Threshold concepts and ‘troublesome’ students: The uneasy application of threshold concepts to marginalised students

Interfaculty collaboration for improving international mobility experiences: sustaining a dialogue across difference

Learning and exploring teacher identity: Preparing for teaching in the Partners in Literacy and Numeracy (PLaN) programme

A conceptual framework for blockchain smart contract adoption to manage real estate deals in smart cities

Age-specific prevalence and predictors of tobacco consumption among male adults in India: subnational inequality and associated risk factors

Physics-based and data-driven modeling for stability evaluation of buried structures in natural clays

Access Points: Stage, Space, and/as Interface in the Early Modern Playhouses

Using microchip-reading antennas to passively monitor a mammal reintroduction in south-west Queensland

Key factors for implementation of total quality management in construction Sector: A system dynamics approach

Perceptions of ethical climate and organizational justice as antecedents to employee performance: The mediating role of employees’ attributions of leader effectiveness

The impact of COVID-19 on visitors’ wayfinding within healthcare centers

Psychological Stress Management and Stress Reduction Strategies for Stroke Survivors: A Scoping Review

Resporulation of Metarhizium anisopliae granules on soil and mortality of Tenebrio molitor: Implications for wireworm management in sweetpotato

Edith Cooper’s Sin: Mapping the Willful Bodies of Michael Field

Self-Administration or Practitioner Administration? The Scope of Future German Assisted Dying Legislation

Bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment among intensive care unit nurses in Australia and New Zealand: An online survey

A survey on deep reinforcement learning for audio‑based applications

Custom, conflict and the construction of heritage: European huts on the Tasmanian Central Plateau

Assessment of Densified Fuel Quality Parameters: A Case Study for Wheat Straw Pellet

Autism in the Australian workplace: the employer perspective

Emotion Intensity and its Control for Emotional Voice Conversion

The role and place of mentorship for young people with blindness and low vision in educational contexts

Identifying informative tweets during a pandemic via a topic‑aware neural language model

'What about us?' Wellbeing of higher education librarians

An exploratory study: Using adapted interactive research design and contributive research method

Detecting Distorted Vehicle Licence Plates Using Novel Preprocessing Methods With Hybrid Feature Descriptors

Comparing compliance with commencement and use of two partograph designs for women in active labour: A randomised controlled trial

Effects of COVID-19 on Global Financial Markets: Evidence from Qualitative Research for Developed and Developing Economies

Mental health and quality of life outcomes of gender-affirming surgery: A systematic literature review

Early flowering changes robusta coffee yield responses to climate stress and management

N, S co-doped carbon with embedment of FeNi alloy as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for rechargeable Zinc-air batteries

A new operando surface restructuring pathway via ion-pairing of catalyst and electrolyte for water oxidation

Cost-effective synchrophasor data source authentication based on multiscale adaptive coupling correlation detrended analysis

“Good Australians Will Respond”: Transforming the Work Ethic in Popular Media, 1941–1945

Multimodality Information Fusion for Automated Machine Translation

Terahertz-Based Insulation Delamination Defect Inspection of Vehicle Cable Terminals

Fusarium pseudograminearum and F. culmorum affect the root system architecture of bread wheat

Taking Pause: The Role of Art and Literature in Reimagining Human-Nonhuman Relations and Transdisciplinary Collaboration

Laser-Induced Diaphragm Rupture for Improved Sequencing and Repeatability in a Hypersonic Facility

Sleep stage classification in EEG signals using the clustering approach based probability distribution features coupled with classification algorithms

Recent advances in nacre-inspired anisotropic thermally conductive polymeric nanocomposites

Soil sensing and machine learning reveal factors affecting maize yield in the Mid-Atlantic USA

A Trans Agent of Social Change in Incarceration: A Psychobiographical Study of Natasha Keating

Playhouses and performance

Pattern recognition describing spatio-temporal drivers of catchment classification for water quality

Multi-lump formations from lump chains and plane solitons in the KP1 equation

Microneedle Technologies for Food and Crop Health: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives

A comparative autoethnographic lens on the doctorate as told by a supervisor and a doctoral candidate


Conversations with Danielle Cronin, Philip Howard and Julian Thomas

Investigative Journalism in Changing Times: Australian and Anglo-American Reporting

A comprehensive investigation of wetting distribution pattern on sloping lands under drip irrigation: A new gradient boosting multi-filtering-based deep learning approach

The My School website has just been updated. What makes a ‘good’ school?

Understanding health literacy from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective

Building a transdisciplinary expert consensus on the cognitive drivers of performance under pressure: An international multi-panel Delphi study

Metafictive devices in children’s picturebooks and the development of children’s critical multimodal literacies

A novel global solar exposure forecasting model based on air temperature: Designing a new multi-processing ensemble deep learning paradigm


Review: Recommendations for male-friendly counselling with adolescent males: A qualitative systematic literature review


Common client issues in counselling: An Australian perspective

An Asymmetry in the Spoken Production of Number Agreement in Second Language English: Adjacency or Locality?

Trauma in Children and Adolescence

Trauma in Adults

Child Maltreatment

Gender diversity and acquisitions: How female directors add value in acquisition decisions

Media coverage and patent trolls: A study on US high-tech firms

Co-creating affirmative learning environments for refugee and asylum-seeker children

Performative enactments of pedagogy in the classroom: strategies and tactics of relationality

Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Northwest Mountainous Regions of Vietnam

The gay cake controversy in the United Kingdom and Italian inertia

Visualising heritage landscapes in future: aesthetics, embodiment, and meaning

On the certainty of entanglements with ecocide: pragmatic action for responsive pedagogy inspired by ecological psychology and permaculture

“Here comes John Curtin”: The historical consciousness of a journalists’ hero

Review of Condition Monitoring and Defect Inspection Methods for Composited Cable Terminals

The effect of environmental corporate social responsibility on customer retention: A mixed methods study on the mediating effect of customer behaviour

Legal, Ethical, Moral And Theoretical Issues Relating To Abortion: United States And Australia

Respect for juries: A rejoinder to Hemming on Pell

Intend to use Green Energy?

Factors contributing towards the intention to purchase green energy

Do socio-psychological factors contribute to the use of green energy and climate change mitigation in the residential sector?

A review on the advances of the study on FRP-Concrete bond under hygrothermal exposure

Women, protest, and the colour black: South Africa and Israel/Palestine

The effect of collisions on the multi-fluid plasma Richtmyer–Meshkov instability

Design data decomposition-based reference evapotranspiration forecasting model: A soft feature filter based deep learning driven approach

Numerical Evaluation of the Human Skull with Focused Ultrasound Stimulation

Determinants of maternal morbidity during pregnancy in urban Bangladesh

Law, Religion, and Heritage Research Program Team: Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper: ‘Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws’

Navigating Detransition Borders: An Exploration of Social Media Narratives

Forest Dwellers’ Dependence on Forest Resources in Semi-Arid Environments

Re-imagining teacher mentoring for the future

A 2022 τ-Herculid meteor cluster from an airborne experiment: automated detection, characterization, and consequences for meteoroids

Aesthetic literacies in school and work: New pathways in education

Bioinspired Strong, Tough, and Biodegradable Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) and its Applications as Substrates for Humidity Sensors

Developing the “Oppression-to-Incarceration Cycle” of Black American and First Nations Australian Trans Women: Applying the Intersectionality Research for Transgender Health Justice Framework

Investigating blended learning interactions in Philippine schools through the community of inquiry framework

The health consequences of civil wars: evidence from Afghanistan

The experience of methamphetamine use disorder and the negative consequences of relapse – a qualitative study

Trauma Informed Education: Interdisciplinary Insights

Designing pentapartitioned neutrosophic cubic set aggregation operator-based air pollution decision-making model

Empirical Evidence to Support a Nudge Intervention for Increasing Online Engagement in Higher Education

Evaluation and Prediction of Groundwater Quality for Irrigation Using an Integrated Water Quality Indices, Machine Learning Models and GIS Approaches: A Representative Case Study

Ensemble robust local mean decomposition integrated with random forest for short-term significant wave height forecasting

A systematic literature review of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector: Benefits, challenges, methodologies, and functionalities

Incorporating Agile Principles in Completing and Supervising a Thesis by Publication

A review of the key challenges of non-fungible tokens

Short Research Article: Changes in life functioning in a self-help, online program for child and adolescent anxiety

Solitary waves and their interactions in the cylindrical Korteweg–de Vries equation

The Use of an Interactive Social Simulation Tool for Adults Who Stutter: A Pilot Study

Private International Law in Australia

An intelligent model involving multi-channels spectrum patterns based features for automatic sleep stage classification

Developing a novel hybrid method based on dispersion entropy and adaptive boosting algorithm for human activity recognition

Efficacy of Management Efforts to Reduce Food-Related Dingo–Human Interactions and Conflict on K’gari (Fraser Island), Australia

How Does Electricity Affect Economic Growth? Examining the Role of Government Policy to Selected Four South Asian Countries

Educators' experiences of pivoting online: Unearthing key learnings and insights for engaging students online

Rethinking agency in hiri exchange relationships on Papua New Guinea's south coast: Oral traditions and archaeology

Smart and Automated Infrastructure Management: A Deep Learning Approach for Crack Detection in Bridge Images

Quantifying the cost of quality in construction projects: an insight into the base of the iceberg

A high dimensional features-based cascaded forward neural network coupled with MVMD and Boruta-GBDT for multi-step ahead forecasting of surface soil moisture

Development of a TVF-EMD-based multi-decomposition technique integrated with Encoder-Decoder-Bidirectional-LSTM for monthly rainfall forecasting

Factors reducing the detectability of train horns by road users: a laboratory study

Transformative change comes from more than structured content: Qualitative exploration of parent experiences of a post-separation group program

Prediction of Tinnitus Treatment Outcomes Based on EEG Sensors and TFI Score Using Deep Learning

An Investigation into the Failure Characteristics of External PCB Traces with Different Angle Bends

Peronosclerospora neglecta sp. nov.—a widespread and overlooked threat to corn (maize) production in the tropics

The Church Sinister: The Devil's Works and the Anglican Church on British Television

Poems and pedagogic frailty: uncovering the affective within teacher development through collective biography

Alternative Method to Resolve the Principal–Principal Conflict—A New Perspective Based on Contract Theory and Negotiation

Direct and Indirect Benefits: an Open Peer Review of Zamarti, L. & Nally, D. (2023). The impact of archaeology professional development on history teachers’ pedagogy.

Burnt out by underinvestment: Why university professional staff suffer amidst the Australian work-integrated learning system

Struggling to survive: Post-traumatic stress disorder following nonfatal drowning in a professional rescuer with no other neurologic morbidity - A case report

Assessing the biophysical factors affecting irrigation performance in rice cultivation using remote sensing derived information

LinkedIn as a pedagogical tool for careers and employability learning: a scoping review of the literature

Early career researchers’ collective advocacy work within an Australian university context

CNN Based Image Classification of Malicious UAVs

Exploring Interstitiality with Mangroves: Semiotic Materialism and the Environmental Humanities

‘New Forces’: How Classroom Textbooks Are Redefining Journalism

Data investigations: A humanitarian turn

A golden age? Myths and meaning


A commentary of factors related to player availability and its influence on performance in elite team sports

Development of dissolvable microneedle patches by CNC machining and micromolding for drug delivery

Detection of alcoholic EEG signals based on whole brain connectivity and convolution neural networks

Can E-Flat be sexist? Canonical keys as marginalizing practice in jazz

Antisocial and Prosocial online behaviour: Exploring the roles of the Dark and Light Triads

Psychology of physical activity: a 30-year reflection on correlates, barriers, and theory

Public health guidelines for physical activity during pregnancy from around the world: a scoping review

Totally devoted to you: A qualitative study examining the experiences of sacrifice among pharmacists in rural and regional areas

The Association of Contemporary Screen Behaviours with Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Sleep in Adolescents: a Cross-sectional Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study

Accurate Image Multi-Class Classification Neural Network Model with Quantum Entanglement Approach

Reducing Falls from Heights through BIM: A Dedicated System for Visualizing Safety Standards