Threshold concepts and ‘troublesome’ students: The uneasy application of threshold concepts to marginalised students

Interfaculty collaboration for improving international mobility experiences: sustaining a dialogue across difference

The Role of Socio-economic and Female Indicators on Child Mortality Rate in Bangladesh: A Time Series Analysis

Learning and exploring teacher identity: Preparing for teaching in the Partners in Literacy and Numeracy (PLaN) programme

Frontline heroes: bush fires, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Queensland Press

A conceptual framework for blockchain smart contract adoption to manage real estate deals in smart cities

“I get all my ideas from the tree”: investigating elementary students’ views as reflexive writers

Understanding the conditions informing successful STEM clubs: what does the evidence base tell us?

Age-specific prevalence and predictors of tobacco consumption among male adults in India: subnational inequality and associated risk factors

Artists as tricksters: Exploring boundary crossing between theory and practice in a new doctor of creative arts program

Pro-Wellbeing Tourism: The Dynamic Relationship Between Household Consumption Expenditure and Tourism Growth in Tanzania

Choose Your Own Adventure: Vocal Jazz Improvisation, Conceptual Metaphor, and Cognitive Embodiment

Critical success factors of strategy-led planning of high-profile projects

Utopia or dystopia – deterrents to ecotourism development in Fiji

Derivation of the Probability Density Functions for the Local Joint Flexibility Factors in Axially Loaded Two-Planar Tubular DK-Joints of Offshore Structures

Avoiding the accountability 'sham-ritual': An agonistic approach to beneficiaries' participation in evaluation within nonprofit organisations

Aymara childrens’ practice of transcendental meditation in Peru: a learning history model of parent and teacher perceptions

Leadership for change: pathways to activism for African women with disability

Smart grid mechanism for green energy management: a comprehensive review

Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) for COVID-19 self-testing kits delivery in smart healthcare setups: A technological perspective

Using microchip-reading antennas to passively monitor a mammal reintroduction in south-west Queensland

Data Caching Optimization With Fairness in Mobile Edge Computing

The evolution and determinants of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure in a developing country: extent and quality

Key factors for implementation of total quality management in construction Sector: A system dynamics approach

The economics of COVID-19: a systematic literature review

Perceptions of ethical climate and organizational justice as antecedents to employee performance: The mediating role of employees’ attributions of leader effectiveness

The impact of COVID-19 on visitors’ wayfinding within healthcare centers

Psychological Stress Management and Stress Reduction Strategies for Stroke Survivors: A Scoping Review

Resporulation of Metarhizium anisopliae granules on soil and mortality of Tenebrio molitor: Implications for wireworm management in sweetpotato

Edith Cooper’s Sin: Mapping the Willful Bodies of Michael Field

Self-Administration or Practitioner Administration? The Scope of Future German Assisted Dying Legislation

Bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment among intensive care unit nurses in Australia and New Zealand: An online survey

A survey on deep reinforcement learning for audio‑based applications

Inequity in psychiatric healthcare use in Australia

Centralising professional staff: is this another instrument of symbolic violence in the managerialised university?

Publishing in the academy: An arts-based, metaphorical reflection towards self-care

Fish-Out-of-Office: How managerialised university conditions makes administrative knowledge inaccessible to academics

Navigating the neo-academy: Experiences of liminality and identity construction among early career researchers at one Australian regional university

Factors Influencing Medication Errors in the Prehospital Paramedic Environment: A Mixed Method Systematic Review

Use of time-lapse 2D and 3D geoelectrical inverse models for monitoring acid mine drainage - a case study

Custom, conflict and the construction of heritage: European huts on the Tasmanian Central Plateau

Assessment of Densified Fuel Quality Parameters: A Case Study for Wheat Straw Pellet

Autism in the Australian workplace: the employer perspective

Why interculturalism does not always translate into action: Insights from teachers in an Australian primary school

Emotion Intensity and its Control for Emotional Voice Conversion

The role and place of mentorship for young people with blindness and low vision in educational contexts

Identifying informative tweets during a pandemic via a topic‑aware neural language model

Radical rubrics: implementing the critical and creative thinking general capability through an ecological approach

Effect of hydrodynamic parameters on hydrogen production by Anabaena sp. in an internal‑loop airlift photobioreactor

'What about us?' Wellbeing of higher education librarians

An exploratory study: Using adapted interactive research design and contributive research method

Detecting Distorted Vehicle Licence Plates Using Novel Preprocessing Methods With Hybrid Feature Descriptors

Navigating intimate trans citizenship while incarcerated in Australia and the United States

Analysis of contractors’ administrative characteristics in bid decision factors

Comparing compliance with commencement and use of two partograph designs for women in active labour: A randomised controlled trial

Psychometric Evaluation of a New Digitally Animated Child Self-Report Assessment Instrument: The Interactive Child Distress Screener

Survivorship care plans and information for rural cancer survivors

Inclusive, colour-blind, and deficit: Understanding teachers' contradictory views of Aboriginal students’ participation in education

Effects of COVID-19 on Global Financial Markets: Evidence from Qualitative Research for Developed and Developing Economies

Seasonal resource selection of an arboreal habitat specialist in a human-dominated landscape: a case study using red panda

Mental health and quality of life outcomes of gender-affirming surgery: A systematic literature review

N, S co-doped carbon with embedment of FeNi alloy as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for rechargeable Zinc-air batteries

A new operando surface restructuring pathway via ion-pairing of catalyst and electrolyte for water oxidation

Cost-effective synchrophasor data source authentication based on multiscale adaptive coupling correlation detrended analysis

“Good Australians Will Respond”: Transforming the Work Ethic in Popular Media, 1941–1945

Multimodality Information Fusion for Automated Machine Translation

Terahertz-Based Insulation Delamination Defect Inspection of Vehicle Cable Terminals

Fusarium pseudograminearum and F. culmorum affect the root system architecture of bread wheat

Reclaiming relationality in education policy: towards a more authentic relational pedagogy

Taking Pause: The Role of Art and Literature in Reimagining Human-Nonhuman Relations and Transdisciplinary Collaboration

Strain patterns of short span reinforced concrete beams under flexural loading: A comparison between distributed sensing and concrete damaged plasticity modelling

Laser-Induced Diaphragm Rupture for Improved Sequencing and Repeatability in a Hypersonic Facility

Indoor Built Environment and Older Adults’ Activity: A Systematic Review

Sleep stage classification in EEG signals using the clustering approach based probability distribution features coupled with classification algorithms

Exploring the Impact of a Reflexive, co-designed Program of Professional Learning for the Teaching of Writing in Elementary School Classrooms

Recent advances in nacre-inspired anisotropic thermally conductive polymeric nanocomposites

Soil sensing and machine learning reveal factors affecting maize yield in the Mid-Atlantic USA

A Trans Agent of Social Change in Incarceration: A Psychobiographical Study of Natasha Keating

Playhouses and performance

Frequency of watching television, owning a mobile phone and risk of being overweight/obese among reproductive-aged women in low- and lower-middle-income countries: A pooled analysis from Demographic and Health Survey data

Pattern recognition describing spatio-temporal drivers of catchment classification for water quality

Multi-lump formations from lump chains and plane solitons in the KP1 equation

Microneedle Technologies for Food and Crop Health: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives

The Playground Shade Index: A New Design Metric for Measuring Shade and Seasonal Ultraviolet Protection Characteristics of Parks and Playgrounds

A Conceptual Framework towards Knowledge Ambidexterity using Information Systems and Knowledge Management

O tempora: The current presence of classics and ancient history in Australian and New Zealand public universities

A comparative autoethnographic lens on the doctorate as told by a supervisor and a doctoral candidate


Conversations with Danielle Cronin, Philip Howard and Julian Thomas

Investigative Journalism in Changing Times: Australian and Anglo-American Reporting

Mapping the effects of ozone pollution and mixing on floral odour plumes and their impact on plant-pollinator interactions

Leicester's Men and their Plays: An Early Elizabethan Playing Company and its Legacy

Relational Contract Theory, the Relevance of Contract Performance in Contract Interpretation and its Relevance to Employment Law in the United Kingdom and Australia

Bullying in the Military: Do the Effects on Mental Health and Wellbeing Depend on the Source?

Chariots of the gods, ships in the sky: how unidentified aerial phenomena left their mark in ancient cultures

Killing Conchita: celebrity persona (de/re)construction as artistic transformation

A systematic literature review on the determinants of cryptocurrency pricing

Artificial intelligence technologies and applications for language learning and teaching

Impact of institutional quality on ecological footprint: New insights from G20 countries

Linking governance with environmental quality: a global perspective

Proof that all dissipation rates are only functions of time for transported joint-normal distributions

A Multi-Framework of Google Earth Engine and GEV for Spatial Analysis of Extremes in Non-Stationary Condition in Southeast Queensland, Australia

Patterns in Making Victims’ Gender Visible or Invisible in News Media Reporting of Boko Haram’s Massacres and Kidnappings

Involvement of community pharmacy professionals in maternal health service provision in Ethiopia: a multi-centre cross-sectional survey

Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) based COVID-19 health impact assessment: A systematic review

Nurses’ perspectives, attitudes and experiences related to e-learning: a systematic review

Physical and mental health status of women in disaster-affected areas in Bangladesh

Gender-based vulnerabilities for women during natural disasters in Bangladesh

Indirect health outcomes of COVID-19: A systematic review

Mental stress recognition on the fly using neuroplasticity spiking neural networks

Looking back to look forward—the history of VAD laws in Australia and future law reform in the Australian territories

Supportive care needs of men with advanced prostate cancer enrolled in a clinical trial

Board gender diversity and acquisition choices

Better than Scrolling: Digital Detox in the Search for the Ideal Self

Quality indicators of effective teacher-created summative assessment

Community-school collaborations: community counsellors’ perceptions of school counselling in Singapore

A Schiff base-coated ammonia polyphosphate for improving thermal and fire-retardant properties of unsaturated polyester

Engineering phosphorus-containing lignin for epoxy biocomposites with enhanced thermal stability, fire retardancy and mechanical properties

Whitsundays Songwriter Festival 2023 - Concert and Conversation

Empowering Teachers and Democratising Schooling: Perspectives from Australia by Keith Heggart and Steven Kolber (Book review)

Characteristics and processes of registered nurses’ clinical reasoning and factors relating to the use of clinical reasoning in practice: a scoping review

Explore the efficacy of eKindy: Building capacity and supporting positive learning outcomes for children: Final Report

Bringing Braille LEGO bricks downunder

Barriers and Enablers for Preparation for Employment for Students with Blindness and Low Vision in Mainstream Secondary Schools

Place value, operations and a game!

Part, Part, Whole

LEGO Foundation LEGO Braille bricks and numeracy

The Importance of Accessibility

Invited Speaker: Using LEGO® Braille Bricks to Develop Literacy and Numeracy for Students with Blindness and Low Vision

Stage 1 Initial Findings Report for the Emerging Priorities Program: An examination of primary teacher, student and parent experiences of arts learning online during COVID-19 lockdowns

Integrating management decisions and insurance to drive climate adaptation in the agricultural industry

Developing higher education students’ intellectual virtues through intentional practice

Gender affirmation and mental health in prison: A critical review of current corrections policy for trans people in Australia and New Zealand

Wogs as work: humour as ethnic entrepreneurship and convivial labour

Integrating BIM–IoT and Autonomous Mobile Robots for Construction Site Layout Printing

Our black box obsession: air accident investigation in popular culture

Representing Trust in Digital Journalism

Pelvic Floor Health: Examining the Knowledge, Attitudes and Experiences of Personal Trainers and Middle-Aged Women in Inner Regional Queensland

An Exploration of Moderator Support for Online Suicidal Behaviors

Dust Grain Dynamics in Debris Discs

The immunology of a putative recombinant vaccine against Streptococcus pyogenes utilising hepatitis B virus-like particles as an antigen delivery platform

An exploratory case study investigating offshore high school teacher perspectives of the delivery of transnational curriculum in senior years

The Trickster Methodology: Describing the creative process of fiction writers

The Starving Artist; Understanding The Significance of Eating Disorders Through Contemporary Art

The Use of Images to Explore the Indigenous Experience of Conflict in Australian Children's Picturebooks

The role of health behavior theories in parents’ initial engagement with parenting interventions

Profiles of Parents’ Preferences for Delivery Formats and Program Features of Parenting Interventions


How is energy intensity affected by industrialisation, trade openness and financial development? A dynamic analysis for the panel of newly industrialized countries

Trajectory Analysis of the Hayabusa2 Capsule from a Single Airborne Observation

Stop the clocks: Enabling practitioners and precarity in pandemic time(s)

Gods and Monsters in the Ruined University: Filmic Teachers and Their Moral Pedagogies from The Faculty to Higher Learning

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Healthcare Buildings: A Policy Framework

Synchronous computer-mediated communication and task-based learning in the EFL classroom

Flipping the focus: An innovative design strategy to support technology integration in teacher education

Humanizing Online Learning: A New Framework for Educational Design

Understanding the drivers of destination equity in the post-pandemic era: the case of Australia

"Teachers are Rock Stars!" Rethinking Teaching and Teacher Education in a Post-Pandemic World: Innovative Disruption and Silver Linings.

Perspectives on teacher standards in the mentoring process: Insights from mentors and early career teachers in an Australian context

Madden-Julian Oscillation Impacts on Australian Temperatures and Extremes

Life development and life designing for career construction

Career counseling and psychotherapy: The working alliance and reflexive practice

The experiential salience of music in identity for singing teachers

Saltwater Story

Characteristics of engaging teaching videos in higher education: a systematic literature review of teachers’ behaviours and movements in video conferencing

The influence of students’ prior numeracy achievement on later numeracy achievement as a function of gender and year levels

High-risk antenatal women's perceptions of dietitian appointments and information

Multivariate data decomposition based deep learning approach to forecast one-day ahead significant wave height for ocean energy generation

Culture Counts: Creating buy-in for strength and conditioning coaches

It’s a question of balance: Reconsidering learning partnerships through genuine teacher mentoring conversations

Development of a Teaching Performance Assessment in Australia: What did we learn?

Exploring Flood Response Challenges, Training Needs, and the Impact of Online Flood Training for Lifeguards and Water Safety Professionals in South Africa

Constitutional Crises and Regionalism: Elgar Monographs in Constitutional and Administrative Law

Using interactive technologies to enhance student engagement in higher education online learning

HMP-REaDER: MENPA guidelines for designing and reporting research on holistic movement practices, including yoga, tai chi, qigong, and conscious dance

Building community resilience to bushfire health impacts: Evaluation of an online pilot short course in Tasmania, Australia

A decision support system to evaluate the quality and warranty policies for remanufactured products

Explaining short-term memory phenomena with long-term memory theory: Is a special state involved?

Consultation Dr Submission to the Queensland Work and Electrical Safety Policy Office of Industrial Relations – Recreational Diving, Recreational Technical Diving and Snorkelling Code of Practice 2023

Building community resilience after the Noosa bushfires

Twilight on the Trail – Music

End user perspectives on design and conduct of health-related disaster research

Coloured image classification with quantum machine learning algorithms for intelligent transportation systems

The magnetic fields, activity and hidden companions of solar-type stars

Thermochemical conversion and upgrading of wheat straw biomass into solid fuel

An exploratory study of the deepest values underlying the purchase of a property in a master-planned luxury branded estate in southeast Queensland

Inquiry-based learning as an adaptive signature pedagogy in international relations

Strategies employed in an alternative school setting for adolescents with special needs, to achieve academic and behavioural growth

Design and optimization of high-performance GeTe-based thermoelectric materials

Interannual and decadal variability of Australian monsoon rainfall and variability in the Pacific Ocean

The Lost Lawyer Regained: Virtue, Liberalism and Citizenship in Lawyers' Ethics

Pathway to achieving carbon goal: Insight from interaction of export diversification, renewable energy, innovation, and financial policy

The impact of technological innovation on marketing: individuals, organizations and environment: a systematic review

Effects of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intention in the Retail Sector of Australia

Effects on Consumer Purchase Intentions through Online Marketing Activities: Evidence from Australian Retail Sector Consumers

Identification of recycling pathways for secondary aluminum dross with integrated hybrid life cycle assessment

Attaining multiple sustainable development goals through storage hydropower development amidst community vulnerabilities

Potential for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings from replacing short motorcycle trips with active travel modes in Vietnam

Carbonated tiger-high above-ground biomass carbon stock in protected areas and corridors and its observed negative relationship with tiger population density and occupancy in the Terai Arc Landscape, Nepal

Decoding the impacts of space and time on honey bees: GIS based fuzzy AHP and fuzzy overlay to assess land suitability for apiary sites in Queensland, Australia

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on financial returns of smallholder coffee plantations in Lao PDR

Understanding local ecosystem dynamics in three provinces of the lowlands of Nepal

Local stakeholders’ priorities and perceptions towards forest ecosystem services in the Red panda habitat region of Nepal

Managing water scarcity via rainwater harvesting system in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: People's awareness, implementation challenges and way forward

Ecological factors associated with hispid hare (Caprolagus hispidus) habitat use and conservation threats in the Terai Arc Landscape of Nepal

Virtual fencing of captive Asian elephants fitted with an aversive geofencing device to manage their movement

Welfare impacts associated with using aversive geofencing devices on captive Asian elephants

Improving soil health for farm profits through organics

Forest Governance in Nepal concerning Sustainable Community Forest Management and Red Panda Conservation

Rationalizing donations and subsidies: Energy ecosystem development for sustainable renewable energy transition in Nepal

Preference, perceived change, and professed relationship among ecosystem services in the Himalayas

Examining policy− institution− program (PIP) responses against the drivers of ecosystem dynamics. A chronological review (1960–2020) from Nepal

Spatial dynamics of biophysical trade-offs and synergies among ecosystem services in the Himalayas

Calibrating Nepal's scientific forest management practices in the measure of forest restoration

Comparing global and local land cover maps for ecosystem management in the Himalayas

Climate‐driven decline in the habitat of the endemic spiny babbler (Turdoides nipalensis)

Flash flood-risk areas zoning using integration of decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory, GIS-based analytic network process and satellite-derived information

Revealing the effect of an industrial flash flood on vegetation area: a case study of Khusheh Mehr in Maragheh-Bonab Plain, Iran

Financing Options for Green and Affordable Housing (GAH): An Exploratory Study of South Asian Economies

Historical role preparedness: A Bourdieusian analysis of the differential positions of professional staff and academics in an Australian managerialised university

Effectiveness of interventions to reduce sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne viruses in incarcerated adult populations: a systematic review protocol

Tools for Scaffolding the Development of L2 Speaking in English-medium Higher Education: Lessons from Poland and Australia

“Never Let Anyone Say That a Good Fight for the Fight for Good Wasn’t a Good Fight Indeed”: The Enactment of Agency Through Military Metaphor by One Australian Incarcerated Trans Woman

Academia and Higher Learning in Popular Culture

Unseen Universities and Seen Academics: An Introduction

Transgender Youth, Challenges, Responses, and the Juvenile Justice System: A Systematic Literature Review of an Emerging Literature

Content analysis: Mental health staff viewpoints on the barriers and facilitators to leisure engagement in mental health inpatient units

Investigation of the consumer perspective on leisure activity available in Australian mental health inpatient units

Recommendations: The development of practice principles for leisure-based occupational enrichment in mental health inpatient units

Investigation of the Consumer Perspective on Leisure in Mental Health Inpatient Units

Jen Mize and the Rough n Tumble

Maharishi Ayurveda and Historical Newspaper Articles: A Statistical Analysis of Latent Factors

The Treatment of Young Transgender People and the Law

The human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka: history and present status

Exploring the identities of pathways educators through the lens of Third Space Theory

Mettere insieme le cose: Camus, Foucault e un’etica del sé

Weedy Life: Coloniality, Decoloniality, and Tropicality

The transfer of school leadership theories across national boundaries: A study of Brunei Darussalam secondary education

An international on-campus doctoral student's experiences at an Australian University during Covid-19

Reducing Indigenous homelessness and displacement: A work-based study of the 'Return to Country' program in far north Queensland

Clown-Based Social Work for Child Protection Practice: Transdisciplinary Correlations on Failure

Zinc biofortification of rice using carbon nanodots

Comments on All-China Environment Federation v Scenic Spot Management Council of Wuxi City

Grounded Theory: An Interpretation of Social Reality

Insulation Degradation Mechanism and Diagnosis Methods of Offshore Wind Power Cables: An Overview

Shape memory polymer composite circular and square hollow members for deployable structures

Investigation of fibre reinforced shape memory polymer composites for structural components

Can morphological traits explain species-specific differences in meta-analyses? A case study of forest beetles

Modelling the factors affecting the spatiotemporal distribution of cabbage stem flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) larvae in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in the UK

Investigating the effects of diesel exhaust and flower color on flower visitation by free-flying honey bees

Ethical considerations and dilemmas for the researcher and for families in home-based research: A case for situated ethics

More Than Just Counselling: Australian Counsellor Job Advertisement Trends

Investigating Pre-Service Teachers’ Skills in Designing Numeracy Activities Across Curriculum Areas Involving Statistics

Investigating the use of the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test results

A Career Education and Development Framework and measure for senior secondary school students

Work volition and career control in retail workers

Social connectedness in a community-based language and culture programme: Voices of volunteer tutors

Exploring pre-service teachers’ affective-reflective skills: the effect of variations of a novel self-evaluation protocol

Development of sustainable concrete using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules as fine aggregate

Policy uncertainty, renewable energy, corruption and CO2 emissions nexus in BRICS-1 countries: a panel CS-ARDL approach

Characterization of mechanical and bonding properties of anchoring resins under elevated temperature

The efficacy of government strategies to control the COVID-19 pandemic

Building a bridge: LEGO as a kinaesthetic tool to facilitate play-based learning in early childhood and beyond

Tax Compliance Supporting Cash Flow Management for Australian Small Businesses

Renewable Energy Supply and Risk in Global Banking

Effectiveness of Eccentric Overload Training in Basketball Players: A Systematic Review

“I Want to Contribute, but…”: Exploring the Perceived Valuing of Doctoral Qualifications Held by Teachers in Schools

Automatic sleep spindles identification and classification with multitapers and convolution

Just How Radical Is Radical: Children’s Picture Books and Trans Youth

Public opinion on COVID-19 vaccine prioritization in Bangladesh: Who gets the vaccine and whom do you leave out?

Association of maternal physical and mental health characteristics with the hazard of having any medical condition or disability in Australian children: A 15-year birth cohort study

The Healthcare Cost Burden of Asthma in Children: A Longitudinal Population-Based Study

Clustering of lifestyle and health behaviours in Australian adolescents and associations with obesity, self-rated health and quality of life

A Priceless Commodity: Content Analysis of Newspaper Articles on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Peace

Family & bystander experiences of emergency ambulance services care: a scoping review

Responsible Management Education in Business Schools – High on principles but low on action: A systematic literature review

A critical appraisal of traditional methods of construction progress monitoring

Build Smart Grids on Artificial Intelligence − A Real-world Example

Accounts of home isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic: Case of Peruvian indigenous students

Is this work? Revisiting the definition of work in the 21st century

A Case Study of Peruvian Students in Home Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Group Effect of Transcendental Meditation on Peruvian Students in Home Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Evaluation of Ayurveda in the Management of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients in an Intensive Care Unit: An Early Pandemic Retrospective Case-Control Study

Forced Migration Narratives and the Nation-State: ‘Out’ and ‘Go, Went, Gone’

Computer-aided feature recognition of CFRP plates based on real-time strain fields reflected from FBG measured signals

The relationships between expressed emotion, cortisol, and EEG alpha asymmetry

Careers and employability learning: pedagogical principles for higher education

Consumption Taxes and Section 90 of the Australian Constitution

If we develop it, will they stay?

The Standing to Sue of NGOs in Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China: A Doctrinal Analysis of Laws and Cases

Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China: An Overview

Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China

Investigating impacts of FDM printing parameters and geometrical features on void formation in 3D printed automotive components

Titanium dioxide nanostructures that reduce the infectivity of respiratory syncytial virus

Nanomechanical surface properties of co-sputtered thin film polymorphic metallic glasses based on Ti-Fe-Cu, Zr-Fe-Al, and Zr-W-Cu

Optical aerodynamic measurements of hypersonic free-flight using Bayesian state estimation

Herbicide Fate and Transport in the Great Barrier Reef: A Review of Critical Parameters

A phosphorus-containing aliphatic amine curing agent towards intrinsic flame-retardant and smoke-suppressive epoxy resins

Phosphaphenanthrene-modified zirconium phosphate nanosheets for improving fire resistance, smoke suppression and water tolerance of intumescent coatings

A P/Si-containing polyethylenimine curing agent towards transparent, durable fire-safe, mechanically-robust and tough epoxy resins

A novel P/Ni-doped g-C3N4 nanosheets for improving mechanical, thermal and flame-retardant properties of acrylonitrile–butadienestyrene resin

An iron phenylphosphinate@graphene oxide nanohybrid enabled flame-retardant, mechanically reinforced, and thermally conductive epoxy nanocomposites

Durable flame-retardant, strong and tough epoxy resins with well-preserved thermal and optical properties via introducing a bio-based, phosphorus-phosphorus, hyperbranched oligomer

A benzimidazolyl-substituted cyclotriphosphazene and its application in benzoxazine: Curing behaviors, thermal properties, and fire safety

Measuring psychological wellbeing and mental health in university student cohorts

‘Everything was going to be really easy for me’: Elite schooling, old boys, and transitions to university

‘It comes with more baggage than prestige’: Deferred culpability and disavowal among elite boys’ school alumni

The rollercoaster theory of cancer – strap in because you can’t get off

A health promotion innovation by nurses for children: the poop it kit

Wellbeing in Educational Contexts – Second edition

Open Publishing Guide for Authors

Individual preferences, government policy, and COVID-19: A game-theoretic epidemiological analysis

The Relationship between Error Management, Safety Climate, and Job-Stress Perception in the Construction Industry: The Mediating Role of Psychological Capital

Bioarchaeology of Disaster Beyond Death: Resilience and Survivability in the post-earthquake Graeco-Roman site of Kourion in Cyprus

Future Ready Report: Queensland Sole, Micro, Small and Medium Law Firm Capability to Meet Disruption: COVID–19, Technology and Intergenerational Change

TOI-4010: A System of Three Large Short-period Planets with a Massive Long-period Companion

TESS spots a mini-neptune interior to a hot saturn in the TOI-2000 system

Designing a decomposition-based multi-phase pre-processing strategy coupled with EDBi-LSTM deep learning approach for sediment load forecasting

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Automated analysis of small intestinal lamina propria to distinguish normal, Celiac Disease, and Non-Celiac Duodenitis biopsy images

Swin-textural: A novel textural features-based image classification model for COVID-19 detection on chest computed tomography

A new one-dimensional testosterone pattern-based EEG sentence classification method

Medicine and Kingship: Endogenous Centralization in East and Central Africa by Koen Stroeken

The politics of accountability

Advancements to the Generalised Clay Disaggregation Model

Investigating the impact of customer-based brand equity on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the online shopping goods retail industry in Australia

Internal Communication and Employee Engagement: A Work-Based Study of the Lived Experiences of Queensland Police Service Employees

Perinatal outcomes of Pasifika women in Australia: A work-based integrative literature review and discussion

Investigating early years educators' understandings of, beliefs about and practices of active play in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Numerical analysis of light transmission in dual-core waveguides

Shape memory polymer composite for adaptive components for orthosis and lower limb fracture fixators

Thesis writing as grief work: An autoethnographic journey into identifying and positioning the bereaved self in Doctoral scholarship

Gifted Adults in the Workplace: A Systematic Literature Review

Preparation for doctoral research: a narrative review

Conceptualising and assessing trauma-informed practice in Tasmanian secondary schools

The complexities of Aboriginal Self-Determination in the School Sector

Online language teaching in action

Lucy's Argument: The Spycatcher Case in Australia

Impact of income inequality on renewable energy demand in south Asian economies

The Symphony in Australia 1960-2020

Growth Monitoring and Yield Estimation of Maize Plant Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in a Hilly Region

Assessing the relationship between tree dimensions in an urban environment

Prediction of Mean Sea Level with GNSS-VLM Correction Using a Hybrid Deep Learning Model in Australia

A method for reversing the effect of digital image blurring: a space domain investigation

Learning to teach multiliteracies through teaching to learn

Inherent flame-retardant vinyl ester resins with improved heat resistance enabled by additional P/N-containing cross-linking points

High-performance, intrinsically fire-safe, single-component epoxy resins and carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites based on two phosphorus-derived imidazoliums

Facile Approach for Preparing Chitosan/Phosphaphenanthrene-Containing Epoxy Resins with Superior Flame Retardancy and Mechanical Properties

A phosphorus-containing tertiary amine hardener enabled flame retardant, heat resistant and mechanically strong yet tough epoxy resins

Top of the Grade: Factors that could influence small business literacy

Role of risk disclosure on creditworthiness and driving forces of risk disclosure of banks: Islamic vs conventional banks

Financing for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond

Determinants of the financial well-being of individuals in an emerging economy: an empirical study

Occurrence Rate of Hot Jupiters Around Early-type M Dwarfs Based on Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Data

A Second Earth-sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of the M Dwarf, TOI-700

Identifying Exoplanets with Deep Learning. V. Improved Light-curve Classification for TESS Full-frame Image Observations

TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). IX. A 27 Myr Extended Population of Lower Centaurus Crux with a Transiting Two-planet System

TESS Discovery of Twin Planets near 2:1 Resonance around Early M Dwarf TOI 4342

Another shipment of six short-period giant planets from TESS

Implementing smart waste management system for a sustainable circular economy in the textile industry

Automated EEG sentence classification using novel dynamic-sized binary pattern and multilevel discrete wavelet transform techniques with TSEEG database

Evidence-Based Trauma-informed Second Language Teaching to Adults

Impact of Surface Temperature of a Photovoltaic Solar Panel on Voltage Production

Superhydrophobic self-extinguishing cotton fabrics for electromagnetic interference shielding and human motion detection

Nothing about us without us: An investigation into trauma-informed teaching of English to speakers of other languages at universities in south-east Queensland

Health professionals’ understanding and attitude towards the End of Life Choice Act 2019: a secondary analysis of Manatū Hauora – Ministry of Health workforce surveys

Trauma-informed, healing-centred: Co-creating affirmative environments for migrant and refugee children and families

Roles of phytohormones in mitigating abiotic stress in plants induced by metal(loid)s As, Cd, Cr, Hg, and Pb

Phytoremediation and sequestration of soil metals using the CRISPR/Cas9 technology to modify plants: a review

Construction and Deconstruction: Materials and substances from 'waste'

Do foreign institutional investors influence corporate climate change disclosure quality? International evidence

Coronations – real and imagined – on the screen: the outrageously disrespectful, the controversial and the tasteful

Slavery and its Meanings in the Atlantic World: Historiography, Knowledge Production, and Research Ethics

A Forage Allowance by Forage Type Interaction Impacts the Daily Milk Yield of Early Lactation Dairy Cows

An exploration of trolling behaviours in Australian adolescents: An online survey

Women in the Ivory Tower: Historical Memory and the Heroic Educator in Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Contract Law

Towards Smart Tech 4.0 in the Built Environment: Applications of Disruptive Digital Technologies in Smart Cities, Construction, and Real Estate

Visualising emptiness: The landscape of the Western Front and Australian and English children’s picture books

A latent class analysis of the socio-demographic factors and associations with mental and behavioral disorders among Australian children and adolescentss

Development of high-resolution gridded data for water availability identification through GRACE data downscaling: Development of machine learning models

Adsorption of PFOS onto graphite intercalated compound and analysis of degradation by-products during electro-chemical oxidation

Elevated Temperature Properties of Bamboo Shaving Reinforced Geopolymer Composites

Sulfate resistance and microstructure of metakaolin geopolymer reinforced by cellulose nanofiber and wollastonite

Learning and teaching multiliteracies through co-creating digital texts with children

‘Tearing Off the Bonds’: Suffrage Visual Culture in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, 1890–1920

Critical and collaborative problem-solving: An action research project on the development of cognition-centred inquiry for Year 11 senior history

Lock-in amplification based on sigma-delta oversampling

Editors’ Preface

Brook v Brook: Rethinking Marriage Choice of Law

The Common Law Jurisprudence of the Conflict of Laws

Factors Affecting the Infant Mortality and Low Birth Weight of Children in Bangladesh: Evidence from Cox PH and Logistic Regression Models

Design Principles for Platform Enabled Knowledge Commons with an Expository Instantiation

The importance of aesthetics for curriculum and job readiness: an exploration of student, teacher, and employer perceptions through Appraisal Theory

Five conditions to enhance on-line student engagement

Changes in grit and psychological capital at the time of major crisis: nursing students’ perseverance, resources, and resilience

Flame-retardant poly (L-lactic acid) with enhanced UV protection and well-preserved mechanical properties by a furan-containing polyphosphoramide

Atom-economic synthesis of an oligomeric P/N-containing fire retardant towards fire-retarding and mechanically robust polylactide biocomposites

Conceptualisation of personal recovery for youth: Integrating multi-systemic perspectives and evaluating digital supports

The burden of chronic diseases, disease-stratified exploration and gender-differentiated healthcare utilisation among patients in Bangladesh

Exploring Cross-Cultural Understandings of Teacher Leadership: A Phenomenographic Study

Telehealth-supervised exercise in systemic lupus erythematosus: A pilot study

Exercise for people with systemic sclerosis or systemic lupus erythematosus

The Integral Role of Intelligent IoT System, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G in the User-Level Self-Monitoring of COVID-19

The Radicalisation Cascade: Using Behavioural Economics to Understand how People are Influenced towards Violent Extremes by al-Qaeda and ISIS

A Scoping Review of Black sub-Saharan African men participating in civic life as they migrate, resettle, and Integrate in Australia

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour of male adolescents in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-method case study using accelerometers, automated wearable cameras, diaries, and interviews

Understanding Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour of Adolescents in Indonesia

Teacher Aides in inclusive, supportive classrooms: Towards changes in policies and procedures

Repatterning: A Middle Range Theory of the Process of Transition to Becoming a Registered Nurse for Enrolled Nurses and Internationally Qualified Nurses

Climate-influenced hydrobiogeochemistry and groundwater remedy design: A review

Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Flood Mapping Using NovaSAR-1 and Sentinel-1 Data

Nursing students'interprofessional socialisation and readiness for interprofessional learning: a cross-sectional study

Phenotypic and genotypic diversity of Puccinia sorghi in Eastern Australia: implications for maize breeding programs

Family-based treatment takes longer for adolescents with mental health comorbidities: findings from a community mental health service

A systematic review of literature on credit card cyber fraud detection using machine and deep learning

Breeding for durable resistance to Puccinia sorghi: status and strategies

Research Data Management Framework for Institutions

Two-dimensional chlorinated vapour intrusion model involving advective transport of vapours with a highly permeable granular layer in the vadose zone serving as the preferential pathway

Factors driving underweight, wasting, and stunting among urban school aged children: Evidence from Merawi town, Northwest Ethiopia

Cybernetics and battle management system (BMS) in network soldier system application

Microneedle patches – the future of drug delivery and vaccination?

Cost-Effectiveness of the ENJOY Seniors Exercise Park for Older People: A Pre–Post Intervention Study

Neurobiological Link between Stress and Gaming: A Scoping Review

Criminal Responsibility: Older but No Wiser

Kinaesthetic Learning in Early Childhood: Exploring Theory and Practice for Educators

Peer Reviews Review 1 (excerpt)

International perspectives of teacher leadership

Lessons Learned from Voices Across the Globe

Moving teacher leaders to the front line of school improvement: Lessons learned by one Australian research and development team

Multi-step ahead hourly forecasting of air quality indices in Australia: Application of an optimal time-varying decomposition-based ensemble deep learning algorithm

Global value chains participation and environmental degradation in SAARC economies

Machine Learning Algorithms for High-Resolution Prediction of Spatiotemporal Distribution of Air Pollution from Meteorological and Soil Parameters

Encountering Berlant part 1: Concepts otherwise

Differences in Carotid Artery Geometry and Flow Caused by Body Postural Changes and Physical Exercise

Investigation of the Factors That Contribute to Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Losses in the Australian Fresh Food Supply Chain

Investigating the properties of tin-oxide thin film developed by sputtering process for perovskite solar cells

A mathematical framework for regional hospital case mix planning and capacity appraisal

A User-Centric 3D-Printed Modular Peristaltic Pump for Microfluidic Perfusion Applications

TOI 560: Two Transiting Planets Orbiting a K Dwarf Validated with iSHELL, PFS, and HIRES RVs

Multiepoch Detections of the Extended Atmosphere and Transmission Spectra of KELT-9b with a 1.5 m Telescope

Food insecurity and health outcome nexus: empirical evidence from the informal sector enterprises in Bangladesh

Analyzing the Consequences of Long-Run Civil War on Unemployment Rate: Empirical Evidence from Afghanistan

Conceptualizing How Collaboration Advances Circularity

Report on Benchmarking of Enabling Programs across Australia to the National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia (NAEEA)

Chinese and Indian interpretations of pain: A qualitative evidence synthesis to facilitate chronic pain management

Shari’a Law in Catholic Italy: A Non-agnostic Model of Accommodation

Possessory title: Its salience to the Torrens systems of Australian states

Reproducibility of the computational fluid dynamic analysis of a cerebral aneurysm monitored over a decade

Finite Element Modelling of a Gram-Negative Bacterial Cell and Nanospike Array for Cell Rupture Mechanism Study

An Open Letter to Students: How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

A novel approach based on integration of convolutional neural networks and echo state network for daily electricity demand prediction

Climatology and composite evolution of flash drought over Australia and its vegetation impacts

Teachers now: Why I left and where I've gone

Piloting a new approach to teacher mentoring

The Kourion Hook Incisor: a new nonmetric dental trait

Secondary burial practice at megalithic jar site 1, Plain of Jars Laos

Adopting Green Behaviors in the Construction Sector: The Role of Behavioral Intention, Motivation, and Environmental Consciousness

Using Flip to Support First-Year Nursing Students' Preparation for Simulated Laboratory Classes

Reproductive and sexual health effects of intimate partner violence: A longitudinal and intergenerational analysis

Enhancement of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polypropylene and Nylon 6.6 Composite Blends

The practice of relationality in classrooms: Beyond relational pedagogy as empty signifier

Lost in Translation: The Wrongful Conviction of Kathleen Folbigg Based on Fresh Medical Evidence and Expert Interpretation of Her Diaries

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: bats, garlic, disturbing sexualities and a declining empire

Michael Field: Decadent Moderns

Out of sight and out of mind? Safety and procedural issues with disused and seasonal rail corridors

Corporate carbon performance and cost of debt: Evidence from Asia-Pacific countries

Surface water electrical conductivity and bicarbonate ion determination using a smart hybridization of optimal Boruta package with Elman recurrent neural network

Student Perceptions of Online Engagement

Sorption characteristics of three different food particulates made from potato, beans and peas

Doctor Repeats of Patient Responses in Vietnamese Medical Consultations

Durability and long-term behaviour of shape memory polymers and composites for the space industry - A review of current status and future perspectives

Development of neutrosophic cubic hesitant fuzzy exponential aggregation operators with application in environmental protection problems

Don’t Feed Cheese to Lactose Intolerant Volcano Gods

Feminism and the Making of a Child Rights Revolution: 1969–1979 by Isobelle Barrett Meyering

Teachers' distress tolerance experiences associated with teaching dilemmas: A hermeneutic phenomenological exploration

School Inclusion Through Remote Presence, Virtual Spaces and Digital Artefacts, for Students with Chronic Health Conditions

Pre-service Teachers and the Digital Technologies Curriculum

Creation of weakly interacting lumps by degeneration of lump chains in the KP1 equation

Investigating the prospect of cleaner production in informal enterprises: A scientific assessment of environmental burdens and economic efficiency

Digital Farming: An Overview of Its Fundamental Components and Applications

Teacher Mental Health Literacy and Child Development in Australian Primary Schools: A Program Evaluation

Curricular justice and contemporary schooling: Towards a rich, common curriculum for all students

Co-creating Multimodal Texts with Young Children

Differentiated instruction for students with learning difficulties in senior-secondary Australian schools: an inquiry of teacher attitudes and self-efficacy

Drivers of, and Barriers to, the Adoption of Mixed Reality in the Construction Industry of Developing Countries

TOI-4562b: A Highly Eccentric Temperate Jupiter Analog Orbiting a Young Field Star


Electrohydrodynamic Nebuliser (eNEB) for Direct Pulmonary Drug Delivery Application

Tuning Flow-through Cu-based Hollow Fiber Gas-diffusion Electrode for High-efficiency Carbon Monoxide (CO) Electroreduction to C2+ products

A comprehensive investigation of wetting distribution pattern on sloping lands under drip irrigation: A new gradient boosting multi-filtering-based deep learning approach

The My School website has just been updated. What makes a ‘good’ school?

Understanding health literacy from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective

Building a transdisciplinary expert consensus on the cognitive drivers of performance under pressure: An international multi-panel Delphi study

Observational feedback literacy: designing post observation feedback for learning

Metafictive devices in children’s picturebooks and the development of children’s critical multimodal literacies

Modelling soil stability in wide tunnels using FELA and multivariate adaptive regression splines analysis

A Semi-empirical Method for Studying Load-Settlement Behavior of Geocell-Reinforced Footings

Determination of Support Pressure for the Design of Square Box Culverts

The Nose Plays: Nasiform Negotiations at Newington Butts

Shear strength properties of clean and clay infilled rock joints: an analysis of the impast of moisture content under CNL conditions

Real change or more of the same? Analysing Australian media's portrayal of intellectual disability during the NDIS rollout

Investigation of the Effect of Using Fly Ash in the Grout Mixture on Performing the Fully Grouted Rock Bolt Systems

Substitution of Recycled Plastic Aggregates (RPA) in concrete and its influence on pullout capacity of mechanical and chemical anchors

SPT-CPT Correlation in Southeast Queensland, Australia

The effect of changing confinement diameter on axial load transfer mechanisms of fully grouted rock bolts

Finite Element Numerical Modelling of Rock Bolt Axial Behaviour Subject to Different Geotechnical Conditions

Application of numerical modeling in study of the behaviour of cable bolts under axial loading

Effects of rib distances on axial load transfer mechanisms of fully grouted rock bolts

A novel global solar exposure forecasting model based on air temperature: Designing a new multi-processing ensemble deep learning paradigm

Investigating the effect of coal macerals on the recovery rate of the flotation process- a case study


Review: Recommendations for male-friendly counselling with adolescent males: A qualitative systematic literature review


Common Client Issues in Counselling: An Australian Perspective

An Asymmetry in the Spoken Production of Number Agreement in Second Language English: Adjacency or Locality?

Trauma in Children and Adolescence

Trauma in Adults

Child Maltreatment

Proceedings of the 2023 Resource Operators Conference

Gender diversity and acquisitions: How female directors add value in acquisition decisions

Media coverage and patent trolls: A study on US high-tech firms

Downscaling Surface Albedo to Higher Spatial Resolutions With an Image Super-Resolution Approach and PROBA-V Satellite Images

Co-creating affirmative learning environments for refugee and asylum-seeker children

Performative enactments of pedagogy in the classroom: strategies and tactics of relationality

Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Northwest Mountainous Regions of Vietnam

Visualising heritage landscapes in future: aesthetics, embodiment, and meaning

On the certainty of entanglements with ecocide: pragmatic action for responsive pedagogy inspired by ecological psychology and permaculture

“Here comes John Curtin”: The historical consciousness of a journalists’ hero

Review of Condition Monitoring and Defect Inspection Methods for Composited Cable Terminals

Condensed point defects enhance thermoelectric performance of rare-earth Lu-doped GeTe

The effect of environmental corporate social responsibility on customer retention: A mixed methods study on the mediating effect of customer behaviour

Legal, Ethical, Moral And Theoretical Issues Relating To Abortion: United States And Australia

Respect for juries: A rejoinder to Hemming on Pell

Exploring domains of contemporary Australian agrarianism

Intend to use Green Energy?

Factors contributing towards the intention to purchase green energy

A review on the advances of the study on FRP-Concrete bond under hygrothermal exposure

The Australian National Anthem has a big problem – the average Aussie can’t sing it in tune

The role of the university environment in shaping education and employment inequalities

Women, protest, and the colour black: South Africa and Israel/Palestine

The effect of collisions on the multi-fluid plasma Richtmyer–Meshkov instability

Urban “Blandscapes”: How the Practical Implementation of Planning Policy Reduces Land Use Diversity

Design data decomposition-based reference evapotranspiration forecasting model: A soft feature filter based deep learning driven approach

Numerical Evaluation of the Human Skull with Focused Ultrasound Stimulation

A thematic analysis of the personal factors influencing mental health help-seeking in farmers

Crowd-Assisted Flood Disaster Management

Determinants of maternal morbidity during pregnancy in urban Bangladesh

Law, Religion, and Heritage Research Program Team: Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper: ‘Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws’

Navigating Detransition Borders: An Exploration of Social Media Narratives

Emerging interaction of artificial intelligence with basic materials and oil & gas companies: A comparative look at the Islamic vs. conventional markets

Forest Dwellers’ Dependence on Forest Resources in Semi-Arid Environments

Re-imagining teacher mentoring for the future

Estimation of the slope parameter in a linear regression model under a bounded loss function

Factors affecting the occupancy of Chinese pangolins (Manis pentadactyla) suggest a highly specialized ecological niche

Towards 6G Internet of Things: Recent advances, use cases, and open challenges

A call for ‘management authorship’ in community forestry

Transforming agroforestry in contested landscapes: A win-win solution to trade-offs in ecosystem services in Nepal

A 2022 τ-Herculid meteor cluster from an airborne experiment: automated detection, characterization, and consequences for meteoroids

Nanospikes on Customized 3D-Printed Titanium Implant Surface Inhibits Bacterial Colonization

The Role of Cognitive Absorption in Recommender System Reuse

When school’s in a caravan on the road to an astonishing world

Aesthetic literacies in school and work: New pathways in education

Bioinspired Strong, Tough, and Biodegradable Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) and its Applications as Substrates for Humidity Sensors

Developing the “Oppression-to-Incarceration Cycle” of Black American and First Nations Australian Trans Women: Applying the Intersectionality Research for Transgender Health Justice Framework

Investigating blended learning interactions in Philippine schools through the community of inquiry framework

The health consequences of civil wars: evidence from Afghanistan

The experience of methamphetamine use disorder and the negative consequences of relapse – a qualitative study

Trauma Informed Education: Interdisciplinary Insights

Designing pentapartitioned neutrosophic cubic set aggregation operator-based air pollution decision-making model

Analysis of internal solitary waves in the Gulf of Oman and sources responsible for their generation

Empirical Evidence to Support a Nudge Intervention for Increasing Online Engagement in Higher Education

Evaluation and Prediction of Groundwater Quality for Irrigation Using an Integrated Water Quality Indices, Machine Learning Models and GIS Approaches: A Representative Case Study

Ensemble robust local mean decomposition integrated with random forest for short-term significant wave height forecasting

Resource recovery for environmental management of dilute livestock manure using a solid-liquid separation approach

A systematic literature review of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector: Benefits, challenges, methodologies, and functionalities

Incorporating Agile Principles in Completing and Supervising a Thesis by Publication

A review of the key challenges of non-fungible tokens

Short Research Article: Changes in life functioning in a self-help, online program for child and adolescent anxiety

A Community Engagement Approach to Natural Hazard Communication

SMEs changing organisational landscape: Strategising the workplace of the future

Solitary waves and their interactions in the cylindrical Korteweg–de Vries equation

High‐concentration electrosynthesis of formic acid/formate from CO2: reactor and electrode design strategies

Correction to: Working conditions and occupational stress among nurses in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional pilot study

The Use of an Interactive Social Simulation Tool for Adults Who Stutter: A Pilot Study

Sustaining rural pharmacy workforce understanding key attributes for enhanced retention and recruitment

Evaluation of core competencies for food science graduates

Private International Law in Australia

Bearing capacity of conical footing on anisotropic and heterogeneous clays using FEA and ANN

An intelligent model involving multi-channels spectrum patterns based features for automatic sleep stage classification

Developing a novel hybrid method based on dispersion entropy and adaptive boosting algorithm for human activity recognition

Efficacy of Management Efforts to Reduce Food-Related Dingo–Human Interactions and Conflict on K’gari (Fraser Island), Australia

How Does Electricity Affect Economic Growth? Examining the Role of Government Policy to Selected Four South Asian Countries

Examining Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Stigma Among Health Care Workers Toward the Development of a Stigma-Reduction Intervention: Protocol for a Scoping Review

Rethinking agency in hiri exchange relationships on Papua New Guinea's south coast: Oral traditions and archaeology

Smart and Automated Infrastructure Management: A Deep Learning Approach for Crack Detection in Bridge Images

Quantifying the cost of quality in construction projects: an insight into the base of the iceberg

A high dimensional features-based cascaded forward neural network coupled with MVMD and Boruta-GBDT for multi-step ahead forecasting of surface soil moisture

Development of a TVF-EMD-based multi-decomposition technique integrated with Encoder-Decoder-Bidirectional-LSTM for monthly rainfall forecasting

When quantity takes on a quality of its own: A retrospective exploration of the lived experience of cumulative harm

Using an inventory cluster approach for assessing bushfire preparedness and information needs in vulnerable communities

Factors reducing the detectability of train horns by road users: a laboratory study

Transformative change comes from more than structured content: Qualitative exploration of parent experiences of a post-separation group program

Prediction of Tinnitus Treatment Outcomes Based on EEG Sensors and TFI Score Using Deep Learning

An Investigation into the Failure Characteristics of External PCB Traces with Different Angle Bends

Research on agricultural product quality traceability system based on blockchain technology

Peronosclerospora neglecta sp. nov.—a widespread and overlooked threat to corn (maize) production in the tropics

Stroke Localization Using Multiple Ridge Regression Predictors Based on Electromagnetic Signals

The Church Sinister: The Devil's Works and the Anglican Church on British Television

Remote patient monitoring using artificial intelligence: Current state, applications, and challenges

Poems and pedagogic frailty: uncovering the affective within teacher development through collective biography

Alternative Method to Resolve the Principal–Principal Conflict—A New Perspective Based on Contract Theory and Negotiation

Deep learning U-Net classification of Sentinel-1 and 2 fusions effectively demarcates tropical montane forest's deforestation

Making Desistance Recognizable: How Ex-Offenders Can Signal Their Desistance From Crime to Employers by Strategic Design

Direct and Indirect Benefits: an Open Peer Review of Zamarti, L. & Nally, D. (2023). The impact of archaeology professional development on history teachers’ pedagogy.

Passive Earth Pressure in Narrow Cohesive-Frictional Backfills

Burnt out by underinvestment: Why university professional staff suffer amidst the Australian work-integrated learning system

Struggling to survive: Post-traumatic stress disorder following nonfatal drowning in a professional rescuer with no other neurologic morbidity - A case report

Assessing the biophysical factors affecting irrigation performance in rice cultivation using remote sensing derived information

LinkedIn as a pedagogical tool for careers and employability learning: a scoping review of the literature

Aiding coastal wetland restoration via the belowground soil microbiome: an overview

Early career researchers’ collective advocacy work within an Australian university context

CNN Based Image Classification of Malicious UAVs

Exploring Interstitiality with Mangroves: Semiotic Materialism and the Environmental Humanities

Online office ergonomics training programs: A scoping review examining design and user-related outcomes

‘New Forces’: How Classroom Textbooks Are Redefining Journalism

Data investigations: A humanitarian turn

A golden age? Myths and meaning


Field evaluation of automated site-specific irrigation for cotton and perennial ryegrass using soil-water sensors and Model Predictive Control

A commentary of factors related to player availability and its influence on performance in elite team sports

Expanding Creative Communities in the Visual Arts: Using Padlet to Support Student Engagement and Belonging in Stressful Contexts

The River as a Separate Legal Person: Implications for Sustainability Law and Governance

Early flowering changes robusta coffee yield responses to climate stress and managementv

Development of dissolvable microneedle patches by CNC machining and micromolding for drug delivery

Detection of alcoholic EEG signals based on whole brain connectivity and convolution neural networks

Access Points: Stage, Space, and/as Interface in the Early Modern Playhouses

Physics-based and data-driven modeling for stability evaluation of buried structures in natural clays

Can E-Flat be sexist? Canonical keys as marginalizing practice in jazz

Antisocial and Prosocial online behaviour: Exploring the roles of the Dark and Light Triads

Calais - seeing it all [Music video]

Psychology of physical activity: a 30-year reflection on correlates, barriers, and theory

Price promotion in omnichannel retailing: how much is too much?

“Healthy Kids”—A capacity building approach for the early childhood education and care sector

The potential influence of prior work experience on unfair dismissal arbitration decisions related to employee misconduct: an exploratory study of decision styles

Ethnicity in advertising and millennials: the role of social identity and social distinctiveness

Variability and long-term change in Australian monsoon rainfall: A review

The Feasibility of a Text-Messaging Intervention Promoting Physical Activity in Shift Workers: A Process Evaluation

Sexual violence matters: Nurses must respond

Clinically Relevant Decreases in Neck/Shoulder Pain Among Office Workers Are Associated With Strength Training Adherence and Exercise Compliance: Explorative Analyses From a Randomized Controlled Trial

Determination of Efficiency Factors for Closely Spaced Strip Footings on Cohesive-Frictional Soils

Cross-Cultural Validation of the Malaysian Mood Scale and Tests of Between-Group Mood Differences

Totally devoted to you: A qualitative study examining the experiences of sacrifice among pharmacists in rural and regional areas

Do socio-psychological factors contribute to the use of green energy and climate change mitigation in the residential sector?

The Association of Contemporary Screen Behaviours with Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Sleep in Adolescents: a Cross-sectional Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study

Cloud cover bias correction in numerical weather models for solar energy monitoring and forecasting systems with kernel ridge regression

Acceptability of a virtual prostate cancer survivorship care model in regional Australia: A qualitative exploratory study

Beyond Ideas and Competencies - Exploring Successful Knowledge Transfer Practices of Early Childhood Educators: A Case Study

Relationship outcomes following a service failure: the role of agent likability

Implementation of the "clinical framework for the delivery of health services" by treating healthcare professionals: perspectives of regulators and insurers

Towards a Review-Analytics-as-a-Service (RAaaS) Framework for SMEs: A Case Study on Review Fraud Detection and Understanding

Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Fire Retardant via Hierarchical Assembly for Improved Fire Retardancy of Unsaturated Polyester

TESS Asteroseismic Analysis of HD 76920: The Giant Star Hosting an Extremely Eccentric Exoplanet

Automating the Process for Estimating Tunneling Induced Ground Stability and Settlement

Capsaicin: A Potential Treatment to Improve Cerebrovascular Function and Cognition in Obesity and Ageing

Exploring the perspectives of key stakeholders in returning to work after minor to serious road traffic injuries: a qualitative study

Availability of Nitrogen in Soil for Irrigated Cotton Following Application of Urea and 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate-Coated Urea in Concentrated Bands

Biosolids-derived fertilisers: A review of challenges and opportunities

Accurate Image Multi-Class Classification Neural Network Model with Quantum Entanglement Approach

Near real-time wind speed forecast model with bidirectional LSTM networks

Effectiveness of narrow tyne and double-discs openers to overcome shallow compaction and improve soybean yield in long-term no-tillage soil

Factors influencing vertical urban development at the parcel scale: The case in Brisbane, Australia

Improving nitrogen use efficiency in irrigated cotton production

Reducing Falls from Heights through BIM: A Dedicated System for Visualizing Safety Standards

Modelling future spatial distribution of peanut crops in Australia under climate change scenarios

Use of Terzaghi’s Superposition Approach for Estimating Critical Supporting Pressures in Circular Tunnels

What motivates consumers to be in line with online shopping?: a systematic literature review and discussion of future research perspectives

Fill Your Eyes

The higher degree research student experience in Australian universities: a systematic literature review

A Partial Overlap

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour among south Asian immigrants in Australia

Topic Integrated Opinion-Based Drug Recommendation With Transformers

Seeing Painting

A Holocene sequence from Walufeni Cave, Southern Highlands Province, and its implications for the settlement of the Great Papuan Plateau, Papua New Guinea

Zurich Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Claudia Döffinger, and featuring guest vocalist Kristin Beradi

The dynamic impact of renewable energy consumption, trade, and financial development on carbon emissions in low‑, middle‑, and high‑income countries

Biomarkers to measure respiratory muscle damage following inspiratory pressure threshold loading in healthy young men

Informal employment and catastrophic health expenditures: Evidence from Pakistan

Two-phase anaerobic digestion in leach bed reactors coupled to anaerobic filters: A review and the potential of biochar filters

Comparison of machine learning methods emulating process driven crop models

Doppler Constraints on Planetary Companions to Nearby Sun-like Stars: An Archival Radial Velocity Survey of Southern Targets for Proposed NASA Direct Imaging Missions

Mobilising effective schooling provision to support innovative education for occupationally mobile families and their children

Young Children's Experiences with Yoga after School

Vitamin K: history, metabolism, and nutrition in the horse

Working toward a place-based online pedagogy

Preparation and Characterization of an Invasive Plant-Derived Biochar-Supported Nano-Sized Lanthanum Composite and Its Application in Phosphate Capture from Aqueous Media

Doing more with less: An integrative literature review on responsible consumption behaviour

Getting hands-on: Praxis-focused assessment to enhance online arts teacher education

Are environmental damage and export concentration the major threats for the long-run economic growth in Bangladesh?

Tracking understanding and learning in videoconferencing

Understanding the transformative potential of drama: Using visual literacy to teach real-life issues in the drama class

Online Laboratories in Engineering Education Research and Practice

Differences in total cognition and cerebrovascular function in female breast cancer survivors and cancer-free women

Negotiating the enactment of the arts curriculum in primary school classrooms

Learning from the experiences of residents: January to July 2022 floods

Public health guidelines for physical activity during pregnancy from around the world: a scoping review

Contemporary Landscapes and Botanicals

Educators' experiences of pivoting online: Unearthing key learnings and insights for engaging students online

Not just in black and white: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australian children’s picture books

A study of plithogenic graphs: applications in spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19) globally