Student engagement in schools serving marginalised communities

Probability density functions of the DoB in tubular KT-joints of jacket-type platforms under out-of-plane bending loads

Rihanna’s empire of pain: sexualised violence and the black Madonna

Applying landscape-level principles to koala management in Australia: a comparative analysis

Understanding parent perspectives on engagement with online youth-focused mental health programs

Trauma-informed behavior support with youth in flexible learning and vocational education settings: Exploring the acceptability of an online trauma-informed education program

Information, Uncertainty & Espionage

Transformative research collaboration as third space and creative understanding: learnings from higher education research and doctoral supervision

Community solutions for schooling engagement: Two Australian case studies

A conception of practical global citizenship education: locating and situating ‘allosyncracy’

Values and the experience of family care-giving: cultural values or shared family values?

Quest-based learning and motivation in an EFL context

Gender affirmation and mental health in prison: A critical review of current corrections policy for trans people in Australia and New Zealand

Transgender Youth, Challenges, Responses, and the Juvenile Justice System: A Systematic Literature Review of an Emerging Literature

Exploring pre-service teachers’ affective-reflective skills: the effect of variations of a novel self-evaluation protocol

‘Everything was going to be really easy for me’: Elite schooling, old boys, and transitions to university

‘It comes with more baggage than prestige’: Deferred culpability and disavowal among elite boys’ school alumni

Aiming for bullseye: A novel gameplan for circular economy in the construction industry

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour among south Asian immigrants in Australia

Towards a Review-Analytics-as-a-Service (RAaaS) Framework for SMEs: A Case Study on Review Fraud Detection and Understanding

Gender diversity and acquisitions: How female directors add value in acquisition decisions

The experience of methamphetamine use disorder and the negative consequences of relapse – a qualitative study

Early career researchers’ collective advocacy work within an Australian university context

A Social Cognitive Career Theory study of agricultural mechanical trade workers

The beat goes on? The current presence of music education in Australian public universities

Employee engagement in shared services in a regional university context

Utilisation of capability approach and emotional intelligence to protect the psychological well-being of persons within susceptible organisations

The effect of e‑cigarettes on cognitive function: a scoping review

Rectangular tunnel heading stability in three dimensions and its predictive machine learning models

Predicting uplift capacity of group anchors in sand using 3D FELA and MARS

Why don't women engage in muscle strength exercise? An integrative review

Addressing Knowledge Gaps in ITSM Practice with “Learning Digital Commons”: A Case Study

The threshold of rural placement frequency and duration: A repeated cross-sectional study examining rural career aspirations among student nurses

Investigating Gender-Based Violence Experienced by Female Coaches and How Trauma-Informed Research Approaches Were Used to Prevent Further Harm

Get on the Cycle of Engagement with Mathematics: Re-imagining a Model and a Three-Step Process for Primary/Secondary Teachers

Seasonal climate forecast-an important tool in managing the risk of extreme weather events in Australia's wheat industry

Observed climatology and variability of cattle heat stress in Australia

Natural Law with and without God

Hybridity in Nonprofit Organizations: Organizational Perspectives on Combining Multiple Logics

This bloke who helps me with my tractor, he’s been the best psychologist: The experience of seeking mental health support in rural Australia

The 3C Model for Teaching Coding and Computational Thinking with an M in STEM Focus

Primary school students' perceptions and developed artefacts and language from learning coding and computational thinking using the 3C model

Transformative trans incarceration research: now and into the future

Depression and thoughts of self-harm or suicide among gender and sexually diverse people in a regional Australian community

Construction Price Index Prediction through ARMA with Inflation Effect: Case of Thailand Construction Industry

Global Diversity and Distribution of Rhizosphere and Root-Associated Fungi in Coastal Wetlands: A Systematic Review

Integrating soil microbial communities into fundamental ecology, conservation, and restoration: examples from Australia

Unveiling the health consequences of air pollution in the world’s most polluted nations

Durable and Wearable Self-powered Temperature Sensor Based on Self-healing Thermoelectric Fiber by Coaxial Wet Spinning Strategy for Fire Safety of Firefighting Clothing

Fire-retardant anti-microbial robust wood nanocomposite capable of fire-warning by graded-penetration impregnation

Using a five-phase applied linguistics design to develop a contextualized academic literacy placement test for pre-university pathway students

Food insecurity, environment, institutional quality, and health outcomes: evidence from South Asia

Australia’s national(ist) history curriculum: history education as a site of attempted de-democratisation

A scoping review of green Internet of Things in construction and smart cities: current applications, adoption strategies and future directions

Empirical curvelet transform based deep DenseNet model to predict NDVI using RGB drone imagery data

Harmonising Sexual Consent Law in Australia: Goals, Risks and Challenges

It’s on like Donkey Kong: How evolving defamation laws put online creators and influencers at risk

Surfacing the complexity of students’ experiences of assessment and feedback processes using a rich picture approach

Torts and Employment: reflections on changing ideas of responsibility and the adaptability of torts law

reimagining feminist futures through geographies of selves: a letter to the poetics of being and becoming.

Embedding planetary health in nursing education: exploring the barriers and enablers to implementing changes in undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing curriculum

Celebrating Australian nurses who are pioneering the response to climate change: a compilation of case studies

Trialling a new method to attract feral cats (Felis catus) in situ – the Mata Hari Judas queen

Innovative Finance for Transforming Sustainable Food Security Systems in the ASEAN Region

Optimizing load-displacement prediction for bored piles with the 3mSOS algorithm and neural networks

Evaluating the correlation between project selection criteria and organizational performance within the construction industry

Engineering Ce/P-functionalized g-C3N4 for advanced ABS nanocomposites exhibiting unparalleled fire retardancy, enhanced thermal and mechanical properties

Ferrite Doped Sucrose-Derived Porous Carbon Composites Inspired by Pharaoh's Serpent for Broadband Electromagnetic Wave Absorption

Innovative numerical modeling for predicting soil relaxation in the design of twin circular culverts

Numerical study on bearing capacity of geocell‑reinforced strip footings resting on slopes

A Systematic Literature Review of Substance-Use Prevention Programs Amongst Refugee Youth

High performing male and female engineering students in Chile: accounting for mental health and well-being from a developmental paradigm

50 years on, Advance Australia Fair no longer reflects the values of many. What could replace it?

Design of short Venturi flow meters for incompressible and isothermal flow applications

FRAMU: Attention-based Machine Unlearning using Federated Reinforcement Learning

Career education and development scale for secondary and tertiary students in Vietnam

Stochastic modelling of out-of-autoclave epoxy composite cure cycles under uncertainty

Developing students’ metalinguistic understandings

Comparing ChatGPT With Experts’ Responses to Scenarios that Assess Psychological Literacy

Circular economy and agricultural employment: a panel analysis of EU advanced and emerging economies

Australian teachers’ causal attributions along a motivational continuum in supporting their resilience

Test record 2024

Exploring approaches to contemporary clinical incident analysis methods within acute care settings: a scoping review protocol

A systematic review of effective local, community or peer-delivered interventions to improve well-being and employment in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia

Frequency downshifting in decaying wavetrains on the ocean surface covered by ice floes

A hidden population of massive white dwarfs: two spotted K + WD binaries

A hot mini-Neptune and a temperate, highly eccentric sub-Saturn around the bright K-dwarf TOI-2134

Test record

Ante-factum legislative general vaccination mandates as a solution to legal hypocrisy in pandemics

Yoga in schools that contributes to a positive classroom atmosphere for young children and educators: a PRISMA scoping review

Understanding rural pharmacists’ perspectives: lived experiences and insights associated with rural recruitment and retention

Insights into digital literacy in language teaching

A Research Framework to Improve Evidence-Based Practice Surrounding the Resuscitation Response to Drowning in Surf Lifesaving

Good Grief

Confirming the Warm and Dense Sub-Saturn TIC 139270665 b with the Automated Planet Finder and Unistellar Citizen Science Network

The Hidden Toll of Psychological Distress in Australian Adults and Its Impact on Health‑Related Quality of Life Measured as Health State Utilities

UAV Control Method Combining Reptile Meta-Reinforcement Learning and Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning

Evaluating Cryptocurrency Market Risk on the Blockchain: An Empirical Study Using the ARMA-GARCH-VaR Model

Measurement properties of the dispositional measure of employability in Australian university students.

Impact of Climate Change on the Australian Agricultural Export

Green logistics and circular economy in alleviating CO2 emissions: Does waste generation and GDP growth matter in EU countries?

What are the mechanisms underlying the delivery of survivorship care information in Australia? A realist review

An automatic method using MFCC features for sleep stage classification

Machine learning models for prediction of double and triple burdens of non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh

Socioeconomic mental health disparities and income mobility in Australia: A longitudinal factor decomposition analysis

Macro and microstructural evolution of low-calcium fly ash-based geopolymer mortar exposed to sulphuric acid corrosion

Machine learning approaches to predict compressive strength of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete: A comprehensive review

Climate-resilient micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises in Mongolia: Understanding challenges

Dhaka’s juggle with digitalisation and demography

A Framework to Assess Possible Sources of Stakeholder Exploitation: A Developing Country Case

Larrimah-inspired series Population: 11 is a charming watch – if a tad heavy on the Aussie cliches

A generalizable reactive blending strategy to construct flame-retardant, mechanically-strong and toughened poly (L-lactic acid) bioplastics

A 2D biobased P/N-containing aggregate for boosting fire retardancy of PA6/aluminum diethylphosphinate via synergy

Clown-based Social Work as Dissent in Child Protection Practice

'Field'- Canvas

Extreme weather dominates farm management effects on long-term trends in soil carbon

Impact of prenatal maternal dietary exclusion on childhood obesity and overweight risk

Examining the moderating effects of shopping orientation, product knowledge and involvement on the effectiveness of Virtual Reality (VR) retail environment

Dynamical Architectures of S-type Transiting Planets in Binaries. I. Target Selection Using Hipparcos and Gaia Proper Motion Anomalies

Co-design and development of the sit-stand e-guide: An e-training program for the optimal use of sit-stand workstations

Application of artificial intelligence techniques for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease diagnosis: A systematic review (2005–2023)

Impact of stakeholder engagement strategies on managerial cognitive decision-making: the context of CSP and CSR

From Theory to Practice: A Worldwide Cross-Sectional Survey About Flywheel Training in Basketball

Compressive performance of full-scale GFRP composite sandwich wall panels with wood core

Fire-retardant, anti-dripping, biodegradable and biobased polyurethane elastomers enabled by hydrogen-bonding with cellulose nanocrystals

Validation of Elemental and Isotopic Abundances in Late-M Spectral Types with the Benchmark HIP 55507 AB System

Contrastive sentence representation learning with adaptive false negative cancellation

Efficient reinforcement learning-based method for plagiarism detection boosted by a population-based algorithm for pretraining weights

Coronagraphic Data Post-processing Using Projections on Instrumental Modes

RCNet: Related Context-Driven Network with Hierarchical Attention for Salient Object Detection

Green carbonization of waste coffee grounds into porous C/Fe hybrids for broadband and high-efficiency microwave absorption

The Kepler Giant Planet Search. I. A Decade of Kepler Planet-host Radial Velocities from W. M. Keck Observatory

Wellbeing After Finalization of a Workers’ Compensation Claim: A Systematic Scoping Review

Shaping destination marketing with norms and personality

Engineering the p-n switch: Mastering intrinsic point defects in Sb2Te3-dominant alloys

Zinc Doping Induces Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of Solvothermal SnTe

A Blockchain-Based Trustworthy Access Control Scheme for Medical Data Sharing

Findings, progress, and lessons learned during the first 3 years of a student-led interprofessional health clinic in regional Australia

Female Athletes and the Menstrual Cycle in Team Sports: Current State of Play and Considerations for Future Research

Contribution of peer group supervision to nursing practice: An interpretive phenomenological study

The large-scale magnetic field of the M dwarf double-line spectroscopic binary FK Aqr

Combined adsorption and electrochemical oxidation of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) using graphite intercalated compound

Filling the agronomic data gap through a minimum data collection approach

Climate Driver Influences on Prediction of the Australian Fire Behaviour Index

Black-white hole pattern: an investigation on the automated chronic neuropathic pain detection using EEG signals

Modeling the Geometry of Tree Trunks Using LiDAR Data

Database evaluation and reliability calibration for flexural strength of hybrid FRP/steel-RC Beams

Experience-driven well-being: the case of unmanned smart hotels

The influence of substitution strategies on the physical match performance of elite female field hockey players

Exploring Rhythms and Channels-Based EEG Biomarkers for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Automated detection and forecasting of COVID-19 using deep learning techniques: A review

Color adjustable, mechanically robust, flame-retardant and weather-resistant TiO2/MMT/CNF hierarchical nanocomposite coatings toward intelligent fire cyclic warning and protection

3D convolutional neural network for schizophrenia detection using as EEG-based functional brain network

Lightweight, surface hydrophobic and flame-retardant polydimethylsiloxane foam composites coated with graphene oxide via interface engineering

Determinants of organic soil fertilization methods use over time and in the face of climate vulnerability

Automated accurate insomnia detection system using wavelet scattering method using ECG signals

Automated detection of depression using wavelet scattering networks

Sleep disorder identification using wavelet scattering on ECG signals

A survey of multimodal information fusion for smart healthcare: Mapping the journey from data to wisdom

Clustered FedStack: Intermediate Global Models with Bayesian Information Criterion

Mitigating thermal expansion effects in solid oxide fuel cell cathodes: A critical review

Model-Based Assessment of the Liver Safety Profile of Acetaminophen to Support its Combination Use with Topical Diclofenac in Mild-to-Moderate Osteoarthritis Pain

Application of spatial uncertainty predictor in CNN-BiLSTM model using coronary artery disease ECG signals

The Simulation of Biogas Combustion in Top Open Burner

Young adults’ perceptions of their online versus offline interactions with close friends: An exploration of individual differences

Semi-supervised generative adversarial networks for improved colorectal polyp classification using histopathological images

An umbrella review of the benefits and risks associated with youths’ interactions with electronic screens

Multi-modality approaches for medical support systems: A systematic review of the last decade

Artificial intelligence for atrial fibrillation detection, prediction, and treatment: A systematic review of the last decade (2013–2023)

Optimizing multi-objective task scheduling in fog computing with GA-PSO algorithm for big data application

Creating authority and autonomy: Necessary dialectical tensions in public sector project management

What Happens in Face During a Facial Expression? Using Data Mining Techniques to Analyze Facial Expression Motion Vectors

Using Data Mining Techniques to Analyze Facial Expression Motion Vectors

Individual and area level factors associated with the breast cancer diagnostic-treatment interval in Queensland, Australia

Photoperiod and metabolic health: evidence, mechanism, and implications

Identifying 850 δ Scuti pulsators in a narrow Gaia colour range with TESS 10-min full-frame images

Formation of non-uniform fibre distribution and its effect on the flexural performance of pultruded GFRP box beams

EMU/GAMA: A Technique for Detecting Active Galactic Nuclei in Low Mass Systems

Australian senior-secondary teachers’ perceptions of leadership and policy for differentiated instruction

TESS giants transiting giants v - Two hot Jupiters orbiting red giant hosts

Price optimization for manufacturers in a competitive retail market: imported products and online crowdfunding option

Asteroseismology Applied to Constrain Structure Parameters of δ Scuti Stars

TOI-1994b: A Low-mass Eccentric Brown Dwarf Transiting A Subgiant Star

An automated earthquake classification model based on a new butterfly pattern using seismic signals

Durability of hybrid flax fibre-reinforced epoxy composites with graphene in hygrothermal environment

Stability of geothermal waters parameters as a major factor guaranteeing the possibility of its use and discharge into the environment

Improved PSO With Visit Table and Multiple Direction Search Strategies for Skin Cancer Image Segmentation

Sr65: a widely effective gene for stem rust resistance in wheat

Effect of exercise for depression: Systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Piezo-optoelectronic coupling in heterojunctions for self-powered and ultrasensitive pressure sensing

Epidemiology of horse trauma: a literature review


Identifying the properties and impact of education on misconduct: Evidence from Australian financial advisers

Multiwavelength Campaign Observations of a Young Solar-type Star, EK Draconis. I. Discovery of Prominence Eruptions Associated with Superflares

Phenotypic profiling of lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus) accessions enabled identification of promising lines for use in breeding for high yield, early flowering and desirable traits

Enhancing intrusion detection systems through dimensionality reduction: A comparative study of machine learning techniques for cyber security

Catheter-associated meatal pressure injuries (CAMPI) in patients with long-term urethral catheters—a cross-sectional study of 200 patients

Impact of polystyrene microplastics on the growth and photosynthetic efficiency of diatom Chaetoceros neogracile

The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC)—Citizen Scientist System for Asteroid Discovery

Learning in the palm of your hand: an exploration of the value of online education-related X/Twitter chats for professional learning

Building capacity for climate adaptation planning in protected area management: Options and challenges for World Heritage

Green synthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles for removal of carbamazepine in water and soil systems

Gaussian Processes and Nested Sampling Applied to Kepler's Small Long-period Exoplanet Candidates

WEPP interrill erodibility for clay soils in the crop lands of Northern NSW and Southern Queensland, Australia

Supporting the health and wellbeing of trans autistic school-aged youth: a systematic literature review

The Future of Events: How artificial intelligence can play a role

Green synthesis of bio-based flame retardant/natural rubber inorganic-organic hybrid and its flame retarding and toughening effect for polylactic acid

Photocatalytic CO2 reduction integrated with biomass selective oxidation via single-atom Ru and P dual sites on carbon nitride

Fintech research: systematic mapping, classification, and future directions

Fire-retardant and high-strength polymeric materials enabled by supramolecular aggregates

Fact or fake: information, misinformation and disinformation via social media

Category-Wise Meal Recommendation

Quick-commerce: green initiatives on customer brand engagement

Identifying factors influencing purchase intention of sustainable luxury retailing products

The use of idealised experiments in testing a new convective parametrization: Performance of CoMorph-A

Community forestry in a changing context: A perspective from Nepal's mid-hill

Talcarpones A and B: bisnaphthazarin-derived metabolites from the Australian fungus Talaromyces johnpittii sp. nov. MST-FP2594

Three-Dimensional Modeling and Visualization of Single Tree LiDAR Point Cloud Using Matrixial Form

Time frequency distribution and deep neural network for automated identification of insomnia using single channel EEG-signals

Recyclability of unidirectional reinforced pultruded thermoplastic profiles into composite laminates

Bending fatigue behaviour of internal replacement pipe systems

Supporting Those Who Provide Support: What Do University Student-Facing Staff Say About Training for Working with Diverse Cohorts?

GCLP: An automated asthma detection model based on global chaotic logistic pattern using cough sounds

Effects of planting basins and farmyard manure addition on soil carbon and nitrogen pools under on-farm conditions in Makueni county of Kenya

Insights into software development approaches: mining Q &A repositories

Effect of phenylbutazone on insulin secretion in horses with insulin dysregulation

Eccentricity Distribution beyond the Snow Line and Implications for Planetary Habitability

Investigating PCM encapsulated NaOH additive for set-on-demand in 3D concrete printing

Renewable energy-driven membrane distillation in the context of life cycle assessment

Short-term wind speed forecasting using an optimized three-phase convolutional neural network fused with bidirectional long short-term memory network model

Quasi-Biennial Oscillation influence on Australian summer rainfall

Alternative B-site-doped La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8-xMxO3 (M = Ni, Cu, Nb; x = 0, 0.1, 0.2) as innovative cathode material for LT-SOFC with enhanced charge transfer and oxygen ion diffusion

Build trust, they will come: the case of casino high rollers!

Cybersecurity threats in FinTech: A systematic review

Empowering precision medicine: AI-driven schizophrenia diagnosis via EEG signals: A comprehensive review from 2002–2023

Meta-QTL analysis enabled identification of candidate genes and haplotypes for enhancing biotic stress resistance in chickpea

The California-Kepler Survey. XI. A Survey of Chromospheric Activity through the Lens of Precise Stellar Properties

Pupillometry as a new window to player fatigue? A glimpse inside the eyes of a Euro Cup Women’s Basketball team

Biomimetic, highly adhesive, supramolecular nano-coatings for fire-safe polymeric foams

Investigating the Atmospheric Mass Loss of the Kepler-105 Planets Straddling the Radius Gap

Synchronous preparation and modification of LDH hollow polyhedra by polydopamine: Synthesis and application

Achieving ultra-tear resistant high-performance natural rubber nanocomposite via bio-inspired lignocellulosic compatibilization

TESS Cycle 2 observations of roAp stars with 2-min cadence data

Updated consensus statement on improving the mental health of high-performance athletes

Cambodia’s aspirations to become a knowledge-based society: Challenges and recommendations

Statistical relationships between the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation and El Niño–Southern Oscillation

Resource allocation problem and artificial intelligence: the state-of-the-art review (2009–2023) and open research challenges

Enhancing diagnostic value in urethral imaging: the case for urologist-performed urethrograms

Robotic surgery education in Australia and New Zealand: primetime for a curriculum

A People's Reformation: Building the English Church in the Elizabethan Parish by Lucy Moffat Kaufman

Dispersion engineering of cellulose nanofibres in polyols: for controlled microstructure of high-performance polyurethane foam

Automated Scheduling of Doppler Exoplanet Observations at Keck Observatory

Large-Scale, Mechanically Robust, Solvent-Resistant, and Antioxidant MXene-Based Composites for Reliable Long-Term Infrared Stealth

Directional-Guided Motion Sensitive Descriptor for Automated Detection of Hypertension Using Ultrasound Images

Biochemical methane potential of dairy manure residues and separated fractions: An Australia-wide study of the impact of production and cleaning systems

Core-curriculum in psycho-oncology: Towards the certification of the psycho-oncologist profession

A survey of autonomous monitoring systems in mental health

Assessing the excess costs of the in-hospital adverse events covered by the AHRQ’s Patient Safety Indicators in Switzerland

Probabilistic-based electricity demand forecasting with hybrid convolutional neural network-extreme learning machine model

Electricity demand error corrections with attention bi-directional neural networks

Does joint land ownership empower rural women socio-economically? Evidence from Eastern Nepal

A cost-effective approach to estimate plant available water capacity

Herbivory-driven shifts in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community assembly: increased fungal competition and plant phosphorus benefits

Deep learning techniques in PET/CT imaging: A comprehensive review from sinogram to image space

TOI-5126: a hot super-Neptune and warm Neptune pair discovered by TESS and CHEOPS

Asian Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing Played a Key Role in the Multidecadal Increase in Australian Summer Monsoon Rainfall

Novel tiny textural motif pattern-based RNA virus protein sequence classification model

Numerical investigation on the behaviour of socket connections in GFRP-reinforced precast concrete

Cyclic behaviour of an innovative cap beam to column pocketless connection in GFRP-RC precast structures

ExHyptNet: An explainable diagnosis of hypertension using EfficientNet with PPG signals

Flexural behaviour of GFRP-reinforced concrete pontoon decks under static four-point and uniform loads

Associations between Cerebrovascular Function and the Expression of Genes Related to Endothelial Function in Hormonal Migraine

Wavelet scattering- and object detection-based computer vision for identifying dengue from peripheral blood microscopy

Constraining Stellar Rotation at the Zero-age Main Sequence with TESS

Micromachined Mechanical Resonant Sensors: From Materials, Structural Designs to Applications

Predicting the current habitat refugia of Himalayan Musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster) across Nepal

The interplay between the entrepreneurial leadership identity, entrepreneurial leadership competency and venture growth intentions of women in rural Australia

Questioning the use of ensembles versus individual climate model generated flows in future peak flood predictions: Plausibility and implications

Australia's Tinderbox Drought: An extreme natural event likely worsened by human-caused climate change

MNPDenseNet: Automated Monkeypox Detection Using Multiple Nested Patch Division and Pretrained DenseNet201

Symmetrical and asymmetrical analysis of the complex relationship between perceived environmental uncertainty and creative performance: exploring a competency formula

Giant Outer Transiting Exoplanet Mass (GOT ‘EM) Survey. IV. Long-term Doppler Spectroscopy for 11 Stars Thought to Host Cool Giant Exoplanets

Observing and forecasting the retreat of northern Australia’s rainy season

Thailand, the forgotten market for international student recruitment? A qualitative study into the strategies of regional Australian universities

Alzheimer's disease prediction algorithm based on de-correlation constraint and multi-modal feature interaction

Enhancing the Ammonia Catalytic Decomposition of Lanthanum Strontium Titanate Nickel Perovskite Catalysts via a Balanced Cation Doping and Deficiency Strategy

TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). XI. An Earth-sized Planet Orbiting a Nearby, Solar-like Host in the 400 Myr Ursa Major Moving Group

Shining a light on disparities to access. Specialist teachers’ perceptions on the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on learning for students with blindness and low vision in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific

Developing a personal decision support tool for hospital capacity assessment and querying

The variable magnetic field of V889 Her and the challenge of detecting exoplanets around young Suns using Gaussian process regression

‘I left the teaching profession … and this is what I am doing now’: a national study of teacher attrition

Phenomenology and periodicity of radio emission from the stellar system AU Microscopii

TOI-4641b: an aligned warm Jupiter orbiting a bright (V=7.5) rapidly rotating F-star

The TESS-Keck Survey. XVII. Precise Mass Measurements in a Young, High-multiplicity Transiting Planet System Using Radial Velocities and Transit Timing Variations

Correction to: Automated facial expression recognition using exemplar hybrid deep feature generation technique

Automated anxiety detection using probabilistic binary pattern with ECG signals

Rapid polarization variations in the O4 supergiant ζ Puppis

Molecularly engineered polyphosphazene-derived for advanced polylactide biocomposites with robust toughness, flame retardancy, and UV resistance

Finite element analysis and experimental validation of polymer–metal contacts in block-on-ring configuration

Performance Evaluation of Jerusalem Artichoke Digging Tool in Cohesive Soil Using Discrete Element Method

Knowledge mapping for a secure and sustainable hemp industry: A systematic literature review

High survivorship and rapid population growth of the greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis) reintroduced to a feral predator exclosure

Corporate climate risk disclosure: assessing materiality and stakeholder expectations for sustainable value creationUnited Kingdom

Decisions and prompts to screen for cervical, bowel, and breast cancer

Impacts of environmental feedbacks on the production of a Central Queensland beef enterprise in a future climate

The effects of artificial intelligence applications in educational settings: Challenges and strategies

Revolutionizing procurement: Unveiling next-gen supplier strategies in UAE's oil & gas sector

‘We knew a cyclone was imminent’: Hazard preparedness and disaster management efficiency nexus in coastal Bangladesh

EMU/GAMA: Radio detected galaxies are more obscured than optically selected galaxies

Prevalence, inequality and associated factors of overweight/obesity among Bangladeshi adolescents aged 15-19 years

A benchmark model for the process of post-migration social adjustment: exploring the views of young people from forced-migration backgrounds in Australia

Improved binary differential evolution with dimensionality reduction mechanism and binary stochastic search for feature selection

Predicting Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Women: An Automated Machine Learning Approach

Causation and control: Understanding distracted driving in Australia through a systems thinking lens

Bond behaviour of smooth surface GFRP pultruded profiles with cement grout

AdaRes: A deep learning-based model for ultrasound image denoising: Results of image quality metrics, radiomics, artificial intelligence, and clinical studies

“What’s in a Name”: An “Asian” Australian Educator’s Autoethnographic Account of Critical Pedagogical Practice that Deconstructs Whiteness in Teacher Education Spaces

Shark Dive and Hologram Zoo: Two Case Studies of Virtual Animal Encounters as Possible Models for Sustainable Wildlife Tourism

Passive earth pressure in sand on inclined walls with negative wall friction based on a statically admissible stress field

Physical activity interventions among youth living in rural and remote areas: A systematic review

Heterostructured Graphene@ Silica@ Iron Phenylphosphinate for Fire‐Retardant, Strong, Thermally Conductive Yet Electrically Insulated Epoxy Nanocomposites

Influence of Fabric Structure of Aramid-Reinforced Polycarbonate Composites on Its Ballistic Resistance Verified by Experiment and Simulation

The Evolution of Natural Law

Privacy Inference Attack and Defense in Centralized and Federated Learning: A Comprehensive Survey

Whose scat is that? Determining recognition of predator scat by Australian mammals

Traditional knowledge for climate resilience in the Pacific Islands

Enabling the Engineer of the Future

Student-centred curriculum integration in primary schools: Nurturing democratic citizenship in Aotearoa New Zealand

The Role of Online and Traditional Laboratories in the Context of Modern Engineering Curricula

Investigating the “Thief in the Night”: The Reproduction and Erosion of Indigenous Forms of Social Resilience in Rural Fiji

Understanding Constraints and Enablers of Climate Risk Management Strategies: Evidence from Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Regional South India

“The Full Monty”: Taking a Fully Qualitative Approach to Research By Singers, With Singers, For Singers

Democratizing & Enhancing Exoplanet Research with the Unistellar Citizen Science Network & Astronomy Modeling Instruction

Midwives’ experiences of providing pre-eclampsia care in a low- and middle-income country – A qualitative study

Dynamic connectedness and hedging opportunities of the commodity and stock markets in China: evidence from the TVP-VAR and cDCC-FIAPARCH

Quality appraisal and descriptive analysis of clinical practice guidelines for self-managed non-pharmacological interventions of cardiovascular diseases: a systematic review

Effects of non-pharmacological interventions on symptom clusters in breast cancer survivors: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Investigating School Absenteeism and Refusal among Australian Children and Adolescents using Apriori Association Rule Mining

Why Australia Should Adopt the English Model for Propensity and Bad Character Evidence: Re-balancing the Criminal Justice System in Favour of the Victims of Crime.

Socioeconomic inequalities in child and adolescent mental health in Australia: the role of parenting style and parents’ relationships

An environmental perspective of energy consumption, overpopulation, and human capital barriers in South Asia

The validity of the environmental Kuznets curve in the presence of long-run civil wars: A case of Afghanistan

Asymmetric role of the informal sector on economic growth: Empirical investigation on a developing country

Decoding Social Sustainability in Construction Projects: Analysis of Project Dynamics and Impact

Climate Change Mitigation through Modular Construction

Modeling, optimization, and economic analysis of a comprehensive CCHP system with fuel cells, reverse osmosis, batteries, and hydrogen storage subsystems Powered by renewable energy sources

Are Vietnamese coffee farmers willing to pay for weather index insurance?

Assessment and prediction of significant wave height using hybrid CNN-BiLSTM deep learning model for sustainable wave energy in Australia

Undrained sinkhole stability of circular cavity: a comprehensive approach based on isogeometric analysis coupled with machine learning

A Qualitative Investigation into the Representations of Habit by Lay People

A cross-sectional investigation of the factors associated with awareness of PEP and PrEP among Queensland university students

Risk factors for violence in an emergency department: Nurses' perspectives

Non-phosphorus Glucosyl Schiff Bases for Smoke Inhibition and Mechanical Enhancement of Epoxy Resin Composites

Unveiling graduate readiness to respond to domestic and family violence in Australian social work programmes

The experiences of Australian dyslexic children and their parents: An exploration of allyship and parent-school partnerships

The influence of perceived social support on support seeking across individualistic/collectivistic employees

Dynamic Task Allocation For Robotic Edge System Resilience Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

In-flight electro-neutralisation electrospray for pulmonary drug delivery

Rural‒urban disparities in household catastrophic health expenditure in Bangladesh: a multivariate decomposition analysis

Fluency issues in L2 academic presentations: Linguistic, cognitive and psychological influences on pausing behaviour

Fabrication of flame-retardant, strong, and tough epoxy resins by solvent-free polymerization with bioderived, reactive flame retardant

Multifunctional phosphorus-containing imidazoliums endowing one-component epoxy resins with superior thermal latency, heat resistance, mechanical properties, and fire safety

A Novel Free-Air Diesel and Ozone Enrichment (FADOE) Research Platform

Determination of deep bed drying rates for abattoir paunch waste using revised co-efficients for the Hukill equation

A look at the performance of barrel and wedge assembly in cable bolts applications

Learning by Stealth: Newly Qualified Social Workers’ Experiences of Navigating Health and Hospital Social Work

Applying the FAIR principles to the Drought Monitor to improve accessibility of data

Psychometric properties of the parenting belief scale in a multi-country sample of parents from high-income countries

Minimal educational qualifications for nursing staff in residential aged care settings

Cognitive Mental Workload of Emergency Nursing: A scoping review

False Promise: World Heritage, Ecotourism, and the Local Community of Strahan, Tasmania

The criticality of teacher educator wellbeing: Reflecting through arts-based methods

Cognitive criteria in HIV: greater consensus is needed

The provision of sexual and reproductive health information and services to travellers: an exploratory survey of Australian travel medicine clinicians

Integrating sexual and reproductive health into pre-travel consultations

Evaluation of meteorological datasets in estimating the water footprint components of wheat and maize (case study: Qazvin, Iran)

The effectiveness of nudging key learning resources to support online engagement in higher education courses

Unraveling seismic uplift behavior of plate anchors in frictional-cohesive soils: A comprehensive analysis through stability factors and machine learning

Co-creating affirmative transitions for children with refugee and asylum-seeker backgrounds

Strike 3 … Out! Investigating Pre-Game Moods, Performance, and Mental Health of Softball Umpires

Fluidity in capability: Longitudinal assessments of suicide capability using ecological momentary assessments

Exploring the determinants of green bond market development in Bangladesh

Scoping review of systematic reviews of nursing interventions in a neonatal intensive care unit or special care nursery

Can the Cans: Determinants of Container Deposit Behavior before and after Introduction of a Container Refund Scheme

MixSleepNet: A Multi-Type Convolution Combined Sleep Stage Classification Model

Heading for the Frontline: Mood, Stress, Resilience, and Coping of Nursing Graduates during a Global Pandemic.

Qualitative investigations into floodways under extreme flood loading

Enhanced Dynamic State Estimation of Regional New Energy Power System Under Different Abnormal Scenarios

Mental health and coping strategies among international health science students during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional study

Exploring nursing students’ perceptions on usefulness, ease of use, and acceptability of using a simulated Electronic Medical Record: A descriptive study

Circular economy barriers in Australia: How to translate theory into practice?

Feature extraction and learning approaches for cancellable biometrics: A survey

Reconnecting the Estranged Relationships: Optimizing the Influence Propagation in Evolving Networks

Influence of Low-Frequency Vibration and Skin Strain on Insertion Mechanics and Drug Diffusion of PVA/PVP Dissolving Microneedles

Employment of undergraduate nursing students for specialling of people with cognitive impairment: A pilot study

Condition Monitoring of Distribution Power Network Assets Using PMU Measurements

Assessment and Prediction of Sea Level and Coastal Wetland Changes in Small Islands Using Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence

Affect and conation in second language learning: Survey data from Ukrainian learners of English

Ethical challenges for nurses delivering coercive interventions in community mental health settings: A scoping review.

Community education on the health impacts of bushfires: Evaluation of an online pilot short course in Tasmania, Australia.

The positioning tensions between early career teachers’ and mentors’ perceptions of the mentor role

Viability of a Psychiatric Injury Claim for Bystanders Who Witnessed and Rescuers Who Attended the Sea World Helicopter Accident

Australia is still reckoning with a shameful legacy: the resettlement of suspected war criminals after WWII

An exploration of extreme obesity and weight loss management for adults in rural, remote, and regional areas: A systematic review

Nurse-led clinics in primary health care: A scoping review of contemporary definitions, implementation enablers and barriers and their health impact

Efficacy of an Antimicrobial Reality Simulator (AMRSim) as an Educational Tool for Teaching Antimicrobial Stewardship to Veterinary Medicine Undergraduates

Navigating burnout: a study of teacher identity in Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Spain and Australia

The impact of misinformation presented during jury deliberation on juror memory and decision-making

Solitons and lumps in the cylindrical Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation. II. Lumps and their interactions

Improving the Uptake of Arts Education for Student Wellbeing: A Collaborative Autoethnography that highlights potential areas of focus

Solitons and lumps in the cylindrical Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation. I. Axisymmetric solitons and their stability

Pre-eclampsia training needs of midwives in a Ghanaian tertiary hospital: A cross-sectional study

Improving success and retention of undergraduate nursing students from rural and remote Australia: A multimethod study protocol

Youth Community Futures: Enhancing Opportunities for Young People in Regional Queensland: Final Report

Pre-service teachers and ChatGPT in multistrategy problem-solving: Implications for mathematics teaching in primary schools

Does tax literacy matter? The relationship between small business literacy and business performance and cash flow

Nanoparticles for flame retardancy in polymer systems

An intrinsic flame‐retardant and heat‐resistant vinyl ester resin by crosslinking with diisocyanate, styrene and phosphorus‐containing hydroxyl compound

Breaking the trade-off between mechanical properties and fire safety of epoxy resins based on phosphaphenanthrene derivatives by covalent crosslinking

Machine learning for expediting next-generation of fire-retardant polymer composites

Autism and neurodiversity in the workplace: A scoping review of key trends, employer roles, interventions and supports

Towards a theory of participatory diplomacy via the Eurovision Song Contest

Exploring Frequency Band-Based Biomarkers of EEG Signals for Mild Cognitive Impairment Detection

Enhanced earth pressure determination with negative wall-soil friction using soft computing

Progressive failure mechanisms of geosynthetic-reinforced column-supported embankments over soft soil: Numerical analyses considering the cracks-induced softening

Criminal Procedure in Australia

Self-efficacy, grit, and rural career aspirations among early career nurses: A repeated cross-sectional study

Developing career-focused curriculum to improve high school perceptions of information systems careers

Law and the Unconscious

Students’ digital technology attitude, literacy and self‑efficacy and their effect on online learning engagement

First-year Preservice Teachers’ Understanding of Digital Technologies and Their Digital Literacy, Efficacy, Attitude, and Online Learning Engagement: Implication for Course Design

Digital strategies for nitrogen management in grain production systems: lessons from multi-method assessment using on-farm experimentation

Post-Construction Defects in Multi-Unit Australian Dwellings: An Analysis of the Defect Type, Causes, Risks, and Impacts

Quantitative improvement of streamflow forecasting accuracy in the Atlantic zones of Canada based on hydro-meteorological signals: A multi-level advanced intelligent expert framework

Short-term drought Index forecasting for hot and semi-humid climate Regions: A novel empirical Fourier decomposition-based ensemble Deep-Random vector functional link strategy

Human Rights in the Natural Law Tradition

SDCV v Director-General of Security: Procedural Fairness and the Ability to Decide a Matter Based on Secret Evidence Not Disclosed to a Party or their Legal Team

Comfort and Contemporary Culture: The problems of the ‘good life’ on an increasingly uncomfortable planet

Sustainable pathways for attaining net zero emissions in selected South Asian countries: role of green energy market and pricing

Vale ‘sister suffragette’: how Glynis Johns became a pop-culture icon in the story of votes for women

Fiscal support during the COVID-19 pandemic and its determinants: evidence for OECD countries

Geotechnical characterisation of coal spoil piles using high-resolution optical and multispectral data: A machine learning approach

Understanding and responsiveness in the trauma-informed adult ESL classroom

High survivorship and rapid population growth of the greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis) reintroduced to a feral predator exclosure

Project manager's leadership behavioural practices - A systematic literature review

Toward schools as sites of radical democratization: New possibilities for democratic education

Very short-term solar ultraviolet-A radiation forecasting system with cloud cover images and a Bayesian optimized interpretable artificial intelligence model

Scattering of gravity-capillary waves on a bottom step

An empirical study of lawyers’ capability to adapt to disruption in Queensland, Australia

Atmospheric degradation of ecologically important biogenic volatiles: investigating the ozonolysis of (E)-β-ocimene, isomers of α and β-farnesene, α-terpinene and 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one, and their gas-phase products.

Effects of Latex Type and Processed-Mica Waste Loading on the Structural and Thermo-Physical Properties of Natural Rubber Latex Foam Composites

Evaluating the roles of energy innovation, fossil fuel costs and environmental compliance towards energy transition in advanced industrial economies

Gastroesophageal reflux disease following laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic roux-en-Y gastric bypass: meta-analysis and systematic review of 5-year data

The mechanisms of student grit at the height of a major crisis: Identifying key predictors when times get really tough

Accurate monitoring of micronutrients in tilled potato soils of eastern Canada: Application of an eXplainable inspired-adaptive boosting framework coupled with SelectKbest

Burnout in residential aged care managers: A scoping review

Application of an explainable glass-box machine learning approach for prognostic analysis of a biogas-powered small agriculture engine

Boruta extra tree-bidirectional long short-term memory model development for Pan evaporation forecasting: Investigation of arid climate condition

On Vision Transformer for Ultra-short-term Forecasting of Photovoltaic Generation Using Sky Images

Residue dynamics of a contact and a systemic fungicide in pollen, nectar, and other plant matrices of courgette (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Doctor Who and the seeds of anxiety: exploring popular narratives of energy justice and exploitation

Contemporary Australian Tort Law

Mutagenesis of wheat powdery mildew reveals a single gene controlling both NLR and tandem kinase-mediated immunity

Liquidity risk in FinTech lending: Early impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the P2P lending market

Two-step deep learning framework with error compensation technique for short-term, half-hourly electricity price forecasting

A fire‐safe, single‐component epoxy resin based on a phosphorus/imidazole‐containing latent curing agent and diphenylphosphine

Strong synergistic effects between P/N-containing supramolecular microplates and aluminum diethylphosphinate for fire-retardant PA6

Emergency department staff experiences of the Bröset Violence Checklist

Tactile sensing for tissue discrimination in robotic meat cutting: A feasibility study

Construction of an epoxidized, phosphorus-based poly (styrene butadiene styrene) and its application in high-performance epoxy resin

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Toward the Menstrual Cycle and Menstruation Among Elite African Women Football Players, Coaches, Health Personnel, and Referees

The reaction of wild-caught northern brown bandicoots (Isoodon macrourus) to predators

Martial arts, combat sports, and mental health in adults: A systematic review

Exercise training reduces arterial stiffness in women with high blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First and last mile travel mode choice: A systematic review of the empirical literature

Critical thinking activities in fluid mechanics–A case study for enhanced student learning and performance

Indigenous communities and sustainable development: A review and research agenda

Where do incarcerated trans women prefer to be housed and why? Adding nuanced understandings to a complex debate through the voices of formerly incarcerated trans women in Australia and the United States

Validation and Interpretation of a Multimodal Drowsiness Detection System Using Explainable Machine Learning

Emission spectroscopy at high frame rates during ablation tests of meteorite samples in plasma wind tunnel

Plenum-Based Mass Flow Metering

Beyond conventional farming: exploring the benefits of planting basins with manure on soil quality as reflected in labile organic carbon and nitrogen indicators in Kenya

Automated schizophrenia detection model using blood sample scattergram images and local binary pattern

Teachers' Educational Experiences and Preparedness in Teaching Students with Autism

Realizing balanced flame retardancy and electromagnetic interference shielding in hierarchical elastomer nanocomposites

The Experience of Pregnancy-Related Lumbopelvic Pain: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis

Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Wave Height Prediction in Australia's Wave Energy Region

Public opinion on COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh: Disruption to public lives and trust in government’s immunization performance

The Spectrum of Teaching Styles and models-based practice for physical education

When constellations align: What early childhood pre-service teachers need from online learning to become confident and competent teachers of the arts

A review of bioreactor configurations for hydrogen production by cyanobacteria and microalgae

Internet governance and cyber-security: a systematic literature review

Incremental Maximal Clique Enumeration for Hybrid Edge Changes in Large Dynamic Graphs

Pyramid style-attentional network for arbitrary style transfer

Supportive interventions for carers of men with prostate cancer: systematic review and narrative synthesis

Norms and consumer behaviors in tourism: a systematic literature review

Using a modified Delphi method to identify research priorities in an Australian regional health service

Atmospheric water vapour transport in ACCESS-S2 and the potential for enhancing skill of subseasonal forecasts of precipitation

Enhancement of emulsion stability and functional properties of hemp protein-based dairy alternative by different treatments after cellulase hydrolysis

Addressing data quality in Airbnb research

The impact of labelling students with learning difficulties on teacher self-efficacy in differentiated instruction

Exploring knowledge management enablers for blockchain-enabled food supply chain implementations

The rural and interprofessional education and collaborative practice interface: Findings from a qualitative study

A leap of faith: overcoming doubt to do good when policy is absurd

A graph-powered large-scale fraud detection system

Multimorbidity and health-related quality of life amongst Indigenous Australians: A longitudinal analysis

Environmental values and sustainability: Mediating role of nature connectedness, and love for nature toward vegan food consumption

Assessment of the performance of alkali-activated slag/fly ash using liquid and solid activators: early-age properties and efflorescence

Knitting for conservation: a social practice perspective on a social and behaviour change communication intervention

Highs, Lows, and Hormones: A Qualitative Metasynthesis of Transgender Individuals’ Experiences Undergoing Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy

Covariance Clustering: Modelling Covariance in Designed Experiments When the Number of Variables is Greater than Experimental Units

The efficacy of utility functions for multicriteria hospital case-mix planning

Genomic approaches to enhance adaptive plasticity to cope with soil constraints amidst climate change in wheat

Novel automated detection of sports activities using shadow videos

ExDarkLBP: a hybrid deep feature generation-based genetic malformation detection using facial images

“Regions” as brands: an empirical validation of consumer-based brand equity framework and demonstration of cross-over effect

Geometrical effects on the local joint flexibility of three-planar tubular Y-joints in substructures of offshore wind turbines

‘It's all about rapport’: Australian therapists' recommendations for engaging adolescent males in counselling and psychotherapy

Metabolic syndrome and surgical complications: A systematic review and meta-analysis of 13 million individuals

Managing emotional reactions in yourself, patients, families and colleagues

Education, policy and democracy: Contemporary challenges and possibilities

Noncontact Estimation of the Onset of Ice Accretion in Turbofan Stators

Teaching and learning the art of nursing through aged care work experience

The Effects of Distraction on Younger Drivers: A Neurophysiological Perspective

Performance Assessment of ISO-5167 and Symmetrical Venturi Meters for Measuring Low Reynolds Number Turbulent Incompressible Isothermal Flow

Limit load and failure mechanisms of a vertical Hoek-Brown rock slope

Gully erosion mapping susceptibility in a Mediterranean environment: A hybrid decision-making model

Transfer-transfer model with MSNet: An automated accurate multiple sclerosis and myelitis detection system

An expert system for automated classification of phases in cyclic alternating patterns of sleep using optimal wavelet-based entropy features

Emotion recognition and artificial intelligence: A systematic review (2014–2023) and research recommendations

Automated characterization and detection of fibromyalgia using slow wave sleep EEG signals with glucose pattern and D’hondt pooling technique

Influence of Natural Gas and Hydrogen Properties on Internal Combustion Engine Performance, Combustion, and Emissions: A Review

Coupling FEA with XGBoost Model for Estimating Uplift Resistance of Circular Anchor in NGI-ADP Soils

Not just in black and white: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australian children’s picture books

Monthly sodium adsorption ratio forecasting in rivers using a dual interpretable glass-box complementary intelligent system: Hybridization of ensemble TVF-EMD-VMD, Boruta-SHAP, and eXplainable GPR

A systematic literature review on the determinants of cryptocurrency pricing

Looking back to look forward—the history of VAD laws in Australia and future law reform in the Australian territories

Quality indicators of effective teacher-created summative assessment

An investigation of the use of arts-based embodied learning in Early Years classrooms

Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Human Osteological Material

Trajectory Analysis of the Hayabusa2 Capsule from a Single Airborne Observation

Automated accurate emotion classification using Clefia pattern-based features with EEG signals

Artificial intelligence assisted tools for the detection of anxiety and depression leading to suicidal ideation in adolescents: a review

An Evaluation of the Impact of Digital Technology Innovations on Students’ Learning: Participatory Research Using a Student-Centred Approach

Pathway to achieving carbon goal: Insight from interaction of export diversification, renewable energy, innovation, and financial policy

Investigation of the Consumer Perspective on Leisure in Mental Health Inpatient Units

Plasticity and Time: Using the Stress-Strain Curve as a Framework for Investigating the Wicked Problems of Marine Pollution and Climate Change

Modelling the factors affecting the spatiotemporal distribution of cabbage stem flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) larvae in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in the UK

Investigating shear behaviour of fibreglass rock bolts reinforcing infilled discontinuities for various pretension loads

The efficacy of government strategies to control the COVID-19 pandemic

Clinical exercise physiology in the Australian health care system

Efficacy of conservative interventions for musculoskeletal pain on disability and pain in active serving military personnel – A systematic review

Preparedness of Australian and British nurses and midwives about domestic violence and abuse

"No Man's Land": the experiences of persons injured in a road traffic crash wanting to return to work in Queensland, Australia

Safety and quality within the healthcare supply chain: a great unknown

Use of Terzaghi’s Superposition Approach for Estimating Critical Supporting Pressures in Circular Tunnels

Separated Parents’ Experiences with the Australian School System: An Overview

'Field' (White-card) 2

Communication Across Cultures

Socially Distant Social Constructivism: Transitioning Visual Arts Pedagogies Online During COVID-19

The application of ammonium polyphosphate in unsaturated polyester resins: A mini review