Mercury Rising phase 11: building capacity for mental health self help groups in Queensland

Arrests in a cold climate (Part 2) - shaping hot pursuit through state practice

Corporate criminals and their involvement in IUU fishing: an Australian perspective

Arrests in a cold climate - a tale of hot pursuit and other adventures on the Southern Ocean

Using computer software packages to enhance the teaching in engineering management science: part 3 - simulation

Using computer software packages to enhance the teaching in engineering management science: part 2 - programming techniques

Anti-inflammatory activity of hyperimmune plasma in a lipopolysaccharide-mediated rat air pouch model of inflammation

Study of EEGs from somatosensory cortex and Alzheimer's disease sources

Purpose and preference in educational podcasting

Super-orbital re-entry in Australia: laboratory measurement, simulation and flight observation [Keynote lecture]

Blood is thicker than water: stains on the land in Bra Boys

A review of optimization techniques used in the design of fibre composite structures for civil engineering applications

Progress towards the development of animal models of chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal mucositis

Differential expression of nitrate reductase in response to potassium and sodium nitrate: realtime PCR analysis

Improved Estimation in regression with Varying Penalty

Hyperbranched PEGmethacrylate linear pDMAEMA block copolymer as an efficient non-viral gene delivery vector

Transfection of macrophages by collagen hollow spheres loaded with polyplexes: A step towards modulating inflammation

A new ceramic assemblage from Caution Bay, south coast of mainland PNG: the Linear Shell End-Impressed Tradition from Bogi 1

Clement Wragge’s ship logbook compilations

20CR and historical dust storms in Australia

Polyaniline-grafted reduced graphene oxide for efficient electrochemical supercapacitors

Electrochemical supercapacitors based on a novel graphene/conjugated polymer composite system

An Asymmetry in the IOD and ENSO teleconnection pathway and its impact on australian climate

Rainfall reductions over Southern Hemisphere semi-arid regions: The role of subtropical dry zone expansion

Modeling tourist arrivals using time series analysis: Evidence from Australia

Effects of organic and conventional fertilizer treatments on host selection by the aphid parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae

Does acute exposure to diesel exhaust pollution elicit a neurological stress response in honeybees and impact on their ability to learn and memorize a floral odor?

Observations on the flight paths of the day-flying moth Virbia lamae during periods of mate location: do males have a strategy for contacting the pheromone plume?

Connecting across continents: collaborative learning in a Web 2.0 world

Beyond broadcasting: Customer service, community and information experience in the Twittersphere

Guest Editorial for Scholarship-In-Practice

Guest editorial: Australian information education symposium

Evaluating Fault Tolerance in Security Requirements of Web Services

A Goal-Based Modeling Approach to Develop Security Requirements of Fault Tolerant Security-Critical Systems

Frost risk associated with growing maize for silage on Tasmanian dairy farms

Radio-continuum study of the Nearby sculptor group galaxies. Part 1: NGC 300 at λ=20 cm

An additional production mechanism for the diffuse x-ray background

The H2O Southern Galactic Plane Survey: NH3 (1,1) and (2,2) catalogues

A study of optical observing techniques for extra-galactic supernova remnants: Case of NGC300

Major influences on the teaching and assessment of graduate attributes

Increased microglial activation in the rat brain following neonatal exposure to a bacterial mimetic

Numeracy in Nursing and Healthcare; Calculations and Practice

Critical issues in implementing low vision care in the Asia-Pacific region

A new teletraffic approach for network planning and evolution prediction

Calibration of Thermal Paints for Surface Temperature Measurement of HIFiRE-0 Flight

Thermal-structural modelling of TDLAS system for SCRAMSPACE hypersonic flight test

Novelty on using waste cooking oil as bitumen rejuvenator

Investigation of the possibility of using waste cooking oil as a rejuvenating agent for aged bitumen

Performance evaluation of utilization of waste Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) in stone mastic asphalt

Investigation on physical properties of waste cooking oil – Rejuvenated bitumen binder

Startle, Freeze and Denial: An analysis of Pathological Pilot Reactions during Unexpected Events

Targeting Zero Non-Attendance in Healthcare Clinics

Expression of the R2R3-MYB transcription factor TaMYB14 from Trifolium arvense Activates proanthocyanidin biosynthesis in the legumes Trifolium repens and Medicago sativa

Design of a Large Scale Community-Based Self-Management System for Diabetes Mellitus

An integrated virtual and physical network infrastructure for a networking laboratory

Virtue Ethics in Leadership Operations: A Pathway for Leadership Development

Beyond HRM intensity: Exploring intra-function HRM clusters in SMEs

A probability distribution model for stress concentration factors in multi-planar tubular DKT-joints of steel offshore structures

Geometrically parametric study of central brace SCFs in offshore three-planar tubular KT-joints

Engaging higher education students via digital curation

Electrical Treeing Breakdown Properties for Polyimide Nanocomposite Film in Inverter-Fed Motors

Natural and Induced Transition on a 7deg Half-Cone at Mach 6

Identifying casino patrons from the tourism market

Enhancing student success and retention: An institution-wide strategy for Peer Programs

Principles for the effective teaching and support of students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds

Vlogging Campus Community Stories

Development of a good practice guide to safeguard student learning engagement

The Maturity Model concept as framework for assessing the capability of higher education institutions to address student engagement, success and retention: New horizon or false dawn?

Good practice for enhancing the engagement and success of commencing students

Some light in the fog?

How well do selection tools predict performance later in a medical programme?

The evolution of QUT's Student Success Program: 20,000 students later

Pulsational amplitude growth of the star KIC 3429637 (HD 178875) in the context of Am and ρ Pup stars

An examination of some characteristics of Kepler short- and long-cadence data

Unusual high-frequency oscillations in the Kepler δ Scuti star KIC 4840675

Hall diffusion and the magnetorotational instability in protoplanetary discs

150 new transiting planet candidates from Kepler Q1–Q6 data

Ohmic Dissipation in the Interiors of Hot Jupiters

A Study of Local Minimum Avoidance Heuristics for SAT

A Method to Avoid Duplicative Flipping in Local Search for SAT

The effects of rest breaks on driver fatigue: final report

Evaluation of passive recovery, cold water immersion, and contrast baths for recovery, as measured by game performances markers, between two simulated games of rugby union

El Nino-Southern oscillation

El Nino – Southern Oscillation

Detection of sodium absorption in WASP-17b with Magellan

HATS-1b: The First Transiting Planet Discovered by the HATSouth Survey

Nursing management: intraoperative care

Emergency medicine in China

Cortical and spinal excitability during and after lengthening contractions of the human plantar flexor muscles performed with maximal voluntary effort

A comparison of two Hill-type skeletal muscle models on the construction of medial gastrocnemius length-tension curves in humans in vivo

In vivo biomarker expression patterns are preserved in 3D cultures of Prostate Cancer

Body armor, performance, and physiology during repeated high-intensity work task

Language teaching in blended contexts

Coffee and caffeine attenuate symptoms of metabolic syndrome in diet-induced obese rats

Performance-shaping factors at railway level crossings

Multisensory integration weightings underlying haptic feedback in laparoscopic surgery

Evaluating the contribution of community informatics to rural development: the case of Malaysia's rural internet centres

Biologically active compounds isolated from Centipeda and their biological activity as antioxidant and antiinflammatory agents

Development of a smart livestock farming tool for identifying animal growth using artificial intelligence

A conceptual model for proactive detection of potential fraud enterprise systems: exploiting SAP audit trails to detect asset misappropriation

Home in the making: place, body and music in migratory practices of movement

Exploring high performance management practices and their impact upon the sustainability of small and medium-size enterprises in Pakistan

Evaluating the acceptance of mobile technology in healthcare: development of a prototype mobile ECG decision support system for monitoring cardiac patients remotely

Monitoring damage in advanced composite structures using embedded fibre optic sensors

Spatial information sharing for catchment management in Australia

Tacit knowledge transfer in family business succession

An investigation into the effect of material composition on the fundamental properties of permeable concrete

Strengthening mechanism and bio-degradability of a silk-based polymer composite

Automated real time optimisation for control of furrow irrigation

Rehabilitation of deteriorated steel truss members using CFRP

How the model of antecedents and consequences of market orientation is impacted by business and cultural contexts in the case of South African non-profit organisations

Effects of synchronous music in sport and exercise: a meta-analytic review and field studies of ultra-distance athletes

Predicting the optimum time to apply monolayers to irrigation channels

The effects of patch and landscape factors on the resilience of poplar box (Eucalyptus populnea F. Muell.) woodlands, southern Queensland

Competing tasks as measures of intelligence and predictors of job performance

Multimedia model for supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers in preventing communicable diseases

Exploring changes in nitrate contamination in the coastal and hautere zone aquifers, Wellington, New Zealand

The impact of demographic characteristics, aspects of achievement, and retirement status upon the self-identity, athletic identity, and psychological well-being of Australian elite athletes

Business ethics competencies: KSAOS for business ethics practitioners

Internal combustion engine heat transfer-transient thermal analysis

Corporate social responsibility disclosure and organisational performance: The case of Libya, a mixed methods study

Statistical downscaling of precipitation projections in Southeast Queensland Catchments

People beyond the state: human security, identities and governance. Case studies of German expatriates in the Hong Kong special administrative region and selected locales in Thailand

Understanding the impact of privacy concerns and trust on social networking sites: Analysing user intentions towards willingness to share digital identities

Impacts of climate change on rice production and farmers’ adaptation in Bangladesh

Carbon risk management, carbon disclosure and stock market effects: an international perspective

Reconceptualising research using an insider activist approach to seek social transformations around issues of gender

Emissions trading and sustainable development: a case study of the Libyan oil and cement industries

Measurements of evaporation during sprinkler irrigation

The impact of technological capability on power, trust and inter-firm relationship performance

Performance evaluation and improvement of bankless channel surface irrigation systems

Energy consumption, economic growth and CO2 emissions in Australia: the potential for energy conservation

Analysis and classification of EEG signals

Test of hypotheses for linear regression models with non-sample prior information

The experiences of socially isolated older people as they access and navigate the health system

Towards international competence of Indonesian accounting undergraduates: a systems approach to identify inter-correlates between constructs of the education process

Impact of cyber fraud and trust of e-commerce system on purchasing intentions: analysing planned behaviour in Indonesian business

In-cylinder radiation heat transfer in a small direct injection diesel engine

Temperature variations in a free piston compression wind tunnel

The utilisation of organisational learning capabilities for organisational sustainability

The fit of mobile work support functions with mobile sales-force worker tasks

Modification of the myostatin and nitric oxide signalling pathways as treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Whether the factors of relative advantage, compatibility and complexity influence care providers’ willingness to adopt shared electronic health records

New wine, old wineskins: is a shortage of priests re-shaping catholic identity in Australia?

Relics of all things precious: Curiosity and wonder in artists’ collections

Remuneration, remuneration committee, institutional investor and performance in family firms: evidence from Malaysia public listed companies

Reviewing the monitoring and evaluation practices and perceptions of Australia’s regional natural resource management organisations

The effect of cooperative learning method on students' perceptions of empowerment and the development of professional accounting competencies

Effects of synchronous music on psychological responses, performance indices and physiological functioning among elite triathletes and runners

Effects of chemical treatments on hemp fibre reinforced polyester composites

An investigation on the student performance in first year fundamental engineering course engineering statistics

Integrating hydrology and land use to understand the ecology of floodplain wetlands in the Condamine Catchment, southern Queensland, Australia

An exploratory study of leader-member exchange in China, and the role of Guanxi in the LMX process

Achieving carbon reductions in the chinese economy: an examination of policy options

'We speak with our ears': the assessment of children’s capacity to pronounce isolated phonemes and their capacity to read or say words aloud in the english language: implications for learning to read

Cardioprotective and hepatoprotective effects of natural products in metabolic syndrome

Renewable energy in the Australian red meat processing industry & the viability of paunch as a biofuel

Applied research on on-site and small community wastewater treatment and effluent disposal in Australasia

Internationalization of business students: the impact of a foreign study experience on career choice and perceived job marketability

Success factors of change management in the European steel market

The integration of action research and project management in the implementation of two strategic work based learning projects (strategic asset management and carbon reduction) in a large institution; resulting in a contribution to strategic goals, and an increased understanding of institutional portfolios and their interdependencies

Spirituality in men with advanced prostate cancer

The new frontier: a social ecological exploration of factors impacting on parental support for the active play of young children within the micro-environment of the family home

Environmental risks, bank loan covenants and the cost of bank loans: an Australian study

Depth of anaesthesia control techniques and human body models

Numerical evaluation of the performance of an indirect heating integrated collector storage solar water heating system

Source mapping of thin composite laminates using integrated FBG sensors in acoustic emission system: near infrared FBG approach

Effects of fibres on geopolymer concrete

Key factors impacting on response time of software vendors in releasing patches for software vulnerabilities

Novel fibre composite civil engineering sandwich structures: behaviour, analysis, and optimum design

An experimental investigation of early damage localization for thin glass fibre reinforced symmetric composite laminates

Ah-ha! A CCLUE: identifying the essence and significance of a contextually specific meaning system in three Australian schools engaged in on-going school improvement

Measurement of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of glass powder reinforced epoxy composites and modelling

Ultrasound technology as a pre-treatment for biofouling control in reverse osmosis (RO) system

Integrated radial basis function methods for structural, fluid flow and fluid-structure interaction analyses

OSH for development by Kaj Elgstrand and Nils F. Petersson

Investigation into the strength of Lego Technic liftarms and brick beams, and of liftarm pin connections

Research skills development through collaborative virtual learning environments

Chemical abundances of magnetic and non-magnetic Herbig Ae/Be stars

Developing sustainable governance systems for regional sustainability programmes and 'green' business practices: the case of 'green' timber

Investigating the efficiency of thermosonication for controlling biofouling in batch membrane systems

Measuring IT service management performance: a model development

Pharmacological inhibition of soluble epoxide hydrolase ameliorates diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Developing motor vehicle emission inventories and air quality regulation for ultrafine particles

A model to measure e-learning systems success

Cultural diversity: impact on the doctoral candidate-supervisor relationship

Including the costs of water and greenhouse gas emissions in a reassessment of the profitability of irrigation

Analysis of a typical railway turnout sleeper system using grillage beam analogy

The Battle of Fire Support Base Coral (1968) Oral History and Documentary Project

The governance of REDD+: an institutional analysis in the Asia Pacific region and beyond

The Battle of Milne Bay (1942): oral history and documentary project

Designing effective mobile web presence

Working towards innovative practitioners: problem-based learning at Bahrain Polytechnic

Dating the 'world business cycle'

Between form and function: history and identity in the blogosphere

Agency and identity in the doctoral student-supervisor relationship

A PBL approach to teaching Bahraini perspectives at Bahrain Polytechnic

A project management approach to sustainable PBL curriculum design implementation at Bahrain Polytechnic

Membrane fluidity in yeast adaptation: insights from fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy

Bridging the gap: investigating teachers' perceptions of professional development and the role of the university

Slamming induced dynamic response of a floating structure

Social desirability bias in survey research on sustainable development in small firms: an exploratory analysis of survey mode effect

Bloody censorship: swearing and freedom of speech

Calvin and the English Episcopate, 1580-1610

What are smart meters? [Fact sheet]

What are smart meters?

Novel phenolic resins with improved mechanical and toughness properties

Legal educators' perceptions of lifelong learning: conceptualisation and practice

Supervisor reflections on developing doctoralness in practice-based doctoral students

Educational applications of the emerging technologies available on handheld devices such as iPad and iPhone

A heuristic model - the case of challenges facing Western business people in Japan

Moving beyond the pleasure principle: within and between-occasion effects of employee eudaimonia within a school organizational climate context

Behavior of fiber-reinforced composite beams with mechanical joints

Climate change mitigation by Greater Adelaide councils

Groundwater markets under the water scarcity and declining watertable conditions: the upland Balochistan region of Pakistan

A confirmatory factor analysis on the views and constructs for knowledge management in India

Climate change and tourism in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

IFRS adoption and analysts' earnings forecasts: Australian evidence

The economic value of improved agrometeorological information to irrigators amid climate variability

Building pathways to academic success: a practice report

The sustainability of charitable organisations

Stationary gravity waves with the zero mean vorticity in stratified fluid

Language choice as an index of identity: linguistic landscape in Dili, Timor-Leste

HIV/AIDS in Xinjiang: a serious 'ill' in an 'autonomous' region

Human insecurity in the People's Republic of China: the vulnerability of Chinese women to HIV/AIDS

Assessing heat-treatment effects on bovine cortical bones by nanoindentation

Experimental and numerical analysis of an innovative GFRP sandwich floor panel under point load

Knowledge management culture, strategy and process in Malaysian firms

Distance learners: connected, mobile and resourceful individuals

Out of hours: final report of the project e-teaching leadership: planning and implementing a benefits-oriented costs model for technology enhanced learning

Enlightening the stranger within: (re)viewing critical research from/on/in the Centre

Socio-economic characteristics of HIV in a South African prison

Mainstream Teachers' Experiences of Communicating with Students with Multiple and Severe Disabilities

Phomentrioloxin: A Phytotoxic Pentasubstituted Geranylcyclohexentriol Produced by Phomopsis sp., a Potential Mycoherbicide for Carthamus lanatus Biocontrol

Developing a heuristic model for predicting the challenges facing Western business people in Hong Kong

Good faith and termination for convenience clauses in Australia

Racial vilification and freedom of speech in Australia and elsewhere

Economic profiling of the lone wolf terrorist: can economics provide behavioral investigative advice?

Mortar consumption characteristics of 'brickwork' and a framework for managing brick and mortar walls in chaotic environments

Improving the performance of ultrasonic horn reactor for deactivating microorganisms in water

Evaluating tractor performance and exhaust gas emissions using biodiesel from cotton seed oil

A note on CAPM betas under the carbon tax regime

Pakistani study on the determinants of wireless technology in healthcare

Climatic city: two centuries of urban planning and climate science in Manchester (UK) and its region

TPACK and pre-service teacher mathematics education: defining a signature pedagogy for mathematics education using ICT and based on the metaphor 'mathematics is a language'

The strategic fears of the ruling class: the construction of Queensland's Chinese Immigrants Regulation Act of 1877

Teaching teachers for the future (TTF) project TPACK survey: summary of the key findings

Teaching teachers for the future (TTF) project: development of the TTF TPACK survey instrument

Transforming learning using iPods and Web 2.0 tools

Learning at times and places chosen by the learner: adapting to study with mobile digital devices

Corporate social responsibility disclosure and employee commitment: evidence from Libya

Reflections on a critical aspect of CISG-governed international sale of goods transactions: the impact of the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements on forum selection

Prospects of social enterprises from a framing perspective

Education, its evolution and how it can be internationalised

Human energy expenditure in lowland rice cultivation in Malaysia

A four year, systems-wide intervention promoting interprofessional collaboration

Justice must be seen to be done: organisational justice and the headscarf and burqa laws in France

A force method model for static analysis of transmission line system subjected to in-plane and out-of-plane loadings

Grazing as a post-mining land use: a conceptual model of the risk factors

Depth of anaesthesia control investigation using robust deadbeat control technique

Contrast on tensile and flexural properties of glass powder reinforced epoxy composites: pilot study

Numerical simulation the temperature field of the multi-coil batch during annealing process in Bell-type furnace

Several compact local stencils based on integrated RBFs for fourth-order ODEs and PDEs

Simulation of viscous and viscoelastic flows using a RBF-Galerkin approach

Determining the growth responses of phyla canescens to shoot and root damage as a platform to better-informed weed-management decisions

Episcopal identity and authority in Restoration England

Poromoi Tamu and the case of the drowning village: history, lost places and the stories we tell

Board structure and survival of new economy IPO firms

The dynamic of financial development, imports, foreign direct investment and economic growth: cointegration and causality analysis in Pakistan

Spatially enablement of NRM communities through spatial knowledge and information network development

Interaction between BSM-contaminated soils and Italian ryegrass

The BGR contingency model for leading change

Immunological response to parenteral vaccination with recombinant hepatitis B virus surface antigen virus-like particles expressing Helicobacter pylori KatA epitopes in a murine H. pylori challenge model

Engineering-in sustainability through the application of SUSOP®

Use of FBG sensors for SHM in aerospace structures

Unity, contrast and topology as the three coordinates of scenography

Development of composite plate for compact silencer design

Identifying the optimum process parameters for ultrasonic cellular disruption of e. coli

Exploring Australia's global trade potential: a gravity approach with panel data

Compressive strength characterization of polyester based fillers

Termination for convenience clauses and good faith

An occupational and gendered review of reinstatement and compensation for unfairly dismissed workers

Potential inbreeding in a small population of a mass flowering species, Xanthorrhoea johnsonii (Xanthorrhoaceae): is your mother my father?

Can reduced processing decision support interfaces improve the decision-making of less-experienced incident commanders?

Using automated individual white list to protect web digital identities

The multi-faith ethic and the spirit of social business: notes from an ethnography

Observation and prediction of the hot tear susceptibility of ternary Al-Si-Mg alloys

Predicting normalised monthly patterns of domestic external water demand using rainfall and temperature data

Social intelligence and top management team: an exploratory study of external knowledge acquisition for strategic change in global IT service providers in India

Biofouling in RO system: mechanisms, monitoring and controlling

Institutional investor influence on global climate change disclosure practices

Mechanical properties of chemically-treated hemp fibre reinforced sandwich composites

Extending the IT service quality measurement framework through a systematic literature review

Stormwater harvesting and WSUD frequent flow management: a compatibility analysis

SSUIS: a research model for predicting suspended solids loads in stormwater runoff from urban impervious surfaces

Stormwater reuse treatment requirements and screening-level risk assessment at two urban spatial scales

Facilitating knowledge and learning capabilities through neuro-linguistic programming

Exploring the application of volunteered geographic information to catchment management: a survey approach

The David and Goliath principle: cultural, ideological, and attitudinal underpinnings of the normative protection of low-status groups from criticism

Effect of context on performance approach orientation

Testing and characterization of thick hybrid fibre composites laminates

Compensation for natural disasters: The tax consequences

On the day of surgery: how long does preventable disruption prolong the patient journey?

The critical aesthetic: living a critical ethnography of the everyday

Cities of signs: learning the logic of urban spaces

Flexural properties of sawdust-reinforced epoxy composites post-cured in microwaves

Resolving retention polarity: the perceptions of structural steel fabricators

Geometry effect on the behaviour of single and glue-laminated glass fibre reinforced polymer composite sandwich beams loaded in four-point bending

Simplified digital lock-in amplifier algorithm

Numerical investigation of flow instability in shock tube due to shock wave-contact surface interactions

Governing carbon mitigation and climate change within local councils: a case study of Adelaide, South Australia

Impact of renovating permanent raised beds on water use productivity under vertisol

A soil management technique to enhance lateral infiltration (subbing) in permanent raised beds

Benchmarking citation measures among the Australian education professoriate

Infrastructure asset: developing maintenance management capability

Web-based 'discussion-support' agricultural climate information for regional India

Constitutionally protecting the presumption of innocence

The constitutionality of minimum mandatory sentencing provisions

Enhancing the value of multiple use plantations: a case study from southeast Queensland, Australia

Local moving least square-one-dimensional integrated radial basis function networks technique for incompressible viscous flows

Comparison of multi-scale digital elevation models for defining waterways and catchments over large areas

The use of LiDAR and volunteered geographic information to map flood extents and inundation

The rebuilding of a life after jail time for fraud

An assessment of the contribution of volunteered geographic information during recent natural disasters

The Sustained Phase of Tyrosine Hydroxylase Activation In vivo

The development of fatigue design formulas for the outer brace SCFs in offshore three-planar tubular KT-joints

Courses for teaching leadership capacity in professional engineering degrees in Australia and Europe

Estimation of soil water deficit in an irrigated cotton field with infrared thermography

Career choices: linguistic and educational socialization of Sudanese-background high-school students in Australia

Arsenate immobilization associated with microbial oxidation of ferrous ion in complex acid sulfate water

Factors that impact on rural and remote students’ participation in higher education

Student reflections on the benefits of studying ADR to provide experience of non-adversarial practice

Carbon sequestration potential of spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora subspecies Variegata) in south east Queensland, Australia

Semantic access control for cloud computing based on e-healthcare

Alternative methods for the reduction of evaporation: practical exercises for the science classroom

Mineralocorticoid receptors mediate cardiac remodelling in morphine-dependent rats

Behaviour of glued fibre composite sandwich structure in flexure: experiment and fibre model analysis

Climate change, water security and the need for integrated policy development: the case of on-farm infrastructure investment in the Australian irrigation sector

Analytical and experimental study of pressure dynamics in a pulsed water jet device

Romanian accounting profession: erudition and perspectives

Personal Services Income: where to from here?

Commercial banks

A modern financial system: an overview

From image contours to pixels

Switching costs, grassroots support of terrorism and the escalation of conflict

Internet access technology and the learning experience

From behind closed doors: making the tacit explicit in research supervision practice

Role of public e-procurement technology to reduce corruption in government procurement

The role of knowledge management in the large non profit firm: building a framework for KM success

Perceived benefits related to anti-corruption from e-tendering system in Nepal

Indigenous population mobilities and school achievement: international educational research itineraries, issues and implications

Environmental sustainability orientation and financial resources of small manufacturing firms in the Philippines

Perceived value of the Physician in Practice Clinic approach to patients

Capability model to improve infrastructure asset performance

Critical factors on manufacturing processes of natural fibre composites

In search of a holistic view of the qualities of music teachers

Numerical investigation of influence of air and fuel dilution for open furnace MILD combustion burner

A retrospective analysis of the effects of airline mergers on China Eastern's 'lifeline' routes: a difference-in-differences approach

The student behind the avatar: using Second Life (virtual world) for legal advocacy skills development and assessment for external students: a critical evaluation

Mitogen-activated protein kinase and natural phenolic compounds in cardiovascular remodeling

Contributing clarity by examining brand luxury in the fashion market

Dividend reductions, the timing of dividend payments and information content

Expanding the concept of remote access laboratories

Climate change adaptation in acid sulfate landscapes

The gravity model analysis of Bangladesh's trade: a panel data approach

Testing of intercept when slope is under suspicion

Monetary retentions for subcontract work: a risk-based approach

Climate and environmental risk management through structural adjustment and regional relocation: a case of rice industry in Australia

The potential of neuro-linguistic programming in human capital development

How three Tasmanian teachers use and respond to emotion in the secondary english classroom

Cointegration and causal relationships between energy consumption and output: assessing the evidence from Australia

A review of the role of property rights and forest policies in the management of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh

Multi-level delegations with trust management in access control systems

The scenic rim of Queensland: volcanism, xenoliths, megacrysts, and geomorphology of the early Miocence main range volcanics, Toowoomba

The effects of immunosuppressants on vascular function, systemic oxidative stress and inflammation in rats

Quercetin ameliorates cardiovascular, hepatic, and metabolic changes in diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Exploring synergies between hardware and software interventions on water savings in China: farmers' response to water usage and crop production

Participatory forest management for the sustainable management of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Interest rate swaps, cross-currency swaps and credit default swaps


Futures contracts and forward rate agreements

An introduction to risk management and derivatives

Government debt, monetary policy and the payments system

Non-bank financial institutions

Regulatory compliance optimisation for banks

Collaborative governance for low-carbon tourism: climate change initiatives by Australian tourism agencies

Evaluation of the financial impact of electricity subsidy on the returns of tubewell owners and water buyers under declining watertables in Balochistan, Pakistan

Enhancing oral production of second language learners using mobile phones

Involving parents in indicated early intervention for childhood PTSD following accidental injury

Meta-analyses of lightweight versus conventional (heavy weight) mesh in inguinal hernia surgery

Proceedings of the 2nd Malaysian Posgraduate Conference (MPC 2012)

Assessment of operability and maintainability success factors in provision of extended constructability principles

The effects of time-delay on feedback control of depth of anesthesia

Advertising by professions and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

Investigation of Biogas Moderate or Intense Low Oxygen Dilution (MILD) combustion on open furnace bluff-body burner

Modelling of non-premixed turbulent combustion of hydrogen using conditional moment closure method

The modelling of the effect of air fuel ratio on unburned hydrocarbons for MILD combustion

A preliminary study of control parameters for open furnace mild combustion using CFD

Mild combustion: a technical review towards open furnace combustion

Filtered nostalgia of the 1920s: representations of the British university ideal

Colonial subalterns of empire: Australians in India during the movement for Swaraj, 1920-1939

Swifter, higher, stronger? Online media representations of gender during the 2008 Olympic Games

'To pay our wonted tribute,' or topical specificity in Cymbeline

Fracture toughness of vinyl ester composites reinforced with sawdust and postcured in microwaves

Factors contributing to design-build (DB) project delivery system implementation in road infrastructure projects in Indonesia

Erythrocyte morphology in metabolic syndrome

The Audit of Diabetes-Dependent Quality of Life 19 (ADDQoL): feasibility, reliability and validity in a population-based sample of Australian adults

Parametric study and formulation of outer-brace geometric stress concentration factors in internally ring-stiffened tubular KT-joints of offshore structures

Mutualisms are not constraining cross-continental invasion success of Acacia species within Australia

Effects of halloysite in kaolin on the formation and properties of geopolymers

Phylogenetic differences of mammalian basal metabolic rate are not explained by mitochondrial basal proton leak

Women and the gaze: sexual knowledge and the fatal woman in The Changeling

Effects of self-sponsored programs on academic staff performance at Kenyan universities

The vision of a university in the British tradition: reflecting on the Universities Tests Act 1871: what have we developed and what are we losing?

Competing historical accounts and the importance of nationalised mythology: Han Chinese 'imaginaries' and Uighur 'realities'

A convenient fog?: the creation of new Labour 1982–2010

How far did the colonial powers of Britain and France penetrate the culture of the occupied peoples?

British and Australian journalists' experiences of war trauma

The body in the dock: the aestheticism of Oscar Wilde

Testing the limits: Archbishop Bancroft and exorcism cases in the High Commission

Fine-scale habitat modelling of wildlife species using spatial information tools

Spatial variation and fractionation of bed sediment-borne copper, zinc, lead, and cadmium in a stream system affected by acid mine drainage

Data privacy against composition attack

Pre-service teachers' experiences of creativity and enhanced appreciation of natural environments

Jeremiah Jones and the musical crusade

Lipid redistribution by alpha linolenic acid-rich chia seed inhibits stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 and induces cardiac and hepatic protection in diet-induced obese rats

Learning in law: using MCQs for summative assessment in core law courses

Sustainability of sport in regional Australia: conceptualising a framework for analysis and decision making

Spatial modelling of adaptation strategies for urban built infrastructures exposed to flood hazards

Effects of quality of work life on job performance: theoretical perspectives and literature review

Supporting learning in law: using formative MCQ assessment in criminal law core courses

On numerical solution of the Gardner Ostrovsky equation

Modeling moneyness volatility in measuring exchange rate volatility

Precision livestock farming: an international review of scientific and commercial aspects

Potential technologies to measure sugarcane quality in the field

Prediction of sugar content along the height of sugarcane internodes using VisNIR

Accounting professionalization amidst alternating state ideology in Ethiopia

Influence of beamforming on interference distribution of wireless network

Health worker satisfaction and motivation: an empirical study of incomes, allowances and working conditions in Zambia

Permanent raised beds improved soil structure and yield of spring wheat in arid north-western China

A novel extendible framework to efficiently access remote home equipments on an IMS based MobileTerminal

Opening up down under: the role of open educational resources in promoting social inclusion in Australia

Potential dosemeter for quantifying biologically effective blue light exposures

The impact of artificial monolayers on water quality: data from tank and field trials

Effects of operational factors on organizational performance in Kenyan insurance industry

Influence of promotional strategies on banks performance

New approach to estimate the additional water requirements in sprinkler irrigation: a predictive model

A novel technique to measure the total evaporation and its components during sprinkler irrigation

Investigating intercultural communication across ethnic diversity: a preliminary study at University Malaysia Terengganu

Assessing the effectiveness of the different levels of instructional strategies (DLIST) for online learning by undergraduate students at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia

Predictive modelling of riparian woodland response to altered and novel disturbances in multi-use production landscapes

Corporate social responsibility disclosure and corporate reputation in developing countries: the case of Libya

I learning: the role of the internet and interactive services in youth social learning, school and wellbeing

Examining public hospital service failure: the influence of service failure type, service expectations, and attribution on consumer response

The evolution of rural policy: the Antipodean experience

Using remote access laboratories in nursing education

The compatibility of unexplained wealth provisions and 'civil' forfeiture regimes with Kable

Why did I become a nurse? Personality traits and reasons for entering nursing

The constitutionality of the Minerals Resource Rent Tax 2012 (Cth)

Towards a conceptual design for environmental and social cost identification and measurement system

Providing mental health services for men in rural areas

Factors influencing mobilization of Kenyan resources for health and development

Motivational drivers for non-skilled Kenyan community health volunteers

Construction and validation of consumer attitudes on biosecurity principles: a methodological perspective

Improvement of health outcomes through the contribution of entrepreneurial theories in Kenyan communities

Technology in diabetes management

Sustainability and the change in public opinion: natural disaster empowers Japanese citizens

Tumor-induced effects on PO2 distribution in a normal tissue

BMICA-independent component analysis based on B-spline mutual information estimator

Distance education platform for effective learning in computer networking courses

The potential of e-procurement technology for reducing corruption

Climate change mitigation survey of Queensland councils: carbon footprint management

The quantity and quality of environmental disclosure in annual reports of national oil and gas companies in Middle East and North Africa

New concept for optimal application of natural fibre reinforced plastic (NFRP) in building construction

HCCI engine: numerical and experimental approach

Issues and challenges of using web portfolios: an ancient approach in a new environment

Modal analysis of high frequency acoustic signal approach for progressive failure monitoring in thin composite plates

Effects of rule of law on firm performance in South Africa

Climate change, poverty and livelihoods: adaptation practices by rural mountain communities in Nepal

Pyrite oxidation under initially neutral pH conditions and in the presence of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and micromolar hydrogen peroxide

Comparison of copper scavenging capacity between two different red mud types

Perception of success in a nascent wine industry

Word length and age influences on forward and backward immediate serial recall

A planetary system around the nearby M dwarf GJ 667C with at least one super-earth in its habitable zone

Fringe benefits tax

Arsenic in the human food chain: the Latin American perspective

The application of spectroscopic methods to predict sugarcane quality based on stalk cross-sectional scanning

Power at the periphery: sectarianism and the 1957 Labor Party split in regional Queensland

Arsenic exposure in Latin America: biomarkers, risk assessments and related health effects

Unpacking the case: designing for learning

Policy for all? The impact of centrally developed, universally applied policy on decision-making in Western Australian public schools

A longitudinal study of the experience of a career development program for rural school students

Effects of six months of combined aerobic and resistance training for elderly patients with a long history of type 2 diabetes

Corporate governance quality, incentive factors and voluntary corporate governance disclosures in annual reports of Malaysian publicly listed companies

A high-order compact local integrated-RBF scheme for steady-state incompressible viscous flows in the primitive variables

A numerical procedure based on 1D-IRBFN and local MLS-1D-IRBFN methods for fluid-structure interaction analysis

The restoration of the episcopate and the English Reformation

Perceived effectiveness of the internal audit function in Libya: a qualitative study using institutional and Marxist theories

EEG data compression to monitor DoA in telemedicine

Being, knowing, and doing: a model for reflexivity in social constructionist practices

Extending the metaphor of narrative to dialogical narrator

Social constructionism in vocational psychology and career development

The rare Australian epiphytic orchid Sarcochilus weinthalii associates with a single species of Ceratobasidium

Arsenic bioaccessibility in a gold mining area: a health risk assessment for children

Tyrosine Hydroxylase Phosphorylation in Catecholaminergic Brain Regions: A Marker of Activation following Acute Hypotension and Glucoprivation

Knowledge-based economy (KBE) frameworks and empirical investigation of KBE input-output indicators for ASEAN

Emissions trading and the potential benefits for ASEAN: exploring the possibilities for Brunei Darussalam

Yield losses in grain sorghum due to rust infection

The soil specific nature of threshold electrolyte concentration analysis

Whole-blood viscosity and metabolic syndrome

Quality Use of Medicines – medication safety issues in naming; look-alike, sound-alike medicine names

Looking for evidence of change: evaluation in the teaching teachers for the future project

Coffee extract attenuates changes in cardiovascular and hepatic structure and function without decreasing obesity in high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-fed male rats

Lone wolf terrorism and sprees of violence

Sustainability: a model for the future

Understanding research methodology

A heuristic model to identify and measure the perception of success in a nascent wine industry

The role of natural gases in seismics of hydrocarbon reservoirs

Teaching and assessment of persuasive writing: juggling the language features and grasping the metalanguage

Pre-service teachers' comparative analyses of teacher-/parent-child talk: making literacy teaching explicit and children's literacy learning visible

A review on the driving performance of FRP composite piles

Design of an impact resistant glass fibre/epoxy composites using short silk fibres

Leaf structural characteristics are less important than leaf chemical properties in determining the response of leaf mass per area and photosynthesis of Eucalyptus saligna to industrial-age changes in [CO 2] and temperature

Modelling catchment management impact on in-stream phosphorus loads in northern Victoria

Reappraising design practice

Sustainability: from systems to emergence

Probing brand luxury: a multiple lens approach

QTL associated with barley (Hordeum vulgare) feed quality traits measured through in situ digestion

First contact diagnosis and management of contact lens-related complications

Construction and preliminary immunobiological characterization of a novel, non-reverting, intranasal live attenuated whooping cough vaccine candidate

KBE frameworks and their applicability to a resource-based country: The case of Brunei Darussalam

Tablet technology to facilitate improved interaction and communication with students studying mathematics at a distance

Information literacy and its application in nursing education

FYI (online): supporting the student learning journey from near and far

Age-related decline of stand biomass accumulation is primarily due to mortality and not to reduction in NPP associated with individual tree physiology, tree growth or stand structure in a Quercus-dominated forest

Improved method of ultraviolet radiation reflection measurement for non-horizontal urban surfaces

Mean exposure fractions of human body solar UV exposure patterns for application in different ambient climates

The constitutionality of Australia's compulsory voting system

Effects of model complexity and tissue anisotropic conductivity on cortical modulation during transcranial direct current stimulation

The Anglo-Australian planet search. XXII. Two new multi-planet systems

Image enhancement from a stabilised video sequence

Marketing manufacturer and retailer house brands: A study of shelf space in two product categories

Strategic approaches in Australian SMEs: deliberate or emergent?

Usefulness and reliability of online assessments: a Business Faculty's experience

Evaluating the comparative performance of knowledge-based economies (KBEs)in ASEAN: a data envelopment analysis (DEA) application of additive efficiency

A sport celebrity brand image: a conceptual model

iLeisure: conceptualizing youth online leisure and quality of life

KM 100: introductory knowledge management for not-for-profit organisations

Model based predictive control of depth of anaesthesia

And God spoke English: the Book of Common Prayer, the Reformation and the evolution of English Christianity

Improving training in enterprise resource planning systems implementation through communities of practice

Investigating World Bank knowledge assessment methodology (KAM) using data envelopment analysis (DEA): a study in the ASEAN region

A measurement framework for knowledge-based economy (KBE) efficiency in ASEAN: a data envelopment (DEA) window approach

High intensity interval exercise training in overweight young women

Current and emerging screening methods to identify post-head-emergence frost adaptation in wheat and barley

Development and initial validation of the Farsi Mood Scale

Evaluating the anti-corruption capabilities of public e-procurement in a developing country

Numerical analysis of an averaged model of turbulent transport near a roughness layer

Parametric space for nonlinearly excited phase equation

Integrated analysis for a carbon- and water-constrained future: an assessment of drip irrigation in a lettuce production system in eastern Australia

Postgraduate research students: you are the future of the Academy

The life and death of Webfuse: principles for learning and leading into the future

Lysine acetylation in obesity, diabetes and metabolic disease

Dynamic and interactive teaching with technology

Are Chinese passengers willing to pay more for better air services?

Investigation of some fundamental properties of permeable concrete

Rainfall index insurance as an approach to manage climate change induced drought

Best relays selection method for error-resilient 3-D video transmission

Quantile analysis of the mathematics achievement - attitude relationship by gender

Competition policy in China and its relevance to SMEs

Saving mobilization and its impact on economic growth: a case study on Bangladesh

Distributed space-frequency coding for OFDM-based hybrid relay selection

Outage probability of unequal block-based OFDM amplify-and-forward relay protocol over wideband channels

Innovation in the teaching of sustainability in the business classroom via a combined model of experiential learning, reflective practice and metaphor

The foreign trade of Bangladesh: an empirical investigation

Rethinking market orientation through learning practices

Sense matters: aesthetic values of the Great Barrier Reef

Information seeking in a disaster

From certainty to searching: the impact of 1979 on Welsh identity

Turning points in multilateral trade negotiations on intellectual property

Potential application of geopolymers as protection coatings for marine concrete III. Field experiment

An inhibitor of phospholipase A2 group IIA modulates adipocyte signaling and protects against diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Cloud computing for higher education: a roadmap

A survey on bio-inspired algorithms for web service composition

Carbon mitigation actions by Queensland councils

Carbon action in Queensland

Climate change and tourism futures: responses by Australian tourism agencies

Carbon mitigation by Queensland tourism enterprises

Signs of countrymindedness: a survey of attitudes to rural industries and people

Identifying the determinants of e-learning service delivery quality

Restricting foreign acquisitions of Australian enterprises: who benefits?

Guidelines for the development and environmental protection of the outcrop area in the Guarani aquifer system in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Impact analysis of assessment, consultation and education services to support the adoption of smart home technologies, innovations for chronic disease prevention and solutions for independent living

An information security awareness capability model (ISACM)

An empirical study on the success factors of supplier-distributor relationships

The new green age: carbon mitigation by Queensland tourism enterprises

The new green age: carbon mitigation by Queensland tourism enterprises

Local adaptation responses in climate change planning in coastal Queensland

Does the android permission system provide adequate information privacy protection for end-users of mobile apps?

An empirical study of the relationship between corporate social responsibility disclosure and organizational performance: evidence from Libya

The development of internal auditing in Ethiopia: the role of institutional norms

A framework for investigating participant perceptions of unfair dismissal conciliation conferences

A review of virtuality and collaborative networks

Does maternity leave affect child health? Evidence from Parental Leave in Australia Survey

Corporate governance problems of savings, credit and cooperative societies

Perception of civil servants towards promotion on merit

Foresight styles assessment: a valid and reliable measure of dimensions of foresight competence?

Community engagement and building connectivity in the Lockyer Valley region

Reply to 'Response: board composition and firm performance: evidence from Bangladesh - a sceptical view'

From training to learning in enterprise resource planning systems

Adopting organisation learning theory in the classroom: advancing learning through the use of blogging and self-reflection

International human resource management

Diversity and employment equity

Why the Queensland, Western Australian and Tasmanian Criminal Codes are anachronisms

Why Bentham's vision of a comprehensive Criminal Code remains viable and desirable as the model design for a code

A model for the co-authored interpretation of My Career Chapter

Towards an improved IT service desk system and processes: a case study

Religious freedom in a secular society: the case of the Islamic headscarf in France

What should we teach? Defining your discipline to drive curriculum renewal: an environmental engineering case study

Making principled decisions about curriculum development: outcomes of a Realist evaluation across 13 universities

Comparison of plagiarism rates between oncampus and offcampus engineering hydrology students

The effect of inlet velocity and temperature on the strength of the swirling induced by a split channel: a CFD approach

A comparison of the effects of climate change on Aus, Aman and Boro rice yields in Bangladesh: evidence from panel data

Relationship between CO2 emissions and income in Australia: is there any evidence of an EKC?

The effects of cooperative learning on students' empowerment and professional accounting competencies in introductory accounting course

Director remuneration and performance in Malaysia family firms: an expropriation matter?

Performance and quality of experience of remote access laboratories

Defining performance: interpretations from the Australian university sector

Arsenic in volcanic geothermal fluids of Latin America

Investigation of unstabilized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for use as a long-term UV dosimeter: preliminary results

Simulations of spatial variability in particle-size emissions during wind erosion events

Physician in practice clinic: educating GPs in endocrinology through specialist-outreach

Capacity building of rural and remote communities to manage their mental health

Collaborative governance of ageing: challenges for local government in partnering with the seniors' sector

Influence of porosity and permeate suspended clay concentration on clay entrainment within a red ferrosol

Betelnut fibres as an alternative to glass fibres to reinforce thermoset composites: a comparative study

Distributed queue information based scheduling scheme for relay systems with wireless backhaul link

A new queue-status resource allocation scheme for backhaul link in relay enhanced networks

Corporate governance, ownership structure and firm performance: evidence from an emerging economy

The Australia and New Zealand jurisdiction and judgments scheme: a common law judicial area

Unequal error protection scheme based hierarchical 16-QAM for 3-D video transmission

The impact of rain water on soil pore networks following irrigation with saline-sodic water

Strategies for investment in the Australian macadamia industry: Development and evaluation of an objective investment appraisal software model

Impact of bank mergers on shareholders’ wealth

A comparison of Libyan and Australian students' perceptions of empowerment in accounting courses

Distant and disinterested: oversight of northern policing as Colonial Office policy in the 1840s and 1850s

Starting small and going global: lessons that brand storytelling can teach SMEs.

Childhood obesity and socio-economic status: evidence from the LSAC

Child cognitive and non-cognitive development: Does money matter?

Using social marketing initiatives to address disconnection in the Lockyer Valley Region

Stakeholders' engagement and interaction as paths for better water planning and management: experiences under the development of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Deploying mobile data services: an Australian case study

Evolution of agroforestry based farming systems: a study of Dhanusha District, Nepal

Consumer-centred ehealth: challenges and opportunities for China

Assessment of infection by Fusarium Pseudograminearum in wheat seedling tissues using quantitative PCR and a visual discoloration scale

Caffeine attenuates metabolic syndrome in diet-induced obese rats

Tensile properties of phenol-formaldehyde nanoclay reinforced composites: a pilot study

Chemical treatments on plant-based natural fibre reinforced polymer composites: an overview

Interfacial bonding and degumming effects on silk fibre/polymer biocomposites

Cultures in refuge: seeking sanctuary in modern Australia

Effect of degumming time on silkworm silk fibre for biodegradable polymer composites

Marshall-Hall's symphony in E flat and its symphonic context

Plausible futures for regional development and structural adjustment under climate change: a case of the rice industry in Australia

Tunnel reinforcement optimisation for nonlinear material

Applications of topology optimization techniques in seismic design of structure

Effects of synchronous music on treadmill running among elite triathletes

Women, children and violence in aboriginal law: some perspectives from the southeast Queensland frontier

Arsenic removal from groundwater by small-scale reverse osmosis unit in rural Bihar, India

Exploring the relationship between climate change and rice yield in Bangladesh: An analysis of time series data

Artificial neural networks approach for the prediction of thermal balance of SI engine using ethanol-gasoline blends

Numerical investigation of performance of a new type of savonius turbine

Dilution of toxic gases and smoke emissions from residential chimneys using a low-cost cap

Numerical computation of pressure drop across an off supplementary firing burner in heat recovery steam generator

Processing the CNTs' interaction in web using an electro-static field based process

Cure kinetic study of epoxidized hemp oil cured with a multiple catalytic system

Using a split chimney for dilution of exhaust pollution: a CFD approach

The effect of wind speed on the performance of a split chimney

Otoia, ancestral village of the Kerewo: modelling the historical emergence of Kerewo regional polities on the island of Goaribari, south coast of mainland Papua New Guinea

Rejuvenation Island: enriching the learning journey through immersion in virtual restorative environments

Theoretical modelling IEEE 802.15.4 MAC protocol with retransmission for wireless personal area networks in medical and healthcare deployment

A review of mild combustion and open furnace design consideration

Fibre composite railway sleeper design by using FE approach and optimization techniques

Library research support in Queensland: a survey

Chronic high-carbohydrate, high-fat feeding in rats induces reversible metabolic, cardiovascular, and liver changes

Negative events, positive outcomes: improving labour force outcomes via tertiary study for individuals with disability and chronic illness

Towards sanctuary: securing refugees and forced migrants in multicultural Australia

Composite behaviour of a hybrid FRP bridge girder and concrete deck

Duct noise control by using very light composite plate

Exploiting HD camcorders for close-up human movement applications

Improved wideband precoding with arbitrary subcarrier grouping in MIMO-OFDM systems

Modeling the flexural properties of SLG reinforced phenol formaldehyde composites using Langrage’s Method

Flexural properties of epoxy composites filled with glass powder: preliminary results

Effects of ground granulated blast furnace slag on the mechanical and microstructure of fly ash-based geopolymer binders

Quantitative study of the reactivity of fly ash in geopolymerization by FTIR

Business structures and sustainable regional legal practice: the use of incorporated legal practices by regional, rural and remote legal practitioners

Student attention, engagement and participation in a twitter-friendly classroom

A simplified scale for assessing and communicating climate change impacts

Analysis of conditional error rate and combining schemes in HARQ

Annual measurement of solar UVB at a reef site using a polyphenylene oxide dosimeter

Defining identity in the face of rapid urban growth: changing times in a regional Australian city

Iterative fast model control strategy with state constraints: an example of aircraft lateral control

Fostering social development and economic prosperity through lifelong learning: first steps in one Australian community

Diversity and inclusion in local governance: an Australian study of seniors' participation

Strategies for success in education: time management is more important for part-time than full-time community college students

Auditor independence and client economic power: qualitative evidence and propositions involving auditors' emotions and moral reasoning

Desirable generic attributes for accounting graduates into the twenty-first century: the views of employers

Improving the Separability of Motor Imagery EEG Signals Using a Cross Correlation-Based Least Square Support Vector Machine for Brain–Computer Interface

Two-symbol FPGA architecture for fast arithmetic encoding in JPEG 2000

An Asian perspective of occupational stress coping model: A case study of Sri Lankan employees

Olivia has lost her voice!: an audience reception study of children's response to new Australian play, Spirits in Bare Feet

Revisiting the control group: Problem-based learning's impact on the understanding of place value

The effect of inter-organization trust and dependency on e-procurement adoption: A case of Malaysian manufacturers

A proposal and evaluation of a design method in design science research

Reflection method of estimation for measurement error models

A study on the dynamic mechanical properties of silk fibre composites

Relocation of intensive agriculture to northern Queensland: the cotton industry

Relocation of intensive agriculture to northern Australia: the case of the rice industry

Climate variability analysis for Diuron application

Forfeiture provisions and the criminal/civil divide

Object-based image analysis for forest species classification using Worldview-2 satellite imagery and airborne LiDAR data

Terrain and canopy surface modelling from LiDAR data for tree species classification

Measuring the hypnotic depth of anaesthesia based on the EEG signal using combined wavelet transform, eigenvector and normalisation techniques

An exploratory study of the individual determinants of students sexual risk behaviour at a South African university

Premixed combustion of coconut oil in a hele-shaw shell

Burning characteristics of coconut oil In micro-combustor

Investigating the efficiency of ultrasound for controlling bio-fouling in batch membrane systems

The use of microalgae biodiesel in diesel engine: production, extraction and engine performance

Neutrality in the Tribunal: an insular debate or a valid concern?

Child labour: the effects of globalisation

A continuum-microscopic method based on IRBFs and control volume scheme for viscoelastic fluid flows

Creating capacities: teachers' perceptions of professional development and the role of the university

Public authority responses to marine stinger public health risks: a scenario analysis of the Irukandji health threat in controlled spaces at public beaches in Australia

Transformative career development learning: building capacity for self-determination

Radio resource allocation in LTE-advanced cellular networks with M2M communications

Precoder distribution and adaptive codebook in wideband precoding

Analysing approaches to constructing capacities

The shortest period sdB plus white dwarf binary CD-30 11223 (GALEX J1411-3053)

Employee perceptions of workforce retention strategies in a health system

Deformation detection for ISKANDARnet

My secret life and the sexual economy of fin-de-siecle England

Evaluating our research team's first three years to identify broader strategies for effective and sustainable capacity constructions

Purpose based access control for privacy protection in e-healthcare services

Intercultural usability of language learning websites

Implementing proactive maintenance policies to address problems with access to technology at Korean universities

The importance of focal awareness to learning in virtual communities

Creating Flickr photo-narratives with first-year teacher education students: The possibilities and pitfalls of designing emergent learning tasks

Numerical simulation of porous structure in foam concrete on thermal insulation property

The influence of the military posting cycle on group formation and team development in the Australian Defence Force

Withholding negative feedback: is it about protecting the self or protecting others?

A novel UEP scheme based upon rateless codes

Tribo performance of T-BFRP composite subjected to dry/wet contact conditions

Flexural properties of treated and untreated kenaf/epoxy composites

On the identity anonymization of high-dimensional rating data

Effects of supervised exercise training at the intensity of maximal fat oxidation in overweight young women

Assisting role redesign: a qualitative evaluation of the implementation of a podiatry assistant role to a community health setting utilising a traineeship approach

Promoting pro-environmental action in climate change deniers

Investigation of the free vibration behaviour of an innovative GFRP sandwich floor panel

Threshold electrolyte concentration relationships for soils from Macarthur River

Threshold electrolyte concentration relationships for soils from Roma fields Roleen property

Local Moving Least Square - One-Dimensional IRBFN Technique: Part I - Natural Convection Flows in Concentric and Eccentric Annuli

Instructor perceptions of using a mobile-phone-based, free classroom response system in first-year statistics undergraduate courses

Constructing capacities: building capabilities through learning and engagement

A dialogic approach to capacity-building: an example from a study with Saudi students at an Australian university

Influence of high levels of cloud cover on vitamin D effective and erythemal solar UV irradiances

Constructing defence worker capacity with cyber capability: learning from experience

Constructing capacity through knowledge management practice: a research team case study

Weaving the threads of time: narrative methods in participatory research

Following the sun: sustainable conferencing in a climate of change

Endurance exercise in a rat model of metabolic syndrome

The role of landholder education in adoption of soil health management systems

Animating algorithms as a DSP teaching tool

Local Moving Least Square - One-Dimensional IRBFN Technique: Part II- Unsteady Incompressible Viscous Flows

Design, development and implementation of innovative and pervasive applications using emerging communication technologies for highly mobile organisations

Opportunities for reducing on-farm energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in sugarcane

A practical science investigation for middle school students: designing a simple cost effective chemical solar radiation dosimeter

Optimal timepoint sampling in high-throughput gene expression experiments

A novel unequal error protection scheme for 3-D video transmission over cooperative MIMO-OFDM systems

Insurance innovations and incentives for adaptation using weather reanalysis tools for contract pricing

Satisfying privacy requirements before data anonymization

An approximate microaggregation approach for microdata protection

Utility-based resource allocation with bipartite matching in OFDMA-based wireless systems

Determination of the usage of shade structures via a dosimetry technique

Leading the evaluation of institutional online learning environments for quality enhancement in times of change

What is capacity building and why does it matter? Developing a model of workforce capacity building through the case of Education Commons

Distance learners' use of non-institutional social media to augment and enhance their learning experience

Applying a reverse induction process for improved definition of higher education technology-supported research projects

Going mobile: each small change requires another

Development of a framework for evaluating the impact and sustainability of mobile learning initiatives in higher education

Design of smart structures for wind turbine blades

Consumer perceptions of the effectiveness of a breast care nurse in providing coordinated care to women with breast cancer in Queensland, Australia

Hitting the bullseye of school improvement: the IDEAS project at work in a successful school system

The synergistic effect of hybrid flame retardants on pyrolysis behaviour of hybrid composite materials

Effect of alumina inclusions on microstructure and mechanical properties of 62 WC, 32 (Ti-W) C and 6 Co compacts

Mapping expertise in social science teaching: the professional development of a beginning teacher

The fundamentals of a potentiating learning milieu: expanding capacity for student internalisation and self-regulated learning

Creating and consolidating capacities among Australian show people

Capacities, connections, capital and capabilities: considering bioecological and electrical engineering perspectives

Motivating the construction academic: a conceptual study

Impact of the application of international quality processes on engineering education at universities in Sri Lanka

The moderating influence of device characteristics and usage on user acceptance of smart mobile devices

A model to select processes for IT service management improvement

Suitability of using coir fiber/polymeric composite for the design of liquid storage tanks

RBF-based multiscale control volume method for second order elliptic problems with oscillatory coefficients

Where have all the students gone? Developing capacity and competence in online teaching and learning

The effect of service delivery quality on customer value of e-learning systems

Uighur transnationalism in contemporary Australia: exile, sanctuary, community and future

Coalitions of justice: articulating democratic transition in Australia's Salvadoran community

The value of concept mapping in developing professional growth in a geography methods course

One century of arsenic exposure in Latin America: a review of history and occurrence from 14 countries

Measurements of heat treatment effects on bovine cortical bones by nanoindentation and compression testing

The impact of sponsorship awareness in low involvement settings

Experimental study on multi-panel retrofitted steel transmission towers

Modelling of steel lattice tower angle legs reinforced for increased load capacity

Harnessing mutuality: the social capital of club experience - a framework for examining social dynamics of community clubs

Assisting secondary support teachers to work in the recommended service delivery model: introducing the concept of a subculture of learning support

Respectful, responsible and reciprocal ruralities research: approaching and positioning educational research differently within Australian rural communities

Joint multi-user precoding in multi-relay systems

Exploring a cross-institutional research collaboration and innovation: deploying social software and Web 2.0 technologies to investigate online learning designs and interactions in two Australian universities

Epoxy composite based on kenaf fibers for tribological applications under wet contact conditions

Enabling energy efficient and resilient networks using dynamic topologies

Mother tongue-based multilingual education for Timor-Leste: a new direction for language-in-education

Indigenous knowledge in the Australian national curriculum for science: from conjecture to classroom practice

Tocotrienols reverse cardiovascular, metabolic and liver changes in high carbohydrate, high fat diet-fed rats

Assessing practical laboratory skills in undergraduate molecular biology courses

Review on using packages to enhance the teaching of critical path networks

The role of justice in historical negotiations

Quantitative kinetic and structural analysis of geopolymers. Part 1. The activation of metakaolin with sodium hydroxide

Sandwich composites made of syntactic foam core and paper skin: manufacturing and mechanical behavior

Symptom development proceeds at different rates in susceptible and partially resistant cereal seedling infected with Fusarium pseudograminearum

Correlation between NIRS generated and chemically measured feed quality data in barley (Hordeum vulgare), and potential use in QTL analysis identification

Promoting asynchronous interactivity of recorded lectures in blended learning environments

Analytics and complexity: learning and leading for the future

Changing traditional reading pedagogy: the importance of classroom interactive talk for year one Malay readers

Outage performance for compute-and-forward in generalized multi-way relay channels

Measuring the particulate backscattering of inland waters: a comparison of techniques

Designing for explicit TPACK development: evolution of a preservice design and technology course

Effects of restructuring on organization performance of mobile phone service providers

Traditional Indian medicines for metabolic syndrome

Ontological commitments of ethics and economics

How good (or bad) is shortest path routing in layered networks

Factors affecting broadband penetration in OECD countries: a panel data analysis

Mining contextual knowledge for context-aware recommender systems

Internet and distributed computing systems: 5th International Conference, IDCS 2012, Wuyishan, Fujian, China, November 21-23, 2012, Proceedings

Data and knowledge engineering: Third International Conference, ICDKE 2012 Wuyishan, Fujian, China, November 21-23, 2012 Proceedings

An efficient visibility graph similarity algorithm and its application for sleep stages classification

Analysing epileptic EEGs with a visibility graph algorithm

A novel relay scheme for the asymmetry multiple access relay channel

High-order alternating direction implicit method based on compact integrated-RBF approximations for unsteady/steady convection-diffusion equations

Consciousness, EEG and depth of anaesthesia monitoring

Alternative fuels from microalgae for diesel engine

Using treated CSG water for irrigation in the Surat Basin: opportunity or threat?

On surgical disruption: rating, expected operative time or actual wasted time - some comments on Gillepsie et al (2012)

Dosimetric investigation of the solar erythemal UV radiation protection provided by beards and moustaches

Problem set 10

Notes about teaching mathematics as relationships between structures: a short journey from early childhood to higher mathematics

Compact local integrated RBF stencil based on finite volume formulation for second-order differential problems

Cognitive development of proof

Sweet success: making machinima to engage sugarcane farmers in discussions about climate risk

A high-order compact integrated-RBF scheme for time-dependent problems

High performance micro CO sensors based on ZnO-SnO2 composite nanofibers with anti-humidity characteristics

Surveying and spatial science programs in AUS and NZ as an educational pathway to land surveyor registration

The structure of academic surveying and spatial science programs in Australia and New Zealand as an educational pathway to land surveyor registration

Surveying programs in NSW and USQ and introduction of a new major at USQ

Comparison of the structures and core competencies of tertiary surveying programs in New South Wales with the University of Southern Queensland and the introduction of a new major at USQ

IT infrastructure and its role in the success of e-learning systems: measurement and causal models

Numerical study of nonlinear wave processes by means of discrete chain models

A new IRBFN scheme for the numerical simulation of interfacial flows

Development of parallel algorithm for boundary value problems using compact local integrated RBFN and domain decomposition

Conceptualising a framework for sustainable decision making for sport funding in regional government

A novel QoE-based carrier scheduling scheme in LTE-advanced networks with multi-service

A self-stabilizing algorithm for finding a minimal K-dominating set in general networks

A qualitative study into the innovation and technology transfer process of a micro-manufacturer within a university-industry collaboration context in regional South-East Queensland (D. Eng.)

Sustainable investment: a tool for decision makers

Climate change mitigation survey of Queensland local councils: final report

Problem set 9

The development of friendships and sociality: exploring the friendships of people with autism

Retrieving information from microblog using pattern mining and relevance feedback

Characteristics of kenaf fibre immersed in different solutions

Moving beyond a fashion: likely paths and pitfalls for learning analytics

Project #pstn: engaging pre-service teachers in the Twitterverse

Research and development of fibre composites in civil infrastructure - the Australian experience [Keynote address]

Composites in civil infrastructure: R & D to applications

The lone wolf terrorist: sprees of violence

A new teletraffic approach for network planning and evolution prediction

Application and device characteristics as drivers for smart mobile device adoption and productivity

Barriers to adopting remote access laboratory learning activities

Fairness-aware resource partition and routing in relay-enhanced orthogonal-frequency-division-multiple-accessing cellular networks

Examining first year students' preparedness for studying engineering

Matching relevance features with ontological concepts

Numerical solution of Fokker-Planck equation using the integral radial basis function networks

Key factors for the development of a culturally appropriate interactive multimedia informative program for aboriginal health workers

Assessing riparian zone impacts on water and sediment movement: a new approach

Modeling strain localisation in a segmented bar by a C2-continuous two-node integrated-RBF element formulation

A conceptual framework for client financed construction and non-traditional approaches for financing construction work

Computation of a Fokker-Planck-equation-based multi-scale model for complex flows using the IRBFN method

Social ITSM - challenges and benefits

Overcoming the 'shame' factor: empowering indigenous people to share and celebrate their culture

Answering your significant research questions with the aid of a research matrix

Quality of service, quality of experience and online learning

Monitoring the social and academic integration of first year education students at a regional university

Social ITSM: exploring challenges and benefits

Investigating two configurations of a heat exchanger in an Indirect Heating Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heating System (IHICSSWHS)

Virtual reality assessment of rugby lineout throw kinematics

Understanding hydroclimate processes in the Murray-Darling basin for natural resources management

Behaviour of full-scale railway turnout sleepers from glue-laminated fibre composite sandwich structures

Opportunities for reducing on-farm energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in sugarcane

Spectral machinery (or beyond essence and system)

Graph based interference coordination for relay networks

An e-portfolio pilot: WIL at the University of Newcastle and University of New England

Rich media technologies: opportunities in Australian higher education

Distribution and mobility of geogenic arsenic in the shallow aquifers of the northeast of La Pampa, Argentina

Effects of distributive justice complaints resolution strategies on customer satisfaction in Kenya’s banking industry

Tribological consideration in roller mill machines for agriculture applications

Human resource management in Australia and New Zealand

Performance management

The social and political underpinnings of the inclusive education movement

Sources and behavior of arsenic and trace elements in groundwater and surface water in the Poopo Lake Basin, Bolivian Altiplano

Using the DYD stakeholder consultation process to connect with practitioners to define a set of graduate capabilities for a program

Corporate social responsibility disclosure: evidence from Libyan managers

Curriculum development and educational research: the barriers to good practice and what to do about them

Feeding back and enhancing authentic learning in quality course assessment design: locating information systems education in rigorous educational research

Students' self-assessment of assignments-is it worth it?

Develop and validate a biomechanical surrogate of the human thorax using corrugated sheets: a feasibility study

Green building materials: hemp oil based biocomposites

Reinforcement of corroded steel structures with CFRP panels

The re-framing of practice: writing anecdotes as a tool for critical reflection

Defining your discipline to authenticate your curriculum

Preliminary evaluation of shape and colour image sensing for automated weed identification in sugarcane

ICT: an integral part of the middle school classroom

Stiffness of FRP pultruded tubes under repeated axial impacts

A case for case: exploring the use of case studies in an on-line context

Life of Galileo

GRI guidelines for assurance of sustainability reports: Fortune global 500 list 2010 analyses

Social and environmental conflicts over water resource: a contribution to their characterization and a preliminary assessment of the tools used for prevention and resolution

An empirical assessment of stakeholders' understanding of sustainable tourism in the alpine protected areas

Web technologies and applications

Microdata protection method through microaggregation: a systematic approach

Compressive properties of chemically-treated hemp fibre reinforced composites

Unsupervised multi-label text classification using a world knowledge ontology

Encouraging active participant engagement in the evaluation of online conferencing

Efficient and effective filtering of duplication detection in large database applications

Near ultraviolet emission spectroscopy of the Hayabusa re-entry

The impact on values and learning behaviours of engineering students from an authentic learning environment: preliminary analysis and observations

Emergent motifs of social justice storytelling as pedagogy

Introducing refractive phenomenology

Peer assisted learning in an online postgraduate course on engineered fibre composites

Engaging distance students through online tutorials

Digging deeper using 'habitus' – a fresh approach to understanding student behaviour

Building a career in engineering education

The effectiveness of using variable speed limit on the performance of an interrupted flow

Analysis of unitary distributed spatial-temporal precoding in MIMO relay systems

Accounting: information for business decisions

Optimizing embodied energy of building construction through bioclimatic principles

A comparison of theory and practice in market intelligence gathering for Australian micro-businesses and SMEs

Guidance and human flourishing: the contribution of spirituality explored through mentoring and life coaching

The effects of improved vehicle technology on the design of acceleration and deceleration lanes at freeway entry and exit ramps

Semisolid processing technology

Thermal properties and structure conformation on silkworm silk fibre

Ascribing identities and negotiating stereotypes: case study of intercountry adoptees

A model for security and privacy in e-health

Semantic labelling for document feature patterns using ontological subjects

Bio-resins: new structural renewable materials for bio-composite applications

Diversity analysis of two-way MIMO relaying system based on zero-forcing

Need for a global accord for the postgraduate learning of engineers

Student perceptions of teammates' performance: influence of team formation method

Implementing multimedia resources in online learning and its effect on student understanding

Islamic project financing implementation for sustainable infrastructure development in Indonesia

The reactivity of fly ash in geopolymer synthesis: a qualification study by FTIR

Prediction of the flexural behavior of fibre composite sandwich beams

An investigation of the 3-dimensional surface capture techniques of the human foot

Development of smart wind turbine blades

Utilizing interactive multimedia for the empowerment of aboriginal health workers

Impact analysis of smart assistive technologies for people with dementia

Tensile properties of bagasse reinforced epoxy composites

Mechanical properties of a bamboo charcoal reinforced polylactic acid composite

Principled possibilities - ideas for teaching

Teachers, time, staff and money: committing to community consultation in high schools

Estimating bio-kinetics for nitrogen source oxidation processes using online measurements in activated sludge

Evaluating factors in sustainable road construction and management: a life cycle approach

An investigation of effective detection length of a localized micro-failure in a laminated thin composite plate using FBG sensor integrated AE system

Sampling, quantization and computational aspects of the quadrature lock-in amplifier

Infrared camera imaging algorithm to augment CT-assisted biopsy procedures

Field applications and case studies of FRP in civil infrastructure: the Australian experience

Fabrication process optimization of hemp fibre reinforced polypropylene composites

Sustainable biomass supply chain for the Mallee woody crop industry

Development of draft quality-of-governance standards for climate change mitigation and beyond: groundtruthing of developed verifiers in REDD+ pilot area, Nepal

Curriculum design and higher order skills: challenging assumptions

The income statement: content and use

Stereotypes, students' perceptions and inherent creativity: further Australian evidence

Enhancing nursing education with remote access laboratories

Detecting delamination in a composite structure using an embedded FBG-AE hybrid system

Mechanical behaviour of a new type of fibre composite railway sleeper

A purpose-based access control in native XML databases

Do open educational resources represent additional challenges or advantages to the current climate of change in the Australian higher education sector?

Optimized FBG sensor network for efficient detection of a delamination in FRP structures

Recent developments on fibre composite sandwich structures in civil infrastructure

Geopolymer concrete with FRP confinement

Work in progress: developing and evaluating tutor training for collaborative teaching

Cognitive presence characteristics of online and face-to-face discussions in a blended course

An innovative outlier detection method using localized thresholds

Energy-efficient technique for engineering structural monitoring in the dark

Network performance and quality of experience of remote access laboratories

An empirical assessment of stakeholder understanding of sustainable tourism in alpine protected areas

Gender, flight and neglect: an examination of the sexual and gender-based violence against Congolese women refugees

Precision livestock farming: precision feeding technologies and sustainable livestock production

Mechanical property and structure of alkali-activated fly ash and slag blends

Performance investigation of dynamic topologies in MPLS networks

Non-velocity based analysis of passive ultrasonic signal for source location detection in composite plates: a pilot study

Color plus depth 3-D video transmission with heirarchical 16-QAM

Sustainability of health information systems in developing countries: the case of Fiji

Steel, material flows, and globalisation: by-product optimisation and waste management in today's steel industry

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) as a career counselling strategy

What is success in cultural heritage tourism?

The BASES expert statement on use of music in exercise

Strengthening of corroded steel angles using CFRP

Why practising Vygotsky is more than the ZPD

Effects of synchronous music on elite athletes during training activities

Performance measurement

Statement of cash flows

Business sustainability

Changing views of theory and practice in counselling: multiple intelligences, eclecticism and the therapeutic alliance

Supporting decision-making in the sugar industry with integrated seasonal climate forecasting

Monocular vision, optical blur and visual looming as a basis for mobile robot obstacle avoidance

A numerical study of integrated radial-basis-functions for the pressure-velocity formulation

RBF computation of multiscale elliptic problems [Keynote paper]

Digital communities: context for leading learning into the future?

Institutional Islamophobia in the cases of Ahmed Zaoui and Mohamed Haneef

Emerging options for solving the arsenic problems of rural and periurban areas in Latin America

Application of photogrammetry at USQ hypersonic wind tunnel

Work in progress: can Bourdieu's Habitus provide a theoretical framework for engineering education research?

Daily erythemal radiation validation of satellite retrievals using 14 ground-based stations in both hemispheres

Measuring ultraviolet radiation exposure of individual grape bunches

Underwater deployment of the polyphenylene oxide dosimeter combined with a neutral density filter to measure long-term solar UVB exposures

A role-involved purpose-based access control model

A novel scheduling scheme for finite buffer service in time-varying channels

Within block spatial variation in CCS: another potentially important consideration in the application of precision agriculture to sugarcane production

An assessment of sugarcane yield monitoring concepts and techniques from commercial yield monitoring systems

Engaging higher education students via digital curation

Interest convergence in Australian education

Establishing woody perennials on hostile soils in arid and semi-arid regions: a review

Understanding best practice in engineering education using the concept of pedagogical content knowledge

The development of a learning community in an e-learning environment

Quantification of environmental conditions in Australian livestock buildings

Getting the balance right: the challenge of balancing praise and correction for early school years children who exhibit oppositional and defiant behaviour

An alternative view of mixed methods research: learning with and from indigenous ways of knowing

Irrigation control using wireless underground sensor networks

The effectiveness of team project work for distance education students

From ripple to tsunami: the possible impact of MOOCs on higher education

Incorporating career development learning in a business work integrated learning framework

An assessment rubric on reflection in a career development learning component of a business course

Successful media strategies for business: how Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Curtin won journalists' support

Public relations techniques for leaders in a crisis: Mackenzie King and John Curtin in the Canadian-Australian War Alliance, 1941-1945

From access to success: improving the higher education learning experience for incarcerated students without internet access

Digital innovations in prison education: a review of current initiatives

Self-identified and observed teaching styles of junior development and club professional tennis coaches in Australia: exploring the prevailing current of pedagogical practices

Application of seasonal prediction on sugar cane

Supporting decision-making in the sugar industry with integrated seasonal climate forecasting

Power of engineering: changing the perceptions of year 9 and 10 female school students towards an engineering career

The use of mobile technologies to overcome digital inequities in prison education: a pilot project

Multiple sensorial media and presence in 3D environments

Orchid mycorrhizas: molecular ecology, physiology, evolution and conservation aspects

Impact of internship programme on the performance of public health care institutions

Growing pains in the revitalisation of a 2nd level engineering and spatial science PBL course

Does nominal devaluation improve income distribution? Evidence from Bangladesh

Precision agriculture technologies for the Australian nut industries

An assessment of stress factors on engineering academics in a regional context

Employment law and theory: a Malaysian focus with a comparative perspective

Using Moodle and eReaders to overcome the digital divide in the education of incarcerated offenders: work in progress report

Photodegradation of dissolved organic matter: the impact on monolayers

Improving climate risk management at local level – techniques, case studies, good practices and guidelines for World Meteorological Organization members

Real-time model predictive control of surface irrigation for cotton: setup of field trial

Benchmarking OER use and assessment in higher education

Arsenic and associated trace-elements in groundwater from the Chaco-Pampean plain, Argentina: results from 100 years of research

Silk fibers and their unidirectional polymer composites

More science than art: understanding and reducing defensiveness in the face of criticism of groups and cultures

Online CBT for youth anxiety: extending BRAVE-ONLINE into the UK context

Processing of materials using electromagnetic fields

Addressing freshwater shortage with renewable energies

Sustaining the future through virtual worlds

The transformative capacity of play and the arts for learning and student engagement: implications for pre-service teacher education

Real-time adaptive control of furrow irrigation: preliminary results of cotton field trial

Behaviour of pultruded FRP hollow sections under eccentric loading

The Queensland cloud seeding research program

Individual values and organizational culture during a merger: immovable objects or shifting sands?

Buildings: climate change

The effect of direction of low speed winds on the performance of a split chimney

The effects of lime, gypsum and lime/gypsum combinations, after 2.5 years, on two sodic soils under dryland cropping conditions in the Macquarie Valley, NSW

Australian carbon dust emission: a carbon accounting omission?

The potential of wind and solar energy in Malaysia east coast: preliminary study at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Integrated Student Learning Journey Initiative (ISLJI) key scoping report: an overview of the provision of academic language literacy and learning skills

Radiometric temperature analysis of the Hayabusa spacecraft re-entry

Fibre composites for high pressure pipeline repairs, in-air and subsea: an overview

The structure of tertiary surveying programs in New South Wales and the University of Southern Queensland and the core competencies for surveyors

A review of the potential issues associated with using coal seam gas associated water for dust suppression

Air conditioning systems: design and energy efficiency

Adhesive wear characteristics of natural fiber-reinforced composites

Towards authentic assessment - an evaluation of assessment in a postgraduate engineering asset management course

Peer-to-peer mentoring: an embedded model to support the transition of first year psychology students

CO2 emissions and income trajectory in Australia: the role of technological change

Emulating pre-urban initial rainfall losses and restoring baseflow with rainwater harvesting

Demand-side response smart grid technique for optimized energy use

Moving with the times: pedagogies for mobile students

A reassessment of energy and GDP relationship: a case of Australia

Measuring psycho-physiological indicators to explore the use of music for enhancing mindfulness imagery experiences

Custom, conflict and the construction of heritage: European huts on the Tasmanian central plateau

Training, development and learning

Al-Skeini v United Kingdom (2011) 53 EHRR 18

Nafion-peptized laponite clay nanocomposite membrane for PEMFC

Getting the context right for good assessment practice

Teaching literacies: pedagogical possibilities

Teaching for quality and equity: (Re)focusing the lens to make diversity and difference visible

Planning for literacy learning

Teaching literacies: principles and practices

Meditation and psychological health and functioning: a descriptive and critical review

A simplified scale for assessing current impact of climate change in the Pacific region

Threshold electrolyte concentration relationships for soils from Fairview IR2 and IR3

Threshold electrolyte concentration relationships for soils from Roma fields The Bend, Pleasant Hills and Brigadoon properties

Food and water security issues - Australia

Assessment of gases emission from the operation of the semi-aerobic landfill site by solid waste of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Is english our lingua franca or the native speaker's property? The native speaker orientation among middle school students in Japan

Wine tasting: should Granite Belt wineries charge for tasting?

Local residents' perceptions on tourism: an Espiritu Santo and Tangoa Islands, a Vanuatu study

Power, passion, rapport and reflexivity: political and personal implications of biographically situated research(ers)

Enhancing accounting graduates' skills and employability through a work integrated learning (WIL) capstone course: an Australian university's experience

Securing twenty-first century societies

Strategies to engage academics in assuring graduate attributes

How much more can sunspots tell us about the solar dynamo?

Middle schooling in Tasmania: teachers' beliefs about classroom pedagogy

Brunei economy

Investigating the psychosocial mechanisms underlying the influence of trait emotional intelligence on university adjustment: the mediating roles of coping and social support

Implementing curriculum integration: three easy lessons from past practice

Student reflections on the inclusion of ADR in the law curriculum

Making friends

Human values in a mass society: a reading of George Orwell's novels

Integrating workplace learning into an accounting capstone course: an Australian university's experience

Does micro credit increase child labour in absence of micro insurance?

Role of wireless handheld technology by nurses in healthcare environment

The open education movement in Australia: the need for political leadership

Acoustical design of digital stethoscope for improved performance

Does information and communication technology (ICT) facilitate knowledge management activities in the 21st century?

The role of equality in negotiation and sustainable peace

Effectively delivering XML information in periodic broadcast environments

Aligning your ducks for the student learning journey: stories from the pond of distance ed

Processes of decision-making with adaptive combinations of wiki and chat tools

Agent-based computer models for learning about climate change and process analysis techniques

Trauma, memory and landscape in Queensland: women writing 'A New Alphabet of Moss and Water'

Baron for a day: guests' perception of historical past in castle hotels

Shadows and ghosts in rural welfare system

Information security and privacy in human resource information systems

Optimizing engineering project governance for sustainability

A program of sustainability - understanding of end users' value and social perspective

Who's the weird mob anyway? Assimilation and authenticity in They're A Weird Mob

Integrating technology, pedagogy and content in mathematics education

Diploid and tetraploid progenitors of wheat are valuable sources of resistance to the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei

The factors affecting housing price in Hangzhou: an empirical analysis

Peronosclerospora australiensis sp. nov. and Peronosclerospora sargae sp. nov., two newly recognised downy mildews in northern Australia, and their biosecurity implications

First report of the powdery mildew Erysiphe diffusa on soybean in Australia

New weed hosts of Macrophomina phaseolina in Australia

Genetic structure of Cochliobolus sativus populations sampled from roots and leaves of barley and wheat in North Dakota

Development of weather-based predictive models for Fusarium head blight and Deoxynivalenol accumulation for spring malting barley

Reduced fungicide use on a new Australian peanut cultivar, highly resistant to the late leaf spot and rust pathogens

Stunted cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fully recovers biomass and yield of seed cotton after delayed root inoculation with spores of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (Glomus mosseae)

Root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) reduces nutrient response, biomass and yield of wheat in sorghum-fallow-wheat cropping systems in a subtropical environment

Jupiter: friend or foe? IV: The influence of orbital eccentricity and inclination

The dynamical evolution of dwarf planet (136108) Haumea's collisional family: general properties and implications for the trans-Neptunian belt

The McDonald observatory planet search: new long-period giant planets and two interacting Jupiters in the HD155358 system

2008 LC18: a potentially unstable Neptune Trojan

A second giant planet in 3:2 mean-motion resonance in the HD 204313 system

Cyclic transit probabilities of long-period eccentric planets due to periastron precession

Resonances required: dynamical analysis of the 24 sex and HD 200964 planetary systems

A dynamical analysis of the proposed circumbinary HWVirginis planetary system

2004 KV18: a visitor from the scattered disc to the Neptune Trojan population

Inheritance of resistance to root-lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei and P. neglectus) in five doubled-haploid populations of wheat

Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on growth and nitrogen fixation of two soybean cultivars in northern China

Can a wheat cultivar with high transpiration efficiency maintain its yield advantage over a near-isogenic cultivar under elevated CO2?

Improving yield potential in crops under elevated CO2: integrating the photosynthetic and nitrogen utilization efficiencies

Rising atmospheric CO2 concentration affects mineral nutrient and protein concentration of wheat grain

Wheat grain quality under increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations in a semi-arid cropping system

Working alliance in online cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders in youth: Comparison with clinic delivery and its role in predicting outcome

Sara Macliver & The Camerata

For the Fallen

(1173) Anchises - thermophysical and dynamical studies of a dynamically unstable Jovian Trojan

A detailed investigation of the proposed NN Serpentis planetary system

The effect of soil moisture deficit on the susceptibility of soil to compaction as a result of vehicle traffic

Nitrogen and phosphorus availability following topsoil application of mineral and organomineral fertilisers (OMF)

Trio Brioso - Twilight trio recital

Electric field analysis of spinneret design for needleless electrospinning of nanofibers

Fiber trapping comparison of embeddable and locatable spinning with sirofil and siro core-spinning with flute pipe air suction

Effect of hydrogen peroxide treatment on the properties of wool fabric

Needleless electrospinning of uniform nanofibers using spiral coil spinnerets

Effect of experimental parameters on needleless electrospinning from a conical wire coil

A DEBRIS disk around the planet hosting M-star GJ 581 spatially resolved with Herschel

Herschel imaging of 61Vir: implications for the prevalence of debris in low-mass planetary systems

Revisiting the proposed planetary system orbiting the eclipsing polar HU Aquarii

Long-term magnetic field monitoring of the Sun-like star ksi Bootis A

Characterization of cleavage events in the multifunctional cilium adhesin Mhp684 (P146) reveals a mechanism by which mycoplasma hyopneumoniae regulates surface topography

Discovery of a magnetic field in the early B-type star sigma Lupi

A new way to nanostructure hydrogels: electrospun thermo-responsive islands-in-the-sea nanofibres

Thermo-responsive Hercosett/Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) films: a new, fast, optically responsive coating

The impact of a child with autism on the Bruneian family system

The marginalisation of localism in current responses to the ecological crisis

Investor-state arbitration: the roadmap from the multilateral agreement on investment to the trans-Pacific partnership agreement

Superficial social inclusion? Reflections from first-time distance learners. A practice report

Performance evaluation of a model thermocompressor using computational fluid dynamics

(3R,4S,5S,8S,10R,13R)-3-Hydroxykaura-9(11),16-dien-18-oic acid

Exploring the influence of the mass media on primary students' conceptual understanding of genetics

Delivery and impact bypass in a karst aquifer with high phosphorus source and pathway potential

Stream water quality in intensive cereal cropping catchments with regulated nutrient management

Quantifying nutrient transfer pathways in agricultural catchments using high temporal resolution data

Evaluating nutrient source regulations at different scales in five agricultural catchments

The seasonality of phosphorus transfers from land to water: implications for trophic impacts and policy evaluation

Distance learner colloquium: exploring the enigma

The challenges for mature life-long learners: insights from video diaries of first-time distance students

Assuring best practice in technology-enhanced learning environments

Superficial social inclusion? Reflections from first-time distance learners

Physical and virtual learning spaces in higher education: concepts for the modern learning environment [Preface]

Mhp182 (P102) binds fibronectin and contributes to the recruitment of plasmin(ogen) to the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae cell surface

He whanaunga tera: the politics and practice of an indigenous and intercultural approach to ecological well-being

The human ecologist as alchemist: an inquiry into Ngai Te Rangi cosmology, human agency, and well-being in a time of ecological peril

High functioning autism spectrum disorder: a challenge to secondary school educators and the students with the condition

The nature of clay-cation association dictates clay behaviour in aqueous suspensions

Threshold electrolyte concentration and dispersive potential in relation to CROSS in dispersive soils

Nature of the clay-cation bond affects soil structure as verified by X-ray computed tomography

Badiou and Zizek on Mallarme: the critique of object-art

A typology of the traditional games of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

A bibliography of the traditional games of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Great war leaders' successful media strategies for business: how Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Curtin won journalists' support

The importance and benefits of corporate social responsibility disclosure in the Libyan context: evidence from managers

Chinese online literature: creative consumers and evolving business models

Boundary Street

China's WTO participation in anti-dumping disputes (2001-2011)

Combining collaboration spaces: identifying patterns of tool use for decision-making in a networked learning environment

Computational modelling of the design conversation as a sequence of situated acts

Mapping anti-dumping disputes from 1995 to 2011: the changing pattern

A report on the measurement properties of the Career Interest Test within My Future

Richard 111 meets steam punk.

Organ Recital

A Piano Spectacular

Investor-state arbitration : the changing landscape

Some reflections on the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement negotiation process

Critical role of 'T-shaped skills & incentive rewards' as determinants for knowledge management enablers: a case of Indian study

Effects of synchronous music among elite endurance athletes

Re-framing education as a thirdspace: neonarratives of pedagogy, power and transformation

Nicknames in Australian secondary schools: insights into nicknames and adolescent views of self

Community, domain, practice: facilitator catch cry for revitalising learning and teaching through communities of practice

Identifying and building the leadership capacity of community of practice facilitators

Assessment of the indigenous national heritage values for Wurrwurrwuy stone picture site

Ask first: a guide to respecting indigenous heritage places and values: issues and gaps analysis

Heritage value of rock art on the Cape York Peninsular: assessment of criterion iii for Cape York World Heritage nomination [Confidential]

Behind the green door: romantic suffering and Australian lesbian identity in the mid-twentieth century

The fox's child [Short story]

Feldstein-Horioka (F-H) puzzle and country-specific effects: evidence from some developing countries' panel data

Music applications with elite athletes

Citius, altius, fortius: if only it were that simple [Keynote]

Otsu's threshold selection method applied in de-noising heart sound of the digital stethoscope record

Typology of the main fungal diseases affecting winter wheat in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Importance of a well-distributed frequency of measurements in the senescence monitoring of winter wheat and yield estimates

Estimating winter wheat yield through the decreasing phase of its green area [Cinetique de decroissance de la surface verte et estimation du rendement du ble d'hiver]

Young stars in the time domain

Introduction to groundwater geochemistry and fundamentals of hydrogeochemical modeling

Quest for transformation: an exploration of pilgrimage in the counseling process

Seed zone properties and crop performance as affected by three no-till seeders for permanent raised beds in arid northwest China

Threshold electrolyte concentration for dispersive soils in relation to CROSS

Precision manufacturing for clinical-quality regenerative medicines

Is the community better off? An assessment of outcomes based performance management

Nicknames in Australian secondary schools: insights into nicknames and adolescent views of self

Transnational literacies: second language literacy development in immigrant families of non english-speaking background

Ultraviolet exposure measurements on a coral reef by application of polyphenylene oxide film dosimeters

Using argumentative mapping and qualitative probabilistic network in resettlement planning process: A case study of Padma Multi-purpose Bridge Project

Assessing trauma-related symptoms in children and adolescents

Developing tools to support complex infrastructure decision-making

Dark in my imagination

Tales within historical spaces (bilingual artist book)

MINUS SPACE en Oaxaca: Panorama de 31 artistas

Haunts and Follies: Curatorial contribution and catalogue

Japan moves to green: natural disaster empowers Japanese citizens

Preparing teachers to meet the challenges of inclusive education in Negara Brunei Darussalam

Developing a national contaminated land liability scheme in China: the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act revisited

Pre-breeding wheat for resistance to root-lesion nematodes

The association between sustainability performance management goals and organisational performance

Global developments in co-creation of knowledge: the role of university-community engagement networks (an academic's perspective)

Developing our middle leaders to improve the quality of teaching, learning and classroom outcomes

HTML5: new opportunities, old threats

Pacific Island community 'engaged outreach' case study

Natural composites for bettering the environment [Keynote]

The effectiveness of the IDEAS project in Sydney CEO: a research report

Two different learning environments: how do Arabic international students cope with the Australian learning system?

Accurate macroscale modelling of spatial dynamics in multiple dimensions

Coverage of women in sport: a gamble [Blog post]

Rainfall and water requirement of rice during growing period

Emotional reactivity to network stress in middle and late adulthood: the role of childhood parental emotional abuse and support

Gender and labour force inequality in small-scale gold mining in Ghana

Six degrees of separation

Into the valley of the shadow

Faith and Fatherland

Rededication of a dream

An investigation into the adequacy of existing and alternative property rights regimes to achieve sustainable management of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh

K−means clustering microaggregation for statistical disclosure control

Bridging the digital divide: bringing e-literacy skills ot incarcerated students

Work performance and your subjective well-being

Accreditation in the profession of psychology: a cautionary tale

Effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention in promoting the well-being of independently living older people: results of the Well Elderly 2 Randomised Controlled Trial

Positivity effects in older adults' perception of facial emotion: the role of future time perspective

Who's afraid of sex at school? The politics of researching culture, religion and sexuality at school

Comparison based group ranking outcome for multiattribute group decisions

Rank similarity based MADM method selection

Automatic construction of domain-specific sentiment lexicon for context sensitive opinion retrieval

Are supply-chain relationships more influenced by buyer-supplier relationships or the business environment of the country itself? Evidence from the 'China-Australia' trading relationship

Segmenting consumers to inform agrifood value chain development in Nepal

Segmenting consumers of tomato in Nepal: implications for value chain development

Exploring training and development in Queensland SME training and development innovators

The influence of sustainability performance management practices on organisational sustainability performance

Scat happens: spatiotemporal fluctuation in dingo scat collection rates

Seven considerations about dingoes as biodiversity engineers: the socioecological niches of dogs in Australia

Do desert dingoes drink daily? Visitation rates at remote waterpoints in the Strzelecki Desert

Assessing predation risk to threatened fauna from their prevalence in predator scats: dingoes and rodents in arid Australia

Reintroducing the dingo: the risk of dingo predation to threatened vertebrates of western New South Wales

The effects of lethal control on the conservation values of Canis lupus dingo

Enhancing the value of nitrogen from rapeseed meal for microbial oil production

Determination of the hydrolysis constant in the biochemical methane potential test of municipal solid waste

Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analysis of archaeal and bacterial populations in a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor treating landfill leachate at low temperatures

Anaerobic toxicity assay of plasticisers

A novel process for enhancing oil production in algae biorefineries through bioconversion of solid by-products

Commentary: 'Our reflections on identity, gender and transforming action': a lesson from place

Top-predators as biodiversity regulators: contemporary issues affecting knowledge and management of dingoes in Australia

The native nurses of Queensland, Australia – 1940s

The morphological and physiological responses of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.), cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) and tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.; syn. Schedonorus phoenix Scop.) to variable water availability

A comparison of generic skills and emotional intelligence in accounting education

Effect of extrusion screw speed on biocomposite thermo-mechanical properties

Seasteading: competitive governments on the ocean

What’s in a cost? Comparing economic and public health easures of alcohol’s social costs

Testimony ceremonies in Asia: integrating spirituality in testimonial therapy for torture survivors in India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and the Philippines

The effect of group polarisation on perceived invulnerability in general aviation pilots

A process-based and distributed model for nutrient dynamics in river basin: development, testing and applications

Processing and characterization of a polypropylene biocomposite compounded with maleated and acrylated compatibilizers

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)/lignocellulosic fiber biocomposite: Effect of artificial weathering on impact properties

Development of biobased sandwich structures for mass transit applications

Dinawan Dreaming: pre-service teachers seeing the world with fresh eyes

Identifying a non-destructive technique to assess nematode tolerance in wheat variety trials

A two-stage decision model for information filtering

The state-of-the-art in personalized recommender systems for social networking

Wireless technology and job performance attributes in a healthcare environment

Drowning prevention strategies in Asia

Stalking ableism: using disability to expose 'abled' narcissism

Managing pest species under climate change: risks and opportunities

Facilitating immersion, engagement and flow in multi-user virtual environments

Using portable Moodle and eReaders to enhance learning at a distance for incarcerated offenders

An economic assessment of the impact of mango pulp weevil on the agricultural sector of Palawan, Philippines

The models of nonclassical anisotropic spherical shells

Field experiments constraining the probability distribution of particle travel distances during natural rainstorms on different slope gradients

On the stability of the cylindrical shell under the axial compression with use of non-classical theories of shells

Increasing soil fertility and altering legume-grass balance as adaptation strategies for sustainable livestock production under climate change

Morphological and molecular investigation of Russula diversity in south-east Queensland

Biodiversity of fungal endophytes in semi-evergreen vine thickets

Investigation of the mycorrhizal fungi of the vulnerable Sarcochilus hartmannii

Parenting the ‘Millennium Child’: choice, responsibility and playing it safe in uncertain times

Conclusions: rethinking school violence: implications for theory, policy and practice

Rethinking school violence: theory, gender, context

Heteronormativity, childhood and invisibilised consumption

Storylines of accountability

‘I’m just not that kind of person’: choice, agency and economic subjectivities in multicultural educational contexts

Reassessing RSD: insights from Harwood

Uptake and effects of a new sport program at a school in a disadvantaged locality

Chasing Olympic dreams and promoting healthy living in a digital world

Color plus depth 3-D video transmission with hierarchical 16-QAM

Exploring language anxiety of Malaysian learners

Civil-military 'legal' relations: where to from here?


KLPHKJBGMDJN Copenhagen/Sydney

LANDING exhibition

The Untitled

Urban Geometry #305 (30/30 Image Archive Project(IAP))

Reflections on race, regionalism and geopolitical trends via Australian soccer

An informal community of practice: the case of the DEHub virtual worlds working group

Follow me! Increasing participation in online conferences

My Shiralee. Russell Drysdale: drawings

Comparison of the effect of arousing and relaxing music during imagery training for power and fine motor skill sport tasks

Arsenic in Latin America, an unrevealed continent: occurrence, health effects and mitigation

Occurrence of arsenic and related microbial signature of hydrothermal systems in Western Turkey

Geothermal arsenic in Taiwan: geochemistry and microbial diversity

Postmodern anarchy in the modern legal psyche: law, anarchy and psychoanalytic philosophy

Using OSCAs to assess graduate perioperative nurses: an exploration and analysis of the literature

Model-based learning about climate change with productive failure: preliminary findings

Disability and gender in the visual field: seeing the subterranean lives of Michael Field's William Rufus (1885)

Living the new normal: reflections on the experiences of first-time distance learners

Peripheral Psychosis

Postcard Puzzles, series Four; Travel Puzzles, series Fifteen; Postcard Puzzles, series Two

The effects of defoliation on plant community, root biomass and nutrient allocation and soil chemical properties on semi-arid steppes in northern China

Microsatellite mapping identifies TTKST-effective stem rust resistance gene in wheat cultivars VL404 and Janz

Methazolamide is a new hepatic insulin sensitizer that lowers blood glucose in vivo

The tammar wallaby: a model system to examine domain-specific delivery of milk protein bioactives

Working on wellness (WOW): a worksite health promotion intervention programme

Steps that count!: The development of a pedometer-based health promotion intervention in an employed, health insured South African population

The psychology of scrummaging

Processing of citrus peel for the extraction of flavonoids for biotechnological applications

Integrating the impact of wheat fungal diseases in the Belgian crop yield forecasting system (B-CYFS)

Estimating regional wheat yield from the shape of decreasing curves of green area index temporal profiles retrieved from MODIS data

Identification of a novel pneumococcal vaccine antigen preferentially expressed during meningitis in mice

Identification of genes that contribute to the pathogenesis of invasive Pneumococcal Disease by In Vivo transcriptomic analysis

Inspiratory loading intensity does not influence lactate clearance during recovery

Multiple temporalities in indigenous justice and healing practices in Mozambique

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity in perennial pastures; responses to long-term lime application

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve the growth and nodulation of the annual legume messina (Melilotus siculus) under saline and non-saline conditions

Displaced persons and the politics of international categorisation(s)

Bonegilla: a failed narrative

Lessons from successes in medical communication training and their applications to accounting education

The effects of inspiratory muscle training on the interleukin-6 response to intense volitional hyperpnoea

The effects of inspiratory muscle training on interleukin-6 concentration during cycling exercise and volitional hyperpnoea

Managing the costs of HIV/AIDS: a case study of a South African contract cleaning company

The tensile behaviour of off-axis plant fibre composites: an insight on the non-linear stress-strain response

Cost modelling in polymer composite applications: case study – analysis of existing and automated manufacturing processes for a large wind turbine blade

Hydroxyethylcellulose surface treatment of natural fibres: the new 'twist' in yarn preparation and optimization for composites applicability

Modelling the effect of yarn twist on the tensile strength of unidirectional plant fibre yarn composites

Determining the minimum, critical and maximum fibre content for twisted yarn reinforced plant fibre composites

Wind turbine blade design review

Wind turbine blade design

The place of Mechatronics within the faculty structure - A personal view

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how do you value a thousand memories?

Mining – godsend or manmade disaster in the eyes of rural communities?

A comparison study of Libyan and Australian accounting students in their perceptions of empowerment

Reprimandable offences: defining employee misbehaviour for investigations of employer disciplinary practices

Increasing rainwater yield in water sensitive cities using short-term rainfall forecasts

Experimental investigation on the interfacial adhesion of date palm fibres with epoxy matrix

Arsenic speciation and bioaccessibility in gold mining tailings, Cuba

Exploring Bourdieu for engineering education research

Development and assessment of a carbon fibre reinforced composite repair system

Financial institutions, instruments & markets

Bayesian prediction of matrix elliptical multivariate models with conjugate prior

Statistical meta-analysis for ordinal categorical data

Instrumental variable estimator of the slope parameter when the explanatory variable is subject to measurement error

Alternative energy sources fro cotton production

Association of sedentary behaviour with metabolic syndrome: a meta-analysis

Sedentary time in adults and the association with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Prevalence of sedentary behaviour in young people in Romania and Slovakia

Non-occupational sitting and mental well-being in employed adults

Population physical activity behaviour change: a review for the European College of Sport Science

A latent profile analysis of sedentary and physical activity patterns

Longitudinal and prospective studies of parental correlates of physical activity in young people: a systematic review

Methods of measurement in epidemiology: sedentary behaviour

Categorising person-based ethical constructs using a framework of cognitive skills, moral volition, and personal values

The effect of perceived organizational support on the transfer of training outcomes to the workplace

Modeling employees' deviant behavior and employers' reactions: an interdisciplinary approach using principal-agent and prospect theories

Cross to bear: Ireland's Ryan Commission into child abuse in the Catholic Church

First report of shoot blight of persimmon caused by Diaporthe neotheicola in Australia

A new host genus and species (Afzelia xylocarpa) for Phakopsora pachyrhizi found in Thailand

First record of Prospodium appendiculatum on Tecoma stans in Thailand

Recovery, pathogenicity and molecular sequencing of Calonectria ilicicola which causes collar rot on Carica papaya in Australia

Phylogeny and taxonomy of the genus Cylindrocladiella

Identifying risk factors for contact injury in professional rugby league players - application of a frailty model for recurrent injury

Physical demands of professional rugby league training and competition using microtechnology

The experimental determination of prepreg tack and dynamic stiffness

A re-appraisal of Harknessia (Diaporthales), and the introduction of Harknessiaceae fam. nov

Soral synapomorphies are significant for the systematics of the Ustilago-Sporisorium-Macalpinomyces complex (Ustilaginaceae)

A review of the Ustilago-Sporisorium-Macalpinomyces complex

Taxonomic revision of Ustilago, Sporisorium and Macalpinomyces

Influence of wrestling on the physiological and skill demands of small-sided games

Sprinting patterns of national rugby league competition

Influence of field size on the physiological and skill demands of small-sided games in junior and senior rugby league players

Global positioning system data analysis: velocity ranges and a new definition of sprinting for field sport athletes

Relationship between running loads and soft-tissue injury in elite team sport athletes

Fungal planet description sheets: 128-153

Activity cycles of national rugby league and national youth competition matches

The Colletotrichum boninense species complex

Pathogenicity studies in avocado with three nectriaceous fungi, Calonectria ilicicola, Gliocladiopsis sp. and Ilyonectria liriodendri

Powdery mildews on Clitoria in Australia

Cryptic fungal species unmasked

Vertically-aligned carbon nanotube membranes for hydrogen separation

Enhanced hydrogen separation by vertically-aligned carbon nanotube membranes with zeolite imidazolate frameworks as a selective layer

Porous polyethersulfone-supported zeolitic imidazolate framework membranes for hydrogen separation

The preparation, structures, and properties of poly (vinylidene fluoride)/multiwall carbon nanotubes nanocomposites

Kinematic adjustments in the basketball free throw performed with a reduced hoop diameter rim

Limits of nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences as species barcodes for Fungi

Physically active lifestyles and well-being

Study on the controllable scale-up growth of vertically-aligned carbon nanotube arrays

Influence of atmospheric sublimation and evaporation on the heat pump fluid bed drying of bovine intestines

Skill qualities as risk factors for contact injury in professional rugby league players

Dual-task assessment of a sporting skill: influence of task complexity and relationship with competitive performances

First report of Botryosphaeria dothidea causing shoot blight and cankers of pistachio in Australia

Eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids, cognition, and behavior in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A randomized controlled trial

Chronic effects of a wild green oat extract supplementation on cognitive performance in older adults: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial

Effects of eating fresh lean pork on cardiometabolic health parameters

Acknowledgment of reviewers

The Australian paradox

Proximal correlates of metabolic phenotypes during 'at-risk' and 'case' stages of the metabolic disease continuum

Dairy consumption and cardiometabolic health: outcomes of a 12-month crossover trial

First report of rice blast (Magnaporthe Oryzae) on rice (Oryza Sativa) in Western Australia

First report of Sarocladium Oryzae causing sheath rot on rice (Oryza sativa) in Western Australia

Abdominal adiposity and obstructive airway disease: Testing insulin resistance and sleep disordered breathing mechanisms

Dairy consumption and working memory performance in overweight and obese adults

Long-term dietary intervention trials: critical issues and challenges

Association of anthropometric qualities with vertical jump performance in elite male volleyball players

A five-year prospective study of quality of life after colorectal cancer

Characterization of polygenic resistance to powdery mildew in tomato at cytological, biochemical and gene expression level

Amino acid assisted synthesis of mesoporous TiO 2 nanocrystals for high performance dye-sensitized solar cells

Motorcycles and breast cancer: the influence of peer support and challenge on distress and posttraumatic growth

A systematic review of the impact of stigma and nihilism on lung cancer outcomes

Psychological distress and unmet supportive care needs in cancer patients and carers who contact cancer helplines

A novel and highly efficient photocatalyst based on P 25- graphdiyne nanocomposite

Facile molten salt synthesis of ordered perovskite Ba(Sr 1/3Nb 2/3)O3 powders

Morphology-tailored synthesis of flower-like Y 2O 3:Eu3+ microspheres

Nanostructured thermoelectric materials: current research and future challenge

Effects of Au catalyst on GaAs (111)B surface during annealing

Kepler constraints on planets near hot Jupiters

Hierarchical hydroxyapatite microspheres composed of nanorods and their competitive sorption behavior for heavy metal ions

Water-soluble monodispersed lanthanide oxide submicrospheres: PVP-assisted hydrothermal synthesis, size-control and luminescence properties

ZnO-CdS@Cd heterostructure for effective photocatalytic hydrogen generation

Yolk-shell hybrid materials with a periodic mesoporous organosilica shell: ideal nanoreactors for selective alcohol oxidation

Nitrogen-doped carbon monolith for alkaline supercapacitors and understanding nitrogen-induced redox transitions

High Curie temperature Bi1.85Mn0.15Te3 nanoplates

Urban pre-service teachers’ conceptions of teaching in rural communities

Where is Music?: A philosophical approach inspired by Steve Dillon

Oxidation behavior and mechanism of pentlandite at 973 K (700 °C) in air

Weak anti-localization and quantum oscillations of surface states in topological insulator Bi 2Se 2Te

Design and construction of absorption cells for precision radial velocities in the K band using methane isotopologues

Speckle camera imaging of the planet Pluto

Taper-free and vertically oriented Ge nanowires on Ge/Si substrates grown by a two-temperature process

Alleviating design silence in design science research: a proposal of a design method

Australian higher education evaluation through assurance of learning

Synthesis and characterization of novel soybean-oil-based elastomers with favorable processability and tunable properties

Does sustainability emerge from the relationships between scales?

Housing affordability in Roma: can progress be made within the regulatory and policy framework?

Implementation challenges of water and land-use plans: a case study on the Guarani aquifer system in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Saving mobilization and its impact on economic growth: a case study on Bangladesh

Mechanisms underlying REBT in mood disordered patients: predicting depression from the hybrid model of learning

Review of geophysical applications: In Australian archaeology

An abundance of small exoplanets around stars with a wide range of metallicities

Large magnetostriction and structural characteristics of Fe 83Ga 17 wires

Recrystallization behavior and magnetostriction under pre-compressive stress of Fe-Ga-B sheets

Shrinkage estimation of elliptical regression model under balanced loss function

Linear model inference with non-sample prior information

Slope estimator for the linear error-in-variables model

Weighted reduced major axis method for regression model

Encke Virtual University collaboration

Nursing and midwifery education for a healthier world

The relationships among personality, learning approaches, major satisfaction, self-efficacy, and academic success: a longitudinal approach

Get set for success: an update on the EngCAT project

Productivity, national broadband network and digital economy: challenges for Australia

Online therapy for youth anxiety works! An overview of the evidence for brave-online and predictors of therapy outcome

Online therapy for youth anxiety works, but does diagnostic profile predict outcome?

Contaminated soil/groundwater remediation using Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) techniques

Investigating leadership capability development of faith-based not-for-profit organisations providing aged and community care in Australia

Work in progress: management of online assessments as a replacement for exams

Reducing the amount of required propane refrigerant in the condenser of a commercial air-conditioner by increasing the inlet temperature

Strategic asset allocation and portfolio performance

Reconceptualising project management methodologies for a post-postmodern era

A systemic lessons learned and captured knowledge (SLLCK) model for project organizations

Potentials of metal mesh to contain bushfires

How engineers become CEOs

Using e-readers to increase access to course content for students without Internet access

Taper-free and kinked germanium nanowires grown on silicon via purging and the two-temperature process

Fabrication of crystal α-Si 3N 4/Si-SiOx core-shell/Au-SiOx peapod-like axial double heterostructures for optoelectronic applications

A coupled SPH-DEM model for fluid and solid mechanics of apple parenchyma cells during drying

Inspiratory muscle warm-up does not improve cycling time trial performance

A living laboratory proposition for revitalising regional Australia

What is the impact of winter grain crops on Pratylenchus thornei grown in rotation with tolerant and intolerant wheat?

Simultaneous selection of wheat plants with resistance to root-lesion nematodes, crown rot and yellow spot

Microbial arsenic metabolism and the impact on arsenic bioremediation

Summary and recommendations

STEM and job churning: one influence impacting STEM career choice

Transiting circumbinary planets Kepler-34 b and Kepler-35 b

Two Earth-sized planets orbiting Kepler-20

NUIs for new worlds: new interaction forms and interfaces for mobile applications in developing countries

Urban vibrations: sensitivities in the field with a broad demographic

Virtual worlds in tertiary education: an Australasian perspective


Aspects of what makes or breaks a museum AR experience

Playing it real: magic lens and static peephole interfaces for games in a public space

Visible and near infrared spectroscopy of Hayabusa re-entry using semi-autonomous tracking

Modeling vibrotactile detection by logistic regression

Perceptual underconfidence: a conceptual illusion?

The curious case of HU Aquarii - dynamically testing proposed planetary systems

Quantifying Jupiter’s influence on the Earth’s impact flux: implications for planetary habitability

Are two of the Neptune Trojans dynamically unstable?

Mechatronic hand-held surgical robots

Challenging mobile learning discourse through research: student perceptions of Blackboard Mobile Learn and iPad

General approach for modelling of reactive transport in porous media

Numerical simulation of coal gasification with CO2 capture based on two-dimensional fluidized bed model

Introduction: The Case for Rethinking School Violence

Communicating for success

Health and physical education: preparing educators for the future

Stagonosporopsis spp. associated with ray blight disease of Asteraceae

Organisational behaviour: core concepts and applications, Australasia

Traditional sports, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

The value of international students to cultural diversity in regional Australia

Study of truss bolt system for highly stressed rock mass using finite element modelling techniques

Introducing the mobile ECG system: using multi-touch function to support cardiac diagnosis

Marketing planning challenges in international business: a managerial analysis framework for regional and global strategy development considerations

Hydrothermal synthesis of neodymium orthophosphate with controlled structure and morphology

Learning leadership in higher education: the big and small actions of many people

History: time and place where context matters

The relationship of trait EI with academic performance: a meta-analytic review

Developing english language learners linguistic efficacy through total physical response storytelling drawing on understanding of the 'flow' phenomenon-

English language learning and teachers' personal networks of praxis

Ethnographic seriality: research grappling with issues of time

Becoming a teacher: early career teachers, agency and critical reflection

Seeing the bigger picture: investigating tertiary arts educators' views on the Australian arts curriculum

Opening up the profession by addressing the critical shortage of skilled spatial science professionals and attracting new entrants

Building pathways to higher education success: a longitudinal case study

Angular velocity of a combined unloaded Savonius turbine with a vortex inducing chamber: a CFD approach

Supporting elephant conservation in Sri Lanka through MODIS imagery

Investigation of unstabilized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for use as a long-term UV dosimeter: preliminary results

Common law versus statutory regulation of individual labour rights in Australia: how is the public interest best served?

Benchmarking open educational practices in higher education

The British world: religion, memory, society, culture: refereed proceedings of the conference hosted by the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, July 2nd -5th, 2012

Design and analysis of a smart composite beam for small wind turbine blade construction

The study of air fuel ratio for open furnace MILD combustion of biogas on bluff-body burner

Evaluating the comparative performance of technical and scale efficiencies in knowledge-based economies (KBEs) in ASEAN: a data envelopment analysis (DEA) application

Future strategies for climate services in agriculture: GFCS and collaborative implementation Australia / Western Pacific - national / regional implementation strategies

Factors influencing levels of corporate social responsibility disclosure Libyan firms: a mixed study

The role of corporate social responsibility and soft law options in the protection of migrant workers' interests in host countries: the case of Malaysia

Using process analysis techniques to understand students' learning strategies with computer models

Giving the body of knowledge a voice

Direct preparation of ferrite magnetic material from Jinchuan nickel sulfide concentrate by acid leaching

Theoretical frameworks in exercise psychology

Structure, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric properties of BaZrO 3 substituted Bi(Mg 1/2Ti 1/2)O 3-PbTiO 3 perovskite

Psycho-oncology and advocacy in cancer care: an international perspective

Carbon offsetting and mitigation by Queensland tourism enterprises

Taxonomic reassessment of the ray blight pathogen of pyrethrum in Australia

Building sustainable and effective assurance of learning process in a changing higher education environment

Simulations of a cavity based two-dimensional scramjet model

Human motivation and performance outcomes in the context of downsizing

Towards an understanding of the participatory library

Exploring health information use by older Australians within everyday life

Exploring information experiences through phenomenography

Large-scale online writing assessments: new approaches adopted in the national assessment of educational progress

TV viewing, but not total sedentary behaviour, is associated with adverse cardiometabolic biomarkers in adolescents

‘The kid most likely’: Naming, Brutality and Silence within and beyond School Settings

Fabrication of lignin-wrapped carbon nanotubes and its dispersion in ABS resin

Layered cellulose nanofibers nanocomposites via layer by layer assembling

Identifying, building and sustaining leadership capacity for communities of practice in higher education

Exploring information experience using social media during the 2011 Queensland Floods: a pilot study

Confidence: a better predictor of academic achievement than self-efficacy, self-concept and anxiety?

Kepler-22b: a 2.4 earth-radius planet in the habitable zone of a sun-like star

KEPLER-21b: a 1.6 REarth planet transiting the bright oscillating F subgiant star HD179070

Almost all of Kepler's multiple-planet candidates are planets

Transit timing observations from Kepler- III. Confirmation of four multiple planet systems by a Fourier-domain study of anticorrelated transit timing variations

Kepler-20: a sun-like star with three sub-neptune exoplanets and two earth-size candidates

Transit timing observations from Kepler. IV. Confirmation of four multiple-planet systems by simple physical models

The GJ436 system: directly determined astrophysical parameters of an M dwarf and implications for the transiting hot Neptune

The HD 192263 system: planetary orbital period and stellar variability disentangled

Planet occurrence within 0.25AU of solar-type stars from Kepler

Adaptive optics images of Kepler objects of interest

THE PTF orion project: a possible planet transiting a T-Tauri star

The exoplanet eccentricity distribution from Kepler planet candidates

Transit timing observations from Kepler. VI. Potentially interesting candidate systems from fourier-based statistical tests

Stellar diameters and temperatures. II. Main-sequence K- and M-stars

Observations of binary stars with the differential speckle survey instrument. IV. Observations of Kepler, CoRoT, and Hipparcos stars from the Gemini North Telescope

Black scab of jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) in Australia caused by a putative new pathotype of elsinoë Australis

Evaluation of resistance to Phomopsis stem blight (caused by Diaporthe toxica) in Lupinus albus

Development of a reliable and rapid detached leaf assay to detect resistance to the fungal disease phomopsis leaf blight, caused by Diaporthe toxica, in Lupinus albus

Application of multi-phase experiments in plant pathology to identify genetic resistance to Diaporthe toxica in Lupinus albus

Three long-term trials end with a quasi-equilibrium between soil C, N, and pH: an implication for C sequestration

Survivor identity after colorectal cancer: Antecedents, prevalence and outcomes

No indication of strict host associations in a widespread mycoparasite: Grapevine Powdery Mildew (Erysiphe necator) is attacked by phylogenetically distant Ampelomyces strains in the field

A high stellar obliquity in the WASP-7 exoplanetary system

Revisiting ρ1 Cancri e: a new mass determination of the transiting super-earth

Gate-controlled surface conduction in Na-doped Bi2Te3 topological insulator nanoplates

Thermal stability and rheological behaviors of high-density polyethylene/fullerene nanocomposites

Effect of lignin incorporation and reactive compatibilization on the morphological, rheological, and mechanical properties of ABS resin

Functionalized lignin by grafting phosphorus-nitrogen improves the thermal stability and flame retardancy of polypropylene

Permeability, viscoelasticity, and flammability performances and their relationship to polymer nanocomposites

Facile fabrication of HDPE-g-MA/nanodiamond nanocomposites via one-step reactive blending

Catalytic effects of nickel (cobalt or zinc) acetates on thermal and flammability properties of polypropylene-modified lignin composites

Physical wrapping of reduced graphene oxide sheets by polyethylene wax and its modification on the mechanical properties of polyethylene

Effects of n-3 fatty acids, EPA v. DHA, on depressive symptoms, quality of life, memory and executive function in older adults with mild cognitive impairment: a 6-month randomised controlled trial

An analytical model for through-thickness permeability of woven fabric

Experimental study of dynamic air permeability for woven fabrics

Fungal planet description sheets: 107-127

A phylogenetic and taxonomic re-evaluation of the Bipolaris - Cochliobolus - Curvularia Complex

The troubled sequel: Canadian aboriginal title revisited in the BC Court of Appeal

Systematic failure and grey areas: abortion in Ireland

Historical inquiry in the middle years

Cultural Hybridity by Peter Burke

Islamophobia by Chris Allen

Triffid Girl Wallpaper

Position Point #35

Non Objective Project One


Position Point #21


Developing and implementing grains best management practices for managing climate change and climate variability. Final technical report to Agforce Queensland on Aust. Govt Dept Agric, Fisheries and Forestry, FarmReady Project GMS – 0506

Haunts and Follies

Bath Party: a one-act play

Detecting global outliers from large distributed databases

The effects of cooperative learning on students’ perceptions of empowerment in accounting course

Strategic cross-sector collaboration in disaster response

Discovery of the magnetic field of the B1/B2V star σ Lupi

South East Queensland catchment modelling for stormwater harvesting research: instrumentation and hydrological model calibration and validation

Effects of changing rainfall patterns on WSUD in Australia

Can stormwater harvesting restore pre-development flows in urban catchments in South East Queensland?

Climate change impacts on the hydrology of Aldgate and Inverbrakie Creeks in South Australia

South Australian rainfall - trends and climate drivers

Teleconnectivity of climate indices and their spatial temporal influence on South Australian rainfall processes

Suitability of a Transitional Probability Matrix model for catchment scale rainfall projections

Multisite spatial-temporal rainfall analysis in the Onkaparinga catchment using a generalised linear model

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technical report 2)

Anaerobic digester feed stream conditioning for increasing biogas production (Technical report 1)

Remediating the Wesley Vale Pulp and Paper Mill chlor-alkali cell plant

The Kinaesthetic Fusion Effect: fast-forward 30 years

Neuromuscular imbalances and sprinting

Evidence of tactile dominance when integrated with proprioception – application to haptic feedback interfaces

A human factors investigation into the unavailability of active warnings at railway level crossings

Science in primary schools: examining the practices of effective primary school teachers

Crossing the date line: internationalizing teacher education

Physical activity advocacy and promotion: the South African experience

Wayfinding: a simple concept, a complex process

The study of comparison between the dimensions of life satisfaction in coronary artery patients and healthy people

Factors affecting timely completion of a PhD: a complex systems approach

ViroMine technology: a solution to the world's mining waste

The association between socio-ecological factors and having an after-school physical activity program

Web-based, computer-tailored, pedometer-based physical activity advice: development, dissemination through general practice, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy in a randomized controlled trial

Sustainability of the whole-community project '10,000 Steps': a longitudinal study

A cost-effectiveness study of the community-based intervention '10 000 Steps Ghent'

Can differences in physical activity by socio-economic status in European adolescents be explained by differences in psychosocial correlates? A mediation analysis within the HELENA (Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence) study

Non-traditional wearing positions of pedometers: validity and reliability of the Omron HJ-203-ED pedometer under controlled and free-living conditions

The heart of quality teaching: a values-based pedagogy for pre-service teacher education

Composite diamond-DLC coated nanoprobe tips for wear resistance and adhesion reduction

Subjective job task analyses for physically demanding occupations: what is best practice?

Regulation of the chemokine receptors CXCR7 and CXCR4 in 3-D culture models of prostate cancer

Characterizing net primary productivity of forests and non-forest areas in the Philippines using satellite imagery

Teachers talking about teaching literacy: community, mobility, and literacy reform

Europium complex with functionalized carbon nanotubes: a new lanthanide photoluminescence nanomaterial

Interfacial bonding in a nanoclay/polymer composite

The role of protostellar jets in star formation and the evolution of the early solar system: Astrophysical and meteoritical perspectives

Preoperative bathing or showering with skin antiseptics to prevent surgical site infection [Review]

Corticospinal contributions to lower limb muscle activity during cycling in humans

Factors affecting antihypertensive treatment adherence: a Saudi Arabian perspective

Impact of a government triple zero awareness campaign on emergency department patient characteristics

Weight bias on psychological and physical health

Immigrants and the utilization of hospital emergency departments

A qualitative study of the determinants of dieting and non-dieting approaches in overweight/obese Australian adults

Improving irrigation efficiency by identifying methods to reduce evaporation losses from on-farm storages in the Granite Belt

Legal aspects of nursing

Strange structures from Kalamina Gorge, Karijini NP, WA

REFRAME: a new approach to evaluation in higher education

Consensus on Twenty-First-Century Rainfall Projections in Climate Models More Widespread than Previously Thought

CMIP3 ensemble climate projections over the western tropical Pacific based on model skill

More extreme swings of the South Pacific convergence zone due to greenhouse warming

Student feedback systems in higher education: a focused literature review and environmental scan

Towards a generalized physicochemical framework

Indigenous entrepreneurship in Northern NSW, Australia

Intellectual Property and Development - A Road Map for Developing Countries in the 21st Century

First-year education students' time and space preferences: Accessing study materials online

Trap Avoidance in Local Search Using Pseudo-Conflict Learning

'The abolitionists of slavery among women': transatlantic foundations of the woman-slave analogy

Intelligent Load Management in Microgrids

Formation of chondrules in magnetic winds blowing through the proto-asteroid belt

The environment and physics of the early solar system

On the Systematic of Anomalous Absorption of Partial Waves by the Nuclear Optical Potential

Kepler Fourier concepts: The performance of the Kepler data pipeline

Working the System: A Model for System-Wide Change in Pre-Service Teacher Education

Generating ideas in jazz improvisation: Where theory meets practice

Enhancing the transition of commencing students into university: an institution-wide approach

Moving beyond transition pedagogy: Maturity models and student engagement

Verifying a Student Engagement, Success and Retention Maturity Model (SESR-MM): A reality check of the model using data derived from three universities

Good practice for safeguarding student learning engagement in higher education institutions. Final Report 2012

Understanding and measuring information security culture

Unmet Needs in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Metasynthesis Protocol

REFRAME: a new approach to evaluation in higher education

How to meet stakeholders' expectations, not manage them?

Emotional Intelligence in a Hierarchical Relationship: Evidence for Frontline Service Personnel

Casino Service Quality, Tiered Customer Segments, and Casino Player Retention

Too sleepy to drive: self-perception and regulation of driving when sleepy

Exploring perceived legitimacy of traffic law enforcement

Manipulating Resource Use by Goats With Predator Fecal Odors

Is Tooth Wear a Reliable Means of Aging Wild European Fallow Deer in Tasmania, Australia?

The Pantograph-Catenary Arc Test System for High-Speed Railways

Partial Discharge Characteristics of Insulation Used in Inverter-Fed Traction Motor Under High Frequency Impulse

Multifactor Stress Life Model of Polyimide Film Used in Inverter-Fed Traction Motors

Insulation Failure of Inter-Turn Insulation in Inverter-Fed Traction Motor

Finite Element Analysis of Temperature Field of Traction Motor

Dynamic Simulation Analysis of Bar Insulator Pollution in Strong Wind

Characterization of Contact Resistance Between Pantograph and Catenary System

A review of the nutrition of Australian peramelid marsupials

A survey of the attitudes of stakeholders in the zoo industry towards the husbandry requirements of captive Great Apes