?

Governing Adaptation Policies and Programmes

Evaluating the Clean Development Mechanism

Significance analysis of flexural behaviour of hybrid sandwich panels

Transition in, transition out: a sustainable model to engage first year students in learning. A practice report

The impact of online peer mentoring on first year student transition, problem solving skills, and academic success

Family business succession - trust and gender issues in family and non-family succcession

Designing and evaluating an empowering online pedagogy for commencing students: a case study

Transforming learning through capacity-building: maximising life and learning support to mobilise diversities in an Australian pre-undergraduate preparatory program

Effectiveness of using fibre-reinforced polymer composites for underwater steel pipeline repairs

Implementation of CMC in a 0-D single-zone model of a diesel HCCI engine

Performance analysis of journal bearings using ultrasonic reflection

Experimental study of microorganism disruption using shear stress

Hybrid sandwich panel with natural fibre composite intermediate layer: manufacturing process and significance analysis

Mobile learning anytime, anywhere: what are our students doing?

The role of Islamic finance in improving financial inclusion: an exploratory case study of Australian Muslims

Cooperative jamming and power allocation in two-way relaying system with eavesdropper

Magnate (television script)

Signals embedded in the radial velocity noise: periodic variations in the tau Ceti velocities

Virtual worlds in Australian and New Zealand higher education: remembering the past, understanding the present and imagining the future

Water-use efficiency and productivity trends in Australian irrigated cotton: a review

Analysis of internal bonded fibre reinforced composite repair systems for corroded steel pipelines

From individual Remote Access Laboratory implementations to institutional learning tools

Effect of different heat transfer models on a diesel homogeneous charge compression ignition engine

Adaptation and resilience in two flood-prone Queensland communities

Fibre composites pile rehabilitation and concrete formwork jacket: concept development and finite element analysis

Thermo-mechanical properties of epoxidized hemp oil-based bioresins and biocomposites

Researchers as participants, participants as researchers

The Scottish devolution and the 2014 referendum: what are the potential reverberations in Spain?

“Laat Dit Goed Gaan”: Revisioning Education Research through Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language to Australian Adolescents on the Basis of Moral Education and Ethics of Care

The significance of the linguistic representation of self in research

Naming, framing and sometimes shaming: reimagining relationships with education research participants

Participants and research method design: the development of narrative discussion group method

Greater than the sum of its parts: the formation of a school/university research team

Creating the global greenscape: developing a global market-entry framework for the green and renewable technologies

Self-harm and Falun Gong: Karmic release, martyrdom or suicide

An inverted remote laboratory - makers and gamers

Investigation on the mechanical behavior of hybrid fibre reinforced polymer composite beam

Design and development of mild combustion burner

ZigBee based wireless sensor networks and their use in medical and health care domain

Network of Australiasian Tertiary Associations: a space for discussion, collaboration and advocacy in tertiary education

A review on the degradability of polymeric composites based on natural fibres

Wireless underground sensor network design for irrigation control: simulation of RFID deployment

Digital divide research in Australia: a critical review

Ecological footprint and regional sustainability: a review of methodologies and results

Community preferences for digital futures: a regional perspective

Thinking about first year retention in teacher education: three students in a regional university and their metaphors of survival

Student engagement and student satisfaction: two measures auguring for independent review criteria or standards for student support services in national quality assurance schemes

The Parental and Micro-Environmental Model (PMEM): A conceptual framework for exploring factors that impact on early adult/child relationships

Mechanical and thermal properties of jute fibre reinforced composites

A comparison between static and dynamic foot mobility magnitude measures

Human foot plantar surface shape change during gait

A video-based system for plantar surface acquisition during gait

SODIT: An innovative system for outlier detection using multiple localized thresholding and interactive feedback

The social construction of caves and rockshelters: Chauvet Cave (France) and Nawarla Gabarnmang (Australia)

The globally disseminated M1T1 clone of Group A streptococcus evades autophagy for intracellular replication

Correlating video-captured 3D foot model with foot loading during walking

Application of MODIS data to assess the latest forest cover changes of Sri Lanka

Durability of fly ash based-geopolymers: effect of crystallization on mechanical properties

Does diagnostic profile predict outcome for online CBT for youth anxiety?

Developing spatial information sharing strategies across natural resource management communities

Using spatial modelling to develop flood risk and climate adaptation capacity metrics for vulnerability assessments of urban community and critical water supply infrastructure

A compact five-point stencil based on integrated RBFs for 2D second-order differential problems

Glue-laminated composite sandwich beams for structural engineering and construction

High stakes testing assessment: the deus ex machina of quality in education

Assessing a new approach to covered anaerobic pond design in the treatment of abattoir wastewater

Investigating wastewater modelling as a tool to predict anaerobic decomposition and biogas yield of abattoir effluent

A hybrid WSN system for environment monitoring at poultry buildings

Do the Australian universities have scope to enhance organisational efficiency? Lessons from Bangladesh

Recent results on the problem of wave-current interaction including water depth, surface tension/amplitude and vorticity effects

Long-life nickel iron battery functionality/cost comparison for peak demand SWER network voltage support application

He's gonna be a little gay: redneckognising the queer American family in Here comes Honey Boo Boo

Impact on the rankings of mutual funds due to choice of performance measure: An Asian perspective

Improving clinical practice outcomes for nurses with an interactive emulator

A preliminary evaluation of vision and laser sensing for tree trunk detection and orchard mapping

Automatic plant branch segmentation and classification using vesselness measure

Transactional distance theory (TDT): an approach to enhancing knowledge and reducing anxiety of pre-service teachers studying a mathematics education course online

Validity and dynamics in the nonlinearly excited 6th-order phase equation

Building academic resilience: Master of Teaching students' perceptions of written feedback on assessment

Accreditation and institutional learning: the impact interactions based on a minimaxing strategy have on the benefits from external reviews

Writing the story of the wartime occupation of the Channel Islands

Food as medicine [Introduction]

Balancing secularism with religious freedom: in Lautsi v. Italy, the European Court of Human Rights evolved

Response of soil fungal richness and composition to Lantana camara L. infestation in the Toowoomba region, South-East Queensland, Australia

Numerical investigations on the compressibility of a DPD fluid

Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies in Bangladesh: the tale of two coastal cities

A conceptual framework on establishing a risk management framework within existing university assessment and evaluation practices

Efflorescence: a critical challenge for geopolymer applications?

Unsupervised classification of epileptic EEG signals with multi scale K-means algorithm

A cooperative architecture based on social insects

Fracture toughness and toughening mechanisms of unsaturated polyester-based clay nanocomposites

Old neighbourhoods showcasing new urbanist principles to promote walking for transport

Combining social media and career development learning: an intensive tertiary preparation programme for disadvantaged youth

An improved chaos method for monitoring the depth of anaesthesia

Effects of spatial resolution on measurement of landscape function using the landscape leakiness calculator

A review of FRP composite truss systems and its connection

The digital PhD student

Engineering graduate program: how it affects the skills, attributes and career development of graduate engineers

Soil displacement and soil bulk density changes as affected by tire size

From access to success: improving the higher education learning experience for incarcerated students

Listening to the student voice: how are students really using mobile technologies for learning?

Mapping Mekong River Basin land cover to support food production

Meet-Up for success: the story of a peer led program's journey

Epileptogenic focus detection in intracranial EEG based on delay permutation entropy

Comparing research on Chinese students study abroad decision-making: China-based versus overseas-based perspectives

The Taylor rule in Australia

Free vibration behaviour of fibre composite sandwich beams with debonds

Enhancing student communication skills: the development of the PCR communication model for engineers

An exorcist calls

Field-scale evaluation of biosolids-derived organomineral fertilisers applied to ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) in England

Characterisation of organomineral fertilisers derived from nutrient-enriched biosolids granules

Depth-resolved abundance and diversity of arsenite-oxidizing bacteria in the groundwater of Beimen, a blackfoot disease endemic area of southwestern Taiwan

Becoming an academic for the twenty-first century: what will count as teaching quality in higher education

Dissipative particle dynamics modeling of low Reynolds number incompressible flows

Can open access save monograph publishing? (开放获取能否拯救学术专著出版?)

The digital transition and challenges of educational publishing in the UK and US (英美教材出版的数字转型与危机)

Cognitive dissonance in student self-assessment

Generalized compute-and-forward schemes for multi-hop two-way relay channels

Lessons students and new graduates could teach: a phenomenological study that reveals insights on the essence of building a supportive learning culture through preceptorship

Error probability of OFDM-based hybrid relay protocols over wideband fading channels

An efficient and robust privacy protection technique for massive streaming choice-based information

WorldView-2 satellite imagery and airborne LiDAR data for object-based forest species classification in a cool temperate rainforest environment

Power allocation of distributed space-frequency coding for OFDM-based hybrid relay selection

A work integrated learning (WIL) framework to develop graduate skills and attributes in an Australian university's accounting program

Near-ultraviolet emission spectroscopy of the Hayabusa reentry

Effect of in-situ TiC particles on hot deformation behavior of spray formed 7075 Al alloy

Modelling of ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated livestock buildings. Part 2: air change modelling

A qualitative study of 'fear' as a regulator of children's independent physical activity in the suburbs

Reducing the attrition of tertiary bridging students studying by distance: a practice report

Body mass index on outcomes of nulliparous singleton pregnancies in Brunei Darussalam

Minimising k-dominating set in arbitrary network graphs

Actinic exposure film dosimetry: indicators of occupational exposure risk for office workers and school teachers

Potassium content prediction model of citrus leaves in different phenological period

Autism as a form of biological citizenship

Evaluation of the Red Apple Program: a healthy lifestyle program for disadvantaged families & young people piloted in the Wide Bay Burnett Queensland, 2011-2012

Twisting Dickens: modding childhood for the steampunk marketplace in Cory Doctorow's 'Clockwork Fagin' (2011)

The fierce earth: 'Michael Field's' pagan politics

Polarisation and magnetic fields in cool stars and the Sun

Infection of mungbean seed is more likely to result from localised pod infection than from systemic plant infection

A qualitative study into the innovation and technology transfer experience of a micro-manufacturer within a university-industry collaboration context in regional Australia

Coal seam gas and associated water: a review paper

Using computer software packages to enhance the teaching in engineering management science part 4 – quality control

Synthesising socioecological frameworks, impacts of social determinants and strengths-based paradigms - imperatives for efficacy in health education and health promotion

Interrogating efficacy of digital pedagogies for preservice health and physical education teacher education

In state of art: mechanical and tribological behaviour of polymeric composites based on natural fibres

Child-led tours of Brisbane's Fortitude Valley as public pedagogy

Attributes used by regional Australian back pain sufferers to evaluate treatment types and service providers

Extending SWER line capacity

Indigenous fungi as pathogens of crops: some examples from Australia

Response of chickpea genotype to Phytophthora root rot, PRR (Phytophthora medicaginis)

Making the connection: creating a pathway for indigenous incarcerated students into higher education

Democratising the digital divide: civics and citizenship curriculum, Australian Aboriginal communities and social media

Improving leadership capacity by valuing the self and reprioritising the self's subjective well-being: principals need their oxygen mask

From disability to learning gap. How some schools have accomplished it

Imagining paradise, discovering science: tourism and science at the Great Barrier Reef

Effectively delivering XML information in periodic broadcast environments

A novel technique for the early assessment of sorghum lines for resistance to Fusarium stalk rot

Disease threats to the Australian soybean industry

Early assessment of sorghum lines for resistance to Fusarium stalk rot

Assessing head blight resistance (tolerance) to Fusarium thapsinum in sorghum

Chickpeas! Varietal performance, wet feet and root rot, virus and salinity effects in 2012, Ascochyta management, seed quality, issues in central Queensland and effects of desiccating too early with glyphosate on seed germination

An exploration of access to and use of mobile technologies for learning activities among higher education students

Towards an engineering career appraisal tool for secondary school students

Financial disclosure policy changes for Japanese non-profit organizations

Crime shows and Islam: the modern and the medieval

Enhancing educational opportunity for prisoners by providing a simulated online learning environment

Mindfulness: a meditator of interpersonal style in predicting academic achievement

Extending extension: virtual shed meetings in a digital age

The safety benefit of wide centerline treatments utilizing audio-tactile line-marking on undivided highways

Changing pre-service teachers’ perceptions of teaching in rural and remote locations in Queensland by applying a casebased teaching method [NYP 6/6/14]

Hot wall testing methodology for impulse facilities

Using a virtual world to enable real world decision making

System engineering the engineering education process: a gap analysis

Reading indigeneity without race: colour, representation and uncertainty in photographic evidence

Making the implicit explicit: facilitating growth in others to realise effective organisational change

Designing for diversity: a case study exploring implications of ecological psychology for inclusion

Simulating the kinematics and motions of robotic manipulators using 3D game development tools

Review of agricultural water management policies in near east and North African region in light of water scarcity

A review of the contextual factors associated with the North African business environment: descriptive historical study

Supervising higher degree research (HDR) candidates at a distance: what do emerging virtual world technologies have to offer?

On the inter-connectivity between the Golan streams and the groundwater

Correlation between frictional force, interface temperature and specific wear rate of fibre polymer composites

HIV/AIDS and migration

Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium pseudograminearum caused the 2010 head blight epidemics in Australia

English language in the Malaysian education system: its existence and implications

Malaysian graduates: what and why

Hemp and hemp-based composites

Get set, go! Preparing for success in first year engineering

IEEE robotics and automation society technical committee on agricultural robotics and automation

Ms Garland at Twilight

Mindfulness: a mediator of interpersonal style in predicting academic adjustment

Effects of processing conditions of poly(methylmethacrylate) encapsulated liquid curing agent on the properties of self-healing composites

Analysis of heat-treated bovine cortical bone by thermal gravimetric and nanoindentation

Effects of succession planning programs on staff retention

An investigation of acoustic emission signal attenuation for monitoring of progressive failure in fiberglass reinforced composite laminates

A heuristic model to aid the western business people working in culturally different societies to adjust to the environment

Direct imaging of long period radial velocity targets with NICI

Healthy country, healthy people: an Australian aboriginal organisation's adaptive governance to enhance its social-ecological system

Reflections from the global summit on student affairs and services: an Australian perspective

Chlorella protothecoides microalgae as an alternative fuel for tractor diesel engines

Hydraulics of large diameter gated flexible fluming

Mass extinction and the structure of the Milky Way

Evaluation of neutral voltages in arc suppression coil systems

The geochemical characteristics of the mud liquids in the Wushanting and Hsiaokunshui mud volcano region in southern Taiwan: implications of humic substances for binding and mobilization of arsenic

The right to silence: using American and European law to protect a fundamental right

Monitoring of barnacle growth on the underwater hull of an FRP boat using image processing

Telemedicine and Telemonitoring in Healthcare

The performance of recycled and quarry aggregates and their effect on permeable concrete

Effect of strain rate on geopolymer concrete

The Turtle, a legged submerged inspection vehicle

SIMS: Self-adaptive Intelligent Monitoring System for supporting home-based heart failure patients

Evaluation of stereovision for extracting plant features

A detailed dynamical investigation of the proposed QS Virginis planetary system

Understanding crop physiology to select breeding targets and improve crop management under increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations

The effect of elevated CO2 on photochemistry and antioxidative defence capacity in wheat depends on environmental growing conditions: a FACE study

Will intra-specific differences in transpiration efficiency in wheat be maintained in a high CO2 world? A FACE study

On the dynamical stability of the proposed planetary system orbiting NSVS 14256825

Main-sequence progenitor configurations of the NN ser candidate circumbinary planetary system are dynamically unstable

Technological and integrated approaches for practical and rapid assessment of compaction in agricultural soils: a review.

Development of organomineral fertilisers derived from nutrient-enriched biosolids granules: product specification

Field studies on the value of organomineral fertilisers as amendments for perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L)

Evaluation of calcium ammonium nitrate and urea-based fertilisers applied to grassland in Ireland

Determining the particle size range of organomineral fertilisers based on the spreading characteristics of the material

Intraspecific variation in growth and yield response to elevated CO2 in wheat depends on the differences of leaf mass per unit area

Field inoculation with arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi overcomes phosphorus and zinc deficiencies of linseed (Linum usitatissimum) in a vertisol subject to long-fallow disorder

Chemical treatments on hemp fibre composites

An exploratory study to identify factors that influence the use of electronic patient boards in Queensland Health

Mass production of nanofibers from a spiral coil

Experimental investigation on the surface humidity of fabric during the process of dynamic moisture liberation

Investor-state arbitration under bilateral trade and investment agreements: finding rhythm in inconsistent drumbeats

Effects of NaOH solution concentration and reaction time on metakaolin geopolymerization

A portrait of the extreme solar system object 2012 DR30

Developing life cycle inventory for life cycle assessment of Australian cotton

Thermo-responsive PNIPAM Hydrogel nanofibres photocrosslinked by Azido-POSS

Evaluation of cottonised hemp fibre produced using a new catalytic degumming system

Thermo-responsive PNIPAM nanofibres crosslinked by OpePOSS

A comparison of Brunei and Hong Kong - SAR student teachers' self-efficacy in implementing inclusive education practices: implications for teacher education

On the problem of scale: Hayek, Kohr, Jacobs and the reinvention of the political state

On the problem of scale: Spinozistic sovereignty as the logical foundation of constitutional economics

Pyridocoumarin, aristolactam and aporphine alkaloids from the Australian rainforest plant Goniothalamus australis

Gold, ink, and bitter disappointment: Swedish journalist Corfitz Cronqvist in Australasia, 1857-95

Change in the cotton harvesting system: a review and implications for the John Deere 7760 cotton picker

Groundwater flow model for the Lucky-Last spring group

Quantification of phosphorus transport from a karstic agricultural watershed to emerging spring water

Evaluation of a surface hydrological connectivity index in agricultural catchments

Dairy farm impacts of fencing riparian land: pasture production and farm productivity

Undergraduate nursing studies: the first-year experience

Modelling greenhouse gas emissions abatement options for beef and sheep farm businesses

Forecasting the decline of excess soil phosphorus in agricultural catchments

Corporate social responsibility and compliance: transnational mining corporations in Tanzania

Influence of organic matter, clay mineralogy, and pH on the effects of CROSS on soil structure is related to the zeta potential of the dispersed clay

Impact of micrometeorological conditions on the efficiency of artificial monolayers in reducing evaporation

Controlled traffic farming in Argentina: challenges and opportunities

Ghost in the Shell 2, technicity and the subject

Corporate climate change disclosure practices and regulation: the influence of institutional investors

Human resources and sustainability

Synchronous remote supervision of clinical and practicum placements: challenges and benefits: a case of 'yes we can but no we won't to yes we can and we will'

Face-to-face or Facebook: can social connectedness be derived online?

A short form of the Career Interest Test: a report for Education Services Australia

Who I Am

Comment on: Thompson D.R. & Darbyshire P. (2013) Is academic nursing being sabotaged by its own killer elite?

Smarter safer homes

Leading at the coal-face: the world as experienced by subject coordinators in Australian higher education

Wendy Matthews and Mark Sholtez at the Sydney Opera House

The lost man [Short story]

The Viva Voce as an authentic assessment for clinical psychology students

The therapeutic value of pilgrimage: a grounded theory study

Boundaries and the common law

Digital futures dictating pedagogy in undergraduate health and physical education teacher preparation

Report on the assessment and accreditation of learners using open education resources (OER)

Spatial distribution of calibrated WOFOST parameters and their influence on the performances of a regional yield forecasting system

Findings from the USQ students' experiences and expectations of technologies survey 2012

Is the employment construct a socio-legal or purely economic phenomenon? In search of a redefining theory for employment law

Supporting farmers' learning and knowledge development through dialogue and digital technologies

Self-directed learning environments of farm businesses – case studies in Queensland

Global diversity issues in counseling

CAE simulation based methodology for airbag compliant vehicle front protection system development

Application of response surface methodology to maximize the productivity of scalable automated human embryonic stem cell manufacture

Cloning of a novel insulin-regulated ghrelin transcript in prostate cancer

Identification of a long non-coding RNA gene, growth hormone secretagogue receptor opposite strand, which stimulates cell migration in non-small cell lung cancer cell lines

Sugarcane yield monitoring: a protocol for yield map interpolation and key considerations in the collection of yield data

Stagnation temperature in a cold hypersonic flow produced by a light free piston compression facility

Should disaster management strategies in Bangladesh be just about constructing new shelters?

Groundwater depth thresholds for tree condition

Forecasting rainfall based on the Southern Oscillation Index phases at longer lead-times in Australia

Multiuser hybrid analog/digital beamforming for relatively large-scale antenna arrays

Curiouser and curiouser: studio research at the University of Southern Queensland

Down the rabbit hole ( Art exhibition)

Review of regulatory frameworks for contaminated land in China

The effect of peripheral visual information on correct and false recall in short-term memory

The false memory effect within a short-term memory paradigm

Developing social problem solving skills to enhance deep and strategic learning approaches among first-year students

Reducing resource requirements and costs of work-based skills training for undergraduate psychology students: implementing the dedicated education unit model in work integrated learning

What is the impact of compulsory WIL experiences on undergraduate psychology students?

The structural validity of Problem Solving Inventory – 12 item within an indigenous Australian population

The impact of workplace incivility on the satisfaction of basic needs: the role of past experience

Developing an appropriate contaminated land regime in China: lessons learned from the US and UK

Summer crop decisions and root lesion nematodes

Get set for success: using online self-assessments to motivate first year engineering students to engage in and manage their learning [Final report]

Empowering students in transition: peer mentoring to support first and final year students

An assessment of sugarcane yield monitoring concepts and techniques from commercial yield monitoring systems

Miscellaneous [Portfolio 7]

Creating sustainable benefits for stakeholders of organisations using the strategy mapping framework

Hot-wall reentry testing in hypersonic impulse facilities

Theoretical framework of foreign exchange exposure, competition and the market value of domestic corporations

Giving victims a voice: on the problems of introducing victim impact statements in German criminal procedure

The opportunities and challenges for enabling education: implementing Open Educational Practices (OEP)

Transformative learning development as a basis for maximising the impact of critical thinking as a core element of enabling curricula

Is there room for everybody?

Initial approaches to studying by open access university students: implications for program curriculum and delivery

Enabling connections and persistence in a distributed learning community

Do potentially successful students in tertiary enabling programs have any common characteristics that underpin resilience and persistence? If so, how can this information help future enabling students?

Enabling retention: processes and strategies for improving student retention in university-based enabling programs: final report 2013

Frameworks, cases, and risk: Dupont's legacy

Nutraceuticals for chronic inflammatory diseases

Two Australian symphonies in one movement: Horace Perkins's Elegiac symphony and Felix Gethen's symphony in E flat

Train the trainers: maintaining standards to minimise injuries and avoiding legal liability in the fitness industry

The impact of cooperative learning and empowerment on the performance of first-year accounting students

The McDonaldization of nursing education in Australia: a grounded theory study on designing undergraduate nursing curricula in the context of national accreditation

Does the organisational form of the target influence market reaction to acquisition announcements? Australian evidence

Threat and opportunity: the impact of social inclusion and feedback recipient likeability on feedback, self-esteem and belonging

Submission to Northern Territory Law Reform Committee on the relationship between intoxication and criminal liability

Evolution, adoption and economic evaluation of an agroforestry-based farming system with and without carbon values: the case of Nepal

Developing and framing water policy for sustainable water security in agriculture in the Jefara Region of Libya

The sword in the stone

When the cheering stops

Determinants of gross investment in Bangladesh: a time series evidence

Assessment and diagnosis of dementia in Hispanic and non-Hispanic white outpatients

Climate change adaptation and the rental sector: final report

Managing quality in construction: construction as biological cells

Dynamic topologies for sustainable and energy efficient traffic engineering in communication networks

Foreign exchange exposure, competition and the market value of domestic corporations of UAE

Nonuniform compressive sensing for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks

The burden of diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting glucose in an urban population of Sri Lanka

Service recovery in the Australian banking industry

Parental emotional support during emerging adulthood and baby boomers' well-being in midlife

Cross-cultural differences in dementia: the sociocultural health belief model

Role of clients in driving innovation in construction projects

Measuring mathematics teacher educators' knowledge of technology integrated teaching: instrument development

Human detection in surveillance videos and its applications - a review

Value-based consumer segmentation: the key to sustainable agri-food chains

Relationship management in a value chain involving 'bottom of the pyramid' participants: a case study from Nepal

Differences in environmental disclosure between national and international oil and gas corporations operating in the oil sector of Arab pertroleum exporting countries

Dingoes at the doorstep: preliminary data on the ecology of dingoes in urban areas

Intraguild relationships between sympatric predators exposed to lethal control: predator manipulation experiments

Influence of dingoes on sheep distribution in Australia

The success of GPS collar deployments on mammals in Australia

Cautionary considerations for positive dingo management: a response to the Johnson and Ritchie critique of Fleming et al. (2012)

As clear as mud: a critical review of evidence for the ecological roles of Australian dingoes

The radial velocity experiment (RAVE): fourth data release

Microbial oil produced from biodiesel by-products could enhance overall production

The experience of Indigenous students in a Bachelor of Nursing program in Australia: cultural safety and decolonising nurse education

Training the native nurses: so what went wrong? – an Australian context

Aboriginal Australian women and work: an historical context

Raising the curtain: exploring dancers’ perceptions of obligation through the psychological contract lens

The consequences of transfer of training for service quality and job satisfaction: an empirical study in the Malaysian public sector

Analytic radicalism

Re-cognising disability: cross-examining social inclusion through the prism of queer anti-sociality

Feasibility analysis of using humidex as an indoor thermal comfort predictor

Cortisol levels in hair reflect behavioural reactivity of dogs to acoustic stimuli

Loss of function of the IAA-glucose hydrolase gene TGW6 enhances rice grain weight and increases yield

Relationships between ethical climate, justice perceptions, and LMX

Local council governance and audit committees - the missing link?

Creative writing praxis as queer becoming

Regulation of berry quality parameters in 'Shiraz' grapevines through rootstocks (Vitis)

Environmental influences on optimum nitrogen fertiliser rates for temperate dairy pastures

Evaluating the accuracy of the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM) simulating growth, development, and herbage nutritive characteristics of forage crops grown in the south-eastern dairy regions of Australia

Complementary forages – integration at a whole-farm level

Predicting climate change impact on nutrient pollution in waterways: a case study in the upper catchment of the Latrobe River, Australia

Lignocellulosic byproducts as filler in polypropylene: comprehensive study on the effects of compatibilization and loading

Study on interfacial properties of unidirectional flax/vinyl ester composites: resin manipulation on vinyl ester system

Response [to the Chiappa et al letter to the editor]

‘A conflict does not rot’: State and civil society responses to civil war offences in Mozambique

The implications of accumulated grievances and memories of political violence to the process of administrative decentralization in Mozambique

Power and healing in African Politics: an introduction

Perspectives on professional development in Australian education: some realities of Standards-based professional development

Mathematics teacher educators’ and pre-service teachers’ beliefs about the use of technology in teaching in an African university

Victorian vocabularies: refereed proceedings of the 2012 Australasian Victorian studies conference

Effects of fully open-air [CO2] elevation on leaf photosynthesis and ultrastructure of Isatis indigotica Fort

The politics of spirits, justice, and social transformation in Mozambique

Becoming part of the Commonwealth

Developmental and physical disabilities

Common QTL and multi-purpose markers for the resistance of five synthetic hexaploids against two species of root lesion nematode

Principals views on the importance of numeracy as children start school

Real-time classification via sparse representation in acoustic sensor networks

Minimising Motor Vehicle Incidents (MVI’s) through teams and rewards (PeerSafe)

Small wins: a strategy for developing evidence for a student learning assistance program (LAP) unit through formative evaluation

Using data from Learning Centre and other learning assistance programs to evaluate the institutional view of STEM discipline engagement

Student Personalised Academic Road to Success (SPARS): Creating interconnections between student support, academic learning and technologies for students, for student success


Australia's capacity to monitor wind erosion: final synthesis report for projects: Wind erosion extent and severity maps for Australia (WEESMap) Project A0000007341; Community DustWatch Expansion Project (CDW) Project A0000007342g; Wind Erosion Information for Regional Monitoring Project A0000007131g

Wind erosion information for regional monitoring (WEIRM)

Plant-parasitic nematodes as invasive species: Characteristics, uncertainty and biosecurity implications

Bacteria associated with sheath browning and grain discoloration of rice in East Timor and implications for Australia’s biosecurity

Taking transgenic rice drought screening to the field

A review on crop losses, epidemiology and disease management of rice brown spot to identify research priorities and knowledge gaps

Numerical and analytical modeling of the stability of the cylindrical shell under the axial compression with the use of the non-classical theories of shells

Buckling of a spherical segment under the flat base load

Climate change and broadacre livestock production across southern Australia. 2. Adaptation options via grassland management

Climate change and broadacre livestock production across southern Australia. 1. Impacts of climate change on pasture and livestock productivity, and on sustainable levels of profitability

Water flux and sediment transport within a forested landscape: the role of connectivity, subsurface flow, and slope length scale on transport mechanism

Climate change adaptation-mitigation tradeoffs in the southern Australian livestock industry: GHG emissions

Estimated effects of climate change on grassland production and legume content across southern Australia

Mycorrhizal associations in Sarcochilus orchids in south-east Queensland

Biodiversity and specificity of fungal endophytes in semi-evergreen vine thickets

Sugar industry prototype animation (machinima) evaluation report

Alcohol consumption and protective behavioural strategy use among Australian young adults

Ethnography, multiplicity and The Global Childhoods Project: reflections on establishing an interdisciplinary, transnational, multi-sited research collaboration

The politics of normative childhoods and non-normative parenting: a response to Cristyn Davies and Kerry Robinson

Space-place shifts: is the digital space a learning place for commencing students?

The Googled ethnographer

Picturing natural girlhoods: nature, space and femininity in girls’ school promotions

Issues of teacher professional learning within ‘non-traditional’ classroom environments

The living dead and the dead living: contagion and complicity in contemporary universities

Creativity and collaboration in the education sector

Ghrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT) is expressed in prostate cancer tissues and cell lines and expression is differentially regulated in vitro by ghrelin

Imagining and reimagining the role of participants in education research: ethics, epistemologies, and methods

Protocols for protection of human participants: a comparison of five Countries

The impact of information on attitudes toward e-mental health services

The Role of Participants in Education Research: Ethics, Epistemologies, and Methods

Creating a functional musician: a performance workshop model

Important aspects of finite element modeling of low density thermo plastic closed cell foams

The use of artificial neural networks for identifying sustainable biodiesel feedstocks

Quality of experience enhancement through adapting sender bit rate

The Influence of Non-State Actors on Corporate Climate Change Disclosure

Influence of drying conditions on the moisture diffusion during single stage and two stage fluidized bed drying of bovine intestine for pet food

Drying condition effects on fluidization quality and fluidization velocity at initial and final stages of cubical particulates for pet food

An artificial neutral network (ANN) model for predicting biodiesel kinetic viscosity as a function of temperature and chemical compositions

The curious art of falling down the rabbit hole

Solo Exhibition - Meltdown: Kyle Jenkins

Wall Painting (Don't Look Twice, It's Alright)

Collection 4

Advanced Antenna Technologies in the Beyond IMT-Advanced Systems

Student experiences and expectations of technology

ACODE benchmarking: plotting a bright future

Optimisation of bio-oil extraction process from Beauty Leaf (Calophyllum inophyllum) oil seed as a second generation biodiesel source

Influence of drying conditions on the moisture diffusion and fluidization quality during multi-stage fluidized bed drying of bovine intestine for pet food

New multi-dimensional sorting based k-anonymity microaggregation for statistical disclosure control

The effects of inspiratory muscle training on plasma interleukin-6 concentration during cycling exercise and a volitional mimic of the exercise hyperpnea

Faculty Fellows NASPA Doctoral Workshop

Politics of memory, decentralization and recentralization in Mozambique

The extracellular matrix regulates MaeuCath1a gene expression

The extracellular matrix locally regulates asynchronous concurrent lactation in tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)

Prostate cancer: finding your peace of mind

Prostate cancer: climbing above it

Phloem parenchyma transfer cells in Arabidopsis – an experimental system to identify transcriptional regulators of wall ingrowth formation

Hemp hurd based carbon template for reaction formed silicon carbide ceramic

The discovery, synthesis and antimalarial evaluation of natural product ​based polyamine alkaloids

Design for learning spaces and innovative classrooms

From EN to BN to RN: an exploration and analysis of the literature

Arsenic in marine hydrothermal systems: source, fate and environmental implication

Breach! The law's jouissance in Mieville's The City and The City

Reflections on power, conflict and resolution for the perioperative environment

Pulp and paper industry - trends for the future

System aspects of biomass use in complex applications: biorefineries for production of heat, electric power and chemicals

Biomass in different biotopes - an extensive resource

Introduction and context: global biomass resources - types of biomass, quantities and accessibility. Biomass from agriculture, forestry, energy crops and organic wastes

Down the Rabbit Hole

Discovering network community based on multi-objective optimization

Application of Modis data to assess the latest forest cover changes of Sri Lanka

Clustering of risk factors for non-communicable disease and healthcare expenditure in employees with private health insurance presenting for health risk appraisal: a cross-sectional study

'Be active!' Revisiting the South African food-based dietary guideline for activity

Non-communicable disease prevention and worksite health promotion programs: a brief review

Innovative strategies targeting obesity and non-communicable diseases in South Africa: what can we learn from the private healthcare sector?

The Healthiest Company Index: a campaign to promote worksite wellness in South Africa

Comparative GO: a web application for comparative gene ontology and gene ontology-based gene selection in bacteria

A transcription factor contributes to pathogenesis and virulence in Streptococcus pneumoniae

Scriptwriting as creative writing research: a preface

Time-temperature equivalence in the tack and dynamic stiffness of polymer prepreg and its application to automated composites manufacturing

Standardizing resistance screening to Pseudomonas fuscovaginae and evaluation of rice germplasm at seedling and adult plant growth stages

Accounting students' reflections on a course to enhance their interpersonal skills

Determinants of small-scale fishermen's income on Oman's Batinah Coast

Fatigue life evaluation of aligned plant fibre composites through S-N curves and constant-life diagrams

Review of structural health and cure monitoring techniques for large wind turbine blades

Can flax replace E-glass in structural composites? A small wind turbine blade case study

Rehabilitation in residential aged care facilities: barriers and facilitators in a dementia context

Application of a Bayesian classifier of anomalous propagation to single-polarization radar reflectivity data

Applying an Empirical Evaluation to the Governance Legitimacy of Carbon Offset Mechanisms on the Basis of Stakeholder Perceptions

Chasing the faces in places and spaces: exploring academics' MBTI preferences for knowledge management approaches and capacity-building strategies

Active video games and health indicators in children and youth: a systematic review

Associations of sedentary behavior and physical activity with psychological distress: a cross-sectional study from Singapore

Hierarchically structured metal–organic framework/vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes hybrids for CO 2 capture

Investigation of the effect of additives to natural gas on heavy-duty SI engine combustion characteristics

Halloysite nanotube supported Ru nanocatalysts synthesized by the inclusion of preformed Ru nanoparticles for preferential oxidation of CO in H2-rich atmosphere

Two‐step boron and nitrogen doping in graphene for enhanced synergistic catalysis

Mixed matrix membranes incorporated with size-reduced Cu-BTC for improved gas separation

Difference in the cooperative interaction between carbon nanotubes and Ru particles loaded on their internal/external surface

Calcium looping for CO2 capture at a constant high temperature

Erratum: Sedentary time in adults and the association with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death: Systematic review and meta-analysis (Diabetologia DOI: 10.1007/s00125-012-2677-z)

Associations of objectively measured sedentary behaviour and physical activity with markers of cardiometabolic health

Research priorities for child and adolescent physical activity and sedentary behaviours: an international perspective using a twin-panel Delphi procedure

Interrupting long periods of sitting: Good STUFF

The use of pedometers for monitoring physical activity in children and adolescents: measurement considerations

Physical activity interventions and depression in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and physical self-perceptions in adolescent girls: a mediation analysis

Prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose metabolism in younger 'at risk' UK adults: Insights from the STAND programme of research

Active healthy kids Canada's position on active video games for children and youth

Lack of knowledge of physical activity guidelines: Can physical activity promotion campaigns do better?

Reflections on assessment: comparison of assessment processes for postgraduate engineering management courses

Arsenic bioaccessibility in gold mine tailings of Delita, Cuba

Inorganic polymer foams: transform from non-structural to structural upon fire

Effect of skin-core debonding on the dynamic behaviour of GFRP composite beams

Integration of textile fabric and coconut shell in particleboard

Optimal irrigation of cotton via real-time, adaptive control

Monitoring team sport athletes using global positioning system technology

Thekopsora minima causes blueberry rust in south-eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales

First report of Vialaea minutella in Australia, its association with mango branch dieback and systematic placement of Vialaea in the Xylariales

Influence of an intensified competition on fatigue and match performance in junior rugby league players

Training and game loads and injury risk in elite Australian footballers

Dynamical constraints on exoplanets

Survey and prioritisation of potential biological control agents for prickly acacia (Acacia nilotica subsp. indica) in southern India

Challenges and benefits of learning a new language for the business professional visiting another country

Two new Entyloma species (Entylomatales, Ustilaginomycota) from the USA

Emended description of Anomalomyces (Ustilaginales), including Anomalomyces yakirrae sp. nov. on Yakirra paucifl pauciflora (Poaceae) from Australia

Eriocortex eriocauli, gen. et sp. nov. (Ustilaginomycetes) from Australia

Aizoago, a new genus, and two new species of smut fungi (Ustilaginales) on Tetragonia (Aizoaceae) in Australia

Physiological responses to an intensified period of rugby league competition

Reliability and sensitivity of a repeated high-intensity exercise performance test for rugby league and rugby union

Relationship between tests of physical qualities and physical match performance in elite rugby league players

Influence of the opposing team on the physical demands of elite rugby league match play

Activity and recovery cycles of national rugby league matches involving higher and lower ranked teams

Quantifying the physical demands of collision sports: does microsensor technology measure what it claims to measure?

Relationship between tests of physical qualities, team selection, and physical match performance in semiprofessional rugby league players

Should all athletes do explosive lifting?

Influence of ball position on playing space in Spanish elite women's football match-play

Repeated high-intensity running and sprinting in elite women's soccer competition

Training and competition workloads and fatigue responses of elite junior cricket players

Evaluating the community outcomes of Australian learning community initiatives: innovative approaches to assessing complex outcomes

Connected and isolated victims of relational aggression: associations with peer group status and differences between girls and boys

Comparing reports of peer rejection: associations with rejection sensitivity, victimization, aggression, and friendship

Grassroots capacity building for REDD+: lessons from Nepal

Enhancing REDD+ outcomes through improved governance of community forest user groups

Epidemiology of prostate cancer in the Asia-Pacific region

Supplementation with fish oil and genistein, individually or in combination, protects bone against the adverse effects of methotrexate chemotherapy in rats

Effects of a shoot training programme with a reduced hoop diameter rim on free-throw performance and kinematics in young basketball players

Influence of playing standard on the physical demands of professional rugby league

Food groups and fatty acids associated with self-reported depression: An analysis from the Australian National Nutrition and Health Surveys

Dairy foods and dairy protein consumption is inversely related to markers of adiposity in obese men and women

Proceedings of the 2013 meeting of the Australasian Section of the American Oil Chemists Society (AAOCS)

Improvement of major depression is associated with increased erythrocyte DHA

Day-to-day physical functioning and disability in obese 10- to 13-year-olds

Knee extensor strength differences in obese and healthy-weight 10-to 13-year-olds

Chronic resveratrol consumption improves brachial flow-mediated dilatation in healthy obese adults

Transcranial doppler ultrasound to assess cerebrovascular reactivity: reliability, reproducibility and effect of posture

Feasibility of ω-3 fatty acid supplementation as an adjunct therapy for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Evidence for circulatory benefits of Resveratrol in humans

Chronic consumption of a wild green oat extract (Neuravena) improves brachial flow-mediated dilatation and cerebrovascular responsiveness in older adults

Effect of vibration on muscle perfusion: a systematic review

Monitoring functions in managed microbial systems by cytometric bar coding

Facile synthesis of nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide as a superior metal-free catalyst for oxidation

Systematic review of research into the psychological aspects of prostate cancer in Asia: what do we know?

Ti0.89Si0.11O2 single crystals bound by high-index {201} facets showing enhanced visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution

Effect of titanium based complex catalyst and carbon nanotubes on hydrogen storage performance of magnesium

Engaging NGOs in national cancer-control efforts

Couple distress after localised prostate cancer

Health-related quality of life and life satisfaction in colorectal cancer survivors: trajectories of adjustment

A systematic review of psycho-oncology research in Chinese populations: emerging trends

The development of MILD combustion open burner experimental setup

Detail guide for CFD on the simulation of biogas combustion in bluff-body mild burner

Mild combustion: the future for lean and clean combustion

A decision support tool to define scope in IT service management process assessment and improvement

Robustness analysis of a smart surgical drill for cochleostomy

Ways to engage tertiary preparation students in transformative learning

The CIO role expectations instrument: validation and model testing

ACCERT: aged care community education research training

Globalization and gender in south Asia

Virtual learning spaces: getting them right for students

Reconceptualising student experience: creating interconnections between the curricular, co-curricular and technologies into a seamless place of learning

Comparison on intracochlear disturbances between drilling a manual and robotic cochleostomy

Hot-filament-assisted growth of straight SiOx nanowires for optoelectronic application

Advanced geometry modelling for 3D woven fabrics in composites processing and performance analysis

Morphology evolution and physical properties of Bi2Mn4O10 synthesized by hydrothermal method

Fibre reinforced polymer composites sandwich structure: Recent developments and applications in civil infrastructure

Tensile behaviours of activated carbon (AC) coconut shell reinforced recycle polyethylene (PET) hybrid composites

Cure shrinkage in epoxy grouts for grouted repairs

Effectively control negative thermal expansion of single-phase ferroelectrics of PbTiO3-(Bi,La)FeO3 over a giant range

Leaching of zinc from calcined smithsonite using sodium hydroxide

Phase evolution and photoluminescence enhancement of CePO4 nanowires from a low phosphate concentration system

Au impact on GaAs epitaxial growth on GaAs (111)B substrates in molecular beam epitaxy

Activation of photocatalytic water oxidation on N-doped ZnO bundle-like nanoparticles under visible light

T-shaped Bi2Te3-Te heteronanojunctions: Epitaxial growth, structural modeling, and thermoelectric properties

Phase control and formation mechanism of new-phase layer-structured rhombohedral In3Se4 hierarchical nanostructures

Error-resilient multi-view video coding for next generation 3-D video broadcasting

E-learning incarcerated: the social and cultural context of mobile and digital learning in Queensland correctional centres

Socio-economic and demographic factors of beef offal demand in Indonesia: a case study for Makassar City, Indonesia

The possibilities and potential of social ecological frameworks to understand health behaviours and outcomes

Perspectives on schooling from early adolescent video diaries

Multimodal approaches to reflective teaching and assessment in higher education

The arts and literacy: what does it mean to be arts literate?

Working towards a ‘thirdspace’ in the teaching of writing to middle years students

The NASA exoplanet archive: data and tools for exoplanet research

Trifold tellurium one-dimensional nanostructures and their formation mechanism

An A-site-deficient perovskite offers high activity and stability for low-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells

Generating and assessing chlorotic streak disease (CSD) ratings for twenty sugarcane varieties grown at Harwood

Stress-strained state and the stability of a spherical segment under the influence of a load with a flat base

Thermal stability and oxidation of layer-structured rhombohedral In 3Se4 nanostructures

Growth of statistics enhanced by computer and internet

Evaluation of alternative energy sources for cotton production in Australia

A review of autonomous navigation systems in agricultural environments

The same frequency of planets inside and outside open clusters of stars

High-quality Bi2Te3 thin films grown on mica substrates for potential optoelectronic applications

On the synergistic effect of hydrohalic acids in the shape-controlled synthesis of anatase TiO2 single crystals

Feedback for success

Global controversies and advances in skin cancer

Standing on top of the world: Is sedentary behaviour associated with mental health?

Bioinspired strategy to reinforce PVA with improved toughness and thermal properties via hydrogen-bond self-assembly

Responsive lighting: 'The city becomes alive'

Software-mediated process assessment in IT service management

Accounting information systems, Australasian edition

On the orbital (in)stability of Trojan asteroids in the solar system

Simultaneous gain, drift and offset estimation in measurement systems using coherent sampling

Opening up spaces for collegial, collaborative academic development practice within a strategic, centrally coordinated team-based support model

Viability of weather index insurance in managing drought risk in Australia

Climate futures: carbon mitigation actions by Adelaide councils

Interface microstructure and mechanical properties of copper/aluminum composite material

Predicting achievement: confidence vs self-efficacy, anxiety, and self-concept in Confucian and European countries

Educating the younger generation (and the public) in UV effects with a simple experiment

Entrepreneurship education – the way to reach active citizenship

Decision-making by school principals and education researchers: the dilemma of reverse coding in structural equation modeling and its resolution in a study of risk-taking in decision-making for school principals

Noncognitive predictors of intelligence and academic achievement: an important role of confidence

Minimally invasive, robot assisted cochlear implantation

Depression and life satisfaction among european and confucian adolescents

Consumers perceptions towards organic food in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The impact of the agropolitan project on agribusiness activities in Waliksarimadu, Central Java Province, Indonesia - using chili farmers as an example

A preliminary study of Chinese consumers' willingness-to-pay for fruit produced with sustainable attributes

Capturing Trojans and irregular satellites - the key required to unlock planetary migration

Observations of the D/H ratio in Methane in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon, Titan - where did the Saturnian system form?

Enabling learning for disabled students

A novel pathogenesis-related protein (LcPR4a) from lentil, and its involvement in defence against Ascochyta lentis

A new anthracnose disease of pyrethrum caused by Colletotrichum tanaceti sp. nov.

Using student feedback through online surveys to improve learning and teaching: research conducted by eight Australian universities

Introduction: Global Governance and Climate Change

Multifunctional agriculture, ecology and food security: international perspectives

Synthesis of CePO4 nano-wires with improved photoluminescent properties by Co-crystallizing with nano-sized CeO2

Precursor-induced fabrication of β-Bi2O3 microspheres and their performance as visible-light-driven photocatalysts

Large remanent polarization and small leakage in sol-gel derived Bi(Zn 1/2Zr1/2)O3-PbTiO3 ferroelectric thin films

Mentoring indigenous secondary school students to raise educational aspirations

ETT special issue on ‘Quality of Experience in Wireless Multimedia Systems’

Investigating two configurations of a heat exchanger in an indirect heating integrated collector storage solar water heating system

SI: materials, design and tribology

Unusual transformation from strong negative to positive thermal expansion in PbTiO3-BiFeO3 perovskite

Public policy for social and solidarity economy: a case study from Nepal

Niobium pentoxide hollow nanospheres with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity

Temperature-independent ferroelectric property and characterization of high-TC 0.2Bi(Mg1/2Ti1/2)O3-0.8PbTiO3 thin films

Can flax replace E-glass in small wind turbine blades?

Experimental investigation of airflow distribution for a novel combustor mode

Caring for our country: wind erosion extent and severity maps for Australia, final report

Arsenic ecotoxicology: the interface between geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere

Virtue ethics in leadership operations: a pathway for leadership development

Comparative analysis of climate change adaptation options across the southern Australian livestock industry

Archivist as activist : lessons from three queer community archives in California

Towards tacit knowledge sharing over social web tools

Website designers: how do they experience information literacy?

The role of superstition among professional footballers in Ghana

Problem set 12

Problem set 11

The prevalence and correlates of sitting in European adults - a comparison of 32 Eurobarometer-participating countries

Policy and practice impacts of applied research: a case study analysis of the New South Wales Health Promotion Demonstration Research Grants Scheme 2000–2006

Screen Capture software and follow-up strategies in an EDRMS deployment

Anticipating Tathreeine: searching for stable planetary orbits around a compact hierarchical triple

The twain (and only the twain) meet - the demise of the legal profession national law

Compatibilization of polypropylene/corn starch plasticized with diethanol amine

Decisional capacity: toward an inclusionary approach

Using classroom layout to help reduce students' apprehension and increase communication

Care provision expectations of remote adult children of ageing parents

In their own words: learning from the experiences of first time distance learners

Examining the influence of common core virtues in leader-member exchange (LMX): connecting virtue-based leadership traits to sustainable performance in a moderated mediation model

Too much sitting and cardio-metabolic risk: an update of epidemiological evidence

Genome sequences of Pseudomonas spp. isolated from cereal crops

Early development of an electronic medical educational assessment

Exploring the role of Twitter in the professional practice of LIS professionals: a pilot study

Academic developer identity: how we know who we are

University student experiences of mobile learning: one year beyond commencement

Higher-order structure of noncognitive constructs and prediction of PISA 2003 mathematics achievement

Nonisothermal crystallization behavior of polypropylene-C60 nanocomposites

2012 President’s Plenary International Psycho-oncology Society: future directions in psycho-oncology

Ravenelia acaciae-arabicae and Ravenelia evansii are distinct species on Acacia nilotica subsp. indica in India

Planetary candidates observed by Kepler. III. Analysis of the first 16 months of data

Kepler-62: A five-planet system with planets of 1.4 and 1.6 Earth radii in the habitable zone

The pti carbon star angular size survey: effective temperatures and non-sphericity

On the relative sizes of planets within kepler multiple-candidate systems

A sub-Mercury-sized exoplanet

Confirmation of hot jupiter Kepler-41B via phase curve analysis

GASPS -a Herschel survey of gas and dust in protoplanetary disks: summary and initial statistics

A super-earth-sized planet orbiting in or near the habitable zone around a sun-like star

Host star properties and transit exclusion for the HD 38529 planetary system

Exoplanet characterization by proxy: a transiting 2.15 R⊕ planet near the habitable zone of the late K dwarf Kepler-61

Measurement of spin-orbit misalignment and nodal precession for the planet around pre-main-sequence star PTFO 8-8695 from gravity darkening

Draft genome sequence of Bacillus thuringiensis strain DAR 81934, which exhibits molluscicidal activity.

Plant-parasitic nematodes of potential phytosanitary importance, their main hosts and reported yield losses

Construction of integrated linkage map of a recombinant inbred line population of white lupin (Lupinus albus L.)

Phomentrioloxin, a Fungal Phytotoxin with Potential Herbicidal Activity, and its Derivatives: A Structure−Activity Relationship Study

Trajectories of psychological distress after colorectal cancer

Detection and quantification of Leveillula taurica growth in pepper leaves

A double planetary system around the evolved intermediate-mass star HD 4732

Star-planet-debris disc alignment in the HD 82943 system: Is planetary system coplanarity actually the norm?

Facile fabrication of polyolefin/carbon nanotube composites via in situ friedel-crafts polyalkylation: Structure and properties

Largely enhanced thermal and mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites via incorporating C60@graphene nanocarbon hybrid

Striking multiple synergies created by combining reduced graphene oxides and carbon nanotubes for polymer nanocomposites

Improved mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene blends based on diethanolamine-plasticized corn starch via in situ reactive compatibilization

A smart micro-drill for cochleostomy formation: a comparison of cochlear disturbances with manual drilling and a human trial

Molecular phylogenetic analysis reveals six new species of Diaporthe from Australia

Phyllosticta species on orchids (Orchidaceae), introducing Phyllosticta speewahensis sp. nov. (Phyllostictaceae, Ascomycota) from northern Australia

Hope: refugees and their supporters in Australia since 1947 by Ann-Mari Jordens

Home: Reframing Craft and domesticity

From the bike to the bus: the Noongar Native Title settlement

Multimodal composing in classrooms: learning and teaching for the digital world by Suzanne M. Miller and Mary B. McVee

Searching for scientific Mozarts: get em' while they're young

You catch criminals with DNA: what kids know (and don't know) about genetics

Free universal education? Not if your parents are on a 457 visa

Note from the Editor


Men and manliness on the frontier: Queensland and British Columbia in the mid-nineteenth century by Robert Hogg

Returning to reality, by Phillip M. Thompson

Special issue on emissions from naturally ventilated livestock buildings

The little red book of PR wisdom by Brian Johnson


Strategic curriculum change by Paul Blackmore & Camille Kandiko

Not Your Day Job

The distribution of knowledge as cultural content, innovations in technology and higher education

Kyle Jenkins: Raygun Projects Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition - Why think about it if you don't really care?

Strangers in the garden (A boxed set of 5 Artist's books)


Tales within historical spaces

Measuring success: the search for assessment criteria in determining the impact of deregulation in regional aviation

Performing informetric analysis on information retrieval test collections: Preliminary experiments in the physics domain (rip)

I'm going to set you to boiling baby [Play script]

Combining social information for academic networking

Preliminary study on the development of syntactic foams for marine applications

An empirical study to determine factors that motivate and limit the implementation of ICT in healthcare environments

A space-place shift: is the digital space a place for learning for commencing students?

Mechanical properties of polymer concrete with different types of resin

Informatics, logistics and governance in water treatment processes

Water treatment

Characterization of rainfall spells for urban water management

Assessment of statistical characteristics of point rainfall in the Onkaparinga catchment in South Australia

Influence of SOI, DMI and Niño3.4 on South Australian rainfall

Urbanisation and stormwater management in South East Queensland – Synthesis and recommendations

Ripley Valley – an application of GIS based runoff modelling to strategic stormwater harvesting assessment

Potable water saving by reusing greywater in the Al Ain City

Simulation of extreme rainfall from CMIP5 in the Onkaparinga catchment using a generalized linear model

A stochastic model of domestic water consumption and greywater generation in the Al Ain city

Feasibility of coupling ultrasound with chemical methods for sludge pre-treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment process

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technnical report 3)

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (Report 2)

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (Report 1)

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technical report 7)

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technical report 6)

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technical report 5)

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technical report 4)

Water balance Excel sheet to calculate water balance in a chemical plant

Developing novel biorefineries using food waste as substrate (Technical report 2)

Developing novel biorefineries using food waste as substrate (Technical report 1)

Trading accuracy or affiliation for bad faith in social influence experimental psychology

Mutual enlightenment: augmenting human factors research in surgical robotics

What teachers’ want: supporting primary school teachers in teaching science

Making sense of primary science

Examining the beliefs and practices of four effective Australian primary science teachers

Embedding assessment within primary school science: a case study

Love patrol

Facebook and the fast-track to better futures for disadvantaged youth

Key performance aspects of an LTE FDD based Smart Grid communications network

Predictive resource allocation in the LTE uplink for event based M2M applications

Numerical modelling of cyclic shear behaviour of rock joints under constant normal stiffness condition

A mathematical model of Chlamydial infection incorporating movement of Chlamydial particles

Review of methods to determine weight and size of livestock from images

Integrating radio frequency identification into the PiGUI system to recognise sampling bias and detect feeding behaviour

Weight estimation of sows during pregnancy using machine vision

Determining the growth of pigs in commercial facilities using machine vision: on-farm and offline results

Growth recorded automatically and continuously by a machine vision system for finisher pigs

Seasonal, diurnal and spatial variations of environmental variables in Australian livestock buildings

Statistical analysis of LiDAR-derived structure and intensity variables for tree species identification

Educational inequalities in TV viewing among older adults: a mediation analysis of ecological factors

Evaluation of a workplace intervention to promote commuter cycling: a RE-AIM analysis

Do eucalypt plantation management practices create understory reservoirs of scarab beetle pests in the soil?

Topical herbal therapies for treating osteoarthritis (review)

Glyphosate in waters and soils from genetically modified canola cultivation in Parkes, NSW, Australia

Acute response to hydrotherapy after a simulated game of rugby

Flattening classrooms, engaging minds: move to global collaboration one step at a time

Extended study of the atomic step-terrace structure on hexagonal SiC (0 0 0 1) by chemical-mechanical planarization

Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of on-axis Si-face 6H-SiC wafer for obtaining atomically flat defect-free surface

A survey to identify physically demanding tasks performed during storm damage operations by Australian State Emergency Services personnel

Topical herbal therapies for treating osteo-arthritis [Cochrane review - in their own words]

Evaluation of hydrotherapy, using passive tests and power tests, for recovery across a cyclic week of competitive rugby union

Boomtown [Performance]

Why it pays to be nice: the impact of civil and uncivil behaviours on job satisfaction, engagement, psychological strain, and job turnover

Clinically-indicated replacement versus routine replacement of peripheral venous catheters [Review]

Second life, first experiences: using virtual worlds in teacher education

Assessing the overuse of antibiotics in children with URTIs in Saudi Arabia: development of the parental perception on antibiotics scale (PAPA scale)

Paramedic education opportunities and challenges in Australia

Language and utilisation of emergency care in Queensland

2010-2011 Queensland floods: using Haddon's Matrix to define and categorise public safety strategies

The potential contributions of traditional Chinese medicine to emergency medicine

ENSO-related rainfall changes over the New Guinea region

Intellectual property and development: theory and practice

An investigation into the provision of support within transition to practice programs for new graduate nurses in rural health settings

Intellectual property, TRIPS and development

Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Robust twenty-first-century projections of El Niño and related precipitation variability

A Pragmatic Approach to Intellectual Property and Development: A Case Study of the Jordanian Copyright Law in the Internet Age

Motivations, barriers, and the need to engage with community leaders: challenges of establishing a Sport for Development Project in Baucau, East Timor

A Commentary - The Role of Therapeutic Alliance in Physical and Manual Therapies

The Critical Flux Method for Reduced Filter Membrane Fouling when Monitoring High-Solids Digesters

Breakage and growth towards a stable aerobic granule size during the treatment of wastewater

Near-term climate change: projections and predictability

Food Pricing, Extreme Weather and the Rural/Urban Divide: A Case Study of Northern NSW, Australia

Learning from cross-border arrangements to support climate change adaptation in Australia

Planning for climate change across borders: insights from the Gold Coast (QLD) - Tweed (NSW) region

Learning from cross-border mechanisms to support climate change adaptation in Australia: final report

Current and future agricultural practices and technologies which affect fuel efficiency

First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Erysiphe cruciferarum on Brassica campestris var. pekinensis, B. carinata, Eruca sativa, E. vesicaria in Australia and on B. rapa and B. oleracea var. capitata in Western Australia

Weight-Enhanced Diversification in Stochastic Local Search for Satisfiability

Making Gender Divisive: ‘Post-Feminism’, Sexism and Media Representations of Julia Gillard

The Novel of Purpose and the Power of the Page: Breaking the Chains that Bind in 'Fettered for Life'

Taxing for the future: An intergenerational perspective

Sustainable resource development in Asia: Challenges and opportunities

Empowering society for better corporate social responsibility (CSR): The case of Malaysia

Voluntary codes of conduct and their implementation in the Australian mining and petroleum industries: is there a business case for CSR?

The Asian century, sustainable growth and climate change: Responsible futures matter

Investigating the A-Type Stars Using Kepler Data

Public-Private Partnership Initiative in Nigeria and Its Dispute Resolution Mechanism: An Appraisal

Admission Model and Equity in Higher Education

Profiling the jazz singer

An exploration of the Maturity Model concept as a vehicle for higher education institutions to assess their capability to address student engagement. A work in progress

Using a maturity model to move student engagement practices beyond the generational approach

The development of a maturity model of student engagement in higher education

A Good Practice Guide: Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

The effects of email correspondence with a native user on the writing skills of a foreign language learner

Spiritual and religious interventions in health care: An integrative review

Risky business: mapping ethical landscapes and negotiating governance tensions when researching female offending

Arguing the Autopsy: mutual suspicion, jurisdictional confusion and the socially marginal

Australian Survey of Current Practice and Guideline Use in Adult Cancer Pain Assessment and Management: Perspectives of Palliative Care Physicians

Assessment and Management of Adult Cancer Pain: A Systematic Review and Synthesis of Recent Qualitative Studies Aimed at Developing Insights for Managing Barriers and Optimizing Facilitators Within a Comprehensive Framework of Patient Care

Kaleidoscope : shaping a better future through a stakeholder approach to widespread organisational change

Kaleidoscope: illuminating learning and teaching evaluation for a shared stakeholder lens

Kaleidoscope: Reframing learning and teaching evaluation through a shared stakeholder lens

Service quality perceptions and customer loyalty in casinos

Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty Amongst Casino Players in Macau

Employee performance outcomes and burnout following the presentation-of-self in customer-service contexts

Emotional intelligence and adaptability– Service encounters between casino hosts and premium players

Problem Gamblers’ Harsh Gaze on Casino Services

Emotional labour and its consequences: The moderating effect of emotional intelligence

Impacts of personality, emotional intelligence and adaptiveness on service performance of casino hosts: A hierarchical approach

Impacts of the Structure of the Casino Industry

Should Casinos Exist as Monopolies or Should Casinos Be in Open Markets

Sleepiness: How a biological drive can influence other risky road user behaviours

In the blink of an eye: The circadian effects on ocular and subjective indices of driver sleepiness

Preliminary investigations indicate that the lack of growth in Indonesian goat consumption is linked to negative perceptions of goat meat

Power Transformer Condition Assessment Using Support Vector Machine With Heuristic Optimization

Life Estimation Techniques for Transformer Insulation

Finite Element Method Modeled Dielectric Response for Condition Evaluation of Transformer Insulation

Ecology and movement of urban koalas adjacent to linear infrastructure in coastal south-east Queensland

Modelling habitat preferences of feral pigs for rooting in lowland rainforest