Career development learning: maximising the contribution of work-integrated learning to the student experience. Final project report June 2009

On-farm economic analysis in the Australian macadamia industry, interim final report, MC03023

Strategies to minimise the impact of challenging times on training: final report

Technological change in the Australian irrigation industry: implications for future resource management and policy development

The 2008 floods in Queensland: a case study of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity

Triumph of adversity

A Satellite Solution

Nobody Knows

The Battle of Fire Support Base Coral (1968) Oral History and Documentary Project

Channel Nine - 50 years behind the scenes

Television vs Feature film

Living memory and the interpretation of heritage: developing a multimedia interactive to record and store personal stories for use in heritage interpretation and research

Towards a cultural heritage tourism research strategy: developing synergies in Australian research

Articulation: a clearer picture or a new view?

Conceptual frameworks in the doctoral research process: a pedagogical model

Quality-of-governance standards for carbon emissions trading: developing REDD+ governance through a multi-stage, multi-level and multi-stakeholder approach

Exploring the potential for social networking among people with autism: challenging dominant ideas of 'friendship'

Attitudes towards current and alternative management of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh to achieve sustainability

Examining workload models in online and blended teaching

Use of airflow to improve the nanofibrous structure and quality of nanofibers from needleless electrospinning

Modelling greenhouse gas emissions abatement options for beef and sheep farm businesses

Developing a systemic lessons learned knowledge model for organisational learning through projects

Psychotherapy, counseling, and career counseling

A research report on developing an initial best practice framework for managing environmental sustainability change in Australian small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)

Richard 111 meets steam punk.

The Distance Between Two Truths

Eight Arrangements of Batak and Indonesian Hymns for SATB Choir

Shakespeare in the Park: Romeo & Juliet

Nonlinear vector waves of a flexural mode in a chain model of atomic particles

The accreditation of nursing education in Australia

Assessment of the indigenous national heritage values for Wurrwurrwuy stone picture site

The salted heart [Short story]

The fox's child [Short story]

The relationship between economic growth and remittances in the presence of cross-sectional dependance

Towards an adolescent friendly methodology: accessing the authentic through collective reflection

Parental perceptions of information needs and service provision for children with developmental disabilities in rural Australia

Impact of Red Apple Healthy Lifestyles Program on healthy eating behaviour of low socio-economic participants in rural and regional communities in Australia

Farmers’ adaptation to water scarcity in drought-prone environments: a case study of Rajshahi District, Bangladesh

Bond stress-slip behavior: case of GFRP bars in geopolymer concrete

Application of the extreme learning machine algorithm for the prediction of monthly Effective Drought Index in eastern Australia

Drought prediction till 2100 under RCP 8.5 climate change scenarios for Korea

Valuing environmental conservation in the ASEAN region: A contingent valuation study of Ulu Temburong National Park

On addressing the imbalance problem: a correlated KNN approach for network traffic classification

Detecting stepping stones by abnormal causality probability

Understanding the need for the introduction of the Multi-Purpose Service model in rural Australia

Chronic care undergraduate nursing education in Australia

Nursing bedside clinical handover - an integrated review of issues and tools

Cationic polymers in the central nervous system: Past, present and future

Factors Countervailing Immigrant Phobia: A Paradoxically Successful Case of Chinese Migration

Fenceline Communities and Environmentally Damaging Projects: An Asymptotically Evolving Veto Right

Fenceline Communities and Environmentally Damaging Projects: An Asymptotically Evolving Right To Veto

Locating local community interests between government's assurances and investor's expectations

Individualized Treatment for Tobacco Dependence in Addictions Treatment Settings: The Role of Current Depressive Symptoms on Outcomes at 3 and 6 Months

'Create a better online you': designing online learning resources to develop undergraduate social media skills

Social media in higher education: Strategy and support for staff and students

Groundwater storage trends in the Loess Plateau of China estimated from streamflow records

The Response of the Indian Ocean Dipole Asymmetry to Anthropogenic Aerosols and Greenhouse Gases

Large scale and sub-regional connections in the lead up to summer heat wave and extreme rainfall events in eastern Australia

Changes in the leukocyte methylome and its effect on cardiovascular-related genes after exercise

Four weeks of sprint interval training improves 5-km run performance

Genome-wide sperm DNA methylation changes after 3 months of exercise training in humans

The Effects of Diesel Exhaust Pollution on Floral Volatiles and the Consequences for Honey Bee Olfaction

The Role of Agroecology in Sustainable Intensification

Trajectories of pheromone plumes in an orchard canopy at night

An online toolbox for cover crops and living mulches

What environmental/sustainable engineering (SEng) subjects should be taught at university

Synthesis of a Phosphorus/Nitrogen-Containing Additive with Multifunctional Groups and Its Flame-Retardant Effect in Epoxy Resin

The synergistic effect of maleimide and phosphaphenanthrene groups on a reactive flame-retarded epoxy resin system

Preparation and flame retardancy of an intumescent flame-retardant epoxy resin system constructed by multiple flame-retardant compositions containing phosphorus and nitrogen heterocycle

Preparation and flame retardancy of a compounded epoxy resin system composed of phosphorus/nitrogen-containing active compounds

Nitrogen dynamics and nitrous oxide emissions in improved sugarcane farming systems

Tech ‘savvy and appy: How health services can use technologies safely and effectively to promote young people’s health and wellbeing.

Arthur Wilfred Wheatley: An Archival Portrait

A Note from the Archives

Love, Friendship and Christian Revolution: The Match Girl and the Heiress, by Seth Koven

Partial selection of agile software requirements

Production interactions between combinations of 4 perennial legumes and 5 perennial grasses, grown under high input management with and without applications of nitrogen

Summer production of alternative species in comparison to perennial ryegrass and white clover for high input pasture systems

Stoloniferous red clover cv. Rubitas is a valuable companion to PRG and phalaris

Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) can beat the heat during summer drought in southeast Australian dairying regions

Response of the DCAD of plantain to potassium fertilisation

APSIM Kale appropriately simulates spring and autumn grown forage kale crops in Tasmania

Plantain and chicory could potentially complement the perennial ryegrass dominant dairy feedbase

Comparing within paddock yield variability of perennial ryegrass monocultures and perennial ryegrass, white clover and plantain mixtures using yield mapping

Enabling Open Education: A Feasibility Protocol for Australian Higher Education

Speech-language pathology services in Australian and New Zealand pediatric burn units and chemical ingestion injury

Erratum: New binaries among UV-selected, hot subdwarf stars and population properties

An international review of environmental initiatives in the construction sector

SME stakeholder relationship descriptions in website CSR communications

Reliability of measurements of tongue and hand strength and endurance using the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument with elderly adults

A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Symptom Management Education Package (SMEP) for People with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)

Investigating environmental watering options using Source IMS: a case study – the River Murray, Australia

A high-sensitivity polarimeter using a ferro-electric liquid crystal modulator

Real poly(p-phenylene vinylene) features from near-field scanning optical lithography and the implications for further modelling

Prevalence of Blindness and Cataract Surgical Outcomes in Takeo Province, Cambodia

A logistics support framework: a systems-based approach to logistics planning for development projects

Correction: Comparative GO: A Web Application for Comparative Gene Ontology and Gene Ontology-Based Gene Selection in Bacteria

Childhood feeding difficulties: A randomized controlled trial of a group-based parenting intervention: Correction

Proposition Testing: A Strategy to Develop Critical Thinking for Essay Writing

Access to medication and pharmacy services for resettled refugees: a systematic review

Biochemical, structural and functional diversity between two digestive α-amylases from Helicoverpa armigera

Is there a difference between supervising international and domestic graduate students in engineering and IT?

Survey of Large-Scale MIMO Systems

Making the connection: Allowing access to digital higher education in a correctional environment

Use of electric field orientation as an index for estimating the contribution of model complexity in transcranial direct current stimulation forward head model development

Does broadband connectivity and social networking sites build and maintain social capital in rural communities?

The challenges and opportunities of delivering wireless high speed broadband services in Rural and Remote Australia: A Case Study of Western Downs Region (WDR)

Probabilistic analysis of stress intensity factor (SIF) and degree of bending (DoB) in axially loaded tubular K-joints of offshore structures

Probabilistic Assessment of Degree of Bending in Tubular X-Joints of Offshore Structures Subjected to Bending Loads

Supporting a Diverse and Sustainable Fruit Industry in Tonga

Withdrawing federal funding for public schooling would exacerbate two-tiered system

Who needs teachers when computers can mark exams?

The education budget report card: 'F' for Fail

Testing teachers' basic literacy and numeracy skills is pointless

Teachers learn over many years in the job – not just at university

NAPLAN’s tale of two territories: why ACT and NT are on opposite ends of the spectrum

Children in care are falling behind in literacy and numeracy – but the problem is far bigger than that

A teacher's spelling doesn't necessarily affect their teaching

A balanced approach is best for teaching kids how to read

An Experimental Investigation of a Thermal Compression Scramjet with OH Imaging

Feminist Criminology by Claire Renzetti

Service environment and gambling behaviors

Australian survey of current practice and guideline use in adult cancer pain assessment and management: The community nurse perspective

Using a Capability Maturity Model to build on the generational approach to student engagement practices

Myths, Legends and History: Constructing Identity in the Reconstruction and Reinvention of Western Martial Pursuits

Resting EEG and ERPs findings in methadone-substituted opiate users: a review

Changes in resting EEG following methadone treatment in opiate addicts

Auditory event-related potentials in methadone substituted opiate users

Analysis of connectivity in NeuCube spiking neural network models trained on EEG data for the understanding of functional changes in the brain: A case study on opiate dependence treatment


KIC 4768731: a bright long-period roAp star in the Kepler field

FM stars II: a Fourier view of pulsating binary stars – determining binary orbital parameters photometrically for highly eccentric cases

KIC 10080943: An eccentric binary system containing two pressure- and gravity-mode hybrid pulsators

Asteroseismic measurement of slow, nearly uniform surface-to-core rotation in the main-sequence F star KIC 9244992

Photometry of very bright stars with Kepler and K2 smear data

Spectroscopic survey of Kepler stars. I. HERMES/Mercator observations of A- and F-type stars

Deriving the orbital properties of pulsators in binary systems through their light arrival time delays

A search for non-pulsating, chemically normal stars in the δ Scuti instability strip using Kepler data

The potential for super-Nyquist asteroseismology with TESS

A unifying explanation of complex frequency spectra of γ Dor, SPB and Be stars: combination frequencies and highly non-sinusoidal light curves

KIC 10080943: a binary star with two γ Doradus/δ Scuti hybrid pulsators. Analysis of the g modes

Rotating Stellar Models Can Account for the Extended Main-sequence Turnoffs in Intermediate-age Clusters

The Age and Age Spread of the Praesepe and Hyades Clusters: a Consistent, ~800 Myr Picture from Rotating Stellar Models

Bayesian Ages for Early-type Stars from Isochrones Including Rotation, and a Possible Old Age for the Hyades

HAT-P-57b: A Short-period Giant Planet Transiting a Bright Rapidly Rotating A8V Star Confirmed Via Doppler Tomography

HAT-P-56b: An Inflated Massive Hot Jupiter Transiting a Bright F Star Followed Up with K2 Campaign 0 Observations

High-precision photometry for K2 Campaign 1

The Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler (HEK). V. A Survey of 41 Planetary Candidates for Exomoons

Saturation of the magnetorotational instability in the unstratified shearing box with zero net flux: convergence in taller boxes

On the Occurrence Rate of Hot Jupiters in Different Stellar Environments

The suffragettes were rebels, certainly, but not slaves

Supporting People With an Intellectual Disability and Mental Health Problems: A Scoping Review of What They Say About Service Provision

How Jung’s Concept of the Wounded Healer Can Guide Learning and Teaching in Social Work and Human Services

An assessment of community disaster resilience for small, high-risk communities on the Sunshine Coast, Qld

The Changing Face of Mary documentary

Cooperative Game Play with Avatars and Agents: Differences in Brain Activity and the Experience of Play

The on-road experiences and awareness of sleepiness in a sample of Australian highway drivers: A roadside driver sleepiness study

Do repeated rumble strip hits improve driver alertness?

It hurts to move. The catch-22 of physical activity for people with chronic pain

Secondary eclipse observations for seven hot-Jupiters from the Anglo-Australian Telescope

A 0.24+0.18 M double-lined eclipsing binary from the HATSouth survey

A High Obliquity Orbit for the Hot-Jupiter HATS-14b Transiting a 5400K Star

HATS-6b: A Warm Saturn Transiting an Early M Dwarf Star, and a Set of Empirical Relations for Characterizing K and M Dwarf Planet Hosts

HATS9-b and HATS10-b: Two Compact Hot Jupiters in Field 7 of the K2 Mission

HATS-8b: A low-density transiting super-Neptune

HATS-7b: A Hot Super Neptune Transiting a Quiet K Dwarf Star

Climate change 2014: Synthesis report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Significance of community participation in success of post natural disaster reconstruction project - evidence from developing country

Sterile v aseptic non-touch technique for needle-less connector care on central venous access devices in a bone marrow transplant population: A comparative study

Intestinal absorption of different vitamin K compounds in the horse

Extent of vitamin K absorption from the equine hindgut

Evaluating the level of stakeholder involvement during the project planning processes of building projects





Illuminative evaluation as a method applied to Australian Government policy borrowing and implementation in higher education

Exploring spiral of silence in digital social networking spaces

Tables of phase functions, opacities, albedos, equilibrium temperatures, and radiative accelerations of dust grains in exoplanets

Implementing a Learning Objects Repository - Processes, Pitfalls and Possibilities

Nutrition and Feeding Strategies

From qualified to specialist paramedic: A qualitative study of the process of transition to a low-acuity role

Incognita: The invention and discovery of Terra Australis by G.A. Mawer

Fe-Nx/C assisted chemical–mechanical polishing for improving the removal rate of sapphire

AFM and XPS studies on material removal mechanism of sapphire wafer during chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)

A study of chemical products formed on sapphire (0001) during chemical–mechanical polishing

The impact of sleep restriction and simulated physical firefighting work on acute inflammatory stress responses

Experiences from Afghanistan: Traumatic lower extremity amputation in the combat zone

Clinical Skills Degradation in Paramedicine Specific to Trauma Management: A Critical Review of the Literature

Micro cam system driven by electrostatic comb-drive actuators based on SOI-MEMS technology

Thermoresistive properties of p-type 3C-SiC nanoscale thin films for high-temperature MEMS thermal-based sensors

The effect of strain on the electrical conductance of p-type nanocrystalline silicon carbide thin films

The dependence of offset voltage in p-type 3C-SiC van der Pauw device on applied strain

Piezoresistive effect of p-type silicon nanowires fabricated by a top-down process using FIB implantation and wet etching

Orientation dependence of the pseudo-Hall effect in p-type 3C-SiC four-terminal devices under mechanical stress

Influence of external mechanical stress on electrical properties of single-crystal n-3C-SiC/p-Si heterojunction diode

Charge transport and activation energy of amorphous silicon carbide thin film on quartz at elevated temperature

The influence of stakeholder power on corporate social responsibility: evidence from a relationship-based economy

Signal monitoring system for monitoring strain applied to a composite component

Marketing strategy for eco-apparel

Using social connection information to improve opinion mining: Identifying negative sentiment about HPV vaccines on Twitter

Perceptions on the role and importance of soft skills or relevant competencies on the performance of nurse managers in hospitals

An auto/ethnographic study of the influences on a student’s dispositions to drop out of doctoral study: a Bourdieusian perspective

The development and evaluation of an information security awareness capability model: linking ISO/IEC 27002 controls with awareness importance, capability and risk

Hellish enfleshment: embodying anti-Catholicism in early modern English culture

Improving the emotional intelligence competencies of principals and vice-principals in an educational organization: an exploratory study

The socio-ecological impacts of structural changes in the transhumance system of the mountainous area of Nepal

The Tennessee meteorite impact sites and changing perspectives on impact cratering

Experimental and numerical study of MILD combustion in an open-end furnace with exhaust gas recirculation using methane and biogas

Inter-relationships between Bipolaris sorokiniana isolates involved in spot blotch, common root rot and black point in winter cereals

Online versus face-to-face: development, refinement, implementation, and evaluation of an online intravenous pump emulator, including outcomes for clinical practice for nursing students

Dynamics of active systems with nonlinear excitation of the phase

Workload – a critical ethnography of nursing culture and a complex climate

Singaporean teachers' voices on teacher and teaching quality

The constitutional context of secularism, religious freedoms, and the state

A 3D image-based measurement approach for analysing dynamic foot posture and mobility

Information and communication technology acceptance model for empirically testing primary science teachers’ use of ICT in Kuwait

Investment performance of Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) stocks.

Magnificent monsters: a place for the social artist in visual art

Identifying and measuring management deficiency in non-profit associations.

An investigation of the relationship between Japanese university students' English syntactic awareness and their use of cognitive and meta-cognitive reading stratagies.

The language of ecotourism

Teachers’ language ideologies and classroom practices in English bilingual education: an ethnographic case study of a senior high school in central Java, Indonesia

Aesthetics and lived experience: exploring early childhood teacher narratives, experience, individuality and practice in the aesthetic design of learning and teaching environments

Challenging journeys: Thai student's transition to university

Inducing Swirl Flow within Stationary Cylindrical Split Channel

Hanging in the balance: when refugee learners’ naturalization depends on their acquisition of cultural knowledge and English language proficiency

Round pegs in square holes: an ethnographic study of the educational lifeworlds of Aboriginal Australian students

Transfer of learning and the cultural matrix: the interrelationship of culture, beliefs, and learning

Who do I think I am and where do I want to be? A study of Indian international VET students in Australia

Development and evaluation of a software-mediated process assessment approach in IT service management

Self-directed learning and apprentices: a constructivist grounded study

Effects of sport celebrity transgressions in the sport industry

Using topology optimization in tunnel reinforcement design

In search of a programme review framework for a polytechnic in Bahrain: the experience of a Bahraini quality coordinator

Scaling effects on landscape function analysis of rangelands using remotely sensed imagery

Adoption and use of Web 2.0 technologies: a comparison of four adoption models as a case study of a state government eExtension project

Teaching styles of Australian tennis coaches: an exploration of practices and insights using Mosston and Ashworth’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles

Nigger Lovers

The fowl and the pussycat: Love letters of Michael Field, 1876-1909

Tales within historical spaces (bilingual artist book)

Down the rabbit hole ( Art exhibition)

Haunts and Follies: Curatorial contribution and catalogue

Trickster's Tent

Urban Trackers

Give 'em the Finger: the Powderfinger Project

Does a freely tillering wheat cultivar benefit more from elevated CO2 than a restricted tillering cultivar in a water-limited environment?

Cereal cultivars can be ranked consistently for resistance to root-lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei & P. neglectus) using diverse procedures

Doing what works: a grounded theory case study of technology use by teachers of English at a Korean university

Harvesters’ perceptions of population status and conservation of Chinese caterpillar fungus in the Dolpa region of Nepal

Anaerobic digestion process and bio-energy in meat industry: a review and a potential

Temporal characteristics of melanopsin inputs to the human pupil light reflex

Regeneration failure threatens persistence of Persoonia elliptica (Proteaceae) in Western Australian jarrah forests

Impact location determination on thin laminated composite plates using an NIR-FBG sensor system

Mealtime duration in problem and non-problem eaters

Energy characterisation of ultrasonic systems for industrial processes

Media and terrorist choice: a risk-reward analysis

Anaerobic digestion and biogas potential: simulation of lab and industrial-scale processes

What the future holds for social media data analysis

Structure of internal solitary waves in two-layer fluid at near-critical situation

Laparoscopic anterior versus posterior fundoplication for gastro-esophageal reflux disease: a meta-analysis and systematic review

Asymptotics of averaged turbulent transfer in canopy flows

A Heideggerian paradigm for project management: breaking free of the disciplinary matrix and its Cartesian ontology

The efficacy of lime, gypsum and their combination to ameliorate sodicity in irrigated cropping soils in the Lachlan Valley of New South Wales

A past to present journey: a critical analysis of the Chief Information Officer role

Students' mathematical preparation: differences in staff and student perceptions

Hypersonic wind-tunnel free-flying experiments with onboard instrumentation

Rethinking sustainable development within the framework of poverty and urbanisation in developing countries

Detecting anomalies from big network traffic data using an adaptive detection approach

Trans-scale Granular Modelling of Cytoskeleton: a Mini-Review

A prospective study of the introduction of complementary foods in contemporary Australian infants: What, when and why?

Investigating students' academic numeracy in 1st level university courses

Simultaneous pattern and size optimisation of rock bolts for underground excavations

Playing projects: identifying flow in the 'lived experience'

Geopolymer concrete-filled pultruded composite beams: concrete mix design and application

Kumukumu 1, a hilltop site in the Aird Hills: implications for occupational trends and dynamics in the Kikori River delta, south coast of Papua New Guinea

Error-resilient multi-view video coding using Wyner-Ziv techniques

Holistic control system design for large mobile irrigation machines

Game development tools for simulating robots and creating interactive learning experiences

Clarifying the effect of work hours on health through work–life conflict

Complex Gaussian belief propagation algorithms for distributed multicell multiuser MIMO detection

Design concepts for an energy-efficient amphibious unmanned underwater vehicle

Controlled damping of a 48-metre wide spray rig

Australian unarmed peacekeepers on Bougainville, 1997-2003

Signs to dogma: a Heideggerian view of how artefacts distort the project world

Does school type affect cognitive and non-cognitive development in children? Evidence from Australian primary schools

Minimum exposure limits and measured relationships between the vitamin D, erythema and International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection solar ultraviolet

Agricultural big data: utilisation to discover the unknown and instigate practice change

Decomposition of energy-related CO2 emissions in Australia: challenges and policy implications

Transformation of internal waves passing over a bottom step

Seaweed supplements normalise metabolic, cardiovascular and liver responses in high-carbohydrate, high-fat fed rats

Role of livestock effluent suspended particulate in sealing effluent ponds

International arrivals to Australia: determinants and the role of air transport policy

A dynamic subspace anomaly detection method using generic algorithm for streaming network data

Quality-of-experience assessment and its application to video services in LTE networks

Implications of out-migration in rural agriculture: a case study of Manapang Village, Tanahun, Nepal

The ESO method revisited

Comparison between oily and coal seam gas produced water with respect to quantity, characteristics and treatment technologies: a review

Is there a bone-nail specific entry point? Automated fit quantification of tibial nail designs during the insertion for six different nail entry points

Evaluation of the blunt thoracic trauma caused by solid sports ball impacts

From unstable to stable minority government: reflections on the role of the Nationals in federal coalition governments

Manufacturer and retailer brands: is strategic coexistence the norm?

Revisiting agency theory: evidence of board independence and agency cost from Bangladesh

Recent design strategies adapted for foamed bituminous stabilisation in flexible pavement rehabilitation works in Queensland

The role of education in a recidivism reduction strategy

Soil compaction and controlled traffic considerations in Australian cotton farming systems

Association of human papillomavirus with Fanconi anemia promotes carcinogenesis in Fanconi anemia patients

A soldier's perspective on serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

Hunting and gathering: new imperatives in mapping and collecting student learning data to assure quality outcomes

Assisting the transition: establishment of a first year experience coordinator role for nursing students

CRiSP: an instrument for assessing student perceptions of classroom response systems

StatsCasts: screencasts for complementing lectures in statistics classes

Educated in whiteness: good intentions and diversity in schools, by Angelina E. Castagno

Estimating the relationship between grain crop consumption in Australia and environmental sustainability

The determinant of faculty attitude to academic (over-)workload: an econometric analysis

Developing scientific literacy: introducing primary aged children to atomic-molecular theory

Associations between objectively measured physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and risk factors for metabolic syndrome in 12-to 15-year-old Tianjin city children

Real-time remote access laboratory with distributed and modular design

Reconfiguring agriculture through the relocation of production systems for water, environment and food security under climate change

Order recall in verbal short-term memory: the role of semantic networks

Evaluating the effect of heat transfer on cell disruption in ultrasound processes

A reflexive research approach to professional competencies for life design

Using My Career Chapter in career counselling

Ecology, alterity - art

Integrated assessment of water-energy-GHG emissions tradeoffs in an irrigated lucerne production system in eastern Australia

Understanding community to engage community: the use of qualitative research techniques in local government community engagement

Financial development, international trade, and economic growth in Australia: new evidence from multivariate framework analysis

Effect of surface modifications on the thermal and moisture behavior of wool fabric

Time scheduling in a peer-to-peer remote access laboratory for STEM education

Preliminary spatial analysis of Hendra disease outbreaks in South East Queensland

The Pan-Pacific planet search. II. Confirmation of a two-planet system around HD 121056

A green algae mixture of Scenedesmus and Schroederiella attenuates obesity-linked metabolic syndrome in rats

Changes in CO2 emissions over business cycle recessions and expansions in the United States: a decomposition analysis

Application of the artificial neural network model for prediction of monthly standardized precipitation and evapotranspiration index using hydrometeorological parameters and climate indices in eastern Australia

An association for all: notions of the meaning of autistic self-advocacy politics within a parent-dominated autistic movement

Mechanisms for QoE optimisation of video traffic: a review paper

Value co-creation with stakeholders using action research as a meta-methodology in a funded research project

An examination of the views of key stakeholders on the development of learning spaces at a regional university

Optimising initial population density, growth time and nitrogen nutrition for assessing resistance of wheat cutivars to root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei)

How astronomers focused the scope of their discussions: the formation of the Astronomical Society of Australia

Prospect theory and geographic profiling: the terrorist's choice of target

Financial institutions, instruments and markets

Groundwater governance in a water-starved country: public policy, farmers' perceptions and drivers of tubewell adoption in Balochistan, Pakistan

'This email thing won't take off': a critique of the Australian government's digital education revolution (DER) funding on a secondary school

Spoilt for choice: factors influencing postgraduate students' decision making

Meanings and motivation in education research - introduction

Meanings and motivation in education research

The influence of professional identity on teaching practice: experiences of four music educators

Antibacterial properties of hemp hurd powder against E. coli

Reinvigorating the trade and commerce power

Inflow rate and border irrigation performance

Comprehensive Contribution of Filament Thickness and Crosslinker Failure to the Rheological Property of F-actin Cytoskeleton

Mining Cloud 3D Video Data for Interactive Video Services

Advances on Cloud Computing and Technologies

Stress concentration due to in-plane bending (IPB) loads in ring-stiffened tubular KT-joints of offshore structures: Parametric study and design formulation

Stress concentration factors induced by out-of-plane bending loads in ring-stiffened tubular KT-joints of jacket structures

Internet usage, electricity consumption and economic growth in Australia: a time series evidence

Future practitioners of project management: are we disciples of Stanley Kubrick or Ridley Scott?

Nudgee Anzacs: a history of St Joseph's Nudgee College at War 1914 - 1918

The digital divide and social inclusion among refugee migrants: a case in regional Australia

Effect of summer livestock grazing on plant species richness and composition in the Himalayan rangelands

Shaping our economic future: an e-impact study of small and medium enterprises in the Western Downs region, Queensland

Assessing digital divide and its determinants: a case study of households’ perception in the Western Downs region of Queensland

My career chapter and the career systems interview

Category captain arrangements in grocery retail marketing

Degree of bending (DoB) in tubular K-joints of offshore structures subjected to in-plane bending (IPB) loads: Study of geometrical effects and parametric formulation

The state is the fiduciary of the people

Preventive detention in New Zealand: a critical comparative analysis

The Australian quarantine and biosecurity legislation: constitutionality and critique

Constitutional right of access to courts in Australia: the case of prisoners

On the problem of scale: a general theory of morphogenesis and normative policy signals for economic evolution

A real-time flood monitoring index based on daily effective precipitation and its application to Brisbane and Lockyer Valley flood events

Warrior: a legendary leader's dramatic life and violent death on the colonial frontier

Inflammation and dopamine synthesis in neurodegeneration

A constitutive model for mechanical response characterization of pumpkin peel and flesh tissues under tensile and compressive loadings

Disparity Vector Correction for View Synthesis Prediction-Based 3-D Video Transmission

Enhancing secrecy capacity of multi-relay wiretap systems with partial channel state information

Disease Severity Estimates-Effects of Rater Accuracy and Assessment Methods for Comparing Treatments

Spatial and temporal variability of rainfall in the Gandaki River Basin of Nepal Himalaya

Role of communication technologies in broadacre agriculture in Australia: an empirical analysis using panel data

Brass, aluminium, and mild steel sliding against stainless steel under dry conditions

Good work: forging a model for a mission based business through professional mastery

Collaboration between general education teachers and occupational therapists in classrooms: a layered analysis of professional practice in the USA

An action research approach to enhance personal and organizational capability by developing expertise in cultural change management

A strategic approach to corporate communication: an analytic creating strategic alignment and measuring results

The Systemic Perspective Approach (SPA) – a multi-cultural model for workplace counseling in the Singapore context

An analysis of the use of market intelligence data by senior business leaders – the development of a new model (ICSAR) for the identification and implementation of specifically focused data

Behavioural risk at outdoor music festivals

The curse of Frankenstein

The old 'white actor playing a Chinese man' trick: Get Smart and race

Myths in education, learning and teaching: policies, practices and principles

Multifaceted modelling of complex business enterprises

The influence of relationship marketing orientation on brand equity in banks

Investigation on Temperature-Dependent Electrical Conductivity of Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Composites for Sustainable Energy Applications

Pedestrian Dynamics in Real and Simulated World

A Low-Complexity Detection Scheme for Differential Spatial Modulation

Low power wide area machine-to-machine networks: Key techniques and prototype

Performance analysis of device-to-device communications underlaying cellular networks

Probability density functions of SCFs in internally ring-stiffened tubular KT-joints of offshore structures subjected to axial loading

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation: mythic aspects in the tertiary sector

Understanding indigenous people's information practices and internet use: a Ngarrindjeri perspective

Proposition testing: a strategy to develop critical thinking for essay writing

Evaluating the impact of operating parameters on biocidal effects of pulsed ultrasound in natural water disinfection

Bushfire traps: the application of mesh screens to contain bushfires

To 'like' or not to 'like': a thematic analysis of social cues on Facebook

Digital learning for prison students: the state of play

A research agenda for the vocational psychology of agriculture

The next horizon of career counseling: ethics - the philosophy of living

Unpacking the case: designing for learning

Need to know: information literacy, refugee resettlement and the return from the state of exception

Low-complexity transmit antenna selection for spatial modulation

Ghosts in the machine: incarcerated students and the digital university

Effects of sport celebrity transgressions: an exploratory study

Engineering and built environment project conference 2015: book of abstracts - Toowoomba, Australia, 21-25 September 2015

Mainstreams, margins and the spaces in-between: new possibilities for education research

Evidence law at a glance [Factsheet]

Please mind the gap: an assessment of fatal 'one punch' provisions in Australia

Criminal law at a glance [Factsheet]

Advancing the global perspective of tourism by examining core and peripheral destinations

Investigating pre-service teachers’ inquiry into Indigenous perspectives

A pedagogical continuum: the journey from face-to-face to online teaching

Interrogating contemporary research in educational innovation

Researching and extending developments in contemporary educational practice

Empowering learners to engage in their authentic online assessment

Remembrance of things past

University teachers’ interactions with their online students at an Australian university

A preliminary assessment of cotton gin waste-mixture co-gasification performance

Health literacy among consumers in community pharmacy: perceptions of pharmacy staff

Is subsidiarity a conditio sine qua non for sustainability?

Issues related to waste sewage sludge drying under superheated steam

Does 'get visible or vanish' herald the end of 'publish or perish'?

Evaluation of the flexural strength and serviceability of geopolymer concrete beams reinforced with glass-fibre-reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars

Composite railway sleepers – recent developments, challenges and future prospects

Africa’s urbanisation: Implications for sustainable development

Pullout behaviour of GFRP bars with anchor head in geopolymer concrete

An empirical analysis of conservation practices, management and sustainability in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh

Art in response to crisis: drought, flood and the regional community

Impacts of room temperature on the performance of a portable propane air conditioner

The sound and the fury: Nudgee College showcase evening, 24th October 2015 - Documentary

The viability of weather index insurance in managing drought risk by Australian wheat farmers

Identifying Opioid Medication Error Types, Incidence and Patient Impact in Adult Oncology and Palliative Care Settings: A Systematic Review

Exploratory Study of Total and Free Prednisolone Plasma Exposure and Cushingoid Appearance, Quality of Life and Biochemical Toxicity in Adult Male Kidney Transplant Recipients

Block-FFT Based OMP for Compressed Channel Estimation in Underwater Acoustic Communications

Sequential Disturbance Effects of Hailstorm and Fire on Vegetation in a Mediterranean-Type Ecosystem

Boys in khaki

Social capital formation, internet usage and economic growth in Australia: evidence from time series data

PPARα protein expression was increased by four weeks of intermittent hypoxic training via AMPKα2-dependent manner in mouse skeletal muscle

Effects of different exercise durations on Keap1-Nrf2-ARE pathway activation in mouse skeletal muscle

Establishment of the prediction equations of 1RM skeletal muscle strength in 60- to 75-year-old Chinese men and women

Higher-order approximation of contaminant transport equation for turbulent channel flows based on centre manifolds and its numerical solution

Large deflection analysis of plates and cylindrical shells by an efficient four-node flat element with mesh distortions

我的生涯篇章 与职业生涯系统访谈 [My career chapter and the career systems interview]

Review of pre-treatments used in anaerobic digestion and their potential application in high-fat cattle slaughterhouse wastewater

Shaken but not stirred

Resilience/thriving in post-secondary students with disabilities: an exploratory study

Noise reduction method for the heart sound records from digital stethoscope

Wilkinson v Downton: new Work for an old tort to do

Good faith in Australian contract law after Barker

Development of good faith in Canada, Australia and Great Britain

'I don't take this man to be my lawfully wedded husband': considering the criminal offence 'forced marriage' and its potential impact on the lives of girls and young women with migrant backgrounds in Germany

'Nothing about us without us': the legal disenfranchisement of voters with disabilities in Germany and its compliance with international human rights standards on disabilities

Religion, Spirituality and Speech-Language Pathology: A Viewpoint for Ensuring Patient-Centred Holistic Care

Project-, problem-, and inquiry-based learning

Learning with digital technologies

Teachers’ professional development for ICT integration: towards a reciprocal relationship between research and practice

Developing graduate TPACK capabilities in initial teacher education programs: insights from the Teaching Teachers for the Future Project

Microfinance, health seeking behaviour and health service of rural households: evidence from a cross-sectional study in Bangladesh

Impact of microfinance on household income and consumption in Bangladesh: empirical evidence from a quasi-experimental survey

Putting virtual worlds to work to support improved climate risk decision-making on real world farms

Domestic violence and the welfare state

The journal paper that almost ended my career before it started

Virtual discussions to support climate risk decision making on farms

Improving statistical inference with uncertain non-sample prior information

Reply to comment to Meta-analysis and systematic review of laparoscopic versus open mesh repair for elective incisional hernia. Jensen K, Jorgensen LN

Meta-analysis and systematic review of laparoscopic versus open mesh repair for elective incisional hernia

Advances in the meta-analysis of heterogeneous clinical trials II: the quality effects model

Advances in the meta-analysis of heterogeneous clinical trials I: the inverse variance heterogeneity model

Simulation comparison of the quality effects and random effects methods of metaanalysis

On the problem of scale: the inextricable link between environmental and constitutional laws

Resilience/thriving in post-secondary students with disabilities: an exploratory study

Discrepancies between standardised testing and teacher judgements in an Australian primary school context

Rights against torture in Nepal: commitment and reality

Offal and beef demand in Indonesia and Australia's trade prospects (a case study of Makassar City)

Investigating intercultural communication demonstrated among staff at University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)

The socio-economic effects of digital technologies on Australian academics and farmers

Education students' first year experience on a regional university campus

How informative is formative assessment? Investigating the learning process of educators who adopt formative assessment as practice

The affordances of place: implications of ecological psychology for inclusive education

A general architecture for robotic swarms

Depth of anaesthesia assessment based on time and frequency features of simplified electroencephalogram (EEG)


Modelling analysis of Australian international education market for mainland Chinese students

Temperature response of root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) reproduction on wheat cultivars has implications for resistance screening and wheat production

Environmental Toxicology in Addressing Public Health Challenges in East Asia

Functional foods as potential therapeutic options for metabolic syndrome

Should the pharmacological actions of dietary fatty acids in cardio-metabolic disorders be classified based on biological or chemical function?

Cyanidin 3-glucoside improves diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Green and black cardamom in a diet-induced rat model of metabolic syndrome

Mechanisms of enhanced insulin secretion and sensitivity with n-3 unsaturated fatty acids

A synthesis of linguistic and semiotic structures that create problems for adult-CALD bilingual learners when decoding and learning M2 (Mathematics in English as an Additional Language)

Nutrient and immune sensing are obligate pathways in metabolism, immunity, and disease

Modulation of tissue fatty acids by l-carnitine attenuates metabolic syndrome in diet-induced obese rats

Professional learning, induction and critical reflection: building workforce capacity in education

Self-identified teaching styles of junior development and club professional tennis coaches in Australia

Information and communications technology and Australia’s regional economic competitiveness

We know our place: Indigenous community research and the ever-evaporating critical qualitative research tradition

Dating of in situ longhouse (dubu daima) posts in the Kikori River delta: refining chronologies of island village occupation in the lower Kikori River delta, Papua New Guinea

Provisions of the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 (Qld) should be amended to allow the purpose of the Act to be fulfilled

Decolonizing ways of knowing: communion, conversion and conscientization

The education change model as a vehicle for reform: shifting Year 7 and implementing junior secondary in Queensland

Teacher education for the middle years of schooling: sustaining quality middle level preparation in Australian universities

Too remote, too primitive and too expensive: Scandinavian settlers in colonial Queensland

Democratic curriculum design in Aotearoa/New Zealand: blurring discipline boundaries to create student-centred learning contexts

Risk management in delivering complex research & development projects: a case of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces Research & Development Center

The importance of understanding student learning styles in accounting degree programs

The association between organisational commitment and corporate social responsibility-environmental performance within an integrated sustainability balanced scorecard framework

Joint texture and depth coding using cuboid data compression

Mobile telehealth technology assessment: Queensland case study

Reclaiming livelihoods: initial steps to re-institute a viable socio-economic base for living in country settings

From state direction to community self-efficacy: the devolution of responsibility for regional development in Australia

Experimental investigation of trace element dissolution in formation water in the presence of supercritical CO2 fluid for a potential geological storage site of CO2 in Taiwan

Arsenic and other trace elements in thermal springs and in cold waters from drinking water wells on the Bolivian Altiplano

Decolonising research and teaching methodologies: A “ninth moment” symphony of artist-educator-researcher voices

Discipline specific online mentoring for secondary pre-service teachers

Research supervisory training: an exploration of trends in supervisory experience, training types and perceptions of training in Australian and South African cases

Business ethics competencies: controversies, contexts, and implications for business ethics training

The role of trait emotional intelligence in academic performance: theoretical overview and empirical update

The role of trait emotional intelligence in academic performance during the university transition: an integrative model of mediation via social support, coping, and adjustment

Construct validity of the Social Provisions Scale: a bifactor exploratory structural equation modeling approach

The internal structure of responses to the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire–Short Form: an exploratory structural equation modeling approach

Renewable energy-driven desalination technologies: a comprehensive review on challenges and potential applications of integrated systems

'Within an hour's ride' of the capital: the problem of sovereignty in 1859'

Green tenants: practicing a sustainability ethics for the rental housing sector

Pedagogy of us: a critical research study of the experiences of EAL and international nursing students

'Unshelling the past’ – an archaeological study of shellfish assemblages from Caution Bay, Papua New Guinea

Climate change adaptation in the rental sector

Nostalgia and belonging: Henry George Lamond writing the Whitsunday Islands

Parallel computations based on domain decompositions and integrated radial basis functions for fluid flow problems

A workshop on the use of an interactive multimedia environment for learning the basics of network diagram construction in project management

Alkali-activated cements for protective coating of OPC concrete

Analysing the relation between pore structure and permeability of alkali-activated concrete binders

Formation of defects in the graphite oxidization process: a positron study

In situ synthesis of natural rubber latex-supported gold nanoparticles for flexible SERS substrates

Epitaxial growth of multi-structure SnO2 by chemical vapor deposition

Mechanism of a green graphene oxide reduction with reusable potassium carbonate

Effects of alkali treatment and elevated temperature on the mechanical properties of bamboo fibre-polyester composites

Smart composite wind turbine blades - a pilot study

Improvement on the properties of polylactic acid (PLA) using bamboo charcoal particles

Modelling flash flood using LiDAR and high resolution satellite imagery: a case study of West Creek, Toowoomba

The experiences of students with mental health difficulties at an Australian regional university: overcoming barriers to successful educational and employment outcomes

Micrometeorology of sprinkler irrigation

Cooperative systems based signal processing techniques with applications to three-dimensional video transmission

The crown rot ‘deadhead’ phenomenon in durum wheat

Improving water productivity of irrigated wheat in the northern grain production region of Australia

Culm discolouration as an indicator of Fusarium pseudograminearum biomass

Effects of rare earth La on microstructure and properties of Ag-21Cu-25Sn alloy ribbon prepared by melt spinning

Flame retarding and reinforcing modification of ramie/polybenzoxazine composites by surface treatment of ramie fabric

Ground hemp fibers as filler/reinforcement for thermoplastic biocomposites

Research difference of strain distribution and microstructure evolution between rolling direction and transverse direction of AM50 Mg alloy plate by digital image correlation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in banking: what we know, what we don't know, and what we should know

Developing public disaster communication for volunteer recruitment: understanding volunteer motivations

Same but different: growing new audiences for the performing arts in regional Australia

A standardized design methodology for complex digital logic components of cyber-physical systems

Evaluation of the performance of automated bay irrigation of pasture and fodder

Smart automated furrow irrigation of cotton

Professional experience hours as a predictor of student nurse preparedness for qualified practice

Working with electronic communication

Safety and quality in clinical communication

Communication in context: developing a professional identity

Sociological developments in the history of health and illness

The methodological dynamism of grounded theory

Teaching science content in nursing programs in Australia: a cross-sectional survey of academics

Cattle v the Crown: is there a place for the Commonwealth as animal welfare guardian?

An exploratory qualitative study to identify factors that influence the use of electronic patient journey boards in Queensland health

The hidden reality of war in Afghanistan and Iraq: challenges for the fiction film

Novel activity classification and occupancy estimation methods for intelligent HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems

Numerical modelling of the velocity field of a plane jet flow at moderate jet exit Reynolds numbers

Cluster analysis of behavioural weight management strategies and associations with weight change in young women: a longitudinal analysis

Exploring sampling in the detection of multicategory EEG signals

Shewhart control chart for individual measurement: an application in a weaving mill

An investigation of the main factors to be considered in cloud computing adoption in Australian regional local councils

Community enrichment program: developing digital learning in rural aged care

Civic roles, random callings: discerning the university mission [Guest editors' introduction]

Affective strategies in the academy: creative methodologies, civic responses and the market

Engaging community with social research: using social research to develop and evaluate local government community engagement initiatives

Exercise training at the maximal fat oxidation intensity improved health-related physical fitness in overweight middle-aged women

Effects of HIF-1α on ERRα/γ protein expression in mouse skeletal muscle

Eco-apparel marketing strategy: an innovative approach to overcome marketing barriers

Initial report on the active inclusion programme

Queensland Watt Savers final report

Assessing health risks for the Darling Downs rural sector due to consumption of potentially impaired (Herbicides) drinking water - Executive report

Economics of a decision–support system for managing the main fungal diseases of winter wheat in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Performance evaluation of a queue fed by a Poisson Lomax Burst process

Phonological effects in forward and backward serial recall: qualitative and quantitative differences

Microanalytic coding versus global rating of maternal parenting behaviour

Whatcha Gonna Do About Me

Skin & Scars

The Edge of the known world - guitar performances

The Edge of the Known World

Distinguishing the impacts of human activities and climate variability on runoff and sediment load change based on paired periods with similar weather conditions: a case in the Yan River, China

A school wide approach to leading pedagogical enhancement: an Australian perspective

Smart designs for smart technologies: research challenges and emerging solutions for scientist-practitioners within e-mental health

Theory-led design of instruments and representations in learning analytics: developing a novel tool for orchestration of online collaborative learning

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions and default risk

Australian farm business performance insights from effective farm business managers

Success for CALD students at USQ: where to from here?

Intraspecific variation in leaf growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum) under Australian Grain Free Air CO2 Enrichment (AGFACE): Is it regulated through carbon and/or nitrogen supply?

The influence of straight vegetable oil fatty acid composition on compression ignition combustion and emissions

CFD study of the hydraulic performance of large-diameter gated fluming

The sum of all parts: an Australian experience in improving clinical partnerships

Is the East Australian Current causing a marine ecological hot-spot and an important fisheries near Fraser Island, Australia?

Regional identity and digital space: Connecting the arts, place and community engagement

Sustainable leadership for sustainable school outcomes: focusing on the capacity building of school leadership

Australian mental health worker attitudes towards cCBT: what is the role of knowledge? Are there differences? Can we change them?

Logging into therapy: parent attitudes and intentions to use computer-based therapies for youth mental health

Is trophy hunting of bharal (blue sheep) and Himalayan tahr contributing to their conservation in Nepal?

Menzies, Fadden and Moreton's 'Youthful' Captain: the fall and rise of Australian coalition-press relations, 1939-1945

Cross-species comparison of CpG density in the promoter regions of protein kinase oncogenes

Does the presence of planets affect the frequency and properties of extrasolar Kuiper belts? Results from the Herschel debris and dunes surveys

Extreme UV index and solar exposures at Plateau Rosa (3500m a.s.l.) in Valle d'Aosta region, Italy

Exploratory study to investigate the factors influencing the adoption of cloud computing in Australian regional municipal governments

Economics of e-learning: indicators of comparative cost analysis in higher education

Building transcultural skills for professional contexts

First year university student engagement using digital curation and career goal setting

Contributing to evidence-based healthcare cultures through lifelong learning

Beyond the borders: the three Ts of contemporary protocols for efficient teleworking

Translational research for diabetes self-management in Sri Lanka: a randomized controlled trial

An improved soft-kill BESO algorithm for optimal distribution of single or multiple material phases

Development of a reproducible rating system for sun protective clothing that incorporates body surface coverage

10 Gb/s HetSNets with millimeter-wave communications: access and networking: challenges and protocols

Beyond congruence measures for the evaluation of personality factor structure replicability: an exploratory structural equation modeling approach

Location of residence and breast cancer stage: a SEER population-based analysis

Trans-ancestry genome-wide association study identifies 12 genetic loci influencing blood pressure and implicates a role for DNA methylation

Disaster response: volunteers, unite!

Application of capability approach to assess the role of ecosystem services in the well-being of indigenous Australians

General relativity support from the double pulsar

Barriers and enablers to the use of virtual worlds in higher education: an exploration of educator perceptions, attitudes and experiences

Conflicting conceptualisations of cultural identity within Australian public policy debate

Post-fire mechanical properties of sandwich composite structures

Publishing + Internet: media convergence and business innovations of international publishing groups

Candlewick [Short story]

Assessing willingness to pay for health care quality improvements

The relationship between dissolved organic matter absorption and dissolved organic carbon in reservoirs along a temperate to tropical gradient

The right to confrontation in common law systems: A critical comparison

Low-cost low-enthalpy geothermal heat for freshwater production: innovative applications using thermal desalination processes

Range of validity and intermittent dynamics of the phase of oscillators with nonlinear self-excitation

The liability of providers of mental health professionals in negligence

Investigation of particles size effects in Dissipative Particle Dynamics (DPD) modelling of colloidal suspensions

The liability of providers of mental health services in negligence

Broad scale mapping of vegetation cover across Australia from rainfall and temperature data

Evaluation of a smartphone sensor to broadband and to narrow band ultraviolet A radiation

Effect of iron acetylacetonate on the crosslink structure, thermal and flammability properties of novel aromatic diamine-based benzoxazines containing cyano group

Designing a robust feature extraction method based on optimum allocation and principal component analysis for epileptic EEG signal classification

Analyses of woven hemp fabric characteristics for composite reinforcement

A multiscale method based on the fibre configuration field, IRBF and DAVSS for the simulation of fibre suspension flows

Mealtime observations and parent-report: correspondence across measurement and implications for intervention

Wine tasting: to charge or not to charge?

The effects of parental leave on child health and postnatal care: evidence from Australia

The determinant of faculty attitude to academic (over-) workload: an econometric analysis

Analysis of optical pulse’s position effect on temporal response characteristics of GaAs metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector

Why do restaurants serve lunch cheaper than dinner?

Strategic and expressive voting

Intersections of sensorial perception and imagination in divination practices in postwar mozambique

A taste of Asia with statistics and technology

Vulnerability of floodways under extreme flood events

Using the CALTAP life span developmental framework with older adults

Aging and the effects of emotion on cognition: implications for psychological interventions for depression and anxiety

Adaptation of the Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale (3D-WS) for the Korean cultural context

Can we do better? Researchers' experiences with ethical review boards on projects with later life as a focus

Contrasting suspended covers reveal the impact of an artificial monolayer on heat transfer processes at the interfacial boundary layer

Impact of artificial monolayer application on stored water quality at the air-water interface

News announcement effects of compliance with section 404 of SOX: evidence from non-accelerated filers

Factor people into tiger conservation

The nature of things [Short story]

The Australian Federal Government’s education policy changes: some implications for Australian universities

Beyond the KdV: post-explosion development

New binaries among UV-selected, hot subdwarf stars and population properties

A comparison of trends and magnitudes of household carbon emissions between China, Canada and UK

An integrated approach to attracting and retaining teachers in rural and remote parts of Australia

Impact of pulsed ultrasound on bacteria reduction of natural waters

A high-order coupled compact integrated RBF approximation based domain decomposition algorithm for second-order differential problems

Nonlinear Optimisation Using Production Functions to Estimate Economic Benefit of Conjunctive Water Use for Multicrop Production

Dosimeter based on 8-Methoxypsoralen for UVA exposures over extended periods

A comparison of household carbon emission patterns of urban and rural China over the 17 year period (1995–2011)

Professional skills for nurses and other health professionals: contexts and capability of practice

Building lifelong learning capacities and resilience in changing academic and healthcare contexts

Communicating in academic and clinical contexts

Orchard mapping and mobile robot localisation using on-board camera and laser scanner data fusion – Part A: tree detection

Digital skills in healthcare practice

Developing interpersonal capabilities for health professionals

Communication theory and its applications in nursing and healthcare

A computational study of operating range extension in a natural gas SI engine with the use of hydrogen

Do university outcomes measure up: an Australian case study?

Influence of regular exercise on body fat and eating patterns of patients with intermittent claudication

A nexus between child labour and microfinance: an empirical investigation

Does CIA occur during financial turbulence?

High-order fully coupled scheme based on compact integrated RBF approximation for viscous flows in regular and irregular domains

A new method for assessing content validity in model-based creation and iteration of ehealth interventions

Skirting the issue: finding queer and geopolitical belonging at the Eurovision Song Contest

Adapting to climate variability: the views of peasant farmers in Nepal

Situated interpretation in computational creativity

Vulnerability assessment and interdependency analysis of critical infrastructures for climate adaptation and flood mitigation

Biomechanical comparison between traditional hula-hooping and Nintendo Wii hula-hooping

Mechanical properties of hybrid lignocellulosic fiber-filled acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) biocomposites

Green and brown bridges between weeds and crops reveal novel Diaporthe species in Australia

The role of internal and external certification mechanisms in seasoned equity offerings

Building capacity for assessing spatial-based sustainability metrics in agriculture

Optimal sampling strategy enabling energy-neutral operations at rechargeable wireless sensor networks

Yield and nitrogen accumulation and partitioning in winter wheat under elevated CO2: a 3-year free-air CO2 enrichment experiment

E-learning incarcerated: prison education and digital inclusion

Bridging the age-based digital divide

Re-imagining the noir femme fatale on the Renaissance stage

Local government internal audit compliance

Rising CO2 concentration altered wheat grain proteome and flour rheological characteristics

Dynamics of two charged particles in a creeping flow

Solar current output as a function of sun elevation: students as toolmakers

Life cycle energy analysis of eight residential houses in Brisbane, Australia

Inclusion 'from the gate in': wrapping students with personalised learning support

The voyage of the harpsichord: popular television and the revival of the instrument of death [Blog post]

Promoting information literacy in higher education through digital curation

The economies of engagement: the nature of university engagement in the corporate university

Explaining student achievement: the influence of teachers' pedagogical content knowledge in statistics

Seed vigor of contrasting rice cultivars in response to elevated carbon dioxide

Tendering for a social cause: universities and social enterprise

Reducing energy use and costs in agriculture

Embedding an empowerment evaluation framework to create a ‘win-win’ engaged research partnership with communities

Modeling of transformation of surface wave packets interacting with abrupt bottom change

School dropout and associations with anti-social behaviours: a Bhutanese study

An analysis of the socio-economic factors influencing the adoption of conservation agriculture as a climate change mitigation activity in Australian dryland grain production

Reflections on online learning designs and cross-institutional research collaborations: revisiting 'classrooms without walls' in two Australian universities

Re-imaging teacher leaders leading school improvement: the untapped potential

The value of business strategy to the minerals mining sector of Australia – review and discussion of the literature

Biodegradation of artificial monolayers applied to water storages to reduce evaporative loss

The quandary between communication and certification: individual academics’ views on Open Access and open scholarship

Compressive behaviour of low density polymeric syntactic foams

Strength and drift capacity of squat recycled concrete shear walls under cyclic loading

Resistance to the teaching of ADR in the legal academy

The financial implications of converting farmland to state-supported environmental plantings in the Darling Downs region, Queensland

Factors influencing workplace violence risk among correctional health workers: insights from an Australian survey

The influence of trait-negative affect and compassion satisfaction on compassion fatigue in Australian nurses

The contribution of individual psychological resilience in determining the professional quality of life of Australian nurses

Who needs bereavement support? A population based survey of bereavement risk and support need

Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of an outreach support program for family carers of older people discharged from hospital

Understanding individual resilience in the workplace: the international collaboration of workforce resilience model

From Burma battles to 'the bright lights of Brisbane': how an Australian wartime prime minister won, lost, and recaptured American journalists’ support, 1941 to 1945

Recent astronomical tests of general relativity

A comparative analysis of global stakeholders’ perceptions of the governance quality of the clean development mechanism (CDM) and reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+)

Evaluation of atmospheric CO2 sequestration by alkaline soils through simultaneous enhanced carbonation and biomass production

Transformation of surface waves over a bottom step

Does the increase in foreign investments in HIV/AIDS interventions reduce out-of-pocket expenditure (OOPE) on health care in Africa?

Orchard mapping and mobile robot localisation using on-board camera and laser scanner data fusion – Part B: mapping and localisation

Creative communities: regional inclusion & the arts

A maximum entropy approach to detect close-in giant planets around active stars

Law and enjoyment: power, pleasure and psychoanalysis

The Political economy of sustainable development: policy instruments and market mechanisms

Private international law in Australia

Analysis of retrofitted corroded steel pipes using internally bonded FRP composite repair systems

Physical properties of the extreme Centaur and super-comet candidate 2013 AZ60

Mechanical, thermal insulation, thermal resistance and acoustic absorption properties of geopolymer foam concrete

The observed distribution of spectroscopic binaries from the Anglo-Australian planet search

Age differences in the complexity of emotion perception

Influence of a specialized Trigonella foenum-graecum seed extract (Libifem), on testosterone, estradiol and sexual function in healthy menstruating women, a randomised placebo controlled study

A survey of Chinese SMEs on plans, experiences and perceptions of global e-business

Contextual adult lifespan theory for adapting psychotherapy with older adults

'Ropes of stories': Jean Rhys, Vivienne Cleven, and Melissa Lucashenko

Influences on the perception of elder financial abuse among older adults in Southern California

Someone else’s boom but always our bust: Australia as a derivative economy, implications for regions

Establishing and maintaining social connectivity: an understanding of the lived experiences of older adults residing in regional and rural communities

Modelling population densities of root-lesion nemaotde (Pratylenchus thornei) from soil profile temperatures to choose an optimum sowing date for wheat in a subtropical region

Recent advances in clay mineral-containing nanocomposite hydrogels

Decomposition analysis to examine Australia's 2030 GHGs emissions target: how hard will it be to achieve?

On the contribution of information and communication technology to productivity growth in Australia

Merger between airlines in financial distress: does the merger save them?

Transfer of learning and the cultural matrix: culture, beliefs and learning in Thailand higher education

The use of spatial manipulation to examine goalkeepers’ anticipation

Machine vision and mechatronics in practice

Get set for success: applications for engineering and applied science students

Does foreign bank entry make Chinese banks stronger?

Enhancing educational opportunities with computer-mediated assessment feedback

Managing lateral infiltration on wide beds in clay and sandy clay loam using Hydrus 2D

A short form of the Career Interest Test: 21-CIT

Evaluation of the integrated Canadian crop yield forecaster (ICCYF) model for in-season prediction of crop yield across the Canadian agricultural landscape

A comparison between visual estimates and image analysis measurements to determine Septoria leaf blotch severity in winter wheat

A novel traffic rate measurement algorithm for quality of experience-aware video admission control

Open access and soft power: Chinese voices in international scholarship

Quantifying the response of cotton production in eastern Australia to climate change

On the flameproof treatment of ramie fabrics using a spray-assisted layer-by-layer technique

Platform chemicals production from food wastes using a biorefinery concept

Insights on the solubilization products after combined alkaline and ultrasonic pre-treatment of sewage sludge

Contribution of acetic acid to the hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass under abiotic conditions

Combined ultrasonication and thermal pre-treatment of sewage sludge for increasing methane production

Effects of flow parameters on the performance of vertical axis swirling type Savonius wind turbine

Does sustainability emerge from between the scales?

The experiences of indigenous health workers enrolled in a bachelor of nursing at a regional Australian university

Transformation of waves over a bottom step

Considerations for controlled competition landings in gymnastics: aggregated opinions of experts

Language, Culture and Technology in a Connected World Symposium: abstract book

Editor's introduction to special theme issue [of International Journal of Precision Technology]: Precision engineering and tribology

Magnetic fields on young, moderately rotating sun-like stars - I: HD 35296 and HD 29615

Significant advance in logical predictive control

Exploring supervisory support in an Australian university: perspectives of doctoral students in an education faculty

Effect of mixing on the performance of wet steam ejectors

Conceptualising technology integrated mathematics teaching: the STAMP knowledge framework

Students' experience of problem-based learning in virtual space

Singing songs as a creative method for narrative inquiry in the English classroom

Uptake of digital technology by small and medium beef cattle producers: the influence of learning and cost on the extent of usage

Enhancing the hydrolysis and methane production potential of mixed food waste by an effective enzymatic pretreatment

Re-classification of the causal agent of white grain disorder on wheat as three separate species of Eutiarosporella

Forge Group Ltd case study (B): director duties, management compensation and ownership, risk, and ethics

Unearthing farmers' information seeking contexts and challenges in digital, local and industry environments

Evaluation of numerical procedures to determine seismic response of structures under influence of soil-structure interaction

Unfair dismissal for Australian workers: the hundred-year journey

Transient free surface flow past a two-dimensional flat stern

The Bernoulli integral for a certain class of non-stationary viscous vortical flows of incompressible fluid

Language, culture, and society - an introduction to linguistic anthropology by Zdenek Salzmann, James Stanlaw, & Nobuko Adachi

SISCO: surface irrigation simulation, calibration and optimisation

Nursing's mandate to redefine the sentinel event

Markers for seedling and adult plant crown rot resistance in four partially resistant bread wheat sources

Redefining governance: from confusion to certainty and clarity

Delivering screen media production courses online: two universities share perspectives

The changing role of copyright in China's emergent media economy

Humanization in decolonizing educational research: a tree of life metaphor

Unremembered: memorial, sentimentality, dislocation

Structural competition in second language production: towards a constraint-satisfaction model

Incompressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics-moving IRBFN method for viscous flow problems

Estimating the tensile strength of superhard brittle materials using truncated spheroidal specimens

The world and “The world business cycle chronology”

Impacts on awareness, access and utilisation of early intervention support services for Indigenous families living in rural and remote areas: the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Speaking back to the mainstream from the margins: lessons from one boutique senior secondary school

Land suitability evaluation to optimize land management of small-scale farms in the Gerado catchment, North-Eastern Ethiopia

Field-scale evaluation of calcium ammonium nitrate, urea, and urea treated with N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide applied to grassland in Ireland

Potential to increase productivity and sustainability in Argentinean agriculture with controlled traffic farming: a short discussion

A comparative study on asset management capability maturity models

Effects of free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) on the uptake and utilization of N, P and K in Vigna radiata

Personalising politics in a global crisis: the media communication techniques of John Curtin and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Pacific War, 1941-45

A qualitative analysis of social intelligence in non-profit organisations: external knowledge acquisition for human capital development, organisational learning and innovation

Influence of gypsum enhanced chicken-manure-and-wheat-straw compost on amelioration of an irrigated sodic brown vertisol – laboratory experiment

Advances in cotton harvesting technology: a review and implications for the John Deere round baler cotton picker

Ecosystems and indigenous well-being: an integrated framework

An investigation into the fertilizer particle dynamics off-the-disc

The snapshot survey: an x-ray view

Deriving an index of adoption rate and assessing factors affecting adoption of an agroforestry-based farming system in Dhanusha District, Nepal

Silicon ameliorates manganese toxicity by regulating physiological processes and expression of genes associated with photosynthesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Reconsidering humanities programmes in Australian universities - embedding a new approach to strengthen the employability of humanities graduates by empowering them as 'global citizens'

The effects of inspiratory muscle training in older adults

Modeling of multi-junction photovoltaic cell using MATLAB/ Simulink to improve the conversion efficiency

Leaf photosynthesis and yield components of mung bean under fully open-air elevated [CO2]

Humor as a wartime communication strategy: Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Curtin and allied journalists, 1941-1945

Communication techniques for blended learning: Barack Obama and Julia Gillard, 2010-2013

Lower limb biomechanical characteristics of patients with neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers: the diabetes foot ulcer study protocol

Considering the gap between Implicit Leadership Theories and expectations of actual leader behaviour: a three-study investigation of leadership beliefs in Romania

How do students use their mobile devices to support learning? A case study from an Australian regional university

Media and legacies of war: responses to global film violence in conflict zones

Modulational stability of weakly nonlinear wave-trains in media with small- and large-scale dispersions

Managerial attitudes: influences on workforce outcomes for working women with chronic illness

To disclose or not to disclose: workforce experiences of employees with ASD

Groundwater salinization intensifies drought impacts in forests and reduces refuge capacity

The potential of controlled traffic farming to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon sequestration in arable land: a critical review

SimpleTrack: adaptive trajectory compression with deterministic projection matrix for mobile sensor networks

Analysis of nonlinear pulse propagation characteristics in semiconductor optical amplifier for different input pulse shapes

Optimal subwavelength design for efficient light trapping in central slit of plasmonics-based metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector

Critical autism studies: exploring epistemic dialogues and intersections, challenging dominant understandings of autism

Influence of metal coating on sorghum milling process subjected to three body abrasion

Water scarcity and history of water management policy in agriculture in the Jefara Plain Region of Libya: theoretical considerations and the current consensus

Big data based intelligent decision support system for sustainable regional development

Flexural behaviour of a sustainable hybrid composite panel using natural fibres

Systematic, theoretically grounded development and feasibility testing of an innovative, preventive web-based game for children exposed to acute trauma

Convergence in synchronous measurements

Deriving damage indices for concrete girder bridges subjected to flood loading

Building Markov Decision Process based models of remote experimental setups for state evaluation

Feasibility of a screening program for at-risk children following accidental injury

Matching 3D plantar model with the force and pressure data of the loading phase of gait

Stakeholder engagement and asset management: a case study of the Gold Coast Airport, Queensland

Teaching for transfer in EAP: hugging and bridging revisited

Doppler images and the underlying dynamo: the case of AF Leporis

Assisting mitigation of bushfire threat in regional Australia through MODIS imagery based media GIS

Stable integrated RBF calculation using preconditioning and high-order compact approximation for second-order PDEs

An evidence-based approach to the prevention and initial management of skin tears within the aged community setting: a best practice implementation project

Classroom teachers and occupational UV exposure characteristics: Toowoomba and Townsville

ACODE benchmarks for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL): findings from a 24 university benchmarking exercise regarding the benchmarks’ fitness for purpose and capacity to generate useful quality assurance information

Which is better for embedding risk management in higher education quality assurance: ISO 31000 or the COSO framework?

Conference Workshop: AURASMA – bring your poster alive!

Is there any feedback effect between academic research publication and research collaboration? Evidence from an Australian university

Optimization of performance and exhaust emission parameters of a SI (spark ignition) engine with gasoline-ethanol blended fuels using response surface methodology

Solar energy in Iran: current state and outlook

An experimental study on reactivity controlled compression ignition engine fueled with biodiesel/natural gas

A comparative study on the first and second law analysis and performance characteristics of a spark ignition engine using either natural gas or gasoline

Opening up your classroom to a community of conversations

Comparative analysis of N-glycans in the ungerminated and germinated stages of Oryza sativa

International corporate criminal liability for private military and security companies — a possibility?

The Karen Joy Fowler Book Club [Short story]

Proverbs and Princes in Post-Reformation England

Evaluating temporal changes in hydraulic conductivities near karst-terrain dams: Dokan Dam (Kurdistan-Iraq)

Self-identified and observed teaching styles: a case study of senior physical education teachers in Queensland schools

On-farm energy use in the grain and horticultural industries

On-farm energy use in the dairy industries

Remote, synchronous, hands-on ultrasound education

Exploring the potential impacts of climate variability on spring wheat yield with the APSIM decision support tool

Prisoners of neo-liberalism: incarcerated students and the neo-liberal project in the digital age

Robusta coffee model: an integrated model for coffee production at a regional scale

Performance evaluation of a process bus architecture in a zone substation based on IEC 61850-9-2

Development of a reproducible evaluation and classification system for sun-protective garments incorporating body surface coverage

Digital image blurring-deblurring process for improved storage and transmission

An international investigation of TPACK

Analysis of end-to-end delay characteristics for various packets in IEC 61850 substation communications system

Queensland teacher sun survey: measurements and procedures for recording occupational UV exposures in Townsville and Toowoomba

The mediating roles of coping and adjustment in the relationship between personality and academic achievement

Regaining lost humanity: dealing with trauma in exile

Where is she? Katherine Mansfield and Elizabeth Bowen

Cultural pedagogies and the logics of culture: learning to be a 'community type of person'

Automated site-specific control and sensing for irrigating dairy pastures

Image analysis and artificial intelligence based approach for soil-water and nitrogen status estimation

Data requirements for automated model-based control of irrigation and fertiliser application

Continuous change and added complexity – a real threat to safety?

Anticipated benefits of cloud computing adoption in Australian regional municipal governments: an exploratory study

Transitioning to secondary school: the case of mathematics

High performance communication redundancy in a digital substation based on IEC 62439-3 with a station bus configuration

Progress towards an industry standard for sun-protective clothing incorporating body coverage

Paper boats [Short story]

Transformation of surface and internal waves on a bottom step

Control and sensing systems for automated site-specific irrigation

Application of the multi adaptive regression splines to integrate sea level data from altimetry and tide gauges for monitoring extreme sea level events

Virtual worlds in distance education: challenges and opportunities

Modelling cohesive, frictional and viscoplastic materials

Pedagogy for the 21st century and beyond: infusing high-impact practices into the undergraduate curriculum

Leading institutional change through learning and teaching communities

Improving the quality of experimental research in civil engineering by employing statistical design of experiment: a case study in developing composite hybrid sandwich panel

Propaganda in the English civil wars: designing emotions to divide a nation

Mechanical properties of low density glass microballoon/vinyl ester syntactic foam for marine application

Composite railway sleepers: new developments and opportunities

Structural performance of heavy duty composite railway sleeper

Start-up education and training: current state and future challenges

The business of schools: the application of strategic management theories to risk taking in decision making in public schools

Optimization of quality of experience for video traffic

Top-predator control-induced trophic cascades: an alternative hypothesis to the conclusion of Colman et al

More buck for less bang: reconciling competing wildlife management interests in agricultural food webs

Interactions between two naturalised invasive predators in Australia: are feral cats suppressed by dingoes?

The dynamical structure of HR 8799’s inner debris disk

Collaborative cloud computing adoption in Australian regional municipal government: an exploratory study

Analysis of end-to-end delay characteristics among various packet sizes in modern substation communication systems based on IEC 61850

Speaking with one language for humanitarian assistance: uniting the different voices during disaster relief operations

Reality mining in eHealth

Psychological assessment and therapy with older adults

Analysing the role of job, interpersonal, and personal affective resources in alleviating anxiety and depression at work

Transition support for students with special needs

Principles of inclusive school practice

Benchmarking report: The Australian macadamia industry 2009-2014 seasons

Is a reduced-tillering trait (tin) beneficial under elevated CO2 in four FACE environments?

Fate of granular versus liquid fertilisers applied to soil leaching columns

Enhancing inquiry-based learning environments with the power of problem-based learning to teach 21st century skills

Theorising academic development as an academic discipline? Exploring academic developers' ways of knowing, theorising and use of methods

Development of an integrated plant-based image sensing system for soil-water and nitrogen status estimation in cotton

Editing and publishing the gap: attempting to catch what otherwise might fall through

The effect of fixing kinesiology tape onto the plantar surface during the loading phase of gait

Economic impact of frost in the Australian wheatbelt


VARIwise: site-specific surface irrigation and fertigation using adaptive control

Prediction of SPEI using MLR and ANN: a case study for Wilsons Promontory Station in Victoria

Statistical downscaling of climate change scenarios of rainfall and temperature over Indira Sagar Canal Command area in Madhya Pradesh, India

Mobile learning initiatives in nursing education

Sowing the seeds of success: the provision of a personalised study time management plan

Emergency service demand in Queensland during natural disasters

Towards a best practice asset management framework for electrical power distribution organisations

A study of drug interaction for personalised decision support in dental clinics

Efficient Algorithms for Scheduling XML Data in a Mobile Wireless Broadcast Environment

Simulation of flow of fibre suspensions using an IRBF-BCF based multiscale approach


Trade-offs and synergies between water and energy use in rural Australia

Developing sustainable governance systems at the regional level: the case of emissions trading

Pumping systems: design and energy efficiency

Agriculture: alternative energy sources

Engineering phenomenography

Environmental dispute settlement in China

Environmental liability

STEM oriented remote access laboratories with distributed peer-to-peer architecture


Mobile learning in southeast Asia: opportunities and challenges

Evaluation of mobile teaching and learning projects: introduction


Artist-run initiatives as liminal incubatory arts practice

Introduction [to Creative communities: regional inclusion & the arts]

Surveillance for soilborne microbial biocontrol agents and plant pathogens

Germplasm enhancement for resistance to Pyrenophra tritici-repentis in wheat

Applying cognitive science to critical thinking among higher education students

EFL teachers professional learning needs: working with multimedia and the cloud

Os recursos da violência e as lutas pelo poder politico Moçambique [Resources of violence and the struggles for political power in Mozambique]

The changing nature of educational support for students with disabilities

Dear Tip [Letter]

Conceptualising, implementing and evaluating the use of digital technologies to enhance mathematical understanding: reflections on an innovation–development cycle

Evaluation as an educational development to improve practice: teacher ICT knowledge, skills and integration

Open transformation of academic publishing: a review of open access developments in the west in 2014

The innovations and transformations of digital publishing in the US and the EU in 2014

A semantic and pragmatic analysis of career adaptability in career construction theory

Trends in the use of surface irrigation in Australian irrigated agriculture

ACODE benchmarks for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL): findings from a 24 university benchmarking exercise regarding the benchmarks' fitness for purpose and capacity to generate useful quality assurance information

Towards an integrated maturity model of asset management capabilities

Balancing dingo conservation with human safety on Fraser Island: the numerical and demographic effects of humane destruction of dingoes

RE: Dingoes are a major causal factor for the decline and distribution of sheep in Australia

Ensuring digital education without connectivity: making the connection

Beyond violence, victimisation and the penal state: empowerment pathways for female incarcerated students

Keeping prisoners out of prison: the role of higher education in keeping Aboriginal Australians out of our prison system

Crossing the cultural divide: overcoming inequities for NESB prisoners using digital technologies

Closing the digital divide: using digital technologies for incarcerated students

Digital technologies for learning in prisons: a tale of four projects

A quest for student success: exploring the contributions of co-curricular learning opportunities on student success as defined by TEQSA risk assessment framework

Digital literacy in higher education: the rhetoric and the reality

Utilizing qualitative components of risk management as evidence on how university strategies meet QA criteria and standards

Bringing the online student to campus: using a web-based planner to guide students in their studies

Margins for error: a discussion of barriers preventing the connection of mainstream and margins when conducting in-school research

Mainstreaming margins: analysing the knowledge of an Australian university research team

Two conversations at once: making sense of classroom observations

Investigating environmental watering options using Source IMS: a case study – the River Murray, Australia

The Emperor’s perfect map: leadership by numbers and Cartesian effects

Analysis of road crashes at roundabout in Toowoomba

Open and interactive publishing as a catalyst for educational innovations

IT outsourcing decision factors in research and practice: a case study

Reconciling law and morality in a secular legal system: Christian and Jewish approaches to lawyers' ethics

Use of geopolymer concrete in column applications

Phenomenographic elaboration: arts-based inquiry as a complement to data collection and analysis

Evaluation of case study concrete bridges in Victoria under effects of bushfire

Designing for relatedness: learning design at the virtual cultural interface

Incorporating case studies into the university courses to heighten awareness about greenhouse gas emissions for a product from seed to supermarket

Behaviour of new building products from recycled-mixed plastic wastes

Tolerating employee misbehaviour: where does our federal industrial tribunal stand?

Connecting, catering for, and celebrating diverse student learners

An Intelligent Recommender System based on Short-term Risk Prediction for Heart Disease Patients

The 'I's have it: development of a framework for implementing Learning Analytics

Using 1D-IRBFN method for solving high-order nonlinear differential equations arising in models of active-dissipative systems

Benchmarking for technology enhanced learning: longer term benefits

An improvement technique for bi-directional evolutionary structural optimisation (BESO) method

Examining teacher-researcher collaboration through the cultural interface

Digital apprehension and first year university students

A quest for student success: an emerging data framework to determine the contributions of academic learning opportunities as defined by TEQSA risk assessment framework

Health and physical education - keeping the curriculum real

Framework to inspect floodways towards estimating damage

Exploring the application of some common raster scanning paths on lossless compression of elevation images

Work based learning: a flux for learners through the Australian Qualifications Framework

Entangled, emergent, emboldened: an indigenous youth arts group and non-indigenous arts and literacies facilitators talk back to the ‘Big House' (University)

Preventing man-in-the-middle attack in Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol

The production of the 'normal child': exploring co-constructions of parents, children and therapists

Estimating the value of conjunctive water use at a system-level using nonlinear programing model

Partnerships that support children’s mathematics during the transition to school: perceptions, barriers and opportunities

A three-point coupled compact integrated RBF scheme for second-order differential problems

Introduction to the 2014 Digital Rural Futures Conference Special Edition in association with the Regional Universities Network (RUN)

Associations between organisations’ motivated workforce and environmental performance

Environmental and sustainability management accounting (EMA) for the development of sustainability management and accountability

Generalized continuous time random walks, master equations, and fractional Fokker-Planck equations

Interpreting the synergistic effect in combined ultrasonication-ozonation sewage sludge pre-treatment

Investigating Interoception and Body Awareness in Adults With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder

Assessing stories before sites: identifying the tangible from the intangible

Guest editorial

Do single, double or triple fungicide sprays differentially affect the grain quality in winter wheat?

An assessment of direct on-farm energy use for high value grain crops grown under different farming practices in Australia

Behind the green door: a story about suffering and hybrid identity in the 1950s and 1960s

Fear-potentiated startle: a review from an aviation perspective

A case study: is energy storage affordable for further Australian sustainable energy development?

Easing into mobile learning

Making the connection: allowing access to digital higher education in a correctional environment

Current practice in academic workload allocation processes in Australia

Causal dependencies of provenance data in healthcare environment

RBFN stochastic coarse-grained simulation method: Part I - Dilute polymer solutions using bead-spring chain models

Wither monetary retentions for subcontract work? A theoretical framework for rationalising its use

Drawing micro learning into MOOC: using fragmented pieces of time to enable effective entire course learning experiences

Protecting services from security mis-configuration

School leadership and pedagogical reform: building student capacity

Maths challenges for pre-service teachers

TPACK as shared practice: toward a research agenda

Online mentoring for secondary pre-service teachers in regional, rural or remote locations

A philosophical consideration of qualitative career assessment

Training the ‘natives’ as nurses in Australia: so what went wrong?

Not domestic servants: Aboriginal Australian women as trained nurses and midwives 1900-1949

A vision and language for schoolwide pedagogical improvement

Learning to see differently: the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

The “Necessity” of a Socially Homogeneous Population: The Ruling Class Embraces Racial Exclusion

Simple versus diverse pastures: opportunities and challenges in dairy systems

Longer defoliation interval ensures expression of the ‘high sugar’ trait in perennial ryegrass cultivars in cool temperate Tasmania, Australia

Ear-phone: a context-aware noise mapping using smart phones

Career optimism mediates the effect of personality on teachers’ career engagement

'Chifley liked them Blond': DP immigrants for Australia

'Looking and feeling the part': developing aviation students' professional identity through a community of practice

Characterization of pneumococcal genes involved in bloodstream invasion in a mouse model

Soil-hydrological responses to rainfall variation in a subtropical Australian landscape

Legacies of war, healing, justice and social transformation in Mozambique

Sub-Prime Scholarship

Optimal polymer matrix coating for composite railway sleeper – analytic hierarchy process

Thermo-mechanical behaviour of epoxy based polymer matrix

Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the physical and mechanical properties of polymer matrix

Australian citizenship in interesting times:curriculum, culture and immigrants as contested terrain

Health and physical education – navigating the chasm of policy, practices and management to enact the intended curriculum and meet the needs of 21st century learners

Spectral variations of solar UV due to natural and built factors

Relevance of convective turbulent dust emission (CTDE) in the Earth system

Citations alone were enough to predict favorable conclusions in reviews of neuraminidase inhibitors

Associations between exposure to and expression of negative opinions about Human Papillomavirus vaccines on social media: an observational study

Normative development and the autistic child

Uchronic, or queer in no time: wilful subjects in historical fiction

Remote access laboratories for preparing STEM teachers: A mixed methods study

In the mood: online mood profiling, mood response clusters, and mood-performance relationships in high-risk vocations

Structure and Absolute Configuration of Kongiidiazadione, a NewPhytotoxic 3-Substituted-5-Diazenylcyclopentendione Produced by Diaporthe Kongii

Whole genome phylogeny of Bacillus by feature frequency profiles (FFP)

Biological control of sclerotinia stem rot of canola using antagonistic bacteria

Rehabilitation works in Queensland using foamed bituminous stabilisation

Hierarchical genetic variation of Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with decline and dieback of grapevine in south-eastern Australia

Gulypyrones A and B and Phomentrioloxins B and C Produced by Diaporthe gulyae, a Potential Mycoherbicide for Saffron Thistle (Carthamus lanatus)

Factors influencing back pain treatment behaviour change

Keeping ‘one step ahead’ of invasive species: using an integrated framework to screen and target species for detailed biosecurity risk assessment

Implications of bacterial contaminated seed lots and endophytic colonization by Pseudomonas fuscovaginae on rice establishment

G'aim'ing to be a rural teacher?: Improving pre-service teachers’ learning experiences in an online rural and remote teacher preparation course

Impact of ozone assisted ultrasonication pre-treatment on anaerobic digestibility of sewage sludge

Decision tools for bacterial blight resistance gene deployment in rice-based agricultural ecosystems

Designing pedagogical experiences to facilitate first year students' learning progression: a case study

Asset allocation: analysis of theory and practice in the Australian investment management industry

Do gamblers eat more salt? Testing a latent trait model of covariance in consumption

Measuring preference for supernormal over natural rewards: a two-dimensional anticipatory pleasure scale

Construction as biological cells: implications of the biological cell cycle for managing construction

A domestic adaptable infant monitoring system using wireless sensor networks

Forge Group Ltd case study (A): the revealing nature of numbers

Systemic adaptations to climate change in southern Australian grasslands and livestock: production, profitability, methane emission and ecosystem function

The value of adapting to climate change in Australian wheat farm systems: farm to cross-regional scale

Food festivals, food marketing and the re-invention of a rural community


EGM jackpots and player behaviour: an in-venue shadowing study

Investigating inquiry pedagogy: cracking the code of learning

The homogenising effect of standardised curriculum on pedagogy

Constitutional patriotism and the Scottish referendum

Lingering with intent: the UK constitutional review

Demythologizing Teaching and Learning in Education: Towards a Research Agenda

Climate change impact and adaptation in temperate grassland and livestock industries

Managing the safe application of sugar by-products to soil: modelling and recommendations

Climate change impact on Western Australian mixed farm systems

Mapping the digital practices of teacher educators: implications for teacher education in changing digital landscapes

A preliminary examination of the anti-microbial properties of methanolic fractions obtained from three species of Russula

Molecular identification of mycorrhizal Russulaceae fungi

Does the poor quality of Australian health education documentation undermine the message? A review of documents informing pregnant women about alcohol

The case for subsidiarity as a constitutional principle in New Zealand

'If you can have one glass of wine now and then, why are you denying that to a woman with no evidence’: knowledge and practices of health professionals concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancy

'My midwife said that having a glass of red wine was actually better for the baby': a focus group study of women and their partner’s knowledge and experiences relating to alcohol consumption in pregnancy

A critical review of public health interventions aimed at reducing alcohol consumption and/or increasing knowledge among pregnant women

Michel de Certeau, everyday life and policy cultures: the case of parent engagement in education policy

The impact of diet counselling on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: an Indian case study

Michel de Certeau, everyday life and cultural policy studies in education

Managing the risky humanity of academic workers: risk and reciprocity in university work-life balance policies

Preparing for parents: how Australian teacher education is addressing the question of parent-school engagement

Re-visiting the women’s empowerment through microfinance: new evidence from Bangladesh

The Big House closing the gap: dreams and dissonant discourses

Genome mining using machine learning techniques

Soil conservation through sediment trapping: a review

Relations between dimensions of empowering leadership and multidimensional work motivation

Supervision: considerations and self-reflective practice

The iPad schizophrenia: UAE male students’ reflection on the paradoxes of using iPads in college EFL classrooms

Communication adaption in challenging simulations for student nurse midwives

Critical craftings: unleashed 2011 - Queensland's graduate emerging art

Spirits in Bare Feet: a story waiting to be told

Insights into the epidemiology of chlorotic streak disease as determined by multiple field assessments

Evaluating droplet distribution of spray-nozzles for dust reduction in livestock buildings using machine vision

Intrepid Gaze

Applying the five R's to traditional assessment

Image analysis method to evaluate beak and head motion of broiler chickens during feeding

Detection of flock movement and behaviour of broiler chickens at different feeders using image analysis

Analysis of plantar surface data during the loaded phase of gait on inclined surfaces

My Shiralee. Russell Drysdale: drawings

An examination of the factor structure of the effects of meditation scale

Therapy on the move: the development of a therapeutic smartphone application

The smart therapist: a look to the future of smartphones and mHealth technologies in psychotherapy

Effects of light crude oil contamination on the physical and mechanical properties of fine sand

Mechanical properties of mortar with oil contaminated sand

Quantifying drivers of crop-livestock integration

Numerical investigation of case hardening of plant tissue during drying and its influence on the cellular-level shrinkage

Application of meshfree methods to numerically simulate microscale deformations of different plant food materials during drying

The curious art of falling down the rabbit hole

The influence of abrasive pretreatment on hot air drying of grape

Numerical investigation of plant tissue porosity and its influence on cellular level shrinkage during drying

Physio-chemical assessment of beauty leaf (Calophyllum inophyllum)as second-generation biodiesel feedstock

Physical mechanisms underlying the strain-rate-dependent mechanical behavior of kangaroo shoulder cartilage

Investigation of the mechanical behavior of kangaroo humeral head cartilage tissue by a porohyperelastic model based on the strain-rate-dependent permeability

Remapping country, kin and culture on the Darling Downs and Southwest Queensland: some suggestions for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal resilience and well-being

The slaughterhouse project: or where the eagles dare to fly and other dirty little secrets (with apologies to Alistair Maclean) an exhibit by Brad Buckley, Raygun, Toowoomba, 9 May - 5 June 2014. Reviewed by Andrew Mason, University of Southern Queensland

Gamergate and the bodice-ripper have little in common, with respect

The robots are coming for your job! Why digital literacy is so important for the jobs of the future

Lads' mags, sexual violence and the need for feminist intervention

Green Composite Materials

Are you there? Can you forgive me?: The World to Come by Patrick West and Om Prakash Dwivedi (eds)

An experiment in collaborative writing: day ten

Online harassment is a form of violence

Stability of executive functioning measures in 8–17-year-old children with unilateral cerebral palsy

Mitii™ ABI: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial of a web-based multi-modal training program for children and adolescents with an acquired brain injury (ABI)

Broadband direct UVA irradiance measurement for clear skies evaluated using a smartphone

Adopted territory: transnational Korean adoptees and the politics of belonging by Elena J. Kim

Amnesty law, political struggles for legitimacy and violence in Mozambique

A tribute to Michael R. Raupach for contributions to aeolian fluid dynamics

Antimicrobial susceptibility of Histophilus somni isolated from clinically affected cattle in Australia

Construction as biological cells: can construction cells be similar to biological cells?

Flexural response of GFRP-reinforced geopolymer concrete beams

Parallel encryption mode for probabilistic scheme to secure data in the cloud

Latency-adaptive Positioning of Nano Data Centers for peer-to-peer communication based on clustering

Components relationship analysis in distributed remote laboratory apparatus with data clustering

Prostate cancer: stories of men and women

Natural Hendra virus infection in flying-foxes - tissue tropism and risk factors

De novo assembly of a genome-wide transcriptome map of Vicia faba (L.) for transfer cell research

Smart Grid and its future perspectives in Australia

Multistage time-variant electric vehicle load modelling for capturing accurate electric vehicle behaviour and electric vehicle impact on electricity distribution grids

The effect of shear span-to-depth ratio on the failure mode and strength of pultruded GFRP beams

Testing and characterization of pultruded glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) beams

Managing knowledge for asset management: shifting from process to relational frames

Meeting the needs of Years 7-8 students in Aotearoa/New Zealand: middle level teachers talk about their practice

Digitized domestic violence: technology abuse is a feminist issue

Routes of Hendra virus excretion in naturally infected flying-foxes: implications for viral transmission and spillover risk

Essential skills for young mycologists

Revitalising first year curriculum: preparing students in first year as thinkers and practitioners in your discipline

Title of PhD project: study to investigate factors influencing adoption of mobile devices in the health care environment

Leading the self and managing subjective well-being

Bringing digital literacies to students in prison: challenges and opportunities

Providing interactive higher education using digital technologies in Australian correctional centres

Identification of burning and extinguishing behaviour in spray flames with spark ignition

Broadening generic skills development: improving financial literacy of university students

Domestic violence and Facebook: harassment takes new forms in the social media age

Impact of climate change on water resources in MENA countries: an assessment of temporal changes of land cover/land use and water resources using multi-temporal MODIS and Landsat data and GIS techniques

Virtualising process assessments to facilitate continual service improvement in IT service management

In search of critical pedagogy in sexuality education: visions, imaginations, and paradoxes

Determination of drying characteristics of biomass residues to be used as a renewable fuel

The odd one out: revisiting and investigating the gender imbalance in ICT study choices

Towards a method for optimized extraction of soluble nutrients from fresh and composted chicken manures

Enhancing student leaning outcomes through the integration of team projects into instruction

Developing reflective practice and trans-disciplinary knowledge in a cross-cultural learning environment using CAPSIM

Genetic improvement of triticale for irrigated systems in south-eastern Australia: a study of genotype and genotype x environment interactions

The relationship between leadership support, workplace health promotion and employee wellbeing in South Africa

The relationship between the built environment and habitual levels of physical activity in South African older adults: a pilot study

The association between daily steps and health, and the mediating role of body composition: a pedometer-based, cross-sectional study in an employed South African population

A novel rate control algorithm for video coding based on fuzzy-PID controller

An agricultural drainage channel classification system for phosphorus management

Variable response to phosphorus mitigation measures across the nutrient transfer continuum in a dairy grassland catchment

Flow paths and phosphorus transfer pathways in two agricultural streams with contrasting flow controls

Redintegration, task difficulty and immediate serial recall tasks

Numerical and experimental study of microorganism disruption using shock treatment

Discriminating the brain activities for brain–computer interface applications through the optimal allocation-based approach

Bayesian echo classification for Australian single-polarization weather radar with application to assimilation of radial velocity observations

Radar-derived statistics of convective storms in southeast Queensland

Investigating suspended sediment dynamics in contrasting agricultural catchments using ex situ turbidity-based suspended sediment monitoring

Dairying and water-quality issues in Australia and New Zealand

Medicinal plant dynamics in indigenous medicines in farwest Nepal

Geographical boundary expansion of professional services offerings in Indo-China

An investigation of anticipated benefits of cloud computing adoption in Australian regional municipal governments

Synthesis and characterization of three amino-functionalized metal–organic frameworks based on the 2-aminoterephthalic ligand

High activity electrocatalysts from metal–organic framework-carbon nanotube templates for the oxygen reduction reaction

An experimental and simulation study of binary adsorption in metal–organic frameworks

Mixed-matrix membranes with metal–organic framework-decorated CNT fillers for efficient CO2 separation

Energy expenditure during common sitting and standing tasks: examining the 1.5 MET definition of sedentary behaviour

Providing NHS staff with height-adjustable workstations and behaviour change strategies to reduce workplace sitting time: protocol for the Stand More at (SMArT) Work cluster randomised controlled trial Health behavior, health promotion and society

Awareness of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity: can information on guidelines prevent overestimation?

A randomised controlled trial to reduce sedentary time in young adults at risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus: Project STAND (Sedentary Time and Diabetes)

Meta-analysis of early endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) ± endoscopic sphincterotomy (ES) versus conservative management for gallstone pancreatitis (GSP)

The effectiveness of interventions to increase physical activity among adolescent girls: a meta-analysis

Introduction to the special issue on providing sport psychology support for Olympic athletes: international perspectives

Spor psikolojisi (Inside sport psychology)

High-intensity interval exercise training for public health: A big HIT or shall we HIT it on the head?

A disintegrating minor planet transiting a white dwarf

An introduction to key distributions and models in epidemiology using R

Accounting for sitting and moving: an analysis of sedentary behavior in mass media campaigns

Effects of PEV penetration on voltage unbalance

Messages to promote physical activity: are descriptors of required duration and intensity related to intentions to be more active?

A layered approach to horizon scanning: identifying future issues in military and veterans’ health

Plasmopara sphagneticolae sp. nov. (Peronosporales) on Sphagneticola (Asteraceae) in Australia

Uromycladium falcatarium sp. nov., the cause of gall rust on Paraserianthes falcataria in south-east Asia

Towards a universal barcode of oomycetes - a comparison of the cox1 and cox2 loci

First report of Phoma multirostrata in Australia

A co-evolutionary relationship exists between Endoraecium (Pucciniales) and its acacia hosts in Australia

Is rice improvement still making a difference? Assessing the economic, poverty and food security impacts of rice varieties released from 1989 to 2009 in Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines

Physical qualities and activity profiles of sub-elite and recreational Australian football players

Influence of physical qualities on post-match fatigue in rugby league players

Understanding mismatches in body size, speed and power among adolescent rugby union players

Searching for Earth-mass planets around α Centauri: precise radial velocities from contaminated spectra

Sedentary behaviour and diet across the lifespan: An updated systematic review

The Mt John university observatory search for earth-mass planets in the habitable zone of α centauri

Miniature exoplanet radial velocity array I: design, commissioning, and early photometric results

Fungal planet description sheets: 371–399

Reflections on developing and implementing an advanced engineering project management course

The Weihai Observatory search for close-in planets orbiting giant stars

Synthesis of graphene-based polymeric nanocomposites

Biogas production from sugarcane waste: assessment on kinetic challenges for process designing

Polyphasic characterization of four new plant pathogenic Phyllosticta species from China, Japan, and the United States

First detection of tomato powdery mildew caused by Oidium neolycopersici in South Africa

Carpogenic germination of sclerotia of Sclerotinia minor and ascosporic infection of pyrethrum flowers

Host jumps shaped the diversity of extant rust fungi (Pucciniales)

Synopsis of Phyllosticta in China

Are three contact efforts really reflective of a repeated high-intensity effort bout?

Effect of 8 days of a hypergravity condition on the sprinting speed and lower-body power of elite rugby players

Muscular strength and power correlates of tackling ability in semiprofessional rugby league players

Activity profile of high-level Australian lacrosse players

Reliability of a cycle ergometer peak power test in running-based team sport athletes: a technical report

Influence of ball-in-play time on the activity profiles of rugby league match-play

Activity and recovery profiles of state-of-origin and national rugby league match-play

Relationship between accelerometer load, collisions, and repeated high-intensity effort activity in rugby league players

Use of relative speed zones increases the high-speed running performed in team sport match play

Joining the game and the experiment in peer-to-peer remote laboratories for STEM education

Remote access laboratories for preparing STEM teachers: preliminary exploration

The effect of ball carrying on the sprinting speed of international rugby union players

Running-intensity fluctuations in elite rugby sevens performance

Monitoring neuromuscular fatigue in team-sport athletes using a cycle-ergometer test

Assessment and monitoring of ballistic and maximal upper-body strength qualities in athletes

Variability of PlayerLoad, bowling velocity, and performance execution in fast bowlers across repeated bowling spells

Host phenology and geography as drivers of differentiation in generalist fungal mycoparasites

Does the parasite follow its host? Occurrence of morphologically barely distinguishable powdery mildew anamorphs on Oenothera spp. in different parts of the world

Sedentary behaviour: applying the behavioural epidemiological framework

Engaging prisoners in education: reducing risk and recidivism

Tackling indigenous incarceration through engagement with higher education

Making the connection: elearning and mobile learning for prisoners

Cost modelling and validation in network optimization

The validity of microsensors to automatically detect bowling events and counts in cricket fast bowlers

Physical demands of match play in successful and less-successful elite rugby league teams

Relationship between a standardized tackling proficiency test and match-play tackle performance in semiprofessional rugby league players

The influence of physical fitness and playing standard on pacing strategies during a team-sport tournament

Influence of prior knowledge of exercise duration on pacing strategies during game-based activities

Influence of number of contact efforts on running performance during game-based activities

Predictors of repeated high-intensity-effort ability in rugby league players

Repeated high-intensity-effort activity in elite and semielite rugby league match play

A longitudinal study of post-traumatic growth and psychological distress in colorectal cancer survivors

Strategic tillage in no-till farming systems in Australia's northern grains-growing regions: II. Implications for agronomy, soil and environment

Strategic tillage in no-till farming systems in Australia's northern grains-growing regions: I. drivers and implementation

Different response of soil and crop sequences to climate change in Western Australian mixed farm systems

Will modifying soil water holding capacity increase the resilience of southern Australian crop-livestock farms to climate change?

Systemic adaptations to climate change in Western Australian mixed farm systems

The role of Jupiter in driving Earth’s orbital evolution: an update

Towards a dynamics-based estimate of the extent of HR 8799’s unresolved warm debris belt

Knowledge of bout duration influences pacing strategies during small-sided games

Characteristics impacting on session rating of perceived exertion training load in Australian footballers

First comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of the genus Erysiphe (Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae) I. The Microsphaera lineage

First comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of the genus Erysiphe (Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae) II. The Uncinula lineage

Psychological wellness and health-related stigma: a pilot study of an acceptance-focused cognitive behavioural intervention for people with lung cancer

Acute effects of a dietary non-starch polysaccharide supplement on cognitive performance in healthy middle-aged adults

Effect of 12 weeks high oleic peanut consumption on cardio-metabolic risk factors and body composition

An uneven playing field: regulatory barriers to communities making a living from the timber from their forests–examples from Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam

Activity profiles of successful and less-successful semi-elite rugby league teams

Influence of strength, sprint running, and combined strength and sprint running training on short sprint performance in young adults

The use of wearable microsensors to quantify sport-specific movements

A randomised trial comparing low-fat diets differing in carbohydrate and protein ratio, combined with regular moderate intensity exercise, on glycaemic control, cardiometabolic risk factors, food cravings, cognitive function and psychological wellbeing in adults with type 2 diabetes: study protocol

Interaction of erythrocyte eicosapentaenoic acid and physical activity predicts reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment

Increased erythrocyte eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid are associated with improved attention and behavior in children with adhd in a randomized controlled three-way crossover trial

Potential implications of dose and diet for the effects of eocoa flavanols on cardiometabolic function

Vibration therapy is no more effective than the standard practice of massage and stretching for promoting recovery from muscle damage after eccentric exercise

Paucity of evidence for a relationship between long-chain omega-3 fatty acid intake and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review

First record of Thyronectria pinicola on Pinus radiata in Australia

Potential effects of phytoestrogen genistein in modulating acute methotrexate chemotherapy-induced osteoclastogenesis and bone damage in rats

Circularly polarized patch antenna with frequency reconfiguration

Effects of initial texture on rolling texture and property of electrodeposited nickel plate

Defining young in the context of prostate cancer

Integrating psychosocial care into neuro-oncology: challenges and strategies

Catalytically enhanced hydrogen sorption in Mg-MgH2 by coupling vanadium-based catalyst and carbon nanotubes

Morphological control of SnTe nanostructures by tuning catalyst composition

Large deformation modelling of tight woven fabric under high air pressure

Sleep disturbance in cancer patients and caregivers who contact telephone-based help services

Advancing prostate cancer survivorship research in Australia

Paediatric death and dying: exploring coping strategies of health professionals and perceptions of support provision

SDI and crowdsourced spatial information management automation for disaster management

Enhanced thermoelectric performance of ultrathin Bi2Se3 nanosheets through thickness control

High-performance thermoelectric Cu2Se nanoplates through nanostructure engineering

Wafer-scale arrayed p-n junctions based on few-layer epitaxial GaTe

Controlled synthesis and properties of porous Cu/CeO2 microspheres

Structural evolution of graphene quantum dots during thermal decomposition of citric acid and the corresponding photoluminescence

Nd1-xCaxFeO3 (x = 0, 0.3) hollow core-shell microspheres for ethanol gas sensing

A new graphdiyne nanosheet/Pt nanoparticle-based counter electrode material with enhanced catalytic activity for dye-sensitized solar cells

Controllable synthesis of mesostructures from TiO2 hollow to porous nanospheres with superior rate performance for lithium ion batteries

Multiple Au cores in CeO2 hollow spheres for the superior catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol

Y203:Yb3+/Er3+ hollow spheres with controlled inner structures and enhanced upconverted photoluminescence

International students’ experience of practicum in teacher education: an exploration through internationalisation and professional socialisation

Arts-based educational research in the early years

Literacy in the middle years visual arts classroom: a ‘functional’ approach

Developing confidence and competence as a pre-service music teacher: personal epistemology in a middle years course

Landau level splitting in Cd3As2 under high magnetic fields

SrNb0.1Co0.7Fe0.2O3-δ perovskite as a next-generation electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution in alkaline solution

Rational design of Bi2Te3 polycrystalline whiskers for thermoelectric applications

Controllable growth of vertical heterostructure GaTexSe1-x/Si by molecular beam epitaxy

Magnetotransport properties of Cd3As2 nanostructures

Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of Nanostructured Bi2Te3 through Significant Phonon Scattering

Correlation between multiple growth stages and photocatalysis of SrTiO3 nanocrystals

Introducing RALfie – remote access laboratories for fun, innovation and education

Analytical model of shear behaviour of a fully grouted cable bolt subjected to shearing

Influencing pre-service teachers’ intentions to teach in rural locations

In3Se4 and S-doped In3Se4 nano/micro-structures as new anode materials for Li-ion batteries

Carbon for the oxygen reduction reaction: a defect mechanism

Achieving inclusive HPE through handball

I nuovi standard internazionali IPOS della qualità delle cure oncologiche: integrare l’ambito psicosociale nelle cure di routine

The project manager is condemned to be free: a continental model of angst in projects

Chocolates, cats, dips and loops: the lived experience of managing projects

Talking with Russian Dolls: revealing the project 'lived experience' through Heidegger’s spatiality and temporality

From the project manager’s desk: the ‘lived experience’ disclosed

First insights with a vibrotactile interface for children with multiple disabilities

The internet of playful things

Geographic disparities in prostate cancer outcomes - review of international patterns

Offline inmates denied education and skills that reduce re-offending

Rational choice

Improving fault ride-through capability of DFIG based wind generators by using bridge-type superconducting fault current limiter

Improving low voltage ride-through using super capacitor at the DC link of doubly-fed induction generator based wind turbine

Expanded policy horizons - benefits realized from a policy project

Taking digital learning to prison: how four universities are using technology to deliver higher education into prisons in Australia, UK, Turkey and Nigeria

Simulator training strategies for managing startle in pilots

21st century skills, problem based learning and the university of the future

Recharge processes at the St George Irrigation Area

Annual entitlement for the Condamine floodplain irrigators – is it really working?

Innovative mechatronic techniques for contrasting pressure disturbances in the closed space of cochlea

Smart robotic catheter for Endovascular processes

A drilling technology discriminating mediums to cut ahead on the tool path

Winds of planet hosting stars

An experimental investigation into the effects of Cr2O3 and ZnO2 nanoparticles on the mechanical properties and durability of self-compacting mortar

Behaviour of glass fibre reinforced recycled mixed plastic solid waste composites for civil engineering and construction applications

Social axioms in 33 countries: good replicability at the individual but less so at the country level

Individual differences in cognitive biases: evidence against one-factor theory of rationality

Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England

Measuring and improving student course engagement and learning success through online student evaluation systems: final report 2015

Supporting graduate employability from generalist disciplines through employer and private institution collaboration: final report 2015

Identification of the MAT1 locus in Stagonosporopsis tanaceti, and exploring its potential for sexual reproduction in Australian pyrethrum fields

Criminal law guidebook Queensland and Western Austalia

Health and physical education: preparing educators for the future

Criminal procedure in Australia

Civil procedure in Australia

Deepening understanding of ‘pedagogical outcomes’ through video data collection: a catalyst for guided reflective learning conversations

Mobile video collection in preservice teacher practicum placements

Whole-genome characterization of chemoresistant ovarian cancer

Whole genomes redefine the mutational landscape of pancreatic cancer

Age diversity in the workplace

Quality in primary and secondary education

Quality in higher education

Technologies to enhance communication for persons with autism spectrum disorder

Moving towards the effective evaluation of mobile learning initiatives in higher education institutions

Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution efficiency using hollow microspheres of (CuIn)xZn2(1-x)S2 solid solutions

Efficient water oxidation under visible light by tuning surface defects on ceria nanorods

Multi-shelled hollow micro-/nanostructures

The potential impact of digital currencies on the Australian economy

The dynamics of Centaurs in the vicinity of the 2:1 mean motion resonance of Neptune and Uranus Trojan region

A snapshot of young children's mathematical competencies: results from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Design, fabrication and evaluation of gamma-type stirling engine to produce electricity from biomass for the micro-CHP system

Energy conversion efficiency of pulsed ultrasound

Evaluation of software mediated process assessments for IT service management

Teaching writing in today's classrooms: looking back to look forward

Writing practices today and in the future: multimodal and creative text composition in the 21st century

Nano technology and smart sensors for structural health monitoring [Special issue of Structural Health Monitoring, Vol. 14, No. 2, March 2015]

Empowering educators: proven principles and successful strategies

Multihop compute-and-forward for generalised two-way relay channels

Introduction: The Intersections of Supernatural and Secular Power

Researching in-betweens: blurring the boundaries of mainstream and marginal education research

Numerical investigation on structural evolution and mechanical behaviour of amorphous silicon Li ion battery anodes

Improving the work integrated learning experience through mobile technologies

Developing a project based learning assignment for geotechnical engineering

Reassessing the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement negotiation process

Dispute resolution in investment treaties: balancing the rights of investors and host states

Designing a vibrotactile language for a wearable vest

Vibrotactile vest and the Humming Wall: 'I like the hand down my spine'

A coordinated control approach for DC link and rotor crowbars to improve fault ride-through of DFIG based wind turbines

An update from the editorial board of nutrients

Measurements of gas-liquid relative permeability of Queensland coals

Functionalization of carbon nanotubes for catalytic applications

A marginal abatement cost analysis of practice options related to the NLMP program

Coal bed-methane reservoir simulation study

Measures of the trait of confidence

Legal regimes of radioactive waste treatment in Japan after Fukushima: an interpretive analysis based on Act on Special Measures Concerning the Handling of Radioactive Pollution’/日本灾后放射性废弃物处置法律制度研究:以《放射性物质污染应对特别措施法》为核心 (in Chinese)

Citizens and social media in times of natural disaster: exploring information experience

Education for Australia’s information future

Working together: an international collaborative learning project for pre-service teachers

Occurrence of grey mould on Bucida buceras, a tree of subtropical origin, under indoor conditions - a disease note

Use of advanced and green construction materials by small and medium-sized enterprises

Oil contaminated sand: an emerging and sustainable construction material

Total and domain-specific sitting time among employees in desk-based work settings in Australia

Suspected ivermectin resistance in a south-east Queensland parascaris equorum population

Susceptibility of adult cat fleas (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) to insecticides and status of insecticide resistance mutations at the Rdl and knockdown resistance loci

In vitro levamisole selection pressure on larval stages of Haemonchus contortus over nine generations gives rise to drug resistance and target site gene expression changes specific to the early larval stages only

Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) repair systems for corroded steel pipelines

Psycho-oncology and primary prevention in cancer control plans: an absent voice?

Reinforcing the role of psycho-social oncology in global cancer prevention: applying psycho-oncology research in programmes and practice

Bacterial biocontrol of diseases caused by Sclerotinia in Australia

Classifying epileptic EEG signals with delay permutation entropy and multi-scale K-means

Client perspectives on desirable attributes and skills of veterinary technologists in Australia: considerations for curriculum design

Low temperature molten salt synthesis of perovskite-type ACeO3(A=Sr, Ba) in eutectic NaCl-KCl

Shari’a law in Catholic Italy: a non-agnostic model of accommodation

My career chapter

Guiding Ebola patients to suitable health facilities: an SMS-based approach

Is the long-run relationship between economic growth, electricity consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and financial development in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries robust?

Student feedback: a learning and teaching performance indicator

Does digital scholarship through online lectures affect student learning?

Draft genome sequences of Chrysoporthe austroafricana, Diplodia scrobiculata, Fusarium nygamai, Leptographium lundbergii, Limonomyces culmigenus, Stagonosporopsis tanaceti, and Thielaviopsis punctulata

Rapid changes in the genetic composition of Stagonosporopsis tanaceti population in Australian pyrethrum fields

Four GLOBE dimensions of perceived social norms in 33 countries

Bio-inspired hydrogen-bond cross-link strategy toward strong and tough polymeric materials

Morphological structure and mechanical properties of epoxy/polysulfone/cellulose nanofiber ternary nanocomposites

Bioinspired strategy for tuning thermal stability of PVA via hydrogen-bond crosslink

Effect of specimen history on structure and in-plane permeability of woven fabrics

Understanding the effects of stellar multiplicity on the derived planet radii from transit surveys: implications for Kepler, K2, and TESS

Curvularia tsudae comb. nov. et nom. nov., formerly Pseudocochliobolus australiensis, and a revised synonymy for Curvularia australiensis

High-resolution multi-band imaging for validation and characterization of small Kepler planets

Hubble space telescope high-resolution imaging of Kepler small and cool exoplanet host stars

Discovery and validation of Kepler-452b: A 1.6 R⊕; super earth exoplanet in the habitable zone of a G2 star

On the stellar companion to the exoplanet hosting star 30 Arietis B

Stellar diameters and temperatures. VI. High angular resolution measurements of the transiting exoplanet host stars HD 189733 and HD 209458 and implications for models of cool dwarfs

Validation of 12 small Kepler transiting planets in the habitable zone

Kepler-432: a red giant interacting with one of its two long-period giant planets

A nearby M star with three transiting super-earths discovered by K2

Observations of binary stars with the differential speckle survey instrument. V. Toward an empirical metal-poor mass-luminosity relation

Revision of earth-sized Kepler planet candidate properties with high-resolution imaging by the Hubble space telescope

Follow-up observations of PTFO 8-8695: a 3 MYR old T Tauri star hosting a Jupiter-mass planetary candidate

The five planets in the Kepler-296 binary system all orbit the primary: a statistical and analytical analysis

KIC 9533489: A genuine γ Doradus - δ Scuti Kepler hybrid pulsator with transit events

A seismic and gravitationally bound double star observed by Kepler: implication for the presence of a convective core

Two transiting earth-size planets near resonance orbiting a nearby cool star

A comparison of spectroscopic versus imaging techniques for detecting close companions to Kepler objects of interest

Influence of stellar multiplicity on planet formation. IV. Adaptive optics imaging of Kepler stars with multiple transiting planet candidates

A randomised controlled trial of a couples-based sexuality intervention for men with localised prostate cancer and their female partners

Psychological distress and quality of life in lung cancer: The role of health-related stigma, illness appraisals and social constraints

New insights into the life cycle of the wheat powdery mildew: direct observation of ascosporic infection in Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici

The relationship of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity to cognitive processing in adolescents: findings from the ALSPAC birth cohort

Associations of sedentary time with fat distribution in a high-risk population

The GALAH survey: scientific motivation

Doppler monitoring of the WASP-47 multiplanet system

Pursuing the planet-debris disk connection: analysis of upper limits from the Anglo-Australian planet search

Eclipsing binaries from the cstar project at Dome A, Antarctica

Photometric variability in the cstar field: results from the 2008 data set

Screening of tropical isolates of Metarhizium anisopliae (Hypocreales: Clavicipitaceae) for virulence to the sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius (Coleoptera: Brentidae)

Arrayed van der waals vertical heterostructures based on 2D GaSe grown by molecular beam epitaxy

Scalable growth of high mobility dirac semimetal Cd3As2 microbelts

Through-thickness air permeability of woven fabric under low pressure compression

Through-thickness permeability study of orthogonal and angle-interlock woven fabrics

Assessing the effect of fibre extraction processes on the strength of flax fibre reinforcement

Numerical prediction of in-plane permeability for multilayer woven fabrics with manufacture-induced deformation

Dynamic response of orthogonal three-dimensional woven carbon composite beams under soft impact

Fungal planet description sheets: 320–370

Novel species of Cercospora and Pseudocercospora (Capnodiales, Mycosphaerellaceae) from Australia

Baobabopsis, a new genus of graminicolous downy mildews from tropical Australia, with an updated key to the genera of downy mildews

Novel Pathotypes of Elsinoë australis Associated with Citrus australasica and Simmondsia chinensis in Australia

Governance in community forestry in Nepal through forest certification

Optimization of biodiesel-diesel blended fuel properties and engine performance with ether additive using statistical analysis and response surface methods

TOPSIS multi-criteria decision modeling approach for biolubricant selection for two-stroke petrol engines

Combustion of microalgae oil and ethanol blended with diesel fuel

Glycerin, a biodiesel by-product with potentiality to produce hydrogen by steam gasification

Financial capacity in older adults: a growing concern for clinicians

Shear strength properties of plain and spirally profiled cable bolts

Young consumers’ exposure to alcohol sponsorship in sport

The Doctor and the Professor [Blog post]

Peer observation in the online learning environment: the case of aviation higher education

Tracing family with the Australian Red Cross - then and now

Jehovah's Witness hierarchy means child sex abuse goes unreported

Writing and reading queerly: Foucault’s aesthetics of existence and queer self-making

Queer writing: setting the scene

Technology and fashion converge in the Apple watch

Dr Google can improve older people's health- if we bridge the technology gap

YouTube a valuable educational tool, not just cat videos

Scriptwriting as a research practice: expanding the field

Action research: changing nursing practice

Analysis of combined radial velocities and activity of BD+20 1790: evidence supporting the existence of a planetary companion

The energy budget of stellar magnetic fields

Comparison of the shear behaviour of geopolymer concrete beams with GFRP and steel transverse reinforcements

Metacognitions mediate HIV stigma and depression/anxiety in men who have sex with men living with HIV

Variable magnetic field geometry of the young sun HN Pegasi (HD 206860)


Colour and Line Are Not Lies

Open Heart Project

Opaque Transparency

Busted exhibition - A USQ, St Vincent's Private Hospital and St Andrew's Private Hospital breast cancer exhibition and documentary project

The sound and the fury: Nudgee College showcase evening, 24th October 2015 - Nudgee textile panels 1914 - 1919 - Artist's essay

The sound and the fury: Nudgee College showcase evening, 24 October, 2015 - Sound and light show catalogue essay

The sound and the fury: Nudgee College showcase evening, 24th October 2015 - Nudgee dioramas artists' essay

The sound and the fury: Nudgee College showcase evening, 24th October 2015 - Exhibition essay

The sound and the fury: Nudgee College showcase evening, 24th October 2015 - Art catalogue

Mental distress and human rights of asylum seekers

An environment built to include rather than exclude me: Creating inclusive environments for human well-being

Exploring the use of evidence in practice by Australian special librarians


Group Show

Bedside manners [Play script]

Strangers in the garden (A boxed set of 5 Artist's books)


Re-enchantment: not all fairytales are for children

Tales within historical spaces

Haunts and Follies

New applications, new global audiences: educators repurposing and reusing 3D virtual and immersive learning resources

Digital futures research and society: action, awareness and accountability

Antipods: magical creatures with backward feet

Saltpan [Short story]

The 8th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP8): Special issue and reflections

Structuring an undergraduate accounting theory course to enhance the learning experience of Australian students: Preliminary findings

Bias and assumptions in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan

Level of policy for cloud computing adoption in Australian regional municipal governments: an exploratory study

Limitations of the market-based approach to the regulation of farm animal welfare

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport Perishable Goods Facility: preliminary feasibility study

Addressing the threats to tourism sustainability using systems thinking: a case study of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

A systems thinking approach for achieving a better understanding of Swidden cultivation in Vietnam

Market share modelling and forecasting using Markov chains and alternative models

Modeling competition over product life cycles

Bowel cancer demographics

Investigating the capability of pulsed ultrasound technology in improving the performance of surface water treatment systems

Real time depth of anaesthesia monitoring through electroencephalogram (EEG) signal analysis based on Bayesian method and analytical technique

Alkaline soils in Libyan Sahara and Murray-Darling Basin, Australia: characteristics, carbon geochemistry and environmental issues

Injection moulded short hemp fibre polypropylene composites

Astronomical tests of general relativity

Quantitative assessment of residential water end uses and greywater generation in the City of Al Ain

Understanding South Australian rainfall trends and step changes

Statistical characteristics of rainfall in the Onkaparinga catchment in South Australia

Assessment of trends in point rainfall using Continuous Wavelet Transforms

Statistical downscaling of CMIP5 outputs for projecting future changes in rainfall in the Onkaparinga catchment

Greywater reuse through a bioretention system prototype in the arid region

Precision weed detection via colour and depth data fusion in real-time for automatic spot spraying

Potential and challenges of project-based learning in engineering education at the United Arab Emirates University

John Bolton and the nature of discrete radio sources

Statistical characteristics of queue with fractional Brownian motion input

Natural capital risk management: regulating the main externalities of business

The law and economics of feral extermination: Legal and economic answers to eradicating the cane toad

Health education

Assessment in health and physical education

Planning for teaching and learning

Sample characterization and determination of anaerobic biodegradability of sludges drawn from biosorption plants located at Jurong WRP and at Ulu Pandan WRP (Final report)

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (WRPs) (Report 8)

Analysis of samples and anaerobic biodegradability of sludges from Jurong and Ulu Pandan water reclamation plants (WRPs) (Report 7)

Developing novel biorefineries using food waste as substrate (Technical report 4)

A field trial to engender micro-concentrations of lead (II) using a novel sorbent in highly acidic industrial wastewater at a smelter site in Derbyshire

Soil washing, ozofractionation and metal sequestration: removing organic and inorganic species from contaminated soil and water

Amending highly acidic blowdown sludge by direct addition of beneficiated alumina refinery residue

A trial to determine the impact of soil washing on coal seam gas (CSG) dam sediments in Queensland

Sustainable Indian alumina refineries: beneficiation and reuse of bauxite residue

Three novel methods for removing inorganic species from contaminated industrial stormwater at a smelter site in London

Principles of environmental remediation in open and closed systems: a case study of the Lake Dianchi drainage basin

A study of underground coal gasification (UCG) wastewater and sludge

Reducing the leachability of iron-arsenic speiss using modified alumina refinery residue

Pesticides and ozofractionation: An investigation to remove organic and inorganic contaminants from industrial wastewater

Exquisite Cadaver: useful writing experiment or just a good game?

Self-publishing matters – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

We need creative teaching to teach creativity

Moments in time: investigating the Australian history curriculum in primary classrooms: final report 2015

Social media-enabled learning: a review of the literature in higher education

Pasture measurements and bio-economic analyses to assess effects of climate, grazing pressure and pasture rundown on soil carbon and returns from legume-based sown pastures in the Condamine region of Southern Queensland. Final Report on project AOTGR1-137 'Increasing soil carbon in degraded cropping and grazing land'

Discretization of continuous predictor variables in Bayesian networks: an ecological threshold approach

Health and physical education - navigating the chasm of school policy, management and practices to enact the intended curriculum

The La Trobe e-Sanctuary: building a cross-reality wildlife sanctuary

Preparing students for health and social care practice through inter-professional learning

Understanding choice in assistive technology service provision: considerations for research methodology

The establishment of Bahrain Polytechnic: assumptions questioned, myths exposed and challenges faced

Educating aviators: challenges for distance learning in aviation tertiary education

Motivations and incentives: exploring assistive technology service delivery from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders

Assessment of electronic noses for support of a canine scent detection

Acknowledging, moving toward, and transcending psycho-physiological angst during a paradox of conflicting desires

Unconcealing Jung’s transcendent function with Heidegger

Water consumption pattern in the traditional villas of Abu Dhabi

The Gay Science and the Rosarium Philosophorum

Review of Jung and Phenomenology by Roger Brooke

Cinematic evolution: what can history tell us about the future?

A predictive resource allocation algorithm in the LTE uplink for event based M2M applications

Diacritical marks and the Samoan Language

Effects of different dietary saturated fatty acid consumption on cartilage health: evidence from preclinical rat models

Good citizenship and plan implementation

Development of a cost-effective and flexible vibration DAQ system for long-term continuous structural health monitoring

University-community engagement: mentoring in the Pasifika space

Pesticide sustainable management practice (SMP) including porous biochar/geopolymer structures for contaminated water remediation

Impacts of elevated atmospheric CO2 on nutrient content of important food crops

Uptake of advanced and sustainable engineering materials in civil infrastructure projects

Educational innovations and contemporary technologies: enhancing teaching and learning

Educational developments, practices and effectiveness: global perspectives and contexts

An experimental study on the contact surface area of cabled bolted strata

Behaviour of cable bolts in shear; experimental study and mathematical modelling

Strength characteristics of Secura Hollow Groutable Cable Bolts

Modelling of rebar and cable bolt behaviour in tension/shear

Strength properties of fibre glass dowels used for strata reinforcement in coal mines

Effects of ionic strength and ion pairing on (plant-wide) modelling of anaerobic digestion

The precipitation and solubility of aluminium hydroxyfluoride hydrate between 30 and 70°C

A generalised chemical precipitation modelling approach in wastewater treatment applied to calcite

A systematic study of multiple minerals precipitation modelling in wastewater treatment

Development and validation of a rapid test for anaerobic inhibition and toxicity

A plant-wide aqueous phase chemistry module describing pH variations and ion speciation/pairing in wastewater treatment process models

Reagent use efficiency with removal of nitrogen from pig slurry via struvite: A study on magnesium oxide and related by-products

Technologies to recover nutrients from waste streams: a critical review

Removal of persistent organic contaminants by electrochemically activated sulfate

Anaerobic co-digestion of pig manure and algae: impact of intracellular algal products recovery on co-digestion performance

The contribution of tropical cyclones to rainfall in northwest Australia

The support needs of new graduate nurses making the transition to rural nursing practice in Australia

Supporting new graduate nurses making the transition to rural nursing practice: views from experienced rural nurses

Biomass pyrolysis and combustion integral and differential reaction heats with temperatures using thermogravimetric analysis/differential scanning calorimetry

Preliminary assessment of the impact of climate change on design rainfall IFD curves

Exploring the impact of IS theory on health informatics

Incidence and predictors of lower limb split-skin graft failure and primary closure dehiscence in day-case surgical patients

A theoretical framework to support research of health service innovation

Preoperative bathing or showering with skin antiseptics to prevent surgical site infection (Review)

The primacy of vital signs – Acute care nurses’ and midwives’ use of physical assessment skills: a cross sectional study

Groundwater for sustainable development: cross cutting the UN sustainable development goals

Evolution of geothermal systems around the Red Sea

Geothermal energy resources of Jizan, SW Saudi Arabia

The potential of high heat generating granites as EGS source to generate power and reduce CO2 emissions, western Arabian shield, Saudi Arabia

Achieving ethics approval in residential aged care research: a protective process or barrier

Translating training in the NYU caregiver intervention in Australia: maintaining fidelity and meeting graduate standards in an online continuing professional education setting

The importance of caring to older persons’ mental health nurses: a cross-sectional study

Physical and functional implications of aquatic exercise for nursing home residents with dementia

Mental health inpatient experiences of adults with intellectual disability

Undergraduate nurse attitudes toward older adults and perceptions of working with older adults: an analysis of measurement instruments

Literature review: use of respite by carers of people with dementia

Spatially negotiating the queer body in Australian cinema

'Side-stepping maneuver': not the more efficient technique to change direction amongst young elite soccer players

Red mud futures: repurposing one of the world's largest industrial waste by-products

Thermo-mechanical properties of Bundelkhand granite near Jhansi, India

Fire structural resistance of basalt fibre composite

Determination of the concentration of carbonic species in natural waters: results from a world-wide proficiency test

Acidification of shallow groundwater in the unconfined sandy aquifer of the city of Douala, Cameroon, Western Africa: implications for groundwater quality and use

Physico-chemical characteristics of Jharkhand and West Bengal thermal springs along SONATA mega lineament, India

Extratropical cyclones and the projected decline of winter Mediterranean precipitation in the CMIP5 models

The effectiveness of group reminiscence therapy for loneliness, anxiety and depression on older adults in long-term care: a systematic review

Collaborative care approaches for people with severe mental illness

CO2-induced mechanical behaviour of Hawkesbury sandstone in the Gosford basin: an experimental study

Cochrane review brief: pharmacotherapies for sleep disturbances in Alzheimer's disease

Systematic review summary: smoking cessation interventions for smokers with current or past depression

Theory-driven, web-based, computer-tailored advice to reduce and interrupt sitting at work: development, feasibility and acceptability testing among employees

Effectiveness of a web-based, computer-tailored, pedometer-based physical activity intervention for adults: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Do sedentary behaviors mediate associations between socio-demographic characteristics and BMI in women living in socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods?

Reliability and validity of three questionnaires measuring context-specific sedentary behaviour and associated correlates in adolescents, adults and older adults

Cross-sectional associations between sitting time and several aspects of mental health in Belgian adults

Development and usability of a computer-tailored pedometer-based physical activity advice for breast cancer survivors

Tracking and predictors of screen time from early adolescence to early adulthood: a 10-year follow-up study

Fysieke activiteit - zitten: fysieke actieve en sedentaire tijdsbesteding bij de Vlaamse bevolking

The implications of monocular vision on orientation and mobility

Exploring registered nurses’ attitudes towards post graduate education in Australia: a pilot study

NATPGE: understanding registered nurses’ attitudes towards post graduate education

Enhancing graduate employability of the 21st century learner

HATS-13b and HATS-14b: two transiting hot Jupiters from the HATSouth survey

The classification of frequencies in the gamma Doradus/delta Scuti hybrid star HD 49434

Editorial - special issue on informatics for ageing and aged-care

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept

Standards are living documents ...

Neighbourhood effects influencing early childhood development: conceptual model and trial indicator measurement methodologies from the kids in communities study

Milled industrial beet color kinetics and total soluble solid contents by image analysis

Profile based image analysis for identification of chopped biomass stem nodes and internodes

Acceptability and feasibility of potential intervention strategies for influencing sedentary time at work: focus group interviews in executives and employees

Not addressing the root cause: an analysis of submissions made to the South Australian Government on a Proposal to Protect Midwifery Practice

The piezoresistive effect in top-down fabricated p-type 3C-SiC nanowires

Play in pre-service teacher education

The values dimension of quality teachers: can we prepare pre-service teachers for this?

Forms of capital and transition pedagogies: researching to learn among postgraduate students and early career academics at an Australian university

The globalization of competition law: yes or no?

Empowering educators: promoting enabling teaching and learning in research and practice

Interrogating cultural excuses for and the otherness of Australian circus performers: implications for intercultural communication and education

Introduction to Part III

The effect of device geometry and crystal orientation on the stress-dependent offset voltage of 3C-SiC(100) four terminal devices

Pseudo-Hall effect in single crystal 3C-SiC(111) four-terminal devices

Investigation on the surface characterization of Ga-faced GaN after chemical-mechanical polishing

Graphite on paper as material for sensitive thermoresistive sensors

A non-noble material cathode catalyst dual-doped with sulfur and nitrogen as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

Effects of ultra-smooth surface atomic step morphology on chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) performances of sapphire and SiC wafers

Simulated firefighting task performance and physiology under very hot conditions

Sleep restriction during simulated wildfire suppression: effect on physical task performance

Multiple days of heat exposure on firefighters’ work performance and physiology

Effect of heat on firefighters' work performance and physiology

Stories of men and teaching: a new narrative approach to understanding masculinity and education

Taking off the edges – implementing a streamlined client identity management experience at State Library of Queensland

Realization of atomic-level smooth surface of sapphire (0001) by chemical-mechanical planarization with nano colloidal silica abrasives

The effects of ultra-smooth surface atomic step morphology on CMP performances of sapphire and SiC wafers

Atomically smooth gallium nitride surfaces generated by chemical mechanical polishing with non-noble metal catalyst(Fe-Nx/C) in acid solution

CMP of GaN using sulfate radicals generated by metal catalyst

Graphite-on-paper based tactile sensors using plastic laminating technique

Death and the M(AI)den

Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia

Beyond science education: embedding sustainability in teacher education systems

How to be happy: a memoir of love, sex and teenage confusion

The Land Mine Is Me [Published script]

Orbit [Published script]

Under this sky: Logan's musical celebration [Performance]

Aviation Infrastructure and Regional Economic Development: Understanding the Importance of Integration in Regional Airfreight Networks

Films: Clueless and feminism's Nietzsche

Weather conditions conducive to infection of winter wheat by Puccinia striiformis sp. tritici race ‘warrior’

Particle and particle-like solitary wave dynamics in fluid media

Vietnam’s responses to provincial economic disparities through central-provincial government financial relations

Disparities and Growth within APEC Countries, 1990-2011

Clinically-indicated replacement versus routine replacement of peripheral venous catheters [Review]

Doctor's knowledge and practices of traumatic brain injury management in Chinese prehospital settings

Factors affecting antihypertensive medications adherence among hypertensive patients in Saudi Arabia

Interventions targeting the elderly population to reduce emergency department utilisation: a literature review

Inability of CMIP5 models to simulate recent strengthening of the walker circulation: implications for projections

Modelled rainfall response to strong El Nino sea surface temperature anomalies in the tropical Pacific

A Tripole Index for the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation

Understanding joint formation in thermoset composite welding (TCW) joints

Context-sensitive evaluation: Determining the context surrounding the implementation of a government policy

IP and development: a road map for developing countries in the 21st Century

Disinfection of Needleless Connector Hubs: Clinical Evidence Systematic Review

Nursing and midwifery practice for maintenance of vascular access device patency. A cross-sectional survey

Securement methods for peripheral venous catheters to prevent failure: a randomised controlled pilot trial

Unambiguous warming in the western tropical Pacific primarily caused by anthropogenic forcing

A systematic review on research into the effectiveness of group-based sport and exercise programs designed for Indigenous adults

Achieving growth-quality of work life ambidexterity in small firms

Code of practice for on-farm biogas production and use at piggeries: APL Project 2011/1013.423

Enhancing mathematics teacher educators' technological pedagogical content knowledge through collaborative professional development

Undergraduates’ personal circumstances, expectations and reasons for attending university

Deconstructing the concept of shared responsibility for disaster resilience: a Sunshine Coast case study, Australia

Microstructure and melting properties of Ag–Cu–In intermediate-temperature brazing alloys

How prepared are beginning teachers to teach students with disability in mainstream classrooms?

Use of real-time biomechanical biofeedback to retrain posture and reduce pain: a randomized controlled trial

Elastic scattering based on integral equation theory for potentials including the Coulomb potential

An Evaluation of the Membership Probability of 212 λ Boo Stars. I. A Catalogue

Echelle diagrams and period spacings of g modes in γ Doradus stars from four years of Kepler observations

Real time progress management: Re-engineering processes for cloud-based BIM in construction

Estimating in geometric 3D CAD

BIM-Based Decision Support System for Material Selection Based on Supplier Rating

Auto-generated site layout: an integrated approach to real-time sensing of temporary facilities in infrastructure projects

Cost Overruns in Hydrocarbon Megaprojects: A Critical Review and Implications for Research

Understanding the landscape of overruns in transport infrastructure projects

BIM-FM and consequential loss: how consequential can design models be?

'Sitting in Cages': Imagining Victorian Women in Neo-Victorian Film Musicals

The Old and the New: Chinese Boxing and the Integration of Traditional and Modern Chinese Identities

Preventing burnout in undergraduate and postgraduate students studying medicine

Developing Knowledge and Leadership in Pre-Service Teacher Education Systems

Review: ANZASA Conference [Part Two]

Deconstructing 'Uncle Tom' Abroad: The Case of an American President

Belle, Books, and Ballot: The Life and Writing of Nineteenth-Century Reformer Lillie Devereux Blake (1833-1913)

Reflections on methodology: Dilemmas in a research project about the educational experiences of refugee-background youth

Influencing regional students’ experiences in new ways

Voices from Sudan: the use of electronic puzzles in an adult refugee community learning

Policing Expert Testimony in a Death Investigation: Medical Opinion as Legal Fact

Elements of optimal paediatric palliative care for children and young people: An integrative review using a systematic approach

Developing a gender-based approach to chronic conditions and women’s health: a qualitative investigation of community-dwelling women and service provider perspectives

Scrutinising the Other: Incapacity, Suspicion and Manipulation in a Death Investigation

The application of learning analytics to improve learning: Questions from the academy

Reframe: QUT’s evaluation framework Encompasses a multifaceted approach to meet stakeholder needs

Mary Shelley: The Dr Frankenstein of Discourse

Quick fixes not the answer for Indigenous literacy

On Donnelly and the dangers of dogmatism in our schools

Alternative schooling has important lessons for education in Australia

How the budget fails public education and what could be done to fix it [Blog post]

Educational researchers unite to challenge inequality in Australian schooling [Blog post]

Multiple Ps′ effects on gambling, drinking and smoking: Advancing theory and evidence

Casino marketing, problem gamblers or loyal customers?

Multilevel environment induced impulsive gambling

Revisiting Problem Gamblers’ Harsh Gaze on Casino Services: Applying Complexity Theory to Identify Exceptional Customers

Gambler Loyalty – A Qualitative and Quantitative Investigation

Effects of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) on a diesel engine fuelled with palm-biodiesel

Development of micro-scale biomass-fuelled CHP system using stirling engine

Self-reported circumstances and consequences of driving while sleepy

What aspects of demographic, personality, attitudes and perceptions of law enforcement influence self-reported likelihood of drink driving?

Sleepy driving and drink driving: attitudes, behaviours, and perceived legitimacy of enforcement of younger and older drivers

Signs of driver sleepiness and risky sleepy driving behaviours: the associations with demographic, work and sleep-related factors

Examining signs of driver sleepiness, usage of sleepiness countermeasures and the associations with sleepy driving behaviours and individual factors

Understanding Moisture Dynamics and Its Effect on the Dielectric Response of Transformer Insulation

Effect of Rooftop-PV on Power Transformer Insulation and On-Load Tap Changer Operation

Do Fecal Odors from Native and Non-native Predators Cause a Habitat Shift Among Macropods?

Time Domain Diffusion-Driven Dielectric Response Model for Investigation of Moisture Dynamics in Transformers Insulation

Multi-variable Approach for Evaluating Transformer Paper Insulation

Transformer Hot Spot Temperature Prediction Using a Hybrid Algorithm of Support Vector Regression and Information Granulation

Marsupials and monotremes: Nature's enigmatic mammals

Conservation of Marsupials and Monotremes