Cooling towers

The ritual dugong bone mounds of Koey Ngurtai, Torres Strait, Australia: investigating their construction

Confucianism and early childhood education: a study of young children's responses to traditional Chinese festival stories

Methodology, the Western, and myself: the West/non-West binary in a non-Western educational researcher's pursuit for a PhD

You can lead the horse to water, but: aligning learning and teaching in a Web 2.0 context and beyond

Ageing, chronic disease, technology and smart homes: an Australian perspective

Cost optimum design of structural fibre composite sandwich panel for flooring applications

Principles of information systems, 2nd ed.

Exploring temperament and character traits in nurses and nursing students in a large regional area of Australia

From school teacher to university lecturer: illuminating the journey from the classroom to the university for two arts educators

Differential nitrate accumulation, nitrate reduction, nitrate reductase activity, protein production and carbohydrate biosynthesis in response to potassium and sodium nitrate

Resolving conflicting interests: software patents versus open source

A Survey on Latest Botnet Attack and Defense

Speaking in Tongues’

Tunable elastin-like polypeptide hollow sphere as a high payload and controlled delivery gene depot

El Niño-Southern Oscillation influence on the dust storm activity in Australia: can the past provide a key to the future?

Studies on the feasibility of recycled polystyrene doped with NLO active meta-Nitroaniline for optoelectronics applications

Bioinspired Mechanically Adaptive Polymer Nanocomposites with Water-Activated Shape-Memory Effect

Commercial aspects associated with bio-nanocomposites

Kinetics of mass transfer during vapour-induced phase separation (VIPS) process and its influence on poly-(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)membrane structure and surface morphology

Preparation and characterization of carbon nanotube-grafted-chitosan - Natural hydroxyapatite composite for bone tissue engineering

Immobilization of Mn-doped ZnS quantum dots on surface functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Studies on their optical properties

Highly conducting and flexible few-walled carbon nanotube thin film

Low serum creatinine levels as risk factor of diabetes mellitus: prediabetes considerations

Epidemiological analysis of health situation development in Europe and its causes until 1990

The impact of Asian and non-Asian anthropogenic aerosols on 20th century Asian summer monsoon

Teleconnection pathways of ENSO and the IOD and the mechanisms for impacts on Australian rainfall

Influence of global-scale variability on the subtropical ridge over Southeast Australia

Does the Southern Annular Mode contribute to the persistence of the multidecade-long drought over southwest Western Australia?

Interactions of ENSO, the IOD, and the SAM in CMIP3 models

Organic and conventional fertilizer effects on a tritrophic interaction: parasitism, performance and preference of Cotesia vestalis

Parasitoids select plants more heavily infested with their caterpillar hosts: a new approach to aid interpretation of plant headspace volatiles

Utilizing insect behavior in chemical detection by a behavioral biosensor

From Solving Puzzles to Designing Solutions: Integrating Design Thinking into Evidence Based Practice

The relationship between the implementation of a Safety Management System and the attitudes of employees towards unsafe acts in aviation

[Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A , Vol. 46, No. 11, 2011]

The H2O Southern Galactic Plane Survey (HOPS) – I. Techniques and H2O maser data

Optical spectra of supernova remnant candidates in the Sculptor Group galaxy NGC 300

The Effect of Social Defeat on Tyrosine Hydroxylase Phosphorylation in the Rat Brain and Adrenal Gland

Work in Progress - Intervening to Improve the Dissertation of Final Year Engineering Research Projects

Wireless Data Collection of Surface Electromyography Signals

Nurse’s Role in Health Assessment: Collecting and Analysing Data

Designing a Framework Method for Secure Business Application Logic Integrity in e-Commerce Systems

Measurement of Aerothermal Heating on HIFiRE-0

Using waste plastic bottles as additive for stone mastic asphalt

Exploring the affordances of second life machinima as an anchor for classroom-based apprenticeship


Socioeconomic status and barriers to the use of free antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS in Enugu State, south-eastern Nigeria

Geometrical Parametric Study and Development of Design Formulae for the SCF Distribution Along the Weld Toe in Multi-Planar CHS DKT-Connections of Offshore Structures

18th Annual International Conference on Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice 2011 (M2VIP 2011)

Students as advisors in an intervention program for at-risk students: The QUT experience

Acknowledging social justice and equity through good practice for monitoring student learning engagement in FYE

Rethinking the admission criteria to nursing school

Developing a social justice framework to ensure good practice in higher education

The Kepler characterization of the variability among A- and F-type stars I. General overview

Wind-driving protostellar accretion discs – II. Numerical method and illustrative solutions

Controversies in Local Economic Development: Stories, Strategies, Solutions by Martin Perry

Exploring the theoretical underpinnings of driving whilst influenced by illicit substances

Examination of process to develop a framework for better implementation of quality practices in building projects

Evaluating the influences of stakeholder management on construction project quality

Whole-School Approaches to Sustainability

Reduced intubation rates for infants after introduction of high-flow nasal prong oxygen delivery

Correction of aberrant axon growth in the developing mouse olfactory bulb

OMP-ZsGreen fluorescent protein transgenic mice for visualisation of olfactory sensory neurons in vivo and in vitro

Stimulation of olfactory ensheathing cell motility enhances olfactory axon growth

Copper, Nickel, and Zinc Cyclam−Amino Acid and Cyclam−Peptide Complexes May Be Synthesized with 'Click' Chemistry and Are Noncytotoxic

The effect of body armor on performance, thermal stress, and exertion: a critical review

The journal 'chiropractic & osteopathy' changes its title to 'chiropractic & manual therapies'. a new name, a new era

Letter to the Editor: Herbal Medicinal Treatment Options for Headache and Migraine

Socio-demographic, psychosocial and home-environmental attributes associated with adults' domestic screen time

Rutin attenuates non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in high carbohydrate-high fat diet-fed rats

Performance criteria for multi-sourced urban water systems

Associations between social ecological factors and self-reported short physical activity breaks during work hours among desk-based employees

Social tagging & folksonomies: Indexing, retrieving...and beyond?

iwant does not equal iwill: correlates of mobile learning with ipads, e-textbooks, blackboard mobile learn and a blended learning experience

Validation of a major QTL for salinity tolerance on chromosome 1 of rice in three different breeding populations

Improving gin stand performance to benefit Australian cotton

Analysis and development of iterative fast model control strategies for systems with constraints

Molecular marker assisted selection for crown rot resistance in Triticum turgidum ssp. durum

Investigation of growth medium supplementation and ethanol tolerance of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Diffusion of innovation through video mediated social networks: influencing sugar cane farming practices applying evidence-of-adoption strategies

Removing noise from electroencephalogram signals for BIS based depth of anaesthesia monitors

Critical issues in precise machining of oversize moulds in polystyrene

An exploratory investigation of usage of digital stethoscope by clinicians in telehealth setting through Information Systems success model

Analysing EEG brain signals using independent component analysis techniques

Organisational cognisance: introducing a cognitive dimension to the concept of organisational alignment

Ex ante expectations and ex post assessment of the nature and extent of earnings management in the MBE setting

Parsimonious hydrological modelling for resource development

Psychological theories and their applicability in resolving issues with unauthorised computer access

Untie my hands: the nurse practitioner, the restriction-freedom paradigm and legal implications of practice

Improving high voltage power system performance using arc suppression coils

Universal design framework for optimal application of chemical monolayer to open water surfaces

Affordances of Virtual Worlds for professional development conducted using Action Learning

Disturbance and resilience in riparian woodlands on the highly modified Upper Condamine floodplain

An insight into cross cultural communication strategies in health

Transaction cost discovery by decomposition of the error term: a bootstrapping approach

Coping mediates the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and academic achievement

The governance of climate change: evaluating the governance quality and legitimacy of the United Nations' REDD-plus programme

Wireless handheld device and LAN security issues: a case study

Quantifying the impacts of structural reforms on air traffic flows in APEC economies

Learning and development

Executive women, gendered behaviour and adaptive social structures

Increasing the power of the test through pre-test: a robust method

Neurodiverse spaces: exploring the potential for social networking to reconstruct our ideas of 'friendship'

Crops, cows or timber? Including carbon values in land use choices

Modelling pervious concrete under compression loading: a discrete element approach

Terrorists' equilibrium choices when no attack method is riskless

Federal spending power in three federations: Australia, Canada and the United States

Mobile, online, and angry: the rise of China's middle-class civil society?

2-D scalable multiple description coding for robust H.264/SVC video communications

Modelling of staged routing for reduced carbon footprints of large server clusters

Creep response of polymeric honeycombs

The political economy of racism

Computer literacy and competency: a survey of Indonesian teachers of English as a foreign language

Life themes in career counselling

QTL mapping of stripe, leaf and stem rust resistance genes in a Kariega x Avocet S doubled haploid wheat population

Making sense of dementia: understanding amongst indigenous Australians

IT service personnel: changing the culture from technology to service

Links between native forest and climate in Australia

HIV/AIDS prevalence and incidence: evidence from four industries of the KwaZulu-Natal economy

The rule of law and reasonable suspicion

Company tax concessions: a shareholder's perspective

The role of intellectual capital in non-profit strategic management: an exploratory study of social service non-profit organisations (SSNPOs) and new public management in Australia

The ethics project in legal education

The ethics project in legal education [Introduction]

Career development learning frameworks for work-integrated learning

Dynamics of two charged particles in viscous fluid at small Reynolds numbers

Exploring the combined relationships of student and teacher factors on learning approaches and self-directed learning readiness at a Malaysian university

Lone wolf terrorism

Effect of compacting pressure on microstructure and mechanical properties of carbide cutting tools

Will self-managed superannuation fund investors survive?

Publishing in the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education: advice from the editors

Preparing for doctoral supervision at a distance: lessons from experience

Come the revolution: pre-service teachers' access to, attitudes toward, and skills with ICT

Transitioning to adulthood: autism and biological citizenship

What properly validated surveys can tell us about successful implementation of small business information systems

Badminton training machine with impact mechanism

Families in nature tourism: trends in holiday locations and activities

Complex windmill transformation producing new purely magnetic fluids

Pre-mould processing technique for syntactic foams: generalised modelling, theory and experiment

Quality and legitimacy of global governance: case lessons from forestry

Expression and connection: the integration of the reflective learning process and the public writing process into social network sites

An analysis of Chinese perceptions on unilateral Clean Development Mechanism (uCDM) projects

Robust internal model control for depth of anaesthesia

Evaluating the governance of responsible investment institutions: an environmental and social perspective

Direct comparison between the angular distributions of the erythemal and eye-damaging UV irradiances: a pilot study

Solar UV radiation in schools: issues and risks for children and adolescents

Multifunctional polymer nanocomposites

Solar ultraviolet radiation incident upon reef snorkelers determined by consideration of the partial immersion of dosimeters in the natural ocean environment

Thin-layer drying characteristics of banana slices in a force convection indirect solar drying

Fun, friend, or foe: youth perceptions and definitions of online gambling

Socio-economic implications of climate change with regard to forests and forest management. Contribution of work package 3 to the forest vulnerability assessment

Access control method with XML databases

Thermal behavior of MWNT-reinforced thermoplastic natural rubber nanocomposites

Mitigation of electricity price/demand using demand side response smart grid model

Polymer membranes for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell: recent advances and challenge

Enhancing relationships in doctoral student supervision: shibboleths, signifiers, and strategies

itSMF Australia 2010 Conference: summary report of ITSM standards and frameworks survey

A conditional role-involved purpose-based access control model

Perceptions of career development learning and work-integrated learning in Australian higher education

Reshaping distance education – returning the student to centre stage

The legitimacy of ESG standards as an analytical framework for responsible investment

Polymer based filler materials as infill for GFRP pile connector

Fabrication and characterization of unidirectional silk fibre composites

Why vicarious liability must be abandoned

A review on the tensile properties of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites

Thermal properties of sawdust reinforced vinyl ester composites post-cured in microwaves: a pilot study

Child labour and schooling in Bangladesh

Effects of head geometry and coil position on field distribution under transcranial magnetic stimulation

Reflection type Q-factor measurement using standard least squares methods

Effects of natural fibre surface on composite properties: a review

Police power to conduct a search without reasonable suspicion in Australia: a comparative perspective

Characteristics of a silk fibre reinforced biodegradable plastic

The power of problem-based learning in developing critical thinking skills: preparing students for tomorrow's digital futures in today's classrooms

Modeling urea biodegradation in activated sludge using combined respirometric-titrimetric measurements

School-scientist partnerships: what makes them tick? A case study from the CSIRO scientists in schools program

Building a mobile website

Mapping a library

Integrating mobile into existing applications

Women at work: research, policy and practice

Does teaching presence change over time?

Play therapy - reaching the child with autism

Relative influence of habitat modification and interspecific competition on woodland bird assemblages in eastern Australia

Retailer brand share statistics in four developed economies from 1992 to 2005: Some observations and implications

Voluntary disclosure research: which theory is relevant?

How do we keep them coming?: examining museum experiences using a services marketing paradigm

The linkage between energy consumption and income in six emerging economies of Asia: an empirical analysis

New England Australia, what follows from regional status?: A comparative, political economy approach

A teacher educator's professional learning journey and border pedagogy: a meta-analysis of five research projects

Educating for the future and complexity

The role of human resource practices in developing knowledge and learning capabilities for innovation: A study of IT service providers in India

The diaries of Frank Hurley 1912-1941

Representative decision making: constituency constraints on collective action

The impact of childhood malnutrition on schooling: evidence from Bangladesh

Accounting graduates and the capabilities that count: perceptions of graduates, employers and accounting academics in four Australian universities

Managing tourism on Green Island, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: conservation, commerce and compromises

The BASES expert statement on the use of music in exercise

The specific inherent optical properties of three sub-tropical and tropical water reservoirs in Queensland, Australia

A method for comparing traditional and component-based models in information systems re-engineering

Knowledges and knowing: indigenous and alternative knowledges and the western canon

Rodent models for metabolic syndrome research

Optimal design of sandwich panels made of wood veneer hollow cores

Detecting anomalies from high-dimensional wireless network data streams: a case study

Interaction of silicon and phosphorus mitigate manganese toxicity in rice in a highly weathered soil

Dynamic topologies for sustainable and energy efficient traffic routing

Factors that distinguish proactive versus reactive exporters: decisions by export firms in a developing country

Through the lens of culture: Chinese consumers' intentions to purchase imported products

Securitising HIV/AIDS in the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region

Silicon nutrition of rice is affected by soil pH, weathering, and silicon fertilisation

M-tests for multivariate regression model

Carbon nanotube-reinforced nanocomposites

Capacity building for sustainable school improvement: an Australian research study

A review of three approaches to determining students' capabilities for studying engineering

Field-specific variable rate fertilizer application based on rice growth diagnosis and soil testing for high quality rice production

On a new philosophy of project management: an investigation into the prevalence of modern project management by means of an evolutionary framework

A regenerative antioxidant protocol of vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid ameliorates cardiovascular and metabolic changes in fructose-fed rats

Cardiovascular changes during maturation and ageing in male and female spontaneously hypertensive rats

Resveratrol improves cardiovascular function in DOCA-salt hypertensive rats

Rutin attenuates metabolic changes, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, and cardiovascular remodeling in high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-fed rats

High-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular remodeling in rats

Geometric stress distribution along the weld toe of the outer brace in two-planar tubular DKT-joints: Parametric study and deriving the SCF design equations

Web service management system for bioinformatics research: a case study

Creative Community Hub Artist in Residence (CCHAiR) pilot project

Dirty water: remote sensing of water quality in tropical and sub-tropical freshwater impoundments

Fishpond sediment-borne DDTs and HCHs in the Pearl River delta: characteristics, environmental risk and fate following the use of the sediment as plant growth media

Cure kinetics of an epoxidized hemp oil based bioresin system

Self-identified and observed teaching styles of senior physical education teachers in Queensland schools

Temperature effects on full scale FRP bridge using innovative composite components

Mapping learning outcomes and assignment tasks for SPIDER activities

Spatial data infrastructure convergence: building spatial data infrastructure bridges to address climate change

The promotion of 'character' and its relationship to retention in higher education

IT service management in the academic curriculum: comparing an Australian and German experience

Performance measurement of IT service management: a case study of an Australian university

Towards a framework and contingency theory for performance measurement: a mixed-method approach [Research in progress]

Informing one-to-one computing in primary schools: student use of netbooks

Political connections, corporate governance and audit fees in Malaysia

Poverty in paradise city: when the jester has a broken heart

Decentering the WWW (White Western Ways): enacting a pedagogy of multilogicality

Remote access laboratories in Australia and Europe

Additive effects of Na+ and Cl– ions on barley growth under salinity stress

Microdata protection method through microaggregation: a median-based approach

Love thy neighbour: a social capital approach to local government partnerships

Is child work a deterrent to school attendance and school attainment? Evidence from Bangladesh

Political geography as public policy? 'Placeshaping' as a mode of local government reform

Directors' fear of derivative liability and occupational health and safety laws

Prediction of the risk of continuing violence to women through inadequate sentencing of male offenders from Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory

Involvement of proteoglycans in tendinopathy

Differential assessment of emotions and moods: development and validation of the emotion and mood components of anxiety questionnaire

An empirical investigation on the use of information sources for promoting healthy eating

Sin stocks in self managed superannuation funds

Kinetics of in situ epoxidation of hemp oil under heterogeneous reaction conditions: an overview with preliminary results

Price wars and price collusion in China's airline markets

Does the adoption of zero tillage reduce greenhouse gas emissions? An assessment for the grains industry in Australia

How far does poor governance information prolong surgical session time?

Mechanical properties of epoxidized hemp oil based biocomposites: preliminary results

Beyond the first-year experience: the impact on attrition of student experiences throughout undergraduate degree studies in six diverse universities

Terrorist network infiltration, asymmetric information, and quality uncertainty

Patterns and drivers of fuelwood collection and tree planting in a Middle Hill watershed of Nepal

Board leadership structure and firm performance: an examination of resource dependence role

A note on improving cardiac surgical care: a work systems approach

Effects of different treatments on soil-borne DDT and HCH dynamics and plant uptake

Chemical films and monolayers on the water surface and their interactions with ultraviolet radiation: a pilot investigation

Status of aluminium in environmental compartments contaminated by acidic mine water

Shared service models in Australian local government: the fragmentation of the New England Strategic Alliance 5 years on

Critical thinking in a first year management unit: the relationship between disciplinary learning, academic literacy and learning progression

Neonatal respiratory infection and adult re-infection: Effect on glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors in the hippocampus in BALB/c mice

Sustained Phosphorylation of Tyrosine Hydroxylase at Serine 40 in VIVO

Epidemiology of hypertension in an urban Sri Lankan population

Impact of risk factors for non-fatal acute myocardial infarctions among Sri Lankans

Geometrical effect on SCF distribution in uni-planar tubular DKT-joints under axial loads

Variable wind speed and evaporation rates: a practical and modelling exercise for high school physics and multi-strand science classes

Universality of turbulent dispersion in a steady flow in an open channel

Climate change governance in Australian tourism: collaboration for low-carbon tourism

Validating privacy requirements in large survey rating data

Private label marketing performance: An analysis of historical trends using theories of cumulative change and punctuated equilibrium

Back from the brink? The National Party after the 2010 federal election

Groundwater markets under the water scarcity conditions: the upland Balochistan region of Pakistan

Effect of fat and muscle tissue conductivity on cortical currents - a tDCS study

Plant uptake and in-soil degradation of PCB-5 under varying cropping conditions

Preliminary assessment of cumulative drawdown impacts in the Surat Basin associated with the coal seam gas industry: investigation of parameters and features for a regional model of Surat Basin Coal Seam Gas developments

Witness to frontier violence: an aboriginal boy before the Supreme Court

Engagement for sustainable communities: industry as the driver in tertiary education pathway development

Theoretical perspectives of older workers: integrating human resource management practices with resource-based strategies

Climate change workshops for Great Barrier Reef marine tourism operators

Effects of local-scale management on herbaceous plant communities in Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) agroecosystems of southern Queensland, Australia

Towards a 'harmonious society'? A brief case study of the post-liberation settlement in Beijing of Uyghur intellectuals and their relations with the majority society

The proposed 'Wine Restructuring Action Agenda' and alternative policy options for the Australian wine industry

Religious freedom and Section 116 of the Australian Constitution: would a banning of the hijab or burqa be constitutionally valid?

Building the sustainable iMuseum: is the virtual museum leaving our museums virtually empty?

Applying provisions of the Australian Constitution to protect rights from intrusion by state parliaments

A model of turbulent dispersion through roughness layer using centre manifolds

Downstream patterns of bed sediment-borne metals, minerals and organic matter in a stream system receiving acidic mine effluent: a preliminary study

Personality traits of Australian nurses and doctors: challenging stereotypes?

Technological change in the Australian irrigation industry: implications for future resource management and policy development

Climate change and global tourism: a research compendium

Climate change and Australian tourism: a research bibliography

Green tourism futures: climate change responses by Australian government tourism agencies

The third criterion of ecotourism: are ecotourists more concerned about sustainability than other tourists?

Scalar description of three-dimensional vortex flows of incompressible fluid

Weathering the storm: tax as a component of financial capability

TWG 3: Teacher professional development

Epigenetic Inheritance of Anxiety-Like Behaviour in Rats - Role of Early Life Exposure to a Bacterial Mimetic

Keeping score: measuring ITSM performance

Morphometric analyses of Batissa violacea shells from Emo (OAC), Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea

A calibration procedure for load cells to improve accuracy of mini-lysimeters in monitoring evapotranspiration

Understanding dementia amongst indigenous Australians

Cultural issues in mental health

Does individual locus of control matter in a JIT environment?

Experiential space

Learning spaces for the digital age: blending space with pedagogy

Designing and evaluating learning spaces: PaSsPorT and design-based research

Timor-Leste: sustaining and maintaining the national languages in education

Living with floods: an evaluation of the resettlement program of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

Compact local integrated-RBF approximations for second-order elliptic differential problems

Proof of concept analysis of level spreader – grass filter strips for runoff reduction

Doubt as methodology and object in the phenomenology of religion

Basal and squamous cell carcinoma risks for golfers: an assessment of the influence of tee time for latitudes in the northern and southern hemispheres

Bush lawyers in New South Wales and Queensland: a spatial analysis

Darling Downs: black soil and rolling grass seas

Foreign direct investment-economic growth link: the role of domestic financial sector development in Bangladesh

Error-resilient video transmission for 3-D signal over cooperative-MIMO system

Afrikaans language maintenance in Australia

Sustainable supplier-distributor relationships: insights from Australian agribusinesses

An associate deans' community of practice: rising to the local leadership challenge to enhance learning and teaching quality

Relationships between rainfall intensity, duration and suspended particle washoff from an urban road surface

Onstage or behind the scenes? Relative learning benefits of simulation role-play and design

Citation for developing retention and support strategies that enable Indigenous nursing students to realise their university dreaming journeys

The effects of footshock and immobilization stress on tyrosine hydroxylase phosphorylation in the rat locus coeruleus and adrenal gland

Technological change in the Australian irrigation industry: implications for future resource management and policy development

Complex contextual influences on the communicative interactions of students with multiple and severe disabilities

Distribution of weld toe stress concentration factors on the central brace in two-planar CHS DKT-connections of steel offshore structures

Critical factors impacting knowledge sharing among R&D organisations

Broken glass as an injury hazard in an indigenous community

Approaching water sensitive cities with adaptive rainwater diversion

Preparing for doctoral supervision at a distance: lessons from experience

Wireless sensor home automation networks based upon Sun SPOT

Corporate capital structure and firm performance: evidence from Bangladesh

Cultural matter in the development of an interactive multimedia self-paced educational health program for aboriginal health workers

Determining a voice to use in writing about mixed methods research

Sustainable regional legal practice: the importance of alliances and the use of innovative information technology by legal practices in regional, rural and remote Queensland

In search of a model code provision for complicity and common purpose in Australia

The possibility of using polymers in agriculture milling equipment

The effect of viscoelasticity on fatigue behaviour of polymer matrix composites

Formal, informal, and incidental learning: how recreational-diving instructors achieve competency

A wireless sensor network environment monitoring system based on TinyOS

Effects of a suspended shade cloth cover on water quality of an agricultural reservoir for irrigation

Sustainable school capacity building – one step back, two steps forward?

Evaluating tutor training for online PBL teamwork courses in first year engineering

Interfacial bonding characteristic of nanoclay/polymer composites

Towards ethical literacy by enhancing reflexivity in law students

Effects of LiDAR data reduction and breaklines on the accuracy of digital elevation model

Building lectures and building bridges with socio-economically disadvantaged students

Historical turns in the historiography of Italians in Queensland

150 years of Italians in Queensland: an introduction

Efficiency of European emissions markets: lessons and implications

Modeling moneyness volatility in measuring exchange rate volatility

Fruit drying process: analysis, modeling and simulation

The top eight issues Queensland Australia's aged-care nurses and assistants-in-nursing worried about outside their workplace: a qualitative snapshot

Seasonal variation of facial UV exposures in the shade

Understanding the impact of volunteered geographic information during the Queensland floods

Possibilities and quandaries for young children's active citizenship

Children as citizens: not on campus

Survival of the male breadwinner

Sponsorship leveraged packaging: an exploratory study in FMCG

Analysis of spacing for spotted gum plantations for maximizing merchantable logs' volume in Southeast Queensland, Australia

Raskolnikov speaks today: Marxism and alienation in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment and the implications for business ethics education

What would Sartre say?: using existentialism to inform teaching thought and practice in accounting and management

The language situation in Timor-Leste

Sporting events and the use of alcohol by university students: managing the risks

Using invariant translation to denoise electroencephalogram signals

Overseas listing and accounting conservatism: evidence from Chinese H-share companies

Mentoring first year police constables: police mentors' perspectives

Compensation equity in unfair dismissal

Classroom pedagogies, digital literacies and the home-school digital divide

Planning for climate change by Queensland coastal councils

Delivering key graduate attributes via teams working in virtual space

The Shanghai Beijing 'Air Express' service model and its impact on the pricing behaviour of airlines

The whole of university experience: retention, attrition, learning and personal support interventions during undergraduate business studies

The life cycle of terrorist organisations

Pro-poor land management in developing countries: a case study in Nepal and India

Where to now, Melbourne Croatia? Football federation Australia's use of accounting numbers to institute exclusion upon ethnic clubs

Future practitioners of project management – are we disciples of Stanley Kubrick or Ridley Scott?

Evaluating the potentials of deficit irrigation as an adaptive response to climate change and environmental demand

Evaluation: is the physician in practice clinic effective? Final report

Concreteness effects in short-term memory: A test of the item-order hypothesis

Effect of stress concentration factors on the structural integrity assessment of multi-planar offshore tubular DKT-joints based on the fracture mechanics fatigue reliability approach

Government policy change as a response to major disaster events

Designing an evaluation of a tertiary preparatory program within the university context

The real deal: using authentic assessment to promote student engagement in the first and second years of a regional law program

Clinicians perceptions towards wireless handheld devices: an Australian case study

Terrorism, identity, psychology and defence economics

Sensitivity of EM38 in determining soil water distribution in an irrigated wheat field

Cool temperate rainforest and adjacent forests classification using airborne LiDAR data

Energy uses for cotton ginning in Australia

Does the ownership rest with us? Global English and the native speaker ideal among Japanese high school students

Assessing various techniques to monitor yield in sugarcane

Public attitudes toward restoration of impaired river ecosystems: does residents' attachment to place matter?

Statistical methodology for ordinal data in meta-analysis

Spark ignition internal combustion engine efficiency improvement - a variable compression ratio option

Broken glass as an injury hazard in the Indigenous community of Cherbourg

The principal as leader of challenging conversations by Tim Kearns

A case study on the impacts of changes to the teaching of reading in Malay in Negara Brunei Darussalam

Monitoring the depth of anaesthesia using simplified electroencephalogram (EEG)

Perception of IT leadership and IT capability for competitive advantage in the Swiss financial sector

Optimisation of test signals for channel identification

Tissue conductivity based human head model study for EEG

Regrowth vegetation in production landscapes: comparisons between remnant and regrowth Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) communities, Southern Queensland

Mechanical treatment of microorganisms using ultrasound, shock and shear technology

Doing 'what works': a substantive grounded theory of teacher perceptions and uses of technology in a Korean university general English department

Ultraviolet radiation reflection from building materials: characterisation, quantification and the resulting effects

What factors do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students say affect their social and emotional wellbeing while at University?

Media literary education: Nordic perspectives

Beyond hostile prejudice and blame: the weight of paternalistic anti-fat attitudes and related beliefs in understanding social reactions to fat persons

Developing and implementing asynchronous online discussions to facilitate deep learning among trainee teachers in a non-western and non-native English speaking setting

Behavioural intention and user acceptance of research evidence for Queensland nurses: provision of solutions from the clinician

Behaviour of fibre composite sandwich structures: a case study on railway sleeper application

Exploring teaching and cognitive presence in blended learning: promoting pre-service teachers’ critical thinking

Impact of incentives to voluntarily disclose corporate governance information in annual reports: an empirical study of Malaysian publicly listed companies

Radial-basis-function calculations of heat and viscous flows in multiply-connected domains

Quantitative PCR and histopathological assessment of cereal infection by fusarium pseudograminearum

Analysing urban aerosols using a digital camera

Integrated radial basis function methods for Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid flows

Indigenous students experience of university education

The psychological strengths used by older Australians in maintaining their health and quality of life

Doppler imaging of active young stars

Restructured MMPI-2: establishing incremental validity and underlying patterns of performance in a medico-legal setting

An investigation of pedagogy and assessment for encouraging the creative use of the Arabic language in post-basic school students in the Sultanate of Oman

Employee perceptions of workforce retention strategies in a health system

The digital public sphere: challenges for media policy

Structural engineering design practice

The international Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) initiative

EEG signal classification based on simple random sampling technique with least square support vector machine

Privacy aware access control with trust management in web service

Chromosomal loci associated with endosperm hardness in a malting barley cross

Illustriousness in the farmhouse villa: reading virtue from a Flemish-Veronese merchant family's history

An economic analysis of a public-private-community partnership: the case of solid waste management in Dhaka, Bangladesh

A holistic conceptual framework for sustainable tourism management in protected areas

Energy-output linkages in Australia: Implications for emissions reduction policies

Real-time data requirements for model-based adaptive control of irrigation scheduling in cotton

Preliminary study to investigation the determinants that effect IS/IT outsourcing

Prioritized 3-D video transmission over cooperative MIMO-OFDM systems

A systematic consultation process to define graduate outcomes for engineering disciplines

iLeisure and youth

Carbon mitigation responses by local councils in Adelaide

(MiMDs): giving the mobile phone the finger

Fostering improved learning about sustainability

Sustainable education in the western corridor: the research roadmap ahead

Establishing a conceptual model for the sustainable wine district

Using online assessments: a journey towards good practice

Carbon mitigation by environmentally certified tourism operators

The verity of formative MCQs assessment in core criminal law courses within a law program

Justice must be seen to be done: organisational justice and Islamic headscarf and burqa laws in France

Finding employees on the internet: a new frontier for small business

Building social and community cohesion: the role of social enterprises in facilitating settlement experiences for immigrants from non-English speaking backgrounds

Preferences of supervisors and external doctoral students for new communication media

From building site warriors to Korean church: radical strategic realignment in Sydney’s construction union

Learning behaviour, market orientation and firm performance

Conceptualising a framework for sport sustainability analysis in regional local governments

Audit fees in Malaysia: does corporate governance matter?

Embracing Wikipedia as a research tool for law: to Wikipedia or not to Wikipedia?

Business performance and organisational sustainability – lessons from the first 2 years of ACSBD

Rebuilding a resilient community after the floods

Insights from complexity for organisations

The verity of summative MCQs assessment in first year law courses within a law program

Curriculum connections: lessons from post-compulsory vocational education and training

Inspire to connect a learning desire

Linking the threads: creating clearer connections

Addressing offshore disconnections between Chinese and western business academics and students


Buckling and vibration analysis of laminated composite plate/shell structures via a smoothed quadrilateral flat shell element with in-plane rotations

Free vibration analysis of laminated composite plates based on FSDT using one-dimensional IRBFN method

A high-order upwind control-volume method based on integrated RBFs for fluid-flow problems

Threshold electrolyte concentration relationships for soils from Roleen, Tantatton, Pine Ridge, Ben Bow and Oakleigh

Threshold electrolyte concentration relationships for soils from the Fairview IR5, IR7 and IR8 irrigation areas

Effect of applying feedlot effluent pond water on the permeability of soils: interim report

Connecting learners in virtual space: forming learning communities

Juggling research with teaching: building capacity in a university research team

Engaging students through student voice: negotiating pedagogy

Shared values connecting parents, teachers, and students

Language, culture and social connectedness

The role of Islamic culture in service quality research

Creating positive habits in water conservation: the case of the Queensland Water Commission and the Target 140 campaign

Trust and information quality: performance gap analysis

E-hotseat: using chat room activities to facilitate the development of primary school students' questioning skills and understanding of character traits and plot development in narratives

Security and privacy preservation for mobile e-learning via digital identity attributes

Insights into intelligent parking technology adoption

The influence of technological capability on inter-firm relationship performance: an exploratory study of Malaysian manufacturers

Lean thinking for healthcare services: how far does information quality affect the emergency services?

A model for regional innovation and information sharing to reduce falls amongst the elderly through intelligent technologies

Methods to evaluate health information systems

The relationship between interpersonal relational competence and employee performance: a developmental model

The influence of learning behaviour on team adaptability

Modified threshold electrolyte concentration analysis for soils from Greenacres

Environmental effects of applying coal seam gas associated water to unsealed roads for dust suppression: final report

Effect of applying feedlot effluent pond water on the permeability of soils: final report

Evaluation of sap flow sensors to measure the transpiration rate of plants during sprinkler irrigation

Eddy covariance measurements of the total evaporation during sprinkler irrigation - preliminary results

Section 116 of the Australian Constitution and dress restrictions

The role of strategic planning and HR managerial involvement and types and sources of analytic information on SME performance

Organisational change in SMEs: change innovators or laggards?

Insights into sustainability change management from an organisational learning perspective: learning from SME sustainability champions

Threshold electrolyte concentration relationships for soils from property A and B

Reconceptualising vocational education and training systems in broader policy domains: monitoring and evaluation

A hybrid EMST-modified Curl's model for turbulent combustion modelling

Study of random particle interactions for analysis of diffusion lengths in turbulent combustion modelling

Editorial for special issue of AJIS on green IT/IS (sustainable computing)

Ephone: embedded cardiac care device in mobile phone

The diseconomies of terrorism

Standardized reporting of climate change information in Australia

Generating associative ripples of relevant information from a variety of data streams by throwing a heuristic stone

High-order upwind methods based on C2-continuous two-node integrated-RBF elements for viscous flows

A C2-continuous control-volume technique based on cartesian grids and two-node integrated-RBF elements for second-order elliptic problems

Mentoring early career researchers within a cross-disciplinary research project

Learner-centred mathematics and statistics education using netbook tablet PCs

The bivariate noncentral chi-square distribution – a compound distribution approach

Compact local approximations employed with integrated RBFs for second-order elliptic differential equations

A stable and accurate control-volume technique based on integrated radial basis function networks for fluid-flow problems

A numerical technique based on integrated RBFs for the system evolution in molecular dynamics

itSMF Australia 2011 Conference: Summary Report of ITSM Standards and Frameworks Survey

Measuring the performance of service orientated IT management

Using digital stethoscopes in remote patient assessment via wireless networks: the user’s perspective

Assessing environmental stewardship motivation

Climate change governance by local councils: carbon mitigation by Greater Adelaide councils

A new approach to denoising EEG signals - merger of translation invariant wavelet and ICA

Falun Gong and science: origins, pseudoscience and China's scientific establishment

Connected learning: what do our widening social networks mean for the future of learning?

Evaluating functional connectivity in alcoholics based on maximal weight matching

Language, culture and social connectedness in our diverse landscape: connecting students and staff through principles of pedagogy in higher education

Now my hope is clear for building my future. How two young refugees build social connectedness

Performance comparison of known ICA algorithms to a wavelet-ICA merger

Language difficulties and cultural challenges of international students in an Australian university preparation program

It's becoming a problem: a Saudi husband's thoughts on his wife covering herself in Australia

Meta-analysis of D1 versus D2 gastrectomy for gastric adenocarcinoma

Influence of fly ash proportions on properties of polymer concrete with polyester resin

A MAC layer protocol supporting the application of WSNs in medicine and healthcare domains

Reasserting the place of objective tests in criminal responsibility: ending the supremacy of subjective tests

A novel secure routing protocol for MANETs

Improving the performance of translation wavelet transform using BMICA

Examining QoS guarantees for real-time CBR services in broadband wireless access networks

My students don't learn the way I do

Exploring high performance management practices in Pakistani SMEs

Chronic b-adrenoceptor antagonist treatment controls cardiovascular remodeling in heart failure in the aging spontaneously hypertensive rat

A process provenance service system for scientific data analysis and sharing

Inhibition of inflammation and fibrosis by a complement C5a receptor antagonist in DOCA-salt hypertensive rats

Nutrapharmacology of tocotrienols for metabolic syndrome

Measuring the performance of IT service management

Omega-3 fatty acids and metabolic syndrome: effects and emerging mechanisms of action

Exploring the interconnectedness among strategy development, shared mental models, organisational learning and organisational change

Compost application to replace spagnum peat and to suppress pythium root rot in turf in the Middle East

Multiform and multistrand narrative structures in Hollywood cinema

Dealing with doctoral students: tips from the trenches

Effects of supplementation with L-proline or inositol on yeast membrane fluidity and ethanol tolerance

The relationship between porosity and strength for porous concrete

Searching for authenticity in student understanding of leadership: an approach using the methodology of Forum Theatre

Treatment of airborne pollutants in livestock buildings with ozone as potential abatement option

A low cost portable environmental monitoring system for livestock buildings

'Sense and respond' and 'autonomic' logistics: a review of US and UK developments

Incorporating indigenous knowledge into the curriculum: responses of science teacher educators

DeDu: building a deduplication storage system over cloud computing

Constructing robust digital identity infrastructure for future networked society

You use! I use! We use! Questioning the orthodoxy of 1:1 computing in primary schools

Managing student diversity in the Master of Engineering Practice program: by design

The sixth C-B dynamic: consolidating success

The second C-B dynamic: organizational diagnosis and coherence

The fifth C-B dynamic: invoking reaction

The proposed carbon tax in Australia: impacts on income distribution, employment and competitiveness

Numerical simulation of the mechanical behaviour of porous concrete

Teaching accounting in the new millennium

Energy, greenhouse gas emissions and irrigated agriculture

The regional economic impacts of introducing dual function forestry into an agricultural landscape

Notes on early trade unionism in Townsville

Nawarla Gabarnmang, a 45,180 ± 910 cal BP site in Jawoyn Country, southwest Arnhem Land plateau

Health workforce reform: dynamic shifts in the division of labour and the implications for interprofessional education and practice

Research on uplink coordinated transmission schemes in LTE-advanced systems

Environmental sustainability change management in SMEs: learning from sustainability champions

A novel image compressive sensing method based on complex measurements

Mental health and indigenous university students

Minimising the risk of cross-country faults in systems using arc suppression coils

Wrestling and wrangling with a worrisome wiki: an account of pedagogical change in the use of a Web 2.0 technology in a first year education course

Echoes of Sartre: using existentialism as a living philosophy to inform the teaching of the soft accounting theory, business ethics and ecological sustainability courses

Semi-distributed relay selection algorithm for multi-user cooperative wireless networks

Shapely experience and the limits of 'late colonial transcendentalism': the portrait of the artist as soldier in Roger McDonald’s '1915'

University of Southern Queensland (case study 3)

Energy use and development of online energy calculators for the nursery industry

Spatial, diurnal and seasonal variations in the levels of environmental parameters in Australian livestock buildings

Introduction [to The Diaries of Frank Hurley 1912-1941]

Development of a smart monolayer application system for reducing evaporation from farm dams: introductory paper

Assessment of the performance of evaporation suppressant films: analysis and limitations of simple trialling methods

The impact of multiple representations of content using multimedia on learning outcomes across learning styles and modal preferences

Monitoring the performance of covered anaerobic ponds in the treatment of abattoir waste

Transferring technology of measuring sugarcane quality from the laboratory to the field: what is possible?

The application of spectroscopic methods to predict sugarcane quality based on stalk cross-sectional scanning

Review of methods to determine weight, size and composition of livestock from images

Growth recorded automatically and continuously by a machine vision system for finisher pigs

Review of dynamic water allocation systems

Stator eddy-current losses in printed circuit brushless motors

Building a distributed authenticating CDN

First year pre-service teachers' views about literacy: exploring the breadth and depth of their pedagogical needs

Netbook computers as an appropriate solution for 1:1 computer use in primary schools

Aligning operational and corporate goals: a case study in cultivating a whole-of-business approach using a supply chain simulation game

Strategy diversity in Australian family owned businesses: impact of environment induced constraints

Assessing 'strategic conservatism' of Australian family firms: an examination of strategies and funding for growth

The salience of market, bureaucratic, and clan controls in the management of family firm transitions: some tentative Australian evidence

Stigma, stress and emotional labour: experiences of women with chronic illness at work

The particle swarm optimisation for spectral matching applied to inland water quality remote sensing

Corporate governance quality and voluntary disclosures of corporate governance information: practices of listed Malaysian family controlled businesses

Productivity and efficiency measurement techniques: identifying the efficacy of techniques for financial institutions in developing countries

Productivity and efficiency measurement techniques: Identifying the efficacy of techniques for financial Institutions in developing countries

How to train your manager: a Darwinian perspective

Assimilation of inter-organizational information systems: insights from change resistance theory in context of public electronic procurement

Bridging a discipline divide through the lens of community of inquiry

Development of a prototype multi-touch ECG diagnostic decision support system using mobile technology for monitoring cardiac patients at a distance

The creation of income inequality: the impact of government policies in Australia and other OECD economies

Existentialism, evolution, and the matter of project management enquiry

Archaeological evidence for south sea islander traditional ritual practice at Wunjunga, Ayr, central Queensland coast

The use of an unmanned aerial vehicle as a remote sensing platform in agriculture

Criterion referenced assessment as a form of feedback: student and staff perceptions in the initial stages of a new law degree

I can see clearly now: teacher leaders invoking reaction

Air exchanges and indoor carbon dioxide concentration in Australian pig buildings: effect of housing and management factors

Creating connections: understanding the importance of a relational pedagogy in the transnational teaching and learning space

Improved image analysis based system to reliably predict the live weight of pigs on farm: preliminary results

The development and commercialisation aspects of a practical feed intake measurement instrumentation to be used in livestock buildings

Oil spraying as an air quality improvement technique in livestock buildings: development and utilisation of a testing device

Digital image processing methods for the identification of pigs posture during weight estimation

The latest on the thorium cycle as a sustainable energy source

Precision livestock farming: scientific concepts and commercial reality

Review of the key results of a large integrated air quality project in Australia

The current state of PLF affairs

The precision livestock farming journey: from a scientific dream towards commercial reality

Correlation of mechanical performance and morphological structures of epoxy micro/nanoparticulate composites

Lapita sites in the central province of mainland Papua New Guinea

Mechanism of reinforcement in a nanoclay/polymer composite

Relating flock activity levels to odour variations in tunnel ventilated broiler sheds - preliminary results

Microwave processing applications in chemical engineering: cost analysis

Embedding 'ethics' in law degrees

Combined titrimetric respirometer as a real-time sensor to monitor the aerobic biodegradation process of different substrates

Effective evaluation strategies to meet global accreditation requirements

A rapid differential staining technique for Fusarium pseudograminearum in cereal tissues during crown rot infections

High-resolution spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry of some late F-/early G-type sun-like stars as targets for zeeman doppler imaging

Investigations on wear and frictional properties of kenaf fibre polyurethane composites under dry and wet contact conditions

The effect of titanium dioxide addition on the hydraulic and mechanical properties of permeable concrete

The fourth C-B dynamic: micro-pedagogical deepening

Development and evaluation of a prototype precision spot spray system using image analysis to target guinea grass in sugarcane

Design of an automatic furrow irrigation system utilising adaptive real-time control

Trends in the surface irrigation systems in the Australian irrigated agriculture

A preliminary evaluation of in-season variations in sprinkler irrigation application patterns

Promotion of sustainability in postgraduate education in the Asia Pacific region

Magnetometer surveys in archaeological research in Papua New Guinea: Keveoki 1, Gulf Province

Demand side response to mitigate electrical peak demand in eastern and southern Australia

Property enhancement of a carbon fiber/epoxy composite by using carbon nanotubes

Communicating with the coroner: how religion, culture, and family concerns may influence autopsy decision making

What can we learn from what works across therapies?

Questions arising from the use of peer assisted learning as a technique to increase diverse participation in engineering education

Numerical predictions of air temperature and velocity distribution to assist in the design of natural ventilation piggery buildings

Relationship between electrical and mechanical loss tangents of hollow glass powder reinforced epoxy composites: a pilot study

3D dynamic surface modelling of the foot and leg

Management quality achieving excellence in physiotherapy service provision

Cross-cultural pragmatic failure in computer-mediated communication

Using multi-user virtual environments in tertiary teaching: lessons learned through the UQ Religion Bazaar project

Numerical simulation of rolling process and microstructure evolution of AM50 Mg alloy during hot rolling process

Approximate inter-cell interference modeling for cellular network

A personalized ontology model for web information gathering

Twin rotor system modelling de-coupling and optimal control

The possibilities and problems of dialogical pedagogy: lessons from an Australian university survey questionnaire for supervising postgraduate learning

A purpose based usage access control model for e-healthcare services

A cross-media framework for personalized learning systems

Inter-hospital emergency obstetric referrals to the labour ward of RIPAS Hospital

Sensorless pressure control for special industrial applications

Relationship between different mechanical properties of phenol formaldehyde SLG-reinforced composites

SPIDER – enabling seminar presentations for distance education

Analysis of students' opinions on January 2009 campus strike at the University of Botswana

International online collaboration: giving voice to the study of diversity

A study on the failure mechanisms of horizontal plate anchors in clay

Modeling uplift of plate anchor

Calculation of lateral earth pressures with layered backfill

Electromechanical stability of compressible dielectric elastomer actuators

Applying the global standard FAO LCCS to map land cover of rural Queensland

Outage performance of analog network coding in generalized two-way multi-hop networks

Manufacturing polymer/carbon nanotube composite using a novel direct process

Simulation of the Indian Ocean Dipole: a relevant criterion for selecting models for climate projections

Are anthropogenic aerosols responsible for the northwest Australia summer rainfall increase? A CMIP3 perspective and implications

Face detection based on skin color modeling and modified Hausdorff distance

Optimum demand side response of smart grid with renewable energy source and electrical vehicles

Clustering technique-based least square support vector machine for EEG signal classification

A framework to evaluate performance from an application and user perspective

Enabling dynamic topologies in communication networks

New communication media challenges for supervisors and external doctoral students

Finite element analysis of fibre reinforce concrete beam subject to high temperature by using EURO-code models

Stakeholder perceptions of the impact of the declaration of an urban development area in Moranbah: how sustainable will the outcomes be?

Remote sensing of water quality in an Australian tropical freshwater impoundment using matrix inversion and MERIS images

Tribological characteristics of sustainable fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites under wet adhesive wear

Development and calibration of bio-kinetic model for surfactant biodegradation with combined respirometric and titrimetric measurements

The DEHub virtual learning space: a niche social network community of practice

Proportional fair-based in-cell routing for relay-enhanced cellular networks

GC-MS analysis and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of the trunk exudates from pistacia atlantica kurdica

An Australian and New Zealand scoping study on the use of 3D immersive virtual worlds in higher education

OERs: new media on the learning landscape

The lived experience of learners' use of new media in distance teaching and learning

Review of e-submission and e-marking to provide quality feedback and minimise turn around times for external students

The blogs of war: narrating the Afghanistan and Iraq wars

From ‘hands up’ to ‘hands on’: harnessing the kinaesthetic potential of educational gaming

Flexural behaviour of glulam beams from novel sandwich panels

Playing catch-up: investigating public and institutional policies for OER practices in Australia

Drivers of Poplar box (Eucalyptus populnea) recruitment in a production landscape, southern Queensland

No Brideshead Revisited, no summer of love in the empty quadrangle: challenges to scholarship in the on-line age

Production and marketing of small ruminants in Balochistan, Pakistan: case study of Kovak and Asghara Valleys in Balochistan, Pakistan

Does the 'Shakespeare' in Shakespeare in the Park matter?: an investigation of attendances and attitudes of the USQ Shakespeare in the Park Festival

E = mPortfolios 2? Challenges and opportunities in creating mobile electronic portfolio systems for lifelong learning

Optimization of the air gap spacing in a solar water heater with double glass cover

Experimental study on heat transfer coefficient and friction factor of Al2O3 nanofluid in a packed bed column

Using stable isotopes to identify soil moisture sources of key species in drought-stressed riparian woodlands

Modelling riparian woodland response to altered and novel disturbance regimes in production landscapes

The perception of Nepal's Tharu community in regard to climate change and its impacts on their livelihoods

Evaluating whole field irrigation performance using statistical inference of inter-furrow infiltration variation

Rock of ages: South Molle Island quarry, Whitsunday Islands: use and distribution of stone through space and time

In vitro biodegradation behavior of magnesium and magnesium alloy

Integrating farming systems and landscape processes to assess management impacts on suspended sediment loads

Students' perspectives on leadership: Interpretations of symbolic, social and cultural capital

Becoming a teacher leader: teachers re-thinking their role

WIN algorithm for discrete online TSP

Academics wrestling with the dynamic impact of social connectivity to integrate emerging technologies into higher education curricula

Leadership for learning: what it means for teachers

Flexural strength of sandwich panel with lignocellulosic composites intermediate layer: a statistic approach

Link dimensioning for fractional Brownian input

How people seek information when their community is in a disaster

Early versus traditional postoperative feeding in patients undergoing resectional gastrointestinal surgery: a meta-analysis

Photocatalytic construction materials: an overview of recent developments and their application to permeable concrete

Modelling of multi-panel transmission tower retrofitted with leg reinforcement

Assessment of debonding failure models for FRP retrofitted URM structures

Structural performance of low grade timber slabs

The effect of modulus of elasticity on the behaviour of railway turnout sleepers

Behaviour of fibre composite pile under axial compression load

Preliminary development of polymer based filler materials for GFRP tubular connector

Behaviour of fibre composite sandwich panels under uniformly distributed loading

Experimental investigation into gomuti fibres/polyester composites

Multi-objective design optimization of an innovative fibre composite sandwich panel for civil engineering applications

Effects of synchronous music use in ultra-distance events

In the mood: development of an online mood profiling system

Electrochemical performance of a graphene polypyrrole nanocomposite as a supercapacitor electrode

Thinking about 'thinking together': what can career development practitioners learn from the experiences of teachers?

Access without support is not opportunity...but stop singling them out!

Turning points in negotiation

Podcasting in distance learning: true pedagogical innovation or just more of the same?

Web 2.0 and professional development of academic staff

Use of GUEST technology to parameterize a physically-based model for assessing soil erodibility and evaluating conservation practices in tropical steeplands

A comparison of the shear behaviour of a fibre composite sandwich structure in the transverse and in-plane directions

On meteorological droughts in tropical Pacific Islands: time-series analysis of observed rainfall using Fiji as a case study

The development and application of a proxy measure of alcohol-related traffic crashes for rural communities

New trends in information technology in education

Integrating learning with change contexts

Stress-strain model for high strength concrete confined by FRP

Boundary disputes - a clash of wills or a Shakespearean tragedy?

Becoming a teacher leader: a grounded theory study

Writing Wales: Welsh historians and the search for identity 1970-1997

Perversion, purity societies and discursive control in fin de siècle england

Recent research trend in natural-fibre composites

Carbon and energy price increases - how can companies prepare themselves for rising energy costs?

Wine product bundling: for a new segment of wine consumers

Climate outlook and review 2 June 2011

Identifying interactive components of the horse-rider partnership during competition dressage

Challenges and opportunities for academics adopting an online peer review innovation

Development of an interactive multimedia health informatics CD-ROM for aboriginal health workers. Case study: tuberculosis (TB)

Teaching earth pressure theory using physical models: an example in civil engineering

A contour-based approach to image compression

A protocol for the use of particle counting in stormwater suspended solids analysis

Beyond the binary of researcher/researched: the complexities of participatory action research

Immigrant communities face educational challenges in the 'motherland'

Mechanical properties of an injected silk fibre reinforced PLA composite

Beyond observer and observed in reflexive analysis

Beyond binaries in education research

Competition the new collaboration? Employing inter-team competitiveness to motivate health students to learn together

Burying the binaries: getting discourses to converge in a program for first-year university students

Impact of formal institutional environment on innovativeness and performance

Does relational capital mediate the effects of export knowledge on firm performance?

Making the most of virtual expertise in telemedicine and telehealth environments

Ageing, chronic disease, technology and smart homes: an Australian perspective

Multi-modal summarization of key events and top players in sports tournament videos

Effect of chemical treatment on the mechanical and thermal properties of hemp fibre reinforced thermoset sandwich composites

Adhesive wear of thermoplastic composite based on kenaf fibres

A stochastic micromixing model based on the turbulent diffusion length scale

Developing teacher presence in online course

A review of engineering technician education in Australia: programs, pathways and perspectives

Gender influences on the work-related stress-coping process

Backward recall and the word length effect

Immunity to proactive interference is not a property of the focus of attention in working memory

Algae as a sustainable energy source for biofuel production in Iran: a case study

Retention of D genome chromosomes in pentaploid wheat crosses

Effects of fly ash source and curing procedure on strength development of geopolymers

Constructing and deconstructing binaries in education research

Resilience to climate change impacts: a review of flood mitigation policy in Queensland, Australia

The relationships between personality, learning approaches, career decision making and academic success: a longitudinal approach

Employer perspectives on engineering technician education in Australia

Benchmarking first year assessment and standards across three institutions in the first year of a law program

A search for Doppler imaging targets using the ANU 2.3m telescope

Beyond regulatory compliance! An opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, generate savings and benefit local communities

Extended k-anonymity models against sensitive attribute disclosure

Efficient systematic clustering method for k-anonymization

Flexible engineering degree programs with remote access laboratories in an Australian regional university known for its excellence in e-learning

A family of enhanced (L,alpha) diversity models for privacy preserving data publishing

MO-index, a transformed score to present and compare results of Likert response format scales

Outage probability analysis of coded cooperation with multiple relays

Performance analysis for coded cooperative multiple-relay in distributed turbo channels

Co-doped photocatalyst nanomaterials for effective utilisation of solar radiation

Development of a binocular rivalry testing system for large-scale psychiatric and genetic studies

A study of VET advanced diploma and HE associate degree programs in engineering

Exploring the utility of comments from employee opinion surveys in developing organisation-specific questionnaires

Application systems for optimal management of monolayer films

Effects of relaxing and arousing music on imagery for dart throwing

An integrated RBFN-based macro-micro multi-scale method for computation of visco-elastic fluid flows

Channel distortion modeling for multi-view video transmission over packet-switched networks

Identifying the spatial variability of soil constraints using multi-year remote sensing

Effect of a monolayer on water quality at the air-water interface

Resilience, vulnerability and adaptive capacity of an inland rural town prone to flooding: a climate change adaptation case study of Charleville, Queensland, Australia

Drainage network extraction using LiDAR-derived DEM in volcanic plains

Ergogenic, psychological, and psychophyiological effects of synchronous music on treadmill running

Estimating winter crop area across seasons and regions using time-sequential MODIS imagery

El Nino-Southern oscillation influence on the dust storm activity in Australia: can the past provide an insight into the future?

Expectations of Ability and Disability at University: The Fine Art of Managing Lives, Perceptions, and Curricula

Simulation of instantaneous heat transfer in spark ignition internal combustion engines: unsteady thermal boundary layer modeling

A pilot study on the relationship between mechanical and electrical loss tangents of glass powder reinforced epoxy composites post-cured in microwaves

Potential of renewable energy alternatives in Australia

Predicting management development behaviour in New Zealand SMEs

Work integrated learning curriculum for undergraduate psychology: a case study

Developing social and emotional wellbeing in young children: an evaluation of the Fun FRIENDS Program

Preparing the Australian early childhood workforce for rural and remote settings: a review of the literature

Injecting purpose and trust into data anonymisation

Business management of HIV/AIDS: case study of a South African contract cleaning company

Scale optimisation is important in hospital initiatives in South Africa

Development of visible light sensitive titania photocatalysts by combined nitrogen and silver doping

Preparation and characterisation of mesoporous photoactive Na-titanate microspheres

A marriage of convenience: the Hervey Bay University/Public Library, Queensland

Energy usage reduction in supermarket refrigerated food cabinets

Self theories of intelligence and maths anxiety in a first year statistics cohort

The clinical utility and ecological validity of neurofeedback training as a treatment modality for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Understanding how the satisfaction of basic needs predicts motivation to participate in development opportunities

Factorial and concurrent validity of two anxiety measures and anxiety responses among vision-impaired people

Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes

Five examples of web-services for illustrating requirements for security architecture

Driveability of composite piles

Accuracy assessment of LiDAR elevation data using survey marks

Moving beyond sedentarism: conceptual and empirical developments

Using computer software packages to enhance the teaching of engineering management science: part 1 - critical path networks

A conditional purpose-based access control model with dynamic roles

Surface irrigation for energy and water use efficiency

Measuring losses from on-farm water storages in the cotton industry

Finite element modeling of soil sinkage by multiple loadings

Largest blockholding and firm performance: evidence from an emerging economy

From masterchef to the Arab Spring via Wikileaks: social media and political change

Laboratory evaluation of the stress-strain relationship of permeable concrete

The implementation of statistical inference to study the bending strength of sustainable hybrid sandwich panel composite

Thermal stability of (KxNayH1-x-y)2Ti6013 nanofibers

Corporate governance in Bangladesh: a quest for the accountability or legitimacy crisis?

Undrained stability of footings on slopes

The XMM-Newton survey of the small magellanic cloud: XMMUJ005011.2-730026 = SXP214, a Be/X-ray binary pulsar

Local democracy and local government efficiency: the case of elected executives in Australian local government

A dense surface modelling technique for foot surface imaging

The Anglo-Australian planet search. XX. A solitary ice-giant planet orbiting HD 102365

The Anglo-Australian planet search. XXI. A gas-giant planet in a one year orbit and the habitability of gas-giant satellites

On the frequency of Jupiter analogs

Magnetic fields and differential rotation on the pre-main sequence -I. The early-G star HD 141943 - brightness and magnetic topologies

Magnetic fields and differential rotation on the pre-main sequence - II. The early-G star HD 141943 - coronal magnetic field, Hα emission and differential rotation

Magnetic fields and differential rotation on the pre-main sequence - III. The early-G star HD 106506

The frequency of low-mass exoplanets III: toward η⊕ at short periods

Emergent learning and interactive media artworks: parameters of interaction for novice groups

Publishing anonymous survey rating data

Engine performance and emission analysis of LPG-SI engine with the aid of artificial neural network

Improved evaluation of bay (and furrow) irrigation

Optimising the design, installation and operation of a monolayer application system on a farm dam via a 'Universal Design Framework'

The cost of saving farm dam water

Beyond economic sustainability: embedding social and environmental values in the governance of responsible investment

Analysis on the impact of antenna gain mismatch on precoding vector

Behind the facade

Institutional investor influence on global climate change disclosure practices

Gathering the evidence: the use, adoption and development of open educational resources in Australia

Sizing nickel iron batteries for RAPS systems

Crude palm oil fuel for diesel-engines: experimental and ANN simulation approaches

The impact of preventable disruption on the operative time for minimally invasive surgery

Numerical study of stream-function formulation governing flows in multiply-connected domains by integrated RBFs and Cartesian grids

Wear and frictional performance of polymeric composites aged in various solutions

What determines ABC success in mature sites?

Low-cost compact cameras: a medical application in CMT disease monitoring

Skin texture-enhancement for automated 3D point cloud generation in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease application

On the allocation of a takeover purchase price under AASB1013

Evaluation of photo imaging methods for vegetation condition assessment

Mapping cycling pathways and route selection using GIS and GPS

Health worker shortages in Zambia: an assessment of government responses

Outage analysis of non-regenerative analog network coding for two-way multi-hop networks

The new sport and exercise psychology companion

New frontiers in plant pathology for Asia and Oceania

Environmental sustainability education: towards a minimum service level agreement for delivery to engineering students

Music in sport and exercise

Mood and emotions

Mobile technologies and rich media: expanding tertiary education opportunities in developing countries

An integrated approach to the use of complementary visual learning tools in an undergraduate microbiology class

Fractional cable equation models for anomalous electrodiffusion in nerve cells: finite domain solutions

An invitation to grieve: reconsidering critical incident responses by support teams in the school setting

Natural fibre composites with QLD based fibres and vegetable oils

A broadband multisensor approach to gas monitoring

Ego-resilience and psychological wellness in rural communities

Standardizing Australian semi-urban land cover mapping through FAO land cover classification system

Experimental investigation of HFRP composite beams

A tango in VET: whose notion of 'TAFE teacher' leads?

Analysing the effect of drought on net primary productivity of tropical rainforests in Queensland using MODIS satellite imagery

Proportional fair resource partition for LTE-advanced networks with Type I relay nodes

Phenological assessment of Darling River claypan lakes using satellite imagery

Principles of short and medium term climate forecasting - what's driving our climate and how accurate have Northern Grains Region forecasts been in the last decade?

ascilite community mentoring program and collaborative community mentoring program: when I succeed, we succeed!

A novel selection incremental relaying strategy for cooperative networks

A shakedown limit under Hertz contact pressure

The effects of fibre wraps on the flexural behaviour of glulam composite sandwich beams

Engineering education research groups in Australia: implications for Australasian engineering educators

From face-to-face teaching to online teaching: pedagogical transitions

Age-related differences in ICT access and confidence among pre-service teachers

Classification of stormwater treatment devices for performance evaluation

Capability for infrastructure asset capacity management

Chase that feeling: recent developments in music and sport research

Antenna gain mismatch calibration for cooperative base stations

Effective scheduling algorithm for on-demand XML data broadcasts in wireless environments

Privacy preserving access control policy and algorithms for conflicting problems

Zeeman doppler imaging at the Anglo-Australian telescope

Perspectives on leadership concepts by engineering academics

Building leadership capacity of engineering academics in a leadership vacuum constructed within a participatory group to engage a professional body

Developing a logistic regression model with cross-correlation for motor imagery signal recognition

What can we learn from what works across therapies?

An ontology-based mining approach for user search intent discovery

Positive influence dominating set in e-learning social networks

Exploring programming assessment instruments: a classification scheme for examination questions

Access control and authorization for protecting disseminative information in E-learning workflow

The many faces of framing in negotiation

IT service management: towards a contingency theory of performance measurement

What do Chinese passengers expect from domestic airlines?

Compressing images using contours

Implementation of conditional moment closure using the Taylor expansion and finite differences

Cooperative relay selection based UEP scheme for 3D video transmission over Rayleigh fading channel

Image reconstruction in the contour domain

Online tools for language teaching

Exposing threads: creating connections in teaching and learning

On integration of mirror collector and Stirling engine for solar power system

Look who's listening: using the superaddressee for understanding connections in dialogue

The rejuvenation of the NSP and the rebranding of the SDP: conversations with Singapore's Opposition politicians

The outer islands of Vanuatu: is there a synergy between tourists and locals?

Enhanced M-learning with cloud computing: the Bangladesh case

Layered design of mobile backhaul networks

From school improvement to sustained capacity: the parallel leadership pathway

Quantitative PCR and histopathological investigations of cereal tissues during infection by the crown rot pathogen Fusarium pseudograminearum

Institutional support for and barriers to the use of 3D immersive virtual worlds in higher education

A light weight approach for ontology generation and change synchronization between ontologies and source relational databases

Characteristic analysis of a flash flood-affected creek catchment using LiDAR-derived DEM

Measuring and reflecting depth of anesthesia using wavelet and power spectral density

The future of international education using Web 3.0 technologies and self-organizing networks

European occupational travellers: synergies, tensions and competencies in bridging academic and occupational mobility

Mobile learning communities: lessons for and from academic mobility, the knowledge economy and sustainability

Student team virtuality: examining student experiences and outcomes

Structure of wireless sensors network based on TinyOS

Rapid estimation of rainwater yield throughout Australia and review of Queensland rainwater harvesting operating policy

Stearoyl-CoA desaturase: a vital checkpoint in the development and progression of obesity

Limited-term contracts and tenure: the case of foreign-language teachers in a Japanese university

A principles-based approach to cadastral reinstatement for Australian jurisdictions

Developing an engineering education research culture

On creating a 'free of anxiety' assessment environment for students with special needs

The civil courts' challenge to military justice and its impact on the civil-military relationship

Synthesis of elastomeric phenolic resins with improved toughness and flexibility

Forecasting daily gas load with OIHF-Elman neural network

Beyond educator/practitioner binaries: overcoming barriers to cooperation using professional cultural axes

Understanding cultural differences between Western and Confucian teaching and learning

Measuring academic numeracy: beyond competence testing

Constructions of Aspergers syndrome identity in public spaces: explorations in online and offline interactions

Promoting healthy communities through an active curriculum

Productive partnerships: cross-departmental connections in a tertiary context

The future of history: towards a meaningful measurement of student learning in regional universities

Student perceptions and uses of wireless handheld devices: implications for implementing blended and mobile learning in an Australian university

Addressing fruit exposure and sunburn in Queensland wine grape vineyards

High performance management practices in manufacturing and service-based SMEs. A comparative study

Assessing spatial information access, use and sharing for catchment management in Australia

Stormwater harvesting and water sensitive urban design detention: a compatibility analysis

Application of level spreader grass filter strips in south east Queensland, Australia for discharge reduction and passive irrigation

Team formation by region to improve outcomes for distance-education students in a PBL course

A flexible, extensible online testing system for mathematics

Destabilizing binaries in early childhood education: the possibilities of pedagogical documentation

Development and validation of a regional university's model for community and industry engagement

New and emerging applications of tablet computers such as iPad in mathematics and science education

Financial modelling of carbon reduction investment strategies 'marginal abatement cost MAC curves'

From maintaining to sustaining: moving beyond binaries toward a framework for cultural sustainability in higher education

Regulatory frameworks for distance education: a pilot study in the Southwest Pacific/South East Asia Region: final report

Age differences in short term memory and the process of redintegration

Beyond numbers: valuing quality teaching in business education. Volume 2: case studies

Beyond numbers: valuing quality teaching in business education. Volume 1

Collaborative Community Mentoring Program (C2MP): addressing the changing demands of a professional community of learners through engaging digital networks

Case study: real-time communication in a mathematics online learning community

Statistical analysis of airborne LiDAR data for forest classification in the Strzelecki Ranges, Victoria, Australia

Predicting the combustion behaviour of a diesel HCCI engine using a zero-dimensional single-zone model

The fit of mobile work support functionalities with pharmaceutical sales-force worker tasks

Exposing bush binaries: using the media to problematize gender

Introduction to multifunctional polymer nanocomposites

E=MC2 (Education = meaningful constructivist collaboration)

At odds: examining the impact of on-line gambling on youth wellbeing

Intelligent building fire warning system with WSN

English bishops and the salvation of protestantism 1660-1700

Poverty and literacy development: challenges for global educators

(De)valuing partnerships in contemporary teacher education: lessons from four Australian universities

The effect of fibre chemical treatments on hemp reinforced composites

The new sport and exercise psychology companion [Introduction]

Cloning for privacy protection in multiple independent data publications

The potential of wind and solar energy in Malaysia east coast: preliminary study at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)

Moving least square: one dimensional integrated radial basis function networks for time dependent problems

IRBFN-based multiscale solution of a model 1D elliptic equation

An exploratory study to investigate the effectiveness of PDAs in healthcare: a case of Queensland nurses

NPSI/IAL travel fellowship 2010: site-specific irrigation control and sensing systems

Once I became a pensioner I became a nobody - a non entity: the story of one woman's experience of the health care system

The new sport and exercise psychology companion [Conclusion]

Assessment of sub-soil salinity and sodicity constraints to barley and faba bean production

Yatdjuligin: the stories of Queensland Aboriginal registered nurses 1950–2005

Developing an inclusive stakeholder consultation process: a case study

The impact of curriculum content in fostering inclusive engineering: data from a national evaluation of the use of EWB projects in first year engineering

Gender differences in metabolic syndrome - a key research issue

Enhanced graduate attributes by engaging engineering students in teaching episodes

Engineering technician students: do they understand their future role?

Fermentation performance of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae in media with high sugar concentration

Yeast membrane adaptation during fermentation

Australian obligate mycoheterotrophic orchids and their fungal associations

Quality and legitimacy of global governance: case lessons from forestry by Timothy Cadman

Impermissibly importing the common law into Criminal Codes: Pollock v The Queen

Hunters and gatherers: strategies for curriculum mapping and data collection for assurance of learning

Proactive fraud detection in enterprise systems

Image-based visual servoing for the super-orbital re-entry of Hayabusa spacecraft

Report to the Toowoomba Regional Council on slope instabilities in the Toowoomba escarpment: Fantail and Firetail tracks and Duggan Park and Head of Glen Lomond Gully

Enhancing oral production skills of second language learners using mobile phones

Enhancing oral production of L2 learners using mobile phones in a Malaysian university

The meaning of qualitative interview: three researchers' experiences

Ubiquitous learning: issues in the Australian higher education context

Shakespeare in the Park: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Supporting cross-cultural communication and culturally competent care in the linguistically and culturally diverse hospital settings of UAE

The Quiet American

Henry Prince of Wales, proverbs and the English Episcopate

The curious persistence of blasphemy

Discretisation of the velocity-pressure formulation with integrated radial-basis-function networks

Strategic infrastructure asset management: the way forward

Sustainability factors in industrialised building system

Project governance in Malaysia hillside developments

Green buildings: a framework for social sustainability

Sustainable infrastructure assets: capability for infrastructure capacity management

Self-identified teaching styles of junior development and club professional tennis coaches in Australia

Effectiveness of constructability concept in the provision of infrastructure assets

Extending constructability concept to include operation and maintenance issues

Going to university: Pacific Island migrant perspectives

Embedding engagement in an Australian 'sandstone' university: from community service to university engagement

Reflections on a multi-sector action research collaboration: the researchers' perspectives

More than just a talkfest: the process of developing collaborations in ageing across two different community types

Widening participation: challenges confronting a research-intensive university

Compact local stencils employed with integrated RBFs for fourth-order differential problems

The impact of NSW spatial science graduates at the University of Southern Queensland for the 2010 academic year

South-east Queensland irrigation futures research and development support: progress report

Turning points in multilateral trade negotiations on intellectual property

Who are the clients and stakeholders? What are their needs? Engineering technician education in Australia

Timor-Leste: finding appropriate spaces for indigenous vernacular languages in education

Sustainable roads - an achievable goal?

Impact of artificial monolayers on water quality, potable water treatment, human health and lake ecology

Models and metaphors in overcoming resistance to climate change science

The corporate strategy approach to articulation and credit transfer

Articulation: a clearer picture or a new view?

El Nino-Southern oscillation influence on the dust storm activity in Australia: can the past provide an insight into the future?

A report on the 'Traditional Indigenous Games within the Education Community' professional development sessions delivered for Cairns ATSIS, Department of Communities

Locating curriculum integration within the historical context: innovations in Aotearoa New Zealand state schools, 1920s-1940s

Understanding changes in the caravanning sector: a case study

The widening participation promise of open educational resources (OER)- drivers and inhibitors

Biodiversity of fungal endophytes in semi-evergreen vine thickets

Geographic information system applied to the water quality assessment of Ayutthaya Province, Thailand

Climate risk management through structural adjustment and regional relocation: a case of rice industry in Australia

Behaviour of fibre composite piles for timber pile rehabilitation

Financial viability and eco-efficiency of the solar home systems (SHS) in Bangladesh

Accommodating environmental controversies in the classroom curriculum: too hot to handle or opportunities for deep learning?

Beyond case reporters: using newspapers to supplement the legal-historical record (A case study of blasphemous libel)

Storage seepage and evaporation: a summary of the results from the measurement of seepage and evaporation losses from 136 on-farm storages across the cotton industry

Elements of baroque performance style applied to a popular piece of J. S. Bach

A survey of short selling in Canada

Her story: Liza's England (The Century's Daughter)

Monstrous child: Rosamond Lehmann's war writing

Jean Rhys's Tropographies: unmappable identity and the tropical landscape in Wide Sargasso Sea and selected short fiction

Social media practices serving co-creation in tourism

Types of peaceful nations

Do not disturb - research in progress: the challenges of observing in a familiar clinical setting

Living the 'rights of medication administration' - a study of medication administration theory and practice

Wireless technology and clinical influences in healthcare setting: an Indian case study

Emergency department knowledge management in the age of Web 2.0: evaluation of a new concept

Do developers matter in system review?

The electronic side-step: candidates' communication strategies in a local election

e-campaigning in local elections: out with the old, in with the new?

Figuring fertility: poetics in the cultural practices of reproductive science

Hybridisation of Australian chickpea cultivars with wild Cicer spp. increases resistance to root-lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei and P. neglectus)

Detection of Polymyxa graminis in a barley crop in Australia

The odd case of the legal foundation module: reporting on student perceptions of e-learning at Cardiff Law School

The resurrection of English episcopacy in restoration England

O, let me view his visage, being dead: decapitation and the legitimating of power in early modern England

Meeting the challenge of online undergraduate teacher training in health and physical education

Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Peronosclerospora (Oomycetes) reveals cryptic species and genetically distinct species parasitic to maize

Stem cankers on sunflower (Helianthus annuus) in Australia reveal a complex of pathogenic Diaporthe (Phomopsis) species

Genome-wide association mapping of Fusarium head blight resistance in contemporary barley breeding germplasm

Inheritance of resistance to root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) in wheat landraces and cultivars from the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region

Fusarium thapsinum is the dominant species associated with sorghum stalk rot in Queensland and northern New South Wales

Management of the major foliar diseases of mungbeans and peanuts in Australia

Reduced nitrogen allocation to expanding leaf blades suppresses ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase synthesis and leads to photosynthetic acclimation to elevated CO2 in rice

Effects of elevated CO2 on plant growth and nutrient partitioning of rice (Oryza sativa L.) at rapid tillering and physiological maturity

New insight into photosynthetic acclimation to elevated CO2: the role of leaf nitrogen and ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase content in rice leaves

Impact of microencapsulated peptidase (Aspergillus oryzae) on cheddar cheese proteolysis and its biologically active peptide profile

A randomized controlled trial of online versus clinic-based CBT for adolescent anxiety

Trichothecene profiling and population genetic analysis of Gibberella zeae from barley in North Dakota and Minnesota

Effect of repeated winding on carded ring cotton yarn properties

A study of influence of the delivery rubber roller on yarn properties

A study on the relationship between irregularity and hairiness of spun yarns

Embeddable and locatable spinning

Needleless electrospinning and direct electrospinning of nanofiber yarns

The Neptune Trojans: a window on the birth of the solar system

Probing the frontiers of administrative law

An elegant convergence? The constitutional entrenchment of 'jurisdictional error' review in Australia

Effect of colloidal particles associated with the liquid bridge in sticking during drying in superheated steam

Direct observation of magnetic cycles in Sun-like stars

Effects of modulus of sodium silicate solution on mechanical properties and microstructure of geopolymer

Origin and dynamical evolution of Neptune Trojans – II. Long-term evolution

Finding one's own linguistic space: views on English, Afrikaans and identity in a semi-urban Australian context

Ethanolic and aqueous extracts derived from Australian fungi inhibit cancer cell growth in vitro

(2S,3S)-sulfated pterosin C, a cytotoxic sesquiterpene from the Bangladeshi mangrove fern Acrostichum aureum

Chemical composition and cytotoxicity of oils and eremophilanes derived from various parts of Eremophila mitchellii Benth (Myoporaceae)

Using the nutrient transfer continuum concept to evaluate the European Union Nitrates Directive National Action Programme

Fast responsive and morphologically robust thermo-responsive hydrogel nanofibres from poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and POSS crosslinker

Privileged elite or double-y disadvantaged? Ageing workers in Australia's labour market

Does social labelling encourage child schooling and discourage child labour in Nepal?

Physical and virtual learning spaces in higher education: concepts for the modern learning environment

Transforming distance education curricula through distributive leadership

Distributed learning places: physical, blended and virtual learning spaces in higher education

Mhp107 is a member of the multifunctional adhesin family of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Using technology to increase support for rural and regional legal professionals

Cation ratio of soil structural stability (CROSS)

Clay behaviour in suspension is related to the ionicity of clay-cation bonds

Effect of cation ratio on soil structural stability is related to the zeta potential of dispersed clay

A bibliography of the traditional games of Torres Strait Islander peoples

A work integrated learning (WIL) framework to develop graduate skills and attributes in a university's accounting and business courses

String figure bibliography of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Fit & fuelled kids: program evaluation report 2010

John Curtin: Prime Minister and journalist

Constructive interpretation with examples from interpreting floor plans

Dispute settlement under free trade agreements: the proposed Australia-China free trade agreement

A Midsummer Night's Dream: how to incorporate music into text without creating a musical

Getting it right: transparency, moderation and benchmarking across the first year curriculum

Knowledge management, information technology resources, and the competitiveness of hospitality organisations

Dancing to different tunes: the challenge of cultural diversity in the doctoral candidate-supervisor relationship

Applied sport psychology: beware the sun, Icarus

Her lover's golden hair [Short story]

The salted heart [Short story]

Their golden daughters

Mood profiling of international athletes in Argentina: theoretical and applied developments

Spaces for knowledge generation. Final report

Regenerative medicine, resource and regulation: lessons learned from the remedi project

Human pilot studies reveal the potential of a vitronectin: growth factor complex as a treatment for chronic wounds

Rewiring our teaching practice

Temperature responsive hydrogel nanofibres from POSS-containing PNiPAAm

Embedding the development and grading of generic skills across the business curriculum

Education for sustainable development in tourism: empowering future generations

Are there alternatives to cognitive behaviour therapy in working with the anxiety driven responses of children with autism?

Energy subsidies versus economic efficiency: practical and theoretical issues in the case of Brunei Darussalam

What does the term 'sustainable economic development' mean for local government? [Keynote address]

Pathways from VET awards to engineering degrees: a higher education perspective

Root-lesion nematodes - crop rotations and varietal impacts on nematode populations

Sting and the Sydney Symphony Australian Tour - Mark Sholtez

The wine-dark sea

Which exo-Earths should we search for life?




Review of centre pivot and lateral move installations in the Queensland Murray Darling basin

Creating learning futures [Keynote speaker]

Groundwater decline drives riparian woodland dysfunction in a northern Murray-Darling intensive production landscape

Using stable isotopes to identify soil moisture sources of key species in riparian woodlands of the northern Murray-Darling Basin

Human-centred ehealth: current opportunities, challenges and the way forward for China

A dynamical analysis of the proposed HU Aquarii planetary system

Confirmatory factor analysis of a brief version of the Zarit Burden Inventory in black and white dementia caregivers

And I looked unto the heavens...

The vision from the heights

A king in a grass castle

Mental health and aging in the 21st century

Impact of childhood parental abuse and neglect on sleep problems in old age

Training in professional psychology in the US: an increased focus on competency attainment

Mentoring for professional geropsychology within a doctoral program

The effects of familism and cultural justification on the mental and physical health of family caregivers

The amyl nitrite expectancy questionnaire for men who have sex with men (AEQ-MSM): a measure of substance related beliefs

The drinking expectancy questionnaire for men who have sex with men (DEQ-MSM): a measure of substance-related beliefs

Parameters affecting the stability of the digestate from a two-stage anaerobic process treating the organic fraction of municipal solid waste

Post-treatment of the permeate of a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAMBR) treating landfill leachate

Talkin' up our doctoral research

Closing the gap: nurses and midwives making a difference

Multi-perspective performance reporting systems, continuous improvement systems and organisational performance

A comment on the distribution of historical and contemporary livestock grazing across Australia: implications for using dingoes for biodiversity conservation

Additional records of small mammals in northern South Australia

Wild dogma II: the role and implications of wild dogma for wild dog management in Australia

Wild dogma: An examination of recent “evidence” for dingo regulation of invasive mesopredator release in Australia

Indigenous health

Equity of colorectal cancer screening: cross-sectional analysis of National Bowel Cancer Screening Program data for South Australia

Screening for colorectal cancer in remote, rural and metropolitan South Australia: analysis of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program data

Yield and water-use efficiency of contrasting lucerne genotypes grown in a cool temperate environment

Uptake, transport, accumulation and retranslocation of potassium in grapevine rootstocks (Vitis)

Effects of juice pH and potassium on juice and wine quality, and regulation of potassium in grapevines through rootstocks (Vitis): A short review

Vegetable oil based rigid foam composites

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in a rural, physically active, low income population in Sri Lanka

Development of agricultural by-products as multifunctional fillers for polyolefins

Lower urinary tract symptoms after prostate cancer treatment

Simultaneous selection of wheat lines with resistance to root lesion nematodes, crown rot and yellow spot

Estimating number of resistance genes to root-legion nematodes from synthetic hexaploids wheat lines

The shades of grey of cyberbullying in Australian schools

Geodisability knowledge production and international norms: A Sri Lankan case study

Social interaction as a contributor to significant learning outcomes in online instruction

What would you do if....? Improving pilot performance during unexpected events through inflight scenario discussions

True blood and the southern belle of theory

Root lesion nematode and crown rot - double trouble!

Introgression of resistance to Pratylenchus from wild Cicer species into Australian chickpea cultivars

Cotton stunting corrected by inoculation with arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungal spores

Potassium in winery waste waters used for irrigation and soil structural decline

Islander and education: the I-Kiribati experience - an Indigenous ethnographic approach

Complexity in climate-change impacts: an analytical framework for effects mediated by plant disease

International agricultural research tackling the effects of global and climate changes on plant diseases in the developing world

A metamodeling framework for extending the application domain of process-based ecological models

Application of nonclassical models of shell theory to study mechanical parameters of multilayer nanotubes

Evaluation of the mechanical parameters of nanotubes by means of nonclassical theories of shells

Nonclassical models in the shell theory with applications to multilayered nanotubes

Effect of ground cover on splash and sheetwash erosion over a steep forested hillslope: a plot-scale study

Downslope soil detachment–transport on steep slopes via rain splash

Slope length effect on sediment and organic litter transport on a steep forested hillslope: upscaling from plot to hillslope scale

Substance-related expectancies among men who have sex with men: development of psychometric tools to predict unprotected sexual activity

Technological adjuncts to increase adherence to therapy: a review

Outbreak of angular leaf spot, caused by Xanthomonas fragariae, in a Queensland strawberry germplasm collection

Out of Africa: Tarot's fascination with Egypt

Bus ride to the future: cultural imaginaries of Australian childhood in the education landscape

Economy’s gaze: childhood, motherhood and ‘exemplary ordinariness’ in popular parenting magazines

Evaluation of PANDA: effectiveness of Physical Activity, Nutrition, Drug & Alcohol Prevention (PANDA) positions in the South Burnett, Northern Downs and far south west Queensland

Warwick & district disability needs analysis: final report, December 2011

Best foot forward, watching your step, jumping in with both feet, or sticking your foot in it? The politics of researching academic viewpoints

Economic subjectivities in higher education: self, policy and practice in the knowledge economy

‘Inspired and assisted’ or ‘berated and destroyed’: research leadership, management and performativity in troubled times

Families, Lovers, and their Letters: Italian Postwar Migration to Canada by Sonia Cancian

Emerging benefits of AT1 receptor antagonists with pleiotropic anti-inflammatory activity

The sustainability of charitable organisations

Report from TWG 3: Teacher professional development

Not education research binaries: just parts of a whole

KYLE JENKINS Solo exhibition - Kant Galleri

KYLE JENKINS Solo exhibition

Observations of non-solar-type dynamo processes in stars with shallow convective zones

Lights, camera, action: gathering experiences of first time distance learners

iTESOL: Analogous practices in the SLA classroom

Critical craftings: unleashed 2011 - Queensland's graduate emerging art

Redefining trait models of emotional intelligence as measuring emotional competence: a comparison of ability versus trait EI methodologies

Critical Craftings (Catalogue publication)

Solo exhibition - Kant Galleri, Esbjerg, Denmark

Summer Show: 4 Artists

Non-Objectif Fundraiser

In defense of soft law and public-private initiatives: a means to an end? - The Malaysian case

Re-framing education as a thirdspace: neonarratives of pedagogy, power and transformation

Multiple perspectives on the value(s) of Australian teacher education: dialogical pedagogy for and by domestic and international students and staff members

Spirits in Bare Feet: a story waiting to be told

Genome-wide association study in individuals of South Asian ancestry identifies six new type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci

Ghrelin and cancer

Intrepid Gaze

Familiar Unfamilar

Arsenic removal from groundwater of the Chaco-Pampean Plain (Argentina) using natural geological materials as adsorbents

Arsenic in freshwater fish in the Chihuahua County water reservoirs (Mexico)

Health risks for human intake of aquacultural fish: arsenic bioaccumulation and contamination

The potential for reductive mobilization of arsenic [As(V) to As(III)] by OSBH2 (Pseudomonas stutzeri) and OSBH5 (Bacillus cereus) in an oil-contaminated site

Role of organic matter and humic substances in the binding and mobility of arsenic in a Gangetic aquifer

Biogeochemical interactions among the arsenic, iron, humic substances, and microbes in mud volcanoes in southern Taiwan

Biogeochemical characteristics of Kuan-Tzu-Ling, Chung-Lun and Bao-Lai hot springs in southern Taiwan

Arsenic-enriched groundwaters of India, Bangladesh and Taiwan: comparison of hydrochemical characteristics and mobility constraints

Interrelationship of TOC, As, Fe, Mn, Al and Si in shallow alluvial aquifers in Chapai-Nawabganj, Northwestern Bangladesh: implication for potential source of organic carbon

A comparative study on arsenic and humic substances in alluvial aquifers of Bengal delta plain (NW Bangladesh), Chianan plain (SW Taiwan) and Lanyang plain (NE Taiwan): implication of arsenic mobilization mechanisms

Austrocolorone B and Austrocolorin B1, cytotoxic anthracenone dimers from the Tasmanian mushroom Cortinarius vinosipes Gasparini

Colorectal cancer screening in rural and remote areas: analysis of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program data for South Australia

General practitioner referral patterns for women with gynaecological symptoms: a randomised incomplete block study design

The radial velocity experiment (RAVE): third data release

Making Sense of Everyday Life by Susie Scott

Ramichloridium spp. on Musa in northern Queensland: introducing Ramichloridium ducassei sp. nov. on leaf streaks of Ducasse banana

Anaerobic digestion of starch-polyvinyl alcohol biopolymer packaging: biodegradability and environmental impact assessment

Technological adjuncts to enhance current psychotherapy practices: a review

Tammar wallaby mammary cathelicidins are differentially expressed during lactation and exhibit antimicrobial and cell proliferative activity

Financial development, corporate governance and cost of equity capital

A gene expression signature for insulin resistance

Incorporating Indigenous knowledge into research practice

The effects of pressure-threshold inspiratory load on lactate clearance after maximal exercise

The effects of inspiratory muscle training on breathing mechanics during fixed load cycling exercise

Participation in fitness-related activities of an incentive-based health promotion program and hospital costs: a retrospective longitudinal study

Experimental determination and control of prepreg tack for automated manufacture

Leading, managing and participating in inter-university teaching grant collaborations

Autonomic and sense and respond logistics: evidence from the USA and UK

Memory and communication support in dementia: research-based strategies for caregivers

The First C-B Dynamic: Committing to Revitalization

Plant responses to increased carbon dioxide

Private international law in Australia

First report of Hemileia wrightiae on Wrightia spp. in Australia

Interpretation as driver for psychological creativity

Rationale and study design for a randomised controlled trial to reduce sedentary time in adults at risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus: project STAND(Sedentary Time ANd diabetes)

Collaborative use of mobile augmented reality with paper maps

If there wasn't the technology then I would probably be out everyday: a qualitative study of children's strategies to reduce their screen viewing

An assessment of self-reported physical activity instruments in young people for population surveillance: Project ALPHA

Stand up for your health: Is it time to rethink the physical activity paradigm?

Caffeine ingestion, affect and perceived exertion during prolonged cycling

Sedentary behavior and dietary intake in children, adolescents, and adults: a systematic review

'I'm on it 24/7 at the moment': a qualitative examination of multi-screen viewing behaviours among UK 10-11 year olds

Interventions to promote physical activity in young people conducted in the hours immediately after school: a systematic review

Amorphous iron oxide decorated 3D heterostructured electrode for highly efficient oxygen reduction

Physical activity patterns and psychological correlates of physical activity among Singaporean primary, secondary, and junior college students

The relation between physical activity and rural space concerning 13-18 Year-Old Romanian youth

Physical activity, sedentary behaviours, and snacking in youth of northeast England and Harbin, northeast China

Correlates of physical activity in youth: a review of quantitative systematic reviews

Sedentary behavior: what's in a definition? [Letter to the Editor]

The correlates and treatment of obesity in military populations: a systematic review

Individual values and preferred leadership behaviors: a study of Romanian managers

Personality predictors of behavioral self-regulation: linking behavioral self-regulation to five-factor model factors, facets, and a compound trait

Safeguarding access and safeguarding meaning as strategies for achieving confidentiality

Organizational citizenship behavior and turnover intentions: do organizational culture and justice moderate their relationship?

Elucidation of the taxonomy and pathological status of Pyricularia associated with banana blast in Australia

Bacteria and archaea involved in anaerobic digestion of distillers grains with solubles

Physical activity and mental health in children and adolescents: A review of reviews

Innovative approaches to teaching engineering drawing at tertiary institutions

Sporisorium warambiense sp. nov., a fourth smut fungus on Xerochloa in Australia

Queering practice-led research: subjectivity, creative practice and performative research

International Olympic Committee consensus statement on the health and fitness of young people through physical activity and sport

Sedentary behaviour interventions in young people: a meta-analysis

Tackling in a professional rugby league

Correlates of tackling ability in highperformance rugby league players

Physical collisions and injury in professional rugby league match-play

Relationship between training load and injury in professional rugby league players

Repeated high-intensity exercise in a professional rugby league

Repeated-sprint and effort ability in rugby league players

A cost and performance comparison of LRTM and VI for the manufacture of large scale wind turbine blades

Fungal planet description sheets: 92-106

The evolution of species concepts and species recognition criteria in plant pathogenic fungi

Investigation of gas permeability in carbon nanotube (CNT)− polymer matrix membranes via modifying CNTs with functional groups/metals and controlling modification location

Enhanced gas permeability by fabricating functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes and polyethersulfone nanocomposite membrane

Halloysite-nanotube-supported ru nanoparticles for ammonia catalytic decomposition to produce COx-Free hydrogen

Challenges and solutions when applying implicit motor learning theory in a high performance sport environment: examples from rugby league

A comparison study of catalytic oxidation and acid oxidation to prepare carbon nanotubes for filling with Ru nanoparticles

Nuclear and chloroplast microsatellites show multiple introductions in the worldwide invasion history of common ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia

New records of microcyclic conidiogenesis in some powdery mildew fungi

Peach rusty spot is caused by the apple powdery mildew fungus, Podosphaera leucotricha

Repeated high-intensity exercise in professional rugby union

Proximal soil sensing. An effective approach for soil measurements in space and time

Evaluation and optimization of Bi1−xSrxFeO3−δ perovskites as cathodes of solid oxide fuel cells

Deactivation and regeneration of oxygen reduction reactivity on double perovskite Ba2Bi0.1Sc0.2Co1.7O6−x cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells

Queering practice-led research: subjectivity, performative research and the creative arts

Relative importance of physiological, anthropometric, and skill qualities to team selection in professional rugby league

Relationships between physiological, anthropometric, and skill qualities and playing performance in professional rugby league players

Variation in the nrDNA ITS sequences of some powdery mildew species: do routine molecular identification procedures hide valuable information?

Acute resveratrol supplementation improves flow-mediated dilatation in overweight/obese individuals with mildly elevated blood pressure

Lifting the veil: migrant murder, a 'madre italiana', and the politics of transnational colonisation

Obesity: the new childhood disability?

Erythrocyte polyunsaturated fatty acid status, memory, cognition and mood in older adults with mild cognitive impairment and healthy controls

Polyunsaturated fatty acids, cognition and literacy in children with ADHD with and without learning difficulties

Acute effects of an Avena Sativa herb extract on responses to the stroop color-word test

Anaerobic digestion of Jatropha curcas L. press cake and effects of an iron-additive

Novel B-site ordered double perovskite Ba2Bi 0.1Sc0.2Co1.7O6-x for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction

Distinct invasion sources of common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) in Eastern and Western Europe

Manipulating surface states in topological insulator nanoribbons

Nitrogen doping in ion-exchangeable layered tantalate towards visible-light induced water oxidation

Photocatalytic water oxidation on F, N co-doped TiO2 with dominant exposed {001} facets under visible light

Temporal isolation explains host-related genetic differentiation in a group of widespread mycoparasitic fungi

Nanosized anatase TiO2 single crystals with tunable exposed (001) facets for enhanced energy conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells

Benefit finding after cancer: the role of optimism, intrusive thinking and social environment

The impact of body mass index and physical activity on mortality among patients with colorectal cancer in Queensland, Australia

A multilevel investigation of inequalities in clinical and psychosocial outcomes for women after breast cancer

Survivor identity and post-traumatic growth after participating in challenge-based peer-support programmes

Phase transformation and negative thermal expansion in TaVO5

Facile solvothermal synthesis of gear-shaped submicrostructured Y2O3:Eu 3+ phosphor

The role of spontaneous polarization in the negative thermal expansion of tetragonal PbTiO3-based compounds

Field emitters: ultrathin BN nanosheets protruded from BN fibers

Hierarchical structures of single-crystalline anatase TiO2 nanosheets dominated by {001} facets

Amorphous SiOx nanowires catalyzed by metallic Ge for optoelectronic applications

Growth and optical properties of stacked-pyramid zinc sulfide architectures

A new cathode for solid oxide fuel cells capable of in situ electrochemical regeneration

Controlled synthesis of tetragonal terbium orthophosphate nanostructures through a solvothermal route

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 20, No. 3

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 20, No. 2

Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol. 20, No. 1

Purchase intention to undertake e-commerce transactions in developing countries: application of theory of planned behavior in Indonesia

Development of a photo-acoustic trace gas sensor

Creating confidence: exploring the effectiveness of a pre-study resource as a 'front loading' strategy in a foundation nursing science course

Measuring e-learning system success (Research in progress)

Re-living First Year – the first weeks

Depth of anaesthesia patient models and control

Supervising higher degree research (HDR) candidates at a distance: what do emerging virtual world technologies have to offer?

SPIDER activities: select, prepare and investigate, discuss, evaluate, reflect

Tensile tests of glass powder reinforced epoxy composites: pilot study

Investigating the moderating effect of rewarding climate on mastery approach orientation in the prediction of work performance

Thermally oxidized formation of new Ge dots over as-grown Ge dots in the Si capping layer

Developing student’s accounting competencies using Astin’s I-E-O model: an identification of key educational inputs based on Indonesian student perspectives

Engineering for primary school children: learning with robots in a remote access laboratory

Developing human capital through neuro-linguistic programming

Enhancing healthcare in home and community settings through telecare and telehealth

A high mobility multipurpose patient monitoring system for inter-building communication

A preliminary evaluation of furrow inflow rate and cut-off time on the performance of smallholder raised bed farming systems

A preliminary evaluation of irrigation performance and in season changes under permanent raised beds on Vertosol in Queensland, Australia

Writing that matters: positioning cultural studies and criticality in the 'audit age'

Quality of experience of online learning tools

Consumer managed home e-health for the next decade

The relationships between students' empowerment, students' performance, accounting course perceptions and classroom instruction in accounting

Adopting appropriate teaching models to develop knowledge and skills to academic standards in the accounting discipline

Learning behaviour, team contexts and team performance

The use of voltage regulators in power systems with arc-suppression coils

Using volunteered information to map the Queensland floods

NetML: networking networks

Biofuel from microalgae: alternative, sustainable and renewable fuel

First report of Oidium longipes as the causal agent of Petunia Powdery Mildew in the United Kingdom

Building sensitising terms to understand free-play in open-ended interactive art environments

Open-ended art environments motivate participation

Yes, professor

Problem set 8

Problem set 7

Climate change initiatives in the workplace

The perfect paper

Surgical flow disruption: measurement and impact of stressful events in the operating room

Trade liberalization and gender gap: Bangladesh experience

Review of Australian land use mapping and land management practice

Instructor perceptions of using a mobile phone-based, free classroom response system in first-year statistics undergraduate courses: implications for teaching practice

Is self-assessment effective in enhancing student learning?

Effectiveness of formative online quizzes in learning and teaching a structural engineering course

Student performance in an online postgraduate course on fibre composites for civil engineers

Mechanical design of a large scale amphibious walking and swimming robot

Engineering faculties in developing and assessing professional competencies for engineers in Australia

Solar thermal energy alternatives and their application to water heating and air cooling in the meat processing industry

Exploring a cross-disciplinary research initiative with remote access laboratories: robot RAL-ly as a stimulus for consideration of engineering pathway

Leadership in engineering education from K-12 to university: key to improving diversity in the engineering profession

Intervening to improve the dissertation of final year engineering research projects

Peer review of teamwork for encouraging equal commitment to the group effort

The impact of learning technologies on workload

Natural disasters: blessings in disguise?

Changing worlds: virtual worlds for higher degree research, supervision and networking : Panel Discussion

Recent developments in virtual worlds and their potential impact on their use in higher education

Progress in evaporation mitigation research

Effect of electro-osmosis on soil-water potential and water chemistry in sand

The private life of project managers - the social struggle

Development of a culturally appropriate interactive multimedia self-paced educational health program for aboriginal health workers

Predicating HIV risk behaviour secondary to substance use

Prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), lower bowel symptoms and sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment

Referral patterns for women with gynaecological symptoms: a national survey of gynaecologists

Professional experience preparation: does distance make a difference?

How are Australian higher education institutions contributing to change through innovative teaching and learning in virtual worlds?

Incorporating student response systems in mathematics classes

Reducing embodied energy in Australian building construction

Identification of distortions to FBG spectrum using FBG fixed filters

An empirical analysis of SNS users and their privacy and security awareness of risks associated with sharing SNS profiles (online identities)

Work in progress – performance evaluation of online learning tools

Performance of the smart surgical micro-drill for cochlear implantation

Verification of cochlea behaviour between numerical approach and experiment measurements

Automated geometric modelling of textile structures

Can celebrity save diplomacy? Appropriating wisdom through ‘The Elders'

Negotiation and mediation

Differences between high and low performing exporting firms in a developing country

Machine vision in agriculture


Gardner's multiple intelligences and the counselling of children

Effective cluster collaborations: transformation through school and university connections

Student perspective on electronic evaluation of teaching

Creating connections in teaching and learning

Blended learning internationalization from the Commonwealth: an Australian and Canadian collaborative case study

Papers in legal studies - Part 1

Digital signal processing using MATLAB for students and researchers

Commercial and implementation issues relating to the widespread acceptance and adoption of radio frequency identification technology

Trialling an assignment structure that develops generic competencies and enriches subject understanding

The Portuguese discovery of Australia?

The Spanish rule in the Philippines

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders

Rediscovering identity: a more generous reality for Hong Kong pre-service non-native English teacher communicators participating in an immersion program at two Australian universities

The process of updating production engineering in an Australian regional university excellence in developing e-learning

Green tourism futures: climate change responses by Australian government tourism agencies

Pattern mining for a two-stage information filtering system

Effect of degumming on tussah silk fibre

Inside sport psychology

Do the ACODE benchmarks still cut the mustard or is eLearning maturity just a dream? There is light at the end of the tunnel

Evidencing the development of distributed leadership capacity in the quality management of online learning environments (OLEs) in Australian higher education

Leadership and individual cognitive differences in followers: lessons from a consideration of distributed leadership

Increasing crop yields through conservation tillage in dryland areas of China

Conservation tillage improves soil properties and crops yields in North China

Improved no-till seeding performance in Northern China using powered-chain residue manager

Controlled traffic/permanent bed farming reduces GHG emissions

Advanced design of permanent raised bed machinery in Pakistan

Short term agronomic gains from conservation agriculture in NW China

Magnetic encounters and embodied conversations

Preparing your library for mobile devices

Creative and critical reflexivity: queer writing as an ethics of the self

Fostering institutional change through learning leadership: a study of stories of adaptation in blended and flexible learning and distance education

Investigation of the impact properties of glass fibre / HMPP fibre hybrid composite materials for civil infrastructure constructions

Implementing design build project delivery system in Indonesia road infrastructure projects

Changing student learning preferences: what does this mean for the future of universities?

Top management team and external knowledge acquisition for sustainability in Indian startup firms

Problem based learning in virtual teams to deliver key graduate attributes

Another brick in the wall: a leadership team's collaborative renewal of the educational environment

'An eye open in the dark': life story ethnography and the future of social-ecological systems

Guaranteeing correctness for collaboration on documents using an optimal locking protocol

Evaluation of permeability of porous concrete

Impact of global climate change on the health, welfare and productivity of intensively housed livestock

Effects of head geometry, coil position and CSF displacement on field distribution under transcranial magnetic stimulation

Coprecipitation synthesis and negative thermal expansion of NbVO5

Beyond the binaries that keep us from writing with and like children

The lifestress inventory

Simulation: learning through role playing and design

Militant extremist mindset

Cost analysis in using non-crimp fabric composites in engineering applications

Two new species of Moreaua (Ustilaginomycetes), on Actinoschoenus and Chrysitrix, from Western Australia

The IPOS new international standard of quality cancer care: integrating the psychosocial domain into routine care

Individual, country and societal cluster differences on measures of personality, attitudes, values, and social norms

Flame retarded polymer nanocomposites: development, trend and future perspective

The essence of internationalisation

The Amsterdam Declaration on Fungal Nomenclature

Characteristics of Kepler planetary candidates based on the first data set

Characteristics of planetary candidates observed by Kepler. II. Analysis of the first four months of data

Architecture and dynamics of Kepler's candidate multiple transiting planet systems

Modeling Kepler transit light curves as false positives: rejection of blend scenarios for Kepler-9, and validation of Kepler-9 d, a super-earth-size planet in a multiple system

Observations of binary stars with the differential speckle survey instrument. II. Hipparcos stars observed in 2010 January and June

Radial structure in the TW Hya circumstellar disk

Kepler's first rocky planet: Kepler-10b

Astrophysical parameters and habitable zone of the exoplanet hosting star GJ 581

Characterizing the variability of stars with early-release Kepler data

A first comparison of Kepler planet candidates in single and multiple systems

Improved orbital parameters and transit monitoring for HD 156846b

Observations of binary stars with the differential speckle survey instrument. III. Measures below the diffraction limit of the WIYN telescope

The burrell-optical-kepler-survey (BOKS). I. Survey description and initial results

Speckle camera observations for the NASA Kepler mission follow-up program

The palomar transient factory orion project: eclipsing binaries and young stellar objects

Stellar variability of the exoplanet hosting star HD 63454

Terms photometry of known transiting exoplanets

55 Cancri: stellar astrophysical parameters, a planet in the habitable zone, and implications for the radius of a transiting super-earth

Planetary phase variations of the 55 Cancri system

Kepler-18b, c, and d: a system of three planets confirmed by transit timing variations, light curve validation, Warm-Spitzer photometry, and radial velocity measurements

Kepler-14b: A massive hot Jupiter transiting an F star in a close visual binary

Discovery and atmospheric characterization of giant planet Kepler-12b: An inflated radius outlier

Kepler-10c: a 2.2 earth radius transiting planet in a multiple system

Kepler-15b: a hot Jupiter enriched in heavy elements and the first Kepler mission planet confirmed with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope

Improved methodology for the automated classification of periodic variable stars

Multi-epoch observations of HD 69830: high-resolution spectroscopy and limits to variability

The kepler-19 system: a transiting 2.2 R ⊕ planet and a second planet detected via transit timing variations

A search for the transit of HD 168443b: improved orbital parameters and photometry

Characterization of aggregates produced by the potential mycoherbistat Plectosporium alismatisin submerged culture: germination, UV-radiation tolerance and infectivity

Survey of Botryosphaeriaceae associated with grapevine decline in the Hunter Valley and Mudgee grape growing regions of New South Wales

The first genetic map of pigeon pea based on diversity arrays technology (DArT) markers

Association of Botryosphaeriaceae grapevine trunk disease fungi with the reproductive structures of Vitis vinifera

Refining the biological factors affecting virulence of Botryosphaeriaceae on grapevines

When peer support may be most beneficial: the relationship between upward comparison and perceived threat

ProsCan for couples: a feasibility study for evaluating peer support within a controlled research design

Engaging undergraduate nursing students in face-to-face tutorials

The Pan-Pacific planet search. I. A giant planet orbiting 7 CMa

Effect of carbon nanotubes on the mechanical properties of polypropylene/wood flour composites: reinforcement mechanism

Thermal degradation and flame retardancy properties of ABS/lignin: effects of lignin content and reactive compatibilization

Polypropylene nanocomposites based on C60-decorated carbon nanotubes: thermal properties, flammability, and mechanical properties

Fabrication of exfoliated graphene-based polypropylene nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical and thermal properties

A novel zinc chelate complex containing both phosphorus and nitrogen for improving the flame retardancy of low density polyethylene

Fungal planet description sheets: 69-91

Endophytic and pathogenic Phyllosticta species, with reference to those associated with Citrus Black spot

Constitutional Futures Revisited: Britain's Constitution to 2020 by Robert Hazell

What were they thinking? The politics of ideas in Australia by James Walter with Todd Moore

Dealer group or financial planning group?

The Women's Project - International Women's Day

Think Tank/Artist Books/Visual Diary

Chalk and Charcoal

Managing client money: lawyers' trust accounts in Queensland

Uncoupling mobility and learning: When one does not guarantee the other

Solo exhibition - Minus Space, New York

Preview Berlin

The first class: using icebreakers to facilitate transition in a tertiary environment

Preview Berlin Art Fair & Nordic Art Fair Galleri Kant (Denmark)

Solo exhibition - Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery - Kyle Jenkins

Nordic Art Fair

Re-enchantment: not all fairytales are for children

Expert recommendation for knowledge management in academia

Dealer group or financial planning group? A brief technical note

Cluster-based scheduling algorithm for periodic XML data broadcast in wireless environments

Methodology for designing, implementing and evaluating assistive mobility technology to enable the social inclusion and independence needs of an ageing population

Design of vibrotactile navigation displays for elderly with memory disorders

Interaction Of myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease in wild rabbit

Direct Sugarcane Bagasse to oil (SB2O)

Added-value processing of ‘algae waste': 4th quarterly report

Excel program to design the main units in an algae biorefinery

The holistic education of artists through Maharishi Vedic Science: unfolding the infinite reservoir of creativity in individual awareness

National, institutional and international approaches to research integrity: an Australian perspective

On the 'Zustandsverantwortlichkeit'under the Federal Soil Protection Act (Bodenschutzgesetz, Bbodschg) of Germany and its referential experience for the contaminated land legislation of China

Review to typical local contaminated land legislation of Japan

Contaminated land legislation in China: status quo and challenges

The impact of disseminating the whole-community project '10,000 Steps': a RE-AIM analysis

How many steps/day are enough? For adults

Self-reported physical activity in European adolescents: results from the HELENA (Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence) study

Four-year follow-up of the community intervention '10,000 steps Ghent'

Thermal transition properties of spaghetti measured by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Thermal Mechanical Compression Test (TMCT)

Herbal therapy for treating rheumatoid arthritis (review)

Characterization of coating probe with Ti-DLC for electrical scanning probe microscope

Effect of annealing temperature on the corrosion behavior of duplex stainless steel studied by in situ techniques

Viral vs bacterial vectors for vaccine delivery

Drug interactions with St. John's wort products [Letters to the Editor]

Clinical exercise: a case-based approach

Case studies in learning from our mistakes

Case studies in exercise for occupational rehabilitation

Case studies in exercise as therapy for clients requiring special care

Case studies in exercise as therapy for musculoskeletal conditions

Setting the tone: practitioner self-care

Occupational rehabilitation

Doing evidence-based practice

Exercise as therapy for clients requiring special care

Exercise as therapy in musculoskeletal conditions

Developing a measure of respectful workplaces

Occupancy data: unravelling the mystery

Home-based preoperative chlorhexidine bathing cloths to prevent surgical site infection [Letter to the editor]

Assessment of requirements for establishment of a framework to enhance implementation of quality practices in building projects

The impact of globalisation on health

Acuity and severity of patients attending 28 Queensland hospitals emergency departments in 2008-09 [Conference Abstract]

What health problems overcrowd hospital emergency departments in Queensland and has this changed over time? A case study of two hospitals in Queensland 2001 - 2009

Is language a barrier for quality care in hospitals? A case series from an Emergency Department of a teaching hospital in Brisbane

Educational stress scale for adolescents: development, validity, and reliability with Chinese students

International and domestic university students’ leisure behaviour: a comparative analysis

Race around the world: identifying a research agenda for the distance runner

Variability and decline in the number of severe tropical cyclones making land-fall over eastern Australia since the late nineteenth century

The impact of global warming on the Southern Oscillation Index

Cyberinfrastructure inside out: definition and influences shaping its emergence, development, and implementation in the early 21st century

The legality of free and open source software licenses: the case of Jacobsen v. Katzer

Evaluation of the South Pacific Convergence Zone in IPCC AR4 Climate Model Simulations of the Twentieth Century

What Caused the Observed Twentieth-Century Weakening of the Walker Circulation

ENSO to multi-decadal time scale changes in East Australian Current transports and Fort Denison sea level: Oceanic Rossby waves as the connecting mechanism

Summer peak, winter minimum, and growth in the demand for online weather services in Australia

Evaluating global climate models for the Pacific island region

Analysis of Welfare Effects of South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) on Pakistan’s Economy by Using CGE Model

Global Financial Crisis And Its Impact On Textile Industry In Pakistan

Sustainable Rural Development though Women Participation in SMEs Business Growth in Sindh

Impact Analysis of Public Sector and NGO’s to Improvement of Rural Livelihoods in Sindh

Problems and Challenges Faced by the Rural Women: A Case Study of Balochistan

Probit Model for the Women Participate in SMEs Business: A Case Study of Sindh Province

Supply Response Analysis of Pakistani Wheat Growers

Oil Price Shocks: A Comparative Study on the Impacts in Purchasing Power in Pakistan

Empirical Analysis of Job Stress on Job Satisfaction among University Teachers in Pakistan

Impact of Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs on Rural Development in Sindh

A Sociocognitive Approach to Service Quality and Adherence Amongst Elderly Patients: A Pilot Study

An Exploratory Study of the Role of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy on Service Quality and Adherence in a Weight Loss Setting

Observed climate variability and trends

Sex, Drugs, and Deterrence: Applying Stafford and Warr’s Reconceptualization of Deterrence Theory to Drug Driving Across the Genders

The Legality of Free and Open Source Software Licences: The Case of Jacobsen v. Katzer

Australian Indigenous Entrepreneurship: Lessons for Success

Positive SOI, negative PDO and spring tides as simple indicators of the potential for extreme coastal erosion in northern NSW

The effects of large-scale magnetic fields on disk formation and evolution

Formation of stars and planets: the role of magnetic fields

Modelling the costs of corporate implementation of building information modelling

Modelling organizations' structural adjustment to BIM adoption: a pilot study on estimating organizations

Exploring the Performance of Australian Construction Industry in a Recent Global Recession

A preliminary review on the legal implications of BIM and model ownership

Martial Translations: HEMA and the Revival of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts

Parent Influence on Outcomes for Children: HIPPY as a Cost-Effective Option

Trends in policies, programs and practices in the Australasian First Year Experience literature 2000-2010

Applying a social justice framework to ensure good practice in monitoring student learning engagement

The influence of emotional intelligence on the service performance of casino frontline employees

Relationship marketing in the casino industry

Climate change and human security issues in the Asia-Pacific region

Improving the identification of fatigue-related crashes in the Australian Capital Territory

Study on Characterization of Electrical Contact Between Pantograph and Catenary

Simulation System of Pantograph Arcing

Life Models of Polyimide Film Under Combined Thermal and Electrical Stresses Used in Inverter-Fed Traction Motor

Experimental Study of Electrical Characteristics on Pantograph Arcing

Histology of the gastrointestinal tract of the northern brown bandicoot, Isoodon macrourus (Marsupialia : Peramelidae)

Environmental enrichment for captive Eastern blue-tongue lizards (Tiliqua scincoides)