Children and social media

Change management and adoption of health information technology (HIT)/eHealth in public hospitals in Ghana: A qualitative study

Potential pozzolanicity of Algerian calcined bentonite used as cement replacement: optimisation of calcination temperature and effect on strength of self-compacting mortars

Mapping graduate employability and career development in higher education research: A citation network analysis

The battle of the colours: Irish Catholic identity, St Joseph's Nudgee College, and rugby 1891-1914

Pre-service EFL teachers’ readiness in computer-assisted language learning and teaching

Empathy Measurement in Autistic and Nonautistic Adults: A COSMIN Systematic Literature Review

Enhancing Thai secondary school students’ English speaking skills, attitudes and motivation with drama-based activities and Facebook

Relational pedagogy and the policy failure of contemporary Australian schooling: activist teaching and pedagogically driven reform

Global research on artificial intelligence-enhanced human electroencephalogram analysis

Assessment of Complexity in Cloud Computing Adoption: a Case Study of Local Governments in Australia

Threat of hostile takeover and the cost of seasoned equity offerings

Association of meeting both muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise guidelines with prevalent overweight and obesity classes - results from a nationally representative sample of German adults

Be happy to be successful: a mediational model of PERMA variables

First use of a microchip-automated nest box in situ by a brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa)

An evaluation of the factor structure of the Self-Assessed Wisdom Scale (SAWS) and the creation of the SAWS-15 as a short measure for personal wisdom

Experimental and numerical study of intermittent drying of rough rice in a combined FIR-dryer

‘A damn sight more sensitivity’: gender and parent-school engagement during post-separation family transitions

We can’t always measure what matters: revealing opportunities to enhance online student engagement through pedagogical care

Assessing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in academic libraries

Consciousness-based education in Bali: a second and third-person embedded multiple-case study of Negeri Bali Mandara

The underpinning factors of NBA game-play performance: a systematic review (2001-2020)

Three-Dimensional Circular Trapdoor Stability

Relations between graduates’ learning experiences and employment outcomes: a cautionary note for institutional performance indicators

How do male primary teachers cope with the fear and uncertainty they experience in relation to physical contact?

Psychometric properties of the Brunel Mood Scale among athletes and non-athletes in Singapore

Charge prediction modeling with interpretation enhancement driven by double-layer criminal system

BDKM: A Blockchain‑Based Secure Deduplication Scheme with Reliable Key Management

Stability of active trapdoors in axisymmetry

Mapping pedagogical touchpoints: Exploring online student engagement and course design

Adopting a framework to support the process of critical reflection and understanding of online engagement

Flexible hollow TiO2@CMS/carbon-fiber van der Waals heterostructures for simulated-solar light photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis

Graduate employability as a professional proto-jurisdiction in higher education

Examining how classroom talk shapes students' identities as reflexive writers in elementary classrooms

The Charlatans

A nursing innovation to promote healthy bowel functioning in children

Evaluating Risk and Protective Factors for Suicidality and Self-Harm in Australian Adolescents With Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying Victimizations

Introducing Iranian primary children to atoms and molecules

A conceptual framework to enhance student online learning and engagement in higher education

Macroeconomic determinants of loan defaults: evidence from the U.S. peer-to-peer lending market

Proposing a measurement model of REBT and applying it to the assessment of well-being and happiness in patients with tension-type headaches

Hybrid deep learning method for a week-ahead evapotranspiration forecasting

CEO pay slice and acquisitions in Australia: the role of tournament incentives

Towards an understanding of curricular justice and democratic schooling

Targeting treatment-resistant effects of trauma for promoting social adjustment: an intervention mapping protocol augmented by empirical pilot studies

Learning to make a difference: value creation in social learning spaces by Etienne Wenger-Trayner and Beverly Wenger-Trayner

Se-alloying reducing lattice thermal conductivity of Ge0.95Bi0.05Te

Air, air, air: a champion midwife programme in Tanzania using HOT neonatal resuscitation - lessons learned

An interplay of soil salinization and groundwater degradation threatening coexistence of oasis-desert ecosystems

Schools, separating parents and family violence: a case study of the coercion of organisational networks

Plant herbivore protection by arbuscular mycorrhizas: a role for fungal diversity?

New perspectives on education for democracy: creative responses to local and global challenges

A practical framework to facilitate constructability implementation using the integrated project delivery approach: a case study

Supporting ‘successful knowledge transfer’ for early childhood professionals – an emerging conceptual framework in an Australian context

Effect of disturbances and habitat fragmentation on an arboreal habitat specialist mammal using GPS telemetry: a case of the red panda

Experimental study on fresh, mechanical properties and embodied carbon of concrete blended with sugarcane bagasse ash, metakaolin, and millet husk ash as ternary cementitious material

Whole blood viscosity is associated with baseline cerebral perfusion in acute ischemic stroke

‘Amazing Stories’: Australian Newspapers and Anti-Spy Panic, 1910–1945©

Higher degree research supervision beyond expertise: a Rancierean and Freirean perspective on HDR supervision

Acceptability, Compliance, and Safety of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cachectic Participants Continuing Compassionate Access in the ACCeRT Clinical Study

Dynamic relationship between air transport, economic growth and inbound tourism in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam

The hero’s journey: understanding the experiences and motivations of international secondary students

Planning for student learning and assessment

Teaching and learning: history as inquiry

A triumph of tolerance: managing the threat to wheat production by the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei in the subtropical grain region of eastern Australia

Graph-based multi-label disease prediction model learning from medical data and domain knowledge

Undrained Stability of Ring Foundations: Axisymmetry, Anisotropy, and Nonhomogeneity

Barriers and Motivations to Integrating Environmental Performance in the BSC: a case study in health care

Hamstring Injury Prevention for Elite Soccer Players: A Real-World Prevention Program Showing the Effect of Players’ Compliance on the Outcome

Effects of and Response to Mechanical Loading on the Knee

Developmental Training Model for the Sport Specialized Youth Athlete: A Dynamic Strategy for Individualizing Load-Response During Maturation

Quantification of Training Load Relative to Match Load of Youth National Team Soccer Players

Association Between Spikes in External Training Load and Shoulder Injuries in Competitive Adolescent Tennis Players: The SMASH Cohort Study

External Training Load and the Association With Back Pain in Competitive Adolescent Tennis Players: Results From the SMASH Cohort Study

Wearable ultraviolet radiation sensors for research and personal use

High-performance in n-type PbTe-based thermoelectric materials achieved by synergistically dynamic doping and energy filtering

Timing of Triazole-Based Spray Schedules for Managing Mungbean Powdery Mildew in Australia: a Meta-Analysis

Flaked Glass Artifacts from Nineteenth-Century Native Mounted Police Camps in Queensland, Australia

Should We Trust Perceived Effort for Loading Control and Resistance Exercise Prescription After ACL Reconstruction?

Robust cross-network node classification via constrained graph mutual information

A survey on deep learning based knowledge tracing

Target-Aware Holistic Influence Maximization in Spatial Social Networks

Test record 2022

Plant Fibers, their Composites, and Applications

How to Develop Entrepreneurial Graduates, Ideas and Ventures: Designing an Imaginative Entrepreneurship Program

Autism and COVID-19: Strategies for Supporters to Help Autistics and Their Families

Addressing underserved populations in autism spectrum research: An intersectional approach

Progress in flame-retardant sustainable fiber/polymer composites

Deconstructing the “Ph” in “PhD”

On the Matter of Evidencing Transformative Learning in Enterprise/Entrepreneurship Education

“I’m an Anthropologist, Damn It!”: Reflections on the Challenges to the Ethical Authenticity of My Research

The Impact of Relationship Issues on the Mental Health of Students in Higher Education

Introduction to plant fibers and their composites

Distant Supervision for E-commerce Query Segmentation via Attention Network

Environmental, social, and economic impacts of renewable energy sources

Modular Treatment of Arsenic-Laden Brackish Groundwater Using Solar-Powered Membrane Capacitive Deionization (MCDI) (Vietnam)

Higher Education for all: Prisoners, Social Justice, and Digital Technology

Mobilising the Discursive Power of “Original and Significant Contributions to Knowledge” by Doctoral Students: Nuancing Narratives of Australian Historiographies, Japanese Environmental Policy-Making and Australian Show Children’s Education

Alone but Not Lonely: The Joys of Finding Your Online Doctoral Writing Tribe

Sustainable development and finance post-pandemic – future directions and challenges

Influential teaching philosophies

Developing slow graduates

Covid and Competition: The Role of Competition Law and Regulation in ASEAN During and After the Pandemic

Critically contextualising 'normal' development and the construction of the autistic individual

A Deep Learning Framework for Removing Bias from Single-Photon Emission Computerized Tomography

Enhanced Simple Question Answering with Contrastive Learning

Towards Efficient Discovery of Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Dense Temporal Databases Using Complements

Twinkle: a small satellite spectroscopy mission for the next phase of exoplanet science

Educational Decision Support System Adopting Sentiment Analysis on Student Feedback

Effective and Robust Boundary-Based Outlier Detection Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Logit Perturbation

Geophysical Project Evaluation to The Un Sdgs – Gwb Project in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Embracing iterations in Quantum software: a vision

Ethics of AI: A Systematic Literature Review of Principles and Challenges

An Evaluation Framework to Assess the Performance of Electricity Market Models

Skeleton-Based Mutual Action Recognition Using Interactive Skeleton Graph and Joint Attention

JointContrast: Skeleton-Based Mutual Action Recognition with Contrastive Learning

Automated Knowledge Graph Construction for Healthcare Domain

Use of geophysical survey in geotechnical engineering practice – From one of geotechnical engineers’ perspective

Axial Capacity of Circular Concrete Hollow Columns Reinforced with GFRP Bars and Spirals

TAGCN: Typed Attention Graph Convolutional Networks for Entity Alignment in Cross-lingual Knowledge Graphs

Towards Process Centered Architecting for Quantum Software Systems

Demarcating the Privacy Issues of Aarogya Setu App in Covid-19 Pandemic in India: An Exploration into Contact Tracing Mobile Applications from Elaboration Likelihood Model

A Secured Movie Recommendation System using Decentralized Blockchain Network

Trauma-Informed Editing Practice: A Framework

From tinkering to trench warfare: The changing work of the contemporary editor

Why Every Law School Should Have A Legal Research Clinic

The limits of protection: why confidentiality doesn't apply to personal images uploaded online

Disturbance and fragmentation impacts movement ecology of a habitat specialist: conservation implications for red pandas

Contribution of climate models and APSIM phenological parameters to uncertainties in spring wheat simulations: application of SUFI-2 algorithm in northeast Australia

Analysis on heat characteristics for summer maize cropping in a semi-arid region

A cross-scale analysis to understand and quantify effects of photosynthetic enhancement on crop growth and yield across environments

The Effect of Past Climate Change on the Water Footprint Trend in Saffron at Homogeneous Agroclimatic Regions of Khorasan

Energy conservation education intervention for people with end-stage kidney disease receiving haemodialysis (EVEREST): protocol for a cluster randomised control trial

Energy conservation to manage fatigue: a pragmatic cluster randomised control trial

Occupational performance improved by an energy conservation education program: findings from a cluster randomised control trial

How effective is an energy conservation intervention in managing symptoms and improving health-related quality of life in people receiving haemodialysis?

Evaluation of CRU TS, GPCC, AgMERRA, and AgCFSR meteorological datasets for estimating climate and crop variables: A case study of maize in Qazvin Province, Iran

Test public fields

From distributed machine learning to federated learning: In the view of data privacy and security

A Blockchain-based Multi-layer Decentralized Framework for Robust Federated Learning

Detecting and mitigating poisoning attacks in federated learning using generative adversarial networks

Innovating academic advising: Student experience of online academic advising to support their transition into university

A timed crisis: Australian education, migrant Asian teachers, and critical autoethnography

Pedagogy in and through paradox: A migrant ‘Asian’ Australian teacher’s excursion with white students through Sunnybank’s Market Square

Career and learning support for researchers: Building identity and employability through authentic community building.

A qualitative document analysis of policies influencing preeclampsia management by midwives in Ghana

Psychometric assessment of the Chinese version of the Oxford Knee Score in breast cancer survivors experiencing hormone treatment-related knee dysfunction

Sustainability of healthcare professionals’ adherence to clinical practice guidelines in primary care

Factors associated with COVID-19 vaccination intent in Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong

The effect of an evidence-based Tai chi intervention on the fatigue-sleep disturbance-depression symptom cluster in breast cancer patients: A preliminary randomised controlled trial

Feasibility and potential effects of breathing exercise for chronic pain management in breast cancer survivors: Study protocol of a phase II randomised controlled trial

Effects of exercise interventions on cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients: an overview of systematic reviews

Prevalence and correlates of joint pain among Chinese breast cancer survivors receiving aromatase inhibitor treatment

Implementing an evidence-based somatic acupressure intervention in breast cancer survivors with the symptom cluster of fatigue, sleep disturbance and depression: Study protocol of a phase II randomised controlled trial

Increasing our awareness of microaggressions in the educational context: An investigation into the experiences of Australian children with dyslexia and their parents

An emerging lens for understanding parental allyship: Why we need to challenge our understanding of experience with a conceptual lens on disability identity

An evidence-based somatic acupressure intervention protocol for managing the breast cancer fatigue-sleep disturbance-depression symptom cluster: Development and validation following the Medical Research Council Framework

Effects of auricular acupressure on chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in breast cancer patients: a preliminary randomized controlled trial

Self-managed non-pharmacological interventions for breast cancer survivors: Systematic quality appraisal and content analysis of Clinical Practice Guidelines

Cultural Safety for First Nations people in aged care

A mentoring program to support Cultural Safety for Nurses and Midwives to stay in the health workforce

Appraising community driven health research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: a scoping review using the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Quality Appraisal Tool

Machine vision tools for Smarter Irrigation of dairy pasture and cotton

Transposable element populations shed light on the evolutionary history of wheat and the complex co‐evolution of autonomous and non‐autonomous retrotransposons

A fictional field case study to understand the genetic basis of host-fungal pathogen interactions using the wheat powdery mildew-wheat pathosystem

Global genomic analyses of wheat powdery mildew reveal association of pathogen spread with historical human migration and trade

Ancient variation of the AvrPm17 gene in powdery mildew limits the effectiveness of the introgressed rye Pm17 resistance gene in wheat

A global analysis of matches and mismatches between human genetic and linguistic histories

Land, the Social Imaginary, and the Constitution Act 1867 (Qld)

No Argument: Human Dignity and the Making of Legislation

Melanopsin vision: Sensation and perception through intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells

The Significance of Coordinated Research Against SARS-CoV-2

Mapping Sensitive Vegetation Communities in Mining Eco-space using UAV-LiDAR

Automated hyperspectral vegetation index derivation using a hyperparameter optimisation framework for high-throughput plant phenotyping

Roots’ Drought Adaptive Traits in Crop Improvement

Automated rock mass discontinuity set characterisation using amplitude and phase decomposition of point cloud data

Estimating early season growth and biomass of field pea for selection of divergent ideotypes using proximal sensing

IMA genome‑F17: Draft genome sequences of an Armillaria species from Zimbabwe, Ceratocystis colombiana, Elsinoë necatrix, Rosellinia necatrix, two genomes of Sclerotinia minor, short‑read genome assemblies and annotations of four Pyrenophora teres isolates from barley grass, and a long-read genome assembly of Cercospora zeina

The experiences of new graduate nurses caring for the deteriorating patient in rural areas: An integrative review

Quantitative compressive optical coherence elastography using structural OCT imaging and optical palpation to measure soft contact lens mechanical properties

Optical coherence elastography for the measurement of anterior segment biomechanical properties

Neighbourhood correlates of average population walking: using aggregated, anonymised mobile phone data to identify where people walk

Neighbourhood places, collective efficacy and crime: A longitudinal perspective

Community resilience to crime: A study of the 2011 Brisbane flood

The role of household modality style in first and last mile travel mode choice

Weather to scoot? How weather shapes shared e-scooter ridership patterns

Tanamu 1: A 5000 year sequence from Caution Bay

SERCOM Focal Point on Gender Equality

Parallel Computation Using Non-Overlapping Domain Decomposition Coupled with Compact Local Integrated RBF for Navier-Stokes Equations

Do regenerative grazing management practices improve vegetation and soil health in grazed rangelands? Preliminary insights from a space-for-time study in the Great Barrier Reef catchments, Australia

Socioeconomic rights in the age of pandemics: Covid-19 large-scale lockdowns have exposed the weakness of the right to work

Pedestrians’ rights in the time of the e-scooter: What happened to the ‘foot’ in footpath?

Law-guided CS: Ten Commandments for the 21st Century

Economics and Disability Rights: Inclusive Sustainability

A pH-Sensitive Surface of Chitosan/Sepiolite Clay/Algae Biocomposite for the Removal of Malachite Green and Remazol Brilliant Blue R Dyes: Optimization and Adsorption Mechanism Study

Commemorating Forgetting: 1922 and Golden Age Detective Fiction

Statements of Belief as Political Communication

Innovation in nano-polysaccharides for eco-sustainability: From science to industrial applications

Nanocellulose: a sustainable nanomaterial for controlled drug delivery applications

hydrothermal co-liquefaction of biomass and plastic wastes into biofuel: Study on catalyst property, product distribution and synergistic effects

A cleaner processing approach for cellulose reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites

Tailored production of lignin-containing cellulose nanofibrils from sugarcane bagasse pretreated by acid-catalyzed alcohol solutions

A mixed acid methodology to produce thermally stable cellulose nanocrystal at high yield using phosphoric acid

Gram-Scale production of Cu3P-Cu2O Janus nanoparticles into nitrogen and phosphorous doped porous carbon framework as bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting

Coupling graphene microribbons with carbon nanofibers: New carbon hybrids for high-performing lithium and potassium-ion batteries

Deep Eutectic Solvents: Green Approach for Cathode Recycling of Li-Ion Batteries

Hierarchical Porous Nitrogen-Doped Spray-Dried Graphene for High Performance Capacitive Deionization

Expeditious Electrochemical Synthesis of Mesoporous Chalcogenide Flakes: Mesoporous Cu2Se as a Potential High-Rate Anode for Sodium-Ion Battery

Enabling two-electron redox chemistry of P-type organic cathode for high-capacity aluminium-ion batteries

MOF-derived nanoporous carbons with diverse tunable nanoarchitectures

Ultra-stable sodium ion storage of biomass porous carbon derived from sugarcane

Nitrogen and Sulfur Co-Doped Hierarchically Porous Carbon Nanotubes for Fast Potassium Ion Storage

Graphene-Based Metal-Organic Framework Hybrids for Applications in Catalysis, Environmental, and Energy Technologies

Progress in Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Beyond

Lignocellulosic plant cell wall variation influences the structure and properties of hard carbon derived from sorghum biomass

Infield sensing of cotton insects using automated image analysis of crop symptoms: CSP2203

Public Choice

Automated infield canopy temperature assessment of early stage cotton using thermal camera and plant segmentation

Cotton health assessment and yield prediction

Future Farm: Improving farmer confidence in targeted N management through automated sensing and decision support

Identifying sensors for better IPM in cotton: NEC1901

Structure of the Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) model: A mixed-method systematic review of research in mathematics education

Worked-examples instruction versus Van Hiele teaching phases: A demonstration of students' procedural and conceptual understanding

Comparative Effectiveness of Example-based Instruction and van Hiele Teaching Phases on Mathematics Learning

Negotiating truth-seeking, ritual television, and healing in Mozambique

Automated recognition of major depressive disorder from cardiovascular and respiratory physiological signals

Automated Intracranial Hematoma Classification in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Patients Using Meta-Heuristic Optimization Techniques

Use of Differential Entropy for Automated Emotion Recognition in a Virtual Reality Environment with EEG Signals

Tetromino pattern based accurate EEG emotion classification model

Development of accurate automated language identification model using polymer pattern and tent maximum absolute pooling techniques

Assessment of CT for the categorization of hemorrhagic stroke (HS) and cerebral amyloid angiopathy hemorrhage (CAAH): A review

Attention-based 3D CNN with residual connections for efficient ECG-based COVID-19 detection

Explainable COVID-19 detection using fractal dimension and vision transformer with Grad-CAM on cough sounds

An overview of deep learning techniques for epileptic seizures detection and prediction based on neuroimaging modalities: Methods, challenges, and future works

Detection of epileptic seizures on EEG signals using ANFIS classifier, autoencoders and fuzzy entropies

An Automated Wavelet-Based Sleep Scoring Model Using EEG, EMG, and EOG Signals with More than 8000 Subjects

Automated detection of obstructive sleep apnea in more than 8000 subjects using frequency optimized orthogonal wavelet filter bank with respiratory and oximetry signals

Pulse oximetry SpO 2 signal for automated identification of sleep apnea: a review and future trends

Automated identification of sleep disorders using wavelet-based features extracted from electrooculogram and electromyogram signals

An expert system for automated classification of phases in cyclic alternating patterns of sleep using optimal wavelet-based entropy features

Automated sleep apnea detection in pregnant women using wavelet-based features

MCUa: Multi-Level Context and Uncertainty Aware Dynamic Deep Ensemble for Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification

An overview of artificial intelligence techniques for diagnosis of Schizophrenia based on magnetic resonance imaging modalities: Methods, challenges, and future works

Electrochemical Biosensing and Deep Learning-Based Approaches in the Diagnosis of COVID-19: A Review

Deep Transfer Learning for Automatic Prediction of Hemorrhagic Stroke on CT Images

Automated Detection of Hypertension Using Continuous Wavelet Transform and a Deep Neural Network with Ballistocardiography Signals

Feature-versus deep learning-based approaches for the automated detection of brain tumor with magnetic resonance images: A comparative study

Automated diagnosis of coronary artery disease using scalogram-based tensor decomposition with heart rate signals

Application of artificial intelligence in wearable devices: Opportunities and challenges

Automated classification of cyclic alternating pattern sleep phases in healthy and sleep-disordered subjects using convolutional neural network

Automatic autism spectrum disorder detection using artificial intelligence methods with MRI neuroimaging: A review

RLMD-PA: A Reinforcement Learning-Based Myocarditis Diagnosis Combined with a Population-Based Algorithm for Pretraining Weights

Tumor Microenvironment, Radiology, and Artificial Intelligence: Should We Consider Tumor Periphery?

Development of a Computational Tool for the Estimation of Alveolar Bone Loss in Oral Radiographic Images

Transfer learning techniques for medical image analysis: A review

RF-CNN-F: random forest with convolutional neural network features for coronary artery disease diagnosis based on cardiac magnetic resonance

Multi-class nucleus detection and classification using deep convolutional neural network with enhanced high dimensional dissimilarity translation model on cervical cells

Explainable multi-module semantic guided attention based network for medical image segmentation

The internet of medical things and artificial intelligence: trends, challenges, and opportunities

Aleatory-aware deep uncertainty quantification for transfer learning

Applications of machine-learning algorithms for prediction of benign and malignant breast lesions using ultrasound radiomics signatures: A multi-center study

Application of artificial intelligence techniques for automated detection of myocardial infarction: a review

Artificial intelligence, BI-RADS evaluation and morphometry: A novel combination to diagnose breast cancer using ultrasonography, results from multi-center cohorts

Hyp-Net: Automated detection of hypertension using deep convolutional neural network and Gabor transform techniques with ballistocardiogram signals

Novel Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Diagnosis Index Using Deep Features and Local Directional Pattern Techniques

RESCOVIDTCNnet: A residual neural network-based framework for COVID-19 detection using TCN and EWT with chest X-ray images

Automated robust human emotion classification system using hybrid EEG features with ICBrainDB dataset

Efficient deep neural network model for classification of grasp types using sEMG signals

Intelligent personalized shopping recommendation using clustering and supervised machine learning algorithms

Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease from electroencephalography signals using linear and self-similarity features

Accurate detection of autism using Douglas-Peucker algorithm, sparse coding based feature mapping and convolutional neural network techniques with EEG signals

Hybrid genetic-discretized algorithm to handle data uncertainty in diagnosing stenosis of coronary arteries

Interpretation of radiomics features–A pictorial review

In-line activation of cementitious materials for 3D concrete printing

Enhancing the properties of foam concrete 3D printing using porous aggregates

Field-scale effects of elevated ozone and diesel exhaust emissions on insect pollination and natural enemy recruitment.

10 Entrees (Clown Play Scripts)

Submission to Queensland Human Rights Commission’s review of Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Act, 28 February 2022

The impact of arts-based pedagogical approaches in English as second or foreign language learning

PreEMPT (Preterm infant Early intervention for Movement and Participation Trial): Feasibility outcomes of a randomised controlled trial

Tangrams: Making unexpected discoveries

The Effects Of Age On Exercise-induced Abdominal Muscle Fatigue In Healthy Younger And Older Men

The impact of message content and format on initial parental engagement in a parenting intervention: An experimental study

The transformative potential of the signature pedagogies of arts education: a Deweyan pragmatist analysis

Non-thermal plasma enhances performances of biochar in wastewater treatment and energy storage applications

Achieving ultrahigh power factor in n-type Ag2Se thin films by carrier engineering

Trends and Impact Factors of Mental Health Service Utilization among Resettled Humanitarian Migrants in Australia: Findings from the BNLA Cohort Study

Construction and demolition waste management in Australia: A mini-review

An efficient storage system towards high throughput of concurrent graph processing jobs

Degradation process of Ag/AgCl chloride-sensing electrode in cement extract with low chloride concentration

Modelling cosmic radiation events in the tree-ring radiocarbon record

Multiple Graph Adaptive Regularized Semi-Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Sparse Constraint for Data Representation

Design of Hierarchically Tailored Hybrids Based on Nickle Nanocrystal-Decorated Manganese Dioxides for Enhanced Fire Safety of Epoxy Resin

Changes in cancer incidence and survival among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia, 1997–2016

Deep learning-based PI-RADS score estimation to detect prostate cancer using multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging

Superstructures with Atomic-Level Arranged Perovskite and Oxide Layers for Advanced Oxidation with an Enhanced Non-Free Radical Pathway

Maternal exposure to cooking oil fumes during pregnancy and autistic?like behaviors in Chinese preschoolers

Monotonic loading performance of GFRP beam-column joints connected with slotted–hole bolts

OWSP-Miner: Self-adaptive One-off Weak-gap Strong Pattern Mining

Surface decoration of Halloysite nanotubes with POSS for fire-safe thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites

Dual Post-Treatments Boost Thermoelectric Performance of PEDOT:PSS Films and Their Devices

The Transformation of Centaurs into Jupiter-family Comets

Spectral Line Depth Variability in Radial Velocity Spectra

A Second Planet Transiting LTT 1445A and a Determination of the Masses of Both Worlds

The Relationship Between Climate Change Issue Engagement, Connection to Nature and Mental Wellbeing

Deep Multi-Branch Aggregation Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation in Street Scenes

Cu vacancy engineering of cage-compound BaCu2Se2: Realization of temperature-dependent hole concentration for high average thermoelectric figure-of-merit

Variability of ENSO Forecast Skill in 2-Year Global Reforecasts Over the 20th Century

UV Disinfection sensitivity index of spores or protozoa: A model to predict the required fluence of spores or protozoa

Fabrication of anti-dripping and flame-retardant polylactide modified with chitosan derivative/aluminum hypophosphite

Sulforaphane enhances Nrf2-mediated antioxidant responses of skeletal muscle induced by exhaustive exercise in HIIT mice

Effects of Six Weeks of Hypoxia Exposure on Hepatic Fatty Acid Metabolism in ApoE Knockout Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet

The Aligned Orbit of WASP-148b, the only Known Hot Jupiter with a nearby Warm Jupiter Companion, from NEID and HIRES

A Validated Injury Surveillance and Monitoring Tool for Fast Jet Aircrew: Translating Sports Medicine Paradigms to a Military Population

The near-core rotation of HD 112429 A γ Doradus star with TESS photometry and legacy spectroscopy

Gabor CNN Based Intelligent System for Visual Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data on Cloud Environment

Efficient Heat Transfer Augmentation in Channels with Semicircle Ribs and Hybrid Al2O3-Cu/Water Nanofluids

Terminology and Provision for Students with Learning Difficulties: An Examination of Australian State Government Education Department Websites

Sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation processes for water decontamination using biomass-derived carbon as catalysts

Low lattice thermal conductivity and enhanced thermoelectric performance of SnTe via chemical electroless plating of Ag

Wasabi (Eutrema japonicum) Reduces Obesity and Blood Pressure in Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Rats

Improved Fitness-Dependent Optimizer for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem

The “Worst-Case Scenario”: Recovery Between Repeated High-Intensity Efforts in Rugby League Match-Play

Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Characterization of Ischemic Stroke with MRI Images: A Review

PEDOT:PSS and Its Composites for Flexible Supercapacitors

Counting the bodies: Estimating the numbers and spatial variation of Australian reptiles, birds and mammals killed by two invasive mesopredators

Partially-Saturated Brines Within Basal Ice or Sediments Can Explain the Bright Basal Reflections in the South Polar Layered Deposits

An isolated population reveals greater genetic structuring of the Australian dingo

Summated training and match load predictors of salivary immunoglobulin-A, alpha-amylase, testosterone, cortisol and T:C profile changes in elite-level professional football players: A longitudinal analysis

Spatial and temporal activity patterns of owned, free-roaming dogs in coastal eastern Australia

Observer differences in individual identification of feral cats from camera trap images

Fire safety performance of 3D GFRP nanocomposite as a cladding material

Effects of farming systems, tillage, and traffic practices on deep drainage and soil salt loads in the Queensland Murray-Darling and Fitzroy Basins using soil chloride

Correction: Siddika et al. Waste Glass in Cement and Geopolymer Concretes: A Review on Durability and Challenges. Polymers 2021, 13, 2071

Natural Time Series Parameters Forecasting: Validation of the Pattern-Sequence-Based Forecasting (PSF) Algorithm; A New Python Package

Impact of Social, Institutional and Environmental Factors on the Adoption of Sustainable Soil Management Practices: An Empirical Analysis from Bangladesh

Automated Sleep apnea detection using optimal duration-frequency concentrated wavelet-based features of pulse oximetry signals

Improving Friend Recommendation for Online Learning with Fine-Grained Evolving Interest

Prediction of Fly-rock using Gene Expression Programming and Teaching– learning-based Optimization Algorithm

Resistance Training and Mortality Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Prevalence and determinants of using complementary and alternative medicine for the treatment of chronic illnesses: A multicenter study in Bangladesh

Integration of Multiple Models with Hybrid Artificial Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm for Soil Cation-Exchange Capacity Prediction

Reversible Adsorption and Detachment of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Thermoresponsive Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Grafted Fibers for Continuous Immobilized Fermentation

The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey II: Constructing a volume-limited sample and first results from the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

Un/satisfactory encounters: communication, conflict and parent-school engagement

An Isolated Stellar-mass Black Hole Detected through Astrometric Microlensing

Barriers to physical activity: Time to change? A Preventive Medicine Golden Jubilee Editorial

Social-identity dynamics in rural communities: A motive for resistance to change

The effects of oclacitinib treatment on antimicrobial usage in allergic dogs in primary practice: an Australia wide case-control study

Understanding how policy settings affect developer decisions

Electric lighting, adolescent sleep and circadian outcomes, and recommendations for improving light health

A Tendency Toward Alignment in Single-star Warm-Jupiter Systems

Screening two biodegradable polymers in enhanced efficiency fertiliser formulations reveals the need to prioritise performance goals

Overview of Modeling, Applications, and Knowledge Gaps for Integrated Large-Scale PFAS Modeling

Opportunities and Challenges of Integrated Large-Scale PFAS Modeling: A Case Study for PFAS Modeling at a Watershed Scale

Economy, Commerce, and Energy: How Do the Factors Influence Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Japan? An Application of ARDL Model

Communicating conservation: how do the Nepalese print media portray caterpillar fungus? An analysis of newspaper coverage from 2008–2021

Foreword: ADSS 2020 special edition

Interface modulation induced by the 1T Co-WS2 shell nanosheet layer at the metallic NiTe2/Ni core–nanoskeleton: Glib electrode-kinetics for HER, OER, and ORR

Sparse-Dyn: Sparse dynamic graph multirepresentation learning via event-based sparse temporal attention network

Graph Decipher: A transparent dual-attention graph neural network to understand the message-passing mechanism for the node classification

The Blurred Space: Reading the Body Politic in Christos Tsiolkas’s The Slap and The Jesus Man

Long-Term Water Absorption of Hybrid Flax Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composites with Graphene and Its Influence on Mechanical Properties

Influence of Elevated Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Flax-Fiber-Epoxy Composites Incorporating Graphene

Exploring risk, antecedents and human costs of living with a retained surgical item: A narrative synthesis of Australian case law 1981–2018

Numerical simulations of radar echoes rule out basal CO2 ice deposits at Ultimi Scopuli, Mars

Prevalence, Trends, and Correlates of Joint Patterns of Aerobic and Muscle-Strengthening Activity and Sleep Duration: A Pooled Analysis of 359,019 Adults in the National Health Interview Survey 2004-2018

Coupled data pre-processing approach with data intelligence models for monthly precipitation forecasting

The application of machine learning and deep learning in sport: predicting NBA players’ performance and popularity

The ethical chatbot: A viable solution to socio-legal issues

House-edge information and a volatility warning lead to reduced gambling expenditure: Potential improvements to return-to-player percentages

Large renal artery aneurysm masquerading as renal cell carcinoma

Science in brief: The Dorothy Havemeyer International Workshop on poor performance in horses: Recent advances in technology to improve monitoring and quantification

Arsenic-induced oxidative stress in Brassica oleracea: Multivariate and literature data analyses of physiological parameters, applied levels and plant organ type

Influence of biochar on trace element uptake, toxicity and detoxification in plants and associated health risks: A critical review

The risk of common mental disorders in Indigenous Australians experiencing traumatic life events

Social Interaction With Software Connectors and the Function of Facade Component in Secure Application Logic

Changes in environmental conditions are critical factors for optimum biomass, lipid pattern and biodiesel production in algal biomass

Around the hybrid conference world in the COVID-19 era

In Professional Male Soccer Players, Time-Loss Groin Injury Is More Associated With the Team Played for Than With Training/Match-Play Duration

Impacts of COVID-19 on the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector in Developing Countries and Ways Forward

Impacts of sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) soil and fertiliser management practices on nutrients and sediment in plot-scale runoff from simulated rainfall

Simple ETo-Based Rules for Irrigation Scheduling by Smallholder Vegetable Farmers in Laos and Cambodia

Learning and teaching benchmarking in Australian universities: the current state of play

Assessing the role of clay and salts on the origin of MARSIS basal bright reflections

State-of-the-art review of product stewardship strategies for large composite wind turbine blades

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Clinical Supervision of Healthcare Students in Rural Settings: A Qualitative Study

A Novel Interprofessional Education and Supervision Student Placement Model: Student and Clinical Educator Perspectives and Experiences

LMT/AzTEC observations of Vega

High thermoelectric and mechanical performance in the n-type polycrystalline SnSe incorporated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Modified plate frame interaction method for evaluation of steel plate shear walls with beam-connected web plates

Automated emotion recognition: Current trends and future perspectives

The risk and protective factors for suicidal burden among 251,763 school-based adolescents in 77 low- and middle-income to high-income countries: assessing global, regional, and national variations – Corrigendum

The risk and protective factors for suicidal burden among 251 763 school-based adolescents in 77 low- and middle-income to high-income countries: Assessing global, regional and national variations

The effectiveness of interventions on nutrition social behaviour change communication in improving child nutritional status within the first 1000 days: Evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis

KIC 3440495: A Rapidly Rotating δ Scuti-γ Doradus Hybrid Pulsator in a Binary System

Thirty years of Psycho-Oncology

Girl number twenty: Towards an anthology of creative writing on sport by Australian women

Decision support system for major depression detection using spectrogram and convolution neural network with EEG signals

Automated detection of cyclic alternating pattern and classification of sleep stages using deep neural network

What ‘Sparks’ Innovation in Rural Health Settings: A case study

Analysis of Internet Financial Risks Based on Deep Learning and BP Neural Network

Cheap, large-scale, and high-performance graphite-based flexible thermoelectric materials and devices with supernormal industry feasibility

Achieving high-performance n-type PbTe via synergistically optimizing effective mass and carrier concentration and suppressing lattice thermal conductivity

Functional Carbon Nitride Materials in Photo-Fenton-Like Catalysis for Environmental Remediation

Carbon nitride-based Z-scheme heterojunctions for solar-driven advanced oxidation processes

Monsoonal precipitation over Peninsular Malaysia in the CMIP6 HighResMIP experiments: the role of model resolution

Two-Stream Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Dynamic Traffic Flow Forecasting

New Dynamical State and Habitability of the HD 45364 Planetary System

Applying an integrated approach to metro station satisfaction evaluation: A case study in Shanghai, China

An Auto-Encoder with Genetic Algorithm for High Dimensional Data: Towards Accurate and Interpretable Outlier Detection

Development and performance evaluation of a wet-resistant strip-till seeder for sowing wheat following rice

Understanding the socio-economic impacts of climate change on riparian communities in Bangladesh

Using MARSIS signal attenuation to assess the presence of South Polar Layered Deposit subglacial brines

Impact of Continuous Drying Method on Drying Quality of Southern Pine Sawn Timber

DKPNet41: Directed knight pattern network-based cough sound classification model for automatic disease diagnosis

Tentative Evidence for Water Vapor in the Atmosphere of the Neptune-sized Exoplanet HD 106315c

Climateurope Festival: An innovative way of linking science and society

Correlation between Employee Performance, Well-Being, Job Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction in Sedentary Jobs in Slovenian Enterprises

Lightweight Mutual Authentication Scheme Enabled by Stateless Blockchain for UAV Networks

Automated classification of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorder using entropy features with ECG signals

The relationship between closed-mindedness and militant extremism in a post-conflict society

Rehabilitation of SDOF systems under air blast loading with a modified negative stiffness amplifying damper

What Can Artificial Intelligence Do for Refugee Status Determination? A Proposal for Removing Subjective Fear

The relationship between natural rain intensity and Ascochyta blight in chickpea development

ViVGG19: Novel exemplar deep feature extraction-based shoulder rotator cuff tear and biceps tendinosis detection using magnetic resonance images

Reference evapotranspiration prediction using high-order response surface method

SPYGLASS. III. The Fornax-Horologium Association and Its Traceback History within the Austral Complex

SPYGLASS. II. The Multigenerational and Multiorigin Star Formation History of Cepheus Far North

Climate change adaptation (CCA) research in Nepal: implications for the advancement of adaptation planning

PFP-LHCINCA: Pyramidal Fixed-Size Patch-Based Feature Extraction and Chi-Square Iterative Neighborhood Component Analysis for Automated Fetal Sex Classification on Ultrasound Images

Antimicrobials in dog-to-dog bite wounds: A retrospective study of 1526 dog bite events (1999-2019)

A VetCompass Australia Study of Antimicrobial Use in Dog-to-Dog Bite Wounds (1998–2018)

Achieving robotic meat cutting

Explainable diabetes classification using hybrid Bayesian-optimized TabNet architecture

Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry: on the origin of rapidly rotating B stars

Educational considerations for health professionals to effectively work with clients with complex regional pain syndrome

Silicon accumulation suppresses arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal colonisation in the model grass Brachypodium distachyon

A Survey on Contact Tracing: The Latest Advancements and Challenges

A machine learning framework to predict the next month's daily milk yield, milk composition and milking frequency for cows in a robotic dairy farm

Legume Pangenome: Status and Scope for Crop Improvement

Integrated breeding approaches to enhance the nutritional quality of food legumes

The ‘Giraffe’: discovery of a stripped red giant in an interacting binary with an ∼2 M⊙ lower giant

Mesoporous high-surface-area activated carbon from biomass waste via microwave-assisted-H3PO4 activation for methylene blue dye adsorption: An optimized process

Modeling and optimization of the adsorptive removal of crystal violet dye by durian (Durio zibethinus) seeds powder: insight into kinetic, isotherm, thermodynamic, and adsorption mechanism

Long-term multi-step ahead forecasting of root zone soil moisture in different climates: Novel ensemble-based complementary data-intelligent paradigms

Earth skin temperature long-term prediction using novel extended Kalman filter integrated with Artificial Intelligence models and information gain feature selection

Cropping systems intensification and diversification: risk, vulnerability and adaptation in southwest coastal Bangladesh

Explainable detection of myocardial infarction using deep learning models with Grad-CAM technique on ECG signals

Message from the Program Chair

Identifying potential factors associated with PCR testing for COVID-19 among Australian young people: cross-sectional findings from a longitudinal study

Farm level adaptation to climate change: insight from rice farmers in the coastal region of Bangladesh

Distributed Hydrological Model Based on Machine Learning Algorithm: Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Floods

The need for a complex systems approach in rural health research

Enhancing thermoelectric performance of SrFBiS2−xSex via band engineering and structural texturing

Using the Achievement of Therapeutic Objectives Scale to Operationalize “Unlocking” of the Unconscious

Method and dataset entity mining in scientific literature: A CNN + BiLSTM model with self-attention

An innovative methodology for hybrid vibration control (MR+TMD) of buildings under seismic excitations

Interpretation of simultaneously optimized fuzzy controller and active tuned mass damper parameters under Pulse-type ground motions

Smallholder farmers’ willingness to pay for flood insurance as climate change adaptation strategy in northern Bangladesh

The Experience of 3D Total-Body Photography to Monitor Nevi: Results from an Australian General Population-Based Cohort Study

Dynamics analysis of a novel hybrid deep clustering for unsupervised learning by reinforcement of multi-agent to energy saving in intelligent buildings

An innovative clustering technique to generate hybrid modeling of cooling coils for energy analysis: A case study for control performance in HVAC systems

LkHα 225 (V1318 Cyg) South in Outburst

Cyanobacteria blue-green algae prediction enhancement using hybrid machine learning–based gamma test variable selection and empirical wavelet transform

Skeletal-Muscle-Specific Overexpression of Chrono Leads to Disruption of Glucose Metabolism and Exercise Capacity

An Experimental Study of the Behavior of GFRP-Reinforced Precast Concrete Culverts

Temperature and precipitation trend analysis of the Iraq Region under SRES scenarios during the twenty-first century

Classification of Heart Sounds Using Chaogram Transform and Deep Convolutional Neural Network Transfer Learning

Conflict-related environmental damages on health: lessons learned from the past wars and ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine

“The interpersonal is political”: Understanding the sociological ambivalence created in parent and adult offspring cohabiting relationships

Delineation of urban expansion and drought-prone areas using vegetation conditions and other geospatial indices

Investigating the relationship between land alteration and the urban heat island of Seville city using multi-temporal Landsat data

The impact of climate change on land degradation along with shoreline migration in Ghoramara Island, India

Restricted assembly of ultralow loading of graphene oxide for lightweight, mechanically flexible and flame retardant polydimethylsiloxane foam composites

Behavior of Hollow Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Reinforced Concrete Columns under Axial Load: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation

A novel approach for deterioration and damage identification in building structures based on Stockwell-Transform and deep convolutional neural network

Two decades of association mapping: Insights on disease resistance in major crops

Searching for Broadband Pulsed Beacons from 1883 Stars Using Neural Networks

Influence of Elevated Temperatures and Cooling Method on the Microstructure Development and Phase Evolution of Alkali-Activated Slag

Paediatric post-discharge pain and parent perceptions of support from an Australian nurse practitioner led acute pain service

Pen portraits of Presidents – Professor Raymond Hide, CBE, ScD, FRS

Distinctive diets of eutherian predators in Australia

Climate change adaptation responses among riparian settlements: A case study from Bangladesh

Genome-wide association analysis to delineate high-quality SNPs for seed micronutrient density in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

FAST CBT for pediatric OCD: A multiple-baseline controlled pilot trial of parent training in exposure and response prevention delivered via telehealth

Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm with Crossover Operators for Feature Selection and Solving Engineering Problems

A Comparison of Leximancer Semi-automated Content Analysis to Manual Content Analysis: A Healthcare Exemplar Using Emotive Transcripts of COVID-19 Hospital Staff Interactive Webcasts

Application of the ANOVA method in the optimization of a thermoelectric cooler-based dehumidification system

Assessing the Efficiency of Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Algorithms to Quantify Wheat Characteristics in the Nile Delta Region of Egypt

Uniaxial Compression Behavior of Short Square and Circular RC Piles Constructed with GFRP Bars and Spirals Preconditioned in Simulated Marine Environments

Discerning potable water sources using Monte Carlo based simulation for health risk assessment in Omu-Aran, Nigeria

Genome-wide association mapping of seed oligosaccharides in chickpea

Raffinose Family Oligosaccharides: Friend or Foe for Human and Plant Health?

Households’ perceptions and socio-economic determinants of climate change awareness: Evidence from Selangor Coast Malaysia

A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Trial of Resveratrol Supplementation for Prophylaxis of Hormonal Migraine

Wearable Sensor Technology to Predict Core Body Temperature: A Systematic Review

Automated accurate emotion classification using Clefia pattern-based features with EEG signals

Association of sensory impairment with healthcare use and costs among middle-aged and older adults in China

Fungal Pathogens of Navua sedge (Cyperus aromaticus) in equatorial Africa as prospective weed biological control agents

Resilience of hydropower plants to flow variation through the concept of flow elasticity of power: Theoretical development

An analysis of the Chinese scheduled freighter network during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic

Conventional tillage combined with residue removal reduces growing-season methane emissions in flooded paddy (Oryza sativa L. subsp. japonica Kato) fields

Determination of ozone concentration using gene expression programming algorithm (GEP)- Zrenjanin, Serbia

An Improved Machine-Learning Approach for COVID-19 Prediction Using Harris Hawks Optimization and Feature Analysis Using SHAP

Training-Load Management in Rhythmic Gymnastics: Practices and Perceptions of Coaches, Medical Staff, and Gymnasts

Impact of climate change on agricultural production: A case of Rasuwa District, Nepal

Factors associated with cancer survival disparities among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples compared with other Australians: A systematic review

Australian nurses' perceptions about workplace violence management, strategies and support services

Spinning and singing: Exploring memory and gender non-conformity through screenwriting for publication first

Recognising the value of Traditional Knowledge

Influence of individualism and collectivism on talent management practices

Annual Mean Arctic Amplification 1970–2020: Observed and Simulated by CMIP6 Climate Models

Scaling K2. V. Statistical Validation of 60 New Exoplanets from K2 Campaigns 2-18

Risk factors for child stunting in Bangladesh: an analysis using MICS 2019 data

Marketing and recruitment strategies used by regional Australian universities in Thailand: a scoping review

The influence of customer trust and artificial intelligence on customer engagement and loyalty – The case of the home-sharing industry

Thermoelectric Coolers: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

Multi-hierarchical flexible composites towards superior fire safety and electromagnetic interference shielding

Thank You to Our 2021 Reviewers

A low resistance and stable lithium-garnet electrolyte interface enabled by a multifunctional anode additive for solid-state lithium batteries

Geographic distribution of malignant mesothelioma incidence and survival in Australia

COP26 and a Framework for Future Global Agreements on Carbon Market Integrity

The shape of absence: Community Archaeology and the heritage of the Queensland Native Mounted Police, Australia

Transnational Migration and Dual Career of Slovenian and Swiss Elite Female Handball Players—A Longitudinal Analysis

Variation in the prevalence of different forms of bullying victimisation among adolescents and their associations with family, peer and school connectedness: a population-based study in 40 lower and middle income to high-income countries (LMIC-HICs)

An artificial neural network-hydrodynamic coupled modeling approach to assess the impacts of floods under changing climate in the East Rapti Watershed, Nepal

Longitudinal trends and predictors of muscle-strengthening activity guideline adherence among Canadian youths

The epidemiology of muscle-strengthening activity among adolescents from 28 European countries

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Personalised Assistive Tools to Enhance Education of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders—A Review

Artificial intelligence assisted tools for the detection of anxiety and depression leading to suicidal ideation in adolescents: a review

Dyslipidemia among Patients with Ischemic Stroke in the Department of Medicine of a Tertiary Care Centre: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study

Revisiting bright δ Scuti stars and their period–luminosity relation with TESS and Gaia DR3

Experimental analysis on the performance, combustion/emission characteristics of a DI diesel engine using hydrogen in dual fuel mode

Molybdenum-Promoted Surface Reconstruction in Polymorphic Cobalt for Initiating Rapid Oxygen Evolution

Academic advising delivered differently: building an advising capability for regional Australian universities

Implementation of Communicative Language Teaching: Cambodian EFL Teachers' Attitudes toward Communicative Language Teaching

Hybrid Deep Feature Generation for Appropriate Face Mask Use Detection

Numerical Study of an Improved Non-Circular MC Fuelled with H/Air for Thermo-Photovoltaic (TPV) Applications

Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction

Developing a Conceptual Framework of Green Mining Strategy in Coal Mines: Integrating Socio-economic, Health, and Environmental Factors

Novel Thermal Diffusion Temperature Engineering Leading to High Thermoelectric Performance in Bi2Te3-Based Flexible Thin-Films

Response of hydrolysis, methanogenesis, and microbial community structure to iron dose during anaerobic digestion of food waste leachate

Improved Background Model for the Large Area X-Ray Proportional Counter (LAXPC) Instrument on board AstroSat

Kepler-1656b's Extreme Eccentricity: Signature of a Gentle Giant

Developing a robust model to predict depth of anesthesia from single channel EEG signal

Data-Driven Flexural Stiffness Model of FRP-Reinforced Concrete Slender Columns

Applications of artificial intelligence in water treatment for optimization and automation of adsorption processes: Recent advances and prospects

Compression behavior of GFRP bars under elevated In-Service temperatures

Extracting epileptic features in EEGs using a dual-tree complex wavelet transform coupled with a classification algorithm

Gender differences in ankle kinematics of adults during gait

Large-scale brain network model and multi-band electroencephalogram rhythm simulations

Authors' response to “Comment on Al-Hakim et al. ‘The effect of psychological meaningfulness and perceived organisational support on the relationship between nursing workload and job satisfaction: A prospective, cross-sectional investigation’”

Strategies to engage with involuntary clients

Integrated root phenotypes for improved rice performance under low nitrogen availability

Optimization algorithms as training approach with hybrid deep learning methods to develop an ultraviolet index forecasting model

Surface water sodium (Na+) concentration prediction using hybrid weighted exponential regression model with gradient-based optimization

An improved adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system model using conjoined metaheuristic algorithms for electrical conductivity prediction

Review on the interactions of arsenic, iron (oxy)(hydr)oxides, and dissolved organic matter in soils, sediments, and groundwater in a ternary system

Thermal and Hydraulic Performances of Carbon and Metallic Oxides-Based Nanomaterials

Different TiO2 Phases (Degussa/Anatase) Modified Cross-Linked Chitosan Composite for the Removal of Reactive Red 4 Dye: Box–Behnken Design

Chitosan/Carbon-Doped TiO2 Composite for Adsorption of Two Anionic Dyes in Solution and Gaseous SO2 Capture: Experimental Modeling and Optimization

Root herbivory reduces species richness and alters community structure of root-colonising arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Correction to: Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food Security

Revising the 1975 PIRA ceasefire through the lens of prospect theory

Application of Sentinel-2 Satellite Data to Map Forest Cover in Southeast Sri Lanka through the Random Forest Classifier

Contextualisation of salinisation and adaptation preferences in the coastal areas of Bangladesh: Bringing together farmers' salinity perspectives into place-based policy initiatives

Niche complementarity drives increases in pollinator functional diversity in diversified agroforestry systems

Productivity, biodiversity trade-offs, and farm income in an agroforestry versus an arable system

Ozone Mitigates the Adverse Effects of Diesel Exhaust Pollutants on Ground-Active Invertebrates in Wheat

Anthropogenic air pollutants reduce insect-mediated pollination services

Concurrent anthropogenic air pollutants enhance recruitment of a specialist parasitoid

Repeated short-term exposure to diesel exhaust reduces honey bee colony fitness

Editorial: Impacts of pollution on volatile-mediated interactions

Characterising volatile organic compound emission changes in native black poplar under elevated carbon-dioxide (CO2), elevated ozone (O3) and herbivory

Exploring the potential areas of research to increase drought resiliency of agricultural industries in Australia

Lessons from the Field: An Autoethnographic Account of a Mental Health Peer Worker

In-line activation of geopolymer slurry for concrete 3D printing

A Declaration of Gratitude for the Tongues We Speak

Hot Spot Policing: Lessons Learned from an Initiative in Southeast Queensland

Preliminary evaluation of real-time sensing of harvester losses by machine vision

Studying the COVID-19 impacts on engineering education

Supportive care: Exercise and NENS

A phosphorus/silicon-based, hyperbranched polymer for high-performance, fire-safe, transparent epoxy resins

A phosphaphenanthrene-benzimidazole derivative for enhancing fire safety of epoxy resins

Phenylboronic acid-decorated ZrP nanosheets for enhancing fire resistance, smoke suppression, and water/acid/alkali tolerance of intumescent coatings

Flame-retardant single-component epoxy resin cured by benzimidazolyl-substituted cyclotriphosphazene: Storage stability, curing behaviors and flame retardancy

Facile fabrication of single-component flame-retardant epoxy resin with rapid curing capacity and satisfied thermal resistance

Corrigendum to ’A phosphorus/silicon-based, hyperbranched polymer for high-performance, fire-safe, transparent epoxy resins’ [Polymer Degradation and Stability, 203 (2022) 110065]

Role congruence and study engagement in mature-age students: a serial indirect effects model

The Past, Present and Future of Education Programs for Individuals Who Sexually Offend

Experience of Bangladeshi Dental Students towards Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Web-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Healthcare Avoidance before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic among Australian Youth: A Longitudinal Study

Does Long-Term Enrollment in Day-Care Maintain or Increase Early Developmental Gains—Findings from an Intervention Study in Rural Bangladesh

Protective Factors against Self-Harm and Suicidality among Australian Indigenous Adolescents: A Strengths-Based Analysis of the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children

Patient-Reported Experiences and Satisfaction with Rural Outreach Clinics in New South Wales, Australia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Oral Healthcare during Pregnancy: Its Importance and Challenges in Lower-Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)

The Subjugation of Art to Propaganda: An Anti-trans Children’s Picture Book and the Culture Wars

A single online education session improves menstrual cycle and hormonal contraceptive knowledge in elite female basketball players and their support staff

Hamlet-Pattern-Based Automated COVID-19 and Influenza Detection Model Using Protein Sequences

Fusion of B-mode and shear wave elastography ultrasound features for automated detection of axillary lymph node metastasis in breast carcinoma

An Accurate Multiple Sclerosis Detection Model Based on Exemplar Multiple Parameters Local Phase Quantization: ExMPLPQ

A new lateral geniculate nucleus pattern-based environmental sound classification using a new large sound dataset

Evaluating the spatial distribution of endangered frogs in Northern Queensland and the threats to their continued survival

Australian Social Workers’ Understandings of Technology in Practice

‘Caring and connected’: technology and social worker self-care

Prediction of Sea Level with Vertical Land Movement Correction Using Deep Learning

The impact of an anatomy and physiology open textbook on student satisfaction and engagement in a regional Australian university

TMP19: A Novel Ternary Motif Pattern-Based ADHD Detection Model Using EEG Signals

Top of the Grade: Factors that could influence small business literacy

The TESS Faint-star Search: 1617 TOIs from the TESS Primary Mission

TOI-1670 b and c: An Inner Sub-Neptune with an Outer Warm Jupiter Unlikely to Have Originated from High-eccentricity Migration

TESS discovery of a sub-Neptune orbiting a mid-M dwarf TOI-2136

The HD 93963 A transiting system: A 1.04 d super-Earth and a 3.65 d sub-Neptune discovered by TESS and CHEOPS

Feasibility Analysis of Implementing Hybrid Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Sarawak

Human Informed TESOL: Lessons from trauma-informed practice that help all learners

Comprehensive In Silico Analysis of RNA Silencing-Related Genes and Their Regulatory Elements in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Identification of host transcriptome-guided repurposable drugs for SARS-CoV-1 infections and their validation with SARS-CoV-2 infections by using the integrated bioinformatics approaches

Disclosing Potential Key Genes, Therapeutic Targets and Agents for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Evidence from Integrative Bioinformatics Analysis

Salicylic Acid Confers Salt Tolerance in Giant Juncao Through Modulation of Redox Homeostasis, Ionic Flux, and Bioactive Compounds: An Ionomics and Metabolomic Perspective of Induced Tolerance Responses

Computational identification of host genomic biomarkers highlighting their functions, pathways and regulators that influence SARS‑CoV‑2 infections and drug repurposing

Occurrence and behavior of arsenic in groundwater-aquifer system of irrigated areas

Assessment of the acidification risk of the acid sulfate soil materials in a tropical coastal peat bog:Muthurajawela Marsh, Sri Lanka

Global arsenic dilemma and sustainability

Reducing conditions increased the mobilisation and hazardous effects of arsenic in a highly contaminated gold mine spoil

Exogenous Melatonin Enhances Cd Tolerance and Phytoremediation Efficiency by Ameliorating Cd-Induced Stress in Oilseed Crops: A Review

Arsenic-rich geothermal fluids as environmentally hazardous materials – A global assessment

A remediation approach to chromium-contaminated water and soil using engineered biochar derived from peanut shell

Fabrication of biochar-based hybrid Ag nanocomposite from algal biomass waste for toxic dye-laden wastewater treatment

Constructed wetlands as a sustainable technology for wastewater treatment with emphasis on chromium-rich tannery wastewater

Critical and Collaborative Problem-solving: An Action Research Project on the Development of Cognition-Centred Inquiry for Year 11 Senior History

Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines against Delta Variant (B.1.617.2): A Meta-Analysis

Formation, Interaction Mechanisms and Application of Layered Double Hydroxides in Cement Concrete

Utilization of fibers in ultra-high performance concrete: A review

Sulphate resistance of one-part geopolymer synthesized by calcium carbide residue-sodium carbonate-activation of slag

Relaxation characteristics and state evolution of water during the early-age reaction of alkali-activated slag as monitored by low field nuclear magnetic resonance

Impact of micromechanics on dynamic compressive behavior of ultra-high performance concrete containing limestone powder

3D Printing of Damage‐tolerant Martian Regolith Simulant‐based Geopolymer Composites

Recent progress in understanding setting and hardening of alkali-activated slag (AAS) materials

Application of silica-rich biomass ash solid waste in geopolymer preparation: A review

Design, production, and properties of high-strength high-ductility cementitious composite (HSHDCC): A review

Relationship between rheological property and early age-microstructure building up of alkali-activated slag

Effects of anionic species of activators on the rheological properties and early gel characteristics of alkali-activated slag paste

Chloride binding behavior of synthesized reaction products in alkali-activated slag

Kaolin mining waste to produce geopolymers: Physicomechanical properties and susceptibility to efflorescence formation

Review on chloride transport in alkali-activated materials: Role of precursors, activators and admixtures

Recycled sand from sandstone waste: A new source of high-quality fine aggregate

Alkali leaching features of 3-year-old alkali activated fly ash-slag-silica fume: For a better understanding of stability

Targeting Subsoil Constraints in Southern Queensland: Concept Proof of Spraying Polyacrylamide for Subsoil Stabilisation during Tillage

Research Progress of Geopolymer-based Protective Coating and Its Performance Improvement Technology

An analytical approach to estimating electrostatic repulsion between soil particles

Optimization of mix proportion of basic magnesium sulfate cement-based high-strength coral concrete

Effects of sodium adsorption ratio and electrolyte concentration on soil saturated hydraulic conductivity

A Comparative Study on the Degradation of Alkali-Activated Slag/Fly Ash and Cement-Based Mortars in Phosphoric Acid

An efficient approach for mitigation of efflorescence in fly ash-based geopolymer mortars under high-low humidity cycles

Finite Element Modeling for Thermal Conductivity of Cement-based Encapsulation Materials

Prediction of mechanical solutions for a laminated LCEs system fusing an analytical model and neural networks

Negotiating the enactment of the arts curriculum in early years classrooms: Opening spaces to reveal other ways of knowing

Improving Public Mental Health Service: Is Group Therapy the Answer?

Super-Elite Athlete Performance in International and Professional Sports - The David Nilsson Story

Exercise and physical therapy for systemic sclerosis

The Influence of Values on Caregiving for Older Adults in Rural and Urban Areas

Application of Emerging Digital Technologies in Self-monitoring of Health and Water Usage

The Detection and Analysis of Irrigation Channel Leakage Using Imaging from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Women in Farming Families in the Darling Downs and South West Queensland: Navigating Discourses Towards Wellbeing, Resilience and Empowerment

Increasing capacity and capability of general practitioners to provide COPD management in primary care

The relations amongst maladaptive cognitions, defense mechanisms and career satisfaction

The effects of cluster fencing on native and introduced fauna

The identification of novel root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei & P. neglectus) resistances in Iranian landrace wheat (Triticum aestivum) and einkorn (T. monococcum) and their introgression into Australian wheat cultivars

The impact of digital marketing on consumer buying behaviour in the residential real estate industry: A case study of Sydney

Bad Character and Propensity Evidence in Australia: Is There a Case for Change and Could England have the Answer?

Single-officer police station effectiveness in regional Queensland: A quantitative, work-based study of service delivery for the Townsville Western Patrol Group

Development of the Workplace Singapore Mental Wellbeing Scale and Testing of a Conceptual Model in Predicting Employee Outcomes at the Singapore Workplace

Urediniospores of Puccinia sorghi: pre- and post-cold storage requirements

Event Detection from Web Data in Chinese Based on Bi-LSTM with Attention

The role of the hospital in the home registered nurse: A phenomenological study

Microbial electrochemical sensor systems for rapid measurement of volatile fatty acid intermediates

Publisher Correction: Transcriptome analysis reveals key genes associated with root-lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei resistance in chickpea

Field measurements of fugitive methane emissions from three Australian waste management and biogas facilities

The economics of child and adolescent health in Australia

Sustainability during the COVID pandemic: analysis of hotel association communication

Opera Participants’ Perceptions of Brand Resonance

Food waste challenges at downstream interfaces: a triple bottom line dilemma

Preservice Teachers’ Self-efficacy Through COVID-19: A Large Scale Survey of Students at a Regional University In Australia

An Overview of Hospital Capacity Planning and Optimisation

Anodization of medical grade stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance and nanostructure formation targeting biomedical applications

Fluid Flow Induces Differential Detachment of Live and Dead Bacterial Cells from Nanostructured Surfaces

TiO2 Nanostructures That Reduce the Infectivity of Human Respiratory Viruses Including SARS-CoV-2

Bactericidal Efficacy of Nanostructured Surfaces Increases under Flow Conditions

Brain-based Learning: Beliefs and Practice in one Australian Primary School Implementing a Neuroscience Pedagogical Framework

The Defence of Superior Orders (and Related Defences) in Australian Military Law

The dentition of the people of Iron Age Non Ban Jak

Prevalence of smoking and smoking predictors among adolescents in Qassim, Saudi Arabia: does the Healthy City Programme make any difference?

Role of community pharmacy professionals in child health service provision in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional survey in six cities of Amhara regional state

Community pharmacy professionals' practice in responding to minor symptoms experienced by pregnant women in Ethiopia: results from sequential mixed methods

Drought outlook validation using ACCESS-S2 hindcast

Systemic risk management in farming - geographic distribution and diversity

Particulate-Filled Advanced Polymer Composites

Coping and Co-Occurrence of Gaming Disorder and Substance Use in Recovering Substance Users

Nonlinear dynamic instability of edge-cracked functionally graded graphene-reinforced composite beams

A Content Analysis of Documentation of Nature Play in Early Childhood Teacher Education Program in Australia

The role of art infusion in enhancing pro-environmental luxury brand advertising

Drying shrinkage behavior of hybrid alkali activated cement (HAAC) mortars

Advances in immobilization of radionuclide wastes by alkali activated cement and related materials

A Dielectric Elastomer-Based Multimodal Capacitive Sensor

Erratum: "TOI-2076 and TOI-1807: Two young, Comoving Planetary Systems within 50 pc Identified by TESS that are Ideal Candidates for Further Follow Up"

Address an unmet need: establishing the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Darling Down region

Cyanate esters as a high performing shape memory polymer: A review

The soil-water cost of heavy machinery traffic on a Queensland Vertisol, Australia

Emergent behavior in the battle management system

Price and Income Elasticities of Cigarette Smoking Demand in Bangladesh: Evidence from Urban Adolescents and Young Adults

Job satisfaction dynamics: how do they impact employment mode choice for people with a disability?

Disability, physical activity, and health-related quality of life in Australian adults: An investigation using 19 waves of a longitudinal cohort

Toward a Refined Insight Into the Importance of Volunteers’ Motivations for Need-Based Experiences, Job Satisfaction, Work Effort, and Turnover Intentions in Nonprofit Sports Clubs: A Person-Centered Approach

Getting creative with care of performance artists

Artistic and Health Professionals' Perceptions of Training Load Practices in Pre-Professional and Professional Ballet and Contemporary Dance: A Cross-Sectional Survey

A Comparative Analysis of Timber and Composite Sleepers

Effect of simulated hygrothermal environment on the flexural and interlaminar shear strength of particulate-filled epoxy-coated GFRP composites

Development and mechanical performance evaluation of a GFRP-reinforced concrete boat-approach slab

Business Acumen Challenges Facing Nursing Leaders

Identifying Cumulative Harm in Helping Professionals: A Measure of Impact

The emerging role of the Remote Education Tutor from Occupational (In)visibility

Feasibility Study on Condition Monitoring of Power Network Asset Using PMU Measurements

Machine Learning-based Cybersecurity Defence of Wide-area Monitoring Systems

Power Quality Disturbance Detection Based on Improved Robust Random Cut Forest

“Who do they think they are?”: social identity & conflict in small rural community

Safety Leadership and its Relationship with Safety Performance: A Case Study of an Australian Facility Management Company

Introduction to career development

Shear behaviour of fibreglass rock bolts for ground reinforcement

Setting young dancers up for success

Multi-step daily forecasting of reference evapotranspiration for different climates of India: A modern multivariate complementary technique reinforced with ridge regression feature selection

The Semiotic Construction of Evaluative Meaning in Videogames: Explicating the Portrayal of Values

Factors impacting workplace investment in sit-stand workstations from the perspective of purchasing decision-makers

HD 56414 b: A Warm Neptune Transiting an A-type Star

Near-infrared and optical emission of WASP-5 b

HD 28109 hosts a trio of transiting Neptunian planets including a near-resonant pair, confirmed by ASTEP from Antarctica Get access Arrow

TIC 5724661: A Long-period Binary with a Pulsating sdB Star and δ Scuti Variable

A Demands-Resources View of Safety Climate in Military Aviation

Psychology in the military

The effects of working in a bullying climate on psychological distress and job satisfaction: a multilevel analysis

Balancing the Needs of the School Community: Implementing Trauma-Informed Behaviour Supports in an Australian Regional Primary School.

Comparative Study of Environmental Public Interest Litigation (EPIL) in Australia and China

Rights-Based Climate Litigation in Australia: New Frontiers

Rights-Based Climate Litigation in Australia: A Critical Review

Undrained Stability of Unsupported Rectangular Excavations: Anisotropy and Non-Homogeneity in 3D

Design Equations for Predicting Stability of Unlined Horseshoe Tunnels in Rock Masses

The Strategic, Curious & Skeptical Learner: Australian Public Librarians and Professional Learning Experiences

Experimental and numerical study to develop TRANSYS model for an active flat plate solar collector with an internally serpentine tube receiver

Light harvesting self-powered strain sensor using 3C-SiC/Si heterostructure

Unexpected side-effects of interdisciplinary collaborations: three supervisors; one language; two interpretations.

Perceptions of academic performance in 1st year paramedicine students

CPD Junk Journal

Escaping the Cycle

Numerical analysis of hybrid nanofluid natural convection in a wavy walled porous enclosure: Local thermal non-equilibrium model

The Warrior

Escaping the Cycle

Analysis of heat transfer and fluid flow in a microchannel heat sink with sidewall dimples and fillet profile

Exploring the experiences of female paramedics in Australian ambulance services through arts-based research

Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Profile and Blade Numbers in a Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Introduction to ‘Pedagogy of Active and Practical Learning Online’

Polarimetric detection of non-radial oscillation modes in the β Cephei star β Crucis

Whence the Interstellar Magnetic Field Shaping the Heliosphere?

A study of the F-giant star θ Scorpii A: a post-merger rapid rotator?

Two long-period transiting exoplanets on eccentric orbits: NGTS-20 b (TOI-5152 b) and TOI-5153 b

Fire Intumescent, High-Temperature Resistant, Mechanically Flexible Graphene Oxide Network for Exceptional Fire Shielding and Ultra-Fast Fire Warning

Phase variation in the glycosyltransferase genes of Pasteurella multocida associated with outbreaks of fowl cholera on free-range layer farms Open Access

Correction: Alhamami et al. First Emergence of Resistance to Macrolides and Tetracycline Identified in Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida Isolates from Beef Feedlots in Australia. Microorganisms 2021, 9, 1322

A lipoglycopeptide antibiotic for Gram-positive biofilm-related infections

National Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Australian Residential Aged Care Residents and Staff

Reframing Creative Practice for Telling Factual Stories of War and Trauma Through Oral History Interactive Documentary (OHID)

ascotraceR: An R Package Resource to Simulate the Spatiotemporal Spread of Ascochyta Blight in a Chickpea Field Over a Growing Season

The Tort of Misuse of Public Office: Suggested Clarifications and Reforms

Picturing Values: A Positive Discourse Analysis of Chinese and Australian Children’s Picturebooks and Children’s Understanding of Values

The gay cake controversy in the United Kingdom and Italian inertia

Learning with environments: Developing an ecological psychology inspired relational pedagogy

Latest Advances in Finite Element Modelling and Model Updating of Cable-Stayed Bridges

Two worlds colliding: Nursing students speaking up for patient safety in rural healthcare settings

Palimpsest and Metonym: Early Modern Variants of the Leir Story

Structural behaviour of GFRP modular composite wall system under monotonic loading

Travelling Edges: An Immersed Autoethnographic Exploration of The Australian Bush in Art

Emotional reactions to the concepts of racism and white privilege in non-aboriginal health professionals working in remote communities

Beyond instructional leadership: A new model recognising complexity, context and practices

Muscle-strengthening exercise and public health assessment and monitoring

Investigation within the Australian federal public service: Competencies and training for a future-fit profession

Modelling and numerical investigations of transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation

Corporate Improvement in Project Management: A Design Thinking Approach Investigating an Adaptable Model

Development and evaluation of it service management digital commons – a case study

Development Of Biochar-Hydrogel Composites And Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Functionalised Polyvinyl Alcohol/Chitosan Hydrogel Composites As Efficient And Low-Cost Materials To Remove Arsenic From Aqueous Solutions

A novel technique to improve the compressive strength and ductility of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) composite bars

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Long-Span CFRP Cable-Stayed Bridges

An Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Durability of Fibre/Polymer Composites with Synthetic and Natural Fibres

Burst pressure strength of corroded subsea pipelines repaired with composite fiber-reinforced polymer patches

Impact of the Hayne Royal Commission on the Operating Model of Australian Financial Advice Firms

Performance of CFRP strengthened full-scale SHS connections subjected to cyclic loading

Developing machine learning model to estimate the shear capacity for RC beams with stirrups using standard building codes

Performance and design of steel structures reinforced with FRP composites: A state-of-the-art review

Crime Hot Spot Policing in the Queensland Police Service: A Work Based Project

Variations in Enabling Educators’ academic identities: A phenomenographic study of Enabling Educators’ experiences in pathway programs

Analysis of failure modes in pipe-in-pipe repair systems for water and gas pipelines

Estimating compressive strength of lightweight foamed concrete using neural, genetic and ensemble machine learning approaches

Effect of Hydrothermal Environment on Mechanical Properties and Electrical Response Behavior of Continuous Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composite Plates

Experimental Research on Bonded Anchorage of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Prestressed Strands

The Electric–Thermal Effect of a Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composite and Its Corresponding Mechanical Properties

A novel numerical approach and experimental study to evaluate the effect of component failure on spoke-wheel cable structure

Consumer perceptions of brand authenticity in cause-related event sponsorship

Gender-differentiated motivation and academic self-concept as predictors of student retention among community college students

A work-based study of leg strength and agility performance in adolescent female athletes participating in competitive Queensland AFLW: Implications for future practice

Exploring modifiable factors towards COPD guideline non-concordance and development of an electronic integrated COPD proforma to improve emergency department interdisciplinary staff concordance: Mixed methods and modified Delphi study

The times, they are a-changin': tracking shifts in mental health signals from early phase to later phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia

Parking in inner versus outer city spaces: Spatiotemporal patterns of parking problems and their associations with built environment features in Brisbane, Australia

Acid degradation of alkali-activated materials

Investigation of sandstone by-products as supplementary cementitious materials and fine aggregate

Investigation of stakeholder perspectives on leisure activity in mental health inpatient units

Managing expectations: The experiences of early career teachers in Queensland, Australia

Experiential Avoidance: Associations With Quality Of Life, Distress, And Fear Of Recurrence Among Early Breast Cancer Survivors Living In Regional Australia

The relationship between chloride resistance and microstructure of alkali-activated flyash-slag concrete

Deep Representation Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition

Looking ahead: Towards a national framework for Australian Enabling programs

Exploring the impact of attention training on attention difficulties of older adults

Preschooler Stressor-Related Thoughts and Worries During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Development and Validation of a Caregiver-Report Instrument

Exploring the origins and diversity of planetary systems: insights from young giant planets


A Transformative Approach to Student Leadership Development in Australian Higher Education

Inequality in Maternal and Child Health and Healthcare in Nigeria: An Econometric Analysis

Tales from the Suburban Garden: The Murarrie Neighbourhood Garden Project: Constructing Community Cohesion through Horticultural Practice

Safe Connection Toowoomba: Connecting and Supporting LGBTQIA+ Communities

Health of the individual, family and community

Intentional Rounding: a cross-sectional study into patients' and nurses' experience in a Rural facility

Proportion and associated factors of the utilisation of complementary and alternative medicine exclusively in a hospital in Bangladesh

Comparison of adult shift and non-shift workers’ physical activity and sleep behaviours: cross-sectional analysis from the Household Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia (HILDA) cohort

An investigation of barriers and facilitators of father involvement: a mixed methods design

An AI/ML-Based Strategy for Disaster Response and Evacuation of Victims in Aged Care Facilities in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley: A Perspective

Disruptive technologies as a solution for disaster risk management: A review

Remote Sensing Methods for Flood Prediction: A Review

Using Adaptive Sensors for Optimised Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks

Automatic Target Detection from Satellite Imagery Using Machine Learning

Disaster Region Coverage Using Drones: Maximum Area Coverage and Minimum Resource Utilisation

Employee Engagement in Shared Services Teams in a Regional University Context

Mixed methods study integration: Nursing student experience and opinions of intentional rounding

Revisiting the Full Sets of Orbital Parameters for the XO-3 System: No Evidence for Temporal Variation of the Spin–Orbit Angle

We Are One, But We Are Many: Using Disabilities Studies to Inform Intersectional Education Online

Doctor Workforce Attrition: Doctor Workplace Attrition: An examination of pathways from work demands to organisational commitment

Freshwater Macroalgae, Oedogonium, Grown in Wastewater Reduce Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome in Rats

Late (≥5 y) Complications of Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (LVSG) and Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (LRYGB): A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Adoption; a relevant concept for agricultural land management in the 21 century?

Trend and projection of skilled birth attendants and institutional delivery coverage for adolescents in 54 low- and middle-income countries, 2000–2030

Towards the decolonisation of disability: A systematic review of disability conceptualisations, practices and experiences of First Nations people of Australia

Community-based social care models for indigenous people with disability: A scoping review of scholarly and policy literature

The VMC survey – XLIX. Discovery of a population of quasars dominated by nuclear dust emission behind the Magellanic Clouds

Perceptions, concerns and reported behaviours in response to the first wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic across metropolitan, regional, rural and remote Australian communities

Learning on the periphery: A pilot study of an undergraduate nursing student communities of practice model

The Pharmacy Community Apgar Questionnaire: a modified Delphi technique to develop a rural pharmacist recruitment and retention tool

Outcomes of a pilot evaluation of a group urotherapy programme for children with complex elimination disorders: An Australian experience

Group-urotherapy for children with complex elimination disorder: An Australian study

Practice nurses’ communication with people living with type 2 diabetes: A scoping review

The influence of probiotics on gastrointestinal tract infections among children attending childcare: A systematic review and meta-analysis

How Antecedents Affect Oil and Gas Workers' Perception of Safety and Their Influence on Safe Work Performance in Southeast Asia

Effects of Ligands in Rare Earth Complex on Properties, Functions, and Intelligent Behaviors of Polyurea–Urethane Composites

Proportionality in Australian Constitutional and Administrative Law

Histories of Fascism and Anti-Fascism in Australia

European and Australian Fascisms: The Case of Ferenc Molnar and National Socialism in Cold War Australia

Introduction: Fascism and Anti-Fascism in Australian History

Fungal Planet description sheets: 1436–1477

Digital Transformation Towards Ambidextrous Learning Organization using Cloud Computing: A Systematic Literature Review

Financial development and economic growth nexus: Bangladesh Perspective

"Thank You for Listening": An Exploratory Study Regarding the Lived Experience and Perception of Medical Errors Among Those Who Receive Care

Learning on the periphery: a modified Delphi study of a nursing student communities of practice model

Repatriation, Exchange, and Colonial Legacies in the Gulf of Papua: Moving Pictures

Validation of 13 Hot and Potentially Terrestrial TESS Planets

Innovative capacitive deionization-degaussing approach for improving adsorption/desorption for macadamia nutshell biochar

Hierarchically Structured Hydrogel Actuator for Microplastic Pollutant Detection and Removal

Aqueous Self-Assembly of Bio-Based Flame Retardants for Fire-Retardant, Smoke-Suppressive, and Toughened Polylactic Acid

Remixing Influencers: Academics Reading and Writing About Philosophy and Pop Culture

Playing tertiary tetris: Valuing the voices of casual educators in higher education

Doctoral Discourses: The Journey—Past, Present and Beyond

Disrupting Dominant Discourses and Celebrating Counternarratives: Sustaining success for doctoral students and supervisors

Deconstructing Doctoral Discourses: Stories and Strategies for Success

Social Connectedness and Associations with Gambling Risk in New Zealand

Reassessing Early Theatre Patronage with New Perspectives on John Dudley

Transitional Boundary Layer Measurements in the University of Southern Queensland Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

Mixing of Thermally Stratified Gas in Horizontal Tube Using Shock Waves Research Methodology

Heated Barrel Mode for a Hypersonic Ludwieg Tube with Free-Piston Compression: Preliminary Performance

Green roof substrates—A literature review

Google Earth Engine as Multi-Sensor Open-Source Tool for Monitoring Stream Flow in the Transboundary River Basin: Doosti River Dam

Exploration of clinicians’ decision-making regarding transfer of patient care from the emergency department to a medical assessment unit: A qualitative study

Aiming Sustainable Transportation Utilizing Social Capital: A Perspective of Mobile Car Park App

Carbon-based nanostructures for cancer therapy and drug delivery applications

Using LMS Log Data to Explore Student Engagement with Coursework Videos

Predicting Lateral Resistance of Piles in Cohesive Soils

Disciplinary Literacies In The Arts: Semiotic Explorations of Teachers' Use of Multimodal and Aesthetic Metalanguage

Investigating the Benefits and Challenges of Workplace Volunteering Experiences for International Students' Employability Literacies

Flexible Learning and the Virtual Campus


The Northern Australia Climate Program: Overview and Selected Highlights

3D Selection of 167 Substellar Companions to Nearby Stars

Considerations about risk of ongoing distress: what can we learn from repeat screening?

Primary Teachers' Perceptions of Their Students' Digital Technologies Competencies

Armchair Researchers: Modes of Ethnographic Research for Understanding and Experiencing the Eurovision Song Contest

High, Low and Participatory: The Eurovision Song Contest and Cultural Studies

Development and Validation of a Dynamic Tool to Predict Aggressive Patient Behaviours in Hospital Settings: Artificial Intelligence-Based Approaches

On Harrowing in Dead Europe

Anthocyanin retention in Queen Garnet plums during processing and bottling

Compassionate Conservation is indistinguishable from traditional forms of conservation in practice

A Machine Learning Framework for Early-Stage Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Three new brown dwarfs and a massive hot Jupiter revealed by TESS around early-type stars

Australian consumers and environmental characteristics of wine: price premium indications

Detection and Quantification of Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Spp.) Eggs From Tomato Plants Using Image Analysis

Five key elements that drive student online engagement

How can renewable assignments enhance students’ graduate attributes? Insights from an action research project

Correction to: Children’s Perspectives on Emotions Informing a Child-Reported Screening Instrument

Online collaborative learning starts with the global collaborator mindset

A Multi-component Intervention (NEXpro) Reduces Neck Pain-Related Work Productivity Loss: A Randomized Controlled Trial Among Swiss Office Workers

Analysis of Grid-connected Solar PV System Operation based on Energy Router Concept

Community, Engagement and Connectedness: Reflections on Pathway Programs at a Regional Australian University. A Practice Report

Sustainable Food Systems

Risks to mental health of higher degree by research (HDR) students during a global pandemic

Next Generation “Living” Laboratory for Engineering Education and Engagement

'Show solidarity': Journalists’ anti-trolling networks©

Transforming broadcast news: Robert G.Menzies and journalists©

Proceed with Caution: The Trouble with Trigger Warnings

Ready for a Reboot: Law Schools Need to Reboot and Upgrade the Law Curriculum Now to Better Meet the Impacts of Technology

Could existing anticruelty laws ban whip use in horse racing?

‘Tis the season to be jolly: singing Christmas carols together isn’t just a tradition, it’s also good for you

Generalist Elementary Male Teachers Advocating for Dance and Male Dancers

Effect of dispersion time for nanoparticles in DGEBA shape memory polymer composite fabrication

Thanks for the feedback: Reconnecting students with educators using a metacommunication feedback tool

Differences in education and employment inequalities based on the social and cultural environments of universities

University Environment Classification, 2008-2012

Utilisation of Digital Applications for Personal Recovery Amongst Youth with Mental Health Concerns

Co-Occurrence of Gaming Disorder and Other Potentially Addictive Behaviours between Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

Determining Whether an Employment or Independent Contractor Relationship Exists and the Relevance of Contractual Performance to its Interpretation

Vanderstock v Victoria: Are "True" Consumption Taxes Forbidden to the States by Section 90 of the Australian Constitution?

Transformative change comes from more than structured content: Qualitative exploration of a post-separation group program

Improving pasture growth assessment using machine vision

Supporting early years transitions for children with refugee and asylum-seeker backgrounds: A scoping review

Eros and Etiology in Love's Labour's Lost

An Investigation of How Cognitive Flexibility and Active-Coping Strategy Influence Pilots' Stress Level When Working in High-Risk Environment

Volunteer Rugby Coaches in Regional Queensland: the significance of lived experience on their coaching philosophies, practices and overall development

A Preliminary, Work-Based Study of Hypertrophic Training and Landing Mechanics of Adolescent Female Athletes in Queensland

How safe are the Australian aviation safety regulations and what does 'safety' really mean anyway? How aviation accidents can provide a reality-based conception of safety and why it matters

Building Learning Ventures for Students’ Future-Readiness

USQ Harvard AGPS Referencing Guide

How to do science: A guide to researching human physiology

Magnetic Field Based Wireless GMD/EMP-E3 Impact Monitoring Device:

High-risk antenatal women’s perceptions of dietitian appointments with an aim of reducing the fail to attend rate: a work-based study in the West Moreton Hospital Health Service

Luxury Brand Purchasing Intentions of Immigrants in the Australian Context

Social Identity Influences in Two Small Australian Rural Communities

Axial Performance of Cable Bolts Under Various Bonding and Loading Conditions

Troubling the normative scripts of adulthood: An anti-narrative performance of intergenerational cohabitation

Edith Cooper’s Sin: Mapping the Willful Bodies of Michael Field

Tough on the Causes: Religion and the Penitent in Prison Education

Modeling agricultural non-point source pollution at catchment scale: application, novel calibration and model advancement

Exploring the Need for Assistive Technologies through Analyses of a Longitudinal Database of Older People in China

Young autistic adults: Transition practices, self-determination, and post-school quality of life

The Destructuration of Academic Life: How Managerialism Colonises Universities with Symbolic Violence

Conceptualizing Social Intelligence Capabilities in Women Leadership: A Qualitative Study in the Queensland Healthcare Industry

The Responses of Chinese Dedicated Air Cargo Industry to E-Commerce Boom and COVID-19: Network Development and Services

Clinical Reasoning in Nursing: Developing an Achievement-Based Framework

Exploration of the Barriers and Enablers of Mainstream Classroom Teachers Accessing Professional Development on Trauma Informed Classroom Pedagogy: The Nativity of the Embrace Framework

Scratching the Surface: Self-portraits and self-representations

Investigating Entrepreneurial Performance as a Critical Success Factor for Private Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) Healthcare Entrepreneurs and Managers in Tanzania: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study

Nuclear ribosomal DNA secondary structures and statistical approach for the phylogeny of Ampelomyces

Advancing Double Star Studies in an Age of Space-Based Astrometric Missions

Daylight illumination compensation for in-field camera systems

The Adoption of Blockchain Technology in the Australian Agriculture Supply Chain

Static performance of particulate filled resin composite railway sleepers in the rail-seat region

Behaviour of Circular Columns Strengthened by Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Wrapping System

The Influence of Consumers' Trust and Cognitive Absorption on Behavioural Intentions to Reuse Recommender Systems

Achieving Knowledge Ambidexterity in Small and Medium Enterprises using Cloud Computing

Reflexively Developed Conceptions of Contemporary English-Speaking Stage Management Practice

'Values', 'Motivation' and 'Fit' in Aged Care Nursing: Understanding the Core Positive Work Values of Registered Nurses Working in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Regional Queensland

Evaluating the Impact of Visiting Services in Rural and Remote Regions

Numerical Optimisation of Structural Behaviour of Hollow Box Pulwound Fibre Composite Profiles

Numerical Study of Soil Stability Above Water Mains

Hook, Line and Sinker: A Case Study of An Older Persons' Experience of Responding to a Phishing Email

Magnetic Fields of F-Type Stars

Polyphosphoramides as Highly Effective Fire Retardants for Polylactide: Green Syntheses, Properties and Mechanisms

Investigation on the Behaviour of Floodway Structures Under Extreme Flood Loading

Resistance of Wild Relatives (Cicer Reticulatum and C. Echinospermum) of Chickpea (C. Arietinum) to the Root-Lesion Nematode Pratylenchius Neglectus

The Role of Student Silent Behaviour in an Adult Pre-Intermediate Communicative Language Learning Classroom Setting

Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Unicornis) in Nepal in the Context of Climate Change: Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Investigating the foresight and strategic thinking capabilities of Australian agricultural leaders: A mixed methods work-based study

Corporate Carbon Performance and Access to Finance: Empirical Evidence from Asia-Pacific Countries

Substance Abuse and its Prevention Programs: The Case of Refugee Youth

Artificial Intelligence and Clean Air: Development of Novel Algorithms with Machine Learning and Deep Learning

The Acquisition of Argument Structure Alternations by Vietnamese Learners of English

An Examination of the Factors Impacting on the Farm Bargaining Intentions of Smallholder Women Farmers in the Eastern Gangetic Plains

Using machine learning based emulators for the sensitivity analysis of process-driven biophysical models

The winds of young Suns

Static and fatigue behaviour of composite railway sleepers

Dissecting the physiological and molecular mechanisms of zinc loading into the wheat grain

(Un)doing old boy: performativity at the intersection of elitism, masculinity, and privilege

An Investigation of Synchronous Online Communication and Task-Based Learning in the EFL Classroom

Understanding the relationships between clinical quality, patient satisfaction and financial performance: Evidence from Swiss hospitals

Bi-directional grid constrained stochastic processes and their applications in mathematical finance

Developing an integrated Kano-QFD-SWOT approach to recommend prioritised institutional requirements based on social and academic expectations of Arabic international students at three Queensland universities

Identifying the features required to design a collaborative online homework system, from a teacher perspective, that supports a partnership between teacher, parent, and student for Australian year 1 mathematics

Development of Deep Learning Hybrid Models for Hydrological Predictions

Phenomenological lifeworld research: A proposed phenomenological research methodology: With an application to the lifeworld of new migrants

Lessons Learned from the Experiences of Middle Managers in Higher Education: An Aotearoa New Zealand Case Study

Study of Total Non-Structural Carbohydrates' and Macronutrients Influence on Pecan Yields

A Scintillating Journey of Genomics in Simplifying Complex Traits and Development of Abiotic Stress Resilient Chickpeas

Talkin' Bout My Generation: The Utility of Different Age Cohorts to Predict Antisocial Behaviour on Social Media

Mapping Prominent Cash Crops Employing ALOS PALSAR-2 and Selected Machine Learners

The Effects of Facebook-based Social Support on Health Across Metropolitan and Regional Australians

Neurotechnology, Consent, Place, and the Ethics of Data Science Genomics in the Precision Medicine Clinic

Poison Ivy, Wild Things and Other Erotic Teen Thrillers of the 1990s: The Class-Shamed 'Evil' Other of Hypersexualized Girl Power

Adaptive fault diagnosis and resolution system for enterprise data replication system using deep reinforcement learning

Australian Drought Monitor

Blockchain-Enabled Trust Management for Digital Marketing in the Industry 4.0 Era

Corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance disclosure and company's capital cost, idiosyncratic risk and market value

Nutrient-fortified metarhizium anisopliae granules for the management of soil-borne insect pests of sweetpotato

Teacher turnover intention: a Social Cognitive Career Theory perspective

Realising the vision of technology integration: a case study of K-12 private schools in the United Arab Emirates

Insider Views on English Language Pathway Programmes to Australian Universities

The diversity and phylogeny of phylloplane yeasts on Banksia integrifolia in south-eastern Queensalnd

Towards an integrative pedagogy of careers and employability learning in higher education

Relationships in Transition: Negotiating Accountability and Productive Guilt in Timor Leste

Occupational stress in University academics in Australia and New Zealand

Evolution of Urban Spatial Clusters in China: A Graph-Based Method Using Nighttime Light Data

Cultural Safety: Beyond the rhetoric

Clarifying Cultural Safety: its focus and intent in an Australian context

The ‘good’ teacher in an era of professional standards: policy frameworks and lived realities

Reflexive writing dialogues: Elementary students’ perceptions and performances as writers during classroom experiences

The financial challenges for Australian nursing students attending placement-based work-integrated learning.

Building capacity for grassroots reform: an Australian case study

The Flying Fashionista: the Short, Pioneering Flying Career of Ivy Hassard (nee Pearce), 1934-36

Effectiveness of a school-based intervention on physical activity and screen time among adolescents

High near-room temperature figure of merit of n-type Bi2GeTe4-based thermoelectric materials via a stepwise optimization of carrier concentration

Does corporate tax avoidance promote managerial empire building?

Achieving High-Performance Ge0.92Bi0.08Te Thermoelectrics via LaB6-Alloying-Induced Band Engineering and Multi-Scale Structure Manipulation

Sustaining interdisciplinary work in trauma‑informed education

Teachers’ experiences of teaching the Australian Health and Physical Education Health Benefits of Physical Activity curriculum and the need for greater reality congruence

Application of CycleGAN and transfer learning techniques for automated detection of COVID-19 using X-ray images

Behaviour of timber-alternative railway sleeper materials under five-point bending

Introducing a MAP for adherence care in the paediatric cystic fibrosis clinic: a multiple methods implementation study

Thirty Minutes Identified as the Threshold for Development of Pain in Low Back and Feet Regions, and Predictors of Intensity of Pain during 1-h Laboratory-Based Standing in Office Workers

Characterisation of elderly daily travel behaviour in Tianjin using a space–time cube

Pediatric emergency asthma presentations in Southwest Victoria: a retrospective cross-sectional study 2017 to 2020

Back-propagation neural network optimized by K-fold cross-validation for prediction of torsional strength of reinforced concrete beam

Multi-attribute parametric optimisation of shape memory polymer properties for adaptive orthopaedic plasters

CFRP lamella stay-cable and its force measurement based on microwave radar

Relationship marketing in franchising and retailing

Collaboration, communication, support, and relationships in the context of e-commerce within the franchising sector

Developing a food waste biorefinery: Lactic acid extraction using anionic resin and impacts on downstream biogas production

Computing high-order derivatives in compact integrated-RBF stencils

Extracting built-up areas from spectro-textural information using machine learning

Moving from multi-channel to Omni-channel retailing: Special issue introduction

Barriers and Facilitators Associated with Return to Work Following Minor to Serious Road Traffic Musculoskeletal Injuries: A Systematic Review

Crime at train stations: The role of passenger presence

‘You’re a Real Man After All’: Fashioning the Male Physique in Twentieth-Century Boxing and Wrestling Magazines

Blockchain technology transforms digital marketing by growing consumer trust

Match‑play profile of elite rugby union, with special reference to repeated high‑intensity effort activity (RHIE)

Hydrogen Energy Demand Growth Prediction and Assessment (2021–2050) Using a System Thinking and System Dynamics Approach

Microwave plasma rapid heating towards robust cathode/electrolyte interface for solid oxide fuel cells

Impact of dementia literacy interventions for non-health-professionals: systematic review and meta-analysis

Species diversity of Basidiomycota

Movement of free-ranging koalas in response to male vocalisation playbacks

Influence of tactical formation on average and peak demands of elite soccer match-play

Educator perceptions of early learning environments as places for privileging social justice in rural and remote communities

The challenge of water entries

Calibration of a continuous hydrologic simulation model in the urban Gowrie Creek catchment in Toowoomba, Australia

Recalibrating the epigenetic clock after exposure to trauma: The role of risk and protective psychosocial factors

Duration invariance and intensity dependence of the human circadian system phase shifting response to brief light flashes

A novel genetic algorithm based system for the scheduling of medical treatments

Understanding soft power discourse in the National Library of Australia

Advancing conservation biological control as a component of integrated pest management of horticultural crops

Spatiotemporal Hybrid Random Forest Model for Tea Yield Prediction Using Satellite-Derived Variables

Applications and careers for counsellors and counselling psychologists

Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Garments through Industrially Scalable Closed-Loop Recycling: Life Cycle Assessment of a Recycled Wool Blend Sweater

An on-road examination of daytime and evening driving on rural roads: physiological, subjective, eye gaze, and driving performance outcomes

Automatic Filtering of Lidar Building Point Cloud in Case of Trees Associated to Building Roof

Kinetics and mechanism of synergistic adsorption and persulfate activation by N-doped porous carbon for antibiotics removals in single and binary solutions

When death gave way to glory: Philip Gibbs, RMS Titanic and the Western Front

Three-Dimensional Stability Investigation of Trapdoors in Collapse and Blowout Conditions

Analysis of Shaft‑Grouted Piles Using Load‑Transfer Method

An Adverse View of Adverse Possession

Awakening to joy: a simple method for developing enthusiasm for practice [Blog post]

Health services for New Zealand Maori and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian children and young people

Sleep and Athletes

Bolus Versus Continuous Nasogastric Feeds for Infants With Bronchiolitis: A Randomized Trial

Assessing the Effectiveness of Environmental Training for Diving Tourists Using the DEA Model

Dynamic Capabilities to Achieve Corporate Sustainability: A Roadmap to Sustained Competitive Advantage

Silent voices of the midwives: factors that influence midwives’ achievement of successful neonatal resuscitation in sub-Saharan Africa: a narrative inquiry

A comparative analysis of the principal component analysis and entropy weight methods to establish the indexing measurement

Redefining cinematographic practice: what is cinematography in the age of virtual film production

Mozambique: religious practices and post-conflict processes

Thematic analysis: a practical guide by B Virginia & C Victoria

Exercise Intervention Changes the Perceptions and Knowledge of Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors among Women from a Low-Resourced Setting

Translanguaging: theoretical and pedagogical implications in the Japanese university ESP classroom

Teaching the Australian Curriculum English: Pre-service teachers’ knowledge and confidence in the middle primary years

Study of Parameters and Theory of Sucrose Dust Explosion

Inhibition of Four Inert Powders on the Minimum Ignition Energy of Sucrose Dust

A health action process approach for developing invitee endorsed interventions to increase mail-out bowel cancer screening

Game time: games for the consolidation of grammar and assessment

A Comprehensive Review on Efficiency Enhancement of Solar Collectors Using Hybrid Nanofluids

Pre-deal differences in corporate social responsibility and acquisition performance

Stability Charts for Closely Spaced Strip Footings on Hoek–Brown Rock Mass

Global disparities in agricultural climate index-based insurance research

Automated variety trial plot growth and flowering detection for maize and soybean using machine vision

Mapping of Modifiable Factors with Interdisciplinary Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Guidelines Adherence to the Theoretical Domains Framework: A Systematic Review

Associated factors, assessment, management, and outcomes of patients who present to the emergency department for acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A scoping review

Neuroscientific Research Methods and Techniques in Consumer Research

Roadblocks and Enablers for Teacher Engagement in Professional Development Opportunities Aimed at Supporting Trauma-informed Classroom Pedagogical Practice

Free Britney, b**ch!: femininity, fandom and #FreeBritney activism

An accurate algorithm of PMU-based wide area measurements for fault detection using positive-sequence voltage and unwrapped dynamic angles

Picomolar detection of carbohydrate-lectin interactions on piezoelectrically printed microcantilever array

More than meets the eye — unexpected diversity in downy mildews (Oomycetes) on grasses in Australia

A Case Study of UV Exposure Risk in Sydney during the 2019/2020 New South Wales Bushfires

Flexural behaviour of circular timber columns strengthened by glass fibre reinforced polymer wrapping system

Moree, Mehi After the Flood: The Painted River Project Exhibition

P, N-decorated halloysite nanotubes for flame retardancy enhancement of polyamide 6/aluminum diethylphosphinate

Gender differences in retirement transition goals and barriers: a case study in the university sector

Manifestations of Cognitive Presence in Blended Learning Classes of the Philippine K–12 System

Realized moments and the cross-sectional stock returns around earnings announcements

The Historical Development of the Fault Basis of Liability in the Law of Tort

The Age of Rumpole Is Past? Legal History on British Television

Proceedings of the 2022 Resource Operators Conference

Applying and extending the theory of effective use in a business intelligence context

The Postpandemic Future of Australian Regional Aviation: How Regional Express (Rex) Navigated the Challenges and Opportunities

Schooling for democracy in a time of global crisis: towards a more caring, inclusive and sustainable future

Numerical investigation of the energy distribution of Low-intensity transcranial focused ultrasound neuromodulation for hippocampus

Reflections on contemporary challenges and possibilities for democracy and education

Enhanced electro-hydrodynamics for electrospinning a highly sensitive flexible fiber-based piezoelectric sensor

Simulation of non‑dilute fibre suspensions using RBF‑based macro–micro multiscale method

Flexural behaviour of circular reinforced concrete columns strengthened by glass fibre reinforced polymer wrapping system

MATHGAMES! (Years 7-12)

Meditation practice by primary and secondary students in Peru: a confirmatory study of health and school performance

Voluntary assisted dying: the expanded role of psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand

Pharmacokinetic evaluation of a novel transdermal ketoprofen formulation in healthy dogs

Introduction: Christos Tsiolkas and Contemporary Australia — The Outsider Artist

Strong and fast hydrogel actuators

Nominations to the Supreme Court: Much Ado About Nothing or a Polarized Partisan Court?

Supersonic Steam Ejectors: Comparison of Dry and Wet-steam CFD Simulation Models

Spallation on Carbon Ablators

Network Forensics in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Capabilities for Real-Time Monitoring of Cybersecurity Threats

Australian Remote Education Tutors and Universities: Proposed Innovative Partnerships for Credentialling Adult Supervisors of School Students Enrolled in Distance Education

Reflectionless wave propagation on shallow water with variable bathymetry and current. Part 2

The use of real evidence in court: time to trust the common sense of the jury?

A conception of practical global citizenship education: locating and situating ‘allosyncracy’

Analysis of Reentry and Break-Up Forces from Impulse Facility Experiments and Numerical Rebuilding


The Impact of Law's History: What’s Past is Prologue

The business tax literacy of Australian small businesses

Do family and maternal background matter? A multilevel approach to modelling mental health status of Australian youth using longitudinal data

Revisiting conventional and green finance spillover in post-COVID world: Evidence from robust econometric models

The truth: what our students really learn about Anzac Day [Blog post]

Influencer marketing: Homophily, customer value co-creation behaviour and purchase intention

The dark and bright side of online consumer behavior

Introduction to Philosophy of Place

Power, Foucault and Place

One year of AU Mic with HARPS: I-measuring the masses of the two transiting planets

Evaluation of postural-assist exoskeleton for manual material handling

Cost-effectiveness analysis of paediatric mental health interventions: a systematic review of model-based economic evaluations

Bearing Capacity of Cylindrical Caissons in Cohesive‑Frictional Soils Using Axisymmetric Finite Element Limit Analysis

Nexus between maternal underweight and child anthropometric status in South and South-East Asian countries

Social Enterprises and SDGs: A Case Study of SELCO Solar Light Pvt. Ltd, India

Treatment Penetration and Correlates of Diagnostic Parameters among Hepatitis B Seropositive individuals in Ondo State, Nigeria

Motivating immersive BIM uptake through user attitude: analysis of initial solution using design science approach

'I got a badge!' Using badges to promote student engagement

Operational response: Policing persons with mental illness in Australia

Prevalence of acute respiratory infections among children in India: Regional inequalities and risk factors

Association of dietary risks, behavioural and lifestyle factors, and the magnitude of disability burden among Australian cancer patients: An observational epidemiology study

Subseasonal to Seasonal Climate Forecasts Provide the Backbone of a Near-Real-Time Event Explainer Service

Implementing a knowledge system: Lessons from the global stewardship of climate services

Enabling climate action: Messages from ECCA2021 calling for re-imagining the provision and use of knowledge and information

Basketball New Zealand Infographic: six daily habits to assist junior athletes promote recovery and performance

Of monsters, mothers and murders: fear, loathing and 'Aussie true crime' in tabloid women’s magazines

Electron acceptor design for 2D/2D iodinene/carbon nitride heterojunction boosting charge transfer and CO2 photoreduction

Advancing climate services in South Asia

Great Barrier Reef World Heritage: Nature in danger

From Tiger King to Joe vs Carole: Postmodern Murder Media in the True Crime Carnivalesque

The Tale of the Green Maid

Beyond the Resonance Metaphor: Re-Sounding Images, Experiences, and Poetic Reverberations

Now You Don’t See Me, Now You Do: Queer Artists as Inverse Magicians

New Undisputed Evidence and Strategy for Enhanced Lattice‐Oxygen Participation of Perovskite Electrocatalyst through Cation Deficiency Manipulation

Machine and cognitive intelligence for human health: systematic review

Micro structural approach of potato and pumpkin drying and rehydration

Markov-based deterioration prediction and asset management of floodway structures

A beautiful and devilish thing: children’s picture books and the 1914 Christmas Truce

Contrastive and attentive graph learning for multi-view clustering

Proportionality in Administrative Law and Its Application to Victoria’s Proposed Pandemic Legislation

Bi-Directional Grid Constrained Stochastic Processes' Link to Multi-Skew Brownian Motion

Web Intelligence meets Brain Informatics: Towards the future of artificial intelligence in the connected world

The impact of climate change on waterborne diseases in Pakistan

Electrochemical CO2 reduction in membrane-electrode assemblies

Green and Facile Synthesis of Bio-Based, Flame-Retardant, Latent Imidazole Curing Agent for Single-Component Epoxy Resin

Alcoholic EEG signals recognition based on phase space dynamic and geometrical features

What has social neuroscience learned from hyperscanning studies of spoken communication? A systematic review

Comment on: 'Associations of Prenatal Exposure to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances with the Neonatal Birth Size and Hormones in the Growth Hormone/Insulin-Like Growth Factor Axis': What Is the Origin of PFHxS Found in the Human Body?

Sport psychology and performance meta-analyses: A systematic review of the literature

Degenerate lump interactions within the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation

Beyond the Metropolis: The New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM)

Sustained knowledge work and thinking time amongst academics: gender and working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Exploring Reflective Practice to Develop an Evidence Based Mindset in Libraries

The 7A Framework: Extending the 4A Framework Based on Exchanges in Subsistence Marketplaces in India and Vietnam

Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosure and Value Generation: Is the Financial Industry Different?

Novel hybrid deep learning model for satellite based PM10 forecasting in the most polluted Australian hotspots

New double decomposition deep learning methods for river water level forecasting

Parallel Leadership: A Leadership Approach for Organizational Alignment

Gender inequalities in physical activity among adolescents from 64 Global South countries

‘Cost, culture and circumstances’: Barriers and enablers of health behaviours in South Asian immigrants of Australia

Energy content, bulk density, and the latent heat of vaporisation characteristics of abattoir paunch waste

Ultrasensitive Self-Powered Position-Sensitive Detector Based on n‑3C-SiC/p-Si Heterojunctions

Engineering Stress in Thin Films: An Innovative Pathway Toward 3D Micro and Nanosystems

Coping with COVID: Pandemic Narratives for Australian Children

LEAP Up – Transition to Tertiary Pilot Program

Machinability of Polymeric Composites and Future Reinforcements — A Review

12 Steps for a DIY At-Home Retreat [Blog post]

Software Engineering for Internet of Things: The Practitioners’ Perspective

An Integrated DPSIR-SD Framework for Sustainability Assessment of Roads in Australia

One year of AU Mic with HARPS - II. Stellar activity and star-planet interaction

Processing, thermal conductivity and flame retardant properties of silicone rubber filled with different geometries of thermally conductive fillers: A comparative study

Under What Circumstances is the Shield Against Self-Incrimination Lowered in a Civil Action?

Movement Competency Screens Can Be Reliable In Clinical Practice By A Single Rater Using The Composite Score

Online learning in adults learning mathematics: Literature review

Disciplinary Literacies In The Arts: Semiotic Explorations of Teachers’ Use of Multimodal and Aesthetic Metalanguage

Weekly injury rates within semesters of a three-year tertiary dance program, and prospective training monitoring across one semester of training: a longitudinal study

Development of an Electronic Interdisciplinary Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Proforma (E-ICP) to Improve Interdisciplinary Guideline Adherence in the Emergency Department: Modified Delphi Study

Assessing Cadastre 2034 to Develop a Federated Cadastral System in New South Wales Australia: Mixed Methods Research Approach

Assessing Quality of CORnet-NSW Infrastructure for Use in Regional New South Wales, Australia

Parallel futures? Indigenous resurgence and the haunting of the settler

Reflections on how education can be for democracy in the twenty-first century

A systems thinking approach to address sustainability challenges to the energy sector

Smart Automated Fault Detection for Improved Road Maintenance Planning in Australia

Modern Strategy

Life-Oriented Education: A 30-Year Empirical Research Program in Cambodia

Symmetric interactions of plane solitons in two-dimensional nonlinear lattices

Philosophy of Place: Finding Place and Self in the World

Optimal array alignment to deliver high performance in flexible conducting polymer-based thermoelectric devices

A lignin-based epoxy/TiO2 hybrid nanoparticle for multifunctional bio-based epoxy with improved mechanical, UV absorption and antibacterial properties

Reform to the Law of Consent: A Tale of Two States

Thermoelectric performance of p-type (Bi,Sb)2Te3 incorporating amorphous Sb2S3 nanospheres

Light-Harvesting Self-Powered Monolithic-Structure Temperature Sensing Based on 3C-SiC/Si Heterostructure

Giant Piezotronic Effect by Photoexcitation–Electronic Coupling in a p-GaN/AlGaN/GaN Heterojunction

Intellectual Property: Principles and Practice

Urban-regional disparities in mental health signals in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic: a study via Twitter data and machine learning models

Impact of industrialization and non-renewable energy on environmental pollution in Australia: Do renewable energy and financial development play a mitigating role?

Thermal-piezoresistive pumping on double SiC layer resonator for effective quality factor tuning

Investigation of Hydrodynamic Parameters in an Airlift Photobioreactor on CO2 Biofixation by Spirulina sp.

Transition approaches for autistic young adults: A case series study

Why do people do yoga? Examining motives across different types of yoga participants

Strategy and Performance Study Guide

A Critical Discourse Analysis of an Australian Incarcerated Trans Woman’s Letters of Complaint and Self-Advocacy

Recognition of Prior Learning + Portfolio: A Fortuitous Blending

Skill of ACCESS-S2 in predicting rainfall bursts over Australia

Information, Uncertainty & Espionage

Axial Performance of Cementitious Grouted Cable Bolts Under Rotation Constraint Scenarios

Photocatalysis for arsenic removal from water: considerations for solar photocatalytic reactors

Exploring partnerships between public libraries and universities in regional low-socioeconomic communities: the student experience

Nexus between Agricultural Land Use, Economic Growth and N2O Emissions in Canada: Is There an Environmental Kuznets Curve?

Who will adopt electric vehicles? Segmenting and exemplifying potential buyer heterogeneity and forthcoming research

Sustainable consumption and plastic packaging: Relationships among product involvement, perceived marketplace influence and choice behavior

Declining Soil Nutrient Status Can Constrain Agricultural Productivity and Food Security in Pacific Island Countries: A Country Scale Assessment

Trombe wall's thermal and energy performance—A retrofitting approach for residential buildings in arid climate of Yazd, Iran

Forecasting weekly reference evapotranspiration using Auto Encoder Decoder Bidirectional LSTM model hybridized with a Boruta-CatBoost input optimizer

Mobile wallets adoption: pre- and post-adoption dynamics of mobile wallets usage

Exploring the learning environment afforded by an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health service in a rural longitudinal integrated clerkship

Fusarium and allied fusarioid taxa (FUSA). 1

A review of modified and hybrid anaerobic baffled reactors for industrial wastewater treatment

Engaging communities to prepare for natural hazards: a conceptual model

The value of seasonal climate forecasting in agricultural decision-making

Australian nurses’ suggestions for the management of violence in the workplace: ‘The people who make the policy are not the people on the floor’

Positioning the technologies curriculum: a snapshot of Australian initial teacher education programs

COVID‐19 impact, sustainability performance and firm value: international evidence

Recognising and measuring competency in natural hazard preparation: A preparedness competency index

Evacuation versus shelter in place

The Role of Government Reform in Improving Voluntary Tax Compliance in the Digital Economy: The Bangladesh Experience

Reordering and Partitioning of Distributed Quantum Circuits

Stabilizing bienzymatic cascade catalysis via immobilization in ZIF-8/GO composites obtained by GO assisted co-growth

Perovskite-Carbon Joint Substrate for Practical Application in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells under Low-Humidity/High-Temperature Conditions

Assessment of landslides in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia: A Geoscientists Without Borders project

Improving Animal Welfare Outcomes for Live-Trapped Terrestrial Mammals in Australia

Influence of post-processing on the compressive behaviour of full-scale pultruded FRP columns: Holes and inserts

The First Annotated Genome Assembly of Macrophomina tecta Associated with Charcoal Rot of Sorghum

Magnaporthiopsis species associated with patch diseases of turfgrasses in Australia

Status and Practical Implications of Forest Fire Management in Nepal

Morbid obesity, multiple long-term conditions, and health-related quality of life among Australian adults: Estimates from three waves of a longitudinal household survey

Improving Practices of Mental Health Professionals in Recommending More Physical Activity and Less Sedentary Behaviour to Their Clients: An Intervention Trial

International mammal trapping standards, Part III: Restraining trap systems

International Mammal Trapping Standards ̶- Part II: Killing Trap Systems

International Mammal Trapping Standards ̶- Part I: Prerequisites

Views of the public about Snacktivity™: a small changes approach to promoting physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour

Consequences of changing spatial configuration at sowing in the transitions between crop and pasture phases

A forage brassica simulation model using APSIM: Model calibration and validation across multiple environments

Sitting less and moving more for improved metabolic and brain health in type 2 diabetes: ‘OPTIMISE your health’ trial protocol

Calibrating APSIM for forage sorghum using remote sensing and field data under sub-optimal growth conditions

Comparison of Nutritive Values of Tropical Pasture Species Grown in Different Environments, and Implications for Livestock Methane Production: A Meta-Analysis

Wide Bandgap Nanowires: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

Lump Interactions with Plane Solitons

A collaborative approach to adopting/ adapting guidelines. The Australian 24-hour movement guidelines for children (5-12 years) and young people (13-17 years): An integration of physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep

Older Persons’ and Their Caregivers’ Perspectives and Experiences of Research Participation With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity: A Scoping Review

Social Media and Technology Across the Lifespan

Evaluation of drought tolerance of wheat genotypes in rain-fed sodic soil environments using high-resolution UAV remote sensing techniques

Process mining the trajectories for adolescent-to-mother violence from longitudinal police and health service data

Interoception and Regulation. Teaching Skills of Body Awareness and Supporting Connection with Others

Trustworthy artificial intelligence in the sharing economy-a systematic review and meta-analysis

The role of memorable experience and emotional intelligence in senior customer loyalty to geriatric hotels

Antecedents and consequences of panic buying: The case of COVID-19

Testing the effectiveness of acquisition marketing strategies: The case of Australian land-based casinos

The influence of customer experience with automated games and social interaction on customer engagement and loyalty in casinos

The influence of norms on tourist behavioural intentions

Addressing service profit chain with artificial and emotional intelligence

The journey from optimism to cynicism: The mediating and moderating roles of coping and training

Spatial variations in cycling dissonance: The case of commuting in Greater Brisbane

Parametric optimization of two-photon direct laser writing process for manufacturing polymeric microneedles

Applications and Careers in Psychology within Public Health and Community Settings to Build Wellbeing and Promote Social Justice

Integrated, Transparent Silicon Carbide Electronics and Sensors for Radio Frequency Biomedical Therapy

Understanding parent perspectives on engagement with online youth-focused mental health programs

Australian Teachers’ Perception of their Preparedness to Teach Traumatised Students: A Systematic Literature Review

A Systematic Literature Review of the Contribution Accumulation Makes to Psychological and Physical Trauma Sustained Through Childhood Maltreatment

How resilient are Islamic financial markets during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Numerical study on the ultimate load of offshore two-planar tubular KK-joints at fire-induced elevated temperatures

Screw lateral restraint behaviour of timber and polymeric based railway sleepers

Does Reality Television-Style Singing Influence Singing Self-Concept?

The influence of gaming and non-gaming experience on customers’ response to the casino

Federated Learning with Real-world Datasets: Compliance with the Privacy Act

SCFs in offshore two-planar tubular TT-joints reinforced with internal ring stiffeners

Developing Smart Self Orienting Solar Tracker for Mobile PV Power Generation Systems

Effects of geometrical parameters on the local joint flexibility (LJF) of three-planar tubular T-joints in offshore structures

Experimental and numerical study of the ultimate load for collar-plate-reinforced tubular K-joints at fire-induced elevated temperatures

Fire resistance of collar-plate-reinforced multi-planar tubular KK-joints: experimental and numerical study for the design formulation

Clinical Psychological Science

Exploring the lived return-to-work experience of individuals with acquired brain injury: use of vocational services and environmental, personal and injury-related influences

The Separation of Powers and the Mineralogy/Palmer Litigation

Smart fire-warning materials and sensors: Design principle, performances, and applications

Recent advances in fire-retardant carbon-based polymeric nanocomposites through fighting free radicals

An object-based image analysis in QGIS for image classification and assessment of coastal spatial planning

Behavioural epidemiology of physical activity in people living with chronic conditions

Automation: opportunities for adoption in agriculture

Space Agriculture: Sensing Crops in Space

Stress concentration analysis of internally ring-stiffened two-planar tubular KK-joints

Research Methods in the Psychological Sciences

A Systematic Review of Multilevel Influenced Risk-Taking in Helicopter and Small Airplane Normal Operations Operations

Modulation property of flexural-gravity waves on a water surface covered by a compressed ice sheet

Liquid-like nanofluid mediated modification of solar-assisted sponges for highly efficient cleanup and recycling of viscous crude oil spills

Ancestry.com [Digital resource review]

Longitudinal associations between parental and offspring’s leisure- time physical activity: The Young Finns Study

The Effect of the ENJOY Seniors Exercise Park Physical Activity Program on Falls in Older People in the Community: A Prospective Pre-Post Study Design

A Review on Security Issues and Solutions of the Internet of Drones

The Legibility Efficacy of Historical Neighborhoods in Creating a Cognitive Map for Citizens

Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism: A Potential Blue Economy Avenue for Bangladesh

Relational pedagogy and the role of informality in renegotiating learning and teaching encounters

Application of the health belief model to explain public perceptions, travel intentions and actions during COVID-19: a sequential transformative design

The New Artisan and engineering know-how

The education minister’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea [Blog post]

The roles of globalization, renewable energy and technological innovation in improving air quality: Evidence from the world’s 60 most open countries

Reverse relationship between reward, knowledge sharing and performance

Emotional Intelligence and Service Quality

Is there a long-run relationship between tourist arrivals and economic growth in Nepal? An empirical assessment based on ARDL bounds test approach

The Influence of Corporate Governance and Corporate Foundations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting Practices

Hospitalisation costs associated with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF): a systematic review

Documenting research experiences in the Australian library and information sector: A survey of pracitioners’ views

Consumer preferences for organic wine - Global analysis of people and place

The global and regional burden of sexual behaviors and food insecurity and their combined association on the magnitude of suicidal behaviors among 121,248 adolescent girls: An international observational study in 67 low- and middle-income and high-income countries

Airline service quality, customer satisfaction, and repurchase Intention: Laotian air passengers’ perspective

An Evaluation of the Impact of Digital Technology Innovations on Students’ Learning: Participatory Research Using a Student-Centred Approach

Effectiveness of an intervention for reducing sitting time and improving health in office workers: three arm cluster randomised controlled trial

Multilevel exploration of individual- and community-level factors contributing to overweight and obesity among reproductive-aged women: a pooled analysis of Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey, 2004–2018

A Western franchise in Shanghai, China: a late entrant's success

Quasi-periodic Gaussian processes for stellar activity: From physical to kernel parameters

Effects of globalization, energy consumption and ICT on health status in Australia: the role of financial development and education

'Nothing suitable for us': experiences of women with physical disabilities in accessing maternal healthcare services in Northern Vietnam

Formulating Cost-Effective Data Distribution Strategies Online for Edge Cache Systems

Whose decision? Caesarean section and women with physical disabilities in Northern Vietnam: A qualitative study

Screening women’s history in the film Suffragette (2015): between intersectional feminist activism and historical memory

Leaderboards in an EFL course: Student performance and motivation

Effects of High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide on the Sensory and Chemical Properties of Dried Dates and Its Toxicity against Galleria mellonella (L.) and Plodia interpunctella (Hubner)

How to be Yourself: Student Perspectives on Learning Use of Self

The divergent effects of neat food presentation on purchase likelihood: the moderating role of time-related positioning

READ: Robustness-Oriented Edge Application Deployment in Edge Computing Environment

Data, User and Power Allocations for Caching in Multi-Access Edge Computing

Ecological and Cultural Understanding as a Basis for Management of a Globally Significant Island Landscape

Proportionality in Australian Constitutional Law: Next Stop Section 116?

Network Deterioration Prediction for Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Box Culverts Using Markov Model: Case Study

Purchase intention of organic foods: are lifestyles of health and sustainability the reason for my purchase decision?

Spatiotemporal water dynamic modelling of Ramsar-listed lakes on the Victorian Volcanic Plains using Landsat, ICESat-2 and airborne LiDAR data

Post-displacement status of climate migrants in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh

A sustainable inventory system with price-sensitive demand and carbon emissions under partial trade credit and partial backordering

Spatially-explicit prediction of low-density peri-urban development: comparison between urban and rural scenarios in the Moreton Bay Region in South East Queensland, Australia

Consumer Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Wine—The Chilean Case

Where Does the Time Go? Displacement of Device-Measured Sedentary Time in Effective Sedentary Behaviour Interventions: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Flexible and fire safe sandwich structured composites with superior electromagnetic interference shielding properties

A polyphosphoramide-grafted lignin enabled thermostable and fire-retardant polylactide with preserved mechanical properties

Why the Jury in Pell v The Queen Must Have Had a Doubt and the High Court was Right to Quash the Guilty Verdicts

Effect of Commercial Level Modified Atmospheric Storage for Paddy (Oryza sativa)

Identification of Normal and Depression EEG Signals in Variational Mode Decomposition Domain

Mechanical Properties of Low-Stiffness Out-of-Grade Hybrid Pine — Effects of Knots, Resin and Pith

Ethical challenges for nurses when delivering coercive interventions in community mental health settings: An integrative review

Influencer marketing: sponsorship disclosure and value co-creation behaviour

Interference-Aware SaaS User Allocation Game for Edge Computing

Religious-based discrimination in the commercial context on the basis of sexual orientation: A comparative perspective

Inconsistencies, Improbabilities and Impossibilities in the Case of cardinal Pell: A Reply to Memory Science

Socioeconomic inequalities in teenage pregnancy in Nigeria: evidence from Demographic Health Survey

Botanicals by Tarn McLean

Climate finance for sustainable development

Financing sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the blue economy of the Asia-Pacific

Private finance for sustainable development

Public finance and fiscal instruments for sustainable development

Public finance for sustainable development

Origins and evolution of sustainable development and finance

Terra Somnambulism: Sleepwalking, Night Dreams, and Nocturnal Wanderings in the Televisual Australian Gothic

Please Check the Signal: Screening the Gothic in the Upside Down

Diisocyanate-Induced Dynamic Vulcanization of Difunctional Fatty Acids toward Mechanically Robust PLA Blends with Enhanced Luminescence Emission

Teaching Mental Health and Well-Being Online in a Crisis: Fostering Love and Self-compassion in Clinical Social Work Education

The Spectrum and Physical Education

Validating the barriers and enablers for teachers accessing professional development of trauma informed pedagogy

A linear convolution-based cancelable fingerprint biometric authentication system

What can reciprocal style-C do for me?

Critical and Creative thinking through The Spectrum of Teaching Styles

Student Centred – A Spectrum of Teaching Styles Perspective

Modern-day hoarding: A model for understanding and measuring digital hoarding

Spectrum of Teaching Styles in Sport Coaching

Novel products and advertising visuals: the mediating role of perceived luxuriousness on willingness to try clean meat products

O encantamento como pedagogia feminista: rompendo a cumplicidade feminista com a colonialidade

A holistic approach to food fraud vulnerability assessment

Augmentation of convection heat transfer from a horizontal cylinder in a vented square enclosure with variation of lower opening size

Culturally responsive and meaningful music education: multimodality, meaning-making, and communication in diverse learning contexts

Exploring the motives behind the purchase of western imported food products. A phenomenological study from a Muslim-dominated region

Does distance to hospital affect emergency department presentations and hospital length of stay among COPD patients?

Performance and emission levels of butanol, acetone-butanol-ethanol, butanol-acetone/diesel blends in a diesel engine

Multi-Task Semi-Supervised Adversarial Autoencoding for Speech Emotion Recognition

Writing Your Open Textbook

Lightweight proppants in unconventional oil and natural gas development: A review

The Influence of Interannual and Decadal Indo-Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Variability on Australian Monsoon Rainfall

Renewable energy, energy intensity and carbon reduction: Experience of large emerging economies

Space use, interaction and recursion in a solitary specialized herbivore: a red panda case study

Investigation of curing kinetics and internal strains to enhance performances of bisphenol A based shape memory polymers

Study of acidic degradation of alkali-activated materials using synthetic C-(N)-A-S-H and N-A-S-H gels

Results and Conclusions of “Five-Year Weight Loss Outcomes in Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (LVSG) Versus Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (LRYGB) Procedures: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials” Unchanged by Omission of Retracted Ruiz-Tovar et al Article

First Draft Genome Assemblies of Pleochaeta shiraiana and Phyllactinia moricola, Two Tree-Parasitic Powdery Mildew Fungi with Hemiendophytic Mycelia

Mental health services use among adolescent bullying victims in Australia: results from a nationwide survey

A survey of middle years students’ perceptions of aesthetic literacies, their importance and inclusion in curriculum and the workforce

Corporate social responsibility, business group affiliation and shareholder wealth: evidence from an emerging market

Depression and anxiety have a larger impact on bullied girls than on boys to experience self-harm and suicidality: a mediation analysis

Assessment of high enthalpy flow conditions for re-entry aerothermodynamics in the plasma wind tunnel facilities at IRS

General equilibrium impact evaluation of food top-up induced by households’ renewable power self-supply in 141 regions

Classification of catchments for nitrogen using Artificial Neural Network Pattern Recognition and spatial data

Lightweight, amphipathic and fire-resistant prGO/MXene spherical beads for rapid elimination of hazardous chemicals

Facile and green fabrication of flame-retardant Ti3C2Tx MXene networks for ultrafast, reusable and weather-resistant fire warning

Flame-retardant, transparent, mechanically-strong and tough epoxy resin enabled by high-efficiency multifunctional boron-based polyphosphonamide

Effects of BN/GO on the recyclable, healable and thermal conductivity properties of ENR/PLA thermoplastic vulcanizates

Fire-retardant unsaturated polyester thermosets: The state-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities

A reactive copper-organophosphate-MXene heterostructure enabled antibacterial, self-extinguishing and mechanically robust polymer nanocomposites

How much do we know about trade-offs in ecosystem services? A systematic review of empirical research observations

On the use of both diaphragm and secant pile walls for a basement upgrade project in Vietnam

Barracuda's Freak Bodies and Elite Swimming in Australia

Environmental kuznets curve and causal links between environmental degradation and selected socioeconomic indicators in Bangladesh

Air quality monitoring based on chemical and meteorological drivers: Application of a novel data filtering-based hybridized deep learning model

Exploring the Impact of Air Transport on Economic Growth: New Evidence from Australia

A novel file system supporting rich file classification

Determinants of life expectancy in most polluted countries: Exploring the effect of environmental degradation

An improved calibration technique to address high dimensionality and non-linearity in integrated groundwater and surface water models

The role of nutrients underlying interactions among root‑nodule bacteria (Bradyrhizobium sp.), arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Funneliformis mosseae) and root‑lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus thornei) in nitrogen fixation and growth of mung bean (Vigna radiata)

Identifying and prioritising climate change adaptation actions for greater one-horned rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) conservation in Nepal

Prevalence and dynamics of distracted pedestrian behaviour at railway level crossings: Emerging issues

Novel large scale brain network models for EEG epileptic pattern generations

Digital transformation among SMEs: does gender matter?

Inspecting Buildings Using Drones and Computer Vision: A Machine Learning Approach to Detect Cracks and Damages

Economic policy uncertainty and acquisition performance: Australian evidence

The GALAH Survey: chemical tagging and chrono-chemodynamics of accreted halo stars with GALAH+ DR3 and Gaia eDR3

Stability factors Fc, Fs, and Fγ for twin tunnels in three dimensions

The effect of psychological meaningfulness and perceived organisational support on the relationship between nursing workload and job satisfaction: A prospective, cross-sectional investigation

Basin management inspiration from impacts of alternating dry and wet conditions on water production and carbon uptake in Murray-Darling Basin

Introductory Engineering Mathematics Students’ Weighted Score Predictions Utilising a Novel Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline Model

Keck/NIRSPEC Studies of He I in the Atmospheres of Two Inflated Hot Gas Giants Orbiting K Dwarfs: WASP-52b and WASP-177b

An Aligned Orbit for the Young Planet V1298 Tau b

Health and school performance during home isolation at Institucion Educativa Privada Prescott in Puno, Peru

Three-dimensional sinkhole stability of spherical cavity

Student work-study boundary flexibility and relationships with burnout and study engagement

‘Eligibility regulations for the female classification’: somatechnics, women’s bodies, and elite sport

The concept of light-harvesting, self-powered mechanical sensors using a monolithic structure

Governing effects of melt viscosity on fire performances of polylactide and its fire-retardant systems

NEID Rossiter–McLaughlin Measurement of TOI-1268b: A Young Warm Saturn Aligned with Its Cool Host Star

Investigating the architecture and internal structure of the TOI-561 system planets with CHEOPS, HARPS-N, and TESS

A hyperbranched P/N/B-containing oligomer as multifunctional flame retardant for epoxy resins

Fire-safe, mechanically strong and tough thermoplastic Polyurethane/MXene nanocomposites with exceptional smoke suppression

Bio-inspired, sustainable and mechanically robust graphene oxide-based hybrid networks for efficient fire protection and warning

Interface nanoengineering of a core-shell structured biobased fire retardant for fire-retarding polylactide with enhanced toughness and UV protection

A core–shell‑structured APP@COFs hybrid for enhanced flame retardancy and mechanical property of epoxy resin (EP)

The LHS 1678 System: Two Earth-sized Transiting Planets and an Astrometric Companion Orbiting an M Dwarf Near the Convective Boundary at 20 pc

Big Data Management in Drug–Drug Interaction: A Modern Deep Learning Approach for Smart Healthcare

A lava-inspired micro/nano-structured ceramifiable organic-inorganic hybrid fire-extinguishing coating

Silicone/graphene oxide co-cross-linked aerogels with wide-temperature mechanical flexibility, super-hydrophobicity and flame resistance for exceptional thermal insulation and oil/water separation

Flexible and flame-retarding phosphorylated MXene/polypropylene composites for efficient electromagnetic interference shielding

Cereal and Pulse Crops with Improved Resistance to Pratylenchus thornei Are Needed to Maximize Wheat Production and Expand Crop Sequence Options

The Homeschool Choice: Parents and the Privatization of Education by Kate Henley Averett

Effect of pretension on the performance of cable bolts and its optimisation in underground coal mines with various geological conditions

Improving Australia's trade balance: A case study of agro-forest and fish products

Kernel Ridge Regression Hybrid Method for Wheat Yield Prediction with Satellite-Derived Predictors

Cloud Affected Solar UV Predictions with Three-Phase Wavelet Hybrid Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory Network Multi-Step Forecast System

(Not) Very Important People: Millennial Fantasies of Mobility in the Age of Excess

A hybrid deep learning scheme for multi-channel sleep stage classification

Development and evaluation of hybrid deep learning long short-term memory network model for pan evaporation estimation trained with satellite and ground-based data

Integrative artificial intelligence models for Australian coastal sediment lead prediction: An investigation of in-situ measurements and meteorological parameters effects

Organisational career growth: implications for future perceived employability in students who work

Assessment and Prediction of Sea Level Trend in the South Pacific Region

Investigating the Emotional Response to COVID-19 News on Twitter: A Topic Modeling and Emotion Classification Approach

An Eigenvalues-Based Covariance Matrix Bootstrap Model Integrated With Support Vector Machines for Multichannel EEG Signals Analysis

Effects of atmosphere on emotions and consumer behaviour at wineries

Distributed sensing based real-time process monitoring of shape memory polymer components

Stacked LSTM Sequence-to-Sequence Autoencoder with Feature Selection for Daily Solar Radiation Prediction: A Review and New Modeling Results

Sixty-five years of forest restoration in Nepal: Lessons learned and way forward

Comparative Approach of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Restrictions in Controlled Airspaces

Investigation on the properties of concrete with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules as fine aggregate replacement

Incorporating solution alkalinity into a hydraulic reduction model to account for disaggregation and dispersion

Big data in construction: current applications and future opportunities

SigRep: Towards Robust Wearable Emotion Recognition with Contrastive Representation Learning

Characteristics and treatment outcomes of children and adolescents accessing treatment in Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Systematic literature review to identify the critical success factors of the build-to-rent housing model

Deep boundary‑aware clustering by jointly optimizing unsupervised representation learning

Exploring self-care practices in foster carers: a qualitative study

Civil infrastructure damage and corrosion detection: an application of machine learning

Microneedle Arrays for Drug Delivery and Diagnostics: Toward an Optimized Design, Reliable Insertion, and Penetration

Texture analysis based graph approach for automatic detection of neonatal seizure from multi-channel EEG signals

Monstrous Victims: Women, Trauma, and Gothic Violence in Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook and The Nightingale

Sustainable ocean development and the blue economy

Bridge to the future: Important lessons from 20 years of ecosystem observations made by the OzFlux network

Addressing community participation barriers using emic-etic perspectives

Resilient Capabilities to Tackle Supply Chain Risks: Managing Integration Complexities in Construction Projects

Deep learning CNN-LSTM-MLP hybrid fusion model for feature optimizations and daily solar radiation prediction

Suitability Evaluation of Three Tropical Pasture Species (Mulato II, Gatton Panic, and Rhodes Grass) for Cultivation under a Subtropical Climate of Australia

Career development and agriculture: We don’t need a marketing campaign

Multimedia security and privacy protection in the internet of things: research developments and challenges

The Intellectual Domains of Sustainability Leadership in SMEs

Multi‑week prediction of livestock chill conditions associated with the northwest Queensland floods of February 2019

Flow state, exercise and healthy ageing: 5 unexpected benefits of singing

Economic growth in six ASEAN countries: are energy, human capital and financial development playing major roles?

Mechanical property and microstructure development in alkali activated fly ash slag blends due to efflorescence

Five young δ Scuti stars in the Pleiades seen with Kepler/K2

Parameters of the eclipsing binary α Draconis observed by TESS and SONG

The quality of life of regional and remote cancer caregivers in Australia

A satellite-based Standardized Antecedent Precipitation Index (SAPI) for mapping extreme rainfall risk in Myanmar

Bearing Capacity of Ring Foundations on Anisotropic and Heterogenous Clays: FEA, NGI‑ADP, and MARS

The gap between perceived mental health needs and actual service utilization in Australian adolescents

Business acumen for nursing leaders: A scoping review

Modeling of Heat Transfer and Steam Condensation Inside a Horizontal Flattened Tube

Flexible pressure sensors via engineering microstructures for wearable human-machine interaction and health monitoring applications

The winds of young Solar-type stars in Coma Berenices and Hercules-Lyra

Impacts of institutional quality, economic growth, and exports on renewable energy: emerging countries perspective

Reduction of CO2 emissions: the role of renewable energy, technological innovation and export quality

The causative factors of environmental degradation in South Asia


A Multi-Service Adaptive Semi-Persistent LTE Uplink Scheduler for Low Power M2M Devices

Life expectancy in the ANZUS-BENELUX countries: the role of renewable energy, environmental pollution, economic growth and good governance

A model-driven approach to reengineering processes in cloud computing

Nuanced assessment of livelihood resilience through the intersectional lens of gender and ethnicity: evidence from small-scale farming communities in the upland regions of Vietnam

Medication errors by nursing students on clinical practice: an integrative review

Trauma-Informed School Programming: A Partnership Approach to Culturally Responsive Behavior Support

Angle Shear Testing of 15.2 mm Seven Wire Cable Bolt

Jellyfish risk communications: The effect on risk perception, travel intentions and behaviour, and beach tourism destinations

Small multiamine molecule enabled fire-retardant polymeric materials with enhanced strength, toughness, and self-healing properties

Insights from Koala–Cattle Interaction Experiments: Koalas and Cattle May See Each Other as a Disturbance

Distribution of Black-breasted Button-quail Turnix melanogaster in the Great Sandy Region, Queensland and associations with vegetation communities

Effect of loading eccentricity on the ultimate lateral resistance of twin-piles in clay

3D LoD2 and LoD3 Modeling of Buildings with Ornamental Towers and Turrets Based on LiDAR Data

Smart Tech 4.0 in the Built Environment: Applications of Disruptive Digital Technologies in Smart Cities, Construction, and Real Estate

Review of Automatic Processing of Topography and Surface Feature Identification LiDAR Data Using Machine Learning Techniques

Vulnerable Stakeholders’ Engagement: Advancing Stakeholder Theory with New Attribute and Salience Framework

Key Enablers of Resilient and Sustainable Construction Supply Chains: A Systems Thinking Approach

Cost-Effective Edge Server Network Design in Mobile Edge Computing Environment

Cost-Effective Data Placement in Edge Storage Systems with Erasure Code

Hazard perception performance and visual scanning behaviours: The effect of sleepiness

Assessing the asymmetric war-growth nexus: A case of Afghanistan

Does tourism contribute towards zero-carbon in Australia? Evidence from ARDL modelling approach

Real-Time Depth of Anaesthesia Assessment Based on Hybrid Statistical Features of EEG

Physical Activity and Healthy Habits Influence Mood Profile Clusters in a Lithuanian Population

Amphiphilic Nanointerface: Inducing the Interfacial Activation for Lipase

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Socio-Economic Conditions of Marginal People: A Case Study in the Selected Districts of Bangladesh

A synergistic architecture design on integrally boosting the hydroxyl adsorption and charge transfer for oxygen evolution reaction

Course enhancement conversations: A holistic and collaborative evaluation approach to quality improvement in higher education

Microtubular electrodes: An emerging electrode configuration for electrocatalysis, bioelectrochemical and water treatment applications

The role of tourism in service sector employment: Do market capital, financial development and trade also play a role?

Hospital costs of post-operative delirium: A systematic review

Experimental Investigation of Coolant Side Characteristic on the Performance of Air-Cooled Condenser Structured by Horizontal Flattened Tube

Why is Peter Dutton trying to start another political fight over the school curriculum?

Meta-Data Analysis to Explore the Hub of the Hub-Genes That Influence SARS-CoV-2 Infections Highlighting Their Pathogenetic Processes and Drugs Repurposing

Mobile phone enabled mental health monitoring to enhance diagnosis for severity assessment of behaviours: a review

Forecasting Daily Flood Water Level Using Hybrid Advanced Machine Learning Based Time‑Varying Filtered Empirical Mode Decomposition Approach

A Framework for Burnt Area Mapping and Evacuation Problem Using Aerial Imagery Analysis

Promoting Australian regional airports with subsidy schemes: A vehicle routing problem perspective

World Heritage as authentic fake: paradisic Reef and wild Tasmania

When ill is not ill enough—timeframe until expected death restrictions in Australian Voluntary Assisted Dying laws and human rights compatibility

Theoretical Study of the Effect of Fibre Porosity on the Heat Conductivity of Reinforced Gypsum Composite Material

Design, Development, and Testing of Polymeric Microblades: A Novel Design of Microneedles for Biomedical Applications

Achieving Industry-aligned Education through Digital-Commons: A Case Study

An app-enhanced cognitive fitness training program for athletes: The rationale and validation protocol

Emotional Stress Classification Using Spiking Neural Networks

Wet season rainfall onset and flash drought: The case of the northern Australian wet season

Electronic medication administration records and nursing administration of medications: An integrative review

Stability of Unlined Elliptical Tunnels in Rock Masses

Impact of COVID-19 in the forestry sector: A case of lowland region of Nepal

Research priorities for global food security under extreme events

Resistance to root-lesion nematode Pratylenchus neglectus identified in a new collection of two wild chickpea species (Cicer reticulatum and C. echinospermum) from Turkey

Depleted dedication, lowered organisation citizenship behaviours, and illegitimate tasks in police officers

Jumping Knowledge Based Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks for Automatic Sleep Stage Classification

SCFs in multi-planar tubular TT-joints of offshore jacket structures subjected to out-of plane bending (OPB) loads

Effects of floating wave barriers on wave-induced forces exerted to offshore-jacket structure

Legal Realism and Australian Constitutional Law

In search of certainty for military discipline

Aiming and Promising, and Recognising the Contradictions and Problems

Histories and Philosophies of Carceral Education: Aims, Contradictions, Promises and Problems

Assessment of flood vulnerability of riverine island community using a composite flood vulnerability index

The Relationship between Coping and Expressed Emotion in Substance Users

The influence of clinic care on perceptions and knowledge of non‑communicable diseases and physical activity from a low‑resourced community: a mixed‑method study

Developing a Performance Evaluation Framework for Public Private Partnership Projects

Quantifying the Effectiveness of a Mesh in Mitigating Burning Capabilities of Firebrand Shower

#AustraliaOnFire: Hashtag Activism and Collective Affect in the Black Summer Fires

Design optimisation of hollow box pultruded FRP profiles using mixed integer constrained Genetic algorithm

Creating Inclusive Classrooms for Highly Dysregulated Students: What Can We Learn from Existing Literature?

“I Want to Be Stepping in More” - Professional Online Forum Moderators' Experiences of Supporting Individuals in a Suicide Crisis

Building knowledge ambidexterity using cloud computing: Longitudinal case studies of SMEs experiences

An Evaluation of Key Adoption Factors towards Using the Fog Technology

Do nurses receive any support following incidents of workplace violence? A qualitative study

In situ Thermoset Cure Sensing: A Review of Correlation Methods

Spatial-Temporal Edge User Allocation: An Expectation Confirmation Perspective Approach

Early research of shape memory polymer vascular stents

Reauthoring: The lived experience of cumulative harm and its influence on career choice

Auction-Promoted Trading for Multiple Federated Learning Services in UAV-Aided Networks

Dynamo activity of the K dwarf KOI-883 from transit photometry mapping

The magnetic fields of β Coronae Borealis and the early F-star σ Bootis

The magnetic fields and stellar winds of the mature late F-stars: β Virginis and θ Draconis

Distinguished professor Lee parker: A biography

Determining Seismic Bearing Capacity of Footings Embedded in Cohesive Soil Slopes Using Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines

The Doctrine of Command Responsibility in Australian Military Law

Leading Queensland Primary Schools into the Future: Unleashing the Learner Potential to Enhance the Social, Economic, and Educational Benefits

Internet-based interventions to support recovery in youth: A systematic review

Stakeholder perspectives on the effectiveness of governance in red panda conservation programmes in Nepal: a comparative analysis

Informal Sector Employment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Developing Countries in SDG Perspective

Data Analytics on Online Student Engagement Data for Academic Performance Modeling

Lactic acid from mixed food waste fermentation using an adapted inoculum: Influence of pH and temperature regulation on yield and product spectrum

Evaluation of mangrove rehabilitation and afforestation in the southern coasts of Iran

Altered countermovement jump force profile and muscle-tendon unit kinematics following combined ballistic training

Data Caching Optimization in the Edge Computing Environment

An EEG based real-time epilepsy seizure detection approach using discrete wavelet transform and machine learning methods

Automated Computer Vision-Based Construction Progress Monitoring: A Systematic Review

Porous coordination polymer-based composite membranes for high-temperature polymer exchange membrane fuel cells

Meaningful research for autistic people? Ask autistics!

Detection of calcium, magnesium, and chlorophyll variations of wheat genotypes on sodic soils using hyperspectral red edge parameters

Novel nested patch-based feature extraction model for automated Parkinson’s Disease symptom classification using MRI images

Educating the educators: Implementing cultural safety in the nursing and midwifery curriculum

Mental health symptoms in children and adolescents during COVID-19 in Australia

Examine the relationships between health-related quality of life, achievement motivation and job performance: the case of Taiwan hospitality industry

For Exercise, Relaxation, or Spirituality: Exploring Participation Motives and Conformity to Masculine Norms among Male and Female Yoga Participants

Circular Economy in the Construction Industry: A Step towards Sustainable Development

Generation of synthetic manufacturing datasets for machine learning using discrete-event simulation

Systematic literature review on emotional intelligence and conflict management

Beliefs about the factors that motivate prosocial sentiments among people in the privileged class of Pakistan during the COVID-19 pandemic

A systematic literature review of AI in the sharing economy

Managing eWOM for hotel performance

Aardman Animations: Beyond Stop-Motion by Annabelle Honess Roe

Regulating the reaction zone of electrochemical CO2 reduction on gas-diffusion electrodes by distinctive hydrophilic-hydrophobic catalyst layers

Composite cathodes for protonic ceramic fuel cells: Rationales and materials

Blockchain technology enables healthcare data management and accessibility

Relational pedagogy and democratic education

On the need for a new democracy of education in a post-pandemic world

Managing value co-creation in partnerships for sustainability: toward a process model for stakeholder integration

Innovative approaches to long term care

Integrating Influence Diagramming to Explore Visualization in Project Work

Teaching Secondary History

Cambridge Humanities and Social Sciences for Queensland Year 10

Helping children learn mathematics, 4th ed.

Liu Cixin (刘慈欣)

Enhanced Bio-P removal: Past, present, and future – A comprehensive review

Two new Ni/Co-MOFs as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolytes

Open Textbook Publishing Programs at Australian Universities: Results from a National Survey

Using The Spectrum to assist teachers meet syllabus/learning objectives – WHY?

How to Effectively Measure the Performance of Remote Workers

Agility and Productivity: the perfect pair for business

An intersectional analysis of inequalities in young people’s mental health within the higher education context

Critical and Collaborative Problem-solving: An Action Research Project on the Development of Cognition-Centred Inquiry for Year 11 and 12 Senior History

Playing tertiary tetris: Valuing the voices of casual educators in higher education

Social connectedness and associations with gambling risk among ethnic groups in New Zealand

Mental distress during adolescence and participation in higher education

Implementation of the Electronic Medical Record into the Bachelor of Nursing program: A descriptive study

Role of ontologies in beach safety management analytics systems

Precedents to feedback literacy: using an evidence-based approach to reflect on feedback talk

The process of implementing a disability specific curriculum for students with blindness and low vision throughout Australia

Shining a light on disparities to access: the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on learning for students with blindness and low vision in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

Global Imaginaries of the Eco-Schools Teacher: A postcolonial discourse analysis

Quantum Artificial Intelligence Predictions Enhancement by Improving Signal Processing

Primary Teachers' Perceptions of Their Students' Digital Technologies Competencies

Improvisation on the Move: Metaphors, Wanderings, and Musical Mobilities

From the ESSA Medal to Olympic Gold: Journey of a Sports Scientist

A Novel Policy for Pre-trained Deep Reinforcement Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition

Static and dynamic tendon pull-out test research at the University of Wollongong

From F2F to remote teaching to quality digital learning

System Design and Preliminary Analysis of the UQ Near Infrared Spectroscopy Data of the Hayabusa2 Re-entry

Crack damage evolution in coal at elevated temperatures

Development of a wireless system to measure the strain/deformation of rock bolts

Application of a geographic information system (GIS) for selecting the location of a coal wastes dump - a case study

Shear behavior of clayey infilled rock joints having triangular and sinusoidal asperities

Predicting the pyrite oxidation process within coal waste piles using multiple linear regression (MLR) and teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO) algorithm

Probabilistic risk assessment of acid mine drainage generation resulted from chalcopyrite oxidation process within Sarcheshmeh copper mine tailings

Rethinking the use of KPIs in the digital era

Preparing young people with VI for adulthood

Forecasting and Monitoring Smart Buildings with the Internet of Things, Digital Twins and Blockchain

Hayabusa2 Capsule Reentry: Australian Airborne Observation Emission Spectroscopy Calibration and Preliminary Analysis

Electric Field-Enhanced Electrohydrodynamic Process For Fabrication of Highly Sensitive Piezoelectric Sensor

Reimagining young children's involvement in research: Framing an approach for capturing child voice

Adaptive Fault Resolution for Database Replication Systems

NEXUS project: pathways for greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and climate change adaptation of Australian Livestock Industries

How to choose the fitting partner in sustainability sponsorship? A decision model integrating multiple fit dimensions

Shape memory polymer smart plaster for orthopaedic treatments

The Outcast and the Rite: Stories of Landscape and Fear, 1925-1938 by Helen de Guerry Simpson

FedStack: Personalized Activity Monitoring using Stacked Federated Learning

The Impossibility of a Bayesian Liberal?

Fungal Planet description sheets: 1383–1435


Intersex awareness and education: what part can health and physical education bodies of learning and teaching play?

Assessing spatial inequality in cancer service access in regional areas

Democracy and education

Exercise regulates shelterin genes and microRNAs implicated in ageing in Thoroughbred horses

Influence of food safety concerns on safe food purchasing at rural and urban consumers in Bangladesh

The influence of travel companionships on memorable tourism experiences, well-being, and behavioural intentions

Using Wearable Cameras to Categorize the Type and Context of Screen-Based Behaviors Among Adolescents: Observational Study

Associations between duration and volume of muscle-strengthening exercise and clinically assessed hypertension among 10 519 UK adults: a cross-sectional study

Associations between muscle-strengthening exercise and prevalent chronic health conditions in 16,301 adults: Do session duration and weekly volume matter?

Muscle-Strengthening Exercise Questionnaire (MSEQ): an assessment of concurrent validity and test-retest reliability

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour of female adolescents in Indonesia: A multi-method study on duration, pattern and context

Measurement of turbulent supersonic steam jet flow characteristics using TDLAS

Top-predator removal does not cause trophic cascades in Australian rangeland ecosystems

Flares, Rotation, and Planets of the AU Mic System from TESS Observations

Combined APOGEE-GALAH stellar catalogues using the Cannon

The GALAH Survey: dependence of elemental abundances on age and metallicity for stars in the Galactic disc

One-pot sequence-selective synthesis of polylactone-containing block terpolymers based on renewable terpenoid-derived monomer and a simple organocatalyst

Koopman Operator for Nonlinear Flight Dynamics

A Confirmatory Study of Relationships in Ayurveda: Deha Prakritis, Agnis, Koshtas, and their Association to Cardiovascular Risk Factors

A computationally efficient crack detection approach based on deep learning assisted by stockwell transform and linear discriminant analysis

Precise radial velocities of giant stars XVI. Planet occurrence rates from the combined analysis of the Lick, EXPRESS, and PPPS giant star surveys

The μ Arae Planetary System: Radial Velocities and Astrometry

TOI-1842b: A Transiting Warm Saturn Undergoing Reinflation around an Evolving Subgiant

HD 83443c: A Highly Eccentric Giant Planet on a 22 yr Orbit

A Mini-Neptune from TESS and CHEOPS Around the 120Myr Old AB Dor Member HIP 94235

Is Tanzania’s economic growth leaving the poor behind? A nonlinear autoregressive distributed lag assessment

Socio-economic factors affecting high infant and child mortality rates in selected African countries: does globalisation play any role?

'In automation we trust' - Australian air traffic controller perspectives of increasing automation in air traffic management

Fabrication and testing of polymer microneedles for transdermal drug delivery

Show no weakness: Male-friendly counsellors’ descriptions of men

Using a hybrid mapping population to identify genomic regions of Pyrenophpra teres associated with virulence

A novel empirical wavelet SODP and spectral entropy based index for assessing the depth of anaesthesia

Queer disorientations in Only the Brave, Head On, and Blessed

Evaluating methods for the use and decontamination of needleless connectors: A qualitative inquiry

City-Level Determinants of Household CO2 Emissions per Person: An Empirical Study Based on a Large Survey in China

What determines attitude of local people towards tiger and leopard in Nepal?

How will hydro-energy generation of the Nepalese Himalaya vary in the future? A climate change perspective

Determinants of children ever born among ever-married women in Bangladesh: evidence from the Demographic and Health Survey 2017–2018

Is it Time to Rationalise Humanities Education in Australian Public Universities?

Crack Detection in Concrete Structures Using Deep Learning

60 years and 14 Doctors: how Doctor Who has changed with the times – and Ncuti Gatwa’s casting is the natural next step

Why did people start eating Egyptian mummies? The weird and wild ways mummy fever swept through Europe

Prosodic transfer across constructions and domains in L2 inflectional morphology

Socioeconomic inequalities in low birth weight in South Asia: A comparative analysis using Demographic and Health Surveys

Efficient water management and irrigation on farms

Deconstructing Africa’s Urban Space: Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning Challenge

Unique Lines and the Ambient Heart of Q1 Hamlet

Screening the Gothic in Australia and New Zealand: Contemporary Antipodean Film and Television

Calling out Defence Personnel in Civilian Security Matters in Australia

Military Operation and Engagement in the Domestic Jurisdiction: Comparative Call-out Laws

Tort: Jurisdiction

The Australian Handbook for Careers in Psychological Science

Complex Dynamics of Solitons in Rotating Fluids

A Void and a Chasm and a Ruin [Short Story]

'Not a Dream, but a Harrowing': Writing a Colonial Fairy Tale

Engineering the World of Work: Organizations in an Era of Constant Change

Enhancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) in Open Educational Resources (OER)

De Gruyter Handbook of Sustainable Development and Finance

Digital Transformation in Real Estate Marketing: A Review

Statistics for Research Students: An Open Access Resource with Self-Tests and Illustrative Examples

Monstrous Victims : Women, Trauma, and Gothic Violence in Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook and The Nightingale

With assisted dying now a reality, what do nurses need?

Formalizing Trust in Historical Weather Data

Injury risk model

Glycolaldehyde as a Bio-Based C1 Building Block for Selective N-Formylation of Secondary Amines

BIM Roles and Responsibilities in Developing Countries: A Dedicated Matrix for Design-Bid-Build Projects

Degradation Reduces Microbial Richness and Alters Microbial Functions in an Australian Peatland

Authentic assessment and work-based learning: the case of professional studies in a post-COVID Australia

Fibre-optic sensor and deep learning-based structural health monitoring systems for civil structures: A review

Supporting educators’ professional learning for equity pedagogy: the promise of open educational practices

Advances in the Subseasonal Prediction of Extreme Events: Relevant Case Studies across the Globe

Nurses' experiences of supporting patients requesting voluntary assisted dying: A qualitative meta-synthesis

Education, policy and democracy: contemporary challenges and possibilities

Association of infant and child health characteristics with the hazard of any medical condition or disability in Australian children

An assessment of random forest technique using simulation study: illustration with infant mortality in Bangladesh

Teachers’ Knowledge Framework for Designing Numeracy Rich Tasks across Non-Mathematics Curriculum Areas

Do Chinese employees avoid seeking social support when coping with work stress?

Investigating the environmental externalities of tourism development: evidence from Tanzania

Differences in mental health inequalities based on university attendance: Intersectional multilevel analyses of individual heterogeneity and discriminatory accuracy

Examining how flexi schools support the psychological wellbeing of marginalized youth: a longitudinal study

Nexus between Leader–Member Exchange, Paternalistic Leadership, and Creative Behavior in the Construction Industry

The effect of rare earth element doping on thermoelectric properties of GeTe

Everyone Loves Bandit from Bluey – But is He a Lovable Larrikin or Just a Bad Dad?

Ukraine’s fight for its identity is more than a century old – it is not about to stop

Evaluating Organizational Level IT Innovation Adoption Factors among Global Firms

Environmental quality and its nexus with informal economy, corruption control, energy use, and socioeconomic aspects: the perspective of emerging economies

Understanding extreme heat and air quality impacts on vulnerable people in the Top End

Peculiarities of resonant interactions of lump chains within the KP1 equation

'I do not think I actually do it well': a discourse analysis of Australian senior secondary teachers' self-efficacy and attitudes towards implementation of differentiated instruction

The impact of penalty and subsidy mechanisms on the decisions of the government, businesses, and consumers during COVID-19 — Tripartite evolutionary game theory analysis

Differentiated instruction within senior secondary curriculum frameworks: A small-scale study of teacher views from an independent South Australian school

When Entrepreneurial Leadership Identity and Passion Meet Venture Growth Intention

Winter Cereal Reactions to Common Root Rot and Crown Rot Pathogens in the Field

Damage onset analysis of optimized shape memory polymer composites during programming into curved shapes

We studied the 'bibles' of jazz standards - and found sexism lurking in the strangest place

The effect of the informal sector on sustainable development: Evidence from developing countries

Delineating Groundwater Recharge Potential through Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems

Revisiting the Self-Confidence and Sport Performance Relationship: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis

Multi-strategy Slime Mould Algorithm for hydropower multi-reservoir systems optimization

Suspended sediment load modeling using advanced hybrid rotation forest based elastic network approach

Delineating the Crop-Land Dynamic due to Extreme Environment Using Landsat Datasets: A Case Study

Producing Undrained Stability Factors for Various Tunnel Shapes

Key Adoption Factors for Collaborative Technologies and Barriers to Information Management in Construction Supply Chains: A System Dynamics Approach

Multi-Tiered Culturally Responsive Behavior Support: A Qualitative Study of Trauma-Informed Education in an Australian Primary School

Impact of Political, Social Safety, and Legal Risks and Host Country Attitude towards Foreigners on Project Performance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

The Effects of Aerobic Exercise Training on Cerebrovascular and Cognitive Function in Sedentary, Obese, Older Adults

A gender-specific assessment of tobacco use risk factors: evidence from the latest Pakistan demographic and health survey

Guide to classics: the Tibetan Book of the Dead

A Review of the Trends and Challenges in Adopting Natural Language Processing Methods for Education Feedback Analysis

Coupled online sequential extreme learning machine model with ant colony optimization algorithm for wheat yield prediction

Forecasting solar photosynthetic photon flux density under cloud cover effects: novel predictive model using convolutional neural network integrated with long short-term memory network

Improved Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise Deep Residual model for short-term multi-step solar radiation prediction

Efficient daily solar radiation prediction with deep learning 4-phase convolutional neural network, dual stage stacked regression and support vector machine CNN-REGST hybrid model

Hybrid deep CNN-SVR algorithm for solar radiation prediction problems in Queensland, Australia

Boosting solar radiation predictions with global climate models, observational predictors and hybrid deep-machine learning algorithms

Business acumen for nursing leaders: An exploratory qualitative study

Machine learning regression and classification methods for fog events prediction

Carer involvement with children and child-friendly book ownership in Bangladesh

Differences in levels of E. coli contamination of point of use drinking water in Bangladesh

Modeling Profitability-Influencing Risk Factors for Construction Projects: A System Dynamics Approach

Environmental, Social, Governance & Financial Performance Disclosure for Large Firms: Is This Different for SME Firms?

System dynamics modelling to assess the impact of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency on the performance of the energy sector

Managing the Built Environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention With Maharishi Vastu Architecture: A Review

Navigating policy debates of and discourse coalitions on Nepal's Scientific Forest Management

Many of us welcome working from home, but universities show its dangers for women's careers

Internet penetration and airline pricing: Evidence from China

Geographic and socioeconomic inequalities in the survival of children under‑five in Nigeria

The Use of Percutaneous Thermal Sensing Microchips to Measure Body Temperature in Horses during and after Exercise Using Three Different Cool-Down Methods

How Pinocchio avoids lying

A 3D rGO-supported NiFe2O4 heterostructure from sacrificial polymer-assisted exfoliation of NiFe-LDH for efficient oxygen evolution reaction

IMA Genome - F16 Draft genome assemblies of Fusarium marasasianum, Huntiella abstrusa, two Immersiporthe knoxdaviesiana isolates, Macrophomina pseudophaseolina, Macrophomina phaseolina, Naganishia randhawae, and Pseudocercospora cruenta

Zeeman-Doppler imaging of five young solar-type stars

Coronal Mass Ejections and Type II Radio Emission Variability during a Magnetic Cycle on the Solar-type Star ò Eridani

Topological changes in the magnetic field of LQ Hya during an activity minimum

The crucial role of surface magnetic fields for stellar dynamos: ϵ Eridani, 61 Cygni A, and the Sun

Linking chromospheric activity and magnetic field properties for late-type dwarf stars

Time evolution of magnetic activity cycles in young suns: The curious case of κ Ceti

The burden of chronic diseases and patients' preference for healthcare services among adult patients suffering from chronic diseases in Bangladesh

Evaluating the governance of sustainable development: The quality and legitimacy of the blue economy

An Enhanced Architecture to Resolve Public-Key Cryptographic Issues in the Internet of Things (IoT), Employing Quantum Computing Supremacy

Evidence Law in Qld, SA and WA, 2nd ed.

Hearts and Minds: Mental Health Support for Schools

South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century by the Australian Fairy Tale Society


The Relationship Among Openness, Wisdom, and Humor: A Preliminary Mediation Model

Working like a Dog: Exploring the Role of a Therapy Dog in Clinical Exercise Physiology Practice

Scoping recent investment in evaluation education in Australian universities

Validation of a Lithuanian-Language Version of the Brunel Mood Scale: The BRUMS-LTU

Instagram and the museum experience: theorising the connection through aesthetics, space and sharing

Impact of ICTs on Innovation and Performance of Firms: Do Start-ups, Regional Proximity and Skills Matter?

Vegetation loss and recovery analysis from the 2015 Gorkha earthquake (7.8 Mw) triggered landslides

Stability of Spherical Cavity in Hoek–Brown Rock Mass

Multi-source information fusion for smart health with artificial intelligence

A Possible Alignment Between the Orbits of Planetary Systems and their Visual Binary Companions

TESS Giants Transiting Giants. II. The Hottest Jupiters Orbiting Evolved Stars

Two Massive Jupiters in Eccentric Orbits from the TESS Full-frame Images

TESS Giants Transiting Giants. I.: A Noninflated Hot Jupiter Orbiting a Massive Subgiant

Investigating the role of spatial configuration on visitors’ spatial cognition in health-care spaces: case studies in Gilan, Iran

Experiences, beliefs, and attitudes of lifeguards from Australia and the United Kingdom toward lifeguard involvement in flood mitigation and response

Cold case homicides and assigning priority for investigation: a review of available literature

Lower Bound Finite Element Limit Analysis of Geo-Structures with Non-Associated Flow Rule

Pipeline Burst–Related Soil Stability in Collapse Condition

Identifying and Ranking Landfill Sites for Municipal Solid Waste Management: An Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Approach

Student Performance Predictions for Advanced Engineering Mathematics Course With New Multivariate Copula Models


The impact of the government response on pandemic control in the long run — A dynamic empirical analysis based on COVID-19

Growth Hormone Increases BDNF and mTOR Expression in Specific Brain Regions after Photothrombotic Stroke in Mice

Groundwater-surface water interactions at wetland interface: Advancement in catchment system modeling

Reimagining the role of nursing education in emissions reduction

Place identity and careers in regional Australia

CO2 Emissions in Asia–Pacific Region: Do Energy Use, Economic Growth, Financial Development, and International Trade Have Detrimental Effects?

Mobilising metaphor: Self-making, storytelling and consciousness raising in the creative arts

Assay of renewable energy transition: A systematic literature review

Rapid assessment of mine rehabilitation areas with airborne LiDAR and deep learning: bauxite strip mining in Queensland, Australia

Spaceborne satellite remote sensing of tropical montane forests: a review of applications and future trends

Growth dynamics of Shorea robusta Gaertn in relation to climate change: a case study from tropical region of Nepal

Promoting respite for carers of people with dementia: a case study of social marketing effectiveness in hard to reach audiences

Investigation of Two QTL Conferring Seedling Resistance to Fusarium Crown Rot in Barley on Reducing Grain Yield Loss under Field Environments

Assessing the Interplay between Weather and Septoria Leaf Blotch Severity on Lower Leaves on the Disease Risk on Upper Leaves in Winter Wheat

The diversity of microfungi associated with grasses in the Sporobolus indicus complex in Queensland, Australia

Translating research into action: The design and development of an Indigenous specific suicide intervention skills training program (I-ASIST)

A Manifesto for exercise science – a vision for improving the health of the public and planet

Experiences of female partners of prostate cancer survivors: A systematic review and thematic synthesis

Designing Supportive e-Interventions for Partners of Men With Prostate Cancer Using Female Partners’ Experiences: Qualitative Exploration Study

Toward just and equitable micro-credentials: An Australian Perspective

A global experiment on motivating social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Identifying modifiable features of home bowel cancer screening kits to facilitate use: consumer perspectives

How do homeschoolers approach creative arts learning and how can they be supported? Developing a flexible framework for homeschool contexts

Health and well-being benefits of e-bike commuting for inactive, overweight people living in regional Australia

Predicting the progressive resistance and balance training response of community-dwelling older adults accessing aged care support services: A stepped-wedge randomised controlled trial

Learning by...knowledge and skills acquisition through work-based learning and research

Trans architecture and the prison as archive: 'don’t be a queen and you won’t be arrested'

Victimization Within and Beyond the Prison Walls: A Latent Profile Analysis of Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults

The role of cloud computing in knowledge management for small and medium enterprises: a systematic literature review

Individual-Specific Relationship Between External Training and Match Load and Creatine-Kinase Response in Youth National Team Soccer Players

Suppression Practices Legislation in Victoria – A Potential Crisis for Church Authority?

The Hollow Porous Sphere Cell Carrier for the Dynamic Three-Dimensional Cell Culture

Forecasting Advertisement Effectiveness: Neuroscience and Data Envelopment Analysis

Digital technologies: tensions in privacy and data

Evaluation of an exercise and ergonomics intervention for the prevention of neck pain in office workers: exploratory analysis of a cluster randomised trial

Tyre Configuration and Axle Load of Front-Wheel Assist and Four-Wheel Drive Tractors Effects on Soil Compaction and Rolling Resistance under No-Tillage

The Cost-Effectiveness of the SMART Work & Life Intervention for Reducing Sitting Time

The role of need for control and self-reliance in gender and age differences in bowel cancer screening participation

Literacy teachers as researchers: Developing small inclusive projects in your classroom

Managing Extreme Heat and Smoke: A Focus Group Study of Vulnerable People in Darwin, Australia

Effects of corruption, technological innovation, globalisation, and renewable energy on carbon emissions in asian countries

Effective Sensitivity-Based Model Updating of Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering Monitoring Data Variability

Realizing multifractality of smart meter data for household characteristic prediction

Determining the optimum climate preseason for plant phenology analysis using rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) as a model

Achieving Water, Energy, and Food Security in Nepal Through Nexus Approach to Planning and Development

Assessing the Potential of Agroforestry in Nepal: Socio-economic and Environmental Perspectives

An Assessment of Selective Logging Policies and Practices in Nepal

Changes in Transhumance Systems in Nepal: Analysing Socio-ecological Impacts Using Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response Framework

Introduction and Overview

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food Security: Lessons from Nepal

Authenticating source information of distribution synchrophasors at intra-state locations for cyber-physical resilient power networks

Data Source Authentication for Wide-Area Synchrophasor Measurements Based On Spatial Signature Extraction and Quadratic Kernel SVM

ECG Signals Classification Model Based on Frequency domain Features Coupled with Least Square Support Vector Machine (LSSVM)

An Intelligence Approach for Blood Pressure Estimation from Photoplethysmography Signal

Embedding Authentic First Nations Content within Biomedical Science Curriculum

AI enabled RPM for Mental Health Facility

Historical Virtual Team Learnings and a View to the New Normal Post-COVID-19

Laboratory study of the behaviour of grouted cable bolts under static and dynamic axial loading

Regenerating university frameworks: Leading a best practice approach through uncertainty

Investigating the role of spatial configuration on pedestrians' spatial cognition

Examining 'good singing' in the age of The Voice: Implications for voice pedagogy and practice

'Swinging through the trees': Vocal jazz improvisation, metaphor and embodied cognition

Where are the females in our higher education system and how can we mitigate the parenting penalty?

Safety considerations for railway crossings in a post-COVID world

Experimental Simulation of a Galileo Sub-Scale Model at Ice Giant Entry Conditions in the T6 Free-Piston Driven Wind Tunnel

Emission spectroscopy of low density air shock tube flows above 10 km/s

Becoming a Voice for Innovation in the Orchestral Concert Hall

Essential Techniques for Curating Concerts for Diverse Audiences

Recognition of Prior Learning + Portfolio: A Fortuitous Blending

The Influence of Web Design on Customer Engagement with an Online Travel Agency

The Role of Technologies to Enhance Pre-service Teachers’ Engagement in an Online Mathematics Education Course

George Preferred Learning Fraction Concepts with Physical Rather than Virtual Manipulatives

Perils of Ambidexterity: Initial Evidence of Tensions in an ISD Setting

A Disjointed Harmony: IT-Business Alignment with LOB-led IT Innovation

Exploring Tenets of Data Democratization

Efficient Beaver Triple Generation for Privacy-preserving Collaborative Machine Learning

Open at both ends: how a remixed OER project expanded the inner world of an Australian university's Library Services team

MATHGAMES! (Years 4-6)

Developing a Sustainable Urban Environment through Teaching Asset Management at a Postgraduate Level

The Impact of Corporate ESG Performance Disclosure Across Australian Industries

Current and Future Approaches to Mitigate Conflict between Humans and Asian Elephants: The Potential Use of Aversive Geofencing Devices

Fast estimation and choice of confidence interval methods for step regression

Vapour pressure deficit determines critical thresholds for global coffee production under climate change

Suicide capability within the ideation-to-action framework: A systematic scoping review

Multiscale Adaptive Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis-Based Source Identification of Synchrophasor Data

Frequency Response of PV Inverters Toward High Renewable Penetrated Distribution Networks

Multifractal Characterization of Distribution Synchrophasors for Cybersecurity Defense of Smart Grids

Measurement and Interpretation of the Effect of Electrical Sliding Speed on Contact Characteristics of On-Load Tap Changers

A new high-order nine-point stencil, based on integrated-RBF approximations, for the first biharmonic equation

Introducing multi-sited focused ethnography for researching one-to-one (singing voice) pedagogy in higher education

Finding a stable core in supervision from a distance: A Kurdish-Australian case study

Disrupting the Disruption: A Digital Learning HeXie Ecology Model

Issues of belonging, pedagogy and learning in doctoral study at a distance

Introduction: Student Support Services in an Overall Ecology for Learning

Towards an Interconnected University Ecology for a Hypercomplex World

Student Support Services

Make Visible: It's Ok To Be Me (Curatorial/Creative Portfolio)

Cricket - Maximising practice, participation and thinking through games and game-based approaches

Potential for machine vision of grain crop features for nitrogen assessment

TGfU and The Spectrum of Teaching Styles

Cognitive Fitness Framework: Selecting and Training for High Performance

Can Bamboo Become a Sustainable Building Material in Australia?

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Trauma-informed English Language Teaching to Adults

Towards the Quantitative Interpretability Analysis of Citizens Happiness Prediction

Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Supply Chain: A Clinical Safety Evaluation Model

Experimental Simulation of Gas Giant Entry in the PWK1 Arcjet Facility including CH4

Hayabusa2 Capsule Reentry: Visible and Near-IR Emission Spectroscopy from the Australian Airborne Observation

Planning and Implementation of the Australian Airborne Observation of Hayabusa2

Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network-Multilayer Perceptron Model for Solar Radiation Prediction

Barystatic and steric sea level variations in the Baltic Sea and implications of water exchange with the North Sea in the satellite era

A Secure Online Fingerprint Authentication System for Industrial IoT Devices over 5G Networks

Evaluator Perspective

Performance through the lens of evaluation: How to stretch evaluative thinking with strategic decision-making tools

The continuous learning framework: Applying accountability for widespread organisational change

Safety and efficacy of midline catheters versus peripheral intravenous catheters: A pilot randomized controlled trial

Wunjunga midden: Late Holocene change, site preservation and open midden sites on the Central Queensland Coast

Discovery of resistance to Pratylenchus neglectus among P. thornei-resistant Iranian landrace wheats and the introgression of both resistances into advanced breeding lines

Middle-out ecology: small carnivores as sentinels of global change

Neoliberal influences on the implementation of intercultural curriculum initiatives: teacher interactions with the Australian Curriculum

What you should know now about the NSW government and Dolores Umbridge’s evil ways

Cultural studies and education: a dialogue of ‘disciplines’?

Humanities and the Politics of Higher Education in 1980s Popular Culture

Willingness to Pay for Weather-Indexed Insurance: Evidence from Cambodian Rice Farmers

Experimental and computational assessment of wetting pattern for two-layered soil profiles in pulse drip irrigation: Designing a novel optimized bidirectional deep learning paradigm

The Application of Critical Discourse Analysis to Explore the use of Language and Speech Acts in a Public Sector Accountability Process

Detecting Depression Using Single-Channel EEG and Graph Methods

The influence of ownership structure on the extent of CSR reporting: An emerging market study

Development and psychometric testing of the gender misconceptions of men in nursing (GEMINI) scale among nursing students

Health literacy, dementia knowledge and perceived utility of digital health modalities among future health professionals

SchizoGoogLeNet: The GoogLeNet-Based Deep Feature Extraction Design for Automatic Detection of Schizophrenia

Designing a Multi-Stage Expert System for daily ocean wave energy forecasting: A multivariate data decomposition-based approach

Experimental Study on the Efficiency Improvement of Flat Plate Solar Collectors Using Hybrid Nanofluids Graphene/Waste Cotton

Connecting community online and through partnership: A reflective piece

Active Aging and Public Health: Evidence, Implications, and Opportunities

Examining 'good singing' in the age of The Voice

A Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory-Based Neural Network for Epilepsy Detection From EEG

Day Programs for children and adolescents with eating disorders: A systematic review

Fractional Fourier Transform Aided Computerized Framework for Alcoholism Identification in EEG

Rules-Based and SVM-Q Methods With Multitapers and Convolution for Sleep EEG Stages Classification

Printmaking Exchange Portfolio 2022 [Creative Portfolio]

Draft Genome Sequences of Dickeya Species Associated with Soft Rot Diseases in Pineapple (Ananas comosus) and Banana (Musa spp.)

‘Dippy’s Big Day Out’ Audience experiences at community orchestra education concerts

Lithic technologies from a stone hut and arrangement complex in Pitta Pitta Country Queensland, and the detection of social learning in archaeology

CFD Simulations and Experimental Observation for Air-Water Two-phase Flow in a Vertical Pipe

Future-proofing Queensland families: Investigating CatholicCare’s leadership in family support services and responses to national family law reforms

Solvent-Free Synthesis of Organic−Inorganic Polyphosphoramide-Halloysite Nanohybrids for Thermally Stable and Fire-Resistant Polylactide

Using Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation of Short Messages and Chaotic Maps

Numerical investigation of two models of nonlinear fractional reaction subdiffusion equations

Experiences of participants in a clinical trial of a novel radioactive treatment for advanced prostate cancer: A nested, qualitative longitudinal study

Implementing best practice occupational therapist-led environmental assessment and modification to prevent falls: A qualitative study of two regional and rural public health services in Australia

Deep Learning Based Frequency Stability Assessment in Power Grid with High Renewables

Without free-to-air, we wouldn’t have Doctor Who in the archives. What will we lose when it moves to Disney?

Traumatisation, Critical Reflection, and Painful Pedagogy: Students’ Reflexive Engagement with Difficult Content

Students’ behavioural engagement with recorded lecture videos: Panopto video analytics

Online suicidal thoughts and/or behaviours talk: A scoping review protocol

Developing a novel hybrid Auto Encoder Decoder Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit model enhanced with empirical wavelet transform and Boruta-Catboost to forecast significant wave height

A Custom-Made Board Game to Familiarise Primary School Children with Atoms

Undrained stability of pit-in-pit braced excavations under hydraulic uplift

The location of Cultural Studies: a contextually contingent account of Cultural Studies’ praxis

Sharing the Field: Reflections of More-Than-Human Field/work Encounters

Case study from Africa: physical activity and safety from crime and traffic in Africa

The Kangaroo and the Eagle: Allies in War and Peace

Queensland Guidelines for the provision of tree shade on suburban nature-strips

The Great White Fleet

Information needs and preferences among rural cancer survivors in Queensland, Australia: a qualitative examination

A prognostic survival model for women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Queensland, Australia

From Stage to Page to Screen: The Traumatic Returns of Leah Purcell’s The Drover’s Wife

Sedentary behaviour and brain health in middle-aged and older adults: A systematic review

Total Sedentary Time and Cognitive Function in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Children's Picturebooks, Epiphanies, and the 1914 Christmas Truce

Understanding the gendered experiences of female partners of prostate cancer survivors to inform psychosocial support: a systematic review and thematic synthesis

Strategies for Recruiting Migrants to Participate in a Sexual Health Survey: Methods, Results, and Lessons

Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Package (ABSP)

Regulatory Failure: Old Growth Forests and Possums - a tale of regulatory failure writ large

Connecting Art with the Curriculum: Providing Australian Regional, Rural and Remote Teachers with Professional Development through Visual Arts

Cost-effectiveness of single-inhaler triple therapy for patients with severe COPD: a systematic literature review

Rectilinear elements of visual optical double stars: With application to the 1829 southern double star catalogue of James Dunlop

Orbital Elements of visual binary stars with very short arcs: With application to double stars from the 1829 southern double star catalog of James Dunlop

Assessment of the accuracy of measures in the 1829 southern double star catalogue of James Dunlop

The GALAH survey: chemical clocks

The Gliese 86 Binary System: A Warm Jupiter Formed in a Disk Truncated at ≈2 au

System Architecture and Planetary Obliquity: Implications for Long-term Habitability

The TESS Grand Unified Hot Jupiter Survey. I. Ten TESS Planets

A dense mini-Neptune orbiting the bright young star HD 18599

Measures of career adaptability and employability in Bahasa Indonesia

Oral care measures for preventing nursing home-acquired pneumonia (Review)

Water quality management using hybrid machine learning and data mining algorithms: An indexing approach

Designing Organisational Management Frameworks to Empower Episodic Volunteering

Characteristics that predict volunteer retention and fundraising in community-based challenge events

Support-seeking by cancer caregivers living in rural Australia

Supportive care needs and psychosocial outcomes of rural versus urban women with breast cancer

Partner Perspectives Matter: Lessons Learnt When Navigating Continued Pre-service Teacher Placements During Disruption

Ramadan observance is associated with higher fatigue and lower vigor in athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis with meta-regression

From Total Recall to Last Action Hero(ine): Sex, Violence and Sharon Stone in the 1990s

Mood profiles of amateur triathletes: Implications for mental health and performance

Detection of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Australian Children and Adolescents Using Machine Learning Methods

Perspectives of Healthcare Professionals Towards Combination Use of Oral Paracetamol and Topical Non-Steroidal Inflammatory Drugs in Managing Mild-to-Moderate Pain for Osteoarthritis in a Clinical Setting: An Exploratory Study

Beyond Digital Literacy in Australian Prisons: Theorizing 'Network Literacy,' Intersectionality, and Female Incarcerated Students

Innovations for a climate resilient sustainable agricultural sector

Let’s Play Ball: COVID-19 Graduated Return to Play Guidlelines

How Sleep Affects Recovery and Performance in Basketball: A Systematic Review

The Queensland Human Rights Act and Environmental Approvals: Impact on Coal Mining

Sugarcane Biomass as a Source of Biofuel for Internal Combustion Engines (Ethanol and Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol): A Review of Economic Challenges

Values-Based Practice in EBLIP: A Review

Food and nutrition for enhancing muscle mass and performance

Human-Machine Connection

Saluting Their Service - Community Stories Website

The library as soft-power actor: A review

Using innovative curriculum design and pedagogy to create reflective and adaptive health promotion practitioners within the context of a master of public health degree

Implied Rather than Intended? Children’s Picture Books, Civil Religion, and the First Landing on the Moon

All In! Artists of the Toowoomba Region

Face Off

Successful health promotion, its challenges and the way forward in Nepal

'Journey to the Stone Country' Film Bible

What You Want

Investors’ Greed and Fear: An Event Study of Analyst Recommendations

Developing Human Services Practitioners : Scaffolding Student Learning in Professional Placements

Beyond the Primary Infarction: Focus on Mechanisms Related to Secondary Neurodegeneration after Stroke

Experimental and thermodynamic analysis of solar air dryer equipped with V-groove double pass collector: Techno-economic and exergetic measures

Self-assessment tools for assessing cultural competency: a rapid review of literature

Determinants of non-farm income diversification strategies and decisions of Bangladesh farm households

A hierarchical classification/regression algorithm for improving extreme wind speed events prediction

Modelling Floodplain Vegetation Response to Groundwater Variability Using the ArcSWAT Hydrological Model, MODIS NDVI Data, and Machine Learning

Optimizing Light Flash Sequence Duration to Shift Human Circadian Phase

Grain protein concentration at elevated [CO2] is determined by genotype dependent variations in nitrogen remobilisation and nitrogen utilisation efficiency in wheat

Indicators for effective visiting primary care services: A case study

Predicting Women with Postpartum Depression Symptoms Using Machine Learning Techniques

Mapping the values and identities of academics who teach into widening participation university preparation programs

Growth kinetics and purifying performance of A. Platensis in stirring-free culture based on brewery effluent's supernatant

Superhydrophobic, biocompatible and durable nanofiber composite with an asymmetric structure for anisotropic strain sensing and body motion detection

The ethics review and the humanities and social sciences: disciplinary distinctions in ethics review processes

Biomimetic, Mechanically Strong Supramolecular Nanosystem Enabling Solvent Resistance, Reliable Fire Protection and Ultralong Fire Warning

Associations between behavioural correlates of muscle-strengthening exercise guideline adherence in adults: a cross-sectional study

Development and validation of a Riemann solver in OpenFOAM® for non-ideal compressible fluid dynamics

Application of local configuration pattern for automated detection of schizophrenia with electroencephalogram signals

A Hand-Modeled Feature Extraction-Based Learning Network to Detect Grasps Using sEMG Signal

Novel multiple pooling and local phase quantization stable feature extraction techniques for automated classification of brain infarcts

Role of Four-Chamber Heart Ultrasound Images in Automatic Assessment of Fetal Heart: A Systematic Understanding

Heart rate variability for medical decision support systems: A review

Exemplar Darknet19 feature generation technique for automated kidney stone detection with coronal CT images

DesPatNet25: Data encryption standard cipher model for accurate automated construction site monitoring with sound signals

Automated Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Horizontal and Vertical Patch Division-Based Pre-Trained DenseNET with Digital Fundus Images

Automated detection of ADHD: Current trends and future perspective

An accurate valvular heart disorders detection model based on a new dual symmetric tree pattern using stethoscope sounds

CGP17Pat: Automated Schizophrenia Detection Based on a Cyclic Group of Prime Order Patterns Using EEG Signals

Application of photoplethysmography signals for healthcare systems: An in-depth review

EPSPatNet86: eight-pointed star pattern learning network for detection ADHD disorder using EEG signals

Automated accurate fire detection system using ensemble pretrained residual network

Automated BI-RADS classification of lesions using pyramid triple deep feature generator technique on breast ultrasound images

L-Tetrolet Pattern-Based Sleep Stage Classification Model Using Balanced EEG Datasets

A review of automated sleep disorder detection

Application of explainable artificial intelligence for healthcare: A systematic review of the last decade (2011–2022)

Development of novel automated language classification model using pyramid pattern technique with speech signals

Automated detection of pain levels using deep feature extraction from shutter blinds‑based dynamic‑sized horizontal patches with facial images

Why Shakespeare Should Change as Well as Challenge

Voluntary Assisted Dying, the Conscientious Objector Who Refuses to Facilitate it and Discrimination Law

The 4R Model of Mood and Emotion for Sustainable Mental Health in Organisational Settings

UniSQ Library Stories of 2022

Undercurrent: Arts and Wellbeing [Curatorial Work with Exhibition Tour and Catalogue Publication 'Creative Returns']

Make Visible: It's O.K To Be Me [Original Artwork in Group Exhibition]

Unleashed 2022: Fresh Meet

Estimation of papaya volume and surface area using a dual ellipsoid representation and image analysis

Technology Acceptance, Adoption and Workforce on Australian Cotton Farms

Challenges and opportunities of forest management and silviculture

The virtue of compassion in compassionate conservation

Bush Nippers: Evaluating the effectiveness of the Nipper education program in regional inland Victoria, Australia

Variation in performance of intercept trap designs: Prospects for improved performance

Discovery and mass measurement of the hot, transiting, Earth-sized planet, GJ 3929 b

The Most Spectacular Cake!

Robustness of Deep Transfer Learning-Based Crack Detection against Uncertainty in Hyperparameter Tuning and Input Data